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tv   Washington Ideas Forum Representative Cathy Mc Morris- Rodgers  CSPAN  October 3, 2015 10:09pm-10:27pm EDT

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he is so worried about keeping that agency up and strong, that he wants to make sure there is a five person commission like on the sec, because -- fcc, because that will really keep the cfpb strong. jake: you don't buy it. senator warren: do i look dumb? jake: no. [laughter] just in case you were wondering what my answer was. on the record, you don't look dumb. you have also been accused this week of leading ideological purges. that's from the conservative wall street journal editorial page. obviously you were not the biggest fan of the idea of larry summers becoming fed chair. you blocked antonio weiss from becoming undersecretary for domestic finance, and recently
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you objected to a nonresident scholar from brookings presenting a paper in which he did not fully disclose, according to brookings rules, where the money came from. are you leading an ideological purge? senator warren: let's talk about the situation at brookings. this is personal. he published a study that was way out of line with the findings from other independently funded research. jake: about a specific rule. senator warren: the rule is whether or not there ought to be what's called a conflict of interest rule. so that investment companies cannot recommend products to consumers that are really great for the agencies recommending them but really lousy for the consumers.
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the department of labor put out a rule. the research generally shows that american families lose about $17 billion a year to the industry and certain players in the industry who favor themselves, the broker over the customer. there's a lot of other research about this. then he puts out a study that totally goes the other way. then it gets criticism in academic circles for the methodology. so he came in front of a committee that i am on to testify, and there's just a line in the testimony about research supported by, and it identifies one of the companies that stands potentially to lose money if the department of labor rule goes through, and very much like the outcome that he addressed. so i just followed up. i did questions for the record to ask for more information about where the money had come from, and we found out a couple of things. he personally got $38,000 for
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this. the company he works for got more than $70,000 for this. and the company that funded it, they were the sole funder, and they got to look at, advise, review the work as it was a work in progress. so, that raises some real questions about the independence of the research. [laughter] so, i wrote a letter to the department of labor, because this research has been cited a lot by the industry. the industry has really been counting on this piece of research. so i wrote a letter to the department of labor asking brookings about it. and that's where it went from there. jake: that's all the time we have. senator elizabeth warren, everybody. [applause] ♪
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>> the washington ideas form also heard from washington state cathy mcmorris rodgers. this is about 15 minutes. ♪ jonathan: i like the walkout music. congresswoman, you are the chair of the house of the republican conference. just to be clear so everyone knows what that means, you are the one that is supposed to bring the house republicans together. you actually convene the meeting, -- wow. congresswoman rogers: the 247 republicans from every corner of this country bringing us together. speaker boehner's announcement on friday has sent shockwaves
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throughout capitol hill and the country. jonathan: let's be clear, that announcement came at your meeting. >> that is true, a regular gathering of house republicans. i lead the meeting each week and i had just invited speaker boehner to come to the podium and give his remarks when i was clipped this little note that said -- the speaker is going to be announcing his retirement. [applause] jonathan: you had no indication before. congresswoman rodgers: and you read it and go, what does this mean? it was clear what was going on and i stood there and listened to him announce his news. it was unexpected. i really thought that we were in a better place. the pope had just been to capitol hill for the first time for the pope to visit, address a joint session of congress, and he did such a positive day for congress.
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and obviously the speaker decided later on that evening on thursday evening that, you know what? might be time for me to go. jonathan: the news broke and there was the family values forum going on with the presidential candidates. the presidential candidates, including marco rubio, ted cruz, they were celebrating this news as if it was a great victory. in the case of ted cruz, they got john boehner had been vanquished. he is the republican speaker of the house. how do you assess his legacy because so many other , republicans have been so critical and ungracious since he left. you worked closely with him. what is his legacy and what kind of the speaker was he? congresswoman rodgers: i had the opportunity to work closely with speaker boehner, and through the years i really believe that he was the right man at the right
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time to be leading us. it did not mean that every member agreed with every decision. and there was a lot of people suggesting that speaker boehner should have made different decisions, could have gotten something done, more than what he did. what i saw in speaker boehner was someone that was trustworthy. i think day in and day out, that is why he remained speaker as long as he did. the members really did trust him when they told him something. they knew that he was not playing games. and the second part was that he made decisions based upon what he thought was good and right for america at the end of the day. and for me, i may not always agree with every decision but you have to respect someone who is willing to make the tough decisions at times. maybe not something that maybe
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did not go over well with the republican party but some of you was really trying to do, day in and day out, what was best for the country and what was going to improve people's lives. jonathan: one of his last acts, because he doesn't step down until the end of the month, but one of his last act was to bring up the bill yesterday to find the government temporarily through december 11. i was amazed to watch that vote yesterday. you voted against a government shutdown yesterday. 151 house republicans voted to shut down the government. how do you run a conference conference when you have that many willing to say, just because we are not getting everything we want, we are not willing to pass the bill that would keep the lights on? congresswoman rodgers: for those republicans who voted against the continuing resolution to keep the government open, i believe it was the message to the senate and president. there is a lot of frustration that we have not been doing our
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basic job, our responsibility of getting a budget in place. that is fundamental. every year, the federal government needs to get a federal budget in place. that is how you keep the government running an operating. there were high hopes, high expectations that in january of this year, for the republicans especially having a republican partner in the senate -- alike jonathan: you are should be able to do it just like that, right? congresswoman rodgers: we went to work on the appropriations bill and the house -- this was a high priority for us to get these appropriations bills done because that is the way that we assert the power of the purse. that is the way that, we as legislators, really make clear when we do not agree with the executive branch and what they may be doing, if we want to address funding levels, not fund certain programs, that is where we get to really assert our power. it was very disappointing.
