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tv   Washington This Week  CSPAN  September 27, 2015 7:01pm-8:01pm EDT

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reputation, from my grandparents and the war they fought to fromct the world fascism. many people thought of us as people who were defending and defending the opportunity for people to participate in free democracy. over the last 30 years, 40 everybody i think recognizes is this reputation of the united states has changed. it is understandable why it has behavior thathe has changed it is understandable. 9/11 was her and us, really soul shaking event that would affect -- horrendous, really soul shaking event that would affect any nation. but what it did was change the perception of the world to the extent that we were in the world to promote peace or something other than peace.
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way to that the critical bridge that misunderstanding of the purpose of america and the world, is to have an understanding of their perspective. the way they look at the problem, the way they see the united states and its history. you only get that by spending a significant amount of time in those places, where you can hear and begin to feel and brief the attitudes -- breathe the attitudes of people around the world. that has been incredibly important, in learning how to bridge and understanding gap that exists in many of these contexts, and to push through american values in a world that is incredibly skeptical of the goodness of america and its role in the world. steve: how did you meet your wife, and what does she and your children and your candidacy?
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candidate lessig: i met my wife in chicago, we started dating when i was here at harvard and she was a lawyer in florida. it was a wonderful beginning, because i would fly down and spend a weekend with her on the beach every week, she was working in west palm beach. and then she moved to boston and that's when we got engaged. have three young children. willem is 12, the other is eight and the others six. they are the greatest joy, the only real purpose that there is to life. i've become such a proselytizer of the enormous joy and happiness and love that kids bring. i know people make choices, and i'm not criticizing that choice,
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i'm saying it is a complete surprise to me how deeply important and connected i feel to these children. this was an important question for them. okoldest and youngest were right away. the middle one was skeptical. but then he said, dad, i realized it you were president i would be like the coolest kid in class, and the kids would say your dad is not president. and then i would say google it. that this wased the thing i should do. obviously i have to prepare them, this is a hard thing to do, and they are not happy when i'm away. and itbeen away a lot, is going to be a difficult time if the campaign takes off. november 8, time to 2016. one thing my kids recognize is the deep motivation i had to be in this race. the only reason i ever got into this issue of addressing this
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problem of corruption and the way democracy -- our democracy doesn't work, is a dear friend of mine. he is the person who eight years ago, kind of woke me up by telling me that what i was doing in working on internet policy wee no sense, so long as didn't have a democracy that worked. why was i wasting my time doing that instead of working on this? -- thatersation conversation in berlin was what led me to give up work on copyright and take up this project. intose i did, it drove me as much as i could do writing and eventually starting organizations with him to fight this issue. aaronrin --a tragically committed suicide in
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to reallyrove me commit myself to carrying his memory in a way that makes good on the commitments he had made in his own life, and caused others to make. child, i explained this to her in a way that i think made it make more sense, because when he died, it was for them, incredibly hard. i think that connecting it to this has made it more meaningful to them. steve: what do you think he would think of your decision, and what you are doing today? he would thinkg: it's a little crazy.
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but the magic of aaron was his inspiring people to take on the biggest thing they could. big,ometimes, it is too obviously. . but he did that by really forcing you to reflect on what your real values were. when he embarrassed me out of the work i was doing on copyrights and the internet, by getting me to recognize that i had a more fundamental commitment to try to make this democracy work, it was a moment that i realized i could choose between respecting the person that i presented myself as, a person committed to principles or compromising and
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giving into a very comfortable life doing work that was going to be pretty easy for the rest of my career and successful. it was quite profitable for me to continue that. it was a choice about which kind of person i wanted to be. everybody who knew him would tell you that he brought you to that choice in your own life. but morecturing you, by just asking questions. he brought you to that choice and you had to decide who you would be. then, and even more so now that i chose to be the even if that is not going to be enough to achieve what we both thought we had to achieve. steve: finally, outside of your , what, you talked about are your passions, what do you
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do for fun and find most interesting? candidate lessig: the only passion, the only fun is watching and participating in these kids growing up. there's just nothing more amazing than just watching the and obviously it is not just passive, but the way they learn to love, how they are learning how to deal with the greatest part of life. i miss it every moment when i'm away from it, and i celebrated every chance i can. lawrence lessig from cambridge, massachusetts. thank you for your time. we appreciate it. candidate lessig: thank you. >> the 10th annual values voters summit kicked off with speeches by several republican candidates , and grassroots leaders from around the country.
