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tv   Washington This Week  CSPAN  October 26, 2015 2:00am-3:01am EDT

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america. thank you. [applause] senator cruz: thank you for coming. thank you. larry, thank you. and now, i'm happy to answer or dodge any question that you would like. [laughter] senator cruz: yes, sir. >> there is two parts to this,
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because one kind of goes with the other. how will you get to closing the borders if we have a problem like europe is having? it is a long time between now and a one. what would you suggest that we do about it to get ready? senator cruz: a great question. the question was, if i win, how will we actually secure the borders? a long time you have had politicians talking about doing it, and if you actually look at federal law, federal law is quite robust. the problem is that we have had far too many political leaders who are unwilling to exercise the political will to carry it out. listen, i represent the state of texas, i've and significant time
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down on that border on this 1200 miles that we share with mexico. it is not secured right now, and it makes no sense. we need to do is we need to triple the border patrol. we need to increase fourfold the aircraft. we need to put in place fences and walls, we need to put in place a strong biometric exit and entry system. we need to put in place ace truong -- a strong verification system. most of that is existing federal law. the problem is that right now we have a president ignores federal law. that will change on day one, and i commit to as president that we will devote every resource possible to securing the borders. we know how to do it, we just need a president that makes it a priority and says we are going to get it done. [applause] >> under our current and ministration, how we provide american youth change that we can believe in? senator cruz: great question. how can we provide american youth change that we can believe in? if you look at young people right now, if you sat down and tried to design an agenda to hammer the living daylights out of young people, it would be difficult to come up with a more effective agenda than the obama economic agenda.
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let me make three simple point in that. number one, for 6.5 years, we have been tracked in stagnation. stagnant economic growth. young people are coming out of school with student loans up to their eyeballs scared of being able to get a job. if i do get a job, will i build any skills? can work toward a career? i understand that firsthand. when i was in high school, my parents went bankrupt. i had to take $100,000 in school and to pay my way through school. i worked two jobs. i just did a my lens five years ago. if we get back to booming economic growth, the kind that always follows when we put in
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place tax reform and regulatory reform, the kind of growth we saw in the 1980's under ronald reagan, the kind of growth we saw in the 1960's under jfk, the kind of growth we saw in the 1920's under calvin coolidge. it means that young people come out of school and have two or three or four or five job opportunities. you have a brighter future. number two, obamacare. one of the easiest ways to understand obamacare. it is a massive wealth transfer from young, healthy people to everybody else. and young people, one of the reasons that obamacare has plummeted approval rating with young people, if they realize that holy cow, i have to pay for this thing? number three, our national debt. 6.5 years, it has gone from 10 trillion to $18 trillion. larger than our entire economy. who is going to pay for all of that? it is almost like our parents and grandparents went out to vegas, took a credit card in our name, party-ied it up and then stuck as with the bill. young people are the ones that if we do not stop that are doing, the next generation will
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not spend the coming decade working to meet the challenges of the future. the priorities of the next generation. our kids will spend the rest of their lives working to pay off the debt of their deadbeat parents and grandparents. no generation in history has ever done that to their kids. our parents not to to us. their parents not due to them. so i think in terms of substantive message, the obama economy is not working and it is hammering and people. here is another part of it. it is style. you have to communicate in a way -- would it kill publicans to crack a joke? [laughter] senator cruz: i actually think with some it's sort of might. you have to have some fun. i'm reminded of a little over a year ago. i was out in california. the week before i arrived, these posters began appearing all over
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los angeles. they were posters of my head on a shirtless body. it was ripped. it was covered in tattoos. a giant eagle on my chest. two 6 shooters on my abdomen. which were a perfect eight pack. winston churchill on my right bicep. which was huge. a cigarette dangling out of my mouth. and above it, the legend, blacklisted and loving it. [applause] senator cruz: now i have to tell you, we had nothing to do with these. this is the local street artist who just put them up. we decided, let's have some fun with it. so we posted on facebook a story about these posters. and we said, for whatever reason, these posters have begun appearing all over hollywood.
