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tv   Governor Bobby Jindal R-LA Remarks at the National Press Club  CSPAN  September 12, 2015 9:00pm-10:01pm EDT

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individuals across america to 24/sevenr lives according to their religious beliefs. all they need is a couple of hours a week in church. they should live their life according to their religious beliefs. it has been a foundational right since our founding. the left is trying to take god out of the public square. that is not what the founding fathers intended. >> and next week's debate in california, you're asked about your policy on sanctuary cities. what about your approach? do knowledge research that immigrants commit crimes? i know congress was to deep on sanctuary cities. i think it's great. i think we should go further. i think they should be held
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responsible and accessories to the crimes committed by those. you have them intentionally breaking laws, they should be criminally liable. you wouldn't have sanctuary cities anymore. they think they don't need to read the constitution viewed the president thinks he could choose which laws to enforce. we need to go back where people understand that we are a nation of laws. we should follow the laws. we should make them terminal -- criminally liable. are they willing to go and talk to the victims that have been impacted ids crimes? -- impacted by these crimes. the folks shouldn't be here the
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first place. if you don't like the law, change the law. you can't just pick and choose which one to enforce. >> for the once want to be americans, how is american defined? who makes the definition? >> smart immigration policies to make our country stronger and not weaker. you want to be an american. when african or asian americans. we are all americans. americans, we shouldn't allow them to be here in the first place. why wouldn't we take those that want to be here? they cannot undermine freedoms for others. they should learn english and adopt our values. they should roll up their sleeves and get to work. there's nothing wrong with being
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-- my parents came here legally and to become americans. the rally is they come here because they wanted their children to be american. they didn't -- if they wanted that, they would have stayed home. if we let folks in that make our country stronger not weaker, we do that by saying come here legally and a dock our values. roll up your sleeves. get to work. >> about the term anchor babies, what do you think about that term? >> i think folks are too politically sensitive. hillary clinton was offended that the term anchor baby because she won't use the term baby to describe what is going on at planned parenthood clinics. it is important to secure the border. what about changing the policies
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of the law for those who are coming here legally? i have no problem with that. i have a problem with those were coming illegally. to remove theps incentive for people to come here illegally. let's start by securing the border. we don't need a 1000 page bill. you could get it done in six months if you are serious about it. you could stack it up at the border. >> a follow-up question on trump. what is the biggest policy desired agreement? >> he doesn't believe in anything. interview, he will change positions. donald trump is for donald trump.
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bobby jindal is for the united states. i'm for making americans great again. i'm for getting us off the path of -- donald trump is for donald trump. he is for making donald trump great. he has a great slogan. the difference between us is and about my conservative circles and fighting to save our country . donald trump is for donald trump. trump took the pledge. if he is a nominee, would you support him as a republican nominee? or consider endorsing a third-party candidate? >> i want to avoid the hypothetical.
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secondly, if he were to somehow miraculously win and somehow gets elected, we have no idea what he would do. we have no idea what he stands for. he has no ideology other than trump. he cannot be our next president. meessage -- somebody asked is this about the d.c. establishment? absolutely not. will we depend on our proven principles? a narcissistic ego mania and unstable unserious man. great entertainment value.
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what makes them dangerous is it could blow this opportunity that we have for the rest of our country. >> to comment on the iran nuclear deal, should funding be withheld to implement that if the results -- >> this is an awful deal. there is an act occurred for you . this bad deal. they cite is very bad bill. now it takes a two thirds vote. only one senator had the courage to stand up.
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good for him. not many stood up against this that built. president obama can't republicans. everyone else takes advantage of them. others walked all over them. an easy mark for iran and russia and putin. the only people he seems to outmaneuver our congressional republicans. you could others on the hill debating on whether they should -- there deciding whether they should get rid of a filibuster. a better time to using you put option than to prevent them from becoming a nuclear power. iran is a terrorist in becoming a nuclear power.