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here's this speech by businessman and republican presidential candidate donald trump. this is just over 25 minutes. [applause] >> thank you for having me. what a great day to be in washington dc, a historic day. this morning when you guys arrived, we had a different leadership structure in the house of representatives. what a great day for america. [applause] and now, i would just tell you, we need to look forward to the new leadership. thatonservative leadership will bring a conservative agenda for the american people, and fight barack obama. i can tell you, our next speaker believes in just that. is a great advocate of ronald reagan's believe that america is an exceptional nation. like no other on earth.
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that shining city on the hill, as ronald reagan used to put it. he demonstrates the promise of entrepreneurship, and he promotes our god-given liberties. he knows that the free market is a place where conservative and supposed come to life, and plates were hard work and dedication are rewarded. know donaldn to trump very well over the last couple of years and i am proud to call him my friend. it like itp tells is. he tells the truth, even when it is not popular. he tells that even when the mainstream media doesn't want to hear it. he is going to tell you straight, no matter what. because donald trump is not a politician. so he does not have to talk like one. on a personal note, i have
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gotten to know mr. trump very well, and i know he is a runs aed family man, who family business alongside his incredibly talented children. i know a lot of you see those kids on television. , just last night, announced mr. trump is going to be a grandfather again in a few months. he is very excited about that. [applause] i just want to say, most people don't really understand mr. trump's kindness, but i do. many years ago, my now 12-year-old son was diagnosed with a brain aneurysm. he had to have for brain surgeries and to open heart surgeries. he is now 12 years old and plays on a travel baseball team, if you can imagine that. we are a blessed family. [applause] that is why i tell you about mr.
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trump's kindness. we were introduced by a mutual friend. mr. trump took upon himself to dedicate himself to help me raise money for children's half here in washington -- children's hospital here in washington dc. he chose to do it because he wanted to help the next child, and the next. that peoplething who think they know about donald trump do not understand his heart, and don't understand his kindness. but i have had a chance to get to know him and so, i wanted to share that with you here this morning. i believe he is a leader of fundamentally transforming --der, of american polic politics, and we are going to see great things. with that, it is my privilege to introduce to you donald trump. [applause]
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donald trump: thank you very much. i see these beautiful teleprompters, i'm not using them. if you run for president, you should not be allowed to use teleprompters. get these things out of here. i was watching hillary making a speech, and it was outside. they were dead, dark, they were not even like these. i could almost see right through them. which really is disturbing. hers, because it was outside, they were black and twice the size. i said, what kind of a speech is that. most important, i brought my bible. [applause]
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it is first presbyterian church, this was written by my mother with my name, long time ago, my name, my address and everything in case i lost it. in the old days, if you lost something, they returned it. today, little bit less. but i saw this and i said i have to bring it and show it because it brings back so many memories. it is really an honor to be here. guy. is a fantastic he's done an amazing job. we had some big news today with john boehner. [applause] i have been saying for a long time, and i was just telling david, who said by the way, i'm not a politician and i'm not politically correct. i think that's a great day -- think. of the time and the effort of all of this.
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we don't have time. we have a country in such danger in such trouble, could be politically correct, every word is measured. i went to great schools, i went to an ivy league school. so easy to do. but who wants to do it? we have to get to business. we are going to have a very interesting time. maybe it starts today, because speaker boehner, people like him on a personal basis do -- do people like him on a personal basis? we want to see the job being done properly. we want people who are going to get it done. i don't understand, they get elected, they are full of vigor, they are going to change things, comeid of obamacare, they down to these magnificent vaulted ceilings easy all over washington, and what happens?
