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tv   Donald Trump Town Hall in Columbia South Carolina  CSPAN  September 26, 2015 12:09pm-1:03pm EDT

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so many wonderful people stepped up to support our campaign. we are very thankful for the outstanding volunteers and excellent staff who helped us drop the campaign. you will have been like family to us. speaking of family come i want to thank my wife who has been a sensend error to amazing -- and our two amazing sons. i want to thank my parents and my brother and my family and friends for the love and support. most of all, i want to thank god. beenor lose, it has always more than us. thank you. , it is always been more than us. thank you. [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit] [captions copyright national cable satellite corp. 2015] >> all campaign long, c-span takes you on the road to the white house.
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unfiltered access to the candidates at town hall meetings , news conferences, rallies and speeches. taking your comments on twitter, facebook and by phone. every campaign event we cover is available on our website at on wednesday, 2016 republican presidential candidate donald trump spoken at townhall event hosted by tim scott and clubby appeared this is just under one hour. -- hosted by tim scott in columbia. this is just under one hour. [applause] tim scott: thank you. goodness gracious. , i would like to say that i have grown proud, but
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goodness gracious. [applause] donald trump: i see a whole lot of trump out there. -- tim scott: i see a whole lot of trump out there. a whole lot of trump out there. [applause] tim scott: we will have a good night tonight. i'm excited about tonight i'm excited about the fact that we have amazing people working for the united states residency. -- presidency. we have attracted to our party energy and enthusiasm. a lot of young people in the audience today. [applause] .im scott: i love it i went to two high schools recently. the first two questions -- when you are in high school, you rarely have political questions. two of the first questions i received a few weeks ago was
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about donald trump. factally knew that come in , young people are being attracted to the political conversation because of the quality and strength of our candidates and donald trump is bringing a lot of those. [applause] tim scott: look around over there. i'm excited about tonight and i know you're excited about tonight. i want to stop talking and introduce my special guest tonight. here is a guy who started in middle america, who worked his way through his family business, took it over and added a little steroid stew it. -- steroids to it. [laughter] tim scott: here is a person who understands is this. would you agree? -- who understands business.
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[applause] tim scott: here's a guy who brings an independent perspective to the political process. why don't we welcome to the stage, donald trump. [applause] donald trump: thank you so much. good man. thank you, tim. thank you. had an amazing day. i was in a different part of the state and we had some incredible people. i love the people of south carolina. [applause] donald trump: i have to show you
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-- just to tell you about the press. was i one of your first supporters ever? before he became this big shot. we are proud of tim. [applause] we just got these poll numbers. doing great in south carolina. 39%. [applause] second is 20 and then they go down to 11. we are doing pretty well. if we can go into the election to mara -- in some countries, you can call for the election. let's do it. one of the other things i was planning to tim -- explaining to tim, the big headline in florida, rubio, who has the highest in the entire senate --
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he missed more days than anybody in the senate. rubio passes bush in florida. this is the headline. people are happy about that. rubio passes bush in florida poll. that's too bad. that is your headline. i read the story, donald trump is leading 31.5 percent. can you believe it? [applause] rubio at 19.2 and bush at 11.3. they don't even put me in the headline and i'm crushing it. very dishonest. not all of it, but much of it. it's an honor to be here. tim asked me to be. he is a special person. anytime he wants me to come to south carolina, i'm here. [applause] donald trump: i mean it. he will grill me now.
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am i supposed to make a speech? no, this is question and i like that better. -- this is question and answer. i like that better. thank you all very much. [applause] tim scott: it's always exciting to have a celebrity with us. i have my most important celebrity sitting in the front row. my mom is here with us. donald trump: beautiful. [applause] donald trump: she did a good job. look at this guy. tim scott: as you know, the way this works, i ask the questions from the audience members. they committed questions. my goal is to make sure we get through as many of these have possible. we are looking for thorough answers. we start with a question from
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samantha bailey. , when you immigration look at the challenges we face in this country, what would be three other priorities that you would have? donald trump: we have to get rid of some of the debt. we are up to $19 trillion. we have a country in serious trouble. [applause] donald trump: i want to get rid of obamacare. we want to repeal it. [applause] donald trump: we want to replace it with something terrific and we have a lot of options. your premiums are going through the roof. right? one person said 55%. the third thing can be the military. we want to build up the military. i say it all the time. it will be my strength. everyone says jobs will be my strength.
