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tv   Millions for Justice March  CSPAN  October 11, 2015 4:28am-7:01am EDT

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>> on the next washington journal, reporters roundtable with jennifer jacobs of the des moines register and dan from the -- latest o'hanlon has the on the word against the taliban in afghanistan. and gaming and sports authority daniel wallach talks about the fantasy sports websites fan dual and draft kings. as always we will take your phone call and you can join the conversation on facebook or twitter. >> i think every first lady should do something in this position to help the things she cares about. >> think every first lady should
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be the best at the entertainment given here. i think it is good in a world when there is quite enough to divide people, that we should cherish the languages and emotions that unite us all. 's 1000ueline kennedy days as first lady or defined in images as political spouse, young mother and advocate for the arts. as television came of age it was ultimately the tragic images of his funeral that cemented her in the public mind. jacqueline kennedy at 8:00 p.m. et on first ladies. influence and image. examining the public and private lives of the women who filled the position as first lady and their influence on the presidency from martha washington to michelle obama.
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nation of islam minister louis farrakhan was a speaker at the rally marking the 20th anniversary of the million man march. his remarks are about two hours 20 minutes. in the name of all the --
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we thank him for moses and the israel profits that give us the torah, with the old testament. we thank him for jesus who gave and the apostles then give us the new testament. the last revelation to humanity before the judgment of this present world. that book is called the holy koran. i am a student of the most mohammed, canah enough for hisah merciful intervention in our affairs in the person of
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world andho is in the is championing the liberation struggle of our people, particularly in the united states of america. greet all of you my dear and ,onderful brothers and sisters we say in the arabic language assalamualaikum. say to all of you, i am honored beyond words to be rostrum inng on this hallowed building
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in front of -- i don't know how many. i am not going to guess, but i llah, the almighty god, a for every single one of you that call toto answer the demand justice or else. program in my hotel room and i want to say how happy i am to be a part of such of the showing of unity aboriginal people of our planet. i want our native american
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, and brother night wolf, my brother. i am sorry that they cut you a little short, but i want you to are as afavored you native american giant standing for his people. in native people who came their native dress, this is not like going to a football game they are notkins here as some mascot. they are here because they are the original owner of this part of the earth and we honor them
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what they are justly due. all of those who cry for justice, no cry is greater than those who have suffered the most. those who have suffered the most are the indigenous people, not only of america, but of the and those ofphere us who were brought into america puritanslgrims, not as
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, not seeking another way of worship but in the holds of ships to be made the bird and errors of the real citizens of america. hypocritical for us to say that we are citizens and we are get civil rights while at the same time we are denied the human rights of self-determination. here in fronto be that wasreat house built by black slaves.
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so i think i am encroaching on by standing on the ground that was paid for with the sweat and the blood of our ancestors. i am honored to be here, and am grateful to congressman danny davis for having shepherded through both houses a joint resolution that allows us to be on the capitol steps.
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[applause] i was so touched -- by our native brothers and sisters, and our hispanic brothers and sisters, and some who are black may say, farrakhan, why are you talking to all of these different ethnicities? we have to accept our position. i loved my sister and those standing with her who championed the call that black lives matter. i felt so happy to see her, and to hear her, and to know -- and for her to know -- that she -- and black lives matter -- are welcomed, have a cherish spot -- cherished spot because they have
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future leadership. these are not just young people who happen to wake up one morning. ferguson ignited it all. so all the brothers and sisters from ferguson, all the brothers and sisters that late in the streets, all the brothers and sisters -- that laid in the streets, all the brothers and sisters that challenged the tanks, we are honored that you have come to represent our struggles and our demands. him and her again, i'm grateful
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and for the choir that song -- sung, and the brothers and sisters that sang. brother muhammad and his wonderful song that he wrote about the great liberator emiliano zapata, and to all of you you who made this day so far what it is, every member of the clergy that prayed this morning, owner or you and i you the an muslims, the anyone in an christians, the various prayers that were said, and the native people who have will was their native places,
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there teepees and what's not on the ground, -- what not on the ground, they are sacred people. your and they deserve justice. and we, in unity, will not only a get justice for ourselves, but will justice for all those who are deprived of that precious will you essential of life are: itself. no on this data full -- on this you will beautiful mall, which and will was a slave center hundreds of years ago, right here, down this mall, there used to be slave pens. and in that, the movie "12 years
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of slaves," the black brother was brought here. as is as bound on my an and left side, you're right in left side, you're right in side, and a little yellow house his where he was severely beaten before he was sent off to be a and is slave unjustly for 12 you will you and is a years. you you will be i is you will feel the cry of our ancestors, the pain of those on charging will and whose you will you shoulders we stand.
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you and i feel that the is ancestors are happy, that a young generation has arisen. you i saw the faces of the young you in-line, trying to come in. -- in line, trying to come in. and they made it. but the young stood in their place until they could get in because that is what we work for. we, who are getting older, -- and i am speaking now of myself and my generation -- what good you are we if we don't prepare young people to carry the torch and of liberation to the next will be step? [applause] minister farrakhan: what good are we if we think we can last forever and not prepare others to walk in our footsteps? so to the young that are here,
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is we honor you. we know who you are. and we will not forsake our duty to you. there are some elders who are you not worthy to pass on the legacy to our young people. i our young people will not listen to those made in america, made by a america, and want to bow down in america to that which has given them hell. and you will these young people in are looking for fearless leadership. but to leadership that cannot be bought. leadership that is willing to as sacrifice its
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life to see a better future for our children. i am on it -- honored that my brother and grandfather is here, who is a great fighter in chicago. i am honored that barry is here, and i think -- thank allah for her and her dear departed husband who really showed us the way. i thank allah for all of you who want to sacrifice in some way to make a difference. that can be -- there can be no freedom, no justice without the
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willingness of some. to sacrifice for the rest. what good is life if we are not free? what good is it to be a live and every day that you live you see your people suffering? what good is it to be continuing in life under tierney? tyranny? so there must be a time when we say enough is enough. it must change. and i'm willing to do whatever
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it takes to bring about that change. i thank allah for the brother from haiti and brother vladimir from the dominican republic. two great brothers that islam has brought together, but the machinations of white supremacy are trying to keep apart. haiti and the dominican republic used to be called hispañola. and it is the first place that the wicked one, columbus, set his feet. tomorrow they say is his birthday. i think it is tomorrow, or the day after.
