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tv   Washington This Week  CSPAN  October 25, 2015 3:38pm-5:01pm EDT

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>> if you want to see any of the eight and a half hours of testimony from former secretary of state hillary clinton, we have it for you anytime online at our website, the benghazi committee with a topic of discussion on the sunday morning talk shows. andeard from the chair ranking member. they each gave their up in unions on the investigation moving forward. -- they each gave their opinions on the investigation moving forward. i do not send a subpoena to secretary clinton. she wanted it to be in public. i wrote a letter giving her an option and she chose public and that is well within her rights. i can tell you that of the 50
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some odd interviews we have done this far, the vast majority of them have been private and you do not see the bickering among the members of congress in private interviews. you do not see any of that. the tv camera adds to the grandstanding on both sides of the aisle? rep gowdy: what do you think? you have been following congress for a long time. in the private interviews, there's never any of what you saw. it's one hour on the republican side, one hour on the democrat side, which is why you are going to see the next two dozen interviews done privately. look at the other investigations being done. the lowest learner investigation, was that public or private? ones always produce better results. from the very beginning, i said we were looking for the truth, the whole
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truth, and nothing but the truth. in many instances, we found ourselves having to not defend secretary clinton, but make sure the record was complete and i'm glad the public had an opportunity to see all of that. when you are looking at what we were asking about, they were the things we were supposed to be dealing with from the very beginning. when the families came in, many with tears in their eyes, they asked us to only do three things -- one, they asked us to make this did we made sure not happen again. they wanted us to look for the facts, more facts than we already had, and they asked for one final thing -- they asked us turnke sure we did not this into a political football. we were trying to make sure we defended the truth. >> as the house and ghazi
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committee continues its work, there is another investigation regarding the abortion practices of planned parenthood after an investigation panel was created by a nearly partyline vote, house speaker john boehner named eight republicans to serve on the panel. marsha blackburn will act as chair. housed yet as to whether democrats will participate but a decision is expected soon according to a democratic a. -- democratic aide. capital billn's producer. i usually cover the house and senate, what legislation is going on, and other key events on capitol hill. we as a network emitted to covering the hearings gavel-to-gavel. it was a very high profile hearing. we've covered all of the hearings on benghazi.
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at seven :00 in the morning. the crews were set up and had put cameras in before and got in their places very early in the morning for our morning show, washington journal, so they could show what was going on in the hearing room. i was tweeting things happening inside the room and showing what the camera crew was doing, how they committee was setting up. made sure we were as close as possible, getting the key moment when she came into the building and then went into an annex room across the hall with her team and her staff. the reporters were assigned, whether they were print or assigned signed -- tasks they could report of. saying iteople were was their first hearing and they wanted to be there for this historic moment. the endd a picture at
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that shows secretary clinton talking to other members of the house, mainly democrats and she seemed very please. gowdy, who was sweating at the time seemed to be happy once the hearing had concluded. i thought the most interesting thing where the conversations that did not get captured on camera. thentioned one about chairman and ms. clinton's aid, but there were other members of congress talking to each other. we devote gavel to gavel coverage to the house on c-span .nd the senate on c-span2 when it comes time for those key hearings, we are there. we devote resources of cameras, putting it on television, radio, and online and making sure viewers completely understand without any commentary that entire event.
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events,one of those key covering this event with mrs. hillary clinton before the house select committee on benghazi that i think a lot of people will remember for years on. >> all campaign long, c-span takes you on the road to the white house. unfiltered access to the candidates, at town hall meetings, rallies and speeches. we are taking your comments on twitter, on facebook and by phone. every campaign we cover is available on our website at democratic presidential candidates, hillary clinton, martin o'malley, and bernie sanders were in iowa last night for the annual jefferson-jackson dinner. all three spoke were -- spoke for about way five minutes each and were introduced by andy mcguire.
