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tv   Pope Francis Remarks in Philadelphia on Immigration and Religious Freedom  CSPAN  September 26, 2015 4:30pm-5:46pm EDT

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>> welcome to the birthplace of democracy. is independence hall.
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[in spanish] >> >
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>> the pope is getting a tour of independence hall. we think that he will be talking and othergration immigrants. at the podium he will speak from will be one used by abraham
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lincoln to deliver the gettysburg address. later tonight mother live coverage of pope prices will continue. francis will continue. it will be live on c-span.
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[whistling] your holiness, testing the guests that distinguished guests and friends. the united states isn't are meant in freedom -- is it an experiment in freedom. the greatest good in the american character comes from our belief in a merciful god, a god that guarantees the dignity and rights of all children. alexander moulton -- hamilton was a founding father. he helped write the constitution at independence hall. he was also one of our greatest
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immigrants, born in the west indies, he was a friend of washington. he fought in the revolution. of thee nearly 2/3 revolutionist papers. -- lesson and his wife is life is simple, this is a nation owns, itgroup or class is a place where if you come from nowhere you can still make a difference. it is a nation for a man who never knew his own birthday, hamilton was born out of wedlock, can take a place any new order. he reminds us that immigrants from around the world renew this country. br breed new life --
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- breatheosingeathe - new life in the bosom of america. when a woman defends immigrant workers, she is attacked as too soft. the churches neither of these. john the 23rd described the church as a mother and teacher of humanity. a mother that understands and wants to hold human person from conception to natural death, belief consistently and -- always consistently and everywhere. the church remind us that we are all children of the same loving god, that makes us brothers and sisters, despite borders that separate us.
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an argument over borders to keep people out, we need to be vigilant about the borders in our hearts. , the person who speaks that truth is here today. i invite the holy father, a son of immigrants, to share thoughts with us now. pope francis. [applause] [applause] [cheering] [applause]
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[speaking spanish] pope francis: one of the highlights of my visit is to be hall.t independence the birthplace of the united states of america. it was here that the freedoms which define this country were first proclaimed, the declaration of independence, which stated that all men and women are created equal.
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endowed by their creator with certain unalienable -- in alienable rights and that the government exists to protect and defend those rights. words continue to inspire us today. even as they have inspired peoples throughout the world to fight for freedom to live in accordance with their dignity. history also shows that truths must
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constantly be reaffirmed, reappropriated and defend it. defended.y -- the history of this nation is also the tale of a constant day tolasting to our embody lofty principles in social and political life. remember the great struggles which led to the abolition of slavery, the extension of voting labor, the growth of the movement and the gradual effort to eliminate every kind of atism and prejudice directed of newcessive waves
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americans. [applause] shows thats: this when a country is determined to remain true to its founding principles, those principles that were foundational and based on respect for human dignity, that country is strengthened and renewed. in a memoryry keeps and remembers, he continues to tow and be renewed and assume and take into this -- its bosom new people. [applause] all of us benefit
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a great deal from remembering whichst, remembering remembers, does not repeat tasks -- past errors. instead, it looks with confidence to the challenges of the present and future. people'sce fades a whomever -- soul from would it dominate it for its interests. when individuals and communities are guaranteed the exercise of their rights, not only are they free to realize their own potential, but they also with
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this, with their work, contribute to the welfare and enrichment of all of society. [applause] in this place, theh is symbolic of ofrican way of -- the model the united states, i would like to reflect with you on the right to religious freedom. [applause] it is ancis: shapesntal right which the way we interact socially and personally with our neighbors is
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whose religious views differ from our own. the ideal of interreligious dialogue where all men and women have different religious make dialogue without fighting each other, that is what religious freedom gives us. religious freedom certainly god, the right to worship individually and in community. conscience dictates.
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but, on the other hand, but religious -- religious liberty by its nature transcends places of worship and the private sphere of individuals and families. because the religious dimension is at a side culture, it part of any society and of any nation. [applause] our various: very --s traditions are traditions serve society
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primarily by the message they proclaim. they call individuals and god, thees to worship andce of all life, liberty, happiness. they remind us of the transcendent dimension of human existence and of our irreducible freedom in the face of every claim to absolute power. , but look at history, it is good for us to look at history, especially the history of this last century to cb
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atrocities perpetrated by systems that claimed to build one or another earthly paradise by dominate peoples, subjecting them to principles and denying them any kind of rights. religious traditions seem to offer meaning and direction. they have an enduring power to always. horizons, to stimulate thought, expand the mind and heart. they call to conversion, re-conciliation, concern for the future of society. in the servicece
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of the common good and compassion for those in need. at the heart of their spiritual mission is to the proclamation of the truth and the dignity of the human person and of all human rights. our religious traditions remind us that as human beings we are otherd to acknowledge an that reveals our relational identity in the face of every uniformity tose a which the egotism of the powerful, the conformism of the
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weak for ideology of the utopian would it seek to impose on us. in a world where various forms of modern tyranny seek to suppress religious freedom for, as i said already, try to reduce it to a subculture without right to a voice for votes in the public square, or to use it religion as a pretext for hatred and brutality, it is imperative that the followers of the various religions join their peace, foralling for tolerance, and respect for the dignity and rights of others. [applause] [applause]
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pope francis: we live in a time subject to the globalization of the technocratic paradigm, which consciously aims at a one-dimensional uniformity and seeks to eliminate all differences and traditions in a superficial quest for unity. religions, religions that have the right and duty to make clear it is possible to build a society where a healthy pluralism, which truly respects differences and values them as such, is a precious ally in the
