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tv   Washington Journal  CSPAN  October 23, 2015 7:00am-9:01am EDT

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iowa. today's program is dedicated to the benghazi hearing. us, or call in, tweet comment on the c-span facebook page. hillary clinton: i would imagine i thought more but what happens in all of you put together. i have lost more sleep than all of you put together. i have been racking my brain about what more could have been done. or should have been done. it is the day after, and there is plenty of reaction to hillary clinton's testimony on benghazi. yesterday,r 11 hours and we would like to hear from you now. what does it all mean? you will devote the entire washington journal on this friday to benghazi and the
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hearing yesterday. you can take place by phone, if you are a republican call 202-748-8001, if a democrat call 202-748-8000, independent call 202-748-8002. if not by phone, you can weigh in on social media, our to her handle is or you can send us an e-mail at it is front-page news just about everywhere. here is a sampling. the washington post, " back in the benghazi hotseat." her fromjust of different times in the day. grilling,ndles panels the 2016 presidential race silently looms large. de financial times, "clinton
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efiant in republican interrogation over benghazi." another set of photos of the secretary at different points making different types of gestures throughout the day. times, she is engaged in an intense session. little new is revealed, that is the new york times. a couple more before we get to your calls. onnton pins responsibility stevens, this the front page. plenty of the" fireworks, but no spoken gun." piece of hillary clinton responding to members of the committee. she and other administration
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-- here is a look. >> you pick the video narrative. you pick the one with no evidence, you did it because libya was supposed to be this great success story for the thea white house and clinton state department. a key campaign theme that year was that al qaeda was on the run. now you have a terrorist attack. it is a terrorist attack and libya. is 56 days before an election. you can live with a protest about a video, but a terrorist that pack well. hillary clinton: i needed to be talking about the video, i needed to put other people on notice that we were not going to let them get away with attacking us as they did. in tunis there were thousands of
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demonstrators were there only because of the video, breaching the walls of our embassy. i was calling everybody in the lesion government i could get. finally, the president sent his guard to break it up. there is example after example, that is what i was trying to do during those desperate hours. jordan: i'm not insinuating anything, i'm reading what you said. we know the attack another nothing to do with the film, that is as plain as it can get. why did you not just speak plainly? did, if youton: i look to my statement as to what i said to the prime minister, i said it clearly and again the next morning. i'm sorry that it does not fit your narrative, congressman, i
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can only tell you what the facts were. as the democratic members have pointed out in their most recent collection, they support the process that was going on where the intelligence community was pulling together information. it is harder to do than it used to be, you have to monitor social media, that is where the claim was place. i think the community did the best job that they could. we all did our best job to try to figure out what was going on and to convey that to the american people. some48-8000 host: some early comments, if hurt hillary's campaign they failed. it made her look like a president. she -- another teacher says she is the epitome of evil. first color, democratic line.
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morning, yesterday of loadsurs and hours of smoke and really nothing was shot out. beingwere allegations thrown into a cake that will eventually just be another thing for the government and the american people. when you're listening to mr. jordan, he and the other congress members who were really at finiteg jabs issues to pull together -- i think their anguish at whatever the core mission, which has failed, against clinton. it was redundant.
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she answered the questions thoroughly. she stuck to what she said. her statements to the american people, she made it clear that she did speak clearly. she stated over and over again exactly what she said. she even gave more information on why she made the statement when she was questioned about the e-mails. again, asked about her correspondence. she made it very clear, my job, secretary of state, was taking information and revealing it, making sure that it had any credence. host: what does all this mean to you? caller: basically, i think right now it is her moving forward,
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and for her to maintain her composure as she does very well. and for them to really look at the moving forward what we can -- keep ourore americans more protected. when they are sent overseas to these extremely hostile and volatile places. host: thank you for calling come want to hear from enough on the republican line. i did not get to watch the entire thing because i had to run to the bathroom several times. she was one of the best of liars. at this person ends up eating president, we would love to increase the white house to allow space for all the baggage, i mean whitewater or whether it is travel gate, to make room --
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she is disgusting. i pray to god that she does never get elected as a leader of this country. host: did you learn anything yesterday? caller: i just learned that she is more of a liar than i thought. the one e-mail where she said of awas not a result movie, this was a terrorist attack. then her telling a lie about that is just -- it makes me want to vomit. what is wrong with people that they would support something like this? host: that was dean from london, kentucky. another person writes it was the longest 11 hours of my life will stop the chairman made a fool of himself. what a waste of $4.7 million. we have paul up now on independent line. caller: good morning. i was pretty much on the fence, but i think she came on very
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well. the republicans really went into total overreach. i think it certainly strengthened her. all politicians lie or trim the truth. aty all make mistakes, she least partially owned up to hers. i think it showed her in a very good light. it will help her. republican seat to reflect on how they behaved. host: let's hear from another democrat from iowa. caller: good morning. host: what did you learn yesterday. caller: i did not learn anything is that thererned is some good republicans, but those that was on the panel yesterday were so mean spirited.
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if i had any respect for them, i sure don't this morning after i stayed up all night watching the reruns again. i think hillary did a good job. i voted for her, i supported her when she ran in 2008. i am working hard for her this year. thank you. host: thank you, i will. if you have not seen the hearing, go to the website. you can see the whole thing there. she testified at thing for a little more than nine hours, but use up on the hill for nine when you copy breaks. it is noon eastern time, it is saturday and sunday. what he will do is split up the hearing into two parts. you can watch those pieces here on c-span. a little bit more from
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yesterday's action, about two minutes worth from a democrat. >> i spent a lot of time on this, as the ranking on intel and a member of the investigation, that was a republican led investigation. two of my colleagues are on the same committee and went to the same investigation. intimatedues have that there was an effort to spin what happened. they have neglected to point out , as you might imagine, that the intelligence we got after an attack like this initially you believe one thing then gets more information. get to more, and you understand something better. we were briefed by the director and it kept evolving. in the beginning, we got it
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wrong. i looked through that, and that initial intelligence within a few hours, there were some reports indicating it was a direct attack as you told the egyptian prime minister at the time. that was what was understood. than 24 hours ago, we had intelligence both open source and signals intelligence that there was a protest. was hijacked, then it became an attack. your statements were indicative and reflective of what we knew then. it was not until a week or 10 days later when we got the video from the compound that we learned definitively there was no protest. chronologysimple sheds a lot of light and the ambassador, said what you did at the time. not a member here has shown that anything you said or the ambassador was inconsistent with what our intelligence agencies
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told us at the time. thaty come of interest there are still a great number of people that believe the video was part of the motivation of some who attacked us on that night. frankly, we spent more giving you inaccurate for visitation of the documents and the reports, instead of making an effort to demagogue on this. writeshe new york times the country divided. they also say mrs. clinton was disarmed and irritated congssional republicans. as secretary of state, her response to the benghazi and her .ontacts to sidney blumenthal
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as republicans on the committee grew more pointed, mrs. clinton stayed the course. they were speaking in heartfelt terms about the death of ambassador stevens and the other americans killed and benghazi. we have a jack on the line, republican. caller: yes, i'm disappointed republicans one the committee questioned her. especially jim jordan. host: what was missing? caller: i think the focus on items that were maybe important to them, but i could not see the value of trying to belittle secretary clinton. robie trying to show that
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she did not care, or jim jordan's little comments here told ine saying you private one thing, and to the public something else. thatweren't really important in the final analysis. looking at the whole presentation, i think that these comments are doing a disservice to our party in this upcoming election cycle. that,ught to reflect on and act more evenhanded. one acted politely, and given the courtesy, but the other two did not. i hope they are well-funded, because they will needed. host: a couple more observations, hillary clinton
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took the opportunity to explain her worldview of diplomacy and a need for intervention abroad. she denied that mr. blumenthal was one of her closest advisers on libya. in the end, mrs. clinton's response is probably doing .ittle to win over critics the pointed questions from republicans that she endorsed four hours probably did not convince her supporters that she mishandled the attacks. now to independent caller. caller: thank you for taking my call. i voted for obama in 2012. now i am sad that what he did. all of the chaos in the middle east. is and al qaeda in libya.