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>> can we just give our thanks to our staff? the bartenders and ushers who have worked so hard to make this event successful? [applause] i am now honored to welcome our featured speakers this evening. our democratic presidential candidates. who here once the democratic -- you hear watched the democratic nicee last week? wasn't it to listen to people who know what they are talking about? we have thoughtful, impassioned
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plans for this nation. we are so honored to have them all here tonight. it is us, tonight, iowa democrats who are going to make sure we keep the white house blew and can continue -- blue, and continue to move the country forward. let's get started. [applause] for decades, bernie sanders has been fighting for justice and equality with an unwavering willingness to stand up -- [applause] [cheers] [whistles] with an unwillingness -- unwavering willingness to stand up for what is right, instead of what is politically experienced, holding wall street accountable, and taking on the billionaire
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class, trade deals that cost american jobs, and eating out against disastrous wars. this is bernie sanders. his authentic the of our declining middle class, and honest assessment of the rigs economy responsible for the decline is what is fueling bernie's call for a political revolution. [applause] over 300 and 50 -- 350,000 people have come to hear him speak. a record-breaking 750,000 individuals have made more than one million contributions, averaging about $30 per donation. [applause] hundreds, hundreds of volunteers and thousands have already nine organize across the nation --
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one thing is clear, the revolution starts here. please join me in welcoming bernie sanders. [applause] ♪[guitar plays] i was walking down the street in the town where i was born. i was moving to a beat i had never felt before i took a look around i saw it across the sky, the revolution comes around yeah, the revolution starts now
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bernie sanders: thank you. [applause] thank you, iowa. [applause] now, we just heard from president obama who reminded me of something i think we should think about. that is to reach out to our republican friends and colleagues who are suffering from a very, very serious illness. they suffer from amnesia. [applause] they forgot what the world looks like -- looked like seven years ago. they forgot that a hundred
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thousand people a month -- 800,000 people a month from losing their jobs. they forgot that the world's financial system was on the verge of collapse. and they just forgot that we ran off the largest -- up the largest deficit in the history of the united states in the last year of george bush. [applause] so we wish our republican friends well on the road to recovery. and we tell them what every american knows, yes we have problems today, but everybody knows, thanks to the president and vice president we have made real progress in improving the economy. [applause]
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and we have done that despite unprecedented obstructionism from right-wing republicans. [applause] let me begin by thanking all of you for being here tonight. i think dr. acquire for her great work as chair of the iowa credit party. i want to thank you for your patriotism. for your love of our country. and for doing today what too few americans of are not doing -- americans are not doing. you are not standing on the sidelines complaining.
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you are not turning your backs on the political process. you are standing up, and fighting back. [applause] and that is what this campaign is about. and it is what the political revolution is about. when you see the middle-class of this country disappearing. and when you see people you know working two or three jobs, trying to cobble together some income and health care, you do not just shrug your shoulders and say, that is the way it is.
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you fight to raise the minimum wage to a living wage. [applause] $15 an hour. [applause] and we fight for pay equity for women workers. [applause] when millions of americans today do not have jobs. you fight for a massive federal jobs program to rebuild our crumbling infrastructure. [applause] and to put millions of our people back to work. [applause] you fight for an economy that
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works for all americans and not just the wealthiest people in this country. [applause] when you see -- when you see that the united states has more income and wealth inequality than any other major country on earth, and when you see that almost all of the new income being generated today is going to the top 1%, you know -- you know and the american people know that that is not moral, not sustainable, and you demand that the wealthiest people in this country and the largest corporations start paying their
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fair share of taxes. [applause] when you see that here in the united states, we have more people in jail than any other country honor -- on earth, disproportionately black and latino, you know that what we have got to do is invest in jobs and education, not more jails and incarceration. [applause] when you saw the united states supreme court in one of the worst decisions in the history
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of our country past the citizens united case. [booing] which allows the wealthiest people in this country to a socially elections, and by candidates -- essentially buy elections and buy candidates, you voted to overturn citizens united. i promise you that no nominee of mine to the supreme court will be voting to support citizens united. they will be voting to overturn citizens united. [applause] now while many in the republican party continue to deny the
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reality of climate change, you have demanded that we lead the international effort in transforming our energy system away from fossil fuel to energy efficiency and sustainable energy. [applause] and you understand the moral imperative -- moral imperative that we leave this planet in a way that is healthy and habitable for our children, and our grandchildren. [applause] you are not on the sidelines of the struggles. you are in the middle of this fight.
