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tv   Key Capitol Hill Hearings  CSPAN  September 7, 2015 8:00pm-8:31pm EDT

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filibuster. the rest that are undecided, because it is such an intense debate, they may not end up getting the vote. >> read more at thanks for the update. >> coming up on c-span, two conversations from the presidential leadership scholarship program. first we hear from dallas mavericks president mark cuban and then from bill clinton and george w. bush. university,hofstra a look at news media coverage of george w. bush's presidency. over the summer, president bill clinton and george w. bush kicked off the presidential leadership scholars program.
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it is a leadership development seminar for military, business, leader. first, dallas mavericks owner mark cuban. >> think you very much. we are in dallas, so we thought it was only appropriate to start the program with two mavericks. one of them danced with the stars and one of them went to the big dance with president bush. kevin sullivan got his start in communications in the sports world with the dallas mavericks. the legacy ultimately landed him in the west wing where he served as president bush's
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communications director from 2006 2009. today, he draws on his experiences to advise leaders all across sectors. he released an e-book cled "breaking through." are other panelist has no ,roblem breaking through especially when it comes to making his voice heard to the referees at his courtside seats. mark cuban is one of america's most successful entrepreneurs. beginning at the age of 12, by selling garbage bags door-to-door, along the way, he learned a lot about the kind of perseverance it takes to survive the ups and downs that any leader must navigate. finally, i think this is an appropriate setting to share that in just two weeks, mark
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will be adding to his resume president of united states with his acting role in short nato -- 3."cting role in "sharknado pleaseneed some tips, welcome kevin sullivan and mark cuban. >> that was a great introduction. just to show you how far mark really has come, take a look at this photo from his early days in dallas. ort was that, about 1982 1983.
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getting involved with personal computers for the first time. you see the american dream taking hold. i have seen you quoted as saying is in the doing, not the dreaming. but what is the state of the american dream? mr. cuban: the american dream is alive and well. disaster watch "shark tank?" show acrossmber one all of television watched by families together. now i have eight, 10, 20-year-old telling me about their ideas and companies. i don't think there's any question with the type of people that we have here that the best is yet to come. i think that some of us get the sense that we are down.
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that is so far from the truth. i'm seeing more and more amazing businesses and ideas every single day and i couldn't be more excited about the american dream. >> you have to go to silicon valley or new york? mr. cuban: i'll tell you this. there is no media from silicon valley, i'm sure. they are looking over your shoulder for the next six star, big deal. you come to dallas, come to austin, and you get people to come to work. the university system here is .mazing we hire locally. it is justice -- it is less expensive but they are just as smart and driven. i am not here to say that it is the next silicon valley but that texas is the most amazing state
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when it comes to not just developing talent, but creating new companies. [applause] >> the sports fans about us know that you had kind of a tough night last night. without rehashing all the details of this deandre jordan commitment. from a leadership standpoint, when you have a setback, what do you say your people? >> you think for a second, what have i learned? and then you move forward. you have to look to see whether you have to reinvent your business every single day.
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all this great talent is out there trying to kick your but. if i am going just a ahead, i have to keep on moving forward. that is the way it is with the mavericks. we have been fortunate to this point in my 15 years there and i think we have great leadership and a great team and we will keep moving forward. >> presidents making a lot of tough decisions. our scholars have the privilege clinton library and studying the tough decisions that clinton made such as the landmark welfare reform legislation. president bush made a lot of tough decisions. often with other disregard for his personal popularity, based on principles that he brought
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from here in texas to d.c.. how you handle those really tough decisions, especially when getting conflicting kinds of advice? mr. cuban: i tried to be very self-aware and know what i'm good at and bad at. i try to have smart people around me all the time and i cross my fingers. decisionsjust some that you have to trust yourself. preparation is everything. people always say, you are such a risk taker. i never take risks. every business i've ever started , i have always felt like i have done my homework. this isn't a risk. fortunately, i have never been in the same circumstances as our two presidents, and i can't even imagine the stress. in my little world, i tried to be prepared, have great people around me, and be prepared to make the best decision i can. preparation to manage
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the risk, what kind of things do you do? mr. cuban: i read. i talked to as many smart people as i can. a lot of times we think we know .omething sometimes success can be her worst enemy. even though i feel confident about something, good about , i am like, am i sure >> in terms of your team of advisers -- i know you're not a big hierarchy guy. flat structure. mr. cuban: in today's day and age, there are so many communication mediums, so you have to figure out what your vision is as a leader, how you can take those people around you and put them in a position to succeed, and really understand how each of them needs to be communicated with.
