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tv   Washington Journal  CSPAN  September 18, 2015 7:00am-9:01am EDT

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dave brat on the house conservative legislative agenda including the september 30 budget deadline and funding planned parenthood. and we welcome your comments on facebook and twitter. ♪ the house of representatives is in at 9:00 a.m. this morning to work on planned parenthood defunding legislation. we will have an opportunity to discuss that and other congressional issues with two members of congress later in the washington journal. we want to hear from you first thing this morning about ahmed mohammed, the ninth grader arrested for bringing a homemade bomb to his irving, texas high school. you think the school and police reacted appropriately? 202-748-8000 for democrats. 202-748-8001 for republicans.
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202-748-8002 for independents. we set aside our fourth line for muslim americans. we want to hear from you. 202-748-8003. you can also text your thoughts. make comments and be a social .edia from time magazine, the sheer lunacy of cuffing a kid over a homemade clock. ahmed brought a clock he made to school using circuit board stock. one teacher thought it looked like a bomb.
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whocalled the principle called the cops because you can never be too careful. the cops asked ahmed some , found him insufficiently forthcoming, cuffed him and took him out of the school because, you know, safety first. this would all come under the title of comic misunderstanding until we get to the part of the handcuffs. how does a skinny eighth-grader with no prior history of misbehavior and up in that terrifying situation? why not call on local knowledge from the engineering teacher who reportedly had already seen the clock and deemed it cool? ahmed was new to macarthur high school. could officials find no friends or relatives who could have been called upon to speak for him? toause the grown-ups had think of safety above all costs, his clock is just an extreme example of overreaction of school officials.
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in november, a deputy in kentucky handcuffed and all metro school child for misbehavior in class. -- an elementary school child. in march of 2014, a young kid was suspended for shaving her head in sympathy with a friend who had cancer. school officials say they thought ahmed might have made a hoax bomb to freak people out. two generally cause mischief. that's true, it's unlikely he would have been treated the same way if his name arnoldnold -- were instead of ahmed. his parents and not the police, his safety would have been as well as everybody else's. that is from time magazine yesterday. this is from breitbart.
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race grifters unite. 14-year-old ahmed mohammed arrested over suitcase clock. he brought it to school to show it off and a teacher concerned that it looked like a bomb called police. mohammed was let out of school by police in handcuffs and suspended for three days. he did nothing wrong. a kid showing off his technical skills should not result in an arrest or suspension. there is also no evidence that police did anything wrong. in the angel called by -- in the age of columbine and sandy hook, police and schools are required to be hyper cautious. what ahmed built does not look like a simple clock.
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to see how the secret service and tsa would react to such a thing. maybe we will find out. president obama has already invited ahmed mohammed to the white house. that is a little bit from the breitbart take on this issue. we want to hear from you now. get your response to ahmed mohammed being arrested on monday for bringing this homemade clock to school. 202-748-8000 for democrats. 202-748-8001 for republicans. .02-748-8002 for independents we set aside our fourth line for muslim americans. 3.2-748-800 we also invite you if you want to make a comment via text to send in a text message. in alabama on a republican line. caller: good morning.
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i don't know a whole lot about kid said to police and why they arrested him. but, i have seen the picture of the clock. to me, it does not look like any clock. have thoughtd maybe it is some kind of bomb. let me tell you why people are so sensitive about the name of any muslim living anywhere in the world. that come in today's day, 2015, people are being beheaded because they are not muslim. the whole muslim community all over the world, they are just watching. people now controlling a large part of the middle east where there are
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millions of people living there. that is unbelievable. to me, islam is the hate group. that's what it is. but nobody wants to come out and say it. anybody to say what is the difference between any other hate group and islam. islam should be banned. it should not be treated like any other religion. it has dehumanized an entire population of the world under their influence. whether it's the middle east or any muslim country, you look at before -- host: where are you from originally? caller: i'm originally from india. host: blake on the republican line. this is maria and hillsboro, new hampshire on the independent line. caller: good morning. i think both parties are at fault.
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the family and the school. host: we are listening. caller: first of all, the parents should know better than to send their child with something -- it does not look like a clock to me. the parents should have told the child, you cannot bring that to school. or, go to school, tell the principal this is what he has and is he allowed to bring it in. that is all. reacted tohorribly this situation by handcuffing a child. you call the parents first. this would have eliminated all these headlines on the poor child. that's all. it is the school and the family both at fault. host: henry from crownsville, maryland on our muslim american line. caller: good morning. can you hear me? host: we are listening, sir. caller: i think the school is
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justified to ensure the safety of the children. the school behavior -- the police handcuffing everybody. justified, it's just an issue of how the police should have reacted. news, trump let's comment about muslims being problem in u.s. slide. here is a bit from his town meeting yesterday. [video clip] >> we have a problem in this country. it's called muslims. we know our current president is one. you know he's not even an american. camps, we have training growing with it out to kill us.
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that is my question. when can we get rid of them? >> we will be looking at a lot of different things been a lot of people are saying that and a lot of people are saying that there are things happening out there. we will be looking at that and plenty of other things. host: up next is bill in texas on a republican line. what do you think about ahmed mohammed being suspended from school? caller: good morning. when you see something, you should do something. if this had been a white christian youngster, when obama has invited him to the white house? host: rich in spring hill, florida. what is your view on this? caller: it's a dammed if you do damage if you don't situation. -- dammed if you don't situation. these schools are put in place to protect our children. however, if they did not do something and it turned out this
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clock was a bomb, everybody would be screaming why didn't the school do something. they should have taken the middle-of-the-road approach. local police department should have had a bomb expert that could have come in quietly, taken the child in a separate room, looked at it and then deemed what is appropriate. the child is the one that suffered, but i don't think the school did anything wrong. as far as calling the police to come. thank you very much and i love c-span. host: thank you for watching. from our facebook page --
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ali right here in washington, d.c. caller: good morning. if the young man had intended to do harm, terrorists don't alert you. they walk in with it, their package of dangers contraptions and next thing you know, you have an explosion. america is supposed to be a
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separate society. it is based on jewish christian values. instrument that he constructed to two people. his first professor was an engineering person. the first professor told him that looks good. if i were you, i would not show it to nobody. he was enthusiastic about what he had created. he showed it again to a second teacher who alerted the authorities. terrorist would not let you know -- would not set off an alarm until they detonate or bring harm to people. in --karen tweets if you cannot get through on the phone line, you want to text in
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a comment from your mobile phone , 202-717-9684 is the number two text. you can send a text message to the number. kathy calling from pennsylvania. democrat. i would like to know -- the others who called and had accents. knows this kid was just making an experiment. i don't think you should have been handcuffed or anything for it. he should not been with invited to the white house, -- i don't think he should have been invited to the white house, either. host: matthew in hampton, virginia. republican line. caller: good morning.
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we have to much hypersensitivity in america. comment on what a few people have said if that man had been white come i don't think you would of swept off to jail like that. -- i don't think he would have been swept off to jail like that. did not see anything in the suitcase that looked like any sticks of dynamite or anything like that. board and diodes and wires. it was not attached to any plastics or anything like that. anything, we're supposed be vigilant. let's become. -- let's be called. assess the situation. let's not be too quick to react. let's be proactive.
