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tv   Key Capitol Hill Hearings  CSPAN  October 7, 2015 10:30pm-12:01am EDT

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out. let everybody see them. let's have the conversation. let's have a debate. let's really determine if this is really going on. only someone who's afraid it may go against them say, no, no, you can't do this. i want to tell you, as far as women are concerned and a war on women, i am the father of four women, three boys and one girl but i have 10 grandchildren, six girls and four boys. there's not one of them that when it comes to how much i love them it is gender selective. i love them all in the same way. and in a country that has always stood for human rights, in a country that's always stood for others, for the most vulnerable, and i will not disguise it and say that's not what i am. i am from conception to natural death, i am in favor of life. i will always be in favor of life. but to have this debate today to say that you can't possibly do this because it's driven, it's a republican agenda,
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because it's a war on women, if anything, this is a war for women. we have got to protect these people. if there's anything that the preemptive strike on the war on women, it's gender selective abortion. the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman's time has expired. ms. foxx: i yield the gentleman an additional minute. the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman is recognized. mr. kelly: i thank the gentlelady. i would just ask all members, not republicans and democrats, but members of the human race, and for a house that just abhors what's going are around the world and saying this is horrible what's going on, that we won't ever let this happen in our country, why would we be having this debate today? if you really want the slate to be clear, if you really want the world to see there's nothing going on here, then let's have an open investigation and so at the end of the day i don't care what organization is, they can walk away and say, see, we proved that we aren't who they say we are. this is just so simple. why would you argue against it? it actually works to their advantage if it's not true. if it is true, then why in the
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world would we use taxpayer money, hard-earned american taxpayer money to fund illegal and criminal activity? that's just not who we are as americans. i yield back. the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman yields back. the gentlelady from north carolina reserves. the gentlelady from new york. ms. slaughter: mr. speaker, i yield one minute to the gentlewoman from colorado, ranking member of energy and commerce, oversight and investigations, ms. degette. the speaker pro tempore: the gentlelady from colorado is recognized for one minute. ms. degette: thank you very much, mr. speaker. since the series of deceptive and highly edited videos taken at planned parenthood facilities were released to the public, three separate congressional committees have left to conclusions, holding hearings and investigations along the way. however, on the subcommittee on which i serve as ranking member and which has primary vurs diction over this matter, we did extensive research. we found out that out that planned parenthood broke no laws, according to an extensive memo prepared by the democratic committee staff.
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so now what are we going to do? we're going to spend millions of taxpayer dollars on another sham committee. that is a ridiculous waste of money. i have a proposal. let's spend our time talking on the things that our constituents want their hard-earned taxpayer money spent on -- re-authorizing the highway bill, addressing the looming expiration of our debt ceiling, not to mention the funding of our government. that's what they care about. i want to say for the emp 10th time for the federal record, there is no federal money spent on abortion. so what we're talking about right here is a totally useless and expensive investigation. the speaker pro tempore: the gentlelady's time has expired. the gentlelady from new york has two minutes remaining. the gentlelady from north carolina has 7 3/4 remaining and is recognized. ms. foxx: ms. foxx: i will reserve.
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ms. slaughter: i yield one minute to the the gentlewoman from from the district of columbia. the speaker pro tempore: the gentlelady is recognized for one minute. homes homes they are now -- ms. norton: they are doing their benghazi select committee strategy. but it left planned parenthood as strong as ever. what the majority is trying to do to the nation's women what they have done to d.c. no federal fund goes to abortions. what's left? women's health care. all this select committee will do is highlight their new war on women. i thank my good friend for yielding. the speaker pro tempore: the gentlelady from new york. ms. slaughter: let me inquire if she has any more speakers.
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i'm prepared to close. the speaker pro tempore: the entlelady from new york. ms. foxx: mr. speaker, i will be prepared to close after one additional statement that i need to make. the speaker pro tempore: the gentlelady from north carolina is recognized. ms. foxx: thank you, mr. speaker. we are being told by our colleagues on the other side of the aisle that we should be mforted by the fact that the democratic committee staff did an investigation of planned parenthood and found nothing wrong. i think i can say very well with tongue in cheek, that is truly like putting the fox to guard the hen house. in a few moments i will offer an amendment and it will make
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several changes to the resolution that have been requested by the minority. the amendment will change the ratio on the panel to eight republicans and six democrats, giving democrats an additional one member on the panel. the amendment will also make sure that the select panel's subpoena authority is consistent with existing energy and commerce committee rules. we have no objection to the requested changes and we hope this will encourage our colleagues on the other side of the aisle to participate fully in this important investigation. and with that, i reserve the balance. the speaker pro tempore: the gentlelady from north carolina reserves. now the gentlelady from new york. ms. slaughter: thank you very much, mr. speaker. mr. speaker, if we heard anything this entire day, it is the misuse of public tax money for select committees overdoing investigations that everybody that has investigated before has
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already said that there is no there-there. i'm happy to take the word of mr. pallone saying the democrat staff on energy and commerce found there was nothing wrong here. mr. chaffetz spent five hours delving into what planned parenthood does or does not do and he said they have not broken any law. that's not good enough because everybody is doing so well here making political points and attacking a presidential candidate. that's not our job. in fact, i'm pretty sure that's against federal law for us to use public money for that action. we are going to do it twice and who knows how many more before the end of this year. it's a big disgrace is the misuse of tax money of the american people in a house and congress that has no budget, no highway bill, no way out and people who sit at home trying to