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they become different people. they come out and they don't do it. i will say, for the groups who want to take what they say is a harsh tone, i wrote the art of the deal. i will tell you, if they had -- wet, the republicans know where the democrats are coming from. but we are so don't -- disappointed in this republican establishment. in all stuck together, fairness, a certain group of 10% of republicans out there fighting, but when the other side, which is obama and the democrats, when they hear they are not going to win and they have no support, there's no way that they can possibly win. that the republicans can win. they are left hanging so many different times. if they actually were unified, if they were brought together and unified, and you said for
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very important things you are going to take strong measures, you are going to win. from now, 50 years 100 years from now, even next month, nobody is going to be talking about the speaker. nobody's going to be talking they are of them -- saying, the government going to be shut down. they are blaming the president. it is interesting, when you hear the democrats, they are very very good. they go, we want the government to shut down. we wanted to shut down. that would be so great. it would be so wonderful if it shut down. and the republicans say, they want it to shut down, that would be back, we are playing into their hands. these people are babies. remember when they said they want to impeach -- they are babies.
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they are babies. [applause] remember when they said they wanted to impeach obama. said, wethe democrats want him to be impeached. please impede him. it would be so good for him. it will make him look so good. and he will get all of his points out, it will be wonderful. do you really think they want him to be impeached? the republicans come back, i was just telling the folks back stage, they come back and say we don't want to do that because he wants to be impeached. who wants to be impeached? it's so sad [laughter] you have this clown, marco rubio. [boos] nice to him.
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i've been so nice. he is in a broad immigration. he was a gang of eight. you remember the gang of eight. it was terrible. he went down in the polls. if you believe something, you have to be true to yourself. you have to be. but it was the gang of eight, it eak onally, w immigration. nobody weaker. all of a sudden he goes down in the polls and all of a sudden he changes his tone. but you never really change your tone. when you are elected senator, you have to go and vote. you can't say, i can't vote. he's got the worst record. he had me, i said why is he doing that? sometimes republicans do it more than anybody because they want to get into the publicity cycle. all you're doing is hurting yourselves. it's a bad thing. we have so many people that can be and should be attacked. we had a president who is
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extremely bad for everything that the folks in this room stand for. extremely bad. freedom of religion,. so important. take a look at the thing like the iran deal. how long is this whole thing going to last? when we have incompetent people, grossly incompetent people, igotiating these vital deals, don't have to go all of the many problems with the deal. israel is in such trouble. that deal probably assess, and nobody understands what it says, but probably if israel ever attacked iran, we are supposed to come to their defense. do we know that? nobody is able to tell us what is going on with respect to
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that. if israel has to, because at some point something might happen. the deal is horrible. from anyis horrible standpoint. we have to do something. i can say, it's got to have to be, we negotiate -- i've made buying bad deals. you buy them cheap. i love horrible contracts. i bought them from friends of mine. i buy a horrible contract, the poor guy is dying with it. i buy it cheap. then i fight like hell and make it a great contract. you do lots of things. you make a great contract. that contract, that agreement, has to be changed. we have no choice. if it is, you are going to you areproliferation,
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going to have potentially the destruction of israel. it has to be changed. one of the things in that contract, we are giving them 150 billion dollars. right. [laughter] $150 billion,them of which they are going to use, and are already using, they are ordering missiles from russia. there are doing things that probably and definitely, we can't allow them to do. but they are doing it. we cannot allow the incompetence that we have going on in this country. we have to use our greatest negotiators. we have to use our smartest people. we use political hacks. negotiating deals that they have no right doing it. take a look at another thing. nuclear is so important. but you have for prisoners. one of them is over there because he is a christian.
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he's over in jail because he is a question. at the beginning of the negotiation, by the way, used to be three at the beginning. now it is four of them. but you say simply, before you and by the way it is all fellas. over there, they have not figured out that women are smarter. it will take them a while. you say fellas, you have to give us back our prisoners. you have to do it. [laughter] [applause] you have to give us our prisoners. they went to john kerry, who broke his leg in a bicycle race. [laughter] can you believe it? got the hat, the emblem.
