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tv   Key Capitol Hill Hearings  CSPAN  September 10, 2015 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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get a nuclear weapon? why are we suddenly told that yes, iran can get a nuclear of thewith the consent international community if they just wait it out for 10 or 15 years? 10 or 15 years? of ais that in the life nation? it is the blink of an eye. that is assuming they don't cheat. by the way, with all due respect, what is it exactly about the words " death to america that you do not understand?" president, you are a father. why have you just negotiated a themo security -- to give away the security of our children to the leading state-sponsored state of terrorism.
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what makes you believe, mr. president, that the iranians have any intention whatsoever of when theyeir word have more american blood on their hands than any other country on the face of the planet has already violated the tol by traveling to russia negotiate the sale of the s-300? he's not supposed to leave the country according to the plan of action for five years. president, why are the democrats trying to filibuster a vote? is it because you know that 2 out of every 3 americans are against this deal? are you afraid that those who vote for the deal will eventually have their signatures on an iranian nuclear bomb?
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concealyou trying to from the congressional oversight , the side deals signed between and the islamic republic of iran? it has been pointed out the legislation that you signed, the iranian nuclear review active 2015 specifically states that every side agreement related to the deal must be submitted to congress for review before the 60 day review period has -- begins. why, mr. president, did you undermine the beauty and the wisdom of the founders and framers of the constitution when they said that any treaty of the senate to approve it? negotiation that is
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more important than this deal which will have implications on the safety and security of our children and grandchildren for generations to come. this question -- secretary of state john kerry, they knew they would never get the vote. that's because the american people have more wisdom and the little finger of their pinky than you and your administration do in your entire collective body. as sir winston churchill once said," you have before you the choice of war or dishonor." and wee chosen dishonor will get war. thank you very much. havext, from florida, we
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congressman ted yoho. lovingo you freedom american men and women. got ess you for being here. you are the ones who will make a difference. i sat here three years with a speaker. i was working as a veterinarian on the southbound end of a horse or cap. we are sitting here looking at the bastion of liberty and freedom around the world. it is in jeopardy with this iran deal. i'm supposed to talk about why i don't like it. it's a bad deal. is not much more to say about this. haves been negotiated, we read it, we have not gotten the full language. if we were to vote on this too passive, we would have to see what's in it. we will not do that ever again in congress. you will not stand for this.
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i am sorry, mr. president, we do have a constitutional republic. i know you have a pen and a phone but they are not a substitute for the other two branches of government. representatives of the people. you are we the people. we stand in the house of the people and we say this is a bad deal. in fact john kerry and president obama said no deal is better deal. bad this is a bad deal and me to walk away and come back to the negotiating table from a position of power not a position of weakness and when iran denounces terrorism and releases our 4 american hostages and when iran stops burning our american flag, then we can negotiate. god bless you, don't give up the fight, call every representative that is voting for this, every senator voting and tell them this will be their last boat.
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-- their last vote. >> next from arizona, we have congressman matt salmon. this theesident calls iran nuclear deal. what is a deal? a deal is something between two parties are more where everybody gets something. iran got the elevator and we got the shaft. it's a bad deal and everybody knows it. the dirty little secret in washington is that nothing good is ever going to happen until the senate gets rid of this cloture vote. how many are familiar with that? nothing gets passed the senate without 60 votes. that is the modern day filibuster rule. that's what they used so we could not defund planned parenthood in the senate. that's what they used so that we could not refund obamacare.
