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tv   Washington Journal  CSPAN  August 31, 2015 9:30am-10:01am EDT

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we are working against the common good. host: michael in massachusetts, independent line. go ahead. caller: i want to jump back to the lack of criminal prosecution as far as the financial crisis went. if it is not financially feasible to prosecute these crimes and instead have them pay a fine, does it simply mean that criminality is the cost of business today? if that is the case, why pass the laws to begin with? host: we have about a minute left. mark calabria, i will let you start. andt: i share that concern i think it is too easy for executives to pay with shareholders' money than their responsibility. there was a tremendous amount of criminality and fraud, i think the crisis was drawn by dad -- bad macrocs
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economics and bad government policy. we should not for ourselves to think that we would be sufficient. guest: you have to look at the fact that, a general move to make regulations more friendly to wall street from the 1980's -- no emphasis on extending derivatives. lai you have this kind of open space, it is hard to see with clear lines who has defrauded who. hopefully the new regulations will give us more clear lines. host: michael konszal with the roosevelt institute. mark calabria with the cato institute. i appreciate your time this morning on "washington journal." we will be asking our
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viewers this question, what do you want to hear from the 2016 candidates when it comes to this issue of climate change western mark we are talking about this -- climate change? we are talking about this issue as the president highlights it with a trip to alaska. we will be right back. ♪ >> tonight on "the communicators" this summer marks the 21st anniversary of digital television. discussing how modern television has changed. us, and that is increasing every day, are watching in a multiscreen world and that has been one of the more exciting outcomes of this whole digital revolution. it used to be that there was a stationary screen and with hdtv,
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that was a big screen in the living room. with the internet and wireless world extending things, now you smartphones and wi-fi all over the place such stationarynot just a , lean back experience in the living room, but very much a mobile experience where you want to go. it is not just tv, it is also video. >> tonight at 8:00 eastern on "the communicators" on c-span-2. coverage of book fairs and festivals from across the country with top nonfiction authors. here is our schedule. this weekend, we are live's from the national book fest from the nation's capital. the brooklynare at book festival.
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the southern festival of books in nashville and the weekend after that, we are live in austin for the texas book festival. at the end of the month, we will be covering two book festivals in the same weekend, the wisconsin book festival in bookon, and the boston festival. at the start of november we will be in portland, oregon for word stock. at the end of november we are live for the 18th year in a row for the miami book fair international. that is a few of the fairs and festivals this fall on c-span-two booktv. journal"ngton continues. host: in our first segment we ask you what you thought president obama's legacy would be on the issue of climate change. what do you want to hear from the 2016 presidential candidates? here is a headline from the wall presidentrnal,
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arctic onek to the friday will reverberate much further south were global warming is expected to emerge as a key issue. in past presidential elections, climate change was a second-tier project. his actions are serving as a benchmark for the candidates in the 2016 campaign. we are asking, what do you want to hear from the candidates? our phone lines are open. in, (202)s can call 748-8001 , andrats, (202) 748-8000 .ndependents, (202) 748-8002 on the independent line, robert. climatei think the
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change is a farce to begin with. i hope the republican candidates come out with facts during their arguments. these general speeches do not do it. the weather forecasters cannot even forecast tomorrow's weather , and wely half the time are talking about forecasting the weather for the world. i think it is just all silly. i find it hard to believe that people with a brain cannot look at the history of this earth and realize that climate change is just an agenda. i hope they can come out against thing supposedly designed to prevent climate change, because it is ridiculous and that is all. host: on this commission is of americans' views on climate
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change, a research center did some polling to look at where u.s. adults stand on this idea. adults sayf u.s. that the earth is getting warmer and it is because of human activity. -- say the human is getting the earth is getting warmer because of national patterns. 25% say there is no solid evidence the earth is getting warmer. you can see the party breakdown. republican,who lean just 27% say the earth is getting warmer because of human activity. among democrats, 71% believe it is getting warmer and that it is because of human activity. you can check out those results at the pugh research center. mary lou on the line for democrats, good morning. caller: i am a democrat since 2008. i am out in nowhere land. i thoroughly disagree with your
