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tv   Key Capitol Hill Hearings  CSPAN  October 5, 2015 12:30pm-1:01pm EDT

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announcer: a reminder this is available to see at the video library at over the weekend, u.s. forces excellently bombed a -- accidentally bombed a hospital in afghanistan. 23 people die. the pentagon has promised to pursue a full investigation. there was a briefing about that incidence.
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>> good morning. we are welcoming general .ampbell he only has time for a short statement and if you questions. understand our time limitations. general campbell. thanks forpbell: taking the time to be here. i have a prepared statement i would like to read through. take this opportunity to address a tragic circumstance of the airstrike that occurred on october 3. i offer my deepest condolences to the innocent civilians who were killed on saturday. i echo the work that doctors without borders conduct in afghanistan throughout the world. they have provided invaluable assistance to those most in need in afghanistan. duz onliban attacked kun
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september 28. forces have been fighting to remove the insurgents ever since. the taliban have decided to fight from within, putting civilians at significant risk of harm. our forces were in the air to provide assistance to the afghan forces. while personnel are not engaged in the fighting, they are providing valuable support the afghans. afghanistan remains an area of active hostilities. they retained inherent right of self-defense. we have learned that on october advised theyces were taking fire from enemy positions and ask for your support. a strike was called to eliminate the taliban threat and several civilians were accidentally struck.
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since different from reports that indicated u.s. forces were threatened and the airstrike was called on their behalf. as has been reported, i ordered an investigation into this incident and the investigation is ongoing. afghans have ordered the same. errors were committed, we will hold those responsible accountable and will take steps to ensure the stakes are not repeated. of the await the outcome investigation provide updates and we will share the results of the investigation once it is complete. as you know the united states military takes steps to avoid harm to civilians. the taliban have purposely chosen to fight from within a heavily urbanized area. we will continue to take on the series steps to avoid future civilian casualties. i would offer my deepest condolences to those innocent civilians who were harmed and killed on saturday. i would be remiss if i do not
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offer my condolences to the crew and passengers of the aircraft that crashed on october 2. the six airmen who were lost will arrive at the over today. roes ofe the true hearers o our efforts in afghanistan. >> your revelation that it was afghans who advised americans, have you ordered a change in the current rules of engagement? general campbell: i would tell you that our men and women continue to understand the rules of engagement, and follow those rules. -- more welcome out from investigation. i have had the opportunity to talk to the investigating kunduz who is up in now. i want to be able to let the investigation go its course and
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provide updates. support tosuspended the afghans. >> will this allow for the afghans to call an american airstrikes, and will kind of failsafe system is there in that process? i appreciateell: the question, and i do not want engagemente rules of at this point in time. those will come out as we go to the investigation and make sure those are the same type of questions that everybody will want to ask. , does this raised doubts, bring into question the current strategy to train the afghans? do they have the ability to take over that fight, and doesn't raise questions about the current timetable for the troops?al of u.s. general campbell: i will take
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those questions from congress. i've been public that the afghan security forces into to get better, and i'm proud and honored to serve them. afghanistan,n where they were a couple years ago to where they are today, af, where they were a couple years ago to where they are today, is pretty astounded, and they continue to be resilient and continue to be support in areas that we had in five years ago that would be very tough for the army, intelligence, and just ask, and will continue to work with partners and train and advise and assist, and i will be back in washington to talk about this subject. >> you were saying a couple of points, there were no u.s. troops on the ground at afghan toport forces called in support them. we have forces that are containing two assist on a tactical level. they fired directly on u.s. forces. as i talked to the forces, as we continue to get updated
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information that that was the case in this -- >> although you do not want to talk about rules of engagement, is there anything you can tell u.s. troops, u.s. aircrews and the rules that they operate under to not strike restricted targets such as hospitals, mosques, and schools? people have a lot of curiosity about this that those are targets you do not strike. general campbell: we do not target those types risk at the time this strike was called in. is that what you are saying? general campbell: the of target, absolutely. it was a gunship. >> general campbell, did you authorize this airstrike? whose initials are on the authorization? does an american have to offer
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authorize this? i will not go into this kind of details. areoctors without borders calling this a war crime. having this go to military channels will not be providing enough information on details. what are your thoughts on that? general campbell: we're doing everything we can. this investigation will be transparent. i have a nato investigation, and afghans will conduct their investigation. if other investigations need to go on, i will coordinate those as well. >> what does this mean for your rules of engagement going forward? is the war going to continue for your purposes as it was before -- general campbell: i will hold that question until we get
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through the investigation. i do not want to go to rules of engagement. f say they provided gps coordinates as recently as september 29.he have you received those coordinates? general campbell: that come out in the investigation. they said we are under fire from both washington and kabul. why did that not get up in the chain of command? that will comel: out in the investigation, an explanation of what we know and do not know. i wanted to make it clear, there were no u.s. jtac's under fire when this airstrike was called.