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that's what they used so we could not defund the president has unconstitutional amnesty back in november. that's what they were used to make sure that whatever we do in the ross, whether it's can vote or a disapproval of the president's deal, never gets to the floor of the senate. i: mitch mcconnell now. nuclear to squash the deal, let's give them the nuclear option. let's get rid of the modern day filibuster in the senate so we can start getting the will of the people done. thank you. ado,thout further congressman tim whewell camp. just over 70 years ago, the united states test of the first atomic bomb. ever since then, we have taken great pains, spent on told soames and exhausted enormous political leverage to restrict the plural proration -- the
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plural for asian. this treaty officially sanctions the spread of weapons thanks to president obama and john kerry and if you're not loud enough, thanks to a republican congress. the nuclear pariah, iran, could be on its way to becoming a nuclear power. let's think about this. i think -- i represent a congressional district in kansas the geographical center of the united states and in my district is fort riley, the big red one. as you stand here today, exercising our right to assemble and speak out and redress her grievances, the men and women of fort riley are fighting islamic terrorists. that's right. fight against radical islamic terrorists who intend to create a radical islamic state, a radical islamic nation, and
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ultimately they want an islamic world that will be totally enslaved to the radicals. if that sounds a lot like iran, it should. iran is the number one state sponsor of terrorism. this treaty -- this is a treaty -- this would provide $150 billion to spread their terrorism around the world including to our land, including israel and it must be stopped. there is no doubt -- listen to what they say. words have meaning. words have meaning. they mean what they say. they intend to destroy israel and the intent to destroy us, they intend to enslave the whole world of bacon just have a nuclear weapon. fear they will cost the lives of untold numbers of american soldiers and further enslave millions more under
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their to spot a cruel. this is no deal. it is a gift to a rant. -- to iran. it is a gift to radical islam print is a gift to all those who chant " death to america." one of my favorite guests on my guest, and next speaker, he is the chairman of the american conservative union, matt schlap. >> thank god for clouds. it feels better. as you can see, don't let anybody tell you that this treaty is a blank check. it is a check made out to the ayatollah and iran for $150 billion. let's remember this. you should walk that down to the white house. they need to remember this is
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what it's all about. america has been unique from its founding. governor andle you len power to those who you elect to govern you. no one is above the law. our rights derive from the lord who created us not senators, not congressman, not nine justices in black robes. our law is enshrined in our founding document. it's the constitution. what does the constitution guide us today on this treaty? article two, section two, clause two, have thesidential power by in with the advice and consent of the senate to make can curb.provided 2/3 concur. " is not being treated as a
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treaty. president obama and hillary clinton know it would go down in flames. i hear music. you saw the check. do everything you can to fight this deal. thank you for all your great work today. >> thank you. we have congressman brian b abbin. >> great to see everybody here. i'm a dentist from the 36 district of texas and i know how to get to the root of it problem because i'm a dentist. we want to do some root canal and some extractions appear. up here. the president has decided to align our country with a terrorist regime that sponsor terrorism around the world and routinely chance death to america has already killed thousands of american soldiers and has pledged to destroy israel.
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you know this deal is flawed, don't you? amen. and trusting iran to inspect its own nuclear sites is madness. 24 days iran eight notice, not 24 hours, before any inspection can happen. it removes sanctions and hands over $150 billion in frozen from the state department which is classified iran as a terrorist state and a sponsor of terrorism, the largest in the world. now we have a chance to stop it, folks. the president has failed to provide congress with all of the details surrounding this agreement as required by law. folks, this cannot be ignored. what is there to hide? we deserve a full accounting including any and all secrets ideals. now is the time to stand up and fight.
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congressional leaders must reject any effort that legitimizes and approves this terrible and foolish deal with iran. thank you and god bless you. i appreciate you being here and god bless america. next from florida, we have congressman rhonda santos . >> thank you for coming out here. s and i am ron desanti sick of this administration treating the ayatollah can i rent than a trace the prime minister of israel. everyone has made great points about the billions of dollars iran gets in this deal come about them having a path to a bomb. one reason i oppose this is i served in iraq in 2007. [applause]
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a sunni dominated area. a lot of these intelligence reports state the number one source of death for service members was not from al qaeda in iraq and not from sunni insurgents, it was from iranian backed groups killing our soldiers from improvised bombs. this deal not only gives no billions allows them a path to the bomb, it actually lifts sanctions off the people who perpetrated those attacks. that is a gratuitous insult to the lives and memories of the people i served with and have sacrificed on our behalf. we will do everything we can to defeat the deal because iran is an enemy and they cannot be trusted with nukes and don't need $150 billion but we were not rub salt in the wounds of the families who lost loved ones at the hands of these people.
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god bless you and thank you. >> thank you very much. next from tennessee we have congressman marsha blackburn. >> hi there, thank you so much for being out here today. everythingppreciate you are doing to take time off and work to come to d.c. stand with conservative members the iranuse who oppose nuclear deal. thank you for being here and doing that. we think it is so significant that the people who know iran the best are their neighbors in the middle east. they oppose this deal. we think that this administration should be listening to them. we also think the american people deserve the truth, the
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whole truth, and nothing but the truth when it comes to the iran nuclear deal. we want to know every side deal and secret deal that has been negotiated in this. the reason we want to know this is because the security and sovereignty of our nation, the of our children and grandchildren depends on knowing really what this administration is giving to iran. earned the right to be trusted? no, not at all. should we be listening to their neighbors in the middle east? yes, we should. they are telling us this will lead to a nuclear arms race in the middle east. thank you for being here. thank you for standing against the deal and thank you for standing for freedom.