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cnn did a poll i was through the roof with jobs and leadership. a little bit less when it came to personality. can you believe it? [laughter] donald trump: we have to win. the other thing that is so important is the military. very important is taking care of our pets. -- our vets. [applause] donald trump: our vets are treated like third class citizens. in manygal immigrants cases, you go to california, they are getting drivers licenses, being taken care of better than a veterans. that will not happen if i went. -- if i win. [applause] tim scott: so many people have had the same question. immigration -- securing our borders is one of your top priorities.
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go into depth about how you would secure the border. what do you think about our legal immigration problem? donald trump: good. this is one of my favorite questions. when i announced three months ago that i was running, i made statements and everyone thought it was wonderful. a week later, rush limbaugh said nobody has ever received so much incoming. that means the press. i run of illegal immigration. it turned out i was right. you have somebody problems with crime and so much -- kate in san francisco was such a shame, shot in the back five times, six times. , you have a woman two weeks ago in california who was 66-year-old veteran raped, sodomized and killed by the illegal immigrant.
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you have thousands of these cases. it's a horrible problem. you have drugs flowing across the border and money flowing out. we get the drugs, they get the money. tim is bringing that up as the second question. a lot of times come is the first question. if i were not in this campaign sitting in york doing nothing right now but which would be we want to make america great again. [applause] run,d trump: if i did not you would not be asking me to question because it was a question that nobody was even thinking about. nobody was even thinking about. [applause] donald trump: i've watched these politicians, they are all talk, no action, nothing would ever happen. we will have a strong quarter, a that will come in at the
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right cost and mexico will pay for the wall. believe me. [applause] donald trump: just to finish, i love mexico my love mexican people. the mexican leadership is too smart for our leadership. they are cunning, sharp, smart. we have people who don't know what they are doing and we will have people, great negotiators that know what they are doing and we will make fair deals. i was telling him before, what is the trade deficit with mexico. $45 billion. we can get them to pay for it believe me. what is the trade deficit with china? billion.00 what is the deficit with japan? almost $70 billion. are we crazy?
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that will not happen with trump. believe me. [applause] jim is with us. over here. jim has a question about energy. we are experiencing some low oil prices. for the average person in the country, especially those living in party, their energy costs represent 25% of their paycheck. the question is, what would you do as our president to manage our energy as a nation to make sure that we have responsible prices and that the average person in this country thinks less about the price of oil? donald trump: we can be the energy capital of the world. we have so much new technology. we had no idea we were sitting
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on the kinds of resources we are actually on. --h proper work and proper that is whatple -- will turn out to be true. we had a case where thousands, hundreds of ships were out in the sea with so much oil -- opec is being broken up. things can happen that will be great with respect to energy. the people that really bear the brunt of energy and energy costs are the poor people. i've heard numbers that it's 25%. we will get energy prices down even further. the oil companies will not be thrilled. lots of people won't be thrilled in that business. energy should be coming down a lot further and i think it will. [applause]
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barry walker and scott williams had similar questions. next thursday, you are coming up with your plan from an economic perspective. if you were to give us a glimpse of what we can expect from trump in the white house, reviving jobs in america, what would that look like? donald trump: my whole life, i've been working -- i build a truly great company. so many great assets. many, many iconic and wonderful assets. i build a network over $10 million with tremendous cash flow and little that. that's $10 billion with tremendous cash flow and little debt.
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you need the american drink or do talk about this all the time. -- you need the american dream. the american dream is dead. they always cut me off. we will make it bigger and better and stronger than ever before. my wife comes home upset. what is wrong? you should not say the american dream is dead. that is too harsh. but i did not say that. they make a dream is dead but we will make it bigger and better and stronger than ever before. . turn on the television they have trump "the american dream is dead." i get cut. terrible. we will make the american dream -- we will bring it back. so that people can really dream again. i have so many people saying you cannot do this anymore. you cannot build these great companies anymore.
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you can even build small businesses because of regulation. you look at the regulations that you have to go through to even put up a house. 75% of therid of regulations. [applause] donald trump: in many ways, more than that. we will bring the american dream back to this country. we will create jobs because we will take them back from china and take them back from japan. we will get along with china and japan. we don't have our negotiators. we have people who are political hacks, people that give contributions and get jobs in the government. i'm self funding. [applause] people come and want to get millions of dollars to my campaign and dies am not taking it -- and i say i'm not taking it.
