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tv   Key Capitol Hill Hearings  CSPAN  October 30, 2015 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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roybal-allard, pelosi. royce, ryan. ruiz, pelosi. rupp -- ruppersberger, pelosi. ush, pelosi. russell, ryan. . an of ohio mr. ryan: while i love the name ryan, pelosi. the clerk: pelosi. ryan of wisconsin. ryan of wisconsin. salmon, ryan. linda t. sanchez, pelosi.
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pelosi.sanchez, sanford, ryan. arbanes, pelosi. scalise, ryan. . schiff, pelosi. him him and spear, pelosi.
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stephani, ryan. stewart, ryan. stivers, ryan.
6:04 am, swallow, pelosi. hawaii, pelosi. , pelosi.california thompson of california, pelosi. pelosi. pennsylvania, ryan. thornberry, ryan. t berry, ryan. ryan., , pelosi. york, losey.
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pelosi. ryan. , who.s turner, ryan. upton, ryan. holland, pelosi. vargas, pelosi. vc, pelosi. vila, pelosi. , pelosi. , wagner, ryan.
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wahlberg, ryan. , ryan.o walker, ryan. ski, ryan walters, ryan. pelosi. , pelosi. , pelosi. , pelosi. texas, webster, webster
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, webster of florida, -- welch of vermont, pelosi. when strip, ryan. westermann, ryan. ryan.oreland, whitfield, ryan. williams, ryan. , pelosi. florida carolina, ryan.
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, ryan. womack, ryan. all, ryan. , a losey. ryan. , webster. young of alaska, ryan. young
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the clerk: bishop of utah. >> utah, ryan.
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ryan of wisconsin. ryan of wisconsin. webster of florida. ebster of florida. the clerk: boehner.
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the speaker: ryan. the clerk: ryan. the speaker: if there are any members who did not answer the call of the roll, they i may come to the well and vote at this time.
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the speaker: the tellers agree in their tallies that the total number of votes cast is 432 of
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which the honorable paul d. ryan of the state of wisconsin has received 236. the honorable nancy pelosi of california has received 184. the honorable daniel webster of the state of florida has received nine. the honorable jim cooper of the state of tennessee has received one. the honorable john lewis of georgia has received one. and the honorable colin poul has received one. -- colin powell has received one. therefore, the honorable paul d. ryan of the state of wisconsin having received the majority of the votes cast is duly elected as speaker of the house.
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the chair appoints the following committee to escort the speaker-elect to the chair. the gentleman from california, mr. mccarthy, the gentlewoman from california, ms. pelosi, the gentleman from louisiana, mr. scalise, the gentleman from maryland mr. hoyer, the gentlewoman from washington state, mrs. mcmorris rodgers, the gentleman from south carolina, mr. clyburn, the gentleman from oregon, mr. walden, the gentleman from california, mr. becerra, the gentleman from indiana, mr.
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messer, the gentleman from new york, mr. crowley, the gentlewoman from kansas, ms. jenkins, the gentleman from new york, mr. israel, the gentlewoman from north carolina, ms. foxx, the gentleman from new mexico, mr. ben ray lujan, the gentlewoman from missouri, mrs. wagner, the gentlewoman from connecticut, ms. delauro, the gentlewoman from maryland, ms. edwards, the gentleman from texas, mr. sessions, the gentleman from maryland, mr. van hollen, the gentleman from north carolina, mr. mchenry, and the members of the wisconsin delegation -- mr. sensenbrenner, mr. kind, ms. moore, mr. duffy, mr. ribble, mr. pocan, mr. grothman. the gentlelady from california, mrs. mimi walters. the members will retire from the chamber to escort the speaker-elect to the chair.
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the sergeant at arms: mr. speaker, the speaker-elect,
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paul d. ryan of wisconsin.
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>> the 114th congress of the united states. floor strength yen and inspired by the support of our colleagues. the constituents and the love of our families. my special thanks to all of you my children en, nine grandchildren, and the family for their support. the people of san francisco. the continued honor to represent them here. my heartfelt thanks to my colleagues for extending to me the honor of being nominated to the speaker of the house.
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thank you very much. said to his constituents and this congress with honor for 25 years. peaker john boehner. in his story we are reminded of the enduring exceptional promise of america. this hardworking son of an ohio bartender and owner who grew up to be the speaker of the house
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of representatives. john boehner talked about the american dream. john boehner, you are the personification of the american dream. as you-all know, speaker boehner was a formidable spokesman for the republican agenda. my republican colleagues, i'm sure you know and i can attest to the fact that he was always true and loyal to the members of his caucus in any negotiations we ever had. although we had our differences, and often, i always respected his dedication to this house and his commitment to his values. thank you, john, for your leadership and courage as speaker. your graciousness as speaker extended and was reflected in your staff under the leadership of mike summers whom we all respect.
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thank you to john boehner's staff. i know i speak for everyone here, democrats and republicans, when i thank you for making the visit of his holiness, pope francis, such a beautiful and meaningful xperience for all of us. today we extend our thanks and congratulations to debi, your daughters lindsay and trisha, and the entire boehner family, now including grandson. let's hear it for the family of ohn boehner.
