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tv   2016 Sunshine Summit  CSPAN  November 13, 2015 10:30am-7:01pm EST

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economic equality is the most important issue. my point was that none of the issues that anybody was talking about had any hope of progress until we address this fundamental issue first. not to say that requires i call important, the most most powerful people on the inside, lake congress. -- like congress. the sailed institution in our government is congress. if you depend on the insider to make that point it is never going to be made. if we were in a completely well functioning democracy where the system was actually working and people were actually being represented, i would be in the school that says let's just let the politicians deal with this. let's let them solve the problem. but we are in a system where the politicians cannot cure themselves, and what we need in that is an outsider who steps up and says, here is how we need to change the system.
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the republicans seem to be open to this idea. i do not like the outsiders they have on the stage, but they have at least three outsiders that are leaders in that race right now. i think the democrats to be more open to this idea that maybe it is time to bring a principal from outside of the government inside of the government to restore it to what i think everyone intended it originally to be. host: let's follow that up from tweet.eet -- with this would you consider running for president again? guest: i am going to do whatever it takes. i took a pretty substantial risk .- a one in a million shot the one thing we were certain of is that it would be expensive and i would be ridiculed for doing it. i took that shot because i knew that if i could at least get into those debates we would have a chance to change the dynamics of this election. ls showedpulled -- pol
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is that the voters care deeply about this issue, really for the first time since watergate. voters,s a poll asking if the next president was certain to do just one thing, which about one thing the? life are the number one issue the democratic voters identified with fixing the way we fund campaigns. i'm going to do whatever i can to make this issue a central issue that our government can begin to address. if that is running again then of course i would do that in a heartbeat. i have got to say that the thing i was most surprised about running for president was just how incredibly rewarding, how incredibly fun it is to just have a chance to talk to voters about these issues. whether he and -- whether it is in a group of five or 20 or 100 people, interaction is the most rewarding thing that i have ever done and i would love a chance to do that in whatever context i could. host: is your gofundme still
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open? course the website accepts contributions. we will be closing down by the end of the month, but yes, absolutely. host: jeff is in frederick, maryland. you are on with lawrence lessig. caller: i really enjoy your show. i think you have hit the nail on the head, professor. pundits andt of philosophers up there on the stage and a lot of them have good ideas, but you are right in the fact that they are all influenced -- or funded -- or influenced by their campaign funding groups. i think that is what prompted success here. it really is the influenced by these outside entities. he is a businessman. that is that we need in this country. we have got some good people running. , even bernie sanders has got a couple of good ideas.
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not many, but a couple. if we spoke all this ideas -- took all those ideas and just put a good businessman in the position -- host: jeff, are you supporting donald trump at this point? caller: i have to because he does not have that outside influence or he -- influence. host: do you like the fact that he is self-funded? caller: i really do. he might have some personal things that he is trying to put forth, but the fact that he is self-funded is really their way. there is no big money behind him. host: thank you sir. times" "the new york recently reported that 158 families in the u.s. have contributed half of the campaign cash for 2016. guest: i think this point is so fundamental and it is so clearly missed by people inside the beltway here in washington. i think this is exactly why
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donald trump is so attractive to many people on the right. they look at the system and they say these guys are all bought. when they see someone they believe is not possible many people are saying ok, look you have some crazy ideas about exporting 11 million people from the united states, but i'm willing to accept the crazy ideas so long as we can finally have somebody who is not beholden to this money. i agree that this would be someone who would be in government not worrying about what the founders cared about trying to pursue what he thought was the right idea. i don't believe in the things he wants to push, but this is most important to recognize is you have to have a government filled with people who are not as fun funders to get into government. the solution donald trump has is that we elect billionaires. that is the idea we fought a revolution against. that is the aristocratic idea which we sent back to britain
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when we said to them, we are not going to have a system of government that they have. i think we need a system where representatives are independent. they are able to do with a think is right according to the views of the voters in the district. but not a system where the only people we can elect to government are billionaires. we can a system where elect ordinary people to government, and the only way we will get there is if politicians have the guts to begin to use words that talk about the change . words like citizen funded, or public funding of elections which would radically change the influence of these funders. deborah is in richmond, virginia. democrat. caller: good morning. how are you doing? host: great. caller: i keep hearing the republican say we want to make america great again. supremacy,ve white
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slavery and racism ever since george washington, when was america great? thank you. guest: this is a great question. here's what i think is great about america. ideals thats core it has not yet lived up to. said, in luther king his speech at lincoln university on june 6, 1961, he said america is a dream and the dream is expressed in the sublime words of the declaration which that all are created equal. this equality is something we mye not yet achieved, and in view the grave injustice in american history is racial inequality that we have been fighting for 400 years in america, to establish something that should've been established from the beginning, the equality
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of all people regardless of race. that is a great injustice in american history. the other to injustice that was extended against native americans. but in the context of that injustice what we have also held is an ideal. an ideal that we are constantly aspiring to. a dream that is not yet realized, but that we still will fight to realize. the campaign that i was pushing was an expression of that ideal. i believe that the core value of a representative democracy is equality, and i wanted to have a campaign, a rally around the idea of equality. the equality that would and incredible injustice that makes it even necessary for people to rally around a slogan like black lives matter. the inequality that makes the -- it so that the vast majority of
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americans do not believe their government has anything to do with them. those inequalities are completely and a fema -- anathema to this core value at the heart of our constitution, and what we need to do is to continue to fight for their core value. it is great that we have to value at the core of who we are, even if we have not yet come close to representing it in the practices we have built. host: someone tweets into you, campaignour idea for finance reform take away my rights to spend what i want where i want? guest: no, and this is really important between the way i have been talking about this issue at the way most progressives talk about this issue. in my view the solution that we have to be fighting for is not about restricting anybody's ability to speak. it is that increasing the opportunity of more people to participate. i support, for example, the idea
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that richard painter was talking about, where we take the first $50 in everybody's taxes and rebated to them in the form of a voucher which they can use the -- to fund campaigns are at that is not restricting anybody's beach. that first $50 when you have done this you know increased the number of people who are speakers in the spending stage of political elections. and if you change that dynamic and you made it so candidates for congress were worried about what would million people thought, rather than what 1000 people thought, you would reduce a congress that was much more to theible -- responsive people. i believe that the decisions of the supreme court that led to is creation of the super pac mistaken. i don't believe the super pac is required and i actually think the supreme court will fix that
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within the next five years. i actually don't believe that it will ultimately be necessary to do more than do the core thing that i think we must do tomorrow, which is to change the way campaigns are funded by radically increasing the number of people who can participate in the funding of campaigns. brenda, petersburg, virginia, democrat. you are on the air. caller: good morning america and good morning world. first let me give you a little biography. i have three things i want to talk about. mr. lessig is completely correct . i'm a 66-year-old black woman, the parent, retired schoolteacher, the tiled -- retired nco who grew up under segregation and jim crow. i was against the vietnam war, i was against the draft -- but right now we need to bring back the draft because we are getting ready to go to war. i need to say something.
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mr. lessig is absolutely right. we do not have a representative government. i taught sixth-grade history and i keep next to me a sixth-grade history book that has within it a copy of the constitution. every time somebody starts talking about the con to ship -- constitution i open the book and see what they are talking about. these people have never read the constitution and never read anything. ok. with the black lives matter movement, i told you how i grew up. black lives matter. when my father, who was a world war ii veteran, came home, he was not allowed to participate in the g.i. bill to buy the house that he wanted to buy. therefore a generation later we still do not have that wealth and that house. every time i write to my congressman about an issue when -- what i get back is thanks,
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send me money. i never hear anything else from them. send me money. host: we are going to have to leave your comments there and get a response. guest: i have to return the favor and say i think the point she is making is absolutely right. something we have to remember as americans, we have failed to achieve the very core ideal of america and no part of america has suffered this more than african-americans. there are 1000 ways in which we have made it hard or african-americans to be equal members of the society. they are the 1000 remedies that we must immediately undertake. i think the way to get there is to remind america of this core value, this core principle that we ought to celebrate. from the very beginning of our republic, the value of equality with the central idea.
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my colleague at harvard, a woman named danielle allen, an african-american theorist wrote a fantastic book. she argued that the core value of the declaration of independence is the value of equality. that value ought to be our constant charge. how do we achieve it? because if we achieve it we would have a government that was representative, and if we had a government that was are -- representative it would not be the insane, dysfunctional, crippled institution that we see in washington right now. host: bill from texas, democrat, you are the last caller. caller: i want to ask the guest -- he started out with the congress campaign six months prior to the election in and -- and continue to campaign. i was in the army for 22 years,
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and when i saw a blank check from the government of basically take over my life i was on call 20 4/7 -- 24/7, 360 branded the year. -- 365 days the year. how can these guys just were cap year, -- just work half a year and still say that they are working for the people? host: ok. we got the idea. lawrence lessig? guest: thank you for your credit -- service. something really incredible to even focus. i think that is exactly the question. it is astonishing to me that people are not outraged at the idea that they spend as much time as they do raising money to get back in congress.
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if any of us on our job spent 30% to 70% of our time not doing the work of our job and doing work to enrich ourselves we would be fired on day one. but we have that system in washington right now, and what we have got to do is understand why that is a corrupted system. that begins by politicians having the courage to call it for what it is, corruption. call that corruption out and talk about the real solutions. not the fantasies that we are going to automatically amend the constitution and somehow that fixes the problem. we have to have the courage to use the words that america needs to hear. change the way campaigns are funded so that they are not dependent on a tiny fraction of the 1% to fund themselves. host: a tweet, congress should be will hold it to its constituency and not its donors. followed by this, a multitude of interrelated problems.
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which one would have to be fixed first? money? gerrymandering? guest: i would start with money. if you solve the gerrymandering problem without solving the money problem you just increase the cost of the elections. solve the money problem, solve the gerrymandering problem. i support the citizen equality -- the proposal that i advanced, the citizen equality act which is now being developed by a new group. it has three parts. one, change the way elections are funded. over two, change the way districts are drawn to the we have a representative congress. and number three, and the way we suppress votes in america so that everyone has an equal freedom to vote. those three changes in the citizen equality act would in one fell swoop bring about a representative democracy, something we have been denied for much of our history. host: we have been talking with harvard law professor lawrence
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lessig, former democratic presidential candidate as well. think you for your time. >> here on c-span we are live in orlando loretta for -- orlando, florida, for the number one of the sunshine summit. the first of two full days of white house hopefuls. today the audience will hear from marco rubio, ted cruz lindsey graham, mike huckabee, jeff bush, donald trump, and ben carson. live coverage here on c-span. include's candidates rick santorum, bobby jindal, rand paul, chris christie, john kasich, and carly fiorina. one of the first people we will hear from will be the republican governor of florida, rick scott. you will also hear from number of other officials as well writing about the presidential side -- as well. the floridak times" republican party is a house itsded, but on friday
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faithful will come together under one roof and tried our best to make it look like the happiest place on earth. the times saying that senator marco rubio, the state senate -- junior senator helped open the festivities with a speech last night that made light of his history as something of a party crasher. they also say the florida statesman he is trying to unseat, jeb bush, was not in attendance. he was invited to spend the day campaigning in new hampshire. both he and mr. rubio will speak today but several hours apart. meanwhile looking at a couple of other speakers today, the hill reported on last night's speech in fort dodge by donald trump. trump on carson, how stupid are the people of iowa? they write that donald trump railed against gop presidential life story inon's a 90 minute speech, telling iowa
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voters that they were stupid if they believed him. "give me a break, give me a break, give me a break." dismissed a tale carson described as a miracle in which he tried to stab someone. it looks like it is getting underway. live coverage here in florida from c-span. >> we are allowing more guests to arrive. we'll be starting our program in just a few minutes. you have time to find your seats. at this time we will start our program shortly. we are waiting just for a few minutes as more guest arrive. thank you. [indiscernible]
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>> live in orlando, florida, here in c-span. the first of two days of the republican party of florida sunshine summit. today they will hear from marco rubio, ted cruz, jeb bush, donald trump, and ben carson. tomorrow they will hear from rick santorum, bobby jindal, rand paul, chris christie, john kasich, and carly fiorina. we'll be covering the des moines register democrats debate coming up tomorrow night, saturday night, and 9:00 p.m. eastern. i will be on radio but we will show you the entire debate on sunday afternoon here on c-span at 4:00 p.m. eastern. if you missed any of it you
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yout line our schedule -- can find our schedule online at [indiscernible]
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>> waiting to get underway here in orlando, day number one of the sunshine summit. marco rubio,y, lindsey graham, mike huckabee, jeb bush, donald trump, ben carson. in washington president obama is meeting with his national security officials this afternoon on the transpacific partnership ahead of his weeklong trip overseas and attendance at the g 20 meetings in turkey.
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also in news today, a u.s. run strike targeted a vehicle in syria believes should be targeting them masked -- the mast islamic state militant .nown as jihadi john he will likely hear more about that in a news briefing from the pentagon. that is coming up in about five minutes live on [indiscernible]
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>> making his way into the middle of the room there is florida republican governor rick scott. really one of the first speakers this morning here at the never one of the florida republican party sunshine summit in orlando, florida. live today and tomorrow here on c-span. [indiscernible]
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>> waiting for the start of the first day of the florida republican party sunshine summit. governor rick scott in the center of your seat -- screen. he will be one of the first the speakers you'll hear from today and our daylong coverage. marco rubio, ted cruz, lindsey graham, mike huckabee, jeb bush, donald trump, ben carson. and on saturday more coverage thoseive here on c-span candidates include bobby jindal, rand paul, chris christie, and carly fiorina. new england cable news writes about rand paul saying that he is preparing his paperwork to run in the new hampshire primary capping off the busy week of
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candidates visiting the statehouse. he will arrive in concord just afternoon today to file his paperwork and then hold a rally later in the evening at a town hall in portsmouth. week,ates have until next november 20, to submit their paperwork and a $1000 fee to appear on the republican or democratic primary ballot in the states first in the nation primary. several gop candidates such as jeb bush and ben carson has yet to file. things should get underway shortly. [indiscernible]
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>> good morning ladies and gentlemen. we kindly ask you to take your seats. will remain once again, please take your seats at this time. we also kindly ask you to turn your phones to be silent or off mode at this time. our program will begin shortly. [indiscernible]
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>> this is orlando florida and the first day of two of the republican sunshine summit with
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candidates marco rubio, ted cruz, jeb bush, donald trump, and ben carson speaking today. more coverage tomorrow. it looks like it will be a few minutes until they get underway. theof the hottest issues in campaign is immigration. we are likely to hear a whole lot about it today. we talked about it on this morning's "washington journal" as well. host: what happened at disney? disney workers were summoned into a conference room. a lot of them assumed that they were going to be rewarded somehow. it was a horror story that no hollywood writer could conjure up. in this case the reality was so much worse than anything they could have imagined. they were informed that they were going to be laid off, but and this is-
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something that has been repeated over and over again in american companies over the last couple like thes, sort of dirty little open secret of the information technology industry, they were told that they were going to be forced to train their cheap foreign replacements from india as a condition of receiving any kind of severance pay. this is not some sort of aberrant outcome of our current immigration policy. it is actually built into the law that created the h-1b specialty worker program. we have blown lid off, my , in our newd i book, and we have been told that the timing of our book is very fortuitous. i think in some ways profit -- providential. at a time during an election cycle where these issues are finally coming to the four and -- fore and where there is now
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a growing ever -- knowledge of this practice and the devastating impact that these policies are having on the best and brightest workers in america. host: your coworker -- co-author john miano is also with us. how does the h-1b guestworker process work? guest: it is a three-step process. first the employer has to make out a labor condition application saying that they will pay the so-called prevailing wage and that they will not be violating certain roles. it is essentially a paper shuffling exercise because once it is submitted they are required to be approved as long as the form is filled out correctly.
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when that is approved you can get it automatically approved -- they submit the actual petition. and if they approve it then they go to the state department to get the actual visa. host: how many workers are coming to the u.s. and where are they going? guest: there are about 120,000 to 130000 and year. host: i thought it was captain ped at 65,000. guest: it's a little misleading. there is a base cap a 65,000, and an additional cap of 20,000. it is unlimited for academia and research. the reason you do it that way if you can say there has been a cap for all these years. in reality the visas have more than doubled since the 1990's. host: in the book you write, the manufacturing of a crisis. there is no stem shortage. stem of course being science, technology, engineering, and math.
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guest: this is one of the keystone issues of the entire debate over the last 25 years. this month actually marks the 25th anniversary of the creation of the h-1b program. all along there has been this underlying premise on the part of both big business and big government cheerleaders for the program that we need to bring in these -- we need to have this huge pipeline and it needs to be increased. in some cases many of these political weasels in washington who cut all the back room deals to do things like what john says -- to have the unlimited number of people coming in under the h-1b program who are hired by academics and research institutions. it rests on this presumption
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that there are not enough american high skilled workers doing this job. we traced the history of a lot of the advocacy research. much of it was born inside the government battles -- that will -- bowels to post your -- bolster this claim that there were not enough legal residents >> you are a compassionate and loving god. with our heads bowed we pause to remember the men and women who have sacrificed so greatly frustrate experience the freedom that we had here in the united states. we ask that you would protect, comfort, and strengthen those serving in our military at home and abroad. today we are gathered together in this moment with some of the key leaders, not only who govern our state, but also those who
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are instrumental in shaping our incredible nation. these are leaders with great gifts, rate platforms, rate charisma -- great platforms, we standrisma, but here before you god knowing we are nothing without you. in the book of proverbs we were reminded to trust in the lord with all our heart. in all thy ways to of knowledge you promise that you will direct our path. i ask you to divinely direct the course of the republican party. above every agenda let us first to seek the kingdom of part -- god. season upcoming election , god would you appoint righteous leadership, men and women who stand for truth no matter the cost. in a world that is searching for answers we ask you to raise up where the preventative --
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representatives who would turn to you for guidance, comfort, and truth. we also pray for the next president of the united states. let this be someone who honors you first with their life and someone who knows that true power comes from of love. and in closing i pray from the testament. may the lord bless us and keep us. may his face shine upon us and be gracious to us. may he look upon us kindly and give us his piece. amen. ha h[applause] please welcome the avast colorguard.
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colors]ation of >> please join me in the pledge. flagdge allegiance to the of the united states of america and to the republic for which it god,s, one nation, under
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with liberty and justice for all. thank you. [applause] >> technical difficulty. [laughter] ♪ [singing national anthem]
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[cheers and applause] >> ladies and gentlemen, please welcome the chairman of the republican party of florida. [applause] >> everybody please be seated, and i personally want to thank each and every one of you for coming to the first sunshine summit. everybody give yourselves a big round of applause. [applause] today is friday the 13th. let me tell you, there is nothing scarier than hillary clinton in the white house.
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a little bit of breaking news. ruledpreme court has just that we are no longer allowed to have a nativity scene nor a christmas tree in the white house. this is not for any religious reason. find threeouldn't wise men in the current administration. my friends, there is nothing more important to the fabric and the future of this great nation then to fix a broken washington, d.c.. in order to do that we must win the white house in 2014 -- 2016.
11:20 am
the only way to do that is to win the great state of florida. [applause] monthssee, these next 12 is not the start of a campaign. this is the start of a cause to take back our federal government. [applause] many pundits have said in the past that the reason why we lost the last two presidential elections is because we did a poor job at reaching out. they said we did a poor job of voters, tot to women hispanic voters, to black voters, to jewish voters. but i'm here to tell you today that there was really only one demographic to blame for any republican loss. that is as. the only way that we can go forward as a party is to take a long, hard, look at the things that we have done wrong in the
11:21 am
past but also have the courage to fix those things so we can continue going forward. the true test of any organizations strength is not whether we win or we lose, but how we respond after a loss. it is not whether we get knocked but how quickly we get back up, dust ourselves off, and continue charging forward. to what end? we must defeat hillary clinton in 2016. [applause] and we are going to do that with our message. because the republican party, we have the best message. the message of smaller, less intrusive government, lower taxes, more personal freedom to focus on small business and to focus on family. we do not need to change our message. we need to change the way we deliver that message.
11:22 am
we and the republican party do not have a message problem. we have a marketing problem. the democrats have been pretty good at marketing a very, very dangerous message. and in the process they are turning this nation into the divided states of america, pitting one class of voter against and other class of voters. the 1% against the 99%, men versus women, the state versus the federal government, wall street versus mainstreet. they are marketing this message of a utopian society that we achieve, and worse yet, we will go bankrupt trying to achieve it. message, weto the also need to be smart when it comes to elections. vision and a more
11:23 am
lot less vitriol in our own primaries. [applause] >> ronald reagan famously said that if you agree with me 80% of the time i can are you my friend, but the problem that we are having now is the 20% that do not agree with all of. they are throwing bombs, attacking our own, and all that does is help democrats in the general election. home,se, they are staying and that my friends, has got to stop. i'm a firm believer that democrats don't win elections. the win-win we lose elections. president hillary clinton will surely take the opportunity and the easy path, and continue to grow government and add more and
11:24 am
more burdensome regulations that are crushing the middle class. that is not leading. albert einstein once said, any intelligent fool can make things eager and more complex. but it takes a little bit of genius and a whole lot of courage to move things in the opposite direction. past isnews is that the in our hands, but the future is also in our hands. we as a party are only confined by the walls that we build ourselves. the only thing holding this party back is us. so we have a choice to make. in 2016 we can choose to come , everyone in the same boat rowing in the same direction for the same common cause, or we can choose to lose
11:25 am
this next presidential election and have another clinton in the white house. that choice is not up to anybody else. it is not up to the democrats, it is not up to the media. the choice is ours. so today, all of us, as republicans, let us resolve to take a stand together as one and marketrt -- unit our message. our message that republicans, we believe in the success and the opportunity of every individual, regardless of gender, skin color, or station in life. we want everyone to be , noessful, period exceptions. [applause] >> and together we can create those opportunities for
11:26 am
ourselves, our families, our states, our nation. it will be the republican party that will bring this nation back to the united states of america. [applause] our job over the next 12 months is to go out there and show why we are the grand opportunity party, not the democrats. [applause] i believe with every fiber in my being that ordinary people, just like you and me, we can do extraordinary things when we set our minds into a goal and we work together. republicans,s
11:27 am
let's be extraordinary, and on november 8 we will all raise a glass and toast a republican in the white house. [applause] >> are you guys tired of big government? yes or no? crowd: yes. >> are you tired of waiting -- losing winnable elections? crowd: yes. >> let's move this party in the opposite direction. the future of this party can no longer wait. the future of this party needs to start right now. i will stand here as i will thank you for everything that you have ever done for the republican party and the conservative cause, and i will stand here and thank you in
11:28 am
advance for everything that you will do for the republican party. god bless you, god bless your families, and may god bless the greatest republic this world has ever known, the united states of america. welcome to the sun sign -- sunshine summit. [applause] >> please welcome the governor of the great state of florida, rick scott. ♪ >> didn't -- good morning. please have a seat. you are going to have a fun time here with all of these candidates coming, it is going
11:29 am
to be great to hear their stories. as you know, florida leave -- leads the nation. we are the best state. [applause] you should be proud of the individuals you have elected in florida because this is what you get when you elect republicans. our unemployment rate has dropped in half, down to 5.2%. we have cut taxes 50 times. we have cut 3200 regulations. we have added almost one million jobs in less than five years. [applause] it matters who you elect. in 2010 when you elected me i sat down with governor perry right after that and i said, my job is to kick your rear. he laughed. let me put it in perspective. four years before i got elected
11:30 am
we lost 800,000 jobs -- 832,000 jobs. paycheck.ople had a during that same timeframe texas added 200,000 jobs. month for the last five months i called governor perry and i let him know that in each of those months, we have beaten texas in job creation. [applause] he is no longer the governor. [laughter] >> it never happened while he was governor, he says. thank you for being here. it matters. these elections are going to decide the future of your children and your grandchildren. i have been blessed, my wife and i just had our fourth grandson. [applause] scott: that is why you are here and that's why i'm trained to do this job.
