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tv   Key Capitol Hill Hearings  CSPAN  October 9, 2015 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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of course i was hurt in the theater the fourth rows with us. so they won out and they do this thing on television. i'm saying i can understand it. my doctor says that every single polling organization they all say you one. but on the "cnn" debate, it was two hours. a two-hour debate. it was two hours and they made it three hours. it was a two-hour debate when i got there. don't ruin my story. it was a two-hour debate and then a day and a half or two days before what happened is it was in variety and hollywood with porter. a terrific group. they did a nice cover story on me. i like them but they did a story about rates.
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they took the raids, in the case of fox and "cnn" $4000 for the 30-second ad to 200,000 so it was a 4000% increase. now he is really perking up. that's her language. so they went from $4000 to $200,000 and they sold out. so i get there and i didn't know this because all my people didn't tell me this. they said it's a three-hour debate. the reagan library, was a method that many people and it was about 100 degrees in there. i didn't care. but you had a couple of people on the stage that were serious. they were melting. they went home and i lost 10 pounds. but they go out and i get there
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and i hear it's a three-hour debate. actually i was asa good athlete but who the hell wants to watch a three-hour debate? but they did it just to make money. so the first question was mine and the second and the third question in the fourth question was to the other guy. mr. trump said you are horrible guy, that truth sex and then they go and mr. trump doesn't like your face. what do you say? have you respond? do you world will watch. then they say you debated so brilliantly. the entire thing was either questions at me or a question to the other candidates having to do with me. i think they came out specifically 48% and in the third hour of people started getting -- i am a ratings machine. it got to be too obvious so for
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28 minutes they did and asked a question. here's the press, he didn't do well in the final hour. they didn't ask many questions. we have fun with it but i have fun with what i'm doing and we are making an impact like i've never thought possible. [applause] they have seen great dishonesty in other ways. iowa stud real estate guys in new york were -- a lot of real estate guys in the room. politics is a much dirtier business. so i get a call from club for growth. i've never heard of it but my people said club for growth, what is that? they are growing the wallets in their pockets. club for growth supposedly
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conservative. a guy wants to see me so he comes to my office and we have a perfect nice talk and he's telling me about club for growth which is nice. he then sends me a letter and asked me if i would make a 1 million-dollar contribution. think of it. i said 1 million? i'm rich but i'm not stupid. a million dollars. so he wants a million dollars and a letter. he stupid enough to put it in a letter. how many in the broom would say he was in my office for a half an hour give him a million bucks. i can't do that. what happened was we say politely no and all of a sudden it comes out in the news conference. i'm not a conservative and i'm not as some i'm not that. i believe in eminent domain which i don't believe in. sometimes we have to use it. every once in a while you have to build a road.
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i don't love it but sometimes you need it. you wouldn't have any roads. sometimes you need it. the good news was that had no impact. the pictures were so beautiful. i was 20 years younger. i look so handsome. i never knew i was that good looking. i looked so good. so they spent a million dollars on advertising. that shows you how dishonest politicians are. people came in, club for growth does have a news conference. they absolutely invested in and they also said he raised taxes. i cannot with a tax bill lowering far more than anybody else. [applause] in fact, so much so "the wall street journal" which was bought
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for $5 billion and is now worth $500 million but they will criticize me. they did an editorial. now you tell me. you buy something for 5 million and it's now worth 500 million and maybe a couple of bucks more and then they write this nasty editorial. can you believe that? so i get criticized but one of the things i'm criticized for is my tax break is too big. what i'm doing is taking care of -- because frankly we have lost the middle class. then they give you that editorial and here's the good news. i have never heard one person say that was bad. i get these editorials and they
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say that's devastating but they criticize me also. it has to be a personal dislike but the amount of the tax reduction is massive and it's going to put people to working people are going to be energized. the middle west is going to come back. [applause] i put them in the same category because people have forgotten about the middle class in this country. middle him -- middle income people is with out the country. you know who they have forgotten about that time, maybe even worse? the veterans. they have forgotten the vet -- they have forgotten the veterans. they have totally forgotten the veterans. and i will tell you what, if i get elected, i'm running against
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against -- do you know what the power is? i have to knock on wood but so far when people attack me they get. they go down. it's true. so i get attacked by rick perry governor of texas. he attacks me viciously. he was a friend of mine. i got along with them great. i'm leaving practically from the time i got in. i think it's over three months. they said michele bachmann. she lived for a week and they said herman cain, he lived for a week. i've been here three months. that's a long time. stand up, stand up and say it. do we love this guy? >> love him. [applause]
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but if i win -- i like that t. again you know what? aoa city people how do you react? pressure is very interesting because i've seen people that are really smart and that don't make it. they put on forest pressure on themselves. am i right? i got a call from one of the biggest reporters who i have respect for but one of the biggest. i don't know him. from a major newspaper. his name art our day mentioned he said to me could i ask you one question? how does it field? he said you've done something that nobody else has ever done. i think i'm on 14 covers.