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monday. but no indigenous people want to celebrate a man who came and dislodged them. a man who came seeking a new route to india and ended up in america. and when they saw the original people they saw, well, they must be indians because us white folk don't make mistakes like that. but they are not just indians, nor are we african-americans. we were here before a continent named africa was named. we were certainly here before america's -- this part of the name was -- this part of the world was named after him. so we don't diminish ourselves
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by naming ourselves after johnny-come-lately. we are the aboriginal people of our planet, and before there was a planet, we were here. with god. in the beginning. black woman, you are not the second self of man alone. you are the second self of god. and as the second self of god, and a man that would disrespect a female is an enemy of god. because she is the greatest gift from god to a man. [applause] minister farrakhan: may i pause for a moment and say to women: your language must change as to
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how you address yourselves. you should never call another woman a bitch. [applause] minister farrakhan: get that word out of our language. no female is asked to a dog. every female is up to god. so all of you black men that like to use such words, pull it out of your tongues before your tongue is pulled out of your head. >> [applause] minister farrakhan: every woman is from the creator.
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her womb is the workshop of god. so when a man sees a woman, he should bow in honor to her. the native americans can teach us much in the respective women. i have been up on the reservations, i have been to some of their ceremonies. and the native people, the men draw blood, hanging from trees and carrying skulls of animals in dirt attached to the flesh of their back in tremendous pain until the flash snaps and blood
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pours out. the native people do that to pay honor to the woman. for she is in labor, enduring the pain of death to bring forth new life. and there is always a show of blood before the birth, so the man is trying to equal himself to the woman. that means that the native man, who disrespects your female, you have lost your way. and any black man under the sound of our voice, any red man, any yellow man that will traffic women and girls, you are worthy of death itself.
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>> [applause] minister farrakhan: now, through the womb of a woman, every great one was born. and every no good one was born. >> [laughter] minister farrakhan: but my dear sisters who are here today, if you are expecting, i would love for you to place your right hand over your womb.
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and i want to ask allah that every woman who is pregnant, that she would bring her child to term. and i pray that that child will be a worrier -- warrior for a brand-new world. and that brand-new world will come out of the womb of women with strong man as their protectors. now, it is your body. you can do with it as you please. but it would be so tragic if the next fetus was aborted.
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it would be tragic if the next malcolm x or martin luther king or the next moses or abraham or jesus was flushed away. you don't know who your child is going to be. if you are wise, your child could be the answer to your prayers. why do you pray, or others in sisters? -- brothers and sisters? you pray that things would be
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made better. mothers or cousins or aunts have died from cancer. don't you want to see a cure for such a disease? that cure is not coming out of the sky. that cure is coming from the womb of a female that may think she is not important, but out of that womb, could come the cure of every disease that humankind is suffering from. there was a strange circumstance around my birth. and my mother did not wish to carry me to turn -- term. and in those days, they didn't have abortion clinics. women who wanted to abort the
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new life used hangers. metal hangers. my mother tried three times to abort my life. because the circumstances under which she was pregnant were uncomfortable for her. and she didn't want to face what my being a child -- light-skinned -- when the man she was with was dark skinned, and so was she. and she wouldn't be able to tell him that i was his.
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so after the first time trying to abort my life, she said, let it be. and she prayed and prayed for god to come into her life and give her peace and strength in her for what she thought she would have to face. she didn't know that those circumstances and her prayers went into what was in her womb. she didn't know that her insecurity because of a circumstance made her feel
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secure in the prayers she was sending up to god. and so she gave birth to a child. -- child who knew god from an early age. she gave birth to a child that never in my life did i find refuge in any man. my refuge and my protection was always grounded in my faith in a superior being. so many people wonder why is farrakhan so bold? it is because i am free from fear! [applause]
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minister farrakhan: how could farrakhan tell the fbi and the cia and the irs to go to hell when others tremble at the names? they don't have a name deep enough to make a man who has been shown the arm of god to be afraid of a man who can never do to me nothing more than what god never do to me nothingand if he more than what god would have had to do. and if he permits it, i'm for it, even if it is my death. our problem is this. too much fear among us.