11:31 am
if we don't get active in who we elect, what is going to happen? we will elect individuals who don't care about jobs, don't care about education, don't care about public safety, they care about their title. if you do elect the right people, the right thing can happen. my first year in office, i walked in with almost a $4 billion budget deficit. no one has come to my office and said cut something or raise their taxes. but where we are four years later, this year our revenues are growing by 13 -- $1.3 billion over last year. cutting taxes 50 times. last year, we cut $475 million. our revenues are $3.4 billion more than our incurring expenses. [applause] scott: so, we will give you
11:32 am
some of your money back. we will cut taxes by $1 billion. [applause] rick scott: we will be texas. -- beat texas. every business person says i have to do business in florida because it is the best place in the world to run a business. [applause] scott: i have three years and two months to go in this job and my goal at the end of that time is people will say three things. i have to live in florida. because that is where i know i can get a job. i have to live in four to because i know that is where my children can get a great education. and i have to live in florida because i know i can live in a safe community. if we do those three things, we beat everybody. president that is
11:33 am
going to focus on what is important to us, jobs. what is important to us, safety. we deserve a president who will say i have a plan to generate $12 million in four years. we have done a million in florida in five years. we need a president that will focus on that. we need a president who will say i know we have a budget deficit, i will bounce that budget deficit just like florida had to now, not in 10 years. [applause] to have a president who understands regulation is not what we all want. we don't need government to tell us what to do. i always told my mom, i love you come i don't need you to tell me what to do. she said i have a lot of wisdom. we need a president who will cut the number of regulations and
11:34 am
half. -- in half. [applause] need a president that thinks our public safety is important. someone who will say i will figure out how to absolutely destroy isis. [applause] >> like you, i know the selection is important. i will listen to these candidates and listen to their plans. will balance the budget and cut regulation and destroy isis? whoever does that will completely change the direction of this country or your children, my children, your grandchildren and my grandchildren and each of our committees. communities. this will be a great summit. i look forward to hearing what all the candidates say. have a great day. [applause]
11:35 am
> please welcome the chief financial officer of florida. ♪ ♪ ♪ >> good morning! i have been given one particular task today. to get you ready for the holiday season. i'm not going to saying and i'm not going to give you any tips on how to avoid going into debt buying holiday gets. my job today is to get you ready to handle the relatives that will come down to visit you from new york, illinois and aboutrnia and tell you
11:36 am
how intellectually advanced they are in new york, how enlightened they are in illinois and how progressive and compassionate they are in california and if only florida did it their way, we would be far better than we are. are you ready for some tips? you need to know the landscape they will be talking from. 2011, when rick scott that's when governor rick scott and many of our legislators they were being sworn into office for the first time in their positions, this was the landscape. the three your outlook was $5 billion in deficits -- three your outlook. 5000 libyans had recently lost their jobs. we are on our way to 11% unemployment.
11:37 am
-- 5000 floridians. 5000 homes in foreclosure. we had no gdp growth rate at all. standard & poor's had downgraded our outlook from stable to negative. that's where we were. said "follownt me." read paul krugman. washington is the answer. we will get this economy moving again. we will spend whatever it takes to create jobs. if the money is not in our reserves, we will tax everybody to find it. we will borrow more money. that is their idea. there are people in this room who had a far different idea. we were written about, the state hit the hardest, how can it turn it around? will it follow the lead of its national leaders?
11:38 am
in a word, no. [laughter] >> so, let me tell you, this president who went one particular way, we chose a different path. we had a commitment to the constitutional foundational document that believed in the talents and individual capacity to get up and take on a task and create a job and build a business. instead of worrying about the holes in our books, the decisions made in tallahassee were to create the conditions to in your solve the hole book, you wallet, the struggle at your dining room table. the small business owner trying to make it. so, that is the path we chose here in the state of florida. we begin by bert -- by reducing
11:39 am
spending. when we got done there, we started cutting taxes. then more taxes and more taxes so that any dollar making its way into your wallet could stay there. if you could create a dollar o , you build the next job. ,hen we got done cutting taxes we are not done yet, reducing the debt so that it will not be placed upon your children and grandchildren and any dollar that came to tallahassee was not going to be spent paying down interest but would go to the next teacher or the next chemistry building or build the next road. when we got done with that, it was to cut regulation. every regulation we could find -- if they added value to what you did. at the same time our president
11:40 am
has increased the federal debt to fold from a trillion dollars , your debt has been cut by 20%. fold from a trillion dollars to $20 trillion. poor's downgraded our outlook in december of 2011. how could it be that the state hit the hardest would be upgraded when the nation as a whole was downgraded? remember that $5 billion three your outlook deficit -- three your outlook deficit? eight surplus and rick scott and the roads -- and the legislature will get back to you . -- give it back to you. [applause] >> here is what you can say when
11:41 am
they show up to your door for dinner. they will remember all the jobs lost but you can tell them we are all the way back in the number one job creating state in all of america the last 12 months was the state of florida. [applause] when all the rankings have come in this past year for the best place to start a new business, california ranks 50th, 48, for 49th, illinois the number two. watch out, texas, give us one more year. [applause] >> how did you do that? you did not take any more money from the people. lowest taxes per capita rankings, new york 44th, 37th,rnia 45th, illinois the lowest taxes on a per capita
11:42 am
basis in the entire country, the state of florida. [applause] wouldn't giving all that money back destroy your financial condition? study that came out this summer that ranked all 50 states on their financial conditions, 46,nois 50th, new york california 44th, the fifth ,trongest financial statement the one they said was down on its knees, the state of florida. how does that happen? believe in those constitutional founding documents. the john locke foundation has a freedom index. it ranks all 50 states on their commitment to the freedom of the people of that state. regulations, fiscal constraints, educational opportunity. all 50 states rated on their
11:43 am
rankings of the freedom index. new york, 50th. california 48. illinois, 36. the number one state in the union that believes in the god-given talent of every citizen, the state of florida. [applause] >> all right. how did it happen? the legislators in this room, governor rick scott, you find these people in the hallway, you think them. between the times i just gave you, the dawn of 2011 and the , to solvefiscal year the challenges this nation was chose to raisees taxes by at least $100 on every citizens back, more likely a
11:44 am
thousand dollars. 43 states raising taxes was the answer. debt.tes raised their 26 states that both. amerco would do neither -- in america would do neither. the great state of florida gave it all back. [applause] this. me just close with back in 1939 as our country was pulling itself out of the last historical economic crisis, a movie was made in hollywood. mr. smith goes to washington. you were a member it -- remember it? it was written and directed by a guy tired coming -- tired of what was coming out of washington. he created mr. smith and you saw it. he had this idea that the youth of this country should hear the
11:45 am
real story. they would work with their own hands and create and build and be industrious and he would learn about the founding documents. those other senators looked at that newcomer and said that is not how it is done here. they worked him and crushed him and be on him -- beat on him. worn out andood hired for his filibuster believing in these ideas. they thought they had him beat. in his last exhaustive breath he "someday, get up on top of dome next tothis that lady we call liberty, look around at the country from her , what youlandscape will see is the parade of centuries and the fights of man to bring himself to today where he could stand on his own two feet and be free.
11:46 am
free as you were there, to be because out there is no compromise when it comes to human liberty. it is not too late. lost principles do not when they have been offered in the light of day. you just have to look for them." i will tell you what, they walk out on this stage, listen. if they can get up on top of lady liberty and look around, can they look to this one particular place and know there is a state that believes in the human talent and capacity to achieve and it will make every possible decision to move the lever in their favor to get out of their way to believe in their
11:47 am
talent, their spirit and their divinity to create and shape this country because it is not too late if the country looks to the choices made by the great state of florida. thank you so much. let's have a great time. [applause] [applause] >> please welcome congressman tom rudy. ♪ ♪ ♪ congressman rudy: good morning. what we call florida's heartland, 10 counties
11:48 am
south of orlando but north of the lake. we grow citrus, sugar. i'm here to introduce to you what of my friends who i got to meet a few years ago in charlotte county. , marcolincoln dinner a little behind in the polls, maybe 25 points or so behind charlie crist. at our table with my wife and myself and not talking to anybody and my wife leans over and says, you know, early crist -- charlie crist would have been working this room and introducing himself. marco is sitting there looking at his notes trying to figure out what he will say and i had been endorsed by governor crist.
11:49 am
it was natural that i would endorse him for the u.s. senate. it was a bit awkward sitting with marco because it was imminent that i would be not helping him. marco gets up and gives his speech. a speech that a lot of you of heard a few times before. i remember at one point leaning over and whispering in my wife's ear as he was coming to a close "there is no way in hell i can endorse charlie crist." [applause] my wife says to me, do you really think he can be the senator? i'm not talking about senate. this guy will be president someday. [applause] when he asked myself and adam
11:50 am
to be cochairs for his florida campaign, i did not hesitate at all. i watched him in the senate, i have seen the things he has been able to do, the things he has fought for in the few years he has been there. in reality, this election is not so much about how much we hate barack obama or how much we cannot have hillary clinton. those things are true. one thing is undeniable. marco rubio will be hillary clinton -- beat hillary clinton. [applause] from those years ago to now, it has been so great to become friends with marco and get to watch them grow and get to see him become this leader that we have all come to see over the last few weeks in the debates and on the campaign trail. without further ado, it is my pleasure and my honor to
11:51 am
introduce to you the next president of the united states, marco rubio. ♪ ♪ ♪ senator rubio: thank you. thank you very much. [applause] senator rubio: thank you. [applause] senator rubio: thank you very much. thank you. i'm not sure who brought barack obama's teleprompter, but i wish i could move so i could see you guys. i'm really honored to be here. abdomen and 70 people nor are helping across the state and i want to thank the chairman of the republican party. -- i want to thank adam and so
11:52 am
many people who are helping across the state. i just signed the paperwork to be on the ballot for president. [applause] it had to be notarized so they asked me to bring my id. i said google it. you will see it is me. by the book. we are grateful. over the next few hours, you will hear from some excellent people choosing the presidency. we are blessed to have so many good candidates. the democrats cannot even come up with one. [applause] senator rubio: i can tell you this, you know why our field is so strong? there's bigger differences between republicans democrats running for president. we don't have any socialists running. [applause] none of ouro: candidates are under
11:53 am
investigation by the fbi, either. [applause] this is anio: important election. this election is a generational choice about what direction our country will take. comingr two centuries each generation of americans have chosen to do what it takes to make america special every single one of us are the beneficiaries of the miracle of the american dream the time has come for this generation to make his choice. it is an important choice. we cannot afford another four years like the last eight. the last eight years have been a disaster. not just a political disaster. a disaster for real people in the real world. if you are a wealthy individual, congratulations. if you are a multinational corporation, we wish you much success. they can afford to hire the best lobbyists and lawyers to deal
11:54 am
with all the stuff. the price of the obama years is being paid by hard-working men and women, working families all across this country who are struggling to make it paycheck to paycheck. sibley does not grow in the jobs it creates under this president did not pay enough. -- our economy simply does not grow. some are straddling thousands of dollars in student loans they were afraid agree that does not lead to a job. the prices being paid by those who own a small business, the backbone of our economy. today, for the first time in 35 years, we have more businesses failing than starting. the price is being paid by america's prestige in the world. each day brings news about another humiliation at the hands of washington. at the hands of china, the hands of radical jihadists. the last seven years have been a disaster in the price is being paid by our people. we reached this moment now where
11:55 am
we must decide what we are going to be as a country. a generational choice for our nation. as we prepared to make that choice, i think we can take lessons from our history. it is the principles of our founding that have made our nation special up to this point. they happened to be the principles that our party should always be about, whether it's the local level, state level, statewide level or the presidency or the congress. what is it that made america special? three core principles that some have completely abandoned. the first is limited government. we know that every answer to our problems does not have a government solution. the federal government is not the answer to every issue before this country. wasfederal government created to be a specifically defined and limited government. it was not supposed to be involved in every aspect of our lives. we were never supposed to have
11:56 am
the federal government involved in k-12 education. that's why we don't need common core. [applause] senator rubio: one thing our federal government must do. provide for the common defense. the national security of the united states. [applause] , under rubio: but today this president, we are failing in that regard. trillion -- what does that mean in practical terms? the smallest and oldest navy and air force ever. 40,000 positions slashed from the army. at a time when the world is more dangerous than it has been in my lifetime. a lunatic in north korea has dozens of nuclear weapons. the chinese are building up their militaries faster than any nation ever has as they take over the south china sea and hack into our communities -- computers. a gangster in moscow sowing instability in europe and the
11:57 am
middle east. is about shia cleric to receive $150 billion in sanctions relief things to barack obama. he will use it not to build hospitals and bridges and roads. he will use it to sponsor terrorism, to kill jews, to kill christians, to kill americans. he will use it to build a long-range missile of his own and will one day use it to buy a nuclear were had. we now have multiple radical jihadist groups. across dozens of countries and multiple continents. in the face of these threats, we are getting our military capability. that's why one of the first things this party must always be about, a strong national defense. [applause] senator rubio: history proves
11:58 am
that the world is a safer, better and freer place when america is the strongest military power in the world. national for our defense means keeping our commitment to our men and women who have served in uniform. if you are a veteran in here today, we are thankful for your service. [applause] we make them to promises. if we ever put you into hostility, we're never went to put you in a fair fight. equipment,ve better better training and better information than any potential adversary. that is a promise we will not be able to keep if we continue the obama policy on national defense. the other promise we make, when you come home, we will take care of you. [applause] senator rubio: we are not keeping that promise, either. today, the v.a. feels far too many veterans.
11:59 am
there are good people who work at the v.a. they care about our veterans. note are people who are performing a good job and that is why i'm proud that last year, along with another member of congress from florida, we were able to pass a law that says if you are a senior executive at the v.a. and you are not doing a good job, the secretary will have the power to fire you. that law passed. [applause] senator rubio: that is the good news. the bad news is they fired one person. it is on appeal. they awarded almost $300,000 in bonuses to some of the people who should have been fired. we need a v.a. that is accountable. we need a ba in which the benefits follow the veterans. not the veterans follow the benefits. if you are a veteran and the local v.a. cannot see you but another hospital can, you will
12:00 pm
be able to take your benefits to any doctor or any hospital ready to see you and treat you [applause] . senator rubio: a strong national defense also means a foreign policy of moral clarity. one in which our allies can trust us and adversaries during a test us. i bring this up because we have the direct opposite. us. allies do not trust i there is only one pro-american free enterprise democracy in the entire middle east. the state of israel. [applause] today, we have a president who treats the prime minister of israel with less respect than what he gives the ayatollah in iran. if i am fortunate and blessed to be elected president of the united states, on my first day of office, i will cancel the deal with iran this president has signed. [applause]
12:01 pm
senator rubio: the second core principle are party must always be about is free enterprise. the free enterprise system is what creates economic opportunity. be very aware and afraid of any policy that politicians has to when i was mayor, i created one million jobs. unless you grew government by one million jobs, you did not create one million jobs. jobs,ople who quit their max out their credit card to open up a small business create one million jobs. jobsrivate sector creates and the job of those of us in public offices to ensure america remains the best place in the world to start a new business or growing existing one. that is the job of those of us
12:02 pm
in public office. [applause] senator rubio: that is why we are for tax reform. you cannot be globally competitive with the most expensive tax code for job creation. you cannot grow your economy if you have a debt crisis. $19 trillion and growing. you cannot grow your economy if you do not fully utilize your energy resources. gas andse our natural oil fully. [applause] senator rubio: you cannot grow our economy with a health care law that raises prices, lowers quality and encourages employers not to hire people and that's why we must repeal and replace obamacare. [applause] senator rubio: there is one more point we should always be about.
12:03 pm
for free enterprise and limited government, the key to our prosperity liberty, there is one thing we must never forget. you cannot have a strong nation without strong people. you cannot have strong people without strong values. no one is born with strong values. your values are taught to and reinforced. government cannot replace that. government can tell you what is legal but cannot tell you what is right. right and wrong, good and bad, that is learned from your values instilled in you and the family, the most important institution in society. [applause] far too many of our leaders have forgotten that. there is no replacement for the family. it is the original government, the most important school you will ever attend.
12:04 pm
it is in the family and the community that supports the family where the values are instilled and reinforced. while government cannot make anyone a better parent, government cannot make you a better person or husband or wife government should not be doing anything that undermines the family. government should not be doing anything that undermines our values. and it does. we have anti-poverty programs that do not cure poverty but this great work. we have programs that discourage marriage. we have a tax code that discourages marriage. we have a government that increasingly is targeting the faith community in this country and undermining the values they teach our children and our families. [applause] senator rubio: the result is a growing number of americans who -- ifraditional values
12:05 pm
,ou believe in basic principles that all human life is worthy of protection, that marriage is between one man and one woman, are labeled a bigot or hitter. -- hader. -- hater. iwill not appoint judges that will have a justice department that defends the religious rights and liberties of every single american. [applause] senator rubio: religious liberty is not the right to believe whatever you want. it is more. it is not just the right to believe whatever you want. it is the right to exercise it. at work and at home. [applause]
12:06 pm
key among our fundamental rights is the right to self-defense. one of the reasons why we have a second amendment. one of the reasons why we have gun laws that failed -- law-abiding people all the law that criminals do not. we must always have the party that protects and defense the second and then it doesn't second amendment because our people have the right to defend themselves, their property and their families. the key to our success as a party and as a nation lie in replacing these three principles. this re-embracing these three pencils. there is no other way forward. if we are not for those things, no one will be for those things. the key to our success does not lie in becoming more like the democrats. the nation already has a democrat party. we don't need two democrat parties. [applause]
12:07 pm
senator rubio: the key lies in convincing her nation -- i believe we can, that the only way forward for america is to re-embraced the principles that made this nation the greatest nation ever. placerld is a different than it was five years ago, not to mention 20. our principles still work, but the world is different. the economy is now a global one. we must compete against dozens of other countries. the pace of change is faster than ever. it took the telephone 75 years to reach 100 million people. it took candy crush one year to reach 100 million people. the world is changing and it is disrupting people's lives. economic changes are likely industrial revolution except they are happening every five years, not everyone hundred. it has wiped out jobs that sustain our middle class.
12:08 pm
-- not every 100. the key to some of these industries may never exist again . in the 21st-century, new jobs can be created that actually pay more than the ones we lost. this tree's can be created that are better than the ones we lost. where will they be created? in america or some other place? that is the challenge before us. the challenge is to convince people that the principles we stand for are the only ways to recapture the greatness of this nation and expanded to places further than it's ever gone before. the stakes could not be higher. we are running out of time. we still have time but we are running out of time. today, we are on the road to decline. i know this is a republican gathering. perhaps saying something about your own party is not the right thing to do but it is the truth.
12:09 pm
both parties are to blame for this road we are on. [applause] i always chuckle when people say there is no bipartisanship in washington. there is. that $19 trillion debt is a bipartisan debt. [applause] senator rubio: we have never seen anything like the last seven years. we are on the road to decline. if we don't change, if we don't turn the page, if we don't allow two people with new ideas to lead this country into this new era, i believe our children will be the first americans in history who will inherit a life worse than their parents. it doesn't have to be this way. there is another way forward for us. [applause] senator rubio: but we must embrace it. that's why i chose to run for president.
12:10 pm
i honestly believe if we do what needs to be done, the greatest area in our history is right before us. the time to act is now. we cannot we any longer. we cannot wait any longer. i said this last night, and easy to think america has always had easy. that is not true. we have always faced challenges. we were founded by declaring independence from the most powerful empire in the world. quite a challenge. we had a civil war that divided our nation come almost ended it. createdt world war carnage mankind had never seen. right after the first world war, a great depression. and then a second world war. , a long cold war that threatened the existence of life on this planet. we have always based great challenges. ours is a story of people who have always confronted challenges embraced opportunities. the time has come for this
12:11 pm
generation to do its part and we are all called to the task. positiversonally compassionately. america is not just a country i grew up in. it is a nation that change the history of my family. i don't come from wealthy and politically connected parents. i was born and raised by people who know america is special because they know what life is like outside of america. they never became rich or famous in america. but they were successful. through hard work, they were able to own a home in a safe and stable neighborhood and retire with dignity. all four children with a light better off than themselves. that is our story. .t is the story of florida a state where people have come from all over the place in search of a better life. some came here fleeing socialism and venezuela. some fleeing socialism in new
12:12 pm
york. [applause] [laughter] [applause] senator rubio: they came here and search -- i lost the new york primary. maybe not. you never know. they might move to florida. if any state in this nation understands the american dream it is florida. it's not how much money you make. it can be a part of your dream, but it is not the american dream. it's not how many things you own on the day you die. it's about being able to leave your children better off than yourself. and achieving the life you want through hard work and perseverance. this is what makes us special. every country in the world has rich people. the poorest country in the world has rich people. what makes us special is the millions of people who will never be rich but are working hard to be happy.
12:13 pm
whether or not they can achieve that in the 21st century, that is what will determine whether we are a special country or not. the men and women who will clean the rooms of this hotel tonight, the people who will serve your food at lunch or park your car. will they be able to leave their children better off than themselves? will they be able to do for their children with mine did for me? that's what our party must be about. if we do what needs to be done, that american dream will survive and reach more people and change more lives than ever before. the 21st century will not just be as good as the 20th century, it will be better. it will be a new american century. [applause] senator rubio: i will close by thanking you for the chance to address you today. i'm grateful to be back home. i will spend some time over the next few weeks and i what -- in iowa.
12:14 pm
, incrediblyhire well-informed voters and south carolina, a state that is so vibrant, a state that embodies the promise of a new economy -- go gators. [laughter] senator rubio: let's keep that on the down low. probably too late for me. nevada, a state i lived in for six or seven years growing up. i learned a lot about the american dream watching my parents worked hard. primary, which i may or may not win. in the florida. -- and then florida. this extraordinary place. it brings so many people from so many places who passionately believe in american dream because they've lived it. they came from someone who did
12:15 pm
not come from political connection. they had to come and restart their lives in america gave them a chance to do what they would have never been able to do in another country. yours, igod's will and hope that i'm blessed with the privilege and honor of trying to i have bit of the debt to country. america owes me nothing. hopefully i will be blessed with the opportunity to serve this nation's highest office. you and i will go down in the authors of this and greatest era in the history of this nation. thank you very much. god bless you. thank you for having me. [applause] >> please welcome david jolly. ♪ ♪ ♪
12:16 pm
>> is it a great day to be a florida republican or what? [applause] >> let's be honest. how does somebody follow a rock star like marco rubio? i was having this conversation on the house floor last week saying i have to speak between marco rubio and ted cruz. how does any sitting candidate do that? a friend of mine said here's what you do. marco rubio is going to get a five-minute standing ovation. run out their there two minutes into it and wave your hands and own it. let's be honest about something else. nation and a debt and deficit crisis.
12:17 pm
,hen this president took office sitting on to enjoy dollars in debt that took 220 years to acumen late and in the eight years of this president, he will have doubled $10 trillion in debt. -- we are in a debt crisis and an annual deficit crisis where we spend more than we bring in. will tell you the greatest deficit we face a country may not be our economic deficit. the greatest deficit we face as a country today is a deficit of trust. [applause] >> it is why i first ran for office two years ago. to try to restore trust. to serve as a conservative, you lessrust to advance
12:18 pm
government, less taxes, less bureaucracy and to truly represent an advance -- and advanced each and every american's personal liberty. a conservative you can trust to get results. to govern and keep the government open. we need conservatives capable of leading our nation, not leaving us behind. i grew up as the son of a southern baptist minister. talk to believe in the almighty god and talk to believe in the almighty power of the human spirit. formed with the same quality of opportunity and that through our own hard work, keeping our word, holding our trust and doing our job, each one of us can define our own lights come our own careers and achieve whatever greatness we like to define for ourselves. -- define our own lives, our own careers.
