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  Donald Trump Campaign Rally in Richmond Virginia  CSPAN  October 14, 2015 10:33pm-11:34pm EDT

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it to build a nuclear weapon or buy one. threats. real none of the other things we're going to talk about matter if we aren't safe. it istary component of critical. [applause] >> yes, i would like to ask a question. while you are in the senate, you missed more votes than anybody there republican or democrat over 8%. had toe last week which do with military spending that you weren't there at. know what you were -- >> i'm here in new hampshire talking to you. why.s i've been in the senate now for four years. i'm proud to serve the people of florida in the united states senate. some of the most rewarding constituent is service. people some to the office. thrubeen through a drive at mcdonalds. it is incredibly rewarding to be to help her.
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i've had veteran issues with the va. my brother is one of them. we love doing that very much. i'm frustrated. i'm in washington, d.c. watching the problems that we just talked about. nothing is happening. 2014. the majority in still nothing happens. what i concluded is nothing is we puto change unless the right person in the white house. that's why i decided to run for president. to run for president is going to miss votes. why? because i'm here talking to voters. i'm not on vacation. i'm here talking to each of you. i hope we can be successful in the campaign to start to make a difference. the next time they take votes in half, it won't be show votes. it will be votes we can pass and a president that will sign it. sign things like the keystone pipeline, sign things like military. the [applause] ini have four children
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middle school and high school. what will you do to put ofcation back in the hands parents and local government, give us more choice and free us parents, students, and teachers from common core? on my first day in office i will sign an order offering all u.s. and federal cease and assist from all work in implementing it. [applause] curriculumupport reform. i support curriculum reform. we did it in florida when i was the house. of we improved our curriculum at the state level. let me tell you why that's important. problem with the school curriculum or any of you have a problem, go see your and go through the principal and see your legislator. try going to the department of at the federal level. you won't find a person to talk to about it. a national school board. i don't need we need a federal level.he
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[applause] i feel real strongly about that as a parent myself. is the flag? yeah. >> senator, i served in iraq. pleasure of having a dozen and a half iraqi foreign me onals working for translators and missions. who had theirple backgrounds checked and fully ted. they had no promise for getting out of the country if things went south. they did. now we see the sufficient fee gees and figuring out what are going to take what percentage of refugees that aren't vetted. would you support policies for put themselves for our servicemen go to the back line and unvetted personnel go to the front?
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marco: i would. this gets around. they say the americans betrayed me. that reputation becomes embedded. it is bun of the things that they are using. putin is usingat is barack obama is an unreliable guy. a lot.s we were here two weeks. we are conducting operations. we are reliable. america isn't. he's making that argument to iraq. he's going to make the same egyptians, the saudis with and israelis. you are right about that. on the issue of refugees, let me say this, we've always accepted refugees in the country. we've accepted them from vietnam. community where people came from cuba. it's not that we don't want to them. in order to accept them, they have to be vetted. you can't pick up the phone and say do you know so and so? working thaten't
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well among other things. it is not that we don't want to be able to donot it. it may not be possible to vet people and accept them because of that. the instance that people that have served alongside the men who riskedn uniform the live by being identified with us, it is wrong that people like that have been pushed to back of the line. [applause] i have to say i've heard you speak several times about fightingontrol and not it because the u.s. can't win the battle alone. china has recently introduced a groundbreaking program to limit carbon emissions with a cap and trade program. i'm wondering when you are you do to what will
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match their commitment to climate change? >> marco: first of all, the chinese said in the year 2030, they are going to begin to do some stuff. see. they continue to emit more carbon than any other nation in the earth. point is the climate is always changing. there's never been a time when the climate was unchanged. the debate is what can we do about it? i have the people come forward. to pass this law. cap and trade or whatever it may be. law, how many inches of sea rise will the prevent? prevent any. only if other countries do the same thing. okay. so it won't be a measurable impact. i ask the economist what will it do to the economy? making it living in america more expensive, harder to hire harder to succeed in america.
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they have deep economic cost, no benefit, how is that a good deal? i'm not going to support anything that hurts our economy and does nothing to help our environment. do i believe the issue is one that can be confronted over time? yes. american innovator is going to help solve this. i have no problem in leading the and wind andr forth.wables and so we're also going to lead the oil in natural gas. we are not going to hold ourselves back especially at a time when millions of americans struggling, stuck in low-paying jobs leaving them paycheck.o i'm not supporting any policies that are bad for our economy and our environment. [applause] this kind of thing. i have been following -- >> it is not that bad.