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i have to say, i noticed a glaring error. i don't smoke cigarettes. [laughter] [applause] senator cruz: and people laughed and they enjoyed it. young people laughed and shared it with their friends. that is that we have to do, is we have to energize young people that there is a better future than the one that is right now facing us. yes, sir? >> senator, there is a power plant not more than 10 miles from here, and it supplies power to a giant server part -- farm, and has a lot of jobs and southwest iowa. and under obama's regulation which is probably
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unconstitutional, that plant would probably be closed. power would go up 200% or three and percent. my question to you is, first off, what is your policy on oil and gas and energy, and number two, which urged the state of iowa to declare itself is ensuring from this regulation? [laughter] [applause] senator cruz: i like the way you think. to quote the movie "jerry mcguire" you had me at hello. in terms of energy, we should pursue all of the above. we should pursue everything. we should pursue oil and gas and coal and nuclear and wind and solar and biofuel and ethanol and all across the board we ought to use all of the tremendous resources that we
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have. you look at what this administration has done, and it is waging a war on energy. it has waged a war on oil and gas. it has waged a war on coal, something fierce. when president obama was just elected, he promised that by the end of his tenure he wanted to bankrupt every coal plant in america. it is one of the few instances that he was actually telling the truth. this makes no sense at all. you look at the so-called clean power regulation, and it is number one, utterly lawless. it is not connected in any way, shape, or form to federal statute. it is an illegal paragraph, and i will tell you as president, we will resend it. what i encourage iowa to stand up and fight, my old boss, before was in the senate, i was the solicitor general of texas. as the chief lawyer for the state in the supreme court. my old boss was great at it.
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then he was the attorney general. he would describe his job and say i wake up every day, go to work, sue president obama, and then i come home. [laughter] [applause] senator cruz: so, yes, i would advise i like to fight on every front. i would tell you my number one priority and the senate is economic growth. my number one priority as president will be economic growth, getting back to the booming growth that lives the opportunity for every american. [applause] senator cruz: we will do two more questions. >> the reason college tuition is so high is because government guarantees the loan, and if so, what are you going to do to end government guaranteed student months? senator cruz: it is a great question. you would like his shirt and the back, it says, i heart fossil fuels. i'm pretty sure that shirt is prohibited by the epa. you have a system where the government is now guaranteeing student months, and it has taken over student months from the private actor.
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it has shut down every private offer a student loans and it has monopolized it into washington. that creates all of the pressures and higher education to drive tuition higher and higher and higher. a second think obama and menstruation is doing is it is trying to drive out of business for profit colleges and
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universities. it is targeting them for persecution. apparently, because in the obama dictionary the word prophet is a -- profit is a four letter word. i would not trust any school that would think that their only four letters and profit. the way you drive down college tuition is to create more competition and create an environment where young people have a multitude of options rather than a government controlled monopoly. that is a we need to do is try to empower young people do have a better future going forward. that, right now, is not happening in the obama administration. last question. yes, sir. >> when george dubya bush got into office, bill clinton went after gun rights and george w. bush got in there and nothing happened. what are you going to do about not only a second amendment, but also the first amendment? that might be exaggerated, but what are you going to do to lock the constitution and so people are going -- or people going to say shut up and don't even bother? [applause] senator cruz: thank you, sir, for that question. i've spent most of my adult life fighting to defend the constitution and the bill of rights. it has been a passion since i was a teenager.
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when i was 13 or 14 years old, and high school, i got involved in a group called the free enterprise institution in houston, where we studied the constitution and memorized a shortened version of the constitution. i was kind of a weird kid. [laughter] one of the things that we are frustrated about, is we are frustrated with politicians who do not do what they say. you have an army of what i call campaign conservatives. they sound great on the trail but they do not walk the walk.