12:19 pm
this notion that we broke from a monarch that suggested all power and offering arrested in the crown and a monarch would distribute freedom and liberty to the people. founders founded this nation on the radical notion that we could govern ourselves. , grantedfree people freedom and liberty by our creator and together as freedoms, we deserve over the government. how much freedom we allow the government to have to make decisions for us. [applause] in 2016, have we the people predicted that freedom. have we? every time democrats suggest we need to tax more, government needs more money, or power -- more power, they are taking away the very personal human liberties upon which our nation
12:20 pm
was founded could we have a president that has restrict our personal freedom. -- restricted our personal freedom. he has taken away our health care choices. we have a president who has restricted access to health care for our veterans. we have a president who has restrict the freedom of our engineers -- entrepreneurs. we have a president who has risked our freedom by negotiating with terror nationstates like iran and by traveling -- trampling the constitution of the united states. wee face candidates like hillary clinton, bernie sanders and alan grayson. us toe asking
12:21 pm
continue the legacy of barack obama. we will not let that happen. [applause] these candidates stand in the way of our freedom. week, i was promoting legislation introduced three months ago. i call it the veterans health care choice card. it gives every veteran complete control of their own health care decisions. [applause] my legislation says if you want to stay in the v.a., state and the v.a., you have earned it. there are reasons people want to stay in the v.a. we have thousands of people serving our veterans. the legislation also says this. you want to go outside to a private provider, you have complete control, you do not need the permission of a nation or bureaucracy.
12:22 pm
you have earned that right. [applause] republicans think that is a good idea. to empower veterans come empower individual choice. the big government status, the liberal progressives attacked me for suggesting we should empower veterans with choice. , and ideological bedfellow of bernie sanders, somebody who wrongfully attacked my good friend forcibly professing his christian faith -- four simply professing his christian faith. just as the obama administration of theon the stupidity american people to pass obamacare, my opponent suggested veterans cannot be trusted to make their own health care decisions. it is wrong and it is why this 2016 election is so important.
12:23 pm
in 2016, as represented by our candidates on the ballot, freedom and liberty will be on the ballot. i pledge to do this as your next united states senator. i will never resign over this resign over our -- resign over side over our liberty. nor over the national security of these united states. president obama has created a foreign policy vacuum. let us restore strength to american foreign-policy. [applause] let us say -- let us have a foreign-policy that says to the world and to china you will not obstruct the south china sea. marchir putin will not
12:24 pm
across ukraine unchecked. this is to iran we will not economically enrich you and create a pathway to a nuclear armed terror state. and to isis, we will find you and defeat you and destroy you. that is a strong foreign-policy. [applause] >> it matters for our security but it matters for reasons of valor and here's why. every time this president and every time those who wish to succeed him project a posture of a policy in weakness and ,egotiation on a world stage they are undermining the service of every man and woman who is served in the united states armed forces and carried the flag and protect our liberty. they are undermining generations of sacrifice, those who have given their own lives so that we might be free. they are retelling a story of american exceptionalism that is not true.
12:25 pm
president obama likes to apologize for the united states. i take a very different approach. i believe in the world's that colin powell once told the archbishop of canterbury. we have employed generations punch and ration's of our soldiers that we have never deployed to capture land or capture treasure. uphave never sought to set our overseas. we have sought to secure liberty for our own nation and for those who cannot secure liberty for themselves. [applause] >> as he rightly put it, we have for more than enough sacred ground to bury our own. every time president obama apologizes for the history of american exceptionalism, he is undermining the service of every man and woman who is served in uniform. -- has served in uniform.
12:26 pm
>[applause] gather, let us again commit to being a nation that protects freedom and liberty around the globe come restoring the strength of our armed forces. let us be a nation that stance with our veterans and military and says you can choose where you receive your health care. you have complete control over your health care choices. let us be a nation that stance with our law enforcement officers. let us pass legislation i've introduced called the thin blue line act which says if you take the life of a law enforcement officer, be prepared to lose your own. [applause] >> let us be a nation that
12:27 pm
stands for strong border security and even then stronger -- and even stronger constitution. legislation that finally rescinds and invalidates the president's executive orders on amnesty. [applause] >> let's insist on legislation we have tried to move through the house that will secure operational control of our southwest border once and for all. [applause] >> let us be a nation that stance with families and teachers and recognizes that the best education decisions are made as close to the student as bureaucracyt in a in a department in washington, d.c. let's be a nation that price for local control and states rights for our airports, roadways and authorities. let's be the nation that stops punishing small businesses
12:28 pm
and job creators. let's repeal ama's regulations on health care providers and energy providers and financial advisors. ladies and gentlemen, let's see that nation. [applause] >> we are today the greatest nation on the face of the earth. [applause] over have never resigned our greatness. what we have lost his trust. trust. that's replaced this deficit of trust with new leadership. for they i'm running united states senate and i ask for your support today. join me in this campaign in 2016. thank you to each one of you today. may god bless you and may god
12:29 pm
bless these united states of america. [applause] ♪ ♪ ♪ >> please welcome presidential candidate ted cruz. ♪ ♪ ♪ [applause] ted cruz: wow!
12:30 pm
god bless the great state of florida. [applause] i'm thrilled to be with you today. that's how many of the have watched the republican debate? how fantastic is it that we have such an array of young, talented, dynamic candidates running for president? what a contrast with the democrats? i think the first democratic debate was with hillary and the chipotle clerk. that is not fair.
12:31 pm
we cannot forget about bernie sanders. now, the democratic field eyedsts of a wild socialist with ideas that are dangerous for america and the world. and bernie sanders. [laughter] senator cruz: i do not know if you heard, they changed the location for the next democratic debate. -- whereng to be in they wanted to make it easier for hillary to attend. [applause] senator cruz: all of us are here today because our country is in crisis. we are here today because we are bankrupting our kids and grandchildren. because our constitutional
12:32 pm
rights are under a fault each and every day. -- madehas proceeded the world and much more dangerous place. i am here today with a word of hope and encouragement to each of you. all across the country, the state of florida, and across the nation, people are waking up. i am here to tell you, help is on the way. [applause] i want to ask everyone here to look forward. 2017.orward to january if i am elected president, let me tell you what i intend to do on the first day of office. intend to do,g i is resend every single illegal and unconstitutional executive
12:33 pm
action taken by this president. [applause] president obama likes to say he has a phone and he has a pen, but if you live by the pen, you die by the pen. an sadly, the corruption has not been limited to the white house. it has extended across every federal agency throughout the government. the second thing i intend to do on the first day of office, is instructed united states department -- open an investigation into planned parenthood and these verbal videos. [applause] prosecute anyand and all criminal conduct by that organization.
12:34 pm
the third thing i intend to do on the first day of office, is instructed the department of justice and the irs and every other federal agency that the persecution of religious liberty ends today. [applause] means thatz: that every service man and women has the right to seek out and worship god almighty and our superior officer has nothing to say about it. [applause] means thatz: that the little sisters of the poor, a catholic charity being persecuted by the obama administration will find that the case against them has been dismissed. [applause] the fourth thing i
12:35 pm
intend to do on the first day of thise, is rip to shreds catastrophic iranian nuclear deal. [applause] the singlez: greatest national security threat facing this country is the threat of a nuclear iran, and we need a commander in chief who will stand and say under no circumstances will the nation of --n, led by under no circumstances will iran be allowed to acquire nuclear weapons. [applause] the fifth thing i intend to do on the first day of office, is begin the process of moving the american nbc and israel to jerusalem, the eternal
12:36 pm
capital of israel. [applause] a lot ofruz: presidential candidates, both democrat and republican admit that same promise. inevitably, when they get to the white house, they will not do it. their king comes to them and they say, you know, if we do this, other folks in the middle east will be really unhappy with us. noticed, theyt are already pretty unhappy with us. the single biggest difference between me and the other verified men and women on that debate stage is that with me, when i tell you i'm going to do something, i am going to do exactly what i said i would do.
12:37 pm
[applause] senator cruz: that is a one. [laughter] senator cruz: there are 365 days in a year. years in a- four presidential term and four years of a consecutive term. there end of eight years, are going to be a lot of reporters and newspaper editors and journalists that have checked themselves into therapy. [laughter] [applause] the days that follow, i will go to congress and we will repeal every word of obamacare. [applause]
12:38 pm
we will pass commonsense health care reform to make health insurance personal, affordable, and keeps the government from getting between us and our doctors. by the way, what are these? [laughter] senator cruz: is obama coming? the days that follow, i will instruct the u.s. department of education. .hich should be abolished i will instruct the secretary of education, the common core ends today. [applause]
12:39 pm
senator cruz: the days that follow, we will rebuild our military. we will honor the commitment made to our soldiers, and airmen, and marines. [applause] senator cruz: that includes protecting the rights of our servicemen and women to keep and bear arms. [applause] means thatz: that the next time a jihadist walks into a recruiting center in chattanooga, he will encounter the business end of firearms wielded by dozens of marines. [applause] in the days that
12:40 pm
finallywe will finally, secure the borders and end sanctuary cities. [applause] stopor cruz: we will releasing criminal, you illegal aliens, and we will pass case law. the days that follow, we will take on the epa. [applause] cfpb andruz:and the the alphabet soup of federal agencies that descended like across thisobs country. [applause] a few years back,
12:41 pm
and southwest texas, i asked folks, what is the difference between regulators and locusts? is, you cannot use pesticide on the regulators. west texas farmer, he said, want to bet? in the days that follow, i will go to congress and we will pass fundamental tax reform. we will pass a simple flat tax. [applause] senator cruz: 10% for every american so that every man and woman can still out there taxes . -- postcard
12:42 pm
irs.ould abolish the [applause] senator cruz: there are about 90,000 employees at the irs. we need to padlock that building. take all 90,000 and put them down at the southern border. [laughter] senator cruz: to our friends in the media, i say that somewhat tongue in cheek. when you think about it, i imagine you have traveled thousands of miles in the blazing sun. you are swimming across the rio grande and the first thing you see is 90,000 irs agents. you would turn around and go home too.
12:43 pm
[applause] senator cruz: some of y'all may be thinking, does it make sense to me? it is basic common sense. live within your means. kidst bank were up your and grandkids. follow the constitution. can't it be done? can't we do it? us there islls nothing new under the sun. it ishat we are today, very much like the late 1970's. same failed economic policies, same miseries, stagnation and malaise. the same naive foreign policy. the exact same countries, russia
12:44 pm
and iran, openly [no audio] [applause] all across this country, millions of men and women rose up andreagan revolut. [applause] -- washington described -- despised ronald reagan. if you see a candidate who washington embraces, run and hide. it came from the american people and it turned this country around. we went from stagnation, to booming economic growth.
12:45 pm
millions lifted out of poverty and prosperity and the american dream. we went from our hostages languishing in iran, to winning the cold war and tearing the berlin wall to the ground. [applause] the reason i am so hopeful and optimistic, the same thing is happening again. we are seeing the american people wake up all over the country. six months ago when we launched our campaign for president, "new crews cannotsaid win because the washington elite despise him. [applause] i kind of thought that was the whole point of the campaign.
12:46 pm
if you think things in washington are going great, we need to keep handing in the same basic direction. i am not your guy. on the other hand, if you think washington is fundamentally broken, that there is a bipartisan corruption of career politicians in both parties that get in bed with the lobbyists and special interests and grow government. we need to take power out of washington and back to we the people. that is what this campaign is all about. [applause] senator cruz: the times continued. they said maybe the grassroots are going to be with you. but you are not going to have any money.
12:47 pm
all of the money is controlled by those washington elites in the lobbyists are all supporting of the candidates in this race. a funny thing happened on the um a few weeks back. , all the campaigns filed their -- out of the 17 republican candidates who started this race. do you know which campaign has the most money in the bank? we do. [applause] senator cruz: do you know how that happened? we had over 450 -- 450,000 contributions. people all over the country
12:48 pm
our average contribution with $73. that is the power of the grassroots. [applause] senator cruz: i want to close with two things. one about the statement of florida. southern states, states that are growing in states that understand the economic growth does not come from government. it comes from the men and women in this room. he come from entrepreneurs and people creating opportunity out of nothing. we are immigrant states, people coming from all over the world to our states. we also share a similar dislike for snow. i like to tell people you cannot shovel sunshine. -- ands a reason people
12:49 pm
coming to states like florida and texas because jobs and opportunity and growth and the future is in states like florida and texas. [applause] florida's primary is a critical time, and florida can play a decisive role in ensuring that is a stronginee conservative. building a grassroots army. across florida and all across this country. i asked everyone here to join us. [applause] the last thing i want to say is this. for everyone of us here, freedom is not some abstract -- we read about. freedom is a real and personal in our lives, in our families.
12:50 pm
for me, i think about my dad. 58 years ago -- he came to america with nothing. he was 18 years old and $100 sound into his underwear. he cannot speak english, he watched dishes making $.50 an hour. he worked full time and paid his way through school. he went on with my mother to start a small business. today, my father is a pastor. he traveled the country preaching the gospel. my whole life, my dad has been my hero. find mostw what i incredible about his story? how commonplace it is. everyone of us here have a story just like that in our backgrounds. , others it it is a is our parents. others, it is our great, great grandparents. what ties americans together is everyone of us. we are the children of those who
12:51 pm
risk everything. that is be fundamental dna of what it means to be an american. all else.iberty above that is why i am optimistic because we are not going to give up our freedom to an ever-growing federal government. when i was a kid, my dad used to say to me over and over again. cubawe lost our freedom in , i had a place to flee. if we lose our freedom here, where do we go? why each and every one of us is here today. [applause] senator cruz: because we are not content to go quietly into the night. we are not willing to give up on our children and grandchildren.
12:52 pm
if we continue to come together, if we stand together to defend freedom and the constitution. if we the people rise up as one, we can bring back that last best hope for mankind. that shining city on a hill that is the united states of america. thank you and god bless you. [applause] ♪
12:53 pm
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♪ [cheering]
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>> it is the first of two days of the root publican party sunshine summit in orlando. fromr they have heard senator lindsey graham, mike huckabee, jeb bush, donald trump, and ben carson today. all day coverage tomorrow beginning at 10:30 a.m. eastern. >> please welcome presidential candidate lindsey graham. ♪ senator graham: thank you. are you ready to win an election we cannot afford to lose? ande lost florida in 2008
1:01 pm
2012, do you think we will win in 2016? so how do we win? more votes than they i want to talk about a couple of things. number one, you have two wonderful candidates from florida running for the presidency of the united states. you should be proud. [applause] i want to thank the republican party of florida are hosting this event and not charging us any money to run for office. many tariffs and too much debt are the two things i want to talk about. the first thing i want to talk about is hillary clinton. how many believe she will be the nominee of the democratic party? [applause] how many of you believe we can beat her?
1:02 pm
[applause] do we have any veterans here? how about a round of applause for the veterans who are here today. do to beatt i would hillary clinton, if i were the nominee of the republican party. i would turn toward her and say, your definition of flat broke and mine are a bit different. if you thought you were flat broke after eight years in the white house, where your husband was president, you have no idea what flat broke looks like. i would ask her about benghazi. do you think that is fair? , how could you not know that your people were in such bad spots? how could you not know, as secretary of state, that people
1:03 pm
in libya had made 600 requests for additional security? you want to be our commander in chief? what kind of outfit did you run when you were secretary of state? [applause] the closest thing she has ever come to to being commander in chief was when she was in charge of the state department. peopleher watch, four were killed by al qaeda terrorists. and before the attack, she let them down. during the attack she was awol. after the attack, she lied about what happened to them. [applause] we are not willing to talk about that with her, then we should not be running.
1:04 pm
in the military, if you performed the way she had, you would have been court-martialed and relieved from duty. [applause] attack, she of the never picked up the phone to call the department of defense. can you imagine, you are the secretary of state, all hell is breaking loose in libya. we are in the most volatile region of the world, on september 11, the anniversary of the attack, and you never pick up the phone to call the department of defense? , she tells herk , the president, i think the prime minister of egypt, and we know that it
1:05 pm
was not a protest caused by a video. it was a terrorist attack. clinton and two governments on the 11th and 12th of september that we know this is no protest caused by video. two days later, when the families met their loved ones at andrews air force base, she looked every family member in the eye and said, we are going to get the guy who made that video. a commander in chief is supposed to comfort the families of the fallen, not lie to them. [applause] when susan rice got on television five days after the and told the entire world
1:06 pm
there is no evidence of a terrorist attack, this was a protest caused by video, and the consulate was significantly hillary clinton never said a word to correct the record. why am i talking to you about this? the world is falling apart. seen more danger and threat to our homeland and i do today. is last thing you want to do continue the foreign policy of barack obama. the worst possible outcome for those who are fighting this war is to promote hillary clinton because when people needed her, when she should have had their backs, she was not there. [applause]
1:07 pm
some people think benghazi does not matter. it matters a hell of a lot to me. [applause] the next president of the united states eats to know what they are doing, or we will all pay a heavy price. how many of you believe isil would attack us if they could? [applause] how many of you believe iran would use a nuclear weapon if they had one? [applause] believe whatou they say death to israel, they mean it? [applause] so what are you going to do about it? no, it is not just getting a republican in the white house.
1:08 pm
it is coming up with a plan. desire,etermination, a the well -- will to destroy radical islam before they destroy our friends. it is about building the military and using it smartly. how many of you believe that we are going to win the war from the air? how many of you believe we to send troops on the ground to destroy isil? [applause] want to know what i would do? i would kill everyone one of these pastors i could find. bastards i could find. i would call the ayatollah, if he would take my call and say, i am not going to honor this deal. we are going to start over. [applause] how many of you believe this is a religious war we are fighting?
1:09 pm
[applause] do tois nothing you can appease these people. they want three things. faith,nt to purify their kill every christian they can find, destroy the state of israel, and come after us. they are religious nazis. barack obama has given the most radical regime on the planet a pathway to a bomb, a missile to deliver it, and the money to pay for it. ma'am, he is not a traitor. he just doesn't know what he is doing. [applause] willany of you think iran change for the better in the next 15 years? during the negotiation, they have toppled for arab capitals.
1:10 pm
the ink of the agreement is not drive. they put another american in jail. they have sent ground forces to syria to disrupt our operations in syria, and they have tested a missile that can reach israel and our forces in europe, in violation of u.n. sanction, and we have not done anything about it. understand that it is not just about a republican president. who has thesomeone understanding, the background, judgment, and termination, to reset the world before it is too late. whoe are people on our side are all good folks. some say let's manage the deal with iran. i say, let's tear it up. [applause] reason theyhe only have not done more damage to the because they don't have
1:11 pm
the capability but they are going there. i have never been more worried about another 9/11 that i am right now. the first thing i would do as your president is to tell the iranians, if you want a peaceful nuclear power program, you can have it. if you want a bomb, you will never get it. and if you keep you stabilizing region, you are going to pay for it. and not a dime or another bullet until you change your behavior. iran,ot want a war with but i would never allow the most radical, religious regime on the a nuclearacquire weapon to destroy our friends in israel and then come after us. , i wouldomes to isil go to turkey, saudi arabia, jordan, egypt -- they all have big armies -- and i would say, we are going to use your army and we are going to be part of it, and we are going on the
1:12 pm
ground together to destroy isil before they hit us here at home. 90% would be them, 10% would be us. if we don't get on the ground soon in syria, there is another 9/11 coming our way. constantlybama oversell is our successes and underestimates the threat. you are going to do a lot of cheering today. . lot of red meat stuff said i have taken a different approach for one reason. if we do not change our foreign , we are going to pay a heavy price. does that make sense to you? [applause] have been to iraq and afghanistan 35 times. works and what does not. there is no way i can defend you
1:13 pm
and your family as your commander-in-chief without some of us in the military going back sureaq and syria to make this does not continue to get out of hand. 'shn kerry said today isil days are numbered. the president said isil is contain. both of them are wrong. -- contained. here is a rule of thumb, never hire someone to negotiate with the iranians who has never bought a car. do not let someone manage the economy who has never run a lemonade stand. we have a good chance of winning this election, mainly because they have screwed up. i do not want to win the election because they screwed up , i want to win the election because we have something better to offer.
1:14 pm
i am worried -- [applause] things.ried about two losing the hispanic vote for a generation. they are entrepreneurial, pro-life, very patriotic. all of us want to fix illegal immigration, right? [applause] to do it in a fashion so that we do not have a third wave of illegal immigration. i want to fix it, and fix it forever. i want to secure the border because we must. i want to control the visa system because we have to. legal to create immigration because we are a defining population. 1950, there were 16 workers for every retiree. today there are three. in 20 years, two.
1:15 pm
strom thurmond had four kids after he was 67. anybody think they can do that? join the optimist club. need illegal immigration in the future because we are a declining population. what i would like to do is pick people from all over the world, not just mexico. if you come here and study at a school and you have a skill we need, we will let you stay and help our businesses. don't send them back to put us out of business. as to the 11 million, here is what i believe. nobody wants a felon to stay in this country. the best way to find out who the bad people are is to give the good people a chance to come forward, and here is what i would do. if you are here illegally, raise your hand. come forward. if you can pass a criminal background check, you can stay on the following conditions --
1:16 pm
you have to pass an english exam to stay. i do not speak english very well, but look how far i have come. you have to pay a fine for the law you broke so that we can have money to build the border security we need. [applause] you cannot cut in line of somebody who has been patiently waiting. [applause] i do not believe we are going to deport 11 million people. [applause] to 27% of the hispanic vote in 2012. i have never seen a better opportunity for the republican party to rebuild our relationship with the hispanic communities than right now. president obama has been a lousy
1:17 pm
president for people of color. [applause] here is my way forward. there are churches full of people in the hispanic and african-american community who believe just like you do. anybody here pro-life? [applause] who is the most pro-life demographic in all of america? hispanics. anybody believe in traditional marriage? [applause] what group in america believes in traditional marriage the most? african-americans. to those who say republicans have to be socially liberal to win an election, you do not know what you are talking about. toublicans have to reach out faith-based minority that share our values and form a coalition.
1:18 pm
[applause] i intend to do that if i become your nominee. let me tell you a little bit about me. i am the first in my family to ever go to college. anybody in that boat? [applause] neither one of my parents graduated high school. my dad was a world war ii veteran. we owned a liquor store, a restaurant, and a poolroom. this is why i would be a good president for you. up in the back of the liquor store restaurant until i was in high school. did not have a shower or a that don't. i took a bath in a metal washtub. has anybody done that? me the mostave important thing you could give somebody, unconditional love.