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i'm on more covers than any supermodel in history. can you believe that? by the way "people" magazine, i didn't love the picture. they did something with my nose. it's true. i love "people" magazine. they screwed around and i said just leave me alone. but milani looked good, ivanka looks good payday might take the picture i don't know. come here, come here. [applause]
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where you from? >> i am from columbia. >> is this a set that? did i ever meet you before? >> we vote for mr. trump. mr. trump, we love you. we love you. [applause] >> i swear to you, i think she is totally beautiful. i never met her before, i swear. this all started with the "people" magazine. a nice story, right? couldn't be nicer but i don't know what happened. so i'm looking and you tell me. i have a wart on the end of my nose.
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terrible. but that's okay. i've always wanted to look like kerry grant but anyway you are beautiful. [applause] [applause] >> you are beautiful. >> thank you mr. trump. [applause] that's so great. never met her before. she's amazing. she is amazing. thank you, appreciate it very that's my relationship.
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they did the polls in nevada and nobody believes it but that's my relationship. new york we have a hispanic station and the emcee of the station, i don't know him and he's talking about trump. how bad is trump? they love them, all hispanics they loved trump because they know i'm going to do the right thing. i love the hispanic people. they know i'm going to do what's right. [applause] a couple more things. i want just to talk about -- so we have the 2nd amendment and they want to take your guns away. [booing] we can't let it happen. the press wants me to put policies together because they say we agree he's leading in the polls but he can't go much longer because he doesn't put policy favors up.
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i guarantee mine is much higher than any of these people. [applause] by unical is one of the great professors. i put policy out on tax and i put policy on immigration and the 2nd amendment which is basic we you are allowed to protect yourself, okay wax. [applause] and they said don't you think it's important to start talking about policy. it's not important to the people because they know i'm going to do the right thing. they know my stand but now i'm keeping the press happy. in the end it's all that simple. i will say this. i love being here with you.
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i loved my trip to iowa and i was in new hampshire and south carolina. somebody said -- i'm doing a business but i'm giving it to my kids and my great executives. i can be doing this all the time i have to to because we want to win. we want to win. i don't want to focus on the deals. what's important to me and i just saved over the past couple weeks. one of the networks today said i could trademark the expression
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make america great. who would think of it? i had a couple of candidates. i had a couple of candidates. aye and go and they say make amera great again so they started using it but the responses are the same. they don't believe in politicians. i was going to tell you before where these guys that came out were friends of mine but then they cannot viciously against me. walker was a friend of mine. i get a lot of flak. i use them to put pictures of my family n.. but he came up and he gave me a plaque and he thanked me very much and he was so nice. one of his guys came out and he
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said bad things about me. chop his dad. he's a bad guy. i said oh thank you. he was supposed to win. he was favored to win. i gave the real numbers. in one paragraph that said big deficits schools are in trouble and votes are in trouble. i didn't know this. i thought it was all good. so i'm standing in iowa and he got wiped out and then he left and when he left he said everybody has to leave. one person to take on trump, we have got to be trumpeted as want to do the right thing. [applause] no, think of it. then we have lindsey graham. [booing] he was always nice.
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he called me because he wanted a reference or something and then he wanted campaign contributions and it left me his number. he gave me his cell number and this was three years ago. it's true. i found it. i have a whole pile of junk. that's stuff that will never be used again. i had a news conference and i held up his number. they said read it out and i ratted out. he was a nice guy and he wanted contributions and that was fine. i had a previous life. mine nonpolitician and my politician. i gave him a hard time. i don't start these things. everyone says these mean.