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they killed 21 christians on the the kiosk? then after that, he cooperative with saudi arabia. this administration should take them to justice to find out what is going on. now,f them -- what we have how do you fix it? mary is on the line, a democrat. rank you for getting up so early. what is your reaction? caller: good morning. the military, maybe my take away is a little different. she is hillary showed
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not fit to be commander in chief. she certainly had plenty of information about the dangers, but every time the republican questions would try to figure out why there was no protection, she was saying it was someone else's responsibility. when you are the secretary of state, or the commander in chief, it is not someone else's responsibility, it is yours. she did not want to accept that. you for calling, mary. the washington times made that part of their responsibility. they begin the piece by saying that the former secretary of state shoji privately told family and world leaders at the 2012 attack was a terror attack and said that the ambassador was responsible for his own decisions regarding the skimpy
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security. that is in the washington times. a garbage from georgia exchange with hillary clinton on the chris stevens asking many times for some help out there. here is the exchange -- you have a lot of e-mails from sidney blumenthal. you say he was a friend of yours, and he had to personal e-mail address. you said that chris stevens was a friend of yours. forsked it numerous times extra protection. if i had been mr. stevens, and i think anybody out there would agree, if i had been mr. stevens and i had a relationship with you, and i requested 20 or more times for additional security to protect not only my life, but the people that were there with me, i would've gotten in touch with you some way.
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i would've let you know that i was in danger, and that the situation had deteriorated to a point where i needed you to do something. did he have your personal e-mail? congressman, i: do not believe that he had my personal e-mail. he had an e-mail, and a direct line to everybody he worked with for years. they had gone through difficult challenges, dangerous assignments, he was in constant contact with people. yes, he and the people working for him asked for more security. some of those request were approved, others were not. we obviously are looking to learn what more we could do, it was not only about benghazi, but the embassy in tripoli. it is fair to say that chris
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asked for what he and his people requested because he thought but he would be helpful, never said to anyone in the state department that we just can't keep doing this. he was in constant contact with people on my staff, and others in the state department. an opportunity to talk to him about the substance of the policy. with respect to security, he took those requests where they belonged. i have to add, the diplomatic security professionals are among the best in the world. i would put them up against anybody. i cannot allow any comments to be on the record in any way criticizing or disparaging them. host: more of the testimony from yesterday. the select committee on benghazi
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, and a caller has been hanging on from indiana. you're on the republican line. caller: thank you for taking my call, you played earlier the defendedwith where he her for saying that this was caused by a video. many people, including leon panetta have said there was never any intelligence to suggest it was a video. maybe another country where there were protests caused by a video, but never any intelligence on the ground suggesting that was what caused this. we still have not gotten an answer as to who told susan rice to go on the talk shows and spout off this was caused by a video in the midst of a presidential campaign. the president was taking his policy saying that al qaeda was on the run. lie to theold this
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people that this was caused by a video. jersey,rion, new independent, go ahead. ok, actually i was waiting for a wild, now i'm on my way to work. the thing is, all i wanted to say is that none of these people care about the american people. intois all be generated taking care of themselves. that is all they are interested in doing. did you learn anything yesterday? yeah, i did. i learned a couple of things. one is, basically hillary is as good a liar as her husband. maybe better. she said constantly he was not an advisor.
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i don't know why she is talking about that so much. what else that i learn? i learned that they don't listen to each other. they do not care about the american people, not any of them. d.c., iorganization in would for 20 minutes to get on, they spend all their time in shoring that they take possession of as much as possible. sleep, it was because of damage to her presidential aspirations. host: all right, we would let you get on to work. couple new facebook comments -- it would take a miracle for the clintons to admit wrongdoing is what it says. "gowdy isrites
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awesome, and the democrats suddenly care about how much money we spend. clinton is the classic politician that makes everyone hate politics." hank is on the line from tennessee, a democratic caller. caller: good morning. toas just, i wanted to go sleep, but i was amazed at how these gentlemen on the committee andordan, west moreland -- they would never allow her to or theyhe question, made faces the whole time. then they would just art answering the question themselves. it was a waste of money, time, and all it to did was make hillary look like she had more experience than they did.
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host: ok, appreciate you calling. we want to take a step back from this story. there is other news out there, including this headline from roll call this morning it is about paul ryan. he says to his colleagues -- i'm in. he is in is a candidate for speaker of the house. we're joined by phone right now. caller: good morning. host: the congressman sent a letter to his colleagues yesterday, what did it say? was 48he said that this hours, give or take, after telling his colleagues that they are pleased and almost begged to run for speaker after the majority leader bowed out. john boehner is looking to get out of there by the end of october.
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they said that he will unite behind me, if i can have the majority of your support, that i will run for speaker. hours aree next 48 key factions. he was telling his colleagues what he needed to hear from them in order to proceed on thursday evening. he had theed that mandate he was looking for. speaker, andun for reelections are next week. host: you're right it is not te that ity -- you wri is not necessarily a done deal. guest: anything can happen on capitol hill. goingught mccarthy was into a closed-door nominating meeting, and would, the nominee. it did not work out that way.
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there are loud influential voices outside for the advocacy community. their thinking he is someone who is too cozy with leadership. he is someone who supported immigration reform, someone who has voted on government funding bills and increases without confessions. majority from the conservative caucus. not a formal endorsement, meaning there were some holdouts. maybes came this weekend, two or three days talking to constituents. they were hearing from their people back home. to 218l has to get votes. host: where do you think he is
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in terms of that number? they wanted significantly more than that, we're hearing. guest: right now, it is true. he is an very good shape, especially considering there was mostion to post -- most -- ust boehner at this time last month. mccarthy did not have 218 votes in the back and even know it looked like he was ultimately going to become speaker it would take multiple rounds of voting on the house floor, potentially embarrassing efforts. like i said, ryan is in much better shape. all signs point to yes, he is going to be the next speaker. but we would all look silly next week if we all promised that this was a done deal, given all
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of the other curveballs we have been thrown in this process. host: for lack of a better term, is there a plan "b" in case this does not happen? guest: no, which is why it really has to -- host: let me ask you, other than nancy pelosi of course, either any other republican votes -- republicans who are still declared candidate for speaker? guest: there is one. his name is daniel. he is a florida republican. he was elected in the 2010 wave. he is a favorite among many conservatives in the advocacy community off of capitol hill. he was endorsed by the freedom caucus a couple of weeks ago. a vote by the freedom caucus earlier this week to get a super ryanity of support to mr. was said to take precedence over
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the formal endorsement from the freedom caucus. they have not quite figured out -- you know, how that really works. say, thef that is to was unified in two weeks ago and now most of them favor going towards ryan. daniel webster still run -- wants to run. he is running on a platform to open the conference to make it more inclusive, to sort of lead from the bottom-up instead of the top down, and is making the thatthat he is going -- although he is not a national figure in the spotlight he has success having an open leadership process in florida and the state legislature and if he could do it -- he could do it in washington dc as well. host: and finally before meal you go, a bit more about the timeline next week.