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figure out how they are going to educate their children, food on the table and drive on roads that are unfit to get to work, i would appreciate if we would stop this select committee and stop trying to take health care away from american citizens and get to work on their behalf. and i yield back. the speaker pro tempore: the gentlelady from new york yields back. the chair recognizes the gentlelady from north carolina. ms. foxx: thank you, mr. speaker. mr. speaker, the opponents of this resolution would have americans believe that this oversight is unnecessary and political. nothing is further from the truth. oversight into entities' use of federal funds and compliance of federal law is a fundamental responsibility of congress and one exercised by both parties frequently on a bipartisan basis. it's unfortunate that my
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colleagues across the aisle are refusing to join with us on this particular issue, but charges that it is a politically driven investigation are false. the investigation to be continued by the select investigative panel at the energy and commerce committee is prompted by allegations that abortion providers that receive federal funds are dismembering children to sell their body parts, possibly while violating federal laws. the most fundamental right our government was formed to protect is life. and when taxpayer dollars are flag used by organizations grantly violating that right, we are morally compelled to investigate and respond in accordance with our constitution. the select investigative panel formed by this resolution is
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consistent with precedent, including two panels formed by my colleagues across the aisle when they were in the majority. it is laser-focused on the issues raised by the videos and subsequent investigation into planned parent hood of fetal collection and abortion and federal laws. it will allow it to complete the full investigation these allegations deserve without shortchanging the other important issues under consideration by the committee on energy and commerce and the full house. it's disappointing that some members do not want the full truth to come out. when federal taxpayers have legitimate concerns if their hard-earned dollars are flowing to organizations that sanctions the dismembererment of unborn children and allowing these
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rocities to continue, we are responsible for ensuring these concerns are heard and responded to. if we as elected representatives can't shed our callousness towards the most vulnerable lives in our society and heed the moral cause of this issue, i have a great fear for our nation's future and the crulets we may someday allow other lives to be subjected to. we all have the right to life and i fear we have lost sight of that. mr. speaker, i offer the amendment. the clerk: amendment offered by ms. foxx of north carolina, strike 5 and insert six. page one line 5 strike 13 and insert 14. insert consistent with the notification, consultation and reporting requirements of rule 16 after select panel.
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the speaker pro tempore: the gentlelady from north carolina is recognizeded. ms. foxx: i urge my colleagues to support this resolution and expose the truth about these outrageous issues. we must follow the facts wherever they lead to strengthen our laws to end these practices and ensure unwanted children are no longer discarded in the bins of parts for sale by hungry profit-driven abortion supporters.
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>> their definition of reorption was not bride quid pro quo money under the table. it was putting special interest ahead of the common good. by that definition, washington today is a massively corrupt place. >> sunday night at 8:00 eastern c-span's q & a. democrat cameead to the floor to offer a resolution calling for the house benghazi committee to be
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disbanded. the are her remarks on measure. the events leading up to and in the immediate aftermath of the attacks on the benghazi were in rightfully and thoroughly examined to honor the memory of and to improve the safety of the men and women serving our country overseas. whereas the independent accountability review board the united states state department investigated and found in benghazi no evidence of deliberate
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wrongdoing. five committees in the united states house of representatives investigated the events in benghazi and found no evidence of deliberate wrongdoing. whereas four committee in the united states senate investigated the events in benghazi and found no evidence of deliberate wrongdoing. whereas in each fiscal year more appropriatedon is to run the congress with untold taxpayer money expended by nine congressional vest gait then benghazi, none of which produced any evidence of wrongdoing. after the thorough and costly investigations by nine andressional committees independent accountable review board found no evidence of deliberate wrongdoing. leaders in the house
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insisted on using taxpayer fund a new duplicative select committee on surrounding the 2012 terrorists attack in banzais dwi re-examine the matter. whereas this taxpayer funded broad powers given to pursue its investigations, taxpayer an unlimited funded budget and granting the legal authority to compela documents and testimony without any debate or vote. investigation into ben ben gaza is one of the longer running and least productive investigations. whereas a widely quoted statement made on september by the house of representatives has called into question the integrity of the proceeding of the select committee and the house of
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whole.ntatives as a whereas your statement by representative mccarthy select committee established by republican influences created to public opinion of a presidential candidate. haseas the select committee been in existence for 17 months, but it has held only three hearings. whereas the select committee abandoned its plans to obtain testimony from intelligence leaders. whereas the select committee excluded the democrat members from interviews of witnesses that provided information the investigation. whereas information obtained by committee has been selectively and inaccurately leaked to influence the standing of a candidate for public office. whereas such actions represent abuse of power that
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demonstrates the partisan nature select committee. whereas the select committee has $4.5 million in taxpayers funds to date to its partisan efforts. whereas this amount does not theude the cost of independent accountability review board, the hearings and reports by nine congressional committee, the time, money, and resources consumed by federal agencies to comply with select or theee requests opportunity cost of not spending this money elsewhere such as ouroving the security for diplomatic officers aboard. whereas it is an outrage that more than $4.5 million in taxpayer funds have been used by the republicans in the house of representatives not to run the interfere but to inappropriately with an election for president of the united states. whereas the use of taxpayer
