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tv   Hillary Clinton Campaign Rally in Las Vegas  CSPAN  October 15, 2015 1:38am-2:40am EDT

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trillion in spending. he is warming up. will createeconomy more revenue than people imagine. you get the denominator growing, the numerator does not look as bad. you deal with the structural problems on that side. as a relates to syria, here is the deal. the first priority for our country is to create a strategy to take out isis and assad. that should be the first strategy to deal with refugees. [applause] i proposed one. i went to the reagan library and proposed it. i've proposed a no-fly zone. if assad was going to continue to bear upon the innocent people in his country, the united states could destroy his air force and the ability to land
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planes. that would solve that problem like that. now it is more complicated with russia. we need to leave the role -- world. army, theld be one remnants of the syrian free army that we have promised to help and avoided. all of this we need to get back into the game and create a saison's --rt, with safe zones to deal with this challenge. if you saw a early this week or late last week, isis is now -- it looks like isis has killed more than scores of people in turkey. this is spilling out into the region. the region needs to be engaged. havey, jordan, they millions in refugee camps in these countries. we need the persian gulf countries involved. they should be financing a majority of this. former airhave
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controllers and people who know exactly where to launch these. we need to tell lawyers to take a step back. this is protecting our national security. the best way to deal with the refugee problem is to deal with the source of why we have it. we need to make sure people are screened, but we should dissipate in that as well -- participate in that as well. i do not think we should abandon the core values, the goodness of our country. i do not think we're that small. we have to recognize that we have internal problems, for sure. i get that. whatever the number is being proposed -- if the option is eadings, that beh is the option for many of these people, we should play a role in that as well. we should be leading the world to eradicate these problems the
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cost this. -- caused this. germany is excepting 8000 refugees. this is going to be a huge problem, to use a term that other candidates use. those problems will play out unless they get engaged to help create a more stable syria as well. yes sir. >> i don't know i have a need to say this. your brother made a lot of difficult decisions. by and large i did not agree with all of them, but i think he was a great president. jeb bush: you can say that all of you want -- all you want. >> as it relates. jeb bush: he is a mighty fine brother. >> we know that if the obama administration had followed through with your brother's decisions related to iraq, probably we would not be in this mess today. one question, two-parts.
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where do you differ from your brother? the other question is related to education -- most republicans prefer to have educational decision-making devolved to the states. you are a strong supporter of common core -- that leads to a lot of decisions in washington. jeb bush: where i differ for my brother, i am taller, and younger. probably not as smart. the context for presidents are always different. my dad was president in 1990 -- 9089. the year 2000 was different. the difference in my brother's administration was, we got attacked. he became a wartime president. i think he did next remarried job keeping us safe -- i think he did an extraordinary job keeping us safe. [applause]
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as a result, the other areas where a president can put pressure on congress not to spend, and create discipline probably subsided. he was focused, as he should have been as commander in chief in the greatest fighting force ever assembled. i am not faulting him, i am just saying that you can check my record as governor. cut taxes every year. $19 billion. john stossel has done a report which i like because it made me look the best of all governors running. we cut spending more than any of the governors running. been adjusted for the times in which we were serving and population growth. on my -- on a per capita basis we cut spending. there was a 35% general revenue reserve. who knows, we might of had eight hurricanes hit us.
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these things matter. i was a committed conservative all the way through. that is what i would be as president. all of the, i wanted authority on education. i would've taken a lump sum from washington dc. give me the title i money, that is for the schools that are low performing. giving -- give me the id a money. give me all of the early childhood literacy money. there are 30 programs for pre-k. lump them together, give me my percentage, give me the outcome you want and leave me alone. that's what i would've wanted. 80% of the bureaucrats in the department of education in tallahassee were there to fill out forms for the 10% of the money that we got from washington dc. i do not believe common core or higher standards. if the states want to have them
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come a great. if they want different standards, fine. make them high. the idea they are common is fine. [applause] gains ande greatest learning in any state. i am not prone to exaggeration. compared to others at least. the greatest gains in learning happen because we raise standards, had real accountability, rated schools a-f. every mom and dad knew that an f was not as good as in a. parents were given vouchers when their student got a f to go to a high-performing school. we got rid of the insidious idea that if you are in fourth grade and you don't read, there is going to be divine intervention to get you through the day.