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and that is what our campaign is all about. [applause] six months ago when i began my campaign for president of the united states of america, and when we announced that we were going to take on the political and economic establishment of this country very few people knew who i was. that is a fact. i may have a be -- big ego, but that is a fact. we worried -- we were at about 3% in the polls. we had no money. we had no political organization. well, and the last six months
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things have changed. [applause] -- in the last six months things have changed. [applause] yes they have. hundreds of thousands of volunteers in every state in this country are working hard, including 7000 right here in iowa. [applause] we have brought out to our rallies and town meetings, over 300,000 americans. [applause] and we have drawn some of the largest turnout of any campaign. -- turnouts of any campaign. and today i can tell you, and i am proud of this, that we have raised more individual
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contributions than any candidate in the history of our country at this point in the campaign. [applause] and the average contribution is $30 apiece. [applause] now the pundits, the great political experts have said that in this day and age you cannot win a campaign unless you have a super pac. unless you go -- [booing] unless you go to the millionaires and billionaires and you back for money -- beg for money. [booing] well, i am the only democratic candidate for president who does
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not have a super pac. [applause] and we are going to prove the experts wrong. because we are going to win this campaign. [applause] and by the way, just to remember -- about eight years ago all of the political experts talked about how another democratic candidate for president just could not win. he was unelectable. the remember that guy? what is his rename -- his name? it is president obama. [applause] well iowa, i think we are going
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to prove the pundits wrong again. i believe we are going to make history one more time. now i know that my political life is not as well-known as some other candidates. let me just take a brief moment in the remaining time i have to talk to you about some of the difficult choices, decisions, that i have had to make. some of the forks of the road -- in the road that i have encountered in my career as a u.s. congressman, as mayor, and as a united states senator. [applause] when i was elected mayor of the largest city in my state by 10
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votes, i think it is fair to say that it was a shock to the establishment. nobody thought we could win that election. and i was opposed by the entire political establishment. that is the way it was. i faced the fork in the road. either capitulate to be special interest in my city, any political establishment while we stand -- or we stand up and fight back. that is what we did. [applause] two years later in the next election we doubled the voter turnout. we elected progressive candidates, and we made profound changes to make burlington one
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of the most livable cities in the united states of america. [applause] and i learned a lesson in -- then, in the lesson is, if you stand with the people, if you prepare to take on big money interests, you know what -- ordinary people will get involved in the political risk process -- political process. they will come out and vote. [applause] and that is a lesson we have got to learn today. republicans when when voter turnout -- win when voter turnout is low, we win when people come out and voter turnout is high. i came to congress, elected in 1990. wall street and the administration, and virtually all of the corporate media said,
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you have to vote for this nafta trade agreement. [booing] it is wonderful, it is great. i did not believe their arguments. i voted against nafta. [applause] i voted against cap the -- kafta. i voted against the npr with china. history has proven those of us who opposed those agreements were right. because in the last 14 years this country has lost 60,000 factories and millions of decent paying jobs. let me be clear cut about the current trade deal that we are debating and congress -- the transpacific partnership. that agreement is not now, nor
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has it ever been the gold standard of trade agreements. [applause] i did not supported yesterday -- support it yesterday, i do not it today, and i will not support it tomorrow. [applause] in 1996 i faced another fork in the road, another very difficult political situation, it was called the defense of marriage act. brought forth by republican-led congress and its purpose was clear, to discriminate against gays and lesbians and to the war.
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let us all remember that gay and lesbian rights were not popular then, as they are today. it was a tough vote. i am sorry to have to tell you that bill won by an overwhelmingly majority in the house of 342-56. that was not a political easy vote. today some are trying to rewrite history by saying they voted for one anti-gay law, that is not the case. there was a small minority in the house opposed to discriminating against our gay brothers and sisters. and i am proud that i was one of those members. [applause]
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climate change -- climate change is real. climate change is caused by human activity. and climate change is already causing devastating damage in america and all over the world. it is a very sad moment in american history when almost all republicans running for president reject science, and the need for bold action to combat climate change. [applause] sadly, these republicans prefer to take super pac contributions from the koch brothers, and the fossil fuel industry rather than to protect the planet for our
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kids and our grandchildren. if you agree with me about the urgent need to address climate change then you know, immediately what to do about the keystone pipeline. [applause] this was not a complicated issue. should we support the construction of a pipeline across america? accelerating the extraction and transportation of some of the dirtiest fossil fuel in the world. to me, it was a no-brainer, that is why i have opposed the keystone pipeline from day one. [applause] let me now take you back to a
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very eventful year, and a decision in the modern history of our country. the year is 2002, the issue is whether congress should vote to invade iraq. public opinion and most of the media were for the war. it turns out that big majorities in congress were for the war as well. overwhelming support in the house and senate for the war. i listened carefully to what bush, cheney, and rumsfeld had to say. i said no. they are not telling the truth. [applause] and i was right. [applause] brothers and sisters, >> bernie, bernie,.
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bernie sanders: it gives me no joy to tell you that much of what i predicted about iraq turned out to be right. it does not give me any joy at all. that was a tough vote. i came to that fork in the road, as i took the right road, even though it was not popular at the time. [applause] throughout my time in congress i voted time and time again, drain in wall street. if a bank is too big to fail, it is too big to exist. [applause] we need to reestablish and bring back glass legal legislation. and we need to break up these huge banks.
