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tv   Key Capitol Hill Hearings  CSPAN  October 16, 2015 10:45pm-12:01am EDT

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standards for a marine corps platoon will be different than a standard for the ranger battalion. most men wash out of ranger training. they are the cream of the crop. they're doing things that we do not ask other people in the military to do. you have to go specialty by specialty and define what are the standards to do the job well. that is going to take some time. the scope of that effort will depend on how many waivers are requested. but where waivers are requested i am quite confident that kind of work will be demanded. it is being done in a haphazard way that is not necessarily rigorous and objective. i think some of this has been done internally. i do not think that will be
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found to be acceptable. there will be a much more impartial and objective approach that says, that is looking at this issue. if the waivers are perceived on a large scale. >> thank you. we are about to take a 10 minute rate but before we do, join me in thanking our guest. [applause] >> on the next washington journal, a look at efforts to renew funding for transportation and highway projects as congress heads toward an october 29 deadline. kiesling of the hill newspaper joins us. discusses a terrell new report that shows women being underrepresented in the government at the national and local levels. the guest talks about the legalization of marijuana with
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oregon becoming the most recent state to do so earlier this callsarea will take your and look for your comments on facebook and twitter. "washington journal" is live every day at 7 a.m. eastern on >> every weekend the c-span networks feature programs on politics, nonfiction books, and american history. saturday at 830 eastern editorial cartoonists describe their experiences covering the george w. bush administration. sunday afternoon at 4:45 p.m., an event honoring the life and political career of margaret thatcher on what would have been her 90th birthday. live this saturday morning beginning at 11 a.m. on book tv, the 20th andrew -- annual texas book festival. .w. brand and harriet
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washington. and sunday our coverage of the texas festival continues beginning at noon on the terrorist group isis and a discussion on artificial intelligence with authors john markoff and louisa hall. president lyndon and lady bird johnson. on american history tv just on the relationship between president richard nixon and the shaw of iran and its effect on u.s. foreign-policy. sunday evening at 6:40 p.m. george mason university history professor spencer crew on the confederate flag in its history in relation to the legacy of slavery. get the complete weekend schedule at >> the un security council held a meeting to hear from the israeli and palestinian ambassadors about recent acts of violence in the west inc. and jerusalem.
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other members of the security council also spoke including representatives of the u.s., the u.k., and jordan. this is under two hours. >> good morning. the provisional agenda for this the following theme, the situation in the middle east including the palestinian question. the agenda is adopted. in accordance with rule 37 of the councils provisional rules
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and procedure i invite the representative of israel to participate in this meeting. it is so decided. councile that the invite the permanent observer of the observer state of palestine to the united nations to participate in the meeting in accordance with the provisional rules of procedure in the previous practice in this regard. there being no objection, it is so decided. rule 39 ofce with the councils provisional rules therocedure i invite assistant secretary general political affairs to participate in this meeting. it is so decided. the security council will now begin its consideration of the item 2 of the agenda. you.e the floor to
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you have the floor, sir. , mr. president, members of the security council, and ladies and gentlemen. thank you for this opportunity to brief the security council on the current situation in the middle east which remains extremely concerning. today we witnessed yet another example of the escalating violence when a large group of palestinians set fire to the compound containing the holy westof saint joseph in the bank city. fortunately there were no reported injuries but the site sustained major damage. with the many deadly incidents over the past weeks, the secretary-general strongly condemns this act and calls on
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all those responsible to be swiftly brought to justice. there is the announcement that the committee had been established to conduct a full investigation into the crime. represents a particularly troubling ofelopment in light [inaudible] respecton all sides to the sanctity and that [indiscernible] if they are successful in these efforts, it could have catastrophic consequences for palestinians and israelis alike with serious perturbations in
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the region. mr. president, this incident comes on the heels of a deadly week in the west bank and jerusalem, east jerusalem. there were 11 reported attacks -- 16 israelis and for palestinians.
