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tv   Senator Ted Cruz Town Hall in Council Bluffs Iowa  CSPAN  October 23, 2015 8:30pm-9:46pm EDT

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senator cruz: that means that the little sisters of the poor, a catholic charity that the obama administration is currently persecuting, will find that the case against them has been dismissed. [applause] senator cruz: the fourth thing, i intend to do on the first in office, is ripped to shreds this catastrophic iranian nuclear deal. [applause] senator cruz: the single greatest national security threat that america faces is the threat of a nuclear iran. we need a commander in chief who stands up and says, under no circumstances will we allow iran, a nation led right a theocratic ayatollah who chanced death to america, under no
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circumstances will they be allowed to acquire nuclear weapons. [applause] senator cruz: the fifth thing, i intend to do on the first day in office, is begin the process of moving the american embassy in israel to jerusalem, the once and eternal capital of israel. [applause] senator cruz: a lot of presidential candidates, both democrats and republicans, have made that same promise. but, inevitably, when they get to the white house, they do not do it. and what happens is that their team comes to them and they say, you know, if we do this, it is going to make other people in the middle east really, really unhappy. -- , if you had not noticed [laughter] senator cruz: they are already
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pretty unhappy with us. the single biggest difference between me and the other very fine men and women on that debate stage, is that with me, when i tell you that i'm going to do something, i'm going to do exactly what i said i would do. [applause] senator cruz: that is day one. [laughter] senator cruz: there are 365 days in a year. presidential a term, and four years and a second term. years, there eight are going to be a whole lot of journalists and newspaper reporters and editors who have checked themselves into therapy. [laughter] [applause]
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senator cruz: in the days that ,ollow, i will go to congress that is president obama calling -- [laughter] senator cruz: he is very disturbed, he heard that there are a bunch of people here seeking the peaceable overthrow of the government. [laughter] senator cruz: and he is right. [laughter] senator cruz: in the days that follow, i will go to congress and we will repeal every word of obamacare. [applause] senator cruz: we will pass commonsense health care reform that makes health insurance personal and portable and affordable and keeps the government from getting in between us and our doctors. [applause] senator cruz: in the days that
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follow, i will instruct the united states department of education, which should be abolished, -- [applause] senator cruz: i will instruct the department of education that common core in today. [applause] senator cruz: in the days that follow, we will rebuild our military, and we will honor their commitments made to our soldiers and sailors and airmen and marines. [applause] senator cruz: that includes protecting the constitutional rights that every service man and woman to keep and bear arms and defend themselves. [applause] that means the
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next time a jihadist walks into a recruiting center in chattanooga, he is going to encounter the business and of firearms will did a dozen marines. [applause] senator cruz: in the days that follow, we will finally, finally, finally secure the borders and and sanctuary cities. [applause] we will stop releasing violent criminals, illegal aliens, and we will pass kate's law. [applause] senator cruz: in the days that follow, we will take on the epa. and the cfp be. and the alphabet soup of federal
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agencies that have defended, like locusts, that are struggling farms and ranches and small businesses and killing jobs all across this country. [applause] senator cruz: a few years back, i was out in west texas, and i people, i said, what is the difference between regulators and locusts? is, you cannotng use pesticide on the regulators. [laughter] and this old west texas farmer leaned back and said, want to bet? [laughter] [applause] you know what i'm talking about. follow, i willt go to congress and we will pass fundamental tax reform.
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we will pass a simple, flat tax. [applause] senator cruz: where every american can fill out his or her taxes on a postcard. [applause] and when we do that, we should abolish the irs. [applause] senator cruz: they are about 90,000 employees at the irs, and we need to padlock that building. take all 90,000 and put them down on our southern border. [laughter] [applause] senator cruz: now, to our friends in the media, i say that somewhat tongue in cheek.
