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tv   Key Capitol Hill Hearings  CSPAN  September 17, 2015 11:00pm-12:01am EDT

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are pouring in. the numbers are staggering. people say the wall does not work. you ask israel whether or not a wall works. a wall properly done, a trump wall, it works. that i can tell you. [applause] know these guys, the politicians -- they are politicians so i understand. my whole life i've dealt with politicians. you can't get mexico to pay for the wall. it just doesn't work. are losing almost $50 billion. think of it. $50 billion a year on trade. that's just peanuts. they say it's going to cost 10 thosebillion dollars that people have no idea. you will do it for much less, bigger, better, stronger and people are not going to home depot and walking up with a
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latter. not this wall. [applause] way, this wall is going to have a big beautiful open gate. it will be a nice opening and when people want to come in legally and go through the process, we all welcome them. that's a correct statement. we welcome them. when someone goes to harvard number one in their class or ofnford, the wharton school finance, yale, any of them and they do great and then we throw them right out and they go back to a country and they tried to compete and they do very successfully. we want to keep people of talent . we want people of great talent. we've got a plan in terms of illegal immigration -- and remember this. when i first announced, and this was an incredible two weeks, rush limbaugh says he's never more incoming -- which
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means really bad dress, i've never seen anything like it and then i doubled down and it was true. nobody would have done that because i knew the problem. i knew what was happening. we have tremendous crime whether angelesn francisco, los , whether it's the woman two weeks ago who was killed in california, a 66-year-old veteran who was raped and --omized, killed unbelievable, by an illegal immigrant. it's just not going to happen anymore, folks. we're going to have a border. [applause] we're going to get the gang members out of here fast. a lot of gang members are illegal immigrants. these are tough dudes. we're going to get them out of
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here so fast your head will spin. honored i the crowd and we are going to have some fun now. instead of making a speech that i've been doing over and over, i want to take questions. don't we like that? let's start with this group over here. come on. >> hey, man. we've got a problem in this country and it's called muslims. you know our current president is one. you know he's not even american. but anyway, we have training want to killhey us. that's my question. when can we get rid of them? aretrump: a lot of people saying that in saying that bad things are happening. we will look at that and plenty of other things. go ahead. know i definitely have to
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ask you a good veteran question. welcome first of all to new hampshire. last night was a disgrace. cnn did not touch on any of the issues that are going on with veterans health care. mr. trump: true. there was not one question relating to the veterans. did anyone even ask them why? i know that's a clinton influenced net work. do they not like veterans? >> there was not one question relating to that and not too much on the military. those days, believe me, are over. go ahead. hi, mr. trump. the economy and jobs market is a big issue. i just finished my masters and now i'm told i'm either over or underqualified. i believe the unemployment rate is cute. what can you do to improve the job market for qualified,
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educated u.s. citizens? mr. trump: it's an amazing question i get all the time. one of the things we are doing, we will be taking our jobs back from china and japan, all of these other places that have in ripping us for years. for been talking about this 10 or 15 years. no politician sees it. we are ringing our manufacturing back here. the question, other than veterans, the question i'm asked the most. young, beautiful, great people go to college and in many cases borrow a lot of money to get through college and they are so proud of themselves. they get out there and they cannot get a job. with trump? there's an expression. greatest jobs president that god ever created. i tell you that. that's what you need. [applause] >> can you hire me, please?
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willrump: go ahead and we go around. lots of people with their hands up. let's go. trump, i was wondering when we can get together and work on the unsafe conditions at the plant. it's been a month since i gave you that information. should haveou and i a press conference because both governors in massachusetts and thehampshire are protecting first responders. i would like to work with you on it. mr. trump: we will take a look at it. next, back here. >> have a question about the trump wall. trump wall? that's what's going to happen. yeah, bill the wall.
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when i'm gone they will change the name to trump wall so i have to make it beautiful. big and powerful. go ahead. we don't have a good record when it comes to paying off debt. of 19 trillion. i would say we not doing too well. >> how are we going to expect to mexico to repay that debt? mr. trump: they make a fortune off of us. they take our business. >> we borrow a lot and not pay it off. mr. trump: do you like oreos? i'm not eating them anymore. nabisco's closing their big plant in chicago and moving it to mexico. ford is building a 2.5 billion dollar plant in mexico. they are doing very well.
