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tv   Key Capitol Hill Hearings  CSPAN  August 31, 2015 10:00am-12:01pm EDT

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people. the american people need to understand that about the iranian people. they are not out for the almighty daughter -- dollar. they care of themselves -- they take care of themselves, their people, and their climate. the system of getting water from under the desert. they have windfarms that go forever. they have solar placements to use solar power. these are beautiful people. modeluld see them as a for husbanding and stewarding the earth, not feeding them. caller on today's "washington journal." eastern joi
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be sure to join us tomorrow at 8:00 eastern, 6:00 pacific. have a good monday. [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit] [captions copyright national cable satellite corp. 2014] >> and here is a look at what is ahead today on c-span. assaults have been in issue across the country this year and the senate education committee looked into that matter. we will show you one of their hearings today at 1:20 p.m. eastern. we will open the phone lines for the reaction afterwards did that will happen at 3:30 p.m. eastern. for congress on resellers and about to wrap up, the c-span c
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her wool had to topeka, kansas. we will hear the violent conflicts over whether kansas will be a free state or a slave state. we will have a conversation with kansas governor sam brownback. it is the c-span cities tour of topeka, kansas today at 6:00 piec p.m. eastern on c-span. oil and gas fracking says is there is in a new phase of production. it has a long way to go before it competes with fossil fuel. here's a preview. >> here is what is sort of fascinating could unwillingly, when investor started pouring billions of dollars to find alternatives, it the people who have really change the game are the guys in such invalid who have created the information for structure with big analytics, which will unlock even more cheap oil and natural gas producers. check it out.
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there will be three company things that take place over the next decade. get improvements of the underlying technologies. the drilling, the operational capabilities for pumps, the sizing mapping, all that stuff would aggregate up to 400%-500% in that will happen again to that is not over to the second is that we will later in new stuff with vast automation. only 10% of sellers are automated. computingve mobile and add things like robotics and industrial drugs. that will help the system can insult quickly. the third thing is that all of this will be optimized by analytics and big data. in effect, we will mobilize the entire shale industry. >> that is a brief portion of tonight's program featuring energy expert mark mills.
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president obama is travel to alaska today. ahead of the trip, he decided to rename mount mckinley to did alley. -- denali. the question about whether obama's climate legacy will be marred by drilling in alaska. the president said over the weekend, "i know that there are americans who are sensitive about welcome these drilling and sensitive waters and that there are concerns about my administration's decision to approve shale journaling before the coast. that is why my administration has worked to make sure the oil administration conducted other these leases is on the the highest standards possible into the risks of drilling off alaska." and reactions for renaming mount denali. to mount
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house speaker john boehner took offense. he says in part, "there's a reason president mckinley's name has served atop the highest peak in north america for on 100 years, and that is because it is a testament to his great legacy. i am deeply disappointed in his decision." >> tonight on "the comm the author of "television aries" discuss how it has changed. screen world and that is one of the exciting outcomes of this whole digital revolution. they used to be a stationary screen. with hdtv, that used to be a big screen in the living room. with the internet and the wireless world extending things, mount you have tablets -- now you have tablets and smartphones
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and wi-fi all of the place, such the stationary lien fact experience in the living room, but very much a mobile experience wherever you want to go. it is not just tv. it is also video. >> tonight at 8:00 eastern on "the communicators" on c-span2. >> are wrote to the white house coverage now with republican senator marco rubio. he spoke recently about relations with china. this is about 20 minutes. [no audio]
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>> one of the special benefits of your leadership circle membership is access to our regions, states, and nation's top political leaders. south carolinag presidential primary, we made a commitment to you to attract as many presents on candidates as possible to meet with you. the leadership circle group has already met with donald trump, ohio governor john kasich, this morning, we are truly privileged to be introducing u.s. senator marco rubio to you. marco is the junior united states senator from florida serving since 2011. he was speaker of the house for florida state legislator and served as a state representative from 2000 to 2008. he sits on the following has congressional committees -- the committee on commerce, science and transportation, committee on foreign-policy, select committee on intelligence
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and small business and entrepreneurship. please join me in giving a welcome to marco rubio. [applause] senator rubio: thank you. i'm grateful you would give me this chance to speak to you today and i would like to thank you for that opportunity and for you all being here today to listen to me talk about something of importance. i wanted to discuss china's rise in global affairs. and what i will do as president to ensure it does not undermine american interest. if there any doubts about the importance of this topic to the, the financial event's of the last week put them to rest. due to a large crash in stock market on monday, our markets suffered. the worst day in four years. insecurity and anxiety already high about the future climbed even higher. it is a jarring illustration of how our economy has changed. how our economy has changed over the last few years for millions
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of american families. in the 21st century, what happens across the world can impact american families as much as what happens across town. the affairs of foreign nations are increasingly in our business, whether we like it or not. and this is especially true with regards to china. in this new century, china presents both opportunities and challenges to our people. trade with the growing middle class has opened our businesses to hundreds of millions of new customers. south carolina can especially attest to it. in 2013, china consumed $4.2 billion of goods and services produced in the state. that is more than any other country. that supports thousands of south carolina jobs. because of good policies from your governor and legislature, textile jobs once taken by china are now returning. as we found out this week, the
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negative effects of china's economic meddling are severe. the chinese government's efforts to devalue its currency and rigged global trade are a threat to economic interest. china is going to our national -- a growing danger to our national security. earlier this year, it was behind the largest cyber attack ever carried out against the united states. its current ruler, xi jinping, is trying to convince his 1.3 billion people that the way to reestablish chinese greatness is to undermine the united states and enhance china's influence at our expense. to this end, he is asserting control over the east and south china seas through which more than half of global commerce passes each day. this is beijing's way of gaining leverage over the world. it has unilaterally declared and an air defense identification zone over international water
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witches of the territory of our ally japan. in the south china sea, beijing has dispatched ships, planes, move the oil rigs, and even constructed artificial island in an attempt to strengthen its position militarily. under xi jinping's rule, they have intensified their campaign to push america out of asia, denouncing our long-standing alliances with other democracies like japan and the philippines. developing weapons that threaten our bases and our naval assets and declaring that asian affairs should be left "to the people of asia." china aims to make it so costly and difficult for america to get involved in the region so that we won't even bother. in short, what china is doing is everything it can to make the 21st century a chinese century. if you want to know what the chinese century would look like for the world, then look no further than what it means now. how the government treats its own people.
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in just the last year, it has rounded up human rights advocates and thrown them into prison. it has torn down churches and oppressed christians and forced parents to get abortions and sterilizations. it detained political dissidents without trial or legal recourse. they undermine the atomic of autonomy of hong kong and tightened controls on the internet. this is a disgrace. we should stand against it. america holds nothing but good will towards the people of china. i believe the moment they finally attain true freedom, that moment will fundamentally alter the course of human history and the benefit of the economic and strategic interests of the united states and the world. freedom for the people of china must be our goal, but sadly, it has not been the goal of our current president. he has only appeased their oppressive leaders and stayed silent in the face of human rights abuses. he failed to respond adequately to the unprecedented breaches of our corporate and governmental
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computer networks and he has given our allies reason to doubt our commitment to their security. the fact that china is drawing growing more assertive by the day suggests that its leaders, that its rulers should the same share the same doubts about america's resolve. president obama has hoped that by being more open to china, we would make them a more responsible nation, but it has not worked. we can no longer succumb to the solution that more dialogue alone with china and its current rulers will narrow the gaps and valleys in interest that separate us. that is why while i do not believe we should cancel xi jinping's visit to washington next month, i also do not believe we should be rolling out the red carpet for him. this is an opportunity to speak bluntly to this authoritarian ruler, not to treat him to state dinner.
