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tv   Senator Marco Rubio R-FL Town Hall in Derry New Hampshire  CSPAN  October 15, 2015 2:39am-3:44am EDT

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>> all campaign along, c-span takes you on the road to the white house. at town hall meetings, news conferences, rallies, and speeches. every campaign event we cover is available on our website at c-span bus continues its road to the white house tour, visiting the texas state fair in dallas. visitors learn about the campaign coverage and online resources. this weekend it is an austin for the texas book festival. you can get more updates on twitter. former secretary of state and presidential candidate hillary
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clinton will testify next week before the house elect committee on benghazi which is investigating the attack on the consulate. herwill get questions about personal e-mail account which was one of the topics at tuesday's presidential debate. we'll have live coverage thursday, october 22 on c-span3, c-span radio and at 10:00 a.m. et. mind,utification, to my is far more. than a matter of cosmetics. . whole it describes the effort to bring the natural world and the man-made world into harmony. to bring honor, youthfulness, delight to our whole environment. that only begins with trees, flowers and landscaping. her signature issue as first
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lady. she was a natural campaigner, successful businesswoman, and savvy political partner to her husband, lbj. examining the public and private lives of the women who filled the position of first lady, and their influence on the presidency. from martha washington to michelle obama. sunday at 8:00 p.m. et on american history tv on c-span3. event, campaign presidential candidate marco rubio said the u.s. needs a new generation of leadership. the florida republican also debate in at a town hall -- [applause]
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>> will you all stand and join me with the pledge of allegiance? i pledge allegiance to the flag of the united states of america. of the united states of america and to the republic for which it stands, one nation under god, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all. [applause] >> thank you, everybody, and welcome to the derry opera house this afternoon for a meet and greet with senator marco rubio. i'm the chairman of the derry republican party, and on behalf of the republican party, i'd like to welcome you to this event today, and we should get a lot of good q&a and discussion in with the senator. i am now going to turn it over to senator birdsell from our district, who will introduce senator rubio. [applause] senator birdsell: thank you.
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welcome, everyone. thanks for coming. how's everybody doing today? awesome. listen, for those of who you don't know me, my name is regina birdsell, state senator for derry, hampstead, and windham. i'm also proudly a co-chair, one of the co-chairs of senator rubio's committee for new hampshire. and you all prove why new hampshire is such a important part of the primary, because we ask the questions, and we vet our candidates like no one else can. i'd like to thank senator rubio for coming to derry. marco is a u.s. senator from florida. he's also a former speaker of the house from florida. he is a -- he's an all-around great guy.
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he comes from very humble beginnings, and i proudly -- and i will proudly endorse senator marco rubio. thank you, senator, for coming, and please give senator marco rubio a very warm welcome. [applause] senator rubio: thank you, thank you. thank you. thank you very much. let's get started. let's get started. thank you so much. you know, i've been watching on tv for years on c-span, and now i'm actually on it. so that's pretty good. you walk in, it almost feels like you're going to give a speech or acoustic performance, because it has that feel to it. i'm really honored to be here today. thank you for that introduction and all of you for coming. this is actually, as you walk in, no matter how many times you've done this now, it really strikes you that the presidency in the united states is the most important political office on the planet, and yet the process to get there begins here in
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places just like this, where our fellow citizens get to engage us and ask us questions and hear from us, and so it's really rewarding part of this campaign. editorial doing the meeting five times a day. they are the people that you are going to serve as they give you the opportunity to serve. i'm grateful to all of you. tellingi'll begin by you why i'm running for president which is the most important question that anybody running for president should to answer. the reason i'm running for president is because i want this be a country to do for their children what my parents did for me and what your parents did for you. for over two centuries, this country has been a place no matter where you started out, no matter how poor your parents were, this was the place if you worked hard and perseveres, you able to go as far as your work and talent take you. where people could achieve not just a better live for themselves, but an even
