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tv   John Kasich Remarks in Nashua New Hampshire  CSPAN  October 15, 2015 10:30am-11:16am EDT

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care they need and deserve, no matter where they live. i will fight to make sure black lives matter by reforming our criminal justice system. and i will try to find ways so that we as americans can start listening to each other again. remarks that there is or religion. i am tired of it. youn't take that as we are a you do have political differences but we should always be treating each other with
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respect. that can't happen if you are being yelled at or insulted. i feel we are missing something in our politics. we are not bringing people together and trying to find common ground. there is a big group that don't want to try. they believe they have all the answers and i don't believe anybody does. i think we should be listening and learning from each other. lady, we worked hard to get health care and we failed. i said ok, we failed, what will we do now? i got to work to figure out how we were going to ensure children. i worked with republicans and democrats and we ended up starting the children's health insurance program which provides health care to 8 million children in america today.
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senate, it to the wereed our national guard, not getting health care except when they were deployed. i didn't think that was right. up with a republican senator, lindsey graham who is running for president on the other side. we work together. that is my point. we may not work on anything else but that one issue made a difference. we passed a bill to get health care to our national guardsmen women.ional guards so their family can be healthy and they can be healthy. when i was secretary of state, i worked with republicans. we negotiated a deal to cut the nuclear weapons in the united states and russia. i worked with republicans to pass it. we had to get 67 votes on an important treaty. we talked to each other.
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president obama has tried so hard to find common ground. he has reached out. >> you can see all of this event with hillary clinton on our website at we're going to take you to new hampshire at a town hall meeting with ohio governor republican candidate john kasich underway. not a new place for governor kasich. he was our commencement speaker in 2000. he has been here a number of times. this is like home way to have them back. i would also like to thank our students, part of our student forum. our chancellor who is also a renowned economist nationally as well in the audience is our chair, paul holloway. i would like to welcome you all here and i will turn it over to the governor. [applause]
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john kasich: i have decided to run for president because the time to fix america is now. not tomorrow but right now. the time to make tough decisions and get results even if they are not popular. sometimes you have to make decisions even if people don't like it. if we continue to hesitate, america will pay a high price. we have seen too much economic stagnation, bickering and washington, paralysis in the white house, and the world becomes more dangerous. nowing is happening right to turn things around. this about your country, this is about your future. -- we seem sometimes to be hanging in space. we are not backward, we are
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waiting for the next bad thing to happen. in my lifetime, i cannot remember a time when our nation waits for bad things to happen to us. we need to take control of our future, and we have to do it right now. that is why i am laying out a strategy today that will help us reduce the results -- produce the results we need. all the politics, focus groups, polls, tv ratings need to go out the window. we need to come together. [applause] together to do what is in the best interest of our country. lead. sometimes it's lonely. no popularity polls, just get the job done. it starts with the single most important thing that we can do,
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which is to grow american prosperity in the 21st century. creating the climate for job growth, is one of our greatest moral purposes. when we have jobs, we can take care of our families. we can participate in the life of our communities. most importantly, we can reach our god-given potential to live a life that we were made to live. a strong economy also makes possible the military. that is what keeps us safe and secure. it is a fundamental purpose of the federal government and it allows us to be able to take care of each other. when times are particularly tough. governmentlear, the does not create jobs. americans do. we do it by our creativity. [applause] by our risk-taking and by our hard work.
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the first thing that washington must do is get out of the way. when government steps back, we can step forward and after all, isn't this country about all of us? not the big shots in washington, it is about us. in our communities, families. government, i have believed, should be the last resort. never the first. when government is the first, it oversteps its bounds. with taxes that are too high. spending we cannot afford. red tape that kills jobs. we shouldn't let washington do things that we can do better for ourselves back here at home. away cannotway far run our lives, we have to. america is a large and dynamic place.