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[applause] let me conclude, because i see andy doing it she -- getting itchy. let me conclude by saying this -- we face, as a nation, enormously difficult and complex problems, that is the truth. i believe now, and i have always believed from the bottom of my heart, yes, these guys have the money am a they have the power. but when people stand together, black and white, hispanic, gay and straight, young and old, men and women, when we stand together there is nothing that we cannot accomplish. i pledge to you that every day i will fight for the public interest, not the corporate
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interest. i will not abandon any segment of american society whether you are gay, black, latino, poor, or working-class. just because it is politically expedient at a given time. [applause] so let us go forward together. let us tell the republicans that their reactionary agenda might work for the millionaires, but not for ordinary americans, and we are going to defeat them. thank you all very much. [applause]
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andy: thank you so much, senator sanders. let ray remind you to thought your comment cards if you haven't yet. now i would like to say , throughout his 15 years of elected executive experience -- martin o'malley has established himself as a principal and progressive leader, eager to solve big problems facing communities. as a member of the baltimore city council, then as mayor of baltimore, and finally as governor of maryland, governor
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o'malley brought people together to get things done on progressive issues. from raising the minimum wage, to freezing college tuition, to passing the dream act, and investing in public education to make maryland's public schools number one in the country five years in a row, governor o'malley has led with action, not words. [applause] no matter the role, governor o'malley has always put working families first, and fought for the american dream. please join me in welcoming governor o'malley. ♪
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[cheers and applause] governor o'malley: good evening, iowa. thank you. thank you very much. i want to say thank you and i want to say what a great honor it is to come before you on this so withnd to do secretary clinton and senator sanders, two people for whom i have a tremendous amount of respect. [applause] my name is martin o'malley. former mayor of baltimore,
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former governor of maryland. i'm a lifelong democrat, and i'm running for president of the united states. i intend to win and i need your help. [applause] as i was driving down here, to des moines, i could not help but to think about the first time i came to iowa and it was some 20 -- i was 20 years old, and there is a presidential campaign coming. me and my buddies, about five of us, piled into a car and we wanted to come out here to work for our underdog, upstart candidate, because we knew that this is where it starts, here in iowa, and we wanted to change the world. they dropped me off at 6:00 a.m. at the greyhound bus terminal in davenport, iowa.
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[applause] i had nothing but my parka, my guitar, and a duffel bag full of winter clothes. but it was over this next several months that i fell in love with iowa and the people of iowa, and i thank you all for what you do for our country every presidential election. [applause] what i have found to be the most enjoyable part of running for president is this, that i get to meet young people who also want to change this world of ours, with the same idealism and the same believe that all things are possible. i know it is easy, especially in these times, to become discouraged by our gridlocked congress and by polarization international politics. i want to urge you to do what i do, and if you want to know where our country is headed, talk to her young people under 30.
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[applause] gov. o'malley: because you will rarely find among been anyone who denies that climate change is real or thinks their government should not do something about it. you will rarely find young people under 30 who want to bash new american immigrants or who want to deny rights to gay couples or to their children. and all of this tells me that we are moving to a much more connected, generous, and compassionate place. on thursday, vice president joe biden spoke so powerfully about the values that we share. didn't he? [applause] the belief we share in the dignity of every individual. respect for one another. truth about ourselves. our commitment to advance the common good that we share. he also spoke about something else. he spoke about the growing
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income inequality in our country. a growing interest is that threatens to tear our country apart. and he called on us, not just as democrats, but as americans, not to run away from the obama/biden record of progress, but to build upon what we have achieved together. [applause] and to be fearless about our progressive values, our ability to solve this problem, and our ability to make our economy work again for all of us. [cheers and applause] all of us here tonight agreed that we cannot allow donald trump or any of the donald trump wannabes and the republican party to take over our white house, can we agree on that? [cheers and applause] but as candidates, we do have some differences on issues, and we do differ on who we believe is best prepared to beat america
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forward, especially in these new times. who gives our party the best chance to win in november? and three months, the people of iowa will make a critical decision. it is not about yesterday, it is not just about today, it is about our country, it is about our future, and it is about our children and the future that they will share. [cheers and applause] and while all of the candidates here tonight share progressive values, not all of us have a record of actually getting things done. [applause] i do. with 15 years of executive experience as mayor and as governor, i have learned how to be a very effective leader. i have learned how to get things done. i am clear about my principles, and i know where i stand. we passed the living wage and we
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raised the minimum wage, we froze college tuition for four years in a row, and these were actions, not words. [cheers and applause] as governor, i made it easier and not harder for workers to bargain collectively for better wages for all americans. actions, not words. and instead of cutting public education funding as governor, i actually increased funding for public education by 37% and memo to to the governor that we made the public schools the best public schools in america for five years in a row. actions, not words. [cheers and applause] and along the way, i brought people together to pass the dream act. to pass marriage equality, and to pass the most comprehensive gun safety legislation and the
