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tv   Washington Journal  CSPAN  October 1, 2015 7:00am-9:01am EDT

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california congressman ted lew gives his take on the continuing resolution and the debate host: good morning on this day of , october 11th 2015 fiscal year. avoided the government shut own coming together to set up the government over ten weeks. congress will have little time their differences by hat december 11th deadline and be in session for 13 days and g.o.p. elections are slated for followed by hillary on benghazi timony
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in late october. first we want your reaction to russia's military action in yesterday. how should the united states respond? 202-748-8000 and 202-748-8002. you can join the conversation at or e-mail us. we'll get to your thoughts but me show how you it is playing out. states. the united we'll start with the miami hearld. russ war and then syria ou have this, russia attacks targets, but for the u.s. the targets? s, which they say they were targeting
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slamic state, but u.s. officials say that the evidence shows they were not. going after those who .re opposed rebel nes are targeting groups. assad foes strike syria. front pages around the world and here is the guardian out of russia sends in bombers and raises stakes in syria and from the dailyis tar in lebanon, russia strikes thrust syria war into deadlier phase. from the times out of england and they have some eadline, putin defies the west
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with strikes on syrian rebels. gasoline risk pouring on the fire. that from the white house. ake a listen to what defense secretary ashcarter had to say was asked yesterday if russian air strikes aimed at laces other than those with isil forces. >> the reason -- one of the russian position is contradictory is that exactly potential for them to strike places may well have in where isil is not present. others are present. this is one of the reasons kind of esult of this action will inevitably be to the civil war in syria takehy it's ill-advised to his kind of action in support
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of assad only without pursuing a political transition there and trying to get e them to that same position. question exposes exactly what is a fallacy what why it is failure. >> i want to make sure i understand. saying then that the strikes were in a place where you believe there were no isil and therefore leads you to that? want to careful about confirming offense. in it does appear they were areas where there were probably and that is one of the problems with this whole approach. host: look at this map put
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"washington he post". this is where russian air yesterday.k place that area the pink area, the ighter pink is assad regime controlled area and the darker pink is where the rebels are. gray area that is where isis or isil have control. green control being where are in control. defense ministry said they were state d at islamic targets. ow should the u.s. respond to this russian action? harry, you're on the air. good morning to you. caller: thank you. i wanted to bring to the that ion of everybody is america should use every people to get involved. get nk they should involved. we need some diplomatic resolution and we need to defeat isil. i think that is the ultimate
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i think that they're out of control and get he resolution with syria, why not? i think we should encourage very country, especially the super powers whether russia or china getting involved so there a resolution and not be policing everything but get the biggest example was working. think it's i think getting other people involved would be the best thing and president obama is doing anything and the major states is playing a role in the solutions in the world. ost: how is that goal
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russia shed when believes that allah sad needs to stay. caller: think assad is doing the wrong thing. if you remember shall the using with ey were the help of russia we could the chemicals in syria. i think assad could be diplomatic solution and let the people of syria take over without fighting. ut again, i think we are assad.d about isil than said about russia and the united states brokering with the help of russia on the chemical weapons that assad was using against the
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syrian people reports have noted that there were some of those weapons not on that list including chlorine that were not destroyed. on the front of the with the he on the chemical weapons that "washington ng against the assad u.s. insists that must go. nd the helping to bolster the not that is anti-assad isil. blind sided by the unexpected obama ss, the administration scrambled to saying it initiative would not be bullied and it was significantly expand its own syrian air operations. after spending much of the day closed doors, russiany john kerry and in a statement that u.s. and russian military officials would meet to did he conflict their operations in syria. side by side outside the chamber they said they reached some in a statement that u.s. preliminary and a way forward toward negotiating political
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indicated they were far from agreed on its outcome. no questions. earlier in the day, russian western brushed off other s suggesting countries get involved under russia's leadership. what do you think, fred? caller: good morning. yeah, this is a result from leading from behind. hese actions countries get involved under russia's leadership. what do you think, are grown o policy.a's foreign it brought in the muslim goes into and he libya and creates a vacuum where ruining that. are
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actual back to the g beginning of the presidency that let everybody know we were out and our enemies are over. in taking it's not the good guys in charge. he's letting the bad guys take this is going to set us back decades to clean this mess up. who is really to blame for this who voted twice for king obama. ost: russian moves in syria alarm. putin wants to lead an anti-coalition and wants other countries to follow him. perry.ependent, hi, caller: hello. thanks for taking my call. invited in by syria o attack isis and the free syrian army which are both u.s. of a.he
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air is violating syria's pace not isis. lafayette, grace in indiana. what do you think of all this? caller: i think we should stay of there. i think those people over there their own care of and i think their leader has to go. i had four children in vietnam war g the in washingtoncans chomping at lutely the bit to go, they're not concerned about the american they do i'll have to vote democratic and stay with democratic. ridiculous. let those people over there take
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care of it. out.ed to stay host: take a look at the "washington post". kerry signals u.s. will expand european erations and allies have echoed secretary of the answer stence annot be found in the military alliance with assad. their they redoubled commitment to the coalition and rejecting any role in sear why assad whose brutal was responsible for .he rise of the militancy if there is any silver lining to found it appeared as the coalition evolved. political r negotiations so that attention toward thelly turned islamic state.
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the international community has than three years to replace assad and end his an assortment st f extremists and moderate fighting groups. larry, good morning to you. a black army veteran and it is the bush in this ation got us mess. this war is causing 2 to i million already and don't -- i believe we'll have to be over there for a hundred years. this is ridiculous. put this mess on obama. and is the republican mess their policies. we are never going to be able to leave that place. nice day. host: because this is from "the new york times" about that price figure. while the pentagon's 500 million and equip train fighters has failed at one point or 5 onth only 4 combatants were in the fight.
