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tv   Washington Journal  CSPAN  October 15, 2015 7:10am-7:46am EDT

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job, and ended up having to banker because my home was in an upside down deal and i cannot sell it after i lost my job. debacle fannie mae occur, i wrote, called, e-mailed every single political person i could find on the internet. i got a stop email. a stop letter in the letter -- a stock letter in the mail. nothing has changed. single most economic disaster in this country were ever industry can make it it building and construction and housing sales. it was a disaster that just penetrated all kinds of industries. that's where a lot of the job losses came from. host: what happened to personally? where did you work? when we you laid off? caller: i worked for a communication company that specialized in communications for power companies.
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a subsidiary of a power company. and during that time, the bubble burst. i worked there for five years. i was fully vested. when i lost this job, i tried my best to sell the home, but the bubble had taken $30,000 of equity in my home. nobody wanted to buy the house. i rented the house. it took over a year to get a person. they lost their job. after that, i ended up, not only losing retirement money, not only losing my job, but i also lost my home. you would not believe the poverty i live in now. i'm too old to get a job. i cannot find anything to support me as a personal, individual person who is not married. i really do not know what i'm going to do. host: it is the economy, basically. is specifically the housing, fannie mae and freddie
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mac with a bungling -- bundling of new securities, the homes that are not rated correctly. and nothing has changed. the rating system has not changed. the getting in bed, taking people out, wining and dining them to get -- the banking industry has not changed. people getting homes they cannot afford. they are going to lose their homes. people who are dancing -- -- are advancing. standing in front of the andvision and pelosi harry reid promised they would not do anything of that. and nothing has changed. host: thank you for phoning in. our phone lines are open. send us a tweet @cspanwj. this from "the new york times."
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civility was the big winner. the discussion was refreshing but what stood out most with the democratic party's big tent capable of containing a spectrum of reality-based views. all five candidates including two refugees from the republican party -- they can chafee, and jim webb -- have real records. they also have real differences on important issues. piece also available online at from portsmouth, new hampshire. caller: hello, steve. i am a longtime c-span junkie. i am a recovering journalist and i met you before. host: where did we meet? caller: at c-span studios. host: when? caller: in the 1990's. you were very young then. host: now i'm very old. caller: i'm 81. i'm still at it.
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and let me tell you, i am very, very very worried about what has happened. i have had a stroke, and i don't speak so well anymore. caller: host host: you sound terrific. caller: i heard donald trump. i am afraid of him. i am supporting bernie, but i fear donald trump has mesmerized the population. and we're going to have a trump presidency, and that scares me. host: have you seen some of the candidates in portsmouth over the last couple months? caller: yeah, they are all around here. i don't get around that much. i will go down and work in be rnie's office. but i don't like the fact that trump calls bernie a maniac.
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that is what he called them on a recent rally. and don't ask what he says about hillary. this is ridiculous. the whole thing. i remember back in the 1960's and even the 1970's, we could be proud of our elections. i don't know what has happened in america. host: thank you for reconnecting. thanks for stopping by a few years ago. we will see -- maybe we will see you in new hampshire. caller: ok, bye. host: and this is a four graph of jeb bush on the campaign trail yesterday in a hamster. -- this is a photograph. on theord -- -- campaign trail yesterday in new hampshire. another question on his brother and his father. here is his response. taller andsh: i'm younger, probably not as smart. the context for presidents are
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always different. when my dad was president in 1989, the world has changed. thanear 102000 is different 1989. the difference between them as well. the difference in my brother's administration is we got attacked. he became a wartime president to read i think he did an extraordinary job keeping us safe. [applause] a result, the other other -- areas where a president can put pressure on congress not to spend probably subsided because he was focused, as he should've been as commander-in-chief of the greatest fighting force. i'm not faulting him. let me just check my record is governor. cut taxes every year, $19 billion. john stossel did a report which i like because it made me look the best of all the governors running for president. where we cut spending more than
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any other the governor's that are running. it is adjusted for the times in which we were serving, population growth. on a per capita basis, we cut spending. when i left, there was $9 billion of reserves. that was 35% of general revenue. no one is close. who knows? we might've had 8 hurricanes are for tropical storms or a financial meltdown. these things matter. i was a committed conservative all the way through and that is what i would be as present. and as a governor, i wanted all the authority on education. all of it. i would've taken a lump sum for washington, d.c. for me the title i money, the kids with low performing schools. give me the idea money, the money that goes for children with disabilities. give me all the early childhood literacy, head start. there are 30 programs for pre-k. give me whatever my percentage i s.