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let's look at it, analyze it, ok. nothing looked like dynamite. let's get smart, people. let's learn what electronics look like. please. thank you. host: ahmed mohammed and his mother appeared on msnbc. [video clip] >> there's five officers and the principal. did you ask them, can i call my parents and tell them what's going on? >> yes. >> what did they say? , you cannot me know call your parents, you were in the middle of an interrogation at the moment. >> what kind of things did they ask you? >> they ask me a couple of times, is it a bomb? i answered a couple times, it is a clock. >> that did not seem to satisfy them? >> no.
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>> how long were you in that room? >> about an hour 25 minutes. >> what else were they asking you? they asked me why i would bring a clock to school. i explained to them that i brought it to school to show my teachers to impress them. >> eventually, after an hour and a half, is that when they handcuffed you? >> yes. >> did they say you're under arrest or being charged? >> they told me i was under arrest. for a hoax bomb. >> how did you feel? >> i felt like i was a criminal. i felt like i was a terrorist. all the names i was called. host: from, clock making
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teen transferred to another school. the family says he's not going back to macarthur high. the family has not yet picked a new school and is exploring options inside and outside the country. alabama on herin independent line. best hour independent line. caller: i have a problem with the fact that they put him in handcuffs. the school had a good reason to call in somebody to look at it which is to check. i cannot find any justification for him to be put in handcuffs. 's ignorance of what it is is not justification to say it is a hoax bomb. just because you look at something and think it's a ho ax bomb does not make it a hoax bomb. it was a good deal for the school.
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they did what they felt was necessary to keep the school safe. the police should have had the ability to put someone there and have them actually sit there and look at it and say no, this is not a bomb, there is not even explosive attached. tweetthis -- if you want to send in a tweet 202-717-9684 is our new text number. fromis calling in california. republican line. caller: how are you today? why theyigure it out,
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arrested him to begin with after an hour and a half and then to suspend him for three days? i think the teacher needs to get a new job. the police, too. , when thathing is guy at the donald trump rally was talking all that crap, how come donald trump did not stop that guy? like senator mccain did. ignorantut the most person running for president i have ever seen in my life. was named ronnie cox and he was white, nothing would
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have happened. they probably would have gave him an a and gave him the day off and bought him a coke and a hamburger. we have to have some sense. to say all muslims should be put in hate groups, we have some ignorant people in the united states. i am really sick of it. have a nice day. host: this is woodrow in california. democrats line. caller: i would just like to express my disgust with all the blaming obama for boosting this kid's self-esteem after it was decimated. he has invited plenty of white christian kids to the white house. host: the irving, texas independent school district made a statement after this happened.
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we always ask our students and staff to report if they observe any suspicious items and/or suspicious behavior. if something is out of the ordinary, the information should be reported immediately to a school administrator and/or the police so it can be addressed right away. we will always take necessary precautions to protect our students and keep our school community as safe as possible. this text message -- chuck in leesburg, virginia on her independent line. -- power independent line. it is your view? caller: obviously, this was a
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story the media was -- this was like a prime -- i bet when the media heard this, they went all over it. let's be realistic. ahmed had a racial factor. when you have a device that looks like a bomb and you have a muslim child, that is a recipe for disaster. president obama handled it very professionally by inviting him to the white house. mark zuckerberg has invited him to facebook. i read something about an internship. many people are realizing that technologically, this young child was very talented in the field of science. i agree with the previous colors as well. --ald trump's comments were the comments made to donald trump were ferocious. his lack of correcting the speaker was plain sickening. that's all i wanted to say.
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everyone, have a good time. 9/11 was an inside job howard stern rules. host: this young man's civil rights were stepped on. john is calling in on the republican line from new york. i'm a retired ranger. i don't have anything against muslims. the school has to -- they are not trained in explosives. the family should not send him to school with that. i'm surprised the science --cher did not have an idea when the police came, they should have sent somebody who knew about explosives. when they brought him into question, they might have thought he was -- he kept saying
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it's a clock. they got their hair ruffled a little bit. they roughed him up a little bit because he was a muslim. host: you said you are a retired ranger. what do you mean by ranger? caller: army ranger. i don't think there is any problem with obama inviting him to the white house. the kid went through a traumatic event with the police. i'm sure he never had to go through that. think that is a problem. i'm not going to bash him for doing that. the police have to be
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more careful. they are the ones who are trained. host: jesse in rosedale, maryland. democrats like. good morning. caller: good morning. the reason they were so crazy about that clock, they saw that transformer. they went ballistic thinking it was a bomb. i used to install doorbells. sudden, they told me i could not buy transformers anymore. i tried to figure out why. out? what did you figure caller: they were making bombs with them. host: jesse in maryland. oxford, mississippi.
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independent line. go ahead. caller: just listening to some of the people, i just realized, idiots who are racists are idiots who don't and can't realize that they are idiots. especially when they are racists. donald trump does not help us at all. amazing -- we still have idiots. we are looking at our next great event will probably be our next people need to look in the mirror and ask themselves, why are they such idiots? i pray for this world. i can't hardly listen to some of the racist statements being made.
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we still have people making racist comments about our president. i will keep this world in prayer. thank you. host: this text -- susan in hampton, virginia. republican. good morning. caller: good morning. i don't think it was racist. they just overreacted. yesterday, the white house evacuated -- they found a suspicious package and it was a copy mug -- coffee mug. i don't agree the kid should have been handcuffed. forkids have been suspended fighting a pop tart in the shape of a gun. they've been suspended for wearing american flags on their shirts. this is why i'm sending my grandson to a parochial school.
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public schools have gotten crazy. i'm not sure about the donald trump comment. maybe i came in late. some man thought -- made a comment that the president was a muslim. most muslims change their names. in --edwin tweets sean is a teacher here in washington, d.c. calling in on the democrats line. caller: how's it going? the racial implications of the incident are pretty obvious. i completely disagree with the school and local law enforcement's response to this. folks, a lot of
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the school reforms that have been taking place over the last several years have done a lot to therofessionalize workforce, take people out of the profession who have the common sense and critical thinking skills to look at these situations and evaluate. clear, we are is scraping at the bottom of the barrel here in terms of who becomes educators. the incentives are not there anymore. you get lots of situations like this. what the heck were they thinking? why didn't they use the critical thinking skills they are supposed to teach to look at the situation before they reacted? host: what do you teach? caller: i teach kindergarten. host: let's say you taught older kids. one of your students brought in such a device.
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what would be your reaction? , i wouldirst of all have a conversation with the child and ask them what's going on. what is this? can you tell me about it? was this an assignment? was this a project ongoing with the school? to sit there and just look at it and react this way boggles my imagination. the storiest about out there. teachers making completely ridiculous decisions and administrators reacting to situations in ridiculous ways. a lot of the rules and regulations teachers have to go through, restrict them up all their autonomy. we will get lots of ham-fisted situations like this host:. have the police ever come to your school? caller: the police have -- i teach in d.c.
