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tv   Washington Journal  CSPAN  September 29, 2015 7:00am-10:01am EDT

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then the efforts to pass a short-term spending to avoid a government shutdown. steve: -- host: good morning. last night the senate to the first step to avert the government shut down by passing a stopgap spending bill. president obama spent his monday with other world leaders in new york. included address to the general assembly and a high-profile meeting with president putin. viewers tog our weigh in.
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is united states losing global influence? if you think the answer is yes, call a sent tell us why. us and tell you can catch up with us on social media and twitter or facebook and e-mail us at journal -- a good tuesday morning to you with the united nations meeting its 70th session today. a are asking viewers to take minute and assess the goal of the united states in world affairs. headline is that obama and putin clash signals a shift in world order. the u.s. president can see that he will have to negotiate with moscow and toronto over the state syrian leaders. marble in the united nations state a similar hall has
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u.s.a pulpit where presidents told nations how things were going to be. the story notes that president obama was back at the podium yesterday to implicitly acknowledge that the old u.s. order had disintegrated along the way. here is a story from the president's address to the united nations yesterday morning. as president of the united states i am mindful of the dangers that we face. they cross my desk every morning. militarye strongest that the world has ever known that will never hesitate to protect my country or our allies unilaterally and by force where necessary. todayd before you believing in my core that we cannot return to the old ways of
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conflict and coercion. we cannot look backwards. world, in an integrated one in which we all have a stake in each other's success. cannot turn back those forces of integration. no nation in this assembly can insulate itself from the threat of terrorism or the risk of contagion. the flow of migrants or the danger of a warming planet. the disorder that we see is not driven solely by competition between nations or any single ideology. if we cannot work together more effectively, we will all suffer the consequences. host: that is president obama yesterday morning at the united
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nations general assembly. the criticism of the president's foreign policy in today's paper by the wall street journal's editorial board. mr. obama noting that america still will not admit that the policy of american retreat has created a vacuum for roads to fill. the united nations saying i stand before you believing that we cannot return to the old ways of conflict and coercion. we cannot look backwards. oh yes we can he editorial board rights. critics innt's congress jumping on this theme including kevin mccarthy in an address he gave yesterday afternoon. if i look in the history of where we are, it seems a lot
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like 1979. the soviets invading afghanistan and today russia in crimea and ukraine. finance -- fanatics over taking an embassy of hours in iran and holding us hostage. there are four hostages there today. u.s.ast time that a ambassador was killed on foreign reflection a direct of the respect and fear that other countries have of us. 1979 afghanistan and the three brick americans in libya. the chaos and conflict was the direct result of weak america leadership. but it only took 10 years.
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togo from a world in chaos the freeing of hostages to the trampling and tumbling of the berlin wall. it all happened because america's leadership and american resolve, so guided by three fundamental principles that must see us forward. the world a safer when america leads, that strength and resolve are the best recipe for peace and security in that america stands with its allies and challenges its adversary. there is no substitute for american leadership and there is no time like the present to start. house majority leader kevin mccarthy yesterday talked about the u.s. role in the world.
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we are asking our viewers to weigh in. is the united states losing global influence. in on socialweigh media on our facebook page. we have a poll that you can participate in. , 133 peoplemorning said united states is losing global influence. you can participate throughout today's show. nick is first calling from new york. you're on the washington journal. caller: i think that we need to take a lesson from china and the economically asserting itself around the world. engaged inee china military conflict in the middle east and elsewhere.
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question thathe needs to be answered here is, how much do we have to lose and how much does russia have to gain from the military alliance and gettingnd iran control of isis. wanted to get control of the radical terrorists. the statement of whoever it was in congress that just spoke. men: kevin mccarthy, the expected to be the next bigger of the house. caller: i think his statements are kind of bogus because there from 1979, repeat but the world is far more advanced from 1979. we are not where we used to be. the biggest mistake that we made
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was in 2003 when we put boots on the ground in afghanistan and iraq. that was the single biggest military mistake that this country has ever made or done under the republican watch. know if donald to let russia go care of their business in syria and get control of isis is feasible. host: nick mentioned china's editorial role. they praise china on taking the lead on global climate change noting that the emerging world is starting to pull its weight on this issue. let's go now to gainesville
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virginia. you are on the washington journal. c-span.morning, i was listening to the kevin mccarthy speech that you just ran and i could not hold my laughter. he talked about 1979 iran, but clinton had at peaceful world and a glorious economy with a $500 billion surplus of george w. bush and what did he do? he rushed our troops to iraq and by 2008 we had all the problems in the world. we were several trillion dollars in debt with two unfinished wars. the economy was falling apart and that is how this country -- republicans ran this country into a complete ditch. i could not hold my laughter at his hypocrisy.
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you that what these obama critics are talking about we go intory time the world we should rush our troops and bully our way into winning these wars. tell me a time we sent troops except losingr the lives of young americans and trillions of dollars on a credit card. give me a break. there is nothing wrong in diplomacy and talking to people. have 400 billion dollars in deficit and $17 trillion in debt to obama is dead right. host: if you want to watch president obama today i want to note that he will be chairing a leader summit on countering violent extremism happening at
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10:30 today. check c-span for where you can view that speech and that address and debate. randy is on that line saying for those who say the u.s. is losing . >> thank you for taking my call. i believe the u.s. is losing its influence. this shows how the president is losing because he is not telling the truth. bestys we have the military and the world which is true and says we are attacking our allies but i don't see that. host: where did you see that? region's of the world that you are concerned >> i believe that we are we cause of that because
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left a void in the middle east and nobody is addressing that they are just saying that immigration is bringing migrations to the u.s.. and look what we had with china and the white house. and weacking cybertek invite these guys to the white house and putin is running circles around us and syria is building up. alliessaid, none of our trust us and our enemies don't fear us. the few tweets that have come in already this morning. writes that after world war ii, the u.s. was the only country can all of being the world leader. times have changed and is not us alone that can lead. we begines let's hope to delegate influence because influence has been expensive. >> world leaders laugh it obama and his incompetence in china
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and russia. and will do what is necessary. sue, you are on the washington journal. caller: how could we be losing. we are all over the world around everything. it seems like we are the only country ever mentioned in any of these conflicts going on. i don't hear about great britain or saudi arabia. i have never seen the country so divided. abraham lincoln said we are divided and we will not stand. when you insult her own president -- the republican party and people who want to believe what they want to believe, nothing will ever suffice for those who don't believe in that is how it is going to be. i don't understand why it has to be america. we haven't won a war since world war ii. don't we know our own history?
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any conflict or any war since world war ii and you want to blame all of that on obama. he probably wasn't even born then. we are talking about the united states's role in global affairs but right here in washington dc. we want to keep you updated on happening with the affairs of this country and the potential shutdown that could happen tomorrow night. advanced thenate bill to forestall a government shutdown. senate republicans and democrats motive -- voted monday to advance a temporary spending measure and also signal the battle in the weeks ahead. the bill that was advanced last night does not include language
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cutting off federal financing for planned parenthood. how house uncertain republicans will hand or the measure. must be adopted before the fiscal year ends at midnight on wednesday or many federal agencies will be forced to shut down thursday. in our later sections we will be joined by congressman tom mcclintock to talk about this and the democrat will join us after that and we will have several questions about this for both of those members of congress. in the meantime we are talking about the u.s. global influence. is up next, a republican from montclair new jersey. my idea is that the u.s. is losing global influence but we don't have the power to be policeman of the world anymore.
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we have problems at home that we need to a tress -- address. the other thing is there are other countries who are just as economically powerful like india and china. we are not the only big fish in town. it is time we sit back and let russia and china deal with the affairs of isis. duluth,b is next from minnesota on the line for those who think the u.s. is not losing influence. host: -- taking myank you for call. i don't think we are losing our influence and i don't think we should of went into the rack -- iraq. things were stable before we went in there and we destabilized the middle east by doing that and right now we are not moving in a unilateral way.
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we are including the rest of the world and we need a little bit more of that. if we get money out of politics, we will not have as much of a radical republican party. one way to get money out of politics is if everybody told people to shut off all the commercials on their tv, you'd punish the tv stations for making all of these political ads a money game. justin was talking about the united states not having the resources to police the rest of the world. here is a story about president obama saying that more than 50 nations have pledged more than 30,000 new troops and police for the united nations peacekeeping
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efforts and operations. they're struggling to respond to what he calls on president it strains. announcedon monday that the u.s. for the first time in two decades would increase its own u.n. deployment. marcia is up next. for those on the line who say the u.s. is not losing influence. has: i think that the u.s. a larger military influence. there are the culture wars to losing. if we are influence anywhere it is perhaps because our spending power has declined and there might be a little animosity for having rocked the whole world economy, but anyone who watched obama delivered the speech to the united nations, we are one of
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the few countries that when our president spoke that room was quiet, paying attention and clapping when he was done. i would go further and say that the globe loves our president but it is just a shame not everybody in the united states loves our president. host: do you think the world is as willing to follow the united states these days as it did in the past? caller: politically, maybe not. i think everybody is tentative because our politics shift and change with our presidential election. but culturally and financially, we are leading. who doesn't want to wear levi jeans? they are still among every lack market among every country on the globe. among those who have criticized the president and his foreign policy, senator john mccain. statement about the
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president's meeting. that high-profile meeting that was so covered. senator john mccain writes in his statement that the proper was not ao russia's tete-a-tete with putin. that may be beyond the ability of president obama but it cannot happen soon enough. note that most of the major papers and their coverage of president obama's meeting with putin and his meeting at the u.n. focused specifically on the clashing with pertinent -- putin. they clash over the syrian crisis. the headline there is that obama theputin clash over syria.
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front page of the washington times, obama versus putin and to the front page of the financial times, the u.s. and russia clash over the syrian strategy, it is a big issue between the united states and russia and one that both the american president and the russian president addressed in their speech. from vladimir putin's address. --sia has always been sing consistently fighting terrorism. provide assistance to iraq and syria and other countries in the region. we think it is an enormous mistake to refuse to cooperate with the syrian government and its armed forces. acknowledgenally
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that no one but president assad's armed forces are fighting terror armed organizations in syria. all the problems and contradictions are based on the reality. mustcolleagues, i acknowledge that such an honest and frank approach to russia has been used to accuse it of growing ambition as if those had no ambitions at all. russia, it is not about 's ambitions but the recognition of the fact that we can no longer tolerate the current state of affairs in the world. >> that was russian president vladimir putin yesterday at the united states nation general assembly at the 70th session of the united nations.