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we need leaders who can deal with them and deal with all the other countries. we need leaders who are smart, tough, cunning. i have carl icahn lined up in some of the greatest business leaders in the world, really tough, smart people who will help us. they will go negotiate and we will make great deals and bring the jobs back see you can get a job. you like that? ok. question. with the hat. welcome back to new hampshire. mr. trump: you think it's hot enough in this place? pretty hot but this blows it away. go ahead. who applaud the gentleman brought of the muslim training camps but america also has its guns pointed at ordinary citizens here. don't get nervous.
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you are on seven television networks. >> what is the bureau of land management and agriculture. differentoing into ranches, shutting them down with regulations, but they seem to be pointing the gun to make sure our they get their fees, own government putting us at siege. how can we stop them? aretrump: so many things going to change. these are regulations. that's just one. seeing in real estate, we have army bases, navy bases. so many are for sale in so many have been sold. how many can we sell? they come across my desk. things are going to change. go ahead. you young handsome guy? go ahead. this was a great friend of
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mine, daniel -- mr. trump: he just passed away. of america's rags to riches story. i think america has lost the american dream. what can donald trump do to bring that back? was a banker who passed away a few years ago and he was a very successful, great guy. we will bring back the american dream. we are bringing it act. i understand what you are saying many get it from so people. is the american dream dead? they asked me that question. dream is in trouble. that i can tell you. it's on life support. we are going to get it back and do some real jobs. how about a man with that beautiful red hat? stand up.
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what a hat. what does that say on it? make america great again. that's beautiful. [applause] mr. trump, can you please explain your position on the second amendment? on the second amendment. mr. trump: all for it. you need the protection. we had an incident in new york, two prisoners a few months ago that escaped from a maximum security prison, a real beauty in new york and they escaped. people were really scared. they work killers and tough cookies. a man and a wife were in the she was anti-gun. she hated that the husband had a bignd the guy was second amendment guy. all of a sudden these two tough cookies are somewhere around and all of a sudden
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she is now totally pro because she felt she was so happy that her husband had guns and they had the gun on the table and you know what? they never had to use it because only the bad guys use them. they were secure. now she's bigger than the husband in terms of wanting it. 100% pro-second amendment. [applause] i'm a veteran of both iraq and afghanistan. mr. trump: wow. you are in good shape. were you wounded? couple groundnd a incidents.
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of human a lot suffering on the iraqi site -- danny. what, if anything, should the u.s. be doing for the humanitarian crisis in syria? is massivethe crisis and i'm getting this question a lot. you have hundreds of house and of people. point -- there comes a we all have to have a heart and i think i have as big a one as anybody but the comes a point where this country has to say we have to get our own act together. we have to do it. [applause] are looking at isis and all of the problems that are being caused over there, you say to yourself what happens if a lot of these people are al qaeda, isis? you can have 15 different things and they don't know anything about them. with all of that being said, europe, they have to help themselves.
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be the unitedys states. we have bridges, roads, tunnels. we have problems here. japan $1.4 trillion. they sell cars by the thousands. thousands of cars all over the place and we know them money. how do you do that? we have people that are not very smart. china, we over them the same amount of money. trillion dollars. we have to straighten out our own country. you have the gulf states who are very rich -- saudi arabia, qatar, bahrain -- they don't want to have anybody. nobody. you have europe and they've got to help them. what i do like is a safe zone. you've got a lot of sand in syria. i do like the concept of a safe zone where you put them there and build it out.
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you have security and you create a little bit of an environment until they can ultimately go back to their homes -- which most of them really want to do. they're caught in this conflict, but the concept of a safe stone is something that makes sense. help the gulf states have to contribute. saudi arabia -- and all fairness it's a little bit less, saudi was making so much money beyond anything and anyone's comprehension. all of these countries have to get together and fund this. we can do something, but we have to get other people to help us. we cannot be the patsy every time there's a problem and in airports areour third world, our bridges are falling down. our safety rating on the bridges are 62% in danger.