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hang with us. we are trying to stop the deal. thank you so much. next we have president of act, brigitte 9 >> thank you patriots for coming to d.c. and standing with us to stop this iran deal. fathers worked tirelessly and set the foundation for the great nation we have today. they gave us our constitution, the declaration of independence, and our bill of rights. many of them died broke the process in many of our ancestors died on the battlefield as they fought to preserve that which these visionary men created. as a result of their wisdom, bravery and leadership, america became the greatest country on earth. later on, brave americans and thennazism
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communism and now is our time to stand up and stop the fascist regime of iran. today in the spirit of our founding fathers, we are summoned to hold our elected officials'feet to the fire and vote for what is right for america and what is safe for american what is best for america. we believe it is a primary responsibility of the u.s. government to protect america from those who wish to do her harm. we say to any elected official who is ready to risk the lives of americans for generations to come -- by voting for this deal, we will remember your treasonous acts on election day. office vote you out of as easy as we put you in. blumenthal, why didn't, and all the others that
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made this terrible deal possible. we will not forget on election day. america and the world are at the crossroads. america meets brave leaders will follow in the footsteps of our founding fathers and great generals like george washington and general pattern. president obama, they are rolling in their graves and shame that america's represented by you, a weak link him coward, and an incompetent. bravea is the home of the not the spineless career politicians who lost their moral competence and backbone. they scream death to america in iran. this deal should be undone. every single one of us here today is committed to seeing this through until victory. thank you for being here. go to act for and join us. next is my senator from
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georgia, senator david perdue. >> thank you. thank you so much for being out here and god bless you guys. it feels like we're in georgia today. i am so proud of what the tea party patriots are doing and i am proud that they can claim their roots right in my home state of georgia. thank you for being here. deal is the worst negotiated deal in american foreign policy history. in 1994, president bill clinton told us that if we sign a similar deal with a country of north korea that we guarantee we would never have a nuclear weapon on the peninsula. how did that work out for us? yet today, we have a similar deal that allows them not only a pathway but almost a guarantee to a nuclear weapon. there are three things that any country needs for a nuclear weapon -- they have to have nuclear materials and we are
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allowing these people to enrich. there was no need to do that for it we had them at the table with sanctions. they also have to have a nuclear device. that is a warhead. they don't have that today but in the 11th hour, our negotiators gave iran the right to the armsss community which means in five years, they can buy that device. in eight years, they have to have a delivery system. they have a missile today that can get to eastern europe and yes, her friends in israel. they get access to ballistic missile technology that allows them to put that nuclear material in that nuclear device on top of a missile that can reach right here in washington, d.c. that's what we have agreed to. we cannot allow iran to ever become a nuclear weapon state. not now, not in 10 years, not ever. said freedom is never more than one generation away from extinction.
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we don't pass it down the bloodstream. it has to be thought for and protected so they can do the same thing or one day, in our sunset years, our children and children's children will be listening to us tell them what it was once like in america when men and women were free. not at my watch. not in your watch. we will stop this deal now and we have to keep working hard. thank you and god bless you for what you are doing, thank you. next please welcome sonny johnson with breitbart news. the first time we were here, we were fighting against a government takeover of health care. how are your premiums these days? did you get to keep your doctor? we second time we were here
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said we need to audit the irs. with herer retired retirement in tact. not even a smidgen of evidence of corruption. talk them not here to obama administration because i am guessing he does not care what we think. he is not listening to us. i figure we need to talk straight to iran. our president does not think we are in a religious war. he does not think this is a religious fight. he may not even believe in the god of israel. but we know iran believes in the god of israel. that's why they hate them so much. they know it is a miracle wasnst amerco that israel defeated and scattered to the wind and is now reconstituted herself on her land promised by her god. that's what makes you mad.