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he was actually in a race. he breaks his leg. this is our negotiator. [laughter] he walks in with crutches. we have to, very simply, as an example, that example. you walk in at the beginning, not the end. you have the prisoners, you don't want them, we do. it was sent a great signal to the american people. it would make the deal easier. it will make it better deal. you have to give them act. if they say no, you take a walk. [applause] you take a walk. you, as sure as you are sitting there, within a short time, they call back and you have your prisoners. but here is the worst. and you need the right
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messenger. if i'm the messenger, you get those prisoners back. if i get elected president, before i ever get to office, i guarantee you they will be back. 100%. that is 100%. but you need the right messenger. in the case of the prisoners, they never even asked. can you believe it? said, we did not want to complicate the negotiations. this was really a statement. we don't want to complicated. it is time, i'm a businessman. i made a tremendous amount of money. it's ridiculous. i don't even believe it myself. i'm self funding, i don't want to have lobbyists and special interests putting money into my campaign. [applause] way, i'm turning down
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millions of dollars. i've turned down millions of dollars and i feel foolish because it is so anti-me. it's not me. i turned down millions. and yet, i was in iowa two weeks ago, i had a great audience. such great people. . i said to the people, do you mind if i take millions of dollars? i promise you i want to do anything for the people giving me the money. they all stood up and said no. it was really important. i did not think it was going to be that important. i think self funding is great. i'm the only one. everyone else believes me, who it is bullish, along with rubio, whether it is bush or anybody, in favor of common core. you talk from a christian standpoint, you want local school representation. you want local. common core is a disaster. but you need people that really
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are tough and smart. i always say, i will be the greatest jobs president god ever created. cnn did a poll, and i come out so high on that on the economy. by the way, much much higher. not even close. i come out the highest wife are -- by far on that. , come up higher on leadership and the other categories. i'm so high, why do we even have to have an election? [laughter] -- a woman stood up, because the one thing, people were not sure i'm a nice person. i am. i am. i am, i'm a giving person.
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i believe in god, i believe in the bible. i'm a christian. i have a lot of reasons. i love people. but the woman stood up, she said, i'm a big fan of years, i'm going to vote for you, but i don't know if you are nice enough to get elected. i said, i think i'm a nice person, but i think this is going to be an election based on competence. we need now competence, and we have to have something, we need help. we go china $1.5 trillion. they suck our money out, they take our jobs, they do everything, and we own them money. how does that work? it supposed to be the other way around. japan, we open the exact same amount. $1.5 trillion. they sell us cars, biggest you've ever seen. i've never seen ships like this. they are loaded with cars.
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they send millions of cars over here. we sell them beef. they don't want it. half the time they sent it back. the farmers over there don't want it. it's not good anytime you get it back. [laughter] kobe beef andit we sell it for more money. but you look at the imbalance. look at the u.s. trade. china, almost $400 billion a year. we lose. japan, 75 billion dollars a year. first of all, we are going to build a wall and it is going to be a real wall. if people like it or not, we are going to build a wall. it is going to have a big beautiful door. people are going to come into
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the country, but they are going to come in legally. and when people graduate number one harvard and you, we'd -- yale, we don't send them out. there was a story, a great student could not stay, he was from india. they forced him out. he founded a company in india. one of the most successful employees. we could have had him here. silicon valley needs people. we all need people. but we forced these incredible people in our system for years, we forced them out. we have got to be smart. we have to be tough. we can't allow veterans to be treated the way they are treated. they are treated horrible. [applause] they are treated horribly. i work military, if i win, we are going to make the military so big, so strong, so powerful
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nobody will ever mess with us. we are really in serious trouble. [applause] the other day, not so long ago, saying they have nuclear missiles. north korea, so many other places. recently, during the debate, how did i do? [applause] i have one every single poll, yet these media people -- i love drudge. every single poll. places i've never even heard. then i turn on the television, had me atox poll
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second. they would not say i was in second. this other ones that i did great. then i'm listening to some of the pundits, some of them are getting better. we are doing great. evangelicals, iowa just came out, i'm number one at 29, substantially ahead of everyone else. i'm happy about that. but we have to be careful as christians. the progressives are pushing their -- to an extent that it f we are not careful, we are going to have big problems and even bigger than we have right now. we need people who can support us. we need people who are strong and smart and can back us. the word christmas, i love christmas. even in stores you see the word
