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tv   U.S. House Morning Hour  CSPAN  September 30, 2015 10:00am-12:01pm EDT

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that trade walks on the partnership concluding, that is what the administration would like to see this week. all of the officials meeting in atlanta, we would like to see legislation on the floor. lots to work out for those negotiations. we are seeing the doors open on the house floor, they are about to dabble in. gavel in. we will go to live coverage here on c-span. the speaker pro tempore: the house will be in order. the chair lays before the house a communication from the speaker. the clerk: the speaker's room, washington, d.c., september 30, 2015. i hereby appoint the honorable david w. jolly to act as speaker pro tempore on this day. signed, john a. boehner, speaker of the house of representatives.
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the speaker pro tempore: pursuant to the order of the house of january 6, 2015, the chair will now recognize members from lists submitted by the majority and minority leaders for morning hour ebate. the chair will alternate recognition between the parties with each party limited to one hour and each member other than the majority and minority leaders and the minority whip but in to five minutes, no event shall debate continue beyond 11:50 a.m. the chair now recognizes the gentleman from illinois, mr. gutierrez, for five minutes. the pope visited america and he inspired a lot of people. even the cynical washington, d.c. for one, he inspired speaker boehner to wake up the next morning and announce his resignation. as i said last week, it must be hard for a decent man like speaker boehner, of being part of a party to cut health care for women and round up and deport undocumented immigrants.
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it remains to be seen how republicans in the house will conduct themselves without adult supervision, but the speaker is going out on a high note. having the pope speak to america from the floor of the house of representatives was a crowning achievement for the speaker. and now that his job is no longer on the line, i hope he will see immigration reform as the jewel in that crown and act before he steps down. but we all know that is unlikely. the current hysteria on the campaign trail makes actions by these republicans or any republicans unlikely. even though i still believe we have the votes, like we did for the last several years to pass immigration reform in the house, i don't think the speaker, even as a lame duck, will allow a vote. but the pope's visit certainly inspired me to think about moral examples he sets. look, the holy father simply reminded members of congress about the golden rule. do unto others as you would have them do unto you. and he could not even complete a sentence before he got a standing ovation. if we had a daily reminder of the golden rule we could cut
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through a lot of the bull in congress and have a better congress and a better world. and as the golden rule i'm here to discuss. treat your brother and sister and your neighbor with compassion. and in the case of health care and access to health care it is not a sense of moralalityality rism, although it's part of it. treat them as we would want to be treated and access to health care and access to health insurance is in our own self-interest as well. that's why i'm introducing the exchanging inclusion for the healthy america act of 2015 a bill to give complete access to the affordable care act regardless of their immigration status. the exchange inclusion for healthy america will extend health insurance access to millions of our neighbors and family members who live here, work here, raise families here and will probably live here for the rest of their lives who lack legal immigration status. he gives them access to health care exchanges in obamacare under the ordinary rules of residency in the states in which they live and makes them eligible for subsidies if and
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when they file taxes, just like the rest of us. it also subjects to the individual mandates that requires individuals to have health insurance. the goal is to make immigration and inclusion real for millions of fan pham lease who are locked out. if i remember correctly the president was standing here in 2009 talking about his health care reform proposal would exclude undocumented immigrants and one of our colleagues on the other side of the aisle interrupted him by shouting, you lie, to the president of the united states of america. we should all know was re-elected comfortably in 2012. i do not expect that member of congress to join me as a co-sponsor, but in fact as we all know, he was dead wrong about the affordable care act. in addition to death panels and a number of other fictions, the republicans were among that undocumented immigrants were included in obamacare. they just weren't. i am and have always been an dvocate for a single payer for
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health care. but they were written out. as it stands right now, undocumented immigrants are not subject to the individual mandate and cannot buy into the health insurance exchanges even if they use their own money. my legislation will change that. it says we stand for inclusion. it says we understand the principle that if you are here, if you're working and caring for your family and contributing to society, you should be healthy. not only that, but your health and your protection from diseases, injuries and preventable illnesses impacts my health care and the health care of my family. as a nation, we all benefit and we spread the risk invite younger, healthier people to get health care. redoing unto others as you would have them do unto you means moving forward with no restrictions on which brother and sister, neighbor we think of as eligible or deserving or is in fact considered my
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neighbor, my sister and my brother. my party and the vast majority of the country understands that getting immigrants on the books and into the system and integrating them into today's american society should be the goal. just as we have done with every other group of immigrants throughout our history. and my legislation, the exchange inclusion for healthy america act, is the step in that direction. the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman yields back. the chair now recognizes the gentleman from pennsylvania, r. thompson, for five minutes. mr. thompson: thank you, mr. speaker. mr. speaker, i rise today to commend two schools in my district that were named this week as national blue ribbon schools for 2015. the national blue ribbon schools program was started by the united states department of education in 1982. it recognizes overall academic excellence or the success of schools in closing achievement gaps in their student population. youngsville high school in
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warren high school and another in erie county both received this honor. they are among less than 20 schools in the state of pennsylvania to be recognized, which is quite an accomplishment when you consider the many hundreds of schools in pennsylvania's 500 school districts. overall, 285 public schools across the nation received this honor. for youngsville high school, this honor has been years in the making. the school has greatly improved its test schools and is using the collaboration of teachers, students, staff, along with the community members to make sure its academic success continues to grow. in erie county, administrators at the northeast high school say that their learning model is built on heart, trust and respect. school organizations such as national honor society, student council and the schools inspire group are intended to boost student performance in the classroom and highlight their service in the community. now, i know that the administrators for both the youngsville and northeast high
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schools have worked for many months toward this goal and i congratulate them, their students and their teachers on this accomplishment thank you, mr. speaker. and i yield back the balance of my time. the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman yields back. the chair now recognizes the gentleman from oregon, mr. blumenauer, for five minutes. mr. blumenauer: thank you, mr. speaker. "politico" yesterday had a fascinating story about chuck shumer, widely expected to be the next democratic leader in the senate, in talks with republican leaders in the house and senate about a major tax and infrastructure deal. it would give a lower tax rate on the hundreds of billions of dollars parked overseas by international corporations and use the tax on those proceeds to finance a more robust six-year transportation bill. what's not to like? i've been working tirelessly for us to be able to finance america's failing infrastructure, having introduced the first gas tax increase on the federal level in 22 years. i've been working with
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stakeholders like the u.s. chamber of commerce, organized bor, truckers, a.a.a., transit, a whole array of people who build, operate, use and rely upon american infrastructure. i'm sympathetic to getting in job done. america's falling apart while we're falling behind. it doesn't work to try and pay for 2015 infrastructure with 1993 dollars. the simple answer that ronald reagan successfully championed as president was raising the gas tax. in his case, 125%. it's taking hold around the country as even very red republican states, six already this year, have raised their gas taxes and our legislation in congress is raising more attention as people understand that this is the best way forward to solve the problem. what's wrong with the deal that's being examined in the -- from senator schumer. first off, the path towards
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international tax reform is very complex and rocky with many competing interests. no one disputes that the patchwork of our corporate tax system that we have currently is unfair to some and produces distorted results. we have the highest stated statutory corporate tax rate in the world. but for many corporations, that's not so much of a problem because they're carving out their own exemptions and loopholes so that the average corporations pay is much less than the stated rate. but for some, particularly those that build and operate in the united states, they do pay that statutory rate and it's a problem and it's unfair. there's also still the incentive for some to park more money overseas. most of us think that it's going to require revenue to buy down the corporate rate, to reform it and repatriated dollars would be a source to adjust that in a way that doesn't make the deficit much, much worse. there's also a problem of
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competitiveness. some organizations actually have offshore operations to be closer to their markets. if you're going to sell in china, for instance, it makes sense maybe to manufacture it there rather than ship it halfway around the world with the complexity and expense. i've been meeting with a wide variety of corporate tax officers who ask the question about equity. why should they, with their overseas operations, pay for domestic infrastructure that everybody benefits from? it's a great question. this has the potential of actually costing the treasury more in the long run, making it harder to have an equitable adjustment in corporate tax reform and shift the burden that should be paid by all american users instead concentrated on a small portion of american taxpayers on their overseas operation. they ask, where's the equity, and it's hard to see. that's why we have the basic principle of a user fee. people use a service and they pay for it.