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it is up to our next president to correct the errors of the previous this is one of the one. reasons that hillary clinton will not become president. asof her first actions secretary of state was a disaster. it was more important than calling into account the violation of human rights. while her tenure as secretary of state was a disaster we are sure that she will run on it in the regular, general election. we have to put forward a nominee with the experience and record of judgment necessary to take her to task. our party's nominee must understand the global challenges we face in the 21st century. if i am our parties melanie, hillary clinton will not be able to lecture me on foreign affairs, from libya, from syria, to ukraine, and china. i've consistently called for the appropriate course of action, even before they may have been
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popular. asia has been a particular interest for me. in the last congress, i was the senate republican responsible for overseeing u.s. policy towards asia and last year had the privilege of visiting multiple allies in east asia to highlight the importance of our partnership. the republican nominee must have a plan to correct u.s.-china relations. that is why i thank you for this opportunity to offer it before you. as president, my approach towards china will adhere to the principles of my foreign policy three which i outlined at the , beginning of this campaign. my goal will be to restore national security and defend our strategic interests, to protect our economic well-being and an advance freedom and human rights around the world. the first goal will be restoring american strength, to ensure that the united states remains a
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pacific power. while china has increased his defense spending by another 10% this year, the obama administration has cut defense spending by nearly $1 trillion over a decade. our navy is now smaller than any time since before world war i. our army is headed for pre-world war ii levels. and our air force has the smallest and oldest combat force in its entire history. we cannot be in two places at once. if elected, i will end defense sequestration and restore the pentagon's budget to appropriate levels. doing so will allow us to ensure neutralize the threat by growing capabilities, to ensure that our carrier feet is sufficient to support forward deployment of a second carrier fleet to the pacific. we will build virginia class submarines at a rate of two per year. we will construct new long-range precision strike systems, protect our satellite in space capabilities from attack, and
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deploy advanced missile defense systems systems to where our women and men are employed drop throughout the region. the ploy our military strength deploying our military strength in asia will also require strengthening our alliances. our treaty allies and partners depend upon the weight of their friendship with america to keep china off of their doorstep. when i am president, instead of inviting china to military exercises, we will conduct them. we will conduct joint controls for the partners in east and southeast asia to challenge any attempt to close off international waters or airspace. we will seek enhanced access across the region and deploy additional air and naval assets to contested areas. we will confront chinese propaganda in asia by highlighting u.s. resolve and the flimsiness of china's illegitimate territorial claims. if china continues to use
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military force to advance illegitimate claims, we will not hesitate to take appropriate action. we will also promote collaboration between our allies and partners. america cannot and needs not bear the full burden of balancing china's power. enhancing coordination between japan the philippines, taiwan, , south korea, india, australia singapore, taiwan, and mongolia among others, this serves our interest. promoting democracy around china is an important way to promote democracy within china. taiwan, for instance, provides a powerful model for how traditional chinese culture can indeed coexist with democracy. my second goal is in relation to china. it is of particular relevance this week. that is protecting the american economy. until recently china has , experienced impressive economic growth, by copying parts of the capitalist model.
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it enjoys the stability afforded by u.s. power. at the same time, it has damaged other economies, including our own, by bending and breaking the rules of economic trade to achieve its own ends. it has subsidized exports, devalued and manipulated its currency. it has restricted imports and it has stolen technology on a massive and unprecedented scale. as president, i will respond to china's economic misconduct. not through aggressive retaliation which could hurt us as much as them, but by reinforcing our insistence on free markets and free trade. this means immediately moving forward with the trans-pacific partnership and other trade agreements that strengthen strategic ties with our partners in asia. we will not build exclusionary trade blocs, but nor will we allow china to reap the full benefits of american-led commerce unless it fundamentally changes its attitudes and
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policies. in the 21st century, economic security and national security depends on cyber security as well. no longer will china hack our government and corporate servers with ease and without consequences. i will fortify our cyber defenses. i will work with other nations to pressure china to halt its use of espionage. i will coordinate international efforts to identify and punish any chinese nationals who violate this. in addition we will impose , sanctions and penalties on chinese companies that can be shown to have profited from pirating of our software, our or movies or any other , intellectual property. we must also restrict beijing's access to strategically sensitive technology. we can no longer afford to enable the growth of chinese military power in pursuit of short-term economic gain.
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our third goal in relation to china concerns not just what we do, it concerns who we are. we must stand on the side of freedom and human rights, both inside china and on its periphery. it is our moral, but also strategic imperative. sadly the obama administration , has had little to say about the absence of religious and political freedom in china, or the deteriorating human rights situation that has accompanied xi jinping's rise. governments built on repression are like houses built on sand. the fragile social foundations of the chinese economy are one reason for the crash we saw this week. helping the chinese people achieve freedom and democracy is not just our moral duty, it will have a profound effect on global prosperity and on our security. when i am president, beijing will not receive a free pass on human rights. i will instruct all u.s. officials meeting with their chinese counterparts to list
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political prisoners by name and press for their unconditional release. i will impose visa bans and asset freezes on chinese officials who violate human rights. i will do all i can to empower chinese citizens to breach what has been called the great firewall of china, and gain access to news and information online about their country and the world. and finally, i will understand the presidency is the most visible office in the world. and it comes with that ability, and also a responsibility to lead by example. the president can spend powerful -- powerful messages through send simple actions. to show his or her support for religious freedom. i will send a message to the
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world before i even take the oath of office. i will invite chinese dissidents and other freedom fighters from around the road to be honored guests at my inauguration. i will personally engage rights activists and other such as students in hong kong or beleaguered lawyers, dissidents on the mainland, persecuted tibetan monks and nuns, like the american people will value basic human dignity and liberty. there will one day be leaders of a democratic china, and these are the leaders worthy of a red carpet welcome in washington, d.c. giving them that on it will set an example to the world . let me close by saying despite the challenges that we face in regard to china the opportunities are truly even greater. in our international economy, the ability to trade is really greater than it has ever been. the ability of students to travel abroad and learn is greater than it has ever been. the ability to innovate through cooperation and competition is
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greater than it has ever been. china and america are the largest economies on earth. if our people are allowed to cooperate under economic futures, they can change the world for the better. next wednesday presents us with an important chance to reflect on that fact. it is the 70th anniversary of the allied victory in the pacific, which effectively ended the second world war. since then, just look at what economic cooperation has brought. millions of people in the asia-pacific region, from south korea to japan, and even many parts of china. people who decades ago lived in poverty and despair. they now live in the middle class. their children have the opportunity to live and even better life. that's an extraordinary achievement, but one that would have been impossible without the stability american leadership has offered the region since the
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end of the second world war. through freedom of the seas, through established international norms, and the military power to approximate a back them up. the american century shows us what can happen when freedom oppression, when democracy overtakes to talent mannerism. totalitarianism.ea we cannot walk away from everything we have achieved in that regard. we must not overlook the fundamental fact about america's relationship with china, what is at stake is nothing less than the type of world that we will leave our children and our grandchildren. in the world we leave behind, what nation will be the dominant example for the world? a country like modern china, or a country like ours? that is what is at stake in the years ahead. starting with this election, and i'm confident and i know that we will make the right choice. thank you very much.
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i appreciate the opportunity. [applause] >> and more road to the white house coverage now with wisconsin governor scott walker. he is one of 17 republicans vying for that party's nomination. he spoke recently about u.s. foreign-policy. this is about 25 minutes. >> good afternoon. let's try that again -- good afternoon. that's what i like to hear. my name is evan oliver, vice president of external affairs. i would like to thank governor scott walker for coming today and provide a us -- providing us
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to lunch. it is my honor to introduce governor scott walker. [applause] governor walker: thank you. thank you, cadet oliver and good luck to your future service to the united states army. we appreciate that. it is a great honor to be with you, the cadets of the citadel. thank you to the cadets, in particular, the citadel republican society for help in hosting not only me but my wife. is a real honor for us to be here today. the united states faces some serious threats today and there are some who would question whether our leaders are able to capable to rise the to the challenges of our time and whether our country is capable of continued greatness. they suggest that our best days may have already come and gone. i do not share that view of america. you see, the greatness of america is certainly not
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determined by the politicians in washington who merely follow while others lead or spend all their days discussing the problem but never acting. future leaders of this exceptional country are sitting here, in this room, and in similar places across america. those of you who will join the military like others on the front lines around the world and across our services, you, you are modern-day patriots. you will be sworn to defend our constitution and keep danger from our shores, willing to risk your lives for liberty. you will lead others into the maelstrom as they risk theirs. you will not sign up to be nation builders or diplomatic ponds. -- pawns.
