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tv   House Budget Committee Markup  CSPAN  October 12, 2015 4:02am-6:01am EDT

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system and we believe we can find a the best solution to create a win-win for all. thanks for being here today and being a part of this very i [captioning performed by national captioning institute] [captions copyright national able satellite corp. 2015] captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption contents and accuracy. visit
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>> your coverage of the road to the white house where you will find the candidates, the speeches, the debates and your questions. this year we're taking your questions across our country. giving students the opportunity to discuss what important issues they want to hear the most. european parliament over volkswagen's rule and admissions test. later house armed service meeting meeting on house operations in afghanistan.
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>> the house budget committee met today to consider the 2016 federal budget. reconciling measures proposed by three other house committees. it passed along party lines 21-11. the markup is just under two hours. >> the committee will now come to order. today we meet to report the recommendation cemented to the budget committee pursuant to the reconciliation set forth in title to of the current resolution on the budget fiscal year 2016. under the congressional budget act of 1974 the budget committee has the role of combining the reconciliation summit of the three committees. reporting the bill to the house without any revisions. after any will follow the customary practice to request
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changes to the reconciliation bill. at the rules committee which may make in order amendments to reconciliation bill. under the agreement i've reach with rankin member from maryland, ben holling, the procedure for the markup is as follows. first rankin member follows. first rankin member will each make an opening statement, give time constraints with four but schedule later today i ask that members some of their written statement into the record. i will hold the record open later today for that purpose. after the opening statement staff will be open for a ten minute q&a. followed by general debate. we'll then proceed with a motion to the house pursuant to the reconciliation of instructions. after voting to report the restoring americans freedom reconciliation act of 2015 we'll then debate up to two motions, one offered by the minority, and one offered by the minority, and one offered by the majority. for each motion they'll be 20 minutes of debate, the member opposed will be recognized for ten. i now recognize the general from indiana. >> think mr. chairman since
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we're scheduled to have four votes i asked that we have unanimous consent for that. >> without objection, so ordered. >> will now move to our opening statements. i want to thank everybody for joining the markup today. we are reporting today a package of legislation cemented by three house committees pursuant to the reconciliation instructions including in this year's concurrent balance budget resolution. this is the next step in an ongoing process they'll give congress the opportunity to move legislation both through the house and senate. it will happen an expedited manner and to the president's desk for his review. this first time in over a decade we passed eight bilateral tenure budget. it promotes job creation and economic opportunity, hold washington accountable to make government more efficient and
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effective, support key priorities like national security, as well as health and retirement security, and, and get our fiscal house in order. because the house and senate reached agreement on the budget we have the opportunity t to pursue this recognition process. the fiscal year 16 states that ought to be use to address obama care. in an effort to help all americans to gain access to the health care and coverage they want, not the government forces not to buy. that is is exactly what we're doing here today. we are committed to protecting every american from this harmful law and the damage it has done, and will do to patients, healthcare, healthcare providers, family budgets, and job creators. whether it's your healthcare choices, less access to care, higher out-of-pocket costs, or less medical innovation, obama care obama care is an attack on quality healthcare in our nation. last week, the house committees charged with ways and means
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committee, education workforce committee and commerce committee held markups on their respective recommendations. i want to think chairman thank chairman ryan, chairman klein, chairman upton for the hard work in the hard work of the committee members. this is a team member. they and their committee have showed real leadership in this endeavor. under the reconciliation process the role of the budget committee is to combine recommendation sent over from the three committees into a single bill. we consider that single bill here in our committee before reporting it to the full house for its consideration. a quick review of the policy in this legislation demonstrates the concerted effort to provide relief to the american people. from the damage inflicted by obama care, while focusing resources where they can do the most good. the ways and means committee has achieved $37.1 billion of savings by repealing the individual and employer mandates. the so call cadillac tax, medical device tax, as, as well as independent payment advisory board. the 15 unelected unaccountable
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bureaucrats that are powered by obama care to make decisions will effectively deny care to seniors. the energy and commerce committee has a g 12.4 billion in savings by repealing obama care/bun called the prevention and public health fun. they have included an additional policy that would prevent for one year, taxpayer dollars for being used to pay abortion providers prohibited in the legislation. this is accompanied by more money and more resources for hundreds of community health centers across the country so women would have greater access to healthcare. the education workforce committee has achieved 7.9 billion in savings by repealing the auto enrollment for health insurance. when these components are combined in one bill, the total savings is $79.8 billion. together this will dismantle many key elements of obama care
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they're hurting families, spending taxpayer dollars on programs with little to no congressional oversight. our goal here is to say the country the country from this disastrous law and start over. with patient centered healthcare solutions for patients, families, and doctors were making medical decisions not washington d.c. it allows the job of the budget committee told these recommendations it is not within our power under the reconciliation process to make sensitive changes to the legislation before us. as as you see projected, section 310 of the budget act, states that each such committee should promptly make a determination a recommendation and submit recommendations to the committee on the budget of its house, which which upon receiving such recommendations shall report to its house reconciliations carrying out all such recommendations without any substantive revisions. therefore today's market may not include any amendments. there will be an opportunity for amendments after the legislation's address. i want to think this committee and those who helped draft this
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for their efforts and i look for to the debate. i now now yield the opening statement to mr. van hollen. >> think mr. chairman. it's apsley mind-boggling that we are here, on this day, in this place, with this piece of legislation in front of us. we all know that we have a crisis of leadership within the republican caucus, that may be just a matter of political intrigue to some, but the reality is it is causing harm to the country as we speak. we have a huge number of pressing issues facing our country right now. we have the threat of another government shutdown in mid-december, we have our debt payments on debt ceiling that needs to be address of the united states makes good on the full faith and credit of the united states so we do not put our economy at great risk. we have transportation authorization bill that expires
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within weeks, yet here we are today, for the 62nd time, by my my count, trying to dismantle the affordable care act and on top of that attack women health programs including planned parenthood. rather than tackling those issues, here we are trying to do the bidding of a faction of this house that just can't come to terms of the fact that the affordable care act as the law of the land and upheld twice by the supreme court. it it is pretty outrageous that the focus now is on dismantling the affordable care act. i draw my colic the tension to the congressional budget offices, analysis of this reconciliation bill. as everyone as everyone here knows, these are the nonpartisan experts, new head of the cbo is here headed by the chairman and the chairman on the other side of the capital.