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hit me with that beautiful red hair. look at that beautiful hair. i wish i had that hair. it looks good. [applause] said he hit me really hard. i'm in my 20s and 30s and the hits the hell out of me. he was a nice guy, what happened? he said i will never leave. why not? just leave, it's not working. then they have the polls in south carolina. i met 29 or 32 or something like that. he's at 20, so something is wrong. he's probably not going to run for office again. i think these guys have been mortally wounded. and then we have rand paul. [booing] he was expected to win and then
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he goes around for the last debate in these telling everybody i'm going to attack trump. he's not a true conservative. e what i like his ideas. [applause] i am a conservative guy. and these are vicious guys. just take it easy. he said news conferences telling everybody what a bad guy a.m.. he is another one that is expected to win. i have great respect for the people of kentucky. i love that state and i love the people but what are they second-class citizens? take your place. i think it's unfair for the people of kentucky. how do you do that? so he starts getting really vicious. every time i see him, i won't
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even say it. then he said i would get him in the debate. am i right? asus right? i'm going to get him in the debate. i'm going to go after him. he's not going to have a chance. i'm going to do numbers on them that are unbelievable. the first question i attack him. after that he was perfectly nice. he backed me up twice. so this is a crazy thing. jeb bush is doing great. he is a nice guy but he was doing great. when i think of the president i think you need somebody with tremendous drive and energy and up here. [applause] i didn't see the fire in jeb. stand up.
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what was the expression? low energy he said. sometimes she will say something about somebody. sometimes like i called rubio a lightweight. water, yeah water. remember the response on live television in the present state of the union speech? they said be careful because he's a young rising star and is talking in a sweating. i'm watching saying is he going to be okay? and he's sweating and to keep sweating and the waters pouring down all over. i said was that live television? but i called him a lightweight. he may be a nice guy. i really don't know him but he attacked me viciously and booked booked -- bush attacked me viciously.
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it wasn't all that vicious that vicious is a nice person. i said he's a low energy individual and somehow that one-stop. i don't know if lightweight is going to stick with rubio. then i attacked carly's record because her record running a business was a disaster. she was named to the ceo hall of fame as one of the worst in the country. but she's got that good patter patter like a machine gun. i said if you listen for 10 minutes you get a headache. [applause] you get a headache. the press loves her. i am at 29 and she says six and here's the headline. carly is surging. i mean honestly she is surging.
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then said something very nasty. i like him. he said something really nasty about my face. i'm a religious person. can you believe i'm protestant? i was all set to go after him and then he took it back. i can't do that. he took it back. i was all set. i was disappointed that he took it back. i didn't want them to take it back. i didn't wanted to take it back. and i couldn't do it because he stood up and he said no the press talked me into saying something that i didn't mean and i'm taking it back and i said that's really cool. [applause] why do you say something bad about me please? yesterday i stuck up for him because the press killed him. the press was saying he made a statement essentially there were
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some maniac over there shooting people. they said that's terrible and that's disrespectful to the people. i didn't see it that way and i said i think he was treated unfairly by the press. it became a big story. actually stuck up for him. it's the first time i've ever done that. i don't do that. [applause] so i just want to tell you we are going to bring jobs back to this country. [applause] we are going to have caro icon one of the greatest businesspeople of all times. we are going to have phil. we are going to have the smartest the best negotiators in the world and i know most of them and believe me i know people you have never heard of that are better than the ones you have heard of. i turned down millions, i feel so foolish.
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one guy wants to give $5 million. he wants to give a fortune. i don't want it. i feel like a jerk. i said no. and i go like this. i was in iowa and i asked a question. supposing, i'm so funding my campaign other than the tiny ones. we had a woman $7.59. how can you send that money back? first of all it cost you costs you more money to send it back. it's cute, it's beautiful. they feel invested in your campaign. if you wrote a letter saying i'm sorry i don't want your money, it's nasty. i don't want the big money. so i turned them down and it's so different from what i really am. i was in iowa and we had a packed house.
