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tv   Key Capitol Hill Hearings  CSPAN  October 23, 2015 8:00pm-8:31pm EDT

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very very important for the care of the elderly. there is a lot going and thinking about it, it is difficult and an election-year to finish that, but we are much closer than we were when i said that. i still think they would be stronger if they had it. but, i suppose they will run a candidate anyway. front, do yoution think that the republicans could have avoided the whole donald trump phenomenon? no, i don't think that donald trump's comments go far, far beyond immigration. -- american people sort of they watch a lot of television and they think that is what they are seeing with donald trump, because not only is he
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entertaining, he is saying things that they think about. why does the government do this? >> everybody in washington is stupid. they can buy into easily. mr. donahue: the point is, i -- hehe is an articulate is somebody who will be a positive participant in this process for a while. my own view, if other candidates -- on both sides focus the message a little more clearly, i don't think he will keep the lead that he now has. after all, we don't do presidential politics, so that was just an observation. mentioned the chamber's relationship with john boehner, which has been a real benefit to the chamber over the years. some of the same people who
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helped push john boehner out, both in the congress freedom caucus and the outside groups have been very about the chamber. antagonistic about the chamber. capitalismu of crony and not being in touch with the grassroots. what do you think of those groups and as a tax, and he think that your influence has been diminished at all by that? mr. donohue: i noticed over a long time in this town when there is concentrated effort to somebodycriticism on like the chamber, an organization like the chamber, you ought to look at it very carefully and find out are we wrong in what we do, or are we white and what we are doing -- are we right in what we are doing? is the criticism coming from as doing something differently than they like? if that is the case like to double down. my view here is that we have an
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extraordinary level of support from the american business community of all sizes. that support continues to grow. we have received unbelievable amounts of support from our board. in the face of some of these criticisms. and i have noticed that most of those critics have not been able to move their views forward while, at the same time, much of what we are trying to do is think, more awareness and more support from the american people. >> you are not bothered by this? you do not think it is hurting the chamber at all? mr. donohue: it doesn't bother me. we do not have a stock price. i have a stock price of my own. i listen to our renewal rate, which is at an all-time high. i look at our ability to attract different industries that we are not strongly engaged with us in the past. that is very important and we
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are doing very well there. the reason is, the american business community is facing unbelievable challenges from 200 frank, which still has regulations to put in place from the cost associated with obamacare. there was a bipartisan effort in the house and senate to change one of those components. they will have to change others. they are concerned about infrastructure, as we have talked about. , i'm notortable dismissive of peoples criticism. if you just wait criticism off, that idea. you have to analyze it and look at it and find out where it is coming from. then you have to do what you think is right. you have been in a fight with these forces --
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they think that that is the prime example right now of crony capitalism, so how do you see that working out? mr. donohue: the folks that we are trying to eliminate in the bank, have picked something that would save some money. not getthe bank does funds from the government. it means positive cash flow. and, if they had thought about it, because yes, they can make a case that there are a number of major companies and not as many small companies, both of his major companies between them, have about 25,000 small subcontractors. it is one last thing, there are 30 countries and america -- in the world, that will not accept capital goods from america unless they are associated and assisted with a government related export
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finance organization. without them, the companies that are selling airplanes, for example, are going to have to locate their headquarters countrieselse, or 30 in the world are going to say that we are not going to buy your airplanes. i think it is an issue that people are learning more about. they're beginning to find out what it is that they hoped their horse two. i believe that at some time, and i don't know how will happen, i don't know that will happen next now, or if it will happen but we will put a form of export financing back in place, maybe some adjustments, but if we do not have it, you will lose companies who will go some where else to get it. >> thank you for taking these questions. a group of influential money behind the fundamentalist
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movement is asking democrat candidates to come up with a climate change plan. to solve the problem. hillary clinton has been moving left on a lot of these issues, came out against accused him public, -- the keystone pipeline. i'm just here is, what is your assessment of the environmental movement within the democratic party, what kind of role will money and organization and that electionplay in 2016 in relation to the role that will be played? mr. donohue: -- >> can you give me a rundown of what was accomplished in the last election? >> that is a question for him. >> i think the answer is pretty obvious. i get it, but you understand my point.