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our roads are collapsing. we are a mess. we want to build our country and we want to help people on a humanitarian basis but we have to do some things to help ourselves. it's time maybe for us to help ourselves. ok, in the back. let's go. going to the lousy seats looking at the back of my head. they see that it's real. go ahead. >> do you plan to visit with the pope when he comes to philadelphia? poperump: you know the believes in global warming. you know that, right? in this room, it's so hot maybe i will start to believe it as well. this room -- the air-conditioning was not designed for this many people. , a lot of pope personality, a good man. my name is helene up.
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i have a house here in him then and i worked very hard all my life. my parents came over during the berlin airlift and when they landed, they both had to work in the mills. my father became a carpenter to put us through school and here we are working hard, getting social security, but my problem is that people coming over here land on the shores and they have no problem going in getting food stamps, housing, a lecturer, all of this and it's coming from our social security money and we are getting nothing -- nothing. [applause] mr. trump: she's getting more and more excited. put our fiorina company, lucent technologies, in the ground. mr. trump: people might as well here it. i thought i would wait a few days before i exposed her business failure, but it's so
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ridiculous. i invested in my stock. i worked for the company 37 years when i was forced to retire. mr. trump: lucent headed up by who? >> carly fiorina. mr. trump: before hewlett-packard. at $87 perying stock share and when i was forced to retire my stock wasn't worth $.25. i lost almost half $1 million. that's what i plan to retire on and i've got nothing. amazingp: it sort of because a lot of people don't get it. lucent was a disaster. it was a company she ran prior to hewlett-packard. compaq she was heading up hewlett-packard for a decision tode the buy compaq computers.
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people who work there said it was such a great company until she got involved and went out to make this horrible acquisition that just destroyed the company. yesterday on the front page of "the wall street journal," and big story that hewlett-packard is dropping about 30,000 jobs. they are still recovering -- who know if they may ever. goodone thinks she made a speech yesterday. i don't get it. i don't get it. at some point, people are going to see, and i think it will be a very big roadblock. trump, iyou look at built an unbelievable company, tremendous network which i don't want to talk about other than to say it's the kind of mentality you need in this country at least for some time. [applause] as a businessman i help democrats, republicans, whoever.
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i used all of the laws of the land. i would buy a company, throw it into a chapter. you bankrupted, beat the hell out of the banks. you have to do that. you have many people in my position where they do the same thing but nobody talks about it. we are writing of the biggest business leaders in the country who have all done the same thing and nobody ever talks about it, but i've done great and that's the kind of ink and you're going to need. we will make it rich again, fantastic again. can blowsomebody else it. we have to save our country. carly fiorina did a terrible job terrible, a terrible, job at hewlett-packard. terrible job. stories are legendary. yale businesse
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school, you know who he is. he wrote a story that is so to readpeople have this. i just don't see how she can get over that hurdle in addition to cutting thousands of thousands of jobs that they are still cutting. bottom line she made a horrible purchase because it was a disaster. but a lot of people don't know before he lit you had lucent and lucent was probably just as bad if not worse relatively. ok, yes? i have not a question but i just wanted to know about the nightmares i have about isis beheading rochester's young foley. i'm having horrible visions of .eople i know everyone being loaded up into boxcars, you know, like another holocaust.
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i just want you to know about that. [inaudible] does anybody have a towel? you know, i've lost a lot of weight. running for president, believe it or not, every room we have is packed and nobody has enough air-conditioning. of weight.a lot it's not so bad. go ahead. when will we meet your first lady? mr. trump: that sounds good. [applause] wow. that sounds so great. thank you, darling.
