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tv   Washington Journal  CSPAN  October 26, 2015 7:00am-7:46am EDT

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a long-term budget deal is not adopted by congress. we will take your calls and you can join the conversation on facebook and twitter. washington journal is next. ♪ it is washington journal october 26, a busy week in the house of representatives. the export of foreign banks, raising the debt limit, and that's all or thursday when elections take lace for speaker of the house. ,arring any serious opposition paul ryan is poised to become the next speaker. we would like to hear from you and our first 45 minutes, what you think the -- the next speaker should accomplish. what is your message for the next speaker of the house? three lines to choose from.
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republicans, (202) 737-0002. --ocrats, (202) 737-0001 748-8002.nce 202- if you want to post on our social media channel, you can at c-span wj, our twitter page you can post on facebook at or you can send an e-mail to postings on facebook about this question, including scott recess keep a copy of the cost to should in front of you. kevin says he liked to go meal and bring bills from both parties to the floor and negotiate to get a decent compromise done. other saying the speaker of the house should be to the left. bill king adding his thoughts this morning.
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he says just remember, you are the speaker of the house, not the speaker of the freedom caucus. that is just on social media. on the phone lines you can give your thoughts on the next speaker. 48-800 rev. bryant: the republicans -- 4 -- four republicans. -- story, taking a look at the still current speaker, john boehner and what he has to do before the next speaker elections take place. he uses the phrase clean the barn. >> thanks for having me. host: what has to done even before elections take place? >> it's more that boehner just wants to do this before paul
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ryan is going to be the next speaker takes over. it would make his life a lot easier if pain or could raise boehner ceiling -- if could raise the debt ceiling. maybe even a highway bill. then, we could smoothly transfer -- transition power without ryan having to do all these things in that -- in his first week. a 32nd scenario of each of those situation and what that means for congress. that's when to be a little hard to do all of that in this next week, but with the debt ceiling, that's probably the biggest problem right now. are not goingns to vote for a clean debt ceiling bill. the president refuses to
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negotiate over this. he said this time and time again. it all comes down to the last rate --ith the ful full faith and credit of the country on the line. 30 or socrats and republicans, that would be a bad look for paul ryan in his first week. boehnerpoint this week, is going to pull the trigger on something like that. that, youop of referenced transportation being an issue, what's the situation? >> it's not clear to me that it's going to come up this week. the house transportation committee past a 50 year bill, but it's pricey, so we will see exactly how the house handles that. that might be an issue that does. over into ryan's -- that does
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carrie over into ryan's -- host: it looks like he would become speaker, what -- talk about the preparation that is happening on capitol hill that take place. >> on wednesday, the house conference is going to meet behind closed doors and have their private votes on their speaker. it seems the only two candidates are paul ryan and daniel webster who is still running and has some limited support, mostly from isolated members of the house freedom caucus. week, ryan wasst courting support of the freedom caucus and other ideological groups within the conference. most of the freedom caucus now supports ryan, although it's not an official endorsement. it looks to me like ryan has the
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support to win. it's not going to be unanimous, but then we will see on thursday when it goes to the house floor, whether most members -- ryan behind closed doors it's most members of the conference voting for him on the house floor. the closesto be thing to a unanimous vote we will get out of the house republican conference in a long time. host: in the does end up with paul ryan being speaker, when does that transfer of power take place? >> boehner said he would resign the following day. once you are sworn known -- sworn in on the floor, that's it and boehner would relieve himself of the position, i guess. neuhauser, talking about the election for new speaker, thank you so much. and with paul ryan or daniel
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webster, your message for the next house speaker is what we are considering for a next -- for our next 40 minutes or so. 2-748-8000 for democrats and independents.or republicans.for tyler you are up, go ahead please. my question is about the debt ceiling and what methods we are taking to get that corrected. if i could shift in your mouth host: -- host:we will limit their -- we will leave it there. 02-748-8002 for independents,
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202-748-8000 for democrats and republicans --ur for republicans. we have a commitment from paul to make some changes and that might be before the vote this coming wednesday and thursday. good step,at's a plus also one of the things paul wants it was this change in the motion to vacate the chair. we think as discussed in your previous segment, we think paul has the kind of vision and message our party needs to a college the things we told the voters we will accomplish. we are excited about that. he did not quite get the endorsement threshold, but our members said we think paul ryan is the right guy at the right time to lead our conference. know ithappens, and you will happen, the first time that the other members of the freedom caucus bill -- feel that he is
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being insufficiently hardline. will you give him some running room? >> we think we can come together as a group and fight for the things we told -- paul talk to us -- talked to us. we had an initiative on how to reform the tax code and came together on how we will reform the out of control welfare system. that big bold agenda we need, particularly into a presidential election. paul is the guy to do that and we think we can unite about -- unite around those ideas. the numbers to call for -- message, caller: i just wanted to say that i would like for them to cowertheir ground and not
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to the different political parties and -- i want them to take action that any normal, .verage person would want i balance my household budget, i want my federal government to have a balance that it -- the budget. i would like there to be cutbacks on the entitlement program and more incentives for people to get out of them and to stop using them and perpetually using them. host: do you think, if it's going to be paul ryan, that he has the ability to get those things done or make those issues priorities? caller: i think that he has shown in the past, with all the budget work that he has done, that he is able to work with people from both sides and is strong enough to stand his ground but he has some strong supporters as well.
