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tv   Washington Journal  CSPAN  October 25, 2015 7:00am-7:46am EDT

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's exams to do with it. then the discussion of justin trudeau as canadian prime minister. "washington journal" is next. >> and 100 days, the people of .owa will decide new leadership or the same old battles of the past? actions or words? do we want to get things done, or do we want to just keep shouting past each other? it is not about polls and pundits. it is about you. you decide whether we move forward, or whether we move back. ♪ maryland's former governor, one of three democratic presidential candidates addressing iowa democrats at last night's jefferson jackson dinner in des
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moines. with just over three months caste the first mo votes are , it was a turning week. candidates dropping out, and joe biden announcing he is not getting in. here in washington this week, the president spending much of his week at the white house. he is in chicago on tuesday, to speak to the police chief, and attend a democratic fundraiser. house republicans selecting a new speaker, as john boehner formally steps down on friday. paul ryan of wisconsin will become the 62nd speaker of the house. we will have coverage of the house republican conference and the vote this week. first, what is the state of the 2016 race as the field begins to shrink? (202) 748-8001 for republicans. (202) 748-8000 for democrats.
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.202) 745-8002 for independents you can also send us a tweet at @cspanwj, or join us on facebook at good sunday morning. thank you very much for being with us. in "the des moines register" three democrats, hillary clinton, bernie sanders, and martin o'malley, speaking to democrats. iowa is just now stepping up to the plate for the first in the nation caucuses and plenty of opportunities for shakeups before february 1. democrats lost three choices for president -- vice president joe biden opting against running, and jim webb, and lincoln chafee bowing out. inforecast what will happen
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the hundred days, look at who has the most in the bank account, who is pulling, and who is reeling in the most influential endorsements. that story this morning from "the des moines register." here are some headlights from -- highlights from last night, including bernie sanders. [video clip] you back to atake very of the full-year, and decision in the modern history of our country. the year is 2002. the issue is whether congress should vote to invade iraq. public opinion and most of the media were for the war. , the big majorities pro-war as were
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well. overwhelming support in the house and the senate. i listened carefully to what bush and cheney and rumsfeld had to say, and i said, no, they are not telling the truth. [cheering] i was right. [applause] brothers and sisters -- !> bernie >> it gives me no choice but tell you that most of what i predicted about iraq turned out to be right. a tough i came to that fork of the road, and i took the right road, even though it was not popular at that time. host: an issue that dominated the 2008 campaign, and many
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attribute to the success of barack obama in that democratic primary, and issue coming up again, as bernie sanders challenges hillary clinton. the latest poll showing hillary clinton of seven points in the iowa caucuses. .etails available online this tweet -- i want the clinton era back. on our facebook page, maria saying, tired of the commercialism and politics. full coverage from us may available on our website, you can send us a tweet at @cspanwj. us from hereining in washington, d.c., republican line. caller: thank you for taking my call. i got up early this morning to participate in this program.
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believe this is a unique opportunity in the next states to get rid of dynasties -- the bush or clinton dynasties. secondly, to get rid of the possibility of entering wars that drain the resources of the , whether in benghazi, new york, or washington, d.c. i believe that hillary clinton is the worst candidate because we will never forget her face. you can you do -- youtube
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hillary clinton laughing at the debt of benghazi. not only did she last, but i came, i saw, aughed.died, i l many people around the world, , who theyally those , they reallyd to believe it. i think voting for will be going back. she is a master deceiver, like her husband was. host: roberto from here in washington, thank you for getting up early. this is from another viewer who win, sadly, hillary will easily, the benghazi hearings
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clinched it for her, thanks, republicans. you heard just a moment ago where bernie sanders went the war inry over iraq. last night, bernie sanders launched a new frontal attack on hillary clinton's record, caution, and character, a direct response to her recent surge in the polls, and fueled by her strong performance at the first amid credit debate earlier in the month. gamble,t represents a and a nice guy candidate, turning to attack mode, sacrificing his reputation as an authentic voice of the people. joining us from new york, independent line. good sunday morning to you. caller: good morning. overall, i am very dissatisfied with the media coverage of all of these things.