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go ahead. when you are talking about illegalrtation of the aliens why is it that you don't costs tohow much it keep them versus how much it costs to send them that? mr. trump: he's a businessman. he's from new hampshire. that's such a good point and i made it last night but people don't want to hear it. really i would say $200 million per year ok? $200 billion per year on illegal immigration. i think the number is much higher than that. and --the bad ones out to do the wall is peanuts. the great wall of china, 13,000 miles long against our southern border its 2000 of which you
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really need 1000 because you have a lot of natural barriers and other things, frankly. it. say, you cannot do yet 2000 years ago they had no problem. he brings up such a great point. we have numbers that go from $175 billion. of to $260 billion per year. nobody knows how many illegals we even have here. 11,e been hearing for years 11. it never moves. give me a break. it might be much more. are a country of laws, a country of orders. we have to secure our border. we will clean it up. we will make our country so strong, so wonderful, so great. there's a huge offsetting cost
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which, by the way, which will help out. ok. what your favorite? [inaudible] am i in trouble. am i in trouble. go ahead. yes sir. thank you, man. thank you. go ahead. ok, thank you. thank you. >> donald, my question is this.
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if you are elected president, one of the things that's been happening over the last several decades is our congressmen and our senators voted themselves huge pay raises and other .enefits if they are elected for one term, they get a lifetime pension, medical. they don't have to join obamacare. if you are a leg did -- mr. trump: they don't have to use obamacare. youf you are elected, would introduce a bill in both houses to roll back these excessive benefits? and the people who don't fall for it or vote it down will be fired, lection time. election time. [applause] mr. trump: if i'm elected aesident, i'm not accepting
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salary. that's not a big deal for me. when these guys go to congress, as for your question, a couple of things happen. cant benefits nobody else even think about, ok? we will work on that. that's peanuts and the relative scale of how this country is being hurt. we will work on that very hard. that ishave a system going to be fair to everybody. one of the things i'm doing that has really gotten a lot of praise, i'm self funding. i'm not getting the tens of millions of dollars. you know, it's very unnatural for me. in many ways, i feel foolish because people want to give you lots of money. lobbyists, special interests, and they keep turning them down. i'm the only one out of everyone
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running. we lowering taxes for corporations, for the middle class. middle income, you will love me. we're lowering taxes. we will simplify. with anoming out amazing plan. we are lowering taxes, but the thee fund guys and others, hedge fund guys are going to have to pay of. someone said that's not very republican. i don't see anybody weeping here. to be very, very happy when you see what we do with the taxes, when you see what we do with jobs, economic development. you are going to be very, very happy. go ahead. >> thank you. mr. trump: don't get nervous. >> everyone has awesome
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questions big picture and my question is a little closer to home. i spent the last two-and-a-half years and $50,000 working to keep my daughter safe. the result could have been better. do you think it will trickle down to the state level and our court system to help families like mine not have to endure? mr. trump: to keep them safe? it's over now. the family court system is broken. mr. trump: i see. very much so. i hear it is. the whole court system is broken, not just family court. look at what happened with justice roberts approving obamacare twice. you were talking about more than local. yes, i think it should be a local situation. jeb bush loves common core. crowd: boo! mr. trump: i do like that being local.
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i want people from new hampshire, iowa, south carolina, i want to see local people taking care of your children's education instead of people from washington that in many cases could not care less. think of it. as ano use jeb bush example, because there are other guys ahead of him in the polls by a jeb bush is strongly in favor of common core and is weak on immigration. how can you have him? you can't have him. so i don't think he'll do too well in new hampshire or iowa or anywhere else. okay. go ahead. how you doing? thanks for coming. the estion is, we all know gap between the rich and poor in this country is bigger and
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bigger and american manufacturing is getting sent overseas with all of these horrible trade deals. how do you plan on bringing back american manufacturing jobs and would you repeal nafta? how do you feel about the ccp deal? donald trump: the new trade deal is a terrible deal and one big thing hurting us is currency manipulation. it is a disaster. that answers that question. that is not the deal that should be made. you know about nafta better than anybody because your places have been stripped out of all of new england. you know what's happened. they've gone to mexico, all over the place. i am not and never have been a fan of nafta. we are going to bring our jobs back. we'll have ford and the other companies instead of going down to mexico and a lots of other places we'll have them build here. we'll give them the incentive they need to build here. go ahead. >> hi, mr. trump.
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i'm a volunteer with the league of conservation voters and i am asking you your plan to reduce pollution that is driving climate change and endangering public health. >> that's an interesting -- let me ask you a question. let me ask you this. okay. take it easy, fellows. here believe in global warming? do you? who believes in global warming? ho believes in global warming? who believes in global warming? raise your hand. wow. not much. do you have your hand up? a little? no. nobody? one person? >> sir, that -- >> you believe, right?