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you know iran the promise of abraham. you know the strength given to moses. is leading you on a path of weaponization that will not prosper. trust us-nothing he touches prospers. in 2008 when he controlled it and lost it in 2010. ask the senate when he controlled it in 2012 and lost it in 2014. ask the democrats who are supporting this bill now in 2016 when they saw the obama voters coming for them. arere at a point where we tired of telling this administration to hear us. this is us and in 2016, we will have a president that says when i draw a redline and cross it i will deal with you. we are going to have a president
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in office that knows to defend and protect america and then says god bless america and keep your protection over israel, amen. >> thank you. next we have ryan morrow, the national security analyst with clarion project. thank you, everyone. i am from the clarion project. the supporters of this deal claim that the only alternative to their proposal is war. we have been it worsens 1979. where have you been? our soldiers deserve better than this deal. iran is sponsoring those who are trying to kill them. they are sponsoring the taliban in afghanistan. the set of giving $150 billion to the terror sponsoring regime at tehran, let's make the family
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of everyone who lost a soldier in afghanistan a millionaire. they would never have to worry about paying bills ever again. was eight new seeking, terror sponsoring mullet in tehran, i would be cheering at this deal. we are following their strategy. we are like the rats headed into a mouse trap. luckily, we can punish iran ourselves. every governor has the power to divest from iran. we call on every governor of every state to divest from iran now. if the federal government wants to take us on, bring it on. we will win. finally, we want to send a message to the iranian regime. america is more than just this administration. us and iranians like those that you in prison will be victorious. you will lose and we will not
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pass this on to the next generation. ronald reagan once said that freedom and democracy will leave marxism and leninism on the ad heap of history and he was right. the iranian regime and their revolution will also be left on the ash heap of history. thank you. next, congressman from charlotte, north carolina, richard hudson. >> hello, i am from north carolina. i work for you. i am here today to thank you for being here. shame on our leaders for this country who don't see this iran deal for what it is. it's an absolute disaster for this country and for this world. , not since 2000 years before the birth of christ when the king of troy accepted the
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gift of a wooden horse and brought it into the city has a leader made more tragic a mistake on behalf of their people on this iran deal. my mother would tell me stories and in school you would do drills at school in case of a nuclear attack. it seems funny that you would get under your desk. i don't know how that would protect you but we had drills in school. my mother would tell me that she lived in the constant fear of a nuclear attack by the soviet union. my generation does not understand that. we don't live in that fear. i have a son who will be born three weeks. thank you. because of this deal, if we allow this deal to pass, my son will live a life in fear of a nuclear death. it's a travesty and we have to
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do everything we can to stop us in the most important thing we can do is pray for the second most important thing we can do is show up and have our voices heard and that's what you are doing so today, thank you and god bless you. >> next we have another congressman from pennsylvania. congressman mike kelly. >> thank you for being here. president obama has sold us down the river. befriday, we will commemorating the loss of innocent americans that attacked us in our time. we cannot stand to see this happening anymore. as we watch, death to the great
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satan, we need to ehco what we said, and that is never forget. never forget! never forget! my friends, this is only over when we say it is over. this is not an option. we cannot walk aaway. do not pray for what obama is doing. our that we can never turn backs on the 1.4 million americans that have died to give us this privilege. never, never, never forget. never forget. ♪ >> great job.
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thank you so much. theave the president of hispanic christian leadership council. ♪ >> as we have heard, this is a critical time for the nation of israel. ofare seeing a rise anti-christian sentiment right here in america. veryiran deal is a very, bad deal. on behalf of millions of latinos, we're saying no to this .ranian deal here toe minister came declare to a joint session of congress about this deal, not
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just to warn israel. becauseto warn america it is rising right here in this nation. it is time for us to reverse every curse in america. the word of god says he who blesses israel shall be blessed. america is opening the door for judgment. we are standing here. we are four days away from russirosh hashonah. the shofar was sounded to sound comearm, for walls to down. thousands have's and here to raise it a voice like the
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decree to reverse every against israel and america. nation ofess the america. god bless you. >> thank you so much. two gentlemen i have been able to get to know. they are true patriots. there with the family research council. please welcome them. ♪ >> thank you all. you will never see a soldier -- thanks to every one of the veterans who have tried to me america better. you are living with a false narrative.