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gerald campbell: the afghans asked for air support from a special forces team we have on the initialand statement that went out was that u.s. forces were under direct fire. i correcting that statement here. so i understand this, u.s. forces, how close were they to the afghan forces that called in the strike? general campbell: that will come out in the investigation. all these are good questions, questions that the investigating officer will look at. i should have a preliminary report shortly. my senior investigator is on the ground in kunduz today. i had the opportunity to talk with him this morning. i will take one more question. >> would be more helpful to your a-10 was flying
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overhead? our forces andl: the afghan forces worked very hard to minimize civilian casualties. i will not get into platforms. all the questions you asked are very good questions. we will be open and transparent with this. we will make sure that there is iece of this, and as in his we have additional information can provide, i will make sure we will provide that. thank you very much. announcer: tonight, the ceo of interviwed. companiesphone
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copper to i.p., how do we make sure our public safety, 911, competition that has taken root in the marketplace continues and thrives, and how do we make sure institutions,cal schools, libraries, hospitals, first responders, that the services they depend on those networks, how do they go into technology, this transition, with every being sustained and improved? what we all want. it lowers the price -- tonight at 8:00 eastern on c-span2. announcer: report released last servicesover 40 secret
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chaffetzjason information. you can see that live at 1:30 p.m. eastern. later, tony player and a photographer discussed efforts to end global hunger, hosted by in washington. you can see that live at 7:30 eastern. of the flat over ol today.p; 10 people died in oregon. in the wake of that shooting, clinton revealed her gun control plan in new hampshire today.
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we will show you as much of this as we can until our live secret service briefing that gets underway at 1:30. >> ladies and gentlemen, pl and welcome a state senator hillary clinton. [no audio]
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>> i want to thank you all for your patience. patient is a virgin. all of you have manifested that issue. you're in the 20th senate district, so if you're voting, always think of -- today toe are here listen to a woman who has every credential possible to lead this country as we move forward. we had a woman who is not afraid
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guns.k about and who is not afraid to address the issue head on. you are in a community college today. we know what happened in the community college in oregon. we know with great sadness that those who have passed away passed away for no reason at all, none whatsoever. we have a woman who has within herself the ability to make a difference. and, indeed, you are going to have an opportunity to vote for her in the new hampshire primary and in the general election.
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so without further and do, i will introduce a woman from the north end of manchester, lives 1, has two children, worker,y major, social said it did not pay a lot of money, but she loves it because she is taking care of people, and really, isn't that what life is all about? we got to take care of people. we take care of people, they take care of us. she is taking care of people, and really, isn't that what life is all about? we got to take care of people. we take care of people, they take care of us. >> hello. i will have to cheat with my paper.
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my name is erinn kerwin. like many people in this room, i live in manchester and am at home about three miles away from where we are right now. for me, the devastating consequences of gun violence have always been a concern. in what feels like a past life, i was a social worker and i handled the message is assult
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hillary clinton: thank you, thank you very much. i'm delighted and honored to be here. luda lisandro has been a friend of mine for a long time, and a senator revisiting this district. much for hisery support and his friendship. thank erin and eleanor for being with us. erin's story is unfortunately way too common. we are here on the campus of a wonderful community college,
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there much like the one in oregon. where young people were going to school, and some not so young. the victims i read are between 18 years old and 67 years old. andle attending classes improving their skills, teaching, learning, thinking about the future. was so ended, senselessly, tragically. on that very same day that those people were killed in oregon, a five-month-old baby strapped into her car seat in the back of a car was killed by a stray bullet in cleveland. the third baby in just a few months to be murdered in cleveland. dayeen 88 and 92 people a are killed by guns in america. the last figures we have for a whole year is more than 33,000.
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it is the leading cause of death for young african-american men, the second leading cause for young hispanic men, the fourth leading cause for young white men. this epidemic of gun violence knows no boundaries. it knows no limits. and when this happens, people are quick to say that they offer their thoughts and prayers. that is not enough. diemany people have to before we actually act? before we come together as a nation. [applause] hillary clinton: you know, on the republican side, mr. trump was asked about it and said something like you know, things
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like that happen in the world. governor bush said yeah, stuff happens. no. that is an admission of defeat and surrender. killingblem that is 33,000 americans. say wait afor us to minute, we are better than this. our country is better than this. -- their steps we can take [applause] are steps we can take -- [applause] that improveon: gun safety and further the prevention of violence by guns. supposing --am proposing what i consider to be common sense approaches. supportty of americans universal background checks. in fact, a majority of gun
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owners support universal background checks. we had a bipartisan bill that didn't make it through the senate. but we need to go back and, with all of our hearts, working not just in washington, but from a grassroots up, demand that we have universal background checks. and we have to also -- [applause] we have tonton: close the loopholes. you know, we've got what is called the gun show loophole, and we've got what's now being called the charleston loophole. passed, brady bill was which wasn't easy, as you recall , but it did pass. exceptions were made for gun shows, and then later, it was extended to include online
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sales. 40% of guns are sold at gun shows, online sales. we need to close that loophole. so that when we have a universal background check -- [applause] hillary clinton: it will cover everybody. another loophole is what happened when the young man who murdered the nine people at bible study, in the church basement in charleston -- applied for a gun. the loopholes that they don't get the background check done in three days, you can still go by the gun. it turns out he had a criminal background, and you know how record-keeping is. -- were stillart searching for a. of the end of three days, he goes and buys a gun, as we don't yet had it -- had an automated enough, we don't have information shared from all levels of government. and he got his gun. and was determined to go and use


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