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okay. > we'll do two more questions. let's go. right here. right here. go ahead. just last week one of the other candidates said that he thought the base realignment and closure system was good because it kept workers on their toes. do you believe that the way to make people more efficient is to threaten to take away their jobs, our military, and those who support our military? >> you're saying that's what's happening, right? i know that. i heard that. i heard that yesterday actually. ot a good situation. one more question. make it a good one. go ahead ma'am. right here. go ahead. give her the mike. go ahead. make it a good one. >> i would like to know what
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your plans are on social security. >> we're going to save social security. we're going to save it. we're going to save social security. that was your deal. right? we are going to save social security, make life for the vets better than ever in this country. we are going to build up the military. we're going to end, terminate, repeal obama care, and replace really, omething really great that works. ladies and gentlemen, thank you very much. it was great. thank you. thank you. [cheering] >> thank you. thank you. ♪ we're not gonna take it no we're not going to take it we're not going to take it anymore ♪
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♪ there ain't no way we'll lose it this is our life this is our song ♪ we'll fight ♪ we're not gonna take it no we ain't gonna take it we're not gonna take it anymore ♪
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♪ ♪ >> all campaign long c-span takes you on the road to the white house. unfiltered access to the candidates at town hall meetings, news conferences,
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rallies, and speeches. we're taking your comments on twitter, facebook, and by phone. and always, every campaign event we cover is available on our website at >> the house today considered the rules for debate on a couple abortion related bills. one would define the planned parenthood for a year if the organization doesn't stop abortion procedures while house investigation into the sting videos is ongoing. the other would enact protection for infants born alive during abortion procedures. while official debate on the measures is scheduled for tomorrow the rule debate gives a preview of each side's arguments. this is about an hour. >> madame speaker, during consideration of this resolution all time yielded just for the purpose of debate only i now yield the customary 30 minutes to the gentleman
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from massachusetts mr. mcgovern pending which i yield myself such time as i may consume. i ask unanimous consent that all members have five legislative days to revise and extend the remarks. >> without objection. >> madame speaker house resolution 421 provides closed les for consideration of hr-3134. the defund planned parenthood act and the born alive abortion survivors protection act. today, madame speaker, we provide consideration of two vital pieces of legislation addressing one of the most important issues of our time. on many previous occasions my colleagues and i have spoken on the issue of abortion and the tragedy it is that unborn children are not safe and protected. we're not here today though debating the policy of abortion on demand. we're debating specific legislative reactions to
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horrific wrongs that have come to light, the deliberate dismemberment of unborn children to receive compensation for their organs and other body parts and the failure of abortion facilities to care for children born alive during failed abortions. even some who support elective abortion agree those practices are barbaric and must be stopped. the horrific reality of these practices in the abortion industry has become clear over the past few months as undercover videos have been released of planned parenthood's leaders and affiliates discussing pains takingly dismembering unborn children for compensation. in these days of 3d ultra sounds and high definition screens it is impossible to hide the humanity of these child victims. they have fingers and toes, heart beats and organs,
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developed enough that tissue collectors will pay $60 a specimen for them. in light of the serious questions raised by these videos the house committee on energy and commerce, judiciary, and oversight and government reform, have each launched investigations. while planned parenthood does not receive direct federal funding for abortions, these investigations are warranted as a recent report from the government accountability office shows that the organization receives an average of $500 million each year for other lines of business. money is fungible and federal funds planned parenthood receives ultimately subsidizes their abortion practices. given the allegations raised related to the procurement and sale of tissue and organs from
11:41 pm
aborted, unborn children, it is appropriate for congress to the defund planned parenthood act placing a one-year moratorium on all federal funds while congress conducts its investigation. no organization that performs divisive practices like abortion particularly in such a gruesome, profitable manner should receive taxpayer dollars and this legislation advances that principle. in addition the examples of the convictions for murdering children born alive at his house of horrors and separate ports of unborn children possibly born alive or intact prior to being sold to tissue collectors have exposed the need for strengthening the born live infants protection act. it became law in 2002 and extended critical legal
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protections to babies who are born alive after a failed abortion attempt. that bill passed the house judiciary committee with only two dissenting votes and was passed by the senate by unanimous consent. the legislation before us today hr-3504 the born alive abortion survivors protection act goes one step further to protect these vulnerable lives by requiring health care practitioners present at the time of birth to administer professional skill, care, and diligence to preserve the life and health of the child. this small but important step ensures protection and preservation of precious, new born life by providing for criminal penalties when that life is lost as a result of negligence. these tiny, precious, vulnerable lives deserve the rotection afforded all other persons under the law and this
