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tv   Washington Journal  CSPAN  September 20, 2015 7:00am-7:21am EDT

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they discuss a new census report on u.s. income and health insurance coverage. plus, your phone calls, facebook comments and tweets. washington journal is next. ♪ good morning. ands the start of a busy historic week in our nations capital. on tuesday, the president of the first lady will welcome pope francis to washington, d.c. with a formal welcoming ceremony on the south lawn on wednesday morning, followed with thursday, the first time ever, a speech before the joint congress by the holy father. heads tothen h heads new york city and philadelphia.
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the president also has a meeting with the chinese president. i will take place on friday. we will begin with pope francis and this question, what impact has he had on public policy, and potentially, what impact will his visit have on u.s. public policy? we are dividing our phone lines between democrats, republicans, and independents. (202) 748-8000, democrats. (202) 748-8001, republicans. if you are an independent, (202) 745-8002. also, you can join us on facebook, or send us a tweet at @cspanwj. morning to you. thank you it much for being with us. you might imagine, here in washington, and in many headlines around the country, a preview of pope francis, who is in cuba.his weekend this is the first time ever that inside ofis sets foot
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the united states. it will be a historic visit. coversulliam bailey religion for "the washington post," and she is joining us live on the phone. let's first talk about the catholic church and what this represents for catholic america. this is a huge visit, as you said. pope francis has a packed schedule. not only is he talking to congress, he is talking to the u.n., he is going to a prison. he is expected to meet with immigrants, the homeless. moment, after we predict a lot of attention drawn to him. he has been a very popular hope. not everyone agrees with him on every issue, but he is very popular. host: let me share with our
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audience part of what is written "washingtoning's post." largely -- thees 's focus is largely on the areas where there's more agreement among many american catholics. a poll finding that the catholics who attend mass frequently -- infrequently are more likely to sense a change in church policies. guest: what we understand is catholics who attend mass on a regular basis, they tend to already hold similar views as church teachings. more likely to oppose abortion,
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same-sex marriage. it is those who are either churchfrom the catholic or interested in the catholic church, who are less likely to be in line with the church on those issues. they also might be more attracted to pope francis. itis time -- has not been very long, two years -- we have not seen a huge , in terms of people suddenly flooding back to the pews because they love him so much. sometimes it takes time, it is hard to know if it will have any impact on either pew attendance or any political influence. francisdo know is pope has really elevated issues including climate change.
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on june, he said that based on science, humans are causing climate change. a huge document, 200 something pages. not that the catholic church has discussed the environment, but he has made it a huge issue for the church, and we expect that to come up during his trip this week. host: one of a number of tweets from pope francis. this is from july. he said the following, "stop ruining the garden which god has entrusted to us so that all may enjoy it. a congressman from arizona is actually boycotting the speech before congress because of his you on climate change. he says that he should keep his personal views out of politics,
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if you will, or official church teaching. i think that is one of the issues that here in america, for various reasons, climate change has become so critical. in the rest the world, it is perceived a little differently. that is one of the issues we will be watching, if he talks about it, how he talks about it, what will the candidates do. ll jeb bush, who has , do somethinglf similar when he attends one of the masses that the pope holds? host: let's quickly talk about the holy father schedule here in washington, d.c. he does arrive on tuesday afternoon. he will travel to the white house on wednesday morning. he will also travel to the
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basilica. he will be on capitol hill, st. patrick's church, and the cathedral of saint matthew, which is also located in northwest washington. this talk about the speech before congress on thursday. what else you expect him to say anderms of his teachings what impact it may have on american public policy, if any? guest: it is really tricky to predict pope francis. we have been told time and again that he often will show up and an event and say, i have made these prepared remarks, you can read them later, here is -- i will talk from my heart. i kind of doubt he will do that in congress, i could be wrong. i feel like with this sort of official statehood thing, he would not go off script. we know he was beginning this in this particular instance, but most of the church he will speak in spanish. .t is hard to say
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we have guesses. we think the environment could ,ome up, religious freedom abortion could come up. thingthe interesting about the pope. it is really hard to predict whether he goes off the cuff or if you feels he needs to address certain things. justice, we think he may talk about that this week. time inpends the congress, it is really unclear. how it will affect politics, some people are saying it might a littlehe democrats more than the republicans just because the topics that he tends to focus on tend to be also issues that democrats focus on -- not entirely, but some people are predicting a could benefit them a little more. he is also, at the end of his world meetingg a
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of families, which is a more theological, rather than political, gathering of more traditional families. a mother-father traditional mindset that the church promotes. hen he gets to philadelphia, it could be seen as more conservative, more traditional, in line with what we may think of as the catholic church. host: one final point. "the washington post" has been together a very neat map and chart looking at the papal travels, dating back to john trips., who had 209 paul the six had only 19. you can see where the popes have travel dating back to the
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1960's. how did you put this together? guest: our graphics team is amazing. today we will have one on different global bills -- pop emobiles. we have a huge number of pieces .e have put out for this trip we have done quite a bit of research and talk to experts for this visit. i think it is interesting. this is the first trip to the u.s. pope, he has never been here before. it is good to put this in context. for people to think that america is the center of the world, but then you realize that pope francis has never been here ever and there's only other countries that popes have gone to -- china, asia, south america, these other areas of the world that have been so important to the catholic
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church. host: sarah bailey, who covers religion for the "washington post," her work available online with a preview of the holy father's trip to washington, d.c. this week. thank you very much for being with us. we will follow your reporting as the week proceeds. what do you think about the pope's impact on public policy? the phone lines are open. we will begin with ed, joining us from georgia. good morning. caller: good morning. i have been a catholic all my life. pope.uite upset with this he has one message for cuba, and a different message for us. as far as him talking about immigrants, the united states takes in more than 40% -- 40 times more immigrants than the popes home country of argentina.
