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tv   Supreme Court Landmark Case Youngstown Sheet and Tube v. Sawyer  CSPAN  November 16, 2015 9:00pm-10:31pm EST

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you know, and we're talking about the schools that are having issues around racial issues and not being addressed. you know, there is no mistake hat when you look at the issue even around coke and the disparity in the length of time that you receive for having crack cocaine, which is predominant little been in african-american communities, as opposed to powder cocaine, which is predominantly been in the ajor populations community.
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but the sentences for crack cocaine are so much stiffer and longer that you can see a racial component in even those sentences given out by the justice system. so we're dealing with a systemic , institutional issue. and sometimes i even think that it's been so ingrained and embedded in the larger population that it's not even realized that there are issues. this is a way of life, this is the way things are, this is how it's been. and we have to break that cycle. it is just unconscionable that these young people that have done what we've asked them to do, do well in school, move on
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to college, and get an education so you can be a productive citizen in this country have to worry about these type of issues as they're trying to get their education. ms. lee: let me thank the gentleman for his kind remarks and digging deeper into the subject and raising in many ways the unconscious biases that are reflected oftentimes in the policies and the laws of they have land. one example that chairman butterfield and myself, co-chair for the congressional black caucus, and reverend jackson has been a true leader in, that's the effort with the tech industry, in terms of the diversity of tech industry. well, we've learned that, and the data shows that many companies next door to me in the silicon valley, 2% to 5% may be
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african-americans and latinos. maybe. so to their credit, they're trying to figure out how to address this but one of the areas some of the companies are exploring now, or looking at unconscious bias and how that's reflected in the hiring policies of their managers as it relates to the discrimination actually that takes place against people of color, especially african-americans. it's embedded in this whole system here in our country, both in the private and public sector, and we have to really begin to talk about it, raise the level of awareness to people understand, we're not talking about individuals and we're not going after people. we're talking about biases that are embedded in our programs and policies and the law of the and. >> i also think something, the zip code shouldn't dick kate the quality of your education or the
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quality of your health care, and in too many places in this country, your zip code does dictate the quality of your education, a and the schools that have every sport, every technology, those kinds of things, and schools that barely have books, they're not going to be at the same level when they graduate from high school, they even make it through high school, and that's part of it too. just the stem, as we talk about, just the type of education that students are getting because of the way in some cases the way schools are funded or the concentration of poverty in the school system, in some school systems. >> and this issue permeates, i'm, you know, we're talking about the school system, we're talking about silicon valley. i'm doing a lot of work now with the insurance companies and finding out that based on your economic background and where you live and what your zip code
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is, will constitute what your rates on car insurance are. and so it's a built in formula to that as well. how n it is just amazing systemic and institutionalized these issues are. even, you know, a young man like me that was raised not to get in trouble and do the right thing still a ther, i was young man and sometimes you know, didn't do the right things and one time i was downtown, newark, new jersey, i made a u turn on one of the major thor rogue fares in the -- thoroughfares in the city and a policeman pulls up on his
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motorcycle, just my luck, i would make the u-turn and there would be a policeman coming, but that's the story of my life. mr. payne: but as the police fficer approached me, very angry, very mean, yelling at me, it was my cousin's car, so i wasn't exactly sure where the credentials were in the car, and he finally says to me, he says, boy if you don't tonight, i was about 20 years at the time, he said, boy, if you don't find those document he didn't use boy, he used the word that we don't -- we can't use on the floor of this house of representatives, but he said if you don't find those documents,
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i will throw you so far under the jail that they'll never find you. which was very frightening because he looked like he meant it. and so i was able to produce my license and at the time, my father was a councilman in the city of newark. and it was amazing the change in his attitude. he became very concerned about my welfare, my well being, all of a sudden. and he says, well don't you know that that's dangerous and you shouldn't do that? you know, you could hurt yourself or hurt someone else, because all of a sudden i became someone because of what my last name is. i'm concerned about all the young men that can't produce something like that at that
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point in time. and there are more of those stories, of the ones unable to produce, than the ones that can produce. what does that say for young men in this country? is many stories like that coming up that i could stand here and tell for several hours of experiences that i've had with the institutional racism in this country. ms. lee: congressman payne, you're talking about racial profiling and driving while black, which so many of ux experience throughout the country. i'm glad we're asking the discussion and you raise it. you come from a middle class family, from a great family. your father was a giant and raised you and your family to be