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ia's covert program has weathered some setbacks to fighters 000 to 5,000 in the nearly two years it has been operating so. that price to 3 lot larger than 2 million. ike in florida, an independent of t . hi, there mike. aller: it was the republicans that put us in the mess after iraq.hen we invaded the middle east was relatively calm to what it is now. if anybody's to blame it's not the president and not the former it's the administration. say.'s all i have to host: devin in illinois. republican. think it's st utterly stupid that we were this and we basically just gave it up for russia. disgusting. we should just be doing the air
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strikes. bizarre. urkey should have some type of it's in this too which -- busine bizarre to me. and i should just go back think we need stronger presence with the united states in the east.e host: you might be interested is how "theing whom new york times" puts it. we back.ho e oppose the government president and other islamic extremist groups. the united states leads a conducting air strikes nd in iraq and syria and been carrying out a covert program program to fight the islamic state. ussia is backing mr. assad and opposes the islamic state which
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thousand young russians join. militants blowback of attacks.ack to launch has long supplied arms to syria but they carried out their wednesday es on dropping bombs near the central city. despite russia's stated goal of now under he state, the control of militant group. turkey is backing the and d states coalition pposes principally the assad government and kurdish groups p.k.k., anomaly also state.lamic allow out the american coalition to use turkish air
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bases. backing mr. assad and syrian government. militarybeen providing upport and financial aid since start of the civil war. audi arabia is a number of groups and opposes mr. assad and the foreign minister on tuesday new york said there were no circumstances in which his russian ould accept a effort to keep mr. assad in power. britain are part of the not fighting because of strong opposition to in syria. france also part of the u.s. led recently are just expanded its air strikes against and other state iraq. in syria as well as so there's all the players and
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what they're doing. bret a democrat. good morning to you. what do you think? caller: good morning. that it's high time that america step back and stay out this fighting going on in the middle east. these people handle their wn business and clean up their own mess, saudi arabia and countries these other over there. president obama brought the young men home. i don't want to see another on ica die for what's going in these other countries. host: take a listen to what mc cain had to say the chairman of the armed committee. he says this needs to be u.s. intervention. to say.hat he said >> putin's ambitions are blindingly obvious. play king maker in
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undermineission and u.s. operations. is this week at the united nations president obama said is prepared to work with any nation including to resolve the syrian conflict." requires several delusion of tremendous scale to believe that iran have any interest in resolving the syrian conflict. seek only to keep the assad regime in russia's intervention in syria and complicate this war and the mabeneficiary will be isil. it is tragic.
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fellow agic, my americans that we have reached this point. syrian conflict that has killed more than 200,000 people crisis the worst refugee in europe since world war ii, army of 10s rorist of thousands and now created a russian autocrat an iranian theo syrian deck up a tatar. to be this way. consequence.he from a total lack of american leadership. chairman of the armed services committee. here's kevin mc carthy, poised speaker for the epublicans in the house --
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and then senator gary peters, emocrat in mission -- and pat roberts who used to chair the intelligence committee senate allowing putin to danger yria is a great to the united states.
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himes in connecticut -- "the new york times" this morning, they're reporting this, run news media strongly endorsed the move by russia. pleasedmed particularly accept sending military aid. putin harbors reasons for interfering in syria. e wants to restore russian influences of global power and try to force an end to the and financial solation after moscow seized crimea. he also wants to maintain ontrol over russia's naval station in syria, only remaining outside the soviet union.
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reporting gton post" this, that john kerry suggested yesterday that policy underway in washington would soon bring sharply increased u.s. air against the islamic tate which he emphasized continued even after the russian own attacks. up that mean they'll take authorization of military force. kerry had to say at the u.n. yesterday. any ited states supports genuine effort to fight isil and affiliated groups, especially he will his ra. if russia reflects a genuine ommitment to defeat them then we welcome them and deconflict
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operations and multiply the ilitary pressure on isil and groups. but we must not and will not be onfused in our fight against isil with support for assad. we over we have made clear would have grave concerns should isil strike areas where and al-qaida affiliated targets not operating. strikes of that kind would question russia's real isil or s fighting protecting the assad regime. to your calls on what u.s.'s response be? arlington, ing from virginia. caller: i don't know that we an't work with the russians on this. iranians had good relations and in there have been forever. it is whether you like it or
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government gitimate and all these retkeubgsz it was going to fall apart you get hose at the beginning of every year. something different has to be tried. and i think it can start by a coverage by the press, fox was terrible in its a saudi and mixed up attack on a wedding party in emen with the opening of the russian campaign as far as were concerned and it as the free syrian army and i suspect it was really he will they were hitting. it is a complicated thing and we're not going to get anywhere russians to say the ave no interest in there and try to start a fight where we -- with them e aligned in as far as getting rid of some
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of these guys. out a we can work political solution, that's nice. of the w let's get rid cancal guys and see what we do about legitimizing it. hi, sandra, you're on the air. caller: hi. on, what nk is going i'm seeing from my reading is the major cooperations are actually doing things behind the scenes. for example, lockheed martin is those fighter jets, right? ell, they paid turkey $12 billion last year to make components. scenes s behind the funneling money to the taliban other hanistan and
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terrorist groups. are making le that oney from the weapons are keeping us in perpetual war. what i'm saying? host: yep, we hear your point. rudy from texas. caller: thank you for taking my call. the warning from saddam all wars e mother of has come true. if you see closely all the top africa is under war and to me sounding like sounds t to blame obama like they're talk about themselves. i don't understand it. host: what do you mean by the of all wars? aller: okay. i didn't take it as a boast, i took it like maybe
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is a little hecy too harsh. like a here it goes. mother of all wars. saddamre you saying that hussein at the time was saying these tribal ing et licts, sunni-shiite, cetera? caller: he seemed have to everything pretty well in order at the time and i believe that and derstood you remove me you're going to create all kinds place.licts all over the and the mother of all wars was like a ast, it was warning. ost: take a look at the "usa today".s in obama administration
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to moscow that would be a significant mistake. the russians can't defeat the islamic state. contrary. russian intervention in with iran may fuel t even more and if u.s. military partners in the region really think washington has moscow, theground to region could become even more chaotic. obama has potent relatively low risk options if he'll use them. impose safe zones in syria to nd southern security.ter thomas freedman echos that putin wentaying that into syria looking for a cheap
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russia gh to show that is a world power. obama and kerry should leave him up for a month. and watch him become public number one in the sunni-muslim world. to you a democrat. do you want to react to that, rudy? caller: i agree. you know what, this is a regional conflict. in it's just goes going to get involved in they shouldn't be in. this is a mid east problem. let them take care of themselves. russians want to go this they'll wind up in in the same roblem we did where they'll lose men and money. ideology and not something that can be taken care physically no matter how many of them you kill as long as you more of them. like stirring up a hornet's
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nest. host: they're dealing with their own problem and russians leaving to go fight with isil. e told you at the top that lawmakers hornet's nest. host: they're dealing with their own came together and down.ed a government shut the legislation was quickly sent to the president's desk and law.d into there were 151 no's. ll of them came from republicans in the house. by 277 ed to approve it to 151. all the democrats joining with republicans to approve what that keeps clean cr the government running until december 11th. had no language in it that defund plant parenthood.
