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tv   President Obama and World Leaders U.N. Addresses  CSPAN  September 28, 2015 10:00am-12:01pm EDT

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world. the u.n. has a budget set every two years. it prepares for that within the is aed nations, there committee, finance and administration, i think, that is dedicated to this work. the delivery and negotiate with each other on what they prepare as the budget. in budget has not grown real terms. even though the mandates that governments are giving the u.n. are growing over time. host: one more call. this is patrick from michigan. theer: my question is problem that happened in haiti, where the u.n. set up a camp, and they dumped raw sewage into the streams, and people were all affected with cholera, and
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everything else, how could that possibly have happened and what steps have been taken to make sure that does not happen in the future? guest: certainly, there are lessons learned from situations like the one you describe. obviously, one would want those lessons to be learned before, rather than after, something like that happens. when the u.n. is involved in some of the activities, more on the peacekeeping side because it is basically various different governments around the world contributing with troops. providing therall criteria and guidelines for training requirements. as you point out, there is definitely improvement -- room for improvement. host: the discussion about the funding of the u.n. with barbara adams of the global policy
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forum. she is their global policy fellow. thank you for your time today. obama set to speak shortly at the united nations general assembly. currently speaking, the president of brazil, dilma rousseff. we will take you to the u.n. now . shoulderpreted] we fortify the climate convention. include financial and technological support to developing countries, and to small island states, in line with the principle of common but differentiated possibilities. brazil is making a substantial effort to reduce greenhouse gas
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emissions, without nevertheless impairing our development. to diversify sources in our energy, one of the cleanest energy mixes. we are currently investing in culture.n c accordingly, just yesterday, i announced here at the united , brazil'sazil's indc contribution to reduce greenhouse gas admissions by the will be 40 percent of baseline. endil ensures to
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, as well as the crop, livestock, and for street practices. in a world where the share of her know sources accounts for average in the overall energy mix worldwide, we intend to ensure a 45% share of renewable sources in our domestic energy mix. ,o that end, we will pursue 60% as the share of hydro sources in electric generation, and renewable sources in electrical energy generation, an increase of 10% in energy efficiency, as ,ell as a share of 16% of fuel
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and other sugarcane derived biomass is in the overall energy. brazil is thus contributing for the world to be in a position to fulfill the recommendations issued by the climate change panel. the recommendations set a limit of no more than 10 degree celsius temperature increase for the century. we are one of the few developing countries to take on an absolute admissions reduction project. further includes actions that increased environmental resilience and reduce the risks associated with the negative effects spanning from climate change on the poorest and most portable populations, with special attention to gender issues, workers rights, the rights of indigenous, former black, slave, and traditional communities. ofrecognize the importance
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self corporation in the global effort to combat climate change. i stressed that since 2003 social and income policies have than 36 million brazilians to overcome extreme poverty. last year, brazil was taken out of the hunger map. this highlights the effectiveness of our so-called .ero hunger policy which in the transition to a low carbon economy, we believe it is important to ensure fair conditions to workers. sustainable development requires promotion of decent labor , creation of quality jobs, and opportunities for all.
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he effort to overcome poverty and advanced development must be collected and global in scope. in my country, however, we know all too well that the and to extreme poverty is just the beginning of a long pass marked gai mr. president, for six years, we have sought to prevent the effects of the world crisis that broke in 2008 in the developed world. we have been working to prevent the effects of that crisis from affecting our society. for six years, we have adopted a broad array of issues, including a reduction of taxes, abstention of loans, reinforcement of .nvestments we have increased employment opportunities and income levels. has been limited, not only to domestic fiscal reasons, but also reasons relating to the external state
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of affairs. there has been a negative impact on her development. foreign-exchange depreciation and recession pressures have produced inflation, and a strong job in tax collection, thus resulting in restrictions to government accounts. seriousoes not have any structural problems. our problems are very much limited to the currency and the view of the state of affairs in rebalancing our budget. we have undertaken a strong, substantial reduction in evennment spending, and investments. we are currently passing permanent spending reduction measures, and we have proposed drastic cuts in extensive, and redefined our revenues. all of these initiatives are a
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that be organizing the fiscal framework, while reducing inflation, and consolidating macroeconomic stability, and increasing the economy, while ensuring a resumption of growth with income just to be shipped your today, the busily economy stronger, more solid, and more resilient than it was years ago. we are in a position to overcome the current difficulties, and move on in the development path. we are at a transition point in new, looking towards the cycle of expansion. it will be more profound, more solid, and more long-lasting. put intion, we have also place measures to encourage investment in infrastructure and energy. in brazil, the social inclusion process has not been interrupted. we hope that inflation control and resumption of growth will
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ultimately contribute to further expand consumption. these are the bases, the foundation underlining the new cycle of growth and to moment, based on increase productivity, and on investment opportunities for companies, and more job opportunities for citizens. ladies and gentlemen, the gains we have achieved in the past two established inere an environment of consolidating and deepening our government. frameworkthe legal and vigorous democratic institutions, the workings of the brazilian state have, under scrutiny by the powers and government agencies in charge of investigating, ascertaining, and punishing any wrongdoing. the brazilian government and society do not, and will not,
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tolerate corruption. the busily democracy is made stronger when government and set into law their own limit. we want a country where the law is the ultimate applicable limit. at any point in time, where rights in the long were violated during the dictatorship, we want a country where the leaders will limits.hin their and, never compromising with the established assumption of innocence of a citizen, we want a country where the opposition of ideas takes place in an environment of civility and respect. we what a country where the freedom of the press be one of
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the foundations of the right to one's own opinion, and the expression of dissenting views, a right to all brazilian nationals. legal sanctions should apply to all of those who have practiced unlawful acts, in due observance with the principle of ample defense. these are the foundations of our democracy. may i use a recent quote from my friend, the former president of uruguay, who said, "this democracy is not perfect because we are not perfect, but we must defend it in order to improve it , and not to bury it." let me state for the record that moving inl keep on the democratic pathway, and we will never give up the gains for which we have fought so hard. ladies and gentlemen, i wish to use this opportunity to say
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brazil has her arms open to welcome citizens from all over the world for the upcoming 2016 games inand paralympic rio de janeiro. it will be a unique opportunity to showcase sports as a key tool in the promotion of peace, social inclusion, tolerance through efforts that tackle racial, ethnic, and gender discrimination. it will also be an occasion for us to advance the inclusion of people with disabilities, one of the top priorities of my administration. one final word. just a few days ago, here at the headquarters of the united nations organization, the mural "waring titled, ope and peace," a work by brazilian artist, that was donated by my
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country back in 1957 -- the word ,enounces violence and poverty and further urges the world to seek mutual understanding. it stands as a symbol to the united nations organization of the ultimate responsibility to avoid armed conflict and promote peace, social justice, and to overcome hunger and poverty. it was often stated that there could be no great work of art that is not identified with the people about it. the message of the mural remains very current and topical. it speaks to not only the victims of war, but also the refugees who risk their lives on precarious boats. it also speaks to all of those anonymous lives that turn to the u.n. for protection, peas, and well-being. we hope that when we walk into
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these premises of the united nations, and look at these paintings, at the very entrance, we hope that we will be able to ,ear the voices of those people whom we represent and work hard that there yearning for peace and progress be met. after all, these were the very ideals that, 17 years ago, were theent at the foundation of united nations organization, a major a publisher of humankind. thank you very much, mr. president. thank you very much, all. [applause] >> on behalf of the general is ugly, i would like to thank the president of brazil for her statement just made. that you remain seated.