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better life for their children. the result is the american miracle. emptied by the american dream. that's why for over two centuries we've been a nation generation has left the next better off than themselves. that's american dream is what special. every country in the world has rich people. even the poorest country on this planet has rich people. what makes america special is come withe that don't wealth and privilege and may stillbe rich themselves achieve happiness. they achieve the life they wanted through hard work. we lose that, we'll stop being an special country. important,ll be rich, and powerful. we don't be as special. country likecome a those other places where what you can do is determined by what parents were or did, we stopped being unique and exceptional. us that forncern the first time in a very long time a majority of americans now
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dream, that that attribute of ours, is no longer within reach for people like them. should concern us that a majority of americans don't just believe america is headed in the wrong direction. majority of americans are convinced their children will life as good as their own. why is this happening? it is happening pry mirely for reasons. one because we are living time of extraordinary, geopolitical transformation. ago. not like 50 years we have government policies that don't reflect the new economy. which leads to the second reason is happening. that is in the modern history of this country, never has there when the political class is more out of touch than it is today. i wish i could say it is one-political party. it is in both. leaders in both parties that are out of touch and outdated. they don't remember what it was paycheck to
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paycheck or never did. they don't know what it is like thousands in student loans. they don't know how difficult it tofor small businesses survive and thrive in the new economic with all of the regulations and burdens that imposing upon them. the result is an extraordinary sense of frustration. election matters more than most. this election is not just a choice between political parties. this selection is not just a choice between ideology. ofits chore the election 2016 is a generational choice about what kind of country we 21stoing to be in the century. for over two centuries, each generation of americans has chosen to do whatever it took to keep america a special country. for us tome has come make the exact same choice. there are only two choices before us. there are only two choices that lie ahead. we will either be the first leave our children worse off than ourselves, or our
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children and grandchildren will the freest and most prosperous americans that have ever lived. which roadnt i know you want to choose. i'm confident i know which road the majority of americans want to choose. if we choose as i believe we will for a future even better past, for a life for our children and grandchildren even better than our our, then aree are some things we going to have to do. we're going to have to do them right now. the first thing we're going to do is become globally competitive again. will in an global economy. it is an economy different than the one we had not so long ago. this will require us to turn the page on leaders and ideas that no longer work and instead ideas and leaders relevant to the 21st century. what is globally competitive mean? begins by having leaders that understand that government doesn't grow the economy, the sector grows the economy. you wouldn't know that by watching the debate last night. i only caught snippets. i caught enough to know the
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party is more liberal today than it's been since the caucus. before that. we're going to grow the economy. we're going to build more roads and bridges. i like roads and bridges. that may help. creates private sector not just more jobs but better-paying jobs. pay more. the job of government is to make it easier for the private sector to succeed. make america the cheapest, easiest place to create jobs. that's why we need to get to work on the economic policies and modernizing them. we need a tax code that makes us globally competitive. we have a tax code that makes us the most expensive and burdensome places to start and expand an existing business. we need a regulatory code that's flattened out. today we have millions upon billions of days of regulatory cost imposed. this is crippling on small
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afford theat can't army of lawyers necessary to with big government. we can't grow our economy. we will have a debt crisis. close to $19 trillion which is more than the size of our economy. there's no plans in place to address it. that's why we must deal with the debt.s of our the drivers of our debt is not foreign aid. it is less than 1% of our budget. the national debt is not defense spending which is the most important obligation as a federal government. the driver of our long-term debted is the way very important structured. medicare, medicaid, and social security. florida. you may or may not know this, there's a lot of people in on medicare and social security. one of them is my mother. i can say i am against any changes that are bad for my mother. i am against any changes that are bad for people like her. here's the good news. we can save social security and
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medicare without changing anything for her, people like her, or even people that are about to retire. truth that people need to start acknowledging. and the social security and the ones of people younger than me is going to be it workedthan the way for our parents. it either won't exist or it will be different. why do i mean by different? i may have to retire a year later than my parents did. my social security benefits if i've made money are not going to grow as fast for the people that are on it now. my medicare benefits could be the option of taking that and a privatet to buy plan that i like better. that's not too much to ask of me. 44 after everything my 85-year-old mother did for us. i just said her age. she gets mad. my older mother says. [laughter] probably not good either. she's on social security. it is going to work different