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covering president obama's chairing of a leader summit on countering pilot extremism that is expected to happen at 10:30 later this morning and among other programming notes for viewers today at 10:00, c-span will be covering a planned parenthood committee hearing in the house. talking to cecile richards, the president of planned parenthood. for the next 20 minutes or so we are getting fewer thoughts on united states's role in the world. let's go to ray in texas, a democrat. c-span.i love we really appreciate you very much. i feel like we are having a huge struggle. todaysition in the world
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and i believe that a lot of this started with the invasion of iraq. there are only so many things you can say about that if you go there and you take it, you bought it. we have paid dearly for that all the way around. forould be impossible anyone the sitting president to come in after bush junior and try to do the things that needed to be done. to get us out of iraq and now people are blaming him because we pulled out "too early." we should of got our boys out of their. now isis has come in but that is a direct result of us invading iraq in the first place. so people are trying to blame all of that on obama. correct? e everything probably not but i would ask
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anybody in your audience if any other sitting president could have done any better just based on what is going on right now. if you look at anybody who wanted to back us we have the world on our shoulders when we invaded afghanistan after 9/11. president bush would've gone down as the most popular president ever if that is all we had done, but instead we got sidetracked and we invaded iraq and we left afghanistan so now we have afghanistan to deal with and iraq to deal with because of isis. you have the issue in syria i don'tw with russia know how any sitting president could deal with this. people are really blasting obama and i think he is just trying to do the best he can.
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host: let's go to billy in miami, florida, waiting on our line for independence. ray asked could any other president have done better on foreign policy. what do you think? caller: i think mr. obama inherited a lot of dirty linen he is trying to sort through, but my, it was something a little bit different. something i have never understood is why do we go in and borrow money to fight another country's more. r? country's wa what isn't that country borrow money from china or whoever and and pay us to clean up the mess. i personally feel that we went into iraq because george bush had to save his father's face and that is the start of all of this, but that is my arsenal opinion. talking about
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hiring of american troops to other countries? sounds,as badly as that the theory is there but when you stop and think, why is the united states taxpayer paying for all of these wars. why doesn't that country borrow the money from china to fund those wars and we would be happy to fight those wars. as we said, we have a poll on our facebook page if you want to join in. is the united states losing global influence. 77 saying it is not. you can comment underneath that. brian writes that the world has a stronger favorable view of the united states since w. the constitution ends at the border, humanitarian aid only
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and mary says i think we lost our global influence a long time ago. wantsly thing the world from us is our money that we have to borrow to give to them to carol, good morning, you are on the washington journal. miss c-span. could i watch it every morning. my comment is, i agree with the first guy who said he laughed at what was going on here with the republicans and everybody that is against obama. over, thistook country was in a heck of a mess. he has not been getting anything from the republicans. all they do is bash him all the time. putin --xt comment is,
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his country never got over the recession and they are going to go down with all of this fighting that they have been doing over there. then we will know who did the right things and obama has done the right things, a lot of the right things. that the republicans -- i am a 71-year-old white woman and i cannot understand why votery that is a nonwhite would ever vote for republicans , oruse, especially trump the ones that talk about building walls and doing all of these things against immigrants. we are a nation of immigrants. they don't seem to realize that the whites are going to be in the minority one of these years and the 2016 election, i think
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everybody ought to get out and vote democrat and get rid of these republicans all over the united states in every state. policies of the republicans is a detriment to this country. we will have plenty of time to talk among the 2016 election from now until then. you mentioned russia and the president's response to russian aggression. president obama justified the united states sanctions against russia in reaction to what russia had done in crimea. here is a bit from his statement yesterday. pres. obama: consider russia's annexation of crimea -- crimea. america has few economic interests in the ukraine.
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we recognize the deep and complex history between russia and the ukraine, but we cannot stand by when the sovereignty and territorial integrity is flagrantly violated. if that happens in the ukraine could happen to any nation gathered here today. that is the basis of the sanctions that the united states and our partners impose on russia. it is not it is not desired to return to a cold war. the you when the ukrainian president is expected to address the general assembly. he also has a q&a he sat down with with the washington post if you want to read more on that it is on the editorial page of the washington post. morning.od caller: i tell you, i just want to thank c-span for giving me this opportunity.
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america is is that not losing its influence. i say that because i don't just look at what is happening today but what happened january 20, 1981 when ronald reagan took over. you have republicans blocking everything that the president tries to do. clean up theto mess that george bush left and trying to stabilize a real rough area that did not have to be this way but we had to go to a rack. iraq and spent all this money on the credit card. some people say when he took debtthe presidency all the went up by $2 trillion -- yes because he paid off the credit cards. the rich boys ate going to pay nothing, but what i think right now, and i learned something from my grandmother a long time ago.
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always clean the trash up in the front of your door before you go to somebody else's door. we clean the trash of faltering infrastructures and education systems that no longer do their job. military dispensary depleted because we fight this other wars. they don't have the right to go around stomping people because disagree.this country map from the this washington times. does this map concern you? it is a map of the expanding footprint of the islamic state around the middle east and north africa and the countries that the islamic state has either expanded into or has fighters in. caller: that map does concern me because we are looking at something that i never thought we would see. at the same time, the people
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being attacked and killed, members of the middle east country, i think they should be up there trying to fight for themselves. comes to my house and tried to do something to me, we will talk about it then and there and to say that we have to go fight this war? no, we don't. they have to fight there were and there were is getting rid of isis. think america has great influence and i'm very proud of my president but what's the but what him and some allies did on the iran deal, i am proud to see he spoke to vladimir putin. i'm not going to say i saw the president be week, i think he is doing the best he can given what he has in this country as far as support. joy thinks that the united states is losing its global influence, calling in from california. you are on the washington journal.
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perfectlyheard it put by a gentleman on a show. how we see our nation is different than how other people view us. how other nations view us. i heard a caller from texas say that a lot of the republican said we should not have pulled out of iraq. we pulled out too early. it was george w. bush that signed an agreement that we would be out by that date. host: can i come back to the first part? think we view ourselves and how do you think other countries view us? -- when ithink that was growing up it was that we , we'reud to be american
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the greatest in the world. i was raised by two republicans that met in the army but changed to democrat after nixon. inave just seen a decline where we think we are strongest is our military industrial complex, but we are so backwards in our health care and in a lot of different other areas and other countries see that. i appreciate the call from california this morning. a dell is in memphis, tennessee. caller: i agree with the color from california and a lot of what she said. it is how you view yourself
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because america is its people. for some reason they would choose to side with every tyrant other than our president. i love america. i don't care who is in the white house whether they are republican or democrat. when there is a crisis, i am standing with america. i will never side with someone like putin. jordan and then he jumped on the ukraine. bend.l not people look at and say he a strong and obama is weak. really? when you talk about the republicans and conservatives they are supposed be the christian side. i am a christian and i am a democrat and i am the one that
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you never talk against those in leadership. you can disagree with the insident, but he is the man the white house to lead our country right now. nobody would get that position unless god granted it to them. senator john mccain criticized the president for meeting with vladimir putin for having that one-on-one with him. do you think the president was right? caller: that right there is silly when you can't even talk to your enemies. you have to know who you are and we are so scared we can't even talk to people. that is starting off on the wrong foot. i want to show a few other tweets from other members of congress reacting to what happened yesterday.
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mark notes that the iranian president spoke yesterday and remember he says that they are the world's foremost state sponsor of terrorism. we said that american energy is a powerful tool to use against russia and iran. president obama has been too eager to reject that tool. and a republican of south carolina wrote that obama should compromise with republicans, except putin and company. we want to get your thoughts and your tweets. lisa wrote in on twitter that the united states sovereignty has violated daily with illegal immigration. why does a sovereignty of others matter but not the united states. , good morning pope francis, america is missing you. caller: i believe we are losing
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influence. but i believe there is too much influence in the world. wars,'t go to war to win we go to war to fight wars and then stop and try to find a diplomatic solution. we teach our military to fight and kill and win wars and then send them over to shake hands. before you let me off i want to answer a question that a guy asked to draw minutes ago, he said he didn't understand how these countries will not borrow money and pay us to fight their wars? i want to give him an says i when john kerry voted for the $87 billion before i voted against it, he was a senator who did not know how to speak to the american people. what he should have said is we took a vote and the president of
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the united states and the put a bill onty the table that said, we want to pay for this war. we need $87 billion and we will pay for the war. the democrats said we want to fund the $87 billion and we want them to pay for the war. they stuck us with the bill. john kerry did not a hot to say this so he looked like a flip , let themut he said pay for the war instead of talking to us and a language that we can't understand. he spoke the congressional language that nobody understands at made him look forward when he ran for president. trump is up next in
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virginia, charles, your thoughts. i don't believe that the hunt sates is losing its influence. i think it is the largest in any sitting president. we have a stronger economy and our military is still affected around the world. happening tot is kim. my issue is with syria and i have to agree that anybody who thinks that putin is not playing -- russiaan advantage and syria have been friends for eons and why do we even care about syria is beyond me. are removing a sod or trying to remove a sod when there are so many other countries in the world that are bad to their people. why don't we move them as well?
7:44 am
to all the democrats that sit -- for theush from rack, this is exactly what obama is abdicating right now. the removal of a leader from a country that leave a power vacuum. host: let me ask you when you talk about containing syria, how'd you do that? here is that map they showed earlier. there in syria and iraq it has expanded to these other countries. >> the first thing that we have to do is start working with those countries it is expanding into. a good example is iraq. when isis started to go to iraq what did we do yucca -- what did we do? why did we help iraq one bit and set of saying, you want our help, you give us a status of forces agreement. then we would go help and we would've got what they supposedly did not want to give us when we left with obama.
7:45 am
we didn't negotiate a good position. to your point i think we just need to work with the surrounding countries. they are more amenable than a dssad. you a fewnt to show more headlines of some of the major stories we have been following on the public policy stories. shallgners celebrate as holes out of the arctic after failing to find oil. they reacted to the news that oil dutch shell had abandoned a contentious drilling program off alaska after failing to strike oil. onhave been showing you c-span, earlier this morning that donald trump was unveiling his plan to simplify the tax code.