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o, of course you'll be hearing a lot about that offthe coming weeks. happening in the house and senate and also want to share with you. headlines "usa today" half of the u.s. back a muslim for president. and then there's this story in washington times this morning about congressman. the plannedwatching parenthood hearing from earlier this week you know him and his face. he's the chairman of the house versight and government reform committee. the secret service have leaked lawmaker's file amid a probe nto scandals involved the secret service. 24 the chairman conducted a hearing looking into scandals. agent tes later an improperly accessed the database
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unearth unflattering information namely that he unsuccessfully applied for a job with the agency. and investigation into the of the information by the homeland security nspector general found in all t least 45 secret service agency accessed his file and and 18 k screen shots supervisors including the suggested irector leaking the information and knew the file was being circulated the agency.d that in the washington times this morning and also on debate.tial they're setting a hire bar for next republican debate. poling have stricter candidates such as rand paul and chris christie
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mike huckabee could be to the second tier stke bait if their numbers don't improve. listened to d and donald trump talk about his tax proposal. "wall street journal" this morning editorial board saying a reform and they say jeb bush's plan is better for growth politically achievable. this t in the papers morning. we're getting your thoughts on bet should the u.s. response to russian military strikes in syria. thoughts on our that and donald trump weighing town this yesterday at a hall in new hampshire. here's what he had to say. sorry. we'll try to bring
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that to you again. difficulties with that. we'll go to bill in orange hi, bill.ndependent, good morning. caller: good morning. 2002, netanyahu said if you regime i f saddam enormous there will be reverberations in the region. on the all available spurious.o it's not this is a syrian war, thank you. bonnie in riverton, wyoming. republican. good morning to you. for taking my call. i would like to know why we russia like a hot of this.d get rid
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hillary clinton sold uranium to them and that should have never happened. i do not believe that we we can take and give hillary our enemies the best thing we've got and they'll iran and that o will just destroy us. thank you for your time and i appreciate it. bo bonnie. yes, i want to comment. seems like every morning i get p there is something else i'm supposed to be afraid of and this morning it's the russians syria. well, i think this picture of russian jets on the ground, we don't have any jets on the because we are launching rom different wraeurz and launching them from saudi arabia, italy and turkey. they're trapped. russia is not a threat.
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they're broke. to be the soviet uni union. beat ukraine. extending themselves and they can't get their jets don't let them. host: ben, what do you think? all about hink it's the money. i don't russia, just tand why we don't don't stand up to them and show our force. i also believe that it's about money. money -- i kept the mean, how is russia supplying ll these supplies when their now.omy is really bad right where is that money coming from?
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to find a wayable o cut the money to iran and russia and those people who whatever.'re above host: got your point, ben. want to give you an update on yesterday's "washington journal". ride.owdy's wild it's been a wild couple of days south carolina republican. to ent from a candidate retiring in 2016 and denying e's got any plans besides continuing to serve in his current role. all within a roughly a 24 hour period. drama began tuesday morning representatives mia love came out to support majority leader. confirmed he would not seek a
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leadership role. then wednesday morning fellow onublican john flemming here this program yesterday said that not plan to run for re-election. they say it's common knowledge to south o go back carolina to serve as a federal judge, a dream for the former prosecutor, but gowdy aid denied flemming's account saying he has any announcement in 2016 and later apologized for brouhaha that he started and a logized privately and in -- also saying we erday on the show
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mr. flemming's stance on the leadership elections. e said that he was supported and he has not decided how he's when it comes to leadership elections. mc carthy who in is poised to become the next speaker, looks like he's got the according to most reports sean apitol hill was on hannity and these comments are waves. a lot of >> everybody thought hillary clinton was unbeaten. together a special committee. what are her numbers stphaod her dropping.e why? because she's untrustable. but no one would have known any have had had we not -- >> i agree. i give you credit for that. ost: those remarks were picked up by the clinton campaign.
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politico story. and then also take a look at the
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guest: what the republicans moneyed was to take directed to federal clinics across the country, giving women more access to women's health issues. that is not shutting down the government. the upper traded that somehow the media wants to shut down the government is posner did and i understand the frustration of -- the videos republicans are taken the spot -- a and they are redirecting funds to agency that do not provide abortions to provide the exact same services for women. that is not shutting down government. can you do it separately so that there is no debate on
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shutting down the government? guest: their states and the union that have attempted to do that at their medicaid programs. they have said they want to be able to choose who provides women's health services and we will not allow program -- abortion providers and the federal government has sued those states to prevent them from doing that. the sakewould be for to make these decision but the obama administration is sued and there are other issues that i think a important. it is not trivial that we have an $18 billion debt. haveis not trivial that we -- idea that we will continue to hold down this cliff until we go off is scary. the responsibility of the republican party to say, we cannot continue to spend at the rate we are spending and have multi-hundred billion dollars deficit and believe that we are
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acting responsibly. we are not engaged in a major war at this point. we are not in a major recession at this point. if we cannot budget this responsibly today, when can we? host: we will move on to florida. ddawn, independent. the spin on the deficit, but you are responsible for trying to check on the government because of planned parenthood and i think you should stick to your own principles. let the market decide. people do not want to use of planned parenthood, planned parenthood will go away. i as an older female without health insurance, do not qualify for your so-called wonderful clinics. when i go, i cannot get any care. for told me i had to apply medicaid. i applied for medicaid and i did not qualify there. i went to planned parenthood and i got my mammogram and they got
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my check up, so i think you should stick to your own. thank you. guest: i'll stick to my words. host: will go to john, republican. caller: i have a couple of comments. first of all, in the obama administration, they are talking and thereastructure was $800 billion that was wasted -- green energy, that could have been put into infrastructure and it would have been in effect right now. another thing i would like to address, 65 years ago, the public employment was about 5%. now that is up to 35%.
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that means that the private people are paying for all of those public employees. another thing i would like to address, the woman that said that the government did not pay for her health. if she would look into medicaid, , federal andt states, are paying for all of those freeloaders out there that absolutely want stuff for nothing, including planned which is paying exorbitant fees to these people that they are wonderful people and they are so great and women's health issues are so on the front burner of everything
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-- what about males? do we ever get anything said about what we need? host: congressman, any thoughts? guest: you have an interesting job, i will tell you. the one issue that i do think that ised by the caller a legitimate and important issue is the amount of money placed in the stimulus programs. there have been a number of studies, investigations done about the waste fraud and abuse in those programs and to suggest we cannot fix a lot of in perception needs we have in the country is false. we could have done that had the money been directed in the right place. to say that we will not engage in another multimillion dollar program to fix that -- this administration has shown that it is not capable of managing those types of programs. that there is talks
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chairman paul ryan is working across the chamber with senator chuck schumer, democrat in new the majority as leader on the senate side on some sort of larger tax infrastructure package. what do you know about it? does anything can send you about it? -- does anything concern you about it? the ideahave heard alive money to come back at a lower tax rate and the revenue that would be produced would be directed toward a transportation fix. it would be a short-term fix. the problem that washington, d.c. has is that every solution has to come from washington, d.c. evolve we should transportation decisions and allow the state to keep the tax money created in the states and give the state the ability to fix roads, build roads. in my home county, we are building a road to federal standards. $.30 on the dollar that it would
8:05 am
take to expand the interstate highways and the expansion going on now. that kind of savings allows us to build more roads, better roads, expand roads and that is the kind of idea that i think is a win-win and something that d.c. will fight against because they cannot control that money. host: we will go to louisiana next. wendell, how are you doing? caller: how are you doing? host: go ahead. caller: i agree with one of the callers about planned parenthood. planned parenthood is a good said, ifuse, like she people do not want planned parenthood, it will go away. at the same time, it does resonate good things for people that are not as rich as the rich orts the middle class. some people are designated the poor. that is just being real. host: let's get the response.
