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tv   Political Cartoonists and the George W. Bush Presidency  CSPAN  October 17, 2015 8:32pm-9:51pm EDT

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our landmark case hit -- series continues monday evening when we look back at the slaughterhouse cases involving state run monopolies and in 1873, the supreme court ruled that the privileges and immunities clause of the 14th amendment did not protect the right to labor. as a result, the state of louisiana was able to grant him an out lead to a government run slaughterhouse. that is live on monday at 9:00 p.m. eastern on c-span. you can learn more about landmark cases series which explores the human stories and constitutional dramas behind some of the supreme court's most significant decisions. /landmarko cases. at the website, you can find c-span's landmark cases book and it features background, highlights, and the legal impact of each case. written by veteran supreme court journalist tony morrow and published by c-span in press.ion to his c-span
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landmark cases is available for a dollars $.95 plus shipping. that is at coming up next on c-span, a look at the george w. bush presidency through political cartoons with the artist themselves discussing the editorial process and the issues that influenced their drawings. that is followed by republican presidential candidate jeb bush on the campaign trail meaning with residents in count court, new hampshire. -- in concorde, new hampshire. >> editorial cartoonist from the washington post, the atlanta journal-constitution and other media outlets discuss their work during the george w. bush presidency. they talk about their methods for depicting serious issues and the extent they go in editorializing their subject. this was part of a three-day conference on the bush
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administration posted by hofstra university in new york. it is one hour and 20 minutes. welcome to political cartoonists and the george w. bush presidency. imd and of the national center for suburban centers at hofstra university. it has been a long week. believe me. the20 years, i sat on editorial board and it was my distinct pleasure to have adjoining offices with the cartoonist at newsday and to sit with him in editorial board meetings, the only artist among a sea of writers what a treat. he also -- he always kept us loose and on our toes. it is my pleasure now to my co-moderator.
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spent half of her remarkable career in private law practice and the other half in social service in washington. associationted the of american editorial cartoonists as friends of the court in the landmark case larry flynt,ll and publisher of hustler magazine. she wrote briefs in support of the cartoonists clause. appendixt contained in of political cartoons over the some thatfree drink skewered their subjects and second because by all accounts, her advocacy for the cartoonists turned what could have been a death knell for the first amendment to a winning victory for his free speech. even though the main protagonists in the case was larry flynt, hardly a sympathetic figure to the rehnquist court, certainly. in 1988,imous ruling
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the supreme court held in favor of hustler magazine and for the right of cartoonist to entertain and inform us with their andtimes a savage, cruel insightful editorials about politics and their figures. her career long support for the cartoonists craft. she is a magna cum laude, phi beta kappa graduate of syracuse university, go orange. and she received her masters degree from the catholic university. herse join me in welcoming to hofstra so she can introduce the panel. [applause] good morning everyone. for the second time, i would like to thank hofstra for including the unique perspectives of some of our countries national treasures for political cartoonists who have
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drawn president george w. bush among other presidents and cultural icons throughout their distinguished careers. is steveediate left, breen. he was born in los angeles and grew up in neighboring orange county, the second oldest of the children. the university of california at riverside where he earned a bachelor's degree in political science and it was at the university that he started drawing editorial cartoons for his school newspaper, the high lander. scholz awardon the as a top college cartoonist. all of you budding editorial cartoonists out there, it starts in high school and college. he was about to become a cop -- a high school teacher when he was offered a job in 1994. he became a full town editorial in 1996.t there
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in april of 1998, he won a pulitzer prize for editorial cartooning. he won the pulitzer prize again in 2009 four among other works, 2008epictions of the presidential campaign which has been the topic of discussion at this conference. and2008 financial crisis drugs in major league baseball. he joined the-- san diego tribune. his cartoons are nationally and regularly appear in the new york times, u.s. world report among others. his comic strip, grand avenue appears in more than 150 newspapers across the country. to steve is a mike peters. he is recognized as one of our nation's most prominent cartoon artist or his outstanding work as a political and comic strip cartoonist.