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the alternative is not war. if there must be war, let it be in my time so my children do not have to go to war. watch so that my my grandchildren will not happen to go to war. would you rather go to war against iran? i do not get scared easily. a guy asked me this weekend, the most frightening thing you have experienced. a double malfunction in a freefall jump. i am that scared today. the future for my grandchildren. it is a simple story. you better stand with israel.
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i am going to work him like a pu ppet master. >> my message is simple. no retreat. no retreat. no retreat. no retreat. go blessd you all. >> god bless you. ♪ >> we are joined by sergeant robert with veterans against the deal. ♪ >> hello. what a strong crowd we have fear in this heat. you stand with me and still believe in america. [cheers] so do i. i am still here.
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me, and by theed life of god i came back to three times. it took a guy who didn't have a lip or jaw and making a speaker to bring him through. him speaking to your hearts today? i am not a polished speaker. that if there you is breath in my lungs, i will continue to fight for you. i will stand here and never let those congressmen and senators who voted for this deal ever forget if they turn their back on staff sergeant brooke, who gave his life to these girls
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could life in peace and have them kind of future. we must remember those who have fallen before us and take them with us wherever we go. prayersrget them, their in heaven will forget us. if we stand for the lie, it will lead to our destruction. he gave me the chance to defend my country. sincene in my family valley forge, we have been here fighting for you. calld you to stand up and your family members and friends and say we will not stop, we will not give up, we will continue to fight.
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flag, america, under one so we can survive together and lead by example. i love you. god bless you. ♪ >> have a senior fellow from the heritage foundation. >> greetings. patriots. you never see this many patriots in washington. colleagues at the heritage foundation. liberty and freedom require eternal vigilance. you are proving you know what that looks like.
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despite what you hear in the mainstream media and from the white house, there is not a done deal. the heritage foundation and you are still in this battle. you have seen the polls. the longer this did they ranges, the more americans say, we do not want this deal. caneritage, here's where we work together. we produce a lot of intellectual ammunition. we need you to take it. we need more americans to know what is wrong with this. go to,, pull down talking points.
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make sure your wrens and neighbors know what is going on. that is the way we are going to win this thing. they do not want anybody to know it. they do not want to cast their ballot and go on record. that is unacceptable. every elected official should have to go on record. it is unacceptable otherwise. here is the deal. in washington there are no permanent victories or defeats. they are only permanent battles. the heritage foundation is in it. thank you very much for all you do for this country. thank you. ♪ >> thank you.
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next is niger inness. great be with so many american patriots here today. it is an honor to be on the right side of history. history will record those who stood by the american people and our most critical ally in the middle east, israel, and who stood by the people of iran. persian people are educated and civil and born from a great civilization. kerryis obama, clinton, deal is responding to the will
6:43 am
not of the people but of the mullahs that oppress their own people. they all cried for freedom in the streets. obama, what psyd you stand on? promotel does little to cuba.ty in iran or will end our embargo against iran that brought them to the table. to exist for israel will continue to be denied and this regime will receive an
6:44 am
economic stimulus package. tandpposing this deal, i s with you. but i stand on the right side of history. god bless you and the greatest country the world has ever known, the united states. partyinstructor for tea express. >> thank you for reaching out to us. we must unite if we are going to win. as i listen, i will admit i am not the sharpest knife in the draw. butter knife knows that this deal does not cut it.