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dollars by the house of representatives for campaign is a violation of the and federal house law. resolve that 1) this misuse of the official resources of the house of representatives for political purposes undermined the integrity of the proceedings and bringse discredit to the house. 2) the integrity of the house can bef the fully restored only by the dissolution of the select committee. 3) the select committee shall be dismantled is and here expected days ofpublic within 30 all transcripts of all interview and depositions it has conducted. a ruse pollution offered by floor from the member neither minority thatr
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the house has precedent only at by the chair. pending that designation, the form of the resolution will appear in the record at this point. the chair will not at this time this point determine whether the resolution cost constituted a question of privilege. determination will be made at the time designated for consideration of the resolution. the house would later vote to table her solution on the committee. kevin mccarthy was asked about benghazi committee in the news briefing today. >> because of your comments. hillary clinton is now off of it and using it in campaign commercials. theblicans are saying campaigns are a life raft. was it wrong to make those comments? let's be very clear, benghazi is not political. purposereated for one
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and one purpose only to find the truth on behalf of the families the four dead americans. period. i've been very clear about this. try tose politics to change it around. that's the only reason why the was formed. the integrity has never come in to question. did you misspeak personally? >> i could have been more clear my description of what was going forward. i've stated that. there's only one reason why the committee was created period. >> today the house tabled the democrats resolution to shut down the benghazi committee. voted 242-184 to investigation abortion providing and the handling of fetal tissues. soon after republicans meet to choose their candidate to be the next house speaker. the house begins legislative business at noon. they will work on bills dealing on indianroduction
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tribal lands and to allow the export of crude oil. you can watch live coverage of the u.s. house here c-span. c-span, british prime minister, david cameron the conservative party conference. then martin o'malley and bernie sanders. later the house considering creating a panel to allegations of the fetaldling of aborted tissue. campaign 2016 buzz -- bus is on a road to the white house tour. was at the comcast studio xfinity store. shoppers visited the bus to learn about the online forractive resources following campaign 2016. to keep track of the bus tour, on twitter and
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using @cspantourbus. >> this monday on "landmark dred scott was enslaved to dr. john emerson. during his enlistment, he was assigned to duties in several states during which dred robertson.ed harriet he tried to buy his freedom from widow. she refused and he sued. at landmark indications and historic supreme court decision decisions. our special guest, christopher bray si and martha will explore the court ruling for people practicing the cases.
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landmark cases" live monday. be sure to join the conversation commentstake your during the program on c-span, c-span radio. for background, order your copy cases" companion book. it is available at recentain's most parliamentary elements, david cameron's party won a majority of the seat. at the annual conference in manchester, the prime minister talked about their election win as well as britain's future in germanypean union and coreman, the new leader of the party. an hour.bout
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♪ ♪ you very much. thank you. thank you. ♪ ♪ >> thank you. you very much. thank you. thank you for that wonderful, wonderful welcome. hereo proud to be standing in front of you today backing justfully and not government, a majority conservative government. [applause] >> and to the people in the hall, i want to say thank you. the greatest team a prime minister could ever have. british people, when you put your cross in the conservative box, you are your faith in us to
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finish the job we started, to people, to deliver security for you and your you now we i'll tell will not let you down. [applause] >> just for a moment, think back the 7th. i don't know about you, but it mey takes two words to cheer up. exit poll. then what happened that night. the conservatives winning across wales on the march in the north, wellst, conservative once more. north mortory. connor county,ul
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100% conservative. [applause] lightdawn rose, a newer fell across our aisles. i'll never forget getting back london, seeing many of you, and sitting down in the flat with sam and the children get school.r there we were surrounded by bean bags. you've got to be ready for anything in this life. [laughter] >> i was writing my speech and heraring to go and see majesty. i thought i'll just go and lie down to let it all sink in. eyes, ed bowles had gone. up, i switched on and nigel ferage had gone too. there was a moment i thought died and gone to heaven.
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[applause] >> but there's a serious point. why did all of the pollsters and wrong?dits get it so fundamentally, they didn't understand the people that make considerate. arguingn't obsessives at debate. britain and twitter are not the thing. [applause] >> the british people are decent, sensible, reasonable, just want a government that supports the vulnerable, backs those who do the right helps them get on in life. good jobs and a decent home. better child care, controlled immigration, better taxes so there's more money at the end of the month. an nhs that's there for them seven days a week.
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dignity ands and retirement. that's what people want. that's what we must deliver. the party of working people, the party of working people today, tomorrow, and always. years ago i stood on a stage quite like this one. i said that if we changed our party, we could change our country. together. that i didn't campaign on the nhs alone. you joined me. just me that put special justice, equality for climatele, tackling change, and helping the world's poorest at the center of the conservative party's mission. we all did. i didn't select our candidates. it was you. look who was elected in may. ratgoney whose parents a
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living in aere small village. mckennedy. five years ago, johnnie mercer third tour of duty. caught in an ambush, he lay wounded. just days before this election, -- scott was doing notpostal round delivering only his own campaign leaflets, but his rivals too. [applause] >> you wouldn't catch some of would you?that, different journeys. often difficult journeys. but all leading here. so let's hear it for them now. generation of conservative members of parliament.
