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  Key Capitol Hill Hearings  CSPAN  October 9, 2015 6:27pm-7:01pm EDT

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♪ host: donald, you won't get this on the media, but donald gave -- cheers and applause] host: donald gave $20 million to he st. jude children's home. $20 million. [cheers and applause] host: could have used that $20 million for television ads but decided to give to the children of cancer. so that's donald trump. [cheers and applause] host: by the way, donald has
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more hispanics, hundreds of thousands of them, and they all ove him, believe me. donald. cheers and applause] mr. trump: trum thank you. so nice. thank you. thank you very much. they have hundreds and hundreds of people standing outside and didn't get in. they didn't get the good real estate. you got the good real estate. i feel badly. i feel badly. phil owns this hotel and been a friend of mine and did deals together and had a great success at trump international and i hope you know that hotel, the most beautiful building in las vegas, i have to say, but it's a great thing to be involved with somebody that is so talented, so
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smart, such a great person. and he is a great poker player. you know, i always put my money on him in a game of poker and he walks away, takes everybody's money and goes onto the next one. that's what we want. i love you, too. i love you, too. [cheers and applause] mr. trump: i want to start by saying that kevin mccarthy is out, you know that? [cheers and applause] mr. trump: they are giving me redit. we need smart and we need and the whole package and it's a positive -- i like that. i like this guy. but it's bedlam in washington.
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it's a mess. i have been doing this for a long time. i have always been in politics. for three months, i have been a politician. it's embarrassing. i never wanted to be a politician. we are going to make our country great again. we're going to do it. [cheers and applause] mr. trump: kevin is a nice guy and i hope they find somebody that is going to have those qualities where we can negotiate and use that debt ceiling that is coming up rapidly, because if we don't, we are going to be in big trouble and going to be in very big trouble. we are in a big fat beautiful bubble and i predicted the last couple and i'm telling you we have to get our act together or are going to be greece on
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steroids. that's what is going to happen. there's nothing wrong with the republicans taking a tough stance and sticking with it. [cheers and applause] mr. trump: you know, i wrote "the art of the deal." and it is the biggest selling book all over the place. who doesn't have it? i'm coming out with a new one. you know what it's called? "crippled america." everything is rosey. make money. i'm doing one called "crippled america." we had all these titles. we had a photographer, a great book publishing. roles royce. maybe a cad lick. we want to keep it -- cadillac.
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great company and they sent this photographer and he took pictures and i'm smiling. yeah, ag hmp. like we are doing great. china is taking our jobs. we are losing to isis and don't know what we are doing. i mean, is it true? so i have all these pictures, smiling, but i had, i guess i wasn't prepared and i was nasty looking. nasty. and i said maybe we should use that picture instead of the nice pictures. i'm not going to give it to my family or anything. i have the nassiest-looking picture. because honestly for a period of time that's what we have to do. we have to put our head down and straighten out this mess. and nobody can do it like me. nobody can do it like me.
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honestly. i will bring our jobs back. it's very interesting. c nmp n and i'm on live. they are all live. every time, they have me on live. they make the same speech over and over and over. if i say the same thought twice i get criticized you said that three weeks ago. the military is in trouble. the vets are being treated poorly. we are going to repeal obamacare. cheers and applause] have to. we have to. we have to. we don't have a choice. look at the response that gets. and sometimes it's not the biggest response. my stance on immigration -- first of all, i met with a whole group of hispanics and what phil
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said, i don't know what he was going to say. i have employed thousands of hispanics. these are incredible people. incredible. my relationship is great. they did a poll and everybody probably saw the poll. i won with hispanics in the state of nevada. [cheers and applause] mr. trump: they are incredible people. i won for two reasons and one of them is they know we are going to take our jobs back and people are going to have jobs. this 5.3% is nonsense. we have close to 100 million people out of the work force. we have 50 million people that are in poverty. they consider it poverty, like third world. not as good as some of the third world. ur airports are worst than third world nations. you fly into some of these
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airports they are like third-world countries. i get along with these people. i don't dislike china. i have the biggest bank in the world, chinaes bank. the rent comes in, boom, like clockwork. i have tremendous relationships with mexico, with china. with everybody. the problem is we aren't being led right. when commine and japan, brazil, i mean any country, name any country if they are taking advantage of us. france. they are taking advantage of us. you know that. you know what they are doing with iran? you could name any country -- russia, that's a pretty easy one. russia. that's the one i was hoping. we don't have to say too much about russia.
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he is having a field day. our leaders are incompetent. they're incompetent. they're incompetent. [cheers and applause] even israel. if you look at israel. we are taking advantage of israel, because what we did with that stupid deal with iran is the worst thing that has probable happened to israel since the initial israel -- since day one, i would say maybe, maybe potentially the worst thing that has happened to israel. and i have so many jewish friends and say i don't know what happened. it's almost like what are we doing here. they support him and having fundraisers for him and they said he has treated him badly. the whole thing is crazy. he has been so bad to israel and
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netanyahu is a great guy. i thought he made a great speech at the united nations. you know, i was one of the few people, he asked me to make an ad for his campaign. and i take full credit for it, ok. full credit. but we have a problem with so many different things and i love talking about this to the media. do we love the media? crowd is booing] mr. trump: the level of dishonesty is incredible. not all of them, but some of them is fine. let's end it with that. but the level of honesty is in the media. they are so dishonest. i'll have a crowd like this. they never pan the room. they never pan the room. look. they never pan the room.