1:19 pm
younger, is nine years and in 1975, we took our first vacation as a family to disney world. thes like going to mars for grand family. , i washlight of my life a sophomore at the university of south carolina. go cocks. within a yr of coming back, my mom was diagnosed with hopkins disease, and she died. life was good one minute, and the next minute it was awful. we got wiped out because we were underinsured. we were broke. lecture from a democrat about health care. and i don't need a lecture about being broke. 15 months later, my dad died. i am 22. my sister is 13. if it was not for my family,
1:20 pm
friends, and faith, i would not be standing here today. [applause] not for social security coming into my family to help my sister, we would not have made it. i'm not married, i don't have any kids, i would give up some of my social security benefits to save a system worth saving. ladies and put me in the ring with her. we will have a good discussion about how to defend this nation and how to take it in a new direction. change foreign policy, do not elect his secretary of state. she is the one that started this mess with the russians and the iranians. if you believe washington is out of control and your kids don't have much of a future, do not take her, because she will continue the policies obama has put in place. thank you for caring about the party. [applause]
1:21 pm
i do not need to be told about the american dream, i have lived it. can you go from the back of the liquor store to the senate? yes. can you go from the back of the liquor store to the white house? i don't know. can. me, if you pray for our country. -- help me, if you can. [applause] >> please welcome from the city of jacksonville, mayor lenny
1:22 pm
curry. duvall. good afternoon. some of you may want to stick their head in the hall and say you may want to come back in because i'm about to tell you how conservatives can win the election. i have a simple but optimistic message for you today. republican conservatives can still win elections. attacksin despite the that are dominated by the liberal media. we can do this, ladies and gentlemen. just last year in my city, we had a democrat for mayor who was originally a member of the bill clinton white house and is close friends with someone you all in this room know all too well, and .hat is hillary clinton my opponent wanted to raise the minimum wage, he tried to divide win.ity by race, simply to
1:23 pm
does that sound familiar? cops,k money away from and we watched crime skyrocketed in our cities. he put cronies in at the highest levels of government. in his budget, it was smoke and mirrors. like, it sounds a lot liberal washington, d.c. today. despite all of this, with the help of a loving liberal media that wrapped their arms around am, despite all this, he had 70% approval rating when i decided to run against him. here is what people around me told me. our city is failing and we need a new mayor, but you cannot win. you are too young, you are too brash, you are too conservative. you are a republican with no governmental experience. and you were the chairman of the republican party of florida and
1:24 pm
you are a friend of rick scott and his campaign for conservatives all over the state. cannot win. no one will vote for you in a general election. i told the naysayers that we have a plan to prove them wrong. i will take the conservative case to everyone, and the girl do age, or party. i am proud to have conservative friends like rick scott and the conservatives i campaign for over the years. i stood on numerous debate election andeneral a republican by my opponent as if it was a dirty word. i looked straight in the camera and said dam right i am a conservative republican. and i won as a conservative republican. i won as a conservative
1:25 pm
republican. in jacksonville, there are tens of thousands more democrats than republicans. more democrats voted in our election than republicans did, and we won the race. [applause] very simple message how we win elections as conservatives. we have to be true to our principles. principles.wn our we cannot spend our tax our way out of any situation or problem. we cannot spend our tax our way into prosperity. curb their insatiable appetite for spending and four budgets that just do not make sense. within the confines of a must find aget, we way to fund the most important function of government at the federal, state, or local level, and that is the safety of its
1:26 pm
people. running for office, i said i committed to putting more police officers on the streets, and i was told by the naysayers and the liberal media you cannot do that unless you raise taxes. i said that is nonsense. it is about setting priorities. i have made public safety a top priority, put more cops on the street, and we have not raised taxes. our federal government needs to prioritize their budget and that we have a strong national defense. [applause] we must be evangelical or conservative principles. it is about hope, opportunity, it is about opportunity, and it is about boldness. be bold, ladies and gentlemen. it is time to stop blaming and start acting. the good news is, the conservative field we have in
1:27 pm
this presidential race that you are hearing from this week are accomplished,, and we have seen some real boldness, haven't we? the tired old ideas of bernie sanders and hillary clinton. those ideas in jacksonville, we can be those ideas nationally, if we speak the truth. [applause] we have to explain conservatism. we have to own it. i believe you with this. be bold or be defeated. or be defeated. iran a bold campaign and i am governing in a bold campaign. ,hen you leave this weekend when you talk to candidates, when you talk to people that believe in our cause that are afraid of political correctness, afraid of what the media will say about them, be bold or be defeated.
1:28 pm
be bold or be defeated. thank you and god bless you. [applause]
1:29 pm
>> please welcome the speaker of the florida house of representatives, richard corcoran. ♪ thank you. it's an order to be here today. anytime another republican summit or club, i'm reminded of my occupation. i have six children and my youngest just aren't kindergarten. he went to school and i said, how was your day today? he said it was great. they had every child come to the front of the room and tell everyone what dad did. i said, major, what did you tell the teacher?
1:30 pm
he said it was easy. i told the class that at night, you go to a lot of clubs. it is a very conservative classical school. then he said, if we were really good, sometimes he will take us with him. i told my wife you are going to have to do the car line for a couple of weeks. i tell that story because it illustrates a serious point which is in all of our hearts for all the reasons that we get involved in the republican party and all the time we invest. it's because of what we believe. a poll recently said two thirds of every republican and two s whos of independent t identify as republican would rather elect someone that was true to their principles compared to somebody who could actually be elected. we would rather be true to our principles above everything else.
1:31 pm
you think about it, it is true. ,f we win and we get to govern we don't do so according to our principles, the entire thing is meaningless. that is something that we are dealing with right now. if you look at the party, there is a legitimate concern. about whether these principles that we fight for and hold true are actually being carried out by the people we elect. one person you heard of came out this week, charles koch. whether you are rich or poor, it does not matter. the principles that we hold are the same. he said, i don't care what the candidates say, i don't care what they stand for. believe that they are going to follow through on what they say because if they don't, then what is the difference? [applause] in the republican party, it is always hopeful because you have an audience like this, all of us
1:32 pm
believe what we believe, and we are good at keeping people's feet to the fire. know in primaries everyone is a conservative, unless you want to lose. we have to make sure that they follow through when they govern. thats the tough part. when you govern, you do not get applause or one-liners. you get shot at by the liberal media and the special interests. i tell people all the time, i do both. running for office is like playing a competitive game of shuffle board. governing, according to your principles, is like getting up every day and walking in and getting into an mma cage and having a fight. so how do you tell if somebody is going to be true to their word when on the campaign trail? how can you tell that someone will fight for their principles? you a story about ronald reagan, one of my favorite stories.
1:33 pm
he was in a cabinet meeting, and william bennett tells the story. he comes in and they also down. ronald ragan starts the meeting and he starts looking over newspaper articles. this thannnett is that -- all terrible articles. william bennett was thinking to himself, this guy is going to fire me right in front of the cabinet. so he gets done and ronald reagan looks at the rest of the cabinet members and says, which one of you guys are not governing according to your principles? why is william getting all of this and you have none? it is a great illustration of the fact that we had to figure out how we can find those people that will be true to their word after being elected. over,fter the campaign is the confetti has been swept up, how do you know that someone will be true to their principles? we need to elect someone who is pc. to all of you, that means to them liberal left, politically
1:34 pm
correct. that is not what i'm talking about. i am talking about someone who is politically courageous. [applause] if we look somebody that is politically courageous, it will make a difference in the race. abraham lincoln is the founder of this republican party. nobody prior to or after has suffered more adversity. he gets elected and is presiding over a civil war. here is what abraham lincoln knew. he knew his philosophy, he knew what he believed inside and out. there was nothing that could take him off of what he believed and he had the courage to fight for it. that he hasenerals to go onto the field to remove, not once but twice, because they will not fight. pushing across in pennsylvania and people all around him saying that there are
1:35 pm
editorials skewering you in every city, writes in new york, compromise. out.this thing but abraham lincoln would never compromise. just like everyone has the opportunity to, i'm sure he had a thousand good things that he could've used for a rationalization on why he could've compromised, but he never did. he knew what he believed. he knew it was true, that it was the best thing for this country, and he fought for it. now look at where we are thanks to abraham lincoln. [applause] i think all of us feel something in our hearts, that we are on the precipice, when we look at that stage of candidates, on the next regular revolution. you can sense that we are that close to having another great republican conservative principled revival. but how do we do that? when we say they have to be philosophically courageous?
1:36 pm
the best way to do that is to look at someone's past behavior. if you want to know how something will play out in the future, all you have to do is look at how it played out in the past. all these things are great dude i love these summits, i love hearing these candidates, i love watching the debates, but these debates and speeches will not tell you if someone is philosophically courageous. their track record is the only thing that will tell you that. pessimisticnds like , that our candidates are not philosophically courageous, but it is not. it is super optimistic. we are a party of principles which are tried-and-true. , you know,liberty economic freedom, and personal dignity, no matter how small you are. these are things that we can always have hope for. they are the things that give us enjoy.
1:37 pm
it is an affirmation of the human spirit. i want to close with an optimistic story. both fought inom world war ii, book rope in the great depression. ,hen things were difficult my dad would tell us a story about two children. one of them was a super optimistic and one was a super pessimist. i will call the super pessimist, we will call her hillary. i will call the super optimist the republican nominee. so scientists said, let's try to make hillary the pessimist optimist. they put hillary in a room full of toys and candy. they take the optimistic republican nominee and put him in a room full of a pile of manure. they go in and look in the window. on the pessimistic hillary, she is sitting in the corner and not moving. they run into the room and say,
1:38 pm
why aren't you playing with the toys? she says, they are kind of sharp, i don't want to get hurt. well, why don't you eat the candy? well, i might be too much and i could get sick. ok, hillary is a lost cause. they go down and check on the other room. there is the republican nominee. that child is jumping up and down, throwing the maneuver all over the place, it is an absolute disaster. the scientists say, what are you doing, don't you know this is a pile of maneuver? ofsays yes, but with all this maneuver, there has to be a pony somewhere. [laughter] the great news is, we are republicans, our future is bright. we will nominate somebody who is philosophically courageous, and we will win the white house, and we will be a country that prospers. be aimportantly, we will
1:39 pm
country and a generation that leaves our children and grandchildren a legacy of truth, justice, and freedom. thank you. it's an honor to be here. [applause]
1:40 pm
1:41 pm
>> it's not every day hillary
1:42 pm
clinton is in town. we are still in the primary. who are you supporting? >> i am here to support her, 100%. >> i am a fan of hillary. >> hillary was secretary of state. to say a secretary of state could be our next president, could you name the top two of compliments she had as secretary of state? >> to be honest, i'm not too sure. if i could, i would tell you. >> we want to hear both sides. >> the best thing she did was improve women's rights in the middle east and the worst thing she did was benghazi. made aought she wonderful secretary of state. >> two top accomplishments from hillary clinton. state, shetary of
1:43 pm
did not fight obama. i would see her as being a lawyer, hard to achieve, and the presidents [inaudible] what were her top of compliments her time as senator of new york? >> i don't know. >> i could not even tell you. be honest, i did not pay attention to her in that detail. i assume she did a good job. follow her very much when she was involved in that position.
1:44 pm
1:45 pm
>> it is our time to stand up for our freedom. >> and to protect the american dream. >> by electing a republican president in 2016. >> i am in for reducing red tape. >> i am in for a hand up, not a handout. >> i am in for keeping america secure.
1:46 pm
>> together, we can restore our american dream. >> and win in 2016.
1:47 pm
1:48 pm
1:49 pm
1:50 pm
all of the republican candidates convening over the next few days. coverage starting tomorrow at 1030 eastern. this afternoon we expect donald trump and ben carson and former governor mike huckabee up next. also tomorrow, live coverage on c-span radio of the second democratic debate and the next republican debate in las vegas.
1:51 pm
1:52 pm
>> again, here on the first day of the two-day sun sign -- sunshine summit here in orlando, florida. have heard from marco rubio and ted cruz as well as lindsey graham. expected next on the schedule is mike huckabee. later, jeb bush, donald trump, and ben carson. go untilis set to
1:53 pm
about 7:00 eastern time, your phone calls after that, and then more live coverage after that with rick santorum tomorrow, bobby jindal, chris christie, john kasich, and carly fiorina. tomorrow's coverage starts at .0:30 eastern time >> maybe she should run for president. bombshell new report about hillary clinton this morning, that the former secretary of state may have violated federal record-keeping laws while in
1:54 pm
office. >> turns out the secretary of state of the united states used a personal e-mail account for additional sensitive business or four years, convinced me that this is ok because -- >> this reinforces the narrative that the clintons are a little secretive, always preferring to hide rather than shutting sunlight. >> this is a stunning breach of security. >> the former white house press secretary said there is no explanation for this. there is a lot of suspicion about the clintons. this is a national security issue. china has read all of the secretary of state's e-mails. >> this is par for the course for the clintons, always a little secretive when it comes to these things. to that, they have the storm over benghazi, money sent to the clinton foundation, as well as other .eminal events
1:55 pm
these e-mails could be the beginning of a major headache in her expected announcement to run for president. >> can you give me one good reason why she would've done that?
1:56 pm
1:57 pm
1:58 pm
1:59 pm
,> here at the sunshine summit taking a bit of a break as we are ahead of schedule, waiting to hear from the republican presidential candidates here in orlando. this is being hosted by the florida republican party. expected next is former governor mike huckabee.
2:00 pm
saturday, our coverage continues, the second day of the summit. we will hear still to come here today, jeb bush and then later donald trump and ben carson. >> ladies and gentlemen, please take your seats at this time. our program is about to start. please take your seat at this time as our program is about to begin.
2:01 pm
2:02 pm
>> please welcome president of
2:03 pm
candidate mike huckabee. ♪ gov. huckabee: thank you. whether the like to be here at the sunshine shuttle. i flew all night from las vegas on the redeye to get here. i just wanted to say that to you because normally i've used to people of the audience going to sleep during my speech is. -- speeches. this may be the one time i go to sleep and you might have to wake me up. i hope not. i'm spending most of my time these days on airplanes. ago on at two weeks friday night, i have been in south carolina on the latest cedar rapids, iowa and got as far as atlanta. if any view flight anywhere in these part of the united states you know when you had to go to
2:04 pm
atlanta first. when i die and go to heaven i will stop in atlanta on the way. i was in atlanta in the flight got delayed. and then delayed again and then again. at first it was because the plane cannot come in. then the plane came in but we do not have a crew. was about two hours late and it's 1:00 in the morning when we get to cedar rapids which is already not a pleasant thought. the gate agent was trying to and everyone up and chipper not ready to go on a complete rebellion against him. he gets on the pa system and he says "ladies and gentlemen we are hoping the crew will be here iy minute. they are delayed. know you're ready to get the cedar rapids. when anyone here like to volunteer to fly the plane the cedar rapids?" we'll did exactly what you just did. we laughed out loud.
2:05 pm
as tired and frustrated as we all were, everybody in the gate area laughed out loud because the thought that any of us would be as foolish to get on an airplane was somebody who just volunteered to do the job, we all thought that was nots -- nuts. nobody actually was when he get on the airplane flown by somebody who would never been in a cockpit. thatt to suggest to you when you are thinking about electing somebody president, maybe it would be helpful that a person had been at least in the cockpit before. that it is not an entry-level job to be president of the united states. you might be a little harder than that. i want to suggest to you that in one way i don't have anybody he was better prepared to take on the battle with hillary than me because nobody else has ever had
2:06 pm
to face the clinton political machine like i did because every election i was ever involved in was against the bill and hillary clinton political apparatus. folks, when i hear people say you need a fighter, i said you've never seen a fight until you had a fight the clinton political machine. first first got elected, republican in 25 years and only the fourth and 150 years in arkansas which of that time was the most lopsided state in the country. more democrats, fewer republicans than any other state including california, oregon, vermont, maine, massachusetts, you name it. and were so excited about me being there that after i was sworn in to be lieutenant governor of walked down the hall to take my office and try to open the door. he was nailed shut. from the inside. literal nails. webb hubbell, who at the time was working at the white house
2:07 pm
and made a phone call back to the state capital and said get him. i had done something to was not supposed to be done. i defeated her hand-picked candidate, the one they had campaigned for. there was no way i was supposed to win the election. that door stayed nailed shut for 59 days before it finally was opened. when it was opened all the office furniture and equipment had been taken out. it was an empty space. i get on elevators and people would get off. the system was incredibly corrupt. i got reelected lieutenant governor in them of the governor was convicted of whitewater related felonies i became the governor. it got so bad as we started pursuing the corruption in the state, over 17 elected officials indicted, tried, and sentenced. we got to say the five most feared word of the politician in arkansas was "will be defendant please rise?" [applause] [laughter]
2:08 pm
i will tell you. if we don't stop the corruption and our nations capital, our great republic will not and cannot survive. we must stop that which is killing this great country. [applause] people ask me all the time what i think the most important issues are. isn't the economy, national security? i say that's like asking me which wing on the airplane is the most important. the one on the left or the one on the right. you need both. yes, we have to fix our economy. i am the one candidate that believes that tinkering with the current tax code is inadequate approach. we need to do something bigger, bolder, and something that will bring rocket fuel to the fact that for the bottom 90% of american workers their wages have been stagnant for the past 40 years.
2:09 pm
it is the single most important thing that has to happen in this country. for america to prosper again. i don't think that will happen if all we do is just rearrange some of the pages of the 77,000 pages of the tax code. i suggest we scrap it all taxther, implement the fair which we would pay tax on consumption, not on productivity. [applause] there are several things that would happen if we did that. $31 trillion of offshore capital would come back to america. do you think that might just use the economy a little bit? what about manufacturing in america. why don't we do that? we tax capital and labor. you can create the design of an iphone and america, but you make it in china because if you make it in america 20% of the embedded costs of the taxes that go into it will be part of the price. if you make it in china, that 22% tax is not there.
2:10 pm
wouldn't it be better not only to design things and create angst and animate things in america, but to make them in america so americans would be getting the jobs and making things again. the fair tax helps us to get that done. [applause] our economy is in trouble because every time we see wages start to go up the fed begins to make decisions to artificially adjust the value of currency. it needs the people who are working and up seeing their dollar not worth as much because for some reason for 40 years that has been so afraid that people's wages would go up. as a result they have not. andhe 25 years between 1948 1971 which is for americans when a by 85%. they have been stagnant for the past or the years. -- 40 years. a lady that cleans the building
2:11 pm
at our headquarters in little rock, her name is kathleen. two weeks ago i was at the headquarters late one evening. kathleen was in the building. i got to talking to her and i said kathleen, do you work another job? she said she did. she works at a hospital all day long. get off at 5:00 and comes to work for the people that owned the building. how many hours a day to you work? 15. 15 hours a day. maybe suggest to you that kathleen is not working 15 hours a day because she really, really enjoys scrubbing toilets, vacuuming other people methods, and wiping up the count -- counter they made from lunch. she is working 15 hours a day because that is what it takes just to survive. not get ahead. just to survive.
2:12 pm
there is something wrong in a great country when so many has to work 15 hours a day, at hard work,. to be able to feed a family thing got you is the kind of ambition and grit she works -- wants to work that hard. the sad thing is we don't have a strong enough economy so she can have time to be with her own family. fixed,an get the economy we also need to make sure we keep this country safe. i was delighted to hear today it appears we have gotten jihadi john. [applause] i think from all indications he is dead. not a moment too soon. fight to theke the people who want to kill less. there is nothing to negotiate. they don't want a piece of land. they don't want a better seat at the united nations. they were to kill every last one of us. we have to come to the place will be acknowledge who they
2:13 pm
are, what they are about and go after radical islamic jihadists with all of the full force of united states and build the strongest, most powerful, potent, the absolute best trained, best equipped, best finest military in the history of the world. the only way to keep our men and women from having to go to a constant war is having the kind of military that nobody ever wants to have to fight with. peaceth will keep us at and strong. [applause] both of those get wings on the airplane working just fine, the plaintiff not fly without a steering mechanism. america can't fly without the steering mechanism of a strong moral foundation where we understand the old-fashioned virtues of work in honor and decency and family really do matter. somehow we have got to again rekindle our notions that our system of government cannot function in a vacuum. it simply cannot.
2:14 pm
we have to be the people who understand the best government of all is self-government. not a government we elect or higher, but a government within our own consciousness to do what is right. we can start doing what is right by recognizing that among us, everyone of us has the intrinsic working value and there is no such thing without a -- as a person without worth and value and we need to repent for the 60 million unborn children would never recognize their worth and value. i don't see how god can bless the nation -- [applause] that could be so savages that. and give back to our understanding of what it means to honor each other. we face many divisive issues. among them is immigration. i guess every republican says we will secure the border. we always say that but we never seem to do it.
2:15 pm
securing the border is not the end of what we do, it's just a matter of trying to keep people out of making sure the people that come and. want to come and help us build a great america throughout our entire life as a country is in the immigrants who come to this country and help us build a great america. it's not too close people out and say we don't want anybody else. it's to make sure when people do come they want to come to be a part of making this country even skills,ith their talents, abilities, hopes, dreams, aspirations. you can't do that if you don't control the border itself. i want to be very clear. we can get this done and we can do it in less than a year because 73 years ago we built a road between british colombia and alaska. a road in the arctic conditions under engineering capabilities. that road was 1700 miles long and we built in less than a year. i will put the director of homeland security and his family stationed in laredo, texas and say to him you
2:16 pm
are not leaving until we have secured this border. it will be done in less than a year. [applause] rational about bringing people to this country who will contribute to our success, our prosperity, are security, our safety. let's not have an immigration policy that displaces americans. for example, under the h-1b process, it was not long ago that disney, yes i know i'm in orlando and is the happiest place on earth, but it was not very happy for the disney workers who were replaced by foreign workers under h-1b visa because they would be willing to work for a lot less money. and to add insult to injury, the disney workers were required to train their forward replacements before they ultimately were shoved out the door. america kick and treats people better than that.
2:17 pm
aboutation should not be seeing if we can displace american workers. it's about making it so everybody who does come here comes to contribute to something better than themselves. let me mention this. sometimes my fellow republicans want to say let's bring real cuts to social security and the people on it. let's make them work longer. let's test it. let's cut benefits. i think a far better idea than cutting the social security benefits of the people who paid their own wages into that fund would be to grow the economy because of our economy was growing at just 4% a year, we would not even have to even talk about cutting any benefits. we would be more than be able to make up the needs of social security and medicare. i want to be on record -- [applause]
2:18 pm
social security is not a welfare program. it's not an entitlement. it is he earned benefit of the people who involuntarily had that money taken out of their checks by the government and the government should keep their hands off of it. [applause] it's a matter of america keeping its promise to the people who never got a choice as to whether they wanted to make this contributions or not. one groupf promises, of americans deserves the first fruits of our treasury and we acknowledged them to days ago on veterans day. it's an incredible embarrassment to this country that we ask people to put on the uniform, go halfway around the world to places his names they can't even pronounce until they get their and stand between bullets and bombs and the rest of us, having promised them they will receive health care because they have in
2:19 pm
fact served their country and kept their promise. and when they get back we don't keep our promise to them. we can fix this. one way to do it is to make sure the president and every member of congress get their health care from the v.a. until they get it fixed. [cheers] one of the great, incredible joys i've ever had is to go many times to israel starting in 1973. i was all of 17 years old. i've been back dozens of times and i have taken thousands of people. it's a remarkable place. you can only explain israel by god's hand being involved. i would tell you that one of the reasons i feel such an affinity for the nation of israel is because when i am there i sense what america was like an hour
2:20 pm
early days. we understood the only extra nation for the united states of america was god's providence. there is no other excellent nation for how a ragtag group of farmers and merchants and people could take their muskets off the mantle and challenge the greatest army in the history of the world at that time, the british army. so well-prepared, well armed, well-equipped am a well-trained, and well-dressed. no way we could take them on and when -- win but we did. we did it because we had some incredible people on whose shoulders we enjoyed our freedom. who decided that liberty, the ability to think our own thoughts and speak our own words, to worship in our own way otherre valuable than any concept or belief we could hope. forget wheref we
2:21 pm
we have come from and forget our responsibility in this world of ours, i can only hope that god will forgive us for being so forgetful with his grace and what he has done. in that same token, if we cannot express our alliance, our camaraderie, our support of those who mirror our values and our commitment to freedom and a sense of self-governing, then god, i hope he will forgive us for that. the truth is i'm not sure he will. i'm not sure he should. there is a better option than having to beg god's forgiveness for the sins we have created. that is for us to be america again. the america that is the right thing for the right reason, for those people that come after us.