7:46 am
donald trump also with a column in today's wall street journal. tax reform for prosperity and security. he writes that any candidate can rollout tax policies but this has the benefit of being the economic wealth. it is cast in reality and common sense. if you want to read more about donald trump that is in "the wall street journal." jeb bush also has a column in usa today this morning. means to middle-class families. -- is what my tax just a few of the stories you can check out in today's papers. next, we will be joined by the california republican tom mcclintock who will discuss the future of house republican leadership. later, the democratic congressman will be here to talk
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about congressional efforts to avert a government shutdown at midnight tomorrow. >> when you look at the role that the supreme court is playing in our society now, our history series have to have relevant so when we thought about how to get relevance to our current programming, a series on the court made all the sense in the world. >> the court is an equal branch of government. the third branch of government. it still has fundamental impact on america's laws. >> inside this elegant building is a courtroom where cases are heard and decisions are made. are so many interesting
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cases. we've all heard about roe versus wade and the board of education but for so many they are just names in a textbook. do ise really want to talk about not only the legal side of the case but the people involved. passively that they brought their cases to the court. >> what people will find most fascinating are the personal stories. one of my personal favorites is matt versus ohio and the story of the dole. i think people here this personal story of this woman in this situation and they will fall in love with these cases. that they will feel passionate about what happens in the court and why they matter and why you should care. >> it is a really difficult and those 12 cases represent and involving understanding of rights in
7:49 am
america. you look at trent scott all the way through roe versus wade not only about the history of the country but rights in america. cases, produced in cooperation with the national constitution center, delving into 12 supreme court cases that significantly influence our nation's story and the evolving understanding of rights in america. beginning october 5 on c-span and c-span3. as a companion to our new series, landmark cases, the book which features the 12 with selected for the series with a into theroduction background. intten by tony mauro cooperation with congressional quarterly press. "landmark cases" is available for 895 plus shipping and
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handling. washington journal continues. host: california republican tom mcclintock joins us now in the wake of his bombshell resignation announcement on friday in the head of the conference meeting to discuss how to move forward. what was the mood of the conference into that meeting? >> there was a sense of relief. there had been an enormous tension building up for reasons fair and unfair. john boehner he had become a lightning rod for a lot of the ofstrations, not only republicans but republican voters. by removing himself from the equation he is giving himself the ability to take a fresh start. he will improve the morale but it will not change the
7:51 am
underlying political dynamics responsible for that frustration. beats's today's meeting? >> there always led by the conference chairman. will you be looking a there needs to be relationship between the rank-and-file members and leadership. we delegate certain day-to-day decisions but ultimately, the conference is responsible for these positions. for theership works conference and not the other way around. one of the reasons for the external flick -- external fiction and i think he viewed his moral -- role more as a .irector that it's serving
7:52 am
caller: i think kevin mccarthy has clearly mastered the long-lost art of listening. he is an amazing guy when it comes to being able to touch base with every member of congress. to know where they are and how far they are willing to go. that has made him so effective over the years in finding that consensus point. >> samiti the more contentious question is who do you see as so next majority leader -- maybe the more contentious question is who do you see as the next majority leader? guest: i really don't want to take sides on that one. i have had a policy over the years, i learned the hard way that would have two friends in the race.
7:53 am
i'm hoping the calvin coolidge maxim applies in this case says when you see 10 problems coming along the road nine are likely to run into a ditch before they reach you and i am talking to one of the nine. host: democrats can join at (202) 748-8000. republicans (202) 748-8001. .ndependents (202) 748-8002 tom mcclintock is a member of the budget committee and we are facing a government shutdown perhaps tomorrow at midnight if this budget situation isn't worked out. this playing out? >> we first have to reflect on how the last six months have turned out. the house has produced six of the 12 appropriations bills and despite mitch mcconnell's efforts to bring those up, harry haveand the democrats blocked it, holding it hostage
7:54 am
on their demands and demanding that we bust the spending caps and spend a great deal of money that we don't have. how do we get out of this mess now that we are at the 11th hour and none of the appropriations work has been done. the only way forward is a short-term continuing resolution. but this must be accompanied by a timetable announced by the joint leadership we will talk how we move forward push the appropriation bills. it is not only lazy man's way to fund the government but it includes all of the mistakes of the past and as you know the spending trajectory. we spent $230 billion to pay interest on the national debt.
7:55 am
that means $2000 you said the irs this year. our interest costs will actually exceed our entire defense is. he warned that in his ,rofessional military tune in the greatest national security threat is the national debt. budgets has adopted a that doesn't change that trajectory, that does put us back on a path. having set the course it is absolutely essential that we stay that course and the appropriations process is the only way to do so. many of the members of your congress believe this fight over planned parenthood funding
7:56 am
would warrant a potential shutdown-fight on capitol hill. ofi have opposed the funding abortions my entire life. i have been very consistent in taking that position. , other tactics that have been suggested to planned , it is highly counterproductive. it alienates the public at the videosen these barbaric of planned parenthood activities are changing public opinion. and it deflects the blame from harry reid and the democrats in the senate who have been consistently plucking any spending bill unless they get their demands to blow the lid off of large spending. what is the reason why you decided to leave the freedom caucus?
7:57 am
that was the reason because there tactics had become entirely counterproductive. they had failed not only to advance those -- that cause. their decision to block the the disastrous nuclear-iran agreement that locked the house which would've been a decisive repudiation. i think that their hearts are in the right place. host: the freedom caucus will do tactics wise when it comes to the next speaker, how much influence will they have? guest: that will depend a lot on the next several conference discussions we have on this subject.
7:58 am
they vote that an individual cast in congress is a matter of conscience of judgment and responsibility to their constituency. that is their right and nobody expects it. comes to the whatization of the house are the rules of the house. that is the prerogative of the majority party and that has to be decided by the majority party conference and every member of that congress has to respect that decision. the problem is we have a group that are not respecting that decision and time after time have threatened or actually combined which was nancy pelosi and the democrat. i find it very ironic that that
7:59 am
has become a very serious problem. host: did you try to voice your concerns before resigning? >> for eight long months. i pointed out that nancy pelosi and the democrats did not get the vote in the republican conference. 188 democrats get to vote on that and i have warned these conservatives time and again that those 188 democrats are far more likely to combine the 29 most liberal members of our house, not the 29 most conservative. i was getting nowhere so i decided that the best thing to do was resign. host: let's get to our call to entrees in weatherford, texas. good morning. caller: thank you for taking my call. mike question to the congressman is how do you have so much belief in kevin mccarthy when he was the with.
8:00 am
how many votes did you pull from the floor because he could not count. host: guest: with all of my hopes and expectations or kevin mccarthy, i cannot expect him to be and to read minds. because he is very conservative area --. is been very conservative and wanting to end crony capitalism that is per ton -- that is personified by the export import bank. he is been very bold on a number of issues. i think he will continue to be a speaker. he has the ability to communicate with a very diverse
8:01 am
spectrum of members in the house republican conference. they can move forward. i think that's going to be a very important improvement in the house. to theou know him back california state legislature. about him as a young state legislature. the two things that strike me as most remarkable is his ability to interact with people in the where they are and find a middle ground that moves -- but, not organizationally i've never known anyone to do as much as he can. that very much driven in respect. he is making sacrifices. man ande is a family spending quite a bit of time away from his family in order to
8:02 am
change the direction of this country. i admire that in norma sleep. -- enormously. he will be one of the farthest and fastest rising members of congress. we are talking with tom mcclintock. john is up next. caller: good morning and thank you for taking my call. i would just like to know where is the future of the united states? the people are tired of the same thing over and over again. we have new leadership. we are getting a new house republican. i feel that we need change. we need somebody in there to get things done. nothing gets done. i think you should try to work together. you should put money in our pockets and get things done now and not later.
8:03 am
if we get mr. trump and their, are you going to work with mr. trump question mark --? things backet the in the united states. we want to bring it leadership. we need somebody in there to get things done. what you going to do to help the people money back in their pockets? i hope you could do this and i know it seems to me that nothing is going to get done. it's going to be a new person and nothing is going to get done. caller: if you're expecting overnight miracle, you are going to be disappointed. i get an earful every week for my constituency. we voted all these changes and nothing has happened. my response might not be satisfying, but it's the truth. our government was not designed
8:04 am
to turn on the outcome of a single election. it was designed not to turn on a single election. it takes a series of directions. we are well underway in those elections. we have another coming up next year. it's all right to be frustrated. it's all right to be angry. don't you dare get discouraged. the ship of state is turning slowly. it is turning. kevin mccarthy doesn't represent a big turn. he was speaker boehner's right-hand man. isst: the majority leader elected independently of the speaker. the majority leader is elected by the republican conference. he serves the republican
8:05 am
conference. being the number two position in the house, he is closely identified with john boehner. john boehner endorsed him on friday. guest: i think you'll see a broad conference endorse him. the overall -- i think that's the testament to kevin's consensusbuilding ability. i think conservatives are going to be -- find him an improvement over the current leadership. they should not expect leadership haricots. that comes after a series of elections. we are well underway. president,is a new we will not be able to make the changes in law that are necessary to restore the founding principles of this country. what we have done is completely
8:06 am
shut down the obama legislative agenda. that's why he is issuing executive orders, many of them illegal. i think the courts will strike down some of them. i think the next president will have a very busy inaugural afternoon resending the rest. this is the line for democrats. good owning. -- morning. caller: i wanted to ask the congressman, i've been trying to understand republican logic. sponsors of portions. would you be voting to stop aid to israel? i don't know their position on public funding of abortions. that is the issue here. it is irrelevant to the question
8:07 am
of peace in the middle east. i think that iran is only reliable in that troubled region. the survivor of israel is essential. ultimatential to the civility being restored to that region. i think our support of israel is very important. host: martin is waiting on the line for independents. caller: my question has to do with the functioning of congress. you mentioned that now that the republicans of had control of you have mentioned specifically how democrats have been able to block votes, when
8:08 am
the democrats had control of both houses, the republicans were able to do that? guest: they did in the senate, but not to the same extent. that 60 vote threshold is a perversion of reasonable parliamentary principles. continueird wants to debate, it ought to continue. that assumes two things. and it actual debate assumes the debate is your main to the amy lee pending question. rule has beentary perverted over the years. that is a serious problem and it needs to be addressed. the line for republicans
8:09 am
is up next. caller: thanks for taking my call. i am calling to speak in opposition to tom mcclintock and kevin mccarthy as the new speaker. representsock everything that is being swept away in the republican party. the times are changing. we need a genuinely conservative speaker. we need to follow through on what republicans have promised. replacement of the obamacare. we need tax reform. we need immigration enforcement. mr. mcclintock is old school. host: who would be your pick? caller: i don't know the house well enough to select someone. it has to be someone who does represent the interest of the tea party. guest: i think i can die a happy
8:10 am
man realizing that my leadership in the conservative movement is now considered mainstream establishment. i am very happy about that. i think you misinterpret my position and kevin mccarthy's position on that issue of crony capitalism. the export import bank is probably the poster child for crony capitalism. the government take your money and uses it to underwrite loans for foreign companies so that they can buy products and then compete against american companies. kevin mccarthy has been an -- a critic of the bank. i join him in that. ishink the republican party taking very strong stance against the kind of crony
8:11 am
capitalism that is crafton to the free market system. -- craft -- craft -- k rept into the free market system. host: your thoughts on daniel webster? guest: i think he needs to demonstrate more leadership in the house are in --.
8:12 am
people who have proven themselves in this form. this was very different than state legislature. we have the line for democrats. good morning. caller: did i hear you say you've been in the government for 30 years? 29? i think you are part of the problem. on government for your living and you are a socialist. you are the problem. host: how long is too long? what do you think should be the maximum amount? caller: two terms. i used to support term
8:13 am
limits. we tried that in the state legislature in california. what we saw was the respect for the institution evaporated. it there was a huge power shift from the legislative branch to the executive branch. over theterm concern impact of policy was eliminated. the termo be in limited legislature, people would be concerned about these played well now, but what will they do in 10 years. that ended with the term limits.