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christmas. it says happy holidays all over. i say, where is christmas? i tell my wife, don't go to those stores. i want to see christmas. other people can have their holidays. but christmas is christmas. i want to see merry christmas. you don't see it anymore. you are going to see it if i get elected i can tell you right now. [applause] i just want to thank you for, this has been an amazing group of people. and to have such a fantastic room. i just want to thank everybody. i got into this and everyone said, there's no way he'll ever do it. he has this wonderful company. i have a wonderful life. but i see what is happening. i see so many things going wrong, so many things caused by incompetence that can be straightened out. if we don't stop it now however, it is going to be at some point,
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too late. you are not going to be able to turn it. but i got in and they said you know, he will never do it. i did it. and then they will say, he did it. then they will say, he will never file form a. a single page where you sign your life away. i find it here and they said, i don't believe it. will neveraid you put in the financials. maybe he's not as big financially as everybody thinks. i put in my financials, almost a hundred peopl pages. the biggest by far. some of the politicians were asking for extensions and they were one page. i put it in ahead of schedule. it turns out the company was much bigger than anybody thought. it's an amazing company. then i go to the polls, and the polls go up just like
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evangelicals in iowa. every two or three weeks when the polls come out, they say now he has reached his cap. i started at six. it went to 9, 12, it was like a rocket ship. you have seen it. [laughter] to 20, and 22. and then the other day, it went up two. i'm killing everybody. they say other people are surging. i went up two points. i'mi had another one where 33. in the next one, i think with 12 or 15. they don't want to report it. they say we don't like that poll. it's a great poll. and they wouldn't put it out. i get angry at these things are best.
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. somebody said, do you have in skin, i don't. something, --bout but i have been skin when i know they are doing a number on all this. the reason iran is because -- i to makeecause iant this country great again. we are going to do it here it and we are going to do it a lot better than anybody inks is possible. thank wanted everybody. you are special people. thank you very much. thank you. >> those attending the values voter summit also heard from candidate dr. ben carson. this is 20 minutes. [applause]
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dr. carson: thank you. thank you so much. thank you. thank you very much. i love enthusiastic crowds. it makes up for my low energy. [laughter] you know, i have to tell you something about america. i have visited at least 57 different countries. i am always so pleased when i get back here, because america has been so good to me. i was born in pretty dire circumstances. grew up their report -- very
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poor. had a bad temper. i was a terrible student. all the things that probably would have precluded success in most other places. but here in america, the opportunities were there. even if you didn't have a silver spoon in your mouth, you could go to the library. it did not cost you anything to go there, unless you turned your book in late. [laughter] the kind of opportunities that i want to preserve for other people. i really get irritated when people complain about america, and they say we are a terrible place, and we are the source of all evil in the world. if we were so bad, why is everybody trying to get in here and nobody is trying to escape? it's craziness. [applause] thing as thesuch a american way.
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we should be proud of it. have you noticed there is no canadian way? [laughter] there is no french way, there's no egyptian way. there is no other way except america. let's be proud of who we are. [applause] and it is really one of the one, and noti, for interested in giving away all of our values and principles so we can be politically correct. that is a bunch of craziness. thingsople, when you say like that, they say you are bigoted and racist, because you don't want other people to import their way of life, and we should be willing to accept the other way people do things. anybody is welcome to come to
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america as far as i'm concerned. as long as they meet all of our criteria. but they don't get to change who we are. [applause] that's a very important concept. i deeply believe in compassion, and being kind to other people. i think we are in a very good position in america to be kind to other people. i think about what's going on in a nation like cameroon right now, where some major american companies have gone over there and are helping to develop millions of acres of incredibly fragile land -- fertile land, and making crops. making a lot of money, but also developing the infrastructure of the nation and providing jobs
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ag isaching them the this, so they can do that on their own to a much your extent. that is a win-win situation, it is making friends for us, and we are not borrowing money from china so we can give them billions of dollars. that's the kind of thing that makes sense. that's the kind of thing we also should be doing in south and central america, so they don't comelike they need to here. the other thing we need to be isnking about in that regard stealing our borders. the fact of the matter is, having gone down there recently and looked at how porous those orders are, anybody can get through their. -- there. there are no border guards. they are all 70 miles inland.