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when it comes to benghazi, they said she was for. you,e be honest with there is no connection with her directly. sent on heris for me, the media wants to tell us that she is a winner, and they demonize the republicans as the stupid idiots . when clinton came yesterday to it means we are .n the dynasty the other side ask like a dummy. america, wake up. we are not in a democracy at all
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. it looks like a family business. if you are telling me that the clinton era was a foolish.ra, fulle host: another viewer disagreeing, hillary clinton has demonstrated that she is ready to leave the country. from "time" magazine, vice president joe biden says the window has closed for his bid, ending any chance for him running for the white house. by the way, he will appear on 60 minutes, a sitdown interview with norah o'donnell that took place yesterday at the vice 's residents. willie joining us from savannah, georgia. this race, what do you think so far? steve. good morning,
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first of all, let me thank you for hosting c-span, one of my favorite shows. vice-president joe biden dropping out of the race, i wish he would have stayed in, by think right now, hillary clinton can carry the hasage that barack obama delivered for the last eight years. let's think about it, the kabul , the president brought us out of the ditch. the jobs, the economy, the stock market. there's so many things that i think senator hillary clinton , and serveue to do the american people. , history is going to repeat itself again. george bush, george bush junior, now it will be sister hillary
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clinton. behink it would administering for the american people to realize that the economy, and the way things wo ere during president clinton, and barack obama, have brought this country back to prosperity. host: thank you for the call from savannah, georgia. , shebrown has this tweet says the following, at the end ,f the day, i think it will be unfortunately, jeb bush and hillary clinton chosen as our presidential voting choices. at 91:rning, "bush irritated and invigorated by writing, these are confounding days for the bush family and the network of advisors, donors, and supporters who have helped sustain a
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political dynasty. have watched the rise of donald trump with alarm, and seeing how jeb bush has languished, despite early advantages. jeb bush's campaign, announcing this past week, a 40 percent cutback in staff and salaries, as a way to save money. by the way, we set down with senator ted cruz on friday evening, and he talked about ,hat, saying he flies southwest in privates fly planes. you can watch that at fromext caller joining us arizona, democrats line. the state of the race, what do you think? caller: i think mr. bernie sanders, i will support him fully. i think he is the only one who can get us out of this quagmire.
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, ok?roblem is taxation if they wanted smaller government, why didn't they cut the government down before they crashed the economy with the big tax cuts? that is number one. i can give you about 17 different ones. let me tell you the essence of the whole problem. the people of this country are .ot represented the corporations are represented because they can help anyone they want to rake the market for funde with money, or hedge managers. let me tell you, the only way to correct it is two ways. they have to be done real quickly. voting, have mandated or you can find, and also, to funded
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with that, you can rest assured that people will be represented, and another thing you can rest assured that you will go by the constitution. host: let me go back to your point. that has been brought up in the past, requiring citizens over the age of 18 to vote. you suggested otherwise paying a fine. in a country that is built around individual freedoms, how realistic is that? caller: people have the freedom to ruin their lives because they get so tired of everything. corporations are the only ones that advance. the constitution was written for the country. in other words, the stolen country. i will be truthful. slaves people, and the immigrants that had to come out here, or die from starvation.
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it has been rigged, ok? host: thank you very much for being with us. let's go back to "the des moines register," a recap of the last it is the biggest party of the year in iowa. a simple that it is the final stretch before the first of the nation caucuses on february 1, as well as when the real fever pitch activity begins. hillary clinton arriving, in a position of strength, but she released the star power of her husband, bill clinton's first public comments, and also katy perry, in a concert that attracted thousands. here is a portion of last night's speech with hillary clinton. [video clip]
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winner is a democrat in the white house, america creates more jobs. the economy grows faster, and deficits are smaller. it when ih they hate say this, recessions happene for times more frequently under republican presidents. [applause] afford to go back to republicans failed policies. for myt running husband's third term, and i'm not running for barack obama's third term, i am running for my first term. [cheering] and, i am running as a proud democrat.