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[applause] table, a the cabinet third of my colleagues are woman. we were discussing child care. it was introduced by the black british son of a single parent. daughtercked up by the of immigrants who arrived in our country from east africa with theyng except the clothes stood up in. patell. pretty speaker was sergeant whose father came here from pakistan to drive the buses. this is what we've done together. now we've coupled because of us. certain people backed because of us. ofy are just safe because
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us. children in the poorest part of the world saved by us. everyone in the hall can be proud of our journey. it is the journey of a one nation modern come passionate conservative party. [applause] years of government stretch out before us. world.ive to the we're down and never out. i love our character and decent si and sense of human. i love every part of our country. wales, theotland, southern island. we are one nation. i will defend our union with
11:03 pm
that i've got. [applause] in every wayday great britain lives up to its name. can make it we greater still. a greater britain where people have greater hope and greater chances and greater security. on they believe we are brink of something special in our country. year we've seen more people benefit and more british setting up shop here and moving into the light. there yet.
11:04 pm
only halfway through. the second half of my time in this job. know i'm not sure if i expectationsof the tocould be on the path greatness for our country. we've been laying them every day. we'll continue to do so. britain greater, we need to tackle some deep social problems. made as we've only just start on as we focus on that economic emergency that faced us. the scourge of poverty, the brick wall of blocked opportunity, the shadow of extremism hanging over every
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single one of us. britain doesn't just need a stronger economy, it needs a stronger society. socialivering this reform, i believe it is entirely fitting with the great history party.conservative we've always been the optimist, the agents of hope, the leader of change. why i changed it, that is why i wanted to lead it, and now in my final term as prime minister, i say let us live up conditions ofest conservative social reform. [applause] >> and in all of the challenges byt i face, we'll be guided our conservative values. a belief in strong defense and strong money. enterprise economy. when you set free the ambition deeply within the british people.
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they will take on new workers the world. our belief in a quality of opportunity as opposed to a outcome.f not everyone ending up with a same exam results. same salary and house. everyone having the same shot at them. some people will argue. things are obvious. to tell you they are not. it becomes clearer by the day that the labor party has completely abandoned resolve doe at this conference to what we've always done. to prove those conservatives britain from the danger of labor and to rebuild great britain so it is greater still. a greater britain. that is our goal.
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[applause] >> now it begins by making the defense.strong my first dutys is prime minister is to keep people safe. some of the loneliest moments in the job are when you are reading the intelligence reports about plots being planned against the british people. was told that rare jenata zane were planning terrorists attacks. i asked all of the proper questions. how do we stop them? do we have that capable? is it legal? whatever action i took would provoke a big debate. as prime minister is quite simple really. debate,ly it is not to it is to decide. and the choice i faced was this. act and we could stop them carrying out the plans.
11:08 pm
could see innocent people murdered on our street. decisive action to keep britain safe. always do. i will [applause] >> of protecting. let me just say this. have beenof words written about the new labor leader. you only need to know one thing. thinks the death of osama bin a tragedy. no. 3,000 peoplenearly murdered one more in new york.
11:09 pm
a tragedy is the mums and dads who never came home from work that day. a tragedy is people jumping from the planes hit. my friends, we cannot let that securityct his threatening, terrorist sympathizing aidologist on the country that we love! [applause] >> another big judgment call to a refugee crisis confronting our world.
11:10 pm
like most people, i found it to get the image of my poor syrian boy out of mind. we know in our hearts our thosesibilities to help fleeing for their lives. must keepo that we our heads. fact.start with a simple 12 million people have been made homeless by the conflict in syria. 4% of them have come to europe. if we open the door to every refugee, our country would be overwhelmed. can do ishing britain help neighboring country, syrian thele and the refugees in camps. when we do take refugees to take them from the region. in a way thatg encourages more people to take the dangerous and sometimes journey. as we do this, that's remember something else. we haven't only just starletted
11:11 pm
caring about syrians. thee been helping them over past four years giving more in than any othera country on earth apart from the united states of america. we've been able to do that -- [applause] that've been able to do because this party made a a promise toept % of our national income on aid. other countries made that promise. they didn't keep it. say to them if britain can shouldr promises, so you. [applause] >> but the real answer -- the answer to refugee crisis countries likeng syria become places that people
11:12 pm
want to live. that means having a government that's not terrorizing its people. that's why it must go. need aplace, we government that can be our ally in the defeat of isil. be safe here in britain until we eradicate the death cult. we canople think contract that out to america. we shouldn't. part too.ay our and we can. because of the commitment we morning, we'll spend defense this on year and throughout our decade. in the coming years, we'll be biggest aircraft carriers in our history. a new glass of hunter killer submarines, new fighter jets,
11:13 pm
newoved helicopters, a fleet of drones, and because our independent nuclear deterrent is ultimate insurance policy, this government will order four submarines. [applause] have ain government i great team that helped to keep at broad. home and above all, we have britain's armed forces. me tell you this, in the last year alone, they have west africa, in protected the skies over the baltic, flown missions over iraq, they built defenses against isil in lebanon, they inined army offices afghanistan and patrolled the the folk lands.