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why are they called order guards if they are not on the border? people, icepture tell them to release them. a lot of those people are not from honduras and mexico. they are from a rock -- iraq, somalia, russia, many of them are hardened criminals. it seems like our federal government is actually fighting people the sheriff's and down there, and listening to some of the families. i sat with some of the families and they told me horror stories about what they had to endure and how frightening it was. they are some incredibly brave americans do that. we need an administration that will back our people up, and not the people trying to invade hear from someplace else. -- here from some place else. [applause]
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i've already done some interviews today. which you will be seen on television over the next couple of days. i just am so tickled with the media. [laughter] like, they just don't get it. theinteresting thing is, media is the only business in america protect it by the united states constitution. there was a reason they were protected, it was because they were supposed to be on the side of people. to picke not supposed and choose which side, because that distorts the entire system. and we should hope and pray that one day they come to understand that if the nation goes off the cliff, they are going off with it. maybe they will wake up.
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and begin to understand what is going on. i went back and forth with one commentator. you said somebody who was of the islamic faith and a muslim could not be president of the united dates. -- united states. i said, will you go back and read the whole transcript? any fathat, anybody from ith, any belief system, who embraces american values and principles who is willing to subjugate their leads to our constitution is somebody i have no problem with. but he then comes back and said, what about a muslim? in the context of maybe somebody who did not fit in that category . anybody who doesn't fit in that category, i don't care who they are. they can be a christian.
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if they don't fit, i'm not going to advocate they be president of the united states. [applause] simple as that. by the way, not advocating they be president of the united states, and no way precludes them from running. the last i checked, we all have the right to decide who we wanted to advocate for. we don't have to in any way say that you must say this, or say that. political correctness is ruining our country. we need to stand up for what we actually believe. [applause] this is ridiculous. the big problem with the media are always going off into these tangents, because
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they don't want to talk about the real issues. we have some serious problems in this country. irresponsibility is ruining the future for those who come behind us. as a pediatric numerous who spent my entire career working on the welfare of children -- pediatric neurosurgeon who spent my entire career working on the welfare of children, i cannot sit by while there future is ruined. we have a national debt of greater than $18 trillion. what a ridiculous amount of money. one million is a lot. a billion is a thousand million, and a trillion is a thousand billion. and we are talking over $18 trillion. to pay that back at a rate of $10 million a day, 365 days a year, it would take over 5000 years. that is what we are putting on
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the backs of our young people. ,ut that is the good news because it's actually much worse than that. the fiscal gap -- this is something that no politician will talk about. but i'm not a politician, so i'm going to talk about it. [applause] and please look this up when you get home. it is the amount of unfunded liabilities that we have as a .ation social security, medicare, medicaid, all the departmental programs, 645 different and subnt agencies agencies. it is absurd. all of that leads to a tremendous amount of money. look at that amount, versus the amount of revenue expected to be andght in through taxes
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other revenue sources. those two numbers should be in fact youical, if are responsible. when you are not, there is a gap. when you bring that it today's are talkingu a fiscal gap that is almost $200 trillion. a staggering amount of money. i mentioned the fiscal gap in my announcement speech, and the next day the liberal media came out and said he does not know anything about economic, he's just trying to frighten people. the next day, forbes came out with an article that said 17 nobel laureates in economics and 1200 professors agree with carson. [applause] that kind of took some of the wind out of their sales. but the fact of the matter is, you look at that amount of money, the only reason we can
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sustain that level of debt is because we can print money. which we are doing in a very irresponsible way. stopped coupling the dollar to the gold standard in 1971. it is our good faith and credit. it is a house of cards ready to collapse. and what are we doing -- continuing to increase that level of debt. if your i would say, representatives, and don't care if they are democrats or republicans, if they continue to vote to increase the debt and raised the debt ceiling and raise the amount of money we are going to spend at the expense of those coming behind us, you need to find out who they are and throw them out of office. [applause] that is absolutely imperative.
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i never liked to raise a problem without offering a solution. because there actually is a solution to our incredible fiscal problems. we are in possession of the most powerful and dynamic economic engine the world has ever known. it's just that it cannot function, because we had enshrined it with so many regulations. nothing can work effectively anymore. that dampens the enthusiasm for people to take risk, and invest capital. what people don't know is that every single federal regulation costs us monday -- money in terms of goods and services. costs everyone money because it increases the price of everything. who gets hit most of that?