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that only does present obama negotiate with terrorists, he negotiates badly with the largest state sanctions sponsor of terrorism, iran. they need to stand up and do whatever it takes to kill this bad deal. it won't stop at iran, by the way. you'll see the sunni countries and saudis and we would be starting a new arms race thanks to this very bad policy. congress should do whatever it takes to stop iran from becoming a nuclear power. generals including -- support the deal. european allies are on board. does that acknowledged this deal really is a tough call? why are there so many prominently supporting it in they will be detrimental? agree with present
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obama for once to go back and remember what he said. he said this will involve iran giving up centrifuges and giving of enriched uranium and allowing inspections. we didn't get those things. totead they will get money support hamas and hezbollah. , this is a bad deal. folks can throw names all around. they understand how bad this deal is. let's judge this deal for ourselves. i think americans are smart enough to see through all the smoke and mirrors. they think we are weak and cannot negotiate a week deal so we have to take this because this is the best deal we can do.
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it is the best deal obama could have done. it is not the best deal america could have done. we have a lot of leverage. he could have done better with this deal. it is nonsense. i think they start off with that posture. no deal is better than a bad deal. it actually leads to a better deal. that issue is active on capitol hill right now. they're talking about defunding planned parenthood. should congress or speak -- proceed to a government shutdown to defund planned parenthood? sure taxpayermake dollars are not going to planned parenthood.
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there is barbaric video. we decided to show the videos over and over so they could see these images. you could see that barbaric language that is being used. they want to go after groups that made this video. in our time to watch the videos are go after planned parenthood. congress has the responsibility to fund government. they should defund planned parenthood. it republican party cannot , whatt an innocent life good is a republican? this is ridiculous. what is the point of having a majority of the house and the senate? they shouldn't shutdown the government to preserve funding for planned parenthood. . think that would be a mistake
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they need to fund other priorities. i don't think the president should choose to shut down the government over this issue. the better hope hillary clinton wins the next election. i will send the irs department to investigate them. we will send the department of justice and any other federal agents. what you are seeing in those videos is barbaric. even those that aren't pro-life, i hope they will be offended by what they see. i hope their consciences will be opened up by what they see on those videos. >> a portion of the planned parenthood funding, should that be allowed to go through? or should that be cut as well? they build for less than
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$300,000. healtht on reproductive and similar planning services for men and women. there are hundreds of other providers for men and women were patients can go in the state of louisiana. there are many across the country that are not using their resources or facilities for these barbaric acts. i think there's a smokescreen by the left. it is time to do for you. -- for planned parenthood -- it is time to defund planned parenthood. we can provide these services without funding and parenthood. there's no reason for them to get one more penny of our taxpayer dollars. another president didn't have time to watch these videos. he should make the time to watch these videos. he should make the time to investigate land parenthood. >> the world has been seeing the
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images of the refugee crisis in europe. it has been affecting so many people. ideas of what the u.s. taking in more refugees? if so, how many? what is the long-term solution? >> america's most compassionate country in the world. look at what we spend and what we do to care for those that need help. i'm proud that. we have got an established refugee program. we the reason why i say we shouldn't be taking more people in today is we shouldn't be short-circuiting the process to vet folks and making sure they're not coming in with dangers backgrounds. that is trying to put a band-aid on a serious problem. the reason we have this crisis today is you could draw a straight line back to this president failed policy.