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you will be warriors to freedom. america need not fear when the select of the core of the cadets reports for duty. when many of you take the oath, you will be making a solemn promise to the people of the united states of america. today, i will make one to you. if elected president, i will send you into battle when, and only when, our national security is at risk, and i will send you with a plan for victory. if i have the honor of serving as your commander-in-chief, our forces will be strong, our weapons will be modern, and america will be unintimidated. today however, i have a solemn question -- are we safer now than we were seven years ago? anyone who believes the answer to that question is yes should probably vote for former secretary of state hillary clinton. [laughter] governor walker: sadly, i believe the answer is no. america is not safer.
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since secretary clinton took charge of our nation's diplomacy, we abandoned american leadership in the world, forgotten that america is an exceptional country and lost faith in america's ability to influence world events. the results speak for themselves. hillary clinton tried to appease vladimir putin with the reset button. todayg weakness, putin has rejoined the map of europe with loaded guns. he is dismembering ukraine, trying to destroy nato, and threatening to use nuclear weapons. hillary clinton announced a pivot to asia that proved hollow, and she downplayed china's abysmal human rights records. this is the result -- the chinese are aggressively expanding their territories, building islands for military bases in the south china sea.
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beijing conducts massive cyber attacks against the united states, stealing classified military data, stealing the personal information of millions of americans, and stealing billions of dollars in intellectual property. sadly, there is more. hillary clinton, hillary clinton pushed for the war in libya. then, she stood by the caskets of christopher stevens, sean smith, tyrone woods, and glenn doherty. she stood by their caskets, looked in the eyes of their parents and pointed to a youtube video she knew, she knew was not the cause of their deaths in benghazi. that is outrageous. today, libya is officially a terrorist safe haven.
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you see we continue to deal with these and other disastrous consequences of her decisions as secretary of state. everywhere in the world that hillary clinton has touched is worse off today than before she and the president took office. earlier this year, the director of national intelligence testified before congress that 2014 was the most lethal year for tourism, for terrorism in the 45 years. the most lethal year for terrorism in the 45 years that they have collected data. the obama-clinton foreign-policy of leading from behind is not working and sadly, we're headed towards a disaster. in the real world, the world outside of washington, when you fail at one job, you do not get promoted to another. you get fired.
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political rhetoric will not keep us safe. we have had enough of a president who proclaims that the greatest threat to future generations is climate change. america can and must do better. at the very least, you all here and others like you across this country, you deserve a commander in chief who tells you the truth. and here it is -- we are at war. at war with radical islamic terrorism. it will not go away overnight. this is a generational struggle and these radical groups will continue to grow if we do not destroy them. yes, the world is complex, but there are simple things out there. there is good and there is bad.
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america -- america is a force for good in the world, but radical islamic terrorists are agents of pure evil. next week is the 70th anniversary of the end of world war ii. as we look back, this should remind us of our role as americans, of our history of being called at times to confront fanatical evil. consider isis, the best trained and the best funded terrorist organization in the world. it has carved out a caliphate and built a terrorist army in the heart of the middle east. each day, it grows stronger, attracting tens of thousands of foreign fighters and jihadists from all over the world. isis enslaves christian minorities, targets the jewish people, and burns innocent muslims alive in cages.
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in cages! isis militants rape girls as young as nine and sell women into sex slavery. the human toll of these evil, unthinkable actions is immeasurable. hearing gutwrenching stories of americans held hostage, tortured, raped, and executed by these radicals makes my blood boil. by the grace of god, and by the strength of men and women like you, america can and will defeat this evil and eradicate this threat to america. isis is a radical perversion of sunni islam, but there is another face of islamic extremism and that is a shiite regime in iran. today, the islamic republic of iran remains the world's leading state sponsor of terrorism.
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you see, iran is not the country we should be doing business with. i still remember tying ribbons around the tree in front of our house with my brother during the 444 days that iran had 52 americans hostage. iran has not changed a much in -- iran has not changed very much in the 3.5 decades instead. even as we speak, iran is holding four other americans. tomorrow marks the anniversary of the capture of a former u.s. marine. i had a chance to meet with amir's family in michigan and it heard that anguishing story of a son and a brother held captive. it is a stain on our nation's honor that our countrymen languish in iranian prisons while america is freeing up billions of dollars for the world's leading sponsor of terrorism and legitimizing their massive nuclear program.
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it is not just the hostages whom president obama has abandoned in this deal. israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu is right when he says the deal puts us all in danger. iran will expand its destructive influence in iraq, syria, yemen, and lebanon, and increase support to proxies like hamas and hezbollah which seek to destroy places like israel. confronted by these forms of evil, president obama and hillary clinton seems somehow to believe that they can sit on the sidelines hoping iran will defeat isis for them. they fail to realize that in this prevailing anarchy, the two sides feed off of each other, growing stronger at the expense of our sunni and shia allies trapped in the middle.
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over the last seven years, we have seen far too much of this delusion and wishful thinking to believe that a stable and lasting middle east can be built by working with iran anymore than by working with isis isn't statesmanship. it is pure fantasy. the threat for radical islamic terrorism is real and it is not limited to the middle east. we have already seen traces of it on american soil in the attacks on fort hood, boston, and chattanooga. i have a plan to keep our children and our grandchildren safe from the threats of radical islamic terrorism. first, we need to secure our homeland. to do that, we need to admit that our southern border is riddled with holes. you see, the islamic extremists
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and other terrorists are most likely using the same trails into our homeland as the drug cartels, the weapon smugglers, and the human traffickers. we must secure our border at any cost. in addition, we must provide the personnel and technology to maintain it, but there is still more. the fbi is investigating isis in all 50 states. we need to restore counterterrorism, surveillance programs, invest into cyber tools, and improve intelligence and law-enforcement cooperation to catch terrorists before they strike. next, we need to fight terrorists abroad before they come to america. since many of you cadets will be part of that fight, i want to assure you that we will fight to win. we will fight to win. far from beating isis, president
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obama is barely disrupting it. his actual goal is to contain isis until he leaves office, all while accommodating iran. my goal will be to defeat isis and rollback iran's influence in the region. you see, these strategic objectives will guide our military commanders. let me be clear, defeating isis and rolling back iran will require a greater investment of u.s. resources. sternly worded tweets and isolated airstrikes will not destroy this enemy. as we learned in the surge, embedded american advisers are key to training and motivating iraqis, sunni tribal's, and kurdish allies. they can provide good intelligence, logistical resources, and call in close air support to direct devastating strikes that will bolster our
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partners on the ground. today, however, the administration is tying up our troops with political restrictions, preventing them from doing what is necessary to defeat isis. these restrictions must be lifted immediately and all the other options must remain on the table. we need to stop micromanaging the military and broadcasting our limits to our enemies. as commander-in-chief, i will make decisions that are in the best interest of our national security. i will make these decisions based on sound military council rather than political or bureaucratic advice. it was a political decision for the president to back away from his red line and as long as isis has a safe haven in syria, it will continue to be a powerful
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force in iraq. because the administration ran away from its redline, syria's tyrant assad remains in power and is a magnet for radical islamic terrorism. no strategy to defeat isis can succeed while assad is still in power and iran is patron, has a base of operations in damascus. therefore, we must do more than recruit. we must do more to recruit and support fighters in syria who oppose both isis and assad. the obama administration has trained only about 60 fighters. that is just not going to cut it. that is not going to cut it. a no-fly zone enforced by america and its allies would dramatically enhance this campaign on the ground. our efforts in syria and iraq must be part of a broader, u.s. led regional coalition, with
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buy-in an real ironclad guarantees from our allies that they will help us shoulder this burden. which brings me to the next step. the next step for defeating radical islamic terrorism, we need to stand with our friends. there is a reason why the president of the united states is called the leader, the leader of the free world. our allies are amongst our greatest resources of strength. as winston churchill once said, there is only one thing worse than fighting with our allies and that is with fighting without them. adding support from allies only strengthens our position to defeat radical islamic terrorism, we need to restore alliances across the middle east. our traditional ally is israel and the sunni arab states are divided on many issues. but one thread unites them all, the threat from iran and its
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proxies. for starters, i will restore our alliance with israel, the shining example of democracy in the middle east. there should be no daylight between our countries. in contrast, white house officials insult the prime minister of israel. sadly, they never seem to criticize iranian supreme leader and the revolutionary guard commanders who have oppressed people of iran and who helped kill thousands of our soldiers in iraq. president obama recently compared critics of his deal to these murderers. this is disgraceful. disgraceful. it ignores the very real opposition to the deal with iran from people all across this country and all across party lines. hillary clinton was instrumental in launching the administration's shortsighted overtures to iran, and now, she
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strongly supports this bad deal. her disregard for top-secret, classified, and sensitive information on her e-mail server shows that she cannot be trusted to be the commander in chief. her support for the bad deal in iran shows she should not be trusted to support israel. if this deal goes forward, it will be remembered as one of the greatest foreign-policy failures in u.s. history. let me be clear, if congress fails to stop the nuclear deal, i will terminate it on day one. then i will immediately reimpose sanctions against iran and work with congress to impose even more crippling sanctions going forward.