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than her. or for people who are about to retire. can bringhat, we stability in the long term. we can save it and balance our budget. have to change anything for the people on it now or about to retire. competitive, we need to utilize our energy resources. we've been blessed with an adun of oil. not only more, but we should be able to export it. it would have on the world is dramatic. the world would be able to buy oil. not from a gangster in moscow or a radical shiite. they can borrow it from the stablest and freest country. this won't just lower the cost by making it cheaper to power utilities, this will make it easier to manufacture. costs are one of the most significant overhead costs of manufacturing. from anca becomes energy perspective more affordable, you are going to have a manufacturing
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renaissance. we can be a country that makes things again. not simply a country that does things only. last but not least, if we want to become globally competitive, we must repeal and replace obamacare. we must repeal and replace it. it with a system that allows every american to be the health care insurance issues that will allow you to take your own free tax money, whether it is your own money, it came from your employer, or a tax credit. it to buy health insurance of the kind you decided you want from any them tothat will sell you. this will drive choices and competition. choices and improve coverage. it is a lot better than putting yourovernment in charge of health care. it is better than the program we have in place now that's raising lowering quality. [applause]
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if we canm confident do these things, the private sector is going to take care of the rest. most involvive, creative, and productive people on the planet. are represented by many, if not all of you, will not only millions of new jobs, they are going to create millions of better paying jobs. substantially more than the jobs we have today. jobs are is those new going to require more skills than ever. the second thing we have to do modernize what we mean when we say higher education. some of the best jobs in the century are going to require more than high school and less than four years of traditional college. we must once again reinvigorate vocational training. stop telling young americans those are the jobs for kids that can't get into college. welder makes more a philosopher. weldestto reduce more and machinist and plumbers. we don't need to wait until they
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that. to do we should open up federal financial aid so the students could do that at 16 and 17. high school in the morning and trade school. when they graduate, they don't get a high school diploma, ed?y are include industry certification. growing some of the fasters jobs of the 21st century. [applause] marco: we need more competition than traditional four-year colleges. that's with we are need to open it up for more innovation in technology. there are providers that are trying to do that despite obstacles. programs that allow someone who 30 and has to work full time and raise a family to get credit for what they know. we're not going to make you sit in a classroom and take courses through things you've masters on your own through life and
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military experience. you can get credit for what you know and earned. youever you are missing, will be aloud to learn it from a variety of sources, including free online course work. creating an alternative accrediting process that allows people to package learning from sources will open up higher education for millions of people who have to work full time and raise a family and cannot afford to drop everything and sit in a classroom for two become aears to oralegal or dental hygienist any of the other professions that pay more than the jobs people are trapped in. traditionalto have four-year colleges. tocannot continue for people borrow thousands of dollars to pay for degrees that don't lead to jobs. a law called right to know before you go. the law says before any student takes out a student loan, the school has to tell you how much people make when they graduate school with that degree so you can decide if you are going to borrow $50,000 to take on that degree. you deserve to know before you
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borrow thousands of dollars not you are going to be able to find a job with a degree from that school. ban thet going to degrees. we're not going to say no one science orolitical greek philosophy. you can study whatever you want. thedeserve to know that philosophers has tightened over the last 2,000 years. if we can do these two things, make america globally competitive, and create policies to make it easier and cheaper for people to require the skills they need for the better jobs the globally-competitive economy we're going to create. we're not going to have an economic recovery, we're going to have an economic renaissance. growth and prosperity. don'ton't matter if we keep the people in our nation safe. it is the most important obligation of the people of the federal government. [applause] marco: in fact, it is the reason why we have a federal government. federal government is involve the in all sorts of things it