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getting it going again is not about checking off a few boxes. what these focus group policy proposals that are disconnected them,eality, we have seen nor just about being a good administrator. it is about having a vision and an underlying conservative philosophy about getting america to work. and you need to bring people together and have the strength to get results. talk is cheap. standing on a corner and yelling and screaming is like a clanging bell. if you cannot come push anything. -- in my life i have done things throughout my career. i led the effort to balance the federal budget for the first time in a generation. it wasn't easy. you step on a lot of toes when you shake things from top to bottom. many people posing.
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a lot of fighting. but we did it. it produced results. washington took its eye off the ball. when i left with my friends who stood in the breach and balance the budget on we left, washington took its eye off the ball and our country suffered. ohio, we areeloved getting results. budgeted and $8 billion shortfall into a $2 billion surplus. we cut taxes by $5 billion. the most of any sitting governor in america today. create moreioans than 300,000 jobs. 300,000 people. [applause]
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numbers. not just they are people's lives and people's families. keep the people that they served at the center of all they do. leadership is not about self. it is not about me. it is about service. every american, everywhere across our country is in my minds eye today. especially the people i grew up with. where if the wind blew the wrong way, they found themselves out of work. they played by the rules, they took care of their families and their communities. they are in my minds eye. today i lay out my vision for lifting our nation by reclaiming our power, by reclaiming our money, and by reclaiming our influence from washington. thing that we must do
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to get government out of our way is to start with a budget. as president, i will immediately put us on a path to a balanced budget and i will get it done within eight years. [applause] i went to a meeting the other day where they said we can do it by 2030. too long, too much debt within the first hundred days we will have that plan to balance the budget. willep it balanced, i start the process to amend our constitution to require washington to balance its budget every single year like states and families in america. we need a constitutional amendment to force them to balance their budget and do its job. i hope you will support me in that.
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[applause] a balanced budget helps create jobs because it makes more room in the economy for businesses to thrive and to create jobs. right over here, you can see the federal debt lock. plus.illion pretty amazing, isn't it? that is what we have run up and that is what you have to pay. for the students here today, think about what this means for you. debt that57,000 in each one of you, $57,000 in debt, each one of you have to carry. my two 15-year-old twin daughters. putting down the back. we have to stop it.
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think about what you could do with this money to help yourself without having to pay that debt if we could begin to erase it. i served in congress and by the committee that wrote the government's budget. i was the chief architect of the first balanced budget. it way balanced it, unleashed job creation and began paying down the debt. in ohio, i have written three balanced budgets and the last one just three and a half months ago. this is something that i know how to do. and something that i have done throughout my career. [applause] how do you do it? it starts by setting your priorities. difficult.ty then having the courage to make choices that could be unpopular. we need to reform entitlements
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to make them provide better services and control their skyrocketing unsustainable growth rates. let me be clear, you can have no balanced budget without dealing with the problem of entitlements. to change those entitlements in such a way that we can make them sustainable but by delivering services are people need. i have done that before. we will do it again. plenty of waste in washington's day-to-day operations i can be cut. shocking, isn't it? do we really need to different agencies inspect and catfish? the food and drug administration inspects our seafood so why do we need the department of agriculture to spend 14 million a year inspecting catfish? it sounds like a lot of money here but in washington they
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leave that on the floor when they turn out the lights. but we will claim abou -- clean it up. the u.s. epa has spent over $50 million onpr -- 15 pr consultants. million -- $15 us how greatng they are doing. i don't think government should be spending that much of our money trying to convince us to like it. just do your job and cut out the waste. these are two examples of how we can easily save. we need to spend more money on our military while also streamlining the pentagon bureaucracy so that men and women in harm's way get the maximum benefit from every new defense dollar. i spent 18 years of my career in