2:22 pm
as i've often said across this country when people say, why in the world are you running for president? what possesses you to do some thing like this? i tell them it's because i have five grandkids and i do not want to walk my five grandkids through the charred remains of a once great country called america and say here you go. $20 trillion in debt. a decimated military that is 25% less than it was when this president took office. cronyism hase created such a corrupt environment in washington so that six out of the 10 richest counties in america surround washington dc why? because the donor class has had the political class and kicked the working class in the teeth. we can do better than that. and i hopend we will to have your vote is president of the united states. thank you and god bless you.
2:23 pm
it's a delight to be here with you today. thank you very much. [cheers] ♪ [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit]
2:24 pm
[no audio] >> has been turned over to the fbi. something -- >> workers in denver that helped manage hillary clinton's private funeral servers, they had concerns. >> you're starting to think this is covering up some shady expletives. >> my problems have nothing to
2:25 pm
do with me, they have to do the republicans,. the media, somebody else >> this is a partisan witchhunt. >> you have "the new york times" chasing the story. >> the obama administration's justice department -- >> do you think the american public is that stupid?
2:26 pm
>> i am the daughter of retired
2:27 pm
veteran. the wife of an active duty marine officer and a republican. >> my name is david cohen, cofounder of pacific islander republican leak. i am a republican. chan a councilwoman and a republicang,. >> on the mayor of the city -- in rhode island. on the prominent -- product of immigrant parents from china in the first chinese-american elected mayor in the state's history. i am a proud republican. >> i'm the son of immigrants from taiwan and i am a republican. >> i am a republican because of conservative monetary and fiscal policy, strong national defense, and family values. >> i am a son, brother, husband, father of three daughters. i'm a statement presented it from georgia in a republican. >> i am a republican. childrenother of four
2:28 pm
is important for me to instill upon them the individual responsibility and teaching them how to be responsible for themselves. i am a proud republican because i believe in having choices. the party of lincoln has always been consistent with a congruent with the american core values of persistence, diversity, and simply getting things done. that is why i am a republican. ♪ >> next up here at the sunshine summit in orlando, florida, discussion about community engagement and the republican
2:29 pm
party. let us know what you have seen so far. part of the summit, you can send a tweet or join us on >> christina free. ♪ good afternoon everyone. i would like to invite our guest panelist to join it -- me for this conversation we will have this afternoon. first, our state representative for a land of -- orlando. also, stay represented a form orlando bob cortez. [applause] and chelsey henry, political activist and conservative columnist for "ebony magazine" and chair of the republican diversity coalition. [applause]
2:30 pm
>> last but not least, rnc deputy press secretary for the southeastern united states and former rnc hispanic press secretary. welcome all of you. have a seat, please. >> good afternoon, the hispanic vote is very important as everyone knows for this 2016 election. george w bush was the last republican president to receive the highest member of latino votes, 46%. since then, the republican party hasn't bounced back in either 2008 or 2012. but in 2014 in the midterm election, the republican party regained the latino vote. how did you achieve that and is that a preview of what we're oing to see now in 2016?
2:31 pm
>> obviously as one of those that actually was the recipient of the hispanic vote, yes, we proved that we can reach out to hispanics of all parties, republicans, independents, and democrats, to win elections. and what president bush did in 2000 with the 44%, we duplicated in 2014 and it can be duplicated in 2016. is it going to be easy? absolutely not. we have our work cut for us and we are starting to work on that as we're doing it right now. >> one of the things that you'll also see is that the electorate, whether it's hispanics, african-americans, they're seeing what has happened with a lot of failed policies over the last eight years. so everyonives that and they're more likely to vote now with the people who were against those policies and have better policies to offer and i think you're going to be seeing that in the next election. >> chelsea, what's your
2:32 pm
opinion? when we i think that look at the future of the g.o.p., when we look at where we're at today, we're in a great place because we have seen successes across this country in the g.o.p., specifically when we look when we look at the black community. we elected our first republican female in 2014. we just elected our first-ever black republican there in kentucky. we have u.s. senator tim scott, we are seeing successes and so what's important is that we as activists, as members of the party continue to support what other people in the party are doing to build a strong infrastructure that won't last for only one election, but many elections. [applause] >> and representing the r.n.c., ali. >> i think chelsea touched on it right there. it's about building an infrastructure. no surprise to everyone in three month or two or
2:33 pm
months before isn't going to win the respect of the hispanic or black community. we have had staff on the ground since 2013. you have to go back to the thre months before basics. you have to build an infrastructure, build respect, build a repertoire with these voters and make sure they're listening to what we say. if we're not there and don't have a relationship with them, they're not going to show up to vote for us, they don't know who we are. >> one other things to keep in mind, there are different nationalities andith in thisties within the hispanic community. the voter that is central florida is different than the voter in south florida, the voter in texas or california. you got to also identify who you're reaching out to and who they are in that region. >> and talking about reaching out into the communities, cording to the pugh research center, latino voters believe the government should control gun ownership. 84% of hispanics are in favor of raising the minimum wage. other communities feel the same on these issues and if this is
2:34 pm
so, how is it that the went party plans on getting them to to eye with the republican party values and talking about community outreach what are you doing to get out in the community and be along their sides? >> well, first off, community engagement is 24/7, 365 days a year. said, it's not thing you go in one month before or three months before. the r.n.c. saw that. we have people on the count. so that's what's important. when you talk about gun rights, i'm a gun-carrying republican. i believe in my second amendment. [cheers and applause] >> and when you talk about the black community, you have a shift as the representative was speaking about. there is a shift since 1993, we have seen 14 less percentage of black community that are in support of guns now.
2:35 pm
and as we continue to educate and share our policies, we'll see that. we also just have to look at recent and current events. the black communities, their eyes are wide open after charleston. they understand it's ok to carry your gun and you have the right to protect yourself, even in your church. >> excellent. [applause] >> many of the latinos that are moving here are coming from puerto rico, a place where gun control really exists. the average citizen is not allowed to own a gun yet crime is at an all time high. my father when we lived in puerto rico, not once, but twice by a 17-year-old kid put a gun to his head right in his driveway. look, when we come here and talk about gun control, that is not just the only issue. we have many other issues that hispanics side with. the hispanics, puerto rican, are very pro family. they are pro life. a lot of other issues, not just
2:36 pm
the gun control. faced with what comes before back home and they realize, well, i believe that i shall own my gun. the second amendment is something that should be respected and here in the united states they will. >> and on that note, state representative, as many people know, thousands of puerto ricans are emigrating from the island coming here, many of them to florida, mainly central florida, and many of them are democrat voters by tendency. what is the republican party going to do to try to convert those voters and bring them and woo them over to the republican party? >> great question. first of all, the puerto ricans that are coming here are really not emigrating. they're citizens. they are citizens. they can travel like we travel from georgia across the line. >> correct. >> the other thing that we have seen in the past few years, they're actually not registering democrat. they're registering more independent.
2:37 pm
50% or more so far here in central florida are registering independent. that's the perfect opportunity for the g.o.p. to capitalize. we need to go all straight in and reach out to these independent voters and say, you signed with the i'dologists of the republican party. we need to do a better job to show them what the eye deologist are. we can reach them and turn them to register. >> anything to add, senator? >> one thing i noticed in central florida, there is an ggressive push by the democrat ic party to reach to the puerto ricans the moment they're getting here. we're doing a great job as far s having our republican, r.n.c. on the ground engaging with them, we need to get them at a much earlier time that they get here like the democrats are doing. there is a lot of noise out there from the media and there is a lot of sound bites, but i think the most effective
2:38 pm
messenger for our party are those of us who are in this audience and those of us living in the neighborhoods and the ones that we can share with our neighbors. we need to make sure we share our message with our neighbors regardless of whether they're coming here from fort myers to central florida or from puerto rico to central florida. >> ali? >> touch on that a little bit more. an example that is happening right now, we had hispanic heritage month. in florida, our staff was on the grounds at events across the state, $100,000 hispanics, a lot of people to be talking to. they're registering voters every sunday at every church across the state. those are the efforts that we have been doing. i have been here in the last month and it's those efforts of finding voters, finding them early, electing great leaders like the two gentlemen here today who beat two incall bent democrats in their districts.
2:39 pm
[cheers and applause] >> that's what we need to do more of. that infrastructure will help everyone from the bottom of the ticket to the top of the ticket and everywhere in-between. hopefully we find bigger victories, 40% of the hispanic vote in colorado, these numbers we're seeing replicated across the country. it's just a starting point. we have to continue to grow on that. [applause] >> if i can add to that, we know you talked about minimum wage and gun control. at the end of the day, the most important issues for all families are having the right jobs, having good jobs, having a healthy economy, having strong schools and that's going to be at the forefront of their minds when they're voting, not necessarily gun control or minimum wage increase. >> i also would like to add to that, you got to realize that the puerto ricans are moving to the united states are following the american dream. puerto rico is now with the 72-plus billion debt, they're in dire need and straits. the folks that are actually moving here, many people think
2:40 pm
that they would be putting a burden to florida and the united states and actually in actality, it's the contrary. they are coming here, they are getting jobs. they are buying cars. they are buying houses. they are promoting to our economy. it's not a bad thing that these folks are coming here. they are increasing our population. we see this and they will be the kind of folks that will be registering to vote and will change and will be electing the next president of the united states and that president will be a republican president. >> what exactly are you saying to those puerto rican residents that are coming here and are registering independent? what are you is saying to them to bring them over to the republican party? >> first of all, i welcome them with open arms and i commend them for taking that big step of leaving the island and coming over here in search for a better life for them and their family. we all did. i did this back in 1985 and i sympathize, my parents did in the 1950's. so it's a trend that continues
2:41 pm
to happen. i tell them, first of all, the politics in puerto rico stay in puerto rico. you have a republican, a democratic party here in the united states. go out and learn the ideology of the party. once they learn the ideology of the party, they will decide they should be registering republican and voting republican. >> all right, moving on to social media and the use of social media. 73% of latinos according to the pugh research center use facebook as their preferred social media platform. as many already know, dr. ben carson's campaign is basing most of his interaction with his potential voters via facebook, answers their questions via facebook. is this a direction that the .o.p. plans so take as well? >> i think we're going to see an increase -- social media, the internet is going to have
2:42 pm
an increased role in elections moving forward. more and more people are on the internet and the hispanic community, we're on the internet as a higher rate than nybody else. you go to debate night, you go to facebook, what issue matters to you the most. when the democrats are debating, how wrong are they, we don't agree with what they're saying and what is it that our guys are saying, our guys and gals are saying to make sure that our policies are better, why are they better for our future. it's a nonstop engagement. it's a 24/7 engagement of voters. we're grateful to have social media, to have a platform where we always have a presence in these communities, we always have a presence with voters. it's something we're embracing and leading the way on. >> would you like to add anything to that? >> social media is the present, it's the future. there are apps particular to be built and developed to share their lifes with people across the world. when we look ahead, social
2:43 pm
media is an area we have to continue to hone in on. we have to continue to improve our skills, teach others throughout our party how to use social media. it's one of those ways that you are able to reach people you have never met in your life. you can be talking to somebody or influencing somebody through a post, through a tweet, through a instagram post, through periscope, whatever it may be. it's a very influential tool in general that we can use to share our message, and not only share our message, but share how it will positively affect the people who are watching us. >> christina, you got to realize, think about our founding fathers when they crafted the first amendment. the first amendment was to do exactly what we're actually doing now on social media. we're using social media to express our views. many that read it might agree with us. they might not agree with us, but it's a way of deliverying the message. here is how powerful it is. my parents, my dad is 75 years old. never used a computer in his
2:44 pm
life. now he has a tablet. the first news that he receives, he receives it from social media. that's how powerful social media is and it's going to become and continue to become. the messaging that is done through the g.o.p. has to include social media of all platforms because now it's not just the young voters that are using it, it's all of them. >> excellent, anything else any of you would like to add? all right. the latino support for the democrats fell in 2014, yet the democratic party still has the advantage over the latino voter. why do you think that is? >> well, i think it's just trends. to a certain extent, you have a lot of the northeast, for example, puerto ricans in the northeast are overwhelming democrat. you say puerto ricans are democrat, northeast puerto ricans do. when you have puerto ricans from the island, they don't identity of are republican and democrat, those aren't their political parties.
2:45 pm
they can go either way, republican or democrat. >> i think you saw right, was it 2008 election, probably the height of the popularity by hispanics for the democratic party in which you'll see now. you saw it in 2014. you'll see it again in 2016. there is going to be another decline in the amount of voters that the democrats get. >> tagging on to that, you just mentioned it and vice president chaney mentioned it last night. we are going to need at least 40% of hispanics to come out in 2016 to win this election. i believe it's doable. i believe we can do it and we will do everything that we can to make sure that happens. in my race and the represent's race, i knocked on hispanic doors, republicans and democrats, the republicans were going to vote to me anyway. we reached out to those that normally would not vote. one of the other things that i
2:46 pm
believe should be happening and we are doing right now and the presidential candidates should take note on this, there is a large number of independents that will reach the presidential primary thinking that they can vote for a presidential candidate and when they get there, they realize it's a closed presidential primary, they have to be republican to do that. the message is go out and register now republican so you can actually take advantage and vote for one of the 14 candidates. >> very valid point, very good point. well, i think a lot of what's happening now is that we're seeing more and more eligible latino voters, for example, in 2014, 11 million were eligible to vote, yet only 8 million only actually made to the election offices, to the voting polls. what are you going to do to attract them and get them out on election day?
2:47 pm
>> well, i'll just say quickly and turn it over to ali, it is historically nonpresidential elections, latino voters drop in large numbers. that's usually from where we come from, puerto rico and south america usually one election every four years. in puerto rico, it's so popular, that you have election every four years, they even give you the day off. that's how important and popular it is. they come here to the united states, you have an election every two weeks and sometimes some city elections in april and it's really confusing. one thing they do know that every four years there is a presidential election. they come out in big numbers. we need to make sure that, again, education is key. we educate the electorate to know there is a different type of elections, presidential and governor elections, they can come out and vote. >> it's all about education. i think one of our biggest obligations to the community and one of the things that i love most about what we do is finding a way to educate this
2:48 pm
growing population. my family has been here, i'm a first generation american, my family came here from cuba. making sure the people know what their options are, how they can vote. it's more that they have to vote. get out and vote. have a voice. have a voice for the community. have a voice for your values and for your next generation of children. it's something that matters so much to the latino community. i think as we're able to get that message to them, the numbers and percentage of voting will continue to increase. it's something that is in our values and the way we were brought up. it matters to us. when they realize they have that vote, they will continue to vote more and more. >> would you like to add anything? >> earlier this year i started the render versety coalition. the mission behind that is toer ties between the minority communities and republican party, focused on business and economic policy. so we talked about minimum wage and these different things. what i have learned as a black republican is that and as ali
2:49 pm
just pointed out, so many of the things i believe in, many people in my community believe the same way. what we're doing through the render versety coalition, we're going into communities. we start in tallahassee which is primarily democrat, we're taking the tough areas and going in there and sharing with them how conservative principles benefit them, how conservative economic and business principles will allow them to live the american dream and see success however they defined it. so as we continue to grow, as we continue to move forward and as we look at outreach to the black community, we're in the community and we can engage the community. that's what's important. so today we actually have a group of students from bethune-cookman university, if they would stand right now, it's one of our opportunities. [cheers and applause] >> there they are, back there. so when we talk outreach, we
2:50 pm
talk about reaching out, sharing and educating, the render versety coalition is educating these young people, allowing them to be here at the sunshine state summit so they can have a voice and hopefully as you were sharing, shale switch over and vote in the republican primary. [applause] >> i think something we should touch on and we haven't spoken about is the fact that, i'm not a really big fan of labels saying i'm hispanic american or african-american. i'm an american. i was born in this country. cheers and applause] ali was born in this country. i have nieces and nephews now that are second, third generation americans and so when you're targeting to an audience, a large percentage of our hispanic americans are really just regular old americans who have been here. some of us speak the language still. some of us are part of our
2:51 pm
parents' culture this is our land this is our home. [applause] >> and i'll be honest with you. i know some people who get offended when they get literature in spanish. we speak spanish, we speak spanish at home, but we're americans. that's something to keep in mind especially when you're campaigning and engaging with our hispanic communities. >> and speaking on that note, speaking about the latino angles that the latino americans that might feel offended, throughout this mpaign as you well know, there has been sort of the elephant in the room that has made some comments regarding the latino community that doesn't put them in a positive
2:52 pm
light and many wonder how does a party in general recover from these comments? >> i'm assuming you're referring to something on wednesday or hump day or something like that. actually what we're -- obviously this is the beauty of the american electorate system, that you have 14 qualified candidates that are all vying for the republican nomination. today they can say something that might help them or might hurt them. and for now, many are riding the wave of the common theme said by one candidate that may seem negative toward the hispanic. here is what is happening is that the rest of america is hearing him say he surged not polls. eventually that may or may not last. carly what happened with fee rina, back up and down.
2:53 pm
and ben carson, we have four months until the primary, four months when a lot of things can happen. what happens in the four months in march, we have a presidential nominee that all of us are going to rally behind. we need all hands on deck. the young republicans, we need the older republicans, we need everybody because we're going to have one goal in common. that is to beat hillary clinton. cheers and applause] >> i think we should keep in mind, we live in a 24-hour news cycle. what's in the headlines is only in the headlines for a very brief amount of time. there are going to be people who, especially when you have enough candidates as we do, there will be some things said that the media can manipulate that the other side can manipulate. at the end of the day, we have some great candidates who have proven that they can win the minority vote in their
2:54 pm
respective campaigns and races that they have won. >> thank you, on that note, i would like to thank you all of you for participating in this panel. thank you all very much. [applause]
2:55 pm
2:56 pm
>> people are so concerned about the future, the future for their children. the future for our nation. >> this country was designed around we the people. of, for, and by the people. we need a government that actually understands and doesn't think it's the ruler of the people. >> learning from crowds that they are hungry for some honesty and for some real solutions to the problems. i'm ben carson and a proved
2:57 pm
his message.
2:58 pm
hillary clinton: i recently launched a snap chat account. those messages disappear all by themselves. >> this is awful. i don't know what the ever savvy jennifer is going to say. this just doesn't work. hillary clinton: it was more convenient and she didn't -- that's the thing. she didn't really think it through. >> what the american people are looking for right now is straight answers to tough questions and that is not what we have seen out of senator clinton. >> what are you hiding?
2:59 pm
>> like with the cloth or something? >> inshe is doing your cause way more harm than good. >> i don't know how it works digitally at all, with a cloth or something? >> i don't know where to begin. >> nobody talked to me about it other than you guys.
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>> please welcome alberto. [applause] >> good afternoon. it's great to be home again. i love this party. if you don't mind my spending a little time before my short remarks telling you about it, it's been such a nostalgic journey for me. two people speak badly about their parents.
3:08 pm
i'm in the first generation where i came here as a political refugee and had three jobs at the age of 12. so we can literally survive. it was very interesting because while some people would think that's a big burden on a 12-year-old, i got on my knees every night breathing the air of liberty and thanking god for helping us be american and welcome to this country. by love for america has never stopped. [applause] this love affair with ameica kept going and when i was cam eotchool this dean see me and said i don't agree ath you but i think you have passion.
3:09 pm
i have a job with a law firm during the week and was working at a bar on sundays. i decided to do it and went and signed up with the local party in new jersey. freshly,i decided to run for chairman. and won bygot lucky 1 vote. , kim to miamited and i signed up to be a committee men. i have been a member of this party ever since. i served on his board for 24 years. i was fortunate to be vice chairman and chairman for 10. a majority party. all of that was done because equally passionate people
3:10 pm
believed the party got involved and the party became the conduit for that bit three -- that victory. i still believe in it as a primary vehicle for the successes we need to have in america to bring conservative government in at all levels. the greatest eight years in the history of the republican party since it was founded in uh, wisconsin. have been the last 8 eyars. -- years., we have gained over 900 state legislative seats. [applause] >> we have gained over 60 congressional seats over 12 senate seats. we now hold the majority in both chambers and more than half of
3:11 pm
the states in the country. that brings me to the question -- how can a party that has been so successful be admired at the national level with such low grades? is --eve a part of it part of it is due to a general feeling in america as to both parties that things are not getting done and we are the victims of that feeling. part of it is not really explaining expectations and part of it is we are shooting at each other more frequently than at the democrats. that's just plain wrong. [applause] >> features of the matter is our founding fathers devised a very complicated system because they believed everybody should have a voice. this was not going to be a monarchy. we fought a monarchy. oneidn't have one man,
3:12 pm
rile. elected a president that believed in that monarchy and he has trampled on our constitution, trampled over congress with his executive orders, and brought the country to a standstill, threatening to ve everything that members of congress propose to do. we are to critical of our own selves and partly responsible for that. in that competitive quest, i want to tell my good friends who
3:13 pm
would make great presidents that we don't really need to throw our own brethren uer the bus. [applause] that we should aim and fire but the real target is named barack obama, hillary clinton, nancy pelosi, harry reid. [applause] >> there is plenty to talk about. there are great things we can do for america. right to every human in america the stream has been so squashed by one of the worst presidents in history. part of that conversation cannot be that the party is not doing its job. most people you would see here
3:14 pm
when not think they what to defend congress. time, they joyfully and pride fully talk about their members of congress. take florida. we have a great congressional delegation. membersach one of these deserves to be where they are. like danny webster, there are all these stories in florida of men and women with a good hard. yet we are disparaging congress. we can speak kindly about our own numbers but we speak unkindly about our leadership in congress. that's because we fell into a trap with mainstream media. some people who have a different way of expressing themselves. served as chairman of the
3:15 pm
american conservative union. was to work hand-in-hand with every conservative organization in america inspired by ronald reagan. every one of them felt that first and foremost, you had to defend our principles. it doesn't mean if you reach out to others that you're compromising your principles. it means you're engaging. to understand in order to advance conservative principles, you don't have to criticize any group of any americans. you just need to be persuasive, you need to engage like ronald reagan would do. [applause] i remember one of ronald reagan's first speeches in 1977.