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i feel a bit foolish. i'm the only one self funding. all these other people -- these pacs, it's ridiculous. they are controlling the politicians. [applause] donald trump: i think it's horrible. --ple are putting out money i have all these ads against me. the candidate does not know about it. yeah, right. they put their best friend in charge of the pac and they never speak? it's disgraceful and they are breaking the laws. are controlling everything and the people who contribute to the pacs are on a razor edge. the candidates are being controlled by the pacs. i'm self funding.
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when i fly here, i'm paying for it 100%. that's the way it is. [applause] donald trump: i do say one thing. a woman contribute $7.40. i have people who do contribute. the worst thing i can do is send .ack small amounts of money we except small amounts of money because they are investing in the campaign. they are investing for the good of the country. they are not investing millions of dollars. giving 200-500 if i send back those checks, that's insulting. the people who get millions of dollars -- nobody knows the system better than i do. from a point of
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advantage. the system is a top system. when somebody's giving millions and alars to a politician politician is in office and they want something done, they are not thinking about the good of the country. they are thinking about the good of that donor. [applause] donald trump: i'm the only person running that self-funded and that's the way want to keep it. [applause] tim scott: as you look at our so-calledlicy, the red line in syria, leading from behind has contributed to the syrian refugee challenge that we have.
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syrianld you address the refugee issue? donald trump: this is interesting because i know a lot about syria. i have a good chance -- based on all the polling, i have a good --nce of winning, i hate can you imagine general patton come in the case of syria -- you have syria, you have russia going to syria. you have russia wanting to fight isis. let them fight isis. they don't want ice is coming into russia. the have an obligation to fight them. as much or more than we do. syria is our enemy. isis is our enemy. they want to play together. we are bombing syria weak ly.
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assad is saying these people are the nicest people in the world. they are knocking out our enemy. isis, let them fight aside. russia, let them fight isis. we will take care of iraq. in 2003-2004, i was totally against going -- i'm the most militaristic person in this room. i can have a military so strong that nobody will mess with us. [applause] donald trump: you have to know when to use it and when not to use it. we went into iraq and i said in 2004, don't go into iraq. were theiran and iraq same in terms of strength. for years and years and years, they fight. they counter each other. now, we've not the hell out of
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iraq and iran is taking over. pick up reuters 2004. i said the following. if you destroy iraq, which we -- they are talking to iran. could be a merger. we spent $2 trillion, thousands and woundedt warriors who i love all over the place and we have nothing. we have absolutely nothing. , you willthis to iraq destabilize the middle east and iran will take over iraq. isis has taken over the leftovers. that's what we have. aces came out of iraq. -- isis came out of iraq.
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i don't want the enemy to know. somebody wrote an article about me and one of my opponents said donald trump is totally unpredictable. it was meant to be a compliment. because i beat them on something. i love to win. [applause] donald trump: they said he is a totally unpredictable person. that is a great complement. you want to be unpredictable. you don't want to be telling him tonight, i go here and there. let them not know what you are going to do. don't you think so? [applause] donald trump: then come i get these lightweights like rubio who says trump foreign policy. i don't want to tell too much. -- who says trump doesn't talk about foreign policy. he misses most of the votes.
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he sits in the senate and listens to the stop all the time . i'm producing jobs all over the place and building a great company. i don't want to talk too much about what i'm going to do. the press comes out and says he wasn't specific. i went to an ivy league school. everything was good. you don't want to be too specific. you don't want the enemy to hear what you are doing. when i see obama -- [applause] donald trump: when i see obama get up and say here's what we are going to do. we will do this and that and drone and they drone somebody and knockout a middle accounting person misys -- from isis. now, everyone else runs for cover. knockout 100 of them before you start talking. there is too much talk.