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his message is too political. he is too political. he has turned me off. i'm starting to reconsider not ever be involved again in the catholic church. host: one specific issue that has really turned you off, what is it? caller: are teachings in the catholic church -- we try to take god with us wherever we go, and whatever we do. this pope is not giving up message. instead, like is that, he is too political. he does not believe god is protecting the earth. he thinks that man is destroying the earth. he is too political for me. i'm not real happy with this pope. host: thanks for the call. you can check up the schedule on our website at of course, we will have live coverage of the joint meeting of congress, getting underway on thursday morning, as the pope are just as both democrats and republicans, members of the house and the senate.
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, who says, i hope that the very least the congress pope'sled by the presence, even though he would not want that. the third and final stop of the , the final touches on his overnight stop on the pilgrimage. good morning. caller: good morning. i completely concur with the first person. well spoken. understands the middle ages, how corrupt the catholic church -- i don't want to offend any catholics. i understand and respect their faith. the corruption of the catholic church -- i was raised in the lutheran church and grew away from organized religion, but martin luther spoke out about
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corruption in the church. there is no way that this pope should use his leverage and try to influence political decisions that are made in this country. is global main things warming, climate change. can haveand that man influence on the environment, and i agree, we should try to protect the environment, but it is a political hoax put out by the lefties and the democrats. i believe in science. thatu have science challenges the current theory on climate change, you are a denier. i'm tired of the nonsense. tweet, at thethis very least, i hope the congress
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is humbled by the pope's presence, even though he would not want that. we're getting your thoughts on visit.e's we will have live coverage on wednesday at 8:45 eastern time. will address the united nations. then, the family conference in philadelphia. kenny, good morning. caller: good morning, steve. it is quite an of lightning -- an enlightenement occasion for the pope to come here, and cuba will address the united nations. then, the family conference in philadelphia. kenny, good morning. .too the topics that he has spoken out on, more than any issues that you are seeing from the political spectrum now, as far -- thefuture elections
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andmma of the environment the military aspects of the that seems to be, from the conservative point of view, on the bottom letter of concern for the public. . there was a term back in world war ii about shot in the cage sm.militarie i look at it as militarism, the environment, and pollution. those are basic things that affect us all. host: thank you for the call. this is another viewer who says, the pope should share the vatican wealth.
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there is a piece this morning inside "the washington post" that says the following.
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host: this piece available in the op-ed page of "the washington post." taxes,om el paso, republican line. caller: yes. i'm a conservative republican. . attend church every day i just attended a dinner here with the roman catholic diocese here in el paso to raise money for scholarships. i believe the pope is focusing on the wrong ideals. his eyes are turning away from the genocide going on in the middle east and the dist destruction of christianity in the middle east and the .ersecution, not just their everywhere.etnam, the wrong issues, just like
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global warming, like our president. i believe he is on the wrong issues. at this time, you cannot look away from 250,000 lives taken away in the middle east. then, with the muslims invaded europe, this will end christianity in europe. thank you. host: thank you very much for the call. from the front page of the francisfree press," live in america, a rockstar pope . (202) 748-8000 for democrats. (202) 748-8001 for republicans. you can send us a tweet, @cspanwj. or, send us an e-mail, rick is up next from florida. go ahead. caller: good morning, sir. comment just on
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your first to callers this morning, you know, when i was taught -- i'm a catholic -- i was taught that we should be humble servants of the lord and there's only one judge. we are not to be the judge. st. peter will be doing that when we reach our time. so-callednk is these evangelicals and religious people really need to get off the cross. you know what, the cold weather is coming, and the poor people need the wood. you go and stand in a church on sunday and wednesday night, it does not make you a christian any more than if i go and stand in my garage wednesday and sunday night. the only problem we have is that anymore.e not humble they want to be the judgment to once. they will have to pay th


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