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give me an outcome you want me to achieve and leave me alone. that is what i would've wanted. concord, newush in hampshire, yesterday. ll also surveying what issues important to many americans. among the topics, immigration, guns and abortion. details available online at ed says those who blame the current administration for the state of the country need to take a closer look at congress. this headline from jonathan martin. in the debate clinton sends a message to doubters. from the former indications aide to present obama, saying if biden's only rationale is that clinton is tanking, that is no longer an option. independent line. good morning. caller: good morning.
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out to the polls since i have not voted since 1992. th reason ise, i'm 80 years old, i am blind. i'm homeless. homeless 14 years ago when my wife dided. ed. don't set up there and tell me what you are going to do for me. i am so sick of everybody hollering do this for me. nobody says, how are we going to pay for it? at least be honest. any spending bill that congress passes should have a rider on it that shows you how they are going to pay for it. i that won't pay for it, believe you ought to get rid of it. host: weighing in on our facebook page. some comments -- i voted in every election including the midterms. i am a democrat.
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andrew says overturning citizens united would be a reasonable start. what issue will motivate you to vote in 2016. katrina says getting liberals out of office. lauren says issue? just one, seriously, come on man. there are many. kay says, my issue is the democrats. i always will. whoael anderson says, do i think will do their sworn duty to the constitution. from new jersey, our line for republicans. greg is next. good morning. greg: good morning, yes. i was born in 1959. you know, i really want donald trump to be president. i believe that he would be the man, because everybody is talking the talk. i think donald trump could talk the talk and walk the walk. this country has fallen apart so bad.
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i lost my job. bad out there.o they work you, work like a slave. i work so hard all my life. there's no work. there's jobs. they want to pay $12 an hour. new jersey is the highest taxed state in the country. and i'm looking at new jersey. i cannot afford to live here anymore. it's very, very bad. then, here is another issue. my mother-in-law. she is living in a hotel. she was brought here in ellis island in 1954. by the way, they closed ellis island in 1954. is ahey told her that she german immigrant.
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well, when you are a little baby, you do not have no say. now she has no parents. nobody can help her. and she's trying to get help. can't get help from nobody. she was married to an american man. they owned houses. she worked. and, you know, for that to 9/11, with these laws changed, she can't even get no monies. host: thanks for sharing your story from new jersey. our line from republicans. another comment on an issue important to voters. expansion of the middle class through trade policy. environmental and defensive security with like-minded nations. this essay front page of "the washington post." a strong showing by clinton increasing pressure on biden. begin saying "vice president
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biden's lengthy deliberations hit a speed bump this week ad wasraft biden released. now on the air and cable outlets in iowa and new hampshire. let's watch. [video clip] ♪ we had aident biden: pretty good idea what all those families, all you americans in trouble were going through. in part, because our own families had gone through
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similar struggles. when i was a kid in third grade, i remember my dad coming up the stairs of my grandfathers house sitting at the end of my bed and saying, joe, i'm going to have to leave for a while. go down to wilmington with uncle frank. there are good jobs down there. in a while, i'll be able to send for you and mom and jimmy and val. and everything is going to be fine. my the rest of our life, sister and my brothers, my dad never failed to remind us that a job is about a lot more than a paycheck. it's about -- it's about your dignity. it's about respect. it's about your place in the community. it is about being able to look your child any eye and say, h oney, it is going to be ok and
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mean it and know it's true. you never quit on america. and you deserve a president who will never quit on you. the: that new ad from draft biden organization. usa today weighing in on joe biden. one of the losers of the democratic debate maybe biden. after hillary clinton's performance, analyst see no reason for the vice president to enter the race. former maryland governor martin kno all malley has been calling for more debates. this from national journal. what is he planning to do with them? the governor wants more stage time but he was reticent to criticize her on tuesday night. glen from ohio, democrats line. what issue would motivate you to vote in 2016? good morning, glen. good morning.
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we'll move on to ben in nebraska. good morning, gen. ben. ben: yeah, well, i want, first program,turn on your hank williams played the song "everything is ok." if you're living, everything is ok. i would ask that you play that sometime. anyway, i'm going to talk about 1973 when the trouble started, they faked the oil embargo. $15,000 inuse for minnesota. it would probably cost $75,000. gallon.was 25 cents a then i want to talk about education. when i was four years old, i got in the first grade. there was no stupid, free -- my grandmother and my mom were
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my counselors. then when i found out there was no santa claus, because i recognized a neighbor's voice, from then on i want to hear the truth. this education stuff, you know, it's -- what -- i went to trade school. that teacher. started bashing the unions. then when he got into the psychology class, why, he did that for building construction technology i will never know. but he got on to homosexuals. and he wasn't even -- first, he did not even want to talk about it. then he said you can take the books home. then he backed out on that. host: whwere are you taking all of this? caller: i'm taking this. i think, um.