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but, if you think about it, imagine traveling thousands of miles in the blazing sun. you are soaring across the rio grande, and the first thing that you see is 90,000 irs agents. you would turn around and go home, too. [applause] senator cruz: some of you guys may be thinking that all of this makes sense to me. it is basic common sense. live within your means. don't encrypt our kids and grandkids -- don't bankrupt our kids and grandkids. follow the constitution. but, can it be done? can we do it? scripture tells us that there is nothing new under the sun. i think where we are today is
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very, very much like and late 1970's. the same failed economic policies, the same misery, stagnation, and malaise. the same necklace and naive foreign policy. the exact same countries, russia, and iran, openly laughing at and mocking the president of the united states. that that analogy gives me so much hope and optimism? because we know how that story ended. country,s this millions of men and women rose reaganbecame the revolution. [applause] senator cruz: it did not come from washington. washington despised ronald reagan. by the way, if you see a candidate who washington
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embraces, run and hide. [laughter] senator cruz: it came from the american people, and it turned this country around. we went from misery and stagnation to booming economic growth, to millions lifted out of poverty into prosperity and the american dream. we went from our hostages languishing in iran, to winning the cold war and tearing the berlin wall to the ground. why am i so optimistic? because the same thing is happening again. all over this country, men and women are waking up. when we launched this campaign, the new york times promptly opined, ted cruz cannot win. because the washington elites despise him. i kind of thought that was the whole point of the campaign. [laughter] [applause]
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senator cruz: look, if you think that things are going great in washington, that we need to keep headed in the same basic direction, just kind of fiddle around the edges, then i am not your guy. i'm a other hand, if you think that washington is fundamentally broken, that there is a bipartisan corruption of career politicians in both parties who get in bed with the lobbyists and special interests and grow and grow and grow government, and we need to bring power out of washington and back to we, the people, that is what that campaign is all about. [applause] senator cruz: the new york times continued and said ok. maybe, the grassroots will be with ted cruz.
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but he is not going to have any money. the money is all controlled by the lobbyists and special interests in washington and all of them are backing other candidates in this race. well, just a couple of weeks ago all of the campaigns filed their fundraising reports. out of 17 republican candidates, do you know which campaign has the most money in the bank? we do. [applause] senator cruz: together we have raised over a $6.5 million, from 26.5 million-- dollars. we have more money than jeb bush does. [applause] if i would have told you six months ago that we were going to have 3.5 million
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more dollars than jeb bush, you would have said that i was parked at the moon crazy. but, do know how that happened? that came from over 360,000 contributions. people all over the country ed [laughter] senator cruz: it is ted our average contribution is $73. that is the power of the grassroots. i want to close with this. freedom is not some abstract concept. that we read about in school books. freedom is real and it is personal to each and every one of us. it is our families. for me, i think about my mom. my mom is irish and italian.
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born in lincoln, delaware, working-class, blue-collar family. her mom was the second youngest of 17 kids. they were irish catholic. [laughter] senator cruz: they did not know what else to do on a saturday night. [laughter] mom became they first person and her family ever to go to college. now, my grandfather, my mother's father, was a difficult man. he was a drunk. and he did not think that women should be educated. and he certainly did not think that his daughter should be the first person in the family to go to college. well, my mom stood up to her father, which was not an easy thing to do, and she went to rice university, graduated in 1956 with a degree in math. [applause]
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senator cruz: she went to work at shall -- shell as a computer programmer. if you want to talk about two industries, oil and gas, and computer science, neither of which was welcoming to women, she was at the intersection of both. she is to tell me how she very deliberately did not learn how to type. thesaid, look, it was 1950's. i understood the world i was living in. she said, i did not want to be walking down the hallway and have some man stopped me and say, sweetheart, would you type this for me? very, wanted to smile very sweetly and with a clean conscience sake, i would love to help you out, but i don't know how to type. i guess you're going to have to use me as a computer programmer instead. my mom turned 80 asked year.