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the gas tax for decades has served that purpose since it was first introduced in my home state in oregon in 1919 for road construction. it's still the simplest, most dructdrekt, most fair, easiest to administrator and would enable us to solve this problem in a matter of months. unfortunately, the path we're on is very uncertain as well as unfair. 're going to have the 35th short-term extension of the highway trust fund next month. no country has become great building its infrastructure 10 months at a time. it's not an elaborate deal that's being discussed which makes it less likely we solve the problems. why don't we just deal with it directly? put hundreds of thousands of people to work at family wage jobs, actually reduce the deficit, increase the economy, strengthen the quality of life
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in communities large and small all across america. let's not engage in gimmickry. let's rebuild and renew america. the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman yields back. the chair now recognizes the gentleman from georgia, mr. hice, for five minutes. mr. hice: mr. speaker, i rise today to commemorate the life and legacy of u.s. army specialist kyle gilbert. specialist gilbert was recently killed in afghanistan while serving our nation just days before his 25th birthday. mr. speaker, i'd like to offer most sincere and heart felt condolences to kyle's family and to let them know that i and we have them in our thoughts and our prayers. kyle is survived by many loving family members and friends, including his mother and stepfather, his father and step
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mother, ralph and sandra gilbert. sisters, sasha, ashley and becky bailey. his brother, miles gilbert. as well as his grandmother, jean ann carrington. his step brother, chris manning, as well as a host of aunts, uncles, nieces, nephews, cousins and friends. mr. speaker, kyle was boring in lawrenceville, georgia. he graduated from middle creek high school in 2009 and in 2013 joined the united states army. he was a 10th mountain division soldier with the second battalion, the 14th infantry regiment and the second brigade combat team. mr. speaker, it's my honor to share with you that specialist gilbert received the army commendation medal, the army achievement medal, the national defense service medal, the
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global war on terrorism service medal, the afghanistan campaign medal and the army service ribbon. additionally, mr. speaker, kyle received the bronze star, the army commendation medal, the army good conduct medal and the nato medal. though i did not have the privilege of meeting kyle personally, i'd like to use this opportunity to sincerely thank him for his incredible service to the state of georgia and to our nation. mr. speaker, it's been relayed to me that specialist gilbert's deepest dream was to serve our nation in the military. thapping him for his incredible service and sacrifice so that many others can share the american dream. kyle leaves a legacy of service, dedication, and kindness that will be sorely missed. mr. speaker, i humbly ask that
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you join me in praying for specialist gilbert's family during this time of their bereavement. i yield back. the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman from georgia yields back. the gentlelady from oregon, ms. bonamici, is recognized for five minutes. ms. bonamici: thank you, mr. speaker. today i introduce the 21st century women's health act to increase access to reproductive health care and to provide compassionate care to survivors of sexual assault. funding for the government runs out in a matter of hours. rather than crafting a bipartisan solution on the nation's budget, house leadership has been focusing on denying women their right to make their own health care decisions? this is 2015, we should be doing all we can to increase access to health care for women. we should not be rolling back women's rights and cutting access to lifesaving cancer and preventive health screenings for women, men, and youth across the contry. as a mother, a daughter, and a member of congress, i understand
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the valu of increasing access to health care for women and that's why i'm proud to introduce the 21st century women's health act. with my colleagues, congresswoman barbara lee, congresswoman degette, and with the leadership of our ally in the senate, senator patty murray from washington. this comprehensive bill will increase access to preventive health services and contraception for low income women and will help women report instances of inappropriate charges for birth control, a problem that affects too many women across the contry. it -- country. it will also expand the primary care work force and ensure that survivors of sexual assault are provided with free emergency contraception and compassionate care. i want my daughter and every woman in this country to live in a place where they have access to affordable health care providers like planned parenthood. a full range of reproductive choices, and most importantly, the ability to make their own
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health care decisions. colleagues, i grew up before roe vs. wade and i know what our country looks like when women don't have access to a full range of reproductive health care options. we know that if abortion is restricted, it does not go away. let us not return to a time when women had to seek care in the shadows or the back alleys. let us come together to prevent unwanted pregnancies and let us champion our march forward toward a more equal society with the introduction of the 21st century women's health act. i urge my colleagues to join me as co-sponsors and i look forward to working toward the passage of this important bill. thank you, mr. speaker. i yield back the balance of my time. the speaker pro tempore: the gentlelady from oregon yields back. the chair now recognizes the gentleman from minnesota, mr. erm, for five minutes. mr. emmer: mr. speaker, i rise today to honor state senator bran done partyson of andover for his public service.
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an -- brandon was elected to the house in 2010 at the age of 24. and re-elected to serve his constituents but this time in the minnesota senate in 2012. recently brandon resigned to spend more time with his young family. his leadership in the minnesota legislature will be sorely missed. he represents portions of my district and i have been honored to work him. he's a man of great character and principle. while in office he worked hard to improve minnesota's schools, economy, and budget, all while being part of a growing family that now includes three little ones at home. it's been wonderful to see his dedication over the past five years and i believe that the people of his district are so lucky to have benefited from his service. brandon's leadership will be truly missed but i have no doubt that he will find success and happiness in his future endeavors. enjoy your time with your family, senator. you deserve it. the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman yields back.
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mr. emmer: mr. speaker, i have not yielded back. the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman is recognized. mr. emmer: mr. speaker, i rise today to celebrate manufacturing day and the importance of minnesota's manufacturing industry. manufacturing is one of the main drivers of the economy in my district and my state. manufacturers generate billions of dollars in revenue for my state each year, making them a key pillar of minnesota's economy. minnesota is home to an impressive 292,000 manufacturing jobs and the state's manufacturing industry has the second largest payroll of any business sector. minnesotans are hardworking people and they deserve the best that life has to offer. they deserve a strong state economy which allows for individual growth, prosperity, and the pursuit of happiness. that's why i will continue to emphasize the importance of manufacturing friendly policies for as long as i serve in congress. i'm proud to support manufacturing day in our country, but i want to make it
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clear that every day is manufacturing day in minnesota. mr. speaker, i rise today to recognize hahl becker for his tireless service to the city of delaneo and wish him luck in his rirme. he graduated from the university of minnesota in 1977 with a degree in mathematics. not long after completing his education, hahl began to work at the -- hal began to work at the municipal facilities. he was the perfect candidate for this position as he graduated from the st. paul public schools electricity course, holds an electrician license, and water supply system operators license. he's done an outstanding job over the past 30 years which is proven by the recognition he's received for his work. in 2013, he was the recipient of public ssive american
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power association's larry hoe bart seven hats award. hal has been great neighbor and member of our delaneo community above all our friend. hal, your shoes will be tough to fill and we'll miss all your service. i wish you a peaceful and happy retirement. mr. speaker, today i rise to congratulate marko incorporated of st. cloud, minnesota, for making fortune's list above all and medium sized companies to work for. they have an incredible story and proof that the american dream is alive and well. what began as a small typewriter shot quickly involved into one of the top technology providers in the country without offices located throughout the midwest. however, what truly stands out about marko is they are one of the first companies to create an employee stock ownership plan and they are among the few companies in this country to be 100% employee owned. i truly commend them for understanding that employees are the heart and soul of every company and that they must be taken care of and rewarded. your quick rise and large
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success is undoubtedly due to the way you treat your employees and your positive work environment. i am proud to recognize you here today. i yield back. the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman yields back. the chair now recognizes the gentleman from north carolina, mr. butterfield, for five minutes. mr. speaker, i rise today to recognize a great american, howard curtis jones. a constituent and dear friend who is the founder and president of the wilson, north carolina opportunities industrialization center. this past monday, september 29, mr. jones was presented with the outstanding rural leader of the year award and an auspicious occasion in raleigh, north carolina, the highest award bestowed by the north carolina rural center and the rural economic development organization. this recognition could not be awarded to a more deserving
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individual. mr. jones has long been an inspiration to many with his compassion and work. i am honored to call howard jones my friend of more than 45 years. the rural leader award recognizes an individual who demonstrates remarkable commitment to improving the way of life in rural north carolina by enhancing the community and positively impacting the quality of life for its residents. mr. jones has been helping people from wilson and surrounding communities for more than 40 years. he has earned this recognition through decades of hard work and community involvement. born in sims, north carolina, during the depression in 1933, as one of 16 children, howard has spent the majority of his life trying to empower disadvantaged populations in rural eastern north carolina. he motivates them to reach their full fonings by teaching vocational skills and helping
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them gainful employment. in 1972, after returning to his home community from employment in new york city, mr. jones started oic of wilson, a 501-c-3 tax exempt organization with the goal of helping to empower individuals to find employment opportunities. wilson o.i.c. as we call it provides services to disadvantaged youth and adults, including pre-vocational training, employment readiness, and referral services, health educational programs, and programs to help dislocated workers transition to new careers. remarkably mr. jones began o.i.c. with little more than his faith in god and an unshakable resolve and steadfast dedication that it could be done. he has had no funding. he had no staff when he started except volunteers. over the years wilson o.i.c. has expanded to employ 35 workers,
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place more than 200 citizens per year in jobs, importantly wilson o.i.c. adapts to the services and training they provide through our changing world and assists clients with acquiring the skills needed to compete in the 21st century economy. for 10 years i had the honor of serving as board chair for wilson o.i.c. and was involved in helping to secure its present site which was an abandon elementary school in the city. in addition to his work with o.i.c., he's been a leader among o.i.c.'s nationally and internationally. he was a personal friend and confidant of the national founder reverend dr. leon howard sullivan, who must be remembered as the first african-american to serve on the board of directors for general motors. he was also the author of the sullivan principles which led to dismantling of south africa's system of apartheid. howard jones has received more
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than 100 awards during his career. in 1987 he received the governor's award for outstanding volunteer service. in 1987, he was recognized at the national level with the thomas jefferson award. in 1997, president clinton presented mr. jones with the lifetime achievement jefferson award. and in 2009, he received the first community stellar award by success dynamics. the list goes on and on. finally, howard jones and wilson o.i.c., four times each year, distribute thousands of pounds of food to low-income families in the community. when they conduct their food distribution program, hundreds of citizens literally line up through the night to receive these commodities. howard jones, mr. speaker, is an icon in our community.