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the airstrikes were in response the dayt fire on israel before. fired aian militants with mostward israel falling short and letting within gaza territory and one being intercepted by iron dome. testfired tot was respondedeli forces with warning shots, injuring one palestinian. a total of seven israelis and 32 thoseinians including attemptedconducted or
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attacks were killed. 124 israelis including isaf --sonnel and more than 1000 1118 palestinians were reportedly injured since october 1. attacks,se latest israel's security cabinet has passed a broad range of new security measures which are already being implemented. axis roads have been blocked and checkpoints established. following the deterioration that began october 1, israeli authorities have reinstated
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movement restrictions in the west rank. in particular, 16 check points that were previously left unstaffed. checkpoints have been directed at 100 west bank sites for varying amounts of time. additional measures are introduced with the goal of deterring would-be terrorists from carrying out attacks. all of those accused of carrying out attacks -- and their will have permanent residency status revoked. already this month to structures were blown up in the third partially seized. whether these were related to attacks that took place in 2014. a total of 30 palestinians including 20 children were
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because of these demolitions. maintained a consistent position. collected punishment including contraveneitions international law. to cease thisthem damaging practice. what is clear is the current crisis cannot be resolved through security measures alone. the persistence of the occupation and duration preference for achieving aspirations have transformed their own simmering anger into the outside bridge. this stark reality has an compounded by the dire economic prospect including the
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for youth employment. the continued and expanded settlement activities diminished the hope for creating a viable palestinian state. it is the single most damaging factor that contributes to the anger and frustration driving the violence we're seeing today. against this backdrop mother have been a number of factors that sparked the current crisis. tensions in jerusalem were the main instigators. israelve instigated that is aiming to change the status quo. the prime minister has repeated assurances that israel has no
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intention of changing the historic status quo of the holy sites. they have been welcome. changeions will only based on the agreements between jordan and israel. the second factor feeding the escalation has been the apparent heavy-handed approach by the israeli security services. this field -- fuel more tax and raise questions about the appropriate use of force. has called for a second invasion station -- investigation. this is leading to official -- a vicious cycle of what shed.
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we appreciate the efforts to reduce the fatality of response securely in gaza after the indefensible killings behind the separation fence and [indiscernible] seen that thee andct of social media irresponsible rhetoric has played a dramatic role in the escalation. both sides have much to be blamed for. but we welcome efforts by leaders in the past days to tone down their statement. we call on community, religious, and political lead to -- leaders on all sides to disregard and work together to de-escalate the situation. i thank you. thank ourld like to
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speaker for the information he has provided. i will give the floor to the permanent observer of the observer state of houston. >> thank you. allow me to thank the friendly country of brain for presiding over this council. i would like to express our appreciation to you for your indership and skills carrying out this mission in the best way possible. i would like to extend my thanks holding thisr urgent meeting of the security council. i would like to express our thanks and appreciation to the friendly country of the russian federation. i would like to extend my thanks
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and appreciation to the assistant secretary-general for his reefing. mr. president. today asking you to urgently intervene, to end this aggression against our defenseless palestinian people. which arer shrines subjected to violations of the occupation by extremists. --have documented, we have we have documented this aggression through five letters we have sent to you over the past 10 days. to more than 35
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martyrs including a large number than 1500n and more injured by live ammunition and other lips and other means. are minors who is -- whose ages are not more than 18 years. throughall witnessed thellites and social media killing by the forces of israeli , civilian palestinians and arresting a large number of them just because they were participating in marches and against its andal, illegal practices
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attempts to put it into this occupation. extremists are moving to impose the change of the present situation in terms of time and place. this leads to further escalation of the situation. since the beginning of september, which threatens that the conflict will become a religious one that will destroy -- destroyedu everything. it is responsible for bringing us to this dangerous situation we have.
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we have to make it responsible violations ofl international law and human rights law. in theegal settlement occupied palestinian territory and itsg east jerusalem surroundings. [indiscernible] aere can be no hope for serious political process without ending the settlement immediately and completely. it is high time to put an end to this and to force it to meet its commitments in accordance with international law. it should not be allowed to have
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impunity for committing these crimes against our people in the occupied palestinian states including east jerusalem. should beals responsible for this crime as well as the terrorists settlers who have committed ugly like hearings families in their homes. and burning a boy who is still in the hospital facing death. he knows the terrorists who committed this act. until now they have not been arrested.