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unlike others, i do not need months or years to mull this over. i do not need to appoint a cabinet or consult a committee. anybody who does not know today, today, that iran deal is a bad deal, is not ready to be commander in chief. i am ready to the be commander-in-chief on day one. i will also work to convince our allies to follow our lead on iran. so we are clear -- i have no illusions that this will be easy, but when did america shrink away from the challenges? i reject obama-clinton choice between this bad deal and another war. i vow to turn up pressure across the board on iran. i refuse to live with the deal that threatens our safety and that of our closest allies. iran's nuclear program is part of a broader effort to dominate the region that threatens our
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sunni arab allies. once you show them that we are committed to rolling back the power and influence of iran, it will encourage our allies to join us in our efforts against isis. president obama and hillary clinton refused to support those inside iran who spoke out about the oppression of this machine, regime, somehow worrying that it would undermine their outreach to the supreme leaders. this is wrong. america must always be a bright and steady beacon of hope for freedom anywhere in the world. next, defeating isis and rolling back iran will require us to rebuild and reform the tools of american power. many of you cadets will enter a military that sadly has been decimated by politicians. shockingly, the finest military force ever assembled is being
10:48 am
dismantled at a time when the threats to the united states are growing everywhere. as an american, this angers me. not as a candidate for president, but as an american. many of you are getting ready to put your lives on the line for us and we thank you. you deserve better. you deserve better. as commander-in-chief, i will make sure you have the resources you need to keep us safe from enemies, foreign and domestic, and i will make certain that you are armed on american soil so you and other service members are safe here as well. a strong military is important. not because we want to fight, but so we do not have to. when president ronald reagan rebuilt our armed forces, it led to one of the most peaceful times in modern american history. our enemies feared us not because we were eager to go into
10:49 am
battle but because they knew we could and we would if it were necessary to protect our national security interests. president reagan believed in achieving peace through strength. i do, too. and i will follow his example. the policy of the walker administration will be to confront radical islamic terrorism using the full range of our options. we must give our intelligence professionals the legal and constitutional tools they need to keep us safe. we must use economic instruments to deny isis and iran the money they need to fund their acts of terror. and we must identify and speak out against radical forms of islam that incite it. we cannot afford to lose the fight against radical islamic terrorism.
10:50 am
you see the rest of the world is , watching how we confront the challenge of the middle east. how can we deter, how can we possibly deter our sophisticated adversaries in eastern europe and our competitors in the south china sea if we cannot defeat the barbarians of isis and role l back the theocrats in tehran? we can no longer afford to be passive while the world a sense into chaos. of all the challenges we face around the globe today, now is not the time for untested leadership. i have been tested like no other candidate in this race. as president, i will send the following message. the retreat is over, american
10:51 am
leadership is back. american leadership is back. together with our allies, we will not surrender another inch of ground to terrorists or any other power that threatens our safety. america will not be intimidated and neither will i. america must be, not only the land of the free, but the home of the brave. an america that is unintimidated. thank you for your time today and may god bless you, and may god bless our men and women in uniform and may god continue to bless the united states of america. thank you very much. [applause]
10:52 am
>> and here is what we have you today on c-span. campus sexual assaults have been a problem this year and the senate education committee has looked into the matter. we will show you one of the hearings at 1:20 p.m. eastern. we will open up the phone lines for your reaction. that is at 3:30 p.m. today.
10:53 am
cities to her is on c-span each day at 6:00 p.m. eastern. travel to topeka kansas on the violent confrontations over whether kansas would be a free state or a slave state, and take a tour of the capital, any conversation with governor sam brownback. that is 6:00 p.m. today on c-span. energy expert mark mills suggests that oil and gas production from fracking is in a new phase of production could alternative fuels have a long way to go before they can compete with fossil fuels. that is that in clock p.m. eastern -- and the clock p.m. eastern. congress is in recess. when they return, they will continue to declare their intentions with oregon democrat jeff merkley saying he will support the deal. that makes 31 democrats who have announced their intention to support the agreement, according to the hills with lists. the administration needs 34
10:54 am
senators in support to delay concerns of congressional disapproval. we will monitor senators and representatives disapproval. we have showed you hearings that have focused on the agreement. key statements and the early speech in august by president obama at american university. congress has until symptom or 17 to pass a resolution. because this program starting tomorrow here at 8:00 p.m. eastern on c-span. >> tonight on "the communicators," this summer marks the 25th anniversary of digital communication. the author of "television are aries" tells us how it has changed. we are watching in that multi screen world. that is one of the exciting outcomes of this revolution. it used to be a stationary tv in
10:55 am
the living room. but with the wireless world extending things, now you have tablets and smartphones and wi-fi all over the place. such that tv is not just a backonary and will lean experience in the living room, but it's also a mobile experience wherever you want to go. it is not just tv, it is also video. eastern onat 8:00 "the indicators" on c-span2 . last week and, donald trump spoke to a crowd in nashville, tennessee. during his speech, he was talking about how he would make america great again, mentioning issues like social security, obamacare, and jobs. this is just over an hour.
10:56 am
♪ ["you're the best around" by joe eposito plays] donald trump: this is something. i love nashville. i do love nashville. i want to tell you a personal story about nashville. it's a special place for a very special reason. maybe more importantly, we have an incredible woman with us. she is 92 years old. we do not talk about age, but she is 92. and she looks magnificent and her name is beta and she has become very famous. you know who beta is? look at her. so beautiful. she just registered to vote for the first time in her life.
10:57 am
she has not seen anybody who really did it to her. for the first time in her life, she just registered to vote. and she's want to vote for trump, i think. thank you, darlene. i really appreciated. she is on television all over the world now. i have to be nervous even talking to her, you're so famous. it's great. thank you very much. i appreciate it and everybody appreciates it. there is a big, growing, like leaps and bounds silent majority out there. we are going to take this country back and we are going to make this country so great again and so strong again. i have to tell you -- that down, folks. enjoy. enough with the standing up. look at this group. boy, what a group. they turn away thousands of people, i hear.