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it is a 100% african-american, free or reduced meals, high poverty area. the police have come to arrest parents right outside their child's classroom doors. we don't get a lot of patrols because we are in an isolated part of southeast. there's not a lot of good relationships between our students and community members. we've had shootings in the area and things of that nature. we've had police come and interrupt or stop altercations between parents and parents or parents and teachers. a lot of the police presence is more reactive than proactive. because of the events at
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schools, has the school been on higher alert or more of a lockdown? caller: no, it has not. commonhings are pretty place where our students come from. this is not this high anxiety response to firearms. there is not this high reactive response to terrorism and those kinds of things. our students come from dangerous and chaotic and tomatoes backgrounds. tumultuous the grass. we're worried about terrorism in irving, texas? of all people that should be inches, it should be here in washington, not irving, texas. there is no reactive response here in southeast. everyday lives of our students outso chaotic, to look
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there and say they're worried about muslim terrorism, is out of their imagination. host: mike in springfield, virginia. independent. i have to look at it this way. and there's technology in the system, they would know this is a clock. china, japan are beating us. students make cell phones and other stuff in the school. they know what it is. is this a bomb? why did and they call a bomb -- why didn't they
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call a bomb squad? this is my take. if the boy's name would have been mike or something, they would have just gone -- that is my thing. host: anna in youngstown, arizona. democrat. good morning. talking about ahmed mohammed. caller: yes. in the recent past, we've had some terrible things happen. i thought i heard someone say that the young man took the device and showed it to the principal. am i correct? did he show it to the principle first? host: what is your point if he did? i think he showed it to an engineering teacher first. caller: ok, whoever he showed it
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to first, why weren't his parents called? he is under age come his parents should have been called. then, have them present when the bomb squad or police or whoever was called -- i don't think he should have been handcuffed. it did not appear to me that he was posing a threat. he was excited about his invention. it was misinterpreted. i can see why someone would be concerned with the events in the past. it was not a loaded gun. he did not threaten anyone with it. hand, our president is condemned for inviting him to the white house? had it been a white student, he
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would not. there've been many white students invited to the white house. the trump situation where he did not stand up for the president , i think it was handled wrong. i can understand a little bit from both sides. host: let's leave it there. here is christie in logan, alabama. via text -- joseph in springfield gardens, new york. republican line. caller: good morning. i blame the parents. ,n this time in which we live the parents should have known child toan to send a
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school with a clock in a suitcase and the way that looked. something is wrong there. the parents should have known better. i blame the parents equally. host: do you think the school should have called the parents? caller: the school had no idea what that was. they saw a clock, they had no idea, the have been too many shootings, stabbings and things going on in schools. they had no idea what that was ended the correct thing calling the police. perhaps the police should not have handcuffed him. they should have called the parents also. i never would have sent my son with a clock in a suitcase to school with a name like ahmed mohammed. host: this article from the center for republican integrity.
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nation inops the sending students to cops, courts. how kicking a trashcan can become criminal for a sixth grader. caleb was 11 years old last fall when criminal charges began piling up at the school. --
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it goes on to say that the u.s. department of education data analyzed by the center for public integrity showed that virginia schools in a single you refer students to law enforcement agencies at a rate nearly three times the national rate. you can search this at the center for public integrity's website. north carolina. republican line. what is your thought about ahmed mohammed being arrested for his homemade clock? caller: let's not forget, just a month or two ago, we lost to find marines -- to find marines
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finemuslim attack -- two rains to a muslim attack. you had jonathan alter promoting his book. the democrats, you guys ought to you consider the enemy in this country white people. instead of looking at the true problem, isis. they are going to send people to this country to carry out acts of terror. that's what real ignorance is to me. the school did the right thing. that thing looks like a bomb. to anybody that doesn't think parents shoulds
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be punished just as much as he -- inviting him to the white house? what about the parents of the liberal who got shot by the illegal alien -- little girl who got shot by the illegal alien? obama has not called them. that's why people think he is a muslim and a traitor. --t: another text message from illinois is muhamed. caller: how are you? , this storyamerican came to my attention. the fact that a bomb was there is alarming -- it needed to be
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investigated. once this was realized that this was a harmless device and the in theas very talented field of science, it's good that the obama administration invited him to the white house. people whoany other deserve to be invited to the white house. a very interesting is similar incident happened in my very own school. muslim, itt with a was with an asian american. i believe he was from vietnam. forgetted a device -- i what exactly the device was, but it was a harmless device but it began to go up in the middle of class. my teacher became alarmed because -- in --sam tweets
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from in independent line. are you with us? caller: i'm here. i live 40 miles from where this school is. you people have so much misinformation and i don't know where you got it from. like the people from california and new york and illinois and florida don't know what's really going on down here in texas. the boy had the device in his backpack. it did go off during class. the teacher running the class asked him what it was. outhowed her, they took him , showed it to another person and he said it looks like a clock but the device when up in class.
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we don't know what you all are reporting. get your facts straight before you go to condemn everything. i don't think the boy should have been arrested. when he starts talking back to police officers, that's what's going to happen. you will have a good day. host: another viewer texts in -- tim in ohio on our democrats line. caller: good morning. comingthese attitudes across about the incident and the colors. -- callers. this remind me of a speech dr. martin luther king gave. he stated the demise of america would be primarily caused by
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three things. one would be racism, the second would be poverty and a third would be militarization. reflectedof those are as attitudes. it reminds me very much of pre-world war ii germany. that's all i have to say. host: thank you to all the callers and tweeters and textures. -- texters. this conversation will be posted on our facebook page. we cannot get to any more of those comments. participate in the online conversation. the house is coming in at 9:00 a.m. today. lots going on on capitol hill. we will be talking to two members of congress about a lot
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of these issues in washington now. jim himes is coming up next. democrat from connecticut. beat that, dave brat who eric cantor. he will be our second guest this morning. ♪ >> a road to the white house saturdaycontinues morning with a new hampshire democratic party convention live from manchester. five presidential candidates, hillary clinton, bernie sanders, lincoln chafee, martin o'malley and lawrence lessig.