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and fear is what takes a man and makes him a punk. women are showing more strength. protector oftural what her will produces. -- she is the natural protector of what her womb produces. sisters, you should never love any man more than the love you have for what you're will -- if that manoduced becomes a violator of your child. knowing god, not talking god, what takes god is
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fear from your heart. a fearful people cannot be free. people will bow down when it appears that the enemy is strong and we are so weak. preparing this morning , i was thinking about preachers who can quote the strengthhe lord is my and he is my salvation. then, shall i fear? then, shall i be made afraid? comesen when the enemy
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we findlenges his word, him weakening. running away. leaving the sheep to be eaten by the wolves. said i am thesus good shepherd. downood shepherd will lay his life for the sheep. leadership that is forwilling to give his life those that support him and feed of beingis not worthy a leader. in leadership today are
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willing to take a little money. to see how the will sell out the future of our people for little money. that allows us to get an upgrade in our automobiles. pursuitpgrade in their or shoes.suit i ask myself the question, when corruptible put on incorruptible? is an enemy of the progress of man. .ll corruption
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all deviation from honesty and integrity. well, farrakhan, my god. what you saying? godsaying that if you love with all your heart, mind, and and love your brother as yourself, nobody could give you enough money to make you betray your family as well as your brother or sister. i first saw this -- started rebuilding the nation of islam in chicago, a man came to me and said, farrakhan, everybody has
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got a price. i wondered who he had met that everybody that he knew had a price. i thought, this man don't have a friend. will neverriend betray his friend. how many in this audience has been called by the government authorities and told to lie because they wanted a certain person, and if you lied they would make it easier for you and your -- with your sentence? have sold out to get a lighter sentence?
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and major brother who was innocent a victim of the justice by telling is unjust lies? i am talking to you like this -- i have some notes that i put down, but i have not opened it. 10/1/15.y, host: - if we go out and just do what we were doing here, this is all fantasy.
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someoneis the work of who is wrapped up in himself. we have no time for vain expression. honors arethe world those who live for others. in their death they are never dead. there is always someone coming greatnessr to their because they lived for others. they're living was not in vain. why am i saying this? we are facing another election. have -- i don't know how many. is it 17? well it was.
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they are really like the pretty formed showingll her wares so that some man with money will buy her. poor -- whore? a do you think people with money put their money behind you if they don't expect something from you? farce. what makes this a dollars in the last few years has been paid by lobbyists to this house. what are they lobbying for?
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that may not be in the best .nterest of the people how can you look in the mirror at yourself when you are bought and paid for? what do you get for being a whore? kennedy liesld across the water in a beautiful grave with an eternal flame. kennedy hadzgerald a beautiful home. he had boats. he had so much material wealth.
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end is the same. andot in a little coffin six feet of dirt. naked i came into the world and make it i go out. so what are you lying and toating and stealing for give something to her children [no audio] the grave is waiting for every
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one of us that are gathered here today. why are you saying this, farrakhan? because this is not a momt, as my sister said. this is a movement. i am going to say it again. this is not a moment.
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this is a movement. when the brothers and sisters arose in ferguson, you did not have any money. you had a principal. a principle that you were willing to suffer for, that you felt was bigger than yourself and your life. but all of a sudden, the enemy comes with money. if we give you this way you come out in the streets? and some of us, we are all for -- poor, but some of us see that as an opportunity. so the movement begins to die the moment those that leave the bribent take money as a
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to stop hurting. the demand for justice demands integrity. demandsnd for justice selflessness. is bigger for justice than all our lives, so the demand for justice must give us life,ll to sacrifice our because the many are greater than the one. .o we are here today i have some hard truths to say.
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me,nt you to bear with whyuse i want to show you there is no government on this one, that can give the people what the people justice, freedom, of and equity. look around you brothers and sisters. look at the trees. look at the flowers. look at the bushes. all of it starts with a seed. a simple seed. seeds come in colors, different colors and shapes and sizes.
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but a seed hides what god has put within it. unless the seed is placed in the proper environment. these lovely living things that are around us, all of them start from a seed and that seed is planted in the earth. water, andred by sun.magnificent son -- and then the seed of swells and bursts. and then a shoot comes up. and then what was within thenests itself and it is
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a glory of god, its creator. started, we all started, from a sperm. a seed. god is not wasteful. sperm's may be released at one time. some even say one billion. can fertilize that egg. wasteful, you are not what happens to the other sperm? what do we do with the? sperm becomes food for the
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new life. we have a farm and every time we are sowing seeds to raise the crop of beans or corn or whatever vegetation we desire, , seeds are being found. so you see the birds collected over the land. if the seed does not go deep down andhe bird flies the seed becomes food. nothing.stes but you are a seed. i am a seed. we have not yet been placed in the proper spiritual or physical
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environment that would cause the and ledswell and burst , that weithin come out could say i am a part of the glory of god. so eli is a mohammed -- elijah mohammed wanted the muslim program should be brought before this house. i don't know anybody in the house that i could trust to , so i came toram bring it myself. as his student. i want you to think about what i am about to say.
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this program has been appearing "the final page of call" since 1961. the muslim program. you say, i don't want to hear that. i ain't no muslim. ok. what are you? what are you? me youred you to tell nationality, you would point to some little spot on the earth that you think defines who you are. it is limited. i am from georgia. good for you. im from mississippi, i am from alabama, i am from new york. right. but that does not define who you are. i am from jamaica, man.
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i am from the caribbean. i am from africa, i am from ghana, kenya, molly. that don't define you. you are defined by the nature in which you are created. same asnature is the no landmassf god, can define you. , said -- setsays your face for religion being , and there is no altering of god's creation. a dog is a dog. him acause you call thoser or a great dane --
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are the names of different species of dog. but the dog is defined by the nature of its creation. i don't care whether it is a spitz or a terrier, or pitbull.-- if it is mail whenever it sees a hydrant it will lift its leg. nobody taught it how to do that. that's what dogs do that -- that's what dogs do. natureunderstand your then you will understand the unlimited possibilities of the human being. created no human being without depositing, in that human being, a gift that can be
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expressed to an excellent's degree. that is the nature of god. treeis not an on excellent . it is excellent. un excellent birth. it is just a bird. and -- flea, it is an ant, it's the sun. all excellent creations by an excellent creator. and you are an excellent creation from an excellent creator, but you have to know yourself and your relationship to god in order to extract what is within and bring it out to the glory of god. people that black
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listen this house -- carefully to what i'm about to say. a lot of black people who have mastered their particular sport or their particular discipline, and they feel excellent. they walk with a certain heaviness, a certain pride. when they come in the room some of them just suck up the atmosphere. oh look, there is so and so. and so so and-- so is greater than you. there is only great and your eyes because you have not opened your eyes on the greatness of yourself. so.