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>> the assembly will now here and addressed by his excellency, barack obama, president of the united states of america. i request the protocol to escort his presence.
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>> on behalf of the general simply, i have the honor to welcome to the united nations, his excellency, barack obama, president of the united states of america. and, to invite him to address the simply. -- the assembly. [applause] president obama: mr. president, secretary-general, fellow ,elegates, ladies and gentlemen 70 years after the founding of the united nations, it is worth reflecting on what, together, the members of his body have
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helped to achieve. ashes of the second world war, having witnessed the unthinkable power of the atomic states hasited worked with many nations in this is ugly to prevent a third world war. by forging alliances with old adversaries, by supporting the state of emergence of strong madrasahs, accountable to their people, instead of any foreign power, and by building an international system that imposes a cost on those who choose conflict over cooperation. an order that recognizes the dignity and equal work of all people. that is the work of seven decades.
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that thise ideal body, at its best, has pursued. of course, there have been too many times when collectively we have fallen short of these ideals. over seven decades, terrible conflicts have claimed untold victims. but, we have press forward, , to make aadily system of international rules and norms that are better and consistent.d more it is this international order hast is unwritten -- underwritten advances in prosperity. it is this collective endeavor that has brought about diplomatic cooperation between the world's major powers, and
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buttressed a global economy that has lifted more than a billion people from poverty. it is these international principles that have helped constrain bigger countries from imposing our will on smaller ones, and advance the emergence of democracy, development, and individual liveries on every continent. real.rogress is in thebe documented lives saved, agreements forged, diseases called gerd, and mouths fed. and yet, we come together today knowing that the marks of human never travels in a straight line. our work is far from complete. pulling us currents back into a darker, disordered
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world. today, we see the collapse of strongmen and fragile states, breeding conflict, and driving innocent men, women, and children across borders on an epic scale. brutal networks of terror have stepped into the vacuum. technologies that empower individuals are now also exploited by those who spread this information, or suppress dissent, were radicalized our youth. in power,ital flows growth, and investment, but also contagion,isk of accelerating inequality. how should we respond to these trends? there are those who argue that the ideals enshrined in the u.n.
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unachievable, or out of date. a legacy of a postwar era, not suited for our own. effectively, they argue for a return to the rules that apply to most of human history and predates this institution -- the belief that power is a zero-sum makes right,ht that strong states must impose their will on weaker ones, that the rights of individuals do not matter, and that, in a time of rapid change, order must be imposed by force. on this basis, we see some major powers assert themselves in ways that contravene international law. we see an erosion of the democratic principles and human
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rights that are fundamental to mission.itution's information is strictly controlled, the space for civil society restricted. we are told that such retrenchment is required to be back disorder, that is the only way to step out terrorism, or .revent foreign meddling in accordance with this logic, we should support tyrants like bombsad, who drops barrel on innocent children, because alternative is surely worse. of ourreasing skepticism international order can also be found in the most advanced democracies. we see greater polarization, more frequent gridlock, movements on the far right, and sometimes, the left, the insist
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on stopping the trade that binds other nations, calling for the building of .alls to keep immigrants most ominously, we see the fear of ordinary people being exploited, through appeals towards sectarianism, tribalism, .apists, or anti-semitism appeals to a past of the body politic -- the politics of us versus them. the united states is not immune from this. even as our economy is growing, and our troops have largely returned from iraq and afghanistan, we see in our debates about america's role in strength, a notion of tot is defined by opposition
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old enemies, perceived adversaries, a rising china, a resurgent russia, a revolutionary iran, or islam incompatible with peace. we see an argument made that the only strength that matters for bellicose states is words, and shows of military force, that cooperation and .iplomacy will not work as president of the united states, i am mindful of the dangers that we face. they come across my desk every morning. i lead the strongest military , and ild has ever known
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will never hesitate to protect ,ice country or our allies unilaterally and by force, when necessary. but, i stand before you today believing in my core, that we, the nations of the world, cannot return to the old ways of conflict and coercion. we cannot look backwards. world, in an integrated one in which we all have a stake in each other's success. we cannot turn back those forces of integration. simply cann this is insulate itself from the threat of terrorism, or the rift of financial contagion, the flow of migrants, or the danger of a warming planet. the disorder we see is not
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driven solely by competition between nations, or any single ideology. if we cannot work together more effectively, we will all suffer the consequences. that is true for the united states as well. no matter how powerful our military, how strong our economy unitedderstand the states cannot solve the world's problems alone. iraq, the united states learned a hard lesson that even hundreds of thousands of rave troops, trillions of dollars from our treasury, cannot, by itself, impose stability on a foreign land, unless we work with other nations under the
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mantle of international norms, principles, and law that offer legitimacy to our efforts, we will not succeed. unless we work together to defeat the ideas that drive different communities in a country like iraq into conflict, any order that our military can impose will be temporary. and, just as force itself cannot ipose order internationally, believe in my core that repression cannot forge social cohesion for nations to succeed. the history of the last two decades proves that in today's world, dictatorships are unstable. the strongmen of today become the spark of revolution for tomorrow. you can gel your opponents, but you cannot imprison ideas. you can try to control access to
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information, but you cannot turn a lie into truth. it is not a conspiracy of u.s. backed ngo's that expose corruption and raise expectations of people around the globe. it is technology. social media. and, the irreducible desire of people everywhere to make their own choices about how they are governed. indeed, i believe that, in today's world, a measure of strength is no longer defined by the control of territory. lasting prosperity does not come fully from the ability to access and extract raw materials. the strength of nations depends on the success of their people, their knowledge, their animation, their imagination, their creativity, their drive, their opportunity. that, in turn, depends on a
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internal repression and foreign aggression are both symptoms of the failure to provide this foundation. politics and solidarity depend on demonizing others. it draws on religious sectarianism or narrow tribalism or jingoism. it may at times look like strength in the moment, but over time, it's weakness will be exposed. history tells us that the dark forces unleashed by this type of politics makes all of us less secure. our world has been there before. we gain nothing from going back. instead, i believe we must go forward in pursuit of our ideals.