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involvedsiness being in. it has no business being economicin k-12 education. the federalthing has to do that only the federal government can do is keep us safe. it is failing at every level. it is failing to protect seen thety as you've illegal immigration issue. it does not improve. it has also failed. it has also failed to protect us abored. look at world around us today. have a lunatic in north weapons.h nuclear we have iran about to receive hundredths of millions in willion relief which they use to make missiles and buy a weapon of their own. gangster in moscow threatening nato and to divide europe and sowing instability. multiple radical groups that are recruiting americans atine to attack us here
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home. last but not least, you have the theire rapidly expanding military capabilities, taking over the south china sea, and hacking into our computers. secrets,our government our company secrets, the private information of americans. these face of all of threats, what are we doing as a government under barack obama? militarymoralizing the capabilities and sequestering that don't do anything to balance the budget. sequester is not doing a thing. defense spending isn't the reason why we have a debt. it is the reason why one day we will not be able to protect our country. day wehe reason why one will not be able to live up to the commitment that we make to and women in the uniform that we will never put them in a fair fight. have better weapons, training, and better information than their adversaries. we'ves a promise that made to the men and women. we will not be able to keep that promise if we keep destroying
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spending in the country. so when i'm president -- [applause] marco: when i'm president, it my highestut priority to restore our military hasensure that it sufficient funding that it moods to confront the challenges of century. when they come home after taking care of us, we'll have a va system that takes care of our veterans. -- wehave a va system have a va system that when someone doesn't do their job, they can be fired. the sad part is they've only fired one person. when i'm president, people are going to get fired if they are jobs at the va. we need to ensure the va benefits follow the veterans, to followteran have the va benefits. if you are a veteran --
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[applause] marco: if you are a veteran and you cannot and someone at va timely fashion, you will be able to portably take that benefit to any doctor, and provider that will see you and take that form of payment. is ahird thing we need foreign policy of moral clarity. what does that mean? it means this. know they can trust us and our adversaries know not to test us. is direct opposite of what we have right now. there's no better example than east.ddle there's only one pro american in the middle east. that's the state of israel. only one pro american free enterprise democracy. today behave a president that treats the prime minister of israel with less respect than iran. change.l if i'm blessed to be president of the united states, our allies can rely on us and our adversaries will know to test us. if we can protect our country from threats, if we can rebuild
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by making it globally competitive, and if we fasters, andasier, cheaper for the people to acquire the skills they need, 21st century is going to be the greatest era in our history. do nothing,if we then you and i will be part of the first generation in the history of the country that leaves our children worse off than ourself. now i know that times are hard. i've pointed through all of the challenges primarily to inspire can fixelieve that we them all. because we can. all of these channels before us, we can fix. just for us americans. ours is not story of a country that had it easy. ours is the story that for two centuries has always confronted challenges. the this is a nation founded out of great challenge.
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fromlay your independence the most powerful empire at time. that was a great challenge. the nation had to face a civil war that almost divided it and ended it. then the nation had to confront and then ald war great depression and second world war and cold war and an incredibly tumultuous time. nationseemed to rip the at seam. time and again, each generation did what they had to do. easy.n't they confronted their challenged and embraced their opportunity. the result, everyone in room today inherited from the americans that came before us country, but the best one in the world. and a nation better than the one they grew up in. our time has come. now the time has come for this generation to do its part. the election is so important. because we can't do that if we just keep electing the same
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ideas.with the same just aredo that if we mote the next person in line. the time has come for us as a turn thea nation to leaders elevate new with new ideas relevant to the times if which we live. asked to do we're now. this is why i support term limits. this is why i'm running for president. is why after four years in the senate, i choice not to run and say pyre to the highest offices. if we keep electing the same people, nothing is going to change. when i first ran for the senate four and a half years ago, the establishmentcan in washington, d.c. lined up against me. they actively worked against me my opponent who at the time was the sitting governor of florida. it is interesting four and a half years later, some of the the woodle came out of work to tell me it wasn't my turn. i had to wait in line.