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[applause] i take heat -- i'm smarter than these talking heads 90% of them are morons. short on policy good idle don't want to talk about policy. i will be putting a tax plan in next week. that will be very long on policy . a great plane with a major reduction in taxes for the middle class. [applause] donald trump: we have to help her middle class. we have to help her middle income people. -- our middle income people. corporations will be happy. it will be a great plan for incentivizing people to really go out and do a great job. you will see it sometime next week. [applause]
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talkingt: you are now mats language. he had a specific question on your plan to help the middle class. your tax plan will be unveiled next week and will provide some stuff. donald trump: it will be very specific. it's a plan that will create great incentives it will make people happy. other than the hedge fund guys who make hundreds of millions of dollars. they will not exactly love me. some of them my friends, some of them my enemies. they will end up doing better because everything will be better. willll produce jobs, we bring back -- corporate inversion, you have companies who want to leave the united states because the taxes are too high. that will not happen anymore. we will have a great plan. you have 2.1-2 $.5 trillion $ 2.1 haveside --
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trillion that should be in this country but the companies cannot bring the money in. they go out, they leave the andtry to get their money get lower taxes and other things. the corporate inversion will stop it the democrats wanted to put a law against it. it doesn't work that way. the corporations will stay in this country, bring their money back and put that money to work in this country. democrats agree, republicans agree, everybody agrees -- it never gets done. tim scott: the value of the repatriation of $2 trillion is worth millions of jobs here at home. it's about time we got that done. [applause] donald trump: everybody agrees.
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[applause] donald trump: i think, when you talk about inversion, it's a very important subject. it doesn't sound exciting to people. you have major corporations looking to leave this country with thousands of jobs. they will go to other places where the taxes are lower. they had certain other advantages. we have to be smart. we need somebody great to be our next president. thank you very much. [applause] donald trump: you cannot lose those companies. carl from charleston asks the question -- we have a challenge with the size and scope of the federal government. there are so many departments that need to be scrutinized. has,f the questions he where would you start
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scrutinizing the agencies and can you name a couple? donald trump: epa opened the door and the river is destroyed. it wasn't even the people who did it. it was the epa that did it. the epa is one you would cut way back and maybe get rid of entirely. department of education, a guy like bush likes common core. he wants your children in south --olina to be educated through the bureaucrats. you have some nice people and good people, but how can you vote for somebody who wants to that who believes in common core? i go to iowa, south carolina, many places, including new york and california. everybody agrees with me.
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yet, you had this massive behemoth, the department of education, you cannot have it. it's ridiculous. you have local education where the parents can work with teachers and principals. that's what it's all about. [applause] way, we are: by the ranked number 25 in 1:28 in another -- number 28 in the world. we are behind third world countries on education. you know it's not working. you know, and poor is a disaster. we have all these problems. -- common core is a disaster. most per student by far and yet, number 25 and number 28 in the various polls. it is crazy. the department of education would be another one.
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[applause] ferguson hasmberly real concerns with the effects of the iranian deal. what an awful atrocity on the world. it is awful. how do you intend to help under a regime that is moving quickly towards a nuclear bomb? donald trump: it's one of the worst contracts i've ever seen of any kind. one of the most incompetently drawn documents i've ever seen. it will lead to nuclear proliferation. it was done by people who don't have a clue. it's a disgrace. we don't even get our prisoners back. we have for prisoners over there and they don't even ask them. we don't want to complicate the deal. -- whogiving them back
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would you rather have negotiating? trunk or those clowns trumpating right now -- or those clowns negotiating right now? [applause] john kerry is in a bicycle race. he has the whole deal. he falls off, he is our chief negotiator. i promise if i'm president, i will never go into a bicycle race. i won't have time. i will be working. [applause] the 24 days: everybody knows, but that is team and start -- that doesn't even start. these guys could clean up and you would not know a dam thing. one of the elements when tim mentions israel, there is a
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clause in there that nobody is understanding. if iran gets attacked, we have to help them. what if israel attacks them? i we supposed to be fighting israel? this is the most incompetent agreement that anybody has ever seen. we will protect israel. totally. [applause] tim scott: you are alluding to section 10 where the language is ambiguous on what our response ability is, but some have drawn that conclusion. it's important for us to realize the language of the iranian deal in section 10 is ambiguous enough for the conclusion to be drawn that we may have a responsibility that we should not have that we cannot have, especially when you think about israel as the best partner we've had.