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you cannot do science and math if you cannot read. all of that with state driven, that is the way it should be. there should be no federal involvement in the creation of standards, content, or curriculum. [applause] if the federal government doesn't reauthorize the k-12 law, which they are about ready to do. this is maybe the one thing the republicans do which will put a lid on the role of government involvement. i will do it by executive order. this is important. can we get to the bigger conversation, which is a third of our kids are college or career ready. who thinks that is good? think of the shattered lives that end with that result? that is where we are. we have dumbed it down where everyone is above average. now we are threatened with lowering standards to get into college. lowering the content for reading and math. you're basically redoing high
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school math and reading at college level. we are putting student loans on top of the backs of students who cannot graduate in four years life or your degree. that is the path we are on. highverse that we need expectations and zero tolerance for the attitude that some kids can learn and some cannot. in florida we proved that otherwise. to put it into perspective, we were 50th out of 50 in graduation rate. that's bad. one would be good. >> my math is bad. evenush: we could not whisper -- thank god for your favorite state. there is a better way to do this, but it needs to be state led in driven. -- and driven. yes there, in the back.
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it is dark back there. offollowing in the same vein education, as a college student i was listening to the debate last night. bernie sanders said he wants free college education. hillary clinton was lower interest rates. how would you deal with the issue? jeb bush: let me give you good news of your children in florida. in-state florida students have the lowest tuition. of any state in the eyes states -- in the united states. we have a bright future scholarship program that is merit-based. any person with a gpa of x ans s at of y give a full ride. you still have to pay the out-of-pocket costs. we put a cap on tuition. we started it, but it has been enhanced or medically under --ernor scott, we now have a
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dramatically under governor scott, we now have a system where schools are measured on outcomes. they have to produce what we expect them to. [applause] decree -- degree completion for public universities -- we measure it in six years. what a week holiday six your t we call it adon' six-year degree? i don't have sympathy for this, i graduated in two years. i worked. i was motivated. i was madly in love with my wife of 42 years now. i wanted to get going with my life. i don't know why kids are lucky like i was. you can graduate and work. 18 hours, that would be a big load for college. in manyot get that
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schools because professors do not teach the same way they might have in the past. assume for a moment that you actually studied an hour for every hour you took. i don't remember that, in my case, maybe i did. -- 36 up to 30's hours hours. i don't remember in my adult life working less than 36 hours any week since 21 years old. this is ludicrous, to tell a 21-year-old kid or in 18-year-old kid that they cannot there being told to do. if you want to save money on student loans, get them through faster. make sure there is really count ability. ntability.ou we have a pool of money in florida, if you have degree completion rate that do not meet the objective, you get money taken away.
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the schools that you better get money given to them. now we have a system where everyone is competing to do the things we want more of. that is not cite majors, but majors in degrees that can actually give someone a job. doing it in four years instead of six. with the government support and tuition support create something that is probably the best deal people will get in florida whether it is community colleges or higher education. there is a lot of those ideas that exist in this country. the federal government should get out of the way and be a partner for innovation from the bottom up. [applause] across the spectrum a policy. the government in washington is just not designed to come up with a creative idea. impulses to take power away. as you take power away, you take away the innovative spirit.
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intentions, and over 50 states never works compared to trying a florida way. instinctively, whatever subject matter comes up, i default to shifting power back to states, rather than have the government be the end-all be-all. focus on priorities, keep us safe. the infrastructure that is nationwide. the things that really matter for our safety and growth. that is of the federal government should work on. [applause] yes, ma'am. >> i have a question. she is worried about our natural resources. whether or not they will run out.