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listing all the successes that they have had, and are they really suggesting that we should just cede infrastructure work abroad, because if you want to talk or export financing from a government agency is required, it is virtually required everywhere in the world. my question, i guess, would impart be, do those people want us to give that to the germans, french, and all of the jobs and revenue that goes with it? environmental deal is what it is. 85% are growing -- proenvironment. we do not want dirty water or dirty air. we believe that we had been perfectly consistent about what needs to be done about this. the only way they're going to deal with climate is you are going to accelerate the development of newer technologies across the board and in the renewable space and batteries. you need to preserve american jobs. the global part of this is one
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of the things that we have been tortured with for 17 years. the only solution is a global code solution. for a lot of time people have come at a -- come at us with that ethnic fuse. it is now ironic that we are stepping up to negotiate in paris for a global agreement. this is not going to go away, it needs to be economy-wide. as we are to do it earlier, an organization that means all of the above. some people say they are in favor of all. i think it is always a factor in elections. if you look very closely at the vote in congress, it tends to be a bicoastal issue on the boat scale. more than it does anything else. but, it is an issue. >> if the democratic front runner comes out against the keystone pipeline, it seems to be a signpost of where the party
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is on these issues. >> were a candidate in the party is. the president of the united states has not cleared a position yet. curious, on 2016, i know you don't weigh in on present choices, but we are already seeing the ways that these outsiders, whether it is carly fiorina or whoever, are shaping the house freedom caucus, they feel more empowered. they say that the fact that they are so successful on the trail will have an effect. you recognize that they are tapping into some frustration, but what is the successful message to counter some of the things that you disagree with, and to counter what we anticipate will be party challenges in the house and senate? first, just to comment about the candidates you mentioned,
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dr. ben carson is an extra ordinary person. whatnk people appreciate he has done his life. but, those were not the candidates of the far right. those were candidates that showed up on their own galician -- volition to participate in this debate. very clear message. we believe that economic growth done in a sensible way is going to create jobs and a lot of jobs in the middle class. we believe that pursuing a series of appropriate legislative activities, not only will help economic growth, but will take burdens off of some part of the populace and will simplify their lives a bit. we need to fix the potholes. immigrationeal with
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because we need those workers. this behaviorp here in washington where people look at us all and wonder what planet we are from. senate were put together in a way that the idea was that they would work together and find a common route forward on the way that we saw -- solve america's problems, and when you look at dr. ben carson, and when you look at donald trump, when you look at the majority of the people that have commanded a lot of attention here, but they are basically doing is expressing some of the haverations that americans been curing around for a long time. i think it has been a great process. i think what we get finish we will end up with a couple of decent candidates and the republican party. president and vice president.
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it will make for an interesting election. i'll tell you one little side thing, i asked our guy, scott reed, a few months ago, when you have 17 candidates, down to 50 now, when you have that many candidates and is not going to take off in all of the states, could you ever go back to the harry truman time and have a real smoke-filled convention? he said, oh no. i asked him the other day, and he said i think oh no. >> let me just add a little bit to that. i think donald trump and carly fiorina, initially jumped in on the economic growth bandwagon. i'm not sure about dr. ben carson. but that is the same widen that we are on. the house freedom caucus issue, what has not been mentioned and needs to be put on the table for you people to consider, if you look at the
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public opinion polls that your papers have all been reporting for 50 years, and this country the american public has declared unequivocally been on the wrong track for 15 years. 60%.nk the low is about it goes up from there to about 78%. yet the country and a sense that is searching for competency. around the federal government. of and that, not literally, but all must literally, every two years out of frustration the public flips the senate. to get to my point, the same frustration that is exhibited in the house freedom caucus is exhibited in the democracy andance credo, move other groups. dinos in to remove the the democratic party. if you look at the major senate battleground states, starting right here in maryland and going to illinois and looking at
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florida and looking at ohio, what do you see? d.c. the parties prefer candidate being challenged by outside groups who are posturing fourth their kind of -- and they're very open about this, they want to copy the tea party. they want to push the democratic party even further left. so, all i am saying is that there is a national frustration and a national anger and what we are hearing from donald trump and some of these other people that you are asking about, and perhaps donald trump is more of the master at playing the tabloid press game, but they are tapping into that fear and anger. i make it's going to grow up in a country worse? are we going to leave it worse? are standing in the world. our leadership is a concern to people. the fact that the government seems incapable of just functioning on basic issues like passing the budget and paving
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potholes. i think anger is an expression shown by people and an emotive response on both sides of the aisle. >> we have about 50 minutes left, we are trying to get five more questions and. >> either tax reform question. the idea of the patent box infrastructure repatriation makes -- mix as a stopgap for now? >> as a stopgap or what? ryan is no longer -- ryan announced that he has pulled the plug on that and they are not pursuing that. i'm not sure what i'm talking about.
