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tv   Key Capitol Hill Hearings  CSPAN  November 13, 2015 7:00pm-12:01am EST

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maybe one minutes, lying on the floor. we continued to hear numerous gunshots. i noticed the woman next to me had a fatal injury. shootings and attacks continued in different locations on the right bank. hostages were taken at the bataclan concert hall in the 11th. two explosions heard further north. outside paris' stadium in a mess attendant by the. president he in the interior minister were rushed out. this comes after france heightened its security in the aftermath of the charlie hebdo shootings in january. and the attacks occurred on the same day the government began deploying some 30,000 officers in anticipation of the cup 21 conference. specialme to our coverage of the events as they are unfolding here in paris.
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just to remind you if you're just joining us, there have been multiple shootings and explosions that have plunged paris into chaos. and france into a state of emergency. shootings at multiple locations. we believe seven different locations. three explosions near a national sports stadium in france weather was in international football match taking place this evening. the president was in attendance at the scene. francois hollande was rushed from the stadium safely and taken to the palace in central paris where there was an emergency meeting of his ministers. from that there was a declaration of a state of emergency. there was also another shooting incident at a location called the bataclan, a well-known concert venue in central paris in the 11th. we will join our reporter sue it was at the bataclan.
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we understand the situation is still very much ongoing. we understand there was a number of men who inside the venue and fired a gun. can you take us from there please. reporter: it was difficult to see the inside, but the front of the bataclan where we are standing as you can imagine. we were positioned from several hundred meters away from the concert hall itself. we were pretty much guessing that was going on from the sound of public and here. ago were25-30 minute several detonations. it sounded like gunfire as those explosions. it sounded to me, though i am not a ballistic experts, there may have been stunned grenade involved. it suggested to me that perhaps an assault was underway and it now seems that was indeed the
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case. somebody had a slightly different angle than i did saw a ladder bataclan on the front of the. he saw people climbing down the ladder. it suggests it polices all was underway and it might now have wrapped up. the report from the scene is that shortly after we heard those sounds, about 20 minutes ambulances and fire trucks start moving around the perimeter which they had not done. nothing, no vehicle had moved. and they started moving in a slow -- i would hesitate to use the word literally pace that once againace, reinforcing the idea that the scene may be over. the hostage situation may be over. try tole your pleas and find out more to possibly can and we will come back to you in a few moments. how reported in the 11th.
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boulevard voltaire where the bataclan is. james is watching things online it has been throughout the evening. you have clearly pick up lots about what is and happening at the bataclan. reported no by various sources, including the reuters news agency that the operation to secure the bataclan is now over. reuters reporter on the scene has been told the operation is over. we've been told also that two of the government -- gunmen have been killed and they have now secured that location. the band playing, eagles of death metal has issued a statement on facebook. " we are still trying to determine the safety and whereabouts of all of our band and crew. our thoughts are with all the people involved in this tragic situation." witnesses have been talking about the fact that the building
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was being evacuated during the operation. one witness saying many people were slowly coming out of the building either with her hands of other heads or stretchers. of themd the bulk looked very young, making it particularly sad event to witness. one other thing to note is that the central authorities have had 200 soldiers -- are sending in 200 soldiers to secure the 10th and 11th of paris. paris authorities are saying to people please stay at home. majorso to exercise great -- vigilance. they are asking people to try to help them in securing these areas. -- which wek at the have not had all that much information from largely because when there is a big event at the stadium they have 80,000 people and the mobile phone coverage just does not work.
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the information we have had from the stadium has been -- we've had it confirmed by police numerous -- there were two suicide bombers and another bomb. those of the three explosions we heard. the president of the french the law federation has confirmed that three are dead and more injured. i don't know that includes the two suicide bombers because we can effect they have perished in the attack. >> let's bring in someone at the game. president francois along was there to watch the game. he was taken into paris and a state of emergency across france across the whole country. let's listen to francois hollande. my deart hollande: fellow citizens, as i speak terrorist attacks of an unprecedented scale are taking place in the paris area.
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several dozen have been killed. many have been wounded. it is a horror. orders we have mobilized all possible forces so that we can neutralize the terrorists and secure all areas that could be affected. i also ask for reinforcements from the military. they have already been deployed in the paris area. we had no further -- so that no further attacks can take place. emergencyled an cabinet meeting that will take place shortly. two decisions will be taken. a state of emergency has been declared which means some places will be closed. andfic will be stopped police searches may be conducted throughout the region.
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a state of emergency will be effective throughout the french territories. decision i've taken as the closure of french borders. we must ensure that no one can enter our country to commit acts of terrorism in whatever form. at the same time this means that those that have committed these crimes can be found and arrested if they try to leave the country. event that isible once again come upon us. we know where the threat is coming from. whenever the criminals are. we know who the terrorists are. in this extremely difficult moment when he did share our thoughts of the numerous victims, their families, and those that even wounded. we need to show compassion and solidarity. we also need to show unity and keep calm.
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in the face of terror france must stay strong and stand tall. the authorities must be very firm and they will be. we must also: everyone to be responsible. what the terrorists want is for everyone to be scared. they want to put fear into us. there is reason to be afraid. chilling, but in the face of this fear our nation knows how to defend itself and it will once again be to terrorists. -- beat the terrorists. french citizens, we have not finished the operation. it's a -- difficult times lie ahead. our security forces are curing out a rate inside paris. i ask all of you to keep your faith and hours -- and what our security forces can do to save our country from acts of terrorism. long live the republic.
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long live france. francois hollande talking about the events that unfolded this evening in paris and the situation is still very much ongoing. there was an update from the bataclan. it may have been raided by the police. emma: that rate is now over. more details on this now. they are citing to paris police officials, -- two paris police officials, they have killed at least two attackers. neither official convenient because it is an ongoing operation throughout the city of paris. one official described carnage inside the building, saying the attack is a toss explosives at the hostages. both officials except the toll of victims to rise. we don't know how many hostages were inside that building. we have had numbers ranging from 60 to 100. if they tossed explosives at the
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hostages, this could be a deeply disturbing development. >> let's bring in our reporter at the palace in central paris. overview. reporter: a cabinet meeting is currently taking place. president hollande is meeting with his prime minister, his interior minister and his justice minister to try to discuss what emergency measures they can put into place. francois hollande earlier said a state of emergency would be declared across the french territory, meaning that traffic to be shut down in paris and certain areas. security forces are expected create so-called "protection zones" in the french capital. we can expect more police raids and military forces are expected to be boosted. already several metro tube lines event shut,
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here security is extremely tight. all the roads leading to the presidential palace have been blocked by police, security forces. these are exceptional powers given to security forces considering the size of the event. no curfew has been announced for now. the last time that state of emergency was declared in france was actually in 2005 when a riot emerged across -- emerged across france already under the anti-terror plan. this comes 10 months after the charlie hebdo attacks in the french capital. 10 months later. already 10,000 security forces have been deployed across france under the anti-terror plan these forces will be boosted even further.
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we just heard from sources of the president of palace that a defense counsel meeting will take place at 9 a.m. on saturday. we also heard president hollande is not expected he will not travel there. the g 20 was about the taking place on the 15th and 16 of november and the president will not attend. >> thank you very much indeed. we will get more reaction from around the world to this series of atrocities here in paris. shootings at some seven locations we understand. is here with with -- michelle is here with a look at where these happened. michelle: they are focusing a lot on the bataclan and the 11th district. we can show you the seven locations. we know they were explosions, at
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least three. two of which maven suicide attacks. there was a shooting in the 11th district. those areas coming up. what is important if they are all very close by. central paris. it's clear that the attempt was absolute carnage and chaos in the french capital. the charlie to hebdo attacks in january. again, an area not that far from their. if you will, we are looking at attackers really wanting to hit .he french capital >> they were targeting people for a specific reason. why would anyone want to fire an assault rifle at a cambodian restaurant? why at a concert hall?
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they are very close together. >> there were so many different reports coming in. we are still gathering information. one theory that a convoy of attackers was traveling around paris shooting indiscriminately. there is another theory they were a series of coordinated attacks with different attackers and set places like we just showed you on that map, 70 locations. that remains to be seen. harris on absolute lock down this evening. the military has been called in. those details will doubt become clear. >> michelle, thank you much indeed. emma james looking at all the moments online. we have correspondents around paris, france, and the world. --lip, rn at the white house our man at the white house. what is the reaction there? philip: the reaction was down to president obama really quick reaction from him.
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hastily arranged by the white house. picking up to the briefing room in the west wing of the white house to basically show his solidarity with france, saying this was an attack not just on paris, not just on france, but on all of humanity. the sad thing about this of course is that president obama has done this once before in such a similar -- on january 7. he had to get a first assessment and also message of solidarity with paris during the charlie hebdo attack. at the time he came out in the briefing room was very quick. this is when we are still trying to gather all this information and make a little bit of sense of it. now we know a little bit more but not all that much more. he didn't know all that much at the time either. we know he is in brief by his national security team and will continue to do so. he also was and is still scheduled to leave washington as early as tomorrow to go to the g
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20 summit in turkey. francois hollande of paris will not be at the summit. president obama also expected in paris for the climate summit happening there at the end of this month and at the beginning of december. outside the white house there is a feeling of shock in washington and throughout the united states. the attacks on the charlie hebdo headquarters in january were followed very closely by americans around the country and that is again very much the same tonight. much on all pretty channels with all the concentration and all the coverage coming from paris on a set evening. >> that speaks volume to the actual relationship between these two countries, france and the united states. this feeling we are getting that there was a lot of support coming from washington. philip: absolutely. not just the emotional support you are seeing now from americans towards the people of
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paris, that similar type of message. the emotional message from president obama. when you will see next few days is very close operations between the security services here in the united states in those where you are and france -- in france. we also saw that in january during the charlie hebdo attacks. it was the american services the new that little bit more about the attackers back in january. they were the ones to get the information that one or two the attackers had traveled to yemen and the past. and now because of that precedent in january you can be absolutely sure that probably the tightest security cooperation there is right now in terms of intelligence gathering will be between france and the united states. because of the considerable intelligence gathering powers of the united states and also because of that precedent in january when the united states
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more it seemed then france did about those attackers and their whereabouts. something similar might well happen over the next few days here in the united states. you can be pretty sure all these security services will be very closely -- looking very closely at the paris attacks. you have to take into account at this point is that this is a country that is very afraid of an attack on its own soil. it has now seen to happening in paris and many others throughout the world. there is a clear fear in united oftes of this them -- kind an attack, a mumbai-style attack in the united states. security measures have increased in new york city simply as a precaution. that is the kind of reaction you see here in the united states. there will always be the fear of this kind of event -- happening here as well. >> we will be coming back to you later from washington. we are hearing that francois
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hollande is on the move to visit the bataclan concert hall, the one we've been talking about. let's bring in now the words of someone who was at the scene when this attack took place, roundabout between 9:15 and 9:45 this evening in paris at the bataclan. let's hear from an eyewitness. is very strange because am actually very calm. i don't the guy actually realized what is going on other than i was on the first floor of the venue. i was with a friend and we were in the middle of a concert, listening to the music, having a good time. all of a sudden we heard gunshots. they were quite high-pitched. at first i thought it was a joke on behalf of the band. i thought maybe they were playing a joke on us and i did not actually believe it. kept goingts get -- and going and people started
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screaming and ducking and hiding behind the chairs and the seats. that's when we realized we had to get out. >> jenny watson it was at the bataclan concert hall for that heavy metal gig that ended in tragedy. a raid by the police -- >> blending you cover senate on c-span from france 24 about the terrorist shootings. shootings in the french capital tonight. the latest numbers they are getting from police. 100 people possibly dead in these attacks. we will be taking your phone calls and look back at what president obama said earlier tonight about the attacks. also want to show you this story here from the> "huffington post -- up to 100 people held hostage. france closing its borders in response to these attacks. several dozen people have been killed in a series of attacks in paris. the associated press reporting around 1:00 a.m. paris time saturday morning that police
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have completed a rate of the city's bataclan concert hall were 100 hostages were being held. two hostage takers reportedly killed. a declared state of emergency. a look at some tweaks tonight. the terrorist attacks in paris tonight. my thoughts and prayers are with the victims and their families." , from donald trump " my prayers are with the victims and hostages in the horrible terrorist attacks. may god be with you all." " there is a sickness in the world as we got with him he must come together to confront it. america should be that unity." that from senator lindsey graham. we are taking your phone calls --republicans, 748-8922.nce, 202-
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we will take your phone call from a look at what president obama had to say after the attacks on the white house tonight. the president is coming in right now. president obama: it evening everybody. i just wanted to make a few brief comments about the attacks across paris tonight. once again we have seen an outrageous attempt to terrorize innocent civilians. this is an attack not just on paris, not just on the people of france, but this is an attack on all of humanity in the universal values we share. we stand prepared and ready to provide whatever assistance that the government and the people of france need to respond. france is our oldest ally, the french people have stood shoulder to shoulder with united
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states time and again. we want to be clear we stand together with them in the fight against terrorism and extremism. paris itself represents the timeless value of human progress. those that think they can terrorize the people of france or the values they stand for our wrong. the american people draw strength from the french people's commitment to life, , pursuit of happiness. we are reminded in this tragedy are not onlys valleys the french people care so deeply about but they are values that we share. those values will endure far beyond any act of terrorism or the hateful vision of those who perpetrated the crimes this
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evening. we will do whatever it takes to work with the french people and with nations around the world to bring these terrorists to justice and to go after any terrorist networks that go after our people. we do not yet know all the details of what has happened. we have been in contact with french officials to communicate our deepest condolences to the families of those who have been killed. to offer our prayers and thoughts to those who have been wounded. we have offered our full support to them. the situation is still unfolding. i have chosen not to call the -- president hollande at this time because my expectation is that he is very busy at the moment.
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i by coincidence was talking to him earlier today in preparation for the g 20 meeting. but i comforted that i will be in direct communication with him in the next few days at will be coordinating in any way that they think are helpful in the investigation of what has happened. this is a heartbreaking situation. obviously those of us in the united states know what it is like. we have gone through these kinds of episodes ourselves. whatever these kinds of attacks happen we have always been able to count on the french people to stand with us. a have been an extraordinary counterterrorism partner, and we intend to be available with them in the same fashion. i am sure that in the days ahead we will learn more about what happened. and my teams will make sure that we are in communication with the press to provide you accurate information. i do not what to speculate at this point in terms of who was responsible for this. it appears that there may be
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live activity, and dangers that are taking place as we speak. so until we know from the french officials that the situation is under control and we have more information about it i do not want to speculate. thank you very much. >> president obama talking earlier tonight about the attacks in paris happening this evening. possibly 100 people believed to be killed. the french president was attending a soccer match in the city at the time, a messaging france and germany. and apparently an attack or explosion of some kind happening there. he was taken to the interior ministry. the french president say he will not be attending the g 20 summit at this point. france under a state of emergency. the borders are closed. will be taking your phone calls. they want to know your thoughts are on this hour as things are
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underway in paris. and let's take a look at a tweet. attacks reported across paris. you can see a number the areas hit this evening. that therece saying were seven separate attacks, one at the stadium of in the north. stade de france. concert the bataclan hall where they believe there may be still hostages and wonder people either being taken hostage or reported dead. here is a look at the reporting of jennifer banks of fox news in paris. " they have just instituted a mandatory curfew, the first mandatory curfew since 1944." another luckier. " around 100 dead an attack on paris concert venue. according
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to police" congressman jeff duncan saying he is praying for paris. south carolina congressman ted deutch of --" my heart going out to the french people in the wake of these horrific acts of terror." we do have a call on the line. no one from wilmington, north carolina. republican. what are your thoughts as this is unfolding in paris? that wemy thoughts are could end this with the same kind of problem. i know donald trump talks about closing the borders of mexico. but you can actually a terrorist coming in that way. what he was warning is kind of correct. he said we want to let the syrian immigrants in here and terrorists can come in with them with innocent people. this could put us in a very big danger.
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i am really concerned that this will happen here. i'm sure they would love for that happen here. host: host: do you think what happened recently with jihadi john, any connection in your mind? caller: yuees. i do believe the whole idea is to scare people, to terrorize them. the way to stop them is to cut their food chain. to stop their food supply and end them. that is what we really need to do. we need to focus on that. host: the numbers that we want you to call up on the screen. sorry that we give you the other phone numbers we sometimes use at c-span. these numbers on the screen are the ones you want to use. at work on the line -- edward on
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the line from new jersey for independents. what do you think about what is happening in paris? caller: thanks so much c-span. good evening. the first thing i heard when i turn on the news was 18 people dead. i thought, what is going on? i'm so disgusted. i'm sick with all this terrorism. iraq, syria, afghanistan. i'm just thinking, we to get out of the middle east totally. -- need to get out of the middle east totally. i feel like we are fueling the fire. the sooner we get out, the better. we are voting in 2015 for a president that wants zero troops on the ground. i know senator lindsey graham tweeted "we need to lead unity." we are doing too much.