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here is what the congressional office says this bill would do, it would reduce the number of nonelderly people in the united states with health insurance coverage by about 14 - 15 million, in most years about 20% of percent of those are estimated to be children. i would like to put up a chart. as you can see, the affordable care act has had a dramatic impact in reducing the number of uninsured in this country. it is doing its intended job of providing affordable healthcare to 16 million people, including children. yet the priority of our republican colleagues in this house, at this time of dysfunction and pressing issues, is to pass a piece of legislation that would take that health insurance away from 16 million americans. it is astounding. at the same time we see an attack on women's health programs, i would just like to
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put up another chart here, this house has had three committees investigating planned parenthood. this was the conclusion announced by mr. chairman on the government reform committee on national television the other day. is is there any evidence in your opinion, that planned parenthood has broken the law, answer no, i am not not suggesting they broke the law. next chart. please. the the hearing where that committee brought the head of planned parenthood for four and a half hours, it wasn't a question of planned parenthood's wrongdoing, the chart was put up to make the point by the republican chairman of that committee was given the pants on fire rating, meaning the most untruthful statement that you can make by the nonpartisan political act. so here we are today with a piece of legislation designed to deprive 16 million americans from affordable healthcare,
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designed to go after women's health programs in a witchhunt against an organization that provides cervical cancer screenings and other important preventable health measures for american women. that seems seems to be the priority. mr. chairman, you said this would actually help reduce the deficit. i also refer our colleagues to the cbo report, just draw your attention, right here to page eight. what it says, if you actually look at the long-term, beef up beyond our artificial tenure window, this legislation actually increases the deficit. all this talk about balance budgets is just nonsense. this actually increases our deficit over the period of time, outside the tenure window. and, interestingly, i think the
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chairman said inside the tenure window it had 79 billion in cuts but of course those go away, that is just an artificial marker. if i remember the republican budget had almost $4 trillion in cuts. this is your one shot and reconciliation. your one shot. you are just telling the world that you didn't mean it when you put for that whole budget. you are coming up with a piece of legislation that, in the long run it actually increases the deficit. it doesn't come close to balancing the budget. that was all smoke and mirrors. you are doing it though at the expense of 16 million americans who now have affordable healthcare, take that away and launch an attack on women's health programs and organizations that the chairman
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of your own investigatory committee has said has not violated any laws. by the way himself, he put forward an argument that got him the most untruthful rating from nonpartisan political effects. so i will offer later a proposal to prevent the government shutdown, i hope we can all agree on that. we certainly don't agree with the idea of taking away health care for millions of americans. thank you mr. chairman chairman. >> thank you. given the time constraint i say that people have to the end of the day to submit information for the order. we have ten minutes to hear arguments. i urge members to have factual questions. we are here to answer any technical questions regarding recommendations, not to debate the policy and implications of the recommendation. we have ten minutes for this. and if members have questions. >> mr. chairman, i will ask one question. did you leave in place the
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provision in the affordable care act that requires insurance companies to issue insurance policies to anybody, no matter what their healthcare statuses? >> thank you for your question sir. the legislation before you reflects submissions of the three instructed committees. for the fy 16 budget resolution. the language before you does not , i believe the provision you are referring to. >> you believe. >> it does not. >> it does not. >> so it would require an insurance company to issue a policy to somebody if they find out they are sick, they would go to the insurance company and say i am sick i want to insurance company. they would be required to issue one at that point question marks. >> yes congressman it does limit leave in place those provisions.
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>> thank you very much. >> with the budget committee let me ask questions that are clearly in the subject matter domain of this committee. have you had had a chance to review the analysis of this reconciliation reconciliation. >> yes congressman, i've had had a chance to review. >> and is it the case that they have concluded that this legislation will increase the federal deficit, beyond the 10 year window. >> i believe the submission you are referring to front cbo analyzes the ways and means reported language to their house budget committee. according to the budget control act, the decide whether they were in compliance with the directive and relies on cbo's estimates. overall, the ways and means submission does reduce deficit by $31.7 billion over the
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period. >> i understand that, but they they also focused on what we should all care about, which is not the deficit within an artificial window but what is the long-term impact. i'm just asking a question. on the budget committee. but i don't think, there been a lot of other things going on in the house yesterday, i think it's important that we vote on this that we get the analysts from the budget committee staff to tell us what's in the budget report. >> i can address address your question sir. according to cbo, it says that the legislation would not increase the direct spending by more than $5 million either the first two consecutive 10 year periods beginning 2026. however the agencies, cbo are
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not able to determine whether an acting the legislation would increase net direct spending in the third or fourth 10 year period. by enacting legislation that would increase budgets by at least $5 million beginning in 2026. >> in fact i have not seen that my cell. it makes the point very clearly that despite comments about trying to balance the budget, this impact makes the budget deficit worse. i think i think it is import people understand that is what they are doing here in the budget committee. the budget that passed the house, do you recall how many trillions of dollars in mandatory cuts, mandatory spending cuts that had? with respect, i'm not sure that as a technical technical question about this reconciliation bill. if you want to carry on that line of conversation during the
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debate that i think that is appropriate. >> again mr. chairman i am referencing your comments in your opening comments regarding your balance budget. i do think it is important to point out that your balance budget rick choirs i think $4 trillion in mandatory cuts, this has 79 billion that is in a 10 year window. and it actually increases the deficit. we can move move on from there. let us understand the factual impact of this legislation as well. in terms of the impact on some of the children's accents to affordable care, do you have any information that indicates how many kids, who today have affordable healthcare coverage, will no longer have that if this legislation passes? >> sir, cbo has not analyzer
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provided us with the information on the aggregate totals in regards to the legislation summoned by the committees. >> your referring now to the fact that they have not, you have the ways and means analysis but not the analysis from other committees, is that what you're. >> referring to the package as a whole, not for further analysis that you're talking about. >> do you know if the impact from committees other than ways and means would have any impact on children's health, access to affordable healthcare? >> we are not prepared to answer those questions at this moment. impacts of the - we would refer you back to the cbo estimates regarding the recommendations that each of the committee submitted to the house committee on budget. >> was this for the benefit of the committee, during the technical question, could you
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tell us what cbo concluded in respect to the impact to the ways and means committee portion of this bill i'm kids access to affordable healthcare? >> look i respect, i'm just asking. >> is a factual question. >> it's not a question about the piece of legislation. >> it is a technical question. i'm trying to figure out the impact of the legislation is. as a factual question which is appropriate during the period of debate. we are asking now the analyst as to what the factual impact would be. >> mr. chairman we typically have at least half an hour to ask questions about the bill, we thought in the interest of time we went do that but i'm not sure-i'm asking about a congressional budget office
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finding in respect to the impact of this legislation. >> to either of you have any further information to respond to that question? >> we refer you to the cbo estimate on the ways and means committee submission. it does, in fact include some information about the effects of the repeal of the individual mandate. it does not provide specific numbers as to the number of individuals who would be losing coverage. >> mammal you play your microphone closer please. >> again i would refer you to the cbo on the ways and means committee submission regarding repeal of the individual mandate. it does not provide any specific numbers, as as far as i can see at the moment. i would ask you to look further at that submission, of cbo. >> i will wrap this up unless my
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colleagues have questions. i must be looking at a different congressional budget office report because it does have numbers and it says it would reduce the number of nonelderly people in the united states with the united states between 14 and 15 million, about 20% of those 14-15 million are children. so those look like real numbers to me mr. chairman. unless my colleagues have more questions we can proceed to the next. >> thank you. >> thank you very much. >> thank you for your participation today, we'll begin , this concludes the question answer. we have 40 minutes equally divided between the majority and minority, they each have 20 minutes for debate without objection. the majority side will now take 20 minutes, then the minority side will have 20 minutes to discuss the bill. i i want to make a couple points before i yield to some of my colleagues.