3:16 pm
he would take the conservative movement to the black community. conservative principles are common sense --you don't spend more than you bring in, you act accordingly. those are simple principles every american should embrace. afraid togan was not go to every community and advocate those principles. we seem to believe that sometimes we have the strength the size of the church rather than expand it. true conservatives believe in expanding because we believe our principles are what's right for all americans. [applause] bit too much of an
3:17 pm
us versus them. duringappropriate election time but this nation will never get anywhere unless we start thinking of applying conservative principles to problem solving our nation's crisis. to do that, you cannot go around thinking that the only way you can win is by icing others. who are we to denegrate any group of americans? if you believe strongly in your principles, the first rule of engagement is to engage and convince able that common sense dictates you do that. we don't do that by shrinking the size of the church, by criticizing who they are
3:18 pm
generically, by casting aspersions on good people who have strong family values. we are shortchanging ourselves. are blind to the evolution of the demographic evolution of america. i don't care what your position is on immigration. we allthem honorable, have to respect the law and do what's right for america. we don't need to disparage anyone in the process of sitting at the table and reaching those solutions. i'm here to tell you the way we will win this election is by being constructive, being ronald reagan believers and the american dream, becoming a country unified, police in a tomorrow, believes we
3:19 pm
have just touched the surface as to what our best days are that lie ahead and as a person who loves my party so much, i hope we are all products it. twice before you ever cast a stone against it. i think we criticize ourselves too much, we cast aspersions on ourselves we should not cast. we need to be less selfish and more embracing and greater believers that what we stand for is what all americans need. i will give you a couple reflections. i'm going to give you some generic ideas as to what we need to look at in terms of our nominee for president. that is the one person we need
3:20 pm
to be the best leader we can find. its a competitive process. it doesn't matter to me whether you are an outsider, insider. i think it's an intellectually demeaning thing to say you want to someone because they've been a public servant or haven't. we deserve to scratch the surface of a little more. we want to see what you have done, if you have a servant's heart. if you are in the public sector, there are a lot of honorable people there. what have you done? have you had a servant's heart? has it served the purpose of
3:21 pm
making us a better nation? in terms of your philosophy, are you someone with a backbone to stand by your beliefs or are you adapting to the winds of change. are you impacted by political polling or are you more impacted by or poor beliefs like ronald reagan was? are you a uniter, a problem solver who won't compromise on principles but stood at the table with others to reach a decision that's best for all americans? are you appealing to the higher lower instance of our country? the president dictates how we feel as americans. if we gravitate too much, i or worseoming better as human beings, as americans? appearing --s
3:22 pm
appealing to our higher instincts, getting us to agree we can reach to any height we want to? those are the qualities i'm looking for. lastly let me, lastly let me add the following. us decided we were going to serve our nation by being involved in the party in the background, not upfront. every job you do is important. i wanted to leave with thanking you for anything that you do to make your country better. standing up for what you believe in by supporting your party, the candidate of your choice. i'm a strong believer that social media is great. there is nothing like person-to-person contact and nothing like convincing your fellow men and women that which
3:23 pm
you stand for is something they should embrace. it's not easy. it takes time away from the family, your hobbies. for you are doing a great service to your nation. i think this nation deserve something from all of us. winky. -- thank you. [applause] >> please welcome christine wilcox. [applause] >> good afternoon. i am proud to have this opportunity to introduce you to my husband. at first glance, some may see him as a tough guy.
3:24 pm
a james bond turned successful entrepreneur. he is in fact all of those. there is much more to this man than meets the eye. want to get to know him, you will realize it's his personal qualities that enabled him to succeed. a strong work ethic, determination, perseverance. what i would like for you to know is underneath all of that is a man who is grounded by his roots, with a big heart, fiercely passionate, especially about his family and our nation. one of the things i admire most is yes always stood up for what he believes in. i am following his lead and standing up for what i believe in, my husband. for next u.s. senator from the great state of florida, todd wilcox. ♪
3:25 pm
>> good afternoon. is a pleasure to be here. i think really big round of applause to the chairman. [applause] this team has done a great job putting this together and i'm proud to be here to talk to you today. i want to start with the question i get all the time. that is why are you doing this? it's usually prefaced by the statement that you served your country. business,a successful you've achieved the american dream. why would you submit your self to the rigors of a campaign? my answer is why aren't you? why are we all? [applause] on the put it in a historical context. the average age of the world's
3:26 pm
greatest civilizations has been 200 years. each of them have gone through the same sequence of events. from tyranny and bondage, people embrace their spiritual faith. that inspired great courage. that allowed them to rise up and win their freedom. liberty led to abundance. that led to selfishness. selfishness lead to apathy and dependence. on dependency, it went back into bondage. the average age of the world greatest civilizations has been 200 years. america was founded 239 years ago. where do you think we are at in that sequence. i fear if we don't change the public will pass over the horizon and what will replace it has yet to be seen. sit by and watch
3:27 pm
thathappen. the reason i'm running. i want to tell you a bit about my background. i am not a politician. i've never run for public office. i am not a lawyer. [applause] florida one of six kids raised in a very poor family by single mother. that breakingy on out of poverty was only going to happen if i got a good education. i earned a scholarship to the university of tampa. [applause] graduated in 1989 and commission as a second lieutenant in the army. after ranger school, i was stationed with the 101st airborne division.
3:28 pm
i let an infantry platoon in combat during desert storm and when we returned, i volunteered for special forces. iter i earned my green beret, commanded a special forces a-team in east asia. [applause] >> thank you. in 1997, i resigned from the military and i joined the cia. after two years of arabic, i posted to the middle east as a case officer in the global war on terrorism. assignment was supporting the global war on terrorism in the middle east. unless assignment with the cia was with a joint force task force. in 2006, i resigned from government service and started the first of very three successful businesses focused on
3:29 pm
america's political, diplomatic, economic military strength around the world. i tell you my story not because i'm a narcissist. i tell you my story because it's relevant to the decision you have on august 30, 2016. we have an important decision. will we nominate to be the next u.s. senator from florida? the decision you make may well determine whether we keep this seat in the republican party. if we cannot contrast a very moderate, well-funded democratic , weidate and pat murphy will lose this seat. if we loose four steve and this -- four seats in the senate, democrats take control. we cannot let that happen. to predominate in it it that represents a return to citizen government, we can keep this seat. [applause] the choice you have is not
3:30 pm
the most conservative candidate is. we are all going to tell you we are ultraconservative. the choices which candidate has real-world experience, which can return us to a citizen government. we are all set up for career politicians. [applause] i have 26 years of real-world experience. i represent a return to citizen government. i have let men in combat men and once -- more than once. theyserved behind him and -- enemy lines. i've raced two daughters as a single parent. i speak a language of her enemies. i've built successful businesses, put people to work, sunday front of a paycheck, not just the back of one. skills innique set of building and leading small teams
3:31 pm
of high-performance individuals. all focused on the publishing complex tasks in a very hostile environment. i think that aligns with the senate quite well. skills precisely align with the three issues that will define the selection. national security, our economy, preserving our personal freedoms. in fact, defending our constitutional republic. [applause] >> let's talk about those issues. on national security, we have to realize that isis are not only a threat to america, they are threat to all of western society. our current lack of strategy out of this administration emboldens our enemies. are military force structure is being gutted by the obama administration and the hard left
3:32 pm
regresses want to take it further at a time we face a rising threat overseas. there is an asymmetric warfare threat that faces us. adversaries are playing chess while our president is playing checkers. wise in this important to florida/ ? florida is the home of the special forces command. company third battalion seventh group is also in the panhandle. we have patrick air force base, naval air stations. patrick air force base in melbourne. the structure beyond the fact our capability and the terrance is support -- important, the structure of our special
3:33 pm
operations community has a direct impact on our economy. who better to help formulate and lead debate on fighting isis then an arabic speaking former cia case officer who's been fighting the war on terrorism/ ? [applause] debate and lead and formulate structure policy within the department in a combat veteran of multiple wars? i have real-world experience in the economy. our economy is growing at a dismal rate because of the hard left regressive policies of this president and it will go further left after the election if they win the white house. we have a bloated budget. we have growing unfunded liabilities that nobody is
3:34 pm
talking about. thee liabilities are not $19 trillion debt every year. it's somewhere between 65 trillion and $120 trillion in unfunded liabilities no one is talking about in the form of social security, the benefit packages for federal employees. this is an avalanche of debt that our grandchildren will not be able to pay off. it's a great concern that we cannot dig out of this whole -- hole. we have an overcomplicated tax burden that is that you system that is a burden -- tax system that is a burden. they love generations of poor people and to economic slavery. poor people have been voting democrat for 50 years and they are still poor. let's try something new. [applause] we have a broken social
3:35 pm
security system, unfunded pensions that suck 60% of our treasury every year. our infrastructure is crumbling all around us and our education system is failing our children. common core was a theory expenses top-down experiment we are all rejecting. our status as an industrialized nation has client under the obama administration. capitalism is under attack every single day by a hard left progressive movement. who better to formulate economic holocene and rollback irrational regulation than a business leader who has created businesses? a better to formulate common sense tax code within a business leader let's created 600 jobs? capitalism?o defend i have rolled rolled experience in the economy.
3:36 pm
let's talk about our personal freedoms. for personal freedoms are under attack every single day by an departmentrs, epa, of justice and department of education. there is a growing storm on the horizon that threatens our constitutional republic that no one wants to talk about. we're moving closer to a host constitutional era. this more dangerous and the growing isis threat, than the growing trend of isolationist foreign policy. is more dangerous than our broken immigration system. the steps thebout administration has taken, they have circumvented the congressional powers by using tactics of continuing resolutions that leave our congress enabling this post constitutional era. americans2 million
3:37 pm
and 119 million paying any federal income taxes. you we are in jeopardy of losing our constitutional republic by an overarching executive branch that has made the congress nearly irrelevant. the hard left progressive movement wants to implement massive unchecked growth in spending and they need to be stopped. the executive branch has a limited executive orders time and again with disregard to the rule of law. the hard left progressives see the government as the caretaker being cradle-to-grave care for all of us. we shouldn't forget what thomas jefferson said. a government big enough to give you everything you want is big enough to take everything you have. [applause] 1840,ocracy in america in after five years of observations, he warned that
3:38 pm
american liberty was going to be threatened not by dictators but by the soft tyranny of a government that takes on the role of national nanny providing and defending every adversity against the child citizen. if we don't change course, i fear his predictions may come true. we have to ask ourselves are we rome? who better to serve the people than a candidate that has established himself as independently wealthy and is not beholden to special interest groups? who better to serve the people then a citizen government? who better to hold caesar and check than someone -- in check than someone who served? rubio'siate marco enthusiasm and he's right, it's
3:39 pm
not too late. is not impossible to turn this around. we can change course and we have to change course. we have faced many challenges in the history of our nation and impossible has never been part of our vocabulary. [applause] >> lewis and clark refuse to accept it's impossible to map the western frontier and manifest destiny became our reality. abraham lincoln refused to accept it was impossible to keep the union together and we live in the u.s. accept kennedy refuse to it was impossible to put a man on the moon and waited. on reagan -- and we did. we won the cold war. in the special operations community refuse to accept it was impossible to find and kill osama bin laden and we did. [applause] >> i do not accept it is impossible us to restore
3:40 pm
american prominence. and possible is merely -- and possible is really a big word thrown around by small men who find it easier to live in a world they been given then to explore the power they have to change it. my name is todd wilcox and i am a rational, constitutional, conservative candidate to the u.s. senate and i ask you to go ddwilcox2016 and help me restore the fight for american prominence. i'm calling on you to join me. and me in the fight to restore america's prominence. god bless you all and god bless america. [applause]
3:41 pm
i did not e-mail any
3:42 pm
classified material.
3:43 pm
3:44 pm
>> here the first of the sunshine summit in orlando, florida. republican party holding a meeting of the candidates and some panel discussions. . taking you like today and tomorrow you can join as 10:30 a.m. eastern. 4:00, wernoon at expect to hear from jeb bush and then 5:20 p.m., donald trump is expected to take the stage, followed by ben carson at 6:00 p.m. eastern. taking breaks throughout the day. angstrom get started again momentarily -- things should get started again momentarily.
3:45 pm
>> [inaudible]
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3:47 pm
>> still to come today at the
3:48 pm
sunshine summit as we are from the republican presidential candidate, jeb bush and about -- and about 10, 15 minutes. later this afternoon, donald trump and ben carson. we take a look back at one of the speakers from earlier. marco rubio. ♪ >> thank you. thank you very much. thank you. thank you very much. thank you. i'm not sure who brought barack obama teleprompter but i wish i could move it so i could see you guys. i am really honored to be here. many peopleank so
3:49 pm
helping us across the state and i want to thank the chairman of the republican party. he's doing a great job. [applause] >> i just signed the paperwork to be on the ballot. i am the first person to sign the paperwork to be on the ballot for president. [applause] but it had to be no derived. they asked -- notarized. they asked me to bring my id, i kid you not. i said google it. all by the book so we are grateful. i think over the next few hours, you will hear from some excellent people. i think we are blessed to have so many good candidates. to democrats cannot even come up with one. -- the democrats cannot even come up with one. know what our field is so strong? there are big differences between the republicans and democrats running for president. we don't have any socialists
3:50 pm
running in the republican party. [applause] and none of our candidates are under investigation by the fbi. [applause] >> this is an important election. this election is a generational choice about what direction our country will take. for over two centuries, each generation of americans has chosen to do what it takes to make america special. as a result, every single one of us are the beneficiaries of the extraordinary miracle of the american dream. now the time has come for this generation to make its choice. is an important choice for we cannot afford another four years like the last eight. the last eight years have been a disaster. not just a political disaster, and disaster for real people in the real world. if you are a very wealthy individual, congratulations.
3:51 pm
we wish you much success. they may not like the obama policies but they can afford to hire the best lawyers around to deal with this. the price the obama years is being paid by hard-working families all across this country. today, they are struggling to make it paycheck to paycheck because our economy does not grow. the jobs it creates do not pay enough. the people paying the price our young americans, some straddling thousands of dollars in student loans they borrowed for a degree that doesn't lead to a job. the price of being paid by people who under small business. today for the first time in 35 years, we have more businesses failing then starting. the price is being paid. each day brings news about another humiliation at the hands of russia, china, radical jihadists.
3:52 pm
the last seven years have been a disaster and the prices being paid by our people. we reach this moment where we must decide what we are going to be as a country for the next 50-100 years. as we prepare to make that choice, i think we can take lessons from our history. as the principles of our founding that made our nation special. they also happen to be the principles that our party should always be about. whether that be local, state level, or the presidency. what is it that made america special? sadlycore principles that some have completely abandoned. the first of limited government. we know every answer to our problems does not have a government solution. the federal government is not the answer to every issue before this country. federal government was declined it created to be a specifically
3:53 pm
defined and limited government. it was not supposed to be involved in every aspect of our lives. we were never supposed to have the federal government involved in k-12 education. that's why we don't need common core. [applause] the one thing our federal government must do is provide for the common defense. the national security of the u.s. under this president, we are failing in that regard. in defense cuts. what does that mean in practical terms? the smallest and the oldest navy and air force ever. 40,000 positions cut over the next few years from the army. at a time in the world is more dangerous than it has been in my lifetime. hasnatic in north korea dozens of nuclear weapons, the chinese are building up their military faster than any nation ever has.
3:54 pm
cleric is about --see what hundred 50 $150 billion in sanction relief thanks to barack obama. people use it to sponsor terrorism, to kill jews, christians, americans. he will use it to build a long-range missile of his own. he will one day use it to build a nuclear warhead. not enough, were have multiple radical jihadist groups across dozens of countries. and in the face of these threats , we are getting our military capability. that is when one of the first things this party must always be the party of a strong national defense.
3:55 pm
[applause] history proves the world is a safer, better place when america is the strongest military power in the world. providing for national defense means keeping our commitment to our men and women who serve us in uniform and if you're a veteran, we are thankful for your service. [applause] >> we make them two promises. the first is if we ever put you into hostility come we will never put you in a fair fight. you'll have better equipment, and anyraining potential adversaries. we cannot keep that promise if we continue the obama policies. the other promise we make is when you come home after taking care of us, we will take care of you.
3:56 pm
[applause] >> we not keeping that promise either. the veterans administration fails far too many veterans. there are good people who work at the veterans administration. they care about our veterans. then there are people who are not performing a good job. that's why i'm proud last year along with another member of congress, we were able to pass a law that says if you are a senior executive at the veterans administration and not doing a good job, the secretary has the power to fire you. that law passed. [applause] >> that's the good news. the bad news is they fired one person. it's on appeal. they awarded over $300,000 in bonuses to some of the people who should have been fired. a veterans administration that is accountable and one in which the benefits of follow the veterans.
3:57 pm
means if you are a veteran and the local v.a. cannot see but another hospital down the street can come you can take your benefits to any hospital, dr. reddy to see you. [applause] ready to see you. i only bring this up because we have the direct opposite. our allies do not trust us. that is example of what's happening in the middle east. there is only one pro-american free enterprise democracy in the entire middle east, the state of israel. [applause] today, we have a president who treats the prime minister of israel with less respect than what he gives iran. that's why i'm fortunate to be
3:58 pm
to let the president, i will cancel the deal with iran this president signed. [applause] >> the second core principle our party must always be about is free enterprise. the free enterprise system is what creates economic opportunity. be very aware and afraid of any politician that says when i was mayor, senator, governor, i created one million jobs. unless you grew government by one million jobs, you did not create one million jobs. you know it creates a million jobs? the people to max out their credit card to open a small business out of these their bedroom of their home -- the spare bedroom of their home. the private sector creates jobs. the jobs those of us in public office is to ensure america
3:59 pm
remains the best place in the world to start a new business or to grow an existing one. that is the job of those of us in public service. that is why you cannot grow your economy and globally competitive. you cannot grow your economy with regulations of $1 billion a week there adding on, strangling creativity. you cannot grow your economy if we had a debt crisis. $19 trillion and growing. you cannot grow your economy if you do not fully utilize your energy resources. the earth with oil and natural gas. let us use it fully. you cannot grow our economy with a health care law that raises prices, lowers quality, and encourages employers not to hire people. that is why we must repeal obama care.
4:00 pm
[applause] >> our core principles, they are the key to our prosperity and liberty. you cannot have a strong nation without strong people. you cannot have strong people without having strong values. no one is born with strong values. they are taught to you and reinforce in you. government cannot replace that. they can tell you what's legal. it cannot tell you what's right. right and wrong, good and bad is learned from your values ,nstilled in you in the family the most important institution in society. haveoo many leaders
4:01 pm
forgotten that. there is no replacement for the family. it is the original government. the most important school. it is the family and the community that supports the family that leads to strong people. while government cannot make anyone a better parent, government cannot make you a better wife or husband. government shouldn't be doing anything that undermines the family. government shouldn't be doing anything that under vines -- undermines our values and it does. we have anti-poverty programs that do not cure poverty. they discourage marriage. we have a tax code that discourages marriage. we have a government that increasingly is targeting the faith community and undermining the values they teach.
4:02 pm
the result is a number of americans who hold traditional values feel like outsiders in their own country. if you believe in marriage defined as the union of one man and 11 and, that all human life is worthy of protection, you are labeled a big it or a hater. ♪ >> i have the distinct honor of introducing to you a man i am supporting to be the next president of the united states, governor jeb bush. [applause] today, americans are anxious and afraid. they see mounting debt with no convictions for repayment. -- bloatedchrissy bureaucracy that are not working
4:03 pm
but offer scandals. and a president shrinking the size of the military in the fire, on the global diplomatic stage we are embarrassed by our adversaries. you are asking the question, can anybody fix this? is there anybody out there with the convictions and the courage and the boldness to fix what is wrong with our federal government? reasonedsking the question, how could my federal government be growing faster than my paycheck, the one that is asked to cover it all? shrink it back and make it work? we know the answer. in this state we saw jeb bush fix it. [applause]
4:04 pm
governor, when he was our governor he reduced the size of government. 13,000 state employee jobs. he focused on the private sector . we grew 1.3 million private sector jobs and you delivered more private sector jobs than any state in the country. householdle year our incomes grew. is every single crisis in our federal government may more taxes and more spending? jeb bush has given us the answer here in florida. the answer is no. when jeb bush was governor he cut taxes, $19 billion in all. and, when the legislature
4:05 pm
couldn't help itself, and would place money in the budget he didn't believe was in the best interest of every taxpayer pulled out the veto pen. question,e reason to is there anybody that will stand up for our values? inront of a driving press corps. we have an answer in florida. governor, oure fourth-grade reading scores were the bottom 40 in the country. us, if ao everyone of fourth grader can't read they will never be the astronaut, the engineer, the doctor. it is time this state stopped limiting the potential of our children and turn them loose to dream big. he went after the educational establishment.
4:06 pm
challenged fiscally at your household, a child with a learning disability, charter school, whatever your needs were, the results are in. we have gone from 44 in the country when jeb bush stepped into number second in the world. our child's -- our children's potential is limitless. long before it was the front page story, before anyone else have the courage, jeb bush defunded planned parenthood in strategically placed millions of dollars, and pregnancy crisis centers because he cared about the needs of women and not the agenda of planned parenthood. we are one year away from
4:07 pm
collecting the president of the united states and you are asking the question is there anybody out there strong enough, bold tough or courageous enough not just talk about it, but if elected, to do it. evidencea, we have the . twice we elected him for eight straight years he delivered on every single promise. will you now join me in , thating home to florida bold, that strong, courageous conservative governor of hours and the next president of the united states, governor jeb bush. [applause] mr. bush: thank you. thank you all. thank you so much. [applause] thank you so much.
4:08 pm
i appreciate you. thank you. thank you. thank you guys. thank you. thank you so much. it is good to be amongst winners . the republican party of florida wins because we believe in conservative principles and apply them consistently. we elected governors and speakers and presidents and people like jeff atwater. even though there are more democrats in the state than republicans we win. i am proud of that. [applause] talking about winning, i want to win this election in november of 2016 to restore america's greatness again.
4:09 pm
that is what we need to do. we need to have a candidate that has a proven record, a candidate that has a proven record that has applied conservative principles to lift people up in a way that people can see. a candidate not from washington, but from the practical world. 32 years in business, eight years i'v as a reform minded governor. i believe that can take on hillary clinton. hillary was the united states senator for eight years. do you know how many bill she sponsored? three. renaming a highway. naming a post office. and naming a monument. compare that to a record of taking on powerful interests, together we took on the teachers union and we won, creating the
4:10 pm
first statewide voucher program in the country. i was in michigan yesterday at grand rapids. it reminded me of when i was running for reelection because we took on the public unions long before there were all sorts of controversies. causen fire someone for in public life. i know that sounds punitive but the fact is government workers now work better because there is a consequence if they don't work. just like in the private sector. i was reminded simply because members too or 3000 come down and campaign to take me out. the teachers union you may remember also did the same thing, supporting my opponent to take me out. it one in a landslide and value weighted this belief to fix these things so people can
4:11 pm
rise up. if you want a talker, maybe i am not the guy. doer, iant a do were -- am your candidate. we need to desperately win so that we can change the colts are in washington. in washington you have lobbyists that have total say on how things work. a president who defies congress and uses executive powers he doesn't have to create his own agenda. without anybody who doesn't agree with him. in washington you have gridlock where nothing happens. even when we agree they can't make it happen. we need to have people from outside of washington to go agenda to a concrete fix things. i will fight for a balanced budget amendment so washington learns to live within its means
4:12 pm
just as tallahassee does and our families do. i will propose a six-year lobbying ban for elected officials when they leave office not to go around the back door and start lobbying their peers. let them come home and work in the community again. i will propose a version of a line item veto power. can do these things. i will freeze federal employment so we reduce the workforce just as we did in florida. 11% reduction in the state government workforce. i had a chance to visit with john s and ann reagan love, serving in the national guard to plate oklahoma. i love that name.
4:13 pm
reagan love is a teacher. under the plan of reducing taxes for everybody would save $2300. they already know what they will do with that money. they will build a business. more businesses are closing than being formed. in florida we lead the nation in small business creation. we can restore america's greatness by shifting the power back away from washington dc and lowering our taxes so that jonathan and reagan can dream the biggest possible dream. they desperately want to be able to live their lives the way they want to, cutting taxes and reforming regulations will create a boom of investment
4:14 pm
[applause] and create jobs. hillary is wrong. she grades on the curb apparently when she says president obama is deserving of a a. one in 10 people have either unemployed or given up looking for work altogether. one in five children is on food stamps. that is not a letter a record. that is a sorry state of affairs. focusinget in right, on regulation by shifting power back to communities and states, a tax code that creates hundreds of billions of dollars of investment will grow our way back to prosperity. we will become an economic superpower. this country has the ability to outcompete anybody any time.
4:15 pm
if we grow our economy in a fast rate, which i believe we can do, and you should reject the idea of the new normal being 2% growth. that is what the left wants us to believe because the left wants us to get in line. president obama and hillary clinton, it is over. great american experiment is over. we are not going to grow at a rate. we are going to become more dependent on government. we will grow our economy is to create a safe and secure america. this president is the first in the post-world war ii era that truly believes america's leadership in the world is not a force for good. mr. president, you are wrong on this one. you are wrong. lead.a has to we see what happens only have a president that speaks with grandiosity, trash talks, calls russia a regional power and then
4:16 pm
allows them to invade another country, ukraine, or creates the talk of the red line and the never follows up. rags about the reset button and the russians are laughing all the way to the bank. jv team and allows the creation of a caliphate the size of indiana. they are filled by these threats of terror that you will not recognize, and filled by nationstates that see our .eakness i will not be a divider in ief, i will be a commander in chief. that is what we need.