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by aoquently phrased collie, mike is the peter pan of the cartooning world. and initially charming, does not spend a lot of time on the ground. mike was born in st. louis, missouri where he graduated from christian brothers college high school. he was awarded the degree of fine arts from washington university. he began his career on the arts staff of the chicago daily news. year, he began two years with the united states army. as it an artist in okinawa. after vietnam, his veteran -- his mentor helped him find a cartooning position on the dayton daily news in 1969. his cartoons became syndicated in 1972. in 1981, he was awarded the pulitzer prize for journalism and in 1994, the award-winning mother goose and grim come extract was bored with the help
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of his wife mary and. n. marrio his daughter molly is here with us. peters mike -- next to mike peters is and thomas who created animated editorial comments and a blog and sketches for the washington post. she won the pulitzer prize in 2001 for her print cartoons are among the works of the knowledge to buy the poster committee were cartoons of the 2000 campaign in which among other things she depicted the choices as different types of serial -- cereal and different ingredients and affected the role of the legislature in the 2000
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presidential campaign. she attended the california institute of the arts and graduated with a bachelor of fine arts specializing in character animation. before beginning her career, she worked for several years as a designer for walt disney imagineering. she has also animated and design for various studios in los angeles, new york, london, and taiwan. last but not least, we have michael. he is an editorial cartoonist to his work for the atlanta journal constitution since 1980 nine. he is the 2005 winner of the reuben. a top award for cartoonists of the year. of twothe recipient pulitzer prizes. among the works acknowledged and that are relevant to this conference by the pulitzer committee were depictions of 9/11, katrina, and the war in iraq.
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mike was born in seattle, washington. he attended the university of washington where he earned a degree in political science. for two years after graduating from he sold cartoons on a freelance basis to the washington newspaper while working as an insurance salesman. careern his cartooning with the greenville news in south carolina in 1984 and moved to the new orleans times later that year. in 1989, he began his career with the atlantic vernal constitution where he continues today. while at the atlanta journal-constitution, mike one the 1995 pulitzer prize and 2006 pulitzer prize for editorial cartooning. wonderful cartoons that the pulitzer committee acknowledged during the two thousand six submissions including katrina, 9/11, and the war in iraq.
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startnderful panel will with my comments on saying that this will be different than other sections you have attended. a lot of the comments of the panelists you have heard before this session are couched, to put this in context, or -- on the one hand, very carefully nuanced explanations and assessments of the bush presidency. this session is the antidote to that. [laughter] it will not be like that. scholars have sometimes looked for hints or declarations of what our presidents think of political cartoonist. famous -- famously richard nixon put paul conrad on his enemies list. president clinton 10 years ago at hofstra right here at the
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session on his presidency said it was unfortunate that his political opponents turned three-dimensional human beings into two-dimensional cartoons at which point, two of our panelists here who were in the audience stood up and said -- that is what we do. we also note that we have full declarations from the united states supreme court and what they think about political cartoonist of our presidents. mentioned,at larry that the cartoonists association was involved in lead to a unanimous decision upholding the to inflicthe right emotional distress by political cartoonist and justice rehnquist to road the unanimous opinion said that about the role of tallonists -- lincoln gangly posture, teddy roosevelt's glasses and teeth and franklin roosevelt jutting
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jaw and cigarette holder have been memorialized i political cartoonist with an effect that could not have been obtained by a photographer or portrait artist. point of history, it is clear that our political discourse would be considerably poorer without them. it was hard to find but i did whatsome representation of president george w. bush think about political cartoonist. he wrote a book in 2010 called the season point. in it, he talks about the critical decisions he made in his presidency. one of which was to retain vice president cheney on the ticket the second time he ran for office and reelection. that vice president cheney came to him in 2003 and to move on and have