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law-abiding citizens, and still this happened to you. also with regard to redlining. you know, this is another level that we have to look at as it relates to racism. when you look at how financial institutions targeted african-american and minority communities with subprime loans. our communities lost all of our wealth as a result of that. and now have to start all over in terms of wealth accumulation system of you just go one aspect of another of what america has done in terms of the past that has not been corrected yet. and we have to really do that. congresswoman kelly, i just want to mention the phenomenal job you're doing as chair of our health brain trust. we had a meeting this weekend in south carolina with our great leader, mr. clyburn, and we talked about health disparities in communities of color. and talking about zip codes, i know in my district, i mentioned
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this before, there's a gap, depending on where you live, life expectancy can be, where black people live, 10 to 15 years shorter, demoninged zip code. ms. kelly: and the 10 leading causes of death, african-american people are number one in eight of them. ms. lee: and talking about health disparities, sometimes people don't understand that there are racial and ethnic disparities reflected in our historical policies that have severely impacted communities of color and african-americans. ms. kelly: we have about phi more minutes, i don't know, representative, if you have -- mr. payne: i want to thank you for working through this year and bricking these topics to the floor and you know, we want the viewing public to understand
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that we raise these issues because they are issues that plague our country. and we are looking for african-americans to have the same opportunities as everyone else. latinos as well. it's not about special treatment or anything. it's about equal treatment. and everyone should rise based just an bility and equal opportunity is key. with that, i yield. ms. lee: thank you. i'll just close by saying we pledge allegiance to the flag, and we say, and liberty and jusity for all, and that's what we mean. ms. kelly: thank you, representative lee, representative payne. as we reflect on this evening's topic, the issue of race
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relations in america, we want to talk about just, in closing, what can we do? we must do more. we must care more. and we must understand more about the diverse cultures that make up this nation. a long time ago, as director of community affairs for the village of madison, it's been 19 years now, i worked with a team hosting diversity dinners in our area to grow friendships and nurture relationships among residents in the south suburbs of chicago. tonight as we discuss race relations in america, i want to talk about what i see as a way to bredge differences we see in understanding and communities. earlier this year, i along with colleagues, democrat and republican, hosted the second annual congressional diversity dinner. 40 members of congress, black, white, asian, hispanic, from beth party, including both republican and democratic leadership, showed up and enjoyed a meal wither that
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colleagues. during the dinner, we weren't democrats or republicans. we were colleagues with some great stories to share. at this year's dinner, i saw a microcosm of our nation, a crowd made up of members from coast to coast, truly diverse backgrounds, coming together to enjoy each other's company. if we can put aside our racial and partisan blinders to break bread together i'm confident we can find ways to work together. that's what america wants and needs. that's the type of leadership we deserve. today we have the opportunity to celebrate diversity and show that america is only strengthened when we embrace the fact that we are a beautiful, i'll say pot of stew there is much that communities can do to stomp out the rhetoric that divides us and find creative ways to bring people together. it's a small action but that's what the diversity dinner sought to do. now it's time to come together to address the reforms needed to
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build trust between communities. let's show the american people that we are a diverse people and we are proud of it and we celebrate it. with that, i yield back. the speaker pro tempore: the gentlelady yields back. under the speaker's announced policy of january 6, 2015, the gentleman from pennsylvania, mr. costello, is recognized until 10:00 p.m. as the designee of the majority leader. mr. costello: i ask unanimous consent that all members have five legislative days to revise and extend their remarks and include extraneous material on the subject of my special order. the speaker pro tempore: without objection. mr. costello: i appreciate the opportunity to have this special order tonight. less than 100 hours ago we were provided another tradge exreminder of the world we live in. a world where terrorists are engaged in a violent war against the u.s. and our allies. our thoughts, prayers and condolence go to our ally, france, this evening.
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prior to tonight's -- prior to friday night's events in paris, tonight's special order was going to focus on recent incidents of terrorist led violence across israel. yet friday night's events are not dissimilar from the escalation of violence we've seen across israel in recent months and in other places in the world. the attacks have been indiscriminate in their targets. they have been intended to instill fear. and they are a direct affront to the daily lives and way of life of innocent, peaceful civilians. i want to share with you the words of prime minister neth this weekend -- netanyahu this weekend. in israel, as in france, terrorism is terrorism and standing behind it is radical islam and its desire to destroy its victims. the time has come for the world to wake up and unique in order to defeat terrorism -- and wake up in order to defeat terrorism. it's time for countries to condemn terrorism to the same degree they condemn terrorism
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everywhere else in the world. we are not to blame for the terrorism directed against us, just as the french are not to blame for the terrorism directed against them. the terrorist whogs attack us have the same murderous intent as those in payers. mr. speaker, we know that isis has claimed responsibility for the paris attacks. but while we can condemn those attacks here this evening, it seems very evident to me, and i think americans all across this country, as we ask, i think, the same question, are we safe and are the policies of this administration and its foreign policy and the refugee admissions policy making us safer or are they cause for concern and require more discernment and a more scrutinizing eye by this congress and the american people?