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with all of the immigrant population coming in, if we bring in refugees. is that what it is? >> i was concerned about that for a long time. jeb bush: i share your concern about protecting natural resources. we have a duty, we are the dominant species on the planet. our nature is a gift from god. we are children of god. i simplify this. we have a duty. we have a duty of conservation and protection. the good news for america is we are a big, big country. we are full of abundance. we can grow our economy. we can be respectful of the natural environment and find common ground. i will resort to my experience in florida. in sort of we have the largest
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land purchasing programs in the country. it was called florida forever. it was a bipartisan consensus in the states that every year we $300 million of pristine florida before got developed. -- it got developed. before a developer would come and buy it and put housing on it. this was in the ecosystems we needed to protect. florida is different from new hampshire. i have been traveling around this beautiful state. our trees do not change colors. i have never seen more people mountains and hills. [applause] florida has good things going on. it also has an extreme nearly fragile environment. -- extremely fragile environment. we had a duty to protect florida. the way we did it was to grow our economy. that provided resources. if you have ever been to south
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florida, there is no place like it. i am proud of it. it is a resource unique to the world. it has all sorts of fauna, critters, and fish that need to be protected. it is also our water supply. it is another place for you need to share the resource and do it in a respectful way. under my watch we cleaned up the everglades and protected the water resource for nature and a growing population. i think that is the way you do this. you do it respectful of nature, but you also recognize we have to allow people -- i worry as much about the other things that go on. the most i worry about is how much money people have in their pockets. i'm not worried about my rear end. i am worried about people's while it's. --wallets. people are really struggling.
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he should be sensitive to that. government is putting a lid on people's aspirations in that regard. everything i -- every time i think about he needs of the country, or in my case when i was governor, i was also mindful of the fact that we should be growing income. let it rip. came from the coast. jeb bush: you are yielding a time? well done. >> thank you, governor. thank you for being here. thank you for your years of public service. jeb bush: what is your ministry? >> i am a chaplain at the university of new napster.
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to my left is the associate the roman catholic student center. jeb bush: i am on your team. >> we are all children of god. jeb bush: that was a stupid joke. >> i make them all the time. we would like to offer you a simple prayer. like you, we are prayer -- people of faith. our leaders to ease the suffering affected by climate change. >> we pray for the poor and vulnerable, those most affected by climate change and fossil fuel extraction. god of all creation, here are prayer. fracking,se harmed by coal mining, natural gas pipelines and offshore oil drilling, god of all creation,
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hear our prayer. >> to pray for our leaders to open her heart to climate creation,od of all hear our prayer. >> as someone who did great things in florida, i would like to know how you would lead us facing climate change. jeb bush: i appreciate you being here. thank you for the yield. that was an elegant way to get to the task at hand. the answer i gave applies to this issue as well. i think we can solve more problems when the economy is growing, when people's income is growing. the solution cannot be to hollow out economic activity. you could reduce carbon emissions, and we could increasingly move towards poverty. i do not think that is the answer for our country.
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in fact, that is kind of the path we are on. $2000able income is now lower than it was six years ago. in a recovery, that has never happened before. we have these big structural changes going on around the world. some people can write this off that you have to get used to it. this is the end of the american era, except it. i don't believe that. here's how i would answer question. -- your question. i answer it as a resident of miami. my home is probably 12 feet above sea level. i am on a high point in our community. 12 is about as high as it gets. rising sea levels, rising tides, in a place like florida -- it was not engineered and designed for any kind of major increase in time. -- tied. the first thing we have to do is it that. we have to create policies of
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adaptation. secondly, the proper role for government in this is, in my mind is to spend more money on basic research to identify the next struct of energy resources that will be competitive with all of the others that we use now. you can be how that plays out if you follow energy policy in our country. natural gas, because the fracking and hydraulic drilling has had a dramatic increase in reserves. the price has gone down fivefold. it has gone from double digits dollars a thousand cubic feet. it has reduced carbon emissions by 10% in the last decade as we convert from coal and other heavier sources of carbon is -- energy. it is also challenge the other sources of energy. seller has seen a direct
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reduction in costs. baseline is dropped. wind is competitive today. in a place like iowa, where you have ample wind, consistent wind , you know have wind being built without any subsidies. -- in our country at least, we are investing in these long-term things and creating an environment where competition forces down cost and change, creates the desired effect. that is the intersection where we need to be. solving problems, and growing the economy at the same time. >> [indiscernible] jeb bush: that would not be my suggestion. it would be a bad deal. it would be a horrible deal. it would increase utility prices exponentially. the people hurt would be low income people, moderate income people. the people that all of these
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people care about. [applause] >> you mentioned entitlements. we all know that social security will not go on forever if we do not make changes -- are they going to run out of money in 7-17 years, depending. what kind of things would you be doing specifically to make sure that is not happen. ensure social security for seniors, kids, grandkids. bush: i responded to someone someone exact question, in the back yelled at me, it is not an entitlement. anis actually not entitlement, it is a supplemental retirement system. i want to be clear, entitlements would be obamacare, medicare, medicaid. those are entitlement based on certain criterias, income or age.