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look, brothers and sisters. the greatness of god is part of the thing that makes us so dissatisfied with government. you are you are your running for something that the government can't give you. free.e born to be the muslim program says we want freedom. a full and complete freedom. that is not just what muslims want, that is what every human being wants.
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define a fullou freedom and a complete freedom? seed -- if i am a seed and i am 50 years old and i am still a seed, have never been environmenthe right to develop myself, but i don't have freedom. but when i am free and fully developed, then i have attained a full and complete freedom. house gives you that? come on. you don't have it.
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so what are we petitioning this for? they can't give you what is not in their nature to give you. we're just making a demand because it is right to do it, but we know that they can't do it. why can't they? let me show you why. the other day for the first time i said, let me go out and visit all the monuments that are on the small where we as a people will be standing. could iuietly as i slipped into the jefferson memorial. there looking at a 19 foot statue of a great
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american. this mall is hallowed ground for us. ground forlso sacred those who love america. jefferson was one of the most brilliant of the founding fathers of this country. his words, i am going to read a few. just to let you see that he was not a christian. he never said he was, but he artainly was what they call deist. he believed in one god.
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look at this. , he wasn the wall talking about justice. slavery.lking about i watched to give you a little study assignment. things, when he wrote the declaration of independence, that they took out. dealing with king because he vile man, ,rafficked in black bodies bringing them to america.
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i want you to read his words. knewse of thomas jefferson that if the slaves were not set what king george did by bringing us into slavery would cause the slaves to rise and fight against those who were holding us and slavery. we have really come to that point now. did you hear me? reached the point of explosion. , evenpeople that are here those in height places, are saying we can't take this much longer.
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there is a volcanic eruption that is coming now. volcanoes aresay first -- of -- our -- rthed out as bi magma. .hat is molten rock and this molten rock and the gas is at the bottom, then you have an uppercrust that begins to come down and meet the molten rock beneath. i said, isn't that an interesting picture? for you that are in the middle class, crying out. there are not too many middle-class people here, but even if you were you would be crying.
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because the middle class is becoming the new poor. so that is the uppercrust. magma down to meet the below, it is bubbling now and have been coming up. you see is just coming up from the sleeping volcano. you play with the lives of poor people indigenous people -- black people, women. you played with the lives of soldiers who have given their lives on a battlefield only to and be rejected and die while they are waiting for
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treatment and service. why are you saying this in front of the capital, brother farrakhan? i want to show the world hypocritical america, but is telling everybody they are violating human rights, while in america there is all this dissatisfaction. i think, mr. president, we ought china yout, telling have got to straighten out your human rights. going down to cuba, we are going to have relations with cuba. your human rights violations.
5:34 am
though we don't have any problems in america. we are trying to show the world these are problems here. and these problems demand resolution. america don't have the heart to do it. thomas jefferson gave some brilliant remarks about freedom. and trembling for america when he said that god is just and his justice would not sleep forever. and then thomas jefferson, with fashioned the seal of this nation, and at first the
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god.reflected the wrath of , and thet from above does thearmy below, wrath of god would come down on america. if america would not free the slaves. he knew it should be done. said, we jefferson need to put the slaves go. we need to give them a good sendoff. land.d to give them
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we need to give them machinery. seeds too give them plant crops. we need to teach them the , that theywarfare would be able to defend the lands that they would be given. this is thomas jefferson. but he could not force it. there are good white people who want to see you freak of the politics of the situation will not allow it to happen. about whate nothing the politicians are saying. i think we should all have some freedom, and like the pope who came so beautifully a few weeks , and i listened to him.
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i took a few days rest from the tour because i became sick with pneumonia. i went away for 10 days, and during that 10 days his holiness was here and i watched him every day until his plane left. i thought about this human being who captured the world, and that i thought about him in ecuador, it -- in bolivia. i think it -- i think it was bolivia. three countries in south america, and the pope as them -- asked them to forgive the church
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. did you hear that brothers and sisters? she did not say forgive jesus. because the church that was killing the indigenous people really was not connected to jesus. connected to a cross that was given to constantine in a vision, and under that cross with this sign we conquer. and christianity at the time was not the real teaching of jesus. , ands a philosophy ideology based on white
5:39 am
will you forgive us? the pope asked, i did not hear the answer that the people of , and i and paraguay think it was bolivia. we don't hear their answer. , after nine ofon our brothers and sisters were , the for the dead were , but for the culprit , we asked to be forgiven
5:40 am
with our loving misunderstanding said what?rist what did they say? -- what did we say? we forgive you. yourself toen allow grieve and naturally -- to grieve naturally. jesus -- don't put your cowardice on jesus. sure he said love your enemies. he was not talking about letting satan -- loving satan. scripture where jesus
5:41 am
said, we all ought to love satan . the devil. the devil was wicked from the beginning. he was not somebody that committed a sin and did a wrong that you might forgive. but look at you black people. you are so evil. you won't forgive your mother's. some of you don't even talk to your father's. some of you don't talk to nobody , but you you wrong will, with the children of your enemy on your arm. that forgives, and
5:42 am
you say they are the people of god. and they don't have no forgiveness in them. you really need to get .cquainted the pope is not a foolish man. saint out of somebody that the native people don't really see any sainthood and -- in. taking the grand wizard of the -- that is like us taking the grand wizard of the
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ku klux klan and be edifying him and making him a saint. but what about all people here? what about all the evil that you have done? should we forgive? itran saysly like this. [no audio]
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i said what is dr. king doing speaking in the lincoln memorial? so i listened. and then i reflected on abraham lincoln's words, they are written there for the people to see. he said -- and i hope i am quoting him right -- he said if anduld preserve the union keep all in slavery i would do it. did you hear me? said, if i could preserve the union by letting half the slaves go free and keeping the other and slaves, i would do that. a.m. -- aim was the preservation of the union, not
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freeing you. stillat is why you are singing we shall overcome. you have been tricked. you have been had. you have been took. .ou have been bamboozled in the words of brother malcolm, we has been deceived. , youoln, he said suffer. talking about black people. ,rom being in america with us and we suffer from your presence. have you heard that before?