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this year alone there have been at least 49 alleged supporters of isis in america charged with related crimes and it's reported that there's an estimated 20,000 foreign fighters in iraq and syria likely holding western passports. in may, f.b.i. director said, quote, thousands in the u.s. may be consuming isis propaganda on the internet. tonight in light of the horrific terrorist attack in paris, and the escalating violence in israel, as we stand to express our solidarity with our friends and lies -- and allies affected by violent and extreme acts of terror, we must also be thinking about what we as americans can do to defeat, not contain, but eliminate radical jihadists and terrorists who are hell-bent on undermining the u.s., our allies and our way of life. a little bit later i'll speak more on my views on our present foreign policy and the refugee admissions policy.
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but we have over the course of the next hour many members from across the united states of america in condemning indiscriminate terrorist attacks, radical islamic jihad and violence across the world. and with that, mr. speaker, i would like to yield to our fist speaker this eco, -- evening, the gentlewoman from north carolina, for two minutes. mrs. black: thank you. the gentleman from pennsylvania for his leadership on this issue and holding this very important leadership hour. mrs. ellmers: talking about the issues that obviously effect our allies in the world, but also the safety of the american people. as we are discussing these issues and the views that are taking place and the discussion and the debate that is going to be had on this issue, i think it's important, again, that we remember, this is an american national security issue and we in the house have to be as vigilant as we can be and as
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strong as we can be on the issue. the attacks carried out on friday by racial islamic extremists can only be described as barbaric and we are responding with force. yet this morning the president announced at a g-20 summit in turkey that there, quote, wouldn't be any major changes to the approach taken against isis. the president's passive approach has proven to be no deterrent to these islamic extremists and it's time he implements a clear and comprehensive strategy to completely destroy isis abroad on their soil so we're not fighting them on ours. this is an issue of american national security and additionally this is why again and again i have repeatedly called on the need to secure our border and report -- and repair our broken immigration
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system, keeping these threats out. it has never been a matter of if, but a matter of when we might face this type of attack here at home. and time has shown that it is up to us in the house to be the voice of strength for the american people. as we work together to determine a stronger path forward, we will proudly stand with our allies as they did with us against these extreme forces of evil. we will continue to hold the people of france in our prayers. with that, mr. speaker, i yield back the balance of my time. mr. costello: i'd like to thank the gentlelady from north carolina for her participation and yield four minutes to the gentleman from mississippi, mr. kelly. kell kell thank you, mr. speaker -- mr. kelly: thank you, mr. speaker. i thank the gentleman from pennsylvania, mr. costello, for leading this important special order today. we will stand with our allies across the world who have
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repeatedly and recently experienced violent acts of terrorism specifically in israel and france. we pray for the victims and their families and we stand united in our efforts to bring these attackers, these terrorists, to justice. it is clear that we are at war with radical islam. how do you expect to destroy your enemy if you can't even identify them? or call them by name? they know who they call us, the infidels, and they will quit at no cost to destroy us all. we must identify and we must attack our enemy and identify them. the world is safer when america chooses to lead and we must put forward a coordinated and comprehensive strategy to eliminate isis. not a policy of containment. we can no longer underestimate the desire and ability to -- for them to attack us in our homes, our men and women in uniform will destroy the enemy
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wherever they are if we give them clear guidance and a strategy which they can enforce. these acts of terrorism seek to make us less free. they're carried out on mission of instilling fear, uncertainty and hate. but the terrorists do not get to win. americans and those other countries that promote freedom and democracy will continue to live our lives, go to work, provide for our families, and advocate for those same freedoms around the world. now it's time to have faith in god, to hug your loved ones a little tighter, to continue our commitment to eliminate the threat of isis and any other radical islam and other terror organizations around the world. god bless our service members and god bless america. i yield back, mr. speaker. mr. costello: i want to thank the gentleman from mississippi for his participation and i'd like to yield three minutes to the gentleman from nevada, mr. hardy. four minutes, excuse me.
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mr. hardy: thank you. i'd like to thank my colleague from pennsylvania for his efforts to host this here this evening. and the opportunity to speak. as the events of paris unfolded over the weekend, i watched in horror as the rest of the world, as violent terror once again touched the soil of america's oldest allies. i echo the cares and the concerns of the world, that terror is growing. and we must stand united against it. terror does not respect borders or nationalities. -- is felt at the smallest villages and the world's most recognizable cities. nearly 500 people were killed or injured in paris, only 10 months after the extremist attack of offices murdering 17. last week 43 people were killed and 239 were injured by a
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suicide bomber in beirut. mounting evidence shows that terrorists were likely involved in the deaths of 224 people abroad -- aboard a russian jet. that went down in egypt last month. in israel our friends have been battling this increased violence for weeks. now with no predictable end in sight. each of these events happened in the last two months. and there are countless other victims of hate around the -- d who lose too often losses go too often unnoticed. those losses have continually happened over the past six to seven years. and some of them seem to fall on deaf ears and deaf eyes. no matter the location, the fact is that too many parents in these nations worry if their children will come home safe at
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night. it is times like these that defenders of freedom need to remember the common threads that bind us together against the power of evil. france was not the beginning, nor will it be the end. on e heels of this tragedy, isis has taken credit and released a video promising that something worse is coming, something worse is coming. we should not neglect that threat. our own c.i.a. director said earlier today that he anticipates this is not the only operation that isil has in the pipeline. and paris -- and the paris attack is not something that was planned in a matter of days. the president has stated, he shared that goal, that we want to degrade and destroy isis. while that is all our goal, in the meantime, we are obligated to the american people to contain and control these crazed attacks.