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a woman of incredible strength of character and perseverance, and she has been a best friend to me my whole life. she is an incredible grandmother to our two little girls, caroline and catherine. then i think about my dad. my dad was born in cuba. he grew up in cuba. as a teenager, he fought in the cuban revolution. he was in prison, he was tortured. he fled cuba in 1957 and came to america at just 18 years old. he cannot speak any english. he had $100. sound into his underwear. he got a job washing dishes. he may $.50 an hour. he worked full-time, paid his way through school, he and my mom went on to start a small business. today, my dad is a pastor and he travels the country preaching the gospel.
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my whole life, my dad has in my hero. but, you know what i find most incredible about his story? it is how commonplace it is. today, wef us here have a story just like that in our backgrounds. some of us, it is us. others, it is our parents, others it is our great, great, great grandparents. but what ties americans together, each and every one of us, as we are the children of those who risked everything for freedom. and that is why i am so optimistic. because the fundamental dna of what it means to be an american is to value freedom and opportunity above all else. dad used to kid, my say to me over and over again, when we faced oppression in cuba, i had a place to flee to.
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here,lose our freedom where do we go? that, is why all of us are here tonight. because we are not willing to go quietly into the night. we are not prepared to give up on our children and grandchildren. and mark my words, if we stand together, if we stand as one and defend liberty, if we defend the constitution, if we stand up as we, the people, we can bring back and restore that last, best hope for mankind. that shining city on a hill that is the united states of america. thank you. [applause]
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senator cruz: thank you for coming. thank you. larry, thank you. answer or'm happy to dodge any question that you would like. [laughter] senator cruz: yes, sir. there is two parts to this, because one kind of goes with the other. how will you get to closing the borders if we have a problem like europe is having? it is a long time between now and a one. what would you suggest that we
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do about it to get ready? senator cruz: a great question. the question was, if i win, how will we actually secure the borders? you have had politicians talking about doing it, and if you actually look at federal law, federal law is quite robust. the problem is that we have had far too many political leaders who are unwilling to exercise the political will to carry it out. listen, i represent the state of texas, i've and significant time down on that border on this 1200 miles that we share with mexico. it is not secured right now, and it makes no sense. we need to do is we need to triple the border patrol. we need to increase fourfold the aircraft. we need to put in place fences and walls, we need to put in place a strong biometric exit and entry system. we need to put in place ace truong -- a strong verification system. most of that is existing federal
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law. the problem is that right now we have a president ignores federal law. that will change on day one, and i commit to as president that we will devote every resource possible to securing the borders . we know how to do it, we just need a president that makes it a priority and says we are going to get it done. [applause] >> under our current and ministration, how we provide american youth change that we can believe in? senator cruz: great question. how can we provide american youth change that we can believe in? if you look at young people right now, if you sat down and tried to design an agenda to hammer the living daylights out of young people, it would be difficult to come up with a more effective agenda than the obama economic agenda. let me make three simple point in that. number one, for 6.5 years, we have been tracked in stagnation.
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stagnant economic growth. young people are coming out of school with student loans up to their eyeballs scared of being able to get a job. if i do get a job, will i build any skills? can work toward a career? i understand that firsthand. when i was in high school, my parents went bankrupt. i had to take $100,000 in school and to pay my way through school. i worked two jobs. i just did a my lens five years ago. if we get back to booming economic growth, the kind that always follows when we put in place tax reform and regulatory reform, the kind of growth we saw in the 1980's under ronald reagan, the kind of growth we saw in the 1960's under jfk, the kind of growth we saw in the 1920's under calvin coolidge. it means that young people come out of school and have two or three or four or five job opportunities. you have a brighter future. number two, obamacare. one of the easiest ways to
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understand obamacare. it is a massive wealth transfer from young, healthy people to everybody else. and young people, one of the reasons that obamacare has plummeted approval rating with young people, if they realize that holy cow, i have to pay for this thing? number three, our national debt. 6.5 years, it has gone from 10 trillion to $18 trillion. larger than our entire economy. who is going to pay for all of that? our parents like and grandparents went out to vegas, took a credit card in our -ied it up and then stuck as with the bill. young people are the ones that if we do not stop that are doing, the next generation will not spend the coming decade working to meet the challenges of the future. the priorities of the next generation. our kids will spend the rest of their lives working to pay off the debt of their deadbeat
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parents and grandparents. no generation in history has ever done that to their kids. our parents not to to us. their parents not due to them. so i think in terms of obamantive message, the economy is not working and it is hammering and people. here is another part of it. it is style. you have to communicate in a way -- would it kill publicans to crack a joke? [laughter] senator cruz: i actually think with some it's sort of might. you have to have some fun. i'm reminded of a little over a year ago. i was out in california. arrived, these i posters began appearing all over los angeles. they were posters of my head on a shirtless body. it was ripped. it was covered in tattoos. a giant eagle on my chest. 26 shooters on my abdomen.