11:43 pm
bill ensures their lives are protected. this speaker, i commend rule to my colleagues for their support and reserve the balance of my time. >> the gentle lady reserves. the gentleman from massachusetts is recognized. >> thank you. i want to thank the gentleman from north carolina my good friend dr. fox for yielding me the customary 30 minutes. i ask unanimous consent to revise and extend my remarks and yield myself such time as i may consume. >> without objection. >> madame speaker i rise today in very strong opposition to hr and very r 3504 strong opposition to the underlying closed rule. today the house should be debating a bill to keep the government open before funding runs out at the end of the month. we have just six legislative days before a government shutdown. six legislative days. instead of tackling this we are
11:44 pm
once again debating another republican attack on women's health. i mean, in six legislative days the government might shut down. judging ed because from recent events within the republican caucus the right hand doesn't know what the extreme right hand is doing. they can't get along with each other and yes i'm afraid of another catastrophe and everything will come to a halt and the people who suffer are the people of this country we are supposed to represent. madame speaker, in fact, the republicans were in such a hurry to waste our time with this destructive legislation that one of the bills we're considering hr 3504 had no hearings, not one. none. no mark up. and this is the first time we're seeing the bill. and no amendments. nobody can offer an amendment. totally closed. whatever happened to regular order?
11:45 pm
this process, madame speaker, stinks. it is indefensible. of all of the pressures that have come before the rules committee more than 75% have completely ignored regular order and we're rushed to the floor without a legislative hearing and mark up denying the people's elective representatives the opportunity to hear the experts and speak up for their constituents. well, when you look at the politically motivated legislation that regularly comes before this body i guess it is easy to see why. this is not how the people's house is supposed to work. late last night the republican majority and the rules committee took another short cut to a process called self-executing and let them slip in an amendment offered by ms. elmhurs into today's legislation to redirect funding from planned parenthood facilities. under regular order this amendment would have required three waivers. three. it would require three waivers from the committee to be considered on the house floor. on top of that the amendment
11:46 pm
would also have violated section 302f of the congressional budget act which prohibits the consideration of legislation that exceeds the committee's allocation of budget authority. but the republican controlled rules committee said, who cares? we're in charge. we don't care about the rules. we don't want to be fair. we don't want to be open. we don't want to be transparent. we're a he in charge and can do whatever we want. this is just another attempt by the house majority to shut out debate on important issues and ignore the house rules when it's convenient for them. during this congress alone 118 waivers have been granted. 115 of those waivers, 97%, have been for republicans. and instead of the house rules committee, we should be known as the house break the rules committee. because that's all the rules committee seems to do. it breaks rules and goes around rules and tries all kinds of trickery to be able to force legislation to the floor that limits debate and doesn't allow
11:47 pm
amendments. doesn't allow members to offer amendments. this legislative process in this house has become a joke. it is shameful. this is not serious legislating. with one bill after another, republicans are repeatedly hurt our country's most vulnerable families and these bills today are just the latest chapter. and this is nothing new. one of the first acts of the republican house majority in 2011 was to drive us to the brink of a government shun over planned parenthood. in october, 2013, the republicans did shut down the government by insisting on defunding the affordable care act. now, two years later, they are right back to threatening a republican government shutdown over planned parenthood. so-called 3134 the defund planned parenthood act of 2013 is a bad and backward thinking bill and the 114th congress the house has already taken four antiwomen's health votes and today sets the stage
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for us to take two additional votes to restrict women's access to health care. incredibly this is already twice the number of antiwomen's health votes that at this same point in the 113th and 112th congress. this congress is not even half over. in this republican congress facts don't matter. we don't talk about facts. they're inconvenient. they're a nuisance. especially when they get in the way of their extremist political agenda. the fact is, that planned parenthood plays a critical role in protecting and providing access to critical health services for both women and men. one in five women has relied on a planned parenthood health center for care in her lifetime and planned parenthood serves 2.7 million patients each year. and one of the most important statistics that my republican friends like to ignore is that
11:49 pm
more than 90% of what planned parenthood does nationally is preventative care. including cervical cancer screenings, breast cancer screenings, and family planning. not abortion services. you know, i just come from a luncheon a few minutes ago where we were honoring individuals who were leaders in the cancer prevention field. people who have advocated that it is important for all of us to be able to get checkups on a regular basis in order to prevent cancer. and here we are about to vote on the bill that if the republicans get their way would limit and eliminate access to life saving cancer screenings for countless individuals across this country. what are you thinking? this is not the way we should be proceeding.