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would when he said there be a redline line in syria? assad better not cross that line. he didn't follow it. many bad things happened. we saw sunni allies and turkey in others hesitate. their only now beginning to commit more resources. -- with a rush iran continue to prop up a side. today that effort intensified with more reported liveries of weapons. --sing the direct result deliveries of weapons. we are seeing the direct result of obama's leading from behind. is provocative to it is one reason isis has now grown and has gained so as territory in syria and iraq. you could draw a line back to
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our field policies. aside has to go. has to go. we need to destroy isis. we need to get the job done. the answer is simply not for america and our allies to continue to take more people. we need to solve the underlying problem. >> how many troops would you be willing to commit question my -- commit? be arming we need to and training the kurds directly today. i think we need to encourage our allies. i think that we need to go to the military commander to give it may or may not involve
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ground troops,. prepare for war is the best way. a stronger america detours are our enemies.ters they need to be able to establish the so-called -- --destroy their ability this president goes to the pentagon and since we will have to engage in a generational conflict to win over the hearts and minds. we won't win this conflict with guns. that is ludicrous. it and eisenhower had said that in world war ii, the french would be speaking german today. that is a ridiculous approach tiered these are evil barbarians. they are burning people live and raping. you cannot engage in and exchanging -- in a change of hearts and minds. we need a president with more on
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us to tell us about the enemy we faced. i know he doesn't like to use that term. he likes to apologize and criticize them. that is enemy we face. it sounds like -- >> is something you would be troops,to commit but we don't know how many. >> hunt them down before they attack us at home. the best answer is we will never take any option off the table. done moreresident has than any of the present i know is to tell the enemies but we won't do. i don't know why we would tell folks what we want to hear it what our military in a fair fight. i sent our military -- if i sent out our military -- he continues to send a few hundred more troops into the region. that is a mistake. tot is not what it takes
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wipe out isis. we need to defeat them once and for all. i think a lot of sunni countries that will help us in this fight against isis. many are hesitating. they worried that it will strengthen assad. has decreased the willingness of some of our allies to fully commit to this battle. much of yourpent time in iowa and new hampshire. what are your plans are strategies? your message and strategy be different in a more diverse state? we will be going back there next week. we will commit- it my message doesn't change. my message is the same for everyone i talk to.
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conservative principles are what i needed to get america back on track. i believe in limited government. shrink the economy. and the only candidate that has reduced government spending. a lot of people talk about it. and the only one that has reduced government spending. a bunch of senators who have never cut anything. they give great speeches and pat themselves on the back. that is not -- not enough to make them the next president of the united states. we need someone who will grow the american economy and get america back on the right path. >> what they you think of the black lives matter movement are smart as it made a positive or negative impact on discourse? >> i think it is amazing that an immigrant -- a candidate had to
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apologize. that things have happened. it is tragic and needs to be investigated. that is somebody's child. i don't care what color they are. it shouldn't be tolerated in our society. for every incident like that, we are to remember there are thousands of other incidents we don't see where our police or law enforcement are running towards danger to protect us. that doesn't get them the attention that they deserve. i have had enough of all of the division. we have been divided too much by .thnicity or race cards treating people by the cost -- treating people differently by the color of their skins is ridiculous. .e should do everything we can that is not to extend it for tolerated.
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we are all americans. we are all graded equaling god's eyes. equal in god's eyes. .> there was a congressman what is your take on the conservative frustrations with the gop capitol hill leaders? what is your message? i feel like i'm sentenced to three years. i agree with and understand their frustrations. the republicans get the house and the senate act. we had the house last year. what changed? we were told they would take on amnesty and get rid of obamacare. nothing happened. not giving up on the fight before even start on planned parenthood. at least they fight for what they believe in. they used every parliamentary trick in the book to ram lawmaker down our throats. i think they ignore the law.
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they fought like crazy for their believes, socialism. our fights -- our site fights -- i want us to see at least fight. the ruling class things they are better than us and don't have the followed same rules as us. i think the frustration is real. they're honest socialists and lying conservatives. they want to take more of your freedom and more of the economy. there is that they will do these things. i think they're very frustrated. they need to hear that message. a lot of these guys might be surprised if they are not careful. it is time to get some oaks that actually live under the same
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rules they want for the rest of us. we have got to shrink the economy and not slow the growth rate if we're going to grow the american economy. >> you mentioned obamacare. what do you think the realistic chances are that a gop president in congress really could repeal obama care? repulsivet something had to learn -- live with and adjust? >> we have to fight just as hard did.ey get -- the people i spoke with a frustrated. it makes no sense to increase taxes and decrease access when it comes to high deductible entire networks. their interfering between doctors and their patients. makes no sense to spend money we don't.