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which were a perfect eight pac. winston churchill on my right bicep. which was huge. a cigarette dangling out of my mouth. legend,e it, the blacklisted and loving it. [applause] now i have to tell you, we had nothing to do with these. this is the local street artist who just put them up. we decided, let's have some fun with it. so we posted on facebook a story about these posters. and we said, for whatever reason, these posters have begun appearing all over hollywood. i have to say, i noticed a glaring error. i don't smoke cigarettes. [laughter] [applause] senator cruz: and people laughed
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and they enjoyed it. young people laughed and shared it with their friends. that is that we have to do, is we have to energize young people that there is a better future than the one that is right now facing us. yes, sir? senator, there is a power plant not more than 10 miles from here, and it supplies power -- farm,t server part and has a lot of jobs and southwest iowa. and under obama's regulation which is probably unconstitutional, that plans would probably be closed. power would go up 200% or three and percent. my question to you is, first off, what is your policy on oil and gas and energy, and number two, which urged the state of iowa to declare itself is ensuring from this regulation? [laughter] [applause] senator cruz: i like the way you
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think. to quote the movie "german cguire" youjerry m had me at hello. in terms of energy, we should pursue all of the above. we should pursue everything. we should pursue oil and gas and coal and nuclear and wind and solar and biofuel and ethanol and all across the board we ought to use all of the tremendous resources that we have. you look at what this administration has done, and it is waging a war on energy. it has waged a war on oil and gas. it has waged a war on coal, something fierce. when president obama was just elected, he promised that by the end of his tenure he wanted to bankrupt every coal plant in america. it is one of the few instances that he was actually telling the truth.
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this makes no sense at all. you look at the so-called clean power regulation, and it is number one, utterly lawless. it is not connected in any way, shape, or form to federal statute. it is an illegal paragraph, and i will tell you as president, we will resend it. what i encourage iowa to stand up and fight, my old boss, before was in the senate, i was the solicitor general of texas. as the chief lawyer for the state in the supreme court. my old boss was great at it. then he was the attorney general. he would describe his job and say i wake up every day, go to work, sue president obama, and then i come home. [laughter] [applause] senator cruz: so, yes, i would advise i like to fight on every front. i would tell you my number one priority and the senate is economic growth. my number one priority as
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president will be economic growth, getting back to the booming growth that lives the opportunity for every american. [applause] senator cruz: we will do two more questions. >> the reason college tuition is so high is because government guarantees the loan, and if so, what are you going to do to end government guaranteed student months? senator cruz: it is a great question. you would like his shirt and the fossilt says, i heart fuels. i'm pretty sure that shirt is prohibited by the epa. you have a system where the government is now guaranteeing student months, and it has taken over student months from the private actor. it has shut down every private offer a student loans and it has monopolized it into washington. that creates all of the pressures and higher education to drive tuition higher and higher and higher.
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a second think obama and menstruation is doing is it is trying to drive out of business for profit colleges and universities. it is targeting them for persecution. apparently, because in the obama dictionary the word prophet is a -- profit is a four letter word. school not trust any that would think that their only four letters and profit. the way you drive down college tuition is to create more competition and create an environment where young people have a multitude of options rather than a government controlled monopoly. that is a we need to do is try to empower young people do have a better future going forward. that, right now, is not happening in the obama administration. last question. yes, sir. when george dubya bush got
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into office, bill clinton went after gun rights and george w. bush got in there and nothing happened. what are you going to do about not only a second amendment, but also the first amendment? that might be exaggerated, but what are you going to do to lock the constitution and so people or people going to say shut up and don't even bother? [applause] thank you, sir, when a question. i've spent most of my adult life fighting to defend the constitution and the bill of rights. when i was 13 -- 14 years old, i got involved in a group called free enterprise group in houston.