8:06 am
the role the planned parenthood plays for a couple of the caller -- it has played a role for them. abortions aside. guest: absolutely. and there are other agencies that can plague the exact same role for women and will not be selling fetal body parts for profit, that want to be conducting abortions, that will be advocating or spending millions of dollars in the political system to advocate for one side of the abortion debate. it is not that women's services should not be performed and not that they should not be performed at high-quality with confident professionals, it is that this money is being directed to an agency that has taken sides in the abortion debate and the political realm and has engaged in horrifying activities as evidenced by the videos. host: what is it about what they do politically or is it what few areon issues talking about because cecile
8:07 am
richards, the president of planned parenthood testified that when it comes to fetal tissue research, there is only one clinic that does that. when it comes to abortion services, there are only 3% of the services that they provide. guest: i love the way liberals twist those things. if a woman comes in -- host: i'm telling you what she reported. guest: let me tell you a that is nonsense. women coming in is given in aspen, that is one service. if a woman comes in to get an abortion, that is one service, so when they say 3% of their services are abortions, that is the percent of all the things that they do. 86% of the revenue is based on abortions, so they are an abortion provider. that is what they do for a living. that is what they were created for. the fact that they provide other services and when you combine all of those services, they can try to hide the fact that they are primarily an abortion
8:08 am
provider but it is false testimony. host: robert in chula vista, california. independent. caller: just to go back to planned parenthood, one party says it is a political witch hunt and the other party has been financed -- is financing planned parenthood, so obviously it is a political boundary right there. democratic once it and the republicans don't. i say give the money to the independent caregivers out there. planned parenthood are far and few between outlets. will go to the inner-city outlets. i have been to a few of them even though i am independent oil was republican. i am not independent. i am poor, too, so i think the most important thing is that we realize that washington's
8:09 am
situation is really divided. one side says it is a witchhunt because the other side is promoting the acquisition. -- accusation. same thing with clinton being the same timetable as watergate. to his pointsman, -- do you agree that the republicans and the house should set up a special committee to investigate planned parenthood? guest: not planned parenthood, the sale of fetal tissue. host: ok, so how would this work? are you aware of it would you like to serve on it? is it my understanding would be a special subcommittee of the energy and commerce committee so i am not on the energy and commerce committee, not qualified to serve. if it is a select committee, then the speaker and minority leader with name the participants for that. the point that i heard the
8:10 am
which iske, interesting, you have two parties that have two basic philosophical differences. voted two weeks ago to allow a child that is born alive to be killed without penalty. that is an unbelievable concept to most of us as republicans, so they really is a divide. not on a woman's right to abortion but on where we draw that line. the u.s. a bill in house of representatives that would limit abortions to 20 weeks, it won't even be discussed on the senate side. 20 weeks is something that a western europe is not allowed, so republicans think that we are finding unreasonable limits for abortion -- reasonable limits for abortion and democrats are determined to support planned parenthood and the coast those reasonable limits. host: two georgia, democrat.
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caller: good morning. how are you doing? host: just fine. go ahead. the hearing on planned parenthood the other day and the very first witness was the was represented shafer at the end of his time limit, he brought out a chart and showed mrs. richardson and claimed that it came out of which was aimpurity lie. he never did apologize to her for telling that life. richardsone to ms. on national tv for mr.'s -- for representative shafer telling that life? -- telling that lie? you all were so concerned about them being awarded that you all of the first part of the when it comes to try and cut food out of
8:12 am
their mouth with the snap program, the vote that defends it. host: congressman? the first part of it is you are not on the oversight -- guest: i am. host: you are. i was thinking judiciary, i apologize. he was referring to chairman shapers round of questioning where he shook cecile richards the graph about their cancer screening services that have gone down over the years and he said he got it from whatever planned parenthood puts out but the source is actually a pro-life group. that is what he was referring to. i wanted to make sure he was aware of it. how do you respond? guest: i think the chairman can address that issue. in theot see that question and if there was some discrepancy in terms of the source of the material, so be it. i'm not in the position to
8:13 am
apologize because i don't know what happened. the: the second part of question was about republicans stance on abortion, reducing funding for snap programs, welfare programs for children. guest: what this debate has been and thes women's health money being designated for women's health. vote that there should not because in the amount of money for women's health but the redirection of the money so that there is greater access to women's health. host: dave in texas. a republican. you are on the air with congressman ken buck, republican the colorado. he is the freshman class president. go ahead. caller: thank you particular my calls. i used to bee, republican but i am fed up with the guys.