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united states. with universal background checks and a ban on combat assault weapons sales. actions, not words. [applause] my wife and i have four great kids. and like you, there is nothing that we would not do to give them a better life, with a better future, and more opportunity than we have had. true story. my oldest daughter, grace, is a public school teacher and are there any teachers in the audience here tonight? [applause] there we go. grace o'malley teachers public school in the heart of baltimore city. and about a little over 100 days ago when her dad announced for president, she returned to her first grade class, and adorable
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100% african-american class, and there was a buzz in the room. a little girl came up to her, tempter on the sleeve, and she said, i'm not so sure about this idea of your father running for president, because quite frankly, i kind of like barack obama. [laughter] [applause] well, a lot of us like barack obama, right? [laughter] [applause] our country has come a long way since the wall street clap -- wall street crash of 2008, when millions of american families lost their jobs and lost their homes and things to president obama's leadership, when we elected new leadership, our country is doing better. we are grading jobs. 67 months in a row of positive job creation. america is doing better. [applause] and there is no progress without
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jobs. but we elected a president, we did not elect a magician. and there is urgent work that needs to be done. yes, there is in fact, in our country today, a growing economic injustice, a middle-class issuing gain. our poorest families are becoming more. -- are becoming poorer. and 70% of us today are earning the same or less than we were 12 years ago. and that is the first time that has happened this side of world war ii. this is not hard country is supposed to work. this is not how our economy is supposed to work. and injustice does not solve itself. we must solve it and we must solve it with new leadership and with action. actions to make wages go up again for all americans. [applause] actions to invest, again, and our own country's long-term potential.
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to make college a gateway to opportunity and not a trap door to a lifetime of crushing debt. actions that actually square our shoulders to the great challenge of climate change and make this challenge are opportunity. we are americans. we make our own future. and we need to start doing it again today. [cheers and applause] and this begins a new. as he returned to our true selves, and we remember, that our economy is not money. our economy is people. it is all of our people. [cheers and applause] a stronger middle class is not the consequence of economic growth. a stronger middle class is the cause of economic growth.
4:29 pm
[cheers and applause] and, no american family who works hard and plays by the rules, should ever have to raise their children in poverty and therefore we must raise the minimum wage to $15 an hour however we can, wherever we can. [applause] we must advance the cause of paid family leave so that all women can participate more fully in the economic life of our country, because when women succeed, america succeeds. [cheers and applause] that is why, and that is why over the course of the summer i have laid out my 15 strategic goals to rebuild the american dream that we share. making the option of debt free college a reality within five years. instead of cutting social security, like the republican candidates want to do, i say we need to expand social security.
4:30 pm
[applause] and i am the first candidate in this race, and let us hope not the last, to put forward a plan to move america forward to a 100% clean, electric grid by 2050, and create 5 million jobs along the way. [applause] gov. o'malley: here is one for you. here is one for us. do we want wages to actually go up and not down? [applause] gov. o'malley: then how about this -- how about we get 11 million of our neighbors out of the author books shadow economy and onto the open books of an american economy by passing comprehensive immigration reform now with a path for citizenship for all. [cheers and applause] [chanting o'malley]
4:31 pm
gov. o'malley: i want to introduce you to someone who is with us tonight. there is a person with us tonight, her name is kenya alejandra calderon. [applause] gov. o'malley: and she is a dreamer here with us tonight. she was born in el salvador, and is now a student at drake. and along the way, she has become a fearless advocate for citizenship rights for herself and millions of americans like her. and therefore, to that immigrants bashing, carnival barker donald trump, let us stand together and say that the enduring symbol of our nation is not the barbed wire fence, it is the statue of liberty. [cheers and applause]
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[chanting o'malley] gov. o'malley: donald, you want to make america great? how about starting by passing comprehensive immigration reform, like our grandparents did? they know what made america great, and so do we. nothing that we care about, nothing that we care about can be accomplished by words alone. we must take action. as democrats, we have to cast aside the worn-out politics of the past. the choices that no longer serve our nation. and we have to find our backbone again, to stand up for what is best for our country and what is best for all of america. what does that mean? that means we have to stop giving a free pass to the bullies of wall street whenever they try to run roughshod all over our national economy. [cheers and applause]
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gov. o'malley: i have never represented wall street, and i sure will not be taking economic orders from wall street when i am working for you and your white house. [cheers and applause] gov. o'malley: and as you are president, i will have the independence and i will have the backbone to fight for you. and if a bank is too big to fail, too big to jail, and too big to manage, then it is to big and it needs to broken up before it breaks our national economy again. that is just common sense. tell me how it is. tell me how it is, but not a single wall street ceo was ever convicted of a single crime related to the 2008 economic meltdown? not a single one. what do we come to?