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i have been following you. i noticed you are talking about, you know, you have children. young children. a lot of people here are veterans. what about our generation. the ones that count now. the ones that our votes are going to be going for. security ist social going to be taken away from. do? are you going to you are talking about changing education for the younger generation coming up. working paycheck to paycheck, barely making it working two jobs. we can't get ahead. we don't fall under the tax break and obamacare. cracks.w through the our generation now in the 30's and 40's that are suffering the most, how is the president -- can do asmething you a president? have a we're going to pro-family tax code. for working families, it is more than ever to raise children. we need to create government it easier formake
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to createe sector jobs that pay more. that's not happening. rate is down to 5%. the millions of people that aren't looking for work anymore. two, the jobs that are being created don't pay enough. you can't live on them. need to make america the best place in the world to create jobs that pay for. holding that back? a lot of it is government policies that make it harder to make it morend expensive to hire people. it moree makes expensive and more expensive to pay them more. regulations, especially for small business, makes it more expensive to be in business. 35 years,rst time in you have more businesses start dying than starting. that's not good for job creation. don't allow companies to immediately expense their investment. in a small money business to grow it, i have to my taxes,oney back in
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as opposed to getting it right at once. saysu have a tax cod that the more you invest, the more not only would they hire more, but pay people more. we can't be globally competitive with the most expensive business tax rate in the developed world. we have to make america the best place in the world for the private sector to succeed. the private sector will create jobs that pay more. my father was not a business owner. he owned a small grocery store for probably a second and a half. didn't go well. my father was largely an employee. an employee as a hotel. the reason why my father had a enough for him to support his family was someone riskedaccess to money that money to build an hotel. money to made enough take vacations. we need to get back to a place
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incentivized to create more sources of employment that pay more. ensure the government isn't doing anything to make your life more expensive, by ridiculous orders that make your energy bill go up while your income is flat. the other thing is some of the better paying jobs are going to require more skills than some people have right now. i don't know your story. i would venture to guess if you working full time, you can't just drop everything and sit in the classroom for four years. can -- if we can make it easier and cheaper for you to acquire an additional skill hours -- couple of through two courses online that allow you to receive a you qualify for the new job that pays more. designed around that. that's what my policies are designed around. america the best place in the world and easier for you to skills the additional you need to qualify for the better paying jobs.
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[applause] be the last question today. >> we'll get regina too. go ahead. >> thank you for coming. >> thank you for having me. >> my question is on the constitution. yes, sir. >> article five. there's a movement throughout this nation right now they have convention.ive do you approve that? disapprove it? if so, why. marco: if that's what citizens we should do it. this is my only point, make sure we know how it is going to turn out. if you open up the constitution, you are opening up the people the want to re-examine first amendment, people that want to re-examine the second tondment, people that want re-examine other things built in within the constitution. they can amend and re-examine
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it. i'll be supportive. be aware the same groups that are trying to pass legislation same groups of people that are going to try to change the constitution. we're going to have to fight at that convention. [applause] >> the next president is going to appoint one or two more supreme court justices. be yourgoing to criteria for appointing them? criteria for justices, not just supreme court but at the appellate level are people that adhere to the constitution. that view the role of the appellate judge to apply not manipulate it or spin it to a policy conclusion they want. we have reached the point that justices ates -- least five on at the supreme court that believe their job is ways tocreative manipulate the constitution to reach a policy outcome they
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favor. that's not the job of our justices. the job of our justices is to that constitution as strictly constructed by the founders and the amendments that follow it. the job of the appellate court is to apply the constitution, or manipulateit it. my number one criteria would be this, are a strict constitution pis of you understand the only the constitution is through a convention or amendment process, not the create the judicial decisions that expand the reach of the federal government and areas it never intended to reach. the document the gentleman was holding is a document of limitation. is a documenton that limits the power. powers.e the only if they are not outlined here, the federal government doesn't have the power. they belong to the state and communities. justices that understand
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that more today than ever before. all right. to thank you. [applause] marco: i would stay longer. the only reason why i have to cut it short is i have to catch an airplane. private one. they don't wait for me. the good news is we're going to be back in the community. this.enjoyed again i'm going to stay for for a few more minutes to say hello person. i look forward to seeing all of you. thank you for coming. god bless you. [applause]
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[inaudible conversations] >>audible conversations] c-span has your coverage of the road to the white house 2016. you'll find the candidates, debates, and most importantly your questions. this year we're taking our road to the white house coverage into the countrycross with our student cam contest, the opportunity to discuss what important issues they want to hear the most from
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candidates. follow the student cam contest and road to the white house 201 the radio, and online at more road to the white house coverage tomorrow. candidate, john nashua holds an event at community college in new hampshire. c-span2 a conversation of the role of the federal reserve. from the federal reserve bank's head from new york. 10:30 eastern. >> all campaign long c-span road to the the white house. unfiltered access to the candidates, town hall meetings, conferences, rallies, and speeches.