8:14 am
every time that you guys lose something, you say, well, we are trying to support the americans. no you are not. you guys ain't doing nothing to support the veterans. i have taught the democrats are winning yesterday. i used to live in maryland and i democrat but i'm thinking about such an back because the republicans entering a thing for this country. [indiscernible] i went door-to-door knocking and talking to people at the va and all that and a lot of people are republicans every day that are switching because the republicans and doing nothing for this country. host: will have the congressman respond. guest: i'm side that he is frustrated. good luck tina democrat in texas. being a democrat in texas. i think you'll find more from the support as a republican in texas. i think it is clear that there is a difference in philosophy on
8:15 am
how to help the american people and the republicans have stood strong and allowing the states and local governments to come up with solutions. the top-down solutions have come out of the federal government in washington, d.c. and they have been a failure for decades. i think the republican party has probable a lot of solutions. education -- we do not need, and court decisions in education decisions they made out of washington, d.c. we need to make sure that state and local school boards make those decisions. the same was true with various other programs. host: we will go to go next in new jersey. an independent. good morning. caller: good morning, greta. congressman buck, i have a simple comment to make. if the federal government does shut down in the future over obamacare or over planned parenthood, what i hope happens is every single federal worker from the staff in your office to
8:16 am
the tsa to the united states postal service walks off the job completely and one of the representatives go to the freedom caucus in congress and says -- ok, congressman, you want to play games? let's play games. that is my comment. thank you. host: do you care to respond? there is a i think misconception and i don't want c-span's i don't know what you have been doing in the last two weeks, but there is a misconception about shutting down the government. the freedom caucus never suggested we shut down and the republicans have never suggested we shut down government. we have said is that we should take funds that are used by a providers for women's health and allow 9000 federal agencies, federal clinics in this country, to use those funds. nobody said that shut down the government. if the democrats refuse to allow funds to be redirected from
8:17 am
abortion providers to other health clinics, democrat -- president obama, harry reid, there would be showed that the government. -- the thought that republicans are responsible for shutting down the government for redirecting the same amount of funds to other agencies, i continue to hear the pattern and it is unfortunate that the american people have been led down the path to believe republicans wanted to shut down the government. it would be the furthest thing from the truth. host: is it true that republicans insist that defunding planned parenthood would be attached to a vehicle that would defend the government or not? the democrats insist that funding for planned parenthood exists. wise it that republicans are insisting something? the house starts all spending bills and the house spending bill proposed that we redirect these funds to not abortion providers. the democrats are the ones that are saying, we will not allow you to take money that is being
8:18 am
directed to planned parenthood and send it somewhere else and we are going to block that effort. somehow, republicans -- it is clear there would be culpability on both sides if there were a government shutdown. host: one more call. jeffrey in mississippi, a democrat. are you there? caller: yes, i am. host: go ahead quickly. caller: my can't he answer yes or no? when you ask him, why can't you separate the two vehicles with the planned parenthood and the budget bill, how come you can't get a simple answer is yes or no? host: sigh, jeffrey. i will have to have you respond to that. why can't you give a yes or no to why can't the planned parenthood debate be separated from the budget debate? parenthoodplanned will be separated and there will be a committee that investigates and bills that talk about the
8:19 am
sale of fetal tissue. at the same time, it is the responsibility of congress that has power over the purse to direct funding. so congress has made a decision to not fund abortion providers for women's health services. host: we are talking to freshman class president, commerce and ken buck, republican the colorado who represents the republicans at the freshman class president and a member of the freedom caucus. two are for your time. coming up next, we talk with the democratic freshman class president, representatives ted lieu, we talk about the debate over spending. back, the supreme court is scheduled to begin their new term on monday. earlier this year, they conducted a poll for c-span of the supreme court and the impact decisions. you can see from the poll that some of the decisions are more familiar than others to
8:20 am
americans, roe versus wade at the top with 67% familiar. 46% familiar with brown and the board of education and it goes on from there. here to talk more about the supreme court decisions on c-span's upcoming decisions -- isies of landmark cases executive producer, mark. tell us more about this series. why is c-span doing it? mark: all of our series need to lend currency to our current programming. take ago -- when you look at the wall the court has played not just in the 10 last year's but since it began, i think the poll really shows that the supreme court is relevant. it is encouraging for us in the landmark cases and it takes a look at 12 decisions over time that have currency today and eight of those decisions are listed in that poll, so i think doesows that the court play an important role in society. the genesis of this was ruth bender ginsburg was talking to
8:21 am
the national constitution center dinner and the constitutional center are our partners in this and she was talking to them about loving versus virginia, not on the list, but the point was there were two people involved in the case. really what the court ought to be taking a look at and what americans ought to be taken look at is not only the decisions that people involved in the cases. we wanted to take a look at not only historic supreme court decisions that really the people involved, the personal stories, the people i cared enough to take the case all the way to the supreme court. host: one of the series air? and more background about how these cases were chosen. series is a 12 part series that begins monday, october 5, this coming monday as the court comes in on the first monday in october for the new session. each monday night of 9:00 until 10:30 on c-span and c-span3, we
8:22 am
will do 90 minute programs and they take a look at all the 12 cases. host: in the background on how these cases were chosen? than whata lot more will be shown during this series. greta, it was an interesting exercise. the supreme court has been meeting since 1790. we are trying to figure out how many case they discovered and decided over that time, probably over 20000 and we had to know it down to 12. you could do a parlor game because we came up with 12 along with our partners at the constitution center. we talked to constitutional scholars, legal scholars on the left and the right to come up with this list. it was tough because there are a lot of great decisions and important decisions not on the list that this is a good next, different amendments to the constitution, personal stories. sometimes these cases are cases where the court got it right and set precedents followed all the
8:23 am
way through today and some of these cases, dred scott, korematsu are cases where maybe the court got it wrong. host: the supreme court kicks off the new term on monday. tell us which case you will be featuring monday night when the series against and why. mark: one day night, we feature library versus madison, the foundation -- ball bearing versus matzo, the chief foundation that a lot of the madison,-- marbury v. what it does is establish a court as the ultimate arbiter of the constitution judicial review which is still being debated today whether the court is stepping into much. ande is a debate going on this shows relevance one the court should decide issues like gay marriage. marbury versus madison
8:24 am
establishes that but it is a great case that shows the personal stories behind the cases. there is a battle going on in this between john adams, thomas jefferson, and john marshall, behind the scenes that is the story of this case. it has legal importance but the shows are also personal stories that are engaging and i think eliminating all the time pwe eriod. clock p.m., tune in and you can go to c-span subsite. it is landmark cases that to we appreciate it. joining us on the set, we welcome back to our table representatives ted lieu, democrat of california and freshman class president. thank you for being here. guest: honored to be here. host: let's talk about yesterday's debate, a clean resolution came to the floor.