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social security is an actuary unsound supplement retirement system. it was not that way when it was created, when wife expectancy was64 -- life expectancy 64. and retirement age was 6i-5. -- was at 65. ira member of adults in talking about franklin roosevelt like he was a socialist. that is the most conservative idea. imagine if somebody propose that in washington dc. that would be considered paul ryan or someone like that, not on the left. how do you fix it? the same way we fixed it in the 1980's. you have to get people together from both parties. the simple way of doing this is to raise the cap for higher income people. and to moderately, over an extended. iod ofe -- extended per
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time raise the retirement age. protect and preserve it for those who have it. this would be going forward, for every month -- you have taken a month for every year, over time you would phase it in. that would bring about solvency for social security, just as it did in the 1980's. the bigger challenge is medicare and medicaid -- medicaid. they are growing at a rate that is three times the rate of all of the other spending. the power of compounding ultimately will consume everything else. today, or yesterday i proposed a way to deal with medicaid, which was to get it out of the hands washington. allow states to take the medicaid dollars plus cpi going forward, and take the kids's is -- insurance money, put it in a lump sum, take the obamacare subsidies and put them together
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and allow the legislatures and governors of states without the mandates that exist right now to craft a first century insurance policies that are focused on catastrophic coverage, low premium, expand the amount of hsa's. assume for a moment -- this is radical -- poor people make informed choices when you give them information. they will not -- this idea that somehow people in poverty cannot make decisions for themselves. that perpetuates poverty. that is wrong. i have seen examples were the opposite is the case. poor people are poor, they are capable of making decisions. that is the bigger challenge. in the next two weeks i will unveil a plan as it relates to medicare. [applause] >> i have a question. medicaid,eople with
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you have obamacare, and people like me who work full-time. i cannot afford insurance. i do not qualify for obamacare and i am bipolar. i fight every day to get medicaid, medicines, it is not cheap. when you have things like this, you want to be productive. in order for me to get insurance i have to qualify for disability. i can work, i am capable, i can run your campaign, i could do anything. jeb bush: i am looking for someone. >> the point is, i am here, doing my job. i do not want to accept government money. people like me fall to the crux -- cracks. have you help me -- how do you help me? bush: we would give credits to every person that does not have company insurance.
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that credit would be equal to what they could purchase in whatever means they can have. basically took the credit amount. then if you allow the states to go forward with new plans, states could add to that. small business, this either or problem you face as an individual, it also applies to small businesses. businesses either provide full boat insurance with all mandates and costs, or nothing. -- i would say small businesses could also make contributions to people's individual insurance. so that way it is not either or. they would get a tax deduction for jeb bush: the final thing, you are completely right, it needs to be reformed.
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it is already bankrupt, it has grown automatically and when challenges, you are either disabled, which means you cannot work, or you do not do anything here there are ways for people to have partial disability, ,hich i am not diagnosing you but partial disability, there ought to be a partial payment. that makes common sense, but that is not how -- that would require change in law. it would lessen the cost of this disability and to get people back into the workforce. there are other ways people are trapped. have you heard about the marriage penalty? you got it. my wife would say that i am the marriage penalty. [laughter] if you have a spouse working part time or not working, or want to get back into the workforce, every dollar that they earn, it is taxed at the marginal rate at their spouse,
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they could be paying 30% on maybe minimum wage, to work part time and that cost impedes many people from getting back into the work. i think that we should allow people to file individually. in another way to deal with social security is to recognize that people, even if you are allowed to be retired, a lot of people this is a supplemental retirement system, that means you will not necessarily be able to live off of that alone. 67 years old and you have to work, you continue to pay in clear the employees portion. you have already paid for 50 years. propose there is a way to generate more work, more income for people to allow for people to seven or older to not have to
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continue to pay into payroll, because that is their retirement, it goes right to their pocket. incomebeen in that first tax credits and are come fast enough country. when we are talking about minimum wage, $15 is a high bid rate from last night. it will kill half a million jobs, trust me. on the left and on the right, that is a much the argument and takestrue, automation place in people have to lower costs. for people who are single to which it does not does now, but havefrom 20-25, you hundreds of thousands of young people being able to work and get their first rung on the ladder. every one of these things requires a change, these might have worked in 1950, maybe 1975, but they do not work in the
