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tv   British House of Commons Question Time  CSPAN  September 28, 2015 12:00am-1:01am EDT

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>> it is the third branch of government. impact.undamental >> inside this elegant building is a courtroom where >> incredibly interesting cases and the court's history. we have heard about roe versus wade, roberts versus board of education, but for so many people they are names. we want to talk about not only the legal sides but the people involved. passionatelylt so that their rights were being abridged that they brought them to the court. >> i think what people will find most fascinating are the personal stories. one of my personal favorites is matt versus ohio. i think when people hear of his personal story of this woman in this situation, will fall in
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love with these cases. they will feel passionate about what happens in the courts and why they matter. >> picking the 12 cases was a difficult and arduous task. it was a fun task because we learned a lot. they recognize our evolving understanding of rights in america. you learn not only about the history of the country but the voting rights in america. >> landmark cases, historic supreme court decisions. produced in cooperation with the national constitution center. delving into cases that influenced the understanding of right in america. live beginning october 5 on c-span and c-span3. and as a companion, "landmark cases" the book.
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it features the 12 cases we selected with an introduction into the background, highways, and impact of the cases. inlished by c-span cooperation with landmark congressional press. get your copy on >> on friday, president obama and the first lady welcomed the chinese president to the white house. president xi has been visiting for almost a week. the leaves tomorrow after a student will address to the un's general assembly in new york. e leaves tomorrow after a scheduled address to the un's general assembly in new york.
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>> looks pretty good, doesn't it? i look the same in every picture.
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♪ >> a look inside the white house at the other guests who were in attendance. they were introduced as they made their way into the state dining room.
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michelle hosted a dinner for -- >> this is my father. >> it is something very inexpensive that i have worn before. thank you. thank you, everyone.
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>> the honorable samantha power. and mr. cass. the honorable charles boustani and mrs. charles boustani. >> the honorable charles
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boustani and mrs. charles boustani. >> miss sophie richardson and
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mr. peter sainsbury. >> mr. and mrs. nadella. >> the honorable mr. rick larsen
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and miss tia carlan. mr. larry fink and mrs. laurie fink.
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mrs. steve mollenkopf and mrs. susan mollenkopf. the honorable judy chu and mr. simon han. mr. stephen chen and mrs. chen.
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miss carol lee and mr. gerard baker. >> what are you wearing? >> this morning.
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>> you designed it for us. >> i am still on cloud nine. it is a custom piece from our spring show we just had in new york, and it is such an honor to be dressing her at the moment of welcome the first chinese family. being of chinese descent myself. >> how did she look? how did she wear it? >> excuse me? >> how did she wear it? how does she look tonight? >> she wore it perfectly. she looked very astute and confident. >> what color was it? >> it was a metallic navy, a navy combination ensemble. >> the honorable madeleine albright.
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>> they are always fantastic. >> mr. eugene robinson. mr. james gorman.
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>> the honorable senator jerry and mrs. sarah tappanau. >> good evening, nice to meet you. this is my daughter-in-law, yeah. good to see you.
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mr. tim cook and mrs. lisa jackson. mr. shervin pishevar. mr. john lasseter and mrs. nancy lasseter.
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mr. william neville and mrs. connie neville. mr. jeffrey gettysburg and mr. andy. >> maybe a little. >> senator bob corker and miss emily corker.
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mr. david taylor and mrs. marcia taylor. the honorable sonia sotomayor and judge josh colton. mr. darren walker and mrs. spencer.
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mr. robert eigers. mr. rick stangls and mrs. mary stangls. the honorable jacob liu and dr. ruth schwartz.
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mr. mark zuckerberg and miss priscilla chan. the honorable henry olson jr. and mrs. wendy holsten. senator maria cadwell and mr. griffin plays.
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the honorable john podesta and mrs. podesta. the honorable debbie wasserman schultz. the honorable josh earnest and mrs. josh earnest. mr. david mark rubinstein and mrs. alice rubinstein.