6:45 am
i have been talking to the grass roots. it has always been a champion of the constitution. and we want our in d.c. to adhere to the constitution. this should have in a treaty and not a deal. end-run bys another congress by an out of touch executive needs to have his pen taken away. besides the constitutional aspects, i stand here a child of god. i stand as an ally to his chosen people. i stand with israel! [cheers]
6:46 am
hassupreme leader of israel a bucket list to obliterate isra el. they are not going to build hospitals with that $150 million assets. they are going to expand their interest our american s. ronald reagan said we should trust and verify. we know we cannot trust or verify see that a comply. that should be enough the representatives to vote no on this deal. we do not offer happy opportunity to stand up against real evil in our lives. theay that they will have
6:47 am
courage to stand up and say no to evil. kill the deal. god bless the united states of america. >> thank you so much. now we're joined by a retired , with vets against the deal. ♪ >> thank you for your service. thank myk you and parents. jennifer, thank you very much. thank you. i am grateful to be here today and for everyone here for
6:48 am
braving the heat. waitu think it is hot now, deal fallsteeis apart. come from a very navy family. navy.ars in the [applause] a seal since ibe was very young. tf you could look through tha tree and across the potomac and onto a little hill in arlington cemetery, you would see grave marker with one of my little brother's names on it. and for those old enough to
6:49 am
remember, he was a navy diver shot and killed and thrown from a plane of flight 847. my family has seen terrorism on a personal level and on a professional level, and not political and policy level. as i was waiting to speak, i thought the only tragedy about losing rob, reading another incident about an iranian-backed terrorist act, is a lack of a cohesive strategy and policy we have had against tehran and the fundamental islamic regime for the last 36 years. that is why we are here today. i would like to remember the
6:50 am
other victims that are buried alongside my brother, those that have served and the ones that are still serving. ronald reagan said we will always remember, we will always be prepared so we meet always be free. women tong the men and remember they, joint comprehensive plan of action might have an impressive title, with the terms are not so impressive. it is a dangerous agreement that wer. the balance of po once this thing is taken off,
6:51 am
there is no taking it back. it is going to be too late. menul suggest to the and women that there are three reasons to oppose this deal. americans look at washington, the, and they see partisanship is more important than principles. looking good is more important than being good. soundbites are more important than sound minds. it is time we change that. [cheers] our me and womenn
6:52 am
and women, the men network in the capital building, it is their job to protect the members. of this deal does not do it. been, and will always be a nation of great leaders. people, quote two einstein said the world is a dangerous place because of the good man that do nothing about the evil men. we are looking for a few good men and wome to do something about then evil. sailed back to france, he was asked, what did
6:53 am
you find in america? oneaptured his trip into statement. americans are good. when americans stop being good, america will stop being great. this agreement does not reflect our best.\ there is plenty -- we were told this is an agreement and not a treaty. we were told these terms, this deal, or war. there is no input. we were not told the truth. the asking the men and women, stand up and say, we did not treat this, you did. we are not going to perpetuate this.
6:54 am
not confusing terrorism with nuclear issue -- ♪ wait just a little bit? i am almost done, guys. thank you. we were told do not confuse the terrorism issue with the nuclear issue. we did not do that. they did. it is in the deal. so the money -- his name is on the d list. and that is wrong. he has killed thousands of americans. his that's friend was on the hijacking with my brother's plane. the last reason not to support
6:55 am
it is on policy. security strategies and policy should drive treaties. treaties should not drive policy. [cheers] ken: the washington monument was because theet foundation was not strong enough support the building, the monument. the foundation has to support. the policy has to support fee agreement. we have no policy. ladies and gentlemen, in closing, i want to share a qu ote with you from one of our founding fathers. smile ine man that can
6:56 am
danger. gather strength to the business of little minds to shrink. it wil pursue hisl principles unto death. it is time americans stand up and be good so we can be great. thank you very much. ♪ >> thank you. thank you for being here today. thank you to all of the tea party and those who made this possible. that me thanks the partners who stepped up to help make this possible.
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and brett bosell, citizens united. textu did not -- please 38470. text the phrase "end the iran deal." it has to be all one word. for more information, you can go we will update tomorrow afternoon. and congressmen sent they already delay the vote because of you being here. twos standing over here, congressmen sent it is up to you
6:58 am
as to what is going to happen. keep of the work. you are making a difference. we're standing up stop congress, to have congress stop the iran deal. sure you encourage the there are democrats put our nation and our nation's security first. thank them. the ones who are not, tell them they need to stop this deal. we do not want the sanctions lifted. we do not want to see a nuclear-armed iran. today andur senators to your congressmen. thank you so much for being here.
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>> three measures are expected floor a bill that prevents the president from lifting sanctions on iran. this is a change from earlier plans in the house to vote on the measure disapproving the iran deal. we will have the house live at 10:00 eastern. our coverage of the iran-nuclear deal continues with martha mcsally. congressman dave trott. later walter bumphus will talk
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about president obama's efforts to expand access to community colleges. [captions copyright national cable satellite corp. 2015] host: good morning and welcome to the journal on this thursday, september 10th. after pull a vote republicans once again to try to move orward on rejecting the agreement. democrats appear to stand united 41 votes to filibuster consideration of the disapproval resolution. meanwhile in the crisis in yesterday warning that 22 member nations must stand ready t


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