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c-span's campaign 2016, taking you on the road to the white house. the pope's upcoming visit to the u.s. c-span has live coverage from washington. the first stop on his tour. wednesday, september 23, pope francis will visit the white house starting with a welcoming ceremony on the south lawn, followed by meeting with president obama. on thursday, the pope makes history on capitol hill, becoming the first pontiff to address the house of representatives and the senate during a joint meeting. follow all of c-span's life coverage. watch live on tv or online at night, washington post national political reporter robert costa on the 2016 presidential campaign and the
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similarities between donald perot.nd ross >> the themes are really overlapping. ross perot has a distinct personality. the celebrity factor was not there. people throw themselves at trump. there is a power in his personality. outside of the republican party -- their relationship with trump has been rocky this year. called trumpus asking him to calm down on immigration. . trump has signed this place. it is a political document. he keeps talking about going to be treated fairly. trump could easily run as an independent. q&a.nday night on c-span's
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>> "washington journal" continues. host: on your screen, jim himes democrat of connecticut. you probably heard a bit of our earlier conversation. , theding ahmed mohammed ninth grader arrested for the home clock. what are your thoughts? guest: that kid had the ninth grade day of all-time. withn trouble and winds up mark zuckerberg and the president. it's terrible what happened to the kid. we spent all that time telling people if you say something -- see something, say something. maybe folks overreacted. the way i will choose to remember this is this is a ninth grader who had an amazing day. host: wall street journal editorial this morning
7:51 am
criticizing the event for leaving just rates where they are. do you agree with their decision? guest: i agree. i know betterhat than most of the fed governors. they came from. there's a lot international volatility out there. yill prices are shockingl low. -- oil prices are shockingly low. the wall street journal has been criticizing. the result that have achieved are pretty remarkable. former vice your president of goldman sachs had. do you approve of what fed did?the >> i don't really see the point
7:52 am
in getting into a huge argument about whether the right month was this month or next month after seven years of zero interest rate. there's a lot of uncertainty out there. the economic recovery has been pretty solid. they did their work. host: is the government going to shut down? guest: i get asked that question a lot these days. what you will see play out in the next couple of weeks makes me crazy. we are no a legislative days away from a government shutdown. -- now eight legislative days away from a government shutdown. they're are focused on planned parenthood, trying to reduce out of line lawsuits. we should be working 20 47 on a budget. this is a political fight between the far right wing of the republican party and the john boehner wing of the
7:53 am
republican party. it is quite likely that they will have to throw a bone to the conservatives and watch the government shutdown. they tried this before. we had a 17 day shutdown that was enormously costly. it was hugely politically costly for the republicans. you will see a brief shutdown and that people like mitch mcconnell and john boehner will reassert themselves. host: could this planned parenthood issue be politically damaging to the democrats as well? guest: i don't think it has. immigrationues, where the national headlines are not really about what is the right way to salt lake obligated problem, they are about donald trump calling mexicans rapists and criminals my friends on the
7:54 am
other side of the aisle cannot resist the temptation to take this further than it needs to be taken. there's a lot of people who are anti-choice who are really upset. i get that. those are tough videos. half the people in this country are women and they are watching a bunch of guys who look like me in ties and suits, middle-aged white guys talking about their reproductive rights. that does a lot of damage politically. host: you have submitted an amendment to planned parenthood bill debated today. what is your amendment? we put the numbers on your screen if you want to participate in our conversation. flame admin says let's set aside this conflict we've had for a long time -- my amendment says let's outside this conflict. . happen to be pro-choice i have a lot of respect for people who see the world differently.
7:55 am
this is an issue of conscience and values and one week in -- one where we can disagree. with not cut out the funding until medical experts can look us in the eye and say if you cut off funds, you are not going to , you will notions see more women dying of breast cancer, you will not see more women dying of aids. once that is true, once we know that this act will not kill more women, let's let it through. if they succeed in cutting funding to planned parenthood that i will be respectful of those people -- more abortions will happen because fewer women will get access to birth control. and education and training. you will achieve the exact opposite if your objective -- there will be more abortions and more deaths from breast cancer
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and hiv. host: one more topic before we go to calls. this is on the front page of the -- what areournal your views? guest: i've been frustrated for a long time our strategy in syria. i would almost put that word in quotes because if you think about what we are doing, you saw the head of central command testified this week, we are trying to train through the department of defense so-called moderate rebels against the sod. ad.ass assad and isis are fighting each other. we are on both sides of a middle eastern civil war. we have not made a lot of progress. on and ieed to focus
7:57 am
making a bit of noise on this point, let's get at the root cause. let's get everybody who has swayed to the region, including putin, everybodymir currently in the region, let's give them the table and make an attempt to stop the civil war. thousands of people are dying in the mediterranean, showing up in hungry and serbia. we can talk about this refugee problem until we are blue in the face. we have to in there and stop the war. host: should we increase our quota? guest: the president has proposed 10,000 refugees in the country. i happen to believe that number is way too small. the nation of lebanon, the same size as my state of connecticut, has taken hundreds of thousands.
7:58 am
the idea that we cannot help more than that is a little miserly. host: carlo calling in from rockford, illinois. independent line. you are on with jim himes, democrat from connecticut. parenthoodut planned and all those arguing for the funding and shutting the government down, it seems like their main argument is that a crime was committed. people, whatto ask is the cost of procurements and transportation of that tissue? in order to claim there was a prophet been made, that $50 or whatever their monetary value was that they talked about on the videos has to be more than what the cost was. otherwise, there is no profit, no crime, no argument, in my opinion. host: any comment?
7:59 am
guest: carlo is exactly right. evidence out of a number of investigations that planned parenthood committed a crime here. they are reimbursed for the expenses, which are not inconsiderable, associated with donating fetal tissue. it has led to progress and cures against diseases. you can say that is wrong and that is a question of values and ethics. planned parenthood it appears committed no crime and under the laws of the united states of america, a woman has a right to an abortion and can exercise that right and the opponents who have a standpoint that i think
8:00 am
is legitimate even if i disagree are seizing on every possible opportunity as a practical, not a legal matter, to reduce the availability of reproductive services to women. to this whole planned parenthood thing, you see laws in states which are designed as a practical matter produce a number of clinics or woman can go to get an abortion and reduce the kind of education the might prevent a woman from getting pregnant in the first place all in the service of trying to reduce abortions. the problem is that if that succeeds, you are likely to wind abortions.e if women don't have access to planned parenthood, they don't have access to birth control or the kind of educational things that i think serve to reduce the total number of abortions in this country. host: here is eight feet that came in -- -- here is a tweet that came in.
8:01 am
i happen to disagree with that. whether it's all of the state roles that are putting in place to make it harder for a woman to get into a clinic that are focusing -- i will give you another example -- on the floor of the house today will be a bill that says an aborted fetus is alive subsequent to that abortion, that medical aid must be rendered. who disagrees with that? why are we talking about that? like a lot of medical procedures, this is not something you want to talk about over the breakfast table. tissue research has contributed to medical advances, the development of cures that are helping an awful lot of people. you can be squeamish about that
8:02 am
and you can oppose abortion. that is a respectable position i happen to disagree with. we should have the conversation and use the mechanisms of the law and the supreme court to revisit this. if you believe abortion is wrong, go back and revisit roe v wade. do not launch campaigns that will be counterproductive and lead to more abortions. [captions copyright national cable satellite corp. 2015] you can host:you can text in a comment print if you happen to send a text, if you could include your city and your first name that would be helpful. from katy,alling in texas on our republican line, good morning. morning, seven years of democrats as head of senate andnd the
8:03 am
there was a budget gap and you are sitting there talking like every thing has been perfect. you have not done anything. you spent more money than anybody i have ever seen. as a business person, i think it's absolutely crazy what you have done. goes, he the president has done a terrible job, i'm sorry. guess i agree with have of what you said. the congress has been dysfunctional and is not gotten a budget done. the only thing i would change is that you started by saying the democrats have had the house and senate for the last seven years and the republicans took control in 2010. it's been a republican congress since 2010 and a little later when the republicans took the senate. i could not agree with you more that the failure to produce a budget and the fact that we are probably going to see a government shutdown and the majority of the republican party , elements of it are calling for a shutdown in favor of planned
8:04 am
parenthood is beyond irresponsible. since 2010, the house of representatives has been run by the republicans. i'm with you, we should change that and try to make this institution more functional. park,robert in orland illinois, democrat, good morning. caller: good morning, c-span. i have a comment and question about the v.a.. i am very disappointed with the so-called customer service i v.a. while ae patient there. there has been a lot of talk about lives mattering. therding to what i heard in media, apparently 300,000 veterans have died while waiting for their v.a. i'm normally a democrat and i am interested in supporting ben carson for president because he is interested in abolishing the v.a. ononder if you would comment
8:05 am
the scandal at the v.a. recently and give me and other veterans and idea of what we as veterans can expect from the v.a. in the future. thank you for your comment. guest: you are absolutely right and this came to light a couple of years ago when it became evident that certain hospitals and parts of the v.a. or incompetent and corrupt. you ask what has happened. as our horrible a man as general shinseki was an as much as he searches country, think a lot of us arrived at the conclusion that on his watch, that things happened and now we have a new head of the v.a. a lot of senior managers at the v.a. have moved on. we are seeing progress in terms of building out the system and solve the problems.