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not abandon them at this critical time. we must give expression to our best hopes, not our deepest fears. this institution was founded because men and women who came before us had the foresight to know that our nations are more secure when we uphold basic laws and norms and pursue a path of cooperation over conflict. all, haveions, above a responsibility to uphold this rder.national ol let me give you an example. after i took office, i'm a clear one of the principal achievements of this body, the nuclear nonproliferation regime was endangered by iran's violation of the npt. on that basis, the security council tightened sanctions on
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the iranian government and many nations joined. together, we showed that laws and agreements mean something. we also understood that the goal of sanctions was not simply to punish iran, our objection -- objective was to test whether they could change course, and allow the world to verify that its nuclear program will be peaceful. , the united states and our partners, including russia, including china, stuck together in complex negotiations. the result is a lasting, comprehensive deal that events in iran from about -- obtaining a nuclear weapon while allowing access to energy. implemented, the prohibition on nuclear weapons is strengthened, a potential war
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is averted, our world is safer. that is the strength of the international system when it works the way it should. that same fidelity to international order guides our responses to other challenges around the world. consider russia's annexation of crimea and further aggression in eastern ukraine. america has few economic interests in ukraine. the deep and complex history between russia and ukraine. we cannot stand by when the sovereignty and territorial integrity of a nation is flagrantly violated. consequence without and ukraine, it could happen to any nation gathered here today. that is the basis of the
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sanctions of the united states and our partners and push on russia. it is not the desire to return to a cold war. in russia, state controlled may describe these events as an example of a surge in russia. by aw shared, by the way, number of u.s. partitions and commentators who have always been deeply skeptical of russia and seem to be convinced a new cold war is upon us. look at the results. the ukrainian people are more interested than ever in aligning with europe and set of russia. sanctions have led to capital flight. a contracting economy. a fallen ruble. -- em ofnd the gratian more educated russians. igration
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imagine if russia had been engaged in true diplomacy and worked with ukraine and the international community to ensure its interests were protected. that would be better for ukraine but also better for russia. and better for the world. which is why we continue to press for this crisis to be resolved. in a way that allows a sovereign and democratic ukraine to determine its feature and control its territory. not because we want to isolate russia but because we want a strong russia that is invested in working with us to strengthen the international system as a whole. similarly, in the south china sea. the united states makes no claim on territory there. we don't adjudicate claims. like every nation gathered here,
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in upholdingterest the basic principles of freedom of navigation and the free flow of commerce. and in resolving disputes through international law, not the law of force. defend these principles while encouraging china and other claimants to resolve their differences peacefully. i say this, recognizing the diplomacy is hard. outcomes are sometimes unsatisfying. that it is really politically popular. -- rarely politically popular. i believe that leaders of large nations, in particular, have an obligation to take these risks. precisely because we are strong enough to protect our interests if and when diplomacy fails.
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that to movee forward in this new era, we have to be strong have to acknowledge when what you are doing is not working. years, the united states pursued a cuban policy that failed to improve the lives of the cuban people. we changed that. we continue to have differences with the cuban government, we will continue to stand up for human rights, but we address these issues through diplomatic relations and increased commerce. and people to people ties. as these contacts yield progress i am confident that our congress will inevitably left an embargo that should not be in place anymore. [applause]
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change won't come overnight to cuba, but i am confident that openness, not coercion will support reforms and better the .ife of the cuban people just as i believe that cuba will find it success if it improves cooperation with other nations. if it is in the interests of major powers to uphold the international standards, it is even more true for the rest of the community of nations. look around the world. columbia, toe to senegal, the facts show that nations succeed when they pursue an inclusive peace. and prosperity within their borders and work cooperatively with companies beyond -- countries beyond their borders. that path is now available to a
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nation like iran, which, as of this moment continues to deploy violent proxies to advance its interests. these efforts may appear to get your aunt leverage in disputes with neighbors but they fuel sectarian conflict and endanger the entire region. the iranian people have a proud history and are filled with extraordinary potential. but chanting death to america does not create jobs. or make it run more secure. iran more if iran chooses a different path, it would be better for the security of the region, better for the iranian people, and better for the world. around the world, we will continue to be confronted with nations who reject these lessons of history.
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places were civil strife and border disputes and sectarian wars bring about terrorist enclaves. where order has completely broken down. we must act. but we will be stronger when we act together. efforts, the united states will always do our part. we will be mindful of the lessons of the past. not just the lessons of iraq but the example of libya, where he joined an international coalition under a u.n. mandate to prevent a slaughter. even as we helped the libyan people bring an end to the reign of a tyrant, our coalition could have and should have done more to fill a vacuum left behind. we are grateful to the united nations for its efforts to forge a united government.
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we will help any legitimate libyan government as it works to bring the country together. but we also have to recognize that we must work more effectively in the future, as an international community to build capacity for states that are in distress before they collapse. that's why we should celebrate the fact that later today, the united states will join with more than 50 countries to enlist new capabilities, infantry, intelligence, helicopters, hospitals, and tens of thousands of troops to strengthen united nations peacekeeping. [applause] these new capabilities can prevent mass killing and ensure that peace agreements are more than words on paper. but we have to do it together.