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this piece of legislation is not, it's in a vacuum. you can't do policy changes in a reconciliation bill. so to stipulate that this number of folks, or that number of folks, that is a looking at this legislation not in the context of appropriate reform. in fact, what we believe are to occur is to have real reform, patient centered reformer patients, families, doctors, families, doctors are making these decisions and not washington d.c. it is important to point out that the american people, and a a significant majority continue to oppose this law. they do so because it violates the principles of healthcare. it violates the principles of healthcare not the republicans hold, the democrats hold, but the vast majority of the american people. they want a system that is accessible to everybody,
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affordable to everybody, the highest quality, that provides a system a system that is responsive to patients, that incentivizes innovation so we can to you to have the highest quality health care in the world. one that provides patient choices. patient should be the one to selecting when they're treated, how they're treated, where, and the like. instead this law puts the like. instead this law puts government in charge of those things. this is why we are bringing this ward. we believe so strongly the american people ought to be positively, aggressively represented by this congress to respond to their concerns about this piece of legislation. that is what this does. the difference this time, then other times, is through the reconciliation process we have an opportunity to have the senate actually get to that legislation without the filibustering that occurs from our democrat colleagues on the
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senate side, and get a piece of legislation to the president's death. very positive activity going on here today. i encourage our members to continue to move this forward. now i yield two minutes to the gentleman from indiana, vice chair of the committee. >> thank you mr. chairman. good morning everyone. six years ago congress passed the affordable care, otherwise known as obama care. under the guise of increasing access to care. it today is clear that obama cares bad for families, small cares bad for families, small businesses, bad for our economy. our debt continues to climb, we need legislation that will provide jobs and opportunities for all americans while not placing burdens on future generations. that is the the key. this law continues to impose tax on job creators. according to calculations, obama care will cause future generations $6.2 trillion over the next 75 years. obama care will cost future generations, $6.2 trillion over
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the next 75 years. we have a moral obligation not to passes on to our children and grandchildren. obama care has negatively impacted our economy. it will rob them of their ability to have the flexibility and choices needed to grow their businesses and responsive and needs of their employees. in the congressional budget office obama care will cost 2.5 million employees million employees to drop out of the labor market. that is the congressional budget office. it will cause 2.5 million employees to drop out of the labor market. it also created hundreds of's forcing businesses to bend thousands of man-hours compliant with new washington regulations. we should instead look at how we can free up businesses and promote growth and innovation. this bill will help reduce our
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deficit by over $79 billion over the next ten years and set us on a path of healthcare years and set us on a path of healthcare system that favors cutting costs and higher taxes, force it will create jobs. republicans in our budget and reconciliation process are supporting greater economic freedom and opportunities. i yield back. >> thank you i yield one minute to new jersey. >> i think the chairman. there's there is bipartisan agreement that medical device tax must go. the house represented boated to repeal it back in the 114 congers, 113th and 112th congress. typically they are on next like alcohol and tobacco. but now there is an excise tax on life-saving and life improving devices. additionally on the tax on sales, therefore it hit small, it hits small, startup medical device firms and innovators disproportionately. when the search for tax supporters of the ach came up with the tax that holds back growth. the tax resulted in employment reduction, lost jobs, 14,000 industry workers last year, and years prior to implementation tax with approximately edition 4500 jobs in 2014.
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additionally the industry will for go hiring a new thousand employs over the next five years. considering both jobs lost, jobs are created, tax result in 39,000 fewer industry fewer industry jobs. simply put, the medical device tax puts efforts to innovate life generating at risk, and i have have both sides to appeal. >> thank you you have one minute. >> thank you mr. chairman, under the president's health care law the independent payment advisory board was created. this board gives 15 unelected, unaccountable unaccountable bureaucrats, super bureaucrats mandates for slashing and forces providers to stop seeing medicare patients. the house passed legislation this year, by by the way, with bipartisan support repealing this board by large margin. both house and democrats agree that allowing a panel of bureaucrats in washington to make these kind of frugal
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healthcare decisions instead of their health care in families is not the right way to keep our promises to american seniors. for those reasons and many others this reconciliation package will hold them accountable. >> thank you mr. chairman fielding time. i want to focus on the reconciliation package that enjoys strong bipartisan support. repeal of the 40% excise tax on healthcare plans that are deemed too generous. this tax due to take a fact in 2018 would include plans which provide benefits above 10,000 above individuals are 27,500 for families. a recent survey by mercer anticipates one third of the employers would base this tax in 2018. by employers would base this tax in 2018. by 2022 the number grows to 60%. the tax lead to less generous coverage by employers which
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leads to higher costs of employees in the form of higher deductibles and co-pays. the exact opposite of what the affordable healthcare plan was supposed to place. republicans have a bill to repeal it, democrats have a bill to repeal it with 143 cosponsors. even democratic hillary clinton supports repealing the tax. i would encourage my colleagues to support the sensible decision. speak mac thank you. >> thank you mr. chairman. the reconciliation process is a powerful tool intended to enact the statutory changes necessary to implement the budget act. i share a ranking member's disappointment but it doesn't implement the entire budget. i am glad he is disappointed that we are not implementing the entire budget. i think that is a huge improvement in progress. baby steps are better than no steps.
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reconciliation bill appeals obama care and its individual mandate, that's a good thing, a good a good reason to support the reconciliation act. this mandate it's taking healthy people to pay exorbitant fees. a young person has to pay more than they should for their insurance so others pay much less. if they if they don't pay that exorbitant premium, we tax them to death while requiring that they pay back their government student loans. repaying repealing this mandate means $43 billion in the next ten years, that's good, that's good thing to do in, ground. >> thank youse. >> thank you mr. chairman. i i am pleased to speak briefly today on a version of this reconciliation package dear to my heart.
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that is language placing a one-year moratorium on the payments prohibitive such as planned parenthood. now i know some of my colleagues across the aisle have refused to watch these undercover videos, implicating planned parenthood and the trafficking of fetal tissue. perhaps they have not seen this, independent, forensic report confirming the authenticity that i have. i believe that by not offering a response, we in congress would be shirking our duties the people who have sent is here to represent. that's why why this reconciliation package places a one-year moratorium on providers like planned parenthood and instead redirects those dollars to more than 13500 community health centers across the country. as you may know, i am a registered nurse. i would not support legislation that would block access to preventative care. my colleague should note that this measure actually increases the funding for community health centers by $235 million.
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members of this committee knows, i am unapologetically pro-life. all of us should want to do everything in our power to ensure the taxpayer dollars are spent with integrity, not doled out to entities that skirt the law. this is not a political statement, this this is quite literally our job here in congress. and on this committee in particular, we have a real real and legitimate questions about illegal activities and planned parenthood. until those questions are answered and it is fully appropriate to call timeout on taxpayer funding and to spend that money, send that money to federally qualified providers that offer a better standard of care to women who need it the most. that is exactly what this provision and the reconciliation package will accomplish. i urge this committee to prioritize women's health over the interests of a scandal ridden, politically aligned abortion giant and to support the reconciliation bill with the language included. thank language included. thank you. i yield back my time. >> thank you. >> thank you mr. chairman, first i want to to commend ms. blank
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for her excellent work on this issue. let me start start right where she left off. talking about these community health centers. this is not a reduction in funds, this is a a repositioning of funds. quite frankly, it puts the money where people need it to deliver the care when it comes to women's health. it really gets to addressing the issue of access. we talk a lot about access. having services where people need the services, i think think it is important to note that for every one planned parenthood center that it's in the country, their 13 community health centers. you take a district like mine, there is no planned parenthood facility, there are 16 community health centers. it gives you an idea of the breath and expansion of access when you're looking at about 10000 of these community health centers around the country.