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a line. know there was i don't know exactly what we're waiting for. we can't afford another four years like the last eight. if we have another four years like the last eight, i may not be able to give this speech. it may not be true that we can solve some of the problems. canay not be true that we avoid leaving our children worse off than ourselves. the time to act is now. of us. a calling on all every single one of us in and out of government and politics. we're all called to do our part. some of you already have. i can see from your hats and that the, you are veterans served our country in uniform. yourve grateful for service. [applause] i've been blessed with the opportunity to try to do this in public office. i've always approached this with acknowledgment that america doesn't owe me a thing. this country owes me nothing.
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i have a debt to america that i will never fully repay because ar me, america isn't just country i was born in. this is a nation that literally mynged the history of family. neither one of my parents was born in america. some of you are familiar with story. they were born on the island of cuba to families that weren't rich, famous, powerful, disconnected from any sort of privilege. they came to america in 1956 because it was a one place on earth where people like them chance hard work had a of a better life. my familiar had it particularly difficult. when he was four days shy of his ninth birthday, his mother passed away. he had to start working. he would never go back to school and work for the next 70 years. parent had all sorts of jobs. chairs out oft aluminum, then there was a coffee shop then a
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maid, and she was a stock worker at kmart in miami. my father was mainly a bartender. worked on nights, weekends, holidays, on days he didn't feel like working. wasn't the dream he once had. he was grateful for the work. when he was a young man and boy, he had big dreams. his dreams become impossible. so when they came to america, my parents found a new dream. a new purpose for their life. the chance to us do all of the things they never could. they didn't want what happened to them to happen to us. they wanted to make sure that all of the doors that were closed for them would be open for their children. parents worked so hard. my father in particular. a small portable bar for decades. so one day i could have a chance to be whatever my talent and allow.uld the journey behind the portable
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i live, it ise the american dream. it is what makes us the special country and different. just my story. as americans, it is our story. for who among us is not a two removed for someone that did that for them. here in america, we're all a generation or two removed from our purpose the future of their lives. it reminds that whether or not remain a special country will be the journey for the people trying to make it now. calling of ourt time. we don't just want to save the american dream, we want to expand it so it reaches more people and changes more lives than ever before. that future is within our reach. that's why i'm here today and within the next few minutes that tore going to be together answer your questions and do what it takes to earn your support and keep it. to go outcourage you and find more people to support it. i believe with all of my heart dot if we can do this and this together, we won't just change our party, we'll change
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country.tion of this in so doing, we will be able to actuallyhildren were left with a country better than our own. century wasn't just as good, it was better. it was actually a new american century. the chance to speak to you. i'm looking forward to your questions. thank you. [applause] marco: thank you. thank you very much. thank you. all right. started. so is there one microphone or two? microphones. please find the young people with the flags. they have the microphone. flag them -- let them flag you do, i guess. microphones for the questions. >> my question is how does your what you do? marco: in terms of my life or
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politics? both. has a hugefaith impact on me. it teaches me to care for the less fortunate. most influential job is my children as a father. public service influences me in ways.of different it is founded on the notion we're create the equal because our creatord by with life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. ae only reason we have government isn't to grant the rights but protect the rights. i believe that every human every human being has god given rights that the job of protect.t needs to beyond it, i would argue it is i'm a strongason supporter of free enterprise. it is the only economic model
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theirpeople can achieve potential even if they aren't born into wealth or privilege. the world,el around here's what you are going to find. the more the government dominates, the more government wins at the expense of everybody else. when you go around the world, going to find societies where the same rich families and big companies have dominated the decade.s decade after only in free enterprise can an employee become an employer. in free enterprise can someone that's born into a family that isn't poor or connected through hard work, talentine, self-control, achieve a better life and maybe even put their former boss out areusiness because you better at it than they are. that's why i love free enterprises. it is the best program to eradicate poverty. the only way is to allow people to find better paying jobs. does that.rise my faith has influenced me to care about the less fortunate.