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this is horrific. this is terrible. i don't want to be involved with this. caller: edward, on that vein, who are you thinking of in terms of president that would possibly, if at all possible, neareave the u.s. anywhere having a terrorist attack like this on our shores? caller: i was in high school when 9/11 happened, just across the river from the new york city. i lived there at experience. that was a horrific experience as the planes hit the buildings. we have had horrific terrorist attacks happen in our own country -- the charleston shooting, all of these shootings in the goals --shootings in the schools. there is terror already here on our shores. host: what president would you vote for to prevent that from happening? caller: there is absolutely no republican resident, no gop
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candidate. forgive me for this, but rand paul. he's not really involved in the war. but on the democratic side, it clinton, ie hillary refer to her as queen mother. i would say bernie sanders. this is sick. host: thanks for the call. cheryl is waiting from martinsville, virginia on the independent line. caller: hi, how are you? hostll: good, you? caller: it was 5:00 eastern time when i heard the news of the tragedy in paris. my father was in world war ii. i have another brother that served in vietnam. another 2 years in the army, 2 in the navy. presently my baby brother is going on 23 years in the u.s. army. his wife is a nurse.
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they are expecting a baby. on, if many things going involved in ats war, i'm ready to do a suicide bombing. i have no ammunition or anything. but i'm ready to do some kind of suicide bombing to protect my family. the country that it love in christianity. host: so you are concerned, is what you are saying. caller: yes ma'am. i called my brother's number, the one that's going on 23 years. i called his number. he didn't answer, but i left him word to call me when you can. host: thanks for the call. a tweet from congressman mike wrigley "we are all french." anita, we were getting her opinion and remarks before we
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take a look at the president's remarks from tonight. anite calling from seminole, florida. republican line. caller: i am enraged because europe has been changed. there is no safe place in europe or the u.s. anymore. the muslims are killing each other. for them to kill another person is nothing, nothing at all. they have no feelings. i don't know what kind of religion they are following. their religion is to kill human beings, children, and women? it's about time that we stand up. only strength. his killing, not talk. -- only stop -- only strength will stop this killing. i have family in france that was killed before. i am enraged. i am furious. i'm sorry, but that's where i stand now. host: thank for your call.
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francoise hollande closing the borders of branch. -- borders of france. refugees trying to escape their own countries could complicate matters as well. this is president obama from the white house. we will take more of your calls after his remarks. pres. obama: good evening everybody. i just want to make a few brief comments about the attacks across paris tonight. this is an attack not just on the people of france, but all of humanity and the universal values that we share. ready toprepared and
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provide whatever assistance that the government and the people of france need to respond. france is our oldest ally. the french people have stood shoulder to shoulder with the united states time and time again. we want to be clear that we stand together with them in the fight against terrorism and extremism. paris itself represents the timeless values of human progress. those who think that they can terrorize the people of france or the values that they stand for our wrong. -- are wrong. the american people draw strength from the french people's commitment to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. we are reminded in this time of tragedy that the bonds of l iberte, egalite and fraternal ours those values that
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we share. those values will endure far beyond any acts of terrorism or hateful vision of those who perpetrate the crimes this evening. we will do whatever it takes to work with the french people and with nations around the world to bring these terroristsa to justice and to go after any terrorist networks that go after our people. we don't yet know all the details of what has happened. we have been in contact with french officials to communicate our deepest condolences to the families of those who have been killed, to offer our prayers and thoughts to those who have in wounded. -- who have been wounded. we offer our support student. the situation is still unfolding. -- we offer our support to them. i am not calling president
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hollande at this time because my expectation is that he has very busy at this moment. by coincidence, i was talking to him earlier today in preparation for the g20 meeting. i am confident that i will be direct communication with him over the next few days and will be coordinating anyways they think or helpful. -- think are helpful. this is a heartbreaking situation. obviously those of us in the united states know what it is like. we have gone through these types of episodes ourselves. whenever these kinds of attacks happen, we have always been able to count on the french people to stand with us. they have been an extraordinary counterterrorism partner. we intend to be there with them in that stem fashion. i am sure that in the days ahead, we will learn more about exactly what happened. my teams will make sure that we
7:40 pm
are into medication with the press to provide you -- in communication with the press to provide you with accurate information. i will not speculate who this may have been. it appears there may be live activity. dangers may be taking place as we speak. until we know from the french that the situation is under control and we have more information, i don't want to speculate. okay? thank you very much. host: as many as 100 reported that. a hostage situation in as many as 7 different locations in paris. -- 100 reported dead. we want to get the opinion and
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feeling of what people in the u.s. and those abroad are thinking this evening. we are going to take a call from ohio. democrat line. go ahead. go ahead and turn down your tv if you can. caller: okay, i've done that. i believe that the attacks on paris are affiliated with the death of jihadi john. correct. we have to as though be mindful that, to every action there is a reaction. because they may not have been able to get to americans as soon as france, i believe that is why the situation is what it is this evening.
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definitely feel like the president of france has taken the proper steps as far as closing the borders and trying terrorists from leaving and going. it's just a sad situation. i do believe that we, as americans, need to also be prepared going forward. i feel as though these terrorists, they have no boundaries. to be mindfulneed of our surroundings and what is going on in different events. they are obviously targeting. host: on that same note, new york city security and police saying their heightened security just out of an abundance of
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caution, as they put it. a number of cities undertaking this step to prevent what is happening paris from happening in different locations around the world. franklin from watertown, wisconsin, republican. hi franklin. caller: hello. how are you today? i would like to comment on the incident. assad in back when syria chemical weapons against his own people and our president stated at that time, he has drawn a fine line there. when he drew the fine line and he crossed it, we did nothing about it. i think this is the start of isis. we have a man in the white house who does not know how to use what we should use -- power. react to power we had to show them that we have the power to take them out. and yes, it's going to take a long time. but i believe we have to do it.
7:44 pm
or else you're going to have more things like this in paris. this is a result of our president not doing his job in foreign affairs. we need a man in the white house who will show them that we still can do it. and the rest of the world will then get behind us. but we have to be the leader. we are the leader of the free world. i think we should show that power and do it. not just say "we draw a fine line" and then do nothing. this is the result of our doing nothing. host: franklin from wisconsin. a couple more tweets. congressman tom are you -- "our deepest sympathies and prayers at this time." "words are willfully insufficient in tragedy such as this." "praying for everyone in paris. civilized societies must unite to defeat this barbarity. our
7:45 pm
fight is far from over." "how's that syrian refugee resettlement look now? how about that mass migration into europe? terrorism is alive and well in the world." #no.des the hashtag one more call, then a look at the president's remarks. york,ller from new democrat line. what are your thoughts tonight? lynette, are you with us? go ahead. are you?i, how of course my deepest since these go out to the people of paris. sorry lynette, i think we are having problems with your line. this is from earlier tonight after the president was reached by homeland security. -- was briefed by homeland security.
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then we will take more of your phone calls. pres. obama: good evening everybody. i just want to make a few brief comments about the attacks across paris tonight. once again we have seen an outrageous attempt to terrorize in instant civilians. this is an attack not just on paris about not just on the people of france, that this is an attack on all of to community and the universal values that we share. we stand prepared and ready to provide whatever assistance of the government and the people of france isd to respond our oldest ally. the french people have stood shoulder to soldier with the united states time and time again. we want to make clear that we stand together with them in the fight against terrorism and
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extremism. paris itself represents the timeless values of human progress. cane that think they terrorize the people of france are wrong. the american people draw strength from the french commitment to life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness. we are reminded in this time of bonds of at the liberty, equality, and fraternity are not those that the french care about so much, but they are values that we share./ they will injure far beyond any act of terrorism or the hateful vision of those who perpetrated the crimes this evening. we will do whatever it takes to work with the french people and with nations around the world to
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bring these terrorists to justice and to go after any terrorist networks that go after our people. we do not yet know all the details of what has happened. we have been in contact with french officials to communicate our deepest condolences to the families of those who have been killed. to offer our prayers and thoughts to those who have been wounded. we have offered our full support to them. the situation is still unfolding. i have chosen not to call the president hollande at this time because my expectation is that he is very busy at the moment. by coincidence i was talking to , him earlier today in preparation for the g 20 meeting. i am confident that i will be in direct communication with him in the next few days and will be coordinating with anyway that they think are helpful in the
7:49 pm
investigation of what has happened. this is a heartbreaking situation. obviously those of us here in the united states know what it is like. we have gone through these kinds of episodes ourselves. whenever these kinds of attacks happened we have always been , able to count on the french people to stand with us. they have been an extraordinary counterterrorism partner, and we intend to be there with them in that same fashion. i am sure that in the days ahead, we will learn more about exactly what happened. my teams will make sure that we are in communication with the press to provide you accurate information. i do not what to speculate at this point in terms of who was responsible for this. it appears that there may be live activity, and dangers that are taking place as we speak. so until we know from the french officials that the situation is
7:50 pm
under control and we have more information about it i do not want to speculate. thank you very much. host: president obama talking about the attacks in paris. the situation still unfolding there. we want to take your phone calls and hear your thoughts. andres from columbia, maryland on the independent line. caller: hi. a couple things that i wanted to say. ifrst, let's not jump to conclusion like a couple folks have done relating the attacks directly to the inactions of our government. let's not forget this is the second attack. france already had an attack like this less than a year ago, i believe. they also had the charlie hebdo
7:51 pm
one. it's related to france's interaction it with the area. --interactions with the area. plus france has a history of marginalizing islamic faith followers. there is a lot of interaction within france, that sometimes people don't like to think about. the other thing is -- and i heard this from some one else -- this is not part of a religion. this is extremists that take the faith as a weapon. and they put a filter to try and manipulate people. this is not what the koran teaches, this is not what islam teaches. in the same way, this is not what christianity teaches. i've heard some one else citing -- saying--
7:52 pm
host: thanks for the call andres. appreciated. taking a few more minutes of your phone calls. independent line, joe. go ahead. caller: thank you. i so appreciate our brave christian president with a mulsim name mentioned the name terrorist 3 times. we have open borders at this time. i hope all of our socialist media personnel from msnbc to cnn appreciate what they brought upon our country in selling us down the river. if it weren't for our socialist wouldatic 30 party, we have this liberal acceptance. we should not be holding this against muslims who attacked us. all you democratic socialists, this is your achievement. host: you think this is directly
7:53 pm
related to democrats and democratic socialists? host: who else would it be? who the hell else would it be, young lady? hosta: that's a call from joe in ohio on the independent line. caller: let me say they should close the borders in europe. they need to stop the flood of people coming over. obviously everyone isn't coming over for a better life. time, it'sing at one going to be so hard them out. secondly, i agree that we need to be more vigilant at home. that does not mean going and running out and buying more guns. that's not the solution for us here at home.
7:54 pm
ideally we should have zero tolerance for all terrorism, domestic, homegrown terrorism, and terrorists abroad. we have problems right here in the country with people doing all kinds of crazy things. they are not syrian, but they are still killing people. things i think we should focus on. a couple of calls back, a fellow from i think wisconsin, franklin. he talked about "we should show power" and all of this stuff. my concern is, i'm a veteran. i served 2 stints in the u.s. army. a lot of times when i hear people saying things like that, more times than not, they have never served, nor have they marched their children to the nearest recruiting office and said "you've got the sign-up, you got to show that power." even donald trump has two able-bodied sans. i guarantee they are not running
7:55 pm
to the military agreement office and signing up to go to the middle east to fight isil. this is what bothers me as a veteran. host: can i ask where you served? caller: i served in germany when it was west germany, and here in the states. host: thanks for your call tonight and thanks for weighing in. ginger: from springfield, new jersey. what political affiliation do you want me to attribute your call to? caller: thank you for taking my call. behaviors you can't change. you can't be blaming people. what we need to do in this country right now, democrat, republican -- all unite together. it's such a different world right now. if anybody has children, it's
7:56 pm
going to be different. the social media, whatever. these things are devastating. it's devastating families. we need to be spiritual and god is very upset right now. global warming, the whole nine yards. everything is different. we can't change terrorist's behavior. money bible, "the love of is the root of all evil." democrat, republican, we all need to get together. just try and do something. thank you so much. host: arthur is on the line from mansfield, ohio, democraft. caller: hi, how are you today? host: good thanks. caller: very bad was going on over there. my opinion is if bush didn't go in there and attack people that
7:57 pm
did not attack us, that would not be going on the way it is now. i think president obama is doing the right thing. everyone knows what the most powerful country on earth. when we are attacked, we go over there and take care of business, if we are attacked. that is all i need to say. host: thanks for the call. culpepper, virginia, independent line. r: i don't think fences. people from coming over here. we need to make sure they are scrutinized at the borders. all they want is the lifestyle.
7:58 pm
you killed innocent people that went out to a show. what did they do? nothing. they wanted to have a nice day with their family. and killing innocent people. this world is going to you know where in a handbasket. this is horrible the way we are acting. we are acting like two-year-old fighting over a toy. we need to stop. thank you very much for taking my call. host: one last one. we will be taking calls tomorrow morning on washington journal about the attacks on paris. donald calling from lakeland, florida. you have the floor. caller: hello. i disagree with some of your callers because i believe we are not the strongest nation in the world anymore. we were. i think right now, if what happened in russia and what happened in paris, and what happened at 9/11, and we all get together, i think we should form isis.ed force to wipe out
7:59 pm
wipe out the taliban. you can do that if you all get together. i don't understand why they put a small amount of troops on the ground and try and do it. i spent five and a half years in the air force. i know what they can do. they can wipe isis out. if they would let them go in and do it. just get together and do as a group. host: not sure yet as things are underway in paris who could be responsible. again, we are going to take your phone calls tomorrow morning. i want to read a statement by secretary john kerry from the embassy in paris making every effort to account for the welfare of american citizens in paris and 80 days at least in ready to provide whatever support to the french government it may require." that from secretary of state john kerry. a look at tomorrow morning's washington journal. we will be opening the phone lines to call in and let us know
8:00 pm
your thoughts on the attacks in paris. also a look online campaign ads. president obama's decision to close guantanamo bay, and decreases in the dropout rate for high school students. you can join us on we will continue to show you and stream france 24 coverage so you can check in for the latest on what's happening in paris, france. take a look now at president obama's remarks from earlier today regarding the attacks, still ongoing, in paris. pres. obama: good evening everybody. i does want to make a few brief comments about the attacks across paris tonight. once again, we have seen an outrageous attempt to terrorize innocent civilians. this is an attack not just on paris, not just on the people of
8:01 pm
france, but this is an attack on all of humanity and the universal values that we share. ready toprepared and provide whatever assistance that the government and the people of france need to respond. france is our our oldest ally, the french people have stood shoulder to shoulder with united states time and again. we want to be very clear that we stand together with them in the fight against terrorism and extremism. represents the timeless values of human progress. those who think they can terrorize the people of france for the values that they stand for are wrong. the american people draw strength from the french people's commitment to life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness. we are reminded in this tragedy
8:02 pm
that the bonds of liberty, equality, and fraternity are not only those that the french people care so deeply about, but the values that we share. those values in jordan far beyond -- values endure beyond any active terrorism or those who treated the crimes this evening. we will do whatever it takes to work with the french people and with nations around the world to bring these terrorists to justice and to go after any terrorist networks that go after our people. we don't yet know all the details of what has happened. we have been in contact with french officials to communicate our deepest condolences to the families of those who have been killed. to offer our prayers and thoughts to those who have been
8:03 pm
wounded. we have offered our full support to them. the situation is still unfolding. i have chosen not to call the president hollande at this time because my expectation is he is very busy at the moment. i actually, by coincidence, was talking to him earlier today in preparation for the g 20 meeting. i'm confident that i will be in direct indication within in the next few days and will be coordinating in any way they think is helpful in the investigation of what has happened. this is a heartbreaking situation. obviously those of us here in the united states know what it is like. we have gone through these kinds of episodes ourselves. whenever these kinds of attacks happened we have always been , able to count on the french people to stand with us. they have been an extreme counterterrorism partner -- an extraordinary counterterrorism
8:04 pm
partner, and we intend to be there with them in that same fashion. i am sure that in the days ahead we will learn more about what exactly what happened. mike teams will make sure that we are indication with the press to write you accurate information. i do want to speculate at this point in terms of who was responsible for this. it appears there may still be life activity -- live activity and dangers taking place as we speak. know from french officials the situation is under control and we have more information about it i do not want to speculate. thank you very much. >> and baker says to them, i want to be a congressman, i think you're just using this as a stepping stone to the senate. and george h.w. bush says, no,
8:05 pm
i'm not using this as a stepping stone, i want to be president. this is 1955. he's 41 years old. he has yet to win a race. -- this is 1965. he had a sense of destiny. >> sunday night at 10:00 p.m. eastern on c-span 2's book tv. a conversation between pulitzer prize winning biographer and former president george w. bush about the life of the president's father, george herbert walker bush. also on saturday, the louisiana book festival in baton rouge, with nonfiction author presentations. "black life in old new orleans." and the book" beyond freedom's reach." on afterwards, patrick kennedy shares his personal journey with mental illness and substance abuse. >> i really was convinced that
8:06 pm
no one could pick up on the fact that i had sweaty palms, i was perspiring. i was furtive and moving around in an agitated way. i totally thought no one knew. >> is interviewed by democratic rep is in it if jim mcdermott from washington state. book tv, television support serious readers. -- television for serious readers. from looking for such a candidate featured at the florida republican sunshine summit. we hear from senators marco rubio, ted cruz, lindsey graham, mike huckabee, donald bush donald trump, jeb bush, and ben carson. this is almost three hours. ♪ senator graham: thank you. thank you very much.