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president bush have the opportunity to select another running mate in the upcoming election. here is what president bush said -- i did consider his offer. roleked to andy and carl about the possibility of asking bill frist, the impressive tennessee senator, the majority leader to run with me instead. we all expected 2004 to bring another close election. he had become a lightning rod for criticism for the media on the left. he was seen as dark and heartless, the darth vader of the administration. it did not care much about his image which i like that that thew the -- that allowed caricatures to stick. everyone inside the building including the vice president knew that was not true. but the impression was out there, accepting tix offer would be one way to demonstrate that i was in charge. the more i thought about it, the more strongly i felt it should
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stay. i had not picked him to be a political asset. i had chosen him to help me do the bob -- to do the job and that is what he has done. he gave me his unvarnished opinions. when we disagreed, he kept our differences private. most important, i trusted him and i valued his deadliness. i enjoy being around him and he had become a good friend. our lunches a of few weeks later, i asked him to stay and he agreed. we can see that our presidents have at times been challenged by the depictions by political ouroonist and to start out sessions today, i thought i would leave with a couple of questions. the order of battle is for us to talk a little bit about the depictions of george w. bush, and then each of our cartoonist bush and some of their
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bush era cartoons. if we have time, a couple of our cartoonist will drive -- draw live sketches and then we will invite your questions. to kick it off, let us start at the end with mike. i wanted to ask -- was george w bush good to you as a cartoonist from a creative point of view? mike: yeah, gosh. someone mentioned all conrad earlier and he used to talk about how nixon administration was like the late -- the greatest time in cartooning history. the golden era was the bush administration because first of all, you had 9/11, that they knew something was coming and did not do anything about it. he misled us into iraq and then you had katrina and the economic health down. the bush administration could
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not have been any better for cartoonist unless they had discovered cheney and bush naked together. that would've been fabulous. they were great. the job was easy. ann: he is right. easyesn't make your job but it does give you a lot of material to actually draw from. it -- i didfound not get him at first. i knew about his policies and what concerned me more was his reproductive policies and i did a lot of cartoons about that but i drew him basically kind of small like a child. which quickly changed after 9/11 and civil liberty issues. that happens with every president that we deal with. we change how we depict them but in this case it was a dramatic
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change. why did it change? and whatuse of 9/11 the administration decided to do. we had so many issues to deal with. a common way that we describe ourselves is that we do not take ourselves very seriously but we take what we do very seriously. cartoon brings an image of something that is funny but editorial cartoons by their nature are visual opinions. we have to have an opinion first. we just happen to do it with pictures instead of words. after i just finished that explanation -- [laughter] who i met ina lady
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2003, when we started going to -- she was pretty and i met her at a cocktail party. -- i cannot, freaking believe that they are taking the troops out of afghanistan and going to iraq. are the- afghanistan guys that took the bombing and 9/11. and she said -- mike, mike -- surely, the president and vice president know a little bit more about what is going on than a cartoonist does. and of course -- ann: and of course they do not. what are you doing coming out
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of afghanistan and going into iraq? the letters we got and i know about those who criticized the ward. the letters we got from people saying -- how dare you criticized this man who has to deal with all of this stuff, looking for weapons of mass destruction and all of that. gun that ising going to be the atomic bomb and all of that sort of stuff. and many of us kept saying -- yes but, see, he took the people -- took our people out of afghanistan and took them into remember thes people that did 9/11 and that is what this whole thing was all about. they were all saying -- how dare you say that? >> that is our job. art buchwald, who was talking
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that nixon, but i believe bush was our camelot. our countries camelot. we do best when the four horseman, the death, pestilence, famine, and whatever -- cheney, all happened. we do our best when that happens. -- horribleorrible things are going on in our country. for sure, this was my best time as a cartoonist because so many things that the bush administration did were obviously to me, a mistake. ok. >> i agree with what these guys said, to be short. clinton was pretty good.
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there was more material with bush because of all of the drama. particularnt -- i was lucky because there was a towards are i had negative in sacramento and bush and cheney in the white house so i had a ton of material for a couple of years. to the meat of this presentation. we will start with steve who is going to show some of his bush era cartoons. e: i will stand. i and steve green. i am the cartoonist for the union tribune in san diego and i am the token conservative on the panel. i supported george w. bush initially.