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we're taking your comments on twitter, facebook, and my phone. as always, every campaign event we cover is available on our web c-span >> republican presidential candidate, donald trump, was democratic candidate, bernie sanders. the campaignd virginia.ichmond, [cheering] >> ladies and gentlemen, please welcome the next president of the united states, donald j. trump. ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ >> well, i want to thank you, everybody. i do love virginia. i love virginia. man. [cheering] what a place. what a place. you know, i have a lot of people
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work really hard. i pay them a lot of money. probably too much money. that's okay; right? i have the vineyards in charlottesville. know about that. and in lowden county, i have which is anal tremendous success along the potomac river. piece of land like it, it is phenomenon. inve had tremendous success virginia. we've had a lot of people that work for me. the way i work for them i look at. it. the truth is they are so good them more than they need me. does that make sense? this is one of those things. you know what i did? where is karrie? get up here. come on. so incredible. she runs the vineyards. vineyards. you know what it is. a lot of people go there. says he the drivers goes back and forth there all the time bringing people.
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karrie willard runs it. she is going an incredible job. to put it mildly it was in serious trouble. acres.lose to 2,000 it is one of the most beautiful -- it is the largest vineyard on of this country. the largest. become an incredible, incredible tourist attraction. karrie has literally from day one -- i mean she's taken it. with love and pride -- i'm proud because, you know, one of have to say that my wife said i have to say it. more women in high executive positions. it is true. is true. [cheering] donald: the men in my company campaigning. is that okay? to hell with them; right? i have so many women.
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just say a word. do you like trump? >> yes. if i want someone who inspires greatness and demands your man., this is [cheering] karrie. thank you, she's done such and credible job. karrie.u, you know when i have a place -- usually i have a lot of them. areas, i to certain like to bring the employees. we have some of our employees vineyards.from the i like to bring the employees up because it is so important. are lookinghen you at what's going on with the country where our jobs are being taken away. are going to other places, as you know, like many other countries. the country.n name we don't make good deals anymore. we just don't. so when i'm around one of my myces, i love to bring people up. i love it.
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we had big news today. i just have to talk about it. a a -- in the old days, i have to call it misinformation. we're going to talk about the debate. last night?h it [booing] donald: i tweeted. i tweeted. can you believe? i made a commitment. i said i'd tweet, so i couldn't turn it off. i had to tweet this thing. somebody said on one of the winner was trump because we picked up 160,000 followers. believe it? 160,000. [cheering] >> second place was a lot less. i will tell you that. folks on the stage. today cnn came out with a poll. the state ofin nevada. they came out with another poll in south carolina which is incredible place. both incredible places. i said i have to read some of
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these. this is wild. we're in first place everywhere. [cheering] donald: they said everywhere. we are in texas, new hampshire, iowa, everywhere. the polls just came out. a couple of weeks ago we had florida. are killing it in florida. you have a governor and sitting senator. it is not even close. we're at 28-29. they are in the low teens. we want to keep it that way. we're going up. i'm not even happy when i hear 29 now. do better.we should here's what just happened.
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in nevada we're at 38. think about it. 38. second place is 22. i won't bother telling you. when you have 33, you are almost doubling it up. the thing that i loved about the poll. again done by cnn. south carolina 36-18. believe that? connecticut just came out. 34-14. here's what i really like. candidate can best handle the economy? okay. [cheering] donald: well, that one is big. 67% said trump. can you believe it? now you've got to remember.