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mr. reed hastings and mr. ted jr. mr. jake tapper and mrs. jennifer tapper. mr. james marin and mr. jack marin.
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mrs. amy cunningham and mr. ed cunningham. mr. wade and mrs. lorna. mr. john penn.
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the honorable dianne feinstein and mr. richard. >> pardon me? i think the importance of tonight's dinner is to welcome the president of the largest country in the world. i am on the pacific rim and the pacific rim is the largest center of trade and commerce in the world today and i think that working at a good relationship with china is extraordinarily important. >> so business or pleasure? >> i don't call the senate
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business but i think i'm delighted to be here. thank you.
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>> the honorable dr. henry kissinger and mrs. henry kissinger. miss kristie parson and miss melanie yow.
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>> that's what they tell us. that is what i did for many years and studied. interpreting. >> have fun. >> thank you, you too. >> the honorable greg s cowcroft. the honorable catherine and mr. david.
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the honorable wendy sherman and mr. bruce. president obama: good evening, everyone. on behalf of michelle and myself, welcome to our country. [applause] president obama: president xi, members of the chinese delegation, once again i want to welcome you as we honor the ties between our nations. [speaking chinese]
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president obama: in our visit to china, michelle and i is the traditions and cultures that span thousands of years. i understand that in china there saying: the heavens. i dare not stand in the way of the divine. [laughter] [chinese] -- [speaking chinese]
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president obama: president xi and i are happy to expand the cooperation between our two nations. people around the world question whether we have the same cooperation that we need and well made. -- will need. [speaking chinese] president obama: i think of the
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american immigrants during the second world war who went down over china. one chinese men said of the americans that he is like the sun on one hand. we are brothers together. [speaking chinese] president obama: i thank you for every single day that we expand the work today.
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china has the forbidden city and the great wall. we have the statue of liberty and independents hall. our students learn from each other. we learned governing precepts together. we fought together. [speaking chinese]
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president obama: there will be times when there is conflict between our countries. that is inevitable. there will be times where our interests entirely overlap. what will save us will be the foundation of the ties between our people. just as a tree is fed by 100 rivers, our countries will together grow stronger with the -- grow strongest when we accept the diversity and the contributions of all of our peoples. [speaking chinese]
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president obama: that is why i propose a toast. [speaking chinese] president obama: to the people of china and the people of the united states. made it work together like fingers on the same hand -- may they work together like fingers on the same hand in friendship and in decency. [speaking chinese] [applause]
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[speaking chinese]
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president xi: mr. president and mrs. obama, ladies and gentlemen, dear friends, good evening. it gives me great pleasure to attend this great dinner. on behalf of the chinese delegation and on behalf of my wife and myself i wish to extend thanks to you and to mrs. obama. i also extend my formal greeting to all of the americans with a strong interest in the china and u.s. relationship. [speaking chinese]
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president xi: my thanks to the united states. it is an unforgettable journey. from west coast to east coast, what strikes me the most was the american people with abundant goodwill towards the chinese people. much more can be accomplished through chinese and u.s. cooperation. i will also assure you that these feelings are fully reciprocated by the chinese people. [speaking chinese]
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president xi: throughout the evening i have spoken with president obama on views of chinese and u.s. relations and the right to world peace and development. we reached important agreements. withiscussions have dealt many positive outcomes. [speaking chinese]
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president xi: though it is difficult during this visit to president xi: though it is difficult during this visit to the united states, mr. xi predicted chinese relationship with the united states. our relations have become close in the last 30 years. i believe that the future of china-u.s. relations will be even more positive. [speaking chinese] president xi: this morning my
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wife and mrs. obama visited the house at the national zoo. she was deeply touched by their andas in syria curiosity about the home of and their curiosity about the home of pandas, china. the theme of china u.s. friendship has taken root in the heart.