11:14 pm
there they were in the atlantic to those hit in the hurricanes and there they were in the med pulling people dings.sinking little england? no. great britain. that, wed forces like can be greater still. let's stand and thank them for work they do. [applause] >> thank you. now a greater britain that is that shoulde world, mean one that is strong in europe too. it coming back to the conservative values. nation's state,
11:15 pm
but also in free trade. what's wrong with the eu. it's got too big, too bossy, too interfering. but we also know what's right about it. it is the biggest single market the world. some people say to me take what we've got and just put up with it. others say, well, just walk away from the whole thing. i say no. this is britain. we don't duck fights. in and fixk problems. that's how we kept our border check points when others decided to take those down. it is how we kept the pound when others went ahead into the euro. it is because we do things our way. we get rebates. bailouts. of but you know what? it is not just what we get europe out of, it is what we get europe into. you think got europe to open trade talks with america which could be the biggest trade deal in our history.
11:16 pm
who do you think got europe to that sanctions on iran brought the country to the negotiating table? it was us. it is britain. did. believe me i have no romantic european unionhe and its institutions. i'm only interested in two britain's prosperity and influence. that's why i'm going to fight so hard in the re-negotiation to a better deal and get the best of both worlds. let me just give you one example. when we joined the european union, we were told it was about a common rather than the goal that some had for an ever closer union. me put this very clearly, britain is not unionsted in ever closer and i will put that right. [applause]
11:17 pm
greater britain needs a dynamic economy. world.t is an uncertain we have more investment flooding into our country than anywhere in world. in fact, from anywhere else in the world apart from america and china. thinks the battle on the economy is won, they need to think again. just only we still need to find savings and produce more. need become more competitive. we still need to make the most and buildle country that northern power house. we need to do all of the things. at a time when our opponents have given up any sensible, reasonable, rashable arguments on the economy. we live in a country where the main opposition party, let's not forget it, the alternative government, believes in nationalizing industries without
11:18 pm
compensation, jacking up taxes people's income, and printing money. there's an academic called richard murphy. new the labor party's economic guru. he's the man behind that plan more money. and me gave an interview a few weeks ago. it was a very frank interview. he admitted that labor plan quote ause and i sterling crisis. him.ted to be fair to he said afterwards it could pass very quickly. that's all right then. he's written a book. of tax.lled the joy i've got it. samantha.home to show
11:19 pm
[applause] >> this is actually very serious. our party's success in winning the economic arguments, this has more vital. every single family in our country depends on it. that, i know we will not have on the side the british people, we have our chancellor, george osborne. [applause] me mostnow what makes angry? it is not just our arguments are wrong. these deficit deniers who go
11:20 pm
hurting theg we are poor. hang on a second. what gets hurt when governments ratesontrol and interest go through the roof. who gets hurt when you waste money on debt interest and you the nhs?ut who gets hurt when taxes go up firinginesses start rather than hiring? not the rich. it is poor people. working people. people labor claimed before. let's just remember labor ideas poor, they hurt the poor. that's right, labor. people not for working but for hurting people. you don't want to lecture about government and ask labor. if you want something done about conservatives, the s. [applause]
11:21 pm
thank you. there's another argument. we also need to win. there are some people who toerstand the deficit needs come down, but they don't get why we need a surplus. why we do.ou i don't stand here like a former prime minister did and say i've abolished boom and bust. remember him? we can't just be thinking about today. we should be thinking about the rainy day that is could come. just like a family does. they put something aside and take out the insurance plan and pay out some of the mortgage when they have something spare. that's what we should do as a country. making sure we're ready to deal the future crises. word forctually a those labor people who say new for today and forget about tomorrow. selfish. i'm not here to mortgage or
11:22 pm
children's future. to ensure our children's future. [applause] >> for me there's one big piece of unfinished business in our economy. that is housing. a greater britain must mean more families owning a family of their own. it goes back to those conservative beliefs. reward for hard work. if you worked hard and saved, i just to have a roof over your head. i want you to have a roof of your own. the last five years, 600,000 new homes have been built. 150 people have day and moving in thanks to our help to buy. a our manifesto, we announced breakthrough house and the right to buy to ten thans. people said this would be impossible.
11:23 pm
housing legislations would never stand for it. nevergislation would pass. let me tell you something, greg clark, our brilliant community secretary, has secured a deal with housing associations to give their tenants the right to buy their home. that will mean the first tenants can start to buy their homes year.ext 1.3e said in our manifesto, million more people given the chance to become homeowners. promise kepte and by this government. [applause] challenge has far, far begin. gentlemen and and gentleman in their 30's waking bedrooms,r childhood that should be a call for us. crusade toational get homes built.
11:24 pm
it means planning being performed. things, i'm going to be working with a great candidate. be the mayor, zach goldsmith. [applause] >> but today i want to single someone out. served this country, he arved this party, and there's huge amount more to come. let's hear it for the man who and has beenrms mayor of the greater city on own forrestery johnson. [applause]
11:25 pm
great speech yet yesterday, boris. speech. boris the tight head prop. a hooker. by the way, that's a factual statement, not a chapter of michael ashcroft's book. [applause] >> now increasing home ownership means something else. for years politicians have been talking about building what they affordable homes. in many ways, the phrase was deceptive. thatsically meant homes were only available to rent. what people want are homes they can actually own. think about it. after all the officials who prepare the plans for the homes, developers who build them, the politicians who talk about
11:26 pm
people ownof these the homes they live in. don't they realize that other people want what they have? a home of their own? so today i can announce a shift in housing policy in our country. old rules which have said to developers. you can build on this site, but if you build affordable homes for rent. we're replacing them with new rules. can build here and those affordable homes can be available to buy. rent toeration generation of buy. of home ownership in britain today. [applause] >> a more prosperous britain.