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go look it up. that is one thing you won't say about farrakhan. you won't call me a liar. [applause] look at this. as long as the two of us live be aher, there will always inferior, and i as much as any white man want the superior position assigned
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to the white race. that is your age. problem,ew you are a and he said let me see if i can get rid of you? to thealled the negroes white house. when you call a negro, not a negroman, but you call a ,ho is bending and scratching with his head bent low, talking to the boss man. he said will you negroes except accept to beed -- separated? we will give you land in africa. we will back you up. we will give you what you need. but you be on your own. but we will help you.
5:48 am
and the negroes said, not us. we lose nothing in africa. no. he backed off because the negroes did not want it and he probably could not sell it to white folks who might have still wanted our presence as what we are. people play with us. a wonderful client -- clay in the hand of a mighty people. but you are just prey. pray, itis not spelledpr is spelled prey. aw we are 150 years of from
5:49 am
-- up from abe. but the worst thing about today is we have fulfilled our d time to be in bondage. now you black people that are here, i want you to look this up. slave landedfirst in 1619, but if you really study in the congressional library, right here in washington, the first ships were brought on a under the captaincy of sir john hawkins.
5:50 am
, but in 1555. from 6019tract 1555 , you get 54 years. when i was a little fellow they had a quiz show that was called the $64 question. no, i know what i'm talking about. you were johnny-come-lately. i set it right. as a $64started question. went to $64,000. that is when you came in.
5:51 am
[laughter] how are you going to talk to the old man? go ahead. now, 64 years of hidden history is what turned you and me from an african black person into a seeo, having eyes but can't . years can't hear. tongue can't speak. spiritually blind, deaf, and dumb. happens ourt mothers gone, our fathers gone, you could not hear your father or your mother pray and you
5:52 am
could not hear your father, so you woke up with white folks names on you. now, white people are very smart. with themselves just so they can recognize you. when you are stealing something in the mall -- i don't know whether you do anything like that. but when you are stealing something in the mall and you get to a certain point, the buzzer rings. you can't get out of the store until what is in your possession that caused this alarm to go off is checked. folks have been knowing that you are their property.
5:53 am
that is why the name you. passportou go for your and what is your name? my name is larry wilson. hm. lewis green. hm. they say, this is one of them. named after your former slave master. walking aroundee in the name of your former owner . your first act of freedom is to tell them thank you, but no thank you. take your names back. take a name. that is an african name, that is the name of our people. .n islamic name
5:54 am
if you are from god, why shouldn't you be named after god, who is your creator? you say well, if i just pick a name like that i will go to them and they will say well, you have to go to court. you did not go to know court to name me. i am not going to no court to give you back your name. you have to stand up. i get free man. -- like a free man. don't let them tell you what you have got to do. show them your independence. that is not my name, that is your name. take it back. i am shipping it to you. say't you hear my brother the dominican republic was enslaved by the spaniards? see my mexican family here?
5:55 am
what is your name? is o my name is or near as -- my name is ramirez and i speak spanish. and you look at your haitian brother, he is francois. where did he get that name? he is speaking french. francais?s oh he is different. he is french. no. with a conquered black man a white man's language and a white man's name, and with the white man's religion. let me tell you something about jesus and the white man's religion.
5:56 am
if you really had the religion of jesus we would not even be here talking. you would be free right now. but you and i were baptized into that which made us think jesus was caucasian. there are a few things i want to say before i close. look, they don't want me to stop. they are hungry.
5:57 am
-- thatwhy jesus said is what jesus said. [applause] pastors, thats to is why jesus said to those of us these myhepherds, sheep. he was not telling you to see them with government cheese. he was telling you to feed them the real food of jesus christ. that is why they don't want me to stop, because they are being fed. now look. my point.nt to miss prophesiedphesies --
5:58 am
to be in america 400 years. let's deal with that. go home. get your bible. open to the book of genesis. chapter, the 14th, 15th, and 16th verse. it reads like this. no obscurity, abraham. your seed is going to be a stranger in a land that is not theirs, and they shall serve them, and they shall be .fflicted 400 years who do you think that is talking about?
5:59 am
it's you. people thatonly have been under a strange man in land for 400 look at what the scripture says. , godfter that time talking, i will come. judge that nation that they shall serve. we are now living in the day of judgment. , i don't like to hurt .our feelings
6:00 am
white or black, brown or red or , but america now has entered the time of divine judgment. i want you to listen to me. todaye when i finish i will tell you what's coming. america is in the cross hairs.