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a safety net. i don't think it works without a safety net to catch people that a tough time. it is cannot be a way of life. it cannot become a lifestyle. it has become that for many people. my faith teaches me it is not soul or the people or the aspirations for the future. my faith influences my role in government as well as and my to govern myself life. [applause] >> hi, governor. you a'd like to do is ask question. i feel a little uncomfortable saying it. lot of research. i've watched your speech a couple of times. i haven't heard anything new. you to say something new. my question is about military spending. totally before and i agree government's role is military. said you wouldn't cut your mother's social security. great. two things i really like.
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hard time balancing the spending hasry been cut, but we're still investing in the super jets and hundreds of bases throughout the world. i think there's a lot of waste pentagon spending. i don't want taxes to be raised spendingr government at expense of the younger people that are not in the audience suffer with a to cut in social security. marco: that's a good question. begin by saying defense spending is not the reason we debt.he i agree about the waste. throw awayever taxpayer money. i support reforms in contracting. competitive in defense contracting. any of you that are in business know this, if there's only one on the project, you are not going to get the best price. no doubt we need to do a better job it have. we need to understand the
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faces aree nation significant. economic implications are greater than they've ever been. this is the most powerful nation on earth. this is the most important nation or country in the world. the largest economy in the world. impacted bykly global instability. one of the things that helps ensure global instability is a military.. it prevents war. every time we've cut defense spending, we've had to come back later and make up for it. it costs a lot more money. fundamental misunderstanding about the debt. the issue with the debt isn't just the sheer amount of dollars. we represents as a for thage of the overall economy. right now it is too large. you think of the economy as a pie and the debt as the slice of the debt is as big as the pie. the only way to deal is the dynamic andof sustained economic growth that makes the economy bigger but also reforms and holds the line spending increases in the future. a majority of the spending increases in the future are
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mandatoryome from spending programs for future generations when they retire. people like me and like my children. this -- those programs will not be able to afford us in the outyears if we don't make perform -- reforms on how they work for us. the reforms and bring the mandatory spending programs under control. economicave to do the growth component of it. you have to do both. which is why i let off by talking about how we're going to grow the economy. that brings the debt under a manageable level. $2 trillion not be happy.on, we would if italy had a $2 trillion debt, they would be concerned. only have a $2 trillion economy. make the economy bigger and hold the line in the growth to the debt by the mandatory spending program. that brings the spending on a arc. suddenning it is more manageable. cutting waste. absolutely.
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spending asnse never worked. we need to modernize our long bomber. b-52.still using the we still need more of the jets. stealth technology has never mattered more than in the 21st century. we're seeing force reductions. on track to have the oldest and smallest navy and air modern history of the country at a time when the potential adversaries is rapidly their own capability. the russian economy is in total collapse. they've held to the line on the spending. the chinese are undergoing the most aggressive military expansion in the history of the world. the north koreans led by lunatics possess dozens of and a long range missile that can hit the united states. about to getare $150 million. they are not going to use to build bridges and hospitals. they are going to use it to sponsor terrorism and a missile
3:23 am
that can hit the united states. eventually they are going to use it to build a nuclear weapon or buy one. threats. real none of the other things we're going to talk about matter if we aren't safe. it istary component of critical. [applause] >> yes, i would like to ask a question. while you are in the senate, you missed more votes than anybody there republican or democrat over 8%. had toe last week which do with military spending that you weren't there at. know what you were -- >> i'm here in new hampshire talking to you. why.s i've been in the senate now for four years. i'm proud to serve the people of florida in the united states senate. some of the most rewarding constituent is service. people some to the office. thrubeen through a drive at mcdonalds. it is incredibly rewarding to be