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[cheers and applause]
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>> we have become very conservative and i said to the press, i went home and my wife said, how was it? she said was the crowd big? [laughter] mr. trump: it's true. she said they had the camera on your face the entire time. they never panned the crowd. they're terrible. they're terrible. the media is terrible. i'm going to go into a whole thing. no. they're terrible. [cheers and applause] pan, look. look. they won't turn the cameras. and they won't put this part on. why don't you pan the cameras. they don't want to do that. it's terrible. [cheers and applause]
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my wife tells me how was the crowd in oklahoma? i said it was amazing. i thought you watched. but they never showed how many people were there. and the reporter got up. donald trump was there and made a speech in oklahoma and he left. i set every record. he was here and made a speech. little controversial. little controversial. they are dishonest people. same thing in dallas. i went to dallas and they treated me fairly good there. we had a full place and the mark cubin called me up and he said i would love you to use the place.
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mr. trump: remember this. remember this. and the reporter who did the story calls up my people and said, i want to meet with mr. trump. never even called me or spoke to me. is he w and ning. so yesterday morning before the story -- i won the state of
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florida. i was at 128 or 29. think of this. he governor of the state, bush bush is in the favor of common core, ok? that means your children are going to be educated by the bureaucrats in washington. i don't think so. i don't think so. so this reporter calls up my people. i have great people. calls up hope, i would love to speak to mr. trump. we'll work it out. and she said she didn't say we had 24 million people at the debate. the biggest audience in the
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history of c nmp n and fox had the biggest audience in cable and got bigger. called preliminary numbers. i know so much from "the apprentice." . was it greatest? was it greatest. you can always tell the enemy. the head of comcast came up to see me with the head of reality television and came up to my office and said, we want you to extend, we want you to -- he is one of the biggest executives. comcast owns nbc and i said i think i'm going to run and want to make our country great again. i think? he said i don't know. they had their upfronts.
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usually the biggest place in manhattan and announced the fall schedule. they announced that "the apprentice" is going to be extended. and it's going to be season 15 and want to go beyond that. and i said i'm going to run. if you run, stupid laws, it's called equal time. if i do "the apprentice," you have to let other people like lindsey graham do a two-hour show on television. [audience booing] mr. trump: well, we are going to take a chance, they announced and sold all of the advertising. 12 years. 15 copies. think of it and now they extend. and i'm on it and get a call from mark and you are turning
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down an extension, no nobody, turnings down an extension. i'm giving up a lot. and on top of it, on top of it, on top of it, i'm self-funding my own campaign and putting up my own money! [cheers and applause] mr. trump: i'm the only one. it's amazing the response. people love that. the people that are controlled by the lobbyists and the special interests, i have been there. i used to give the money and i went like this. with "the apprentice," i turned t down and we get a story.
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they said trump, trump gets fired by nbc and know it's not true. they call up and they know, oh, liars, uch dirty rotten they are disgusting. so i gave up "the apprentice." ap we had to put down numbers and they said maybe trump won't run because that's a big thing. i announced. -- he won't sign form a. he's not going to do it. got a great family, hotel, lots of great things. they will say he will never file form arch.
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they said he won't file his financials. i filed. i was one of the few that filed in time. i had 100 pages and some of these guys have one pages. they were late and needed extensions and i filed on time. i filed ahead of time. and they found out that my company and phil would know because he knows my company is ch bigger, stronger and much richer. they couldn't believe it. what they did and from the day i've done this and my wife said to me and has anyone heard of my wife, two great women? and they are going to come out and campaigning soon and they believe so much and so strongly on women's health issues that
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bush didn't want. he didn't want to fund them. and hillary says how dare he talk about -- [laughter] mr. trump: she acted indignant. . re's a woman petraeus has a criminal record. they steroid five other people doing one tenth of what she did. and she's going to get away with it. can you believe it? they destroyed general petraeus, they destroyed his life, he is 2% of what he did. you tell me it's fair. i look forward to running against her because that is going to be a big issue, believe me. [cheers and applause] mr. trump: and don't forget, she will fight very hard because the
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statute of limitation is six years, do you know what that means? one guy up there is laughing like hell. a republican gets in, that's going to be fair. six years. she's fighting for her life. i think the democrats are going to leave her alone and it's a corrupt system and if a republican gets in, i don't say she's guilty and have to check, but we have a six-year statute of limitation and at least there ill be a -- so she is really fighting. she is fighting for her life in a sense. and it's interesting on the very same day, she said i don't like donald trump's tone. [laughter] mr. trump: i don't like his tone. and bush said the same thing and rubio said it.