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i cannot agree more with that. [speaking chinese] president xi: mr. president and mrs. obama, ladies and gentlemen, dear friends. there is an ancient chinese saying. only those who take action can achieve their goals. only those who strive forward can reach their destination. president abraham lincoln once
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said the best way to predict the future is to create it. we should learn from each other, turn our blueprints into reality , and create a new historic chapter in chinese-u.s. relations. [speaking chinese] president xi: in closing, let me propose a toast. to the friendship of the chinese and american people, to the prosperity of china and the united states, to happiness, and to the health of president and ms. obama and all of the future presidents. cheers. [applause]
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>> we will hear from president obama and president xi tomorrow when both address the u.n. general assembly in new york. president obama is scheduled to speak at 10:00 a.m. eastern and shortly after that president xi speaks, followed by the leaders of russia, south korea, and iran. that is all live here on c-span. tonight, on "the communicators," we will speak with the internet corporation assigned names and numbers
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about how the internet is governed. >> governments have an advisory role in icann. they do not directly make policy. they cannot have a seat on the board of directors. this is very much in fact a triumph of showing how a private sector lead institution that has the government as an important advisory body but has a broader base of decision-making that is includingctor led input from the technical community and the civil society and academics, but that advice informs the policy and the board activities are anchored in the fact that governments are continuing to play an advisory role to what we do. >> tonight at 8:00 eastern and
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pacific on "the communicators" on c-span2. >> the family research council recently hosted its values voters summit with several republican candidates. that is coming up next on c-span. this is followed by more wrote to the white house coverage with carly fiorina speaking at the greenville republican women's club. the leadershipr after speaker banner's decision to resign from congress at the end of september. >> c-span's road to the white house coverage recently included the values voter summit where we heard many republican presidential candidates speak. among them, texas senator ted cruz who would go on to win the straw poll by receiving 36% of the votes.
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>> ♪ you have pride and you are proud you do we could use some more like me and you where the stars and stripes and the eagle flying ♪ senator cruz: wow. [cheering] senator cruz: god bless the values voters summit. i have to ask, what are these things? is barack obama coming? [laughter] senator cruz: let me say thank you to my friend jim. what an incredible, powerful, fighting conservative. [applause] senator cruz: you know, there is an ancient chinese curse. may you live in interesting times.
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these are interesting times. yesterday, pope francis was in washington. wonderful to welcome him here. i have to say, the press conference was a little awkward. because every time the reporters addressed a question to your holiness, barack obama answered. [laughter] senator cruz: well, and then today, the president of china, president xi, is in town. media all across the world are reporting on this historic meeting of the world's most powerful communist and the president of china. [laughter] [applause]
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senator cruz: how many of you all have watched the republican debates? [applause] senator cruz: how fantastic is it that we have such an array of young, charismatic, principled leaders stepping forward to lead to this party and lead this country? [applause] senator cruz: and what a contrast. with the democrats. you know, i am pretty sure the first democratic debate is going to consist of hillary clinton and the chipotle clerk. [laughter] senator cruz: and you know, it is amazing to watch the democrats as they move debates. first it was august and then september and then october.
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they may just move it to 2017. [laughter] senator cruz: in a few months, we may see the first presidential debate held at leavenworth. [laughter] [applause] senator cruz: you know, if they can project a rainbow on the white house, maybe they can put bars on the windows. [applause] senator cruz: and i will tell you, they did actually plan -- this is not widely known but they had planned to have an earlier democratic debate. the problem was the debate invitation was e-mailed to hillary. [laughter] senator cruz: i am so honored to be back with so many friends today. [applause] senator cruz: i want to say my
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friend tony perkins from the family research council does incredible work in this country. [applause] senator cruz: you want to talk about a strong, principled conservative who scares the living daylights out of washington? but i have to tell you, tony doesn't scare washington nearly as much as the men and women gathered in this ballroom do. [applause] senator cruz: you want to know how much each of you terrify washington? yesterday, john boehner was speaker of the house. [cheering] [applause] senator cruz: you all come to town and somehow that changes. [applause]
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senator cruz: my only request is can you come more often? [laughter] senator cruz: tony, we need to schedule these weekly. once a week. [applause] senator cruz: listen, every one of us, we know that our country is in crisis. we know that this is not a typical time in politics. we are bankrupting our kids and grandkids. our constitutional rights are under assault each and every day from washington. and america has receded from leadership in the world. it is making the world a much more dangerous place. but i want to come to you this morning with a word of hope and encouragement and exhortation. all across this country, the american people are waking up. and i will tell you today, help is on the way.