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meetouse gop needs to first before they do anything on the floor. what days are we looking for for the next significant action? guest: on wednesday, october 28, a number of the public and congress are going into a closed-door meeting to vote by secret ballot. that will almost certainly be paul ryan. vote takesret ballot place he is the nominee. that vote will come to the floor , to the full house of representatives on thursday, ,here you will have everybody democrats and republicans, standing up and voicing their nominee for speaker. democrats will vote for nancy pelosi or another democrat. at the start of every congress of there are a few democrats who sort of have a symbolic protest vote. sometimes they vote for. -- for , but they of georgia
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are not going to vote for paul ryan obviously. so this is for republicans to elect him. there will be concessions to the expectation that he will win comfortably, with the caveat of anything can happen. host: emma dumain is house leadership reporter for "rollcall." you for the update. guest: think you for having me. host: we will have a house session at 9:00 a.m. eastern time, so this'll be a short washington journal. the house will work on urgent , thers and health care combining of the two. the republicans are trying to chip away at the health care call. in any time we are continuing to take your phone calls on yesterday's big hearing, hillary for 11 hourse hill before the benghazi select committee. we are getting your reaction and watching a lot of the back and forth. bernice is on the line from florida, democrat.
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you have been very patient. thank you for calling in. caller: thank you. i am just very concerned that we have these continual repeated, one after the other committees that spend all of this money and .ccomplish absolutely nothing i realize that this is compensated, but that is what those things are for. to spend all of this money on way, i and by the thought hillary was unbelievable in 11 hours. quite precise and elegant in everything she said. i think she was grilled for nothing. this is terrible. host: alex in seattle, an independent. hi there. caller: hey there. so i was a double major in political science and intelligence and security, so this hearing was of special importance to me and i sat
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through the entire thing. i was especially struck by the they bandied about the word of prosecution a lot, but as someone who works in the legal field, i can't tell you a single judge that would allow this badgering and the leading, and the argumentative questions that have been spared go on in any court that would be remotely reputable. i think that for a party that has kind of made it their mission in the last year to beat down the perceived threat that is hillary clinton, they failed abysmally. she came out of it looking very poised and almost presidential. it was the first time she showed true motion, where she was completely relatable as a human being. whether people believe her or was a very interesting 11 hours. at the end of the day i think the only thing that could be agreed upon in that hearing was that the state department and our diplomats abroad are not getting the necessary funding to be fully protected.
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80 at this time that we stop talking about e-mails and youtube videos that were inflammatory and start talking to our congressmen about how to get these people properly funded so that they are protected. emily from green bay, california, republican collar. what is your take? i really thought it was excellent. i thought the republicans did a very good job and that is what they are leading up to four more witnesses to come forward. there were things i did not hear. notmember that hillary did -- she removed the security. there were marines there, and she had them removed. what i would like to say is that i am very disappointed that she was allowed to be the one person to decide on our foreign policy in libya. decidedhe person that that we should go into libya and
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start all this trouble, and the ramifications of that -- of course we know today that the , isis, al qaeda, got the weapons that libya had, which were a considerable amount. the clintons, if we put them in we had if you will recall the glass-steagall act that was discussed -- that is about the fact that bill clinton took away the laws that govern the banks from doing anything they wanted to, like hedge funds or everything else. that is where we started the financial crisis. so putting the clintons back again -- you remember bill was lying, and her trying to get health care for the american people -- these things were a failure, totally. to put them back in there, she is going to be the oldest candidate that we will ever have
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had in our history. was emily from california. more reaction from the papers. "the wall street journal" headline, benghazi and character. the wall street -- the hearing featured 20 of partisan brawl in the double leave those who say we learned nothing. the hearing turned up new information that relates directly to the states -- secretary of state political character and judgment as a potential commander-in-chief. here is their take. they write that the major topline policy fumble in libya stems not from callousness or incompetent -- incompetence on mrs. clinton's part, but because of the obama administration broader failure to live up to the vision of u.s. engagement she articulated on thursday. had the united states devoted more effort and resources to helping the fledgling libyan government, the country might have been more stable in 2012 and cents. as she has on the campaign
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trail, this is clinton hinted thursday that she would use america's international toolbox with ambition. "i believe, lead with diplomacy, support with development, and as andst resort, defense" -- probably more confidently than president obama has. if the hearing was useful in all it was in filling out her larger vision of the u.s. foreign-policy. william from greenberg, south carolina. go ahead. caller: i think hillary clinton did a wonderful job yesterday and i think the rest of the republican party need to follow john boehner and get out of washington dc. thank you. tie from dallas, texas, independent color. what did you learn yesterday? caller: i have a couple of comments. they give for taking my call. would like to make
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is basically the partisanship between republicans and democrats about hillary. of course they want to win the white house, but the whole idea is, if you want somebody to lead that does not tell you the truth it would be like having a best friend telling you untruths. that is one comment about the whole hearing. that is what it should of been based on. the other thing is about paul ryan. ofrybody in washington course is all political welfare. if i can go to my job and tell them when i wanted to go to work and what i wanted to do, they should stay home. it is important for them -- if it is important for them to be with her family they should not be in office. sectorly, in the public you could never tell your boss when he went to work and what you did. i am not either republican or democrat, i visibly choose the
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person for what they say in what they represent, and i don't understand anybody in the united states i could hire anybody that publicly spoke mistruths, and then another one that wanted to tell you when and where he wanted to work. host: all right, got the point. a little bit more back and forth from yesterday's hearing. this is congressmen and chairman with congressman -- [video clip] >> these statements directly contradict a statement you made on national television. >> with all the respect, they do not. we have just heard e-mail after e-mail about benghazi that sidney blumenthal sent to the secretary of state. i don't carry presented by morse code, carrier pigeon. the fact that he happens to send it by e-mail is irrelevant.
7:43 am
what is relevant is that he was sending information to the secretary of state. that is what is relevant. with respect to the subpoena, if if he hadotten to -- bothered to answer the telephone calls about committee he would not have needed to. you need to make sure that the whole record is correct. >> that is what i wanted to do. i move that we put into the records the entire transcript of sidney blumenthal. we are to release the e-mail. let's do the transcript. that way the world can see. are not going to take that up at a hearing. congressman, i have spoken with the parliamentarian and they have informed me that we have a right to record a vote. the whole truth, and nothing but the truth. let's let the world see it. wanty is it that you only mr. blumenthal's transcript released? the survivors, even their names, do you want that? let me tell you, right now
7:44 am
the only one you've asked for is sidney blumenthal, m and ms. mills. >> that is not true. beginning wem the want the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth. why don't we just put that entire transcript out there is what the world see it. what do you have to hide? are the only e-mails that you have released, it is fairness to mr. blumenthal and the american people, in the interest of a complete record, if you're going to release these e-mails, release his transcript or he has a chance to get the context of these e-mails. referring to blumenthal e-mails. i would hasten to remind both of you the only reason we have blumenthal e-mail is because e-mail the secretary of state. those are her e-mails. they're not blumenthal's e-mail, and she wanted all of her e-mails released. she has been saying since march, i want the entire world to see my e-mails.