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world they live in today. we need a transformation of the relationship that government has and with taxes. yeah? we will do two. ask,vernor, i want to since we are standing right here. my name is liz. , we had an amazing -- since then i decided to join fellow citizens of that basically the u.s. as a citizen for face -- space, what will you do to get congress on board, increasing the budget from under 1% to bring the state program that to the u.s., making us the leading nation in the world and not just russia and china? [applause]
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i may remember, during my last year's as governor, there was an expendable launch vehicle plan that was being built and the state of europe up dough florida put to where -- lure, i think it was lockheed, to build and design this said that it would replace the shuttle and it would be an interim to the next generation of launch old that would look like a good launch it and he could come back and it would be a dramatic lowering of cost, access to space, all sorts of things that would allow us to prosper as you day and lead -- say in the lead of the world. that project was killed and we
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not-- and we now access these through the russians. that is not a good idea. this is a country that is running circles around us in all parts of the world that use the u.s. as a menace, not as an ally in any time they would want, the and just shut down our ability to access the space nation where it clearly we need to have an independent means to access the. i would take it beyond that. it is a scientific discoveries that are incredible, i am bias ed, i think we need to be more aspirational again. this will sound odd, but four years ago in a debate, speaker newt gingrich talked about colonizing the moon, and it was a very raucous crowd, that is they were rowdy.
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people started laughing, people running for president as at him as well, but i thought it was cool what is wrong with having big bigrational goals, we are a country, we are a generous country and the benefits of this are far more than people realize. we need to persuade people that there are benefits in the here earth, andnor -- on create a strategy around these. we cannot be all things to all people. and the final part, we should partner with the dreamers in the private sector, the -- work with others during you cannot plan out everything. partner with people who can bring in intensity and creativity to the process.
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i was just thinking, you were going to bring up the tragedy that took place, i will never forget that, when i was governor, on the tarmac for a tribute to the astronauts, that died. -- umk it was 2005, maybe yeah. , one 2000, it was horrible, this is a dangerous endeavor, but it is worth it to be engaged in it. you remember? two the first part, i heard you talk
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.bout tax reform ok, i heard you can't about tax form, right?ht -- regf have the taxou a bracket and in that the regressive and mostly rich people in the in the stock market, so they have left festival -- less income, so that will end up being the regressive, so you talk a lot about rich people creating jobs. ok -- jeb bush: i have not brought that up today. >> they are going to create jobs. jeb bush: excuse me. >> rich people are going to
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create jobs, that doesn't happen, because they are invest in the stock market. how will you get people to invest in the economy and not the market -- stock market and will you do about that are rich for rich people? in another part of the question, poor peoplen make -- can make their own decisions, you said. what about cultural poverty, why is it that the average white family makes more money than the average black only -- family? what do you attribute this to? jeb bush: we have intergenerational poverty, if you're born for, you are -- poor , you're more likely to escape poor. stay
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that.ct if you want to live -- lift people up, you need to give them the power to make choices for themselves. this has nothing to do with race. it has to do with people being born poor and aim for, because we have systems on top of them that limit them. if you want to lift them out of poverty, allow them to live in safe communities, people in poverty have higher primary -- crime rate, and you need to have stronger families. rounger families -- stronge families matter. and you need to revolutionize education so that everybody has a chance to be successful. [applause] jeb bush: axis -- on taxes, we
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do have a progressive tax rate. disproportionate amount, but my proposal says we will reduce rates for everybody, if you make $40,000 or less, you will not pay anything that's federal income tax --federal income tax. everybody would benefit. we will put a cap on it. the reason that the marginal rate will be a little higher, there are other things as well, but people with higher income take advantage of interest deductions, they take advantage not initable reductions, new hampshire or florida, but they take advantage of the carveouts, but the effect is it
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lowers the effective rate for people. we put a cap on that so you cannot deduct all that you could before. it would eliminate the worn -- buffet story, saying that he pays less than his assistant. if you put a cap on deductions, you would have a higher rate. rates, where ae lot of jobs will be created, i am suggesting the highest corporate rate, 20%, but allow for full deduction of capital invest in, you want to create jobs, so allow or investing in your own country and -- own country. so that people are invest the and investing in the real economy, not the financial markets.