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your point is well set. [applause] donald trump: it's not even believable. there is language in their that we are supposed to come to the defense of iran. i like japan. we do a lot of business with japan. it is totally unbalanced and we have a huge trade deficit, but we protect japan. we protect everybody. if we get attacked, japan doesn't have to do anything. if japan attacks, we have to go and fight for them. we are run by people who have no clue. if we get attacked, japan consider and watch it on television. -- japan can sit there and watch it on television. which they make we don't make but if japan gets attacked, we have to defend them. , samsung, korea might
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-- every time north korea, he screaming,d starts we start up the ships and airplanes and spend millions and we get nothing. when are we going to get smart? we have 28,000 soldiers sitting in between this potential disaster. it's one thing and we are reimbursed, but something has to happen. what a horrible thing to ask for payment. they are making a fortune. we owed tremendous amounts of money. $19 trillion. we cannot protect world. we protect germany. germany. how many people have a mercedes-benz? it's an economic behemoth. we get nothing. we protect japan.
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we protect south korea. we protect everybody. and they all think we are stupid. farther than 10, we are run by stupid people. -- other than 10, we are run by stupid people. than tim, we run by stupid people. [applause] president obama has just started the process of looking for ways to regulate the internet. legislation from the 1930's. donald trump: i can see it. [laughter] ,im scott: look into our future how important is the free market and the use of technology and how bad of a net isn't for us to be using 1930's legislation to
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regulate the internet? donald trump: free market is imperative. people are finding things out about us that they never knew before. the hackers are genius, whether they are from russia or china or even north korea. the studio attacked by north korea, it's a serious situation. now, they say they hacked 30 million people, many of them big government employees. that means probably you. he's got nothing to hide. we worry about others, right? they had 30 million. what happens? the government is going after the st. louis cardinals for hacking the houston astros baseball team. can you believe this? we have our priorities old mixed up.
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-- a little mixed up. we have countries that are so sophisticated. one thing we talk about them i want people to come into this country. i want them to be legal. , smart,eally high-end brilliant people to come in. otherwise, we will lose our edge and our job capacity. when you graduate number one from harvard or yale or princeton or the wharton school of finance or stanford and you want to stay in this country, you don't want to go back to china or japan or mexico. you want to stay in this country. we force you out. number one in your class, race didn't, you want to stay here -- a man from india went to a great school, wanted to stay, could not get permission to stay. he started a company in india,
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he has 5000 employees and is one of the hottest companies in the country. that could have been us. when you go through years of college, the thing with the senate and the house, there's so many things that everybody agrees to but it still doesn't get done. let them stay, let them build their homes here. let them build their businesses here. these are amazing people and we force them to leave. we have to change that. let them work in silicon valley we will lose our engine silicon ash in silicon valley because the greatest minds are going out of the country's and will be competing against us. [applause] staying on the jobs amazingne of the lessons of being a soft northnian and living in
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charleston is the presence of voting in south carolina. -- boating in south carolina. i know what you folks went through four years. tim scott: the right to work. donald trump: you have to have right for work. what they put you through was incredible. to think that voting could have said we are not coming. an even bigger problem, it was in the newspaper today, boeing will build a massive plant in china. china is ordering planes but they want them to build a big plant in china. that will have a huge impact. they can make their product in china and send it to us. if we start sending product to them, they want us -- we have to build plants in china.