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he is a young guy and i was surprised that he is able to get as much done as he has. i also think that he has a good mind. he really seems like in his actions, he has taken on some of the hard things, instead of pushing things aside and going along with the political party. i think he does have what it takes to -- to the right thing for me. host: that is dana from maryland , giving her thoughts on the next message for the next speaker of the house. let's go to shirley in alabama, democrat line. good morning. caller: good morning. that they need to get rid of the pastoral -- has to rule. speaker is the speaker for
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the whole country, not just the republicans. when they have a bill to come to the floor, they need to vote on it. that's the american way. it's not the republican way and that's all i have to say. host: why focus on that role? caller: because i think it stopped a lot of good legislation going through the house. it is just not fair to the country. host: surely from alabama, and for the call. -- thanks for the call. reaction, inst light of some of their generalized to support, saying that the support from hard-core conservative voters that embolden the group as it battles speaker boehner and the gop establishment -- that has but members on the unfamiliar position of defending the right
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flank. that is in the washington post. lily from louisiana, go ahead. caller: good morning. i'm calling because the speaker we have now does not really work with the president and my message is hoping that the next speaker will work with the president, because this president obama, what we have accomplished, he will not have
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done it by himself. host: when you say work with the president, what does that mean? i keep up means that with the news and what goes on up there in washington and president obama has asked for [inaudible] infrastructure and working on whichidges and highways would make jobs for people, but republicans refuse to do -- to work with him on anything. host: there is chester on wisconsin. good morning. caller: good morning. ryan is thebout mr. same as i had with mr. walker. in ourblack communities
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state, they are both known as somewhat racist in their views toward the black communities. i would really hate to see this congress.ed in host: greg from north carolina. on the independent line, go ahead. caller: i would like the speaker to concentrate on the 10th amendment to the constitution, which states that all powers not specifically granted to the federal government are reserved to the states and start phasing out all the programs. can't do it all at once, but start phasing them out, cutting back on all the programs not specifically granted in the constitution. host: what programs would you want him to start with? caller: education. the government put very little money into the state for
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education but requires a lot of control. if they let the state have that money, and keep it in the states, they could do a whole lot better on education. epa. idol find anything in the constitution about the environment. they can start trimming that back and let the states start watching after them. everything that the federal government does that is not authorized for the federal government, start gradually cutting them back and turning the power back to the states where it's supposed to be. host: there are several messages so far for the next speaker of the house. for democrats, (202) 748-8001 republicans, (202) 748-8001 for independents.
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-- interviewed in the hill newspaper recently, saying that -- he says it -- the speaker likely to be is ryan but republicans will step him in the back in upcoming budget negotiations. allegation toeels his country, he just asked that his fellow party members not set him in the back and try to shut the government down on him. congress passed a continuing resolution to continue funding the get -- the government through december 11 at avoiding a government shutdown will be an early test of the ryan speakership. if you go to the latest edition of the cq magazine, there is a profile of ryan as he is potentially being looked at. five things about him . he would be the first speaker from wisconsin, the youngest since 1881, the first speaker to
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run on a presidential ballot, he was a waiter at tortilla coast, he was one of 35 republicans in 2007 to vote for a bill prohibiting job determination based on sexual orientation, and he gives copies of atlas shrugged as christmas presents. carolina, thanks for calling. next that's the 219 and go. him -- host: why is that your message? theer: 219 votes gets it to president's desk. host: if that is the case, one of the things that should be focused on? what are some things that should be focused on? caller: we need to do some
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infrastructural work. that's a good thing to do. invest more in education. host: infrastructure and education being your focus then, herbis her in -- that is in north carolina. (202) 748-8000 for democrats. (202) 748-8001 for republicans. (202) 748-8001 for independents. joe biden appearing on 60 minutes yesterday dealing with his decision not to run for president, but was also asked about the potential of a ryan speakership. there is what he had to say. >> i think we can get a number of things done, i think we can really begin to nail down this commitment to work on cancer and had toward a moonshot.