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howard has been married to his wife for many years. he is the father of five adult children and seven grandchildren. mr. speaker, i ask my colleagues to join me in congratulating howard curtis jones on being selected as outstanding rural leader of the year. he is most deserving of this honor. mr. jones is an example of how a single individual can make an immense positive impact in his community, in his state, and in his country. i thank you for your time this morning, mr. speaker. i yield back. the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman yields back. the chair now recognizes the gentleman from illinois, mr. conditions inker -- kin singer for five minutes. mr. conditions inker: i had no intention of coming to the floor to speak this morning. i have a committee hearing in fact. until i saw the news. now, let me paint a picture just briefly every day there are men, women, and children that live in nation called syria that wonder if the next barrel bomb will
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drop in their neighborhood. this is a barrel bomb targeted, by the way, at any real opposition. it's targeted as inflicting the maximum amount of pain on innocent civilians so that a brutal dictator by the name of al asard can ruthlessly, heartlessly keep power for himself in a country that does not want him. we know that al asard used chemical weapons against his own people. young kids choking and gasping for air. knowing that this was their last breath. and knowing that their dreams of becoming a doctor, a police officer, maybe a teacher was cut short by this ruthless, heartless man, al asard. you know -- al assad. you know, mr. speaker, the president said a few years ago that the opposition to him is just a bunch of doctors, lawyers, and pharmacists. as if that was a bad thing.
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i believe that a bunch of doctors, lawyers, and pharmacists in charge of syria today would be a very good thing. but, mr. speaker, about two weeks ago i stood in this chamber and gave a one minute address, let me be clear, there is one reason and one reason only russia finds itself in the middle east and one reason, one reason only russia finds itself in syria, and that one reason is to prop up this brutal dictator, bashir al asard. let me remind people that isis would not exist in syria had it not been for al assad brutally cracking down on the opposition, the peaceful opposition of his own people. . but today we see isis calling syria home and we're in a war against isis because of this al l dictator bash ar asad. but i stood in this chamber and warned the reason that russia is there is to prop him up. i said that i had no intention of coming onto the floor, mr.
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speaker, except this morning i saw the news that russia has begun air strikes in the middle east. now, if they were striking against isis, some could maybe argue that, hey, this is an opportunity, united world coalition, but it appears that actually the russians have struck the doctors, lawyers and pharmacists that are the loyal opposition for a free syria against bashar al-assad. this is not a russia interested in defeating isis for the sake of the peace of the world. this is them rebuilding the soviet empire and propping up the dictators in the middle east, regardless if he killed a quarter million of his own people. this is not a choice between bashar al-assad or isis. mr. speaker, to defeat isis, al-a st defeat bashar ssad. they are not two separate.
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they are one in the same. i hear candidates, one and two in particular, that say assad is our best choice in the middle east. mr. speaker, if you allow me as a christian to say, as a follower as jesus myself, no jesus christ i follow would call a man that brutally murders 250,000, at least, of his own people, especially women and children, no christ i follow would call that man an ally or a friend in any way. this is not a choice that's just one layer deep. this is a complicated situation in the middle east that must be handled with american leadership. mr. speaker, i hope that the president sees this as an opportunity to reassert america's role in the middle east. it doesn't mean he has to send 300,000 troops back in the middle east. neither person i've heard on either side of the aisle have suggested 300,000 troops in the middle bevt east, but what is being suggested is that in the
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absence of american leadership, chaos, violence, death, poverty follows suit. and what we're seeing in the middle east is a lack of american leadership and a situation spun out of control. mr. speaker, i know george w. bush has taken his licks for his policy in the middle east, but at the end of the george w. bush administration, if you looked at the middle east then compared to the middle east today it is no comparison. mr. speaker, i hope i wake up tomorrow and hear on the news that president obama has said that america will reassert its leadership in the middle east, but i won't hold my breath. mr. speaker, i yield back. the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman yields back. the chair now recognizes the gentleman from illinois, mr. quigley, for five minutes. mr. quigley: thank you, mr. speaker. mr. speaker, senate majority leader mitch mcconnell has described the republican house and senate as a, quote, responsible, right of center governing majority. but how responsible is it that we're about to start a new fiscal year with no plan for
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how to fund our government? we are hours away from a shutdown and congress has yet to even begin budget negotiations. instead of doing the job the american people sent us here to do, we're celebrating that maybe we have found a way to keep the government open for two months. two months. that's what we consider bipartisan victory these days. now, we may prevent a shutdown today, but let's be clear. doing the bare minimum to keep the government from closing is not responsible. it is hardly governing at all. the american people here sent us here to take on the big issues and to get things done. they want us to fight for infrastructure, for education, for jobs, not just to keep the lights on. we're letting partisan games get in the way of governing, and it's not only hurting our government, it's hurting our constituents. unreliable, unpredictable short-term funding prevents the government from operating
10:35 am
effectively and efficiently, and it costs taxpayers money. we're short-term funding and we're ignoring changes in our policy priorities and restricting agencies from shifting dollars around to meet emerging challenges. defense officials recently warned that forcing the pentagon to operate on a short-term c.r. would hurt our national security by restricting our ability to respond to new threats. moreover, a c.r. severely limits the government's ability to plan ahead or start new projects. that's because there is no guarantee that money will be there in two months. and how do agencies manage this uncertainty? by freezing hiring and training, shortening terms for grants and contracts, forgoing maintenance and delaying scheduled pay raises. in addition, agencies have to waste countless resources preparing for contingency plans for shutdowns that may or may not happen. republicans like to talk about running government more like a
10:36 am
business. is this how they would run a business? what successful business budgets two months at a time? what we need and what democrats have been demanding is for republicans to sit down with us and craft a long-term bipartisan budget so we can finally get rid of the harmful across-the-board spending cuts of sequestration, so we can reprioritize and restore funding in areas like education, r&d, infrastructure, national security and a fiscally responsible -- in a fiscally responsible way so we can plan for the future. and the best way to do that is to return to regular order. that means offering pro-growth budget resolutions that address our long-term fiscal challenges in a responsible way. no partisan austerity plans that keep the indiscriminant and harmful sequestration in place. it means bringing appropriation bills to the floor free of ideological policy riders. there is a time and place to
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debate controversial issues, but that's why we have authorizing committees. i'm confident that as long as we can put partisan politics aside and ignore obstructionist demands we can get back to passing budgets under regular order, not a partisan budget that fails to address the sequester, not a c.r. that operates to keep agencies from planning more than two months out and definitely not the threat of another shutdown. my hope is with the new republican leadership will come a renewed effort to bring back long-term budgeting under regular order. that is the kind of responsible government the american people expect of us. that is the kind of responsible governing that the american people deserve. thank you and i yield back. the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman from illinois yields back. the gentleman from new york, mr. reed, is now recognized for five minutes. mr. reed: thank you, mr. speaker. mr. speaker, i have come to this floor numerous times to
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stand for priority that i have committed myself to here as a member of this congress. and that is to stand up for individuals and protect the private property rights that our fellow american citizens enjoy in owning their properties, their homes, their family farms and their other property that they have worked tirelessly to obtain. i care about defending the constitutional rights given to all americans, and the generations that will follow us in the future. i fundamentally believe, mr. speaker, the american citizens' land is their land. it's not our government's. so every day, mr. speaker, i am getting more and more input in our office about examples of big government taking people's property without just compensation and abusing the
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power of eminent domain. i have heard of family farms, i've heard of homes, i've heard of rights that have been squashed time and time by big government and individuals have nowhere to go. they essentially have two choices. either roll over, submit to the government and take what the government gives them or they try to fight and they use up their own precious resources while they fight a big government that seems to have endless amounts of resources and time, mr. speaker, on their side. so i want to put this in a personal perspective for my fellow members and american citizens. this gentleman is a gentleman by the name of charlie of atlantic city, new jersey. he's a son of immigrants who came to america after surviving the brutality of the holocaust.
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his parents bought a home, raised a family and passed that home onto charlie. they lived and are living the american dream. r. speaker, this is that home. this is something where they have raised their family, enjoyed family memories and mr. he is living the american dream and providing resources by teaching piano lessons out of this home and renting portions of it to tenants to make ends meet. but since early 2014, the casino reinvestment authority development in new jersey wants to take this home and give it to an unknown entity. they don't even have a plan to redevelop this home. they just want his property. that's not right, mr. speaker. that is not the american way of
10:41 am
life. that is not the american government that i'm going to allow to abuse this man's precious home. the solution is something that i have put together. the defense of property rights act is a piece of legislation that has come out of the property rights caucus, working with my fellow members from maine to alabama to california to stand up for private properties in america. i introduced the legislation in january, and the defense of property rights act would stand with people like charlie and what the ow what, america and big government mentality doing today is wrong and there are members in washington, d.c., that are joining in the fight to say no more. and we will force through that legislation accountability. we will make sure that government thinks about what it is doing before it destroys
10:42 am
charlie's american dream and the charlies across the country, because if it can happen to charlie, mr. speaker, it can happen to anyone. and on my watch in congress i will do whatever i can to stand with those fellow american citizens and say we're not going to let this happen. and with that i yield back. the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman from new york yields back. the chair now recognizes the gentleman from nebraska, mr. ashford, for five minutes. thank you, mr. speaker. i rise today to honor a dear friend who has not only left his mark on a nationally recognized omaha business but also on the city itself. fred simon joined the family business, omaha steaks, back in 1959, helping to make it the household name and success story it is today. but the memory of fred simon
10:43 am
goes beyond the bottom line. through his love of the arts, he spent many years helping propel the city of omaha into a world class community. art lovers in omaha have long recognized the role fred played in elevating the city's cultural stature. it's been said that he knew that great cities need great art. with that goal in mind, fred helped bring a full-time professional opera company to omaha, and he didn't stop there. erving as omaha -- opera omaha , fred once said that he was sensitive to the meaning of words and the power of music. fred, you will certainly be missed on many levels. omaha thanks you for a life that has been indeed well-lived. thank you, mr. speaker, and i yield back. the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman yields back. the chair now recognizes the gentleman from california, mr. denham, for five minutes. mr. denham: thank you, mr.