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they said i don't feel good about turning these people down. i said i feel like a schmuck. how many jewish people in this room? am i right? i feel like what am i doing? i'm turning down millions of dollars and i said okay look how about if i take the money but i swear to you i won't do anything and you know what they did? do you stood up and they went crazy. they hated it. i said i promise you and here's the thing, let me take millions of dollars from these people. i will not do them any favors. i will go out of my way not to do them favors and everyone stood up and said one thing, don't do it. if i lose i was stupid. i don't think i get enough credit for cell funding.
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i get so much publicity. i feel crazy but put in an advertisement. what do i need for? at "cnn" they say all trump all the time and then you put an ad in. they say i can't take it anymore. so it's zerocome and you will see than the filings. i don't know if i get credit because of cell funding. do people know that i'm self-funded? [applause] so we are going to bring back our jobs. this last trade deal is a disaster. by the way hillary came out saying the same thing i've been saying for five months. i took a commercial saying the trade deal with no good. it's no good. 11 countries that are ripping up united states and taking our
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jobs. china is going to come in the backdoor and make a great deal with us. they always make a great deal with us. we are led by very stupid people. so hillary came out against it. obama wanted it. hillary came out against the president. be careful hillary, you may be indicted. be careful. [applause] that's very dangerous for her to do. i give her credit but the reason she did if she thinks someday she's going to be debating me. i our day have the pipeline, which i love. whether it's good better and different it's not going to hurt anybody. it's not going to have an impact she changed her mind yesterday. you saw that. i'm telling you obama is angry
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at her. this could be the end of e-mail. this could finally be the end. she's going to end up like general petraeus, seriously. this could be the beginning of the end but i want to run against her. i really do. i want to run against her. i bernie that is too easy. some people say communist. some people say show celeste. want to go against communist. in this country, i do not think it plays. but, we will take our jobs back. make our military strong. so strong and powerful. that nobody is going to mess with us. we will not have to use it in my opinion. nobody is going to mess with us. [applause]
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we would not be here if it was not for our veterans. we will take care of them. we will do it properly. [applause] will come up with a health care program that is unbelievable. your premiums will not be rising 55% like they are doing now. we will terminate obamacare.
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so, just remember. this was more than just a speech. you would see a nice chat and you would go home. this is a movement. this is a movement to take our country back. there is a movement on in this country. it is ready to take our country back.
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they used to use the term silent majority. it was not politically correct because i think it has to do with nixon. descriptivemore term. i'm bringing it back. the silent majority. the forte but the silent majority. i realize that i brought back a couple of months ago i was in front of the group south carolina that was going wild. they said the silent majority. i realized the term does not work anymore. it was a loud and incredible majority. were tired, we are tired of being pushed around. we are tired of being led by stupid people. we are tired of having our negotiators given land hundred $50 billion.
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24 day inspections, self inspections. we do not get our prisoners back. we are of having them approach is two days ago and say we should of had our prisoners back. we want to give you three prisoners back but we want 19 people from you. we want many other things. that should have been included in the deal. we're tired of it. we are tired of sergeant bergdahl who is a traitor. he is a traitor. a no good traitor. he should have been executed. we get sergeant bergdahl and they get five of the biggest killers that they wanted more than any other people. they wanted them for years. for years they have a trying to get these killers. they are back on the battlefield. yesterday i heard that bergdahl probably will not serve any time. 30 years ago he would've been
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shot. people are tired of it. so, just remember this day. because, things are happening. if it all happens and i think it might very well we are going to make this country great again. greater than ever before. it is going to be something special. thank you very much. [applause] aerosmith's dream on] ♪
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♪ every time that i look in the mirror ♪ on my face lines getting clearer ♪ the past is gone ♪ it went back like desk tilde on ♪ ♪ isn't that the way? everybody has their dues in life to pay. i know nobody knows where comes early where it goes i know everybody's guinness say you have to know. half my life is in books with
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no pages. live and learn from full's and from sages ♪ all the it's true failings come back to you ♪ ♪ sing with me sing for the year sing for the left and sing for the fear ♪ maybe tomorrow the good lord will take it a way.