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washington fighting the bureaucracy and the red tape and duplication and delay in the department of defense. we need to rebuild our defense, but we need to streamline and rebuild the bureaucracy inside that building and as president i will look across that river every single day and make sure that the money that we spend is going to help our men and women in the military and not bureaucracy. [no audio] [applause] america's taxes are also too high. we will cut them so americans have more money in their pockets and more control over their own lives and better job opportunities. you know better how to spend the money you have in your pocket than sending it to someone in washington so they can figure out what's best for you. in ohio, we have cut taxes by $5
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billion while turning that $8 million projected shortfall into a surplus. i will cut taxes and we will not only cut taxes but we will balance our budget in eight years. because the balancing of a budget needs economic growth and you manage your spending./ both lead us to a balanced budget which ultimately can lead us to a place where we begin to pay down our national debt. set the topagan income tax rate at 28% and it unleashed a debt rate of growth -- decade of growth. we will also kill the death tax because no one should have to visit the undertaker and the tax collector on the same day. small businesses should be able to pass businesses on to their children without having to sell the business to pay the taxes,
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most of which they have already paid. [applause] by the way, we killed the death tax in ohio. and small businesses appreciate it. low income americans also need tax cuts just for them. we increased the earned income tax credit by 10%. we eliminate fraud in the system in order to save taxpayers money and reward low income workers at the same time. the philosophy is as we bring down the lower rate to provide incentives for more investment, jobre risk-taking and more growth, we want to provide the tax relief to people at the lower end so they have incentives to work harder and get ahead. not be punished because they put more time and. it is an accordion. help those at the bottom become more successful and bring the top down.
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for businesses, the top rate will be 25% bringing us back to a level that is globally competitive. to help joe creators get the machinery and equipment to grow and be more productive. full cost conduct a of investments the same year they buy them. when business has the incentive to put the equipment in the operations so workers can be more productive, workers will get higher wages. state, wages are growing faster than the national average. it helps businesses create more jobs and pay those higher wages. by cutting tax rates and simplifying the tax code, we will also make it possible for businesses to bring back the money they have been storing overseas. companies are making profits. we believe they have an
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trillion in profits that are sitting in europe. they are beginning to invest in europe instead of the united states of america. when you like to have that money come back here so they begin to invest in american jobs and american factories and american equipment? that is what we are going to do. cap those taxes -- cut those taxes. they do want to invest here, but we have clobbered them and have made it difficult for them to bring it home. you talk about a stimulus package? this could be the most successful stimulus package i've ever seen by letting the private sector do the things they want to do to invest here in the u.s. and to spark a wave of research and innovation, we must strengthen research and development tax credit, especially for small businesses. when you young people create a
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small business and amend the new google, -- invent the new google, we will make your life easier. america needs a fair and honest tax collection system. i have words here on a page. we will change the irs. no more something that we live in fear of that has bias, that has targeted people. andill clean up the irs that is one thing everybody in america will agree to. [applause] there are other parts of our government that are just as inefficient as the irs./ the red tape and regulation that steadily flows from government a can seize -- agencies are drowning job creators and often don't reflect the will of congress. we can fix this by returning comments ends -- common sense. a start by giving america
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one-year break from all new major regulations so we can catch our breath. no more rules and regulations from washington for one year so we can get on top of this. we will rebuild our regulatory system and read it -- rid it of the mistakes we have seen in recent years. that regulations can do more harm than good so we will require real cost-benefit analysis. the benefit ought to outweigh the cost. we give lip service to it, but we will change it and ask congress to make this mandatory. i will call on canvas -- congres s to do their job and request that any regulation that costs more than $100 million goes back to them for approval. congress has a responsibility to control it and we will make sure it happens and that job creators have a fair chance when they
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object to an agency's decision. we will create a court of common sense. it will be made up of real americans who i will as the reviewnt who will agencies and decisions that do not reflect common sense. you will have somewhere to go and someone who will listen to you. perhaps even someone who will fight or you -- fight for you. it must use the agencies on appeals process staffed by its own bureaucrats. we go to the agency and appeal to the people working in the agency tell us if we are right or wrong and networks are great, doesn't it? we need a better way. is truly method that fair and independent.