10:58 am
they have some speakers outside, so that's ok. these people have the best real estate, right? well, i just want to tell you about this. years ago, many years ago, like i hate to say 40, but i won't -- but close to 40. i came to nashville -- did you ever hear of a company called genesco? they were based in nashville, tennessee and the own a department store chain. i was a young guy and i came to brooklyn and queens and one to go into manhattan. i went into manhattan into the grand hyatt hotel and other things that were good. the thing i wanted more than anything was 5th avenue between 57 and 50 six st. it is called the tiffany location, right next to tiffany. that is what i wanted. i wanted that piece of property so badly. i should not say that because you're not supposed to want things like that so badly. got will get angry at me, right? i wanted so badly and the
10:59 am
company that owned it was genesco based in nashville, tennessee. i came in and i came to nashville. i met with the heads of genesco, really great people actually. they were having a lot of difficulties. there was a lot of fighting and a lot of everything. i convinced them to sell me the land in the building. i bought the teller stored at fifth avenue from 57 to 50 six st surrounding tiffany. i bought the rights and bought it from tiffany and i built a tower could to this day, it is one of the great buildings of the world and one of the great successes. and i love country music. i went to the grand ole opry while i was here. i had just such an incredible experience. when it came down to speaking, when you are leading in every poll, they sort of what you. when you are not leading in the polls like so many of these guys, they do not want you at all. we will talk about the polls in
11:00 am
a second. i had a lot of but i decided, let's do this. i really chose nashville because hey, the experience is not my biggest deal, but in terms of a deal, it is so important, and it has been such a great -- from the day i build it, it was a home run. it all really took place because of nashville, tennessee. it is an honor to be with you folks, i can tell you. a real honor. [applause] so, coming over, i watch television, and you know they have all these cameras back there and they are alive and i guess we are live on cnn and so many different things. it is difficult when you're alive. -- you are live. you have got to change up your speech. you cannot make the same speech over and over. some of the folks in the room know that. other candidates do not get
11:01 am
covered live ever except for the debate. so you know, they had 24 million people on the debate are now they think when a new numbers come out, they will be even substantially higher than that. i would have said they would've had one million or two. i said they had 24 million people and now the second debate, on cnn, that was on fox, maybe i should ask for a lot of money and give the money for charity. all to charity. i said that to the writers of time magazine. they were nice enough to put me on the cover with a nice story. and i sort of thought i set it off the record but they put it in time magazine. so should i ask for charity? maybe a nice nashville charity and american cancer society, and aids research and there are so many good things. alzheimer's, so many big rings -- things going on there. maybe i should ask for a lot of money, or i'm not showing up. so they will get say 2 million
11:02 am
people they do not do great, especially the early republican debates. this is one of the biggest shows in the history of cable television in terms of political. in the history of cable television. so i took credit for it. in all fairness, i should. [laughter] the bottom line is, i think i might ask for a lot of money to charity. but, you know, i did say what do you think, should i do it or not? maybe not, i don't know. [applause] here's the thing, if i don't do it, cnn will make a lot of money. i don't care about cnn. they are going to make a lot of money. they are actually very nice, but they will make a lot of money and, you know, i think it is something to consider. we will all consider it.
11:03 am
coming over today, i saw that they were having the illegal immigrants come in. somebody mentioned the dreamers having to do with children. these people who come over. i said, what about our children, why can't our children be the dreamers? no one ever talks about that. [applause] they never talk about that. we talk about the dreamers, who by the way are treated better than our vets. our vets are incredible. illegal immigrants, in many cases, not in all cases, but in many cases are treated better than our veterans. our wounded warriors, these are the greatest people we have. and another thing nice about being able to make speeches
11:04 am
without having to hire some guy to write it and keep writing, and then say, "good morning ladies and gentlemen. nashville's wonderful." you know, i can talk about this and be current. i can talk about what's happening this morning on tv. they had a story about the veterans association, how people are waiting on line to get in. these are our veterans who got hurt. maybe we would not be here if it was not for them. they had a story this morning on fox and cnn and a number of them, where the veterans are treated terribly. they show the desk where there are supposed to be people behind the desk. they show a desk and there is no one there. probably some of you saw it. the veterans are saying, where are these people, and they say what happened, and they say, this happens all the time. no one is even there.
11:05 am
and two weeks ago on wednesday, they have the longest wait in the history, in the history of the veterans administration, for people wanting to see a doctor. if i go to a doctor, and i had to wait nine minutes, i am like, i go crazy. it's true. remember the old days when the doctors used to come to your house? you have a call on the doctor would carry a little bag like this, and he would come over to your house, check you out, those days do not exist anymore. we are in the age of obama care, where nothing exists. we will repeal and replace obamacare. that, i can tell you. [applause] so two weeks ago on wednesday, the longest wait --
11:06 am
in the history. if you go to the doctor's office, men and women are a waiting days, three days, one four was five days. one was five or six days, finally got to see the doctor and the doctor excused himself because he was going on vacation. can you imagine waiting even a day or a half-day? these people are waiting for five days. the waits are the longest in history. that is the way we are treating our greatest people and it is not right. we will change that. [applause] we have right now, and you see these phony statistics put out by politicians, basically, all talk and no action politicians. on both sides in all fairness. you know, i'm a republican and i am a conservative, but i'm just as angry with the republicans. when you go to washington, something happens. they become weak. they go to washington. "we are going to stop obamacare,
11:07 am
we will do this and that." the may walk into these magnificent buildings and they go "oh, i made it, darling. i made it. i vote for you. i vote for you. i vote for obamacare extensions. i will do whatever you want me to do. i'm in washington." it is amazing. 5.4% unemployment. the real number, i saw a number that could be 42%, believe it or not. we have 93 million people out of hello i of the 93, many of these people want jobs.
11:08 am
they quit looking. so if you're looking for a job and you cannot find it, and you stop for a while, after a while, you are like, it is not going to happen but they staff they are employed. think of it, it is hard to believe. we have 50 million people in poverty. china is taking our money. japan is taking our money. mexico is beating us at the border. they are killing us on trade. you just lost a big car plants to mexico in tennessee. front page "wall street journal" , -- i love this guy. i love this guy. he's just holding this sign up. look at him. i know he's voting for.
11:09 am
thank you. i love it. this is a movement. this is a movement -- i don't want it to be about me. this is about common sense. this is about doing the right thing. one of the things that came out in the poll that was really amazing, some of the polls. in iowa, we are leading big. we just left iowa. we had such an amazing evening. it was a happening. we just left alabama, which was unbelievable. 31,000 people in a stadium and it was supposed to pour. that's like, look. that's from god. the minute we ended the speech and it poured. 31,000 people, the most unbelievable. the polls just came out in alabama, leading big in alabama,
11:10 am
leading big in iowa. leading tremendously big in new hampshire, leading really big in new hampshire. leading big in florida. i have a governor. we have a low energy governor and we have a senator, and we are leading big in florida. how do you do that? you have a senator who is sitting, a governor that has been there for eight years. i love florida and i'm there a lot, great weather. you have great weather but florida has great weather. big advantage. i'm leading big in florida, but one of the polls came out. south carolina and north carolina, i'm leading really big. in south carolina, a poll came out and we had a statement that my level of popularity or favorability. i'm the only one that can get a poll. it comes out and these guys in the back with those red lights on will say i had one poll where
11:11 am
i think i'm 41%. 41%. can you imagine? with 17 people. 41% with 17 people and they said , you can't even hear. nobody knows what they just said. but there are some people who don't like him. it's unbelievable. i'm the only one that wins these polls and i get negative publicity. the press -- it's terrible. yesterday, you might have seen me. i was in south carolina. i had to bring it up. the new york times is a big deal. very liberal paper -- not everyone can be like us, but it is still the "new york times. i'm on the front page a lot.
11:12 am
to be on the front page is a big deal. yesterday or two days ago, they had a story about me and they had some low level hispanic commentator. this one didn't like me. by the way, i think i'm going to win hispanic vote. in nevada i won the hispanic , vote. i love the hispanic people. incredible energy, incredible people. i have thousands that work for me and thousands of thousands over the years have worked for me. a lot of the ones that are illegally don't want people coming in illegally. it's true. it's true. this poll comes out i think in , south carolina, where we are way up and lindsey graham is at four and i'm at 30. i wrote him a note, congratulations i'm beating you in your home state by only 26 points.
11:13 am
who cares. they did something nobody reported. they say, what do people like trump. i think i'm a nice person and i want to help people. women's health issues to me are very important. to jeb bush it was not important because he did not want to fund them and then he says i misspoke. i really want to be a nice person and i am a nice person but it's going to be an election based on competence. tired of being the patsies for everybody. i think it is time. but in the poll in another act , of political magic, trump managed to flip his favorability negative, nobody wrote this nobody reported it, , from negative to positive. this is an exact quote.
11:14 am
i have a photographic memory so i want to be sure if i use of the word of the incorrectly. favorability rating from negative to positive in one poll during the span of a month -- a feat that a highly respected pollster called astounding. nobody else wrote about it. that defies any rule in presidential politics i've ever seen said this highly respected man. the director of the polling institute said he flipped it from 20% to 52% in one month and he said he's never seen that before. and you know what? that's because people have heard this. they say i've made a tremendous -- i'm such a nice person.