8:14 am
it did not bring about the kind of change we hoped to see. charles is up in west virginia. caller: thank you for taking my call. the first thing i want to say is in 2000 when bush took over, that's when we got our debt. we went to war and that's the only thing the republicans wanted to do. you've got a speaker of the house, you should have two. if the republicans don't want to bring anything up, then let the democrats or the independence. when you take away my rights to have somebody bring something up whether you are a democrat or republican, you are taking away my rights to be represented in the congress. is, congress and
8:15 am
everybody has to bill that the college students have the right to vote and 18. peoplets out the elderly you go to these colleges and universities. money the billh the student loans owed now, over $1 trillion. tonever you took the right the draft, you took the right to thatsomebody tell our kids respect and honor and service to the country. this is the way it everybody stays in the congress. they don't have to go to the old people. you are cutting out the old people. -- you've got to
8:16 am
have an education. guest: we respected -- i have nothing nice to say about that. george bush ran up unconscionable debt. my beef with barack obama is not that he changed george bush's policies, it's that he did not change them. have a national debt that exceeds $18 trillion. it is doubled in the last decade. it's now producing interest costs that are eating our country alive. with respect to the 18-year-old the, that was adopted in 1970's. law of thestablished united states and i don't think
8:17 am
anybody seriously suggests modifying it. nobody thinks that diminishes the right of senior citizens. judy is watching us in hawaii. good morning. caller: i just wanted to say i am glad to see that john boehner is retiring. say i don't know about mccarthy because he seems not strong enough. i think we need somebody strong to come in and i think jeff sessions might be the better choice. i wanted to ask your guests why he thinks that congress and the senate are functioning a properly? we feel like we are not represented at all in this country. we feel if the government is completely broken. the supreme court is now legislating. -- never they all
8:18 am
aren'tcans have it, why they doing anything it with that power? why did let obama and away with all he is getting away with? guest: there are constraints that are system places on each of the branches. there are checks and balances that should restrain the kind of unconstitutional conduct we are seeing out of this president. there is nobody more frustrated by that then members of the republican house. there are basically four checks that the house has on the unconstitutional actions. we have the power of impeachment. us that can only be invoked when there is overwhelming public consensus that does not exist.
8:19 am
we have the power of the purse and women exercising that power to a limited extent. there are practical limitations on what we can do as we discovered two years ago during the government shutdown. the republicans passed three separate bills to fund the entire government with the exception of obamacare. the senate simply ignored them and with the government shut down, it was republicans who were blamed. there is practical limitation on that. we have the ability to bring the courts into the process. obamacarene that on and i suspect we will be expanding upon that in future days. we have the ability to investigate, to lay out the facts. i think we're doing that very aggressively on a range of fronts. most notably, the benghazi scandal.
8:20 am
you are going to see a series of investigations now over planned parenthood. the house has been taking action. i think the congress is taking actions very seriously. there are limitations to it. of our constitution rests with the american people. that is why i've never been more optimistic about the long-term future of the country. people are angry, they are upset. they are engaging in the process. this is a reflection of the much broader debate going on in the american people. ont's the debate that goes over backyard fences and family dinner tables.
8:21 am
it's on the outcome of that debate that our constitution ultimately can be redeemed. i see very strong signs that that process is well underway. host: you mentioned investigations. today at 10:00, there is a hearing on planned parenthood. that is happening at 10:00. viewers can watch set on c-span3. you mentioned the frustration that's out there. donald trump is writing that wave of frustration. yesterday, he introduced his tax plan. i want to show some of that. >> we are going to cut the individual rates from seven brackets to four. simplification. 10%, and is zero. if you're single and earn less $25,000, or married and
8:22 am
$50,000,arn less than if you are single and earn less than $25,000 or jointly earn less than $50,000, you will not pay any income tax. nothing. this eliminates very strongly and quickly the marriage penalty. amt, theates the alternative minimum tax. it ends the death tax. taxation and a lot of families go through hell over the death tax. it reduces or eliminates most of the deductions and loopholes available to special interests and to the very rich. it's going to cost me a fortune.
8:23 am
served, your assessment? guest: it would be a huge improvement over what we've got. i think we're moving toward a flatter rate tax system. that's what the congressional budget calls for, a flattening of the tax rate. .educing the overall rate eliminated as many of these loopholes and deductions. those countries that have moved to a flat rate system have been rewarded with explosive economic growth. i think he's on the right track and host: carl is up next. caller: good morning. i just have a comment about kevin mccarthy. he is our representative in this area. realistically, we've never seen
8:24 am
him. i get a flyer once he year. that's it. this area is very poor, high unemployment and a lot of hispanic voters. i don't think anything he does represents the people of this area. if the hispanics would ever get vote, he would no longer be our representative. the you think you will see more of him and he becomes speaker? caller: i don't think there will be any change at all. vote republican since 1972. i have changed because of kevin mccarthy. he does not represent any of the values of his district. guest: i think that's demonstrably false. he has been overwhelmingly reelected by the people of his
8:25 am
district. i think that's the definitive question whether he does he represent his district. outdistrict is speaking very forcefully on that. host: we have the line for democrats. go ahead. i was just wondering, be the he not also speaker of the house? i want him to be the next speaker. guest: i appreciate that. i've got my hands full. host: jeff is in crofton, nebraska. i agree wholeheartedly
8:26 am
with you. republicans are in a tough place when they had harry reid who would not pass anything in the senate. he would not do it for his own democrats. then they had a president that would veto or go around the congress every chance he got. then you had the justice department that was crooked. we are trying now as republicans to pull things out. i have all confidence especially if we can get a good conservative republican in
8:27 am
office as president. i would prefer that carson. i do want a flat tax. i want 18% flat tax. i want to get rid of the irs. i want everything to go to the state level. guest: you can hear the frustration of the collars. they want change that they are not seen it. i think that's a healthy thing. it is propelling events that will produce those changes.
8:28 am
we saw them in the congress. without a president who is willing to sign legislation or repeal obama care. without a president who will live within the constraints of the constitution, congress can fight a rearguard action. we can attempt to use the power of the purse to some constraint. invoke the courts and bring them into the mix. as the broad changes that have got to be made to restore the prosperity of this country, that's going to require a
8:29 am
republican president. i think we're well on the way. i endorsed scott walker. the moment i endorsed him, he dropped like a rock. i'm not trying to make that mistake again. the good news is we have a very strong field. wants in his right mind barack obama's third term. that's all the democrats are offering. as long as the republicans don't make the mistake of offering the other thing he wants. fall,g as we avoid that there's going to be a republican president. host: new jersey, next. david is on the line for democrats. caller: thank you for taking my call.
8:30 am
i believe there is a really offensive and undemocratic about where i am perceiving as the republican party subtext involving donald trump. it is almost like a bunch of grown-ups regarding a gore person with ideas not go along with the establishment as not being legitimate. when i think he is legitimate or not, i added politically are supposed to be at the country. we come up with challenging and new ideas and people are given legitimacy and i think there waiting for him to go away and personally offended. guest: my hat off to donald trump. i think he has great issues of the other candidates were unwilling to rape, particularly on illegal operation. we have -- unwilling to raise, particularly on illegal immigration. donald trump proved that was clearly bad political analysis that it is an important issue to
8:31 am
americans and that the message he brings is resonating. my concern of donald trump is there are times when i wince at some of the things he to say. theeems to run afoul of all advice when he said -- when you argue with your emotions, you never fail to delight your supporters, if you rate your adversaries, and alienate that middle ground stick to persuade. if i were advising trump, i would advise them to keep that but i think he has made a positive contribution to the campaign and my hat goes off to him. host: last 30 seconds with the question -- what were john boehner's greatest accomplishments and elders and how would you grade him? a big question. it takes more time for history to get the perspective on that. i think he will be remembered as
8:32 am
doing the best he could under difficult circumstances to resist undramatic turn to the .eft on this administration i think he will be remembered for producing the largest republican majority in the house in nearly 100 years. --hink his greatest feeling aliens or inability to communicate with the american failure orand -- inability to communicate with american people. host: thank you. will be here from wisconsin and we will talk about congressional efforts to avoid a government shutdown. later, we continue to talk about the funding deadline with nancy ognanovich, a congressional report with bloomberg. we'll be right back. ♪
8:33 am
competitionannual for students with great six to 12 with an opportunity for them to think critically of national importance i creating a five-minute to seven minute documentary or they can instruct their views. it is important because it gives them the opportunity and platform to have their voices heard on issues important to can express those views by creating a documentary. we do get a wide range of intrigue. the most important aspect for every documentary is going to be content. we have had winners created by just using a cell phone and others created using more high-tech equipment. is really the content that matters and shines through in the documentary.
8:34 am
the response from students in the past has been great with many different issues that they have created videos on that are important to them. topics ranging from education, economy, and the environment with the right variety of issues. >> it would have positive impacts to better serve the community and businesses inside it. >> we definitely have come to the content that humans cannot run without food. >> prior to the individuals with disabilities education act or the idea, children with disabilities were not given the opportunity of an education. >> this year's famous road to the white house. what is the most important issue you want candidates to discuss in the 2016 campaign? it is full on into the campaign season and there are many different candidates with several issues. one of the key requirements in creating documentary is to include some c-span footage that should really complement and further their point of view and
8:35 am
not just dominate the video, but it is a great way for them to include more information that furthers their points. >> the first bill i signed today is the water resources or reform and development act or worda. >> we have heard the jokes about school meals and growing up to bird fish sticks and mystery meat tacos. >> there is a vital role that the government place and it is especially vital for students with disabilities. >> students and teachers can go to our website at student rules andr more requirements and also teacher and, old books to help them information about prizes and incorporating c-span video. for this years competition is january 20, 2016, exactly one year away from the next presidential immigration.
8:36 am
>> "washington journal" continues. host: democratic congressman at our desks back and a member of the house budget committee. we are on the verge of another government shutdown. explain how you see the next 48 hours. guest: i think it is because of the people of the republican leadership that we won't have a shutdown by wednesday, thursday of this week that potentially by december we could face this all over again. the short punt, kick of the can to get the budget down the road to get the majority party simply is not able to agree with themselves, the budget package would look like, so we will punch for a few months and we have to fight all over again but we are anticipating there won't be a shutdown. host: in december, that much closer to the 2016 presidential elections with political implications that that includes. has been a real mess.
8:37 am
i like to see congress has become the largest kindergarten with access to the checkbook and nuclear arsenal and there is a problem. we cannot seem to get much done legislatively. when we do, we have to do continued resolutions and we do try and build i can know review and that is not good for anyone. it does not make sense to govern that weight and we have been doing it for far too long and this is another example. the fact that a speaker as commerce and mcclintock just said as the largest republican since 1998 is stepping down because he can't govern the unruly group is a real illustrative example of what we are facing day-to-day and congress. host: would a shutdown be that bad for republicans? we had a caller say that republicans to the senate and the last election and they now have the largest house majority since the 1920's and this is
8:38 am
after shutting down the government in 2013 for over two weeks. guest: it would be irresponsible to have shut down and it cost the economy last time billions of dollars. there is no reason. if you have republicans in the house and senate, you should be able to pass the budget and appropriations bill because you are in charge of everything. it shows the disarray with the right ring and far right wing and they can't agree with each other, even on something you think would be within their principles. it is must reading. -- it is frustrating and i know republicans are more frustrated because they are the majority and they still cannot govern with the circus atmosphere we have. shutdown, you got a it would be detrimental to the country and to the republican electorally because it is unnecessary. host: mark pocan is our guest in the next 45 minutes. democrats, (202)-784-8000. republicans, (202)-784-8001.