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[applause] need to defend the progress we have made under president until all build on it americans have the chance to raise their income. host: hillary clinton, one of three democrats speaking last night at the jefferson jackson dinner. we were live into the evening. we covered katy perry and former president bill clinton outside the event that took lace and earlier in the afternoon. this morning, maureen dowd is writing about hillary clinton, and her testimony before the house select committee. she writes, no one plays the hillary
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hillary turns around and uses the sympathy. if her republican opponent's get and her face and an overbearing way, she turns around and uses sympathy, and gendered -- engendered to win a senate seat. hillary clinton is never more alluring than when a bunch of her. faced white men bully from cedar hill, texas, republican line, good morning. caller: good morning. i do not think much of the democrats in iowa, and why they always think that if they go to iowa and give speeches, and katy perry,ike hilla
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they will get votes. ignoret know why they the rest of america. hardly any democrats have come to texas, except for bernie sanders erie i pray he is the nominee and not hillary clinton. i feel that if he is the nominee, republicans are sure to win, which i am hoping for. give not right why they iowa so much attention. it is a full primary, you know. i think it is ridiculous how little attention is put on states like texas, and why so much attention is put on states like iowa, nevada, south carolina. it does not make sense to me. i think bernie overall was the best speaker last night. or not a democrat, wo independent, or anything, i'm a
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republican, but it seems like his agenda is a progressive socialist, and i admire his honesty. host: this story on the bush tweet on theis bush family, does george w. bush have star power? and, paul ryan said to become the 62nd speaker of the house this week. it is true that there have been a couple of bumps on what would , ae been a smooth path boulder or to have appeared, and yes, the weather will not always be sunny as the railroad tracks towards -- chugs towards a
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republican future. that is the opinion of the crystal. -- bill kristol. kimberly, good morning. lastr: i agree with the gentleman. i honestly think that hillary clinton would lie under oath. host: that is your comment? caller: she is a double dipper. she has enough pensions coming in. she ought to retire and be a grandmother. give us all a break. host: we will go next to bob, joining us from florida, as we look at the way clinton last night in iowa. good morning, bob. caller: yes, sir. i think hillary clinton or sanders, they need to run together, just like obama did with biden.
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right now, they are fighting for the vote. they would make a good match. fact, at the end of the day, they are going to agree. hillary, if she sits down with republicans, you know what will happen. nothing is going to happen. host: alt from florida, thank you for being with us. we welcome our listeners on irius xm, channel 124. it is also streamed on the web at we also have an iphone app to listen to c-span radio. our focus this morning, the jefferson jackson dinner last night, and the state of the 2016 race. this is from marie who says, under the democrats, we have had seven years of high unemployment, increased food
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stamps, and welfare recipients. these words from "washington post," clinton as far from on a glide path to the white house, but the past, if she can weather the primary challenge from bernie sanders, will be made easier if republicans disqualify themselves as a party ready and able to govern and one that is offering an agenda that a majority of americans are prepared to endorse. the hearing was more of a manifestation of a party buffeted by conservative grassroots activists, who are deeply unhappy that washington is not changed overnight, and suspicious of their own leaders as they are angry with obama and clinton. fromis joining us
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wisconsin, democrats line, good morning. caller: i'm for bernie sanders. i just wish the people of the country would wake up and realize he is the only one that is not paid for by the billionaires. if the middle-class and poor people in this country stand a chance, we have rid of the ordinary politicians that have too many people they have to account for the are not the american people. i cannot say anything moving -- i cannot see anything moving up if we do not get rid of the gridlock. i'm afraid, with hillary clinton, the republicans are so against her, and so bitter of the clintons that all they will get done is try to stop anything and everything that she might try to get through to help the middle class people of this country. bernie sanders, and bless your heart for being willing to stand up and trying to help the american people. we cannot have the normal
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politicians anymore. they are taking us down, and taking us down fast. thank you. host: brian waiting in on martin o'malley, saying, o'malley is clearly the choice for democrats. place yesterday in louisiana, getting a lot of attention on the sunday morning, revolving at -- involving a current republican senator, vitter, surviving months of attacks, including references to his 2007 prostitution cycle. representativee edwards, who finished first in the open primary, that according to the ap, he starts the month-long sprint ahead towards the elections.
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louisiana is unlikely to pick up the state for democrats. edwards, a west point graduate, and former army ranger, is the perfect candidate to take on vitter. that story this morning from .olitico the runoff will take place next month. let's go to jim, joining us from fort lauderdale, florida, republican line. ?hat do you think caller: i'm glad that bernie sanders is finally giving some criticism to hillary clinton. i'm really sick and tired of the general media telling me what to think about hillary clinton. her head off lied in the hearings, and we are being told that it was a big victory for hillary clinton.