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ebb behalf of house democrats and personally, i wish you and your family all of god's blessings in the glorious years ahead. last month we witnessed something truly special when pope francis made history addressing a joint session of congress. standing right here pope francis called on us to speak hope, peace, and dialogue for all people. and reminded us of our duties to find a way forward for everyone. a good political leader his holiness said, is one who with the interest of all in mind seizes the moment in a spirit of openness and pragmatism. with that -- with the interest in mind of all. pope francis echoed the principle of our founders that placed at the heart of our
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democrat -- democracy the saying so many one. the founders could ever have imagine how vast our country would become, how diverse and many we would be ethnically, gender identities, beliefs, and priorities, but they knew we had to be one. every day in this house and across the country we pledge allegiance to one nation, under god, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all. this is the beauty of america that for all of our honest differences, prospeck tiffs, and priorities, aired and argued so passionately on this floor, we are committed to being one nation. despite our differences, in fact respecting them, i look forward to a clear debate in
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this marketplace of ideas, the people's house of representatives. so my fellow colleagues we have a responsibility to act upon our shared faith and the greatness of our country. we have responsibility to be worthy of the sacrifices of our troops, our veterans, and our military families. we have responsibility to make real the promise of the american dream for all. there is important work before the congress and we must do more to promote growth, decrease the deficit, create good-paying jobs, and increase the paychecks of america's working families. page is this house a turned, a new chapter has begun. today the gavel passes to a proud son of wisconsin. the first speaker from wisconsin. paul ryan has had the full breadth of experience on
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capitol hill from young staffer , tore waiter, should i say that again, tortilla coast waiter, to congressman, to being a sincere and proud advocate for his point of view as chairman of the budget committee, as a respected leader and chairman of the ways and means committee, and in a minute he will be the speaker of the house of representatives. on behalf, mr. speaker to be, on behalf of house democrats i extend the hand of friendship to you. congratulations to you, paul, to your children, your mother who is here, how proud she must be. the entire ryan family whom we all know mean so much to you. mr. speaker, god bless you and your family and god bless the nited states of america.
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this is the speaker's house. this is the speaker's -- this is the people's house. this is the people's gavel, and the people's name it is my privilege to hand this gavel to the speaker of the house, congressman and honorable paul ryan.
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the speaker: thank you very much. thank you. thank you. thank you, madam leader. before i begin i would like to thank all of my family and friends who flew in from wisconsin and from all over for being here today. in the gallery i have my mom, betty, my sister, janet, my brothers stan and tobaccoin, and more cousins than i can ount on a few hands.
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most important, i want to recognize my wife, jana, and our children, liza, charlie, and sam. i also want to thank speaker boehner for almost five years he led this house, for nearly
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25 years he served it. not many people can match his accomplishments. the offices he held, the laws he passed, but what really sets john apart is he's a man of character, a true class act. he is without a question the gentleman from ohio. so please join me in saying one last time, thank you speaker boehner.
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now i know how he felt. it's not until you hold this gavel, stand in this spot, look out and see all 435 members of this house as if all america's sitting right in front of you. it's not till then that you feel it. the weight of responsibility. the grambity of the moment. you -- graphity of the moment. as i stand here i can't help but think of something harry truman once said. the day after franklin roosevelt died, truman became president and he told a group of reporters, if you ever pray, pray for me now. when they told me yesterday what had happened, i felt like the moon, the stars, and all the planets had fallen on me. we should all feel that way. a lot is on our shoulders. so if you ever pray, let's pray
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for each other. republicans, for democrats, and emocrats for republicans. and i don't mean pray for a conversion, all right. pray for a deeper understanding because when you're up here, you see it so clearly. wherever you come from, whatever you believe, we are all in the same boat. i never thought i'd be speaker. but early in my life, i wanted to serve this house. i thought this place was exhilarating because here, you
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can make a difference. if you had a good idea, if you worked hard, you could make it happen. you could improve people's lives. to me, the house of representatives represents what's best of america. the boundless opportunity to do ood. but let's be frank. the house is broken. we're not solving problems, we're adding to them. and i am not interested in laying blame. we are not settling scores. we are wiping the slate clean. neither the members nor the eople are satisfied with how
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things are going. we need to make some changes, starting with how the house does business. we need to let every member contribute, not once they've earned their stripes but now. i come at this job as a two-time committee chair. the committees should retake the lead in drafting all major legislation. if you know the issue, you should write the bill. let's open up the process. let people participate. and they might change their mind. a neglected minority will gum up the works. a respected minority will work in good faith. instead of trying to stop the majority, they might try to become the majority.
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in other words, we need to return to regular order. now, i know this sounds like process. it's actually a matter of principle. we are the body closest to the people. every two years, we face the voters and sometimes face the music. but we do not echo the people, we represent the people. we are supposed to study up and do the homework they cannot do. so when we do not follow regular order, when we rush to pass bills that a lot of us don't understand, we are not doing our job. only a fully functioning house can truly represent the people. and if there are ever a time for us to step up, this would be that time.