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together, we must strengthen our collective capacity to establish security where order has broken down, and to support those who seek a just and lasting peace. nowhere is our commitment to international order more tested than in syria. when a dictator slaughters tens of thousands of his own people, that is not just a matter of one nation's internal affairs. it breeds human suffering on a order of magnitude that affects us all. likewise, when a terrorist group heads captives, slaughters the that is, and enslaves, not a single national security problem, it is an assault on all
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our humanity. i have said before and i will repeat, there is no room for accommodating an apocalyptic cult like isis. states has no intention of using our military as part of a broad coalition to go after them, we do go with determination that there will never be a safe haven. to carry out these crimes. we will not be outlasted by extremists. but while military power is necessary, it is not sufficient to resolve the situation in syria. lasting stability can only take hold when the people of syria forge an agreement to live together peacefully. the united states is prepared to work with any nation, including russia and iran to resolve the
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conflict. we must recognize that there cannot be, after so much bloodshed and carnage, a return to the prewar status quo. let's remember how this started. assad reacted to peaceful protests by escalating , that inn and killing turn created the environment for the current strife. allies can't simply pacify the broad majority of a population who have been brutalized with chemical weapons and indiscriminate bombing. yes, realism dictates that compromise will be required to end the fighting and stomp out isis. but realism also requires a
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managed transition away from a side -- assad into a new leader and recognizing that there must be an end to the chaos of that the syrian people can begin to rebuild. isil,w that i still -- which emerged from the chaos in iraq and syria, -- we know that it continues because of a poisonous ideology so part of our job, together, is to work to reject such extremism that infects too many of our young. part of that effort must be a continued rejection by muslims, of those who distort islam to musth intolerance, and it involve a rejection of the ignorance that equates islam with terror. [applause]
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this work will take time. there are no easy answers to syria and there are no civil answers to the changes taking place in much of the middle east and north africa. families need help right now. they don't have time. that's why the united states is increasing the number of refugees that we welcome within our borders. that's why we will continue to be the largest donor of assistance to support those refugees and today we are launching new efforts to ensure our people and businesses, our universities can help as well. in the faces of suffering families, our nation of immigrants sees ourselves. thinking, thes of
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plight of the powerless and refugees and marginalized did not matter. they were on the periphery of the world's concerns. today, our concern for them is driven not just by conscience but should also be driven by self-interest. for helping people who have been pushed to the margins of our world is not near charity, it is a matter of collective security. the purpose of this institution is not merely to avoid conflict, it is to galvanize action that makes life better. made toitments we have the sustainable development .oals speak to this truth i believe capitalism has been the greater creator of wealth and opportunity that the world has ever known. but from big cities to rural villages, we know that crsperity is still tru --
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out of reachuelly pope francis reminds us, we are stronger when we value the least among these. and see them as equal in dignity to ourselves and our sons and daughters. we can rollback preventable disease and end the scourge of hiv/aids. we can step out pandemics that recognize no borders. that works may not be on television right now but as we demonstrated in reversing the spread of ebola, a can save more lives than anything else we can do. together, we can eradicate increaseoverty and opportunity but this requires a sustained commitment to our people. some farmers can feed more people. so entrepreneurs can start a business without paying a bribe. so young people can have the
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skills they need. we can promote growth through trade that meets a higher standard, that's what we are doing with the transpacific partnership, a trade agreement that encompasses nearly 40% of the global economy. an agreement that will open markets while protecting the rights of workers. and protecting the environment that enables development to be sustained. we can rollback the pollution that we put in our skies, and help economies lift people out of poverty without condemning children to the ravages of a warming climate. the same ingenuity that it is the industrial age, and the computer age, allows us to harness the potential of clean energy. no country can escape the ravages of climate change. there is no stronger sign of leadership than putting future generations first.
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the united states will work with every nation that is willing to do its part so we can come together to decisively confront this challenge. finally, our vision for the future, of this assembly, my belief. in moving forward rather than backwards. requires us to defend the democratic principles that allow society to succeed. let me start from a simple premise. catastrophes like what we are seeing in syria do not take place in countries where there is genuine democracy and respect for the universal values this institution is supposed to defend. [applause]
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i recognize that democracy will take different forms in different parts of the world. the very idea of a people governing themselves depends upon government giving expression to their unique culture. their unique history and experiences. some universal truths are self-evident. to be imprisoned for peaceful worship. no woman should ever be abused with impunity. or be barred from going to school. the freedom to peacefully petition those in power without fear of arbitrary laws, these are not ideas of one country or one culture. they are fundamental to human progress. they are a cornerstone of this institution.
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i realize that in many parts of the world there's a different view. a believe that strong leadership must tolerate no dissent. i hear it not only from america's adversaries but i also hear it from some of our friends. i disagree. i believe a government that suppresses peaceful dissent is not showing strength, it is showing weakness and fear. history shows. [applause] history shows that regimes that fear their own people will eventually crumble. but strong institutions, built on the consent of the governed, endure long after any one individual is gone. our strongest
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leaders from george washington to nelson mandela have elevated the importance of building strong, democratic institutions over a thirst for perpetual power. leaders who amend constitutions to stay in office only acknowledge they have failed to build a successful country for the people. none of us last forever. power isus that something they cling to for its own sake, rather than for the betterment of those they purport to serve. i understand democracy is frustrating. democracy in the united states is certainly imperfect. at times, it can be dysfunctional. the constantcy, struggle to extend rights to more people and give more people a voice, is what allowed us to
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become the most powerful nation in the world. [applause] it's not simply a matter of principle, it's not an abstraction. inclusive democracy makes country stronger. parties can seek power peacefully through the balance. a country draws upon new ideas. when a free media can inform the public that corruption and abuse are exposed and can be rooted out. when civil society thrives, communities can solve problems that governments cannot necessarily solve alone. when immigrants are welcomed, countries are more productive and vibrant. when girls can go to school and get a job and pursue unlimited opportunity, that is when a country realizes its full potential. [applause]
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that is what i believe is america's greatest strength. not everybody in america agrees with me. that is part of democracy. i believe that the fact that you can walk the streets of the city right now, and pass churches and synagogues and temples and mosques where people can worship freely. everybody from everywhere here in new york city. the fact that in this country, everybody can contribute. everybody can participate no matter who they are or what they look like or who they love. usat's what makes a strong -- strong. i believe that what is true for america is possible for all mature democracies.
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we can be trapped -- proud of our nation's without giving up our position to some other group. we can be patriotic without demonizing someone else. we can cherish our own dontities, our religion and so without putting others down. our systems are premised on the notion that absolute power will corrupt. but that ordinary people are fundamentally good. family andalue friendship, fate, and the dignity of hard work. and with appropriate checks and balances, government can reflect this goodness. i believe that the future we must seek together. to believe in the dignity of every individual. to believe we can bridge our
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differences, and choose cooperation of a conflict. that is not weakness, it is strength. [applause] it is a practical necessity and this interconnected world. our people understand this. think of the liberian doctor who went door-to-door to search for ebola cases and tell families what to do if they show symptoms. think of the iranian shopkeeper who said, after the nuclear deal, god willing, we will be able to offer more goods at better prices. think of the americans who lowered the flag over our embassy in havana in 1961, the year i was born, and return this summer to raise the flag back up. [applause]
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one of these men said of the cuban people, we could do things for them and they could do things for us, we love them. we ignored that fact. think of the families leaving everything they have known behind, risking bearing deserts and stormy waters just to find shelter. their one syrian refugee who was greeted in hamburg with warm meetings and shelter said we feel there are still people who love other people. the people of our united nations are not as different as they are . they can be made to fear.
