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tv   Washington This Week  CSPAN  October 26, 2015 3:00am-3:10am EDT

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you need to look for a candidate who has a history of leading the fight against amnesty. and the only one who has a proven record of doing that is me. i will give you my word, if i am elected, we will secure the borders. i will use every executive power of the president to enforce the law to put boots on the ground, to use technology, and to get the job done. what is missing is the political will. i will provide that will. host: shannon is our last caller. caller: good evening. how are you, senator? this is the happiest i have been in seven years.
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my question to you, sir, what do you plan on doing about isis? sen. cruz: thank you. if you look at isis, isis is the face of evil. they have declared war on america. they are crucifying christians. we need a commander-in-chief who stands up and says, we will defeat radical islamic terrorists. we need a commander in chief who does not tie the hands of our military. we should set the goal of defeating isis. overwhelming airpower. look at the first persian gulf
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war, we launched 1100 era tax a day. day.r attacks a it is basically a photo op foreign policy. we should be arming the kurds. they are on the ground in iraq and syria in fighting against isis. isis is using american military equipment and the kurds, who are outdateds, are using military equipment. they are the boots on the ground. it is only the administration's political correctness that prevents them from arming the kurds. if you join isis, if you wage jihad on america, you are signing your death warrant. part of your question was also utin. and p
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it is a response to the weakness of barack obama. of scoopi am reminded jackson. he said they were like a burglar who walks down the hall of the hotel jiggling the doors of each door looking to rob it. the only way to stand up to him as with a strong commander-in-chiefp. utin does not respect -- commander-in-chief. respect obama. as reagan demonstrated, there are ways to stand up to russia short of military conflict. ukraine, obama should have responded with two things.
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immediately installing the anti-ballistic missiles. them andhe canceled that appeasement failed. time, there were 22 applications pending to export liquid natural gas. obama should have held the national tv conference and said he was approving every .pplication to export lng it would've helped the people of ukraine in europe to stand free of economic boycotts. him where it hit hurts, in the pocketbook. john mccain refers to russia as a gas station with a country attached. it would have produced jobs and economic growth here at home. it was a no-brainer.
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the president did not want to do it. we can stand up and show strength to russia. we can defeat isis. in respect to the severe -- syrian civil war, we do not have a dog in that fight. the job of our military is to defend america and not nation build. personalouple of questions. what time did your day begin this morning and when will it end tonight? began at: the day about 8:00 and i've been on the and i have done six or seven town halls, visiting coffee shops in traveling from town to town to town. andve done radio interviews a few meetings. tonight, i have three hours to drive and i will crash and get a few hours sleep and get up in the morning and keep traveling
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across iowa. host: how are you preparing for the debate on wednesday? sen. cruz: i have a great team of people who i really like and trust. we have done a number of mocks and we go through questions and do some back and forth. approaches, i try to spend time getting some sleep, spin solitude, spend time reading the bible -- spend solitude, spend time reading the bible and in prayer. i will say one thing that was really encouraging in the first two debates, after the first debate, in the 100 hours that followed, we raised over a million dollars. after the second debate, we did not raise a million dollars in 100 hours, we raised a million dollars in 48 hours.
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i have been very encouraged by the response we have seen coming out of the debate and i hope we continue to move forward, keep building the momentum. host: finally, if snl asks you to guest host, would you do it? sen. cruz: absolutely. i grew up watching snl as a kid. her political satire -- there ir political satire is hysterical. larry david is bernie. i am sure donald will knock it out of the park. host: republican from texas, presidential candidate, thank you for being here with us tonight.
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>> today it is question on the u.s. immigration system. posted by the american constitution society in partnership with the economic policy institute. see it live on c-span2 at noon eastern. all persons having business before the supreme court of the united states give their attention. >> we have not seen a court law passed by congress on an economic issue
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since lochner. a majority rule or a state legislature, can it take away your life and liberty without due process? i think it is a wonderful decision. >> this week on c-span's landmark cases, we look at lochner v. new york. bakery owner joseph lochner violated the law and was fined $50. refusing to pay, he took his case to the supreme court. find out why lochner is known as one of the most controversial decisions in supreme court history. randy barnett, a professor of constitutional law and author of the book "restoring the lost constitution" and the political science professor at texas state university paul ken


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