10:44 am
speaker. rise today in support of h.r. 3457, the justice for victims of iranian terrorism act. iran currently owes $33.5 billion to victims of state sponsor of terrorism. hundreds of americans have personally felt the impact of iranian terrorism in the last 30 years. americans studying abroad, teaching or traveling through the middle east have been taken hostage, killed in suicide bombings and gunned down by members of the islamic jihad. the damages owed have been previously awarded by u.s. courts under federal law and the judgments remain unsatisfied by the islamic republic of iran. under the president, sanctions will be lifted an an estimated $150 billion in assets will be released to them. and not one single cent will be used to pay the debt owed to the victims of iranian sponsored terrorism. h.r. 3457 holds iran
10:45 am
accountable to the victims of its terrorism by ensuring that not one cent of sanction relief goes to iran until the victims are paid. i'm a proud co-sponsor of mr. meehan's legislation, and i urge my colleagues to do the same. mr. speaker, i yield back. . the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman yields back. the chair now recognizes the gentlelady from florida, ms. ros-lehtinen, for five minutes. ms. ros-lehtinen: thank you, mr. speaker. this morning the united nations will take yet another action that only serves to further undermine the prospects for peace between israelis and palestinians and underscores the lengths to which the united nations and many of its member states will go in order to wrongly isolate and delegitimatize the democratic jewish state of israel. by raising the palestinian flag for the first time ever at the
10:46 am
u.n., that body is allowing palestinians to continue with their scheme to achieve unilateral statehood without having to honor their obligations to reach a peaceful settlement through direct egotiations with israel. while addressing the u.n. general assembly this week, president obama had an denounce this latest stunt and press the united nations to abandon its course of action and return to the principles of its own diplomatic agreements with regard to resolving the peace d process. yet as usual the president remained silent. that silence speaks volumes about the administration's policy toward israel, our closest friend and ally, and it will surely only serve to embolden abu mazen, today abu mazen will address the u.n. general assembly and his speech
10:47 am
will be nothing more than political theater. in his speech later today, abu mazen will surely continue his ploy to achieve unilateral statehood recognition from sympathetic states and u.n. entities that are dominated by anti-israel bias like the human rights council. what a misnomer. and of course he'll blame israel for not being able to achieve peace when it is abu mazen who repeatedly has rebuffed overtures from israel's prime minister, netanyahu, to return to the table to discuss a mutually agreeable resolution. mr. speaker, we have seen this over the past several years. a sight unseemly and unbecoming, but the administration publicly admonish and insult our ally israel and our leaders apply a false moral equivalency between
10:48 am
israel and the palestinians. yet when it comes to abu mazen's transagainst or palestinian incitement, the obama administration remains reserved in its condemnation if it feigns the appearance of disapproval at all. for peace, abu mazen must recognize israel's right to exist as a jewish state. must renounce the use of violence, and put an end to the repeated rocket attacks and acts of terror and must sit down with israel to be an earnest partner for peace. abu mazen, who is currently in his 10th year of a five-year term, as the leader of the palestinian authority, is only interested in self-preservation and self-interest. the onus lies with abu mazen and the palestinian authority to to their obligations and
10:49 am
previous diplomatic agreements. and if and when it doesn't, for won't, know that they the u.s. must be ready to cut off financial assistance to the palestinians. we must see that our assessments should be used as leverage to ensure that the palestinians honor their commitments and negotiate a peaceful two-state the solution directly with israel without any preconditions. we must also veto any attempts by the palestinians to bring another resolution at the u.n. security council to advance their illegal unilateral statehood scheme and must make abu mazen pay for the consequences of these destructive actions. the obama administration will offer platitudes and the administration officials will say that no other president has done more for israel's security. but i caution that it isn't what the administration or the president says regarding israel, it's what they don't say that we
10:50 am
should also be paying attention to, and that is why the president's silence on israel and the palestinians at the u.n. general assembly this week is all too telling. and that is why it is up to us in congress to do what we can to support israel, to support the jewish state's right to exist, and its right to defend herself, and to use the leverage we have. ladies and gentlemen, nearly $10 billion in u.s. taxpayer dollars, your money, is being sent to the u.n. we must use that leverage at the u.n. to hold those entities accountable and to fight back this fraudulent unilateral statehood scheme and these efforts to delegitimatize israel. we need to make every effort we can to signal to the world that our commitment is an unbreakable bond between the u.s. and the democratic jewish state and that
10:51 am
that bond is unwavering. thank you very much, mr. speaker. the speaker pro tempore: the gentlelady yields back. the chair now recognizes the gentleman from texas, mr. poe, for five minutes. mr. speaker, on september 10, 2014, president obama announced that the united states, quote, would degrade and ultimately destroy isis. isis has obviously not gotten the memo. this terrorist group keeps moving across the middle east killing those who stand in its way by raping, pillagesing, and murdering those who disagree with them. isis controls half of syria and large parts of iraq. civilized society is losing to these barbarians. despite the u.s. spending billions in a counterterrorism strategy, the terrorist group's numbers have not decreased. isis has grown in size with affiliates all over the world,
10:52 am
including indonesia, yemen, egypt, and even libya. a $3 billion u.s. air strike campaign has been plagued with little measurable successful results. from the very beginning military officials warned that our air strikes alone relied on virtually no human intelligence or on-ground intelligence would not be successful. without good intelligence, the number of air strikes the u.s. has carried out has been few, the results uncertain. also isis fighters killed by our air strikes are just replaced by other jihadists and our intelligence estimates that isis 's numbers are the same as they were when our air strikes began. addition, the administration's $500 million train and equip program has proved to be a failure by anyone's measure. in july, officials reported they had identified 7,000 planned participants, but only trained 60 of these mercenaries.
10:53 am
later that month, 54 fight crossed into syria to fight isis forces. that number in the tens of thousands. of those 54, virtually all were killed, captured, or scattered when attacked. we are now down to four or five u.s. trained mercenaries, according to general lloyd austin of centcom. despite this failed policy just last week we sent a second group of 70 u.s. trained mercenaries into syria. just one day later reports suggested that one of the officers defected, surrendered his arms, and several truckloads of weapons were allegedly traded to terrorist groups for safe passage. it's time to abandon this failed train and equip program. the reality is just as bleak on the online battlefield. isis has 30,000 to 40,000 social media accounts. it uses the internet to spread propaganda, raise money, and find recruits as far away as
10:54 am
washington state. in 2011, the administration promised a strategy to combat terrorist use of social media. four years later, we still haven't seen that plan. no plan, no degrading isis, no defeating isis. the intel given to the administration has also been doctored to cover up how bad the war against isis is going. meanwhile, thousands of people are fleeing the middle east. flooding europe and demanding entry into other nations because of the isis carnage. and the chaos in syria as well. in the face of our failure to destroy isis, we should be focusing on what we can do bert, how we can improve our strategy without using u.s. ground troops. isis' advances in syria translate into more direct threats to our national security and interest, both abroad and at home. isis wants to destroy the united states and everything we stand for. isis fears no one. certainly not the united states.
10:55 am
so it continues to murder in the name of its radical jihad. it has already killed innocent americans. we need a strategy that protects american people from this islamic radical -- radical islamic threat. what's the plan? let the russians defeat isis and prop up the butcher of syria, assad, and let him remain in power? who knows. the current u.s. plan seems to be like the war in vietnam, don't win, don't lose. the american people need to know if the u.s. is in or out in the fight against isis. if it is in the national interest of the united states to degrade and defeat them, we need to define the enemy and defeat them. it is.t's just the way i yield back. the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman from texas yields back. the chair now recognizes the gentleman from connecticut, mr. himes, for five minutes. mr. himes: thank you, mr.