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bernie sanders and trump are probably going to be running the -- against each other. and i don't hthink. bill gates, his mom was calling for dinner. everybody is supposed to be created equal, but she'd holler down to him. it's dinner time. what you doing down there? he would say mom, i'm thinking. host: dan from nebraska. this is the headline inside the washington times. clinton yields no territory. paul has this tweet. the democrats in the debate saying that the economy stinks after seven years of obama. why vote democratic again? caller: good morning. i will try to be brief. i hope you let me finish my point. the issue that is going to have
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me turn out to vote is thatcting the modest gains were made under the obama administration, because, thanks to democrats and staying home in 2014, they handed congress over to the republicans. the only thing standing in the way of republicans and repealing the obama administration is present obamas -- president obama's veto pen. this election is not about bernie sanders or hillary clinton, it is about electing a democrat in the primary that can win the general election. gains the country has made under president obama. i agree with bernie sanders more than i do hillary clinton, but i do not think that he can win the general election because this is a capitalist country that has the term and linked socialism with communism for
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almost a century in the american psyche. i hope democrats will unite behind hillary clinton, even though i agree with bernie sanders. but she is the only one that can win. and that will continue to secure the gains made under the obama administration. thank you. host: you will hear from hillary clinton a momentary she was in nevada following the debate. a tweet from jody on the question what issue will motivate you to the? the same issue that has motivated me since i was 18. it is my american duty. "washington post" -- whatever happens to bernie sanders' candidacy, he will deserve credit for having widening our political verizon's. -- political horizons.
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hillary clinton yesterday in nevada. we covered her last night. here is what she had to say. [video clip] >> when i was first lady, we worked really hard to get health care and we failed. failed, whatk, we are we going to do now. i've got to work to try to bigger out how we are going to ensure children. insure children. and we provide health care to 8 million children in america today. >> [applause] >> and when i went to the
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senate, i learned that our national guard men and women were not getting health care except for when they were deployed. i didn't think that was right. so i teamed up with a republican senator, lindsey graham, who is running for president on the other side. we worked together. that is my point. we may not work on anything else, but that one issue, but it made a difference. we passed a bill to give health care to our national guardsmen and i national guard's women so they can be healthy -- national guard women so they can be healthy and their families can be healthy. and when our secretary of state, i worked with republicans. we negotiated a deal that cut nuclear weapons in the united states and russia. and i worked with republicans to pass it. you had to get 67 votes. it was an important treaty. but we talked to each other. president obama has tried it so
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hard to find common ground. and he has reached out, and he has invited people. and they just get further and further away. and their attitude has basically become -- they don't even like their own speaker of the house. >> [laughter] >> because in the view of some, he is not 100% with them. i am not 100% with anybody. and my husband understands that. host: hillary clinton yesterday in nevada, part of our road to the white house coverage. she will have a townhall tomorrow slightly after noon eastern, and it will be live here on c-span. and you can listen to it on c-span radio. all of our programming streams on our website at we are asking you what issue will motivate you to vote in 2016. viewer responding to the
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earlier tweet that i read economy -- i read, the economy stinks under obama jacket -- obama? why read that? and clinton sent a strong message to her doubters. marty is next from michigan. good morning. the republican line. go ahead, please. caller: turn your tv volume all the way down, i'm going to put you on hold. host: you are on right now, marty. go ahead. caller: hello? host: you are on the air, marty. go ahead. caller: yes, sir. i am calling on behalf of the republican party here. the reason we have been in such a gridlock in washington is because of the radical left-wing agenda from barack obama and his -- his cabinet and -- [indiscernible]
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congress hasblican been tending to, you know, his agenda. and his agenda doesn't fit this country the way everybody thinks it does or the way everybody wants to promote it. and i really -- i really think donald trump is going to fix a lot of that. i hope you all have a nice day and god bless the world. host: how is donald trump going to fix it? caller: how is he going to fix it? well, first of all, he is and bought and sold like the rest of them. ok? i don't think he has anybody standing over him with a thumb on his button to tell him that, you know, he has to do this for his campaign financing or that. he is a -- he cares about his country, he cares about his people. he cares about closing the
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border, which is something that should've been done 30 years ago. this country has been led by people with a political agenda that are strictly politicians. and they have actually -- society separate from a society of our country. host: let's say donald trump were to get out of the race. if you were, who would be your second candidate? caller: marco rubio. host: interesting. why? caller: because he is the only politician i have seen that has an outside -- i mean, politician. iseally look at donald trump not a politician because he has never been in politics. but marco rubio, ok, at least he has a level head and a straightforward agenda for our country, especially on foreign policy. our great leader in washington there is a joke. we are a joke. bush, whati say jeb
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comes to mind? caller: jeb bush? you, i'm nottell really secure with the bush family. there is too much money and power there. i know he has a very good record florida,or and -- of but i really don't think he is the kind of man we need to lead our country and the mess that has been put in by these democrats. host: thanks for the call. cnn reporting that in nevada and south carolina, donald trump has a double-digit lead. you can read the full survey online at a troublous debate is certainly a lower rated -- a trump-less debate is certainly a lower rated debate. and moving to leverage is enormous third-quarter haul to leverage his run.