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it was very frustrating that not one of those bills passed the senate. jonathan: this was a striking vote because it is only to keep the government running temporarily so you can negotiate a long-term deal. because it would have continued government funding as it is and as it has been were ages, which includes funding for planned parenthood -- congresswoman rodgers: it did not include funding. jonathan: but it did not cut off? congresswoman rodgers: the money has already been spent. jonathan: so because it did not cut off the funding, majority of republicans said they would rather see the government shutdown? this would not have passed it on the democrats did not vote yes. you voted yes, leadership voted yes, but most republicans voted no. congresswoman rodgers: there is a frustration with the status
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quo on capitol hill and i think this vote underscores the frustration which is status quo , and it is across the board. i think we are seeing that in the presidential played out, when republicans and democrats, this country wants to see congress function. they want us to get things done, they want as to make decisions, they think is best for the people that we represent. there are a whole bunch of people and they see the arguing and dysfunction and they are sick of it. it is reflected in the members, too. jonathan: now becomes it kevin mccarthy's problem and you assume like i do he will be the next speaker of the house. congresswoman rodgers: yes. jonathan: good luck to kevin mccarthy. i believe john boehner was the one who was singing his name and not mccarthy. he faces intense witticism for -- criticism for what he said about the benghazi committee.
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he suggested the benghazi committee was responsible for bringing down hillary clinton's poll numbers so that people see her as untrustable, i think that was his word. [laughter] what do you make of what he said about that? congresswoman rodgers: i believe hillary's poll numbers reflect people who do not view her as trustworthy. i think there are a lot of questions related to whether or not she has been forthright, whether she has cooperated. it has been difficult to get the e-mails, etc., but i do believe that the work that we are doing in the benghazi committee is important. it is important that we know what happened that evening in benghazi. we have to responsibility to do that. we do not -- we have not yet had important questions answered. four americans died and it is
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appropriate that the legislative branch as questions and get answers. >> you are lying! congresswoman rodgers: i do not care who is in the white house or secretary of state the american people, this is where the legislative branch has responsibility to hold the administration accountable and to ask the appropriate questions and that is at the benghazi committee is seeking to do. and trey gowdy is an honorable man, he is a former prosecutor who knows how to go about it and he has done it in the way -- i would encourage you to look at the way he has approached this. he has approached it in a way where he is asking questions he is not making it political. jonathan: were you disappointed when you heard mccarthy say what he said?
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why did he say what he said? he seemed to be say, look, we did this so that her poll numbers came down. it looked like the committee was designed to bring down hillary clinton. congresswoman roders: from day one, this committee and trey gowdy has made effort about getting answers as far as what happened that evening. and we have a responsibility to do that. jonathan: what will happen when we get to december and now it is going to be mccarthy's problem and you have to come up with a more enduring solution for doing all that congress of what they still have to do, including the function of keeping the government funded. how we get agreement among this group that you have to convene together every week when they cannot even agree on a temporary funding measure? congresswoman rodgers: we need to do our jobs. we need to come to the table, we need to negotiate. jonathan: compromise. congresswoman rodgers: yes. we need to figure out how to
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reach common ground and move forward. i think we recognize -- i recognize that we have got -- it is in our best interest to keep yes government funded and, we will debate funding levels, , we will debate priorities, and republicans will bring certain priorities to the table. democrats will bring certain priorities to the table. this is regular order. there are a lot of calls for regular order and regular order , is when the house produces a product, the senate comes to a conference committee or you come together and you figure out how you can agree on something to move forward. jonathan: paul ryan got together with patty murray and you are able to come up with a solution to avert a crisis for two years , but now that is expiring. you have the debt ceiling and we face the possibility of default, and you have got this question of how to fund the government.
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a large portion of your conference, the conference is in the house, said they would rather shove the government down there and see planned parenthood continue to get funding. some are saying they do not want to raise the debt ceiling the matter what. how do you deal with that? congresswoman rodgers: what we are proposing as it relates to planned parenthood, and these videos have raised serious concerns and it is appropriate , that we do an investigation, so we are going to be launching an investigation. we have been calling for a one-year hold on the funding that would go to planned parenthood, transferring it to federally qualified clinics. and allow us some time to really ask some questions. there should not be taxpayer funding used for abortions. >> which is the current law.
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>> which is the current law. through our investigation, we will ask questions and get some clarity. i think people should recognize an appropriate path for us to take and a thoughtful regarding really concerning videos that have been released. i have to ask you about the presidential campaign. noticed the current front is diligent woman from new york named donald trump. what if the chance that he's name the republican nominee? it happening. donald trump is a great entertainer. his slogans, make america great, but i amck a chord, very proud of the fact that we have a diverse field. i think that is


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