10:56 am
speaker. i'm not generally in the habit of agreeing with it is. yield back. my friend from texas, but i do thank him for posing some really challenging questions about our activities in syria. i think it is fair to say that the situation in syria has gotten worse not better. d only now that the chaos in syria results in the flows of hundreds of thousands of people into europe and into surrounding and deli catly constructed -- delicately constructed countries, only now that we are having a conversation about how many syrian refugees we will take in the united states are we beginning to take notice of the moral tragedy that has been syria for many, many years. the civil war in syria has resulted in the deaths of more than 300,000 people. it has created four million refugees and displaced more than 6.5 million people texas, but i into places
10:57 am
like jordan and turkey and now in europe and elsewhere around the world. sadly it appears that the efforts that we have made that my friend from texas referred to have been ineffectual to put it mildly. and the situation grows worse. we watch now the russians introducing military equipment into syria. something that can only result in more violence, more death, and more refugees. we see sadly, and i have watched this closely from my perch on the house permanent select committee on intelligence, we see isis gaining in strength not losing strength. there are lots of conversations to be had about our efforts, the u.s. efforts to train and equip the so-called syrian moderates. there are conversations to be had about how we deal with russian influence in the area, but something we must focus on now and something that is the
10:58 am
subject of a letter that i and 54 of my colleagues have sent to the president of the united states is that the only real solution in syria, a solution that should be implemented today , is for the international community, all of the players that have a stake and influence in syria, to come together today to begin the process of working out an international agreement, the terms of which will undoubtedly be uncomfortable for us. but an agreement that will bring an end to the civil war. this agreement should provide for the exit of bashir assad. he has lost all credibility as a global leader, but he remains there. apart from ending the crisis, the humanitarian and moral crisis in syria, that conference allow us to finally align
10:59 am
behind an objective that i believe is shared by pretty much everybody in the region, which is the destruction of isis. until we take this step of coming together around the table that, yes, will involve some unsavory characters, will not lead to an agreement we regard as perfect, until we do that we will simply be managing chaos and maybe we'll manage chaos well, but it will still be managing chaos. hundreds of thousands of refew geese and the destabilization that will cause. more weaponry being introduced. more u.s. taxpayer dollars expended. we can do that. that's what we have been doing. we can do it for more months and years. or we can do the obvious thing which is get around a table, and do i call on the president of the united states to show -- and i do call on the president of the united states to show americans to do this we do not leave the room until this moral tragedy is stopped. this is what it would be to be a leader in the world. we can bomb, we can send military equipment. we do that a lot. real leadership will involve saying we will come together
11:00 am
with people we like and people we don't to solve this problem. and i call on this house to assist me and others in the effort to make sure that this becomes a national priority so we can finally bring this tragedy in the middle east to an end. thank you, mr. speaker. i yield back the balance of my time. the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman from connecticut yields back. the chair will receive a message. the messenger: mr. speaker, a message from the senate. the secretary: mr. speaker. the speaker pro tempore: madam secretary. the secretary: i have been directed by the senate to inform the senate concur to the ouse amendment senate amendment with an amendment to h.r. 719, cited as the t.s.a. office of inspecial accountability act of 2015, in which the concurrence of the house is requested. . pursuant to clause 12-a rule 1, the chair
11:01 am
the house finishing up morning hour speeches. they are expected this afternoon to act on temporary government spending, keeping the government open through december 11. that just passed in the senate. you heard the clerk from the senate announcing that on the house floor. that vote passing in the senate within the hour by a vote of 78-20 in the senate. all republican senators, all the 20, republican senators, senators rubio and graham did not vote. but the house in its debate could add language defunding planned parenthood. recesses probably occur this afternoon as that bill is not yet ready for debate on the house floor. either way we'll have live coverage when they return within the hour here at noon eastern. and more about government spending from "politico" this morning as president obama and top congressional leaders prepare to launch negotiations on a two-year budget deal, they write. senate majority leader mitch
11:02 am
mcconnell is maneuvering to cut key democrats out of talks according to sources familiar with the negotiations. the ambitious budget goal outlined by mcconnell on tuesday could help ease the threat of real estate pete of government shutdowns until the 2016 elections. they write that the drama is already unfolding behind the scenes with mcconnell's private suggestion that discussions be limited to just him, president obama and speaker john boehner. that's from "politico." while there is word from house speaker john boehner on the leadership elections, of course, the conference met late yesterday afternoon, and just in the last few minutes or so, word from the speaker's office that the house leadership elections will be held a week from tomorrow. that will be thursday, october 8. also, coming up this morning, getting under way at this hour, the house rules committee is set to consider several measures, including the defense conference
11:03 am
report, iran sanctions bill. and also a plan to defund planned parenthood. so it's likely with the continuing resolution introduced on the house floor, that's likely to come up before the house committee as well, and according to c.q., the house is expected to consider the senate c.r. they'll vote separately an enrollment measure that would defund planned parenthood. c.q. writes under the procedure, even if the senate defeated it, the clean stopgap bill would go to the president for his signature. we are not covering the house rules committee this morning, but if you're interesting, that is online. the rules committee website, that's getting under way now. live coverage of the house when they return coming up at noon eastern here on c-span. to vote?
11:04 am
guest: i would like to know what it is going to be, and i am not interested in continuing this government by crisis one day after the other, you know, stopgap members -- measures are not budgets. i don't see why the largest economy in the world should begun june -- should be governed this way. i am also not interested in enabling republicans to shutdown our government. so my only choice may be to support this stopgap measure so we don't watch tomorrow, our government services stop. but i'm not interested in doing this. i will tell you that if -- if this happens again, we have seen this happen for four years, i am prepared to vote no against these republicans continuing resolutions, which are -- it is a triage because we triage the federal government's services,
11:05 am
and then we are told we are going to solve it. then it happens again. and it is triage again. so the patient never gets to get well. never gets to go to if a hospital to get well. and that is not the way you run the largest economy in the world. host: a resolution that comes to the floor, if it is similar to the senate version, would be clean. that means it wouldn't include any language to defund planned parenthood. it would then take you until mid-december. will you be joined by enough democrats that this passes in the house? guest: my sense is that today democrats will discuss this further. we certainly want to see our services sent out to those social security recipients, those veterans. this:fficulty is republicans have had a year to come up with a budget, they have had a year to come to the we, as a and say
11:06 am
majority, want to work with you. they never did. and now we are on the 364th day of the year to have a budget. so they are going to be a continuing resolution. a continuing resolution is not a budget. it is a stopgap measure. it is also hurtful to the economy because it doesn't fund services where they need to be funded. and so it is not a good thing to do these crs. i am not a fan of these things. host: reporting this morning that budget negotiations between democrats and republicans have already begun. the leader in the senate, mitch mcconnell, saying that he and speaker boehner have reached out to the administration, they are studying the budget talks so they can come to some set of two-year deal by mid-december that avoids all of these budget battles, avoids another government shutdown, and takes it off the plate during the 2016 election cycle. what do democrats need in order to agree to any sort of budget to deal?
11:07 am
guest: for the discussions to be meaningful, for their but publicans -- for the republicans not to have any preconditions. mr. mcconnell and mr. banal -- mr. boehner telling the president that they will negotiate on a budget, but they won't -- don't want the democrats to be able to participate. the president doesn't have a vote on the budget. if republicans say they have to start off the negotiations by excluding all democrats, those aren't meaningful discussions. host: can't the president negotiate for you? guest: the president can certainly negotiate, but i don't think you should negotiate by himself. unless republicans believe that the president will carry each and every single democrat with him without a democrats in the congress ever having a say, i think that is unrealistic. itemswhat are some of the
11:08 am
that democrats would like to see in any sort of budget deal? guest: funding where it must be, not where republicans wanted to be. funding for our veterans, funding for social security, funding for health care, funding for our troops. the evidence -- where the evidence says it should be. not some blind way of doing budgeting what you just do cuts across the board. even to those programs that we don't think are working as well, you shouldn't treat the good ones the way you would treat the bad ones. what we should be doing is being smart about how we budget. the family would say, well, we overspent at vegas last week, so we will have to cut the payments for kids' college education. you do what you need to do and if we could come together and talk about a budget that works for america, that keeps services moving ford, you will get votes. republicans agreed
11:09 am
to raise domestic spending, would you agree to raise spending for the military? guest: yeah, i think we are ready to raise it where it should. we are ready to cut it where it should. but we are not willing to cut it simply because you don't like it. we find this whole mess over republicans' obsession with planned parenthood waco lead to the shutdown of services. simply because republicans are obsessed by planned parenthood is crazy. it is disgraceful. and so what we are hoping we will do is sit down and talk about meaningful budget programs , cuts, increases, whatever it takes. host: we will get to calls. francis has been waiting in fort lauderdale, a republican. caller: good morning, greta. good morning, congressman. guest: good morning. caller: i have a possible compromise. i'll listening to the hearings yesterday, and mrs. richards claimed that most of the federal
11:10 am
money her organization gets goes for medicare services rendered by her group, but $60 million of that amount is discretionary funding. so if that $60 million could be cut out, which is discretionary, planned parenthood would still have a profit of $67 million because she said that her wasall income over expenses $127 million. and one other thing, too, i have -- i work as a sidewalk counselor, pro-life counselor at the abortion centers. i went to the one in st. louis, as a matter of fact. and tried to big to the women as they go in about the sacredness of all human life, and adoption is a beautiful option. then they wouldn't have that chance of getting breast cancer
11:11 am
because several studies indicate a connection between abortion and breast cancer. and also have that guilt on their minds for the rest of their lives. host: i am going to jump in so we can get some more voices in. guest: thank you for a thoughtful way of trying to come up with a compromise. i don't believe that we would want to see planned parenthood lose the discretionary dollars they get from the federal government because those help pay for things like cancer screenings. some of the programs that don't get full reimbursement -- by the way, it is medicaid, not medicare. planned parenthood gets medicaid. i would still support the funding for the discretionary part of the budget where they get some of the money because it continues to provide the services to women. and to men, as well. so i think it is important. one other final point, planned parenthood doesn't make profit. it is a nonprofit organization.