8:25 am
all the democrats supported it. why? guest: because we don't want to shut down government. democrats believe you cannot differences on policy issues but don't have a tantrum government and so we went to shut down the government of a disagreement. ritually every democrat voted to continue to fund government and 151 republicans voted out, they wanted to shut down government yesterday. host: and one of those republicans was our last best, ken buck, he said, why do publics get blamed for wanting to shut down the government? that is not what they ever said, they said they believe might of planned parenthood, because of their stance on abortion, should -- the federal government should be taking away money from them and for two groups that provide services for women. host: i work well with ken buck as a person and we have had several bipartisan freshman events and lunches. we do have a disagreement on this issue regarding abortions. i was at the planned parenthood
8:26 am
hearing on the oversight committee felt like i was in some sort of alternate bizarre universe because the law of the land in america is that abortion is legal. it is a constitutional right and we don't live in a the opposite, the law of our land the bible or the koran or the torah. it is the constitution. that is quite good that the clerk kim davis was put in jail because she believed her version , the biker, should read a lot and that is not how america works. be the law and that is not how america works. host: now you have until mid-december to come together on an agreement. mitch mcconnell says the current speaker john baker have reached out to the obama administration -- john boehner have reached out to the bomb imitation and begun talks on a two-year budget deal. what with democrats like to see in that deal? guest: i fully support a budget deal going back to regular order. we cannot govern by crisis this
8:27 am
way. i want to see funding not just for defense but also for nondefense. i believe we need to get rid of our sequester counts. that is why i'm going to vote against the national defense authorization act. my view of national security and i think the proper view is not just the military. it also has to include elements of national power, including economic security, food security, infrastructure, education. when you only increase spending in defense and nothing else, that hurts america. host: how much do you want to bust the spending caps because we heard from congressman ken buck who said we should not be doing that. washington should not be spending more money. guest: i love ken buck but we have a disagreement. on the scale of one to 10, i am by the 12 to bust of these spending caps. host: what does that mean for money? guest: i believe that we increase job growth if we invest in america, if we build roads,
8:28 am
highways, we invest in education, improve our economic conditions and create more jobs, growth our gdp and that is what we need to get rid of the spending caps because it holds the economy back. host: we will get to cause right away because time is short and the house is gathering in early and on :00 a.m. we go to janice and clinton, maryland. you are up first. caller: good morning, greta, congressman. can you hear me? host: we can. caller: i have several points. i wanted to get a hold of representative ken buck and am glad he is a friend of you, but he put it horribly on whether or not mr. schafer during the planned parenthood the ask of the other day on that chart, that chart was clearly not what he represented it to be, so he incompetenting,
8:29 am
, or delusional. it's they come from an anti-abortion side and he came -- and he said he came from planned parenthood. that was a lie. the hearing was awful, but getting to the shutdown that was diverted, my husband has been a loyal -- a retired police officer now but he still currently works for the police organization, and 90 specialist. his checks were stopped during the last shutdown. that shutdown cost the government $24 billion. per parties that talked about fiscal responsibility, it really upsets me that they can spend our money that way or not spend the company don't get it, they want to continue corporate welfare they take away from the least.
8:30 am
worrying about babies and the world, they are not worrying about the babies that are here. i wish the fever could be broken. we cannot live our lives like this. we have to tighten our belts when the government shuts down and we are not getting checks. we are not rich people, we cannot afford it. i am so sick and tired of it. i wish they would stop. anything you all can do to bring some sanity back to these crazy people appear, i would appreciate it. agree withmpletely you. that is what i do support the ongoing talks for a long-term budget solution. back to your first question on the oversight hearings, again, i like him and we have a disagreement on the issue. it is not just abortion is legal but also people tissue research is also legal in america. in fact, doing research on fetal tissue has helped so many americans with very bad diseases such as multiple sclerosis, als,
8:31 am
cancer, gleick,, diabetes, and we have bipartisan support for fetal tissue research. had theerstand why we hearing but i did not understand and there was nothing there to what was going on. host: faye in misery, independent. caller: hi, how are you doing? host: good morning. caller: good, i wanted to talk about how they wanted to advocate the money to go to other clinics. i did not think that will work because other clinics, they can deny you. like most of these states that did not take obamacare for the medicaid, they don't have any insurance. other clinics are not going to be able to take them because they don't have insurance. use clinics can deny you, these private clinics can deny, so the only thing you can do is to these free clinics which is hard to get into or either, if they
8:32 am
have a giant health fair, so advocating this money going to other clinics -- that is not going to work because the clinics can deny you and where they end up that is the .mergency room they need to adjust stop it and as far as you know, the videos, out therethat it was for these antiabortion people, thathey still want to say these films were just horrifying destroyed.ere it is just like after lie after lie. host: congressman, what are your thoughts? guest: i agree with the and keep in mind that no federal tax dollars goes toward abortions at planned parenthood. that is what the hearing demonstrated. no one disputed that.
8:33 am
everything planned parenthood does in terms of abortions is not funded by federal tax dollars. 97% of a planned parenthood does have something to do it abortions. smears, cancer screenings, women's health. at his overwhelming majority of women and men across america support planned parenthood. david, virginia beach. democrat. you are on the air. caller: good morning. nice to speak with you, congressman. i was wondering if you could explain the mechanism that republicans are suggesting in terms of decorating money from planned parenthood -- of diverting money from planned parenthood gets might understand is the majority of the money they received is the form of reimbursement for services rendered. the services are not being provided by planned parenthood, what exactly is being diverted and wouldn't that increase the overall expenditure for family planning services? thank you.
8:34 am
guest: that is a great point and that is life a like an alternate universe in this oversight hearing. the money that planned parenthood gets from the government is mostly reimbursements from health services from medicaid, so hospitals and medical clinics right now also do abortions. they also do a lot of other services that get reimbursed from medicaid. that is exactly what planned parenthood is doing. they do abortions with no federal money and they do all these other services that are reimbursed on medicaid, but we don't go around saying, let's shutdown hospitals and medical clinics because they happen to do abortions without federal tax dollars. there's no reason to single out planned parenthood. it would be discriminatory to six had cannot get any medicaid reimbursements. host: chris is that in florida. republican. good morning. caller: good morning. i have two questions or points to entertain. the hearing the other day, mrs. richards basically agreed with someone who made the assertion that the birth control was on an
8:35 am
average cost of about three -- $3.50- report $50 and they charged medicaid $35. -- when youty much say that they get reimbursed -- that is a little over-the-top, don't you think? debate itself is not about abortion, it is from profiting abortions. if you have the abortion and then you profit from the sale of the organs, isn't that another weight around the lot to profit from abortion? host: congressman? guest: i'll take your second question first. there was no evidence that planned parenthood profited from any abortions from the sale of fetal tissue because they do not sell people tissue. they are a nonprofit, they do not sell fetal tissue. what the federal law says is -- guess what? to go to themoney process of getting fetal tissue in any organization, including
8:36 am
planned parenthood, and to get we compensate for the cost. that is what they did. research universities or whomever would like that bit of tissue in order to do research or from the federal government? guest: the federal government is not compensated planned parenthood for abortions or for collecting fetal tissue from their abortions. in terms of the first question , to mycaid understanding, it has the same reimbursement of whether it is coming from parenthood or another organization. it is reimbursement for the service and not the organization. host: we are talking with freshman congressman ted lieu who serves on the budget committee and on the oversight government reform committee that held the hearing this week on planned parenthood. he is a member of the congressional progressive caucus and military officer, air force active duty in the 1990's, is that right? guest: yes, and still in the reserves now. host: let me get your take on
8:37 am