8:07 pm
[applause] sen. rubio: thank you very much, thank you. i'm not sure who brought barack obama's teleprompter, but i wish i can move it so that i could see you guys. [laughter] i really honored to be here. i would like to thank tom for that introduction and summary others helping us across the state. on you think the chairman of the republican party. he's doing a great job. i just signed the paperwork to be on the ballot. on the first person to sign the paperwork to be on the ballot for president. [applause] but it had to be notarized, so they asked me to bring my id. i kid you not. i said, google it, you'll see, it's me. all buy the book.
8:08 pm
so we are grateful to be with you today. hours, you'refew going to hear from some excellent people that are choosing the presidency. i think we are blessed to have some any candidates. the democrats can even come up with one. -- can't even come up with one. our field you this, is so strong because there a big difference is between the importance and democrats running for president. for example, we don't have any socialists running for president. [applause] and one of our candidates are under investigation by the fbi either. this is an important election, they all are important. this election is a generational choice about what direction our country moves in. for over two centuries, each generation of americans as joseph do what it takes to make america a special country.
8:09 pm
as a result, everyone of us are the beneficiaries or the extreme. miracles of the american dream. now the time is come for this generation to make its choice. it's an important choice, for we cannot afford another four years like the last 8. the last seven and half years under barack obama was a disaster. not just a political disaster, a disaster for real people in the real world. if you are a very wealthy individual, congratulations. if you're a multinational corporation, i wish you much success. they might not like all of the obama policies, but they can hire the best lobbyists and lawyers to deal with all of this. the price of the obama years is being paid by hard-working men and women, working families all across this country, who today are struggling to make it paycheck to paycheck, because our economy simply doesn't grow. and the jobs that it creates under this president do not pay enough. the people paying the price our young americans. some straddling thousands of
8:10 pm
dollars in student loans that they borrowed for a degree that doesn't lead to a job. the prices being paid by people that own a small business, the backbone of our economy. and yesterday for the first time in 35 years, we have more businesses dealing them starting. -- failing than starting. each day brings news about another communication at the hands of russia, at the hands of china, at the hands of radical jihadist, at the hands of iran. the last seven years has been a disaster, and the prices being paid by our people. we reach this moment where we must decide what we are going to be as a country for the next 50-100 years. a generational choice for our nation. as we prepare to make that choice, i think we can take lessons from our history. for if the principles of our founding been made our nation special up to this point. they also happen to be the principles that are party should always be about, whether it's at
8:11 pm
the local level, state level, statewide level, or the presidency. what is it that made america special? three core principles that sadly some input â he's take advantage. the first is limited government. we know that every answer to our problems does not have a government solution. the federal government is not the answer to every issue before this country. wasfederal government defined and created to be a very specifically defined and limited government. it was not supposed to be involved in every aspect of our lives. we were never supposed to have the federal government involved in k-12 education. that's why we don't need common core., [applause] the one thing our federal government must do, and only our federal government can do is provide for the common defense. the national security of the united states. under this president,
8:12 pm
we are failing in that regard. us.rillion in cuts waits what does that mean in practical terms? the smallest and oldest navy force ever. 40,000 positions slashed over the next two years for the army. at a time when the world is more dangerous than it has been is my lifetime, a lunatic in north korea has dozens of nuclear weapons, the chinese building up their military faster than any other nation has as they take over the south china sea and hack into our computers and practice blowing up our supplies. a gangster in moscow with -- sewing instability in europe. a radical shia cleric is about to receive $150 billion in sanctions relief thanks to barack obama. [booing] and he will use it not to build hospitals and bridges and roads, but to sponsor terrorism to kill
8:13 pm
jews, to kill christians, to kill americans. he will use it to build long-range missiles of his own. and he will one day use it to buy or build a nuclear warhead. if all these challenges when i love, we now have multiple radical jihadist groups across dozens of countries and model continent. in the face of all these threats, we are gutting our military capability. that is why one of the first things is party must always be about is be the party of a strong national defense. [applause] history proves the world is a safer place when america response to military power in the world. providing for our national defense means keeping our commitment to men and women who serve us in uniform. and if you're a veteran, we are thankful for your service. [applause]
8:14 pm
we make them to promises. the first is, if we ever put you into hostility, we are never going to put you in a fair fight. you're going to have better equipped, better training, and better training than any adversary. that is a promise we cannot keep if we continue the obama policies. the other promise we make is that when you come home after taking care of us, we are going to take care of you. [applause] we are not keeping that promise either. today the veterans and ministration fails far too many veterans. there are good people that work in the veteran ministrations. they care about our veterans. then there are those that are not performing a good job. that is why compound that last year, along with a number of congress, we passed a law that says if you are a senior executive at the veterans and ministration and are not doing a
8:15 pm
good job, the secretary will have the power to fire you. that law passed. [applause] that's the good news. the bad news is they fired one person. and it's on appeal. the bad news is they awarded almost $300,000 in bonuses to some of the people that should have been fired. the second, we need a va that is accountable. we also need a va in which the benefits follow the veterans, not the other way around. [applause] which means if you are a veteran in the localva can see you, but another hospital down the street can, you can take her benefits doctor or hospital ready to see you. [applause] a strong national defense also means a foreign policy of moral clarity, one in which our allies can trust us and our adversaries they're not test us. i only bring this up because we have the direct opposite. our allies do not trust us.
8:16 pm
our adversaries do not respect us. the best example is what's happening in the middle east. there's only one pro-american free enterprise democracy in the entire middle east, the state of israel. [applause] today we have a president who treats the prime minister of israel with less respect than when he gives the ayotollah of iran. that's why i'm fortunate and blessed to be president of the u.s., on my first day of office, i will cancel the deal with iran that this president has signed. the second core interval is free enterprise. the free enterprise system is what creates economic opportunity.
8:17 pm
be aware and afraid of any politician that says, when i was mayor, i created one million jobs. unless you grew government by wendell in jobs, you did not create when the lien jobs. do you know who creates one million jobs? the people who quit their jobs, max out their critical to open up a small business out of a spare bedroom of their home. [applause] the private sector creates jobs. and the jobs of those in public office is to ensure that america remains the best place in the world to starting a business or grow an existing one. that's the job of those was in public service. why we are for tax reform. you can't grow your economy and be globally competitive with the most the offensive tax code in the world. you can grow your economy with regulations that they are adding on to the code that are strengthening creativity. you can't grow jury, if you have a debt crisis. we will have a debt crisis.
8:18 pm
$19 trillion and growing. you can't grow your economy if you don't utilize energy resources. god has left america with oil and natural gas. let us use it fully. [applause] and you can't grow our economy with a health care law that raises prices, lowers quality, and encourages employers not to hire people. that is why we must repeal and replace obamacare. [applause] one more point that we should always be about. for free enterprise and limited government or corporate. america's founding, the key to our prosperity and liberty. one more thing we can never forget. you cannot have a strong nation without a strong people. and you cannot have a strong people without a strong values. the thing is, --
8:19 pm
your values are taught to do. then they are reinforced. government cannot replace that. government can tell you what is legal. it cannot always tell you what is right. right and wrong, good and bad, that is learned from your values instilled in you from the family, the most important institution in society. [applause] far too many of our leaders, in both parties, have forgotten that. there is no replacement for the family. it is the original government. it is the most important school you will ever attend. it is in the family impunity that supports the family with the values that lead to strong people are instilled and reinforced. while government does not make anyone a better parent, government cannot make you a better husband or wife, believe me, if it could, my wife would run for office. [laughter] government should be doing anything that undermines.
8:20 pm
it should be doing anything that undermines our values. and it does. and it does. we have anti-poverty programs that do not cure poverty. we have anti-property programs that discourage marriage. we have a tax code that discourages marriage. we have a government that increasingly is targeting the faith community and undermining the values that they teach our children and our family. the result is a growing number of americans who hold traditional values feel like outsiders in their own country. if you believe in basic principles like marriage should be defined as a union of one man and one woman, if you believe that all human life is worthy of protection, you are labeled a bigot or a hater. one of the things i believe passionately is if i'm president, i will not appoint
8:21 pm
judges that do not understand it. i will not have judges that don't understand the limits of the constitution. i will have a justice department that the fence the religious rights and liberties of every single american. -- that defends the religious rights of every single american. [applause] because religious liberty is not the right to believe whatever you want. it is that, but it is more. it's not just the right to believe whatever you want, it's the right to exercise it in every aspect of your life. i work and at home. key among our fundamental rights is the right to self-defense. it's one of the reasons why we have a second amendment. it's one of the reasons why gun laws fail. law abiding people follow the law, but criminals do not. we must always be the party that protects and defense the second amended. our people have the right to defend themselves, their
8:22 pm
property, and their family. [applause] the key to our success as a party in nation lie in replacing these three principles. limited government, free enterprise, and strong families with strong values. there is no other way forward. and if we are not for those things, no one will be for those things. the key to our success does not lie in becoming more like the democrats. we don't need two democrat parties. [applause] the key lies in convincing our nation, and i believe we can, that the only way forward for america is to re-embraced the principles that made us the greatest nation ever. and to apply those values and the principles to the unique challenges of a rapidly changing world. the world is a different place
8:23 pm
than it was five years ago, not to mention 20 years. our principles still work, but the world is different. the economy is now global. we must compete against dozens of other countries. the pace of change is faster than ever. as i said the other night of the debate, 75 years to reach 100 million people. it took candy crush one year to reach 100 million people. the world is changing. it is disrupting people's lives. these economic changes are like the industrial revolution, except they're happening every five years, not every 100. it's like those jobs that what's sustained our middle class. it's wiped out industries that once sustained us. the truth is some of these industries may never exist again. but in the 21st century, new jobs can be created that actually pay more than the ones we lost. new industries to be created that are better than the ones we've lost. the question is, where will be be created? in america, or in some other
8:24 pm
place? that is the challenge before us. the challenge is to convince people that the principles we stand for are the only way to recapture the greatness of his nation and expanded to places even further than it has ever gone before. the stakes could not be higher. for we are running out of time. we still have time, but we are running out of time. the bad news is that today we are on the road to decline. i know that this is a republican gathering. so saying something about your party that is less than kind is not the right thing to do, but it's the truth. but both parties are to blame for this road we are on. [applause] i always chuckle when people say, there's no bipartisanship in washington. yes the risk. $19 trillion debt is a bipartisan debt. we've never seen anything
8:25 pm
like the last seven years. we are on the road to decline. what that means is that if we don't change, if we don't turn the page, if we don't allow new people with new ideas to lead this country into this new era, i believe that our children sadly will be the first americans in history who will inherit a life worse than their parents. here is the good news. it doesn't have to be this way. there is another way forward for us. [applause] there is another way forward that we must embrace. that is why i chose to run for president. i honestly believe that if we do when he to be done, the greatest era in our history is right before us. the time to act is now. we really can't wait any longer. we cannot wait any longer. i said this last night to a group, is easy to think that america has always had it easy. that is just not true. we've always faced challenges.
8:26 pm
we were founded by declaring independence from the most powerful empire in the world, to fight a challenge. we had a civil war that divided our nation brutally, almost ended it. that was a challenge. the frost world were created -- the first world war created carnage the world had never seen.then after that war, the great depression, then a second world war. then after that, along cold war that threatened the existence of life on this planet. we have always faced challenges. ours is the story of the people that always confronted their challenges and embraced their opportunities. now the time has come for the generation to do its part. we are all the beneficiaries of the extraordinary miracle of america. i feel personally called to this, because america is not just a country that i grew up in, it's nation that literally changed the history of my family. i don't come wealthy politically connected parents.
8:27 pm
i was born and raised by people that know no cut is special because they know what life is like outside of america. they never became rich or famous either. but they were successful. because through hard work they were able to own a home in a safe and stable neighborhood and retire with dignity and leave their children better off than themselves. that's not just my story. that is our story. it's especially the story of florida. the state where people have, from all over the place in search of a better life. -- have come from all of the place. some came clean socialism in venezuela. some fleeing socialism in new york. [applause] baking here in search of -- yeah i know, i lost the new york primary. maybe not, you never know.
8:28 pm
they might move to florida. [laughter] if any state in his nation understands the american dream, it's florida. the people that understand the american dream is not how much money you make, it can be a part of your dream, but is not the american dream. it's not about how many things you own on the day you die. the american dream is about being able to leave your children that are off than yourself in achieving the life you want through hard work and perseverance. this is what makes us special. every company in the world has rich people. the poorest country in the world has rich people. what makes us special is the millions of those that will never be rich, but are working hard to be happy. and whether or not they can achieve that in the 21st century, that is what will determine whether we are a special country or not. men and women who will clean the rooms of his hotel tonight, the people who will serve your food at lunch or park your car -- will they be able to leave their children better off? will they be able to do what my parents did for me and your
8:29 pm
parents did for you? that is what we must decide. that's what our party must be about. if we do what needs to be done, that american dream will not just survive, it will reach more people and change more lives than ever before. in the 21st century will be just as good as the 20th century, it will be better. it will be a new american century. [applause] i will close by thanking you for the chance to address you today. i will spend some time over the next few weeks in iowa, the nicest people in the world. even the hecklers are polite. [laughter] in new hampshire, incredibly well-informed voters. in south carolina, a state that is so vibrant. estate that in many ways embodies the promise of the new economy. go gaters. [laughter] let's keep that on the demo --
8:30 pm
on the down low. probably too late for me. [laughter] then, nevada, a state that i actually lived in for 6-7 growing up. i learned a lot about the american dream watching my parents work hard. then through the primary, and in florida, this extraordinary place unlike any in the country, i think, because it brings so many people from so many places compassionately believe in the american dream because they have lived it. they came from someone who did not come from political connections. they, too, had to restart their lives. american gave them the chance to do what they cannot have done in another country, and hope that if it is god's will and yours, i hope i am blessed with the privilege and honor to repay the little bit of debt i have to this country. america owes me nothing.