11:15 am
i've made a tremendous amount of money. i have had tremendous success. that's the kind of thinking we need in the country. whatever it is. but, to me, that statement was more important than literally killing everybody in the polls. we were much higher, more than double everybody. you saw that came out and that was an amazing poll. much, much higher. i was double and quadruple many of these candidates. the reason is people in this country are smart. they don't believe a lot of what they see in the media. because if you believe these people, why are they doing this? why are they even saying it? if someone'shat good for the country, i'm going to be good for the country because we are going to make great deals. our country doesn't win anymore. you would think even a liberal
11:16 am
person or a democrat, why are they knocking it? you'd think that they would say let's do it, it's good for all of us. our debt is now 19 trillion. when obamacare kicks in, which really kicking in and 16. you want to see bad deficits? you are really going to see it go up. that has a huge impact not only on the jobs but the deficit itself. you have seen it yourself -- premiums have gone through the roof, right? the deductibility, unless you are close to death, you are never going to use it. you cannot use it. the deductibility is so high. the premiums are up 30%, 40%, 50% and more. it is a disaster and it's going to cost the country a fortune. so it is not only costing you i fortune.
11:17 am
so we have to do something about it. we have to do something importantly about it. when i see the people on television and i have to tell you, i will not mention names, some of them, when they hear my name. we have a great reporter today from the "wall street journal" who came down. she said some of them when they hear your name, it looks like they are ready to explode. it's true. number one, they look bad because you remember the beginning. three or four month ago, they were saying he's a clown having fun. i went to a great school, i did everything that's great. i came out, i made a fortune. i then did a book called "the art of the deal" and many best sellers. that one is probably the best-selling business book of all times. who is right that? -- who has read that?
11:18 am
almost everybody. i jokingly say, but i needed -- it, the bible trumps it by a long way. i said it in iowa, and it's true , nothing tops the bible, many best sellers and then i do "the apprentice." it's one of the most successful shows ever on television and nbc renewed the apprentice. you know that, right? they came to my office, the head of comcast, great guys -- i will not use names i will just say , steve, one of the best in the country. he came up with the heads of nbc and they said months ago, they said, donald, we are renewing the apprentice, you have to do it. i said honestly, i'm running for president. i want to make our country great again. and they did not believe me. i said it four times.
11:19 am
nobody believed i was going to run. nobody. my wife believe me, but now she -- didn't believe me but now she does. she said, if you are going to run, you are going to do great because people love you. i don't want to brag. thank you. [applause] say,aid if you actually the nbc guys come up, terrific people. i had a great relationship with nbc for 12 years. we have many number ones and "the apprentice" continues to do great. you know last season how well it did. they want to renew for many seasons. says irnett calls and don't believe it, you are not taking a renewal.
11:20 am
i said that's right, i'm going to run for president. he said no but he doesn't take a -- nobody doesn't take a renewal, it's unheard of. for twoe television hours. are you crazy? i said, mark, i've had to do this. we can save our country. [applause] we can save our country. the bottom line, so nbc renewed it. i told them i'm not doing it and they finally believed me when i actually announced. they don't like me anymore. it's amazing. that's too bad. thank you. the funny thing about the apprentice, there have been 15 copies. every single one of them failed. so a reporter said why do you think that is? i said because i'm special. i was kidding. i sort of meant it, to be honest, but i was sort of kidding and they wrote it -- it
11:21 am
sounds good when you say it but it looks bad in writing. i had a great experience, so here i am, great schools great , brain, great success, i felt a -- build a great company, do the apprentice, tremendous success. when i did the apprentice come a certain critics said it will never be successful because to have a big hit, you remember that first season had one of the highest ratings ever. the finale? remember how that was? to have a great success, you have to have women. i saved the article, like harry truman saved it, where it says truman loses and he actually one. it said trump can never succeed on television because why would
11:22 am
women want to watch donald trump? i said am i so bad? and it turned out women were the biggest base. so i save those things. but, no matter how you cut it, we can do something so incredible. and honestly, it's going to be hard and it's going to be a lot of work. a lot of time. obama always leaves the white i would not leave the white house. house. think of it. you are elected president. why would you want to leave? i think i would never leave. how cool is that? he leaves to go to some place and go fundraisers -- maybe there's some rule against it. i would do fundraisers in the white house. he and his wife left, right next door in burbank, california, they left a couple of hours different. one took air force one, one took a beautiful boeing -- two
11:23 am
different planes, going to the same location, going to the same airport to do different shows and i say why? why aren't they flying at least the same plane? i know how much those costs because i have one. more important, the time and energy. ellen,ould have said, let's do it from the white house. i won't spend any money from the taxpayers. think about it. think of it. and the funny thing, the funny thing is whoever the host is would like it better. we are doing our show live from the white house. we don't pay any money, we don't have to fuel up air force one. do you ever see what it costs to travel in one of those things?
11:24 am
you are closing down burbank, california. every time obama comes to manhattan. which is often. what's going on, you can't move? they've close down the city. he could do it from washington. he could do it in my new hotel i am building. it's true. i'm building an incredible hotel on pennsylvania avenue for the old post office. i got it from the obama administration. people say what's going on. one of the most heavily sought after building in the history of the general services administration. which owned it, and they made the decision. we are building this beautiful hotel directly between congress and the white house. it is going to open just in time . by the way we are under budget , and ahead of schedule. do you ever hear that from government?
11:25 am
it will be opening up and it will be great. come in, use it and go back to the white house. but you don't have to do that. you say to yourself it's a , mindset. more importantly than the travel, we have so many things we have to do to straighten out our country. you don't want to waste time. you've got to make deals. i've got the greatest dealmakers in the world lined up. carl icahn, an incredible guy. great dealmaker. i've got some of the best dealmakers in the world. they are all calling me. they said you didn't ask me. i have these guys calling me up, the best in the world. i know the best. i also know guys who are overrated and i know guys you haven't heard of that are honestly phenomenal. i know a lot you have heard of that are overrated. but i have the best in the world. they don't want money. they are worth billions of dollars. but when i say carl icahn,
11:26 am
do me a favor handle china. , we are going to make a great deal. because that's what happens. we are going to take back our trade. if you look at china, if you look at japan. i was in los angeles -- i saw the biggest ships i've ever seen with cars pouring out, one after another, made in japan. everything's nice, except it doesn't help us. we sell them these and they don't want it because do you see what's going on? it goes over there and it's perishable, so by the time it gets over there, they turn around and we don't want it and they have cars coming from these massive ships and they just pour off the ships. how stupid are we?
11:27 am
no tax, no nothing. i believe in free trade. but i have to be fair trade. when you look at japan, they taken money up here and we give them money down here. we give nothing by comparison, it's peanuts. balance it out, fellas. you have to balance it. a friend of mine is a great manufacturer. as you know, china, it's probably the greatest theft in the united states. they've taken our money, they've taken our jobs, they have taken so much, and they are creating a bubble and we are so intertwined now that the bubble is going to explode. we have to be smart. i've made so much money dealing with china. i've made hundreds of millions, dealing withions china. the bank of america building in san francisco, i own part of that, people don't know, they
11:28 am
say people say trump is only worth $5 billion, they don't even know my numbers. they say we haven't been able to look at about 400 of his companies. so i filed, interestingly, they said he will never run. so they say i will never run. but i'm running. then i announced. they say he will never file his form. that's a single page where you're signing your life away. it has to be done within 14 days. i signed by form. they said he will never foot in his financials. and you have like 90 days or something and they said he will ask for extensions because he's probably not as rich as people think. but actually i'm much richer. i put in my financials, it's
11:29 am
true. forbes and another group said we don't know what these companies are. i put in these massive financials and i wanted to brag , i wanted to show people it's , such a great company i built. they said he will never put in his financials. everybody saw it was much bigger and very little debt, tremendous value and great assets. iconic assets. i have some of the greatest real estate in the world and i'm very proud of it. they say he will never file. then they see all these companies and they have boxes. it wasn't meant for somebody like me. they have these little boxes and they say is it worth or does he make a million dollars? the last box is $50 million or more.