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they can be taught to hate. but they can also respond to hope. history is littered with the failure of false prophets and fallen empires. who believe that might always will right and that continue to be the case, you can count on that. but we are called upon to offer a different kind of leadership. leadership strong enough to recognize the nations share common interests and people share a common humanity. there are certain ideas and principles that are universal. that is what those who shaped the united states destinations 70 years nations ago held up and we can ensure that future will be made
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brighter for my children and for yours. thank you very much. [applause] >> on behalf of the general assembly i wish to thank the president of the united states of america for the statement he just ate. i ask representatives to remain seated while we greet the president.
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representatives to take their seats so that we can of presidentsist speaking. we need more silence and the hall.
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please. >> silence. the assembly will hear and presidents excellency of the republic of poland. on behalf of the general assembly i have the honor to welcome to the united nations,
11:03 am
his excellency, president of the republic of poland and invite him to address the assembly. [applause] >> distinguished mr. secretary-general, distinguished mr. president, excellency. honorable delegates, ladies and gentlemen. ofongratulate the president the 70th session of the un's general assembly. on his election to this honorable office. i wish to assure you, mr. president, about poland's full support to your actions. president, ladies and
11:04 am
gentlemen, peace and law. these are the two key words which allow us to realize and .ppreciate these are the two keywords which allow us to understand and appreciate the importance of the united nations and the last 70 years. without which it is impossible to imagine coexistence between nations and ethnic groups, followers of different religions, peace and love, they are beautiful notions that are important yet extremely fragile. andh needs to be cultivated , know that peace
11:05 am
is not be taken for granted. eighthan one month ago, came to me to deliver a speech at the commemoration of the 76 anniversary of the outbreak of world war ii. thehe dawn of september first, 1939, the invasion of 90 germany against my home country was unleashed. -- on the 17thon of september 1939, we received something from the other side and the ussr attacked poland and pul poland vanished from the map. end on the till the side of the free world. warwar, the second world was at the most bloody and
11:06 am
mankind's history. europe, east and southeast asia, north africa, the middle east, all the oceans plunged into the dark. , thes international law next one was human rights. -- ting from the sentiment and ending with the rise of soldiers in combat. the rise of civilians, refugees. the scale of terror, destruction, and lawlessness committed those international communities to serious tests. it appeared to step up efforts to protect peace and safeguarded for the future. the year 1945 is more than the end of world war ii. it is also the origin of the united nations.
11:07 am
the most fundamental mechanism for cooperation in international community for the sake of global peace and security. 1945, also international criminal courts were set up. , the nuremberg and tokyo one. marked thealso adoption of two crucial documents, the declaration of human rights and the convention on the prevention and punishment of the crime of genocide. this concept was largely laid pole of jewish descent, nominated to the nobel peace prize. he was fluent in nine languages but he was most fluent in the language of law. he noted an absence of one important word.
11:08 am
it was he who invented and apply professional literature that mention genocide for the first time. he had a direct experience of it. almost all of his family perished in german and isolation camps. on international law as well as unconditional penalization of those responsible for war crimes was meant to be one of the ways and means to prevent bloody conflict in the future. observed,hn paul ii peace and international law are closely linked to each other. favors peace. unfortunately, international treaties are still violated. pledges are neglected. and human rights are commonly
11:09 am
trampled. must recall this, there is never too much of a reminder that international law is a fundamental value and a fundamental tool to build peace in the world. declaration made by leaders of a state, no promises, no entities, will replace treaties, conventions, and resolutions. behind closeds doors may ever lead to violation of the former. to the trampling of them. all states should be afforded equal enjoyment of rights vested in them and any actions undermining these rules should be firmly rejected by international communities. and the global community. poland so greatly affected by world war ii and over 40 years of oppression under a communist regime, is particularly
11:10 am
sensitive to the use of force in relation to the difference between states using armed aggression to the violation of human rights. poland feels it is incumbent to remind that such methods are not only immoral, not only incompatible with humanism, but above all, they are in contradiction with international law. that's why i would like to reiterate in a situation when a state perpetrates an aggression leading its international policy of accomplished facts, missiles, bombs, that it the international community has an obligation to reject us anything accomplished through such action. it is crucially important to continue the work and streamlining the effectiveness of the united nations security council. the body responsible for protection of international peace.
11:11 am
recallede constantly that the privileged membership is connected with a duty to take active measures to implement u.n. fundamental goals. in article one of the charter. in recent years, the right to veto landed to a total stalemate on the most important security issues. this is why poland supports the french proposal to adopt a code of procedures for refraining from a veto in the event when we are confronted with grave times and dissent in international law including the crime of genocide. let usand gentlemen, have a look at the world today, which is so trouble written. how many millions suffer from war, destitution, or religious
11:12 am
persecution? can we afford to circumvent the shrined in the u.n. charter? so weak be turning a blind eye to the commitments made? legal we waved aside manipulations and propaganda activities which seek to justify unworthy actions and illegal ones? the answer is no. this has to be an answer of humandecent and honest congressman and politician. republic oft of the poland while addressing in 2009 pointed out that violation of territorial integrity of states always causes conflict on a global scale. to sayi would also like
11:13 am
as president of poland to express on behalf of my country the opposition to the world built on the position of zones of influence and aggressions perpetrated by those driven by interests and ambition ignoring international law. sporting the joint 70 year endeavor of the united nations. costs whichwell the are incurred as the result of such policy especially the absence of decisive and joint in then of other states early stage of an aggression. establish delegates. international law -- and when war has broken out, on the territories engulfed by conflict, usually there is no rule of law. we can see that in many parts of the world, where the
11:14 am
institutions of the state have been excessively strained or replaced by private armies, terrorist militias, and self-proclaimed courts. this comes as yet another challenge to the world and to the united nations alike. more and more frequently, conflicts arrive in which it is hard to find the litigants parties and in which combat is carried out not by states but rather by indeterminate armed groups. where it is difficult to make out a soldier from a civilian. which in the eyes of many politicians and especially in international law are still not fully researched and comfortable. one thingely, continues unaltered for centuries. in various court -- quarters of the world and -- freedom of conference -- conscience and religion are.