7:52 pm
the middle class and poor people. that is one of the things driving the income gap. bernie sanders would have you believe it is because rich people exist. let me to you something, you take every dime from the top 1%, and you still have a gigantic problem. it is a myth and it is a political sham, and we need to reject the antique people at the real issues are that are going on in our country. [applause] and when you look at the national debt of 18 plus trillion dollars, it forces the fed to keep suppressing the interest rates. happens if they allow interest rates to rise to normal levels? level of debt, that service on that will be a 800,ng 8 -- approaching
7:53 pm
900 billion dollars. that's ridiculous. you can do that. what we have to do is -- and think about what the result of that is, by the way. traditionally, how did people make money in our society? joe the butcher every friday, at 5% of his paycheck in savings account. he watched it grow over the next three decades, so when he retired, he had a nice nest egg. he's not incentivized to do that anymore. that's problematic. putting money in the bank, bonds, things like that, which allow the average person to develop some degree of financial security, those things haven't existed for almost a decade now. money isplace to make in the stock market. in order to do that, you have to
7:54 pm
have risk tolerance. who has risk tolerance? rich people. again, a driver of the gap. we have to stop allowing the left to deceive people into thinking it is the wealthy causingn this who are problems. that is not with his. it is the socialists causing problems. [applause] we can solve that problem quite effectively. the other thing they don't want us to focus on his the weakness of our military. it is at record lows. , theavy, air force commandant of the marine corps
7:55 pm
in a recent congressional testimony talked about nondeployed units and a state of readiness existed, largely because they are not getting the support. not because the men and women. people. tremendous i sound like donald trump. tremendous people. [applause] but look at what we are doing also by weakening the military, and not taking care of our veterans. the recruitment of veterans is down 14%. this is hurting us, the morale is down. we have 22-23 veterans committing suicide every day. that is the tip of the iceberg. it shows we are not committing our support to them. what we need to be doing as far as i'm concerned, is day-to-day to bell, they need
7:56 pm
enrolled in a support system that will take care of them all the way through their military career, and a year before they should haveed, we people working on their integration back into society so there is no gap. a savingshould have account subsidized by the government, which allows them to go to any hospital or any clinic, and we should be happy to take care of them. [applause] because if they are willing to lay their lives down and their limbs to take care of us, the least we can do is make sure we take care of them when they come back. [applause] when we are talking about our
7:57 pm
values?what are our one nation, unity. let's stop letting the purveyors of division divide us up. they don't even care if you agree with them, as long as you se shut your mouth and sitting down. i think it's time to stop setting our mouths and sitting down. also, one nation under god. we have to stop allowing the progressives to drive the god out of our land. we must be willing to stand up for it, because as they drive him out, look at the direction we are going in. it's a downward spiral. we need to stop it now. it was thomas jefferson who said, the american people, they would become less vigilant. they would stop paying
7:58 pm
attention. as a result, the government would grow and grow and infiltrate every aspect of our lives, and it would begin to control and dominate the people. but he said just before we turned into something else, the people would wake up and once again take control. i say now is the time to wake up and take control. thank you. [applause] ♪ >> all caps a long, c-span takes you on the road to the white -- all campaign long, c-span takes you on the road to the white house, on his conferences, rallies and speeches. we take your comments on twitter, facebook and by phone. every campaign event we cover is available on
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president harry truman referred to his wife as the boss, and she served as first lady on her own terms. she had little to say to the media, especially after unforgettable public moments. and she spent a good part of her white house years home in missouri. bess truman,-- tonight on c-span's original series, first ladies. their influence on the presidency, from martha washington to michelle obama. tonight at 8 p.m. eastern on american history tv on c-span3. next q&a with washington political reporter tom sherwood.
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dinnerlook at that state with the chinese president. then republican presidential candidates, texas senator ted cruz, and ♪ >> this week on q&a, political reporter tom sherwood. politicsood who covers in washington, d.c. talks about political corruption in d.c., maryland, and virginia. tom sherwood, after 41 years of covering washington, d.c., as you look at, what was the biggest scandal? tom: no doubt it is the marion bearer -- marion barry years.


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