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speaking of regulation, there has been no single area of america that has been more strangled by regulations than energy. what has washington works so hard to keep america from harm us -- harnessing its energy advantage. we have to set people free to make us energy independent in north america and particularly here in america. [applause] we need a all of the above energy policy. make sure we produce more energy from oil and gas, from nuclear, from cold that we did clean and burn. alternatives and renewables and anything else we can find and we will do it responsibly. we need all and it should come from right here. we cannot continue to rely on energy from overseas. our goal will be to meet the energy needs. and with the right policies in
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place, we can work with our closest neighbors, canada and mexico to take care of our own needs without having to depend on four of countries were dangerous parts of the world. that includes approving the keystone xl pipeline. enough with the delay. we will approve the pipeline because energy freedom is a matter of national security. we don't want wars. it is all about energy. when we can do what we need to do in america to be energy independent and we are on the road to getting it done. when i am president, we will accomplish it. we set ourselves free from energy overseas, we have to be smarter and stronger about trading with countries overseas. we are inventors, we love to make things in america. we make the best products in the
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world and open markets can create new jobs for us here at home. trade can also make the world more stable and advance our national interest. i have to tell you, washington gives us the false choice between free-trade or no trade. we have to reject that and become better negotiators of the trade pacts we want to put in place. i will tell you, we should only agree to deal with deals that andfair to american workers that includes taking a firm stand against countries that cheat, those- that manipulate currencies to get an advantage. you understand this, in new hampshire, we understand this and ohio. we will call them on it and have an expedited process to stand up for the american worker.
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that is critical when we talk about the issue of trade. [applause] let these issues delay whenever we see violations of trade agreements because bureaucratic wheels grind so slowly. makell make them fast and sure we do a better job of protecting america from getting ripped off. it is essential that we are open to trade for a variety of reasons. it is also important reinforce those agreements effectively. the jobs we talk about will not be in washington. they will not be created by government. they will be created by americans in town flight nashua and manchester and in my hometown of westerville. that's where we live and what power of our nation comes from, it's time to make washington respect that and as president i
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will work to transfer influence and power out of washington and back to where we live, where we work, in the states and towns across the country. it starts with education. washington isn't the nations school principal and it sure isn't its teacher. it's time washington stop micromanaging education. education is a local issue to be decided by parents, our communities, and our local educators. we need high standards. the federal government shouldn't set them or control them. i will reduce the power of the department of education. i will consolidate more than 100 federal programs. 100 programs red tape bureaucracy, bureaucrats, i will bundle them into four and sent the resources back to the states for us to run education ourselves. [applause]
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as president i look forward to traveling the country to share the best ideas for our states and for local school district that are improving education. the best ideas come from right here and we need to do a better job of sharing those things that work. exciting things in the 21st century to give our young people the tools they need to succeed. we will take this approach across the federal government's power structure were ever we can. we must take these back to the state so they can respond in their unique ways. one-size-fits-all doesn't work. we can do it with infrastructure, not just with education but with infrastructure. is interstate program unfinished. there is no need for a costly federal highway bureaucracy that
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take our money and gives it to somebody else. i will return federal gas taxes to the state, leaving a sliver with the federal government for truly national needs and downsize the department of transportation and give it a smaller role supporting states with research and safety standards. federal spending will go down, resources for highways and transit can go up and states can work faster and more efficiently. keep your money and fix your roads the way you want to. no more taking gas tax money to washington. cut some off-the-wall -- keep it right here in new hampshire for what you need, and if you don't need it you can send it to ohio. it's critical we can give states the freedom to help americans keep their skills sharp and competitive. that's what this place is all about, training and education is a lifelong endeavor.