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my plan also calls for the elimination of special firmsions that special get, the carried interest, were they get capital gains rates for their business and they should pay ordinary income like everybody else. i am glad that you brought those points out. thank you, go. one more. for you.tion about women in combat. being in combat, i do not think it is a good idea, at least in , maybeor combat ranges the air force or navy, that is great when you are flying --
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different when you are flying, but combat is a rose and arsenal. -- up close and personal. jeb bush: in the military, i would not impose a political ideology on the military, or a social beliefs, you have to rely on the commanders in the field. you need to respect -- the commander in chief have to create a strategy, the checks and balances, but you cannot micromanage the military. you need to make sure that every focus is on what is the optimal morale for our troops to allow them to be the safest force, so that the perception of force --less likely that
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we do it. i would listen to the people making this decision, not telling them, come up with the result i want. sometimes i get the feeling that is where we are. i would listen first come up before making that judgment. there are conditions, but if someone can convince me that it would be in the best interest or are fighting worsens -- forces, i would consider it. right now, there is much centralization, just about everything in washington, you need to trust people to make informed decisions, that would be far more than i have weird i would trust them -- have. i would trust them to make that decision. yes? oftoday is the birthday
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general eisenhower. [applause] good man.he was a privilegedblished -- to be a pennsylvania valley words,he had strong pretty strong words as president. this was about the growing military-industrial complex. i am wondering, it seems like other republican candidate want to keep growing our defenses, we it takes,atever because that is most important, i hear. would you be willing to set some limits and will you make sure that operation --corporations that tell -- sell weapons do not influence politicians?
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,eb bush: a very good point every aspect of spending needs to be challenged. when you have the f 35, this will be the most powerful plane in the sky, better than the russians or the chinese, but it costs, it is exponentially more and it hasy imagines taken more time than they imagined. right now, senator mccain's committee is looking at procurement reform, that is essential. it of having big complex weapons systems that were wired to-three contractors -- require contractors, we ought to have a
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more strategic approach to this and build on it. there are a lot of reasons, cost, speed, you are much more agile you start small and build. and in combat technology -- think how fast technology is evolving. , it takeshe biggest way too long and it does not allow for opposition. cost. overruns and then the technology needs to be refreshed anyway. better to do it in increments as new technology emerges. you see this across the spectrum of life, using technological advances in information technology, but also gps, all of
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the things that require a weapons system to be effective. there are dramatic changes. in the wake of certain metals -- of certain metals, all sorts of things. if we do this the right way, we can get many more contractors onto the playing field and have a more competitive process that the big guys do not dominate. thank you all very much. [applause] [applause] [chatter]
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>> that is why the military is so important. >> thank you. >> this place is beautiful. best venue we have had. >> thank you. >> i am busy rate the second - - right this second.
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shake your hand. be givingw we will out information. [chatter] [indiscernible] >> trying to be intellectually
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it int, going through that way. [chatter] you going to come back at february? i will not, but i will be voting. >> thank you. >> thank you so much. >> thank you. [chatter] [indiscernible]
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[chatter] >> we should have a strategy to if we have as, strategy other countries can get behind us. >> thank you. texas.ew up in
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>> what do you do now? >> work for the navy. >> thank you. >> i was wondering if you could sign my yearbook? >> this is your last year? >> yes, and i have something for you. [chatter] [indiscernible] >> thank you for being here. >> thank you. can i keep this? >> yes, the other one for your
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brother. >> can i get a picture? >> yes. >> excuse me. >> where did you get that picture? the internet? looks better than i normally look. i was in florida when you were the governor. >> thank you, that is so kind of you. where is the light? >> there we go. >> thank you. >> thank you governor. >> i'm sorry. >> don't leave me. >> may i have your autograph? >> yes.
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where did she go? there you are. >> thank you. [chatter] >> i appreciate you being here. >> do you mind if we get a photo? >> no, go ahead. [chatter] >> it is harder because of these lights. >> thank you.
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back., you are ♪ [chatter] [chatter] governor bush: how are you, sir? come here, let me hold that.
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thank you, sir. >> can you take a picture? governor bush: absolutely. [chatter]
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