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if it does not exist, how to answer your question? >> i think that the issue here is that there is a lot of sentiment that doing that, per se, as discussed with doing a reasonable comprehensive tax reform. i do believe it would have been very hard to get it done in the senate. excuse me, and the house. and when you get down to it, the point that was made before is that i think a lot of people have found out that there is not so much money there. >> any innovation costs a lot of money. the concern in the corporate community, remember the patent box will be a benefit to some, but not all. if you start doing these ad hoc things to plug a hole to fill a highway problem, it is going to be that much more difficult to ever undertake conference attacks or form. >> thank you for being here.
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i want to circle back to the paul ryan house dynamic right now. when he was meeting with some of these freedom caucus members to get their support, and report came out yesterday that they mentioned him stepping in in case that outside groups want to get into the primary elections. they mentioned your group from -- i was hoping the comments in that report and also a question in these discussions. paul ryan reportedly told him that they would not bring up any conference of immigration bill unless they had a majority. please comment and why you're feeling optimistic. the latter problem has been contradicted by two of the freedom caucus members. two are saying that he gave us the commitment and then the other two are saying that they did not. and then you have ryan saying that he will run. he said he will sit down with everybody in the conference will discuss the procedures of the house from they kicked the chair
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to their issue about what goes to the floor and under what circumstances. since none of us were in the room on any of these, and yet people contradicting each other in terms of what they have read he said and what he said he said, that is about the best answer that i can give you on he said she said. i think we need to wait. mr. donohue: when they were considering another candidate for the speaker job, allegedly, there were six or seven principles the fourth i the far right that would have to be adhered to, and you just talked about one of them. they would have to agree to finance against anything we would do in a primary. i am glad about that. i told you to double down. there were other issues about the chamber. the tea party was first formed and they had four
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or five principal candidates of sound economics and reasonable taxation etc., who could be opposed to that? but it has gone far beyond that to the point that it is less about the fundamental reality is, and that is to govern in a way to create economic growth and to create jobs. we are not much worried about any of those discussions. we are going to go out and do what we plan to do. we are not a government organization, we do not have to adhere to their -- what they want to do. we're going to do what we want to do. and we are going to do what we think the american business community, large and small, needs us to do to help them and that our country needs us to do to help expand the american economy and a way to create jobs and to give the next intermission an opportunity that they otherwise will not have. sayust quickly, i would
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that i read rand paul's comments after he met with the freedom caucus. i think probably the most important sentence and it was, we need to become a proposition party, not simply an opposition party. you can interpret that however you well, but in terms of the house freedom caucus, which has pretty much been an opponent faction in that conference, i think that is a pretty powerful statement. >> this is along the same lines. i was wondering if you could take a bit more explicitly -- >> you can watch this event on iowa where ted cruz is holding a meeting. we expect things to go underway here in just a few moments. >> things that we really care about as conservative rebel against. i really appreciate you being here this evening. , kate'sit is obamacare
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law, illegal immigration, i will tell you that senator cruz has taken the lead on all of these issues that we passion we care about. not too long ago, it are cruise was scheduled to be here for a meeting great event. because of the late arrival, he was not able to make that event, but i was assured that he would makeck, and he did tonight good on that promise, and we really appreciate him being here. so, without further delay, this evening, i would like you all to welcome toern iowa texas senator ted cruz. senator? [applause]
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[applause] senator cruz: thank you so much. thank you for your tremendous friendship and leadership. thank you everyone for coming out tonight. god bless the great state of iowa. [applause]