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also, our community health centers with the increase, as planned. reduce their services through the years and community health centers have seen the increase, they see 21.1 see 21.1 million patients each and every year. that is a time the numbers that is seen by planned parenthood. this is a repositioning of those funds to the centers where the money is going to meet the greatest need and do the most good. the other provision that ms. white mentioned, is the investigation that is going on. yes indeed, it is important to realize that planned parenthood is a not-for-profit. they are not a federal federal agency, any not-for-profit that increase the request but also decrease or
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cut in half their services over the last seven years, which is what planned parenthood has done, we would call them in and want to know what they are doing with the funds. they are getting about a half 1 billion of taxpayer dollars per year. yes it year. yes it is import we do the review. while they are under review, we make certain the funds are not going to them, and with that eight you'll back. >> thank you. governor first south carolina is recognized for one minute. >> america used to be known as the land of opportunity. now not so much. with the employer mandate and other mandates under the affordable care act, you can see that pres. obama has issued his six years, more regulations and mandates than any president since lyndon johnson. he is he is at 120,000 mandates and regulations. new-line please. folks trying to get to the middle class and living on the edge, under under the affordable care act, they can get free government health insurance. of course it might be an insurance policy they can't use, because
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of the high deductibles but they can get free government health insurance. the problem is they can't get a job. if you look at all these mandates and regulations and you see the effect on the slide, for the last five years business startups have been outpaced by business closings for the first time in 80 years. you think all of these relations don't matter, look at the facts. look at the slide. more businesses are closing then be informed. they might be able get free government health insurance, of course it's what they usually can't use, but they can't get a job. >> thank you. gentleman from indiana. >> thank you mr. chairman. as a sitting u.s. representatives of indiana, which is known as the orthopedic capital of the world, the medical device tax hits close to home for me and those in indiana. in fact, indiana as a as a whole is the second nation and exports of life science projects and across the
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state over 20,000 hoosiers are directly employed by the medical device industry alone. companies like others are developing life-changing and life-saving for our country in the world. the impact on her community and neighbors is one of the reasons i felt thought so hard to repeal this destructive tax, on the joints, knees, hips, it increases patient's quality of life. the hard-working hoosiers in my state, know that taxation does not create jobs. it kills them. in fact, recent study them. in fact, recent study has shown that the medical device tax has cost more than 33,000 jobs nationally so far. repealing obama care, and a care, and a portly the medical device tax is a commonsense reform area tires my colleagues to support this very important legislation. >> thank you gentlemen. one minute to the gentleman from virginia. >> thank you mr. chairman. the reconciliation proposal approved by the education workforce committee would repeal section 1511 of obama obama care known as the auto enrollment mandate. this mandate requires full-time
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employees to automatically enroll, new full-time employees into employer sponsored health care coverage, if the employee fails to choose another planner decline coverage. concerns that the mandate will require unnecessary confusion for workers, employers, and result in penalties for those already enrolled in health insurance coverage. for example, if a veteran is hired and sure to try care this mandate would force his employer to enroll him in duplicative and costly healthcare. deducting deducting money from his heart and paycheck to pay for potentially worse coverage than he or she already has. force, courage and top-down. that is obama care. no freedom, no free markets here. by lemonade this provision we can help bring in our deficits and death and rollback a harmful provision in the presence health care law. i find it a bit ironic that the ranking member so concerned
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about deficits and debt when we are approaching 420 trillion deficit this year. the other side has not made any proposal since i've been here to rein in those issues. these are important priorities for the american people and we can achieve both by repealing obama care mandate known as auto enrollment. thank you i yelled back. >> thank you. one minute to the gentleman from arkansas. >> this budget repeals the health fund, this one is quite simply a slush fund. an example of a slush fund credit by obama care that funnels billions of dollars automatically in the fund never expires. under current law the administration received $1 billion per year with little oversight. what does this administration do with the 1 billion-dollar per year/one?
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you might think they would give it to cdc to use it to work on early did texan, prevention, for cervical for cervical cancer, immunization, flu vaccines or other useful efforts, but no. they use this fund according to the committee of energy and commerce has uncovered, to promote pickle ball, free pet pet neutering and for massage therapy, kickboxing and zumba. they have also linked the fund to questionable lobbying activities by the administration. if that wasn't enough, the cdc was allocated taxpayer dollars to award grants for wellness effort but these funds were used to run ads attacking and signaling out american products and industries which the ministration claim to contributed to bad health.
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mr. chairman, no government agency should receive taxpayer dollars to advertise against american-made products. i yelled back. >> thank you. i think my colleagues were pointing out the remarkable challenges the american people are having. with this law. that is why we gather today. to be able to put forward a piece of legislation that recognizes and respects the principles of healthcare, the current law makes healthcare less affordable for the american people. it makes it less accessible to the american people, the current law make harms the decreases innovation in the healthcare arena. thereby decreasing the quality of care being provided by the american people. the the current law destroys choices that are so necessary for patients and families and doctors. those individuals that ought to be in charge of healthcare, not our federal government. i commend my colleagues for their
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observations, i, i appreciate their support for this piece of legislation. that concludes the majority general debate time. i yelled 20 minutes to the ranking member and ask unanimous consent that he be able to yield such time without objection. >> thank you mr. chairman. just interest in your characterization, probably the majority of the committee members get their healthcare through their affordable care act and go on exchanges. i haven't haven't noticed the government telling you what plan to get. i'd hope that we extend access to affordable care to 16 million americans who now have it who didn't. without a yield yield to inhabitants. >> thank you very much. i'm glad the chairman mention that because this is getting a groundhog day bay on debate. the good thing is you don't have to prepare for them because you have done that so many time. i'm happy to repeat the impact of the affordable care act on the commonwealth of kentucky.
4:49 am
under the aca, and kentucky more than 520,000 individuals have acquired coverage which they did not have before. as a matter fact, we reduce the on a shirred rate in kentucky by more than 50%. one of the best impacts in the country, and my district kentucky three, we reduce the uninsured rate by 80%. there are now fewer than 20,000 people in my district without health insurance. that is a phenomenal record. more portly than that, maybe not more importantly but equally that, maybe not more importantly but equally importantly, is the governor of kentucky ask an accounting firm to do a study of what the impact would be between 2015 at 2020. they came back and said the aca in kentucky which create 42000 new jobs, $38 billion in increased economic activity and would have a positive impact on the kentucky state budget of $820 million. the aca's working in kentucky, kentucky, it is working
4:50 am
throughout the country, to take 60 something attempt to repeal and not replace, just replace would be a tragedy for this country. definitely a tragedy for the commonwealth of kentucky. i yelled back. >> mr. chairman i yelled to have ms. minutes. >> thank you. under the affordable care act which is occupied three quarters of our conversation so far, even though we are talking about the total budget, but i guess that is immaterial. under the aca, children can no longer be denied coverage because of a pre-existing condition. the aca expanded coverage to kids aging out of foster care, it allows children to receive
4:51 am
oral and vision coverage as a part of their benefit plans. this is what is what you are trying to take away. this is only one issue concerning the aca. just one issue. if you can pontificate all you want about what this cause and what that cost, what is your plan? what what is your idea of addressing just one part of what this legislation deals with? you have no plan. you think that should be done either in the private sector, or you think it should be done with people's income, even those who cannot afford it. i urge my college, focus on the funding. funding this government, and the priorities that the american people care about. you you know, when the president introduced his budget in february he said something very interesting and i will close on this points mr. chairman, there's a lot of things to talk about. he talked about reversing austerity, i think europe recuperating from their financial problems.