6:01 am
these are not his words. they're mine. of the judgment of god. e's after america. if you don't love america, leave it. you can't tell me to leave. i can tell you to go.
6:02 am
look around the world. all the nations are upset. all of them. then the scripture said and thigh wrath is come.
6:03 am
nobody cares that the nations are angry. you've got to worry about the rath of god that has come. ou want to know what else? your tender with hearts you never understood what justice is. justice for pharoah is not the same for justice for the hildren of israel.
6:04 am
ercy is for the oppressed. mocked said god is not whatever a man sow etsdz the same shall he also reap. behold. i'm going to send you elijah the prophet. what is he going to do? he's going to turn the hearts of the children, you, back to your father. and your father's heart back to you. lest the earth will be smitten
6:05 am
with a curse. this is a sad day. it's a great day but it's a dreadful day. it's great tor the righteous. t's dreadful for the wicked. thomas jefferson knew it come tried to beat it. abraham lincoln knew it was coming tried to beat it. . went by dr. king's monument i've learned to love my brother . because if you would go and study the speeches that dr. king made in the last two years of his life you will know that . . king was not a dreamer
6:06 am
had awakened and said i hope my dream had turned to -- a nightmare. these are the words of dr. king. and the night before he was assassinated i want you to see what dr. king was saying a few days before. oh my brother dr. king. -- i rted talking about want to quote him right because this is too important.
6:07 am
my son said what dr. king said i want to get the language right tonight. that man. king n you read how dr. with d we will evolve him. e was not a dreamer. he was a great revolutionary , inker like his brother brother mall come. and while i'm on the subject now it is a group of people out think that fair can has something to do with the malcolm. brother ok. let's deal with it.
6:08 am
i want to ask you a question. do you know any murderer? that white folk don't like? hat they could pin a crime on? and he's still standing here speaking with his foot deep up n their back side. rom this sacred place we ask reveal open up all the files on brother malcolm x don't redakota a thing and let the people see
6:09 am
what really happened to brother malcolm. ll, some muzzlums were nvolved. who was the man giving him mouth to mouth resuscitation when he got shot?
6:10 am
it wasn't one of the followers of mohammed. it was an agent from the police epartment under cover. naturally we were angry with brother because he spoke gainst his teacher and his eachers personal life. reverend black leader you all let's talk a little bit. he had wives. what do you have?
6:11 am
see, you're playing women. he? all where is ront and center. nd where is acmed?
6:12 am
i'm still looking for ishmael. he's been very busy. mohammed's e elijah ons.
6:13 am
i want to show you not an evil an but a good man. this is marie mohammed one of his daughters. my former daughter in-law still my daughter in-law and my grand hildren. each of these are spiritual iants.
6:14 am
this is elijah's son. look at him good. see, a man that wants to have fun with a woman wadgets to hide the fact that she becomes regnant. ow, these are with me. and they are champions in their ields. they're helping me build a nation. you talk about passing the torch, you've got to be careful that there's some light on the tick you've got in your hands.
6:15 am
you throw it in the ditch then the one you're passing the torch to is going to the ditch with you. you've got to lead the people out of the clutches of a deseatful say tanic mind. we are not against flesh and blood but against principalities and powers and the rulers of the darkness of this world and spiritual wickedness in high places. these are the children from his is a and the mother spiritual scholar.
6:16 am
. own all over the world where rlt grandchildren? see. if it were not for his marriages i wouldn't have these helpers. because none of the first amily helped me. in the rebuilding of their father's work. but these that he had from the are who loved him
6:17 am
committed to this cause to the liberation of people all over the world. e planted these in mexico. because he wanted the union of i black and the brown and ave done the same. now, you players. let me give a word to the players. women are not to be played with. they are sacred. and because there are more women than there are men their stock goes down. and the male stock goes up.
6:18 am
so men walk around like eacocks. how many have girlfriends in he church? how many rencheds -- i'm not going there. see, may i say to my lgbtq family let me tell you something. those of us who are students of mohammed we are in love with our people. we don't ask you what your sexual preference is.
6:19 am
we love you. we are not your judges. we want to free our people ompletely. so to my family, this is my family, you will never find me or us condemning you for what in our sow f us under. because all the holy one who will point to a gay brother or sister are foreign caterses adult rers, freaks and everything else. so whotrotchf of us can throw a
6:20 am
stone at the next one? none of us. and the greatest example of that is jesus himself. he came not to destroy the law but to fulfill the law. yet they brought him a woman founded in adultry. i'm coming to the end. nd they said to jesus we found you in adultry. i don't understand how you can found a woman in azultry and she came by herself when you all figure that one out let me now. but after jesus who was supposed to witness her stoning to death according to the law
6:21 am
of moses the people got their stone in their hand and ready. and jesus knelt down and wrote in the sand the one of you that the thout sin you cast first stone. and they held their stones and dropped them by their side because they weren't clean enough to stone a woman found in adultry. jesus was clean enough to do that. and look at what he said woman where are your ooze cukers? nd then he said neither do i
6:22 am
accuse you. o and sin no more. dr. ben carson running for president made a statement bout sharia law. his is a very harsh law. to teach that came guides he never told us o cut off the hand of a thief. or chop off the head or kill someone who is a homosexual. is a savior.