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what is the iq of the people watching these hearings struck our cannot believe it. hillary didg that admit to is that she left at 8:00 p.m. on the night of the benghazi attack, claiming that she knew everything was over with. it was not over with at all. you know what, if something was happening in my job, and i told my boss that i was reading at 8:00 p.m., while was still going on, i would have been fired. that is what should have .appened to hillary clinton these bought and paid for comments, people have a short memory about the election of john mccain and barack obama. one of the two candidates shouldd that the races only be financed by the national donations for races, and make them equal. one of the candidates was against that.
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who was that? was a john mccain? no. it was barack obama who wanted to comeoutside pac's in. john mccain wanted it to be equal. this lying.t's stop i'm sick and tired of the general media protecting hillary clinton when she is lying through her teeth. they proved she is lying through her teeth, yet the national media is making it like it doesn't matter, or something. i'm tired of this. host: who is your candidate as a republican? kasich, i think, has the message, the message that can pull this nation together. he is a very, very capable person. unfortunately, it is not registering with people. i honestly don't think the american voter knows how to think. host: thank you for the call from fort lauderdale.
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ben carson is 64. donald trump is 69. donald trump is wrapping up attacks against ben carson. anita,t caller is joining us from san antonio, texas, democrat line. seeer: i honestly do not what republican will be able to stand up to hillary clinton. she just met over 11 hours at that hearing being paraded -- berated by these republicans, who really did not seem to have anything to ask her. they really just wanted to beat up on her, and find a way to embarrass her, and yet, she spent 11 hours there, calmly answering their questions, putting up with them. donald trump, ben
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carson, or any of the other republicans being able to do that. i think the republicans are falling apart. kasichgot jeb bush, john , not even in the single digits. the people in the lead are people like ben carson and donald trump, who are totally unelectable. i do not see who will be able to run against hillary clinton. she seems to be the only one -- she has, i don't know, the ability to understand. she is presidential. i do not see any of the other republicans that look presidential to me. host: we cut up with donald trump friday at his property in miami. he held a campaign rally friday evening and talked about ben carson. [video clip] going to doe are great and i went. here is the story. such press. seen
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my wife called and said, how bad is it? they made it sound again is the greatest defeat in history. the bad part is it would not have even been mentioned, it would not be a story. i said to myself, look, i'm going to be nice. i have to talk about it. carson is the one who is leading iowa, supposedly. i said, i have to talk about it. a friend of mine who happens to be a great, great athlete. he happens to be african-american. he calls himself black. i say, i can't say that, it's not politically correct. he said, donald, you are the greatest trash talker that ever lived. he said, i never thought i would say it about a white guy.
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i refuse to knowledge -- he said, when you said, "low-energy" for bush, you do find him so incredibly, it's over. it's over. it was just defined. super lown carson is energy right? super low-energy. we need tremendous energy. host: donald trump in miami on friday, all part of our road to the white house coverage. it is all on we are talking about the state of the race, the democrats and iowa last night. the "washington post" story on donald trump and ben carson -- carson's plan is to take a deliberately gentle approach to his flamboyant rival, said
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armstrong williams, carson's confidant and business manager. people expect you to have a certain level of class and dignity, wealth does not give you temperament or discipline. that is this morning from inside "the washington post." norment, joining us from ohio, good morning. caller: good morning, c-span. well i was wide to say on 50lary clinton is i think years ago, she would have been indicted, and on trial by now. i do not understand what the outrage is. there is no outrage from the politicians in washington. they cannot understand why these outsiders are rising to the top. it amazes me. the caller from texas, on the
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nominating process, i will first, then new hampshire, that has to go away. by the time he gets to texas, ohio, we have no say on who gets nominated. that is all i have to say. host: ben carson appeared on the .loomberg politics program he was asked about the latest charges by donald trump. [video clip] one would be on the taxation plan. he feels that a substantial number of people should be excluded from federal taxes, and i do not. i feel like everyone has to have skin in the game. other thing is on illegal immigrants. i would give people an opportunity. it would be a defined period of time to register, and payback tax policies, and pay taxes going forward, if they have a pristine record, and could be
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guest workers, if they were willing to work in the segment that we designate for them. that would be primarily segments that americans don't want to work. >> it would be a path to legal status? >> it would be a path to legal status, but not citizenship. >> not deportation like donald trump suggests? >> i do not think that would be practical. host: from the program, all due respect." meanwhile, from "cq weekly," , as paul ryanryan is set to become the new speaker. meanwhile, john boehner prepares to say goodbye. he does that leave the office until friday, but the moving
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boxes are already piling up, dozens of ohio staffers have begun packing up their belongings, uncertain if they will be asked to stay on board succeeds.ryan speaker boehner using the opportunity to deliver the republican media addressed this week. he talks about the d.c. school system, one of his pet projects. [video clip] >> if you have the resources, you already have school choice. poor and stuck in a bad neighborhood, your child will not have a chance. to me, that is fundamentally unfair. your zip code should not decide your fate. education should, and can be, the great equalizer. this week, the house voted to renew the scholarship
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opportunity program for another five years. i hope the senate will follow suit, and we can get it to the president's desk. this bill will not solve all the problems in our schools, and it is not designed to. education reform is another big job ahead of us. this is the chance to do something, make a difference for our kids. if we can make it work here, we can make it work anywhere. if you do the right things for the right reasons, good things will happen. i hope we will come together to do the right thing for our kids. thank you, and god bless. says speaker john boehner thank you, and talks about this being the greatest country on earth. as final week, this week, speaker. larry is joining us from indianapolis, good morning to you. caller: thank you for taking my call. i'm a bernie sanders supporter.