8:06 am
this is a little spotty. we have had areas like in the southwest were the v.a. was beyond belief. in my own state of connecticut, the west haven v.a. struggles with a lot of volume and people coming in. the service is actually quite good. i just want to say that it's not the organization as a whole. it's certain elements and those elements were stressed by the fact that people don't realize the bulgeis causing in the python in terms of the demand for v.a. cypresses is the fact that our vietnam veterans are now reaching an age in their 60's and over where they need a lot of health care at the time that a lot of younger men and women are coming back with injuries and other traumas theciated with afghanistan and iraq war. you're good to remind us all of the need to stay focused on the v.a. but i think the direction
8:07 am
of things have turned the corner and we expect to see better service in the v.a.. 330 areaext from the code -- guest: i assume that means the interest rate. i'm not sure who that came from but in non-federal reserve terms, that's what they said yesterday. they said the uncertainty internationally has been translated into less demand for our goods and that was concerning. when you say less demand for our goods, you are seeing jobs for the people who make those goods. i think 330 area code is right. is whatgree with their i would say with respect to a jobs bill, where i come from, we
8:08 am
got highways that are falling apart and bridges falling down. we missed a huge opportunity in these last six years to make a major national commitment to an investment in our infrastructure. talk to any of the engineers, forget democrats and republicans, talk to engineers and they will tell you the bill that is coming at us is in the trillions of dollars. we had zero interest rate do and many people out of work and of congress could have seen its way to say we will do a program which will bring all of our highways and railways into the 21st century, we could have borrowed the money to do that at 0% and put millions of more people than we did back to work. -- we will dohis this and i hope we can bring the with af the congress little less planned parenthood at a little more railways and roadways. your financial
8:09 am
services hat and your former career at goldman sachs and tell do the markets respond negatively when the rates are kept at zero? guest: explaining financial markets -- if i was any good at this, i would probably be doing something different. mucht behavior is not so about the facts as it is how the expectations of what was going to happen in fact correlate to what happens. many times you will see a company report 25 cents per share profit and the stock goes down because their market expected 30%. there are people probably betting on a rate decrease. they might not have seen that. day to day market moves are not that important relative to the much longer term. host: what is the new democrat coalition that you are part of?
8:10 am
some 50t is a group of democrats. a lot of us have business experience and therefore we are very open-minded and like to encourage and think about what you do to help new and innovative businesses get started in this country. i had to summarize it, it would be the word innovation. what educational system, what infrastructure, what do we need to make sure the next google or microsoft or facebook or tesla -- that those world beating companies are here in the united states? we focus on things like immigration. what can we do to make sure every huge brain that will start the next intel is here and not in china or germany? i would call it a pragmatic policy oriented democratic organization. host: next call comes from kelly in rome, georgia, republican
8:11 am
line. caller: thank you for taking my call. i have three questions -- i just had one question -- it seems like a lot of the barack obama successes seem to be coming off of what people don't understand our republican giving him successes. , wouldr why democrats they oppose the trade deal? it's --not called race racists and bigots. whenever republicans oppose obama, we are called racist and bigots. we did not do it on policy. we did it because of his skin color. my next question would be about planned parenthood. i live in a county that offers 10 clinics that you're not perform abortions and offer services to women who are poor and cannot afford health services. if i am not mistaken, doesn't
8:12 am
freecare also now offer contraception? do you mean to tell me out of three different ways that contraception that abortion still needs to be offered in this country? no, if you need planned parenthood, they should only offer the services you say they should offer. if you need an abortion, let another company offered but those of us who are against it, we should not have to pay for it. every single one of these that ,hink you are for an abortion watch the women walkout. host: we believe that those two comments. guest: thank you. i don't think anybody, republican or democrat, is for abortion.
8:13 am
the question is, should a woman who chooses to end a pregnancy have the right to do so? that is a fair argument. i happen to think the answer to that question is yes. i happen to think that middle-aged men which make up most of the united states congress and most of the state legislators should be humble about telling women what they can and cannot do with their bodies. but i get it, this is a fair debate. nobody is pro-abortion. however, it is the law of the land. subsequent to roe versus wade in the 1970's, it is the law of the land that if a woman wants to have an abortion, she has a legal right to get it. you can disagree with that and work to change that law. that there are better ways to do it than shutting down the american economy. under the height
8:14 am
amendment, there is zero taxpayer dollars, it's a matter of law, to go into the performance of abortions. program, v.a. health care, the government does a lot of work in health care area. under the height amendment, it zero u.s. taxpayer dollars go to the performance of abortions. this comes down to what we think about the attempts to reduce, the practical attempts. make it impossible for a clinic to get started summer that performs abortions. legal and as is long as women want to exercise their legal right, i think it's wrong -- instead of trying to change that law to try to do things like get rid of planned parenthood a get rid of the -- or get rid of the clinics that do these things. if you disagree with abortion, i respect that point of view even if i don't agree. the taxpayer dollars to not know to the performance of abortions.
8:15 am
obamacare also has an exemption for churches. the catholic church, for example, and other religious institutions that oppose abortion, there was a workaround so the health insurance they offered would not go to pay even for birth control, forget about abortion and that would be obtained through a workaround that did not put the churches in the position of having to directly provide that people. from we have heard a lot the candidates running for president about tax reform. how would you reform the current system? not just the it's republicans for talking about tax reform. urgent foris everybody in all sorts of different ways. the tax code is about as inefficient and uncompetitive as it can be. it is way too long and way too complicated and incentivizes the
8:16 am
wrong thing. have hundredsns of billions of dollars trapped abroad because we have a high corporate tax rate. why not keep the money in ireland or elsewhere? riddled withlso exemptions and exclusions and credits that allow corporations as long as they have a big enough tax department, to bring that high corporate rate down. the answer in brief in my opinion is make the code a lot simpler. get rid of so much of the credits and adoptions in favor of a lower rate. many of the tax expenditures, the credits and deductions, most of those go to of the 1 the top/3 income distribution in this country. the wealthier. people are getting benefit of that complexity there are exceptions to that.
8:17 am
you have an inefficient code which is benefiting people who don't need the benefit as much as others. we should start from scratch and have a lower rate and less complexity in the code. that will make a lot of americans happy and make our businesses more competitive abroad. host: colleen from florida says -- what has happened to the irs scandal? we never heard a resolution. guest: i don't think there has been no resolution. the irs has been pretty badly beaten up over the last couple of years over what i think was in pretty irresponsible behavior in one of its units with respect about whichdgments political groups they scrutinized more than others. in the last couple of ways, the iris people have been and can -- in front of congressional panels testifying. i saw the chief of the irs yesterday in the capital.