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i toured the state of texas speaking about the constitution. i want to stand up to fight and defend free-market is in the constitution. i was kind of weird kid. i used to use this as an example. every political candidate if you go to their website they always have an issue on the second amendment, there
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is a right to their in a republican primary. in texas or in iowa which is i support the second amendment. must you are clinically insane, that is the right answer. now i like to point out a few of my with type one of the first things people notice is we do not have an issue page. i actually don't say i support the second amendment. i don't say a word about what is hidden in the deep recesses of my heart. what we haven't said is a paid label revision record. what it says is for too long politicians of said one thing and another. everyone of us should have any candidate you say you believe this will show me. what if you stood up and fought
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asrida for it one of you,? the scriptures say, don't know them by their need. status of fighting or conservative: winning national. when he gets the second that the when i say is solicitor general of texas, i will listen 31 date in front of the u.s. supreme court defending the individual might not right to keep and bear arms and we won. in 2010, the nra awarded me there reading fund award given each year to one of the leading others of the amendment entire country.
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2013 i led the fight on the second amendment to stop their unconscious is going to and we defeated every proposal on the or the senate. [applause] >> that's the reason why haswners of america formally endorsed me in the presidential race. because they said look there a lot of good republicans who talk about the second amendment that nobody else has the record of walking the walk in writing to defend our second amendment rights and bear arms. let me close with this. i want to thank all of you for being here.
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thank you for coming out tonight for staying up. you agree with me that our crisis, if you agree with me that it is now or never we cannot keep going down this road. then i want to ask each of you to do anything first of all i ask you to join us. we're building a grassroots army on across the state of iowa and the. our statewide chairman is here. to ask each of you join us.
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join us, sign up and commit tonight to show up. now and commit to volunteer and increasing we are building an army across the state. the second thing i want to ask each and every one of you to do was to go home and when you get home go to our website ted and contribute. some of the all caps can max out. can do that love you. you have my word every penny will be spent rather positive optimistic hopeful conservative message. everyone of you can contribute something. can give $10 or $25 or $50 worth hundred dollars. if you're in high school 10 boxes the cost of the.
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i'll tell you why matter so much. when you contribute, you have skin in the game. when you contribute your invested that is not my campaign is our campaign that's what makes you pick up the phone and call your neighbor or e-mail your sister or brother get on facebook it on twitter talk you're probably something, and join me on the cold february evening at the caucus. the selection matters area i know this guy area this matters for my kids and my great aunts and our future. the third thing i would ask each and every one of you to do is pray. crisis and is in list of our nation and prayer that americans keep waking up
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that this spirit of revival that is leaving this country continues to rise because if we stand together and get back to the constitutional liberties that built this we will turnther this country around. i'm convinced 26 team will be an 1980, we will win by following reagan's admonition by aiming and bold colors pale pastel. we've done it before you do it again, thank you. [applause]
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grace is texas senator ted cruz braces way downstairs we will begin to take your phone calls. open at thenes are numbers on your screen. we will take tweets as well.