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[audience booing] o'malley: what have we come to as a country that you can get pulled over for having a broken tail light, but if you wreck the nations economy you are totally untouchable? presidential leadership is about the good of the many, not the greed of the few. [cheers and applause] gov. o'malley: and that is why i also say that we have to stop sending american jobs and american profits overseas with bad trade deals like the transpacific partnership. [applause] gov. o'malley: many of us in this room remember nafta. whatever its intentions, we traded away good manufacturing jobs, like maytags in towns like newton, and in return, we got back into promises and empty pockets. i am fundamentally, adamantly
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opposed, as an american, to secret trade deals that are congress has forced to vote on before the rest of us even have a chance to read them. what have we come to as a nation? [applause] gov. o'malley: and it is not what the other countries are doing to us, we can trade and we should trade. it is not what the other countries are doing to us, it is what we are not doing ourselves. we need to build up our own american economy again, don't we? [applause] gov. o'malley: and finally, we must have the courage to put our children safety, each and every day ahead of the morally bankrupt and craven interests of the national rifle association. [cheers and applause]
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[chanting o'malley] gov. o'malley: the nra has one goal. it is one goal only. and it is selling as many guns as possible, no matter the cost in american lives. well, that might be their interest, but that is not what is in the best interest of the united states of america, is it? [cheers and applause] gov. o'malley: for 40 years, the nra and its muscle has dictated to our congress what laws they can write, what laws they can pass, and what laws they can reject. i think it is time that we find our backbone and stand up and say no to the national rifle association and start saving lives. [cheers and applause] gov. o'malley: i am passionate about this because i have been to a lot of funerals, and as
4:37 pm
president obama said, if terrorists had killed 400,000 americans since 9/11, we would be moving heaven and earth to stop them, wouldn't we? but americans have killed 400,000 americans with guns and we cower in the political power of the national rifle association. enough is enough. it does not have to be this way. [cheers and applause] gov. o'malley: there is a couple with us here tonight, and they are sandy and lonnie phillips. they lost their daughter, jessie, in the incident in -- in the mass murder that occurred in aurora, colorado. they are here tonight. what they have endured is unfathomable.
4:38 pm
so, too, is their courage and their resolve, because they set out to transform the grief of their daughter's loss into real action and they went to court. true story. they wanted to hold accountable those who recklessly armed a mass murderer by selling him 4000 rounds of ammunition. no questions asked. they said the man that so that ammunition in the attack, and what happened when they went to court? not only did the case thrown out of court, then they were slapped with $200,000 in court costs. why? because of the special immunity to lawsuits that the nra managed to muscle out of our own congress. it does not have to be this way. congress should work for us, not for the nra. [cheers and applause] gov. o'malley: to save lives, we know what to do. common sense tells us what to do. to save lives and must require
4:39 pm
universal background checks. we must ban the sale of combat assault weapons. to save lives. we must use the buying power of our own federal government, the biggest customer gun companies have, to refuse to buy guns from any company that does not use the latest and the best safety technology. [cheers and applause] gov. o'malley: and to save lives, we have to stop giving immunity to gun manufacturers and gun dealers who sell weapons of mass murder to criminals and psychopaths. it is only common sense. [cheers and applause] and so, senator sanders, join me now, secretary clinton, join me now, and together in this campaign we can forge a new consensus for change. we can save lives, because one american life is worth more than all of the gun sales in america. [cheers and applause]
4:40 pm
gov. o'malley: and so it is. and so it is. in 100 days, the people of iowa will decide, new leadership, or the same old battles of the past? actions or words? doing want to get things done or do we want to keep shouting past each other? it is not about and pendants. -- it is not about polls and pundits. it is about you. you decide whether we move forward or whether we move back. thomas jefferson once said, in matters of fashion, swim with the current. but in matters of principle, stand like a rock. [applause]
4:41 pm
gov. o'malley: in these fast, and rapidly changing times, america needs a president who will stand like a rock. a weathervane shifts positions every time the wind changes. effective leaders do not. i know who i am. i know what i believe. and i am willing to fight for it. [applause] gov. o'malley: think about it yourselves. think about it yourselves. we cannot move beyond today's gridlock politics by returning to the divisions of our past. i am not about that. i believe that we are all in this together. i believe that to solve our problems, we must face tomorrow. we need new leadership and new ideas. someone with the courage to stand up for what is right, even when is not yet popular. none of us have all of the answers to all of the problems that we face. none of us can predict the future. but i can promise you this, i can govern. i can lead.