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maybe the most important defect is that it produces patience freedoms. we don't need the government to tell us what kind of insurance to buy. we don't need them to tell us how we should be getting our health care. -- it has got 16 specific components. he was against the mandate in the election. now there's a second candidate has offered a plan. i want to commend walker for offering up a plan. and does grieve the plan that i disagree with the plan into areas. we cannot afford entitlement program we have today. as a government subsidizing every american's health care from birth to death as a way to get to universal coverage. he doesn't tell us how we're going to pay for that. spends the d.c. way to
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money without telling us where you will find that money. yes, it prompted me to fight and repeal obama care -- republicans need to fight and reveal that repeal obamacare -- repeal obamacare. asthis questioner says governor you have had trouble striking the budget deal in louisiana and have had plenty of struggle with legislators in your own party. how does that bode for how he would work with congress if elected as president? what's the reality is we have balance our budget eight years in a row without raising taxes. we had cut the budget 28 -- 26%. is -- ithink anyone think that is a great example of
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what we need to do in d.c. have always passed our budget before the end of the session. we have never done -- unlike d.c., we don't kick the can down the road. we said we would budget anything that has tax increases. folks are looking for people who will fight for our conservative principles. state forop 10 private-sector job creation. it is -- they are earning a higher income than ever before. shows that you could grow the american economy. in d.c., some republicans are not willing to fight. they want to go along to get along.
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>> we passed the ten-year anniversary of katrina. what has not gone right in their coverage in new orleans? what has gone wrong? >> first, the people of louisiana are resilient people. they got knocked into their knees, but didn't stay there. they got back up. it was hard. i want to thank the people. we are incredibly generous country. people from 49 states came to help pick be sent resources to church groups and civic groups. they don't wait for permission. they just rushed to help. i want to thank you for that. in terms of what is going right, .ook at new orleans education is stronger than it was before the storm. cohort graduation rates went
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from half to now three quarters. orleans, you have seen the percentage of kids in failing schools at over 60%. now it is at less than 10%. there has been traumatic progress. folks don't have to go to emergency rooms for routine care. the city is rebuilding housing. the economy has there's still work to be done in terms -- in particular communities and neighborhoods. there's still work to be done and we shouldn't be satisfied until everybody that has left comes back. when you look at the greater new orleans area, it's about 90% of the population is back and it's lower in the city itself.
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there's more work to be done. a lot of work has been done and i will say again, most important thing i want to say out of all that is to thank the people of this great country. this is a very, very generous country. even before there was government permission people ran to help and present their resources, and they're still doing that. >> do you support offshore drilling and do you worry about the effect it could have on seafood off shore? >> i do support offshore drilling. it would actually allow states to participate in royalty sharing. i think that is a smart way to give states the incentives and resources and to be partners in the development of our domestic energy resources. it's been great for our economy. more domestically produced energy means lower rates for consumers and businesses.
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it also means we can attract manufacturing jobs back to america from overseas. many jobs are coming in large part because of affordable energy. in terms of our seafood industry, we love did outsides. in louisiana we call ourselves sports mens paradise. it's our logo, if you will. the industry and thriving -- a thriving see food industry can an do co-exist in many ways. some of the best fishing is around the deep water plat foms. many charter people will tell you they take their customers out there. i don't think it's either-or. i think it's only the left that thinks you have to choose. it's only this president that thinks you have to choose. you can do it all and we are doing that in louisiana. >> governor, you have a minute to catch your breath.