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it is not all one-size-fits-all. we are used to seeing everybody with their head down in the phone. i can try -- i try to do everything the e-mail as much as i can. but when i get bad news, that is when i have to reach out and go .ace-to-face you always have to be in a position where it is not about you, but about putting people in a position to achieve your goals. if that point comes when you go your separate ways, that ends up being a contact for you to network with. >> here is a question from one of our scholars. she is all about empowering women. she has a great project to empower women with business skills. she asks for your device on
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better partnering with the private sector as someone in a nonprofit world. there is no business small or large that hasn't -- that doesn't have its own social conscience. you are not going to be in situations where you are the only person knocking on the door or picking up the phone and talking to them. you have to recognize that it truly is a numbers game in every no gets you closer to a yes. there will come a time when you think they are going to say no. that is when they say yes. .hether it is women's issues it is not supposed to be easy, it is supposed to be hard. you putting the energy to be prepared. i always have a test. do you dream about?
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is right for you. if you wake up and you are taking notes about your business because that is what you are thinking about, then it is right for you. if you have that much commitment and conviction, who now -- who cares if it is one more door you have to knock on. >> as an entrepreneur and investor, what are the biggest obstacles for starting or growing a business? mr. cuban: companies don't fail for lack of money 99% of the time. they fail the lack of brains and effort. the one thing in business you can control, and i say this to athletes as well. the one thing that you can control is your effort. that is the one thing no one can ever take away from you and that you can control. that is the key.
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if you are putting in the effort, you got a shot and you can be successful. >> you have another kind of famous mark cuban shark tank contestant who had a patent, he was basically just trying to license a patent. mr. cuban: there was a gentleman who came on the show who had an outdoor coat. he had a lot of pockets and in his pockets, he had patents, so that if you ran a wire up your sleeve and connected them to something to listen. how you patent that? when i was a kid growing up in pittsburgh, i would listen to the pittsburgh pirates and i would have a transistor radio that i would hide from my teacher. i would run one of those
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old-school headphone things that had a wire. i would run it up my shirt and kindliness way so the teacher wouldn't see me. i'm like, how do you patent that? i went off on it and he created this big uproar and led to me funding a chair at the electronic freedom foundation called the mark cuban chair. to think it'sng crazy and i said, that's exactly the point. to me, that is an inhibitor to progress. when you go back to the 80's and computers where there was ibm, if you did it in a clean room and independently created it, you could run with it and that led to the start of the internet and the computer book. for now, it is a race for the patent office.
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in 2006 -- i had a movie distribution company called magnolia and a theater company called landmark. we decided we needed to change things up so we wanted to put movies on tv, dvd, and online before they are in theaters. natural course of business. we got sued because somebody patented that after reading what i have done. they reference for i was doing and turned around and sued me for it. i think there is things that we need to do because it does inhibit progress. >> another scholar question. asks.y
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per project is teaching teenage girls in the gambia have a start photography businesses so they can earn money to stay in school. youasked on "shark tank", measure roi, but how do you measure the social good? mr. cuban: roh, return on your heart. what else is there. there is no i, it is about heart. .t is something special she madeked about how her product personal. and i think that is the roh, making it personal.
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another question from a scholar in the chartered school network. dallas-fort worth whose project is -- she asked, how do you find the time or just the mental space to think? you are a big idea guide, how do you think? mr. cuban: there is not a lot of mental space there so it rolls over very quickly? everything is a progression. i forget the exact steve jobs quote where everything is a remix. the more you learn, the more door open to learning, the more ideas you have. i will put it in a different way -- and i say this to dirk and other mavericks players. the most competitive sport there is is business. it is incredibly competitive because you are competing
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24/7/365/forever. i love the competition of it. i basketball game isn't so good but the business is a sport. it is nonstop. that is what gets me excited and keeps me going. that is why i love to continue to learn. >> i heard you say in a radio interview not too long ago that your biggest fear is that your kids would grow up to be jerks. there's you guys going to happen. what you mean by that time about how you manage. we drive our kids to school, we put our kids to bed.
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we have helped during the day, but at night we tried to be by ourselves as much as possible and we tried to make our kids appreciate. it is hard to explain, but i wanted to have a little bit of struggle but not too much. i wanted to learn, appreciate, not feel entitled. that is what we tried to do as best we can to always make them feel appreciated of everything around them. jake andou got to meet hopefully came across as somebody who is going to grow up to be that way. day?u read three hours a mr. cuban: you can ask tiff. >> you read on your tablet? mr. cuban: phone, tablet, newspapers. i could read them online but i and sorry for newspapers
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you just want something different. you don't want to always be staring at a screen. i don't get to read books as much as i would like to, so it is more content driven, online relative to all the different topics i'm interested in. this project is teaching critical life skills, and impressive -- impressive prospect. what should he be reading? mr. cuban: that is not a fair question. read what gets you excited. that are no business books it is all you need to know. there is no one class, one thing that you can do that is just a shortcut. experience is literally the best teacher. as you dip your toes, or as you
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move forward with your endeavors and challenges, you recognize the things that are going to be a little bit more difficult. when i run into those difficulty theors, that is when intensity goes up. what can i read? some people are more what can my mentor tell me? i need to be able to consume it and internalize it. i love to read biographies, people who have done things .efore like our presidents here i will still walk through bookstores and look for a magazine because if i find one idea or one thought, it is worth the five dollars or $10. you never know when that next idea -- that the lightbulb goes on. you have to keep that might
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open. >> one idea that you had the -- it isle of years is an app in your text disappears on a 24 second shot clock. i know lots of people who could benefit from disappearing social media content. talk about the way we live our life so publicly now. -- cuban: with social media will begin on social media, we think our friends, our family, but then it kind of has spread. it gets bigger and our networks expand. point where all of a sudden your social media network says more about you than you realize and it may say things about you that you don't realize. at youro back and look facebook friends of friends, in this day and age, people hold you accountable for that.
