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tv   Civil War Battle Flags  CSPAN  September 2, 2015 6:21pm-6:28pm EDT

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numbers killed. killedtingly, the number by disease always higher than those killed in action. the flags with the swallowtail design used by true groups in particular, the artillery and calvary and of course back in big gun. flags carried by of pollard bear. chosen as anl was honor. he would stand in front of the regimen so everyone equally to the left and right could carry them and would carry them into the battle straight as the enemy. a surprise for the troops but communicated on the battlefield. among the smoke and confusion of the civil war battlefield, if you get lost or confused, you look to the flag. so i think it is important to
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point out that they had a high rate.ity -- mortality many of them were killed or injured during the civil or. i have no doubt some of our flags were carried by some of the men who lost their life while killing them. this was the flag of the infantry known as the bloody seven. they lost more troops than any other regimen from west virginia during the civil war. you can see why those numbers were so high. the flags will tell you what battle they were in. they were at bloody lane at antietam. at gettysburg, chancellorsville, freddy's -- fredericksburg. also that of the first calgary, both of them have been to be at the dayox courthouse
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robert e. lee would surrender and with becoming to an end. we know 40000 and in the conflict. recent scholarship is updated those numbers, particularly those that fought for the confederacy. we now know 20,000 troops fought for the union. approximately 20,000 scots for -- confederacy, approximately 20,000 fought for the confederacy. this is one of those commemorative flags made shortly after the war concluded. it is in pristine condition. also, you can read the state motto. free.ineers are always we do have one captured confederate flag from the battle of lynchburg.
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this is the confederate national flag. a lot of folks will come here expecting to see the confederate battle flag. this is a national flag of the confederacy. all of these are in climate controlled cases where they can live perfectly fine for many years to come. beginning in the 1890's there was a concerted effort to find and collect the remaining western civil war battle flags. during that decade they collected most of these flags. at the time, they did not know how to preserve them. in some instances they use chemicals that were detrimental to the flags. set inr six decades they dark storage. until we can figure out how to conserve them, how to prepare it
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them and put them in climate controlled cases. they have been preserved and restored as much as possible. we have saved what is left, and what will be left will be there for many generations to come. to be in the presence of the object is to be in the presence of the path. this is the tangible, real connection people can have to the past. >> our visit to wheeling continues with a tour of the museum, former home of westford and industrialists. we will learn about his lasting impact on wheeling.
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>> clear at the ogilvie institute and mansion museum in wheeling, west virginia. this is actually one of the largest city parks in the united states. people are surprised, they think it may be a state park. this museum was the former .ummer estate of earl w ogilvie when you think of great american industrialist, you may not have heard of mr. ogilvie. he knew those people, work directly with john d rockefeller. he was a native of this area. he was born across the river in bridgeport, ohio. when he was five years old his dad moved to wheeling.
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he was in the host cell measure industry and involved in a stockholder, iron industry and in nails, which was a big thing. wheeling made and produced a lot of cut nails, which was very important, because being located on the national road and river that was the national highway and railroads, cut nails were used to make all of the things out west. this was an important part of the industry. at that point it meant you were an entrepreneur. you saw the opportunity to make knew the connections and the people to work with at that time. he had all of those advantages. when he was a young man, he succeeded his father as the bank president called the northwestern bank of virginia.


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