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tv   Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko Address to the U.N. General Assembly  CSPAN  October 3, 2015 1:31pm-2:01pm EDT

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to take place on october 19. >> [singing] >> [singing] announcer: first lady maybe eisenhower knew how to manage a staff andrgest demanded nothing short of excellent the white house. her favorite color of pink, which reflected in her wardrobe, she was voted one of the nation's best dressed.
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the senate at 8:00 p.m. eastern on c-span's original series, "first ladies." examining the public and private lives of the women who fill the position of first lady and their influence on the presidency. from martha washington to michelle obama, sunday at 8:00 p.m. eastern on "american history tv" on c-span3. u.n. generale assembly heard from several world leaders this week at its headquarters in new york city. among the speaker was ukraine's president, talked about russia's aggression in crimea and urged members to push for the release of ukrainian citizens. he also spoke about peacekeeping efforts and the need for u.n. aid in ukraine's eastern region. this is almost 30 minutes. >> [indistinct chatter]
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president poroshenko: distinguished mr. president, your colleagues, ladies and gentlemen, on behalf of ukraine, i sincerely can graduate -- congratulate on the election of the president of the 70th session of the united nations's general assembly. i wish you, mr. president, every success in your activities in this crucial, historic moment. our future will largely depend on the outcomes of these sessions and our collective decision whether we will choose to follow the path of peas, security, human rights, or we will plunge into the turmoil of wars, and suffering. president, the moment of the organization anniversary, i'm proud to speak on behalf of
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members,e u.n. founded the state which back in 1945 took after -- active part in the conference, contribution to the establishment of the organization, and lay down the foundation of its activities. lot tote which added a shape the heart of u.n. charter. its purposes and principles. regrettably, i am also speaking on behalf of u.n. member states, which is now suffering from the brutal violation of the -- [indiscernible] -- of united nation's charter. the statements on ukraine's joining the united nations as one of the founding members, which was delivered at the san i quote,o congress --
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ukraine has really been the subject of -- [indiscernible] -- by the aggressor, therefore they shall except -- [indiscernible] it has been a long time since that landmark event. but today, i have put a goal that my country has become the object of the external aggression. this time, the aggressor is the russian federation. , formering country strategic partner that pledged to respect sovereignty, territorial integrity, independence, and the borders of ukraine. ais country used to be guarantee of ukraine's security under the budapest memorandum, whereby security guarantees and provides to my country in exchange for the voluntarily
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reinstallation of the nuclear arsenal -- of the -- [indiscernible] -- nuclear arsenal. it is entrusted by the u.n. charter and sustaining peace and security. in fairbury 2014, russia conducted open and unprovoked aggression against my country having occupied and annexed crimea. broadly and brutally violating the international law, shocking the whole world community. and i'm deeply grateful to the delegation of the majority whose power and organization member states that lester supported the resolution of the united nation's general assembly entitled territorial integrity of ukraine, which condemned the russia's illegal annexation of
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crimea. it is regrettable that after this clear verdict, russia did not return to the civilized international legal field. moreover, moscow started a reckless game. this time in ukraine. now,te the fact that until russia refused to admit its direct military invasion, today there is no doubt that this is an aggressive war against my country. against ukraine. to mislead the world community, russian leadership ordered to take off the insignia's of its military servicemen and identification markers of its military equipment. they abandoned their soldiers captured on the battlefield and cynically used mobile -- [indiscernible] -- to eliminate traces of his
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crime on ukrainian soil. an hour like to stress -- and i would like to stress it is neither a civil war nor in internal conflict. -- occupied by russia in the crimea constitute approximately 44,000 square kilometers. millions of ukrainians have found themselves under the occupation. the goal of this war is to force ukraine -- ukrainian people to and up its sovereign choice -- in building free, democratic, and european states. all this is against the backdrop of -- [indiscernible] ,- about brotherly people related language, and common future. in fact, we are dealing here with a desire to return to the imperial times with a desperate
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attempt to attain information at others'expense. over the 20 months, russia's aggression against my country mercenaries.ugh and supplies of arms and military equipment to illegal arms groups geared -- groups. over the last few days, we have had a conciliatory statement from the russian side in which in particular it called for the establishment of the coalition -- [indiscernible] story, but really hard to believe. >> [applause] president poroshenko: how can you ask an antiterrorist coalition if you inspired
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terrorism right inside your own door? how can you talk about the peace and legitimacy if your policy is -- [indiscernible] >> [applause] president poroshenko: how can you speak for freedom for nations if you punish your neighbor for this choice? how can you demand respect for all if you don't have respect for anyone? john teaches us in the beginning was the word. but what kind of the gospel do you bring to the world if all your words are double tongued like that? back to the situation. i have to say that here we are forced to fight proper armed troops of the russian federation. heavy weaponry and military
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equipment are concentrated on the occupied territory in large quantities. the armies of the majority of u.n. member states can only dream about. thee are in particular states of military equipment, of russian production which are unlikely, according to the well-known assumption of the might beresident, purchased in the ordinary army store. unless, of course, such a wholesale store with free shipping comes from the russian federation. during this period, more than 8000 ukrainians of whom bought -- about 6000 civilians died at the hands of the russian backed terrorists and occupiers in ukraine. more than 1.5 million residents were forced to flee their homes and became internally displaced