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the president and i talked about that. i think we can make some real progress with paul ryan, who is a good guy, on working toward an accommodation on the budget and on keeping the government open. >> this white house has not been able to get much done with this congress. do you think speaker ryan will change things? >> yes, he is a decent guy that knows they cannot function without reaching some consensus and he wants to do that. virginiay judith from is up next on the republican line. caller: thank you so much and god bless you for taking my call. my message to speaker boehner is to please do what republican voters want and support the standards under which this nation was founded. , and itch your channels enjoy them so much, c-span2,
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--pan3, what we continually what hits me continually, is that during world war ii, we were preserved from incursion on our soil. hawaii was hit and pearl harbor, we did not suffer anything, europe or england suffered. if we continue to allow abortion and right that out of things, we are going to get it. life andemocrat all my i support a lot of things democratic, but we have to return and abide by godly standards and that is the only shot the republican party has of gorging -- of getting a majority to do this. christian catholics like me, christians are begging for this, please shut down planned parenthood and shut down abortion. host: mike, from pennsylvania,
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go ahead. caller: two things. christianity is not the national religion of the united states and the house has to stop operating under that thing they for the rule, named onndicted pervert who was -- account of sexual abuse charges when he was a coach. that is ridiculous for the republican party. host: how would you explain it to other people? caller: the majority of the on a billas to be ok in order for the -- for it to come to the house, which is just bringing -- we should just bring the bill to the house and let them vote. host: why do you think a limiting the role -- why do you think eliminating the role is an important step? to two manyuts down
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a tiny bit of congress to know what's going on in the united states. you should have republicans and democrats vote on a bill and if it wins, it wins, and if it does not, it does not, simple really. host: tom in ohio, independent line. caller: i'm calling because i think that nobody is addressing a problem that i am addressing, which is elder abuse in -- and financial exploitation of the elderly and the bill your of our laws to protect individuals, even while they are in the emergency room or hospital, even when they are there because they have suffered a stroke, even though they were already declared incompetent. abc news did a great job demonstrating this in a three minute video which is online. the video is linked.
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how did this become an issue for you? dad -- situations very similar to the ones in the video, and the court -- it was by a lawyer who had influence and a crook court system could not even just compounded the problems. this is the same kind of problem that goes on with guardianship abuse that has been a major subject around the country in florida, ohio and a columbia's -- in -- and the columbus dispatch. they found the columbus dispatch reporters investigated 700 adult guardianships and or hundred 400 child guardianships and found problems in half of them. we need to make sure that and
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the hospital setting that the authorities are notified when this is going on. mandatory party laws are a joke. regulations that have been recently proposed by the financial industry regulatory agency and by nasa which is the north american security in this raiders association -- security administrators association which follows some states with their senior protection act. host: you think this is something congress should focus on? caller: to give you an example of what congress does not even do. the --provides -- hit provides an exception that they will take precedent -- presidents over state law. it includes child abuse which is good, they do not provide an exception to domestic abuse or elder abuse, yet consistently, authorities and policymakers have compared elder abuse to.
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child abuse by get they be put on the same par? let's hear from jesse, from michigan, democrat line. caller: good morning. ryan woulde that and tell them to get over this abortion thing -- i know it'sy quite a come up in this session -- going to come up in this session. i used to work with a hiservative guy and daughter got pregnant by a black guy and then he went out-of-state to get an abortion.
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that's just one thing. sometimes people just have to have it because the safety -- i knew this one lady that had 18 babies. i would like to ask that lady that called then, would you want 18 babies? host: bob is next from minnesota. caller: thank you for taking my call. i would tell the speaker about -- try not to be so partisan. s have that the republican an agenda and the democrats have an agenda and usually they are on a collision course, but if you don't fund the government, you are making a bad mistake. you are hurting the country.