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well, the sidney blumenthal e-mails are part of that. host: again, watch the entire hearing any time at richard's on the line, a republican from south carolina. caller: i really appreciate you taking my call. called safire once hillary clinton a congenital liar. i have a message for the democrats. mr. cummings, if hillary clinton had come to you knowing what you the now, that she knew video had nothing to do with it, and your son had been killed, and she looks you in the eye and said you know what, we are going to get this guy that made that video that caused this event to happen, how would you feel? politics somewhere else. i don't care about politics on either side of the line. what i care about, is you have a human being that is so diabolical, so evil, they would tell a woman whose son was dead,
7:46 am
over his casket, we are going to get these guys, when she knew it wasn't true. if nothing else it proved yesterday that hillary clinton new there was no such thing as that video, but she told those people that. , whereat away from the you will. i just think this woman is pure evil. reaction out there, this from a couple of the presidential candidates. jeb bush tweeted yesterday that benghazi security failures was a stunning example of an incompetent foreign policy. hillary clinton's role as secretary of state deserves scrutiny today. lindsey graham writes this, for those who want to avoid responsibly for their actions regarding benghazi, trey gowdy has become their worst nightmare. and here is a bit from governor mike huckabee, chris stevens died, hillary clinton lied, and the obama administration tried to cover it up. he writes, time to tell the truth. washington times" lead
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editorial. a failed benghazi responsibility. they write about the house houseship -- that the leadership should press for a oversight.install there should be better questions for the members of the committee and their lawyers. gowdy is a former federal prosecutor but his performance tuesday -- there is a hardly demonstrated that. the hearing was undisciplined in time and narrative. learning from this hearing, making oversight more effective would be a way to honor the four americans who gave their lives for their country at benghazi. they deserved better than they got from hillary clinton the light they die, and they deserve better than they got thursday from the republicans on the benghazi committee. donna now,from fayetteville, north carolina. democratic caller. welcome to the program. caller: thank you so much for taking my call. i watched the whole thing. 11 hours.
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all it showed me was that the republicans were on a witchhunt. i did not learn anything new because they were still talking about the e-mails, and so i did not learn anything and i feel sorry for the victims family in the audience, because it was a witchhunt. they did not learn anything new about it. , with herllary answers, it may be left or even more. i am in north carolina, and i run a rally for her, and i think they need to leave her alone. that caller from new jersey talking about bill clinton, he is not even in the race. he is her husband. i don't know about anybody else, it when clinton was in there saw a lot more people shopping, a lot more people doing better. enough is enough. greg, lake day washington,
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republican color. hi. not a republican color, i'm sorry. i'm an independent. host: i miss read my line. it does say independent. go ahead. caller: i have been following this for a while. i am 48 years old. i am really disappointed in the direction that our politicians are leading us, and i really hope the millennial's are taking very good notes of all this stuff. host: where are they going wrong in your view? caller: in my view, when it comes to religion, when it comes millennialnow, the s, they are not really interested in doing the work. i think that they are missing .he point if i was advising the democrats or the republicans, or anybody hey, i would start saying look at what is going on, and if you are serious about taking care of our country then what we
7:50 am
observed today was a bunch of politicians -- if you put them in a shoebox, we saw them being politicians. regardless of if they are democrat, regardless of if it was hillary or the republicans, they showed us totally why we are very disappointed in what is going on. i have to say, after watching the reality show and the battle trump stuff going on, i would hate to see that man have to make the decisions that she had to make. that is what i learned today, that if you put these people in an 11 hour debate, they would crumble. i really am disappointed in the whole mess that is going on. host: let me ask you one more question. you mentioned how the
7:51 am
millennial's could take over and provide some strong leadership. any names in mind, anyone you have your eye on? particular and that is the disappointing thing. i am part of generation x, i am in the middle. i am the end of the seven, my parents were 80 years old when they passed away. i was born in 1966. i feel i have a unique perspective, and i really feel disappointed. i hope to god that these people -- i'm not religious -- but it is like i hope these people in the future take control of what is going on. we made a lot of mistakes in this country and it is like, you know, why are we battering each other dr. it just does not make sense. that is what i am disappointed in. host: thank you for weighing in. we want to get some other viewpoint and let you know that in about 10 minutes if you're looking for more on hillary clinton and the other democratic presidential candidates, we do have that coming up at 8:00 eastern. it is over on c-span3. it is the democratic residential
7:52 am
candidates at the dnc women's leadership forum. they're are going to start out with lincoln chafee, who tweeted last night to look for some news, isn't a status update on his candidacy. there is between. i look forward to speaking at the forum. i will address my future in the campaign there. the other candidates will be there. bernie sanders, martin o'malley, hillary clinton will speak as well. that is towards the end of the event. this is a two-hour event that starts at 8:00 over on c-span two. a little but more from the washington post about the hearing yesterday, it comes at a moment when hillary clinton is establishing herself as the clear front runner for the presidential -- democratic presidential nomination, following several months were her poll numbers had nosedived. this came in part because of her handling of the use of a private e-mail account was she was secretary of state, and
7:53 am
unorthodox practice which was unearthed by the panel she appeared before on thursday. in recent days, clinton has recovered much of her advantage. she has built upon her strong performance in the first amended -- democratic debate on october 13. she also got a stroke of good fortune when biden ended months of speculation with an announcement wednesday that he would not seek democratic nomination. they hearing setting was one that played to clinton's natural strengths. she kept her composure through the 11 hour session and appeared -- appeared well prepared for the line of attack by the republican members of the committee. as they were on, with her command of the preceding becoming more apparent, she even appeared bored at times. moran, ohio,for republican. good morning. caller: yes. the question that i want to know , they asked her about what christopher stephen was really doing in benghazi and she said something about taking up heavy military equipment so that the
7:54 am
rebels were terrorists won't get them, and she never answered where they went. i need to know, did they come back to the usa? did they ship them off to syria? she never answered the question. there were quite a few new things. iu know, the one thing is -- hear from your callers, a lot of democrats yesterday and today before, and hillary even mentioned it. there was no funding, there was no funding. what did mr. obama just do yesterday? he vetoed a funding bill for the military. you know, when it goes to the top and it does not go anywhere from their it is not really the , becausethe senate they send it away, it is already gone. i don't know what they're going to have to do to get it by this guy, maybe give him more money for i don't know, more welfare. i don't know.
7:55 am
i find out it has been costing me a lot of money. to pay the insurance for myself, now i have to pay the insurance for other people. is, i have tom pay for my family and now i have to pay for other people because poor people are getting on welfare every day. now with the illegals -- i call them the illegals. i could go on for two hours tell you what my problem is. i don't know what this problem , but when mr. obama started then you have-- hillary up there talking about the reason why they did not get their military help, their security, is because of the funding. you can't help it. we are just being round and round in circles. i really appreciate you letting me talk. thanks. host: thanks for calling. we have plenty more time for your calls. is what rand paul, the
7:56 am
presidential candidate, had to say about all of this. hillary,iberty, not order hillary's hard drive, now with wiping cloth. heavy use and nonworking. carly fiorina says, this is the clinton way. she cannot be president. a call now from florida, democrat. caller: i watched all the hearing yesterday, and when i learned mostly is that the republicans don't really seem to understand how the government works. was a ciaely this operation that they had exposed by going into these hearings, and they can't get to the bottom of it in public because it will expose sources and methods. cut off theying to supply of arms to al qaeda in otherand so all of this
7:57 am
stuff that they are discussing is really beside the point. what really struck me yesterday was, secretary clinton bringing absolute chaos that was going on that day. we had cairo being attacked, tunisia, yemen, the whole middle east was in an uproar because of the slanderous video made about released, even though what happened in libya was not directly related to that particular thing. what was going on in libya was the fact that chris stevens was trying to make the bona fide connections you need to make to try to get a handle on this gun running that was going on, and get that situation under control. who would be the next leaders in benghazi? wilmington, north
7:58 am
carolina, independent. hi jim. yes.r: i just don't understand why nobody ever said, no. don't do it. don't go over there. it is chaos. it is easy to look after the facts and say, the guy is dead now. they are dead now because of it. but i never heard a republican say flat out, did anybody ever say, no, don't. it has been a long history of bad ideas. host: and here is donald trump's tweet yesterday during the hearing. hillary is doing a horrible job at the benghazi hearing, reading from the script. pathetic. she is no leader. mike pompeoressman now, from the hearing yesterday, asking hillary rodham clinton if she knew about the meeting with
7:59 am
chris stevens just prior to the attack. [video clip] >> you are not likely to know who these folks are, do you? head of athem is the jihadist group based in benghazi. is al-hamidour left . were you aware that your folks in benghazi met with that man within 48 hours of the attack echo >> i knew nothing of any meeting with him. on september 11, the day that he was killed, ambassador stevens sent a cable to the state government talking about his meeting. are you aware of that cable? >> no i am not. >> he said in his cable, he said a day, -- they wanted and it -- an introductory meeting. they asked us what we needed to bring security to benghazi. your officials were meeting with this man on the ground in
8:00 am
benghazi, libya, discussing security. that same year, the united states government had said that this very man was "a young rebel leader, who allegedly fought in iraq under the flag of al qaeda." were you aware that our folks were either wittingly or unwittingly meeting with al qaeda on the ground in benghazi, libya? >> i know nothing about this, congressman. >> i think that is deeply disturbing. i think the fact that your team -- >> sorry, which team? >> we don't know exactly who -- -- >> it would be helpful. >> it would have been one of your employees, i don't know which one. perhaps you can enlighten us or we can get the records we need. >> since we did not have an ongoing, significant presence of state department personnel in benghazi, i don't know to whom you are referring. host: one of the other headlines this friday morning, politico,
8:01 am
clinton emerges stronger for next phase of campaign. the benghazi hearing marks the second time in recent weeks that she made a difficult task looked easy. that is from politico. "e wash -- opening -- washington times" says the recent debate and the hearing provide a boost for clinton. mary calling now from new york, republican line. good morning. caller: yes. i learned yesterday that hillary clinton says, i take responsibility, those are only words. she did not take responsibility for anything. everything was 70 else's fault. the worst not only was the video , but the fact that i learned there were 600 requests for security. i could not believe it. they were so afraid. britain had sent their people home and had gotten so bad. the red cross were at home, but she claims it was everybody else's fault. i would think she would have had some kind of a curiosity, where then -- when they were having so
8:02 am
many problems, why she would not friend, -- sent her stevens, and those men home? she actually did not take responsibility. when they said well, somebody else must have gotten those, she was not curious enough to find out who got those security request. nobody was fired. that was all up to the arb, she said, the video was up to the cia. everything was some the else's responsibility. that is why i am so afraid of her as president. there are always going to be ,eople around to cover for her and she just dances and never answers direct questions. if people really follow it, i don't think they would have such a high opinion of her. it did not show me that she could have been a very good commander-in-chief if she could not take care of one place. she does not actually take responsibility for anything.