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in this collision the occupation continues its brutal act by surrounding and blocking palestinian neighborhoods in jerusalem. this is good -- a collective a violationhat is of the rules of international law. it destroys the houses of and itnian fighters forms armed jewish militias [indiscernible] terror,ve that this this aggression will not break the will of our people. will not weaken our
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determination to fight against occupation peacefully and and occupation and achieve our with israel as its capital. we salute from this form our people for their steadfastness, appreciateand we express ours and we respect for those who have been injured and we express our support for the palestinian presence. the security council has to show [indiscernible] by condemning this, by working to stop it and force israel to
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formationss from the contact lines especially in occupied egypt. respect the established places inthese sacred words and in act. people to practice their religion in peace. words andtrust the the promises of the israeli government. immoral -- it is
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is better than what it says. has violated its occupyinglity as power in protecting civilians. it is up to them to provide protection for our people in occupied palestinian territory including east jerusalem and the in thison is over respect in 1994, you have adopted resolution 904. after the hebrew massacre at the hands of a terrorist settler. the resolution asked for protection for people in and to have atory
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presence with observers. the resolution has called upon the israeli government to withdraw arms from the hands of settlers. you and not only to implement that resolution and of other resolutions security and all other resolutions but also to this with the question of providing international protection for our people. this issue has become more urgent than anytime before and it requires your immediate attention. our people and our occupation suffers from injustice, from oppression, from aggression. occupation and
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and when will the palestinian people have achieved independence and security? are you going to answer this, are you going to do something about it? thank you very much. think the observer of the observing palestinian state for his statement. you, mr. president. ss we sit here today, israeli are facing terrorism. men, women, and children are being stepped on the street. there has been no demand for security session, no call for the palestinian leadership to stop their incitement. not even a whisper of hand -- condemnation could be heard from this council.
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a man was shot to death while having in their car. their children were in the vehicle and watched their parents executed in front of their eyes. to terrorists board the bus and locked the door so no one could escape and started to shoot and stabbed the passenger. are a few of those silent victims of palestinian terror. over the course of the last month 24 terror attacks have claimed the lives of eight israelis and injured 70. 15 of them are still hospitalized. this has washed over the entire nation and spares no one. young and old are being targeted every day. israelis do not feel safe walking down the street. they avoid taking the bus to
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work and they fear for their -- the lives of their children every time they walk out of the door. we face an enemy that is willing to die in order to kill. and havee by no rural abandoned the most basic morality. there taking every necessary defend i have no doubt that on a daily basis your citizens were being stabbed in the streets with which are knives or shot on buses, your security forces would have reacted in the same way. heard indent, we have the briefing today the so-called reason for this campaign of terror. of this wave of terror is clear. it is an inflammatory rhetoric and it is incitement that keeps feeding the flames. [indiscernible]
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president abbas has accused israel of trying to change the status quote. he claimed that israel intends to [indiscernible] this is a deliberate and malicious lie. palestinian leaders have repeated this outlandish conspiracy theory over and over again and it is baseless. as we heardnister today, he has stated time and time again including from the podium in the u.n. general assembly, israel is committed to the status quo. we continue to protect the right of muslims to pray in the mosque as well as the freedom of all christian, jews and others to visit the temple mount. the facts speak for themselves.