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early in the cycle, critics question whether ben carson would be able to compete with more established, -- with more established contenders. next is jimmy, joining us from greensboro, north carolina. the independent line. caller: good morning. so, i want to echo an earlier tweet, i think, on duty. one,s an american, number and as a first-generation american, it is my duty to vote. all the issues matter. all of them. and i was taught at an early age, you know, you've got to vote. you just have to go and vote. and, you know, it is -- it is a duty. it is an honor, it is a duty, it is all those things. and all the issues matter. all of them. i mean, it is just that simple.
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you've got to go vote. host: jimmy, thank you for the call. "nd this from politico," -- whether or not paul ryan will enter the race. so far he has said he is not interested. in the headline, gop establishment stands by as activists pummel ryan, hoping to preempt a bid for speaker. much of the gop establishment is letting him twist in the wind. they are thinking any public display of affection for paul ryan from d.c. players would be his kiss of death. and ammunition for activists to use against him. along with the national association of manufacturers would like to see paul ryan as the next speaker. the story available online at
7:40 am steve is joining us from virginia, the democrats line. caller: thank you. what i would like to say is i have been a democrat all my life, and i have voted primarily democrat all my life; however, donald trump seems like the only person that could get my vote in this election. i couldn't go for any other republican. is i believe donald trump what the democratic party used to be. i can't go with the democrats because of their immigration policies. i have nothing against latin american people; however, our government has failed here in using the powers that they have for the last few years and that stopped our immigration problems. we want legal, hard-working immigrants in this country. thank you. host: next is doug. good morning. the republican line. caller: good morning.
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thank you, c-span. i really appreciate what you guys do. i am really flabbergasted that all the callers are talking about domestic issues when there are serious foreign-policy issues to be discussed. we have russia on the rise. we have a questionable nuclear deal with iran. about,ricans are worried you know, income equality and all these other domestic issues, which are all important, but the fact that we are talking about bernie sanders and donald trump shows how net serious americans are about the foreign-policy issues that really threaten this country in a much more serious way. host: doug from virginia, joining us on c-span radio. thank you very much for the call. vladimir putin referring to the u.s. has, quote, mush on its brains on syria -- for brains on
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syria. amid reports that cuba may join iran in the coming to the aid of the embattled president. next is eddie, joining us from massachusetts. good morning. caller: good morning, steve. pleasant surprise to see you on a thursday morning. host: i knew you are calling in, so that is why i am here. [laughter] caller: as kind of a political junkie, i am surprised almost to the point of being stunned that you don't hear more about the supreme court. approaching 80, 80, or over 80. caller: exactly. this next president is going to put up at least with ginsburg, but the most important one is,
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obviously, kennedy. who ever gets to pick his replacement -- how many did you say were approaching 80? host: if you think of justice scalia, justice breyer 78, will both the next -- be over 80 when the next president takes office. and justice kennedy is also approaching 80. caller: yes. i think definitely ginsburg. and i think kennedy for all his quirky decisions lately, i think -- i think he is kind of -- i think he is kind of waiting and hoping a republican president is elected. i think he is more conservative than liberal, but just huge. said, i get all the magazines and everything and watch you guys all the time. and just really not too much said about it. going to really be
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a huge issue. host: thank you for putting that on the table. we appreciate it. a couple more minutes with her phone calls, then we will be joined by representative donna edwards. a new ad airing during the democratic debate, taking aim at hillary clinton. it is a superpac called stop hillary. [video clip] >> dear hillary clinton, i would like to ask you why you ignored calls for help in benghazi? i would like to know why you lied? saying the attack was responded to an internet video. i would like to hear what you try to silence the benghazi whistleblower? mrs. clinton, i can't. what difference does it make? ♪ >> stop hillarypac is responsible for the content of this advertising. host: the numbers out indicating that about 15.3 million
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americans tuning in, the largest debate ever for a democratic debate. a close second was 10 million tuning in back in 2008. 24 million tuning into the first fox news debate that took place in august in cleveland, ohio. our last call is from tennessee, the republican line. good morning. caller: good morning. it bothers me that we have a socialist actually running for president of the united states of america. socialists and timing is an are exactly the same thing -- and communism are exactly the same thing. people need to understand that. i can't understand what people reasoning -- people's reasoning are. they need to check up on what socialists and cap minas really. -- communists really are. and


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