8:03 am
ann, new, new york -- york, democrat. good morning. what did you learn yesterday? trey gowdy needs to be investigated by the ethics committee. he contributed money to the super pac that ran the ads against hillary clinton. all, thed of republicans did not seem to understand the chain of command. not everything went straight to hillary. and third of all, the gentleman who called in and said that obama would not fund the bill yesterday, the reason he did not they had putcause in a special thing that i allowed -- that allowed -- i forget how much money -- that would go directly to military action and that was not supposed to be in this bill. and dan, independent color, tulsa, go ahead. caller: the question was, what
8:04 am
more could have been done? i believe the republican congress should have done the work of the people and passed a bill to avoid the sequester. and in terms of defense both foreign and domestic, there is a ouronsibility to fund embassies. the reason they did not have a proper defense is that congress would not pass the bills. the sequester set up the circumstances that allowed them to get out of it. under the sequester all things are suspended, both foreign and domestic. expect greater defense under financial duress? host: what did you make of the hearing itself? the process, everything that is going on? caller: it was a fiasco.
8:05 am
it taught me several different things. the clinton side, at the end of this month, keep in mind a year from now there is going to be an election. people are going to remember what was going on a year ago. they are going to remember the some of thedal and budget problems that are coming up right now. when they go to vote next season they are going to remember this stuff and they are going to reflect on this. republicans that are doing the planning, it is really a sickening thing. host: that was dan from tulsa. republicans, the made themselves -- make complete. themselves with the 11 hour
8:06 am
clinton witchhunt. that is on twitter. at "the weekly standard" they write, still waiting for the truth. in a hearing that lasted from midmorning well into the evening the truth was an afterthought. the coverage of the hearing, from the earliest tweet until rap, focusedle almost entirely on the style of quintess performance rather than a substance of her testimony. it must be said, she was impressive. lyndon was unflappable even as some republicans on the panel took gratuitous shots at her, spun personal theories about her motives, and even questioned whether she cared about the fate of the survivors of the attack. , only if theessive words that passed her lips were immaterial." she misled the committee on topics big and small, on issues crucial to the inquiries, and irrelevant to it. kathy is on the line now from texas. caller: hi world. this is next military mother,
8:07 am
army, navy. i just want to let you know, benghazi was a cia torture had. and now that we are done torturing hillary clinton, when to these military families get there day in court? pew about the bush rate -- ra rooms? ratebout the taboo grave -- abu graib rape rooms? how about we get bush under a god damn court? host: and dan. caller: it was a great performer -- performance. it is unusual that we can see someone like that on -- a performance like that on tv for 11 hours. this exposes several things.
8:08 am
one, the state department itself should be looked at from top to 25tom, and there should be a to 35 of those people prosecuted. you look at the 600 requests that stevens, the ambassador, requested for better security. it just goes on and on. but i think the other thing that it brings out about obama is there is not any point blank -- length of the american -- democratic party will go to to lie to the american people. the most egregious things that they could possibly do within the attack, during the attack itself. they couldn't find anybody to go save the people. it's egregious.
8:09 am
elijah cummings and all those democrats sitting on the committee yesterday, it is just shameful. that is why the american people do not believe in hillary clinton. they don't believe in the democratic arty anymore. it is blatant. there is a smoking gun. she e-mailed chelsey herself, immediately, within an hour. i think there should be a freedom of information request for everybody in the country to go towards the government for one basic thing. and that is this obstruction of diedce, and four people because of it. host: we will take your calls for a few more minutes on the
8:10 am
benghazi hearing yesterday, and again, if you want to watch the whole thing any it is not at we will take the entire hearing and split it into pieces over the weekend. we will show the first part saturday at noon eastern time on this network, and then the second part sunday at noon eastern time, also here on c-span. that is the hillary clinton testimony at the house committee on benghazi. there is other news out there, this -- here is one of them. the president has wielded his veto pen for the fifth time. what he did yesterday was locked the defense will -- block the defense bill. "the washington post" writing yesterday, the president wielding veto power for just the fifth time. it would sidestep budget limitations for the military and because it would restrict the transfer of detainees being held at guantanamo bay. the veto was a shock for congress which differs with
8:11 am
obama over a budget for fiscal 2016. obama made an extra point by publicly signing the veto statement by -- this for a pool of white house press. the fiscal year ended on october 1 and a continuing resolution will temporarily keep the government open through december 11. reaction to that was swift on the senate floor. here is armed services chair, senator john mccain. [video clip] >> in an act of stunning partisan politics, president obama has decided he will veto the national defense he isization bill, and right now in the act of doing so. holding our military hostage for his domestic legal agenda. i have been in the senate and the house for a long time. i have never seen an act of blatant part in it -- partisanship and disregard for the men and women who are serving in the military, then what the president is doing as we speak. years453
8:12 am
congress hasrs passed the national defense authorization act. 53 consecutive years, both parties have passed it and a president has signed it into law. in all my years i have never witnessed anything so misguided, cynical, and downright dangerous as he is vetoing the defense authorization for reasons that have nothing to do with defense. nothing to do with defense. history, throughout republicans and democrats alike, have recognized the importance of this bill to our national defense. -- in the years since the president has passed this, the president of the has only vetoed it four times. in each case the president has actually objected to an actual
8:13 am
provision in the bill, and congress has been able to find a compromise that earns the president's signature. let's be clear. the president's veto of this year's bill is not over any of policies.cs -- its it is over politics. in the president's case, politics has taken precedent over policy, and when we are talking about the lives of the men and women who are serving this nation in uniform, disgraceful. historyfirst time in the commander-in-chief will sacrifice national security for his larger domestic political agenda. host: senator john mccain from the floor yesterday. he and representative mac mac thornberry cowrote an opinion piece in "the wall street journal" today, obama vetoes his own military. has sacrificedma
8:14 am
national security by vetoing a bill that authorizes pay, benefits, and training for u.s. troops simply because he needs leverage to pursue his domestic political agenda. that is in "the wall street journal" from lawmakers mccain and thornberry. kentucky, independent caller is on the line right now. what did you think of the independent testimony yesterday? caller: i thought the reminds me of her the day her husband bill got in a lot of trouble. the couple had these hollywood people come in and consult them on how they should be perceived in front of the cameras, and they have done very well with that, and unfortunately a lot of the populace out there is just falling for this hook line and sinker. i have some comments and observations. host: go ahead. caller: ok. if we go back a little bit, you
8:15 am
know, the founders said about this form of government we have -- which is the greatest form of government ever founded by man in the history of government. they also made a point to say it can only be successful -- i am paraphrasing -- to a moral populace. you can look at this hearing yesterday, and many, many issues. thesey clinton and all of government officials, it is evidence they knew that this inspireds an al qaeda terrorist attack and it was not a video. we can talk about that forever. stevens was ignored in his pleas for more security.