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last caller. what i am looking for in a with enough a man sense to realize we are suffering climate change. it is obvious. it has been pretty well proven that a lot of it has to do with -- fuels we are putting and the air. we are man assaulting mother nature in a way that i think mother nature is going to perish . i think i have a brain and i think the man before me probably does not use his. thank you. the: in terms of where candidates stand, here is that "wall street journal" stand. hillary clinton and her primary prescribe more aggressive solutions than those pushed by president obama. going on to note that republican
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candidates, mr. trump does not think climate change is caused by human activity though he is not's open publicly on the matter recently. governor jeb bush who has equivocated said in a statement that human activity has contributed to climate change and he would address it .n his presidency another republican candidate, lindsey graham, is the only gop candidate who actively has talked about the need to address climate change. "here's a question you need to ask everybody running as a -- what is the environmental policy of the republican policy -- republican party? " what do you want to hear from the 2016 candidates on the issue of climate change? anna on the line for democrats. caller: good morning, how are you? host: i am good, thank you. caller: one party sees it going
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on and the other party does not want to see it. that is my opinion. in michigan up next on the line for democrats. caller: when it comes to the coming election, i think we are probably not going to see climate change to be the issue that the obama administration would really like it to be. i think if the democrats are smart, they will focus more on the blatant exploitation of the remaining resources on this earth at the expense of more .aluable resources by everybody i think you are going to see that, much as i hate to see it, it has been coming for 60 years. , and theal immigration wholesale movement of dispossessed people into the developing world is going to be the issue.
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the democrats better wake up to that. host: do you think that climate change might bump up in terms of the importance in viewers' minds , or hearing about it more come december when there is this big global climate meeting scheduled in paris? the president is talking about local action in his trip to alaska this week -- global action in his trip to alaska this week. caller: i guess what i'm trying to say is, these kinds of meetings specific to climate change, without a complete agenda in terms of resource management, really are not going to mean much anyway. this has got to be a holistic approach to how we take care of the remaining resources that this earth has. that some candidates get
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holistic approach, screaming things like climate change, it , itust not going to be very is not going to reverberate much with the electorate. stand up andgot to take a stand and say, listen, you know, we are using up our resources so much faster now for no apparent good reason when we have alternatives available that we could use some of those resources. there are short-term resources. that tos brought in by stabilize our environmental changetion, climate could be human done, and it could be just a naturally occurring kind of thing. until we getng is,
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a holistic approach to this environmental destruction that by the however many billion of us, we are probably not going to get a handle on it politically. i think that saying climate change is not going to be the thing, it is going to be illegal immigration and movement of humans in order to find a place they can live. host: bob in michigan. what do you want to hear from the 2016 candidates on the issue of climate change? sean is up next from florida on the line for independents. caller: as laypeople, we are not qualified to talk about climb change test climate change per se. qualified to talk about good stewardship of our world, and primarily -- we have trashed everything to the nth degree. i will give this caveat.
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i live in the florida keys and we watch the tides raise all the time. we are beginning to have the discussion, should we move? we are going to have to come to grips, those people who live where i am, as to whether there really is an issue of water rising for whatever reason, and we are going to have to deal with that for our continued survival. i want to hear them comment on the good stewards of our land, drilling for oil in sacred areas and trash removal, energy consumption as far as vehicles are concerned with 30 miles a gallon as opposed to 100, we need to deal with all of those subjects rather than the argument of is there or is there not climate change question mark we simply cannot come to grips with that. thing,entists say one the politicians say another. host: you are in florida were
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several candidates hail from. what do you think about former jeb bush -- former governor jeb bush when he was in office about these issues? was he saying the right things on these issues back then with ? caller: he was, with all due respect, a disaster. he did not comply with things people ask. the realng with problems, which is what we see all around the world and around the nation in particular. politicians in washington do not seem to understand what is going on in the real world. that is why you see someone like mr. trump or the senator, the democrat, coming ahead fully. people are angry because the policies we have been given, intelligent is supposed to be there and simply does not resonate with the people.