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gore sick of clinton and and bush seemed like the kind of guy you would want to have a beer with. plus, i am pro-life and so is bush. there were factors. about my be surprised cartoons because things did change. we had 9/11, of course. this cartoon kind of worked out formed the intelligence the twin towers of their own. and of course, 9/11 became politicized. each party had their own idea on how to proceed forward because this was an unprecedented thing. none of us knew what was going on or what direction we would take. officeublicans were in led by bush and cheney and others. ideas about which direction to go. link --established a
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and it was frustrating because i and itwing in san diego is a military camp. a lot of retired military. pretty conservative. the people there in 2001, i think we all supported afghanistan, right? but 2003 came along and a lot of us thought it was a horrible idea, even as conservatives. i lean conservative on a lot of issues but i'd hate to say that i am a republican or conservative because i do not like labeling myself. i knew -- there was something in your gut that thought this was a horrible idea to go in there and to get rid of this guy, no matter how awful saddam with --
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was. and yet, everyone around you is saying -- no, we have got to do this and how dear you not support the president in this time of national tragedy. we quickly solve that iraq was not a good idea. all kinds of problems. another hostage. there is george w. bush in the little q. and thenbush's -- and then bush 's -- was also good fodder. bush was pretty crazy.
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i did this cartoon dish -- i did this cartoon the same day that bush was on that aircraft carrier outside of san diego with the mission accomplished thing. i got a ton of angry calls and letters into the paper saying how this risk at full this was and how dare i put -- and how dare i and poor timing. they wanted my head on a platter. that turned out to be one of the most embarrassing moments. they do not see these things at the time. they are caught up in the beating of the war drum and so they do not hear or see. bush-cheney, no bush khartoum.
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-- khartoum. cartoon. i am moving through this fast. another sad factor of this direction we took after 9/11. look at what it did to our stature in the world. our reputation. liberty john adams -- and democracy. how our images perceived. image is perceived. going after the wmd. bay.anamo i know that these are complex issues.
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we captured all of these bad guys and then what do we do with them? how long are you going to detain us, hello? and then katrina. it was a big story in the bush administration. it's kind of hard to see. this is in color. she's going to go get credit.
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with tv ande guys rv. politicians the bureaucrats whatever. regulators. pride with both parties saying greed and lust. the wrath. everything kind of both together. those of the good days. thank you. [indiscernible] >> now it's time. i'm just going to start my
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questions. we have six minutes. bush was one of the big people loved the saudis. he would visit them they would visit him. bushing the saudis did would say no it's not a problem. of coverage of the saudis. the first election, cheney came and office and said we finally have our mandate but i'm illegal in seven states. this is -- this happens during a lot of the prosecutors in the states were being let go.
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i forget why they were being let go. there are being let go ok. two guys talking. he was handing out more peace -- pink slips. this i love because i was hoping the thompson would stay in -- what is stated in the cement for president. he shied into it. had the happy electrifying people. it took me a while coming up with the right word. ecstatic was the thing.
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this was new to end of the bush administration. everybody have been talking about why bush and cheney wanted to go to war in iraq. and they did this cartoon. it's amazing we all do our cartoons on the same topic. and that's the problem. what you try to do is find something unique or special or some way of putting this across. i had been sitting on day trying to come up with some idea to explain why i thought they went to war. the thought of this and i thought surely someone is done this so i checked the internet trying to find it. i could not find anything. sent with the cartoon was trying to see if someone else it done it.
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and it said why bush and cheney went to war and it was a connect wasdots and i thought that yellowstone's undoing the perfect cartoon was doing a cartoon in 20 minutes. and i did this in 20 minutes. i was happy about it. no one also done it. this next one is kind of another reason. what i thought, this was in bush's second term i think. thoughts the underlying message that bush and cheney were giving all during his time. have him holding a little flashlight under his face and be
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afraid, be very afraid. they did that in all different kinds of ways. another were trying to do the right thing when they were coming out the color-coded terror alert. oh grown yellow of jesus christ it's on yellow. trying to make you afraid but also trying to save america. but really they were making is afraid. this happens. the last vice president ever her who shotwas our secretary of treasury. its, awhen this guy did book was coming out the most popular. eats shoots and
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leaves. good thought that was a synopsis of what he did. 's is a much bush love the saudis. one of the saudi princes came to visit bush at his ranch in texas. it was very dear. two of hisking and wives were behind them and said i remember when the prince used to look at me like that. just so lovely. terribly love. this is not very good but it was cute. it was about's when bush was talking about's you can't do the embryos.arm
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and so instead of talking about intelligent design i had him as looking intoe intelligent design. i got a lot of trouble for this unbecoming to sing that he was a monkey and well yes you can say that. trial, he hussein's was worried that she was getting ready first trial and right michael jackson have had a trial any came out haveent and so here you saddam hussein still in prison and one of his guys are saying it's not the work saddam. i thought it was appropriate.