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moving to a safer region of ukraine. and i like to take this opportunity to express my gratitude to the international community for the considerable effort in providing necessary assistance to the people in need. at the same time, i call upon the united nations and the other international actors to continue to pay special attention to these very important issues. i would like to draw your attention this is not the first time a permanent member of the united nations security council the security of both regional and international levels. been24 years, there have question up her -- questionable procedures. only --
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[indiscernible] in fact, in order to preserve influence in neighboring countries, russia has deliberately created around itself the belt of instability. [speaking in a foreign language] all of these are projected conflicts which are supported by or directed -- directly related to russia. but the kremlin goes further. these days, the russians -- [indiscernible] what and who is next? dear mr. president, in every democratic country, if someone stole your property, the independent court would restore the justice in order to protect rights and punish the offender. we must recognize that in the
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21st century, our organization lacks ineffective instrument to bring the aggressor country to justice, which has stolen their territory of a large stove and state. -- large sovereign state. they had envisioned the mechanism of the u.n. city -- security council to be one of the restraining tools applied in response to the breach is -- breaches of peace and ask of aggression. however, they couldn't even imagine that these tools will be needed against the aggressor state that is a permanent member of united nation's security council. since the beginning of the aggression, russia used its -- [indiscernible] -- while the united nation's security council was considering questions related to ukraine. russia blocked and dropped a resolution condemning the
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annexation in march 2014. me, personally, as the ukrainian member of parliament, was -- [indiscernible] no member of parliament. it was just a russian shoulder -- soldier surrounding the parliament of crimea. the second time, russia was -- [indiscernible] -- to investigate and bring to justice all responsible for the malaysian mh17 plane crash. by imposing its disgraceful veto on this resolution, russia clearly demonstrated that the defined in is establishing the truth. not just the truth about the oppressors of these terroristic
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attacks and arms used to shut down that plane. what is most important is the truth about those who organized these crimes and from which countries the arms have -- had been transported. i think everyone in this room clearly understands real motives of russia's veto on the mh17 tribunal. establishment of the international peacekeeping operation, which could lead to the establishment -- the situationof in ukraine has also been blocked because of a russian veto. as ae of the veto rights -- license to kill. it is absolutely an acceptable. >> [applause] collectiveoroshenko:
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voice of power organizations should be absolutely clear. stands for the limitation of the veto rights -- [indiscernible] veto power should not become an act of grace and pardon for the crime, which could be used at a time. constant, i welcome the initiative of my colleagues and friends and president, supported by president -- the president of mexico, on the political declaration to restrain from be to write among p5 members in case of mass atrocities. primary attentions should begin into the modernization of the un security council, including enlargement of memberships and improvement of matters of -- [indiscernible] the membership of the un
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security council should reflect the realities of the 21st century by representing the larger quantities of african, asian, and latin american states. additional nonpermanent seats in the council should be given to the eastern european groups. its composition doubled during the last two decades. ukraine also considers improvement of the peacekeeping and architecture of the organization as an important element of united nation's reform. and i am proud of ukraine's international reputation as an active and devoted contributor to united nations's peacekeeping operations. this will remain a reliable partner of organization in this noble matter. >> [applause] theident poroshenko: contribution of ukraine, the maintenance of international peace and security provide us
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with the moral grounds to count on the same assistance from the organization in times of vital importance of this issue for my country. missionial peacekeeping under the united nation's organizations would become very useful instruments contravening to the implementation of the agreement. ukraine is committed to follow the letter and the spirit of the deal. we demand the same approach from other signatures -- to the language of blackmail. otherwise, there is no alternative of sanctions and even -- [indiscernible] as well as there is no alternative to a peaceful resolution of the crisis. full access so that all occupied territories in control of the russian military forces, military equipment, as well as the messengers from the
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territory of ukraine, restore full control by ukraine over the state border by russia must be secured. freedom, peace, respect for the sovereignty and territorial integrity, ukraine doesn't demand more. however, it will not settle for less. >> [applause] dear mr. poroshenko: president, unfortunately, not my is free will today, ukraine one of the areas to fight against terrorist threats. we strongly condemn terrorism in all its form and manifestations. the activities of isil, al qaeda, boko haram, and others is a global challenge. the only possible way to address it is to unite in common and not compromised fights against this
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devil. international terrorism has proved to be more flexible than the political will of the nation's, and today it has taken a new hybrid form. states and nonstate actors have become interlinked. is struggle for one's rights substituted for the ruthless terror. neede convinced that they of the universal international instrument needed to counteract this crime is not only urgent, but long overdue. for this reason, the conclusion of -- [indiscernible] -- on the draft of united nation's convention on the prevention of the terrace should become one of the top priorities for these sessions. especially in the fight against international terrorism, it to begin into the most reputable legal institution.