11:50 pm
planned parenthood is one of the few affordable health care options available for women. nearly 80% of women using the planned parenthood clinics have incomes at or below 150% of poverty. it is easy to see why the majority of americans don't think federal should be eliminated. in one recent poll 63% of voters including 72% of independents do not agree with my republican friends that federal funding for planned parenthood should be eliminated. madame speaker, we have also heard very little from my friends on the other side of the aisle about the consequences that defunding planned parenthood would have for families across the country. one of the biggest myths perpetrated by republicans is the idea that the nation's community health centers which i love and adore and respect and support could somehow magically pick up the slack overnight if planned parenthood is defunded. for the millions of low income women who depend on planned parenthood, this scenario would mean the loss of affordable and acceptable contraceptive
11:51 pm
services and counseling as well as breast and cervical cancer screenings and testings. the idea that our community health centers could overnight suddenly step up and cover millions of new patients is simply wrong. and shows the fundamental misunderstanding by republicans on how our country's health care system works. in fact, the institute recently found in 21% of counties with a planned parenthood health center planned parenthood is the only safety net family planning provider. the report also states that in two-thirds of the 491 counties in which they are located planned parenthood health centers serve at least half of all women obtaining contraceptive care from health centers. in one-fifth of the counties in which they are located planned parenthood sites are the sole safety net family planning center. this makes clear just how devastating it would be for these communities to recklessly
11:52 pm
cut funding for these vital health services for the people who need them most. you know, everyone here in this congress, every single one of us with a snap of our fingers could get health care. but with today's bill, republicans seem to be saying that for families who are poor or who live in rural areas or where this is the only option for preventative care and where they live you're simply out of luck. talk about cruel. madame speaker, i have a recent article entitled "planned parenthood, community health centers, and women's health, getting the facts right." i quote from that. a claim that community health centers readily can absorb the loss of planned parenthood clinics accounts to a gross misrepresentation of what even the best community health centers in the country would be able to do were planned parenthood to lose over 40% of its operating revenues overnight as a result of a ban
11:53 pm
on federal funding, end quote. i ask unanimous consent to insert the full article in the record. >> without objection. >> here are more facts. for every patient served by community health center today nearly three residents of low income communities remain without access to primary health care. by voting a sudden cut off in funding, we would create an immediate health care access crisis for millions of women. placing enormous strain on community health centers and other providers. and community health centers offer women's health services as part of the comprehensive primary care programs. they simply cannot put their other responsibilities aside. you know, with so many of our nation's community health centers already struggling to meet the needs of our most vulnerable communities, the last thing we should be doing is trying to make their jobs harder. now, on top of all of this, senator mcconnell has already said the senate republicans do not have the votes to pass this bill and it will never reach
11:54 pm
the president's desk. so what are we doing here? this is not a rhetorical question. we are literally as i said earlier six legislative days away from another government shutdown. and instead of talking about how we'll keep the doors open, how we're going to do what the people of the country have sent us here to do and keep the government running, we are wasting time with this politically driven legislation that does nothing to make the country better. madame speaker, the other bill before us hr 3504 is not a simple restatement of the current born alive law by the way which passed by voice vote in 2002. no, just so my colleagues understand, this bill fundamentally interferes with the sacred doctor-patient relationship and undermines doctors' clinical judgment and tells them how to provide medicine or else they will face criminal penalties. madame speaker, this bill is a solution in search of a problem. we already have strong federal and state laws to protect babies born alive.