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my ideas to get money on the politics but i don't think that the speaker is going to do that. that is bob from minnesota giving his thoughts on the next message to the next speaker of the house. taking a look at the president's health care law, subsidies are at risk for people or recipient to do -- you do not file tax returns. --y people potentially of impacted have income solos but it -- but if they received insurance of studies they were required to file this year. the irs said -- that is in the new york times.
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of thea look at part health care law that deals with cooperative situations, -- saying that about a third or eighth of internal health care insurers created under obamacare to spur competition that might add coverage is less expensive for consumers are shutting down. three of the largest are among them and only 14 of the cooperatives are still standing, some precariously. challengeintended to dominant companies that wield considerable power to dictate prices and have left about 500,000 customers just -- scrambling to find health care for next year. a night co-op closed in february -- a ninth co-op closed in february. host: let's hear from eric from pennsylvania, independent. caller: my message would be for the next speaker to be the
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leading voice in a cultural idea that just about every culture has had, a prophet or fable about warning against types of hatred because you will find yourself becoming the type that's the thing you hate. -- the thing you hate. in this increasing told her -- culture of intolerance, we see blockading in congress over really petty issues that affect such a small percentage of americans, that it clogs up the congress well the norm or -- normal business is stopped and cannot go on because of this tendency toward a christian theocracy. all of this kind of red scare era, bringing back all this christian theology into the --tehouses and the stennett and the senate and the courtroom branches, these people that are
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really intent on their faith, it is our business as americans to respect that, but they need to also respect that we are a nation of laws. we have a constitution that provides the separation of church and state and in the spirit of this, becoming of what it was theing, godless commies in the 50's and c-span has done a good job of covering it and discussing it at different times, how all of this god stuff and hyper christianity in government did not come about until the 1940's and 50's during the red scare and the mccarthy are -- era. many of these people think that stuff was there from the founding, from the original principles that laid the groundwork for the united states. the new house speaker should do his best to try and get a climate of government under the rule of law and try to keep the
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moralizing from the theocratic posture to a minimum. the people's business could begin to take place again if they would just back off on the kind of behavior that we saw when the president of planned parenthood was pulled before congress. that thing smacked of mccarthyism badly. it serves no one, it is just grandstanding by people who are trying to show moral superiority or ride their finger at something they don't like. host: paul from florida, you are next. caller: yes. i would tell paul ryan to have a anding with president obama remind him if he wants to leave a legacy, so far the legacy he is lost the house and the senate on his watch. he has got nothing done.
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he has all these executive orders that will be overturned. i would tell him to -- if the president cuts the corporate tax rates to 45% and cut up all the loopholes, no corporate welfare, and make a one-time deal to bring back the money from overseas and use that for his -- infrastructure, the whole money friend for structure, that is what i would tell him to do if the president wants to leave a legacy. host: papers this morning have sped off stories taking place in the jefferson jackson democratic fundraisers the took place on saturday. you can see that if you go to in website, it has a story the wall street journal, taking a look at mrs. clinton, strength following the benghazi meetings. navigation of the benghazi hearing before a congressional panel and the democratic debate boosted her support. a poll showed her edging ahead of mr. sanders in iowa.
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she has the backing of 46% of democrats and democrat leaning independents compared to 43% for bernie sanders. the latest survey also found that the bulk of joe biden supporters in iowa would back mrs. clinton. if you go to the pages of the washington post, it takes a look at strategy for the sanders campaign, saying that he did not mention the former secretary of state by name and remark -- in remarks during last night's dinner. he and his advisers technology campaign is trying to draw contrasts with the former secretary of state he starts adding his first tv as next month. in the end, it is about credibility, among other
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differences, clinton opposed same-sex marriage ball she was a senator and authorize the invasion of iraq and has not embraced a proposal to separate commercial and investment banking that sanders favors. if you stay in washington post and look at donald trump, reacting after statements made about ben carson and his involvement in the seventh-day adventist state, saying that he would certainly give an apology if he said something bad about it, but he did not. trump said during an interview on abc's this week, one of three sunday talk shows in which the billionaire talked about recent polls that showed carson pulling ahead of him in iowa. he dismissed the suggestion by george stephanopoulos that by mentioning carson's religious affiliation he was trying to send a dog whistle to some conservatives who claim seven they -- seventh-day adventists are not christian.