4:52 am
returning to the mindless austerity of sequestration in 2016 would bring discretionary funding to its lowest level adjusted for inflation since 2006. the budget proposes to an sequestration, fully reversing it with priorities of 2016. that is that is the president's budget, not your budget. max by equal dollar increases for program integrity measures, for commonsense loophole including targeted reforms to insurance programs, program integrity investments across a range of programs, closing the loophole which we have been talking about since 2006. i yelled back mr. chairman. i'm really getting tired to hear this redo every time we meet. >> mr. chairman ideal yelled to have minutes to mr. mcdermott.
4:53 am
>> inky mr. chairman. i ask unanimous consent that the article i distributed to the committee from the seattle times, from 20th of of march, why washington state health reform after loss of mandates. it should be inserted into the record. >> without objection. >> mr. chairman this markup reminds me of those that cannot remember the past are doomed to repeat it. on mike many of the affordable recharacterize appeal bills that we have voted on over the past few years, this one is only partially dismantling the law. most importantly, it leaves in place the guarantee issue which requires insurers to cover all americans, regardless of their health status while he keeps in place its most important consumer protection. it also repeals the individually rishi and responsibility which mandates all americans maintain essential coverage. i can't help but wonder, if the republican collects check with the insurance companies before
4:54 am
they thought of this idea. if they had, they would have heard under no uncertain terms that this is a recipe for disaster. i know this firsthand because of what happened in my home state of washington. in 1993, when washington state legislation and acted an ambition healthcare reform program that closely resembled the affordable care act. it included strong consumer protection such as a ban on medical underwriting, these provisions were paired with mandates that included individual purchase coverage in that business cover their employees. this created a delicate balance manager the consumers were protected from abuses by the health insurance industry and that the industry could spread risk broadly across the entire population. when the republicans took over the legislation in 1994, they
4:55 am
repealed the individual mandate which were doomed today while leaving in place a popular consumer protection including guaranteed issues, which we are doing today. this led to a state way catastrophe. without the individual mandate, consumers had no economic incentive to enroll when they were healthy, instead they would simply wait until they needed care to buy coverage. this led to a deaths by role in the insurance industry. across the state, premium skyrocketed, fewer fewer companies offered policies and by 1999 the individual insurance market was dead. you could not buy a policy. lesson learned the hard way. you simply cannot require it companies to cover people without a mandate. but the reconciliation that we do right now ignores that fact. all of us know that this will never become law. what we are are doing here today. in the future, i would encourage my republican colleagues to look at history before submitting bad
4:56 am
bills like this one. i yelled yelled back my time. >> thank you. i yelled to minutes to california. >> thank you. thank you for your tremendous leadership. judging by the reconciliation bill, it seems once again that our republican collects fail to realize the american people do not want to shut down government over women's health. yet once again they put forth legislation that attacks women health and the affordable care act. this reconciliation bill, once again would deepen land. for one year, preventing millions of women from accessing critical health services such as cancer, and concerts that didn't care. it would also prevent states from receiving or using federal funds to reimburse certain providers, simply because they provide abortion services as part of their practice. even if those services are provided outside the
4:57 am
participation in the federal healthcare program. that is outside their participation. this means that federal payments under the programs like medicaid, the maternal medicaid, the maternal child health services, would immediately be disrupted leaving countless low income women, women of color out in the cold. these family plan programs are critical to reducing unintended pregnancies. they make economic sense to. for every one. for every 1 dollar spent on family-planning services, we save more than $7 other costs. the claim that these women can go to other committee health centers that receive funding in this reconciliation bill, there clean has been discredited by public health officials. it is downright false. we would be sending women to providers who we know would not have the capacity to meet the need created by a lemonade funding for family planning and other
4:58 am
women's healthcare providers. although planned parenthood centers make up only 10% of all publicly funded planning centers, they serve 36% of clients who obtain care from the family-planning center network. we know planned parenthood centers are essential to the health and well-being of women and their families. in 2013 alone, planned parenthood hood provided 800,000 californians in my home state, providing more, provided more than 93000 pap tests. 97000 breast exams. united access to healthcare providers such as plan parenthood and other safety providers will hurt women who need the services the most. again, low income women and women of color. we need to call this reconciliation bill what it is, another ideological attack on women's health.
4:59 am
you also pro, rancid education, you want support family-planning, you won't support contraception, and you don't support oh women's right to a safe and legal abortion. what do you support for women? instead of undermining women's healthcare and access to a full range of reproductive health services, we should be working to replace the damage and sequester and work toward a responsible long-term budget deal. i urge our college to root reject this bill and i yelled back the balance of my time. >>m@bct this bill and i yelled back the balance of my time. >> thank you, i now yield two and half minutes. >> thank you. a lot of us are going to be going home today, one of the things i look forward to is it going home and seen my dog. i think i have a picture. there he is, right there. right there. that is one of his favorite toys. he has that canine, single minded obsession with returning that toy to me every time i throw it, no matter how wet it gets, no matter how chewed up it gets, he will return ibs it seems like no matter how many times i throw.
5:00 am
even he wouldn't bring that back to me on the 61st or 62nd time. he knows at that point, it's pointless. the bill we have before the us is exactly that, is pointless. it's never going to become law but it does show the priority on the majority part. that you would increase the number of uninsured people, repeal the obama care act and increase premiums. take away the ability not to have preconditioning conditions. something we need to learn from the presidential race on both sides, whether you whether you watch donald trump and ben carson, or sanders on our site, they are largely running against us. the way we operate in washington, the way we don't operate in washington is largely the message that is appealing to
5:01 am
the public because they are tired of our inability to get together and actually have a budget process with appropriation bills that get done, and we don't shut down government. somehow the people within the beltway, of the majority party do not understand that. i would hope as we look at something like this, that clearly is not going to become law, would once again show that you're going to repeal without replacing you for all care act. millie the people would lose their health care act and get us closer to shut down is not what the america wants. if yousomee looking for a speaker candidate he is available but he comes at a high price. i yelled back my time. nk y mr. moulton. two and half minutes. >> thank you missed. thinking it mr. chairman. i would like to start my time at the definition that we attribute to one of america's greatest scientists. albert einstein. einstein said, insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.