11:55 pm
look, the bottom line is that these antiwomen health bills would limit women's access to safe, legal reproductive health care. congress should be governing responsibly and working to solve the real issues our country is facing. we should be focused on growing our economy. creating jobs. i think you may have gotten that that is an important priority to the american people because my friends haven't mentioned the word "jobs" but we ought to be focused on creating jobs, protecting access to health care, increasing college affordability, and building a better future. stead, 30 conservative house republicans have decided to take government funding hostage and that's what we're here for. the american people deserve better. finally, let's be clear. let's all kind of clear the air and be honest about one thing. the debate we're having today really isn't about the quality of care provided by planned parenthood. that's really not what is at the heart of all of this.
11:56 pm
this is an effort my friends on the republican side to kind of pursue their agenda of criminalizing and outlawing abortion at every -- in ev circumstance. many of my colleagues on the other side have been very vocal about the fact that they want to criminalize abortion even in cases of rape or incestt. they would make it -- make a woman who is a victim of rape or incest a criminal. they would criminalize the doctors. that's what this is all about. trying to force their narrow agenda down the throats of the american people. i would say to my colleagues, we ought to reject this. and get down to the business of governing this country. this is not what we should be doing here today. this is an insult i think to women. this is an insult to the good people who work at planned parenthood who provide excellent care to millions of people across this country. quite frankly it's an insult to
11:57 pm
the american people that with six legislative days left before you shut the government down this is what you choose to bring to the floor and not a bill to keep the government open. with that, i reserve the balance of my time. >> the gentleman reserves. the gentleman from north carolina? > thank you, madame speaker. if my colleagues would like to use parliamentary terms like "regular order, self-execute, or waivers" to hide from debate over the gruesome practices of abortionists, that's their prerogative. they ignore what one key planned parenthood abortionist said. "we've been very good at getting heart, lung, liver because we know that, so i'm not going to crush that heart. i'm going to basically crush below. i'm going to crush above. and i'm going to see if i can get it all intact."
11:58 pm
republicans will continue to bring the truth to americans and prevent taxpayer dollars from going to organizations that dismember children. madame speaker, i yield one minute to the gentleman from alabama, mr. burns. >> we've all seen the appalling videos which depict planned parenthood officials talking about how they crush babies in certain ways to preserve certain organs and then bargain over the price of those organs. i want to be crystal clear the loss of any human life is a tragedy but the casual nature in which the planned parenthood officials talk about killing a baby is simply heart breaking and appalling. it is unconscionable that any american could be that cold and calloused. let me tell you about the planned parenthood clinic in my hometown at mobile, alabama. they were cited by the federal
11:59 pm
department of health for performing two abortions on a 14-year-old girl in a span of four months without complippinge with state law that required the reporting of possible sexual abuse. this is the type of organization we are talking about. congress cannot sit on the sideline and wait for someone else to respond. these egregious actions require a response. madame speaker, i do not believe the federal government should be spending a single penny on planned parenthood and hr 3134 would make that a reality. i urge my colleagues to support this rule and i yield back. >> the gentleman's time is expired. the gentle lady reserves. the gentleman from massachusetts is recognized. >> thank you, madame speaker. i just want to say to my colleague from north carolina i'm not hiding behind procedural rules. in fact, the way that my republican friends have brought this vote to the floor you won't allow us to debate amendments. we can't. you have stifled debate. so i'd ask you, what are you
12:00 am
afraid of? why can't we have a more open discussion on legislation that didn't even go through the committees of jurisdiction? you ought to open this place up. a little debate is not a bad thing. a little openness is a good thing. i just also want to ask unanimous consent to return into the record the report by the subcommittee of oversight investigation democratic members and staff basically that refers the committee has received no evidence to support the allegation that he don't take it was procured without consent, altersanned parenthood the timing, method or procedure of abortion solely for the purposes of obtaining tissue, that they performed intact


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