the situation in syria. russia says after a strike they launched yesterday with an hours notice the united states that they actually did destroy isis targets in syria. guest: i don't believe russia should be bombing in syria. i also believe the u.s. should not be bombing in syria. we have limited resources. i think what we need to do is focus on limited resources to help the mass number of syrian is aees and there humanitarian disaster in syria and we should not be engaging and bombing nor should the russians. host: why not? how do you resolve this situation peacefully, as you would like, what does the united states need to do? guest: one reason i oppose bombing in syria is the message has not articulated a strategy for what we are doing there. it is a complex civil war halfway around the world. i'm not sure what the vital u.s. security interest is in intervening in this civil war
8:38 am
haply around the world. the administration has not put forth a strategy to what end result should be, how they intend to get there. they are simply bombing targets and i have russia bombing targets and then you have this mask humanitarian crisis. we should focus on the mask humanitarian crisis and not the bombing in syria. host: that will be the focus on hearing today on capitol hill at 2:00 p.m. the senate judiciary committee and subcommittee is taking this on the refugees entering the united states. the u.s. had said that they will take on a little bit more than they initially set and others are calling for more. what number would you like to see? guest: i don't have a precise manner but i believe we should take on more partly because because this. we have been bombing in syria with no articulation of strategy. that has made things worse, in my opinion. we are causing some of this humanitarian crisis. we have obligations to do with
8:39 am
the syrian refugees fleeing, so i would increase as much as we can to help the syrian refugees. host: united states stop bombing -- if the united states stops bombing and russia continues and says to the other allies bombing with the united that, come follow me instead, i will lead this fight against isis, then what? would depend on what russia's strategy is in syria and if the united states agrees with that. i don't really know what russia's sergey in syria is either. is ain mind that there complex number of parties in syria. you have crisis, al qaeda, the regime of assad, other rebel groups, isis, and it is not clear who is fighting here. it is very complicated and we should not be risking american personnel if we do not know what we are doing or do not have an articulate shouldn't of where strategy is. host: are you carry that could
8:40 am
be a debate on capitol hill about standing airstrikes in syria and some sort of military authorization to go with that? guest: i was one of the first members of congress to oppose for the authorization of military force and send ground troops, including syria. is a bad idea. i think expanding u.s. airstrikes is about idea. we should pursue diplomacy, deal with the refugee crisis, not use military force in the conductivity civil war halfway around the world. host: arkansas, sharon, republican. good morning. caller: good morning. i have a comment. let me get this out. host: we are listening. caller: i listened to that hearing and when i heard that that woman's sally was over $500,000 a year -- salary was
8:41 am
over $500,000 a year, if they're making that kind of profit over murdering and dissecting children, why does my tax money have to go to that? it is disgusting. host: congressman? goes: no federal tax money to abortion at planned parenthood. that is what the hearing showed. richards,nd cecile the head of planned parenthood, could make millions of dollars in the private sector and that is what ceos make all over the world. no one says, hey, we are going to have a hearing and talk about how high their salaries are. i thought it was unfair to go after cecile richards. she is making it way less than what she could be getting had she been reading another organization. also testified that no federal funds go to her salary as well. guest: that is my understanding. host: we will go to mark in maine, independent. caller: thank you for taking my
8:42 am
call. my question was on the planned .arenthood the videos that supposedly were edited, there is a recent video that came off from cnn or cnbc or something that have this guy by the name of david delaney who was from a pro-life group, the one that supposedly edited the came forth outt they were showing stillborn child that was going to. out ofre using that as werext saying they butchering the babies. i think the republicans are jumping the gun without getting the facts. this a it is sad for the country because it is wasting taxpayers dollars trying to overhaul
8:43 am
different agencies and the that. i just wanted your take on that and if you are familiar with the hoax on the videos? guest: i will answer in two ways. first of all, the videos were heavily edited and misleading. they took out all sorts of statements that planned parenthood said they do not profit on the sales and they do not make money. none was included. we asked for the entire robert you footage and that -- for the entire video source and it has not provided. carly fiorina has been making these statements about seeing the baby that was aborted and how parts are being sold from the baby. this caller is right. news outlets have said that that was from a miscarriage. nothing to do with time parenthood. the mother admitted that. we have people simply repeating faucets and making intentionally misleading faucets, including
8:44 am
somebody running for president of the united states. host: frank is next in california. the cut. caller: -- democrat. caller: i have a question, today would be my 20th year in the government and federal law enforcement officer and i speak to all law enforcement offices, i have a question about the continuing budget. i have the two of them already back in 1995 and estate they ised to pass it, but it only until december 11. my question is why? and we have to sit and wait during the holidays to see if they will fund as the rest of the year? i took an oath to protect and serve which i will continue to not, there is a budget or i will report to work, but i know, it's been a congresswomen are supposed to represent people in their districts. i was told someday we will have federalbudget so
8:45 am
employees do not have to wait to see if you will get paid or not. host: go ahead. i agree completely. the reason it was done on a short-term basis is we want to negotiate and have the hope of having a long-term budget solution. if we get two years, that is fantastic, even when you're a fantastic. sanity intoestore the budgeting process and also on the house committee and it is my hope that both parties will agree long-term funding for the government. host: we will hear from carol next, west virginia. independent. it -- when everybody was forced to take the obamacare, the obamacare plan has in the for preventative care that the planned parenthood is stating
8:46 am
that they do. why do? we need the planned parenthood? -- why do we need the planned parenthood? it seems like everybody is double dipping. it the obamacare program has mammograms, covers mammograms, covers birth control, covers pap smears, covers a lot of other -- thethat people women's health care -- but it does not have anything in there for preventative care for the men. technical,t to get why? guest: thank you where your question. you are wrong on that. the affordable care act and i have obamacare and there is preventive care for women and men. one reason people go to planned parenthood is mellon is forced to get obamacare.
8:47 am
if you are employed by a company, you can get health ifurance or that employer or you are employed by federal government, you can get health insurance for other meetings. if you do not have health insurance, then you can access obamacare, but most people who have employment get health insurance to something other than the affordable care act. if you get coverage through obamacare, then you can access these services but there are goe folks who choose to planned parenthood because they are low income and planned parenthood serves areas such as rural areas where they provide access to men and women who otherwise do not have a place to go. host: because of the continuing resolution being passed last night, lawmakers have 10 weeks to come up with some sort of budget deal. next week, republican will direct their new leadership, a new speaker, kevin mccarthy,
8:48 am
republican of california, served in the assembly. i don't know if you all overlapped when you are there, but he is poised to become the next speaker. you have to be doing the negotiating. what are your concerns? to think a deal can be worked out with thomas mccarthy? -- with congressman mccarthy? guest: i server them in california, i like him as a person and if he is the speaker, i would lord to working with them. i'm not sure what difference there will be between mccarthy and boehner because he's has the same issues that john boehner will have which is they will have a set of people who republican caucus that has extreme views that they're willing to shut down government over and ideological policy disagreement. they also will shut down government over the affordable care act and one reason the press talks about republicans saying they want to shut down
8:49 am
government is not just because they say it, they felt that way and that's what we fight yesterday. 151 republicans voted to shut down government. i do know how kevin mccarthy deals with those same problems that john boehner has, but i do like kevin mccarthy as a friend. host: when the bill came to the florida state -- to the four votedday, kevin mccarthy yes. we heard from our performance yesterday that some of the house and caucuses would watch the book to see how he voted. -- andou vote no and go to the side of 151 of the republicans who voted no yesterday? kenny webster challenged kevin mccarthy for speakership and he voted no on that rain continued resolution. the number two spot, he voted no and the current majority whip who wants to become majority leader floated. -- voted yes. guest: can i comment on that? host: yes.