8:16 am
i believe the number is 600, neighborhood. well, pardon me, sidney blumenthal had unfettered personal access to hillary clinton. how do americans, who expect moral justice from the democrats , they fight viciously to abortionsl manner of that are perpetuated against the ?ost helpless of all all the democrats are feigning outrage concerning $4 million .eing and on this investigation it is great to say that they are finally concerned with spending. they could probably save a lot of that money by defunding planned parenthood. this still comes back to what happened yesterday. it is amazing to hear the democrats -- who are concerned
8:17 am
with spending money -- talk about the situation with the investigation. we have a moral problem here, like i said. it is all on display. age of this -- and this became apparent in 1994, when the democrats took over, and in about 50 years the congress. interested ining things. i watch c-span a lot. thanks god for you. i heard things talked about on the floor of the congress, the senate, and the house. you would tune to the evening news and it was a completely different story. just fabricateld things. that is what i really got interested. what is going on with our government?
8:18 am
and it is very disturbing to see these shows, these dog and pony shows what went on yesterday. i love allica, americans. i don't care if you're liberal, conservative, or what, what we have got to put this country first" dividing people. that was ron in kentucky. other voices on facebook this c-span., theyry writes, when all can complain about is the face issue is making you know the committee failed to produce anything substantive. the gop got the footage for attack ads they wanted but hillary clinton came out on top. the entire bank of the committee has failed to the gop, though they won't admit it because you know, pride. and gareth writes, as someone
8:19 am
looking across the pond and as someone who's advertises with the democratic party, i felt that hillary's attitude was disappointing. taylor is hillary clinton answering questions about republican allegations regarding sidney blumenthal. [video clip] >> republicans are claiming that because you received e-mail from sidney blumenthal that he was your primary source of information. owdy claimsudi -- g that he was "secretary clinton's primary advisor on libya because nearly all of the e-mails sent from her e-mail account about libya involve sidney blumenthal." he also claimed that mr. bhumibol was, and i am quoting again, "one of the folks providing for the largest volume of information about libya." secretary clinton, was sidney limits all your primary policy advisor or your primary intelligence officer? clinton: no, of course not.
8:20 am
>> was he the primary source of information? clinton: no, absolutely not. youan you tell us then who are receiving e-mail from and in which form? : well, as i testified earlier, i did not primarily conduct e-mail -- business via e-mail with officials in our government. i think the e-mails that have been produced as far -- thus far it demonstrated that as well. as i got intelligence briefings from the intelligence community. i had a very experienced group of senior diplomats who knew quite a bit about libya. deputy secretary bill burr has been our nation's top democrat, who actually had negotiated with gaddafi prior to the entering in by the united states to support our european allies.
8:21 am
i said a team to meet with representatives of gaddafi to see if there was some way he would back down and back off of ly hystericalg threats against his own people. we had people like the ambassador i referenced earlier, who had served in libya and has had the occasion to observe and to meet with gaddafi. so we had a very large group of american diplomats, intelligent officers, and some private citizens who were experts in libya, who were available to our democrat -- our government. we took advantage of every person we could with expertise to guide our decision-making. host: another voice, more reaction of their comes from michael, who sent this tweet yesterday. as ambassador to russia, i enjoyed multiple ways to
8:22 am
communicate with secondary clinton. e-mail was never one of them. florida, deborah on the line for democrats. good morning. caller: good morning. how are you doing? host: doing well. caller: i enjoyed yesterday. i am geared up to go and support hillary. i would like to say something to the republicans. you are dysfunctional, and is pitifulill -- candidates that you have up i don't respect them. thank you very much. host: and this morning we have are -- democratic candidate lincoln chafee speaking at the conference,ership the political headline says it he is dropping out of the democratic race. simply put. maybe there is more in the news later. more of theto watch
8:23 am
candidates give c-span2 this morning. they will be on until 10:00 so we will hear from burnet -- bernie sanders, hillary clinton. if you don't catch it now it will be played tonight on one of the network's schedule. priscilla is on the line now, california, republican. good morning to you. caller: good morning. because itng actually broke my heart yesterday. , ortched the entire debate not debate, but the hearing. it broke my heart. i am a 69-year-old woman, and the guy that called and said said the -- he democrats took over, but he meant the republicans took over. that was newt gingrich. i have been watching c-span. but it broke my heart to hear -- we are all americans. it broke my heart just to see
8:24 am
that this committee is supposedly trying to come to the truth as to what actually happened in benghazi that caused this -- these poor people to be killed. four americans. i noticed that the democrats -- let me tell you this. i registered at 18 as a democrat. i registered as a republican, then i registered as an independent for ross perot. just stayed a republican. i voted republican for bush. i vote for the ones that i think are telling the truth and are going to do good for america. but it broke my heart just to see that this committee was focusing on trying to get the truth out of hillary, and the state department, what happened,
8:25 am
and why they didn't get help in all of this. only onee to see that of the democrats was asking questions that were constructive. all of the rest of them took their 10 minutes just talking a bunch of talk, and talking against the republicans, saying that they were coming after hillary clinton. it was not the truth. bullies, and they are very disrespectful. they kept talking about republican says, republicans that. you never heard one of the republicans say anything about the democrats in a bad way. we are americans. we need to know what happens. i have nephews that are in the service. if it had been one of my nephews , i would want to know the truth. my advice to a lot of the democrats who called in and to talk against the republicans and
8:26 am
what they are doing to clinton and how they are treating her -- it is not right. what if it were your son that was killed? wouldn't you want to know the truth? and as far as them talking about the $4 million we spent so far on these committees, if hillary clinton had turned over her e-mails as she should have, when they asked, we would not even be here. host: priscilla there. from newport.line thank you for waiting. what is on your mind? i am going to try to stay focused. i have got my tv turned down. i watch everything yesterday erie in i have been on this since yesterday. i want to say that the nepotism with the sanchez family has to stop. host: what do you mean? caller: the sanchez woman on the
8:27 am
democratic side who gave the comments for and on behalf of hillary. her mother, who was raised in ok?t -- who is on the armed services committee, who has been on your show several times. if you play the video she talked about a year ago about how things did not go well in iraq and they were going shopping in the arms services committee. theuld like to see that democrats have more people represented for the future president of our nation. they do not have it. go, i as the republicans like trey gowdy. he is very professional. he is in a position where i would support him. but my problem with c-span -- and i hope that mr. lamb is
8:28 am