8:31 pm
but hopefully, i will be blessed with the opportunity to serve this nation. because if we can do what needs to be done, we will go down in history as the authors of the single greatest era in the history of this great nation. thank you very much. thank you for having me. [applause] ♪ [applause] wow!or cruz: [laughter]
8:32 pm
god bless the great state of florida. [applause] thrilled to be with you today. well, thank you. and i love you, too. what an amazing -- how many of you watched the republican debate? [applause] how fantastic is it that we have such an array of young, talented, dynamic candidates running for president? [applause] and what a contrast with the democrats? i think the first democratic debate was with hillary and the chipotle clerk. [laughter] well, actually that is not fair. we cannot forget about bernie sanders. so now, the democratic field
8:33 pm
consists of a wild-eyed socialist with ideas that are dangerous for america and the world. and bernie sanders. [laughter] senator cruz: i do not know if you heard, they changed the location for the next democratic debate. they are going to have it at leavenworth. they wanted to make it easier for hillary to attend. [applause] senator cruz: all of us are here today because our country
8:34 pm
is in crisis. we are here today because we are bankrupting our kids and grandchildren. because our constitutional rights are under assault each and every day. has preceded to make the world and much more dangerous place. i am here today with a word of hope and encouragement to each of you. all across the country, the state of florida, and across the nation, people are waking up. i am here to tell you, help is on the way. [applause] senator cruz: i want to ask everyone here to look forward. look forward to january, 2017. if i am elected president, let me tell you what i intend to do on the first day of office. the first thing i intend to do, escind every single illegal and unconstitutional executive action taken by this president. [applause]
8:35 pm
president obama likes to say he has a phone and he has a pen, but if you live by the pen, you die by the pen. and my pen has an eraser. [laughter] sadly, the corruption has not been limited to the white house. it has extended across every federal agency throughout the government. the second thing i intend to do on the first day of office, is instructed the u.s. department of justice to open an investigation into planned parenthood and these verbal horrible videos. [applause] senator cruz: and prosecute any and all criminal conduct by that horrible organization. the third thing i intend to do
8:36 pm
on the first day of office, is instruct the department of justice and the irs and every other federal agency that the persecution of religious liberty ends today. [applause] senator cruz: that means that every service man and women has the right to seek out and worship god almighty and our hearts, minds, souls and the superior officer has nothing to say about it. [applause] senator cruz: that means that the little sisters of the poor, a catholic charity being persecuted by the obama administration, will find that the case against them has been dismissed. [applause] senator cruz: the fourth thing i intend to do on the first day of office, is rip to shreds this
8:37 pm
catastrophic iranian nuclear deal. [applause] senator cruz: the single greatest national security threat facing this country is the threat of a nuclear iran, and we need a commander in chief who will stand and say under no circumstances will the nation of iran, led by a theocratic ayatollah, who chance death to america, under no circumstances will iran be allowed to acquire nuclear weapons. [applause] senator cruz: the fifth thing i intend to do on the first day of office, is begin the process of moving the american embassy in israel to jerusalem, the eternal
8:38 pm
capital of israel. [applause] senator cruz: a lot of presidential candidates, both democrat and republican admit that same promise. and yet inevitably, when they get to the white house, they do not do it. their king comes to them and they say, you know, if we do this, other folks in the middle east will be really unhappy with us. well if you have not noticed, , they are already pretty unhappy with us. the single biggest difference between me and the other very fine men and women on that debate stage is that with me, when i tell you i'm going to do something, i am going to do exactly what i said i would do. [applause]
8:39 pm
senator cruz: that is day one. [laughter] senator cruz: there are 365 days in a year. four years in a presidential term and four years of a consecutive term. [applause] senator cruz by the end of eight : years, there are going to be a lot of reporters and newspaper editors and journalists that have checked themselves into therapy. [laughter] [applause] senator cruz: the days that follow, i will go to congress and we will repeal every word of obamacare. [applause]
8:40 pm
senator cruz: we will pass common-sense health care reform to make health insurance personal, portable, and keeps the government from getting between us and our doctors. by the way, what are these? [laughter] senator cruz: is obama coming? the days that follow, i will instruct the u.s. department of education, which should be abolished. i will instruct the secretary of education, the common core ends today. [applause]
8:41 pm
senator cruz: the days that follow, we will rebuild our military. we will honor the commitment made to our soldiers, and sailors, and airmen, and marines. [applause] senator cruz: that includes protecting the rights of our servicemen and women to keep and bear arms. and to defend themselves. [applause] senator cruz: that means that the next time a jihadist walks into a recruiting center in chattanooga, he will encounter the business end of firearms wielded by dozens of marines. [applause] senator cruz: in the days that follow, we will finally, finally
8:42 pm
, finally secure the borders and end sanctuary cities. [applause] senator cruz: we will stop releasing criminal, illegal aliens, and we will pass case law. in the days that follow, we will take on the epa. [applause] senator cruz: and the cfpb and the alphabet soup of federal agencies that descended like locusts on small businesses, killing jobs across this country. [applause] senator cruz: a few years back,
8:43 pm
i was out in west texas, i asked folks, what is the difference between regulators and locusts? well, the thing is, you cannot use pesticide on the regulators. this old west texas farmer, he leaned back and said, want to bet? [laughter] [applause] in the days that follow, i will go to congress and we will pass fundamental tax reform. we will pass a simple flat tax. [applause] senator cruz: 10% for every american so that every man and woman can still out there taxes on a postcard. that, we should
8:44 pm
abolish the irs. [applause] senator cruz: there are about 90,000 employees at the irs. we need to padlock that building. take all 90,000 and put them down at the southern border. [laughter] senator cruz: to our friends in the media, i say that somewhat tongue in cheek. you know when you think about , it, i imagine you have traveled thousands of miles in the blazing sun. you are swimming across the rio grande and the first thing you see is 90,000 irs agents. you would turn around and go home, too. [applause]
8:45 pm
senator cruz: some of y'all may be thinking, does it make sense to me? it is basic common sense. live within your means. do not bankrupt our kids and grandkids. follow the constitution. but can't it be done? can we do it? know, scripture tells us there is nothing new under the sun. look what we are today, it is very much like the late 1970's. same failed economic policies, same miseries, stagnation and malaise. ckless ande naive foreign policy. the exact same countries, russia
8:46 pm
and iran openly mocking the u.s. we know how that story ended. [applause] senator cruz: all across this country, millions of men and women rose up and became the reagan revolution. [applause] by the way, if you see a candidate who washington embraces, run and hide. it came from the american people and it turned this country around. we went from stagnation, to booming economic growth. millions lifted out of poverty into prosperity and the american dream. we went from our hostages languishing in iran, to winning the cold war and tearing the
8:47 pm
berlin wall to the ground. [applause] senator cruz: the reason i am so hopeful and optimistic, the same thing is happening again. we are seeing the american people wake up all over the country. you know, six months ago when we launched our campaign for president, "new york times," cruz cannot win because the washington elite despise him. [applause] senator cruz: i kind of thought that was the whole point of the campaign. look, if you think things in washington are going great, we need to keep handing in the same basic direction.
8:48 pm
then i am not your guy. on the other hand, if you think washington is fundamentally broken, that there is a bipartisan corruption of career politicians in both parties that get in bed with the lobbyists and special interests and grow , grow, government. we need to take power out of washington and back to we the people. that is what this campaign is all about. [applause] senator cruz: the "new york times" continued. they said ok, maybe the grassroots are going to be with you. but you are not going to have any money. all of the money is controlled by those washington elites in the lobbyists are all supporting
8:49 pm
other candidates in this race. a funny thing happened on the way to the forum. back, all of the republicaniled -- 17 candidates who started this race. do you know which campaign has the most money in the bank? we do. [applause] senator cruz: do you know how that happened? because we had over 450,000 contributions. people all over the country our average contribution with $73. that is the power of the grassroots. [applause]
8:50 pm
senator cruz: i want to close with two things. one about the statement of florida. florida and texas share a lot in common. we are southern states, states that are growing in states that understand the economic growth does not come from government. it comes from the men and women in this room. it comes from small businesses. it comes from entrepreneurs and people creating opportunity out of nothing. we are immigrant states, people coming from all over the world to our states. we also share a similar dislike for snow. [laughter] i like to tell people you cannot shovel sunshine. there is a reason people are fleeing high tax, high regulation states all over the
8:51 pm
country and coming to states like florida and texas because jobs and opportunity and growth and the future is in states like florida and texas. [applause] florida's primary is a critical time, and florida can play a decisive role in ensuring that the next nominee is a strong conservative. we are building a grassroots army. across florida and all across this country. i ask everyone here to join us. [applause] senator cruz: the last thing i want to say is this. for everyone of us here, freedom is not some abstract concept we read about in a school book. freedom is a real and personal in our lives, in our families. for me, i think about my dad. 58 years ago, he fled cuba.
8:52 pm
he came to america with nothing. he was 18 years old and $100 sewn into his underwear. he could not speak english. he watched dishes making $.50 an hour. he worked full time and paid his way through school. he went on with my mother to start a small business. today, my father is a pastor. he traveled the country preaching the gospel. now my whole life, my dad has been my hero. do you know what i find most incredible about his story? how commonplace it is. everyone of us here have a story just like that in our backgrounds. some of us, it is us, others it is our parents. others, it is our great, great grandparents. what ties americans together is everyone of us. we are the children of those who risked everything for freedom. [applause]
8:53 pm
that is be fundamental dna of what it means to be an american. to value liberty above all else. that is why i am optimistic because we are not going to give up our freedom to an ever-growing federal government. you know, when i was a kid, my dad used to say to me over and over again. when we lost our freedom in cuba, i had a place to flee. if we lose our freedom here, where do we go? that is why each and every one of us is here today. [applause] senator cruz: because we are not content to go quietly into the night. we are not willing to give up on our children and grandchildren. and i tell you this. if we continue to come together, if we stand together to defend freedom and the constitution. if we the people rise up as one, we can bring back that last best
8:54 pm
hope for mankind. that shining city on a hill that is the united states of america. thank you. and god bless you. [applause]
8:55 pm
♪ >> we want ted! we want ted! we want ted! we want ted! we want ted! we want ted! we want ted!
8:56 pm
[chanting] ted!nt
8:57 pm
8:58 pm
♪ senator graham: thank you. are you ready to win an election we cannot afford to lose? so we lost florida in 2008 and 2012, do you think we will win in 2016? >> yes! graham: so how do we win? we get more votes than they do. i want to talk about a couple of things. number one, you have two wonderful candidates from florida running for the presidency of the united states. you should be proud. [applause] i want to thank the republican party of florida for hosting this event and not charging us any money to run for office. too many tariffs and too much
8:59 pm
debt are the two things i want to talk about. the first thing i want to talk about is hillary clinton. how many believe she will be the nominee of the democratic party? [applause] {booing] senator graham: how many of you believe we can beat her? [applause] do we have any veterans here? how about a round of applause for the veterans who are here today. so here is what i would do to beat hillary clinton, if i were the nominee of the republican party. i would turn toward her and say, your definition of flat broke and mine are a bit different. if you thought you were flat broke after eight years in the white house, where your husband was president, you have no idea what flat broke looks like.
9:00 pm
i would ask her about benghazi. do you think that is fair? i would ask her, how could you not know that your people were in such bad spots? how could you not know, as secretary of state, that people in libya had made 600 requests for additional security? you want to be our commander in chief? what kind of outfit did you run when you were secretary of state? [applause] the closest thing she has ever come to to being commander in chief was when she was in charge of the state department. and on her watch, four people were killed by al qaeda terrorists. and before the attack, she let them down.
9:01 pm
during the attack, she was awol. after the attack, she lied about what happened to them. [applause] if we are not willing to talk about that with her, then we should not be running. in the military, if you performed the way she had, you would have been court-martialed and relieved from duty. [applause] on the night of the attack, she never picked up the phone to call the department of defense. can you imagine, you are the secretary of state, all hell is breaking loose in libya. we are in the most volatile region of the world, on september 11, the anniversary of the attack, and you never pick up the phone to call the department of defense?
9:02 pm
after the attack, she tells her daughter, the president, i think the prime minister of egypt, and people in libya, we know that it was not a protest caused by a video. it was a terrorist attack. she told chelsea clinton and two governments on the 11th and 12th of september that we know this is no protest caused by video. two days later, when the families met their loved ones at andrews air force base, she looked every family member in the eye and said, we are going to get the guy who made that video. a commander in chief is supposed to comfort the families of the
9:03 pm
fallen, not lie to them. [applause] when susan rice got on television five days after the attack and told the entire world there is no evidence of a terrorist attack, this was a protest caused by video, and the consulate was significantly secured, hillary clinton never said a word to correct the record. why am i talking to you about this? the world is falling apart. i have never seen more danger and threat to our homeland and i do today. the last thing you want to do is continue the foreign policy of barack obama. the worst possible outcome for those who are fighting this war is to promote hillary clinton
9:04 pm
, because when people needed her, when she should have had their backs, she was not there. [applause] some people think benghazi does not matter. it matters a hell of a lot to me. [applause] the next president of the united states needs to know what they are doing, or we will all pay a heavy price. how many of you believe isil would attack us if they could? [applause] how many of you believe iran would use a nuclear weapon, if they had one? [applause] how many of you believe what they say death to israel, they mean it? [applause] so what are you going to do
9:05 pm
about it? >> a republican in the white house. senator graham no, it is not : just getting a republican in the white house. it is coming up with a plan. having determination, a desire, will to destroy radical islam before they destroy our friends. it is about building the military and using it smartly. how many of you believe that we are going to win the war from the air? how many of you believe we to need to send troops on the ground to destroy isil? [applause] want to know what i would do? >> yes! senator graham: i would kill
9:06 pm
everyone one of these bastards i could find. [applause] i would call the ayatollah -- if he would take my call -- and say, i am not going to honor this deal. we are going to start over. [applause] how many of you believe this is a religious war we are fighting? [applause] there is nothing you can do to appease these people. they want three things. they want to purify their faith, kill every christian they can find, destroy the state of israel, and come after us. they are religious nazis. barack obama has given the most radical regime on the planet a pathway to a bomb, a missile to deliver it, and the money to pay for it.
9:07 pm
>> he is a traitor! senator graham: no, ma'am, he is not a traitor. he just doesn't know what he is doing. [applause] how many of you think iran will change for the better in the next 15 years? during the negotiation, they have toppled four arab capitals. the ink of the agreement is not dry. they put another american in jail. they have sent ground forces to syria to disrupt our operations in syria, and they have tested a missile that can reach israel and our forces in europe, in violation of u.n. sanction, and we have not done anything about it. i hope you understand that it is not just about a republican president. it is about someone who has the understanding, the background, judgment, and termination, to reset the world before it is too late. there are people on our side who are all good folks.
9:08 pm
some say let's manage the deal with iran. i say, let's tear it up. [applause] i say that the only reason they have not done more damage to the world is because they don't have the capability but they are going there. ladies and gentlemen i have , never been more worried about another 9/11 that i am right now. the first thing i would do as your president is to tell the iranians, if you want a peaceful nuclear power program, you can have it. if you want a bomb, you will never get it. and if you keep you stabilizing region, you are going to pay for it. and not a dime or another bullet until you change your behavior. i do not want a war with iran, but i would never allow the most radical, religious regime on the planet to acquire a nuclear weapon to destroy our friends in
9:09 pm
israel and then come after us. when it comes to isil, i would go to turkey, saudi arabia, jordan, egypt -- they all have big armies -- and i would say, we are going to use your army and we are going to be part of it, and we are going on the ground together to destroy isil before they hit us here at home. 90% would be them, 10% would be us. if we don't get on the ground soon in syria, there is another 9/11 coming our way. president obama constantly oversells our successes and underestimates the threat. you are going to do a lot of cheering today. a lot of red meat stuff said. i have taken a different approach for one reason. if we do not change our foreign policy soon, we are going to pay a heavy price.
9:10 pm
does that make sense to you? [applause] i have been to iraq and afghanistan 35 times. i know what works and what does not. there is no way i can defend you and your family as your commander-in-chief without some of us in the military going back to iraq and syria to make sure this does not continue to get out of hand. john kerry said today isil's days are numbered. the president said isil is contained. both of them are wrong. here is a rule of thumb, never hire someone to negotiate with the iranians who has never bought a car. [laughter] do not let someone manage the economy who has never run a
9:11 pm
lemonade stand. we have a good chance of winning this election, mainly because they have screwed up. i do not want to win the election because they screwed up, i want to win the election because we have something better to offer. i am worried -- [applause] i am worried about two things. losing the hispanic vote for a generation. they are entrepreneurial, pro-life, very patriotic. all of us want to fix illegal immigration, right? [applause] i want to do it in a fashion so that we do not have a third wave of illegal immigration. i want to fix it, and fix it forever. i want to secure the border because we must. i want to control the visa
9:12 pm
system because we have to. i want to create legal immigration because we are a declining population. in 1950, there were 16 workers for every retiree. today there are three. in 20 years, two. strom thurmond had four kids after he was 67. anybody want to do that? anybody think they can do that? join the optimist club. we will need illegal immigration in the future because we are a declining population. what i would like to do is pick people from all over the world, not just mexico. if you come here and study at a school and you have a skill we need, we will let you stay and help our businesses. don't send them back to put us out of business. as to the 11 million, here is what i believe. nobody wants a felon to stay in this country. the best way to find out who the
9:13 pm
bad people are is to give the good people a chance to come forward, and here is what i would do. if you are here illegally, raise your hand. come forward. if you can pass a criminal background check, you can stay on the following conditions -- you have to pass an english exam to stay. [applause] i do not speak english very well, but look how far i have come. [laughter] you have to pay a fine for the law you broke so that we can have money to build the border security we need. [applause] you cannot cut in line of somebody who has been patiently waiting. [applause] i do not believe we are going to deport 11 million people. [applause]
9:14 pm
we are down to 27% of the hispanic vote in 2012. i have never seen a better opportunity for the republican party to rebuild our relationship with the hispanic communities than right now. president obama has been a lousy president for people of color. [applause] here is my way forward. there are churches full of people in the hispanic and african-american community who believe just like you do. anybody here pro-life? [applause] who is the most pro-life demographic in all of america? hispanics. anybody believe in traditional marriage? [applause] what group in america believes in traditional marriage the most? african-americans.