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israel has maintained the status quo and will keep on doing so. let me be crystal clear. israel will not agree to any international presence on the temple mount. such a presence would be the change in the status quo. since 1960 seven israel has been doing everything in its power to preserve the sanctity of this site. we do this out of deep and abiding respect for the principle of freedom of religion and the [indiscernible] to the temple mount. yet it is clear that this respect is not mutual. palestinian leaders are determined to erase jewish history and deny any historic connection between the jewish people and our holiest site. in the proposal that the palestinian's have asked to tomit to unesco, they tried do exactly that. this proposal calls for unesco to include the western wall [indiscernible]
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an integral part of the mosque. when the leadership has no respect for places that have been sacred to the jewish people it is no supplies of the palestinian people treat the jewish holy site with such disdain and disregard. palestinianght, a set fire to the tomb of joseph [indiscernible] thete for jews throughout generations. this is a violation of the freedom to worship. this can be explained only by incitement and lack of respect for the religion and heritage of others. the disrespect for the sanctity of holy sites is also evident in the action of palestinians on the temple mount. used the mosque as a staging ground for a
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calculated violent perpetration. on the eve of the jewish new used radical islamists firebombs and explosive devices s well ast jews a christians from visiting the temple mount. theesentatives speak of sacredness of their holy site but when islamist militants desecrated it by using it as a weapons depot they stood mute. instead, president abbas defended [indiscernible] and let the spark that set the region ablaze. he declared we will -- welcome every drop of blood spilled injury slowed with the help of will get hisone reward. the church of the holy sepulcher
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is ours. they have no right to desecrate with them -- desecrate them with their filthy feet. if you imagine the reaction any israeli leader, any later what have uttered such a hateful sentiment? council rightly wasted no time in convening to condemn it but when the president of the palestinian authority makes such a lately prejudiced statement the action of this council is complete silence. mr. president, even now, as the violence continues and lives are lost every day, instead of calling attention, palestinian leaders continue to lie and use inflammatory rhetoric. they are stoking the flames by portraying terrorists as innocent victims. just two days ago in a televised broadcast to the palestinian people, president abbas accused
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israel avenue killing an innocent 13-year-old palestinian boy. there are two fact is that he did not share with his public. first the boy is not dead. he is fully conscious and he is being treated in an israeli hospital. second he is not innocent. this 13-year-old palestinian brutally attacked a 13-year-old israeli boy who was riding his bicycle stabbing him no less than 15 times. you do not have to take my word for it. also on a video of this social media. when a young child is incited to pick up a knife instead of being encouraged to pick up a basketball or book, something is deeply wrong. the executive director of the israeli national council for the child wrote yesterday, it is very easy to use children for the needs of adults. it is so easy to incite children.
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so easy to drag children into wargames. so tempting to turn children into symbols, so easy and it's a wrong, soand yet so simple, yet so dangerous. this is exactly what the palestinian leadership is doing. such acts of terror do not occur in a vacuum. they are a product of the deliberate policy of incitement and filling the minds of palestinian children with hate. they are subject to propaganda that promotes hatred and insight -- incites to violence. are encouraging violence. there is a textbook that legitimizes and -- violence. and twitter feeds jews.age them to stab
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mr. president, the situation is indeed dire but there is a way forward. just yesterday, prime minister netanyahu expressed his willingness to meet with the palestinian leadership, with president abbas in order to bring home to the region. two weeks ago, prime minister netanyahu stood here and forared his desire negotiation without precondition. if this council is serious about promoting these, it must join the call and insist that president abbas comes to the negotiation table. historic agreement -- that proves that only direct negotiation can lead to a real and lasting peace. only such negotiation can create a new reality for all the people of our region. thank you, mr. president. thank the like to
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representative of israel. and now i would like to give the floor to members of the security council. first of all i would like to give the floor to the ambassador of jordan. ambassador: mr. president, i should like to express my deep thanks and gratitude to you for agreeing to organize this special session. jordan calls for this urgent [indiscernible] in light of the urgent need to deal with the latest developments in palestinian territory and in particular, and occupied jerusalem. this is a result of the unlawful and ugly practices of israel against the palestinian people. it is an incursion into [indiscernible]