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they don't have to do it here. it's a very unfair situation. i read that story. i read it with such great interest, they are ordering planes. they will build a massive airplane factory in china. i don't like that. i really don't like that. [applause] tim scott: i agree with that. [applause] tim scott: down to our last two or three questions. are you going to stick around and talk to the folks afterwards? [applause] anthony of columbia asks a very business driven question. what is the best decision you made in your life and what is your best decision in business? donald trump: in terms of business -- always family and children. were veryhave friends
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successful but are not happy people. they are unbelievably successful. family is so important. having a great family, husband, wife, children is more important. i've seen people with the wealth who have miserable home lives. i've seen people with modest income,just a weekly that are much happier people. how do you become successful? if a person is happy, that's more important than having billions of dollars in the bank. [applause] biggestrump: one of the decisions, the greatest decision i made was coming into manhattan from queens because i lived in queens with my parents. i always wanted to build in manhattan. my father said no, that's not our job. my father was a builder in brooklyn and queens. we build low income housing. -- ited to be with the big want to build buildings in
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manhattan. it was so exciting to me. i ended up doing the grand hyatt hotel on 42nd street and trump tower and many buildings. it has become great. now, we are all over the world. you will never rent because they say, why would he do that? i feel like i/o something. -- i owe something. we can turn it around and make it truly great. [applause] donald trump: thank you. one of the biggest decisions, i want to go to manhattan, i want to build buildings manhattan. it has worked out, i'm very proud of it and we built a great company. tim scott: i've seen a lot in the press recently about folks who believe you've had challenging relationships with minorities. i would disagree, being one of
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them. [laughter] tim scott: today, a small business owner in the audience heard that you were meeting today with the minority business chamber. that seems to be in opposition to this whole notion that you have challenge minorities. donald trump: my relationship with african-american people and businesses has been fantastic. i spoke in front the african american chamber of commerce today. it was fantastic. they are incredible people. our relationship has been great. ,nterestingly, a poll came out this just came out, trump receives 25% of the black vote in general election. [applause] [laughter] give me
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[laughter] donald trump: right? a grateful. 25%. generally speaking, a republican candidate would receive, what? tim scott: typically 4%. it's over. [applause] donald trump: i will tell you what, looking at the real poll -- that's an enormous number. i think it will be higher than that. i had a great relationship with the african-american community. i've had a great relationship with hispanics. i will win the hispanic vote. because of the statements on immigration, a lot of people disagree with you. they came out with a paul recently las vegas, the state of nevada, i won the state easily
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against all the republican candidates i also won the hispanic vote and people were surprised. a lot of people, hispanics are here, they gone through a long process, they are here legally. they have their houses, they don't want people flooding the country. they don't want this to happen. i think i will win the hispanic vote. i tell that to people and they left. -- they laugh. i'm doing very well with hispanics. i've employed thousands of hispanics. --ave thousands of hispanics i think i will win that boat. -- that vote. african-american, great relationship. hispanic, really good relationship. people will see that as we progress. one of the things that both groups really like, i will
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create jobs. i will be the greatest jobs president that god ever created. that's what people want. [applause] two questions and then i will let you close it up for us. one an interesting question. is, who isuestion harder to deal with? real estate developers or politicians? donald trump: politicians are more dishonest. i always thought the real estate guys were the worst. i've seen a great dishonesty and politics. not him. it's a mixed bag. [laughter] [applause] donald trump: in real estate, everybody is really cutthroat. in politics, and met some wonderful people and some really
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bad people. really dishonest people. at some point, we have to do a book on this stuff. the media and politics, much different than the media and finance. it's more numbers based. i've met some wonderful people, but some dishonest media folks. deceptives much more than business or real estate. it is much more deceptive. not an easy life. people said what do you want to do this for. it's not an easy life. are you shocked to hear that? tim scott: no. last question. america has for the last several just been losing moving further and further
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apart. with donald trump as president, how do you bring america together? donald trump: when president obama was elected, i thought -- i helped john mccain. i voted for obama. i helped john mccain. and did not get elected, i helped romney and he did not get elected. i said this time i will do it myself. [applause] i'm tired of it. last time, i thought we should have one. with mccain, and was dumb. they have problems. abraham lincoln cannot not have been elected. romney choked. he cannot sink the but. .- sink the put
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that was an election that should have been won. the one thing i thought president obama would be a great cheerleader for the country. i thought he would bring the country together. honestly, there's probably a to fight right now and the country that we have not seen for many years. you know better than i do. people talk about my tone and my temperament, i have a great temperament. i will bring the country together. jeb bush was saying his tone, his tongue, he is not nice. they are cutting of christians has in syria, there cutting off the heads of christians and he is saying i'm not nice. i actually have a great temperament. i have a temperament were bring people together. i have theink problems with peyton, putin cannot stand obama. people do not like him.
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obama does not like some of them. to see veryanted much bring our country together. when you look at baltimore, i could name 10 cities. i'm not going to embarrass anybody. baltimore is so bad. you will get ferguson in st. louis. we need to bring people together. we need jobs. we need spirit. maybe we need spirit just as much as jobs. we will bring them together. we will make our country great again. i appreciate you bringing me here. this is great. >> ladies and gentlemen, donald trump. [applause] [captions copyright national cable satellite corp. 2015] [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit]
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>> all caps and long, c-span takes on a road to the white house. we have access with the candidates and town hall meetings. news conferences, rallies and speeches. we are taking your comments on twitter facebook and phone. as always, every campaign event we cover is available on our website at the c-span networks feature weekend is full of p


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