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and your thoughts on facebook pages would begin with don who joins us from california. , chancey from you. good evening. what to do here tonight? he did a very good speech. in my going to get a chance asking the question host: unfortunately not. he's getting a place area caller: i give a very good speech tonight and what i wanted to say is i'm a lifelong regret was in the process of registering republican because -- myty has turned brother at the benghazi hearing
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answer every question asked she either pleaded ignorance incompetence or indifference. my party still wants her for president. host: thanks for the call. good evening. did you watch the town hall schumer caller: not the whole thing. what did you think? executing testing. i will be 18 by the time the primary comes around and i am very proud to say that ted cruz is my first choice for president. host: why is that? everything about senator cruz is right. just ihis book there is have yet to hear anything that i disagree with senator cruz area couragehows the kind of
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it's needed in politics today. i plan to be a politician later in life. cruz president reagan on the two model i have. lincoln chafee announced formally he is stepping down from the democratic race, one of four candidates speaking here in washington. we caught up with carly fiorina carolina. tomorrow night we are in des moines iowa for the democratic worries jefferson jackson day dinner. to gop florida. caller: good evening. comment, we came in on the end of the speech. it was very good. what we did here, i wanted to that's one thing.
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i would also like to know about >> mr. cruz -- [indiscernible]
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i have this question for mr. cruz. the constitution clearly states that any house or senate member is in question any time for some sort of illegal activity is render their seat until said investigation is over my question for him is what would he do based on actual host: thanks to all. using this opportunity to get a reaction from you about the town hall meeting.
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cruz infrom k says ted our morning went will talk about the republican race. we'll take a look at the democratic party raise. david joins us from maine area my parents were jimmy carter democrat and i grew up in that household. now the national landscape that were and i'm noticing we're not just democrats and republicans. what its talking about means for people who are trying to save money seniors who have it in the bank and the announcement bank account go to
9:40 pm
the bank and there's a confident this day that pays less than 0%. host: thank you very much. joining us from i wise senator cruz area thank you very much for joining us >> thank you for having me it's great to be with you. what have we learned about previous campaigns? one of the big failures of previous campaigns is that burn rate area they hemorrhage cash to. money goes out the door like crazy.
9:41 pm
they'll ask are you going private? as a yes absolutely. the 737 says southwest airlines on the side of it. usually i'm in the a group. sayingthe things i love a bunch of mine editors private. that money has been it's why our campaign has more money in the bank than any single republican candidate area we are very herbal. we're trying to say that every penny we raise. we're trying to save everything we raise to actually's and communicate of the optimistic hopeful conservative message to host: you area
9:42 pm
now third in iowa at the expense of donald trump. seeing isat we're conservatives coalescing behind our campaign it's a very encouraging development. historically have you looked past republican races there is typically been a moderate lane and a conservative one and in past releases there's been early on one consensus moderate and all the money gets behind the candidate. conservatives there are a bunch of us and nobody has any money and they like cats and dogs. the past the moderate when the and then goes on to lose the general because he can't and that turned conservatives out about. you look at the moderate lane there are a number of candidates competing like crazy. they are fighting like cats and dogs just like conservatives
9:43 pm
usually do but on the conservative side you look at institute dropped out both good strong conservatives what we are is themore and more conservative lane coalescing behind our campaign and i think the reason is simple like that with what i call campaign conservatives. people talk good game on the trail but have not walked the walk in there looking for consistent conservatives someone who is the same yesterday today and tomorrow area think that's the reason we're getting so much energy and excitement is that i'm the only candidate in this race who has been a consistent conservative episcopal social conservative. i have a proven record. i think that's why were sing some of grassroots energy. we have a number of people want to talk to you. christian is joining us from the
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republican line from virginia. caller: hello senator cruz. ronald reagan is probably my biggest hero as far as politics go. i just have to say you have given me new hope for the republican party. you have energized me in a way that i've not even years. other candidate out there that i feel can do the job to really turn this country around. i just want you to now it you don't get a chance in basement much i want you to know there is just massive some are out there for you. suit or in00 strong you and writing for you every >> thank you so
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much for the kind words of encouragement. thank you for the prayers. i love to be lifted up by the intercessory heirs of people all over the country. heidi and i feel that if projection. i'm inspired by what i see every allt when i see people across the country the grassroots rising up. that's what it will take to save this country. i'm energized and fired by your passion and dedication and i'm so proud that we are doing this together. host: mississippi on the democrats line. mr. cruz, i sort of lean towards democrat caught my attention and i appreciate what you do because you have written the proble


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