11:15 am
christians are also subject to persecution. in the middle east, the incidence of acts of violence threatening members of churches is growing at an alarming pace. about the forget plight of the ucb community -- the yazidi community. poland appeals to the international community to take steps to protect the rights of religious minorities. military conflict in the middle takes thousands of innocent lives, violating social and economic stability. the militants of this so-called islamic state pillage museums, the file christian and shia shrines, blowing up the remains of agent -- patient we learned about the destruction
11:16 am
of the temple, almost 200 years old. they stated that the devastation of the temple constitutes no less than a war crime. acts, face of those international communities should take more decisive steps in order to stem the process of destroying and looting the world heritage. distinguished delegates, from the very outset of the un's existence, international had toty has never struggle with a humanitarian crisis on such a scale as in the present day. poland works to reinforce the global system of humanitarian aid through fostering cooperation among international institutions, governments, and nongovernmental organizations. one should time,
11:17 am
place more intense emphasis on the relationship between humanitarian aid and development aid. at this point, i would like to mention with great satisfaction the results of polish humanitarian organization which landed support to those in need. to build schools and community centers, they drill wells, provide close and blankets. they assist victims of various conflicts. they responded to the disasters. i like to express my most simple to all sincere gratitude people of conscience who are providing assistance to others. sometimes risking their own lives. respecting human rights is a key premise for the maintenance of peace and justice in all states and nations. poland, a particular importance descends on freedom
11:18 am
of conscience. and freedom of speech entails the duty to tell the truth. nothing is more poisonous to the relations of our nations and states than manipulating truth. then lies, or degrading stereotypes. that is why truth, also the truth about history, is such a crucial component of relations among states and nations. at this point, i would like to highlight the fate of those for whom standing up for truth and freedom of speech is not threatened with imprisonment and the as this uncompromising, dissidents, journalists, bloggers, who bring daylight to crimes of totalitarian regimes, of tragedies perpetrated by terrorists in various corners of the world. brutality of law enforcement bodies. we cannot forget the dedication
11:19 am
to international community offer them appropriate protection also in the legal context. and when speaking about human rights, about the aftermath of war, and mass migrations. i have in mind as women, mothers, wives, and daughters. in asia, africa, the middle east, and ukraine. they require a particular solitudes and saved some for twice as much. first when they lose their sense of security, knowing that war is raging around and then when they lose their husbands, fathers, brothers, sons, and sometimes cannot bury them. the tears of a woman distressed with war is the greatest charge
11:20 am
against humanity in the 21st century. delegates, the defense of democracy, sustainable economic growth. inequalities.l prater at cap -- broader access to education. lessening the impact of climate change. all of the measures contribute to the preservation of peace worldwide. in this context, i wish to assure you about my country's readiness to participate in the attainment of sustainable development goals. poland actively participates, among others, in the international effort to arrive at a new climate agreement. we see the need for the permanent understanding in this field, one which will be joined by all states and that will engage efforts of all in proportion to their actual capabilities. , otherwise
11:21 am
unimpressive track record in protection. suffice it to say that our economic transformation contributed to the lowering of co2 emissions and poland by 30% in relation to 1990. we also stand ready to increase our direct contribution to peacekeeping and preservation of security. behind also the motive that submission of our candidacy for the security council nonpermanent membership. poland, still mindful of the tragedy of world war ii, pledges to actively cooperate in the building of international order law. if contributes to effective sanctioning of societies of which states are made but also
11:22 am
peaceful arrangements. let it therefore create the world founded on the force of law and not on the law of force. thank you very much. [applause] >> on behalf of the general assembly i wish to thank the president of the republic of poland for his statement. representatives to remain seated while we greet the president.
11:23 am
the assembly will hear an address by his excellency, xi jinping, president of the people's republic of china. [applause] on behalf of the general assembly, i have the honor to welcome to the united nations, his excellency, xi jinping, president of the people's republic of china and invite him to address the assembly. [applause] colleagues,g: dear
11:24 am
70 years ago, the earlier generation fought heroically and secured the victory of the world's antifascist war, thus closing a dark page in the annals of human history. that victory was hard-won. 70 years ago, the earlier generation of mankind with vision and foresight, established the united nations. authoritative and organization has carried mankind's hope for a new future and ushered in a new era of cooperation. it was a pioneering initiative never undertaken before. ago, the earlier generation of mankind holds together their wisdom and adopted the charter of the united nations, laying the
11:25 am
cornerstone of the contemporary international order and establishing the fundamental principles of contemporary international relations. this was an achievement of profound impact. president, dear colleagues, on the third of september, the chinese people, together with the world's people, solemnly commemorated the 70th anniversary of the victory of the chinese people wore a persistence against japanese aggression and the anti-fascist war. made a national sacrifice of over 35 million casualties in the troops ofnst japanese militarism. that not only saved itself and its people from subjugation, but also gave strong support to the forces against aggression in the european and pacific theaters.
11:26 am
thus, making historic contributions to the victory of the world's anti-fascist war. , only bite learning lessons from history can the world of lloyd repeating past calamity -- avoid past calamity. the past cannot be changed, but the future can be shaped. barry history and mind, it is not to perpetuate history. for mankind not to forget its lessons. remembering history does not mean being obsessed with the past, rather in doing so, we aim to create a better future and past the torch of peace from generation to generation. [applause] colleagues,t, dear
11:27 am
the united nations has gone through the test of time over the past seven decades it has witnessed efforts made by all countries to uphold peace and pursue cooperation. historicaled a starting point, the united nations needs to address the central issue of how to better promote world peace and development in the 21st century. the world is going through a process of accelerated evolution. the sunshine of peace, development, and progress will be powerful enough to penetrate the clouds of war, poverty, and backwardness. the movement toward a multicolor world and the rise of emerging markets and developing countries has become an irresistible trend of history.