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rick, in ohio, thanks for holding on. caller: it has been almost 40 years since the reagan revolution. you can see what has happened to the country. it has been almost 15 years since bush got elected. see the results. what the american people are starting to do. they are actually able to identify the republican party as nothing more than the dirty south. the nra, the tea party, the last five wars started by texans. state flag, oklahoma, georgia, which control the disney corporation, time warner, cnn, along with texas and clear channel. it has taken us 40 years to be able to get to start identifying the real problem in this country
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as far as the republican party, and it is the dirty south. host: jeff from nebraska, republican line. last 10i think the years -- we had a perfect storm. we had nancy pelosi and the democrats in control for two , then you had john boehner and mitch mcconnell and both of them did a terrible -- they have just done a terrible job for our party on the republican side. think that if paul ryan gets into office, and we get letting the committees
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do their job, everybody bring things forward like we voted , to into office to do represent each and every one of us, and i think he will because he knows what it's like, i think everything will be fine. you see marked differences between paul ryan and the current speaker, john boehner? caller: absolutely. no doubt. -- i think once paul ryan gets from underneath whothumb of john boehner has had his thumb on everybody. speaker onhave the
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noter side -- it should come from the top. everything was designed to come from the bottom. the ideas move up and that is what we were built and framed on. that is the way it should be. host: that is jeff from nebraska. from twitter says it does not matter who the next speaker is because nothing will get matter. you can respond on our facebook page and twitter page. you can call in on the lines, (202) 748-8001 through -- for republicans. (202) 748-8000 for the -- for democrats. (202) 748-8002 for independents. your message for the next house speaker. rick from idaho, republican. caller: good morning.
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i'm putting my name in the hat for speaker of the house, john boehner's job. i have three installments of social security trust fund, i have the interest on credit cards and annual tax reductions and tax forms, and i have a 40 year mortgage which allows all americans to refinance their whichor 30 year mortgage will reduce monthly payments. i'm shutting down bill clinton and the free trade agreement because when nafta kicked in, -- they'll take go ahead, bill clinton averaged $700 billion. [inaudible] i'm shutting down foreign aid and foreign spending.
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my question to you, are you afraid of winning, are you tired of losing? we can put this country in 48 hours. i'm putting my name in the hat for speaker of the house. how do i get my name in there so i can get my message out to all americans? host: as opposed to give your campaign -- i suppose you gave your campaign. what got you interested in the first place? caller: i sent my proposal to john mccain during his campaign and he never got it. he's done pipeline, prime example, you can go through -- [inaudible]
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the reason why i think -- is the mechanical aptitude i have. decisionsm we have is should be based on mathematical calculations and not popularity. d.c.,joe from washington, democrat line. caller: are you doing? -- how are you doing? host: i'm good thank you. i think he got disconnected. if you want to try and call again, please do so. a couple of stories, this is the wall street journal looking -- russia andengage iran on the east, saying that a sign of the dramatic shift underway, jordan announced on friday it was establishing an office to prove -- courtney
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military operations with russia, iraq and syria. russia and iran's powerful military unit, the islamic revolutionary guard corps, have stepped up their operations in syria in recent months. the secretary of state officials have acknowledged in recent days that their efforts to stabilize syria as well as iraq and yemen will likely be for not without buy-in from russia and iran. that is the wall street journal. usa today on its front page takes a look at some of those russian jets that are frying in -- flying in syria, saying that one thirds of those planes and half of the transport aircraft are grounded at any time as the desert conditions take a toll on
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equipment. the russians appear to be having difficulty adapting to the dusty conditions, and the number of airstrikes they have conducted seems to have dipped. you will find that on usa today. one more call on this. from texas, you are next and the last call on your message. caller: good morning. what i would like from the speaker of the house to represent all the people, by the people, for the people, not just the party. he seems very intelligent and i know he's a logical person. i'm pleased, even though i --ame a staunch independent, i like who will do their job the best.
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i think he can keep them in check and kudos to mr. weiner -- boehner.r -- mr. john you have a beautiful day. host: she finishes off this segment on your message for the next house speaker. you are the first guest on the morning to talk about the issues taking place when it comes to the debt ceiling, congress having to vote to raise that ceiling. joining us next to talk about that, how it works, what the applications are, is joshua gordon of the concorde coalition. litter on, it is discussion on criminal justice reform. washington journal continues after this. ♪


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