11:12 am
it'sst show its books, and money is used for the purposes of paying for the services it provides. host: when you're watching that hearing yesterday, planned parenthood provided the committee with its 990, as well as all of its affiliates' 990. there it is on your screen., go to "washington journal," you will find their link to the planned parenthood national office, their 990. and you can go through it, see how much the president makes, the president makes come and see how much they spend on travel. want to ask you about planned parenthood, about the videos. given that they are out there and people have seen them, a lot of debate about them. do you fully trust that planned parenthood is being transparent? guest: based on these videos, i don't make any judgment off of these videos because these videos have been tampered with. let me ask you this good anyone
11:13 am
could take this program and they could splice also its of comments you have made over the years. and they could make it look like you said things that you never meant to say. i wouldn't trust that. and i do see where we were trust a video that has been put together in ways that deceive the american people. if we saw the entire vehicle, then maybe we could make some judgments. i think the way the members on the republican side of the committee yesterday conducted themselves was disgraceful. i think it is outrageous to be little and badger a witness who is trying to respond to questions on something that could be very serious. but these videos, i wouldn't make any judgment. if you were to try to go to a court of law, this video would never see the light of day the way it has because it is not the real video of what took place. host: we will hear from janet in florida, a democrat. caller: how are you this morning? host: morning. caller: yes, i'm calling
11:14 am
concerning planned parenthood. i don't understand why a group of men could make that decision for the women because i have to have planned parenthood. i need planned parenthood i had a i have -- terrible pregnancy. so when i went to planned parenthood, i didn't know i had -- [indiscernible] -- they could not do anything for me, so they sent me straight to the hospital. so they are good for a lot of things. abortions, most people i know that had abortions, it had to come out of their pocket. the government don't pay for that procedure. , -- lso with that you
11:15 am
[indiscernible] if you are going to have an abortion, you are not going to deliver a baby and then have an abortion. that is not called an abortion. [indiscernible] that is called a murderer. you cannot do that. host: congressman? guest: first of all, was it francis? host: i am not sure actually. sorry about that. guest: janet, i think it was. host: yes, there you go. guest: my wife is in high risk ob/gyn, so i understand what you're talking about. it is tough. and we need to have professionals provide your care. planned parenthood does something very important. they make sure you go to the right professional. ones who helped the women -- woman, mostly women, get access to the health care
11:16 am
service they need. so they are indispensable. we need to fight like the dickens that planned parenthood continues because hundreds of thousands of people depend on their health as a result of planned parenthood. we should have a frontal attack on those who try to deceive us with these videos and try to give us the impression that it isn't real. give us the real facts and then let's have a discussion or debate. but a straight up debate. don't tolerate. if you feel so confident about your position, then give us the facts. don't try to deceive us later and don't tell us until we figure out that you are lying to us. and certainly, if you are a member of congress, don't take advantage of a witness simply because you are sitting there and you do want to let the witness answer your questions. i think it is important for us to have a full-blown debate. francis, you got services because you needed it, and that is why planned parenthood was there. host: cnn reporting that a court
11:17 am
has ordered this group behind the videos to turn over all videos and all documents that they have. guest: as i said, a court would never except his tape the way it is, and good for the court that we have a system that tries to get to the bottom of this. host: liz in florida, a republican. caller: good morning. i would like to just take the whole of abortion and the emotional thing out of this and ask a very simple question. is giving an organization half-a-billionaire dollars, a half $1 billion, a nonprofit organization, and then that organization turns around and his views executive salaries , buys first class tickets, donate to political causes -- i wouldn't care what the organization wants. no organization that is getting public funding should be allowed to send money haphazardly -- spend money haphazardly.
11:18 am
is my taxpayer money. i don't buy first class airline tickets. you know, i can't afford to go on vacation many years, so i spend my hard-earned taxpayer money to support any organization, whether it is the humane society of the united states, or the planned parenthood -- and is spending their money haphazardly. host: we will take your point. guest: liz, thank you. the beauty of c-span and the beauty of our democracy as we have an opportunity to speak our minds. i appreciate that and i respect your opportunity, you're right to speak their mind. fortunately -- unfortunately, i think you spoke a lot of missed through's -- mistruths. that isimply say disagree with the way you have characterized planned parenthood. planned parenthood's use of its money and its resources are out
11:19 am
there for full review. he pointed out how the "denver post" pointed out how they use their money. i don't know where you are getting your information, but your sources are absolutely inaccurate. i would urge you, for the purpose of having a meaningful debate, that you get the right information so we can talk about the issues. and not have to worry about trying to reframe and correct the characterizations and the statements. host: one point that the president of planned parenthood made yesterday at the hearing is that the board for planned parenthood decides how much he gets paid, and she also decides -- says that she herself does not travel first class. this organization fundraisers, and takes money. can it not just do what it does without federal money? why does it need to have -- since there this -- is this objection, why can it provided
11:20 am
services without federal money? guest: i think you may have pointed this out already, but the services it provides with regard to abortion it does without federal money. the other services it provides, whether it is the cancer screenings, the std testing, all those things that they do, they work they do for men and women, they don't get funding -- they don't get reimbursed from the federal government for all of these services. no one is obligated to give them money. when you make a contribution to planned parenthood, you do it voluntarily. so they raise money to provide the services they do to hundreds of thousands, if not millions of people throughout the country. they only get federal resources to get reimbursed for the services they provide that other health care providers would get reimbursed, too. doctor would receive reimbursement from
11:21 am
medicaid or from the federal government for the services they are providing, like planned parenthood. host: what about the republicans' argument that money is fungible? guest: i can always spend a dollar that i would've spent on a cup of coffee on a meal. and i could always come back and say i not going to spend as much on that dinner because i want to drive there -- i want to buy the drink. but it is not fungible in the sense that if there woman walks through the door and says i have pregnancy,tubal planned parenthood could say, well, come back next week because right now we are providing services for cancer screening only. if they did that, they wouldn't be providing the services the way they like. so they do take people and. the only request reimbursement from the federal government when they provide a legitimate service. and when it comes to abortion, again, let's state the facts,
11:22 am
planned parenthood doesn't get federal dollars for the purpose of doing any work related to an abortion. host: do they in limited circumstances, though? guest: in limited circumstances, but you're talking now about the life of the mother, we are talking about existence shall circumstances where the life or some sort of real emergence or come stance that requires this act. host: charlotte, north carolina, charles you are next. caller: good morning. i just had a -- i listened to the hearings, and from what i got from the hearings, the whole issue deals with lower income women, generally african-american women in poverty who have no other place to go for women's health issues or abortions, so they go to planned parenthood with a heavy heart to generally get assistance.
11:23 am
with that the correct? guest: not really. planned parenthood has facilities that are available to all women. certainly a lot of women who have lower incomes who can afford to go to a doctor or hospital would use planned parenthood because the rates that they would have to pay are far better, but it is not just for only low income women, and certainly not only for african-american women. i guarantee you there are more women who are white receiving services from planned parenthood been are black. host: welcome to the conversation. caller: good morning. i would like to know if the republicans, democrats, or independents, whoever, is or,y for stopping abortions you know, going to shut all the government down for -- for the reason of planned parenthood.
11:24 am
now, if we are serious about this problem, why are we sending our tax dollars to people overseas? an example, israel. they have abortions up to eight months. our tax money is going to these countries that have abortions that are legal, and if these christians, evangelicals -- host: can i jump in? i have heard this line of argument from several callers. where did you hear about money being sent to israel and israel allows abortions and that argument? where did you first hear it? caller: well, i hear it on the news. i listen to cable news every day. host: ok. congressman? guest: probably the most important thing in something
11:25 am
like this discussion about planned parenthood is, check your sources. because it is tough to have a really deep dive into a debate when you're dealing with information that is not accurate. i will say something that i thought was great important. -- was very important. the fact that we are discussing planned parenthood and the possibility of shutting down the entire operations of government simply because republicans have this obsession with planned parenthood is up seen. we should be talking about how we help the private sector and the president grow jobs. we have not been able to and the last five years to do a funding bill for transportation. talk to the guys in the construction industry. there are a whole bunch of folks who could work if we went in -- went back into the business of repairing our roads. myopicer than do this
11:26 am
dive into planned parenthood and deciding to shut down all operations of government, the last time we did this two years ago we lost $120,000 jobs -- 120,000 jobs. we should be talking about our economy, growing jobs. host: it looks like with democrats' help, a shutdown will be avoided today. tomorrow, october 1 is the new year for 2016. lawmakers have until midnight tonight to pass a continuing resolution. that means, in mid-december, this debate begins again. and hopefully over the next coming weeks, there is some sort of deal brokered. others say not. others say they want them to -- the leadership to stick to their principles. "wall street journal" editorial board this morning -- this
11:27 am
congress, and specifically speak or banner, has shown the power of the purse. the gop has cut out lies as a share of gdp for three straight years. they write to this: a better explanation of these numbers -- guest: and most of these budgets that have passed over these years, were we have seen the reduction in the size of government, have received democratic votes. and so let's be clear. democrats are for making sure our government is lean, but not mean. and we are ready to vote to make cuts in some places, but also investments in others. but you cannot do that if you continue to do the stopgap measures because you are constraining what you can do.