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to help her. i've had veteran issues with the va. my brother is one of them. we love doing that very much. i'm frustrated. i'm in washington, d.c. watching the problems that we just talked about. nothing is happening. 2014. the majority in still nothing happens. what i concluded is nothing is we puto change unless the right person in the white house. that's why i decided to run for president. to run for president is going to miss votes. why? because i'm here talking to voters. i'm not on vacation. i'm here talking to each of you. i hope we can be successful in the campaign to start to make a difference. the next time they take votes in half, it won't be show votes. it will be votes we can pass and a president that will sign it. sign things like the keystone pipeline, sign things like military. the [applause] ini have four children
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middle school and high school. what will you do to put ofcation back in the hands parents and local government, give us more choice and free us parents, students, and teachers from common core? on my first day in office i will sign an order offering all u.s. and federal cease and assist from all work in implementing it. [applause] curriculumupport reform. i support curriculum reform. we did it in florida when i was the house. of we improved our curriculum at the state level. let me tell you why that's important. problem with the school curriculum or any of you have a problem, go see your and go through the principal and see your legislator. try going to the department of at the federal level. you won't find a person to talk to about it. a national school board. i don't need we need a
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federal level.he [applause] i feel real strongly about that as a parent myself. is the flag? yeah. >> senator, i served in iraq. pleasure of having a dozen and a half iraqi foreign me onals working for translators and missions. who had theirple backgrounds checked and fully ted. they had no promise for getting out of the country if things went south. they did. now we see the sufficient fee gees and figuring out what are going to take what percentage of refugees that aren't vetted. would you support policies for put themselves for our servicemen go to the back line and unvetted personnel
3:27 am
go to the front? marco: i would. this gets around. they say the americans betrayed me. that reputation becomes embedded. it is bun of the things that they are using. putin is usingat is barack obama is an unreliable guy. a lot.s we were here two weeks. we are conducting operations. we are reliable. america isn't. he's making that argument to iraq. he's going to make the same egyptians, the saudis with and israelis. you are right about that. on the issue of refugees, let me say this, we've always accepted refugees in the country. we've accepted them from vietnam. community where people came from cuba. it's not that we don't want to them. in order to accept them, they have to be vetted. you can't pick up the phone and say do you know so and so?
3:28 am
working thaten't well among other things. it is not that we don't want to be able to donot it. it may not be possible to vet people and accept them because of that. the instance that people that have served alongside the men who riskedn uniform the live by being identified with us, it is wrong that people like that have been pushed to back of the line. [applause] i have to say i've heard you speak several times about fightingontrol and not it because the u.s. can't win the battle alone. china has recently introduced a groundbreaking program to limit carbon emissions with a cap and trade program. i'm wondering when you are
3:29 am
you do to what will match their commitment to climate change? >> marco: first of all, the chinese said in the year 2030, they are going to begin to do some stuff. see. they continue to emit more carbon than any other nation in the earth. point is the climate is always changing. there's never been a time when the climate was unchanged. the debate is what can we do about it? i have the people come forward. to pass this law. cap and trade or whatever it may be. law, how many inches of sea rise will the prevent? prevent any. only if other countries do the same thing. okay. so it won't be a measurable impact. i ask the economist what will it do to the economy? making it living in america more expensive, harder to hire harder to succeed in
3:30 am
america. they have deep economic cost, no benefit, how is that a good deal? i'm not going to support anything that hurts our economy and does nothing to help our environment. do i believe the issue is one that can be confronted over time? yes. american innovator is going to help solve this. i have no problem in leading the and wind andr forth.wables and so we're also going to lead the oil in natural gas. we are not going to hold ourselves back especially at a time when millions of americans struggling, stuck in low-paying jobs leaving them paycheck.o i'm not supporting any policies that are bad for our economy and our environment. [applause] this kind of thing.