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example.s as an every political candidate if you go to their website they always have an issue age on the second amendment, there is a right to their in a republican primary. on the second amendment, there is a right answer, in texas, or theowa, which is, i support second amendment. unless you are clinically insane, that is the right answer. type one of the first things people notice is we do not have an issue page. i actually don't say i support the second amendment. i don't say a word about what is hidden in the deep recesses of my heart. what we haven't said is a paid
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label revision record. what it says is for too long politicians of said one thing and another. everyone of us should have any candidate you say you believe this will show me. what if you stood up and fought asrida for it one of you,? the scriptures say, don't know them by their need. status of fighting or conservative: winning national. when he gets the second that the when i say is solicitor general of texas, i will listen 31 date in front of the u.s. supreme court defending the individual might not right to keep and bear arms and we won.
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in 2010, the nra awarded me there reading fund award given each year to one of the leading others of the amendment entire country. 2013 i led the fight on the second amendment to stop their unconscious is going to and we defeated every proposal on the or the senate. [applause] >> that's the reason why haswners of america formally endorsed me in the presidential race. because they said look there a lot of good republicans who talk about the second amendment that nobody else has the record of
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walking the walk in writing to defend our second amendment rights and bear arms. let me close with this. i want to thank all of you for being here. thank you for coming out tonight for staying up. you agree with me that our crisis, if you agree with me that it is now or never we cannot keep going down this road. then i want to ask each of you to do anything first of all i ask you to join us. we're building a grassroots army on across the state of iowa and the. our statewide chairman is here.
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to ask each of you join us. join us, sign up and commit tonight to show up. now and commit to volunteer and increasing we are building an army across the state. the second thing i want to ask each and every one of you to do was to go home and when you get home go to our website ted and contribute. some of the all caps can max out. can do that love you. you have my word every penny will be spent rather positive optimistic hopeful conservative
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message. everyone of you can contribute something. can give $10 or $25 or $50 worth hundred dollars. if you're in high school 10 boxes the cost of the. i'll tell you why matter so much. when you contribute, you have skin in the game. when you contribute your invested that is not my campaign is our campaign that's what makes you pick up the phone and call your neighbor or e-mail your sister or brother get on facebook it on twitter talk you're probably something, and join me on the cold february evening at the caucus. the selection matters area i know this guy area this matters for my kids and my great aunts
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and our future. the third thing i would ask each and every one of you to do is pray. crisis and is in list of our nation and prayer that americans keep waking up that this spirit of revival that is leaving this country continues to rise because if we stand together and get back to the constitutional liberties that built this we will turnther this country around. i'm convinced 26 team will be an 1980, we will win by following reagan's admonition by aiming and bold colors pale pastel. we've done it before you do it again, thank you. [applause]
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than 0%. host: thank you very much. joining us from i wise senator cruz area thank you very much for joining us >> thank you for having me it's great to be with you.
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what have we learned about previous campaigns? one of the big failures of previous campaigns is that burn rate area they hemorrhage cash to. money goes out the door like crazy. they'll ask are you going private? as a yes absolutely. the 737 says southwest airlines on the side of it. usually i'm in the a group. sayingthe things i love a bunch of mine editors private.
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that money has been it's why our campaign has more money in the bank than any single republican candidate area we are very herbal. we're trying to say that every penny we raise. we're trying to save everything we raise to actually's and communicate of the optimistic hopeful conservative message to host: you area now third in iowa at the expense of donald trump. seeing isat we're conservatives coalescing behind our campaign it's a very encouraging development.
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historically have you looked past republican races there is typically been a moderate lane and a conservative one and in past releases there's been early on one consensus moderate and all the money gets behind the candidate. conservatives there are a bunch of us and nobody has any money and they like cats and dogs. the past the moderate when the and then goes on to lose the general because he can't and that turned conservatives out about. you look at the moderate lane there are a number of candidates competing like crazy. they are fighting like cats and dogs just like conservatives usually do but on the conservative side you look at institute dropped out both good strong conservatives what we are is themore and more conservative lane coalescing behind our campaign and i think the reason is simple like that with what i call campaign conservatives.