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here's a cartoon that i wasn't going to have a i like it. was aroundout's christmas. the was a toy those very popular at the time but it was right when they were talking about guantanamo. solicit new from the white house torture me get no. nevermind. talkshow conservative talking head was on and she said a couple of outrageous statements and so i did this is a priest and says cancel. justin holder.
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she's barking up the green stuff. this next one, i just have three more. alongside it appear? i haven't even said anything had to start from my cartoons. a little girl was coming up to your grandfather and she says grandpa the did you type of a trick lease insurance speak. i love the opportunity to seem to work. i heard that he was mad that. this happens it was not about bush and cheney but it is about prince harry. goingundering this time to a halloween party and he had a nasty symbol on his arm and everybody got very upset.
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that he was wearing this nazi symbol. so i have his father prince bride coming up and he says harry how could you walk around with a horrible thing on your arm and harry says i was in ask you the same thing it's a cartoon. and then she said we could do a cartoon of sometime later. this was what they are to know bill clinton. it's just i'm with stupid. thank you very much.
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[no audio] >> ok. the first one is the supreme court decision in 2000 that effectively gave bush the win for the presidency. is the chief justice, celiac, o'connor. thomas and kenny.
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yes. >> dick cheney put together in energy policy cap force with oil interests and the meetings were not open to the public and we did not know for quite a while who attended the meeting, but they were oil and gas companies and other interests. and the bush environmental policy. so i mentioned earlier that's theially in the beginning,
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first bush administration i was concerned about reproductive policy. to start an was abstinence only sex education. which works really great until a dozen. were pretty used to getting criticism. it's a really difficult's time to find anything against the administration. it was a very difficult time to do anything they criticized what the administration did. notlleagues that's
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necessarily revert with their jobs but they got the feeling that they did do something they criticized bush for alice the that their editor would not like it. there's a really interesting time here. i was indicated. i never had anyone tell me like other could not do. it was a question of the intensity of the reactions that i had to cartoons through e-mails or letters or whatever. this one referred back to the risk era of the 1950's where you were connected in any way communism you are considered anti-american. so i thought that's kind of what we're going through after 9/11 area if you are looked at in seen unpatriotic the red white and blue scare, you are tax for it.
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along the same lines, many of you read the skeletal letter. like sinceays think his adulterer and the evidence is now anti-american i questioned the administration's policies. administration that theythe line have not made up their minds about taking military action in iraq and some of later. that really out wasn't the case. they been thing about for a while. 9/11 was very convenient. the invasion of iraq. favorite --e of my i love favorite is the right word.
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i do a lot of cartoons about cheney. probably more than bush event. i don't know what people are talking about there's plenty of cheering. and you might remember the famous line from 9/11. let's roll. george w. bush did not ask much of the american people basically to go out and keep shopping. and when saddam hussein was captured it was in december which was a nice christmas gift to daddy. i live in washington dc so i know everyone's watching weekly press conference as he has.
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he was the darling of the present nearly days. people watch the things regularly. once the war started, people started questioning why he didn't go to war is a really things that he could've said. did i predict iraq would be cakewalk? yes. then i neglect to plan for postwar iraq question mark yes. that's why the president has asked me to stay on. so, hurricane katrina the mission ministration was criticized for the reaction hurricane katrina so this is a plane back to 9/11 where george w. bush is reading to the book called
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my pet goat. that's when one of his aides whispered in his ear what happened and if any of using pictures from the times, he had quite an expression on his face when he was told which could have been the same for katrina considering his administration's response to it. when they finally moved the list for people that have been suffering in new orleans after they moved into an arena in houston. and barbara bush went and looked around and she actually said this. so many of the people in the arena here were underprivileged anyway, so this is looking well for them. next. the primeremember
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minister of great britain tony was a great ally of george w. bush and also considered a friend areas they once had a press conference together where bush said he knew what type of toothpastes the prime minister used. i thought well this offers an opportunity for cartoon. and this is based on the iconic photograph that you probably right after 9/11 he went down to ground zero said on top of file rubble the people that were milling around said we can't hear you he was given a bullhorn and said i can hear popular opinion turned against him and his policies.