8:18 am
the irs is getting squeezed badly. people are angry at the irs to cut their budget. this is a little counterproductive. you may not like the irs or like revenuet we need that for our resources and medicare and social security and high wages and for our schools and of you say we are angry at the irs will cut their budget, you don't need to be smart to know that that will result in less revenue collection and more fraud and less seven ability for that agency to be as good as they should be. host: bryan is in waldorf, maryland, and that line. caller: good morning. i think it's rich to listen to everyone on tv be shocked y that yellen didn't raise
8:19 am
interest rates. if you had a 0% mortgage, why would you want to raise your interest rate to 1% question mark what makes you think this woman will raise the amount of interest on her dad's question mark obama would never allow the interest rate to be increased on the people. he will not allow the banks to make more money on charging people more interest. the interest rate will not go up at minimum until after january 20 of 2017. there is no way that will take place. i heard you say something that you wanted to have more of the so-called refugees coming to this country. i take it you have no military knowledge at all. why would you want to allow an enemy which we are at war with come in free without a gun in their hand to invade our country to unleash 20,000 enemy troops into our country? why would you want to unleash
8:20 am
that on us? a woman does have a right to choose. if you do not want to get pregnant, keep your pants on. brian from waldorf, maryland. guest: of all the things you said, most of which i don't agree with, the one that troubles me most is that you would suggest that the refugees who are fleeing war zones and places like syria are the enemy. i don't know about you, but i've looked at the pictures of these people. they are bakers and policemen and firefighters from paces -- wereplaces like aleppo leaving war zones with their kids and getting shot at and just want to survive. these are refugees, not the enemy. my own tradition says you look after the least amongst us. your characterization of these people i could not disagree with more. this country was founded --'s
8:21 am
just south of me is a huge statue in new york harbor that says something that is part of our american values -- bring me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses. my family were, poor and tired and huddled masses so why would we turn we willnd say sorry, contravene the fate from tradition of many of us and needy people but we will change this country so that we slammed the door on people who need help coming from the rest of the world. i could not disagree more with the way you articulate that. obama has nothing to do with interest rates. the interest rates are set by the federal reserve. one of the strong points of this country apart from our traditional immigration stance is we have always isolated the interest rate decisions from the meddling of the president and the congress. what happened yesterday was a good example of one of the strengths this country has which is guys like me who may have an at 1600r guys who live
8:22 am
pennsylvania avenue don't get a vote. host: we appreciate your coming over and talking with our viewers. we will continue our discussion on congressional issues. up next, representative david bratt from virginia. he will be joining us in just a minute to continue this discussion. ♪ ♪ ♪ the c-span networks feature we console politics, books, and american history. saturday morning at 9:30 a.m. on c-span, we are live from manchester for the new hampshire democratic party convention. the speakers include five presidential candidates.
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representative dave brat, republican of virginia, you have been in congress about a year. how has your life changed? guest: pretty dramatically, being a professor was a nice life in a courtesy my kids and play tennis and go fishing once in a while but now that is hard. here, i are done promise to go to nine counties in the city and i'm up three weeks and have one week act with my constituents and i promise to go through nine counties and the city, and working all that and keep lee the family balance is tough. i asked for the job and i love it. i fields very meaningful. it's all worth it and i am enjoying the whole ride. host: do you see things differently being on the inside? guest: >> a little bit, i taught economics for eight years so you know roughly what to expect. people areitics, following the money.
8:26 am
place.u see how it takes i have been pleasantly surprised on the personal side were everyone has been gracious to me. i thought maybe there would be hard feelings. almost universally, everyone has been very gracious and giving me good advice and tips. i have super friendships up your already on both sides. i lift weights and the weight room in the morning and work out and we joke around in a bipartisan way but when it's voting time, the pressure comes down on you. host: as you well know, there are issues in congress and we will have our viewers participate. the house and senate leaders still lack a plan to avoid the shutdown. , that feel the house government should shut down because of the planned parenthood issue? guest: i think the premise is wrong. press asks in terms of a horse race. it's important to provide the
8:27 am
context. i came in exactly like this last year. it is almost calculated on the calendar when you will have a shutdown and when all this drama will break forth. then you will throw in -- we had acromnibus at the last minute. itwere on the cusp of having so not totally to blame on our side. this year, we are going through the same drama. you ask who is in charge of the shutdown. i am on the budget committee. i'm not in the room talking about shutdown decisions. who is in charge of united states budget right now? i asked the press and they don't know. barbara mikulski is in the room but i'm not in the room and i'm on the budget committee. a greatnd have
8:28 am
chairman, tom price did great work and we produced a budget that balances and 10 years. that has been summarily dismissed. it was voted yes but not a word after that everyone goes to appropriations. then the votes and senate votes on one and i call that the incumbent reduction zone in the senate because they don't vote too often a makes our life hard. the appropriations process is busted. hale rogers ago, said we need more flexibly on the budget and everyone knows what that means. the numbers will gun ago up not down. -- will go up, not down. we are hearing now that we will resolutiona team that gets us to maybe early december and then an omnibus and we will throw in the kitchen sink and representative tom cole who is a good friend at a smart guy knows what's going on in the
8:29 am
inside with leadership. he said before we went on recess that you should roughly expect we've got three tough votes coming up and we will pick the budget cap, increase the debt ceilin with no discipline attached, and we have to do something with this six-year transportation funding. how do you avoid taking three tough votes? throw them all into one. that's what i predicted before the recess. i'm on the record giving numerous town halls. i predicted this six months ago because it's on the calendar. plannednd of this, parenthood and these conservatives over here and it's false. this whole thing is constructed on the calendar ahead of time and you find a shiny object to blame on the budget process.
8:30 am
to break budget caps because they want to grow government. in economics, we have the virginia school, one of our noel laureates in economics jim buchanan who just passed away a year or so ago says the government is no different than you or me. we want to maximize happiness and firms want to maximize profit and government wants to maximize government revenue inside the government. it's no supplies that both sides are going to get together and break the budget cap. i also taught ethics for 18 years. missing,of that that's you spendn on all this good stuff? o, but we will pay for it. all of this is adding to the debt but that's already $19 trillion. it's going up to $13 per year in 19 years again. the deficit is going up so who is paying that bill? it's our kids. we are passing along and anemic ,conomy that's growing subpar
8:31 am
not 3%, 4% would be great but we are at 1.5%. the kids cannot find jobs. the unemployment rate for kids out of college his friend us. we're not scaling them up to work in a competitive international environment. we have some work to do. i kind ofnt shutdown, reject the whole narrative because it just focuses on the shiny little object. that's what some folks would like you to look at. look at the fundamentals. look at the debt, the deficits, d7 unfunded liabilities, 100 trillion dollars. most viewers don't know that in 10 years, all federal revenues will go to only the entitlement programs and interest on the debt. all federal revenue. this is the cbo, the boring guys pit go to their website.