9:15 pm
to those who say republicans have to be socially liberal to win an election, you do not know what you are talking about. republicans have to reach out to faith-based minority that share our values and form a coalition. [applause] i intend to do that if i become your nominee. let me tell you a little bit about me. i am the first in my family to ever go to college. anybody in that boat? [applause] neither one of my parents graduated high school. my dad was a world war ii veteran. we owned a liquor store, a restaurant, and a poolroom. this is why i would be a good president for you. i grew up in the back of the liquor store restaurant until i
9:16 pm
was in high school. we did not have a shower or a bathtub. i took a bath in a metal washtub. has anybody done that? my parents gave me the most important thing you could give somebody, unconditional love. my sister is nine years younger, and in 1975, we took our first vacation as a family to disney world. it is like going to mars for the graham family. the highlight of my life, i was a sophomore at the university of south carolina. go cocks! within a year of coming back, my mom was diagnosed with hopkins disease, and she died. life was good one minute, and the next minute it was awful. we got wiped out because we were underinsured.
9:17 pm
we were broke. i do not need a lecture from a democrat about health care. and i don't need a lecture about being broke. 15 months later, my dad died. i am 22. my sister is 13. if it was not for my family, friends, and faith, i would not be standing here today. [applause] if it was not for social security coming into my family to help my sister, we would not have made it. i am 60 and i'm not married, i don't have any kids, i would give up some of my social security benefits to save a system worth saving. ladies and gentlemen, put me in the ring with her. we will have a good discussion about how to defend this nation and how to take it in a new direction. if you want to change foreign policy, do not elect his secretary of state. she is the one that started this mess with the russians and the iranians.
9:18 pm
if you believe washington is out of control and your kids don't have much of a future, do not take her, because she will continue the policies obama has put in place. thank you for caring about the party. [applause] i do not need to be told about the american dream, i have lived it. can you go from the back of the liquor store to the senate? yes. can you go from the back of the liquor store to the white house? i don't know. [laughter] help me, if you can. pray for our country. [applause] ♪
9:19 pm
mike huckabee: thank you. i flew all night from las vegas on the redeye to get here. i just wanted to say that to you because normally i've used to people of the audience going to sleep during my speech is. -- speeches. this may be the one time i go to sleep and you might have to wake me up. i hope not. i'm spending most of my time these days on airplanes. just about two weeks ago on a friday night, i have been in south carolina on my way to cedar rapids, iowa and got as far as atlanta. you know when you had to go to atlanta first. when i die and go to heaven i will stop in atlanta on the way. i was in atlanta in the flight
9:20 pm
got delayed. and then delayed again and then again. at first it was because the plane cannot come in. then the plane came in but we do not have a crew. this was about two hours late and it's 1:00 in the morning when we get to cedar rapids which is already not a pleasant thought. the gate agent was trying to keep everyone up and chipper and not ready to go on a complete rebellion against him. he gets on the pa system and he says "ladies and gentlemen we are hoping the crew will be here any minute. they are delayed. i know you're ready to get the cedar rapids. when anyone here like to volunteer to fly the plane the cedar rapids?" and we all did exactly what you just did. we laughed out loud. as tired and frustrated as we all were, everybody in the gate area laughed out loud because the thought that any of us would be as foolish to get on an
9:21 pm
airplane was somebody who just volunteered to do the job, we all thought that was nuts. get on thegoing to airplane flown by somebody who would never been in a cockpit. i want to suggest to you that when you are thinking about electing somebody president, maybe it would be helpful that a person had been at least in the cockpit before. that it is not an entry-level job to be president of the united states. it might be a little harder than that. i want to suggest to you that in one way, i don't have anybody he was better prepared to take on the battle with hillary than me because nobody else has ever had to face the clinton political machine like i did because every election i was ever involved in was against the bill and hillary clinton political apparatus. folks, when i hear people say
9:22 pm
you need a fighter, i said you've never seen a fight until you had a fight the clinton political machine. when i first got elected, first republican in 25 years and only the fourth and 150 years in arkansas which of that time was the most lopsided state in the country. more democrats, fewer republicans than any other state in the country including california, oregon, vermont, maine, massachusetts, new jersey, new york you name , it. and they were so excited about me being there that after i was sworn in to be lieutenant governor of walked down the hall to take my office and try to open the door. he was nailed shut. from the inside. literal nails. webb hubbell, who at the time was working at the white house and made a phone call back to the state capital and said get him. i had done something to was not supposed to be done. i defeated her hand-picked candidate, the one they had
9:23 pm
financed right out of the white house, had campaigned for. there was no way i was supposed to win the election. that door stayed nailed shut for 59 days before it finally was opened. when it was opened all the office furniture and equipment had been taken out. it was an empty space. i get on elevators and people would get off. the system was incredibly corrupt. i got reelected lieutenant governor. and then when the governor was convicted of whitewater related felonies i became the governor. it got so bad as we started pursuing the corruption in the state, over 17 elected officials indicted, tried, and sentenced. we got to say the five most feared word of the politician in arkansas was "will be defendant please rise?" [applause] [laughter] i will tell you. if we don't stop the corruption
9:24 pm
in our nation's capital, our great republic will not and cannot survive. we must stop that which is killing this great country. [applause] people ask me all the time what i think the most important issues are. the economy, national security? i say that's like asking me which wing on the airplane is the most important. the one on the left or the one on the right. you need both. yes, we have to fix our economy. i am the one candidate that believes that tinkering with the current tax code is inadequate approach. we need to do something bigger, bolder, and something that will bring rocket fuel to the fact that for the bottom 90% of american workers their wages have been stagnant for the past 40 years. it is the single most important thing that has to happen in this country. for america to prosper again. i don't think that will happen if all we do is just rearrange
9:25 pm
some of the pages of the 77,000 pages of the tax code. i suggest we scrap it all together, implement the fair tax which we would pay tax on consumption, not on productivity. [applause] there are several things that would happen if we did that. $31 trillion of offshore capital would come back to america. do you think that might just use the economy a little bit? what about manufacturing in america. why don't we do that? we tax capital and labor. you can create the design of an iphone and america, but you make it in china because if you make it in america 20% of the embedded costs of the taxes that go into it will be part of the price. if you make it in china, that 22% tax is not there. wouldn't it be better not only to design things and create
9:26 pm
things, and animate things in america, but to make them in america so americans would be getting the jobs and making things again. the fair tax helps us to get that done. [applause] our economy is in trouble because every time we see wages start to go up the fed begins to make decisions to artificially adjust the value of currency. which means the people who are working end up seeing their dollar not worth as much because for some reason for 40 years that has been so afraid that people's wages would go up. as a result they have not. in the 25 years between 1948 and 1971, wages for americans went up by 85%. they have been stagnant for the past or the years. -- 40 years. a lady that cleans the building at our headquarters in little rock, her name is kathleen. two weeks ago i was at the
9:27 pm
headquarters late one evening. kathleen was in the building. i got to talking to her and i said kathleen, do you work another job? she said she did. she works at a hospital all day long. get off at 5:00 and comes to work for the people that owned the building. how many hours a day to you work? 15. 15 hours a day. let me suggest to you that kathleen is not working 15 hours a day because she really, really enjoys scrubbing toilets, vacuuming other people methods, and wiping up the count -- counter they made from lunch. she is working 15 hours a day because that is what it takes just to survive. not get ahead. just to survive. there is something wrong in a great country when so many has to work 15 hours a day, at hard work.
9:28 pm
to be able to feed a family . the sad thing is we don't have a strong enough economy so she can have time to be with her own family. if we can get the economy fixed, we also need to make sure we keep this country safe. i was delighted to hear today it appears we have gotten jihadi john. [applause] i think from all indications he is dead. not a moment too soon. we have to take the fight to the people who want to kill less. there is nothing to negotiate. they don't want a piece of land. they don't want a better seat at the united nations. they want to kill every last one of us. we have to come to the place where we acknowledge who they are, what they are about and go after radical islamic jihadists with all of the full force of united states and build the strongest, most powerful,
9:29 pm
potent, the absolute best trained, best equipped, best financed military in the history of the world. because the only way to keep our men and women from having to go to a constant war is having the kind of military that nobody ever wants to have to fight with. strength will keep us at peace and strong. [applause] even if we can get both of those wings on the airplane working not fine, the airplane does fly without a steering mechanism. america can't fly without the steering mechanism of a strong moral foundation where we understand the old-fashioned virtues of work in honor and decency and family really do matter. somehow we have got to again rekindle our notions that our system of government cannot function in a vacuum. it simply cannot.
9:30 pm
get back to our understanding of what it means. we face many divisive issues. among them immigration. will he say we never seem to do it.
9:31 pm
it's not just a matter of keeping people out the making sure that the people who come in want to come here and work at and help us build a greater america. it's not a matter of closing people out. they want to be a part of making this country even better with their skills and their hopes and their aspirations. but you cannot do that if you don't control the border itself. i want to be very clear. we can get this done. we can get it done in less than a year. that wrote the 1700 miles long and we built in less than a year. put thedent i will director of homeland security in laredo texas you are not leaving until we secure the border. it will be done in less than a year.
9:32 pm
rational about bringing people to this country. --ple who can continue contribute to our prosperity our success. us not have an immigration policy that displaces americans. under the age believe one process. i know i am in orlando. happy for thevery disney workers who were replaced by foreign workers because they were willing to work for a lot less money. the disney workers were required to train their foreign replacements. america can treat its people better than that. immigration should not be about seeing if we can displace american workers.
9:33 pm
we need to make sure that everyone who comes here is coming to contribute to something greater than themselves. let me mention this. sometimes my fellow republicans want to say that they would bring real cuts to social security. let us means tested. let's cut benefits. i think a better idea than cutting the social security benefits would be to grow the economy because of our economy was growing in just 4% year you wouldn't have to even talk about .utting any benefits you would be able to make up the needs of social security and medicare. social security is not a welfare program. it is the earned benefit of the
9:34 pm
people who involuntarily had that money taken out of their checks for years. the government should keep their hands off of it. it is a matter of america keeping its promise to the people who never got a choice as to whether they can make those contributions are not. seeking of promises. one group of americans deserve the first fruits of our treasury. we acknowledge them on veterans day. an embarrassment to this country that we asked people to put on a uniform and fight for this country and stand between bullets and bombs and the rest of us, having promised them that they will receive health care because they have served their country. when they get back, we don't keep our promise to them.
9:35 pm
one way to do it is to make sure that the president and every member of congress get their health care from the v.a. until they get it fixed. one of the great incredible joys manyi've ever had is to go many times to israel. 1973 when i was only 17 years old. i have been back dozens of times. place becauseable you can only explain it by god's hand being involved. of the reasons i feel such an affinity for the nation of israel is that i sense when america was like in our early days.
9:36 pm
we knew that the only explanation for the united states of america was god's promise. there is no other explanation. they challenge the greatest army in the history of the world at that time, the british army. no way we could take them on and when. but we did. we did it because we had some incredible people on whose shoulders we enjoy our freedom. , thedecided that liberty ability to think our own thoughts and speak our own words, was more valuable than any other concept or belief that we could ever hold. forget wheref we we have come from.
9:37 pm
if we forget our responsibility in this world of ours. i can only hope that god will forgive us for being so forgetful. token, if we cannot camaraderie and our and those whoael mirror our values, got i hope will forgive us for that. the truth is, i am not sure he will. i'm not sure he should. there is a better option than having to beg god's forgiveness. that is for us to be america again. the right thing for the right reason. for those people who come after us. i amhave often said,
9:38 pm
running for president because i have five grandkids and i do not want to walk my five grandkids of the charred remains of a once great country called america. here you go kids. debt.illion in cronyism hase created such a corrupt environment in washington that six out of the 10 richest counties in what in america surround washington dc. has fedthe donor class the political class and takes the working class in the teeth. we can do better than that. i hope to have your vote for president of the united states thank you and god bless you. thank you very much.
9:39 pm
♪ our road to the white house coverage continues tomorrow. bobby jindal, chris christie and john kasich as well as carly fiorina are scheduled to speak. our live coverage begins at 10:00 eastern time on c-span. we continue with republican at thential candidates florida republican sunshine summit. coming up we will hear from jeb bush, donald trump and ben carson. ♪
9:40 pm
bush: thank you so much. i appreciate you. thank you friends. thank you. it is good to be amongst winners. the republican party in florida wins. we win because we are united and we believe in conservative principles. principled officials. they do their jobs and we like it. even though there are more democrats in the state and republicans, we win. and i am proud of that. talking about winning, when i win this election in november to restore america's greatness again, that is what we need to
9:41 pm
do. we need to have a candidate who , who hasven record applied conservative principles to lift people up in a way that people can see. but from theington practical world. business and eight years as a reform minded governor. that is the kind of record that can take on hillary clinton. hillary was a u.s. senator for eight years. do not how many bills she sponsored the became law? three. renaming a highway, naming a post office and naming a .onument compare that to a record of taking on very powerful interests. we took on the teachers union.
9:42 pm
first statewide vouchers program in the country. yesterday inigan grand rapids. it reminded me of when i was running for reelection because we took on the public unions long before there were all sorts of controversies. you can fire someone for cause. government workers now work better because there is a consequence if they don't work. the michigan they had union members come down here to try to take me out. the teachers union also did the same thing, supporting my opponent. won. we won a landslide.
9:43 pm
need a few big things fixed so that people can rise up. if you want to talk her, maybe i'm not your guy. more, thatwant to do i am your guy. we desperately need to win so we can reshape the culture in washington dc. the lobbyists have total control of how things work. congressnt who defies uses powers he doesn't have the try to impose his own agenda without any dialogue. you have gridlock where nothing happens. even when they agree, they can make it happen. we need to have people from outside of washington to go there with concrete agenda to fix things. here is my agenda. i will fight for a balanced budget amendment.
9:44 pm
america will have to balance its budget just like tallahassee does. a six year ban for elected officials. the backan't go around door and start lobbying their peers. i will propose a version of a line-item veto. and can go to washington dc bring discipline to a budget that is out of control. employmentze federal so that we reduce the government workforce just as we did in florida. 11% reduction in the state workforce. reform in ase tax way that will lower taxes for people. a month ago i had a chance to people that are serving in the national guard.
9:45 pm
their total taxes under my plan would go down by $2300. they are going to build a business. in america say we have oppressive rules that hillary thinks are good ideas. more businesses are closing than being formed. inflorida we lead the nation small business creation each year that i was governor. we have to shift the power away from washington dc and back to the states and the families. this is not about the big personalities on the stage. this is about the people that desperately want to be able to live their lives the way they want to. taxes and removing regulations will create a boom of investment in this country.
9:46 pm
hillary is wrong. she said president obama of a great oade one out of 10 americans have either been unemployed or have given up on working altogether. that is a sorry state of affairs that we need to reverse. and we get it right, focus on regulation by shifting and we create a tax code that creates hundreds of millions of dollars of investment, we can grow our way back to prosperity. the country still has ability to outcompete anybody anywhere any time. [applause]
9:47 pm
if we grow our economy at a fast rate, which i believe we can do, and we reject the whole idea of the new normal being 2% growth, we can do it. obama and hillary they say that the american dream is over. we'll have to become more dependent on government. economy way to grow our is to a safe and secure america. one president is the first in the postwar era to believe that american leadership is a bad thing. mr. president, you are wrong on this one. america has to lead. havee what happens when we a president who speaks with but allowsiosity
9:48 pm
russia to invade a country, ukraine. a president who draws red lines but never follows up. the russians are laughing all the way to the bank. allows the creation of battle tested islamic terrorists organized just destroy western civilization. back, avoid is void is filled by terrorists. i will put commander-in-chief.
9:49 pm
we need to restore our military and create a 21st century strategy. respect the military. that our veterans administration is much better than it is today. $142 million of bonuses for veterans were not given out. only three people were fired because of this outrageous behavior. as president, i will fix the veterans administration just as we did in tallahassee. [applause] there is a big difference , which our philosophy
9:50 pm
believes in individual responsibility and individual creating more prosperity in benefits than any government program, that is an optimistic message. the ability to discover cures for disease. the ability to innovate in a way that is just mind-boggling. but we have to fix some very complex things. people need to have hope again. i believe that life is a gift from god. it is divinely inspired from beginning to end. people are not liabilities. theiron't need to have lives managed because they are not capable of doing it. everybody should have a chance to make a difference. republicans will win if we embrace that philosophy. believes that people are liabilities and we have to get in line and they will take
9:51 pm
care of us. that is not how it works. in 1998i was a candidate for governor. schools. 250 i walked around and i listened i learned. in the world today you have to be the big guy on stage and talk trash. listening and learning is the way that you lead. i was in a town hall meeting. a friend of mine angrily challenged me by saying you care about my family. she was living in a wheelchair. she had huge challenges physically.