11:28 am
you have to essentially take the bad budgets of the previous four,and continue it for in this case, two or three months. so democrats are ready to engage in any discussion about making cuts and making investments, but you've got to get past this obsession with planned parenthood and you have to start thinking about the big picture, which is jobs. and so this is crazy. if democrats were in control of one house of congress, it probably would be easier for us to resolve this. but right now, republicans have total control of the congress. and here we go again. this is a rerun of a b rated movie to begin with. we have seen this movie before. we didn't like it the first time. why would we want to watch it again? host: eric, virginia, a republican. caller: good morning. thank you for taking my call. congressman., and
11:29 am
guest: thank you. caller: whether you are democrat or republican, it is a responsibility most don't understand. the thoughts i have on planned parenthood, i think that it is shameful that hundreds of thousands of people, who rely on the services of planned parenthood, the services that they wouldn't get anywhere else are at risk because -- who knows what really happened? these media outlets explain the arguments from different perspectives, and the videos spark all types of arguments. and we don't really know what happens. but i just don't think it is fair. i'm calling in on the republican line. we are talking about human beings. let's not punish, penalize hundreds of thousands of people with this issue that i don't think deserves all the attention that it is getting. host: all right. guest: eric, thanks first again
11:30 am
for approaching this in a thoughtful matter. you point out, again, that if politicians had to do their work in a court of law, most of what they would do would get thrown out. this tape that is being used to condemn and noting the station that has done some phenomenal work whenever be accepted in a court of law. it has been doctored. those who presented the tape never tried to admit that it was doctored. now we know it is doctored. why should we rely on something where we were deceived? but the more important point that i think you make is you talk about service. i am never going to condemn our government. i mean i think sometimes our government works as well, but it is our government. if you go back to the founding document that established our government, our democracy, we, the people. since when should we be disassociated from what our ourrnment does is our -- if
11:31 am
government is of and by the people and for the people? it is unfortunate the attacks we see on government, our government, all the time. and shutting down the government is one of the attacks on we the people. host: scholar in salt lake city, utah, a democrat. caller: hello, there. thank you for taking my call. i am just wondering how these large cable media's can get away with showing -- medias can get away with showing such information that is doctored or comes from unknown sources. guest: great question. most of it i think is because when it was first presented, it was presented as if it was a complete video not having been doctored. unless you have the technical capabilities and reason to believe -- to figure out if the tape was doctored, you will play it. fortunately, most of these news outlets are beginning to say that these videotapes that have
11:32 am
been put out there by these groups have been doctored. great point. everyone, all of us -- and by the way, that is where i think c-span plays a very important role because you are 24/7, you give us an opportunity to put things out there. i wish fox news or somebody's other programs would do the same thing. host: by the way, cnn in an interview with the man behind the videos says he denies any editing of the videos. it is time for a light detector test for that guy. host: concord, new hampshire, matthew, an independent. caller: "good morning america -- good morning, america. thank you, c-span. the congress has a responsibility -- [indiscernible] my wife suffers from breast cancer. she has had four surgeries. when my wife first found breast
11:33 am
cancer, new hampshire, she had a job at lowe's and didn't have health insurance. she went to the local clinic. for all these years, they have revisited, they have really looked, they have retested her. she now has health insurance with a high deductible, but think god for planned parenthood because when she was treated for her breast cancer, when she had surgeries, planned parenthood, through contributions, not through the government money, paid for her treatment. and they still pay for her checkups. my wife is alive because of planned parenthood. tortion is legal, according the constitution. let's accept that. let's not argue it any longer. we have been fighting it for over 40 years. if they want to change it, let's it a constitutional amendment. but abortion is way less damaging to the united states
11:34 am
than citizens united. i respect c-span. i think you for letting me express my point of view. yout: i -- i will vote for if you ever decide to run for congress. one, i appreciate the way you said it. by the way, i would disagree on one point. i think we should continue to have discussions on abortion. i am not in favor of abortion. i have three daughters. my wife is in ob/gyn. but i do believe a woman should be the one to decide, not some politician sitting in the halls of congress. and so i think the discussion about abortion is absolutely appropriate in ways that are thoughtful. not in these ways we are having a virtual shutdown and government because of the issue of planned parenthood. i do believe we have a responsibility in congress to take these votes, to signal to the president and the american
11:35 am
people on where we are, and authorization to use military force. host: can i ask you on that note of foreign policy -- counter , theks by afghans fail u.s. involved in trying to push back the telegram as they -- the taliban as they are beginning to surge in afghanistan. guest: we should always be prepared to reconsider. that is a different thing than saying we should reengage completely and fight their war for them. i think we made it very clear back in 2001 we were going to get rid of the taliban because of what they were associated with. darndestve tried our to help the afghan people. we are going to try to continue to help them get their because it is not that easy, but fighting someone else's war,
11:36 am
whether in afghanistan or syria or iraq -- i am not interested in having an american troop spilled blood and have to tell an american mother or father that your son died, your daughter died because there is a civil war going on another country and we are fighting that civil war for them. don'tt mind helping, i mind trying to help sink in the pillars of democracy, but at some point though soldiers have to demonstrate that they really do want a democracy. host: in syria, what is the future of assad? guest: here is my problem with talking about syria in isolation or in the moment. syria was a creation after world war i, where the allies started to parcel up that region of the world that we call the middle east in ways that have nothing to do with history and cultures.
11:37 am
and all of a sudden, you created this country called iraq, where the people there didn't call themselves iraqis. in syria is the same thing. i think you have to recognize that there are deep-seated, long-standing conflicts that precede this civil war in syria. so thinking we are going to solve it by kicking out side or or defeating prices, it is not that easy. let them prove what they want to do. host: it is not just syria, though. the headline on bbc's website, russia has noticed carried out its first syria airstrike. russia is involved. can the united states said this out if russia is involved? guest: we are not sitting on the sidelines. we are definitely involved, but we are being cautious. that to me points to how
11:38 am
convoluted and confusing this can be. and we better be very careful when -- by the way, this think also clarifies was a vote on this nuclear agreement with iran was so important. why? because somehow, we were able to keep the coalition of france, great britain, germany, china, and russia together to force iran to not have nuclear weapons. right now, russia is causing us some headaches and syria, but somehow -- on syria, but somehow we were able to keep them together. it is a big deal because we never know when these partners are not going to be your partners. having russia and china sign off on something when they are very much competitors and sometimes adversaries is very important. host: the "new york times" this morning with this picture of john kerry meeting with vladimir
11:39 am
putin and his prime minister, as mr. kerry tries to pursue some int of peaceful negotiation the situation in syria. if both sides, united states and russia, could agree to a political solution where mr. assad is no longer the head of that country and someone else that both sides agreed to could be put in his place, do you back this idea and push by the secretary of state? guest: i think anyone who has face of leadership right now in syria can't expect to hang out once we resolve this conflict could you need new blood, -- conflict. you need new blood, new leadership. the leaders today are tainted for tomorrow. if you expect the people that live in this country called syria to consider themselves syrians, it will be tough if
11:40 am
they are watching people lead them that were killing them before. i think all these guys, i don't care if it is the syrian government or the opposition forces, they better be prepared to let new blood come in. host: with all of that on the table, we will go back to calls. lisa in springfield, ohio, a republican. caller: good morning, how are you? guest: good morning. caller: thank you for taking my call. i think that -- i believe that is trying toative camouflage these videos by telling people that they have been doctored. maybe they have, but maybe they haven't. and i think that what is going on -- i believe that planned parenthood should be defunded because it is morally wrong. that -- that is
11:41 am
coming about, we are seeing these little children being murdered, basically murdered. and nobody is standing up for them. i think that you as a representative, what would your boat the -- what would your vote the? would you defend them? guest: first, thanks for your opinion and giving your in a very thoughtful way. when people approach me and try to have a constructive conversation. one, children are not being murdered. no child was murdered, otherwise you would find criminal charges being pressed. , you make a very important point. you don't want to see abortion
11:42 am
and you are against abortion. i've against to seeing abortion happen for no reason whatsoever. we can agree on that. we disagree on how our government should use its resources and the laws to force people, women, to do things. there is where we disagree. it is important to have that conversation, that debate on abortion. i think we can do that and try to come to some meaningful decisions. but on the issue of the tapes and whether they have been doctored, i think you are wrong. there is no doubt that these tapes have been doctored. doctored, wee been should not be saying we don't know if they have been doctored. they have been doctored. they are deceptive. watching the real videos, i'm doctored, with that change people's mind?
11:43 am
possibly. but let's see the real videos. until then, let's admit that the tapes have been doctored and stop talking as if they are not. i am not interested in making decisions is on fake evidence. we go next to allen in georgia, independent. how are you doing? caller: hi. host: you are on the air. caller: i watched the hearings yesterday and i hear the representatives talking about the tapes being doctored. i watched the news last night and when they -- i watch cbs and abc and all the other major news networks, and when they show the hearings, they doctored their tapes. they do the same things you are talking about. they cut out the parts they do not think are important. what i would like to know is, i heard a lot of discussion about planned parenthood donating money to the democratic party.