8:39 am
independents. (202)-748-8002. back to johne boehner's resignation. there is an e-mail that you put out that date reported by "the huffington post" saying or asking for energy contribution before the deadline to send a strong message that progressive values will be defended. you noted in the fundraising e-mail that you are concerned progresses like the end attack and are the next speaker. why? thet: the fight is with right-wing wing, far right wing in the republican party. if someone like john boehner who brought them their large majority cannot govern the group and it will go farther right, that means they will have more problems, more obstacles to get anything done. that is what the problem has been since 2010. we cannot get anything done because they can't agree among themselves. if they put some of the people who tail the sin of the dog in
8:40 am
charge, you could have more obstruction. democrats, republicans, independents want us to get something done. that is not what we are doing and that is the frustration. host: does it look like those people will be empowered? we are talking about kevin mccarthy looking like he will be the next speaker. fort: i think the battle is the other spots, majority leader, other roles, tea party is taking a victory by getting rid of john boehner and perhaps speaker boehner's fault is beloved that tale like the dog for 40 or 50 hard-core tea party folks that don't believe in government that somehow ran for government to run it and let them call the shots when i don't think he needed to. if the simply reached across the aisle to get democrats to join republicans, we would have a minimum wage increase, immigration reform, budget bills done, and that is the way we should be functioning. not everyone is happy but we
8:41 am
have to do something or we are not serving the public. host: i have heard you revert to ted cruz as speaker chris. guest: definitely. they don't have a lot of allies for his antics but he comes over here in the basement and meets with a bunch of the tea party folks and they rile them up and they come up with a strategy to either shut down or something else and that's the problem. i like to refer to him as the factor speaker because that for the or people -- 40 or 50 people call the shots. if you become a speaker, don't let that tale wag the dog. it is time someone shows leadership. we have votes we can join with for the pass them american people but having a constant fight internally has not served anyone. host: diane is up first. pennsylvania on the line for republicans. good morning. caller: good morning. my comment is simple -- if the entire congress cannot stand in
8:42 am
unison, democrats and theblicans against butchering of the unborn, there is something seriously wrong. thank you very much and i will listen to the return. guest: i think what the caller is referring to is the kind of doctored videos on planned parenthood that are out there and the fact that part of the reason we are only going to have a few months extension of the budget is because of the attempt to defund planned parenthood which no federal dollars go toward abortion. part of it is getting the truth out there. whether people want to accept it or not, that is reality. no funds go to abortion services so to shut down government over that is part of another act of the circus that unfortunately i serve it. i think if we get the information out that that is true, people would check the facts and say, let's have a long-term budget rather than a potential shutdown. host: republicans on the reform
8:43 am
committee want to explore this issue further. today at the hearing at 10:00 a.m. with the president of planned parenthood, happening on c-span3. also, this headline from the newspaper yesterday -- "the hill" noting that almost 70% of voters oppose shutdown over an effort to defund planned parenthood. while supporters of planned parenthood -- while support is spread, one quarter of fewer voters say they would support a shutdown if it meant defunding the group according to the poll released monday. how do you think congress addresses this anger that is out there over the the planned parenthood videos? anger over the misinformation on the videos or the anger on the fact that some of doctored videos to attack an organization and now we are going to potentially shutdown government over it? i think that is the debate. bottom line is they are doctored
8:44 am
videos and no federal dollars rose toward abortion services in planned parenthood and williams of people get access, especially loads of people get access from planned parenthood and the get funding from the federal government. that is icy the 70% number saying do not just on the unicorn or myth. host: what do you think the republicans next step is? guest: i think part of the problem is we are in primary season for the presidential campaign and some of the districts are gerrymandered that people have to vote in the republican primaries and it becomes an issue. that is going to be the inner struggle. either they can accept the fact or play on the issue for 30% but we cannot govern 20% or 30% of the people. we have to do what is best for the majority of the people. downsides of the gerrymandering across the country state-by-state that may districts that were democratic or republican and not the many inpetitive is now tea party
8:45 am
the primary to challenge republican. you could have a small number of people that normally in the november election represent a smaller number than they do for a portion in the primary, electing people, and that is part of what we have seen since 2010. .ost: amarillo, texas charlie on the line for democrat. good morning. isler: the question i have if we avoid a government shutdown in any form or fashion, are the super majority in the house or house to roles which they have done away with, and the 60 vote threshold in the senate so that they would work on a simple majority, and then you would not have the problem that we have in the house and in the senate. we could get something done because somebody would have to cross party lines in order to vote on the budget or do
8:46 am
anything. is thatmy frustration the house where you cap 277 votes in order to advance a bill. host: we would like commerce and mark pocan jump in. -- we will elect congressman mark pocan jump in. guest: the role is officially part of how it roles and in a former and recent role since the former pastor it was in half, they said they would not put something on the floor and left her a majority vote, so it is more of an informal poll but they passed as part of the dysfunction and things have not made it to the floor. host: do you think democrats violate this so-called pastor role? guest: i would hope so. i think a good example if you look at export and import inc. right now, there is a company in
8:47 am
wisconsin that will take 350 jobs to canada because of the export and import bank not being reauthorized and they can get that protection to do business from the canadian government. right now, there are enough people on the right -- republican side and two or three democrats signed on to say we so i wouldthorized, look something like that you should put on the floor because it is the best interest for the country, jobs, companies, business, labor and we can't get it up because of this informal role. something like that should happen, period. no matter affiliation, we have to get basic things done and that is something that should get done. next, ken isdiana online for independent. caller: i want to address the who called the right link for two-party globally. i think the biggest problem is they don't stick with the
8:48 am
constitution. what is wrong with letting the states handle education and a lot of things they were supposed to? bigfederal government is so now that everybody has too many opinions and they can't work together. we need to give it back to local states and communities and i think it was a and get them out of the things they're not supposed to be in. i believe it is 26 articles in the constitution that the federal government is supposed to have power over and nothing else. that was my comments. guest: ken, one thing i will say is you are correct about that when congress does not act, we create a vacuum. that means states will do something that they have to do the more likely you will have the executive branch doing more things independently because congress in that vacuum of no action, something has to happen. it is counterintuitive but the rise of the tea party and enforced in action has caused the president that they disagree powerhe most to have more
8:49 am
to get things done, so it does not make sense and we do want to balance the powers. i don't care who is president, there are separate branches of the government and you want to make sure the house, the closest elected to the people, has the ability to function and right now we are not. i would argue the dysfunction that we have empowers the executive branch and does not empower the balance of powers we really need to have. host: another thing to talk about, congress's role on education. you have a bill to reauthorize the loan program. explain. guest: perkins loan has been around since the late 50's. millions of loans have been made for low income students, a lot of times their first i'm going to higher education in the family. really a strongly supported program, bipartisan. we did a resolution, with a republican from indiana, and a bipartisan letter trying to get this done and yesterday we did a bill that got on the floor that we arey passed and
8:50 am
waiting for the senate to take action, but if it is not authorized by september 30, we want to have guaranteed funding for another year. it is a one-year extension but important for college students to have this in place. any university you talk to it is key. it is a really important program. host: one of the programs that gets reauthorized a year at a time? guest: it shouldn't become i think it has not been reauthorized for six or seven years, but these days, a year at a time is a victory and we took that as a victory and we found a funding source and were able to get it on the bipartisan way and i thought in both parties for getting this done and it's a point we did it. let's of the senate gets it done in the remaining days. exchange or is from charleston, s.c. on the line for independent. caller: i like to make a statement more than a question and that is the republican party
8:51 am
is divided among itself and with the tea party mostly come from gerrymandered districts and everything and how can they decide on anything when they are divided among themselves? guest: you feel my pain. thank you. that is the problem around here. who wish welicans could get back to the days where you may disagree on something but you negotiate and get a compromise. maybe not everyone is happy but we were able to the government forward. a lot of things need to be authorized. currently, with the way it operates and the fact they are kicking out a speaker who has done nothing wrong and he had to set down because of the dysfunction and we have no guarantee this function will not continue, was not able to get things than and that is bad for -- fourthon institution. the american people should be frustrated with us and i am
8:52 am
surprised they would reelect any of us given what we don't get done around here. it is frustrating to come to work and see that. there are two ways to get something on the floor of the house, the speaker puts it there and that is probably the 90% white, and there is a discharge condition we get 270 people to sign something and it is hard to get someone in the majority party to go against their leadership and sign that. the last time it happened in the it was think it was when mccain and feingold and that has been a while. i know republicans in which we function, i wish we function, but to be held hostage by 40 or 50 people who kicked out the speaker who did nothing wrong with no indictments or anything shows how bad it has gotten in the u.s. congress. .ost: tennessee is up next john is on the line for republicans. good morning. caller: good morning. host: go ahead, john. caller: i would like to ask the congressman whether or not he knows the term robbing peter to
8:53 am
pay paul. host: what is your follow-up, john? caller: my follow-up is if you wanted to make money, go to one place and turn it to another place. it is very easy for the government to do that. i don't understand. host: do you have an example you are concerned about? go ahead. caller: what? i think we lost john. we will go to bill on the line for democrats. good morning. caller: good morning. i have a question regarding the basic house deal and how republicans want to govern. i noticed that in recent aetings that c-span has shown main objective seems to be for republicans is who can be blamed
8:54 am
and o'kelly seek to get fired rather than how can we solve the problem. when the last representative was on with mcclintock, he said the main objective has been to stop legislative procedures that president obama wanted to achieve, so what is the philosophy of governing? is it just not do anything or how do you see this proceeding forward even with the leadership? thank you. guest: thank you, bill. that is part of the problem. it has been around 40 or 50 hard-core tea party people and other people of similar philosophies but i don't put them in the hard-core shut down government camp. they kept threatening john boehner if you did not do this or that and he got tired of being threatened. if you are speaker, you are third in line to be the president and he should not be pushed around other people and he said, fine, i am leaving and
8:55 am
you can control the operation. it is frustrating that they don't seem to have a plan of governing other than they don't like government and they refuse to work with the president. i know plenty of republicans who are of the month traditional republican nature that we can get back to having a debate and find out what we have in common and what we don't have a common and try to move forward to compromise. that is what the american people expect of us but to be held hostage by this 40 people or 50 people, and i don't see a change of new leadership, it is a problem and frustrating. hear moree thing i than anything when i go back home. why can't you get anything done? and this is the fundamental probably get over and over again. host: please for the people of 50 people you keep going back to, the freedom caucus is generally the group they belong to and you consider jim jordan, the chairman of the caucus, a friend. what is his response? guest: usually my conversations are around wisconsin because we are both alumni and that is what the friendship starts.