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i don't like donald trump's tone. and i say wait a minute. aren't we tired? [cheers and applause] mr. trump: we are tired of these weak, pathetic, sad people, that don't have a clue. we are going to make the country better than its ever been before. so they said we don't like mr. trump's tone. they want to be low-key. and china, ever see china's tone. they walk through the door. believe me. i deal with them. isn't a beautiful day? the sky is so beautiful. look, mr. trump. it's all business. we want to extend lease. [laughter] mr. trump: right. there are no games, right? there's no games, no small talk,
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no small talk, no how's the weather, it's too bad. all business with these people. and they hit you in ways? i love china. i love the mexican people. they're great. but i deal with china and they walk in with waves of smart people. [cheers and applause] mr. trump: we'll build a wall. but i will tell you, china comes in and negotiates and sitting there by yourself and 25 people across the table and every one of them is a genius. you can do deals. i asked my people, i said go back and tell me what is the trade imbalance with china? and i was surprised. i thought it was big but i didn't know it was this big.
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almost $400 billion. we are losing $400 billion. they devalued the currency. and taking our base and manufacturing and then on top of it. we owe them, think of this one, china is our largest creditor and japan. we owe each of them $1.5 trillion. they steal our jobs. take our money. we owe our money. all these jean uses. they take our money and we owe them money. but we owe them 1.5 trillion. we owe japan. then i said, so i was in los angeles three weeks ago and saw the biggest ships i have ever seen and cars are pouring out of hese ships from japan like the
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long island pressway. ey are going off the ramp, shoom, shoom, shoom. the ramp they built is this big between the borders. and they built a ramp. the wall was so small. they built a ramp and trucks going back and forth. i mean how stupid are we? how stupid. but china -- so they -- we have an imbalance with them almost $400 billion. if that's the number, it's worse than that. they say 5.3% employment. the number is probably 32%. i saw one report saying our unemployment rate is 4 %. you are right up to these numbers.
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so we have a 20%, 25% unemployment rate. this was done by politicians so they look good. if you stop looking for a job, they say unemployment is done, 5.3. we aren't. i wouldn'tville caught on. i wouldn't have catching on. it's not a real economy. it's a phony set of numbers. they ag cook the books. ever hear the splegs. the politicians cook the books. so what happens, i get the reports yesterday and the reports are amazing. i love polls. he talks about polls and the other people don't. and the other people are winning. i say they are losing. i said it last night on television. there may be a time when they stop talking about polls if,
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some of these guys have nothing. they have zero. 20,000 people, didn't have one vote. they have zero. to me, that is leading. so they said. i saw on television. he talked about it because i was in iowa yesterday. packed. packed. amazing overflow crowd. they want to see the country be strong. amazing people. [cheers and applause] mr. trump: i was talking about the polls and one of the reporters, one of those live alive, - barely, barely no. no they said on television. mr. trump talked about the polls. and i thought to myself, maybe i talk about polls too much. since i came out and my wife and my daughter said you know, if
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you ever run, you are going to win. i said why do you say that. i said nobody thinks you are running. and before i signed my life away. you sign your life away. it takes guts to run for office. especially, especially if you're not a politician. i never did this before this, folks. these guys are senators and governors. florida, winning pig big, big, florida, florida, winning 28%, 29%. pennsylvania, big, big great important state. we love pennsylvania. i love pennsylvania. i'm there a lot. pennsylvania, i'm leading big. bringing. ohio, ohio, so the poll comes out and a great polling company,
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the real deal, and they just hate it. they just hate it. and i'm leading ohio and beating a good guy. kasich is a good guy. and he's here and i'm leading by a lot. and people are saying what's going on. and they have a poll coming out and i have 35%. 35%. 35%. [cheers and applause] mr. trump: so we get, highest ratings in fox. heightest ratings in cnn. by the way, all the polls. and they poll everything. they poll who won the debate. "time" magazine, drudge, slate places i never heard of. and i turn on the television, donald had a bad night tonight. i say i thought i won.
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i thought i won. i like cnn. i think cnn is great. but i tell you, i go home and i say i'm going to watch myself. who wouldn't do it? right? then i see the pundits coming in. they don't have a clue. and they say that they didn't like it. then they said here's the beauty for 28 minutes i didn't say anything at the end and then you faded in the end. i wasn't asked any questions. i wanted to say they are so dishonest. here's what happened. for the nirs two hours, everything was me. these guys are honorable, they are rich guys. that's why they are in the first row. [cheers and applause] mr. trump: i heard in the
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theater, fourth row is the best. but you know, they went out and they do this thing on television and i'm saying i can't understand it. and my daughter says every single polling organization says you won. but i think on the cnn debate, it was two hours. now they were -- no. no. no. it was two hours and made don't ruin my story. [laughter] mr. trump: it was a two-hour debate. two days before, what happened andt was in "variety" "hollywood reporter" -- i like them. they did a story. they took it