6:23 am
jesus does not come to condemn us for our sins. he comes to save us in spite of ur sins. ow, to my father's family i am really honored to have them as and we are part of he family as well. this is the great grandson of the honorable elijah mohammed. now, as i close today i don't
6:24 am
want you to move yet because his is instruction time. america is under divine udgment as we speak. elijah mohammed taught us 50, 60 years ago of what we were going to face and he said there .ould be four great judgments rain, unusual rain, snow, unusual snow, earthquakes, hail, and that he would use the forces of nature against america. at you see going on in
6:25 am
charleston and in south arolina very serious they have never seen rain like that at all. how? why? that's divine judgment. en i leave you today the calamities are going to get stronger because god wants merica to let us go. not integrate us. let us go and give us a good sendoff. those of you who are scriptly sound moses was not an integrationist. and neither are we. has no e clear, america
6:26 am
future for you or for me. she can't make a future for herself much less a future for us. the scriptures said come out of her my people and we're going to have to come out. but don't worry god says he takes the kingdom from whom he pleases and he gives it to whom he pleases. to ca you have a chance stop the judgment or delay it. did you hear what i just said? this judgment can be delayed but it's a very narrow window of opportunity.
6:27 am
i close with this instruction. , they came sisters to jesus and they asked him hen is the end coming? he said look at this, you can look in the sky and see by the redness of the sky you can discern that it is going to be a good day. but you cannot read the signs. he said this wicked and adulterous generation seek etsdz after a sign but no sign shall be given to you except the sign of jonah as jonah was in the belly of the great fish three days and three nights so shall the son of man be in the
6:28 am
heart of the earth. now, this script trull scientists -- i want you to study. who is the son of man? he's a man from a man. don't you be looking for no spook. the believers in spooks don't understand the law of cause and effect. and that's why your seeds that have not shown forth the glory of god so you're food for the blood suckers of the poor. 85% of the people in every . tion and 10% of the people have
6:29 am
knowledge but they will not share it with the poor so they in america. poor 5% of white people don't understand the law of cause and effect. t there are 10% among them that do understand and they work for the rich and they work against the poor and the poor are poison animal eaters. they eat hog flesh. sounding their mental powers and robbing them of their beauty appearance. they don't know the law of cause and effect. they believe that all that you
6:30 am
see is happening from a mystery god. and here's 10% that know they're sucking the blood of the poor. in the black community we've got 85% that are in bad shape. t you've got 10% who rob the 85%. ad lawyers that take our money but won't fight for us. everything is a plea bargain. the money that want of those killed but won't fight for justice. pharmacies bad
6:31 am
people. that hustle their brothers and sisters so when i ask for 10 god stopped men me short. i said 10,000 fearless men. when we put it up on our facebook page white folks said oh he wants 10,000 to start illing white people. do i sound crazy to you?
6:32 am
unless they think they deserve the justice of god. and then the next day they cut they deserve to die. i said that's what you must be thinking when i say 10,000 fearless and all you can see is a bunch of black people out there killing white people. a few days that later i said we've got to go into our community because our war is on two fronts. we've got to stop the killing in the inner city and stop the killing of us from police ickedness. i want 10,000 men that we can
6:33 am
train because we've got to tand between the guns. but you know what? when we go in our community to clean it up, guess who we are going to run into. rogue cops and wicked black people working together to suck the blood of the poor. which means we've got to be strong enough to stop the killing. but the moment we try to stop it those who benefit from it ill come against us. so we have to sit with the police that we are going to
6:34 am
expose all your rogue police. because you know where they are? they're in the black community. you know why they're there? aaron wilson said i don't want to do police work in the white community. i want to do police work in the black community because that's here the fun is. that's darren wilson. what's fun about your work in the black community, rogue police? see you profit from the drug that's going on. you profit from the prostitution. you profit from the drug trade. ou do. you kill us and blame it on another gang. that's the fun. but your days of having fun on
6:35 am
our suffering is about to come to an end. i need 10,000 fearless black men. we've got to clean up our community. and there's no way we can make a good people and leave them under the educational system of white supremacy. we have to take over the educational system. because the education that you're receiving has not made you a good people or a better people. it made you a more willing tool or slave for your oppressor. that system has to go in order for black people to be set free. all educators i'm calling on you.
6:36 am
we've got to take over. we don't need to accept this poison doctrine of white upremacy any longer. we need a ministry of defense. we need a ministry of justice. because we've got to resolve our own conflicts without going downtown spilling our affairs in the presence of those who make merchandise of us and laugh at us and make mockery of us. we've got lawyers we've got judges we can solve our own problem in the inner city with justice and the last thing i preachers you
6:37 am
are the most important. i was with dr. martin luther ing iii and he said what can we do to turn this around? i said we have to take your father's philosophy of nviolence and redirect it to black people. so you've been working all this time to use your love to clear up the hate that's in the hearts of white people. 0 years after is still the same. turn your attention to yourself. come home and teach love for one another. teach love of the neighbor.
6:38 am
teach us to forgive each other under acts of evil done the oppressor's mind that he put in us. i would like to have 10,000 earless women. you know, i wish i could show you the women in the nation. these are warriors. these are scholars. but they know how to cook. they know how to sue. they know how to rear their children. oh.