9:52 pm
she said i didn't care and i .ouldn't convince her i used humor and i tried to connect. it just didn't work. youid that i haven't met but i tell you what. when you teach me? i will be your student and you be the teacher. she took me up on it. i saw people treated with dignity and respect. we went to the institutional care where was very expensive. we went to places of employment where we saw people with different abilities. employees that were different saw them in a different light. saw them as a gift from god. this whole experience transformed my thinking.
9:53 pm
elected. elected. a federal judge summoned me to miami florida. now i know that the federal judges love to take over everything. but we will make sure that never happens again. i promised that he could give me six months i would transform these programs. i did it. we went to the legislature for partners. families, they got their loved one off the waiting list. here's the deal. if you truly believe that people are assets, then we need to with them up. we need to make sure that they
9:54 pm
have the capacity to achieve success. every person matters. everybody has a contribution to make. i am a conservative republican who believes that in my heart. the most vulnerable in our society need to be in the front of the line, not the back of the line. the other people can do better with a little less government. we need to be on their side. she is now a republican. elections ifo win we can help people who want to be lifted up. last year and a woman in jacksonville. she grew up in north jacksonville in a tough neighborhood. difficult circumstances. in her school she was held back
9:55 pm
two years of the row. .he was angry you can't change that life, people said. together, werk created the first large statewide voucher program in the country. the program for the mckay scholarship as well. the most ambitious effort to reform an open up our schools. i had to fight those teachers unions. it was a mighty struggle but we won. her godmother found out about the corporate scholarship program she got her into a christian school in jacksonville. you that week i bet
9:56 pm
her teacher put her arm around this little child. she said that god loves you and i love you. you can do this. she overcame those two years of being held back. family the first of her to graduate from high school and college and now she's getting a masters degree. i tell you the stories because it is not about the big personalities on the stage. it is not about who can give the .reat quip it is about building a society that is loving and aspirational. the interaction of all of us together. it creates more prosperity, more than any government
9:57 pm
program ever could. that is what we have to believe. that is how we will win. if you are looking for a candidate who has a proven record, a conservative record of cutting taxes, shrinking the eliminating the things that were no longer necessary. i am your god. guy. if you want candidate who can take on hillary clinton, and her notion that there is always another spending program and another regulation and another guy.i am your i'm expressing my belief in the greatness of this country. mission, isbe our
9:58 pm
how we win. thank you very much. i love you. [applause] [no audio] [applause] [applause]
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♪ ♪ ♪ mr. trump: thank you so much. this is nice. wow. must tell you i was watching on television about three hours ago -- i was watching other candidates. this place was empty. now it is full. [laughter] mr. trump: it was empty. i hate to say it. now it is full. it's tough. i wonder -- i know. thank you, darling. i was waiting on you. [laughter] i guarantee cal cameron, and the people in the media, will not report that.
10:08 pm
i know how their minds work. came 34% for trump, 19% for carson, for, 7% florida -- well, i have an advantage. i have thousands of jobs in florida. doral and a lot of different places. i have an advantage. florida is a very, very new poll. for trump, 16% for rubio, -- i won't tell you what bush is. too good. so coming over, i was watching news. actually two major anchors from networks who were very nice today. they said whether you like it or not, trump said this. they are bombing the hell out of
10:09 pm
the oil fields. do you believe it? been saying they should have done that for two years now. they are taking the wealth away from isis. if you remember when i said, everybody said, oh, you can't do that. you can't do that. i said why can't you do it it? frankly, we shouldn't have gone to iraq. we shouldn't have gone out. when we did go out, we should have kept the oil, not just the oil. we should have kept the oil. we should have given the soldiersof the great that were killed and badly wounded and badly injured and our wounded warriors, we should have given them a lot of money from the oil fields. we got nothing. we got nothing. we got absolutely nothing. are bombing the oil fields and it is about time. correct. stand up whoever said that. that's very smart. stand up, darling. beautiful.
10:10 pm
it is about time. anchors said whether you like it or not, donald trump predicted it. i wrote in book in 2000. said osama bin laden. he's a bad guy. he's going to do damage to our country. we better do something to stop him. this was two years before the world trade center came down because of him. great one, anchor, a joe scarborough, on the show the gave him themebody book. look at this. trump predicted two years before 18 months to be exact. he had the name osama bin laden "the america we deserve." it was a book i did. successful book. my new book is really successful. "crippled america." to go everybody is going out and buy it.
10:11 pm
that's really successful. when he say obama osama bin laden was going to come and do damage? before the world trade center dame down. you have to know what you are doing. need people that know what they are doing. so -- so you just take a look. now we're on the subject that i lot about.w a it is called immigration. had i not come out in the world remarks at trump tower when i announced i was running for president and had i talked about illegal immigration, i don't think you would be talking about it today. ted cruz and i watch fightingio, they are over who is tougher. who is tougher? wasme tell you something, i tougher when it wasn't very
10:12 pm
politically popular to be tough. lot of heat. rush limbaugh said nobody has taken more incoming and especially i never heard in the context talking about the media. ever taken more incoming than donald trump. i did. i was going. lot ofi was taking a abuse from those characters right back there. a lot of abuse. [applause] trump: then people started to say trump is right. a lot of problems being caused. had i not done that and major part --s a because i have friends that live in different parts of the country. texas or arizona or los angeles where they have a a huge problem, and i knew what was going on in the country. it is a serious problem. it is a really serious problem.
10:13 pm
and you have great people that the countryto illegally. you have some very bad people. you take a look at some of the in l.a. and rough gangs. these are rough dudes. elected, if i become president, those people will out of here. guys are gone and fast. i mean gone. [applause] mr. trump: they are coming back. we're going to put them where they came from. to put them in the prisons and take care of years.r 345 it is not going to happen that way. they are gone. to build a wall. it is going to be a real wall. it is not going to be one of the walls where they drive jeeps over the top and screw up lives of thed the children and everybody else. it is going to be a real wall. a trumpgoing to be wall. okay? it is going to be a real wall. i know how to do it. believe me.
10:14 pm
you know, something i never talked about opo, the old post office, great building in washington, d.c. in between exactly in between the white house and the capitol on pennsylvania avenue. i'm building it. everybody wanted that building. it.t in the obama administration. can you believe? sought after property probably in the history of gsa, everybody, every hotel company it, waldorf hisstoria. the biggest backer of obama wanted it, and i have got it. got it for a specific reason. we had the greatest plan, the best plan. the best or among the best financial. they want to make sure it is done and done right. gsa folks are fantastic and professionals. in the obama administration, i
10:15 pm
got it. now it is ahead of schedule. to open in 17. now we think we're going to get or decemberovember of 2016. we're almost a year ahead of schedule. underahead of schedule, budget, aren't they nice words when you hear about the projects the country build where they are 1,000 times over budget. so i'm under budget, ahead of schedule, it is going to be, i greatest hotel in america. i already have the greatest hotel in america. in chicago. but the greatest hotel in america. it is going to be something that's going to make a lot of people proud. i know how to build. realwall is going to be a wall. that's going to be a really powerful wall. be a beautiful wall because some day they will probably name it after trump. it's got to be beautiful. the trump wall. it will be called the trump wall. [applause] mr. trump: it is going to have
10:16 pm
a door in it. a big, beautiful door. people are going to come into the country, because i want them to. do you. they've got to come in legally. they've got to come in legally. they've got to come in legally. [applause] mr. trump: i said the bad ones out so you know that hillary clinton -- she will be so bad. back so set the country far so fast if we have to go through four years of the bedlam the turmoil with clinton the whole world blew up around her. look at what's she's done. up.whole world blew it is like we're a different world. isis, iraq, libya, benghazi, all these things -- look at
10:17 pm
what's happened to the middle east and the world. asbe kerry will go down being a worst secretary of state as even hillary. a deal with iran that could be one of the most incompetent transactions that i've ever witnessed in my life any kind.d -- of the bad going to get dudes out, we're going to build the wall, and we're going to herethe people that are illegally and we've got to move them out. we're a country of laws. to remain that way. we need a border. you can't have a country if you a border. wasof the sudden the news talking about dwight eisenhower. eisenhower.ked except general mcarthur. really understand
10:18 pm
eisenhower. to find a general like mcarthur and we're going to like georgeal patton. we have them. orre going to find a patton a mcarthur. we have them. well because as they use foul language. they are tough, mean, they are nasty. guys, i wantmean smart. if they are mean, that's good, but i want smart. i would somebody really, really tough, but really, really, really smart. guys, butot of tough they are not smart. we're going to find somebody. good at that. we're going to find somebody that's so tough and so smart. oure going to build up military. we're going to make it so powerful and so strong that nobody is ever going to mess with us, folks. nobody. nobody. [applause] we're going to take care of our vets.
10:19 pm
we're going to take care of our being treatedot in many cases as well as the illegal immigrants. illegalot the immigrants being treated better than our vets. going to do we're going to -- by the way, we're doing to terminate and replace it with something much better. much, much better. [applause] mr. trump: but because the topic is so hot, i'm going to off with immigration. we're going to triple up the number of the border patrol. these border patrol guards are phenomenal. i met them. in laredo, texas a couple of months ago. tremendous people. they want to do their job. they can't. they are told to stand down. stand down. people walk right in front of them, wave at them, hi. hi. hi. hi. guess what? i just become an american citizen. heref these suckers out are going to pay for me for the
10:20 pm
next 85 or 90 years. what's happening. they are told to stand down. when i'm there, they are not going to be told to stand down. they are going to be told the opposite. believe me. believe me. to triple up the number. now with eisenhower's plan, you know a lot of people never heard of it. plan.ay there was no now they found out i'm right. turned out i was right on the anchor baby. you can't come into the country. you are illegal. sit down, you you have your baby, and take care of the baby for the next 85 years. you need a constitutional amendment. it will take 15 years. it will never happen. you don't. you don't. you need a simple act of congress. need that.ot even for years people thought you go to mexico, try having a baby in mexico, and say that baby is going to be a mexican citizen. it. they would laugh at you so hard.
10:21 pm
they would laugh so hard. we're run by incompetent people. our leaders are incompetent. incompetent people. i know many of them. not only don't they have don'tss ability, not only they have heart, but they don't have common sense. sense.f it is common a lot of it is leadership. we certainly have no leader. tell you. so we're going to triple up the ice officers. going to nationwide. what people don't say is when they move them out, they moved out a million and a half. also with truman they moved him out. you know what happened? people started seeing they are moving them out. people started leaving. many people started leaving. they said, oh, man, this is too tough. of here.ting out
10:22 pm
huge numbers of people just left. from a job standpoint. the people are taking jobs away from our people. 100 millione to people. you know our real number for jobs unemployment is down to 5.2. let me tell you, every time i go 10,000 people, 5,000 people -- i just told you this room was empty on television two hours ago. now it is full. 5.2%-- if you had a real unemployment, this room would be empty, and i wouldn't be drawing 25,000 people to speeches. believe me. believe me. that's the way it is. to defundgoing sanctuary cities, because sanctuary cities are a disgrace. they are a disgrace. [applause] mr. trump: i have a great in san francisco.
10:23 pm
the great america building. i love san francisco. killedte was brutally and shot in the back by an illegal immigrant who was than fiveere more times. they they five times. we're not going to let that happen again. wonderful veteran, 66-year-old woman, was raped, sodomized, and killed in los angeles, i'm not going to let that happen anymore. i'm not going to let that happen anymore. immigrants. we're stopping with the sanctuary cities. we're not going to do the catch. you know we have the catch and release. and release. unbelievable. birthright citizen, the anchor baby, it is over. it is not going to happen. hundreds of thousands of people
10:24 pm
a year. some from all over the world. it is over. not going to happen. going to hire americans. we're going to take care of the immigrants. heard of the d.r.e.a.m. act? it isn't for our children. it is for other children that come into the country. want the d.r.e.a.m. act to be for our children. [applause] fantastic so it is a honor to be with you. this was one of those deals me.e it was very nice for i heard you are given 20 minutes to speak. i'm right down the road in palm beach. it came up. i speak for 25 minutes. i get the hell out of here. done a good job. crazy. but i have a little bit of an expression before we leave. more and saying it
10:25 pm
more. ise said the american dream dead. but i'm going to make it bigger and stronger than ever before. we're going to bring it back. back going to bring it better than ever before. is election that's coming up so important because we can't go four years ofr division.mpetence of believe it or not, i'm going to bring people together. decisivey you are a figure. i'm not. i'm the opposite. i thought that obama and i hoped -- i said he is totally unqualified. the one thing he is going to be cheerleader and bring people together. he turned out to be a disaster as a cheerleader. he turned out to be totally devicive. have thought this is possible? not only has he been a terrible a devicivehe's been president. it is not going to happen.
10:26 pm
going to end with a statement. i see hats all over the audience. is;know the what statement right? do you know what the statement is, folks? right. look. that's right. you know that; right? >> you know it. you know it. this has to become very popular. going to make america great again. to make america better -- and i really believe than ever before. we are going to win a trade. start beating china. we have a trade imbalance of china. this year should be about 500 and $5 billion. believe that? billion.n $70 with mexico, who will by the the wall.or
10:27 pm
mexico we have an imbalance of $45 billion and growing all the time. is moving there. nabisco, they make oreos, they to mexico. i'm never eating another other i'm telling you. never. we're going to make america great again. americaing to make better than ever before. we're going to win so much. you people are going to be so proud of your president. we are going to win so much. on trade.g to win we're going to win at military. we're going to win with health care. going to win. we don't win anymore. we don't win anymore. nobody can talk about when was last time we had a victory. we don't have victories anymore. win so much and you are going to be very, very your country. thank you very much. thank you. thank you very much. appreciate it.
10:28 pm
[applause] mr. trump: thank you. thank you, everybody.
10:29 pm
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mr. carson: thank you. thank you very much. thank you. absolutely delighted to be back home in florida.
10:36 pm
[cheering] mr. carson: i become a florida years ago couple of when i retired. you know, i was looking to escape the people's republican of maryland. was just sort of scouring the whole country to see where would be the best place to move? you know, florida appealed to us taxes. of the but having moved here it is such a pleasant place. it is such a beautiful place. i don't know why everybody live here. i'm glad they don't. it is wonderful to be here. know, just this wonderful is the fact that we're lucky to live in the united states of america. you know, there are so many bad mouth oure to country and talk about how we're all evil.f have you noticed there are a lot of people trying to get in here
10:37 pm
trying a lot of people to escape? it tells you there's something about it.l it is still the land of dreams. and have you ever noticed thing as an a american dream? not a portuguese dream. swedish dream. there's only an american dream. something incredibly special about our nation and the values that made us into a great nation. in no worry to give those things away for political correctness. i hate that. [applause] mr. carson: i see such dangerous trending in our country. storieseard all of the this week about the students at university of missouri and vanderbilt, yale, trying to shut
10:38 pm
down people who disagree with them. teachinglike we're not civics anymore in our schools. people need to know there's such a thing as the united states constitution and that there's a and there'sts freedom of speech and expression in our country. really must begin to emphasize that. in terms of the american dream, medicine. was there was nothing else that appealed to me more than medicine. policemanright over and fireman. i went straight to doctor. i live anything that had to do with medicine. i even liked going to the doctor's office. gladly sacrifice a shot just so i could smell the alcohol swab. i was just -- crazy. anything to do with it was just with me. you know there was some problems early on. about it.n
10:39 pm
poverty after my parents were divorced. you know my mother was an incredible person. she didn't have much in the way of education. she had a difficult life. had common sense. that seemed to be something that a greatple who have deal of education don't have. you know, particularly in our government. you know? [applause] do carson: she would everything that she could to really create a situation of comfort for us. would go to the goodwill and buy a pair of panting with a big hole in the knee back before that was fashionable, and then she would get patches and put the knees. people would have where did you get those pants? go late at night on a saturday night and the haymarket
10:40 pm
square. before it closed and the farmers, you know, they would almost give stuff away. you could get stuff and bring it home and can it. knew how to stretch a dollar. heruly feel that even with lack of education, if she were the secretary of treasury, we not be in a deficit situation. put it that. [applause] terriblen: i was a student. i really didn't think i was very smart. thes the one sitting in back of the classroom cracking jokes and shooting paper wads. me the dummy.ed my mother was the only one who believed in me. she was always saying benjamin, much too smart to bring home grades like this. anyway.t them home she was always being encouraging and telling you what you could
10:41 pm
be. know, she prayed and asked god what could she do to get her sons to understand the important of intellectual development. you know the good thing about god? you don't have to have a phd to talk to him. you just have to have faith. you know? [cheering] forcarson: she prayed wisdom and god gave her the wisdom. at least in her opinion. brother and i didn't think it was all that wise. i mean turning off the tv. of wisdom is that? as far as we were concerned, abuse.s child to add insult to jury we had to piece everyks a week and submit to her written book reports which she couldn't read. didn't know that. she would put check marks and underlines.nd i was not at all happy about this. her friends could say you can't boys stay in a house reading books. and hate you. up
10:42 pm
i would say mother, you know, they are right. it didn't matter. do it.l had to you know, one of the things that when i wassliked growing up was poverty. hate rats,ome people roaches, snakes. poverty. that is until i started reading those books. i started reading about people of great accomplishment all kinds of different fills. it becomes apparent to me after while that the person who has the most to do with what happens is you.n life it is not somebody else. [applause] carson: that to was highly liberating. didn't mind something poor, because i realized that was a situation that i could change.