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>> all campaign long, c-span takes you the road to the white house. unfiltered access to the candidates at town hall meetings, conferences and speeches. we are taking your comments on twitter, facebook and by phone. always, every campaign we cover is available on our website at c-span. or g. >> more road to the white house coverage later today. presidential candidate ben carson will be speaking. you can watch live coverage at 1:00 eastern time. >> on the next washington journal the latest on kevin mccarthy's decision to drop out of the race for house speaker. i'll congressman steve king on the house leadership. 2016 presidential race.
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congressman elizabeth este discusses gun violence in the united states. washington journal is live every morning at 7:00 eastern time. you can join the conversation by phone or facebook. or my twitter. house majority leader kevin mccarthy dropped out of the house speaker's race yesterday. we will hear from congressman mccarthy in a few minutes. we will start with congressman jason j fits of utah. >> i want to make sure this is real. this is a lack we what we would do. >> we have a lot of discussion.
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it was absolutely stunning. i love kevin mccarthy. he is a good man. that was a tough thing to do. >> he has the same goal that i have. i will go into the mic. >> as far as the nominees -- [inaudible] >> i think the congress needs to have choices. i think that is a healthy part of the race.
6:41 am
>> let's quit. here we go. he is coming to the mic. >> wow. i'm here with my wife. i am stunned. i did not see that coming. kevin mccarthy is a good man. putas always been one to this country before everything else. i stand shoulder to shoulder with the same desires. that is to unite this party and take the fight to the president, to the senate into the american people. i believe it is time for a fresh start. that was the genesis of my campaign. but we need to have more family discussions because we need to find somebody that our whole body can unite behind and do what we were elected to do.
6:42 am
i was absolutely stunned, surprised, shocked that this happened. but, we would have to do a lot of soul-searching. we'll see what happens. i would support the nominee on the floor. but we do not yet have a nominee. i think we have a lot of internal fractures. fracturing that has happened. we need to figure out a way to unite the party. that is what kevin mccarthy wants to do. that is what i want to do. >> what you know about temporary caretakers? walk -- why is that not a good idea? >> i think we have to unite behind a plan. we'll have those discussions in the coming weeks.
6:43 am
but, ultimately we are trying to build a consensus. that will get us to the numbers and get us back to the work that we were elected to do. will continue along those lines. thank you. i appreciate it. >> there were two candidates, then there were three. now, there are two again. so i have no idea. i want to have a fresh process. i think that is a big issue. i think that is what we started working on. we had our conference for a few hours here. we started with some rule changes yesterday.
6:44 am
i think those are some key things. it is so way the role. right now, we do not use the role. -- rule. [indiscernible] >> you may have misunderstood my picture of the speaker. the speaker empowers the members to be successful. in a power base to system the speaker and others make the decision. what i will do is make them successful. when they do we will get the nature on that.
6:45 am
it is not my job to block it. it is the vote of the people. when we go principle-based there will be more together. there are more opportunities. all the other side would like to do in some cases, they would just like to impact a change. but if they do not get a chance at all then the process will shut them out. >> i do not.
6:46 am
i think there are other factors here. >> it do you like being the underdog? >> i like to be the favorite. >> he knows he does. he leaves on principle. have you been putting your name no matter who got elected, we could have a member driven process. >> they will need to step up and say yes we have the change.
6:47 am
there are some great things happening. we were able to get the jump on the senate. not allow theo governor to have the upper hand. we have a lot of leverage. take thingsto do is on principle, including the membership. we have to put votes first. when you roll out an appropriation bill it is a lot of pressure. the closer we get to the deadline the less authority the house will get. does this make the republican conference chaos? i do not know why he dropped out. together in a discussion
6:48 am
that we had this morning. he was running. he was answering questions like he was running. i do not know. it is hard without a leader. i think also it would be easier because all of the leadership we have had could have the under leadership helping guide the process. >> have you talked about -- [indiscernible] >> there were a few things he said before. >> you said there was a meeting this morning where he talked like he was still rooted -- like
6:49 am
he was still running. he has the same passion. >> it might be later, nobody knows. >> they have a longer-term election later. >> do you think that's a good idea. .> this is the approval to >> folks we need to get by. >> no i do not.
6:50 am
i think you made a decision. i think congress has to respond. >> what if you are elected? >> we want to find someone who can unite us and move forward. we don't need an explanation about why we are slowing down. he said he would not run for speaker. he was not speaking as closely into the microphone as he could have. >> wasn't just the conference echoed that was not made clear. there i do back in not think that is what happened. >> it just happened.