8:50 am
guest: yesterday, kevin mccarthy the country over party and that is what i hope he becomes speaker and not mr. webster who put party over country. host: will go to arkansas, katie. you are on the air. comment onanted to the abortion issue. that something should be a part of our political conversation. dollar bet your bottom that the revenue it becomes political, nothing is going to be done about it. it is a shame. i think some people don't need is aren and abortions desperation move for a woman. it is a hard thing for a woman to do because god gave a woman that motherly instinct, but if the and of having an abortion, it is a hard decision, so i think we need to take it out of policy.
8:51 am
[indiscernible] who wasake disciples hired to go out there and make to do things that you want them to do. want bencentrate -- we trying to make people not have abortions, so we will try to take away the things that would make them need to have an abortion. host: all right. guest: let's keep in mind that planned parenthood does a lot to providingrtions by birth-control pills, family planning, sex education, and you have to look at all the services of planned parenthood does which prevents abortions from happening. richard isork, watching. republican. good morning, richard. caller: good morning. the syrian refugees think, what percentage of the refugees that a coming into southern europe are actually syrian? guest: that is a great question.
8:52 am
i do not know the answer. i will ask my stuff. we will look into it and come back. host: richard, what is your point of asking? guest: a -- caller: 80% of those syrian and single men. why would we want to bring them to the country? host: where did you get those figures? it could have been info wars or the daily caller. america always will be a land of immigrants. we do not discriminate against immigrants saying if you are a man coming cannot come too bad dates of america. come toake you cannot the united states of america if you are a young man, i don't understand what the caller was trying to get out of. i am one of the members in congress who is an immigrant and that is what makes america strong and i support having more syrian refugees coming to america. host: where did your family come from? guest: taiwan. host: and you are first
8:53 am
generation? guest: yes, i was born in taiwan and they looked at a map of america and picked cleveland, ohio and that is where we went. i was three years old and we started out in the basement of a person's health and we were poor , they did not speak english well, and they started selling in free markets and they expended and opened your stores and shopping malls and they achieve the american dream. america is maybe one of the only countries that allows that to happen. host: south carolina, ken, independent. caller: yes, i want to say something about our policy about syria. we went to libya [indiscernible] and it was the same thing we did in egypt and afghanistan. iraq -- look what happened [indiscernible] ,nd another thing on the budget
8:54 am
--said in the private sector she goes in the private sector, she knows what a government job would pay as much. 500,000 dollars is a lot of money. i am for planned parenthood. [indiscernible] we are trillions of dollars in debt, we cannot take everybody. some of those syrian men [indiscernible] -- the american people are suffering. i know it is a land of immigrants, but what about americans who have been here 400 or 500 years? they are struggling, too. guest: there were a lot of questions. the one on planned parenthood, have a mind that you leader of planned parenthood making far less than she could be if she was in the private sector. no federal tax dollars goes to abortions or her salary. -- in terms of
8:55 am
immigrants, we do not discriminate against men and women who come tonight states of america. -- you come to the united states shemerica and we continued those policies. back to the first question with it doesioned libya, show unintended consequences of when we use military force. we should never have gone to , that created a huge disaster in the region. our use of force in libya with airstrikes and that is also increasing syria refugees, so we need to be careful before we use military force because of the vast unintended consequences that happened. host: bonnie is next, maryland, a republican. caller: it is beyond me, the democrats want to stop the penalty because they are afraid it would cause pain to the murderer. they think it is ok to deliver a baby if it is born alive, you
8:56 am
leave it laid there on that metal tray until it dies. ok, there isike, no baby and you can have another one. the murderer, you landed on the republicans. you don't admit how much medicaid pays for abortions. if they want to have an abortion, have it in the first sixe minister, white weight months or seven months, that is where the democrats are one. host: congressman? disagreement on abortion issues. i understand it is a passionate issue on both sides. keep in mind that the united states constitution gives the right to an abortion to a woman. if people do not like that, there is a process to change it. they have to go through the process to amend the united
8:57 am
states constitution. that is the process. shutting down government is not the appropriate process because of policy disagreement. host: when hillary clinton was secretary of state noted in an interview that she had a different strategy. she advised the president to take on syria when she was serving. this story from "the wall street journal" said she wanted the obama administration to build up the rebel force that could successfully come back to the assad machine. when she right or wrong? guest: it is hard to go back many years and see what would have happened had certain actions been taken. i do not know the answer to that. i just know that would the current situation, it is not a good idea for the u.s. to do airstrikes in syria, especially the kefir has been no articulation or strategy -- especially because there has
8:58 am
been a articulation or side of it on how we intend to get there. host: it seems she wanted to get involved in syria. this back in the pod as she is making a good for the white house in 2016? guest: at the time she talks about, syria was in less chaos than today. let's say the u.s. was able to have a large, well-funded rebel force that could have taken out a solid and got -- taking out a solid and got the power, it could've happened but we don't know. it was a different time she was talking about. currentking is the time. i am a member of congress right now and based on the chaos in syria come i think it is a better deal for a starts right now. host: should she then articulate a strategy for the situation now? guest: i believe she will do that. host: window in louisiana, democrat. caller: how are you doing? i want to ask a question about the serious issue. putin has brought himself into the conflict and who guarantees
8:59 am
the safety of our u.s. pilots that are doing bombing missions over there? i agree with you that we should not be over there. that is halfway around the world. i also do agree with you that it's an incident does happen, let's say two fighters russian and the united states and up shooting one of each other down, what is going to happen then? in and iave to jump want to give the constant a chance to respond. guest: the best response is not cap u.s. airstrikes in syria to prevent the problem. if the emaciation continues doing that, there needs to be the confliction with the russian military. it is my understanding that the u.s. military russian military are going to talk today, making chili the conflict these -- making chili the conflict the routes. host: we appreciate your time. guest: thank you. host: we will be back tomorrow
9:00 am
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