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at its attempt to impose a reality that would change the status quo in the city of jerusalem. in addition to the provocation of palestinians by israeli extremists in jerusalem and its holy sites which reached unprecedented and escalated levels that crossed all possible lines. what israel is doing in occupied palestinian territory in terms of systematic violations of palestinian [indiscernible] touires this council shoulder its responsibilities in putting an end to these aggressions and to take adequate and effective measures to protect the palestinian people acts andn end to these prevent their repetition. the israeli occupation and the injustice injured by the palestinian people held hostage
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by this occupation have gone on , four over seven decades. the palestinian people are suffering from a violation of their rights in life and dignity and security over their land and in self-determination and every day the palestinian -- is occupation comes up with a new series of coercive measures against the palestinian people who lost hope in the international community to save the guilt of occupation and from the daily israeli aggression that take no account of women, children, or the elderly. the security of israel cannot be achieved by imposing an iron fist by indulging in several types of collective and individual punishment by the
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excessive use of armed force by killing the vulnerable and the innocent. israeli authorities should realize that the life of palestinian people is not cheaper than the life of its own citizens and that the palestinian bloodshed will not bring about peace and security. mr. president, the spiral of violence in occupied palestinian territory will lead to further tension in the middle east and more extremism. it will reflect negatively on international peace and security. as such, the council should spare no effort in order to put an end to it israeli violation in palestinian territory and to stop the systematic breaches by israel of its commitments according to the international humanitarian law and in particular the fourth geneva
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connection -- convention of 1949. we call on the security council to explore adequate options to provide legal protection to the palestinian people in occupied palestinian territory in line with the serious and grave nature of the situation. this must pave the way towards just an apprehensive piece that will put an end to occupation. the bloody scenes we are witnessing on a daily basis against the palestinian committed by israel, the violation of the sanctity of worship sites and encourage -- incursions into the mosque [indiscernible] and preventing worshipers from violation is not only of the rights of palestinians, it is a violation of the rights of over a billion and a half
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muslims in the world and a provocation. as such, jordan calls for the halt of these immediate and escalating aggressions and to respect the historic status quo in the holy city of jerusalem. and to put a stop to measures mosquet dividing of the physically and chronologically. jordan rejects any attempt to infringe upon heritage and religious sites and we support the decision by president abbas to investigate the latest torching of joseph's tomb. self-restraint and to refrain from irresponsible and -- religiously irresponsible acts. we condemn what israel is doing
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and we consider it responsible for this latest escalation. indan will spare no effort conducting its role in terms of supporting the palestinian people, putting an end to the israeli occupation of palestine and establishing a viable free and independent palestinian state based on the 1967 borders with [indiscernible] as its capital. we stress that christian and muslim holy sites in east jerusalem at the forefront of redh is the mosque is a line that cannot be crossed and we will not allow their desecration or profanation. the provocative violations committed by israel our solidaritynd with the palestinian people and
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their absolute commitment to their legal and historic rights in the protection of the mosque. based on the historic guardianship of his and the islamic and israeli sites. we preserve all possible legal options to defend these sites. thank you. i think jordan and that would like to give the floor to the ambassador of the united states. thank you, mr. president. we would like to thank jordan for convening the session and we are grateful to assist in briefing the council today and for his and the u.n.'s ongoing
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efforts. the united states shares the concerns of everyone about the current situation and condemn in the strongest terms the ongoing violence in jerusalem and the gaza strip. we have repeatedly condemned this violence and make clear there is no justification for any terrorist attack. we stressed the importance of preventing accusations or any concede violence. the human consequences have been grave and continue to mount. israelis have faced to 38 attacks in which seven have been killed and more than 40 injured. killedstinians have been and hundreds injured in the west fire, or rubber bullets in the course of demonstrations. authorities, 14 palestinians have been killed while carrying out attacks.