8:56 am
it is frustrating that the fact that people want to shut down government. i don't care if it is jim jordan or other members. their respect for relationships but he listens and he says, we have to fund transportation so lets to the gas tax. that's the way it is supposed to happen. there we can do is slight changes to get a trust petition bill done for six years like we should. there are people in the freedom caucus who still want to do that. i'm referring to the 40 people of 50 people who aren't all the time, shut down government if they don't get their way attitude. that is not how any government body is. i have been in state, local, federal government and you have that attitude, nothing will get done and i would you are making the person you seem to be fighting the bus, the president, or particle because in the vacuum of congress, there are more executive orders that need to happen and war agencies need to decide without congressional direction and it is a counterintuitive thing but you are a, fishing the opposite of
8:57 am
you are want -- accomplishing the opposite of what you want and that is what is happening in washington. host: let's go to ojai where joe is waiting for our line on independents. caller: i wonder if progressives have to take a pledge to forfeit morality and truth because that is what seems to be happening. look at the major cities in democraticchicago, cities, can you face yourself in the mirror if you people lie about the abortion clinics? abortion is abortion. i don't care if they changed the film were not. god rest your souls and have mercy on all of you people that are lying. two are for your time. host: congressman, you are the vice chair of the caucus. guest: i understand people who care about the issue who are not pro-choice and they feel strongly about that position, but we also have to function in
8:58 am
the world of facts and the facts are these were doctored videos that did not show the reality of what planned parenthood is. the fact is there are millions of low-income people who get health care access from planned parenthood and the facts are that no federal dollars note toward funding for abortion services. if you take those three things into consideration, everything we debate in the next couple of weeks is a fallacy. it is not that the progressives have about two but people who want to perpetuate the myth that they are putting out there to datethem have a false rather than getting our jobs done which means passing the continued resolution that gets us through september 30 of next year and gets the work done that the people expect of us. the fact that we had to pull five of our 12 appropriations bills because the possibility of an amendment around the confederate flag is really crazy and i have to expect that to people at all. that is part of the facts that are out there and if you are fact-based in washington, i know it is a big ask, but it would be
8:59 am
easier to get things done. host: the debate around planned parenthood expected to happen this way at 10:00 a.m. the president of planned parenthood is expected to be there and you can watch on c-span 3. mark is up next. line for democrat. caller: good morning. how are you? host: good. flabbergasted about want to believe what they want to think and they can't even believe in global warming because they are not a scientist. the same way with women's right to choose. the other thing that i am really sick of it is right wing court thatsupreme
9:00 am
does whatever they want like just --ights and it is i have lost faith in our government until we can on gerrymander this complete crazies andblican get back to a more central ,eople that can actually govern i don't have much faith in this country but i am definitely voting for senator sanders that handore sense in his right the most republicans have in their whole entire head. mark in california. staying on bernie sanders, you are asked earlier this month in
9:01 am
an interview if bernie sanders is electable and you said, nobody is saying what i really as ais a 75 socialist progressive websites were upset that you were implying people and not interested in him as a candidate. what do you think of bernie sanders? felt very similar to bernie sanders. he and i are doing both together. i think the full context and of course the internet, guess what? might not always be right, they put out a single line, but it wasn't so much the specific policies he agreed on that stood out but his personality. and this time, it is the opposite. everything bernie sanders is and it iscatching on were i think the public is really at all many of these issues. it is not like you would say he is not my ideal candidate because the bottom line is i think the issues are really over
9:02 am
people and bernie and to a degree hillary and martin o'malley are talking about raising minimum wage and i think the issues people care about. i think the world of bernie sanders. i work a lot with him on issues and i but similar to bernie, but i do think if you look at the ideal candidate, we are doing a different this time then went barack obama won. i think issues are what lead us and i hope many people who are running for congress and senate will look at that and take some of those same issues because i think the number one thing people talk about is your incomes are fought back home. had you send it your kids to college? how do you pay for your mortgage and vacation coming up? our wages are dead flag and the economy has come back up, the stock markets and the rest home and i think that is intrinsic in the message of bernie sanders, hillary clinton and other democrats. host: let's go to kentucky where anne is waiting on a line for
9:03 am
independents. good morning. caller: good morning. i would like to respond to his response and have a couple of questions. first of all, happy watched those videos in their entirety? the plan parenthood videos? guest: i have seen the entirety of the ones that have been put out there which are doctored and cut up. caller: so you have seen them in their entirety and you are saying they are doctored. what dealing by doctored? guest: cut up, chopped up and put out a place in context. caller: with that be the same as editing when it happens on the news every night and they edit stories and cut out the part that may is not essential to what the message is and what is happening? guest: i understand that the caller feels strongly about this and i do understand, but there is a difference between editing and doctored, specifically putting out different information than reality. the news is not dr. things to
9:04 am
put out the position they want to. in this case, this group strategically did that and i understand their goal is to defund planned parenthood because they care about this issue passionately. i also passionately care about low-income people getting access to healthcare services which is why i support planned parenthood and i am wearing a pink die because we are trying to collect things pink in support of planned parenthood. i am not going to convince you and you are not going to convince me to change our opinions, but i do think we have to be respectful of the fact versus the myth. let's go to jean in houston, texas. for republicans. caller: thank you particular call. -- thank you particular call. there was a gentleman calling saying he was flabbergasted listinge republicans their whatever or whatever, but my comment was as i listened to a segment the other day with senator sanders and he was asked the question of how he could
9:05 am
change the racial relations in the united states. he never could answer the question. rather comment is on the abortion deal. on thether comment is abortion deal and i know people personally in my family who had abortions because they do not want another kid and that should never have happened, ok? i understand the women's choice, but there should be a line drawn on when you can have an abortion, so that is my comment and thank you. host: do you want to start with race relations? guest: sure. i think it is much broader than a 32nd answer, however, looking at this and i have answered -- telik this a lot -- and i have dealt with this a lot, a lot but happens around race is right now around law enforcement to racially diverse find law enforcement as much as possible. part of it is making sure we do not have laws where crack and cocaine have different far as thes as
9:06 am
amount of sentencing. part of it is having a more logical process. very expensive to house some of the corrections and including wisconsin, we have a much higher rate of incarceration compared to the population when it seems to be selective. that is one area that is key because of the takeaway somebody's freedom and put them in prison, you should have a good reason. i think the drugs work has failed us and has had a large impact but it is around the community effort that we see out of the conversation with black lives matter and i think we need to be more cognizant on how we can try to impact that change. you talk about part of your work in wisconsin and part of it has approving governor walker in the fight that happened in wisconsin. what are your doubts on him dropping out of the presidential race she was one of the early candidates to exit? guest: i think the nation saw
9:07 am
what we saw in wisconsin which is he was not ready for prime time. he rose quickly on paper. if i was writing a novel, he would be the ideal candidate in a purple state that he came through three elections in four years and everything, but what he has done to wisconsin has been devastating and i think that word was getting out. we have some of the lowest job growth in the midwest and he promised to under 50,000 jobs and never got there. promised 250,000 jobs and never got there. we are in the country for roads and transportation. thee are third worst in country for roads and transportation. it is not a way to govern but the way to say it you cut taxes but the median home got a one dollar cut next year and a two dollars cut the final year. before that, three dollars over the next two years where you will have less money for schools, roads, increased fees for park.
9:08 am
i don't think he could translate the plank as it is not translatable. i guess i am not surprised that he is not there but we have a lot of fixing to do in wisconsin now that he is back and i'm hoping we can get that done. host: let's go to south carolina where johnny is waiting on the line for independents caller:. caller:good morning. thank you particularly call. one of the things is most of the republicans are always going to don't gose people just out and vote on the midterm, therefore, the republicans are going to reach them every time. [indiscernible] the dysfunction of the republican house because of the and the regular republicans, they can't get along past nothing and when they do pass something out the house, it seems there is a way they
9:09 am
undermine obamacare for in this case undermining planned parenthood. that is someone like donald trump. that is why he can come up and rise to or he has because people are looking for something different. was down in texas and people were shouting white power, white power. i would not say every republican is a white racist, but every white racist is a republican. they did not vote for obama, if you are a white racist, and another thing, half of the congress is congress. having passed anything substantial for the american people since there has been a republican won house. host: a lot for you to take up. guest: i want to come back to a
9:10 am
point you made that is significant. we have not done a lot in this congress and that's part of the frustration. as an example, we get this perkins reauthorization even for a year, it is something. i think there are good will democrats and republicans who wants to get things done but it is getting back to the tea party domination that seems to stop major action from happening. donaldu talked about trump, ben carson, carly fiorina and the republican side, to some degree, bernie sanders and carly fiorina have this antiestablishment and anti-inside the but wait message that is resonated with people and i think that should be the message of the summer. i should update no one really, but i don't think a lot of people think the best president we can have this a reality show star in donald trump. ofo think that the message people are frustrated because you are not operating or getting things that. people want something different so of they are willing to look
9:11 am
to anything outside the system. that should be the wake of wake up call we need to function differently. don't ever lose faith in your country. we have to promise to get it done but we are going to attack period -- we are going through a tough peridod. host: bill is waiting in illinois on the line for independents. caller: is it true that the government shutdown would only be a 30% and 70% would run as normal? the other comment i have is you said that planned parenthood videos were doctored, maybe so, but didn't the representative stand there on camera and say that they profit tiered from the selling of aborted baby parts and they would keep a baby alive to keep the brain cells?