10:43 pm
that it only need be temporary. if somebody is temporary, then tolerate it quite easily than if you think it is a for you. situation you know, i started learning all kinds of things. i went from the bottom of the top of a class in the year and a half. the same kids who were calling saying,nt were now bennie, bennie, how do you work this problem? say sit at my feet, youngster, while i instruct you. was perhaps a little obnoxious. tosure felt good to say that those turkeys. when you stop and think about the human brain and what we're capable of. and you also stop to think about this nation end education. great divide.he it doesn't matter what your ethnic background and what your financial background is. education, youod
10:44 pm
write your own ticket. this is something that we have emphasize again. we have let the victimizers come in and make they are ak that victim that somebody is keeping them down. and, you know, the main thing that keeps a person down is way of think about. now this is not to say that some furtheron't start behind in eight ball than others do. you have to go out into the world. you know, i've visited 57 countries. not 57 states. [laughter] mr. carson: you know, look at billions of so many people in the world live. to realizeickly come
10:45 pm
that in our country, there are abundant opportunities for people who are willing to really recognize that maybe they do have to work a little bit harder in order to achieve that dream. we need to work hard on that. know, i hear people all the must haveg carson grown up very poor. had government -- assistance. now he wants to remove the safety nets. that's a bunch of crap that the there to make out me seem like a bad guy so the poor people won't listen. that's not what i want to do. what i want to do is create ladders of opportunity that people to climb up and become part of the successful fabric of the country. do.'s what we need to
10:46 pm
[cheers and applause] carson: and we also need to reorient ourselves in terms of what is responsible to provide ladder? you know, the government started thinking it was responsible. really kind of started with woodrow wilson. it kind of culminated with lyndon johnson and the war on poverty. how did that work out? $19 trillion later, we have ten times more people on food poverty,ore people on welfare, broken homes out of wedlock birthing, crime, incarceration -- everything is not only worse, it is much worse, because it is not the government's responsibility. it is our responsibility to take of people. [applause]
10:47 pm
now many people in the government read our constitution the wrong way. when they look at the preamble and it says promote the general they think that means put everybody on general welfare. means at all.t it it means we need to treat everybody the same and create atmosphere forof people to succeed. my whole professional career was spent looking out for of children. trying to give them longevity and quality of life. and now you look at what's going and you realize that they are not going to have quality of we make a change in what's going on in the country right now. [applause] mr. carson: you know, if i were in charge of america and i was trying to destroy it, you know
10:48 pm
would do? i would try to drive wedges between all of the people. have a war on woman, ageal wars, income wars, wars, religious wars, i would have democrats hating republicans hating democrats, and i would create every wedge that i would possibility do recognizing that a house divided against itself stand and then the next do is i would -- i destabilize the country financially. suchld drive the debt to unsustainable levels it would collapse. invite people in and give them all kinds of benefits. telling people in the country you need to get on food stamps. giving people free phones. thatld be telling people
10:49 pm
they can go to college for free. i would be doing all of this stuff. try to destroy the military. navyld have the smallest since 1917, the smallest air wouldsince 1940, i encourage the sequester to cut the heart out of the personnel telling majors and lieutenant colonels and captains you don't to reapply. we don't need you anymore. a meddling of all of the internal affairs so that getgenerals would discouraged and retire prematurely, and i would tell much i love how them, but i would do nothing to themrt them and 22 of would be committing decide every day. i wouldn't do anything about our infrastructure. i would let the electric grid knowing itesperate, puts us in great jeopardy. i would take us out of the space
10:50 pm
all of thesethat inventions came out of the space program and that in the future, who controls space controls the earth. that's what i would do if i were destroy. to what's going on coincidental. i'm sure. [cheers and applause] it carson: but, you know, gives you a very good idea of what it is that we're up against. going to require in order to fix this? things that wef can do to immediately begin to turn things around. the election next year is going
10:51 pm
critical.lutely because if we don't win that get anotherd we progressive in there, and they two or three supreme court picks, we are toast as a nation. happen.t let that i bringon -- the reason because i want everybody in here to realize have a roll to play in making sure that doesn't happen. in 2012, 93 million votedans who could have didn't vote. million evangelicals didn't vote. they sat on their hands. some of those people. we have to convince them that when they don't vote they are voting. but they are voting the wrong
10:52 pm
way. [applause] it is critical that what theem educated on factors are and abolish this yeah, i agreell, with them on 90% of stuff. this one thing i just can't vote. i'll just vote for hillary, or i'll just stay home, or what -- know, that is fatal thinking. we just cannot be thinking that way this time around. you know, not everybody agrees not everybody agrees 100% on everything. i always say if two people agree about everything, one of them isn't necessary. advance to a level where we can really begin to the big picture. you know, recognize that what is getoing to have to do rid of all of these unnecessary
10:53 pm
regulations in order to get our economy rolling again. you know when i say unnecessary regulations, i'm talking about cost-benefit ratio. to examine every single one of the regulations in terms of their cost versus benefits and if they don't meet the test, we need to get rid of them. that's as simple as that. and then you look at something obamacare. that has the employer mandate in it. is the effect of that? it used to be when you start a new business you were so proud you called your mom and you said, mom, i started a new business. employees. then the next week -- the next year you had 20. the next year you had 30. then 40. now you go, oops. i better stop. 50.n't want to hit i don't that employer mandate to kick in. destroying the fundamental backbone of growth
10:54 pm
policies. with these and then look at all of the debt accumulated in the last eight or nine years. we have doubled the national debt. well, that constrains the fed federal banking policies. they can't raise the interest rates. that's one of the things they can't do. what's the problem with that? butcher used to go to the bank and put 5% of his in his savings account every week. years, he had a nice nest egg. he could retire. that's not happening. not encouraged to loan money to small businessmen anymore to get their businesses started. these are the kinds of policies that are killing us. sanders and hillary clinton will tell you that it is because of the rich.
10:55 pm
it is not because of the rich. is because of these asinine policies that are not allowing expand.omy to so please, everybody here, use your sphere of influence to get people involved. make sure that everybody is registered, that they will come out, that they will vote, and this, thomas jefferson who said that we would reach this stage. he said the people would be non-vigilant and as a result the government would grow, expand, dominant. he said just before we turned into something else, the people of america would awaken and they would recognize what's going on. i say now is the time for us to rise up and take america back to where it should be. thank you.
10:56 pm
[cheers and applause] ♪ ♪
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>> tomorrow c-span's road to the white house coverage continues. chris christie, john kasich, as carly, as well fiorina all scheduled to speak. begins at 10:00 a.m. on c-span. the next "washington looks at online where it is and hard to track. talks about savage the action to close guantanamo
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bay. at 7:00ram begins live a.m. when your phone calls and the paris "washington journal" live on c-span. and baker says to them, i want to be a congressman. i think you are used this as a stepping stone to the senate. no, no,.w. bush says, this is not a stepping stone to the congress. i want to be president. he has yet to win a race. a sense of destiny. 10:00 p.m. night at on c-span2's booktv. jonconversation between meacham and george w. bush about
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the life of his father, george h.w. bush. louisiana book festival. meldon talked about his book. adam rothman and his book. 9:00 on "afterwards" a journaling with mental illness and substance abuse. >> i was used to the fact that nobody could pick up on the fact was sweaty and moving around and in an agitated way. thought no one knew. >> he's interviewed with representative, jim mcdermot from washington state. booktv. serious readers.
11:02 pm
>> next from baghdad, colonel warren about the strike jihadi john. they are reasonably certain they killed the target, but it still needs to be concerned. this is over 45 minutes. place before took the attacks in paris. >> good morning, everybody. sorry for the delay. steve, i want to do a sound check with you. can you hear us? >> jeff, i can hear you. i can't see you. they can hear me. will work that in the booth. we'll have you get started. ladies and gentlemen, thanks for joining us. the delay.
11:03 pm
we have with us today colonel steve warren from operation inherent resolve coming to us live from baghdad. steve, over to you financial opening remarks and just signal me if you have questions. the on steve: thanks, jeff. i appreciate it. i appreciate everyone waiting a few extra minutes while the ceremonyhonor concluded. certainly far more important than the briefing. prepared remarks that i would like to get through. we have graphics to show you saleswomen. we'll get started. across syriafold and iraq, such as the ongoing madai and baji and attack in sinjar, it is easy see them as separate and unconnected. i'm hoping to make a case and events are all
11:04 pm
continued. they are not separate and distinction. we're conducting a comprehensive, thought-ought campaign targeting and attacking multiple locations across both iraq and syria. all of the operations are focused on a single goal, degrading and ultimately defaulting isil. jeff, if you could bring up the first map. let me know when it is up. >> sure. aska sinjar area. steve: i see it. made the map to help illustrate. the red is where isil controls territory. up is north and down is south. to the east there, you see iraq and the bottom of the map. to the west or the left of the
11:05 pm
syria, of course. we've got here is trying to identify sort of for everyone what is going on, a big picture if you will. blue, the blue squares we sites.e major training them.s six of takata and number six is al assad. that's locations where u.s. and coalition forces are conducting training and assist operations. the green stars are what we're as the close fight. these are ongoing battles that are happening. you can see across iraq. number one, of course, is ramadi. we've isolated the city and in process of securing iraq
11:06 pm
forces. star two in the upper corner is baji. we have seized and are in the process of clearing. sinjar is number three. we'll talk about that. thee isolated it and are in process of clearing. two is many are you familiar with the city. we're beginning the isolation process. albad andr five is hadithah. that's all of the troops working together there. number six is al hall. the syriane forces are securing that town. it is noticeable a lot of the supporting.mutually
11:07 pm
number three and six is sinjar al hall. hadithahalluja, and are mutually supporting. they are died together toeeuate synergy and success across all of them. we'll look at the deep fight. deep fight number one is mosul. that's where we've been conducting disruption operations. number two is the's law where is where primary oil production capables reside. we've been conducting disruption operations there. of note eatly operation title has -- we're about halfway through the operation which is inflicting significant
11:08 pm
damage on isil's ability to fund itself. corner weer lefthand have mara. talked about the line. we have some of the forces that equippedned and outside of syria and infiltrated back. the conducting operations there holding align. thelly raqqa, self-proclaimed capitol is pump circle number four. we're continuing to conduct disruption operations. some of them in the news today. that concludes my walk through the map. i'd like to give you a quick little update on just some stats and facts and figures that we've the last the course of month. marratern syria along the line was purple circle number three, we've connected 18
11:09 pm
strikes other the last month. moving east to raqqa, we've conducted seven airstrikes. and al saqqa which number six, we've conducted 70 airstrikes. sinjar, 250 airstrikes in the last 30 days. euphrates river, that's star number five, one, four, we've connected 159 airstrikes. rivery in the tigers baji andich including mosul, we've conducted 40 airstrikes. out to point out this is a comprehensive campaign across the entire breath of the battle field. now for a few more detailed updates. is continuing their attack toward al hall.
11:10 pm
500 squaremed the kilometers, that's additional 250 since we last spoke. it is to secure the terrain and liberate the stronghold. in addition the syrian democratic forces there are helping to set conditions for the reestablishment of the north border.iraq-syria coalition iraq that supported 66 advance specifically with airstrikes. we've destroyed 13 vehicles, 94 positions, numerous 287ems, we've killed about enemy fighters. in iraq, isil has lost more than 1,800 square kilometers of terrain. of note this is about the size city in thelargest world as far as square kilometers, which by the way, is baltimore. sinjar, the coalition has
11:11 pm 250 that's part of the shaping and the assault fires for the operation there. we estimate we've killed over 200 enemy fighters in recent days. destroyed several vehicles. makemadi, they continue to progress. last week i said they were warhar. in camp secured andw cleared it. in baji, the oil refinery was formerly turned over to the ministry of oil. police, and federal pmf elements continue to conduct -- clearanceans operations of the many that are located there at refinery. targetinge coalitions the oil revenues for isil. isil's ability to fund through stolen oil from the beginning of the campaign.
11:12 pm
and we have publicly discussed before. beginning on october 21st we strike ona massive the omar oil field. since then, we've stepped up the our targetinged on other oil facilities to field andnaq oil several others. emphasize the oil field, i have four videos that haven't been seen yet. pull those up. two of them are airstrikes. two of them are the -- the are of strikes on the field near kamal, syria. videosou roll those please?
11:13 pm
11:14 pm
11:15 pm
11:16 pm
okay. your attention. this is longer than normal. we have a lot going on in the against isil. i wanted to note on the videos, we'll make them available on the web. the videos,at you'll see on each screen several inverted triangles. each one of those represents an individual target. when we talk about number of strikes and number of targets, keep ina good note to mind. one video represents one strike. you can see there's seven, eight, or nine targets inside of the strike. okay. well, that concludes my announcements. with that, we'll go to questions. who is first? >> it is leta. bait --bring us up to
11:17 pm
jihadi john strike? did the strike kill him and are that aniational details you can provide about how this happened and when this happened -- a bit more clarity on it? >> thanks. it is still a little early. thate reasonably certain we killed the target that we jihadid to kill which is john. it will take some time, as it be ableoes, for us to to declare that we know we've had success. case,ow, as it always the we have to wait. we've got several methods that determinetry to whether or not this strike successfully killed the target killed.wanted you know, we know for a fact
11:18 pm
that the weapon system hit its intended target. the personnel who were on the receiving end of that system were, in fact, killed. we have to finalize the the personnelhat were who we thought they were. develop the intelligence. it was a drone strike using a missile. it is really for us a fairly routine hvi strike. as you know, we've killed on upper levelmid to isil leader every two days since may. so for us, this is fairly routine. now this is significant, of wasse, because jihadi john somewhat of an isil celebrity, if you will, the face of the organization in many senses. think,e's certainly -- i theirificant blow to
11:19 pm
l.estige of isi majory john wasn't a tactical or strategic figure. answered my question on what it was going to mean on the battlefield. more because he was doesl known isil member, that pick his death any more significant to the coalition because he was such a galvanizing figure for the islamic state? thanks. i think his death is more for isil.t a primary recruitment tool. bar baric nature.
11:20 pm
this guy was an animal. worldg him is making the a better place. >> thanks. a i have a question regarding strategy in the person against the fight against isl. when you look at the map that us, is it safe to assume that the new strategy pursuing now rather to seizesiege in raqqa the side between raqqa and mosul at the map because al hall andusing on sinjar. both ine that strategy iraq and syria and you integrate the strategy and you are trying disconnect at the tie of the mosul and raqqa and you mentioned about the line. off of the east
11:21 pm
location of the map. you are focused on west rather where theast side russians are focusing on? marra line know the is the far west of syria. youe's nothing really -- if go farther west, you hit the mediterranean sea. i think that's tissue it makes we're focused on the entire breath of this. our focus is isil. that's what the map is designed to explain. isil,here where there's there's some form of coalition offensive activity. and it is always -- it is ground integratedivity which i think the exception there's not much ground activity now around the title wave oil field. integrated.d ground
11:22 pm
that's what we're trying to show here. not really ane is train in strategy, but it is a refinement of the strategy. as a to look at isil complete enemy. rather than look at this fight piecemeal, an individual fight we're doinge, what is applying simultaneous across the isil entire battlefield. what that does is it puts isil difficult position. any time -- there will be ground movement, attacked where there's ground movement where it is in sinjar or al hall or where it was applied along the marra line, that will cause the enemy to have to move. move, we'rehey there with air power. we're trying to cause the enemy where hen a position can't make good decisions. every decision he tries to make result in the eventual
11:23 pm
destruction. that's what the operationallizing. into aurned this complete operation focused on the enemy. >> on the jihadi john, using can youpful map, broadly give the location where the strike took place? up question.w steve: sure. i forgot to say that. four, elrcle number raqqa, he was in el raqqa when killed him. >> how did you be reasonably killed and this isn't another situation where secretary rumsfeld said we got him, and he was like a james bond villain, he lived again. how can you be reasonably certain he was killed? steve: well, this is not an exact science.