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called expirep that allows me to go back and delete all my tweets. people don't need to see what you wrote two years ago. there is just no point. when youyber dust, think about messaging this day and age, the minute you said a tech -- the minute you get sent on a text, e-mail, you don't own it anymore. if you are a visible person or someone with a lot of responsibility, there is a good chance that the person you're sending it to his keeping it. think about the consequences. they own it but you still have responsibility for it. it is scary. , many ofcourse of time us have thousands of tax that we have sent that might have seemed like the coolest, no problem at
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all. it is like the old seinfeld episode -- just old acquaintances. sony owns the show "shark tank." so while the sony hack was going negotiationsre my were done on cyber dust, not that this was going every other employee of sony was frantic and scared but we were safe. that is called cyber dust and it is in the app store and you want to reach me, my username is mcuban. always selling. >> we have a room full of media here. you like to conduct interviews when you can the e-mail.
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why is that? there is reporters and opinion. , i learned early on that what you say in an e-mail -- the full transcript may not be used and that is their job to try and create a story. having a full e-mail transcript has given me the chance to post on my blog the real story. now, i try to do more of this via cyber dust, so it is a digital version. historically, it was a live interview i would use e-mail to protect myself because you just don't know how media is going to take anything that you tell them. particularly in social endeavors, all it takes is one misstep or one misstatement of an interview and you are toast.
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if all you do is sit down and they have a table where -- this is where i thought -- this is what i thought you meant. as you have the ability to have all that context. >> what advice you have by our scholars? mr. cuban: be honest about your time. it sounds so good to be a mentor and have a mentor. i was never a big mentor person, i was more like, get my hands dirty. it is hard to mentor 20 people or 30 people. be honest. as a young person looking for a mentor, realize that they don't live their lives to mentor you. it is a resource that is very valuable and make sure that it is a resource.
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there is also friendships and relationships that go with it better amazing. >> secretary spellings and i attended an event at microsoft years ago. bill gates was asked about how we control to schedule and he said he has steve ballmer check it and cross check it. what advice do you have about the way you commit your time and build your schedule? mr. cuban: i have somebody who runs my life who does my schedule. but i don't commit so far in advance simply because i still think the best is yet to come. i am still excited about all of the opportunities that are in bringof me, so i want to -- i don't want to preclude myself from something.
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like i said, i am such a strong believer in the american dream, such a strong believer that today is the youngest you will ever be and you have to live like it. i'm a strong believer that the best is yet to come for me. if that is the case, i'm not going to lock anything in. >> we have 30 seconds. many in our scholars asked, what is the next big thing? thing is: the next big a big center for the mavs. i would say personalized medicine. our bodies basically our equations and esther peterson get faster and faster we begin to understand more -- and as computers get faster and faster, we begin to understand more about them. i son jake, who is five, maybe it will be what he has kids. but the concept of walking into
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a drugstore in buying over-the-counter medicine that has a warning that you might be hmuck thatlucky scm dies from this will seem barbaric. little bit of blood into a complete analysis in seconds. as we learn more and more about the wondrous body that we have and all the variables that are in it, we will be able to more certainly determine what it takes to cure. that is going to create a folder set of questions that are bigger than me. all these discussions we have about the cost of medicine, people try to pretend years out, they are wrong. there will be people like you that will invent even better ways. >> thank you again to the movie foundation and mark cuban -- the
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moody foundation and mark cuban. >> the senate returns from its summer recess tomorrow and begins debate on the iran nuclear agreement. haver, 38 senators announced they will vote in favor of the deal is supposed and 6 house their position. a resolutionasses beach on the deal, president obama says he will veto and there are not enough votes in the senate to override. you can see the debate live on c-span two. we expect the house of representatives to begin debating the iran nuclear agreement wednesday with a vote by the end of the week. follow house debate live here on c-span. signature feature of booked a our all-day coverage of book fairs and festivals across the country with top nonfiction


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