11:27 pm
there as westop build a greater britain. we are not a one trick party. for us, economic success that's not the finished particle. foundation on which we can build a better society. beenay yachttism has never a grand notion of money markets but a deep compulsion that says you make a country greater by making life better for its people. means entering the no oftenes where politicians don't dare to venture. it means taking on the big problems, the extremism delights our community. looks at aew mom newborn baby, she vows to provide for it, she can. when the school girl sits in the
11:28 pm
classroom doing her studies, i can taketo know that her to the very fop. when the child of immigrants our flag, i want him to so loyal to our country that he wants to put on a uniform and fight for it. fires me up. people. to those that say -- they will problems our social are too big. i say you said our party wouldn't change and we did. said our long term economic plan wouldn't it, it is. thataid we wouldn't win election, we did. we're going to take on the big social problems and just you us.h [applause] >> now central to that is an all assault on poverty.
11:29 pm
conservatives understand that if solving thes about problem, we need to tackle the route causes of poverty. one works, no children growing up in chaos, addiction, mental health abuse, family breakdown. sitting theager gcse is more likely to own a to have a dadn living with them. child.f your own think of the day they were born. fragile they were. think of three babies born addicted to heroin in britain. we will now deal with poverty until we get to grips with the issue. we made a start in the last five years with the troubled families program. it has already turned around the of over 100,000 families. you know what one of the central aims is? very simple. adults a job. because we know in this party
11:30 pm
that the best route out of is work. so that's why we reformed welfare, introduced the cap, help create 2.5 million jobs. not enough to have a job. work has got to pay. nearly two-thirds of children in poverty have parents who are in jobs. worked., work hasn't that's why we've cut taxes for the lowest pay. keep doing that. from next week, we'll take a giant leap forward. yes, the new national living wage. our nine pounds an hour by the decade.he and 80 pound a week pay rise for paying in our country. so that the message go out if you work hard and want to get on, you want more money at the end of the month, the party for in is the party right here this hall. [applause]
11:31 pm
[applause] >> but being out of work is only mustf the causes that we tackle. children in care today are guaranteed to live in poverty. , eight out of ten, leave without good gcse. 70% of prostitutes were once in care. more likelyr times to commit suicide than anyone else. these children-- are in our care. we the state, we are their parents. setting them up for? the streets? an early grave? tell you this shames our country and we will put it right. said to failing
11:32 pm
schools do a better job with our send newor we'll leaders in, so we'll say to poorly performing social as much taken over.or be just as we said -- [applause] >> just as we got the best graduates into teaching and the most difficult schools, let's get our best and line oft to the front social work. also stop must children needing to being cared at all. when we came to office, the rate in our country was a scandal. now it has gone up. adoption bill will help increase it still further. there's so much more to do. so let us today in this hall say to all of those children allerate for a family and of those families yearning for a child, we the conserve tiffs, we ones who will bring you
11:33 pm
together. [applause] >> now there's another service by the state. andll too often fails trenches poverty. it is called prison. i believe if you committed a crime, punishment must follow. when it is serious enough, that prison.nt must mean let's not forget that since we came to office, crime is down by quarter. the system is still not working. half of all criminals offend year of being released. many half go into prison with no qualifications and many come out with none either. all of those problems that may to that life, the drug addiction, the mental health problems, the childhood abuse, they remain unchanged. theave got to get away from sterile, lock them up or let
11:34 pm
them out debate. we've got to get smart about this. when prisoners are in jail, we've got their full attention. treataven's sake, let's their problems, educate them, and put them to work. we can restrict someone's freedom outside of prison, we can make sure they are working paying taxes rather than spending 30,000 pounds a year. let's use the tags to keep us safe and help people go clean. prisons, when our prisons are relics from the time dickens, it is time to sell them off and build new one that is actually work. [applause] >> now this is going to be a big of social investment. i have just the man for the job. the man that gives everyone a
11:35 pm
chance. transformation for the education system. michael goff. now if we tackle the causes of poverty, we can make our country greater. there's another big social that we need to fix. in politician speak, a lack of mobility. in normal language, people unable to rise from the bottom to the top or even from the because ofhe top their background. britain has the lowest social mobility in the developed world. the salary you earn is more linked to what your father got than in any other major country. i'm sorry for us the conservatives, the party of
11:36 pm
aspiration, we cannot except that. education ishat the spring board to opportunity. our performs are already working. more children studying maths and science. more learning coding and engineering. doing the extracurricular activities that teach confidence character. appreciately i went to a school. last year 53 of their children went on to university. 52 of them were the first this do so.amilies ever to that's why i'm so passionate academies and free schools. head teachers are growing in confidence as they throw off the shackles. they are raising the aspirations not just of children but parents and whole communities. this movement is sweeping across our country. is this, 500bition new free schools, every school and yes, local authorities running schools a thing of the past.