11:28 am
globalization at the advent of an information age has largely increased and boosted social productive forces and have both created unprecedented development opportunities and given rise to new threats and challenges which we must face. as the ancient chinese saying goes, the idealistic create a world chair by all. democracy and freedom are the commonalities of mankind and the lofty goals of the united nations. yet these goals are far from being achieved and we must continue our endeavor to meet him. in today's world, all countries are interdependent and share a common future. we should renew our commitments to the purposes and principles of the u.n. charter toward a new type of international relations featuring cooperation and create
11:29 am
a community of shared future for mankind. to achieve this goal, we need to make the following efforts. should build partnerships in which countries treat each other as equals. understanding.l the principle of sovereign a quality underpins the u.n. charter. the future of the world must be shaped by all countries. are equals.s the big and strong should not believe the small, weak, and poor. notprinciple of sovereignty only means that the sovereignty and territorial integrity of all --ntries are in violet
11:30 am
upheld.ents should be [applause] and that all countries endeavor to promote economic and social development and improve their peoples life should be respected. toshould be committed ultracold tourism and reject funeral is him. -winhould adopt a new win outcome for all and reject the gainted mindset that one means the others lost or that the winner shall take all. convocation is an important form of democracy. and it should also become an
11:31 am
important means of exercising contemporary international governments. we should resolve these differences through dialogue and confrontation. should forge a global partnership at international and regional level and embrace a new approach in state to state relations one that features dialogue rather than confrontation and weeks partnership rather than alliance. major countries should follow the principles of no conflict, no confrontation, mutual respect and win-win cooperation and ongoing corporations. the country should treat small countries as equal and take a right approach to justice and interest by putting justice before interest. [applause]
11:32 am
we should create a security architecture featuring fairness, join us, justice cooperation and fairness. in the age of global economic is asian the security of all country is interlinked and has one -- has impact on one another. no country can maintain absolute security and no country can achieve stability out of other countries instability. the law of the jungle leaves the week at the mercy of the strong. it is not the way for countries to conduct relations. those who adopt the high end approach of using this will find they are only lifting a rock to rob their own feet. abandon cold war mentality and all of its manifestation and embrace
11:33 am
cooperative and sustainable security. should give full flight to the central role of the united nations adding to the security council and ending conflict and keeping peace. of adopt the approach dispute and to a ending hostility and turning it into amnesty. we should find economic cooperation and take a holistic approach to addressing traditional and nontraditional security threat so as to prevent, -- conflict from breaking out in the first place. we should promote open, innovative, and inclusive development that benefits all. the 2008 international financial crisis has taught us that lightly capital to
11:34 am
profit can only create crisis and global prosperity cannot be built on the shaky foundation of a market without moral constraint. the growing gap between rich and unsustainable and unfair. uses important for us to both the invisible hand and the visible hand to form synergy between market forces and government function and strive to achieve efficiency and fairness. development is meaningful only when it is inclusive and sustainable to achieve such sustainable development for -- requiresss
11:35 am
openness, mutual assistance, and when-when cooperation. , close to 800oday million people home -- close to 800 million people still live in extreme poverty. nearly 6 million kids die before the age of five each year and nearly 60 million children are unable to go to school the just concluded you when sustainable development so -- you when sustainable development council adopted the agenda and must translate our commitment into actions and work together to ensure that everyone is free from work, everyone has access to development and everyone has access to dignity. [applause]
11:36 am
increase inter-stabilization exchange to promote harmony, inclusiveness, and promote differences. the world is simply more colorful as a result of the cultural diversity. diversity exchanges. and creates integration integration makes progress possible. in their interactions, civilization must accept their differences. only through mutual respect, mutual learning and harmonious coexistence can the world maintain its diversity and thrive. each civilization represents the unique vision and contribution of its people, and no civilization is superior to others. different civilizations that have dialogue and exchanges and
11:37 am
that of trying to exclude or replace each other. mankind is af process of active exchanges, interactions and integration among different civilizations. --'sould expect all respect all civilizations and treat each other as equals. we should draw inspiration from each other to boost the creative development of human civilization. build an ecosystem that puts mother nature and green development first. utilize this and try to transform it but we are a part of the nature. nature andare for not place ourselves about it. we should reconcile industrial
11:38 am
andlopment with nature pursue harmony between man and nature to pursue sustainable development in the world and all around development of man. to build a sound ecology is vital for mankind's future. all members of the international community should work together to build a sound, global eco-environment. follow nature's ways and protect nature. we should firmly pursue green, low carbon circular and sustainable development. will shoulder its share of , and china will continue to play its part in this common endeavor.
11:39 am
we also urge developed countries to fulfill their historical responsibility, honor their emission reduction commitments, and help developing countries mitigate and adapt to climate change. [applause] mr. president, colleagues the over 1.3 billion war the chinese people are endeavoring to create great national renewal. the dream of the chinese people is closely connected with the dreams of other peoples of the world. the chineselies dream without a people international environment, a stable international order, and the understanding support and
11:40 am
help from the rest of the world. the realization of the chinese dream will bring more opportunities to other countries , and contribute to global peace and development. china will continue to participate in building world peace. we are committed to peaceful development, no matter how the international landscape mate you've all, and how strong china may become, china will never exceed germany expansion, or influence. [applause] china will continue to tribute -- contribute to global development. we will continue to pursue common development and the win-win strategy of opening up.
11:41 am
we are ready to share our development experience and opportunities with other , and we welcome other countries to board china's next rest train of development so all of us will achieve common developmt. china will continue to uphold the international order. we will stay committed to the path of useful development through cooperation. china was the first country to put it signature on the u.n. charter. we will continue to uphold the international order and systems underpinned by the principles of the u.n. charter. china will continue to stand together with other developing countries. we firmly support greater
11:42 am
representation and the voice of the developing countries, especially african countries in the international government system. [applause] china's boat in the united nations will always belong to the developing countries. i wish to take this opportunity to announce china's position to endeavor a 10 year one billion u.s. dollars china-u.s. peace and development fund. --support the u.n. work [applause] to advance multilateral cooperation and contribute more
11:43 am
to world peace and development i also wish to announce china will join the new u.n. peacekeeping capability readiness system, and has thus decided to take the lead in setting up a permanent peace keeping police squad and build a peacekeeping step by force of 8000 troops. [applause] i also wish to announce china of 100ovide a total million u.s. dollars of free military assistance through the african union in the next five years to support the african
11:44 am
force and african capacity for immediate response to crisis. [applause] mr. president, dear colleagues ask the and and -- as the united nations enters a new decade, let us unite even more closely to forge a new partnership of win-win cooperation and a community of shared future for mankind. let the vision of the world free of poor with lasting peace take root in our hearts. let the aspiration of development, prosperity spread across the world. thank you all. [applause]
11:45 am
>> on behalf of the general assembly, i wish to thank the president of china for his statement. may i request representatives to remain seated we greet the president. >> the assembly will hear an , king ofy his just eat the hashemite kingdom of jordan. omite kingdom of jordan.