11:44 am
can you give me a dollar amount about, just being raised -- about how much is being contributed? aest: planned parenthood is nonprofit. they actually have a political arm. guest: i don't know the numbers. but let's go back to a point here. ,ou make a very good point alan about the tapes that we see in the news. it is not the entire hearing that we saw, only clips. you consider that a doctored tape of the hearing. i think that is taking the definition of doctored to a , certainly those are not complete tapes. i don't believe that the news programs where you saw them represented the tapes that they were showing as a full scope of the hearing itself and everything that was said, whereas the tapes on planned
11:45 am
, the organization never said that this is only part of it. they represented it as being a conversation that was had. that was the doctoring. there is a big difference. certainly you want to see everything, and while the news can't show you five hours worth of a hearing in a 20 or 42nd segment, i would not call the doctoring. host: by the way, for our viewer, go to put in planned parenthood into search field and you can see planned parenthood, how much money they have given. and if our viewers want to follow along with this court case over the videos, this is from politico, the court ruled last week that this group must turn over documents and the entire video footage to the court. if you want to follow along with that you can go to
11:46 am
was on behind that video cnn this morning saying that host: well, here we are again in the nation's capital. another end of the fiscal year, and a midnight deadline looming tonight at midnight as the fiscal year 2015 comes to a close and congress has yet to approve funding for fiscal year 2016. now, the senate so far has at least temporarily done their work. we'll tell you about that momentarily. we want to get your thoughts as we wait for the u.s. house to come in here in about 15 minutes with government funding set to expire at midnight, what are your thoughts about the situation, about congress in general? 202-748-8920 is the number to call for democrats. republicans use 202-748-892 2 and for all others, independents, 202-748-8922.
11:47 am
and can send us a tweet @c-span. c.q. keeps a track of the appropriations bills. there are 12 annual spending bills and their status of appropriations chart looks pretty slim, at least on the senate side. you'll see some passed in the house. commerce, justice, science, defense, energy and water. you look down this column of what's passed in the senate, none of them have passed in the u.s. senate. a number spraffed in the house and none have been enacted into law or signed by president obama. the senate a short while ago this morning did pass by a vote 78-20 a short-term spending measure. the funding measure would fund the government through december 11 so members can work out a longer term spending measure. the house will likely take up the spending measure later today. here's a tweet from craig caplan. the rules has added senate-passed c.r. to its current meeting along with
11:48 am
planned parenthood defunding bill. the house rules committee is meeting at this hour. it is likely later on that we will see debate on both that continuing resolution in the house and also a planned -- a separate measure of a planned parenthood defunding bill. you may recall the senate tried to move forward with defunding planned parenthood, was blocked last week in the senate. theirs is a so-called clean c.r. we'll get to your phone calls momentarily. to set the scene this morning in the u.s. senate, we want to hear from the leaders, mitch mcconnell and harry reid. then to your calls. it's right for them to go into another short-term spending situation like this. we're looking to change the culture around here.
11:49 am
our determination remains to get the senate back to normal with a functional appropriations process. that's why for the first time in six years the senate actually passed a budget. that's why for the first time in six years the senate actually passed through committee the dozen appropriation bills necessary to properly fund the government. now that the c.r. appears to be on track, we can turn back to the last step in the senate's normal appropriations process and that is getting the funding bills passed here on the floor. democrats have blocked them all this year as part of some arbitrary strategy to force our nation to the brink. they certainly succeeded in doing that, but i think the american people are ready for our colleagues to finally get serious and get back to work. americans are ready to see democrats stop supporting, not blocking, the very bipartisan funding legislation democrats
11:50 am
previously voted for and bragged about in press releases. our colleagues will have that opportunity this week when we turn back to the regular appropriations process. it's true that moving forward will require democrats to definitively turn the page on years of bad habits and dysfunction. but it's the right thing to do for our country. we'll see if they're ready to do so later this week. senator reid: my friend, the republican leader, are citing facts that aren't real. everybody knows what happened in the senate and house of representatives the last few years. gridlock. republicans in the house can agree with republicans in the senate and it appears republicans in the senate can't agree among themselves. so with my friend talking about how great things are going is not reality. we need to start working
11:51 am
together, not apart, and working with republicans we find is very difficult to develop any kind of partnerships as we've always done in the past until republican leaders took over the congress. so, mr. president, i would hope that my friends, republicans, would understand we got to start doing things to help the country. we're in the situation we're in -- it's october -- september 30, the country is out of money until the last fews hours. why we do we wait until the last minute and then only fund until the first part of december? we have received word that house speaker is going to resign. why he's resigning is because everyone knows he can't deal with these people that he has to deal with in the house.
11:52 am
he's tried very hard and it hasn't worked. so i would hope my friend, the republican leader, would start talking reality, not come and boast how the country is doing under republican leadership. we've gotten nothing done, mr. president, nothing done under the leadership. and i'm reminded what albert einstein said when he designed insanity as doing the same thing over and over again expecting different results. that's what we've been doing here. everyone knowing what the results are going to be. host: and that short-term spending measure, funding the federal government through december 11, the c.r., passed in the u.s. senate a short while ago by a vote of 78-20. all 20 no votes were republican senators. two republican senators did not vote. senators graham and rubio. it is certain that the house later this afternoon will take up that c.r. bit of news from the house as
11:53 am
well after yesterday's conference meeting. speaker boehner announcing that the conference will vote on new leaders a week from tomorrow. they'll hold their leadership elections next thursday. and then that means a likely full house vote on the speaker sometime later october or early november. let's get to your calls on the pending end of the fiscal year and a possible government shutdown. mechanicsville, virginia, fletcher. go ahead. caller: yes. as far as the spending bill goes, it goes around and around and around all the time, but i'd like to bring up the fact without truth, when sworn under oath to tell the truth to congress, if we don't hold these people accountable, then the whole system is broke. james clapper sat before congress, told a bold-face lie which was proven to be a lie and no one is taking any
11:54 am
action. now, when we allow this, the whole system's broke. if we can't expect people to tell the truth when sworn under oath, how do we get anywhere with any of this? host: what are the clapper comments that you're referring to? caller: he said he wasn't -- that the n.s.a. was not -- well, you know what it was. he said that nobody was checking mass data on the american citizens. yet, the snowden documents proved they were. he knew this when he stated it. he even came later claiming he misspoke. this is ridiculous. the man needs to be held accountable. martha stewart did not go to jail for insider trading. she went to jail for lying under oath. host: talking about the budget here. to beckly, west virginia. jim's on our democrats line there. caller: good morning. thank you for taking my call. i'm a retired federal employee and also social security recipient.
11:55 am
i think it's absolutely terrible that these people cannot get together and bring us up to the wall every year where the government is about to run out of money. in my opinion, if these people can't do their work, then they should be penalized for it. if they have to have the financial mechanics together from one c.r. to the other, they should not be paid. in fact, i think they should be penalized, and i am tired of the tea bag or tea party or whoever tuesday people are holding the rest of the country hostage because of their ridiculous beliefs. and as far as these hearings that were held yesterday on planned parenthood or concerns,
11:56 am
i think they treated that lady abominablely. and i think these men who were harassing her, that's exactly what it was, harassment, should be called and they should be censored. host: well, the issue of planned parenthood funding is likely dom up on the house floor. they're going to work on. in fact, the rules is considering this morning a separate measure that would defund planned parenthood, that would run parallel to the debate on the continuing resolution but would not be included in that continuing resolution. look for that later today on the house floor. doylestown, pennsylvania, tyler on our republican line. caller: hi. how are you? host: doing fine, thanks. caller: all right, great. so defunding the government, what happens to the senators and representatives' salaries? is that also funded by the government? how does that work? host: that's a very good question. that is a very good question. parts of the government would begin to shut down at midnight and not sure how much of that
11:57 am
is covered -- the legislative branch certainly one of the annual spending bills so certainly part of the operation would be affected. here's neal in leesburg, virginia, on the independents line. go ahead. caller: yes. i like harry reid's comment about insanity is about the same thing doing every oand expecting different results. well, the ideology of a lot of these rhinos and the democrat party is communism. the ideology is murder over 150 million people and impoverish many more. what we need to do is this ideology does not work, and being nileistic about it as well doesn't work. host: looking for your comments on facebook as well. a couple, many posted so far. this one is from mark mo thompson who says --
11:58 am
host: couple more minutes here. the house gavels in at noon for their one-minute speeches and then onto legislative work. could see them begin work with the veterans funding bill. scott is in missouri on the democrats line. go ahead. caller: yeah, hi. let's talk about government spending. ever since these republicans took control of the house in 2011, they have done nothing but stop the democratic party from doing everything they can to bring this country out of a collapse.
11:59 am
they have blocked veterans' jobs bills. they have blocked every infrastructure bill. what they are trying to do, they won't fund an infrastructure bill for long term because they're trying to destroy the unions. infrastructure work is union work. 30 states controlled by republicans have cut their budgets by 75%, laying off hundreds of thousands of workers deliberately to stop the economy from improving because they're trying to destroy the social safety net. host: all right. scott, let's get one more republican view here. the house about to gavel in. this is robert in georgia. hello there. caller: hi. i just want to say that all the callers are really showing what the division of this country is is that we really need to as a people come together and say, use common sense. the whole budget thing, kicking it down the road, needs to stop. we need to get as a people to
12:00 pm
congress to say we need a solution. man up. get the job done, and be done with it. and that's all i got to say. thank you very much. host: ok, robert. we'll get an opportunity probably later this afternoon to hear from you again. of course, for your comments and @c-span on twitter. the exact agenda a little bit uncertain with the continuing resolution now passed in the senate and likely up next or later this afternoon in the house so look for another opportunity to call in later this afternoon. let's go live to the house floor here on c-span. [captions copyright national cable satellite corp. 2015] [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit]


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