6:39 am
look at them, brothers and sisters. a , brothers and sisters, if sister came up and stood beside them with a mini skirt and a that's beckning of ing babies which one these sisters would somebody say hey baby? see they don't talk like that to our women. and if they do it's a terrible mistake. now, when women are clothed
6:40 am
they earn respect. home is for your your husband. if you don't have a husband keep it covered because the one that you get as a husband will be the dog that saw what he wanted and it wasn't you. t was the beauty of your form. them beautiful hips. hose suck lent lips. lord have mercy. now, my sisters all of them they're very highly intelligent. you can't come to them with weak conversation. because they see right through you, brother. hey know how to cook their
6:41 am
food scientists. and let me tell you sisters you know you're buffle but a woman whose beautiful and can't cook s a killer in the kitchen. and i don't think you would be wise marrying a killer and she kills you in the kitchen with a whole bunch of greasy food. these sisters know how to keep heir families alive. thank you, sisters. that was really nice. where are the young men? bring me the young soldiers. hope you're not slow.
6:42 am
they're all on post. ok. but we've got some fine young . n that we are training i'm 82. i don't know how long i've got. but i'm not worried. because i've got a torch lit with the wisdom of god that i'm giving to every young person who will listen. because when i leave i want to leave somebody that will give the enemy hell until justice flows down like a river and righteousness like a mighty stream. now, i'm going to close with christmas. we spend ou know that
6:43 am
almost half of an inner year during christmas. e have 1.1 to 1.3 trillion and 400 billion of it is spent during the christmas holidays. and listen. dr. king wanted us to redistribute the pain. now suppose we decided this christmas we're kicking santa to the curb. this christmas you're not going to lie to your children telling them that this caucasian from the north pole brought them this gift. you're going to tell them the
6:44 am
truth. i brought you the gift, baby. me and your daddy, we hustled. but not this christmas. this christmas we're going to sit around the table and we are going to bring christ back to a day that was supposed to honor him. so you put the bottle down, put beer ud down, put the down. with around your table clean food and teach about esus and then show love, orgiveness, and reconcile your differences within the family and this will be the best christmas that we've had in a
6:45 am
long time. and if you can put $400 billion and keep it in your pocket then you've got a little money to invest. and what we want to do is buy up as much land. and we are asking the government for 100 million acres as a start. that's about the size of california. a healthy meal , whole k on the table wheat bread, if we pool our resources. look at these figures. we've got about 30 million
6:46 am
people really now near 40 ating a slice of bed for meal, 90 million slices of bread per day, 630 million slices of bread per week, 32 billion slices of bread per year. how much land must we have under wheat cultivation to give our people our daily bread? then elijah said move to milk. how much land must we have, how many cows must we have, how much grazing land must we have to give our people a glass of milk a day? 40 million black people having hree slices of wheat would acres of land on
6:47 am
growing wheat. to provide an eight ounce glass of milk each day to 40 million people requires the production pounds of milk by 389,000 acres of grazing land one cow per pounds of g 18,000 milk per year. and to provide 40 million people with a daily bowl of soup, bean soup requires 3 under acres of land navy bean cultivation.
6:48 am
and all of these figures with st milk, pure milk, wheat, bread, and beans he said we could live 140 years. or for that simple food. now, if you want to lengthen the days of your life you've got to eat better and you won't eat better if you allow your enemy to feed you. we are going to have to feed ourselves by buying as much land as we can. so tonight as i leave you tomorrow morning i would like at the jw scholars marriott. we've got to talk about what we're going to do after today. i would like engineers of every
6:49 am
kind, navigators, pilots, farmers. i want college presidents especially the black colleges you've got to know that you are not a plantation to produce more dum negros with degrees. you've got to make the colleges teach the things that will make young people builders instead of beggers. meet me tomorrow at the jw marriott, 10, 11, and we want to talk about what's next. until then, oh, god, you have made me so happy today just to look into your beautiful faces. i want you when you leave here go home to your wives and your
6:50 am
families and before you leave i want you to greet the people around you hug them and tell them i love you. embrace your native indiginous people and tell them we love you. and our mexican family embrace hem and tell them you love them. and from this day forward this day of a demand for justice will never end until justice is ours. so the day is the beginning of that movement that will never end. all local organizing committees, you've got to stay focused and keep working. it's not over. it's just begun. thank you for listening.
6:51 am
>> let's put our hands ogether. justice or else. thank almighty god. let's not break apart before we pray because the family that prays stays together. right? so what we want to do everybody has a cell phone. let me see all your smart phones and your cell phones. put them up. i want you to text this number right now. 99000.
6:52 am
the unity we have will be able to keep you updated to any alerts, messages, information.
6:53 am
all right. again on your way out those of you from fourth street to venth street inaudible]
6:54 am
god bliss everyone. today's copy of today's message s available. between third and fourth street on maryland and jefferson. make sure you get your personal copy of today's message of
6:55 am
justice or else. that again is between fourth and fifth. fourth and sixth. maryland and jefferson. it's justice or else. thank you. as our choir plays. . ain text unity 99000 text unity right now. if you're still watching on the web cast on your computer you're watching on television or hearing her still by radio. ext right now. let's keep the movement going. let's continue to organize effectively so we can force the justice that we force those to give us the justice that we seek. it's in our unity.
6:56 am
one in our love of another. one another. again, get your personal copy f today's message. those of you who wish to join your native american family they are going to have a special prayer service to my left your right. please join our native american family for prayer.
6:57 am
6:58 am
next, newsmakersers. then a senate hearing on afghanistan. >> tonight on q&a former senator and presidential candidate gary hart on his new
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book the republic of conscience. >> the founders used the language of the ancient public greece and rome and warned against corruption and their definition of corruption was not bribery or quid pro quo money under the table. it was putting special interests ahead of the common good. and by that definition washington today is a massively corrupt place. >> this morning a reporter's jacobs le with jennifer of the des moines register and dan tuohy. hen michael oh hanlon with the latest on the war in afghanistan and the situation in syria.
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