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your earlier gentlemen commenting on the economic crisis, those of us who have suffered through that sort of thing have a completely different concept than the people that you are interviewing. the real people in the real cliche,hich i know is a they are not at all involved in what is going on in washington. what we need to do is basically stopped everything going on in washington. when you talk about, we cannot afford to take care of people and feed people, the problem is we have weapons all over the place, trillions of dollars being spent uselessly. our school systems are begging for economics. older people are not getting the medical attention they need. we are not dealing with the problems of the nation. has made themeone ridiculous decision to continue on and we need to correct those things. mr. trump is indicating that he wants to build a fence across the southern border. what a disgrace.
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those people who live on our southern border are very wonderful people. for us to make the comment that the russians made in the berlin wall is an absurdity, or that the israelis are building. we need to tear that down. we need to have economics and shins against those who ploy -- who employ undocumented aliens. are going to stick to climate change on our last 15 minutes. this is a program where we try to hear from real people in the real world through your calls, so we appreciate your calls in this and all our segments. waiting in marry graham, texas, line for republicans. caller: i am a republican and i live in texas. i am not a super educated person . but i watch news day and night and i read all the time. one of the major reasons that we
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77, and iupid -- i am believe in some climate change. my experience with the government, and they start testing regulations, and this government has lied so many times right in our face. obama has done so many things right in our face. as one person not being voted for. we do not trust them. we do not trust them sitting up there telling us what we have to do. whether they are telling us the truth or not. if we have more trust, and he could come out and say, and what they always believe in him. has he been a good president? he has not for the muslims. i am not accusing or saying that is a fact. the americans are very afraid of him.
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onto james in spring, texas, the line for democrats. good morning. caller: good morning. first of all, i would like to say there are approximately 3 billion people on this planet and it will do nothing but get larger. god gave us dominion over this planet, which means like the gentleman before me said, we have to be good stewards not only to the planet but to our society. the poor, the rich, the elderly, people in need. i think greed has overcome our country and government and that is why we are not seeing anything done on climate change. it is all driven by money and politics. we have a legacy to leave to our kids and grandkids that can either be a foresight or it can be stupidity of what we do to this planet right now. there is only going to be more and more people and if we do not act now, it will only get worse.
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host: who is saying the right things on the campaign trail? do think this is a topic that is being discussed enough? caller: no, not on the republican side. they are going to avoid anything to do with climate change. avoid anything to do with immigration. reagan gave citizenship to 5 million illegal aliens with the close -- the promise to close the border. here we are 30 years later and nothing has been done about it. a lot of these people here are good. you can either have a berlin wall where you do not let people out or you can have a berlin wall where you do not let people in. it depends on where your heart is and where you are with god. i think things need to change and it needs to change in a big way. our government is not doing it.