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people talk good game on the trail but have not walked the walk in there looking for consistent conservatives someone who is the same yesterday today and tomorrow area think that's the reason we're getting so much energy and excitement is that i'm the only candidate in this race who has been a consistent conservative episcopal social conservative. i have a proven record. i think that's why were sing some of grassroots energy. we have a number of people want to talk to you. christian is joining us from the republican line from virginia. caller: hello senator cruz. ronald reagan is probably my biggest hero as far as politics go. i just have to say you have
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given me new hope for the republican party. you have energized me in a way that i've not even years. other candidate out there that i feel can do the job to really turn this country around. i just want you to now it you don't get a chance in basement much i want you to know there is just massive some are out there for you. suit or in00 strong you and writing for you every >> thank you so much for the kind words of encouragement. thank you for the prayers. i love to be lifted up by the intercessory heirs of people all over the country. heidi and i feel that if
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projection. i'm inspired by what i see every allt when i see people across the country the grassroots rising up. that's what it will take to save this country. i'm energized and fired by your passion and dedication and i'm so proud that we are doing this together. host: mississippi on the democrats line. mr. cruz, i sort of lean towards democrat caught my attention and i appreciate what you do because you have written the problems in washington. demand to realize the problems to straighten it out. i also want to ask you about social security. are you for lifting the limit on social security payout? make the government put back into social security the money that they take it out? anotheru for your time
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thing i like to stand for christianity in this world and i would like to see guineans putting bibles back in our schools. condoms theyass on ought to be able to pass out bibles. >> and if you pass out the ladder you have blessed with the former. i appreciate your words what is a democrat. people, hard-working men and women find it harder and harder -- a low percentage of americans working today since 1977.
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we have wage stagnation. we need to fight to bring back the kind of economic growth that started the under ronald reagan in the 1980's. since do is always stand with the working men and women and not what i call the washington cartel which is the special interests and lobbyists and career politicians in washington that both parties get in bed with. we need to break the washington cartel and bring power back to the people. you asked about social security. bulwark of our society and i in myit's yours possible view social security should follow for old. there one for seniors
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should be no changes whatsoever. we have ordered their financial affairs counting on the buses and we need to honor those commitments. for younger workers. i'm 44 years old. it's hard to find someone my age who believe social security will be there for us. that presents a real opportunity for reform when you have an who thinks it's not likely to be there. -- for there should be younger workers we should gradually increase the those two age area changes alone and social security back.
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the third piece that i think is critical for younger work hours is we need to allow younger workers to keep a portion of their tax a minute and a personal account that they own that they control can pass on to their kids and grandkids. i want to bring together republicans and democrats with common sense plans to ensure host: richard is joining us for texas and independent. caller: i'm a tea party got out here was my pleasure to vote for a sense of money to campaign all iston yesterday and
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can say is when you went out there and did what you said you were going to do and you're too much of a gentleman to white house's her competitors for the nomination bill to that an homage and just one of them i like to get your comment on and it's senator rubio was also to be guy was opposed by mitch mcconnell and john boehner and they did everything they could to defeat him but when he got elected he got up there and got in the and he joined in and got in the game here came an amnesty program and he didn't do what he said he was given a do and you have in your too much of a gentleman to talk about it but if you have any comment on that think that folks might like to hear. i'm proud to support you again best of luck in the future. >> thank you very much thank you for the support.