5:02 am
einstein if you were alive today, he could witness the debate that we're having on this reconciliation proposal, he would be able to see his definition of insanity in action. we are here today to debates on a bill that would do the following thing. attempt to repeal the affordable care act for the 6he wot time de cloite having it upheld by the supreme court. attack, yet again the right for a woman to choose where it should receives her healthcare. avoid, yet again, the misuse and abuse of the overseas contingency operations fund which in last year house budget report, the majority stated was quote, .. torrent loophole that undermines the integrity of the budget process. therefore, it baffles me at a
5:03 am
time we should be coming together to nquootiate a plan to replace of and avoid a government shutdown we are debating a proposal that will draw challenge in the senate and ultimately be vets president. what is the point? americans would be better served doi instead of wasting our time on this crusade, republicans would join democrats in crafting a bipartisan deal that could move our country forward and avoid yet another government shutdown in december. i yelled back. nk y thank you. nk y thank you very much for yielding. i want to address planned parenthood issue for a moment. we did this in the energy and commerce committee, i think it's an important point to be made. one, if this congress had
5:04 am
disagreed with the issue of fetal tissue research, they probably would have authorized it about 20 years ago. doi congress wants to reconsider that decision as to whether fetal tissue reseadish is appropriate or not, we should do that. we should not throw the baby out with the bathwater, that that is up on that is intended. 97% of planned parenthood clinics don't do fetal tissue research, they do not make it available for fetal reseadish. i'm a former board member of planned parenthood in my district, my clinic in kentuhery does not do abortions. what this provision would do to my district, would basically deprive 5000 people per year of their healthcare. i know the argument is they can go to community health senators, our comtdonity health centers already have waiting lists. those. those 5000 people would have nowhere to go.
5:05 am
lethe 6s talk about the issield separately. this bill really, and, and its impact is to deny important, basic health care to literally millions of women, and mentor at the united states. if you want to debate fetal tissue research then let's dsulate that separately. lethe 6s not deny ls not deny health care to millions of women because of that. i yelled baher g. nk y mr. chairman i would ampliy that. i mentioned earlier the statement that was made on national television indicating that after his investigation he found no evidence that planned parenthood had broken aly. laws. he was just asked and made a statement yesterday in a judiciary committ thi, where he said and i quote, did i look at the finances and have a hearing specifically as to the revenue portion and to how they spend. yes. was there aly. wrong doing? i did not find any.
5:06 am
so this whole creation of cloecial committ this is clearly another witchhunt. we saw what happened with respect to benghazi, there were committee hearings in the house, the senate, the d..ense committee, all of them looked at the very tragic, awful situation in benghazi about no wrongdoini what do we see in the house? when you didn't get the answer that you wanted politically, you created a special committee. the majority leader of the house on national television said you sicow that committ thi did itsabiob. it brought down hillary clinton's poll raining. we achieved our political result. cloending $5 million in tax dollars in tax money, taxpayer money, on a political witchhunt. this planned parenthood special coothittee is the same thing. all the committees of the house has looked at it, as have many
5:07 am
states. conclusion. thlla didn't break the law. no wrongdoing. what do you do? create another special committ thi to look for a political answer you want that is not there. i would and these witchhunts. this really is, mr. chairman an ..fort to repeal the affordable care act. it is not going anywhere the president willng ao the bill. to go aicaner planned parenthood again is not going to be successful again. what we should be focused on is the business b..ore this house. they'll be the subject of my next motion. thank you. nk y gentleman yields baher g. will now proceed with restoring
5:08 am
the act with the house. before we vote on reporting the bill i want to remind members that the committee will follow its customary practice of considering up to two motions to request changes to the reconciliation bill at the rules committee after it is reported. the clerk will be recorded. nk y the bill to provide reconciliation pursuant to title to the concurrent resolution on the budget fiscal year ch,16. nk y i recognize the gentleman from indiana for a motion. >> thank you mr. chairman, i move on the bat tget reported on restoring america's reconciliation act of 2015 with the recommendation the bill to pass. nk y thede aieldstion is on ordg restoring america's healthcare freedom to be reported favorably to the house. all those in favor will say ip at. >> i. >> a pose no. nk y nlis nk y guys have it. mr. chairman i agated for a mr. okada i. >> mr. okada garrett i.
5:09 am
>> mr. cole. nk y i. nk y mr. cole, i. nk y mr. cleantech. >> i. >> mr. clinton act, i. >> miss blaher g, i. nk y mr. whittle, i. nk y ms. blaher gburn, i. >> mr. rice, i. >> mr. substance, i. >> mr. stanford. nk y mr. buchanan i mr. womack,. nk y mr. brett, i. >> mr. bum. >> i. >> mr. bluhm i. nk y mr. mooney i, mr. broher ge af nk y mr. palmer, i.
5:10 am
>> mr. motor, i. >> mr. westerman, mr. westerman tã a an hollen, nlis nk y mr. llamas, nlis >> mr. pascoe, no. >> mr. ein ryan, no. >> miss more, no nlis nk y ms. testewe s nlis nk y mr. mcdermott, no. >> mislead, no. >> mr. poe can, no. >> miss lujan. nk y miss dingell, mr. lou. nk y mr. knorr cough, no. >> mr. moulton, no. >> mr. chairman, i.
5:11 am
nk y whether aly. members have t ncuted or wish to change the votes? >> if not, the clerk will report. nk y mr. chairman on that bow, e the eyes are 21 and the nose are 11. >> ice 21, the motion is agreed to. restoring america's r..orm act is ordered reported to the house of representatives with a favorable recommendation. rum is present. aa i recognize the gentleman from indiana. >> i ask unanimous consent on what weabiust reported that i ater one the chair be off for the rise to go and file any related conference report twrsuant to a house. i ater two the staff can make any technical directions prior to the bill and number thr
5:12 am
thi the motion to reconsider be laid on the table. >> without objection, so ordered. nk y with the bill having b thin clencurably reported to the ho, ask unanimous consent that the committee entertain up to two. the procedural motions related to the type of role they will request from the rules committee. the dsulate will be limited toja0 minutes equally divided with two minutes for the proponent to close, the proponent an od aonent will be allowed to heal time. without objection, so ordered. is there motion. >> there is mr. chairmatle there is mr. chairmatle i recit ini rs gentleman from maryland. >> thank you mr. chairman, i moved the committ thi, the cleoma will report the motio 2 >> the motion offered by mr. brian holland, mr. van hollen moved the committ thi on the bat tget directed to chairmn to request on behalf of the
5:13 am
committee, the rule for consideration of the reconcilze tion bill, make an order and an amendment that would one, strike all the underlying tsico, which is an irre cloonsible attack on women's healthcare in the affordable care act, and to replace it with ani 3708, which calls for bipartisan negotiation to raise the discretionary spending caps for fiscal yearja016 for those negotiations ad aeal raise the defense and non-defense discretionary cap by equal amounts. to allow ad aroprze tion to pruld thid and fund essential services at necessary levels. >> gentleman from maryland is recof tnate for eight minutes. then two minutes to close. >> thank you. as i said at the outset of this coothittee markup, rather than woomaing to repeal the affordabe care act for whatever the 61st time and rollback important protection we really should be focused on some of the issues of the country including mchhing sure we do not s thi a government shutdown in the middle of december. what this motion does is say we should adopt, in order to prevent of the government shutdown.