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the reason why trump and bernie sanders are doing well is because they are bringing the subjects up and this is what people want to have taken care of. none of the people on that stage right now are doing it except for donald trump and bernie sanders. host: you mentioned bernie sanders, he has been critical of this administration for its efforts to allow drilling in the arctic. that drilling also a backdrop of the president's trip to alaska this week. noting therk times" president is paying little heed to the gas drilling he has allowed to go forward just this month, but there are some activists and environmentalists who are trying to remind the public about the drilling that has been allowed. sanders, in a recent tweet on the drilling in the arctic said that at a time when our planet is warming due to
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climate change, the last thing our climate needs is more drilling. we need the congress and white house to move to clean energy. that is from his presidential twitter page. it's good to canada -- kevin in gunnison, colorado, the line for democrats. caller: i think what obama is doing with the carbon emissions question, having coal mines closed because coal is not clean enough is kind of a mistake. china and russia are still putting out high carbon emissions in their power plants. if you do not think worldwide, you hardly ever can get things done. china puts out so much pollution that it affects greenhouse gas. even in colorado, we are having to close a few coal mine because for his is not as clean
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standards. host: that is kevin in gunnison, colorado. we will try to get to your comments, what do you want to hear from the 2016 candidates on climate change? about five or 10 minutes left. bernie is up in new carlisle, ohio, on the line for independents. caller: most people say, thank you for taking my call and this morning, i usually have to dial and redial, and this time i got right through. i think the moon must be in the right cycle. host: your thoughts? callersthere were two that come in and stole some of my thunder, and even one of the fellows from texas to mention taking a holistic approach to the earth, which may be want to point out a website called thes
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toryofstuff. it points out how resources are being used and ending up in our pacific ocean and the atlantic ocean garbage patches. number two, one of the fellows said something about we are old enough to where we are not going to have to worry about it as much but we have to worry about our children and grandchildren. the fellow who called in and had a christian approach that god gave us stewardship over the earth, it is not just climate change. -- and anyone name bernie ohta be looked at closely for our next president, obviously. that was a stroke in for all the guys name bernie. i really believe that anyone who t look at the pictures of the receiving eyes and polar caps in the arctic and greenland
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, and even in our own country in the glacial national park, where the ice is receding. the fellow was talking from down in the keys about the fact that they are seeing the rise in water already. the three books i just finished reading i would highly recommend. " is one,h extinction the second, and the third i finished reading but it has slipped my mind. they are three good books out there written in well documented facts that we do not have to just have an opinion. it relates it to politics. most republicans calling in are your graph showed, they do not believe man is having an impact on our environment. on the democratic and independent side, they can see that there is in fact climate change.
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i like what the one fella said about the holistic approach to our resources you'd we are thatng up our fossil fuels can make plastic and medicines and so many other functions and uses for fossil fuels. idea of clean coal, who talk about an oxymoron, that is the oxymoron of the world. host: a few other folks waiting to call in. .ernie calling in from delaware he mentioned in his comments the melting arctic glaciers that president obama will be highlighting and his trip up to alaska over the next couple of days. here's a brief clip from the president's weekly address over the weekend. this was released ahead of his trip, and which he talks about some reasons why he is taking this trip. president obama: alaska's glaciers are melting faster,
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affecting tourism and contribute to rising seas. they are expected to rise between six degrees and 12 degrees over the next century. this is all real. this is happening to our fellow americans right now. governoralaska's recently told me that for damages -- four villages are in danger and have to be relocated. think about that. if another country threatened to wipe out an american town, we would do everything in our power to protect ourselves. climate change poses the same threat right now. what of the things i will do in alaska is convene other nations to meet this threat. several arctic nations have already committed to action since the united states and china work together to set ambitious climate change aspects. many of the biggest emitters have come forward with climate
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change plans of their own. host: that was the president from his weekly address, released on saturday ahead of this trip up to alaska over the next three days. we have time for a few more calls. what do you want to hear from the 2016 candidates on the issue of climate change? the line for democrats, from open, virginia. caller: i think it is the grand old party of profits that looks at everything according to the bottom line, what is it going to cost me question mark whether it is global warming, we have to bite the bullet. yes, it will cost money to clean up the air and environment, but i think it is essential. i am so tired of politicians on thatight am unfortunately, always look at profit. they have a factory and it is
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spewing out dirt into the air, it is cheaper than cleaning up the dirt. everything they do is about profit, and i have really had it with that. thank you for letting me speak. to alice inl go pittsburgh, pennsylvania on the line for republicans. caller: i very much appreciate and want to endorse every part of key west florida -- key west, florida's comments. relating it to the iran deal that is on the table, i have iran.d hereon -- from ancient times, the iranian people have been stewards of the earth. they have a very challenging climate and from ancient times until this very day, it is a part of their dna to take care of their resources, to guard
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them, and to take care of their people. the american people need to understand that about the iranian people. they are not out for the almighty daughter -- dollar. they care of themselves -- they take care of themselves, their people, and their climate. the system of getting water from under the desert. they have windfarms that go forever. they have solar placements to use solar power. these are beautiful people. modeluld see them as a for husbanding and stewarding the earth, not feeding them. caller on today's "washington journal." eastern joi


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