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i spent most of this week and washington, d.c., -- [booing] senator cruz: so it is great to be back in america. [applause] senator cruz: it has been an interesting couple of weeks in washington. the speaker of the house is stepping down. [applause] the media has been filled with speculation on who the next week or is going to be. they have been asking me over and over again who i think the next eager should be. my answer consistently has been, i'm going to stay out of that. that is a decision for house republicans, but i will tell you clever the next eager is, he or she should be a strong conservative and someone committed to honoring the promises we made to the men and women who elected us. [applause]
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senator cruz: the media did not like that answer. they kept pressing and pressing and pressing, saying we want a name. we want a name. finally, last week in iowa, i said you one a name, i will give you a name. for the next big of a house, how about mark levin? [applause] can you imagine the great one? to just picture the first conference with the senate? [laughter] senator cruz: where mark goes, which, we are not going to do it, we're going to follow the constitution, and we are not going to give in exhibition point -- [applause] senator cruz: now, that would be real leadership. well, also, in the last couple of weeks, pope francis was in
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washington. i have to say it was really extraordinary to sit on the floor of the house of representatives, to listen to the pope address a joint session of congress. i will note the week before, or the day before, rather, the press conference at the white house -- it got a little awkward. every time the reporters would address a question to your holiness, obama would answer. [laughter] senator cruz: then the day after that, the chinese president was in washington. he was meeting with president obama, and media outlets all across the world reported on this momentous meeting between the world's most powerful communist and the president of china. [laughter] [applause] senator cruz: all of us are here
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tonight because our country is in crisis. we are here because we are bankrupting our kids and grandkids. because our constitutional rights are under assault each and every day from washington. and because america has receded from leadership in the world and it has made the world a much more dangerous place. i'm here tonight with a word of hope and encouragement. i want to tell you all across iowa, all across this country, americans are waking up. and so i want to ask everyone here to look forward. to january, 2017. if i am elected president, let me tell you what i intend to do on the first day in office: the first thing that i intend to do is to resend every single illegal and unconstitutional
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executive action. [applause] senator cruz: this president likes to say that he has got a phone and he has a pen. well, you live by the pen, you die by the pen. and my pen has got an eraser. [laughter] [applause] but, sadly, the corruption has not just been limited to the white house. it has extended across every branch of the federal government. the second thing i intend to do on the first day in office is instructed the united states department of justice to open an investigation in two planned parenthood and these were both videos. [applause] and to prosecute any and all come in a violations by that organization. [applause]
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senator cruz: the administration of justice should be blind to party ideology. the soul fidelity of the department of justice should be to the laws and constitution of the united states. thing, i intend to do on the first day in office, is instructed the department of and everyd the irs other federal agency that the persecution of religious liberty ends today. [applause] senator cruz: that means that every service man and woman has the right to seek out and worship god almighty with all of their hearts, minds, and soul, and their superior officer has nothing to say about it. [applause]
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senator cruz: that means that the little sisters of the poor, a catholic charity that the obama administration is currently persecuting, will find that the case against them has been dismissed. [applause] senator cruz: the fourth thing, i intend to do on the first in office, is ripped to shreds this catastrophic iranian nuclear deal. [applause] senator cruz: the single greatest national security threat that america faces is the threat of a nuclear iran. we need a commander in chief who stands up and says, under no circumstances will we allow iran, a nation led right a theocratic ayatollah who chanced death to


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