11:30 am
so, i have a lot of buildings that are worth more than that. more.s $50 million or i checked many of them, i think it is 23. i checked like, i don't know, i think it's 23. they will kill me if i'm wrong, but i'm not sure. i think it's like 23. do you know what some of these guys do to try to marginalize you? they added up 23 50's. some of them are worth a billion dollars. some of them are worth more than a billion. they will take 50 million for a building that might be worth a billion dollars and they add them up and say he's worth $2.9 billion. this is the press. they have no clue. those statements aren't meant for me but it's not meant for a guy like me but with all of that, the statements are so good.
11:31 am
one of the things i'm doing, and last night was incredible. we had an amazing event in massachusetts. look at this, what the hell are you doing in nashville? what are you doing? what is that? i must have dropped those people with me. what are you doing here? so here i am. i spent millions of dollars on jet fuel. a lot of money. but somebody puts up a sign, $100 to go to this thing. i don't know who did it. all over the place, i'm spending millions of dollars. i'm turning down millions. i don't want your money. somebody put a sign up talking about a $100 contribution which you did not have to make. it's all over cnn. trump is asking for $100. i fly my plane someplace and it
11:32 am
costs a fortune. the money i raised last night expense, a guy who had it, this great guy, really successful guy. you know him, ernie. he will sell you a car any day of the week. like 2000 people showed up. getting a little deferment of the roast beef or what ever they are serving. they put up the sign i don't , want the money. i've might like $4 million or $5 million, that's hard to turn down. most of the people came in free and i and that with this big story trump accepting , contributions. i can't believe it. i got so angry at my people because somebody put up a sign saying $100. and honestly, it's peanuts.
11:33 am
it doesn't mean anything. but they use it to try to marginalize. they always do. the bottom line is i am self funding my campaign. i don't need money. with that being said, this money comes in and it's not a lot of money, but it is great money. peter will send me some money, but a woman sent me seven dollars with a beautiful letter from georgia. another person sent me $12, and someone sent me $1000 but it doesn't amount to a lot. but that i do like coming in because they invest in the campaign. how do i take it seven dollars check and send it back to the person who send it to me? i'm sorry, i don't want your money? i want them to invest and they are not going to tell me to do this or not do this for china and they gave me $5 million.
11:34 am
i had a big lobbyist who wanted to give me $5 million and i turned him down. i turned him down and i see this story on cnn last night and it was disgusting. that trump has a sign, $100. somebody does the sign. it was a beautiful sign if you want to know the truth. beautifully done. and they are doing this big thing all day long, saying we have this incredible event and they destroyed it by trying to marginalize and that's the press, that is the media. the criminal media there is some , truth to it. a lot of times, they know it's wrong, but i just want to tell you. it's so important than last night was such an incredible event, it had to be a record for a house. the guy has a beautiful house in
11:35 am
put up a tent, but we had 2000 people. it had to be a record. the spirit in that group, the spirit in alabama was so incredible. the spirit in our last meeting in iowa. don't forget. when i went to iowa, you know what i love? i'm leading with the tea party big. i love the tea party tea party people stand up and take a bow. you have not treated fairly. you have not been treated fairly. people talk about the tea party and you talk about marginalizing. at least i have a microphone and i can fight back. the tea party people are incredible people. a work hard and they love their country and all the time by the media. they get beat up all the time by the media. you don't know the power that you have. the tea party and you can call
11:36 am
, it anything you want. i don't care about names. the tea party has tremendous power. i talk silent majority. it is more than to party. it democrats, it's for people, it's rich people, it everybody. it's evangelicals. one of the things that made me so happy, i'm a protestant, i'm a presbyterian. i had a recent poll and these polls, they did a beautiful, guys like jeb bush and hillary higher pollsters and pay them hundreds of thousands of dollars. what do you have to do that for? they come out with a new poll every week. i'm rich, i could hire 100 pollsters. why should i pay? one once like 150 dollars a month. they are arrogant guys in a ink -- think they're hot stuff and they can tell you what to say and you have to be politically political -- correct.
11:37 am
i don't have time. it's true. i don't have time. it takes a lot of time to be politically correct. you saw the anchor baby thing. somebody from it's the same , network, cnn again. he said you know the name anchor baby is very insulting. i said what would you call it and he gave me like nine words , a baby, a illegal immigrant who was born in the country. i said how can i say that? it's too long. it's anchor baby. and then jeb bush gets caught because he's such a nice person , honestly. if you want a nice person, you should vote for jeb. the country's going to go to hell, but we won't talk about that. person, jeba nice
11:38 am
has a memo that he signed of basically a politically correct memo. don't say this or don't say that. things, never use the term anchor baby. all of a sudden, he's using the term last week. me when i use it, nobody criticized me. they expected it. they gave up. with him, they just killed him. then he blamed it on the asians. did you hear, the new york times did an editorial how dare you , attack the asians. he wanted to steal away from the hispanics, he said the asians come in and they have anchor babies and now the asians all hate them. it's true. but the asians love me and i love them. i love them. so he has a memo and he signs the memo and it says don't use this term and now he's using it because he has to because think
11:39 am
of it, i want to build a wall. it's so easy. [applause] raymos.s clown, jose -- he is ayer, baseball player. when raymo's got up the other day, screaming and ranting and i had all these reporters, the reporters were on my side, but this guy starts screaming, so i got a lot of credit for the way we handled him. i didn't do anything except for the times. "the times" said donald railed at him and screamed at him. i did not rail at him, but he was screaming at me.
11:40 am
worse than that, they said i wore a to pay -- a toupee. i want bring anybody up that i don't. i'm on the front page of the new york times and the first sentence, in the first paragraph, has this hispanic announcer that nobody ever heard of saying they call him something which means he wears a toupee. so i'm on the front page of the new york times and i can't talk about it. they said i was essentially screaming at this guy from univision, who i happen to be suing for $500 million. they did not mention that. they also did not his daughter works for hillary clinton. you didn't know that? they did not mention that. they said i wear a toupee and i
11:41 am
was screaming. then we let him come back and we had a nice talk and he seemed like a nice guy after he called down a little bit. he was a very emotional man. he said you can't build a wall because you can't do it. 2000 years ago in china, we always get back to china. 2000 years ago, the great wall of china. this is a serious wall. this is a wall you do not go through easy. they built a wall 2000 years ago that is 13,000 miles. think of that. that's a serious wall. this was 2000 years ago. it took them 500 years to build it, i have to be a little bit, it took a long time. they had no tractors. they did not have caterpillars. today, we would use commodities because they are cheaper. how stupid is that. because they be valued that yen so much, people are buying
11:42 am
kamatsus instead of caterpillars. we will change that, believe me. but they built this will. we have 2000 miles as opposed to 13,000, but you don't need it. some of you have natural landscapes. actually 10 years ago, everybody , wanted the wall built. hillary wanted the wall. what i do best is built. i'm not a rendering guy. a lot of these guys come in with renderings and it never gets built. i'm the opposite. i get it else. -- built. one of the reasons it could not get built is they could not get an approved environmental impact study. do you believe this? they could not get an environmental impact study approved. they are killing people.
11:43 am
we have illegal immigrants. francisco,with san so many people. last night in massachusetts i've met some unbelievable families who have been devastated by illegal immigrants who come into the country and kill members of their family. veterank, a 66-year-old , a female, got raped sodomized, tortured and killed. 66 years old, by an illegal immigrant that they caught. luckily, but this is what we have. we have stupid people in our government and we have people pouring across the border and we have great border patrol people. i went there, you probably saw that. that's probably why the hat is so successful. everybody wants to buy the hat. the white when did not sell so
11:44 am
well but the red one is hot. crazy thing. i went to the border and i got to know the people and i saw people and it is rough stuff. when i first came in and did my opening statement that i was running for president, i talked about illegal immigration. rush limbaugh, who i think is a terrific guy. rush limbaugh said trump has received more incoming and in -- any human being i've ever seen and he uses a news conference and i think he's going to apologize and he doubles down. i got credit. they thought i was going to apologize and i don't mind apologizing, but i have to make a mistake to apologize, but i was right. so for two weeks, i took incoming, meaning that media. i said if it's going to be like
11:45 am
this for the next year and a half, i don't think i can make it. many of the people who talk that way, apologize to me. only because of me is everyone talking about illegal immigration. they wouldn't even be talking about it. we are going to get the gang members in baltimore and chicago. these are tough dudes. one of the first things i'm going to do is get rid of those gang members. look at what's going on in chicago and ferguson and st. louis. we are going to get rid of those tank members so fast. -- gang members so fast. we can be really tough. those police are tough cookies. we need law and order. we need law and order. they allowed in that first night in baltimore, they allowed that city to be destroyed.