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two people running and you had 67%, that would be a landslide; right? that's a landslide. if you won with 67%, the press -- look at all of the cameras going on back there. so many. so many. lights.all of the red show the crowd, everybody. the crowd. peoplegot a lot of outside the fire marshal would not let it in. one of those things. i will tell you when you have that'sa two-person race, called landslide. that's called massive victory. been't think there's ever a victory. here we have on a thing called the economy. would you say that's important? i think so; right? so 67% are infavor for trump. okay. we won the state by a lot.
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meaning in the polls by a lot. a couple of the categories, i have to read them. illegal immigration. important. we're going to build the wall. believe me. going to build the wall. [cheering] 100%.: know, -- so we're going it.uild it will be paid for. theis going to pay for wall? who is going to pay for the wall? category -- the next so importanth is -- that's okay.
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that's okay. don't worry. that's all right. that's all right. that's why we have freedom of speech, folks. know? [cheering] donald: i'll tell you howdies honest the press is. inhave thousands of people this room, i think 7,200 people. people overt 10 there. they will get the headline. you won't. pretty disgusting. pretty disgusting. it goes.s the way 55% wantmmigration, trump. 13% is second place. that tells you something right there. 13%. 13%.
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on social issues, trump is first. --foreign policy, [cheering] [cheering] donald: thank you very much.
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that's great. thank you very much. it is true. i see a couple of cameras for about four people. they are going wild. the cameras. it is so disgusting. but that's all right. on foreign policy, trump is 34%.r one on isis, who is going to handle isis? trump 46. we're not going to play games. we're not playing games. we're not playing games. on the change on how we do in on the change, how are we going to change washington? do the most to effective job? trump, 60%. 60. 60%. here's an important one, the best chance of winning in november? trump number one, 47%. amazing.
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at 42, thenber one you get into 16 and 10. difference. we've all come a long way together. we've all come. you know, we have a lot of bad people out there. they want to stop progress. you see it all the time. i use the statement the silent majority. the silent majority is back, folks. is back.t majority is back.t majority last period of time, we have had a very interesting thing happen. we've seen our country where we don't win anymore. we're going to start winning so much we're going to win left, going to win right, we're going to win everything. have unbelievable people in this country. us fromis going to stop
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starting to win again. you look at what's happening with foreign countries. takingk at how they are our jobs, how they are taking our base, how they are taking havething that we including our many. you look at what's going on with the foreign no matter what country you are talking about, they beat the united states. it is not going to happen anymore. it is. [cheering] donald: our trade deficit with china is almost $400 billion. a year.lion a year. and then i see our president
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entertaining the heads of china and talking about our great trading partners. yeah. they are a great trading partner for china. for us. our deficit with japan is $70 a year. the cars pour in. we don't know what we're doing. we sell them practically nothing relatively speaking. what we sell them is beef. beef. they sell us cars. go out to los angeles. you see these ships. the biggest ships you've ever seen. the cars are pouring off. us. have no respect for our trade deficit with china is $70 million. this.of this -- think of japan $70 million. which is absolutely crazy.
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now we go to mexico. i love the people of mexico. i love mexico. they are great people. thousandsusands and of hispanics working for me. thousands. hispanics.f and, in fact, in nevada at the the poll, i win with hispanics, which everyone is surprised. hispanics.the deficit withg mexico is $45 billion a year. $45 billion. flow -- now i'm going to build a that is going to be really a wall. it is going to be something special. nobody is coming in other than come in legally. everybody says you can't build a wall. fory mexico is going to pay it. they say you can't do that. you can't do that. do that?hey if the wall costs $6 billion to about $s we're talking
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-- 1,000 miles. but you need it on 1,000. is great wall of china 13,000 miles and was built 2,000 years ago. have a wall that has to be built. we have problems coming in like ever seen before. it has to be built. has to be built. whatever anybody said just this, almost everybody wanted this wall built ten years years ago, 15 years ago, the liberals, the conservatives, it.ybody wanted one of the reasons it wasn't couldn'tbecause they impactenvironmental statement. we're going to build the wall.