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i thought you didn't hear us. last one. methods do result in saving american lives. the press actually interrogating which is their job the president and the vice president, where you invading iraq when osama bin laden was responsible for 9/11? where's the proof saddam hussein has to be mds? specifically what ties are there between saddam and al qaeda? have you artie decided to go to war 2002? saying i'min here by sure the mentioned in this theerence in other sessions media did not do a great job holding the administration accountable for the reasons they
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gave to go to war in iraq. the editorial cartoonists in america didn't either. except for a very few people in the beginning there were very few editorial cartoonists that actually stood up and did work criticizing and taking on the administration. group, we did not do good job. we really were kind of late to the game which was tragic because we really are -- we are supposed to be at the forefront of the. this is what we do. i just want to leave you with that and thank you very much.
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>> first of all, i want to say we have done a number of these things. this is the biggest probably never had. this is amazing. earlier, the bush administration -- it was easier for me because whether you like obama or dislike him, you these feel like he's thinking. that.asn't like and he had cheney. and he did so many dumb things. it was so great as a cartoonist whose rise on incompetence to witness this thing. .'m just glad we got out of its were still paying a price. when the supreme court's
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selected bush i thought it was sort of like a football -- .eople in a football stadium [indiscernible] >> so i did, at the end of his at peace about things i was going to miss about the bush administration area this was sort of the final cartoon. let me get my glasses. this was sort of the -- how he his evolution allowing me
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to save more and more drying time in eight so that after 9/11 i was drawing him regular size pretty much years were normal. then after he invaded iraq to shrunk. then after katrina he started to lose his speech that his feet they became more like his balls. after wiretapping signing statements and then after the economic meltdown he just became a little insect type thing. other -- one of the things i miss about the bush administration was his war on grammar. aid me theg in decider. in the exit you mean i he said not you are a. they were trying to act like
9:26 pm
this was something the world was kind which was all. rumsfeld's listing and saying united states of america some of of the brave the the coalitions bigger than i thought. , weefore we invaded iraq had cordial relations with saddam in one point in the 80's. this is what i envisioned after we went into iraq. and alluded to this. as we were going into iraq, yet great doubts about rushing into this.
9:27 pm
so then thing backfired. this is a two panel cartoon. someone saying the u.s. is trapped in an unwinnable war. some of the will catch my flight suit. mission accomplished. so we pretty much just a iraq to iran. someone is saying at least demand your silver platter back. i still don't know what the true reason for why we went into iraq but, as we were coming up on the armstrong toalty
9:28 pm
giveaway to mark that and so this is what i came up with. 2000 american soldiers killed in iraq and there were each of their names out with a? in the word why. what was great about doing, first of all i said i would do hundred. during the weekend when i was not dealing with my annoying children one who is here i would write hundred names out and then i got it done over the weekend and i knew that by that wednesday david announced last
9:29 pm
couple of names to make a 2000 sows waiting for that and i showed this to my editor and i had written a bunch of -- number of latino soldiers killed in the usually have like renames and i was shortening it two. so i had to go back and why now and make it three. submit three different copy editors for each letter. that's one of my favorite cartoons. there are other things in the bush administration for instance flowing through a surplus with stupid tax-cut. the bush trends are drinking again. and alluded to this in one of our cartoons.