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america does not feel strong anymore. because the working people of america do not feel strong anymore. i'm talking about the people who mind the store, and grow the food, and walk the beat, and pay the taxes, and raise the family. they do not sit in this house. they do not have fancy titles. but they are the people who make this country work, and this ouse should work for them. here's the problem. they're working hard, they're paying a lot, they're trying to do right by their families, and
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they're going nowhere fast. they never get a raise they never get a break, the bills keep filing up and the taxes and the debt. they're working harder than ever before to get ahead, yet they're falling further behind. they feel robbed. they feel cheated by their birth right, of their birth right. they're not asking for any favors. they just want a fair chance. and they're losing faith that they'll ever get it. then, they look at washington and all they see is chaos. what a relief to them it would be if we finally got our acts together. what a weight off their shoulders. how reassuring it would be if we actually fixed the tax code, put patients in charge of their health care, grew our economy, strengthened our military, lifted people out of poverty and
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aid down our debt. at this point, nothing could be more inspiring than a job well done. nothing could stir the heart more than real, concrete results. the cynics will scoff. they'll say it's not possible. you better believe we're going to try. we will not duck the tough issues. we will take them head on. we are going to do all we can do so that working people get their strength back and people not working get their lives back. no more fares for the few. opportunity for all. that is our motto.
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you know, i often talk about a need for revision. -- for a vision. i'm not sure i ever really said what i meant. we saw problems -- we solve problems here, yes. we create a lot of them too. but at bottom, we vindicate a way of life. we show by our work that free people can govern themselves. they can solve their own problems. they can make their own decisions. they can deliberate, collaborate and get the job done. we show that self-government is not only more efficient and more effective, it's more fulfilling. in fact, we show it as that struggle, that hard work, that
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very achievement itself that makes us free. that is what we do here. and we will not always agree. not all of us, not all of the time. but we should not hide our disagreements. we should embrace them. we have nothing to fear from honest differences, honestly tated. if you have ideas, let's hear them. i believe that a greater clarity between us can lead to greater charity among us. and there's every reason to have hope. when the first speaker took the gavel, he looked out at a room of 30 people. representing a nation of three million. today, as i look out at each and every one of you, we represent a nation of 300 million.
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so when i hear that america doesn't have it, we're done, we're spent, i don't believe it. i believe with every fiber of my being that we can renew the american idea. now our task is to make us all believe. my friends, you have done me a great honor. the people of this country, they've done all of us a great honor. now let's prove ourselves worthy of it. let's seize the moment. let's rise to the occasion. and when we are den, let us say that we left the people, all the people, more united, happy, and
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free. thank you. i am now ready to take the oath of office. i ask that the dean of the house of representatives, the honorable john conyers jr. of michigan, to administer the oath of office.
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mr. conyers: if the gentleman from wisconsin would please raise his right hand. do you, sir, solemnly swear or affirm that you will support and defend the constitution of the united states against all enemies, foreign and domestic, that you will bear true faith and allegiance to the same, that you take this obligation freely, without any mental reservation or purpose of evasion, and that you will well and faithfully discharge the duties of the office on which you are about to enter, so help you god? r. ryan: i do. the speaker: thank you. thank you.
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for what purpose does the gentleman from california, mr. mccarthy, seek recognition? mr. mccarthy: i offer a privileged resolution and ask for its immediate consideration. the speaker: the clerk will report the resolution. the clerk will first number the resolution. the clerk: house resolution 503. resolved, that the clerk be instructed to inform the president of the united states that the house of representatives has elected paul d. ryan, a representative from the state of wisconsin, speaker of the house of representatives. the speaker: without objection the resolution is agreed to and the motion to reconsider is laid pon the table.
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for what purpose does the gentleman from california, mr. mccarthy, seek recognition? mr. mccarthy: mr. speaker, i offer a privileged resolution ask for its immediate consideration. the clerk: the clerk will reminority resolution. the clerk: house resolution 504, resolved, that a message be sent to the senate to inform that body that pall d. ryan, a member from the state of wisconsin, has been elected speaker of the house of representatives. the speaker pro tempore: without objection -- the speaker: without objection, the resolution is agreed to and the motion to reconsider is laid n the table.
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the speaker pro tempore: the chair lays before the house a communication. the clerk: the honorable the clerk, house of representatives, madam, as a result of my election today as speaker, this letter is to inform you that i re-sign as chairman of the committee on ways and means and from further service on that committee. i also resign as chairman and a member of the joint committee on taxation. signed, sincerely, pall d. ryan. -- paul d. ryan. >> "washington journal," is next. a pentagon briefing with philip breedlove. i'm 45 minutes on washington journal, a look at the republican party's efforts to appeal to latino voters with daniel gars a -- garza.
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discusses women working in low-wage jobs. >> let's be frank. the house is broken. we are not solving problems, we are adding to them. and i'm not interested in laying blame. we are not settling scores. we are wiping the slate clean. ♪ this morning on the "washington journal," we want to hear from you about all i'm being elected speaker of the house. the youngest speaker in 150 years. he is 45 years old. republicans, call (202) 748-8001 , democraca


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