11:24 pm
so we depend on intelligence collection capabilities. we have been following the target for sometime. the intelligence indicators that gave us great confident that this individual was jihadi john. then when the opportunity presented itself with the minimal civilian casualties, we took the shot. using the same intelligence capabilities to weify that the individual killed wasn't in fact, jihadi john. of evident the level to track him? to track comprehend zarqawi in 2006? was that a 16 strike? steve: tony, i don't know all the backside intelligence that went into this. it gets up on our screen when it the execution time.
11:25 pm
execution of the operation. i don't know all of the back story of this. again from here we see this as yet another somewhat -- another taking isil leaders off of the battlefield. for us.outine operation connie mars from channel 4 news. i wanted to ask there are reports of pentagon sources quoted in saying there was john gettinghadi into the taxi and vehicle before the drone strike was launched. if you can confirm if the video exist and if it does us about the strike. steve: i haven't seen that report. what video it is referring to. saw, four videos that we played earlier. of the
11:26 pm
>> that's the kind of video releasedthat might be to provide the kind of confidence that you've been to?rring steve: again, you know, we used footage in all of our operations. >> thanks. was there any british terms of then strike either in terms of intelligence or any shared operational detail? steve: it is important for me our british partners speak for themselves. our great patter ins here and nato ally and long-time partners in the war on terror. we work closely with them on our operations. >> this is joe sabbath. turkey is pushing forward the idea of implementing zone along the turkish
11:27 pm
city and border. see that as a possible idea based on your contacts with the commander or coalition commanders? >> we looked at this -- i know this idea has, out in the public space for sometime. right now we believe is not the zone orme for the safe no-fly zone. >> another question on iraq. are you concerned about the clashes that were reported the pesh forces and the pmf somewhat south of kukuk? you air ware and concerned about them? >> we are aware of the clashes.
11:28 pm
are clashes,e we're concerned. we haven't seen indications this is widespread. know, we've been talking of course we have our partners here in iraq. this will be that quickly resolved and will be one-timed to a incident. steve, it is andrew tilghman. kurdishk there was a intelligence official in washington that says the u.s. is helicopter and medevac support. can you confirm that? is that a routine part of the advise, and assist with provides up north to medevac support? no, it isn't. pulls notable is the --
11:29 pm
your map up for me right quick. sinjar.o talk about nobody has asked any questions. i'll use this as my excuse. sinjar operation, i want to show you the map because it gives you a sense of what it looks like. it is faded there. it is right in the center of the cigar shaped mountain standing right above highway 47. sinjar city there and the concentration of strikes that we executed. i got a lots that yesterday were about the advice and assist operations that we conducted. get to that. this will answer your question. it is going to make me a minute to get there. the forcesw, position themselves toward the top of the map. on the north side of the mountain which is where the kurd commanders position themselves. with the mission really to onice these kurd commanders
11:30 pm
how to synchronize the flow of forces into the battle, into the on how to conduct refine operations, ongoing logistics operations and how to do things like triage and and how to manage the sites.y collection there were a handful of personnel on top of the mountain. i've said it and i'll confirm it. helping the peshawar forces identify and develop targets there on the ground. that's what we had. -- helicopters, i think what's important here is it was security forces that provided medevac support for the kurds during the operations. i'll say that again iraq security force helicopters and provided the aerial medevac for the kurds in the
11:31 pm
fight. they conducted five missions in kurds. of the tohink that's important note. we often hear there are clashes two.en the disagreements. we are excited to see when the with the able to work iraqi security forces and mutually supported all. wanted to show you how this laid out. there were three ask writes of attack. one to the west which established the position on highway 47 and one to the east which established a block position and the main assault. >> can you get a bit more strikes on how many have been made? when you see it ending? the relation to eastern
11:32 pm
syria. $500are making about million a year in oil revenue. you see that result going down to zero or what's the end with this? steve: we estimate that about two-thirds of their oil revenue comes from the region. can see it onyou the map. can you put up the other map? circle numberle two there which is right below of -- or the words dayr zawar. i didn't bring the exact number. ofon't have the number strikes on the oil facilities. it is a number that we have. we'll get it for you and get it
11:33 pm
you.o melissa smith has the numbers. she can give it to you. our intend is to shut the oil facilities down completely. we've done ane is comprehensive analysis of the determine which pieces of the facility we can strike that will shut the facility down for a fairly extended period of time. to be there will be a time after the war, the war will end. completely ando utterly destroy the facilities. used very done is precise targeting, a very detailed analysis to strike the facilitiesf that will cause them to shut down for an extended period of time. would they shut down? because it is the replacement that require a level of technical expertise that we necessarilye isil has or the replacement parts themselves are very difficult to acquire. only made in a few
11:34 pm
locations that can be tracked. philosophy of our and overall approach to this. again we estimate roughly two-thirds of the oil revenue comes from the region. or do you open ended see an end date for the operation? can you talk about the role being played by allies aircraft in this? i don't have an end date. we're probably 70% through this. works is conduct the battleand conduct the damage assessment to see if the strike did exactly what you thought it would do. then there's always the opportunity to reattack if you believe that's necessary. has been a --e, this has been a coalition operation. bring the breakdown of which aircraft participated in
11:35 pm
operation. we don't -- we normally let the coalition partners speak for themselves as far as what specifically they did. it was not u.s. only. order integrated and the that comes out every three days. it is part of the operation. >> steve, you mentioned there minimizeuring taken to the damage. is there reason to believe there casualties against the strike with jihadi john. no, there's no. sinjar, are the advisors still on the mountain spotting targets on the ground? and what is the next phase of sinjar? plan here?next also what took so long to -- for title wave to begin. why did you wait? these oil fields have been
11:36 pm
while; right? yeah. so sinjar first. advisors continue to advise and assist with their peshawar counterparts. as well as the pesh forces are on the mountain top, their advisors will be there with them. i don't have an exact status. my guess is that they are. they will be coming down soon. the next phase of the operation, sinjart they've seized or freed sinjar, the next phase is to clear it. that will take a while. probably a week or ten days maybe even two weeks depending on the complexity of the mind obstacles that isil left behind. and reoperation and begin preparations. i'm not prepared to detail what rightnal operations are now. it is a piece of information that isil would like to know.
11:37 pm
going to deep them guessing. i forgot your question about the oil field sorry. it again. >> operation title wave. beginning that now rather than -- you know? right. so we've been striking. i mentioned it in my opening remarks. striking oil fields really since the very beginning. i think i remember on day two or three reading out strikes of these mobile oil -- what were they called? mobile refineries or something like that. been targeting their oil since the very beginning. weve known this is a target need to strike. what we've learned over time by using the regular or normal assessment of strike, assess, need tohether or not we restrike. we learned the strikes we were
11:38 pm
taking were against pieces of the oil system that were easily or replaced. s, we conduct the strike and within 24 to 48 to 72 hours, the enemy had repaired the infrastructure. we made the determination, lookalized we need to to how we were targeting. we need d a detailed analysis to determine how can we strike the oil fields to break them for longer? more than 24 hours, we need to look at a year. we have to worry about what comes next. we have to think deeper. after more detailed analysis, we with more specific target type within the oil infrastructure that we could
11:39 pm
strike. general mcfarrland, it was his decision to conduct it as a afterwave, named operation title wave i which was conducted in world war ii against the nazi oil fields. that's the timing and the history there. it is christina. jihadi john strike where there other high value targeted along with jihadi john? are thereo follow up, any u.s. forces advising the performing the medevacs for the sinjar operation? jihadi john, no. he was the only high value individual that we were trying to kill in the particular operation. medevac piece, so the
11:40 pm
will advise asy part of the setting up a -- setting up before a major is establishing kind of your behind the lines portion of the operation. we going to do logistics? how are we going to do casualty triage and that kind of thing? on that.vising not necessarily with the helicopter piece it have. thereualties come back, will be an advisor there to help the casualty collection and operations. the casualtyrt of mix. not necessarily part of the helicopter piece of it. clear, you said the strike wasn't intended for more than jihadi john. were there possibility other hbi's killed in the strike or there with jihadi john, like members of the captures
11:41 pm
hostages?u.s. : there were no other high hvi's.ndividuals, he had his best friend with him, who is also now dead. >> corey here. now that you've freed sinjar, how much of control47 do you have of? has the supply line been significantly cut down? and then talking about the guys -- howve you has the pesh done and what kind did they take compared maybe to the isil fighters?
11:42 pm
pesh casualties compared casualties were minuscule. i'll leave it to the pesh to specifics.e i don't have an exact number. onis several kilometers either side they now formerly control. line of sight the on either east or west. thes a significant piece of highway there around sinjar. >> thank you. >> colonel, thank you for doing this. i understand that some of the syrians in the area buy oil from originating from isil facilities. you think this operation to attack oil females will affect civilian young lives in surrounding areas? for that.anks
11:43 pm
the quality of life under isil control is about as bad as it be already. isiltortures people, beheads people, isil emulates, as a form of prayer where they teach such a thing. about as miserable as it can get. so what we believe is that by cutting off the oil supply we destruction of isil once and for all and bring some sense of normalcy back to the people. >> which is not under direct control. the areas too sometimes buy oil originating from isil. not necessarily knowing they are isil.g with steve: yeah. we believe that these operations will hasten the
11:44 pm
isil and allf people in syria will be better for that. >> colonel richards, it says, colonel, if you can, a procedural question about sinjar. about 250 airstrikes. can you tell us anything about the process involved in the targeting? a little bit confusing was it any pointurds at talking directly to the pilots? steve: great question. everrds at no point were speaking directly to pilots. the way it works is there's an operation center, and in that operation center there's a andish cell, and there's american cell. those two cells are co-located. have is the -- i'm going to go back.
11:45 pm
in that op center, the j-techs operation. they are there in the op center observing the battle through our isil platforms. the j-techs are who control the are in theen they battle space. on the ground when you have is essentially spotters, if you will. they are using the old fashion binoculars sitting on top of the looking downe, into sinjar and trying to pick target.kely so the kurds on top of the mountain will pick up their back to theand call kurds in the operation center, and they will tell them, we see looks like a legitimate target at this location. here.ow, it is of a grid or maybe some type identification or whatever. back in the op center, the kurds who received that call will then do a face to face coordination with the j-techs who were also
11:46 pm
there and explain the situation j-techs and bring in the isr to determine whether or not it legitimate target that meets all of the standards and then we'll clear that target through the government to ensure that we meet all of the elected government standards and this happens, you know, instantaneously. then we'll vector in the j-techs in thee op center will vector the aircrafts on to the target and destroy it. the other piece is part of the conducting the air options is knowing where the forces are. they j-techs need to know where we can callre so back to the man on the mountain okay, make sure you understand where all of the forces are. we don't want to hurt our own people. that's how it works. the advisors who are there are to ensure that goes smoothly. obviously these are very personnel on the american advisors are very good at this. very good at this.
11:47 pm
to oversee and teach and train around mentor goeselp ensure it smoothly. you tell us about the pkk's roles in the operation sinjar? steve: yeah. -- i mean this operation is a pesh-led operation. some other elements and travel elements that they force that they participated. i don't have any information on guys, no. jihaddy john's best friend was killed. we see a militant and civilian. the friendship? thank you. steve: right. colonialism.
11:48 pm
is a worstsay it best friend. his final tell us moments? was he leaving a base? his house? what was the final movement there? steve: i'm sorry. level ofave that detail. i really don't. i think i've told you every about i know >> colonel warren, it is carla again. jihadi john strike. it was a drone. he and his driver were killed in a vehicle and in addition to that vehicle was anything else hit during that strike? even if there weren't any high value targets, where there any
11:49 pm
other buildings that were hit? yeah. i just don't that have level of detail. carla, i'm sorry. you confirmed he was in a car? driver. said it was his steve: yeah. a in >> how many people were in the car? do we know? you've mentioned two. steve: right. we're still trying to confirm all of this; right? it only happened several hours ago. jihadi -- the target that we is jihadi john, somebody who was with him, and there was a car. that's it. else.nothing for you >> back to andrew. >> andrew tilghman again. medevac advisors just to clarify what you told
11:50 pm
christina, there were american advisors helping with the casualty processing at the forward location that was not at but near the front line. you were not referring to correct? steve: that's correct. battlefield, yes. not on the front line. obviously you do your casualty collection behind the lines where it is safe. yes. advisors are.he >> was that routine or was there something unique about the sinjar operation? is that something the advisors done before? steve: yeah. advise.ow you advise. to be there to >> and back to tony. >> tony here. on the oil title wave operation,
11:51 pm
bloomberg being bloomberg, are oilusing experts in the industry to help you better determine what can be hit with more permanent damage? know, bringing in some extra witnesses so to speak with the with that?y to help tony, unfortunately that is a piece of information that we want to protect. going to get into the level of detail on how we developed the targeting. we have plenty of our own experts in the matters. very largee a capability to tap into other sources. it there.o leave >> last call? >> thank you, steve financial your time. have a good weekend, everybody. steve: thanks, guys.
11:52 pm
take care. >> our live coverage begins at 10:00 a.m. eastern on c-span. >> american history tv this weekend. >> setting out boundaries, political boundaries, state community, boundaries, for the future. and for this territory going forward. >> techtures in history with university professor, 1787 northwest ordinance. and our new series road to the white house rewind. watch that?ing to are the citizens going to be
11:53 pm
killed? no, no, no, i missed. on. let them have it. >> oh, i see. know if you've made it special. >> you all told me to miss. i just do what i'm told. >> a look back at the 1992 presidential campaign of bill clinton during a visit to franklin high school in new hampshire. on real america, marking the anniversary of the nuremberg trials. my outfit went over. it was a couple of days after d-day. they had enough beach landings to justify it. captain.n was a new he said you stay here. again it was one of those times when somebody reached out. was left.
11:54 pm
they went. laters, a week or so later before i went across and re-joined my outfit. an interview with benjamin ferentz. born to a jewish family, immigrated to america. enlistinged after after law school and be assigned toset up a war crimes branch atrocities.nazi at our complete schedule attempt to terrorize
11:55 pm
civilians. this is an attack not just on paris and not just on the people is an attackt this humanities and the universal values that we share. ready toprepared and provide whatever assistance that the government and people of need to respond. france is our oldest ally. the french people have stood shoulder to shoulder with the united states time and again. we want to be very clear that we stand together with them in the andt against terrorism
11:56 pm
extremeism. represents the timeless values of human progress. those who think they are terrorize the people of france or the values that they stand are wrong. american people draw strength from the french people's commentment to life, liberty, pursuit of happiness. bombs reminded that the and eternity are values they care about and values that we share. they are values we're going to act offar beyond any terrorism or the hateful vision perpetratede who the crimes this evening. we're going to do whatever it takes to work with the french and with nations around
11:57 pm
the world to bring these to justice and go after any terrorists networks our people.r we don't yet know all of the details of what has happened. we have been in contact with communicateials to our deepest condolences to the families of those who have been killed, to offer our prayers and thoughts to those who have been wounded, and we have offered our full support to them. the situation is still unfolding. i've chosen not to call president holland at the time. verypectation is that he's busy at the moment. him earlierg to today by coincidence in meeting.on to the g-20 i'm confident i'll be in direct communications with him and we'll be coordinating in any
11:58 pm
ways they think are helpful in of what'sigation happened. this is a heartbreaking situation. us here inhose of the united states know what it is like. we've gone through the kinds of ourselves. whenever these kinds of attacks happened, we've always been able to count on the french people to stand with us. extraordinaryn counterterrorism partner and we there with them in the same fashion. day aheadhat in the we'll learn more about exactly teams willed and my make sure that we are in communication with the press to accurateou information. i don't want to speculate in fors of who was responsible this. it appears there may still be live activity and dangers that are taking place as we speak.
11:59 pm
so until we know from french officials that the situation is under control and we have more it, i don'tabout want to speculate. okay? very much. >> any plans, sir? >> are we hearing right? following the reports of the attack in paris, speaker of the house, paul ryan echoed the sentiments. and prime minister david cameron echoed the sentiments. >> and baker says to him, i want you to be a congressman. i think you are just using this as a stepping stone to the senate.
12:00 am
this is 1965. he is 41 years old. he has yet to be -- that yet to win a race, except to be the harris county chairman. but he had a does -- a sense of destiny. announcer: saturday night, a conversation between pulitzer prize-winning biographer george mason and george w. bush about the life of the president's father, george herbert walker bush. on saturday, it is the louisiana book festival in baton rouge, with nonfiction author presentations. medley talks about his book, black life in new orleans, and adam rothman in his book. and sunday night at 9:00 on words, as, -- after journey through pelto -- mental illness and substance abuse.


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