4:17 pm
,e need to restore our military create a 21st century strategy, reconstruct the counter intelligence and intelligence capabilities, respect the military by making sure our veterans administration is much better than it is today. it is a tragedy. they reduce waiting lists by not giving care and people died. three people were fired because of this behavior. i will fix the veterans administration as we did in tallahassee. [applause] there is a difference between our philosophy and the philosophy that i hope you believe in, a hope old, optimistic one that believes in
4:18 pm
and individual liberty, and all of us acting together creating more prosperity and benefits than any government program ever created. we are on the verge of greatness in this country. the ability to discover cures for disease and innovate in a way that is mind-boggling. we have to fix these complex things and we need to advance this positive message so people have hope again. i believe that life is a gift from god. it is divinely inspired from beginning to end. andle aren't liabilities they don't need to have their lives manage because they are not capable of living their lives with purpose and meaning. republicans will win if we embrace that everyone is an asset and not a liability.
4:19 pm
let's believe that they will take care of us -- that is not how it works. in 1998i was a candidate, thank you for your support. i went to visit 250 schools. i wandered around to listen and learn. traits that are underestimated where you have to be the big guy on the stage and talk trash, talk in a way that disparages people. it is a way that you lead. meeting,n a town hall and a friend brought me on stage , angrily challenged me by saying you don't care about my family. you don't care about my child. she was 15 years old, she couldn't talk, she couldn't walk, she was living in a wheelchair with a 50 iq. she was autistic and had huge challenges physically.
4:20 pm
he challenged me by saying i didn't care. i couldn't convince her. it just didn't work. this woman was on fire for her child. i said i haven't met you, you don't know if i don't care. why don't you teach me. i will be your student. you be the teacher. she took me up on it. we went to visit group homes where people were treated with dignity and respect. we went to institutional care where it was expensive. we went to places of employment where we saw people with different abilities lighting up the office. they saw people with different abilities. their customers liked it as well.
4:21 pm
it validated my belief that life is a gift from god. i got elected. thank you very much. week, a federal judge summoned me to miami, florida to say i'm taking over the programs for the development daily disabled. i didn't know that could happen. i was young in the job. the federal judges and government loves to take over everything, which we are going to fight and make sure never happens. , if he could would give me six months, i would transform these programs. we went to the legislature in a partnership and transform the programs. got their loved one off a waiting list. 31,000 families. here is the deal. if you truly believe that people are assets, then we need to lift them up. we need to make sure that they have the capacity to achieve
4:22 pm
success. every life matters. every person matters. every person has a contribution to make. i am a conservative republican that believes that in my heart. the most vulnerable need to be in the front of the line, not the back of the line. they will do fine. they could do better with less government. those that are desperately needing the help to be lifted so that they can live a life of purpose, we need to be on their side. she is now or republican. we are going to win elections if we are on the side of people who want to be lifted up. met denisha, she grew up and ath jacksonville, tough neighborhood, with difficult circumstances. in her school she was held back two years in a row.
4:23 pm
.he was angry basically her life was going to be designed as we always -- the establishment in the schools say it is not fair to measure our accountability against a child like that. because we worked together we created the first voucher program in the country. the most ambitious effort to reform and open up our schools, it was a fight. fighting them. but we won. her godmother found out about the program. she got her into a christian school in jacksonville. she overcame this. i know what happened. the first week, i bet you that
4:24 pm
her teacher put her arm around this little child, angry as you could imagine, and said god loves you, i love you, you are capable. you can do this. you are smart. she overcame those years of being held back. she was the first in her family to graduate from high school and college and now she is getting a masters. [applause] i tell you the stories because it is not about the big personalities on the stage. it is not about who can give the great quip. a societyt building that is loving, caring, aspirational where people believe in the american dream. where they have the tools to achieve success their own way. the interaction of all of us together in our uniquely personal ways creates more prosperity, more creativity,
4:25 pm
more innovation, more solving problems than any government program ever created. that is what we have to believe and that is how we will win. shrinking the government, challenging the things that were broken, rolling up the sleeves and fixing them, eliminating the things no longer necessary, making government to grow slower than personal income, i'm your guy. if you want a candidate to take on hillary clinton and the left, and the notion that it is all washington,wn, from another rule, in other tax, i can win this. i have campaigned across this state and across this country with my arms wide open, joy in my heart, expressing a believe of the greatness of this country and restoring the foundational aspects of our country. it is going to be how i govern.
4:26 pm
thank you all very much. we love you. [applause] thank you. [no audio]
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please welcome the president of the florida senate. ♪ >> thank you and good afternoon. as presidente you i the florida senate, but also stand before you as a friend of jeb bush. when i was hearing his comments, ,t brought back memories memories of why i ran for office in 2000. a young, not even father yet, camille and i had been married for a couple of years,
4:40 pm
and i decided to run for the florida house of representatives here . we wanted toof why do it was to be a part of the jeb bush revolution. little did i know that the ouldlution he created w affect my life on a personal level. you heard governor bush talk about individuals with disabilities. as we called them, individuals with unique abilities. i wanted to be part of what jeb did ias doing, but little know what he was doing for individuals with unique abilities until the day my son was born. we were told that my son had hole in hise, a heart and would need surgery.
4:41 pm
as the young father, i did not know what to expect. one of the first phone calls i got was from jeb bush. while i was learning about the life we would lead, i learned about when jeb bush had been doing. he talked a little bit about it. he talked about the scholarship. bush led the way when it came to helping individuals with unique abilities have a better life. coulde done everything we to continue the legacy that the jeb bush has led in the state of florida. we have expanded on the scholarship with a personal account. have eliminated the special diplomas, providing the opportunity for families to make the best decision for their child. election, while all of us agree that lower taxes and less
4:42 pm
, i am reminded of my wife and i when we were a young family, that we wanted to be part of the compassionate conservative movement, a part of what jeb bush was doing. every individual that wants to run for president in the republican primary will talk to you about cutting taxes, security, border security, and those are all important. and what we lay out is better than what the democrats will even talk about, but i hope that you will look at the record of each of these individuals. what have they accomplished? what have they done? time in thee ever a history of this country when we needed an executive, a former governor, it is now. governor bush provides that
4:43 pm
leadership. governor bush talked about being vito corleone . i was the subject of those because over the years. by the time jeb bush vetoed my project and told me by, you felt better about it.ut anybody can give a speech, some better than others. about then talk american dream, some better than others. who can lead this country? who can be the executive that can work with congress, that has worked with agencies, that can make a difference for the families in this country? there is one. there is one who is proven, and that is jeb bush. some will say that the mantle
4:44 pm
has been changed. i am 46 years old. i have lived the american dream. my dad was born and raised right here in orlando. this is where we used to hang out and run around when there was nothing. myn my dad was born, grandfather pay the doctor with a dozen eggs. my dad was a used truck salesman, and now i stand before you as the president of the florida senate, but i truly believe, i truly believe, that when you get past the yelling, and you get past the rhetoric, that this election will come down to what have you accomplished. i know i i ran for the florida house in 2000. -- i know what i know why iran for the florida house in 2000. we have accomplished so much in this state. it frustrates me when i hear
4:45 pm
people say that jeb bush is this, jeb bush is that. there is no more conservative individual that will come to you on the state and jeb bush, none. jeb bush taught me the importance and the value of life. you see every american dream will be different, everyone. 's dream will be different than i experienced. whether you have unique ability or not to your dream can be achieved. for that reason, i can't think of a better person than jeb bush to be governor -- president of the united states. that is why we are here. , i am encouraging you to please ask these
4:46 pm
yourdates what have congress, what bills have you done, what lives have you changed? we are all for security. we are all for creating jobs, but what about that family, the individual with unique abilities . what are we going to do to make sure that it is not a handout, but a hand up. i hope you asked this question, because for me and my family and being president of the florida senate, that is what it will come down to. thank you for your time. thank you. [applause] ♪
4:47 pm
>> we just heard a few minutes ago from former florida governor jeb bush. still too, is donald trump and dr. ben carson. first, let's look at some of the earlier speakers before donald trump takes this page. expected to speak until about 5:20 p.m. eastern. we will hear now from ted cruz. earliers senators spoke today. here are his comments at the sunshine summit.
4:48 pm
♪ wow.ruz: god bless the great state of florida. thank you. i love you, too. how many of you have watched the republican debates? it that we have such an array of young, talented, dynamic candidates running for president.
4:49 pm
what a contrast with the democrats. i think the first democratic debate was with hillary and the that's not fair. we can't forget about bernie sanders. a wild eyedd has socialist whose ideas are dangerous for the world, and bernie sanders. [laughter] [applause] ted cruz: i don't know if you of heard, they change the next democratic debate, leavenworth. they wanted to make it easier for hillary to attend.
4:50 pm
1[laughter] [applause] ted cruz: all of us are here today because our country is in crisis p we are bankrupting our our and grandkids, because constitutional rights are under assault each and every day, and because america has receded from leadership in the world and made it a much more dangerous place. hope,ere with a word of encouragement, and exhortation. people are waking up all over the nation. i'm here to tell you that help is on the way.
4:51 pm
i want to ask everyone here to look forward, look for to january 2017. selectirm(£intindiatues %s3'&'20xechodé5). [laughter] [applause] sadly, the corruption has not been limited to the white house. it has extended across every agency of government. the second thing i intend to do
4:52 pm
is instruct the nine at states department to open an investigation into planned parenthood and these horrible videos. [laughter] [applause] ted cruz: and to prosecute any and all criminal conduct by that organization. the third thing i intend to do on the first day in office is instruct the department of justice and the irs and every other federal agency that the persecution of religious liberty ends today. [applause]
4:53 pm
senator cruz: that means that every service man and women has the right to seek out and worship god almighty and our superior officer has nothing to say about it. [applause] senator cruz: that means that the little sisters of the poor, a catholic charity being persecuted by the obama administration will find that the case against them has been dismissed. [applause] senator cruz: the fourth thing i intend to do on the first day of in office is rip to shreds this catastrophic iranian nuclear deal. [applause] senator cruz: the single greatest national security threat facing this country is the threat of a nuclear iran, and we need a commander in chief who will stand up in unequivocal terms and say under no circumstances will the nation of theocraticy a
4:54 pm
ayatollah who chance "death to america" be allowed to acquire nuclear weapons. [applause] senator cruz: the fifth thing i intend to do on the first day in office, is begin the process of ining the american embassy israel to jerusalem, the eternal capital of israel. [applause] senator cruz: a lot of presidential candidates, both democrats and republicans, have made that same promise. inevitably, when they get to the white house, they will not do it. their team comes to them and they say, you know, if we do this, other folks in the middle east will be really unhappy with us. noticed,you have not
4:55 pm
they are already pretty unhappy with us. the single biggest difference between me and the other very fine men and women on that debate stage is that with me, when i tell you i'm going to do something, i am going to do exactly what i said i would do. [applause] senator cruz: that is day one. [laughter] senator cruz: there are 365 days in a year. four years in a presidential term and four years in a second term. by the end of eight years, there are going to be a lot of reporters and newspaper editors and journalists that have
4:56 pm
checked themselves into therapy. [laughter] [applause] senator cruz: in the days that follow, i will go to congress and we will repeal every word of obamacare. [applause] senator cruz: we will pass commonsense health care reform that makes health insurance personal, portable affordable, , and keeps the government from getting between us and our doctors. by the way, what are these? [laughter] senator cruz: is obama coming?
4:57 pm
in the days that follow, i will instruct the u.s. department of education, which should be abolished. [applause] i will instruct the secretary of education, the that common core ends today. [applause] senator cruz: in the days that follow, we will rebuild our military. we will honor the commitments made to our soldiers, and sailors, and marines. [applause] senator cruz: that includes protecting the rights of our servicemen and women to keep and bear arms to protect themselves.
4:58 pm
[applause] senator cruz: that means that the next time a jihadist walks into a recruiting center in chattanooga, he will encounter the business end of firearms wielded by a dozen marines. [applause] senator cruz: in the days that follow, we will finally, finally secure the borders and end sanctuary cities. [applause] senator cruz: we will stop releasing criminal, illegal aliens, and we will pass kate's law.
4:59 pm
[applause] senator cruz: in the days that follow, we will take on the epa. [applause] senator cruz: and the cfpb and the alphabet soup of federal agencies that have descended like locusts on jobs across this country. [applause] senator cruz: a few years back, i was out in west texas. i asked folks there what is the difference between regulators and locusts? [laughter] senator cruz: the thing is, you cannot use pesticide on the regulators. this old west texas farmer, he leaned back and said, you want to bet? in the days that follow, i will go to congress and we will pass
5:00 pm
fundamental tax reform. we will pass a simple flat tax. [applause] senator cruz: 10% for every american so that every man and woman can still out there taxes on a postcard. we should abolish the irs. [applause] senator cruz: there are about 90,000 employees at the irs. we need to padlock that building. >> it truly is an honor to be
5:01 pm
here today. our party is stronger and more vibrant than it has been. we are preparing for a generational election. make no mistake, ladies and gentlemen, 2016 is all about florida. we know that our party will ensure that we elect a republican as president of the united states, and they will be sworn in in january 2017. we will also ensure that we elect a republican to replace marco rubio in the united states senate.
5:02 pm
that is where i come in. governor andenant a former state committeeman of this very party, it has been an honor to work alongside so many of you to turn our country around and bring it back from the brink. i believe that i am the only person who can stand up to the broken system in washington that puts our future, our children's future, and our country's future, at risk. the job it comes first and always will is as husband to my beautiful wife renée, and father to our two precious girls. i'm running for the united states senate so that they can continue to live in a country that has provided the blessings
5:03 pm
of liberty and opportunity to my family. .y family came from cuba it would have been easy to come north and expect government to take care of us. when they arrived here, they arrived without much more than the clothing on their back in the few belongings that my grandmother was able to sneak out in her purse. they knew that this land, the land of the free, a place of infinite possibilities for those willing to work hard and play by the rules, they knew that work and sacrifice was the only thing that stood between them and success, so for them it was never a question of if they would be successful. it was just a matter of when. my whole family work. worked whatever jobs they could find when they got here. they saved up enough so they can start a small business and grow that business.
5:04 pm
in that business, my parents, my grandparents, and they instill they work ethic and all of us, not because it was the right thing to do, which it was, but because it was our way of showing that we honored the opportunities that this country provided for all of us. it is one of the reasons that i work so hard every day at what i r florida's small businesses and families. their story is my story. their story is all of our stories. days, laterisk, long nights, it is what makes this country great. it is a story of people with good ideas and big dreams who helped diversify our economy and grow our beautiful state. earth offersace on the same chance to get ahead and build something great for your
5:05 pm
,amily and your family's future and i am running for the united states senate so that your children and my children can continue to live in a country where those opportunities are available to them. [applause] youow i don't need to tell that both parties in washington dc have lost sight of this. all tired of hearing politicians who say they will stand up for our values when we send them to washington dc, but they end up only standing up for washington dc. that's probably why congress's popularity is at 8% among the american people. you, i still believe in the united states of america that washington has forgotten. [applause] and i am running for the
5:06 pm
united states senate because i am a florida republican, not a washington dc republican. [applause] there is a real difference between the two. at this point in our nations history, it really matters. you see, in florida, we cut our debt. washington piles it on. we have created an environment where jobs grow. they barely talk about job growth in washington anymore. we balance our budget every year. they refused. in florida, we republicans govern on the principles of less taxes, less government, and more freedom. in washington, they have it the other way around. they accept more taxes, except more government, and they except less freedom.
5:07 pm
well, enough is enough. floridaciples here in we govern on have created more than 940,000 jobs and brought us to a seven-year lawyer in our unemployment rates of 5.2%. [applause] now when i entered this race knew thaths ago, i this year and next year were noordinary years, and ordinary election. deeply angryow that floridians are in our knowrs in washington, you what? so am i, and that is why i am running. [applause] enough is enough. that the same politicians who have kept us in this mess will never be able to get us out of it, because they're only perspective is washington. now there is nothing wrong with
5:08 pm
the other republicans that are running in this race. but they have the wrong perspective. the only perspective they have .s washington and congress well, ladies and german, it is the only perspective that i do not have, and the only perspective that i believe our next senator should not have. [applause] it is time that we look in the mirror as republicans and face the hard facts, too many republican leaders have broken the promises to uphold our conservative values. they made all the right promises , said all the right things, and we wanted them all to be so true, and unfortunately, none of them are true. me -- we-- excuse still have the disaster that is obamacare, which is actually
5:09 pm
increasing the cost of health care and jeopardizing jobs right here in florida. we continue to see barack obama have a blank check and increase our debt anytime he asks for it. the american workforce is smaller today than it was just big bankss ago, and and unions continue to get bailed out, leaving small businesses and florida families with the bill. enough is enough. sacrifices,nation's we also have isis and vladimir moving towards control in the middle east. we are being bullied around the world by russia and china, and there are extremists murdering their way across the middle east. it's wrong, and enough is enough. washington and they never really leave. they start representing washington and forget that it is
5:10 pm
their job to represent us. [applause] now, i have come to expect president obama to think that he can make up his own laws, because his idea of the three branches of government are me, myself, and i. [applause] i have come to expect hillary clinton to hold herself to the clinton standard, that they are above the law, and as she has told us, what difference does it make? i have also come to expect that patrick murphy will be on every .ide of every issue grayson, and alan
5:11 pm
i don't think there is anybody that knows what to expect out of that guy. shouldn't we as republicans be better and have a higher standard? , there seems to be two types of republicans that are part of the problem in washington these days. the first has been in washington way too long, and they don't even believe there is a problem in washington. meansem, compromise surrendering our values and our principles. they cast votes to increase the debt limit, and they will come and talk to voters and tell them that they will vote for one candidate for speaker, and then go to washington dc and vote for another because they think no one is watching. they say one thing and do a nether. it is wrong. and enough is enough.
5:12 pm
ofn there is another type washington republican that is part of the problem. this is a new type of republican that has emerged. these are the people who say the right things, send out the fundraising e-mails with all the talking points and all the red meat phrases that you want to hear, but with absolutely nothing to show for it. [applause] they never stop a bad idea, and they never get a good idea signed into law. not a record of conservative leadership and a congressman. now i have been honored to serve as a public servant here in florida and build a record of conservative accomplishment, from property tax cuts in our state constitution to the toughest fraud loss in the -- everyuntry, and i step of the way.
5:13 pm
[applause] i, like every florida republican, live in the real world, a world where we actually have toponsibility and live within our means, where we have families that count on us to do the right thing, not the easy thing. i have also been a businessman who has faced government bureaucrats, not just funded them. i have sat in the living room of thousands of 60 income seniors, listening to their concerns, and what is important to them -- thousands of fixed income seniors, listening to their concerns, and what is important to them. in washington dc, they stop listening a long time ago. but i believe in listening to
5:14 pm
the people of florida. i always have and i always will. that is where good ideas come from. in washington, if they listened a little more, they would hear what i have heard all along from small businesses and floridians who say they are tired of the as usual, a broken promises. they want government to get out of their way. [applause] and that is what we have been doing here as florida republicans, which is why i believe that the next vicinity -- senator should be a florida republican and not a washington dc republican. [applause] >> my grandfather always used to he who does not heed advice, does not make it to
5:15 pm
be an old man. advice thatieces of has stayed with me throughout my life and career is never make a promise that you cannot keep. so as your next united states senator, here is my promise to all of you. for floridamy ass every day and be part of solutions and not part of the problems. [applause] >> it is time that we have a government that does not treat the citizens as people who are to be ruled. itis time that they realize is the other way around. the attitude in washington dc of the government, regulations, taxes, bureaucracy. you know, every page of regulation that comes out of washington dc strangles the
5:16 pm
american dream just a little bit more. it is wrong, and enough is enough. every hard-working florida family knows this. that washington is reminded of it as well. as your next united states senator, i will stand for our conservative values and our florida principles. i will stand as a senator from a state with nearly one million new jobs, billion dollars surplus is, and they state that cuts taxes every year. [applause] and i will stand as united states senator that respects our allies, but ensures that our enemies fear us, because right now we are neither. enough is enough. in this hemisphere, the castro
5:17 pm
brothers are emboldening because of the policies of barack obama. it is wrong. it is time, time to remind them that we are the most superior and exceptional country in the history of the world, and we will start acting like it again. [applause] it is time to ensure that every american citizen is safe and that the united states of america is an unapologetic leader in the world again. [applause] so if you're looking for someone who will go along to get along, i'm not your guy. if you're looking for someone who will be concerned with how many headlines they get or how much airtime they get on c-span, i am not your guy.
5:18 pm
but if you're looking for somebody who will stand up for and ensurer family that you have the ability to pursue what ever dreamed you want to, i am here to serve you. [applause] >> if you are looking for a leader who has the experience of knowing that fewer taxes, few regulations, less government creates more opportunity and more possibility and unleashes the american free enterprise system, which has lifted more people out of poverty than anything else in the history of mankind, i am here to serve you. [applause] so if you're looking for a senator that believes enough is enough, who will work tirelessly and speak fearlessly and defend our constitution and protect our
5:19 pm
country and recognizes that the united states of america is the greatest country in the history of the world, i ask for your vote. i ask for your support. and i asked for you to stand with me to continue working for this republican party of florida. thank you. [applause] ♪ >> thank you. ♪ [applause] ♪
5:20 pm
5:21 pm
>> [indiscernible] >> still to come in this
5:22 pm
republican summit in orlando, florida, donald trump expected to speak any moment, scheduled , then20 p.m. eastern time ben carson. a two day sovereign -- summit continuing tomorrow. under way in paris, attacks and hostages as abc news reports paris shootings and explosions. at least 18 people in paris france confirmed that in several shootings in the french capital. john kasich tweeting about what is happening in paris, saying our first go out for the people of paris tonight. john kasich speaking tomorrow at the republican summit, and we will keep you posted on updates with what is happening in paris on the c-span networks.
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>> please welcome presidential candidate donald trump. ♪
5:29 pm
donald trump: thank you so much. this is so nice. wow. i was watching on television about three hours ago, i was watching other candidates, this place was empty, and now it is full. it was empty, i hate to say it. now it is full. tough. i know. thank you, darling. [laughter] i guarantee you the people in the media will not report that, because i know how their minds work. trump, 19% for carson,
5:30 pm
9% for rubio, 7% for ted cruz. florida, well, i have an advantage because i have thousands of jobs in florida. we havewe have many buildings oe beach. we have a lot of different places. i have an advantage. but florida, a very new poll. rubio. drop, 16 for i won't tell you what bush is, but it is not too good. coming over i was watching the news. and actually two major anchors from two different networks were very nice today because they said like it or not, trump said this. they are bombing the hell out of the oil fields. they have been doing that for two years because they are
5:31 pm
taking the wealthy way from isis . everybody said, you cannot do that. i said why can you not do it? frankly we should not have gone to iraq among but once we were there we should not have gone out the way we did. and when we did go about what we should have kept the oil, not just bombed the oil. we should have kept the oil and we should have given the families of the great soldiers that were killed and badly wounded and badly injured and our wounded warriors, we should have given them a lot of money from those oil fields. we got nothing. we got nothing. we got absolutely nothing. so now they are bombing the oil fields and it is about time. stand that whoever said that. it is very smart. it is about time. and two of the anchors got on inside whether you like it or
5:32 pm
not donald trump predicted it and he said that is what you should do. , and ina book in 2000 the book i mentioned osama bin laden. i said bad guy, he is going to do damage to our country. and we better do something to stop him. this was two years before the -- world trade center came down through the auspices of him. anchor, on the show the other day, somebody gave him death --caps on to gave him the book and said trump predicted it. my new book is really successful. crippled america. i hope everybody will go out and buy it. it is very successful. but he said wendy say osama bin laden is going to come and do
5:33 pm
damage. this was before the world trade center came down. oah.aid wel we need people who know what they are doing. [applause] so you just take a look. now we are on a subject that i think i know a lot about, it is called immigration. in my nowcome out famous open remarks at trump tower when i announced i was running for president and not talked about illegal immigration , i do not think he would be talking about it today. watched ted cruz, and i watched marco rubio, they are fighting over who is tougher. i was tougher when it was not very politically popular to be tough. i took a lot of heat. rush limbaugh said nobody has
5:34 pm
thantaken in more income donald trump. and i was going. i was taking a lunch of abuse from those characters right back there. a lot of abuse. and then people started to say trump is right. problems being caused. had i not done that, and had i not mentioned it as a major part because i have friends who live in different parts of the country, whether it is texas or arizona or los angeles, where they have a huge problem, a huge problem. and i knew what was going on in the country. it is a serious problem. it is a really serious problem. and you have great people that have come into this country illelly.