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they were saying were living large in your new crew. i have a bullish winning the coalition to defeat social security. goldman sachs, merrill lynch. know, he had so many aides hat were crappy. this is alberto gonzales resigning. warningsf their terror were related to politics. i've got the john kerry ridgeral and you see tom
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starting to suspect these terror alerts are politically motivated. and then my favorite character from the bush administration, i "informed theing leader of the free world i shot somebody." somebody." he didn't rely on experts or knowledge or thought. he relied on his gut. he is saying "i do what my gut tells me." here is the thing with these cartoons. occasionallyaling bush related cartoons because of the lasting impact his administration has had on
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america. this actually runs tomorrow. i'd root this right before i was leaving to come here. i have -- i drew this right before i was leaving to come here. i have isis. then the good times may continue. jeb is a saying "despite the economic collapse, the bush is primed for comeback like the measles." i will leave it there. thank you all for coming. [applause] permit ak time will live drawing and maybe not for each and every one of you but mike peters, would you like to? >> i would. >> the audience demands it.
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>> this will take two seconds. i forgot to include this one that i really liked but i couldn't find it. drew -- i wanted to have it in my batch but i am so disorganized. i drew rumsfeld with a small nose, big chin. and the squinty eyes. and a weird gap toothed smile and he has here bushy brows, beady eyes, and a smirky smile. cheney has the big glasses, forehead, kind of a pointy nose and a weird thing there. [laughter] >> i drew them carved into the
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side of a mountain and the caption here was "mount rush- to-war." [laughter] [applause] i am not going to do something after that. come "draw something" else -- come draw something else. mary come you come up and do something. >> i think it is fun to see people drawing. >> bush is always fun. he is always fun. because -- leto me see. i loved his nose. we were talking earlier about
9:35 pm
why things develop as they do. can you hear me? ok. -- giveink what it is me a sheet of paper. i think what it is, the longer a person comes in, you pick certain things. like many of us it did the bush .ears and i started seeing i loved his nose. his nostrils got bigger to me. and i was focused on his nostrils. and they started getting bigger. it was weird.
9:36 pm
he doesn't have large nostrils but it was becoming like that. mouth, i would do his his upper lip large. when his lip got large, his notom lip got smaller and chin. there was a friend of mine who s sister andbush' she would always talk about seeing bush as a young kid at their house. -- she is ar big-time republican.
9:37 pm
the bush father came and had dinner with them right after he was elected. it was a big deal. they were close. she said george was the kind of kid who broke your toys and lamed you for it. -- blamed you for it and i never forgot it. i learned that. the minute he was running, that is what i thought. he will break your toys and blame you for it. loved his eyebrows. his eyebrows were always fun. i had his hair wavy and some others didn't. years.n the large -- ears. you guys, the thing about bush and the thing about other people
9:38 pm
come all you would have to do is do the ears. you just kind of do a round circle and a little thing and everyone knew after he had been in for a long time that the ears or the thing. i am old enough to have done it in and nixon's nose had gotten super long and the eyebrows. said -- knew nick nixon. >> the 2001 w did not look like that. more like 2008. because like with reagan, i don't remember exactly how reagan was. somebody could do reagan but, you know. he was always smiling and all of that kind of stuff.
9:39 pm
i would do that little crop of hair. what do you call that? pompadour. ears.s large the longer he was in, the bigger this was. i could do a little circle and do this pompadour and people knew it was my reagan. everyone takes a little thing and enlarges it. secret to many cartooning. boston people would say draw reagan or draw bush and i would say i cannot do the portrait but i can do my caricature, my little hope. -- hook.
9:40 pm
for clinton, we couldn't in large the thing that everyone thought should be enlarged so we did something else. but making something large and a presidents face was a secret we often do. come up here. >> all right. come up and take a piece of paper. larry, are you going to come up? larry is going to come up and draw. a big give larry of hand. >> i will do a quick dick cheney. >> now is the time for questions. i am going to dispose of my prerogative as the moderator and go to the gentleman in the back
9:41 pm
who was the first to raise his hand. why don't you shout? >> [indiscernible] in the aftermath of charlie hebdo, is there any cartoon or line you see as too much or too little or has there been a cartoon you have seen that you kind of grimaced at? found in myhave long career, the only ones i really wish i had not drawn was when it was a positive cartoon about some politician because they always turn around and bite you on the butt. drawing something good -- like come i didn't do a bad cartoon about bush when he was at ground
9:42 pm
zero because it was the highlight of his presidency. with thetually came up line -- "they will hear us soon." that was his line. that is something no one fed him. i thought that was a great thing but it all went downhill from there. not that i did a pro cartoon about him. i did a pro cartoon once about jerry ford right after he took over after nixon. it was this cartoon -- it was a stupid cartoon. sayingsomeone saying "take me to your leader."