3:31 am
i have been following -- >> it is not that bad. i have been following you. i noticed you are talking about, you know, you have children. young children. a lot of people here are veterans. what about our generation. the ones that count now. the ones that our votes are going to be going for. security ist social going to be taken away from. do? are you going to you are talking about changing education for the younger generation coming up. working paycheck to paycheck, barely making it working two jobs. we can't get ahead. we don't fall under the tax break and obamacare. cracks.w through the our generation now in the 30's and 40's that are suffering the most, how is the president -- can do asmething you a president? have a we're going to pro-family tax code. for working families, it is more than ever to raise children. we need to create government
3:32 am
it easier formake to createe sector jobs that pay more. that's not happening. rate is down to 5%. the millions of people that aren't looking for work anymore. two, the jobs that are being created don't pay enough. you can't live on them. need to make america the best place in the world to create jobs that pay for. holding that back? a lot of it is government policies that make it harder to make it morend expensive to hire people. it moree makes expensive and more expensive to pay them more. regulations, especially for small business, makes it more expensive to be in business. 35 years,rst time in you have more businesses start dying than starting. that's not good for job creation. don't allow companies to immediately expense their investment. in a small money business to grow it, i have to
3:33 am
my taxes,oney back in as opposed to getting it right at once. saysu have a tax cod that the more you invest, the more not only would they hire more, but pay people more. we can't be globally competitive with the most expensive business tax rate in the developed world. we have to make america the best place in the world for the private sector to succeed. the private sector will create jobs that pay more. my father was not a business owner. he owned a small grocery store for probably a second and a half. didn't go well. my father was largely an employee. an employee as a hotel. the reason why my father had a enough for him to support his family was someone riskedaccess to money that money to build an hotel. money to made enough take vacations.
3:34 am
we need to get back to a place incentivized to create more sources of employment that pay more. ensure the government isn't doing anything to make your life more expensive, by ridiculous orders that make your energy bill go up while your income is flat. the other thing is some of the better paying jobs are going to require more skills than some people have right now. i don't know your story. i would venture to guess if you working full time, you can't just drop everything and sit in the classroom for four years. can -- if we can make it easier and cheaper for you to acquire an additional skill hours -- couple of through two courses online that allow you to receive a you qualify for the new job that pays more. designed around that. that's what my policies are designed around. america the best place in the world and easier for you to skills the additional you need to qualify for the
3:35 am
better paying jobs. [applause] be the last question today. >> we'll get regina too. go ahead. >> thank you for coming. >> thank you for having me. >> my question is on the constitution. yes, sir. >> article five. there's a movement throughout this nation right now they have convention.ive do you approve that? disapprove it? if so, why. marco: if that's what citizens we should do it. this is my only point, make sure we know how it is going to turn out. if you open up the constitution, you are opening up the people the want to re-examine first amendment, people that want to re-examine the second tondment, people that want re-examine other things built in within the constitution.
3:36 am
they can amend and re-examine it. i'll be supportive. be aware the same groups that are trying to pass legislation same groups of people that are going to try to change the constitution. we're going to have to fight at that convention. [applause] >> the next president is going to appoint one or two more supreme court justices. be yourgoing to criteria for appointing them? criteria for justices, not just supreme court but at the appellate level are people that adhere to the constitution. that view the role of the appellate judge to apply not manipulate it or spin it to a policy conclusion they want. we have reached the point that justices ates -- least five on at the supreme court that believe their job is ways tocreative manipulate the constitution to
3:37 am
reach a policy outcome they favor. that's not the job of our justices. the job of our justices is to that constitution as strictly constructed by the founders and the amendments that follow it. the job of the appellate court is to apply the constitution, or manipulateit it. my number one criteria would be this, are a strict constitution pis of you understand the only the constitution is through a convention or amendment process, not the create the judicial decisions that expand the reach of the federal government and areas it never intended to reach. the document the gentleman was holding is a document of limitation. is a documenton that limits the power. powers.e the only if they are not outlined here, the federal government doesn't have the power. they belong to the state and
3:38 am
communities. justices that understand that more today than ever before. all right. to thank you. [applause] marco: i would stay longer. the only reason why i have to cut it short is i have to catch an airplane. private one. they don't wait for me. the good news is we're going to be back in the community. this.enjoyed again i'm going to stay for for a few more minutes to say hello person. i look forward to seeing all of you. thank you for coming. god bless you. [applause]
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