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commitment to defending human path to peace in worldoubled world, in our so harmed by war. [applause] [applause] these thinkers who founded philadelphia were inspired by a profound evangelical sense of the dignity as well as bydual the ideals of a community united by brotherly love. this conviction led them to found a colony which would be a haven of religious freedom and tolerance. that sense of fraternal concern
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for the dignity of all, especially the wea and in the -- and the vulnerable, became a special --t of the americas area american spirit. during his visit to the united states in 1987, saint john paul homage to this, reminding all americans that the greatnessest of their was the way that every human being would be treated, especially the weakest and most pope francis: i take this
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opportunity to thank all of those who, whatever their religion, have solved to serve god, have saw to serve the god of peace by building cities of brotherly love. need,ing for neighbors in of godnding the dignity conn's gift of life in all its stages, by defending the cause of the poor and the immigrants. too often, those most in need everywhere are unable to be heard. you are their voice. women, you -- men and religious -- have made their cry
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heard with its witness which frequently encounters powerful resistance. you remind american democracy of the ideals for which it was you remind us that society is weakened whenever and wherever any injustice prevails. [applause] a few moments ago, i spoke of the tendency towards globalization. itselfzation in and of is not bad. on the contrary, the globalizing
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tendency is good. it brings us together. but what may be bad is the way this happens. if globalization's would seek to make everybody the same as if it , that single sphere globalization destroys the richness and particularity, the individuality of every person and every people. if globalization seeks to bring , but to doogether so, respecting each person, each individual person's richness and peculiarityality --
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, that globalization is good and makes us all grow and leads to peace. i like to use geometry here. if globalization is a sphere where each point his equidistant from the vector, then it isn't good because it bundles each of us -- annulls each of us. if it joins us as a polyhedron where we are altogether where each conserves his or her own identity, then it is good and and grants them rights.
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there are, among us today, members of america's large hispanic population. as well as representatives of recent immigrants to the united states. thank you for opening the store. emigrated and i greet you with particular affection. have emigrated to this country at great personal cost, but in the hope of building a new life.
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do not be discouraged by whatever challenges and hardships you face. i ask you not to forget like those who came here before you. you bring many gifts to the station. -- this nation. don't ever be ashamed of your traditions. do not forget the lessons you learned from your elders. which are something that may enrich the life of this american land. not be ashamed of
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that which is a part of your life. called to be responsible citizens. called to be responsible asizens and to contribute , toe who came before did so contribute fruitfully to the life of the communities in which you live. in particular, i think of the vibrant faith which so many of you possess, of the deepness of family life and all other values which you have inherited. gifts, youting your will not only find your place you will help also to
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renew society from within. [applause] pope francis: do not forget what happened here. .ore than two centuries ago do not forget that declaration that proclaimed that all men and women are created equal. that they are endowed by their creator a certain inalienable existand that governments to protect and defend these
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rights. youends, i thinank welcome and warm for joining me here today. let us keep and care for freedom, the freedom of ,onscious, religious liberty each individual, each family, each people's own liberty which is what gives our rights. may this country and each of you be renewed in gratitude for the many lessons and freedoms that you enjoy. rights,you defend these
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especially religious freedom given to you by god. may god bless you all, and i ask you, please, pray for me a little bit, too. thank you. [applause] pope francis: my brothers and sisters. us pray. heaven,er, who art in hollowed be the name. thy kingdom come, thy will be done. give us this day our daily
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bread. and forgive those who trespass against us and lead us not into temptation. the lord be with you. >> and also with you. bless youis: may god all. cheering]and
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announcer: our coverage and philadelphia continues in a couple hours. the pope will attend the festival of families. you can watch it live on c-span. now, we are going to show you his arrival a little while ago
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at independence mall. [applause]
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announcer: our live coverage of pope francis and philadelphia continues in a couple hours. the pope will attend the festival of families. you can see that event live here on c-span. another guest yesterday was the chinese president. last night, president obama and michelle hosted a dinner for the chinese president. right now, we will show you some of the guests arriving.
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>> the honorable samantha power. the honorable charles boustani boustani.harles
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>> miss sophie richardson and mr. peter sainsbury. >> mr. and mrs. nadella.
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>> the honorable mr. rick larsen. mr. larry think and mrs. laurie fink. mrs. steve mollenkopf and mrs. mollenkopf.n the honorable judy chu.
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mr. stephen chen. >> miss carol lee and mr. gerard baker.
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>> i am still on cloud nine. it is a custom piece of our spring show we just had in new honor to it is such an welcome the first chinese family. being of chinese descent myself. >> how did she look? how did she wear it? >> she wore it perfectly. astute andvery confident. >> will color was it? navy, as a metallic
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navy combination ensemble. >> the honorable madeleine .lbright an robinson.
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mr. james gorman. >> the honorable senator jerry tappanau.
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>> good evening, nice to meet you. it is my daughter-in-law, yeah. good to see you. mr. tim cook and mrs. lisa jackson. mr. shervin pishevar.
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mr. john lasseter and mrs. nancy lasseter. mr. william neville and mrs. connie neville. mr. jeffrey gettysburg.
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senator bob corker and miss emily corker. mr. david taylor and mrs. marcia taylor. the honorable sonja stottlemyre and judge josh colton.
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mr. darren walker and mrs. spencer. mr. robert eiger's. mr. rick stangl's and mrs. mary stangl's.
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the honorable jacob liu and dr. ruth schwartz. mr. mark zuckerberg and miss priscilla chan. the honorable henry olson junior and mrs. wendy holsten.


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