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the cycle of violence and mistrust has been exacerbated by images and videos shared on which polarize narratives and fosters suspicion and hatred on both sides. among israelis, there is a frustration as the prospects of reaching a solution appeared to be declining. there is no justification for reprehensible acts of violence, including terrorist attacks. we understand every government needs to take steps to protect its people. tosupport israel's right defend its citizens. it is critical every possible effort be taken to protect innocence and to guard against unnecessary loss of life. we have concerns about increased settler violence against palestinians and the property in the west bank. we mourn the loss of all life
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and stressed the importance of the both parties condemning the violence and avoiding provocative statements that can inflame tensions. in the face of this violence, we remain committed to advancing a solution in peace and security. the united states continues to urge all sides to take affirmative steps to restore calm. and jordan'srael commitment to maintaining the status quo at the temple mount and support efforts to ensure that status quo is maintained. we know prime minister netanyahu's commitment on this point. inretary kerry has spoken recent days and he will travel to the region at the appropriate moment. we are concerned that "current
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trends on the ground including acts of violence against palestinians and israelis, ongoing settlement activity, and the high rate of demolition of palestinian structures imperiled the viability of the two state solution." the status quo is not sustainable. as we emphasize, we support concretend significant steps currentl help reverse trends by showing meaningful progress towards creating a two state reality on the ground and restore hope among palestinians and israelis negotiated peace is possible. important to emphasize these steps can be taken without impacting legitimate concerns.
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they can enhance security. bestntinue to believe the way to ensure the safety of all is to work toward a political solution. two states living side by side in peace and security. lopez beugh a solution achieved. the accounts of civilians injured and killed on both sides underscore why we must redouble our efforts to defuses crisis and find a pathway back toward a two state solution. thank you. i would like to thank you for your statement and give the floor to the ambassador of the russian federation. >> the escalation in the situation in east jerusalem is considered in moscow with great concern. it is causing suffering among the peaceful israelis and
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palestinians. possibility of a political situation. any terrorist manifestation is rejected by russia and we call upon both parties to stop the the provocations, and ensure measures are taken to deescalate the situation. which are considered as religious sites by jews, christians, and muslims. we must avoid any step which would violate the status quo and which would -- and any violent either over the decades, the situation can't be dealt with in an urgent way.
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jerusalem mustin be dealt with in a mutually beneficial way. this can only be done by discussing the issues of the entirend territory. we call for steps to reduce the theion and we need to see cause of what is taking place in the palestinian territories. first and foremost, they are 1967 occupation, including east jerusalem. settlement, of the problem, it is due to the current escalation. we can't close our eyes to this. power is the occupying and has the responsibility for the situation with regard to the .est bank and east jerusalem
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unless we achieve a comprehensive and lasting solution to the problem on the basis of generally accepted settlements, the israeli side humanitarian principles with regard to population in occupied territories. the steps taken by israel to prevent humanitarian assistance and other needed assistance is not acceptable. becausekade is also ignoring the demands of the security council. president, we are ready to continue our efforts and to include the middle east quartet situation.te the
11:39 pm
quartetement from the called for a mutual trust and stabilization of the situation so both sides can hope for a dual state solution. it is important to continue our efforts and the quartet should work with israel and the ians.tin we hope the planned visit by the can take place as soon as possible. it is important to consider the initiative of the mission to the middle east in which the russian delegation has supported and proposed some years ago. the growth in the problem continues to be the epicenter of
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the situation under fact it has not been resolved is one of the main factors of the situation in the middle east situation. to a growth in terrorism, a written a renewal of talks between israel and palestine on the basis of the two state solution. towould be a contribution security for the people in that region. july 2014, to put these states under the u.n. system of protection. the security council received a letter saying this was being considered. as we know, the secretary has heard the appropriate study. we do hope the secretary-general will officially convey the to the security
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council. thank you very much, mr. president. thank you for your statement. i give the floor to the ambassador of france. >> mr. president, i would like to thank jordan for having taken of convening this meeting and i would like to for his the president of france has constantly been warning against the risk of a new wave of unrest in the middle east. at thesee that happening backdrop of the extension of settlements, which is illegal and compromises the viability of a two-party state. we have mobilized to provide a
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political solution to the only possible solution to the conflict and the only way to avoid the same cycle of violence. did take place on the west bank in jerusalem and in israel. creating the fear of a third intifada. we have confirmed -- condemned all of the attacks. this confirms our worries and also bolsters our position on behalf of france. we would like to renew our appeal for a greater mobilization of the international community to rebuild a true political horizon . the growing number of crises in the region should not distract us from how urgent it is to relaunch the peace process. to the contrary. as the minister stated yesterday
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, we need to relaunch a credible move toward a just and lasting peace, truly move forward. to leave theinue two state solution unraveled day after day. especially since there is a growing risk they could take over the palestinian cause one day with the consequences that we can imagine. of allis in mind, first we need to deal with what is most urgent, it is the responsibility to respond to the current escalation. france has prepared a draft statement it would like to submit to the members of the security council to make an appeal for calm and restraint by all of the parties and also maintain the status quo at the mosques. then we need to work to provide a concrete political horizon.