9:12 am
even if the video is dr., this statements were true. video was the doctored, this statement was true. can you look in the camera and tell me your opinion of his hillary clinton and honest and honorable person? guest: all-star with the last. yes, hillary clinton is honorable and honest, absolutely. that faces the debate we need to have. i'm not going to say anyone -- if they are running for office, they care about the country and i just think we need to elevate our conversation about policy. i am not sure if the 70%, 30% but i can tell you that the number is $20 billion is what we lost when we close down last time for no reason. change othernet than we hurt the economy when we opened up. there is no reason for that. the question on planned
9:13 am
parenthood and i apologize because i was trying to write notes. again, another part of the misinformation is there is not a profiting off of anything that happens. the cost that are recovered or the shipping of the stem cells used on a quite honestly, to want havethat we parkinson's and alzheimer's in the future. in the university of wisconsin, we have some unique stem cell lines and the amount of research that happens, and i visit the biotech companies, they are creating synthetic skin for people who have had severe burns or flushing a virus or people creating individual cells per people who have muscle dystrophy so they can find peers so their heart -- find cures so their heart can beat and live longer. these are the things we get out of this and to make it a debate around abortion is a fallacy and
9:14 am
it is not what we need as a country to move us toward having people live longer and healthier. yes, they were doctored videos and misinformation about the profiting is out there and thank you for alarming to bring that up. host: larry is on the line for democrats. good morning. caller: good morning. -- if they like this are going to shut our government down because of parenthood this time, i do not think the senators should get paid because we paid the senators. we are the government and we pay them. i do not believe that they should get paid. down thehut government, they are going to see the power of the people stand up because what you are doing is destroying a lot of people's lives that are working middle class. every time he shut the government down, the middle class suffers and so does the
9:15 am
poor. make ande comment to this is about the republicans. i praise the republicans that change their votes for president obama in 2008 because they saved , they did ar nation great thing. right now, the unemployment rate was 13%, we have not forgotten what he has done. right now it is five point something. also passed a lot of things he said he was going to do and i just want you to say that you i think it is fair the american people are not bold enough to say what the president has done and his achievements for the united states of america and i want to say to the republicans that floated all their lives republican and voted democrat
9:16 am
for this president, you did a great thing and i praise you. you are my super citizens. mary, thank you for pointing out what i think we should be talking about as ago into the campaign. where we were seven years ago and where we are today, we are thousandsmething like of jobs a month, going through a stock market that crashed, the lowest recession since the depression and we have come back rebounding, market productivity way up, corporate profits way up, everything but wages are way up which is what we have to address wages, and unemployment has reduced down to think 5.1%. i might be off on the figure to be exact but it is a severe reduction to unemployment. that is what happens through the policies largely supported by the president. if you had a congress who could to more hehem, the,
9:17 am
could have got done. if i could just wrap up the agenda, i think we have to grow wages and we can do that by growing unions. when you look at the 1950's and the highest level of unionization, people were at their highest levels of income and some of the best times per people economically. the fact that there are so many attacks on unions these days i think as a direct correlation to i wages have been flagged and in some cases diminishing. i have a union business, a union printing business, and i think that allows people to have better wages and benefits. we have a five-day workweek because of unions and a lot of the benefits because of unions. i think the reason wages have in fact is because things have been in decline. i think we should all realize that the value of unions and what we have done is that we need to rebuild them for our own wages. host: let's get in to him from
9:18 am
alabama on the line for republicans. tim, good morning. caller: good morning, sir. i would like to make a comment on what the south carolina gentleman said about republicans being racist. sir, it has nothing to do with racist. democrats are not democrats, they are socialists. until finally people will wake up and see the writing on the wall, nobody voted against barack obama cosi was black. voted against barack obama because he is a socialist. that is my comments. thank you. guest: terms like racist and socialist don't serve any of us well, however, i do think that part of the rise of the tea party has been around this sort of realization that the country is changing.
9:19 am
let's face it. when the country was founded, about 20% of the people that could vote work white males over 20 could vote and they had been dominating government and they have been similar in representation. the majority of the country are women, going populations of people of color and we have to realize that part of what we are as a country and part of our strength as a country, but the government has not changed to get to that level and i think some people have a hard time adjusting. host: a lot of heavy topics. tell me about magic mondays. we started this feature every monday and we put it on facebook and youtube. i helped pay for college doing magic shows growing up in wisconsin and i decided that it is something -- all the heavy conversations we have -- it is nice to get to know people, who they are, and we try to put up a magic trick and talk about related tosomehow it. sometimes we don't do real well on that, but we try to put up for fun and i think i have got
9:20 am
great feedback. we usually get anywhere from 1500 tape thousand views a week a week -- to 8000 views on this. hopefully, people realize elected officials are real people and if we can relate it helps to have more conversations with people and that is healthy. host: viewers can check it out on your youtube page at the congressman's website as well. you can check it out and we are showing a bit of the video from the latest magic monday with a coin trick. congressman mark pocan, thank you for your time. guest: thank you. host: up next, we talk about this week's funding deadline and the potential government shutdown. we will talk with nancy ognanovich, a congressional report with bloomberg bna. we'll be right back. ♪ . >> when you look at the role that the supreme court is
9:21 am
playing in our society now, our history series has to have relevance. as we thought about what kelly did to get relevance to current programming, it made all the sense in the world. >> the court is an equal branch of government, the third branch of government, and it still has fundamental impact on american soil. >> inside this elegant building is a courtroom where cases are heard and decisions are made and can impact all of our lives. are so many incredibly interesting cases in the courts history. we have heard about roe versus wade, brown versus the board of education, but for people they are names in a textbook and we want to talk about not only the legal side but the people involved. they are human beings who felt so passionately that they were being wronged that they brought the cases to the court.
9:22 am
>> i think they find their personal stories most fascinating. one of my favorites is not versus ohio and the story of dole. i think when people hear this personal story of this woman and the situation, they will fall in love with these cases. they will feel passionate about what has happened in the courts and why they matter and why they should care. >> taking the 12 cases was difficult. and our cases represent evolving of rights in america. when you take a look, dred scott, miranda, although it to roe versus wade, you learn about the history of the country but the evolving rights of america. historicrk cases, supreme court decisions, produced in cooperation with the national constitution center. into 12 supreme court
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cases that the mythical he nation's story and evolving our understanding of rights. live monday nights at 9:00 p.m. eastern beginning october 5 on c-span and c-span3. as a companion to our new series, "landmark cases" the book that features the 12 cases we have selected with their brief introduction into the background, highlights, and impacts of each case. written by tony mauro and published by c-span. in cooperation with quarterly press. landmark cases is available for 895 plus shipping and handling. get your copy yet cases. "washington journal" continues. joins uscy ognanovich to walk us through this looming federal funding deadline and an effort to avoid a government shutdown. efforts began in the senate last
9:24 am
night on a short-term funding bill. explain what happened and what a clean cr is? guest: last night, the senate voted to move forward on a clean cr and did that procedure that we call culture. it was really lopsided. it was 77, i think, to maybe 19 votes or something like that. it shows strong determination by numbers of both parties to avoid the crisis. the continuation of getting into their and they have one more vote today they have to vote on final passage. either it will be late today or in the early morning hours. once it is done, then they send it to the house. fireworks last night involving senator ted cruz. explain. guest: ted cruz came to the floor after that culture votes and complaint because he wanted
9:25 am
to strip out some of the things that senator mcconnell had put in the so-called amendments and put one in their of his own that would defund planned parenthood, that would provide no money to implement the iran nuclear deal. he was blocked and he cannot even get a second for many senator of either party to pursue his motion. -- he wasked by blocked but said he would try again today. host: ted cruz will be watched closely. here is a bit from his statement last night. ted cruz: there is a reason the american people are frustrated. is not simplyn mild or passing in the assembly, it is volcanic. over and over again, the american people go to the ballots, and a rise up and save the direction we are going to does not make sense, we want change.
9:26 am
over and over again, the american people when elections in 2010. in 2014, a tidal wave of election. and nothing changes. mr. president, i would like to share with you and the american people do real story of what is happening in washington. leaderst that our cannot stop bankrupting this country? cannot stop the assault on our constitutional rights? cannot stop america's retreat from leadership in the world? it is a very simple dynamic when you have two sides in a political battle. one side that is relentlessly unshakable commitment to principles -- committed to principles and the other side never effectively surrenders. the outcome is [indiscernible] i will give president obama and the senate democrats credit. they believe in the principles
9:27 am
of the government. they believe in this relentless assault on a constitutional rights and they are willing to crawl over broken glass with a knife between their teeth to fight for those principles. unfortunately, leadership on my side of the aisle does not demonstrate the same commitment to principles. host: that was senator ted cruz last night on the senate floor. the story in bloomberg's bna, said it was set to approve new stopgaps at the first step to avoid government shutdown. the optimistic that we will be avoiding a government shutdown. guest: i think that is the consensus among reporters, lawmakers, commentators. what we are thinking is maybe the bullet has been dodged now a 41week but now that for in december is increasingly poor. but the outlook
9:28 am
for avoiding went in december is increasingly poor. you have people who are pressing to conservatives who represent more of their views and you see a situation evolving where these people who have not done these big deals before will be in a position of power and beholden to a small group of conservatives and it will make it tougher. host: you said that bullet can be dodged but the house needs to take it up and approve the claim cr. processthe timing and for that heading into that wednesday night at midnight -- tuesday night -- wednesday not? -- wednesday night at midnight? guest: tonight, the senate will give final approval to the claim cr or in the wee hours. we don't know which one and then they get it to the house. the house would be considering it tomorrow. i cannot imagine that john timeer would want to have
9:29 am
for an extended debate, so the idea is they have to get it done by the evening and it has to be quickly translated to the white house and the president will be there waiting to sign the bill into law. last night, the office of put ament and budget statement of administration policy saying they support the claim cr and hope it buys them time to do a major budget deal this fall. our viewers asking to weigh in. or if you have questions on how it will work. we are joined by nancy ognanovich a bloomberg bna. democrats, it is (202)-784-8000. republicans, (202)-784-8001. independents, (202)-748-8002. as we look ahead to december, what is the impact on kevin mccarthy, the presumed likely next speaker of the house, if he doesn't go along with this deal to pass a clean cr? does it have impact on his
9:30 am
ability and opposition he will face come december 11? guest: some could envision a scenario where he votes against this cr. john boehner will be relying on y democratic votes to get it passed. you can see kevin mccarthy making a statement right there. he will inherit this temporary a temporary cr. without the controversial thing that conservatives wanted. that puts him in a place of precedence, now he has to be more responsive to conservatives and work harder to represent their point of view. he does not have the experience somebody like boehner has had in doing budget deals. he has not shared a major committee and gotten those bills through his committee and conferenced and so on and to the president's desk.
9:31 am
two people going into these leadership spots, they have not been there that long, either. there are a lot of questions about whether we can get any omnibus wrapping up fiscal year 2016 approach in december or if there will be pressure and do a one-year cr. compared to putting the government on autopilot. we will go through some of these big questions that come up and the road. we will start with dale calling in. caller: i am calling in reference to the dysfunction of our government officials in washington, d.c. if i operated my business the way congress is, i would not have a license.
9:32 am
it is almost like children playing in a sandbox. one thing i took away from the fact the pope addressed congress , the underlying message he tried to get across is unity and working together to get things done for the american people. same year, this is the problem. those of us who take care of citizens, assisted living it is unreal that people we elect, they are supposed to be intelligent people. integrity to do their job. this is what this is about. it is not republican or democrat going on. -- i am a registered
9:33 am
democrat -- i am watching donald trump. honest, we are tired of the so-called people who have the intellect and are not doing their job. that is the bottom line. that is what i wanted to say. you cover many issues on capitol hill. are there areas working together where there are lines being crossed among the parties to move legislation forward? there always is. there has been talk in the last couple of days about how democrats blocked the appropriation bills after approving them in committee. through thed there springtime and summer is that these collegial people on said yes, mr. chairman, we will vote on your bill to get it out of committee.