5:35 pm
but you have some very bad people. if you can look at some of the gangs and a leg, rough gangs. these are rough dudes. if i get elected, if i become president those people are out of here. those guys are gone, and fast. i've been gone. they are coming back and wait way to put them where they came from. we're not going to put them in our prisons and take care of them for 45 years. not going to happen that way. it will not happen that way. so they are gone. and we are going to build a wall, and it is going to be a real wall. not one of these little walls to the topide you loaded up with drugs and rock our cities and the lives of our children and everybody else made it will be a real wall it will be a trump wall. i know how to do it, believe me. you know, something i never talk about, the old post office, a
5:36 pm
great building in washington dc. in between the white house and the capital, on pennsylvania avenue. i am building occurred everybody wanted that building. i got it. in the obama administration. can you believe it? sought after property. every hotel company wanted it. walled. everybody. all the hotel companies. highest wanted it. they are the biggest backer of obama. they wanted it. and i got it. for a specific reason. we have the best plan. among the best financial statements. and he make sure that it was done right. the gsa folks are protesting -- are fantastic professionals. and now it is a head of schedule. it will open in 2017. now we think we're going to get
5:37 pm
it open in november or before november of 2016. almost a year ahead of schedule. so we are ahead of schedule, under budget. our day nice words when you hear about these budgets that this country builds where they are a thousand times on such over budget. i'm under budget, ahead of schedule. it will be the greatest hotel in america. artie have the greatest hotel in america. it is chicago. hotel inreatest america. it will be something that will make a lot of people proud. but i know how to build. be aat wall is going to real wall. and that is going to be a really powerful wall. it will be a beautiful wall because someday they will probably name it after trump. it has to be beautiful. the trump wall. it will be called to trump wall. and it is going to have a door that is pretty big beautiful door because people are going to come into the country because i
5:38 pm
want them to come and so do you. but they have to come in legally. they have to come in legally. they have to come in legally. and i sent the bad ones are going out so fast, and that is going to take place. before we even start the wall. -- know that hillary clinton she will be so bad. she will set this country back so far, so fast. if we're to go through four years of this bed linen, of this turmoil with clinton, and the whole world blowing up around her, you look at what she has done at secretary of state. the whole world love. we are a different world. isis, a rock, look at all the bad things. , all of thesei things, just look at what has happened to the middle east and look at what has happened to the world. and i say maybe kerry will go
5:39 pm
down as being a were secretary of state than even hillary. because he made a deal with iran. one of the most incompetent transactions i have ever witnessed in my life of any kind. of any kind. of any kind. so, we're going to get the bad dudes out, we're going to build about wall, and we are going to take people that are here illegally, and we're going to move them out and we are country of laws. we have to remain that way. we need a border. you cannot have a country if you do not have a border. all of a sudden the news is talking about dwight eisenhower. everybody liked ike. except general macarthur. he did not like him too much. general macarthur never understood ike. he never understood the. by the way, we're going to find a general electric arthur. find a general
5:40 pm
george patton. we have them. we are going to fight a pac-10 or a macarthur. we have them. they are in there someplace. they do not do so because they use foul language, they are tough, they are mean, there are nasty. but i do not want mean guys might think need to be smart. i want somebody really tough. but really smart. i know a lot of tough guys that they are not smart. we are going to get somebody. -- at that.ood that we agree to find somebody who is so tough and so smart and we're going to build up our military. we are going to make it so powerful and so strong that nobody is ever going to mess with us courage nobody. nobody. and we are going to take care of our veterans. we're going to take her back our veterans were not being treated in many cases as well as the
5:41 pm
illegal immigrants. you have the illegal immigrants being treated better than our veterans. so we're going to do that. going toy we are terminate obamacare and we're going to replace it with something much better. much better. but because the topic is so hot, i'm just going to finish up with immigration. we're going to trouble up the number of the border patrol. aree border patrols phenomenal. i'm the. i was in laredo, texas a couple of months ago. these are tremendous people. they want to do their job. they cannot. they are told to stand down. stand down. people walk right in front of them, way back then. just what, i became an american citizen, and all of these suckers out here going to pay for me for the next 85 or 90 years. that is what is happening. so they are told to stand on. when i'm there they are going to
5:42 pm
be told just the opposite. believe me. and we are going to triple the number. with eisenhower's plan, a lot of people never heard of him. found out i was right. just like i am right about anchor babies. countrycome into the illegally, have your baby, and we take advantage -- take care of your baby flexing five years. need a constitutional amendment. you need is simple act of congress. he might not even need that. youfor his people thought go to mexico, try having a baby in mexico and see if that they've will be a mexican citizen. they would laugh at you so hard. they would laugh so hard. we are run by incompetent people.
5:43 pm
our leaders are incompetent. they are incompetent people. and i know many of them. haveot only don't they business ability, not only don't they have hard, they don't have common sense. and a lot of it is common sense. and a lot of it is leadership. we certainly have no leader. i can tell you that. up the icetriple officers. we will go nationwide e-verify. of what people don't say about eisenhower's with a move them out more they started moving them out they moved out at least a million and a half. it was also truman that moved them out. do you know what happened, people started to see they are moving the mouse, and people started leaving. many people started leaving. this is too tough. we are getting out of here. at his numbers of people just left. a johnsonded it from
5:44 pm
standpoint because they were taking jobs away from our people. we have close to 100 million people. our real number for jobs, unemployment is down to 5.2%. every place i go i have 10,000 people, 5000 people. this room was empty on television two hours ago. now it was full. real five .2% unemployment, this room would be empty and i would not be drawn 25,000 people to speeches. believe me. believe me. that is the way it is. we are going to defund the sanctuary cities because century city sorry disgrace. they are these grace. i have property. i have a great property in san francisco. the bank of america building. i love sandra is go. when he was shot in the back by
5:45 pm
an illegal immigrant who was here or than five times, we will not let that happen again. when a 66-year-old veteran was raped, sodomized, and guilt in los angeles, we're not going to let that happen anymore. we will not let it happen anymore. by illegal immigrants. we are stopping with the sanctuary cities. -- detention,o do forget it. we're not way to do the catch and release. unbelievable. the birthright citizenship, the anchor baby, the birthright citizenship, and it will not happen. ofds of -- hundreds thousands of people coming from all over the world. it is a over. not going to happen.
5:46 pm
americansng to hire first. we're going to take care of our workers. did you ever hear of the dream act. it is not for our children. the dream act is for other children that come into the country. i want the dream act to be for our children. civilians in a fantastic honor to be with you. deals thate of those was very nice to me because i heard you're giving 20 minutes to speak and i am right on the road in palm beach. 20ame up, i speak for minutes, and i have done a good job. but, i have a little bit of an expression before we leave. i have been saying it more and more. the american dream is dead. but i'm going to make it eager
5:47 pm
thanetter and stronger ever before. we will bring it back. we will bring it back veterans than ever before. the election that is coming up is so important. because we cannot go through another four years of gross incompetence, but division. believe it or not i will bring people together. people say you are a divisive figure. i've not actually. i am the opposite. obama, i said he is unqualified for but the one thing he is going to be is a good cheerleader for our country. he will bring people together. he turned out to be a disaster is a cheerleader. he turned out to be totally divisive. totally divisive. you would have thought this possible. not only has he been a terrible president but he has been a divisive president. it will not happen. so i am going to end with a statement.
5:48 pm
i see how tall over the audience. do you know what they say -- statement is. you know that, right. this has become very popular. we are going to make america great again. we are going to make america better and i really believe this. better than ever before. we are going to win that trade, we're going to start eating china. we have a trade imbalance with china at this year is 500 and $5 billion. do you believe the -- that. japan, $70 billion. with mexico, who will by the way pay for the wall. with mexico, we have an
5:49 pm
imbalance of $45 billion and growing all the time because nabisco is moving there. they are moving to mexico. i'm never eating another or you again. i tell you. but we are going to make america great again. we are going to make america better than ever before. and we are going to win so much prettier people are going to be so proud of your president. we are going to win so much. we're going to win on trade. we're going to win and military. we are going to win with health care. we are going to win. we do not win anymore. nobody can talk about when was the last time we had a victory. we do not have victories anymore. we are going to win so much rate and you are going to be very proud of your country. thank you very much. thank you. .hank you very much i [applause] ♪
5:50 pm
5:51 pm
>> we just heard from donald trump here at the sunshine summit in orlando florida. will do come is ben carson 6 p.m. eastern time. this summit beginning with live coverage at 10:00 a.m. eastern tomorrow. we want to update you on what is going on in paris, france right now. attacks and an ongoing hostage situation as the bbc news report shootings and explosions in the french capital city. the associated press saying at least 35 people are dead in paris. other news outlets reporting more in several separate incidents. at least one man opening fire in a restaurant. in another area, 15 people reported killed near the theater
5:52 pm
-- the bataclan theater. shots fired outside the soccer stadium were france was hosting germany and a match. the french president has been moved to safety. officials are calling an abundance of caution, and president obama just spoke at the white house briefing room. we will bring you his remarks as soon as we can on c-span. some of the reactions on the republican residential candidates. dr. ben carson tweaking my thoughts and prayers are with the people in paris tonight. and texas senator ted cruz who spoke at the summit earlier, horrific reports coming out of parrots -- paris. our thoughts and prayers with friends, our oldest ally. we will keep you updated here on c-span networks on attacks that have killed 35 people. ♪
5:53 pm
5:54 pm
5:55 pm
>> the most recent week or at the summit in orlando, florida, donald trump greeting supporters. still to come at this republican summit, then person coming up in about five minutes. 6:00 p.m. eastern time. paris, attacks and an ongoing hostage situation. shootings and explosions in the french capital city. in associated press reporting at least 35 people dead. we're just a few minutes ago from president obama in the
5:56 pm
briefing room. here are his remarks. >> good evening, everybody. just want to make a few brief comments about the attacks across paris tonight. once again we have seen an outrageous attempt to terrorize innocent civilians. this is an attack not just on paris, this attack not just on the people of france, but this is an attack on all of humanity and universal values we share. ready toprepared and provide whatever assistance that the government and the people of france need to respond. ally -- ourr list oldest ally, the french people stood shoulder to shoulder
5:57 pm
with united states time and again. we want to make it clear that we stand with them and fight against terrorism and extremism. --rorists itself stands for timeless innovation. the american people draw strength from the french people's amendment to life, oferty, pursuit happiness. we are reminded in this tragedy are not onlys values of the french people care so deeply about but they are values that we share. those values will endure far orond any act of terrorism the formation of those who perpetrated the crimes this evening. we will do whatever it takes to work with the french people and
5:58 pm
with nations around the world to bring these terrorists to justice and to go after any terrorist networks that go after our people. we do not yet know all the details of what has happened. we have been in contact with brescia -- french officials to communicate our deepest condolences to the families of those who have been killed. to offer our prayers and thoughts to those who have been wounded. we have offered our full support to them. the situation is still unfolding. theve chosen not to call resident at this time is be cousin my expectation is that he is very busy at the moment. talking toce, i was him earlier today in preparation for the g 20 meeting. but i comforted that i will be in direct medication with him in
5:59 pm
the next few days at will be coordinating in any way that they think are helpful in the investigation of what has happened. this is a heartbreaking situation. those of us here in the united like. know what it is we have gone through these kinds of episodes ourselves. of attacksese kinds happen we have always been able to count on the french people to stand with us. a have been an extraordinary counterterrorism partner, and we intend to be available with them in the same fashion. i am sure that in the days ahead we will learn more about what happened. my teams will make sure that we are in communication with the press to provide you accurate information. i do not what to speculate at this point in terms of who was responsible for this. it appears that there may be dangers that, and
6:00 pm
are taking place as we speak. know from the french officials that the situation is under control and we have more information about it i do not want to speculate. thank you very much. please join me in a moment of silence. may god bless them and keep everyone else safe. thank you.
6:01 pm
6:02 pm
>> still to come during this republican summit here in orlando, ben carson expected to speak at any moment. also during the moment of silence, the speakers talking about the attacks in paris. the hostage situation underway. the ridge president says security operations or assaulting a site in paris after those attacks. the french president saying he will declare a state of emergency and closed borders. >> please welcome dr. ben carson. [applause] dr. carson: thank you. thank you very much. thank you. i am absolutely delighted to be back home in florida. [applause] i became a florida
6:03 pm
resident a couple of years ago when i retired. i was looking to escape the people's republic of maryland. [laughter] country tohe whole see would be the best place to move. florida appealed to us because of the taxes. here, it isoved such a pleasant place, such a beautiful place. i do not know why everybody doesn't live here. i'm glad they do not, but it is great to be here. wonderful, is the fact that we are so lucky to live in the united states of america. [applause] many people who like to badmouth our country and talk about how we are the root of all evil. have you noticed there are a lot of people try to get in, and not a lot of people trying to escape?
6:04 pm
there's something really cool about us. it still is the land of dreams. have you ever noticed that there is such a thing as an american dream? dreams not a poor degrees -- a portuguese dream. or a swedish dream. there is only an american dream. there is something incredibly special about our nation, and about the values that made us into a great nation. that is why i am in no hurry to give those things away for the sake of clinical correctness -- political correctness. i hate that. [applause] such dangers trending in our country. you have old all the stories this week about the students at the university of missouri, vanderbilt, yale, trying to shut down people who disagree with them.
6:05 pm
it seems like we are not teaching civics anymore in our schools. people need to know that there is such a thing as a united states constitution, and that there is a bill of rights, and that there is freedom of speech and read above expression in our country. -- freedom of expression in our country. and we really must begin to emphasize that. in terms of the american dream, for me it was medicine. there was nothing else that appealed to me more than medicine. i skipped right over policemen and firemen and it went straight to dr. i love anything that has to do with medicine. i even like going to the doctor's office. sacrifice ace shot so i can smell the alcohol swab. it was great. anything to do with was cool to me. there were some problems early on. no question about it.
6:06 pm
poverty after my parents were divorced. my mother was such an incredible person. she did not have much in the way of education, and had a very difficult life. , andhe had common sense that seems to be something that many people who have a great deal of education do not have, particularly in our government. [applause] she would do everything that she could to really create a situation of comfort for us. she would go to the goodwill and buy a pair of pants with a big hole in the need, back before that was fashionable. and that she would get patches and put them on the knees and people would ask where we got those pants. would go they sat night on a saturday night to the haymarket square, just before it closed and the farmers would
6:07 pm
almost give stuff away. if you get stuck and bring it home and can it. she knew how to stretch a dollar. i truly feel that even with her lack of education, if she was the secretary of treasury, we would not be in a deficit situation right now. [laughter] [applause] was a terrible student. i did not think that i was very smart. i was the one sitting in the back of the classroom cracking jokes and shooting paper was. everybody calls me the dummy. my mother was the only one who really believed in me. she always said you are much too smart to be bringing home great .ike that -- grades like that she was being encouraging it and telling me what i could do. prayed, and she asked god what should she do to get
6:08 pm
her sons to understand the importance of intelligence and intellectual developed? ment? god, you dong about not have to have a phd to talk to him. [applause] she pray for wisdom, and god gave her the wisdom. at least in her opinion. we do not think it was wise. turning off the tv, what kind of wisdom is that. [applause] and then we had to read two books a piece from the detroit public library every weekend summit to her written book reports. she cannot read but we did not know that. she would put checkmarks and highlights and underlined. i was not at all happy about this. at her friends would say, you cannot say boys stay in the house reading books. they will grow up and they will hate you. and i would overhear them and i would say mother, they are right. but it did not matter.
6:09 pm
[laughter] we still had to do it. one of the things that i really when i was growing up was poverty. rats,dy might hate roaches, snakes, but i hated poverty. is, and still i started reading those books. and then i started reading about people of great accomplishment, and all kinds of different fields. it became apparent to me after a who has thee person most to do with what happens to you in life is you. it is not somebody else. [applause] that to me was highly liberating. i do not mind being poor because i realized that that was a situation that i could change. need be temporary.
6:10 pm
and if something is temporary, you can tolerate it quite easily if you think it -- that if you think it is going to be a permanent situation for you. i learned all kinds of things. i went from the bottom of the cost to the top of a class in a year and a half. the same canes -- kids who said i was stupid said to me how do i do this problem? perhaps a little obnoxious. but it felt so good to say i will show you to them. when you think about the human brain and what we are capable of , you think about this nation and education. education is the great divide. and it does not matter what your ethnic background, what your financial background is. toyou get a good education write euro and take it. this is something that we have
6:11 pm
to begin to emphasize again. [applause] client -- because we have let the victimizers come in. and make people think that they are a victim, that somebody is keeping them down. the main thing that keeps a person down is there way of thinking. this is not to say that some people do not start further behind the eight ball than others do. but you have to go out into the world -- i have visited 57 countries. not 57 states. [laughter] [applause] and you know, look at the way so many billions of people in the world live. you'll very quickly come to in our country
6:12 pm
there are abundant opportunities for people who are willing to really buckle down and recognize that maybe they do have to work a little bit harder in order to achieve that dream. but we need to work hard on that. i hear people all the time saying ben carson must have grown a very poor so he went -- must have had government assistance and now he wants to remove all the government safety net. thatis a bunch of crap the left-wing puts out there to try to make me seem like a bad guy so that a lot of poor people won't listen to what i am saying. that is not what i want to do it all. to do is create letters of opportunity that allow people to climb out from a state of dependency and become part of the successful ever got this country. that is what we need to do. [applause]
6:13 pm
and we also need to reorient ourselves in terms of who is responsible to provide that letter -- ladder. the government started thinking it was responsible. it started with woodrow wilson and it culminated with lyndon johnson and the war on property and -- on poverty. how did that work out? have 10lion later we times more people on food stamps, poverty, welfare, broken homes come out of wedlock births, crime, incarceration. everything is not only worse, it is much worse. it is not the governments responsibility. it is our responsibility to take care of people. [applause] many people in the government
6:14 pm
read our constitution the wrong way. when they look at the preamble, and it says promote the general welfare, they think that means put everybody on general where fire -- welfare. that is not what it means at all. it means we need to treat everybody the same and create the right type of atmosphere for people to succeed. my whole professional career was spent looking out for the and tryingchildren, to give them longevity and quality of life. you look at what is going on and you realize that they are not going to have quality of life unless we make a change in what is going on in this country. [applause] right now. [applause] if i were in charge of america, and i was trying to destroy it, you know what i would do? i would try to drive wedges
6:15 pm
between all of the people. i would have a war on women, racial wars, income wars, age wars, religious wars. i would have democrats hating republicans, republicans hating democrats. i would create every wedge that i could possibly do, recognizing that a house divided against itself cannot stand. and then the next thing i would try to destabilize the country financially. i would drive the debt to such unsustainable levels that it would threaten to collapses. i would invite people in other countries and give them all kinds of benefits. i would be telling the people this country and you need to give them food stamps and every kind of benefit you can get on. i would be giving people free phones, i would be telling that they can go to college for free.
6:16 pm
i would be doing all of this stuff. and then i would try to destroy the military. navyld have the smallest since 1917, the smallest air force since 1940, i would encourage a sequester that cut the heart out of the personnel. killing majors kenneth colonels and captaincy do not need to reapply, we do not need you anymore. the meddling of all the internal affairs, so that the generals would get discouraged and they would retire prematurely. i would tell the veterans how much i love them, that i would do nothing to support the 22 of them would be committing suicide every day. i would not do anything about our infrastructure. i would let the electric grid continue to deteriorate, knowing it puts us in great jeopardy. i would take us out of the space race, knowing that all of these inventions came out of the space
6:17 pm
program and that in the future he who controls space controls the earth. that is what i would do if i were trying to destroy america. any resemblance to what is going on now is purely quintessential. i am sure. -- coincidental. i am sure. [applause] but you know, it tells you -- it gives you a very good idea of what it is that we are up against. require is the going to to fix this? -- ofis a lot to things things that we can do to immediately begin to turn things around. the election next year is going to be absolutely critical.
6:18 pm
election of win the and we get another progressive in there, and they get two or three supreme court picks, we are toast as a nation. we cannot let that happen. [applause] the reason i bring that up, is because i want everybody in here realize that you have a role to play in making sure that does not have been. 2012, 93 million americans who could have voted not vote. 25 million to 30 million evangelicals did not vote. they sat on their hands. all of us know some of those people. we have to convince them that when they do not vote, they are voting. but they are voting the wrong way. [applause]
6:19 pm
and it is critical that we get them educated on what the factors are. that, iish this stuff agree with him on 90%, but this one thing, i just cannot sort out so i were just vote for hillary or stay home. that is fatal thinking. we just cannot be thinking that way this time around. not everybody agrees 100% on everything. and i would say that if two people agree with on everything, one of them is not necessary. [laughter] we need to advance to a level where we can be looking more at the big picture. recognize that what we are going to have to do is get rid of all of these unnecessary regulations in order to get our economy
6:20 pm
rolling again. what i say unnecessary regulations i am talking about cost-benefit ratio. to examine every single one of these regulations in turn of their cost versus benefit. meet theey do not test, we need to get rid of that. it is simple as that. [applause] you look at something like an employerhat has mandate in it. what is the effect of that? a used to be when he started a new business you were so proud and you called your mom and he said mom, i started a new business and i have 10 employees. and then the next year you had 20, and the next year you had 30, then 40. , i better stop. i developed a hit 58. i do not want that employer mandate to get in. we are destroying the fundamental back: of growth in america -- backbone of growth in
6:21 pm
america with these policies. [applause] then look at all of the debt that we have accumulated in the last eight or nine years. we have doubled the national debt. constrains the fed. bankingcentral policies. they cannot raise the interest rates. that is one of the things they cannot do. what is the problem with that? joseph which are used to go to the bank and put 5% of his savings in his savings account every week. and after 30 years, he had a nice nest egg and he could retire. that is not happening anymore. to banks are not encouraged loan money to small businessmen anymore to get their businesses started. these are the kinds of policies that are killing us. bernie sanders and hillary clinton will tell you that it is because of the rich. it is not because of the rich it is because of these asinine
6:22 pm
policies that are not allowing our economy to expand. [applause] so please, everybody here, use your sphere of influence to get people involved. sure that everybody is registered, that they will come out, that they will vote. remember this. said we wouldon reach this stage. he said that people would be non-vigilant, and as a result government would grow, expand, and dominate. but just before we turned into , the people of america would awaken, and they would recognize what is going on. i say now is the time for us rise up and take america back to where it should be. thank you. [applause]
6:23 pm