going to get this, and i hope people listening -- i want to hear bylines on these papers in front of you. i want to see who has written them. i want to see their first and last names, the way you used to do it on c-span. i know i am an older lady, i am in my believe that some of the callers this morning -- that until the callers this morning can see through hillary clinton, she is not going to be a good candidate. i think her husband should have, and sat in the back, at least just to demonstrate support. i think that our country is in very serious condition, and i do not support hillary clinton. i am not really sure who i support, but i cannot understand why e-mails and things that are going on in different diplomatic programs that we have around the orntry by the sanchez's
8:29 am
whoever in california -- host: let me jump in. research shows that the sanchez sisters, loretta and linda, their parents are mexican immigrants. i think you said egypt, did you not? show, thel, on your mother of mrs. sanchez was on the committee yesterday. she who isat she -- on the armed services, the mother, the nepotism. the nepotism is my point. host: ok, we get the points that you have made. a little bit more from the hearing yesterday. this is adam schiff talking to hillary clinton. this was in the evening, and they talk about republican suggestingembers that hillary clinton did not care. here is how it played out. [video clip] >> tell us again. how many embassies do we have in the world? we have 270 countries we are
8:30 am
represented in. on some level, the secretary of state is responsible for all of them. >> that is right. >> how many personnel, roughly? >> 70,000, roughly. >> and you are responsible for all of them? >> yes. we can try. have, as i just said, 270 embassies, we are represented in 194 countries. i do want to pick up on the point you are making. i' appreciated. it.appreciate
8:31 am
i care very deeply for the people who work for our country. i worked with them, i saw them in action. as secretary of state for we were able to hold a ceremony awarding the five highest awardthe we had paid no one to make sure we could -- we had. sure he waske there, because he had been in the hospital so long. chance to meet their families to thank them and commend them for their heroism. , the agent tou have been in the hospital all , as i was leaving
8:32 am
he called me over, and he said secretary, please do everything you can to make sure i get to go back in the field. i told him i would. it was one of the request i made out the door. he was determined to go back, to do what he could to protect our diplomats. to protect you, when you travel. i was so struck then, as i have been many times before. about the quality and the integrity and the courage that those americans who serve us, iether in uniform or out, care very deeply about each and every one of them. we have 25 minutes left of
8:33 am
your reaction to hillary clinton's testimony yesterday. carol, our democratic line. hello. i have to say, i watched hours and hours of that accountability review committee. and it only solidified my opinion that this committee was formed solely to hurt secretary clinton politically. she contacted -- conducted herself, despite of the disturbing and abusive behavior with great strength, composure, and emerged more presidential than ever before. she is the only candidate in either party that i -- thefford or trust support or trust to lead to lead this country in such troubled times. i thank you for letting me say
8:34 am
this. it was painful to watch those always on the republican committee. thank you. host: let's go to quentin and loxley, alabama. caller: thank you very much for taking my call. host: what is your reaction to yesterday? caller: i listen to all of this. people said they did not see anything. the first thing i learned was that hillary knew that it was not a video from the onset. she lied to the american people three times. commissionthe family found the presence of, but the american people were lied to. and she live with a straight face. the second thing i learned was in directnthal was communication with her constantly and was allowed to be
8:35 am
able to get directly to her. -- he could not. he never got his voice heard, and he was basically dining and eating security. the third thing i learned, among so many others, is that blumenthal had business meetings that he asked hillary clinton to help, and she said yes to that she could help him, but she cannot help is just stevens. -- mr. stevens. this was the nail in the coffin, democrats have the propensity to be liars, cheats, and thieves. new york city room was a convicted criminal, but he is able to get elected into office. clinton had so many people, bill clinton has all of these people
8:36 am
in these ladies were accusing him of rape, etc.. the democrats are godless, and they are able to get elected. they kill this country, but people do not look at the facts. twitter, i support bernie sanders, but methinks as of last tougher.ask just got hillary is one smart cookie and handles adversity well. over on facebook, the republicans like all the state department works was embarrassing. nothing about those who kill the americans, nothing about the alleged conspiracy. inevitablys partisan waste of taxpayer money .
8:37 am
let's hear from john in louisville, kentucky. caller: jonathan. good morning. i wanted to touch on something that was very casually referred to in the hearings yesterday. let me make it clear, i'm neither for nor against mrs. clinton. i'm a retired state police officer. my specialty was financial criminality. i was on the force for 27 years. i'm an old man now. i had to work with the fbi in indiana, ohio, and tennessee on numerous occasions because financial criminality crosses state lines. let me tell you what the fbi is looking for. picked up the servers from the clintons and from the state department also. they do not give a hoot about benghazi because benghazi was not criminal. benghazi was political. what they are looking for is patterns of the hayes grier.
8:38 am
when a country makes a proposition to the state department on anything, it goes into the state department works its way up to the secretary. she's either for or against it. that is not what anybody is looking at. they make a proposition to the state department, and all of a sudden william jefferson kitten gives a speech -- william jefferson clinton gives a speech, is that a coincidence? maybe. spent 200 million admitted into the clinton but to be, inquisitive, maybe. but how many times did it happen?
8:39 am
they saw it was working, they cannot themselves to stop it. they do not think they would be found out because nobody was checking on those servers. that is where the information considering the clinton foundation is. that is what they are looking for. they agreed to check and see, to the money that went into the clinton foundation 20 charity. my information is a was between 12% and 8% went to charity. they use this apparatus to elect mrs. clinton president. that is what the fbi is looking at. nobody seems to understand that. host: moving from jonathan to john. franklin, tennessee, life for democrats. hello. hello? to theave been listening
8:40 am
benghazi hearings and the first one, and the little bit of the second one. is outs like everybody the facts. host: what are the facts? are fourhe facts people were killed, nobody could have saved them because we do not have supported people around close enough at that time. also, the funding for the state department and the embassies was cut. why would you cut that funding? through the -- help me out here, what was the thing
8:41 am
-- ands passed to keep that no one would vote against her and now it became the way we are funding government? host: the continuing resolution? caller: no, the original. host: the larger budget bill? we are going to let you go in south carolina. good morning. what would you like to sign. ay? caller: who amongst us, who works for a business who is 95,000 employees can directly contact the ceo of that confirmation that corporation? -- i do not know why they think they can pick up the phone and go to hillary
8:42 am
clinton. everybody has a direct supervisor. no one can call the ceo of ge. the 11 hours on the hill yesterday struck you? caller: i read all the other papers. i did not hear anything new. it was a waste of time. er.y gowdy is a grandstand o analyst get into a courtroom without guy, you don't how he asked. he is a bully. i'm a republican. i have a dog in the fight. i cannot see what the republicans can gain from this. i just do not understand it. they are showing their ignorance and it is all one-sided. host: here is a headline in the washington post. tigerers often directed at one another in the 11 hours yesterday.