11:46 am
majest.s y. of of the general assembly have me on her to welcome to the united nations abdullah thehe second king of the hashemite kingdom of jordan, and to invite him to address the assembly. >> mr. president, general, your excellency, thank you. it is an honor to stand up for this distinguished general jordan andpresenting
11:47 am
as a god fearing god loving human being. as a president who wants -- king who want to live in a compassionate and more caring world. such a future is under serious threats from the outlaws of his long. they operate globally today. they target religious differences, hoping to kill cooperation and compassion among the billions of people of all that ared communities side by side many countries. use suspicionangs and if the rents to expand their and worst still is the freehand they grab -- grant themselves to distort the word of god, to justify the most
11:48 am
atrocious crimes. united by our are complex -- conviction. these forces must be defeated. before we can achieve the , what if, let us ask was were not defeated? what it look like gecko can we tolerate a future where mass murders, public he headings, kidnapping and slavery are common practices gecko whether persecution of communities is law where humanity is cultural of --ers for thousands preserved for thousands of years are systematic and destroyed. world this crisis a third war. i believe we must respond with equal intention.
11:49 am
that means global collective action on all fronts. mistake, the more important war is the one we waged on the battlegrounds of the heart, the soul, and mind, and in this fight, all countries, all people must come together. proud to workn with you and your countries to spearhead global initiative for tolerance and dialogue. this has been reflected in the message and common word, and four years ago we helped to create the u.n. global anerfaith harmony week, event to focus all people, on thelly young people essentials of tolerance on coexistent. these efforts must continue, and the u.n. has a central role.
11:50 am
but all of this as individuals and -- all of us as individuals and leaders must help build the road ahead. seven steps.t first, let us get back to basics, to the essence and shared spirit of our respective faith and decree. it seems to me we can sometimes lose sight of the larger picture. what separates humanity is miniscule compared to what's we hold in common. deep values of love, peace, justice, and compassion. [speaking in foreign language] and grace of all
11:51 am
things. .econd, let us change our town in my travels not long ago i saw a road sign that said fear god. a few miles down the road was another saying of the same thing , then another, and a final one saying all of you will go to hell. i thought, when and how did fear and intimidation creep so in city with lee into our conversation when there is so much more to be said about the love of god. most people may think they have nothing to do with the hate expressed by extremists. also threatened when violence, fear, and anger , whetherour discourse in school lessons or weekly sermons or international
11:52 am
affairs. third, let us act upon our beliefs. here i mean the praying and fasting. i mean integrating our values and every part of our daily lives. every hour of every day. by loving our neighbor, showing respect to those different from us. by being kind to our children. each one of us can do something to reflect the spirit of our creator. fourth, let us amplify the voice of moderation. it is one of the greatest ironies of our times that extremist voices use advanced meet a -- media to propagate ignorant ideas. our screens,et
11:53 am
airways, broadband and social media be monopolized by those opposed -- who pose the greatest danger to our world. we, too, must populate our media. and more important, the minds of our young old. with the purity and power of moderation. , let us recognize defeat -- deceit. when we examine the motives of these outlaws, and indeed the motives of extremists on all we find hunger for power and control of all, of money, of land. mask -- religion as a
11:54 am
is there a worse crime been twisting god's word to promote your own interest you go is there a more despicable act gecko been feeding on the vulnerable and innocent to recruit them to your banks? community, 1.7 ,illion good men and women today's outlaw gangs are nothing but a drop in the ocean. but a drop of venom can poison a well. we must protect the purity of our faith from worldly contamination. fight,ims, this is our as it is our duty. six, by all means, let us be
11:55 am
intolerant of intolerance. apathy of rely on the mourners, but moderation does not mean accepting those who trample others and reject all .ho differ today's global fight is not between peoples, communities or religion. it is between all moderates of all faiths against all .xtremists and all religions leaders of every country, every believe, every neighborhood need to take a clear and modern stance against intolerance of any kind, and this includes respecting all places where god is worshiped, whether a mosque, simple.synagogue or and nothing can be more important and have more impact
11:56 am
then framing this respect and coexistence then jerusalem. the hashemite custodianship of jerusalem's, islamic and christian holy sites is ace the --at duty, and we between join muslims and christians everywhere and rejecting threats to the holy places and the arab character of this holy city. in our era conductivity defined how we live and interact in our work, our communities, our our lives. only a few years ago we had the internet of computers. now we talk about the internet of things. above them all must be the
11:57 am
internet of community. a hyper connection bringing us together in collective consciousness and common course. ladies and gentlemen, by gathering here today we as knowledge the power of working together far exceeds any individual effort. this great general assembly must address urgent world issues, sustainable and inclusive development that can deliver more opportunities, especially to young people, and peaceful political solutions to regional crises. it is the world's obligation to find solutions and provide relief for the millions of refugees in my region. today we are still facing huge shortfalls, cuts and threats to vital u.n. programs and agencies, including unhcr and wf p.
11:58 am
by thee are haunted images of thousands of refugees on the shores and borders of far awayeeking hope from their homeland. , we have been faced with this challenge since the beginning of the syrian crisis. today syrian refugees alone constitute 20% of my country's population. we have been taking on a significant part of the burden of this humanitarian disaster off the international community shoulders since the very beginning. our support to our country has been a small fraction of the cost we have in jordan. it is high time the international community active -- act collectively in facing this unprecedented communitarian
11:59 am
crisis. support countries like jordan and lebanon, which have been carrying the front of this burden for over the past four years. in these areas we must act and act collectively for the future of our world. conductivity is key. , equality,we share compassion, hope need to be connected to everything we do, and we must keep ourselves connected to each other for the good of all. these are the bonds of the power i promise the united nations. together we can and must create the future our people need. world of coexistence, inclusion, shared prosperity and
12:00 pm
peace. seven steps can bring us closer to our destination. god willing our countries -- continued thiss afternoon before the u.n. general at some point. we will leave this here but do plan to return after morning hours each as in the house. returning this monday after friday's announcement i speaker boehner that he is resigning at the end of next month. the house a communication from the speaker. the clerk: the speaker's rooms, washington, d.c. september 28, 2015. i hereby appoint the honorable jeff denham to act as speaker pro tempore on this day. signed, john a. boehner, speaker of the house of representatives. the speaker pro tempore: pursuant to the order of the house of january 6, 2015, the chair will now recognize members from lists submitted by the majority and minority leaders for


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