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[applause] senator cruz: so i want to ask everyone here to look forward. look forward to january 2017. if i am elected president, let me tell you what i intend to do on the first day in office. the first thing i intend to do is rescind every single illegal and unconstitutional executive action. [applause] senator cruz: the president tells us he has got a phone and he has got a pen.
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well, you live by the pen, you die by the pen. and my pen has got an eraser. sadly, the corruption is not limited to the white house. it is extended across every federal agency. the second thing i intend to do is to instruct the department of justice to open an investigation into planned parenthood and these horrible videos. [applause] senator cruz: and to prosecute any and all criminal conduct by that organization. [applause] senator cruz: the administration of justice should be blind of party or ideology. the only fidelity the department
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of justice should be to the law and the constitution of the united states of america. [applause] senator cruz: the third thing i intend to do on the first day in office is instruct the department of justice and the irs and every other federal agency that the persecution of religious liberty ends today. [applause] senator cruz: that means that every service man and woman can
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worship the lord god almighty with all his heart and mind and soul and his commanding officer has nothing to say about it. [applause] senator cruz: that means the little sisters of the poor, who pope francis visited this week, will find that the case against them has been dismissed. [applause] senator cruz: you know, kim davis is here. [applause] senator cruz: just a couple of weeks ago, i had the opportunity to visit kim in a kentucky jailhouse.
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six months, a year ago, if i had come and said that a christian woman was going to be thrown in jail, locked up in jail, for living her faith, the media would have dismissed me as a nutcase. kim and me, we embraced and i said, thank you. [applause] senator cruz: i said, kim, you are inspiring millions across this country by standing for your faith. you know, the book of acts tells us that when paul and silas was in jail, that god brought an earthquake and broke open the jail cell. what i told kim was you are being lifted up in prayer by millions of believers across america and across the world. [applause] senator cruz: you may have
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thought you were alone in that jail cell. you did not understand how crowded it was. and i will tell you kim's very simple response. she smiled, she pointed up, and she said to god be the glory. [applause] senator cruz: the fourth thing i intend to do on the first day in office. is rip to shreds this catastrophic iranian nuclear deal. [applause] senator cruz: the single greatest national security threat facing america is the threat of a nuclear iran. i got to tell you, i can't wait
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to stand on a debate stage next to hillary clinton. [applause] senator cruz: and to make very clear to the american people if you vote for hillary you are voting for iran to acquire nuclear weapons. and if you vote for me, under no circumstance will a nation led by a theocratic ayatollah who chants death to america, under no circumstances will iran be allowed to acquire a nuclear weapon. [applause] senator cruz: and if the ayatollah does not understand that, we may have to help introduce him to his 72 virgins. [applause]
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senator cruz: the fifth thing i intend to do on the first day in office is begin the process of moving the american embassy in israel to jerusalem, the once and eternal capital of israel. [applause] senator cruz: that's day one. [laughter] senator cruz: there are 365 days in a year. four years in a presidential term. and four years in a second term. [applause] years, -- eight years, this ballroom is going to
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be a whole lot bigger. [applause] years,the end of eight they will be a whole is of reporters, newspaper journalists, and journalists who checked themselves into therapy. [applause] in the days that follow, i will go to congress and we will repeal every word of obama care. [applause] [cheering] in the days that follow, i will instruct the federal department of education, which should be abolished, [applause]


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