9:34 am
to the floor, we have issues with it. we may not be able to support it. we want to move the bills because that is our tradition. that is what we have always done in this committee. we support each other. there are good things in the bill. understand the sequestration, we fill it is bad for the country. when the bills come to the floor, we will not be there with you. appropriation committee more collegial than most? guest: i think so. they have worked together a long time and they care about their work product. they care about the legislative provisions as well as the spending. congressman rogers has always been saying how much the discretionary spending under their control has shrunk in terms of the overall budget. they have seen tremendous growth
9:35 am
on the mandatory side, with all of the checks that go out to people automatically. the discretionary budget is shrinking. there is more downward pressure on discretionary. they are struggling to cover the programs they republicans and democrats believe are important. iny said earlier this year, february, march, republican cardinals, they said we are going to have to wait until the fall to get better numbers for these programs. .ou wonder why the fall why not do it now? that is when they said it is going to have to happen. questions onhave and clean cr moving through congress, nancy is a pretty good person to talk about it with.
9:36 am
is -- wouldoncern it make a big difference if it were a different issue than planned parenthood or would there be a lock to pass the legislation? this is a good question. there is always an issue that someone finds. oneral months ago, it was homeland security appropriations. two years ago, september, another continuing resolution to prevent shutdown, they decided to attach provisions to repeal obama care. they always find something. there is always a conflict about basically a noncontroversial bill underneath it all. terms of must pass
9:37 am
legislation, legislation to raise the debt ceiling is coming up. guest: we expect in november. we are told the treasury department has managed not to reach the upper limit by ' retirementployees funds. they can only do those ,xtraordinary measures so long so the issue will come to the floor in november. you will also have a transportation funding bill, covering highway and transit programs. that expires october 29. that is because a short-term continuing resolution on that front. you have the debt limit cliff, you have the cliff for an
9:38 am
overall deal on all of the apropriations bills, plus package of expiring tax provisions. go to riley, oklahoma. good morning. caller: the issue is the media continues to be an arm of the democrat party. planned parenthood, as an example, you cannot stop funding an organization that practices highly questionable, dealing with the issue of babies and body parts. you have to continue to fund that, according to the media. otherwise, we are going to blame the republicans on a government shutdown. this is why there is an issue. the media does not explain the
9:39 am
process. we send republicans to congress to try to get control of an out-of-control budget. there is no way they can do that with the democrats in control of , ifmedia and the story goes you want to cut the budget of this crazy organization, planned parenthood, most americans do not like the practice of what they are doing, if you do not fund that, 500 million dollars, we are going to blame you for shutting the government down. the lady needs to talk to that issue of what is really in play. let's talk about planned parenthood. what happens with this issue if the clean cr gets past? how could republicans move forward in their effort to block funding for planned parenthood. guest: so many different things are going on.
9:40 am
there was a hearing where the head of planned parenthood is going to be on the hot seat, explaining how these videos came to be and what the practices are of that organization. we are going to see many committees in congress investigating planned parenthood. it will get unified into one bill and come to the floor fairly soon. one piece of the budget reconciliation legislation would defund planned parenthood. we expect the house will be able to pass that. when they send it to the senate, it is not clear whether the senate would take up that bill or develop a bill of its own for
9:41 am
reconciliation. whatever happens, the bill that -- s under reconciliation host: why is that? guest: special rules that has been implemented. it is a once a year opportunity at the most without having to overcome the 60 vote rule. host: kentucky next. beverly, democrats. i just wanted to comment on the pro life thing. i think the whole thing is crazy. from my point of view, those who are going to be pro-life, it needs to be in its entirety. if you're going to be pro-life, you need to be from womb to
9:42 am
tomb. especially texans, who have put so many people to death, more than any state in the union. you need to be pro-life at the you are going to be pro-life at the beginning, you need to be pro-life at the end. is death penalty legislation moving before congress right now? guest: i am not up to speed on the death penalty legislation. i also think while i listen to the debate on planned parenthood and abortion, i believe abortion will happen, no matter what this they madeoes, even if
9:43 am
it all illegal. it would still happen. just like we have child pornography, for whatever reason, happening. abduction, women and so -- women in children. slavery, it is still happening. janice, independence, missouri. janice, good morning. caller: your guest is proving what the caller from oklahoma says. you are just an arm of the federal government trying to push your own agenda. what i called about was the spending. everybody is trying to make the republicans the boogie man. you just want to shut down the government. to the people who think their checks are going to stop, they never do. the press tries to scare you with that. the checks do not stop. stoplicans are trying to the spending. spending goes up. there is not enough money.
9:44 am
you said there is less discretionary spending. that is because they cannot stop spending. people are overdrawn on their checking accounts. nobody pays attention because everybody is overdrawn and nobody has any money. -- theyunderstand always get a resolution -- next time, we will do it. has come. you have to make a line in the sand. it this is where it is, this is where it has to be. imagine the checks keep coming, especially if you are getting social security, medicare, medicaid, tri-care. those are entitlement checks. those keep coming to you. host: how long have you been covering congress for? guest: since the 1990's. bloomberg acquired dna four four ago -- acquired bna
9:45 am
years ago. host: has it always been congressional budget issues? guest: i was covering legal issues in the beginning. then, i covered transportation. i did that a long time. something, perhaps, the being would not see as taken away during one of these crises. we do not invest the money we need to keep it up, either. when you hit that pothole, that is what that represents. i covered transportation for a long time. the economy with what goes on now is striking. that they cannot get anything. . covered the white house since then, i have been covering leadership and appropriations. host: jasper, texas.
9:46 am
william, good morning. caller: they say 3% of planned was used for abortion stuff. why don't they just defund the and i have had people in my not for it were planned parenthood, they would probably be dead right now from uterine cancer. i have heard that only 3% of what planned parenthood does is for abortions. but for that they do not use of federal funds. north carolina, the line for republicans.
9:47 am
lonnie, good morning. caller: how are you doing? good to get c-span. all thelike to know why time i have listened to the floor, why did the democrats always vote against all the bills the republicans put before the senate. he is i do not know if talking about the planned parenthood or the appropriations bills, but many bills boehner has brought up, especially the important ones that represent the deals, have to get democratic votes. democrats have voted for many of these. a lot of the appropriations bills that came up this year, as well. not in as big of numbers as previous years. on this continuing
9:48 am
resolution, he will rely heavily on the democrats. host: can you explain the history of the has to rule? -- the hastert rule? guest: bills had to be passed with a majority of republicans. you could not rely on the democrats. , necessarily,lect the republican priorities. if you have to rely on democrats to pass your bill, you need to have the republican stamp on that. did democrats have this? guest: i do not recall that. i assure there are instances, but i do not recall that. my question is, they -- they are using
9:49 am
this plan parenthood. year after year, it is a big thing. the people decide they do not want to do that because they they voted to do or not to do it. they say no, we are going to do it another way. these issues like this should be put on the ballot so year after year, let the people decide and be done with it. how would that process
9:50 am
work? they cannot beze on the same page? how would they do that process? if they have something , year afteran issue year, put it on the ballot and let the people decide. way to do it.mple i am thinking when you elect a member of congress, they represent you. that number is supposed to instill the views of his constituents and cast the vote
9:51 am
that reflects that point of view. host: houston, texas. i would like to speak to the medical part of this. i worked at the county hospitals for almost 30 years. i have seen my fair share of botched abortions. it is ridiculous to be talking about this. women should have the right to make decisions about their body. ones -- men ought -- deborah, line for democrats. caller: i applaud the last
9:52 am
caller, considering she was republican for texas. host: i think she was on our line for democrats. go ahead with your comment. i wanted to applaud the last caller from texas, the republican woman who said women had the right to make their own decisions about their bodies. and i like to tell people most abortions, sit inside the average urine specimen container. there are no body parts in there. you will not see body parts floating around. waspoint i called to make -- i wonder if people who are republican understand the tea party was established by a group called the john birch society. many people are not familiar
9:53 am
with them. i graduated from high school in 1970. of peoplee same group we were fighting in the 1960's and 1970's. they are trying to force what is actually a nazi idea down our throats. if people do not wake up to that that the john birch society was founded to support nazis.ize -- the that is deborah, blairs, virginia. to ask you about the republican conference meeting that is set to happen at 5:00 p.m. in the wake of john boehner's decision to resign. whatryu expecting to --
9:54 am
are you expecting to happen today. guest: back to the war room. they are going to talk about these elections that are going to be held. they are going to talk about strategy. it will be a couple of hours. around 7:00, we will get a sense of what is going to happen. we might have to wait that long to really know. i do not think there is any question right now that kevin is in solid shape. he quickly called and talked to all of the members in his caucus and got a lot of endorsements. he got the endorsement of paul ryan.
9:55 am
he said he would not run for speaker. in the majority leader race, it is turned out a republican from georgia, he got a couple of important endorsements yesterday. he said he would support them. ofmoved up in the line people who would like to be majority leader. members of thet republican house leadership that entire some of the positions? what are they doing right now? sculley's is running for majority leader. the endorsement is going to tom price. it does not look as good for him. maybe he would like to stay on as whip.
9:56 am
host: to give some sense of what is happening behind the scenes, the communication that goes into these leadership elections, here is ted mccarthy's e-mail to his colleagues in the republican conference. he said i am going to be your speaker because i know the house works best when the leadership lessons to members and respects the legislative process. i am sensitive to what is happening outside the beltway. i want us to be closer to the people. i want them to feel like this is their government and they are in charge. time for a few more calls. dan, good morning. caller: there is a report out
9:57 am
this morning. it is about the planned parenthood abortion tapes. the --ort was filed by systems incorporated. it is a digital, forensic analysis report. the analysis of the recorded media files contained indicate thedrive video recordings are authentic and show no evidence of manipulations. fox report, i got this off news this morning. about an hour ago. have you seen that report? guest: i have not. i am not surprised this kind of report is out there. we have seen a lot of criticism that they were doctored images.
9:58 am
it is inevitable there would be a response to that. host: john, good morning. a man was suggesting the theyf referendums and represent the people from their districts. i do not think the representative is representing the people in his district. the peoplesenting who have contributed to his campaign, the people who contribute to his career, the spends millions and millions of dollars to persuade these legislatures, much more than anyone voter or small group of voters can do.
9:59 am
i do not think we can always assume every vote the legislator makes is to represent the people in his district. guest: that is a good point. i have talked to members of congress who say they are under a lot of pressure to spend so , dialings on the phone for dollars, raising money. a norma's amounts of time. it leaves them little time to go to their hearings and before you off to athey are fundraiser at lunchtime, or a breakfast. they chase money a lot. how much money does it take to run for congress these days? guest: i do not know. it is huge and it is getting more expensive. if you are in a city or state
10:00 am
with a huge market, it is more expensive. nancy is an economist with bna and you can check out their work. host: the house is about to come in. we will put you over to c-span3 if you want to watch the congressional oversight committee on planned parenthood that is expected to begin momentarily. the speaker pro tempore: the house will be in order. the chair lays before the house a communication from the speaker. the clerk: the speaker's rooms, washington, d.c. september 29, 2015. i hereby appoint the honorable steven m. perlozzo, to act as speaker pro tempore on this day. signed, john a. boehne s


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