11:37 pm
[applause] too manybe honest, for people, even a good education. that's not enough. are other barriers that stand in their way. picture this. you graduated with a good degree. far and out your cv wide. you get rejection after rejection. what's wrong? is not the qualification. it is not the previous experience. is just two words at the top. name surname. do you know in our country today even if you have exactly the qualification, people with white sounding names are nearly twice as likely to get callbacks jobs than people with ethnic sounding names. this is a true story. one young black girl had to
11:38 pm
change her name to elizabeth interviews at any all. this in 21st century britain is disgrateful. -- disgraceful. we can can -- [applause] we can talk all we like about opportunity, but it is meaning are really people judged equality. think about it like this, much toity doesn't mean a british muslim if he walks abusede street and is for his faith. opportunity doesn't mean much to a black person constantly stopped and searched by police color of their skin. opportunity doesn't mean much to becauseerican ejected of who they love. of two daughters.
11:39 pm
opportunities won't be anything if they grow up in a country where they get paid less their gender rather than how they work. it is so important. [applause] >> you can can't true without true partisanship. the party of fair chance. the party of the equal shot. the party that doesn't care where you come from but only where you are going to. ask conservatives to end therimination and finish fight for real equality in our country today. [applause]
11:40 pm
ofkling the causes opportunity and fighting for real opportunity. there's one more big social to rebuildur mission britain as an even greater country. i mean to confront and really confront extremeism. when i read what some young people born and brought up in it makesry are doing, me sick to my stomach. than any much older eldest daughter swapping loving family homes and straight a life of servitude under isil in a land of violence and oppression. boys. boys who could do anything they want to in britain. from all of the
11:41 pm
country stands for. instead, ending up in the desert a knife. this ideology and this diseased view of the world has become an epidemic infecting minds from mosques of mogodishu. tear up the prerogative that muslims gets what it deserves. never mind to help the victims of syria. who is isil murdering more than anyone else? muslims. get away with the grievance anymore. [applause] >> two, take on extremism in all of the forms. violent and nonviolent.
11:42 pm
people don't become terrorists from standing start. -- it begins with a preacher telling them that christians and muslims can't together. it moves to perhaps in their community saying the security it services for responsible for 7/07. tells them how to wage jihad, fight syria, and before you know it, a young british boy barely 17 is strapping bonds to his body and blowing himself up in iraq. we have to stop this at the start. the seed of hatred even being planted, let alone allowing it to grow. three, we need to tackle segregation. parts of britain today where you can get by without meetingaking english or someone from another culture. zoom right in and you'll see some institutions that actually help incubate these divisions.
11:43 pm
do you know that in our country there are some children who each day atl hours madressa. there's no problem. children being taught they shouldn't mix with people of other religions. and are being beaten swallows conspiracy theories about jewish people. the children should be having minds opened and horizons broadened. filled with hatred. [applause] >> i can announce this today. if an institution is teaching, its religion we will like any other school make it be inspected. can
11:44 pm
be it no doubt if you are teaching intolerance, we will you down. [applause] wilder truth.o a we've been so frightened of that we haven't looked hard enough at what was going on in the communities. tolerance.sive i'll tell you where it leads. it leads to children. totish children going pakistan in the summer holidays before they've even started and marry a man to they've never met. it leads to children, british their genitalled mutilated. us into a less
11:45 pm
giving country. here, no moreht passive tolerance in britain. passed the laws. now i want them enforced. people who organized forced marriages, i want them prosecuted. childrenho take their for fgm, i want them arrested. we shouldn't just be saying wrong with the practices? we should be saying what's right with britain? freedom. democracy. equality. people fought for them and many died for them.
11:46 pm
in the trenches and on the beaches. out of the world is crying for these freedoms. they see what we've achieved them. free speech and the best literature in the world. and manyf religion religion, faiths living side by peacefully. free thinking and the advances has brought. the standard of living our grandparents could only have dr. of. want my children and all of my children to know that we're part the greatestbig, multi-cultural democracy on earth. why we learn the british history in school. that's why. [applause] >> i want them to grow proud of
11:47 pm
our country. britain bashing and more national pride. our way, the conservative way, the only way to greater days. [applause] >> so my friends, big battles big arguments, a greater britain. they willr head as lose theirs. i have a message for those who voted for us and those who never have. if you believe in strong defense mostelping the poorest, desperate people in the world, if you want an nhs that's there schools that and stretch our children and you understand that none of that is stronge without a economy if you believe we can become the enterprise capital of poverty, ifd beat you believe the fight against extremism is the fight for us to be, and you want the generation that ends discrimination, if you want
11:48 pm
things, the party you need is the party right here. late.never too .ever too late burnett harris wrote this is election.ily last i foolishly devoted to labor believing it served the working class. how wrong i was. labor is against all i aspire to. 100% for a united kingdom and a sound economy, free enterprise, a trade to europe, and a decent standard of living conservative government would achieve this. you found the right party. i want many for to follow in foot steps. [applause] >> i believe that we can make
11:49 pm