8:43 am
here is the elijah cummings addressed to the committee. me when i hear people imply that she did not care about your people. that is not right. this is here and i want you. -- i saw howus you struggled when you were talking about that night. i'm for one want to thank you, and i appreciate what you have done. it has not been easy. you're right, it is easy to sit here under these lights, and monday morning quarterback you about what could have been, what should have been. you have laid it out. this has not been done perfectly, you wished you could do it another way. and then the statement you made a few minutes ago when you said
8:44 am
you have given more support to this than all of your combined. i do not know what we want from you. do we want to badger you until you get tired and we have the gotcha moments that we were looking for? we are better than that. we're so much better. we are a better country, and we are better than using taxpayer dollars to try to destroy a campaign. that is not what america is all about. you can, and if you like, i just had to get that off my chest. the: a reminder, what levine -- watch the hearing here on saturday and sunday. youndependent caller, are? up? waser: the gentleman who
8:45 am
calling earlier, he was looking for the word sequester. tragic.e thing to me is lack of leadership. what was mr. stevens doing it benghazi on 9/11? the secretary of state should have pulled everybody out and put him back in aaa. the whole thing with yemen, and egypt, and everything. that was just a lack of leadership. numbered two, i would like to know why the role of the fifth fleet in bahrain was released three days after benghazi and was back to washington. knowr two, i would like to why the cia will see the wanted
8:46 am
-- toe to halt rescue help rescue during the attack were not released to go. was the information that was withheld about the navy and/or the air force in italy about sending people in? i believe there was a group of people in cripple you that were ready to get on a plane and fly to benghazi. revelation that she sent chelsea an e-mail letting her know that it wasn't the video. did they began to push the point for 12 days. peoplen told one of the 's family that it was about the video. there is something questions that nobody is answering. i understand you could pick up the phone and call the secretary of state, but really it is just
8:47 am
a comedy of errors that cost four people their lives. host: new jersey, democratic caller. hello. caller: good morning. thoughts are that she is a but then really hard for 11 hours told the public how qualified she is to lead this nation. they have been calling her a liar for decades now because they knew that if it was not or -- four vote to go into the iraq war she might be president today. the reason why president obama became president was because he voted against the iraq war. she was supposed to be the nominee. yearsad known for
8:48 am
that she was going to be the nominee. they put together for used to go after her. factor matter is the 11 hours that she went forward, she chose the american public she is a statesman. -- not likeald from donald trump. he cannot be president, even though he is there front runner. whatact of the matter is john mccain said earlier. we spend 10 times more than our closest competitor in defense. the only ones that benefit as , and the corporate welfare. a gentleman said earlier about what they are going to give more money to where cash to welfare? welfare is off the charts. host: usa today, benghazi asked
8:49 am
all the wrong questions. what are they going to do to bring the alleged terrorists to justice? 20 others remain at large. prevent youy do to from turning into a nice. libya into ang isis stronghold? those will be far more fruitful lines of inquiry. st. charles, missouri. republican. thanks for your show, i really enjoy it. first of all, i was disappointed that they do not bring out that her top aides were employed by other employers of the time of this. the clinton foundation was
8:50 am
having a big thing in new york city on september 12. i think you can make the assumption that they were very toy, that they were going have president clinton and president bush at that event. this is the disconnect with the state department. all of hurricanes were doing other people's work not the people's work. that is a real problem. go toompanies, when you work for them may have a not complete clause that says they will not go to the same job in two years after you leave. with people in the state department working for other companies at the same time. how does that work? how do we let that happen? caller from florida, good morning. i was a little puzzled by a lot of your callers today, they are going to turn this into a debate about abortion or other things.
8:51 am
all i know is i was in the air force and the military airlift command. through my time, i got to deal with a lot of ambassadors and their staff. thathing that i found is these are some of the greatest people you will ever run up against. i believe that as the one gentleman wanted to know why he was there, he was there because he wanted to be there. as far as wanting to know why there were not more people that wanted to go alone to go, because no commander in his troopsind would send his --an unmanned situation unknown situation. if there was no kind of intelligence that was relevant
8:52 am
and write to the menace, there is absolutely no way that any commander is going to let his man go into an unknown situation. we want to point out that the houses coming in and about eight minutes from now. we will end this program a little bit early and we will be back tomorrow. we should point out, we have talked about the speaker election which will be next week in the house on thursday. there are also in headlines coming up -- and deadlines coming up. the hill reminds us that highway funding is out there. congress has one week to prevent a highway funding shutdown.
8:53 am
if congress does not reach an agreement, lawmakers on the transportation infrastructure committee approved a bipartisan bill. that approach differs from the six-year bill. those approved by the senate over the summer. you have to have a common bill in the house and senate to get it over the president, and they do not have that. a few more calls on hillary clinton's testimony. good morning. about the committee hearings with hillary yesterday. understand, if you are republican, i do not see how -- it was a disgrace for the country.
8:54 am
it was a disgrace for the country. that they would bring her back as many times as they did and the questions they asked this woman was absurd. show, that iso why i have not a republican or democrat. but i'm not going to set up here and stand for some party that i doings politically moved what they were doing with hillary yesterday. i am appalled as an american. i'm a young, black man. for me, to ever vote for a republican, it would be a tragedy for me and the country. people need to wake up. america, we are hurting, and the only way we're going to get out of this as we all band together and stop this partisan politics.
8:55 am
let's get this country moving. host: thank you. when everything was over yesterday, trey gowdy came out as numbers will often do. he spoke about his reflections on the day. >> we knew some of that today. i dorms of her testimony, not know that she testified that mr. romney today than she has doneced late -- previously. i would have to go back and look at the transcript. question, why spend nine hours on this if you do not think she is produce anything she has not said before? look at the other transcripts to see if she said anything different or not. to talkis coming home to the secretary of state and you want to talk to her after you gain access to her documents and i think the better question
8:56 am
is how the previous committees were able to write there were --nge without access to wit write the reports without access to what we had access to. host: republican caller. caller: thank you. i would like to say my condolences to the four americans who were killed. i watched hillary all day yesterday. i found her to be, i find the comments coming from the other callers to be highly unbelievable. i do not know what it feels like for you, but when somebody lies, i do not trust anybody who lies to me. what color equipment belo -- what hillary clinton went before those parents, and they all got out there and said it was in video, that was an absolute lie. the president lied, the nsa, she lives, and even hillary clinton lives. and she knew from day one that
8:57 am
it was not anything to do with a video, happen to be a planned qaeda.bell -- by al nobody can understand that if you do not learn that can be used the essence bipartisan, she is supposed to be the next commander-in-chief? and she lied about quadra americans being killed and slaughtered? seriously? do with nothing to republicans or democrats. this has to do with truth and want some allies to you you could never trust them again. host: to our independent line, independent in omaha, nebraska. caller: i'm so upset this morning. i went to bed last night after watching the hearings, and i called it the super bowl of all hearings. i've been watching for four years now. by family is all democrats. i am independent. when i went to bed last night i americanthank god, the
8:58 am
people are going to wake up and they are going to see what is going on. and i wake up this morning and i and listening to people, and it is like did they not see that the democrats were not doing their job? they were not asking questions. and the questions they did ask it will look killer gave of the questions to ask. i am so upset this morning because our countries not going to change until the american people wake up and see the world for what it is. and if that hearing did not happen, i do not know what will. host: a couple of other programming notes. you can watch hillary clinton on c-span two in the next hour. we will replay the hearing again, saturday and sunday. we will split it in half. atwill play the first half on saturday at new nass sai noon.
8:59 am
hillary speaking at the democratic candidate leadership forum. and tonight, donald trump at the andonal resort in miami south florida. we should point out that ted cruz will be on the network tonight. you will have a 10 hall event, and he will be taking your calls at 9:45 p.m.. our last caller from youngstown, ohio, republican caller. ministration promised transparency right from the beginning. but everything they do is lyrical. we know that this was 53 days before the election, they are about everything that went on. the ambassador had asked for help for repeated -- for help
9:00 am
repeatedly. they were told to stand down. what more do you need? host: thank you to everyone who called the we will be back at 7:00 p.m. eastern. we go down to the floor of the house. we have have a days work of action ahead. they will deal with the health care law. the speaker: the house will be in order. the prayer will be offered by our chaplain, father conroy. chaplain conroy: let us pray. compassionate and merciful god, we give you thanks for giving us another day. give the members of this house strength, fortitude, and patience. fill their hearts with charity, their minds with understanding, their wills with courage to do the right thing for all of america. in the work to be done in the week to come, may they rise together to accomplishwh


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