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you cannot stop after you graduate from high school, vocational school, community college or the university. it is lifelong. washington doesn't. let states pursue their own ideas the result is workers usually can't get training help unless they lose their jobs first. much of the money only get sent to the states with the argument that you have to train people once they lose their job rather than training them while they have their job so they don't lose their job. that's the washington mentality for you. we will wrap up all those job-training programs and in them to each and every state to deal with their workers and economic situation and take it and setashington, d c ourselves free to make sure our people can be prosperous. i hope you agree. [applause]
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i will send medicaid back to the states as well. washington makes it so hard to try new ideas, it seems as though nothing ever gets done. we are making progress in the private sector health insurance. better chronic disease management, and the practice of paying for value, not just volume. these ideas can also be put to work helping restrain costs and the federal government program for seniors, medicare. it is fiscally strong and there to help them. while these ideas can help us begin improving health outcomes and get costs under control. we can do it if washington was just smarter about the need to try a nerve roach -- a new approach. let me be clear. we have a program to make sure medicare is set on a firm basis.
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and that medicaid can be sent back to the state, something we have been fighting for since the middle of the 90's. so that governors and legislators can't come up with more innovative and practical ways -- can't come up -- can come up with more innovative and practical ways. the same is also true in welfare. cutting washington's strings of so states can help people move up and out of poverty. in ohio, we are proud to be innovative. guided by the same ideas my mom used to say, it is a sin not to help somebody that needs help but it is equally as senin to help somebody that needs to help themselves. we are asking the federal government for permission to allow our people on public assistance to be able to get education so they can get a job.
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we have to ask the federal government to approve this. it is nonsense, let me run it. let my legislature run it. let us tailor a welfare program in ohio you can use and learn here and that the command my state -- we can learn in in my state. this life toave take you live to the white house to hear from president obama on afghanistan. pres. obama: good morning. last december, more than 13 years after our nation was attacked by al qaeda on 9/11, america's combat mission in afghanistan came to a responsible end. that milestone was achieved thanks to the courage and skill of our military, our intelligence, and civilian personnel. they serve their with
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extraordinary skill and valor. and theth remembering 2200 american patriots who made the ultimate sacrifice in afghanistan. i visited them last year to thank them on behalf of a great nation. i told them they could take great pride in the progress they have helped achieve. they struck devastating blows against the al qaeda leadership in the tribal regions. deliver justice to osama bin laden. prevented terrorist attacks and saved american lives. they pushed the taliban backs of the afghan people could reclaim their communities. send their daughters to school. and improved their lives. our troops trained afghan forces so they could take the leads for their own security. and protect afghans as they voted in historic elections, leading to the first democratic transfer of power in their country's history.
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american forces no longer patrol afghan villages were valleys. our troops are not engaged in major ground combat against the taliban. those missions now belong to afghans who are fully responsible for securing their country. but as i've said before. while america's combat mission in afghanistan may be over, our commitment to afghanistan and its people in doers -- endures. as commander in chief i will not allow afghan is 10 to be used as a haven for terrorist to attack our nation again. our forces will remain engaged in 2 narrow but critical missions. training afghan forces and supporting counterterrorist operations against the remnants of al qaeda. troopsd to the 100,000 we once had in afghanistan, fewer than 10,000 remain and support these focused missions.