11:44 pm
the goal is not to manage the crisis, but to provide a lasting solution to it. the establishment of an international support group is .ery relevant after having brought together members of the quartet, and expanding its format to include , it is now time to deepen these efforts and once again to rebuilding political horizon that could put pressure on the parties to take steps forward and conclude peace discussions. this format would make it possible to work on three elements. first of all on confidence building measures to take immediate effect. the collective support to palestinian reconciliation under .he presidency of abbas
11:45 pm
and to write compensation each of the parties will need to be able to sign an agreement. holdings in favor of another meeting in this format of the extended quartet. can't simply, we do nothing. of the meanse all available to provide a lasting solution to the conflict. the security council has an important role to play to back up these efforts. we need to assume our responsibility as a friend of both the israeli people and the palestinian people. france is determined to assume its responsibility and to work with its partners in the service of peace. thank you very much. >> i would like to thank the ambassador of france for your
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statement and i give the floor to the ambassador of china. >> thank you, mr. president. i would like to thank jordan to call for the meeting. i would like to thank the asg briefing.ergency the conflict has caused worsening security situation in east jerusalem and gaza. china is deeply worried about this development. we are concerned about the military crackdowns by israeli inces which resulted civilian casualties, including women and children. caused casualties and is unacceptable. violence for violence does not
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help resolve issues. instead it will only road mutual trust, conflict, and confrontation. palestine and israel to heed the call of the international community, exercise maximum restraint, and take practical measures to avoid further escalation of the conflict. china welcomes the efforts by ban ki-moon to de-escalate tensions between palestine and israel. under the present circumstances, the community, the security council should have a stronger sense of urgency, assume its responsibility, actively respond to the demands of palestine and the arab countries, take necessary action, promote efforts by parties concerned to
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immediately cease the clashes .nd de-escalate tensions achieving the peaceful coexistence between palestine and israel is the right direction toward resolving the palestine-israel question. peace talks is the only path forward. we hope the government will take action and display good faith. the legitimate security concerns should be paid attention to. quickhould promote the resumption of talks by palestine and israel on the platform which directdly based with the participation of all major parties so as to resolve the deeply rooted issues in the bilateral relations. china is consistent in its support for the just cause of the palestinian people to restore it -- restore their
11:49 pm
national interests and rights. we are committed to promoting peace talks. we are ready to continue to keep contact and coordination with parties concerned to make efforts toward easing tensions between palestine and israel. thank you, mr. president. i would like to thank you for your statement and i give the floor to the ambassador of new zealand. >> thank you, mr. president. we thank jordan for convening today's meeting. concernedd is deeply attack at joseph's all is the short-term, sides need to cease violence, refrain from provocative actions at uphold the status quo
11:50 pm
jerusalem possibly sites. it is important to stop the lower tensions. we recognize every state needs to protect its citizens. with the assistant secretary-general that heavy-handed measures will not resolve the growing. the rootey address cause of the violence, we will see it happen again and again. each side heaping blame on the its ownile ignoring responsibilities will only make things worse. there needs to be urgent progress toward securing solutions to the conflict and toward the economic and social stability. that is the only way to bring an end to the violence. as my prime minister said two
11:51 pm
weeks ago, this is a matter of urgent the and a critical issue on which the security council must lead. we believe the council has a role to play to generate conditions on the ground conducive to negotiations toward a two state solution. we believe the council has a role to play to tell the parties to get ready to negotiate and to provide a time frame. we look forward to discussing our ideas and those of others at the open debate next week which should focus on the conflict. also beate should viewed as an opportunity to advance the conversations predict the sides together. this conflict has continued for far too long and resulted in too many deaths. we are supportive of a council statement, as the representative of france suggested.