11:46 am
they set it back 35 years and one night because the police were not allowed to protect people. we have incredible law enforcement in this country and the head of the police in chicago is a person i know. he's a phenomenal guy. he can stop things if he's allowed to stop them. we have some incredible people but we have to be tough and we have to be smart. you are going to have bad apples. and it is disgusting and it is horrible, but it's a tiny percentage. the problem is, the good work does not get shown on television, which is 99.9%. the good work with the police is 99.9%. that one little thing, it is horrible, i agree. you know the same ones because
11:47 am
you were sick when you looked at some of them just like i was, but we need law and order. we need our police. they do a phenomenal job but they are afraid to do anything. i know cities, i won't mention names, but i know cities where police are even afraid to talk to people because they want to retire and have their pension. then you wonder why there is crime in our cities. we need a whole new mindset. we have to build up our military. we have to make our military so strong. we have to make our military so powerful and strong that we never have to use it. we have to focus on what we have . look ukraine. , i want ukraine to be healthy, vibrant, and good. ukraine is near germany and all of these european countries. we are now sending f-22's, the newest fighters, the best and
11:48 am
the world. where is germany and these european countries? it affects them. we want to stand alongside of them, but why are we leading the fight? putin hates obama. i think you'd like me. i get along great with them. he has no respect for our president and our president doesn't like him at all. but i would get along with these people. every country is ripping us off. now russia is ripping us off. in the iran deal, russia is a big beneficiary because they are going to sell iran mitchell's -- missiles with the money we give to iran, so one of the biggest beneficiaries as russia. think of it. let's take a few of these things and then i'm getting the hell out of here and going back to new york. maybe i will go to the grand ole opry tonight. can i do that? this is not a politician speaking. i love country music.
11:49 am
i love it. trace adkins, right? who else one on the apprentice? john rich. my kids love those two guys. and who else did really well? clint black. he did great. trace, how good is trace? he came on and i said who the hell is he? i did not know who he was and is he was not a big name. just to show you how important that show is his record or album , or whatever you call it now days. whatever it was, it went to number one. he came to me the next year and he came in second and then he came in first. he's a fantastic guide. these are great people. these are great people. he came to me and he said last year i couldn't get into the
11:50 am
show and this year i'm posting -- hosting it all because of you. nice right? , those three guys are great. we've got to make our country so strong. we have to make our country rich again. a person came up to me and said that's not nice. what's not nice. they say we're going to make our country rich. we are a debtor nation. $19 trillion. 1.4 trillion dollars. japan sells as cars by the million and make a fortune. they come in and they sell us cars by the millions and we oh
11:51 am
them the exact same amount. we owe them $1.4 trillion. how come if they are selling us them money? if we buy all these cars, i'd we -- why do we oh them money? because they take all of that money that we make and by our bonds. they take the interest and we oh them money. it's not even going to be hard. people don't realize, see, obama never read "the art of the deal." somebody said, it was sharon, stand up. she gave me such a hard time. where the hell is she? you can have both of them stand up actually. where are they? sharon is great. did they go after her. where is my other sharon. get the hell off stage.
11:52 am
come on. [laughter] she took a lot of incoming. get off stage. thank you, darling. we are going to do something that, if i get elected, and again, they said he would never run, now, actually it is the greatest thing. these guys that didn't even give me a break, said it's not going to happen. mclachlan.d, john i like him. one of the people said donald trump is a great businessman, but he will never make it as president. never get elected. and john mclachlan, he's a guy who i like. i never met him but he's sitting there and he got angry. he says why wouldn't he make it ?
11:53 am
he's been a tremendous success at everything he's done. i go all over the world and see his name. he has had great access. that's success. he said he is a man of great achievement. why wouldn't he make it? i thought it was so nice and the other guy just sort of shut up. you need somebody of great achievement. i've produced tens of thousands of jobs. i don't have to worry about obama care. i take such good care of my employees. we have great plans. my employees are lucky. they hit the lotto. i take great care. education, health care, my people are very happy, but i've done this for a long time and i've seen up and downs. i've seen market crashes and friends of mine go bankrupt. i've never gone bankrupt. by the way's, i use the laws to my advantage. i negotiate with banks.
11:54 am
they say trump goes bankrupt. that, theypeople do do it all the time, it's called using your head. it's called using the laws. i did a good job in the debate when chris matthews so angrily said. i do it every great businessman does. one company was sort of interesting. a friend of mine had it. a good guy and the banks just were killing him. thanks can be mean. -- banks can be mean. we have to teach them how to behave. this guy, he was just getting beaten. i did him a favor and called up the banks and said do this, do that, we won't do that, i said you are making a mistake. it was a little complicated and unknown. i bought it. immediately i said don't do this. i threw it into a chapter and
11:55 am
they come out with trump files bankruptcy. what i did to that bank. they see me walking down the street and they go hey. i'm good at that stuff but you have to use the laws to your advantage. atlantic city, caesars went bankrupt. caesars filed for chapter 11. nobody cares. and you are right. everybody in atlantic city. i had the good sense seven years ago. the financial media gives me great credit because i have a vision for things. i said don't go into iraq even though i'm a very militaristic person. and they shouldn't have. i said you are going to destabilize the middle east. what do you get? $2 trillion, thousands of deaths , like 5000 wounded warriors who
11:56 am
are all over the place. they are taking over. iran is taking over iraq with the money we give them. the oil they don't get, isis is getting. what do we get? nothing. we got far less than nothing. i had vision in 2004. writers, this is before then, they said trump says don't do iraq. i'm much more militaristic than , even the brother bush and even but you have to know when to use it and when. with atlantic city, seven years ago, i got out. i should get credit for vision. normally i would not say this, but i need your frickin' votes. do you understand? i have great credit and i got out. most places when i grabbed, but i made a lot of money in atlantic city and had a great time.
11:57 am
i gave a great answer and think i solved it. we are going to do things that are going to make you so proud if i win. we are going to have victories again. we are going to win. last night, in front of the audience, i've never said this before, last night in front of the audience, i said we are going to have so many victories . i said we're going to win on trade and militarily, just having great strength that nobody is going to mess with us. nobody. so many victories, in fact, you may get tired of victories. everyone stood up and said no, no, we want to keep winning. if i win, we will have victories. we will win on trade. we will win on health care. we will win on everything.
11:58 am
i will protect your social security without cuts. i will protect her medicare and medicaid. we are going to have something that is so special and i told once, we willit make america truly great once again and thank you very much. thank you, everybody. thank you, all day long, he has been holding. thank you very much. thank you everybody, appreciate it. give me that. ♪ corp. 2015] [captioning performed by the
11:59 am
>> coming up today on c-span, a focus on campus sexual assaults. an important issue across the country this year and the senate education committee has looked into it. we will show you a hearing at 1:20 eastern and open our phone lines afterward to get your take . that will happen at 3:30 on c-span. the congressional summer respect -- recessed drawing to a close. our city store is on c-span at 6:00 p.m. eastern. we traveled to toby got, kansas
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to hear about the violent confrontations of the 1850's over whether kansas would be a free or slave state. we will take a tour of the state capital and have a conversation with governor sam brownback. >> this is a preview. >> this is what is a fascinating. when the investors started putting in billions of dollars, the people who have changed the game are the people in silicon valley who have coded the information. that will unlock more natural gas in the future. here's what's going to happen, there are going to be three supplement three


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