5:14 am
it would prevent a bipartisan negotiating group to prevent the caone, from conti i ing to erode military readiness and negatively impact our investment in economy, scientific reseadiss doi that committ thi is not able to accomplish that. it would keep it open to fund ightforward,ry si let's ginue the country peace of mind that we are not going to see a government shu giown in te middle of decembewe s with thati aiglled two and a half minutes o mr. ryan. >> think you genounteman. i want to go taniough this, we all know what is going on in washington the last few days. we know there's some bs dinuides betw thin the two parties. i would like to speak to how the budget interfaces with what is
5:15 am
going on out in the world. we have these blaher g-and-white arguments of all governments or no government, we all know, those of us who sit on the bumotiet committ thi that there is a very delicate interplay between the republican investteents that we are charged with mchhing and private sector investments that king and hanson grow the economy. thlla are both n thided the bat tget is where the rubber meets the road. we have to do things here thatea the prinute sector can't dlis oa doesn't do or doesn't want to do because they canplay mchhe monla off of is aet is a we have got to make these public investments to help protect oura pentele, we a foo have to mchhea twblic investments that will help grow the is a in this bat tgese a under undera tion is devastating. the reason why we don't see
5:16 am
economomy growtmas were not s thinet is aet is a the type ofabiob creation we ned to is because we are stumbling country from post-world war iiea up until recent history whereeta the antigovernment folks, many in this room have really shapeea the narratinue of the country.ea we see in this budget, for example the cuts to education theja15 level3
5:17 am
5:18 am
terms of day-to-day hea $het ia saving hea $$1are where we areea one of the virginia hospitals with one of the highest wavingea list and a whole series of othe3 access issues. both in personal choice programa and the proguam before weet isa initze te i do one of the most and driver's states in theet ia couni eet is aet is a 31% of children are linuing ine3 poverty. it it is the second highest rate of the natio 2et a we are form tnate to have twoet3 national labs, for military base bases, and plentdoiul naturaleta reillurces whomyh means theet 3 federal government has a major presence in the is aea frankly no state but med
5:19 am
this indiscriminate sequestereta 31ts, shor, the tew d resin tut3 the threats of shutdowns make it impossible, for my state toet a recovend det is aet is a we cannot grow its tax pace, we cannot create jobs. the nationaa employment rate is down to 5.1%a the rate has increased in my state to 6.7%. governmentet isa emplet is aet is aabetw0abi since last year and the employment fell by 2200 jobs 2000 jobs. >> ..
5:20 am
>> during the past year we have seen a 19% increase in these cases in a time when sequestration is again threatening drastic cuts. this includes lifting families like the ones i represent out of poverty. i support this motion because it forces republicans and democrats work to repeal the sequestration which has harmed so many and so much of this country. i yield back my time. >> i think my thank my colleague and just in closing i would say
5:21 am
that cbo has told us that these sequestered levels investment of defense and nondefense or slowing down economic growth over the next couple of years. so i cannot imagine why we would deliberately do something that actually slows down economic growth in this country. let's pass this legislation and get rid of the uncertainty and provide stability and economic growth. >> the gentleman will be recognized after the majority has made an appoint on this motion. this motion really has nothing whatsoever to do with the underlying bill. it does not meet the requirement of the reconciliation that requires that the jurisdictions find at least $1 billion in savings, direct savings from a mandatory savings, those are the committee's ways and means, educational workforce, the session does not do that. instead is what this does is
5:22 am
raise is the deficit is at billions of dollars and includes policies that string far beyond the jurisdiction of the underlying committee. she is motion really is not a reconciliation show and i urge my colleagues to oppose a motion. i yield to mr. gentleman from georgia and i thank you, mr. chairman. i am glad that you took this motion on terms of the marriage. i was going to take it on some emotional perspective because i lost count of how many times folks have talked about how we need to come together and work together and craft a solution. what does this do? it takes the biggest bipartisan agreement that we have passed and one half years since i've been in congress and calls on us to renegotiate this because folks do not like the deal that they got. and they say let's quit and
5:23 am
raised spending for everybody. it is unbelievable, this is the budget committee. this is a bipartisan committee with people on both sides of the aisle and our idea of progress is to talk about working together and then for them to undo the deal that we did last time that we worked together. if we are going to do this, it is going to be hard and it's going to gore everyone's ox. we are getting into the hard part, doing something together in august 2011, that was easy part. coming together and sticking with what we did is the hard part. this motion again is unraveling all about bipartisanship and we can do better than that and we must do better and i urge rejection by this motion and i yield. >> we yield to the gentleman from alabama.
5:24 am
>> contrary to claims that it is a superstructure that penalizes those wide range of americans, we received enormous effects that restricts freedom and allows everyone, and allows us to agree that we must reduce the cost of health care, obamacare certainly not the solution. time to congress to repeal it. that includes the most upsetting things intact. including purchasing a product that they may not want or need or afford to pay for and a lot of people experience penalties when they file taxes. defined as a minimum of 35 hours a week to pay a penalty.
5:25 am
as a consequence, thousands and thousands of companies have refused to hire it the 50th employee. and nearly 5 million people were receiving employer sponsored coverage. and this includes this on a bipartisan basis and that includes access to health care. the gentleman from south carolina made the point about how obamacare and other regulations are harming our economy and i would like to point out that last year
5:26 am
regulations cost the economy over $2 trillion and it has a disproportionate impact on small businesses. large business was paying an average of $7700 and small business is the single largest provider of jobs in this country and we are killing small businesses. and last year there were 70,000 more companies closed then started. and that is the first time since 1935 since the carter administration. prior to that there were 100,000 more businesses started. we no longer link in the top 10 of entrepreneurs. i speak against this motion and i urge that it is rejected. >> i think the gentleman. i've yield three minutes to the gentlelady.
5:27 am
>> this motion is not germane. i share the school, many of us do and that is why the republicans passed a 2016 budget that provided for the spending for the men and women in uniform in fact, the budget provides the same amount of defense spending as the president requested. both house and senate have passed a national defense authorization act despite pleas from almost everybody on both sides offering this amendment. they could have done it last week by voting. and if the commander-in-chief wants to support national defense he will not veto it like he said he's going to. today we have a chance to help americans being heard by the on affordable care act. and it is increasing cost,
5:28 am
producing access and hurting jobs, having just a few examples from people in the district. we talk about how health insurance costs are going up. they are seen between 20 and 60% increase with high deductibility and out-of-pocket. another reporting increasing premiums by 24%. just this week i got two e-mails from home and mike said that we received our health care renewal from this provider for the upcoming year that reflects a 36.2% increase and he talked about how difficult it was to stay in business and how discouraging it was. lastly i got this at the farmer's market and they said since the insurance policies are
5:29 am
the biggest costs, the whole budget is insurance premiums and now they are paying 2.5 times the amount that they are paying for their house payment just further insurance and three brokers give them this. one of them had a $12,000 per year deductible. obamacare is hurting people. that is why i urge this motion in support of the underlying bill. >> i think the gentlelady and i think my colleagues for their observation on the nongermane nature of this motion and also on the issue itself. and let me just address a couple of points that have been made by some of our friends on the other side of the aisle. and there has been concern expressed by this bill, removing the pre-existing illness exclusion and it does not address it at all. you can note that there is no change under this exclusion.