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i know people are trying about socialism, but we artie have already havew -- socialism now. for example, don't wear a seatbelt, and see what happens. i would like to see bernie and hillary together. i would like to see bernie as president, hillary as second. when you look at the republican party, look how they turned on boehner. boehner is really not a bad guy. this benghazi, look at the money that was wasted. republicans are really out of .ouch with this country look at how they turned on boehner.
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the: linda feldmann, from "christian science monitor" will join us in a few minutes as we continue our conversation on the 2016 presidential race. sam is from oklahoma, good morning. caller: thank you for taking my call. bernie sanders, i love bernie sanders, i always have. as aroblem with bernie, democrat, we have to win this race, and i think it best chance is with hillary. i would love for trump and hurried to have a debate. , just likerush him she did with the committee. people have to realize, when president clinton was in office,
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and how well we were doing. remember this, when you get hillary, you also get him. you get a two-for-one deal. that is really all i have to say . host: when you go to the ballot in oklahoma city, and you have a choice between senator sanders and secretary clinton, which ballot will you cast? caller: i will cast for hillary. host: thanks for the call. larry has this point, saying, hillary was all lawyered up for the hearing, the first will appoint, don't let them make you mad or authentic. rumble -- ready to grumble.
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ryan better prepare for prom tr? hillary's e-mails will not look fake anymore. that is from this morning in "the weekly standard." mark joining us from minnesota, welcome to the program. caller: i always find that kerry is the double standard with regard to how republicans are supposed to behave and democrats are supposed to behave. i think in this example five from the piece you just read from fred barnes, and the other piece earlier. the republicans are always expected to reach across the aisle, and be reasonable, and get along with everyone, and represent all americans, and everything, and yet, the democrats get to be angry. you take a look at bernie
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sanders at the jefferson jackson damnnight -- damn cheney, rumsfeld. mouthet some bad the republicans, and never make reach across the aisle. i could not disagree more with the caller from arizona that says people should be forced to vote. ofo not think it would be benefit to have a bunch of people who are ignorant of the political process, and what is going on in this country, and have more concerns about the kardashians, and lamar odom, and things like that. dinner, katyo the , and several thousand people, singing to the crowd.
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at the conclusion, hillary kathy is next out from maryland, good morning. i believeod morning hillary clinton is going to be the best candidate for president of the united states. not because of her husband's record, but because she is believable. you understand what i'm saying? in has handled herself hearings on benghazi, and also proven a great record of being very, very in touch with people. i believe she is going to be the best person to run this country. just because her husband also had a surplus of money, i think she is also going to fall in his footsteps, and be a great leader
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for this country. host: rate is next. good morning from massachusetts. who is your candidate in this race? caller: i'm not sure, but i agree that i was should not be so important. in listening and watching the program for the last hour, it is really scary. it makes you realize how uninformed the american people have become. i think it is the worst in history. one person is going to elect hillary clinton because she is presidential. the other person is going to elect hillary clinton because she understands the people. it is called google, do a little research. she is by far corrupts. her scandals, and how she got where she is -- if she were a republican, this country would be going berserk to make sure


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