era these 2010's a defining decade for our country. the turn around decade. the one in which people will the back on and say that's time when the tide turned and thele no longer felt current going against them but working with them. greater britain. nothing isow this, written. the poorest children don't have to get the worst results. they can get the best. over the next five years, we'll show the deep problems in our is not inevitable. the childhood in care doesn't a life in a stint in prison doesn't mean you'll do the same thing all over again. or asian or female or gay doesn't mean you'll be treated differently. nothing is written. if we're to be the global success story, we need to write millions of the individual success stories. a greater britain made on
11:50 pm
expectations. where renters become home ouncer, employees become employers, a small island becomes an even bigger economy, defeated extremism is once and for all. a greater britain, no more its people dragged down on held back. no more children with their noises pressed to the window as movingtch the world ahead without them. a country raising its sights and reaching new heights. a great british take off that leaves no one behind. to help youream realize our dreams. a greater britain made of greater hope and greater chances and greater security. us,us get out there, all of and let's make it happen. [applause]
11:51 pm
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♪ ♪ ♪ >> on the next washington journal" they boast on the next house speaker. then mort kondracke and fred barnes will discuss the 2016 presidential campaign. "washington journal" is live at 7:00 eastern with your phone calls, tweets, and facebook comments. ladyd i think every first should do something in this position to help the things she
11:53 pm
cares about. think that everything in the right should be the best. the entertainment that's given here. >> the heart is the same a world over. feelingourse, is our for children. i think it is good in a world there's quite enough to divide people that we should emotionthe language and that unite us all. >> jacqueline kennedy's 1,000 first lady were defined political spouse, young mother, fashion icon, and advocate for the arts. of age, it iscame the tragic images of president kennedy's assassination and theral that cemented her in public's mind. on c-span's original series "first lady: influence and image." public and private lives and their influence on the presidency. washington to
11:54 pm
obama.e democratic presidential candidates, martin o'malley and bernie sanders spoke at the public policy conference. his remarks, governor o'malley talked about immigration and the shootings in roseburg, oregon. this part of the conference is 25 minutes. [applause] >> thanks. very, very much. good afternoon. >> good afternoon. >> it is wonderful to be with you.f i want to thank your chair congresswoman sanchez. applause for congresswoman sanchez. [applause] >> i want to thank all of you that youmportant work do and important work of chci.
11:55 pm
with you in our short time together about the american dream. its importance. about its truth. about the responsibility that we have to re-invigorate it and make it real around the kitchen tables of every family in america. my name is martin o'malley. lifelong democrat. i am running for president. i intend to win. to rebuild that american dream. [applause] >> now i know that one of the challenges ust today as a people, one of the very issues that has allowed us the land of opportunity, to build up a ofong economy is the issue immigration. for me, i believe that issue dignity.n to human that unshakable belief that we a people fored as
11:56 pm
240 years and the human dignity of every person. in our country, our hope and strength derives from the truth that we understand that in our nation there's no such thing as a spare american. is needed. we have to help each other if we're going to succeed. so today i wanted to share with you my vision for that new and better future. alsoted to share with you the important and critically important role that our new neighbors play in making it real. before i do, i want to touch on all of usthat i think must acknowledge. which also cuts to the value put on every human life. that is the very painful truth. because the nation we have theed to respond to continued, deadly reality of the of guns andns illegal guns in our society as a people. cannot gather and cannot be in
11:57 pm
front of the gathering of this many americans without touching on this at the outset, tragedyly given the that we saw in oregon last week. i'm challenging every democrat running for our parties nomination and seeking the highest office in the land of the unitednt of states to join me in forging a consensus for common sense gun safety legislation that has specific, meaningful, gun safety provisions. ban thene, we should sale of combat assault weapons in our country. [applause] secondly, we should require everyone who buys a gun to go through universal background checks with fingerprints and be so.nsed in order to do [applause] we should use the purchasing power of our federal
11:58 pm
government, the largest purchaser of guns in this country, to insist that gun manufacturers implement the highest and best safety technology in all of their us to doin order for business and purchase them. fourth we should make illegal gun trafficking a federal crime of america.d states one american life is worth more guns and all of the gun sales and all of the money from them that can be generated in the country. it is time that we govern that way and make choices in keeping with the principles as a people. it is easy to follow polls. is more difficult to forge a new consensus. an opportunityis for deeper understanding. that deeper understanding can
11:59 pm
better actions. we are the only nation -- only advanced nation on the planet the sickness of gun violence and buries as many of our sons and daughters. it is time to change it. we can do that in the democratic primaries and in the democratic debate. let me talk to you a little about a fewgely other issues and in particular i'd like to focus on the american dream. i laid out 15 strategic goals truth to the the american dream about three weeks ago. one of them was gun safety and violence ines of half. another one was pushing for comprehensive and accomplishing comprehensive immigration perform. i have a tremendous amount of respect for the leadership of the congressional hispanic caucus and this invaluable institute. i want to acknowledge some of the extraordinary young people arehci whose stories executive what it means to be an
12:00 am
american. fors what the battle citizenship are really all about. he's from my home state of maryland. mr. o'malley: elias is a chci public fellow. he was born and raised in el salvador. elias moved to silver spring as a teenager to reunite with his parents. in short order he learned , english, became the first in his family to attend college, then put his degree to work in the cause of justice. that's truly the american dream. [applause] mr. o'malley: perez herrera is from las vegas. [applause] mr. o'malley: born in mexico, she grew up in las vegas.


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