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myeet regularly with national security team included commanders in afghanistan to assess honestly the situation on the ground. to determine where our strategy is working and where we may need greater flexibility. consistentlyed that our strategy focus on the development of a sustainable afghan capacity and self-sufficiency. when we needed additional forces to it affect goal, when we needed to make adjustments in terms of our timetables, we have made those adjustments. i want to update the american people on our efforts. since taking the lead for security earlier this year, afghan forces have continued to step up. this has been the first fighting season were afghans have been on their own and they are fighting for their country's bravely and tenaciously. afghan forces continued to hold
11:08 am
most urban areas. when the taliban has made gains, afghan forces backed by coalition support have been able to push them back. price --me at a have a heavy price. many trips have lost their lives as have civilians. at the same time, afghan forces are still not as strong as they need to be. they are developing critical capabilities. intelligence, logistics, aviation, command and control. taliban has made gains in rural areas and can still launch attacks in cities including kabul. we understood that as we transitioned, the taliban would try to exploit some of our movements out of particular areas and that it would take time for afghan security forces
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to strengthen. hassure from pakistan resulted in more al qaeda coming into afghanistan and we have seen the emergence of an isil presence. the security situation is still very fragile. in some places there is risk of deterioration. fortunately, in the president and chief executive, there is a national unity government that supports a strong partnership with the united states. during the visit earlier this year, resident gani and i continued our counterterrorism operation and he has asked for can to need support -- continued support. following consultations with my entire national security team, as well as our partners and members of congress, the iesident and chief executive, am therefore announcing the following steps which i am
11:10 am
convinced offer the best possibility for a lasting progress. have decided to maintain our current posture of 9800 troops in afghanistan through most of next year, 2016. their mission will not change. our troops will continue to pursue those narrow tasks that i outlined. training afghan forces and going after al qaeda. maintaining our current posture through most of next year, rather than a more rapid drawdown, will allow us to sustain our efforts to train and assist afghan forces as they grow stronger. not only during this fighting season, but into the next. second, i have decided that instead of going down to a normal embassy presents in kabul by the end of 2016, we will maintain 5500 troops, a small
11:11 am
number of bases including at bagra, and conduct are -- kandahar in the south. our troops will focus on training afghans and counterterrorism operations. these cases will give us the presence and reach our forces require to achieve their mission. in this sense, afghanistan is a key piece of the network of counterterrorism partnerships that we need from south asia to africa to deal broadly with terror threats weekly and attacks -- quickly and attacks against our own. we will work with allies and partners to align the steps i am announcing with their own presence in afghanistan after 2016. in afghanistan we are part of a 42 nation coalition and our allies and partners can continue to play an indispensable role in helping afghanistan strengthen security forces.
11:12 am
including respect for human rights. because governance and development remained a foundation for stability and progress in afghanistan, we will support the president and national unity government as they pursue critical reforms. new provincial governors have been appointed and the president is working to combat corruption, strengthen institutions, and uphold rule of law. as i told the president and chief executive yesterday, efforts to deliver progress and justice for the afghan people will continue to have strong support. we cannot separate the importance of governance with the issues of security. the more effective these reforms happen, the better off the security situation will be. discussed american support of an afghan led
11:13 am
reconciliation process. it should be clear to the taliban and all who oppose afghanistan's progress, the only real way to achieve the amount of u.s. and foreign troops from afghanistan is through a lasting political soap -- settlement with the afghan government. securities for the taliban and other terrorists must end. i will urge all parties in the region to press the taliban to return to talks and do their part in pursuit of the piece that afghans deserve. in closing, i want to speak directly to those whose lives are most rectally affected. to the afghan people, who have suffered so much. americans'commitment to you and to a secure, stable, and unified
11:14 am
afghanistan, that remains term. our nations have forged a strategic partnership for the long-term and as you defend and build your country, today is a reminder of the united dates keeps our commitment. and to our men and women in uniform., i know this means that some of you will rotate back into afghanistan. with the end our combat mission, this is not like 2010 when nearly 500 americans were killed and many more were injured. but still, afghanistan remains dangerous. 25 brave americans have given their lives there this year. i do not send you into harms way lately. it is the most solemn decision that i make. i know the wages of war as i visit the hospital. as your commander in chief, i believe this mission is vital to
11:15 am
our national security interests in preventing terrorist attacks against our citizens and asian -- nation. and to the american people, many of you have grown weary of this conflict. as you are well aware, i do not support the idea of endless war. i have repeatedly argued against marching into open-ended military conflicts that do not serve our security interests. inen what's at stake afghanistan and the opportunity for a stable and committed ally back and partner with us in preventing the emergence of future threats, and the fact that we have an international coalition, i am firmly committed to making this extra effort. in the afghan government, we have a serious partner who want our help. and the majority of the afghan people share our goals.


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