11:52 pm
a statement alone does not obviate the need for a council actions to progress the peace progress -- the peace process. the council must address the bigger picture. thank you. i thank you for your statement and give the floor to the ambassador of malaysia. >> thank you, for convening this urgent and important meeting. concerned by the provocations and escalating violence in and around the holy sites of the old city of jerusalem. we condemn any and all attempts to alter the character and status of the holy city of .erusalem such sinister attempts are in blatant violation of numerous security council resolutions.
11:53 pm
all such acts of provocations, incitement, and which only all sides fuels tension and exacerbates the deteriorating situation on the ground. we strongly urge all parties to exercise restraint and uphold respect for the sanctity of the holy site. mr. president, it should come as no surprise the situation has culminated in the current outbreak of violence and destruction. time and again, this council has been warned about the ticking time bomb in occupied palestine and the people grow desperate of being dehumanized, suffering humiliation, oppression, and mistreatment. and yet time and again, this council has done nothing.
11:54 pm
at the general assembly, the special committee to investigate israeli practices affecting human rights of the palestinian people and the rights of the e palestinian people reported on violations of human rights committed by the occupying power year after year for the past decade without any being taken to address the injustice. has involved in the occupying power to conduct itself with greater impunity and more oppressive policies. in the mainstream media, we only distortedded and narrative to explain the situation. palestinian terrorist trying to kill as many peaceloving israelis as possible.
11:55 pm
we do not see reports of arbitrary killings and illegal targeting of children by the israeli forces and settlers. we do not read about daily humiliations and mistreatment suffered by palestinians at the hands of the occupying force. we do not hear the words inupation mentioned anywhere the mainstream media to provide the proper context and we don't apply the same standard of human rights in palestine and israel as we preach elsewhere globally. is it surprising that the oppressed shoes to fight the illegal occupier for the right to freedom and self-determination? ,or far too long all legal diplomatic, and media channels have been blocked. mr. president, each time a cycle of violence erupts, including
11:56 pm
then and children, international community, the security council shares the blame for allowing the situation to persist with impunity. enough is enough. malaysia wishes to demand the protect the occupied territory. such protection would prevent massacres and violations of human rights in occupied palestinian territory. it would also benefit the israelis by addressing the security concerns. ,he call for u.n. protection particularly the geneva conventions, would insure encounter count ability for all parties to the conflict and international human rights laws and various security council resolutions to maintain
11:57 pm
in thend security occupied territory. such protection has numerous precedents in history including lebanon,, east timor, and palestine itself. the council must not delay discussions on the proposal. malaysia look forward to work with the secretary-general and other council members in this regard. in noting the statement by the russian federation on the role of the quartet and its expanded format, we underscore the --ortance of its and agents of its engagement with his counsel. u.n. protection, we must not lose sight of the long-term needs for a final solution to the conflict. 17 years -- 70 years after the failure to grant self-determination, the international committee has lost
11:58 pm
any pretext for an excuse to further perpetuate israeli's occupation. it appears as a facade to prolong occupation and deny justice, dignity, and freedom to the palestinian people. meanwhile illegal settlements continue expanding, giving rise to questions on the sincerity of israeli commitment to the two state solution. the number of settlers built in the west bank has increased by 54.8% compared to the same period last year. practiceslicies and and dehumanization of palestinians, we are seeing an unacceptable increase in terrorist attacks by extremist
11:59 pm
israeli settlers. we can't deny the continuing occupation of palestine and the radicalism and extremism used in the obstruction of peaceful and diplomatic means of resistance. malaysia stresses the need for the council to act urgently in view of the situation on the ground to address the root cause of the conflict and to finally put an end to the longest occupation in modern history. if it continues to turn a blind eye to the problem, there is no doubt we will pay a higher price in the future which will not be in the long-term interest of palestine, israel he, and the world. thank you, mr. president. would like
12:00 am
and the spanish presidency for convening so rapidly. theuld also like to thank assistant secretary general. in the esplanade of the mosque. these incursions have led to a number of manifestio


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