5:30 am
so i also want to talk about the concerns of some folks have about the fact that replacement is not included here. and you're right, it isn't. because you cannot include it in the reconciliation bill and it's not allowed by the rules of reconciliation. the fact of the matter is that we have all sorts of great ideas for patients to replace obamacare with a system that respects patients and families. so i want to briefly address this notion that was provided this notion. >> that includes individuals have extreme difficulty, pushing
5:31 am
forward to what they believe are most important. just over the three years the production has come down over the next 10 years to 2.9 and now 2.3% and that is due to the republican budget. of the regulatory oppression is what is causing the economy to do this and you know it and we know it and we urge the adoption of the republican motion and i now recognize the gentleman from maryland to close. >> thank you, mr. chairman. i do not have time to show the inaccuracies about the statements that were made except i would like to make this point. it's true that you are not using this as a solution to provider alternative on health care.
5:32 am
but the reality is that this house of representatives has not passed the regular order to replace the affordable care act. despite years and years of telling us that you are not just going to eliminate, that you're going to replace. so use that regular order, but that has not been done. on the one thing i agree with you on is that this motion to make sure that we keep the government up and running does not have anything to do with the underlying bill. because what that is doing is wasting the time of this institution to try to repeal the affordable care act for the 62nd time, something that you know is an exercise and you know the president is going to veto this and at the same time it would take away the affordable health care to over 16 million americans. so just to the gentleman's point. it is interesting that they would make that argument, the
5:33 am
way that our colleagues have funded defense by reading this was in the words of his own committee just last year a violation of the budget process. so if we really want to do what we should do, increased defense, let's increase our investment in essential things like education and research and to get together and figure out a way to do it. but if we cannot come to an agreement that you are having trouble agreeing on who the leadership is going to be on the negotiated wage the government open, let's have this failsafe mechanism that tells americans that we are not going to have a shutdown and we are not going to hurt the economy and i urge everyone to support this motion. >> thank you. all those in favor, all those opposed.
5:34 am
okay, the votes for no have it. [roll call] [roll call] [inaudible] [roll call] [roll call]
5:35 am
[roll call] [roll call] [roll call] [roll call] [roll call]
5:36 am
[roll call] >> as any member wish to change their votes? >> mr. chairman, 13 for yes and 19 for no. >> is there another motion? >> mr. chairman, i have a motion. >> the clerk is going to read the motion. >> the motion offered by the gentleman. what the chairman be provided a discussion on rules that would make an order an amendment restoring this reconciliation
5:37 am
act as recorded. >> he will have two minutes to close. >> although this amendment does not offer any policy change, it has been necessary to amend reconciliation bills and we must be prepared for a contingency. whether it is worth technical changes or legislation. [inaudible] and with that, mr. chairman, i yield. >> it is important. just this motion is a very
5:38 am
general motion but preserves the budget committee authority regardless of who is the majority party to provide a recommendation for any changes to a reconciliation of it comes to the process. as everyone knows these changes have been made at the committee and because the budget committee is precluding it, that is the process by which they are able to effect any particular changes that might be desired by the committee for the conference. and so it is a simple motion and i think it should be supported because it affects our prerogative and i yield back. >> i thank the chair.
5:39 am
>> the gentleman yields and the gentleman is recognized for 10 minutes. >> thank you, mr. chairman. i think everybody knows that it is the right of anyone in the congress to make any motion and request to the rules committee and so first of all it is unnecessary. but our concern is that in voting for it suggests and that includes whatever motions the majority would make. and that includes preventing the government shutdown and created a process for doing it. we're not going to give a go-ahead and you clearly rejected that motion until i yield two and a half minutes.
5:40 am
>> thank you, mr. ranking member. the chairman and vice chairman, they really going through a great deal. and it is just an embarrassment not just to the governing party. >> this has been like déjà vu all over again. the house has voted four times. and that includes otherwise restricting access. although it is our constitutional right.
5:41 am
>> and we also had a kangaroo court. and that means that there is just no evidence there. >> and and a 78% of patients are at or below the poverty level. when they consider the primary care and we are repealing vital parts of the kerouac.
5:42 am
and you guys just refuse to admit that since the enrollment began. >> health insurance and 129 million americans with pre-existing health conditions no longer have to worry about being denied coverage or higher premiums. both colleagues, this is not a game show but a competition. and there is no prize to be won. and this is just a production
5:43 am
and a tantrum. >> first time i want to thank the chairman. it is very important at this motion was voted down. >> thank you for that very constructive proposal. this is creating great economic uncertainty. back home i represent the district that is home to u.s. central command. they are beside themselves with the inability of the congress to move forward with a reasonable budget plan.
5:44 am
and they don't want this. that is a dead end. they do not want a gimmick that does not serve our country well. and that uncertainty has been created. >> the budget uncertainty is working out a plan to avoid the government shutdown. the republican priority is to continue to attack women's health care to intimidate planned parenthood, nonprofit and the women that go there for their health services.
5:45 am
this continues and it is not serving the interest of our great country. because what is going to happen after next week is that there is a select committee and this is an all-time low. and these videos are now becoming the basis of public policy in america. and we are going to waste taxpayer funds on this witchhunt and i think it's very unfortunate. the approval ratings of congress are at an all-time low.
5:46 am
and i have to say that this demonstrates why that is. >> thank you. >> thank you. there we go again. >> the members of my district say that we want you to go down there and help to fix the system. the chairman just submitted the budget has nothing to do with
5:47 am
the economy and certainly what we do today is having nothing to do with putting the men and women back to work. the constituents want us to do our job, do your job. but what we have here is a complete farce. where we heard the leadership and the general say that we need predictability and we cannot plan on this. yet what are we doing today, but exactly that. and this is not doing our job.
5:48 am
and what we're doing today is that we are going to take healthcare services away from the needy people that need it. and there is no chance of this bill never making it into law but you we are wasting our time. and i urge our members to take a look closely to see how dysfunctional this committee and this congress is and i urge us once and for all to come together and try to actually do something instead of just talking with talking points. >> thank you.
5:49 am
>> the gentleman needs to be recognize for two minutes and now we have a chance to continue to reduce deficits and work on our debt. and in this underlying bill we actually increased spending in women's health care.
5:50 am
and because this process has not happened every year we as a budget committee ought to preserve our say in the process going forward. that is what this motion does. i urge committee members and all of them to supported wholeheartedly and i yield back. >> the question is not agreeing to the motion. >> the clerk is going to call the roll.
5:51 am
[roll call] [roll call] [roll call] [roll call]
5:52 am
[roll call] [roll call] [roll call]
5:53 am
>> okay, the motion is agreed to. i would like to remind members, i know that some folks were not here and each member has until the close of business data in a statement to the record regarding this hearing. the committee stands adjourned. [inaudible]
5:54 am
[inaudible] [inaudible]
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[inaudible] [inaudible]
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[inaudible] [inaudible]
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6:00 am
brian: senator gary hart, you have a book out called republic of conscience. conscience. why a book on the subject? gary: two reasons. the transformation of washington in the 30 years since i left here, i will give you one statistic that i do not put in the book. i was told in 1970 that there were 160 some registered lobbyists in washington. there are now over 13,000. second, i have started studying early american history in considerable depth and i went back-to-school in my 60's to get a graduate degree in jefferson. the founders used the language of the ancient republican, greece and rome.


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