6:51 am
what happened was, kevin was withsaid that he the drawing his name from consideration for speaker. that he would not be running. with that he sat down. up and saidner got based on what was just said, we are going to move to an election for speaker. up andthi rogers got said that the conference was adjourned. >> what was your reaction when he said it? >> the person next to me was crying.
6:52 am
>> i like both of those guys. we came in together. mccarthy'sf lieutenants. peopleoesn't want talking to him back home. he doesn't want them to feel toe he was going to have make it easier on them. she was prepared to take those arrows for our party to move forward. >> i do not know. it was a shock. literally it was a shot. >> the speaker moved into the majority. this was at the top of the meeting?
6:53 am
>> he got up after that. he literally said that he does not want people to have to defend him in their district. he is not going to be a distraction for them in their constituents. he helps that they will re-adjourned the meeting at a later date. >> what is that mean for you? i hope the people talk sense into kevin. i hope more people galvanize around him. that way we can move forward. >> i think it is pretty obvious that all members of the delegation were shocked. kevin mccarthy had the vast majority of the conferences confidence and vote. but, he has made a decision that i believe he could not get to 18. as a result, cast taken himself
6:54 am
out of the running in favor of a candidate who can get to to 18. 218. he will be the most influential voice for us. kevin mccarthy remains our leader. he remains a steadfast part of our leadership. clearly he is the man who has the most votes by far for speaker. he is staying on as majority leader. as i said, kevin mccarthy will the most important endorsement for whoever becomes the speaker. does this have anything to do with the walter jones letter? i believe the leader will speak for himself. is that he felt he could not get to 218. wants to make sure that whoever does become speaker obviously has the ability to get to 218 on the floor consistent was a --
6:55 am
consistently. i believe you'll have to ask the candidates who may emerge. i do not believe there is any candidate today to get to 218. reasonve that is the speaker boehner dismissed with the intention to have the field reconsidered for somebody who can get to 218 on our conference. >> is is longer than the end of october? the speaker remains the speaker until he formally stepped down. on this point what we have is a candidate who magnanimously said he did not believe he could unite the conference efficiently. he has gone out of the running. came close todate having the votes that kevin mccarthy had. thank you.
6:56 am
[indiscernible] >> wait a minute. >> i think i shot some of you. the one thing i always said to earn this majority was
6:57 am
that we are servants. we should put the conference first. i think there is something to be said to unite us. i will stay on as majority leader. the one thing i found in talking to everybody was that if we're going to unite and be strong, we need a new face to help us do that. i feel good about the decision. ifo great to have my family here. we're going to turn the country around. this will be our best foot forward. you said you're going to run for the speaker, why change at noon, what happened during those four hours? we had our conference. i do not want making voted for speaker a tough one. i think the best thing for our party right now is that you have
6:58 am
247 votes on the floor. if we're going to be strong we have to be 100% united. i think you know what? let's put the conference first. i've been talking with a number of members who have been thinking about this throughout the week. trying to see if we can get there. >> added benghazi plan to your decision? i couldn't have said it much better, this committee was only created for one purpose. to find the truth on behalf of the families for the four dead americans. i've i should not be a distraction for that. that is part of the decision as well.
6:59 am
can you put arrested those rumors right now? >> no. >> i think the conference should decide. thank you very much. >> more about house majority leader kevin mccarthy's decision to drop out of the speaker's race and take your phone calls on the washington journal coming up next. the house is back this morning. they will be working on a measure to allow crude oil in the u.s. to be exported. lighthouse coverage on c-span. coming up, congressman steve king will talk about the leadership races and what is next for the republican conference as well as the 2016 presidential race.
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and connecticut congresswoman elizabeth st will join us to discuss gun violence in the united states and what can be done to prevent it. facebooklso comment on and twitter. >> we have a lot going on in washington this week. we are drawn from the speaker's race. talk about what is going on in policy of politics. what story you would talk about this week. that is what we are asking on the washington journal. you can see phone numbers up there. area code is 20274 8004 democrats. 748 8002 for independence. you can also make comments of the social media. you can comment on


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