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thank you for sending any contribution to the campaign at ted i will say the comment you started out with it is perhaps the thing that i hear back home in texas that most gratifies me i hear a lot are members of months ago i was at the museum interest -- in houston. there was a police officer there it was an african-american man that guy came up to me and said i didn't vote for you but also this you are doing what you said he would do. thinkat is powerful people are fed up with all editions of washington using one thing into another. then he mention marco rubio area i like marco he's a friend of a colleague. as you know i disagreed with him when he joined with barack obama harry reid in proposing a massive amnesty and area i thought it was wrong and inconsistent with what we promised the voters and i promised the men and women
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affected that i against amnesty. no one else that is one of many issues unless there is a's start difference among the republican running for president. if you look at the 10 minute 11 standing on that debate to the majority of those candidates have publicly vocally supported amnesty and i'm the only candidate on that stage who has never supported amnesty and has can instantly it up and who effect led the fight against the massive amnesty plan that barack obama and harry reid rubio hall tried push forward. i'm proud of standing for the constitution and the rule of law against amnesty. you have my word i wanted the exact same thing. on its color is a democrat from springhill florida. caller: i think you so much. i did hear the speech. in terms of the -- do you were any
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other republican candidates have plans to replace obamacare? >> thanks for calling. thank you very question. let me address it in two parts, first of all let's talk about what's happening with obamacare area under obamacare what we've seen is millions of americans have lost their jobs. that fourth of the part-time work millions of americans of lost their health insurance and doctors the scene the premiums skyrocket. president obama told the american people electrically can keep it that wasn't true. millions had their plans cancel when they like them. the president promised that the average family will feature of reasons would drop, in fact the
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average family's premiums have lived risen. if single mom waiting tables trying to make ends meet that's a difference of $5,500 that's a lot of money for someone trying to make ends meet and millions of people are hurting. seen the people who've been hurt by this law think it's the essence of reasonableness to recognize it's not working let's repeal it and start over. you have to we should replace it with? i think health care report that by expanding start the marketplace. what does that mean? will he give you three specific number one which allow people to
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purchase health insurance across state lines. currently illegal. with that would do is create a 250 state national market and. it would drive down costs and it and the availability of low-cost catastrophic health-care coverage. if you people don't have health care coverage when it on habit the biggest barriers cost area was obamacare qoa gives you fewer choices in our cost. secondly, we need to and health-care savings and. for prevention and retain coverage area and third we need to wear a d-link health insurance from employment area it is a historical accident that it's tied to employment area if we lose our jobs we don't lose our car insurance our house insurance for your life insurance is the reason you should lose your health
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insurance. the worst want to lose because that's where we get much of the problems with pre-existing conditions. not able to get any policy because they gotten sick in the interim area and instead need to work for health insurance that is personal portable and affordable. host: let me follow up. the house have to budget reconciliation bill that would repeal part of the affordable care act. you said it didn't go far enough. why? in both houses we promised the american people we would repeal every word of obama or are. urging leadersn of both houses is let's just do we promised. it's on the commitment we made to the men and women of this country and that's what it was
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leadership what do it's what i will continue to urge. we will go to brian in nebraska. caller: hello senator cruz. carter gen x, administration ties. the 10,000 pound gorilla in the right now is illegal immigration. see thisives basically president going and just using every mechanism he can to flip whencountry with illegals
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they get detained the released and basically my biggest point is there going to turn the state because of the percentage of delegates to win 2020not this election but the republicans in the gop don't have a chance. you. >> i agree illegal immigration is one of the greatest threat. president obama i think was being very truthful when he said he wanted to fundamentally transform this country area i think some people dismiss that as campaign rhetoric. i think he meant every word and one of the ways you looking to transform this country is by letting millions of people into this country illegally and in trying to legally get a man amnesty for the month cap the
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citizenship because he believes the people he's letting stream into this country will ultimately become democrats and keep the democratic party in power forever area i think that is a significant political threat but i think it's also a profound threat to the rule of law. it's affecting your safety and our security. i represent the state of texas we have 1200 and what miles of border with mexico. we do with national security threats every day from coyotes and criminals bringing people across the border not knowing is coming across and we need a president is committed to solving these problems. the good news is our laws on the book are actually quite stringent. what lap that's what's missing is the political will to enforce them. the other people running for pr most of the people on that stage have supported amnesty. if you are willing to support amnesty you are undermining rule of law and the constitution and if you want
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you need to look for a candidate who has a history of leading the fight against amnesty. and the only one who has a proven record of doing that is me. i will give you my word, if i am elected, we will secure the borders. i will use every executive power of the president to enforce the law to put boots on the ground, to use technology, and to get the job done. what is missing is the political will. i will provide that will. host: shannon is our last caller. caller: good evening. how are you, senator? caller:


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