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you've been answering questions nonstop. >> i appreciate you jumping up and down. you're getting your exercise, thank you. >> the national press club is the world' leading organization for journalists. we fight for a free press worldwide. go to our website at and to donate to our journalism institute go to the website i'd also like to remind you upcoming programs. that program will start at 9:00 a.m. and at lurching on monday, september 21, big 12 commissioner bob bulls by will discuss college athletics and jane chew chairman of the
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national enjoyment for the arts will discuss issues at a breakfast. i'd like to present to you. that's suitable for travel to, iowa, new hampshire. >> i'll use it well. good in inks taste ohio and new hampshire. if you did get elected, it is clear that you would not choose donnell trump as a running made. who would you choose? >> too often you hear folks say you got to look for balance or jol geography. nonsense. the most important is can this person do the job. on the first day, god forbid, if
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they're called in to do the job, are they up to the task? second, i'm look for somebody ho understands my conservative strengths. we need to grow the american economy, not the government economy. we need to secure the border. some of you understand we've got to repeal obamacare. we've got to make america great again. i'm borrowing the phrase. but we have to do that. for me, it's not about balance, not about electoral votes, geography or political considerations. it's is this person qualified and do they share my conservative beliefs. too often we win and then we don't govern the way we talk. this next president will be in the position to appoint supreme court justices, will be in a position to decide -- we see
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this opportunity to ress kai america, rescue the idea of america slipping away. my appeal to conservatives is let's rely on our tested conservative beliefs. let's not rely on a -- a narcissist who only believes in himself. this is a critical election, a critical moment for our country. let's not waste the opportunity the democrats have given us by betting on an entertaining narcissist. he's funny. we can watch him, we can laugh at him. but that's not the path to rescue our country. >> governor, thank you for being with us. >> i want to thank the national press club. it's great to be back here. thank you for hosting us and having us. >> i'd like to thank the journalism institute and broadcast center for organizing today's event. i want to remind you if you would like a copy of today's program or to learn more about the club, go to that website
9:37 pm thank you very much. we are adjourned. >> now, a discussion on the latest in the 2016 presidential campaign. from washington journal. his is about 45 minutes. >> josh kraushaar is politics editor of the national journal. he's joining us with respect to all things election. want to begin with rick perry and his announcement that he was ending his presidential campaign. one of the headlines on this
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"then there were 16." surprised? guest: not that surprised. hard money still matters in politics. he was not raisings any money over the last couple of months as his campaign started to sputter. even the super p.a.c. that had millions of dollars still in the bank was up and running and could have aired ads on his birmingham he didn't have any money to travel to iowa, new hampshire. when you run out of that hard money you need for a campaign parningse i can't survive no matter how much outside money from super pacton get. >> an exclamation on the timing, anything to read into that before this next debate? >> rick perry's expectations were about as disconnected from the reality of the campaign as possible. he started out as one of the candidates who could have bridged the divide between the establishment and the tea party.
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he was a four term governor of texas. he certainly had a pretty imposing resume to run on. this is an environment where people don't like politician. they don't like people who have been in office that amount of time. and the oops moment at the debate. he was never able to get past that. >> who's your prediction of who might be next to exit the race? >> george gill moore. maybe george pataki is a long shot. i think you have to look at rick santorum who's barely registering in the polls that have been conducted in the state recently. santorum is strug we will money he doesn't have much to spend. he doesn't have a super p.a.c. of great proportions. i think santorum is someone to watch. there are only going to be four people now at the early debate. >> you may get more air time.