8:32 am
all federal revenues going to only entitlement programs and the debt. we will have no money to run military and education and everything else. as an economist, i thought it's my moral obligation to get on this issue. i am hitting fairly hard and some of it is not being liked but i think it's reality. host: what is the political solution? in the short run, you cannot spend more than you have. every family and firm knows that. firms are firing a set of hiring because they cannot meet payroll. that's how the real world works. the only place it doesn't work is up here. our states even have balanced budgets. trim the spending a little bit in the short run but long run, everybody knows it's
8:33 am
the entitlement game. 2/3 of the pie is entitlement. that word or mandatory spending, 2/3 is entitlement mandatory spending and only 1/3 is discretionary so the budget committee only gets to deal with that. budget will entire be mandatory spending. there'll not be in discretionary spending whatsoever unless you deficit spend the whole government. if we get to that, we are greece. you come up on that and you are greece so we have to prevent that and you want to reform these programs. programs were designed when the average death age was 65 so they were designed to
8:34 am
break even. that makes sense so that is great. people live to 83 and we have not change the law. any third-grader can do the math on this. that's why they are insolvent. good to medicare and social security and your board of trustees report. we are insolvent by 2030 or so. that is severe pain for somebody in the future. everybody now is fine but get ae in the future will 30% reduction in benefits by some estimates to those programs if you don't fix them. -- some smart far folks like paul ryan working in the background working on something. i can't wait to find it what it is but we need major reforms, not just weeks to inflation indexes. you hear clever stuff out of d.c. you've got to get the economy going full speed again and increase the ages and look at means testing and go all in. if you talk to the experts and
8:35 am
do all of that you still can't solve the problem, at a minimum, you have to get moving down that road. host: what do you think of the leadership of john boehner in the past year? usst: i would like to see take a stronger stand on these kind of things. we were promised regular order as republicans and our leadership said that. cromnibus andhe that funded the unconstitutional amnesty. president obama said he does not have a constitutional of authority and i voted no on it. voteno on a rule and never vote last. my first week, i vote against a rule and i vote last.
8:36 am
i'm watching the real workhorse trading. somethingp funding that was unconstitutional. our leadership said we will fight tooth and nail. , maybe the first round not the first, but a round of extreme executive overreach. presidential powers. . the entire year, that has continuedepa overreach, i talked to the farmers and ranchers. they can't do it. the cannot run their business. one guy runs a small marina asked if in 200,000 dollars of underground water tanks for water runoff. it hurts the business. then you get the iran deal, another executive decision out of the president. it should have been a treaty and should have had a 2/3 vote in the senate. i voted no on that and that is
8:37 am
going down the wrong road. the constitution says any treaty required see senate2/3 vote. the iran deal went through because he only needed 1/3 of the senate. our leadership has said we will fight and then planned parenthood, we got these horrendous videos out that no one can even watch and think through what that is. the human mind recoils from having to picture that. we are not winning so i am not happy with leadership. we did not fight, we did not win , my district set me up to score has points in the country donald trump and ben carson over 55%.
8:38 am
on the left you have bernie and other outsiders. the country wants to see some change. i hope we get it right. we will see. with the budget deal coming up, this trifecta, if we bust the caps and raise the debt ceiling and throw a bunch of programs in without paying for it, the american people will say what are you guys doing. host: those votes should take place on september 29 and 30? guest: yes, we will probably do some sort of cr to give us more time. it gives you more time to back into a christmas holiday when the pressure is to get out of town. you can just see the drama coming. cr hopefully is not that controversial but the end product, the whole nation will figure that out and do the math and everyone is doing the math now.
8:39 am
blogs inee it on the the news outlets and they are infinite and people are paying attention to the political process. that is what's changing. tory, and ashland, new york is our first caller. asker: hello, i wanted to about the budget. with the planned parenthood and government shutdown, is this attached to the national defense fund? usually it is. reason why they don't shut the government down and both that way. i would like to bring up the entitlements. securitynts are social which a lot of people pay into. they depend on that.
8:40 am
that is something the government was never supposed to touch. yes, they should raise the age limit because people are living longer. at the same time, they throw in the threats to the people on disability or social security disability that they will shut the government down and not get their paycheck. it just gets back to the first point -- what is in that bill that's attached to planned parenthood? that's the so-called focal point right now. range ofanks for the questions. your question shows the connectedness of all of these issues. unfortunately, a lot of these connectionsthese between military spending and controversial votes, they are called must pass. if you're a clever legislator, in order to get your way, you
8:41 am
attach something you want to get through to the budget on a must pass vote. that's what is making everyone cynical up here. we should just be in regular order debating the controversial issues and budget issues and social security issues. the trust funds should not be theangstnd i can hear in your voice over disability benefits and that is the true crisis that's coming. the representative before me and you want to take care of the least of these. if you are wasting money, that is the tragedy. the money will not be there for the folks who really do need it. i've got people coming up on all sorts of tragic cases, folks with severe ms are in the office and we want to fund research on that. we had a cures act. i put in an amendment on that
8:42 am
and you would have thought heaven and earth was shaken up. our site created a new mandatory program and i did not like that. they are $127 trillion short already. i said let's put in the budget and put it at the top. i attack have thought something good. we need to prioritize. i'm used to thinking about things like this. you have to think things through and put before the american people and prioritize and then the things at the bottom don't get funded. budget't do this gimmickry with the must pass stuff. thank you. dave brat has a masters of divinity from princeton theological seminary and a phd
8:43 am
in economics american university. the next call comes from don in taylor, michigan, independent line. caller: i want to thank c-span. sir, if we knew the constitution, this planned parenthood would be no issue. let god be the judge on that. you have no right to tell anyone what they can do with her body. work 100 days out of the year. that is a waste of money. congress and the senate. bernie sanders only works 200 hours print he never got rich being in the senate. he's been there for 30 years. look behind you and look at the capital. everything says we the people and not metal cage represents fascism in this country now.
8:44 am
that's what's destroying this country. nobody will say it. host: i think we got the point. guest: thanks for the call. you started off with planned parenthood and religion and autonomy for people, individual rights, rights to privacy -- all of those are usually important issues now. i think we are at a crossroads. i went to princeton seminary for 13 years and did my phd in economics and of been trying to put those two together. people laugh because they think it's a joke trying to put economics and ethics together in d.c. the representative before me was talkingicut about the european migration problem and said we have this system,ng moral value
8:45 am
the judeo-christian system. that we gotting through 200 years in this country without reaching this point but we are there now because government is growing so much. there is a clash of values that is reaching a focus point. judge andt god be the some people say you cannot legislate morality. of course we do every day. jail and who goes to what morality gets enacted in what's funded and what's not. morality always comes up on the welfare side or entitlement side , taking care of the least amongst of these. you are coercing other people to be the bill for that. we are forcing our values every day.
8:46 am
that the big moral judgment. to say that the government is not in the business of morality at all, i don't agree with that. we are in the middle of that. andre having that issue have all sorts of constitutional challenges with a couple of supreme court decisions a few weeks back that are hugely controversial. i think the value discussion is coming. in k-12 are not taught ethics. i took it for 18 years and there's no such thing. there are different kinds of ethics. they are competing systems because they disagree. that is the challenge when you live in a secular society and you had to teach the kids. which system do you teach? what is true? that conversation is coming to a head. business no way around a because we will be dealing with this and we have to some moral consensus going forward. i will leave it at that. host: patrick in upper marlboro,
8:47 am
maryland has a text -- the representative failed the integrity test when he failed to list government giveaways to big corporations and tax cuts to the rich. guest: who, me? what is he referring to question mark host: when we were talking about the budget. sometimes i miss the obvious but that's what i ran on. is integrity to something. iran on six principles in virginia. we have the virginia republic created similar to the national credo as well. the feedback has been very positive and some people disagree with me but that's ok. some people say i'm one of the few would that have dealt with
8:48 am
what i promised. i promote fiscal responsibility and equal treatment under the rule of law for everybody. defense andnal lastly, faith in god required for strong moral fiber. i have tried to live out those principles and implement those principles. i think i am holding top with integrity but if you want to be harder, that's ok. what about support for the export import bank? did you vote against extending that? guest: yeah. host: are you please it went away? xim is no longer with us but there is a push to bring it back. xim violates a bunch of principle so i am against it. i don't is willy-nilly boat.