4:42 pm
and i can do so with heart and with skill. a lot of people tell me in this race, they say you are up against tough odds. this is a tough fight. and there are also a lot of people who would look you in the eyes, and would tell you that you have a tough fight. you have a tough fight being able to pass on to your children a better quality of life and than what you have enjoyed. you know what? i kind of like the tough fights. i have always been drawn to the tough fights. and perhaps, it is the toughness of the fight that is the way the hidden god has of telling us that we are actually fighting for something worth saving. the american dream is worth saving. our children's future is worth saving. our country is worth saving. our planet is worth saving. it is time to stand up, it is time to join the fight, i am in
4:43 pm
this to win this, i need your help, and together we can, and together we will rebuild the american dream. may god bless iowa. and may god bless the united states of america, on this journey we take forward, together. thank you much. -- thank you very much. [cheers and applause] [chanting o'malley] >> thank you governor o'malley.
4:44 pm
[applause] >> you know, i know these candidates. they are firing you up, so make sure you fill out those caucus cards. we need you. [cheers and applause] >> hillary clinton has been listening to people all over iowa. [applause] >> iowa has been the heart and soul of her campaign. she has heard from middle-class families, worried that the deck is stacked in favor of those at the top. so she has created a plan to raise middle-class wages and help working parents get ahead.
4:45 pm
she has heard from people suffering from abuse. she came up with a plan to tackle it. she has heard from young people struggling with student debt. she created a plan to make college more affordable and student debt easier to pay off. hillary clinton is fighting for others. , she fought for a health insurance program. as a senator, she has -- and as secretary of state, she has led a coalition against the iran and negotiated a
4:46 pm
cease-fire between israel and hamas while fighting for women's rights and lb gt rights around the world. [applause] >> now, she is fighting for all of us. she is fighting for our children and for our future. she is fighting to stop the republicans from making their out of touch agenda a reality. she is tough, she is determined, and she is in our corner. ladies and gentlemen, join me in welcoming hillary clinton. [cheers and applause] ♪ ♪ [cheers and applause]
4:47 pm
sen. clinton: thank you so much. iowa democrats. it is great to be back. i want to thank andy and everyone who is helping to try to rebuild the iowa democratic party from the ground up. i want to acknowledge and thank my friends tom and ruth harkin.
4:48 pm
tom and christie ville sacsack. leonard and dodi boswell. and your congressman for iowa -- [applause] sen. clinton: and i have to give a special shout out to somebody really special. somebody whose birthday is tomorrow. someone who reminds us that sometimes you just have to let them hear you door. ar you roar. katy perry, thank you for being here. [cheers and applause] sen. clinton: did any of you see our debate in las vegas?
4:49 pm
[applause] sen. clinton: you know, when republicans debate, they compete to insult each other, demean women, and they double down on trickle-down. actually, it is reality tv. with a cast of characters who do not care much about actual reality. but there is a big difference. when we democrats debate, you see something. you see us tackling the hard issues. looking for solutions to our biggest challenges, facing our families and our country. how are we going to raise wages and create more good jobs? how will we respond to climate change and lift up our economy by investing in clean energy? how will we make college
4:50 pm
affordable and get parents to -- the paid leave they need? how will we, working with our teachers and our families, help our kids get ready to succeed in school? [applause] sen. clinton: and how are we going to rein in wall street and lift up main street? and, how much longer can we wait to stand up to the gun lobby and keep our kids and our communities safe in america? [cheers and applause] sen. clinton: you see. we democrats are offering real solutions. like president obama has done
4:51 pm
the past six and a half years. and by his side, every step of the way, has been vice president joe biden. [cheers and applause] sen. clinton: he has fought passionately for middle-class families and middle-class values. let's show him how much we appreciate vice president joe biden and all he has done for our country. let's give it up for the vice president. [cheers and applause] sen. clinton: you know, i think it is really important in this election to remember what president obama inherited. the republicans would like us all to forget.