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>> if nobody has a carly fiorina moment where they do so well, they get some momentum from it, i think we'll have to look at what the future of their campaign plan is. >> what does it say about the g.o.p. when a three and a half term governor with a successful record of creating jobs bouse out at a reality star leads in the polls? >> it says everything about the politics of 2016 in both parties. but in the republican party, the fact that you have donald trump, ben carson, you even have carly fiorina in the top five. people want outsiders. they don't want career politicians. they don't want people who spent time in politics. rick perry was the governor of one of the biggest states in the country. didn't work in 2012. he wasn't able to use that argument to his advantage
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around. >> and donald trump leading in the polls. you said rick perry is a terrific guy and i wish him well. i know he will have a great future! donald trump, one of his tweets that came out yesterday. if you want to join the conversation about election 2016 we're talking with josh kraushaar for about the next 40 minutes or so. 202-748-8,000. independents -- you were last on this program about three months ago, the day after hillary clinton makes her announcement .n roosevelt island how far away is hillary clinton today from that speech three onths ago?
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during her additional campaign announcement, she did not get a bump in the polls. what's been amazing, not only did they not go up when she first announced but they didn't go up when she had the glitzy announcement there on roosevelt i'll. now her -- make no mistake. democrats are in a near panic mode when they look at her numbers and how badly they've slipped. they're worried that if she doesn't turn things around in the next month or twrow. that's the window where joe den is look to get in, and bernie sanders continues to get momentum, she's a lot more vulnerable than anybody had any reason to expect a couple of months ago. >> what polls do you look at? there's so many polls that are saying different things on hillary clinton and bernie sanders. here's a quinn by a.c. poll that came out.
9:43 pm
30. rs 41 to clinton >> some are more reputable than others. in iowa, the des moines register poll which is the gold standard of iowa polling, they were the first poll really to show bernie sanders surging in iowa. he was still trailing hillary clinton in the pole. bernie sanders clearly has momentum. the controversy is that after controversy over the e-mail server not going away and causing great damage, democrats are large saying this is not an issue for a long time. they thought this was a media witchhunt against hillary clinton. we are starting to see in iowa and new hampshire slippage of
9:44 pm
her favorability among democrats. that is why he is making inroads here. host: we are taking all of your election 2016 questions. we will take a call from spring hill, florida, line for republicans. -- good morning. caller: good morning, sir. i want to repeat what i said to the individual who answered the phone. i started out in the political arena. i worked for a democratic senator right out of college after a couple of years and after the impeachment of mr. clinton, i kind of went over towards the conservative side. and worked there for about five years. by the end of it, i was so frustrated, so disgusted with the whole process that i ended up leaving the field. and to me, my vote is the fact that i don't vote anymore because i'm just so sick of the entire process.
9:45 pm
so it's one of -- trump, i would never ever thought he would be in the position he's in. that he would have such a high lead and jeb bush in the single digits now and hillary clinton going down. the american people are frustrated. coming from -- i hate to say this -- an insiders point of view, i think it's mind blowing that someone like dr. carson and donald trump are leading in the polls. i think it's reflective of what the united states and the american people are sick of. i think that says a lot. >> what would bring you back to the poll booth? would it be a specific candidate that appeals to you? would it be concern about another candidate that you're very worried about? corey: i never believed in term -- >> i never believed in term limits before but if they could push into term limits, that would impress me a lot.
9:46 pm
to see a candidate that's actually going to shake things up, move things and actually try to make a change and show the american people that change is possible. if we can get enough people to come out there, some way to stop the sense of apathy of the american voters, that's what would get me to come back. right now this is the first time i'm going to vote in a presidential election, because just for nothing eliminates, i would probably vote for donald trump. >> ok. that's sid, springhill, florida. >> can you pick up on his frustration? >> that's an essential point when it comes to donald trump and his staying power. a lot of people like the caller are -- it's more that they're against the washington establishment. the question is are these people going to caucus in iowa. are they going to -- the caller
9:47 pm
says he hasn't voted in quite some time. are donald trump supporters actually going to vote? when you look at some of the polls, they're less likely to be voters than some of the other. in november, when the campaigning begins in earnest, the donald trump -- is his support inflated from the polls because there's a lot of angry and upset voters and they're supporting trump, or does he have staying power? if he has 20 or 30% in november, you know he has the support. >> rush limbaugh's transcript from his show, the headline, my advice to trump: back to the issues. >> this is responding to trump attacking ben carson on his show. the first time rush limbaugh kind of criticized donald trump. he's been a neutral supporter.