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making the jurisdiction of these institutions universal is the core element of the overcoming impunity of violations, as well as their partners. the regime -- [indiscernible] -- has become the mass production of terror. >> [applause] president poroshenko: and i strongly believe that one of the most important efforts in fighting against terrorism is keeping and sharing the memories of the victims. and in this, i propose that the 17th session of the general assembly consider the establishment of the international day of the memory of the victims of the terrorist acts. president, it was my feeling that humiliation, disregard of will, and the violation of their fundamental
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rights that caused ukrainians to leave their homes in 2013, which was the beginning of our revolution of thing that t, ukraine has paid and continues to pay an extremely high price for its freedom and the right to live in a free country. the price of a human life. this is why the interests of every single individual and the protection of the people's rights lays in the foundation of my large-scale reform program launched a year ago. years, first time in 24 ukraine adopted the national human rights -- [indiscernible] it took into account the best international practice from the human rights perspective, including the european union's -- [indiscernible] russian aggression expose the problem of securing the human rights in the crimea and certain areas.
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leading international human rights organizations heavenward about the deterioration of human rights situation is directly apply to the crane and crimean charter in the occupied crimea. i am prepared -- [indiscernible] -- to enlist into russian citizenship as well as a systematic education, arrest, and a production for ukrainian residents in the peninsula and complete elimination of the independents. -- to the declaration of flight of indignant people by the legal means we will continue to defend the rights of the crimean charter. ukrainians who are suffering from the repressive policy of the occupational authority in crimea. and i believe that the problem
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of blatant violation of human rights in crimea deserves particular consideration with the grand general assembly. and i hope that the decision to adjust this issue will be taken during the current session. i also feel obliged to mention the name of -- [indiscernible] ukrainians,of the political prisoners of the, and, illegally detained. , a respected filmmaker was sentenced to 23 years in prison only for being ukrainian. and i call upon the united nations and its member states to launch a worldwide campaign on russian authorities to immediately release all ukrainian citizens which they hold hostage. we will be able to achieve our goals only if our action will be global. most of all, ukraine need solidarity and assistance, which is really a powerful instrument
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against aggression and unjust. [indiscernible] truth is on our side. faster ifl do it much we feel support and solidarity of the whole international community. -- as demonstrated -- that the international community is facing another challenge, which requires consolidation of our efforts. and the full-scale information war, and the propaganda campaign have become particular destructive forms of nonmilitary aggression. fake news, blatant lies spread to justify their aggression, propaganda of intolerance and propaganda -- violence phenomena of the same range which undermines the principle of freedom of expression and poisons humans souls and mine. that is why the thought of
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strengthening the role of information in the maintenance of the peace and security is more important than ever. and i call upon the general assembly to strongly condemn these shameful phenomena and to discuss the ways to counter them. thepresident, despite above-mentioned external challenges, ukraine is fully committed to the implementation of the sustainable development goals. we are ready to share joint responsibility for the vital problems and priorities of the most volatile groups, such as small island states. ukraine as a member of the climate group is looking forward to reaching consensus on the universal agreement in the area of climate change as soon as possible. we hope that these results will be achieved by united nation member states in the december
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this year in paris. we have to understand that the price of this issue would be the safety of future generations and sustainable development. -- over the achievement of sustainable development goals when that be successful without overcoming and presenting consequences of environmental and technological disasters. , ukrainean aggression faces another challenge. the challenge of the environment. irresponsible and criminals -- [indiscernible] -- led to the poisoning of drinking water, soil, flora and fauna in the region. the atmosphere is polluted due to explosion and shelling of sensitive industrial infrastructure. in fact, we can speak about the risk of environmental disaster. and i'm convinced that the issue of the environment protection under the condition of the
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conflict need special attention of the united nation's environmental assembly. speaking about the technological disaster, i cannot help but recall one of the most horrific of them. next year will mark the seventh anniversary -- mark the anniversary, 30 years since the chernobyl nuclear disaster. and i would like to request you, mr. president, to hold a special general assembly dedicated to the 30th anniversary of the chernobyl disaster in april 2016. mr. president, in my address on the occasion of joining the united nations, it is said, i vast, ukraine with its human strength and material resources will be able to make a significant contribution to maintaining peace and global security. end of quote. ago,like it was 70 years
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ukraine's unwavering commitment to further undertake maximum effort to save succeeding generations from the scorch of war. nation'sn the united charter. >> [applause] president poroshenko: achievement of this noble goal will be the cornerstone of ukraine nonpermanent membership in the united nations's security council for the period 2016-2017 if elected. ukraine will remain a reliable and consistent partner guided by the global agenda. convinced that an organization with the dignity, the confident steps, strengthening its goals for order, peace and prosperity. let go


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