8:49 am
vote. market founder of free economics together with james madison from virginia. he also went to princeton cemetery. -- seminary. i don't think am that much of an enigma when you adam smith and james madison together. you can forecast my vote. they would not have been in favor of a special government entity for subsidized loans to the riches banks and the richest corporations. that violates so many principles. my first principle is the free market system and that is not free market. if the bank is such a good thing, privatize it. if they are making money, privatize it. equal treatment under the law for all people. do you get subsidized loans from the government at low rates? no.
8:50 am
it violates that principle. where out of control up here. we're talking about prioritizing. i don't because the priority. i can go on and on. host: you have been here one year. and you had lobbyists interest groups come by and want to hold fundraisers for you? no, that's not a regular occurrence because i have these principles. i tell everybody that i meet to just cut to the chase. i don't like doing the dance. just ask me what you want. if it's in line with my values and principles, i will say yes. i want to do the right thing for the country if it's in the best interest of the country going forward. if it's not come i will tell you right now. it's usually that simple. everybody. with lobbyists are not the bad thing.
8:51 am
hiss madison, constitutional architecture is you want to lot of small competing entities. you want a lot of factions fighting against each other. the lobbyists are doing their job and representing different groups. groupe caveat is the one that i have noticed that does not have a lobbyist is young people, the next generation. everybody is up your making deals for themselves in the madison architecture. every faction should be represented in the kids are not. we are throwing the debt on them so i am trying to represent them. that was one of my promises so i pledged to do that. i hope we get to that some way. host: have you had a conversation with eric cantor recently? guest: no, not at all. host: tony from indianapolis, democrat, you are on the air. [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit] caller: my comment is about the refugees from syria. no one ever talks about saudi arabia.
8:52 am
we did not need to take in any of them. a lot of them are single man. men. i watch everything. families, said, the the refugees that are over there letting there families and but the single men the single many to be taken back to saudi arabia -- i mean syria and fight for their own country. host: thank you. guest: thank you, it is interesting. there are several subgroups in the oil-producing world in the middle east and there are few of those countries if any who are taking a significant number of refugees. you have a valid point.
8:53 am
the american people on a whole range of issues are tightening their belts buckle on the budget and asking about our structure in the resources supporting the rest of the world. i kind of -- i worked for the world bank in grad school 20 years ago or so. the foundational reasons we arrive here, if you would follow adam smith and james madison, you would not be here. my whole life is devoted to spreading free markets and the rule of law across the world. left does not like free markets too much. they recoil at capitalism and these kind of things as if human nature changes radically from society to society. every human nature is the same everywhere.
8:54 am
if you want to help the poor, the free market system is the only game in town. the evidence is overwhelming on that. when i started to teach economics to two years ago at randolph macon, the chinese and indians were making about $1000 per capita per year. now the chinese are up to about eight or $9,000 per capita and the indians are up to six or seven. they are moving toward the free market system. their societies have chosen that. they are bringing 2.5 billion people, a huge fraction of the world, out of poverty from subsistence and caloric intake up to providing education and health care and electricity, the basic goods everybody wants. there is no disagreement there. the data is clear. under a top-down system of
8:55 am
government, every nation in the history of humanity has failed. up until 1800, there was no economic growth. and then boom, due to the free market it has grown. if the left is concerned about the poor and concerned about migration wherever the poor coming from, they are coming to the rich. they're coming to the u.s. and germany. if you want to solve this, there is a solution. i should every day while i was teaching and while i'm up here. i think we have to get back to basics. you want to help people miss short-term as best you can but i think we can help the folks where they are with foodstuff in these kind of things and get them through a hard spot. they encourage the other countries to do their share. the u.s. cannot do it all. host: here is a speech from married -- -- here is a t tweet from married. guest: i'm not known for
8:56 am
dancing. host: because you are working any collaborative secular government. i hope you mean i'm not playing the game. my conservative review a+.recard, i am an when you come up the first year, you have a light switch on and off when you go 100% leadership or you don't. i didn't. we always refer to this team, i say if there is a team, let me know when we scrimmage so i can be in on it. i'm a team guy. i love sports. go alongnot going to with a secular, nebulous game. don't worry about that. keep your eye on me. i will stay true. host: have the appropriations
8:57 am
and budget committees and processes been neutered with the continuing resolutions? , i am taking it out on my own party a little bit. prior to that when the democrats had the senate, they would not produce any budgets and the resident would not produce any budget. we are doing a much better job. at least we produced a budget document in our budget committee. that is a net improvement. the whole process is neutered and the american people are not paying enough attention and holding enough of us accountable. if all the numbers are moving in the wrong direction constantly which they are, from a macro economic standpoint, we need to change course quickly and we are not. there is the production in this city that everything goes up -- there is the presumption in the
8:58 am
city that every thing goes up because the world is more complex. the military and everything, there are hard decisions to make. on top of that, you have cyber threats. that takes some smart mines and a lot of resources. you areplex world, still funding the old thing and the new threats you have to look at. there is constant pressure to always go up. when you go up in government spending, you go down in private sector spending. the goldenowing down goose, the economy itself. if you heard that, all bets are off. virginial in fairfax, -- what will it take to go to zero-based budgeting? guest: a miracle. you are making weight much sense. -- way too much sense. everyone should want to start from scratch and explain the
8:59 am
basis for everything on a yearly basis. i would be a huge fan of that. unfortunately, there are 12 appropriation bills and they are territorial so it's very hard. within those, there are programs and everyone one of those programs are territorial and they have interest groups fighting for their continued existence. yes, i am with you on the logic and i'm doing everything we can to move in that direction. host: are you running for reelection? guest: oh, sure, absolutely. i give myself 12 years. i think that is important in terms of the light switch. have a term limit of of years, your whole life is not aimed at being chairman of a committee in building up the nexus of power in d.c. i think it keeps you more honest and your responsibility is to your voters and constituents.
9:00 am
i have signed on to every term limit bill i can sign on to. i think that's the most important single thing you can do appear to improve the structure of things. from dave brat, republican virginia, knocked off eric cantor in the primary last year, first time on "washington journal," please come back. guest: absolutely. host: the house is going into session so we don't have a two hour show this morning and we will take you to the house and they are of voting and working on 2 bills that defund planned and the born alive abortion survivors protection act. those are the two bills. do you support the nexus of these bills? guest: yeah, i on the pro-life side. my dad was a doctorate my mom a nurse and my brother is a neuropathic. on global warming and all this stuff, i follow the science. t'


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