9:43 pm
three days later, he pardoned nixon and everyone kept saying "what the hell did you mean by that? " there is no topic you don't do. can i talk a little more? often when there is a tragedy like when a shuttle explodes or ,/11 or tragedies like that timeline toiving something like that where you first -- mike do a fabulous -- and i am sure we all did but i did not see many of them with the statue of liberty. she is crying and you can see the plane heading toward the towers in the reflection and her eyes.
9:44 pm
all you can do is do a cartoon about what you felt during that time. maybe the next day doing something you feel about that time. are you going to sit on my lap? you want me to talk more about that? he feel that tragedy -- a field that tragedy for a number of number of days, you can start asking why did that happen? who is at fault, who did that? you cannot do it the day or the next day or maybe even the third day of the tragedy but sooner or later, those questions start and you can start putting those into your cartoons. -- the real quick charlie hebdo situation was quite a shock for our profession. but really what really started the conversation about where you draw the line was the danish cartoon controversy in 2006.
9:45 pm
there was a lot of discussion. i have a lot of colleagues that are very liberal who surprised me during that time because they did feel that you shouldn't be creating cartoons that are in flaming people. i don't have a problem with controversial topics or images as long as there is a reason for doing them. if it's a really important subject you have a strong opinion about -- oh, boy. it's ok. i think sometimes they deserve it but if you are doing it just to get a reaction for no reason at all, that is not the correct way to do the cartoon?
9:46 pm
i believe there is no reason for violence or threats against anyone. i don't care what they have said or drawn. think that is the real issue that came out of charlie hebdo. >> we have five minutes. time for a couple more questions. >> in terms of presidents or other prominent politicians, have you heard that directly or indirectly of someone you made fun of but turned out they had a pretty good sense of humor about it? curious. >> i would do cartoons on .umsfeld
9:47 pm
i like a politician that gets upset when you do a cartoon. i did kind of a crappy cartoon and i remember exactly what it was -- i don't remember exactly what it was but newton told the paper that he had to pull over to the side of the road and compose himself because he was so upset. >> "i want a divorce." >> that was another one. but rumsfeld would ask a general to call me up and asked if he could have coffee. that was annoying but i did it anyways. eventually won the war first -- eventually won the war first started -- who was the woman, the defense secretary? she wrote a book. during bush. well, she called me up and said will you come to the pentagon?
9:48 pm
rumsfeld may need some cheering up or something like that. so i showed up and spent a couple days with him and followed him around and he was very arrogant but it was really interesting to be around that guy at the time. i completely forgot what i am talking about. >> but it was very interesting. >> he had some cartoons in his back room of mine. you would not sit at a desk, he stood up because he thought he was cool. at one point, one of the generals when he would send these requests, the general said if you send in an extra copy of the cartoon, rumsfeld will sign it and sent it back to you. i thought why would i want my own cartoon inside? it got me thinking. i made up this thing and it says -- i did a little seal with
9:49 pm
rumsfeld's face and it. -- in it. wrote "this entitles super patriot mike luck of which -- an m1 tank and a free want at the pentagon and i left a place for rumsfeld to sign it. a friend of mine said he is never going to sign that. a couple weeks later, i get that thing back. rumsfeld signed it but with two attendance. one, the lunch would not be at taxpayers expense and the tank would be in a country of their choosing. i still have that hanging in my house. >> one more question. yes. i just want to say your cartoons in usa today. >> cool.
9:50 pm
>> it is wonderful. i also wanted to say thank you from a teacher of social studies. you make my life much easier with your cartoons but a serious question i had is i wondered why are there few women cartoonists and i also wondered in this internet age of women being attacked more on the internet then then are -- they had been han men are, if you have gotten more attacks? >> yes. i have been in this business since 1992. there are certain topics that will get response regardless if you're a woman or a man. guns, antiabortion stuff, any of that.


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