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mexico is going to pay for it. studentpeople, the people they mexico will pay for it. we give mexico billions of dollars. deficit of trading almost $50 million. we are talking about five, to to seven. we're talking about from five to $7 billion. who couldn't get that money? they are going to pay it so gladly. they are going to pay it so gladly. , i speak to our politics all the time. i speak to them loud and clear. a lot of them are nice people. donald, you'll never be able to get them to pay. i realize they are not the right people to do the job. with the right messenger, they pay so happily and gladly. they are taking advantage of us
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border and with trade. they are very good people. leaders are starter than our lauders. don't have a clue. they don't have a clue. a mother istuation pregnant. she goes to the border. she talks across the border in of our border patrol. they are great people. theirre not allowed to do job. she lies down they have a baby they call anchor baby. baby.s a now we're responsible for the baby for 85 years. okay? i don't think so. think so. i don't think so. we can't do it. we owe $19 trillion. number that's almost inconceivable when you think about it. owe $19 trillion. we can't be in a position where we're doingwhat
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anymore. we just can't. we have to rebuild our country, rebuild our infrastructure -- [cheering] andld: we have to repeal replace obamacare. have to do it. have to do it. have to do it. to cost uss going more money than anybody would have ever dreamt. it is no good. it doesn't work. 55%,premiums are going up 45%, 60%. your deductibles are through the roof. and never getead any of the money. your deductibles are so high. obamacareg to repeal and replace it with something be it is going to be terrific.
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to cost our country very little. people are going to be able to doctor, have their plan, and pay less money. are notare sick, they going to have to worry about a so high nothing hit be anless you get tractor. we're going to make our country so great again. make it so great. taxes, we just put in a plan the other day. we're going to reduce taxes tremendously. because we have the highest tax rate anywhere in the world. middle class is being absolutely destroyed. destroyed. you know, we used to have the middle class that everybody was proud of. don't have that anymore. they are being so badly treated. vets are being treated worse than anybody.
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vets. with berniest night sanders and hillary and the nobody --e guys that yeah -- yeah. the other three guys that nobody hell they who the are. who are they? i watched last night as hillary giveernie sanders couldn't things away fast enough. they want health care for illegal immigrant, they want license for illegal immigrants, they are suggesting -- listen to this. they are suggesting social security for illegal immigrants. so we're going to straighten things out. it the righto do way. we're going to bring immigration under control. have aot going to situation like kate. beautiful kate in san francisco. this guy comes in five different
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times. have been much more than that. after the fifth time, she get shot in the back. we're not going to have it anymore. we're going to have a situation be rational,to reasonable, we're going to keep country when somebody goes through a long process with college. go to harvard, yale, a ofat college, the university virginia, great college -- that is great and right next to our property. we love them. that's a great college. they go to the university of virginia. fantastic. they do just great. they are so proud. another country. they want to stay here. we tell them get out. you stayed here. go then the case in india where a man opened a company and wanted here.y he ends up opening it in india. employees.0 it is one of the hottest in the world. he would have been here. that's what we want.
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we want to keep people here. we want people to come in legally. and so importantly, and saying it all the time, we want to have a big door. a big beautiful door in the middle of the wall. we want those people to come in. through at to do it legal process. if we don't have a border, if we a border and we have people all over this country we have no idea where they are don't have awe country. we know longer have a country. is very simple. going to do it with heart. we're going to get along with people. everything is going to be great. to have a country again. we're going to take back our country. going to start doing things properly.
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when we have countries like the i named and many others and people that take advantage of our leaders because they are not smart, they are incompetent, they are stupid, or they don't care, that's going to end. the greatest minds in wall street. i have them already lined up. calling me. these are the greatest negotiators in the world. calling me. carl icon. great. i have all of them. they don't want money or salary. they are rich. they made it because they are great negotiators. they want to come and see our country be great again. they are proud of our country. some are nice people. some aren't. i don't care. i want the greatest. i know the best, the smartest, the sharpest. know people that are over rated. i know people that are better of them.
11:25 pm
and we're going to bring them in and we're going to bring them in and they are going to be in charge of one, china. let me tell you about china. first of all, i love china. the people are great. they buy my apartments for $50 million all the time. how could i dislike it? i tell it to everybody. largest bank in the world in one of my buildings. china.rom i love china. they have taken advantage. i wish it were turned around. i wish our representatives took advantage of them. i think that would be great. that would be great. one-way street. it is a one-way street to poverty for us. poverty. we can't do it. we're in a bubble right now. we're in a bubble. we have a phony statistic on a hundred million
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people in the work force that want to work. we have a hundred million people. we have tremendous levels of poverty. over theelfare all place. these are people in many cases get aant to go out and great job and be proud and take home a lot of money. losingt because we're all of our jobs. we're losing them to other nations. losing them to stupid policies. pack, transpacific partnership. -- believelieve me me me -- if it was good, i would say i don't care if obama proposed it. i wish obama were a great president. i don't care. i wouldn't have to run. i love what i was doing. it's true. i love it. love it. so true. love if he were a great president. wow. he is a great president.