9:48 pm
he's defended him passionately on his show. he threw a fastball to donald truffer. i think that's very important, a, because the talk radio element of the republican party is fueling a lot of trump's support. and b, donald trump can't be -- even as much staying power as he's had he can't afford to be fighting the five or six front republican party. that's not sustainable. i think this is the first time you'll see that trump's support might have peeked. >> among those who are starting to attack trump are louisiana governor presidential candidate, bobby jindal. thursday morning his statement at the press club. >> the idea of the donald trump
9:49 pm
act is great. the reality of don't trump is terrible. he's a carnival act. here's the truth. donald struffer shallow. he has no understanding of policy. he is full of bluster. he has no substance. he lacks the sbe electric chull curiosity. the only thing that donald trump believes in is himself. he tells us that his health care plan is going to be fabulous. the tax plan will be really, really terrific. he is shallow. he doesn't have any substance. he doesn't know what he's talking about. he makes it up on the fly. he doesn't believe in limited government. he's told us that. over and over from his belief in socialized medicine to his desire for tax increases, he's told us over and over he's got no problem with big top-down government. he has no problem with that, his only problem is he's not the one
9:50 pm
running it today. donald trump's not against big government. he's just against the folks that happen to be running it. donald trump is for donald trump. he believes in nothing other than himself. look, he's not a liberal. he's not a moderate, he's not a conservative. he's not a democrat, he's not a republican, he's not an independent. donald trump is for donald trump. he's not for anything, he's not against anything. issues don't mean anything to him. -points and ideas aren't important to him. he's for donald. he's a narcissist and an egomaniac. >> tough words from bobby jind a.m. >> it's sort of a no-lose situation for bobby jindal. i think it was a substantive critique, one that makes the case of donald trump is about nobody else but himself.
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so i mean, the question is, we've seen republican candidates do this before. rick perry had a unique critique of donald trump months ago and it didn't do him any good. i'm -- i think if anything, it ight raid bobby jindal's numbers in the polls. >> oh, wow, light weight governor bobby jindal who is registered at less than 1% just mocked my hair. >> you covered yourself. >> gsd. >> donald trump was never allowed to go into vegas and open a casino because of his ties to the mob and david k. johnton wrote an article recently, 21 questions the press should be asking donald trump. it talks about his ties to the mob, his use of illegal aliens
9:52 pm
that's -- ings and that's what i'd -- you can lead the article and it will self-describe. he's basically a lacky for the mob. >> josh kraushaar, have you read this? >> i have read the story. the fact that donald trump doesn't have any core potentials. that was what bobby jindal was getting at in his speech. this guy is just saying whatever is politically popular at the moment. he's flip flopped on almost every issue that democrats and republicans care about. the reason i'm skeptical is that people know about it. it's been out there. "meet the press" did a really good characterization of all the positions he's had over the years. but his numbers keep on rising.