4:52 pm
but he inherited the worst financial crisis since the great depression. we were losing 800,000 jobs a month. right after that election, he called me and asked me to come see him in chicago. i did not know why, it turned out he wanted me to be secretary of state, but when we got there -- [cheers and applause] sen. clinton: it was just the two of us. and we were just talking and he was talking about what he was facing. he said, it is so much worse than they told us. we were losing 800,000 jobs a month. 9 million americans ended up losing their jobs. and 5 million lost their homes. and listen to this.
4:53 pm
$13 trillion of family wealth was wiped away. i don't think president obama gets the credit that he deserves for rescuing our economy from falling into a great depression. [cheers and applause] sen. clinton: he saved the auto industry. he imposed tough, new rules on wall street. and he extended health care to 18 million americans. [applause] sen. clinton: that is what you can expect when you vote for democrats. [applause] sen. clinton: when there is a democrat in the white house, america creates more jobs. the economy grows faster.
4:54 pm
and deficits are smaller. even though they hate it when i say this, recessions happen four times more frequently under republican presidents. [cheers and applause] sen. clinton: so, we cannot afford to go back to the republican failed policies. i am not running for my husband's third term, and i'm not running for barack obama's third term, i am running for my first term -- [cheers and applause] sen. clinton: and, i am running as a proud democrat. [cheers and applause] sen. clinton: we need to defend the progress that we have made under president obama.
4:55 pm
and we need to build on it, until the recovery is secure, and all americans have a chance to raise their income. and to believe, once again, in the basic bargain of america. you know what it is. if you work hard, and you do your part, you should be able to get ahead and stay ahead. [cheers and applause] sen. clinton: but for far too long, republicans and their allies have stacked the deck for those at the top. there is something wrong when the top 25 hedge fund managers earn more in a year than all the kindergarten teachers in america
4:56 pm
combined. [cheers and applause] sen. clinton: or, when top ceos make 300 times what a typical worker does, or when corporate profits soar, but employees do not share in those profits. when it is easy for a big corporation to get a tax break, but it is still too hard for a small business to get a loan. when the ceo of a drug company jacks up the price of life-saving medicine by 5000% overnight -- [cheers and applause] sen. clinton: and when the governor of this state vetoes a bipartisan compromise to fund schools and to keep mental health facilities open.
4:57 pm
[cheers and applause] sen. clinton: and now, now your governor is threatening to privatize medicaid. [booing] sen. clinton: and the hawk eyed -- hawkeye children's health insurance program, something that i helped to start in the 1990's. [applause] sen. clinton: and thousands of iowans are standing up and saying enough, and i am standing with you. [cheers and applause] sen. clinton: i have to tell you.
4:58 pm
[audience chanting "i'm with her"] sen. clinton: you know that the republican candidates cannot help themselves. [laughter] sen. clinton: they are pushing the same failed policies that crashed our economy before. you know what they are. cutting taxes on the super wealthy. letting big corporations write their own rules. busting unions. ignoring the middle class. we have heard all of this before, and we know what it does. and of course, none of them is serious about climate change. i love it. when they are asked about it,
4:59 pm
you know what their answer is? i am not a scientist. well, why don't they start listening to those who are scientists and understanding what we're up against around the world? [cheers and applause] sen. clinton: and republicans in congress have now voted more than 50 times to repeal or weaken the affordable care act. they want to force americans -- [booing] sen. clinton: that is worthy of a big lunch of boos. because they want to force americans to start a contentious health care debate all over again. i believe that we can improve the affordable care act, but we are not going to let them take us back to insurance companies writing their own rules again. [cheers and applause] sen. clinton: you know what that was like. they even charged women more for
5:00 pm
our coverage, then men. [booing] sen. clinton: and we sure can't let them take us back to the wild west on wall street. "repeal dodd-frank. destroy the consumer financial protection board." we are going to stand firm. that is why i propose tough action to end the abuses by the big banks, and the excessive risk in the so-called shadow banking system. we are going to stop wall street hurting mainstreet. [cheers and applause] sen. clinton: and here we are, everyone here is here because you know what is at stake in this election. no matter who you are for, and that is pretty clear standing up here, and seeing who is sitting where, but wl


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