11:27 pm
be his greatest fan. i don't care. what i want is good for the country. doing this. to be i'm actually having fun because i'm so energized. i go to the crowds. we have 20,000 people with a mavericks play. 20,000 people. go to oklahoma, we had 20,000 people in a park. go,o -- no matter where we we went to mobile, alabama. we had 35,000 people. we go, we go up to new hampshire. crowd. the biggest iowa, the biggest crowd. south carolina we had something two weeks ago. was unbelievable. it was unbelievable. a friend of mine said how do you do that? you make speeches in front of so many people. tell prompters. i don't want a teleprompter. i don't. it would be so much easier.
11:28 pm
it would be -- think of it. you have your teleprompter; right? you walk on it. and it is wonderful to be in vermont where you have all sorts of great people. and you do. way, when you talk, you really have the hall of fame. it is true. you have the hall of fame. i told my guys, i said look, i'm here. i employ a lot of people. of things, this is a real hall of fame. patrick henry give me liberty or me death. how good? good is that? sloganto come up with a as good as that. how about make america great again? that's great. it is great. i still like give me liberty or
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death. that's very good. i want to get the word again off of that eventually. the word he said you will. i will. it is not even going to be that hard. is a common it sense. it takes business ability. treat peopleo well. i say i'm a conservative with heart. because we're going to have that great health care program. we're going to take care of everyone. we're going to take care of people. people are going to pay less and get it so good. we're going to take care of many things. i like to say conservative with heart. a lot of people think if you are havelican, you don't heart. you are mean and horrible people. it doesn't work that way. over my somebody said that's not con seventive. it is interesting. have a group called club for growth. i talk about it. of them.r even heard the guy comes up to my office, sits down.e nice guy. i think he was an ex-congressman.
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knows how to talk. they are all talk. politicians in the room. they are great. fact, dave brandt. he's great. was with his family and children and wife. there's a guy. things. you can do that's never happened before what he did. credit.ave him a lot of i have to go. okay. patrick henry we talked. great; right? then you have thomas jefferson. that's pretty good; right? thomas jefferson. man. james madison, principle author of the constitution. pretty good. then you have george washington. that's pretty good; right? george washington. you know. pretty amazing. you know. of virginia, it is just pretty amazing. and i lovehe stories
11:31 pm
these stories. because it shows how important is. i'm self-funding my campaign. okay? i'm the only one. i see all of the guys that are competing with me. are nice.em some of them have hit me really hard. me fore asking contributions. then as soon as i run, it is like a couple of them. perry went wild. he was a nice guy. well forrk out too him. he hit me. i thought he was a nice guy. he hit me. speeches about trump. they want to get their numbers up. not working. it has gone down. they have all gone down. tough withhat plays us, they are all going down; right? that's nice. right? at what's going on and i see so much. politiciansy the
11:32 pm
are controlling. don't forget i was the perfect person. i was, like, central casting. the a i ran, i was on list. i contributed a tremendous amount. i got along well with democrat liberties and conservatives. that's my job. toebody said you gave money a democrat. of course i did. i get along with everybody. the magazines said he's a world class businessman. you can't have fights. i was told by hillary in a and same day by jeb we don't like his tone. incredible company. you'll see. the book come out on november 3rd. day. is your election go out and vote. it actually comes out on election day. going to be great. "crippled tough name
11:33 pm
america." it tells you how to fix it. i'm self-funding. i was in iowa a few weeks ago. people i feel so foolish. these people want to give me millions and million of dollars. is sort of like anti-me. why wouldn't i take it. i always take money. it is what i do. i take money. that's how you become rich; right? no. millions of dollars. so i said to the group in iowa, we had 5,000 people in an auditorium like this. i said here's the story. whenl a little bit stupid i don't take all of this money. supposing i take it, just supposing and i promise i won't do anything for them, and they up and said, no, no. i couldn't believe it. i thought i had talked them into it. the truth is i love what i'm doing. that i'm self-funding. i'm not controlled by anybody. i'm not controlled.