9:53 pm
the most effective line of attack against trump is he's like a politician. when he's running the campaign and acts like a candidate, i think he'll look more political and i think that might be the avenue for republicans to get more transaction. >> go ahead. you're on the washington journal. >> hi. thanks for the show. -- my concern, i think, is about bernie sanders. i'm a sanders supporter. a lot of people in the media aed had discounted him from the t-go and it's amazing to see how much he's surged and how he's about the only candidate that comes out with the issues and really hammers on the issues that he talks about that are actually relevant to what's going on in america today, and none of the other candidates are
9:54 pm
really on the issues. so -- and i think -- what the media seems to discount is that there are people are really concerned about issues. that's why they back him. not because they're anti-hillary. i'm not really for hillary but it's only because she's hurt her stance on the issues. doesn't drive with me. >> bernie sanders is going to be the big phenomenon of the fall and does he have staying power. can he win the primaries in new hampshire and the caucus in iowa. hillary clinton has not had a good couple of months. the real question for bernie sanders is in a best case scenario, his staying power, can he win more diverse states. when you go to south carolina where african-americans make up a majority of the electorate,
9:55 pm
can he appeal to those voters, a more diverse set of voters. 'm swept -- i think if he wins in iowa and new hampshire, i think more likely the establishment support would move to joe biden. if joe biden jumps in the race sort of the back-up quarterback, if bernie sanders -- >> and the clinton campaign still dealing with front page story like this one. clinton takes a tortured path to i'm sorry. hill hiry rodham clinton didn't want to apologize. she relented. she says using a private e-mail had been a mistake adding i'm sorry about that. a few tweets as we're having this discussion. end pens writes, what turns
9:56 pm
people off is the american political machine. chris of alabama says donald trump is a reality tv star. people are misintercepting his entertainment value as electoral appeal. line for republicans, ron, you're on with josh kraushaar. >> oh, ok. thanks for taking my call. i have a few comments from. at one time i supported hillary. i sent money to her. and of course, she lost that run. and then the next time i ended up voting for obama, which was a very big mistake because he's been such a divider between different classes and people. but what i wanted to get was a comment that hillary clinton, she's always just barely ahead of bernie sanders when they take these polls but they throw in biden. biden's not running, and it just
9:57 pm
makes hillary look a little bit better than bernie sanders. but if they push biden out of there and took the survey, maybe hillary would be behind sanders and that makes her look better. that's really my -- >> are you actually a democrat or you pay a lot more attention to -- >> at one time i supported hillary. but no. i'm for trump. i've changed my party. i'm a republican. >> scott in saying, california, is next, calling for democrats. >> good morning. i'm glad josh is there. he's the perfect person to run this buy. i'm 61 years old, a life-long democrat, i'm disabled and social security is my sole income. as if we weren't having enough fun, the first thing the republican house did when they took power earlier this year was to set it up so that come around september or october of next
9:58 pm
year, people who are disabled will get in effect a 20% decrease in their monthly benefit. and the reason i bring this up. bernie sanders, i've been in favor of everybody since he announced. i'm doing what i can to support him. i think he's going to surprise a lot of people and the thing that astounds me is the democratic party are talking now about a plan b, since secretary clinton is foundering, and they talk about biden. they talk about gore. they're even talking about john kerry, all of them fine folks, but the guy who's beating hillary, i believe, in new hampshire and iowa is senator sanders. he's resonating with people and you know, he's issue oriented and he doesn't engage in nonsense or dirty campaigning, so -- >> go ahead. so what's your question?
9:59 pm
>> have blinders on about mr. sanders. >> that's a great question. it goes back to the previous caller as well. in new hampshire and iowa, those are taylor made -- i don't think anybody expected bernie sanders to be doing this well. now there's a real chance he could beat hillary clinton in either new hampshire or yane. -- iowa. south go to -- in carolina, i -- you need to have support of african-americans mplingt you need to win his panic supporters. western person -- bernie sanders is starting to reach out to those people. hillary has had an advantage. joe biden would have an advantage over bernie sanders.
10:00 pm
if sanders won yay and new hampshire, that would be the story. i would certainly not rule him out in the upcoming primaries and caucuses. he's planning -- they have a game plan, the sanders campaign, to focus on the caucus states like colorado, states with a college age population. they're not just planning for new hampshire and iowa. when you look at the makeup of the democratic electorate, it's harder for sanders to compete. >> kimberly is waiting, washington, patriotism, kimberly, good morning. >> goveraget i am doing getting a little tired of hearing about donald trump being some kind of celebrity and all that stuff. did they forget that ronald reagan was a movie star and he was just fine as a president, you know, and as far as bobby jindal, he sounds like he is completely and totally


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