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isis has expandeto egypt, yemen, afghanistan, a to pakistan. teenagers from england and europe have attempted to or successfully haveupported isis on the ground, as sickening as these actions are, it is more terrifying to think that thos recruits might bring their new training back home, how long until we see terrorism ouching our u.s. soil? we cannot fail to act. when america fails to lead, there's too often a vacuum that we have seen filled with the nightmares of hateful leaders whose disregard for innocent lives and their quest for power and control. we must be vigilant for the
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sake and the life in america and across the world. we must continue to fight those extremists and stand as a united front against a tide of evil. thank you and i yield back. mr. costello: i want to thank the gentleman from nevada for participating in tonight's special order. i want to recognize the gentleman from indiana, mr. young, for five minutes. mr. young: well, i want to thank my colleague from pennsylvania for his hard work and leadership on this issue. mr. speaker, tonight this hoosier rises in solidarity with our french brethren. 14 years ago, on september 11, when radical terrorists struck at the heart of the united states, france stood by us. in one of america's darkest hours, when no words seemed to and the sadness we felt, it was our french lies, our french allies who famously eadvocated the phrase, we are all americans. sadly, last friday evening on
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november 13, 2015, france was similarly subjected to multiple acts of terror in paris. now it's our turn to offer our support to the fallen, to their families, and to all of france. today, mr. speaker, we americans stand with the people of france our french allies, our french allies who famously eadvocated the phrase, we are all americans. sadly, last friday evening on november 13, 2015, france was similarly subjected to multiple acts of terror in paris. now it's our turn to offer our support to the fallen, to their families, and to all of france. today, mr. speaker, we americans stand with the people of france. our ties with france date back hundreds of years, to the days of the american revolutionary war. our shared values, our respect for liberty, equality and democracy, have bounts our two great nations through centuries of conflict and peace. so tonight, on behalf of the citizens of indiana, i send my sincere thoughts and prayers to the parisians so devastated by this atrocity. together we will restore france . together we will defend civilization against mr. barrow:ism. and together we can endeavor to eliminate eye sills.
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in the wake of this sorrow, we must reflect on what led to this attack on innocent civilians. and then we must, as we say in the marines, adapt, improvise and overcome. we must find ways to prevent future attacks from occurring on our soil and the soil of our allies across the atlantic. this won't be without risk. leadership never is. but at this critical juncture, i hope congress stands ready to support the administration, to encourage its development of a winning strategy that doesn't purport to merely contain isis, but instead turns the tide of radicalism in the region and eradicates this radical brand of terror. this is no time for half measures, mr. speaker. it will be imperative for the united states to coordinate with france and our other nato allies on a joint strategy to
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defeat isis, to eliminate this evil. this is, of course, no time for political posturing, empty rhetoric, or gamesmanship. it's a time for unity. and i look forward to working with my colleagues and working with our commander in chief on a war strategy that will annihilate the radical islamic state, keep the american people safe and return syria to its people. . i yield back my time. mr. costello: i thank the gentleman from indiana. i'd like to recognize the gentleman from texas, mr. babin, for three minutes. mr. babin: thank you, mr. speaker. tonight, we stand with our brothers and sisters in israel and france to express our support and our commitment to these, our allies overseas. we witness the violence in israel in recent weeks, whipped
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up by the leadership of the palestinian authority. knowing now that radical islamic militants are determined to continue their assault on the democracies of the western world and western civilization. on friday the 13th, the world witnessed an unspeakable tragedy brought about by isis. this is a terrorist organization that has repeat think plagued the middle east with gruesome beheadings, violent killings, and the rape of women and the enslavement of children. and now they have unleashed a terror rampage on our ally, france. and they promised to bring it to america as well. our president has called this slaughter a setback, quote-unquote. so now congress must recognize both the gravity and the tragedy of what has recrenly occurred and respond accordingly.
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what will it take, i ask, for this administration to admit that we are in a life and death struggle with radical islam? a chinese philosopher, sun-tzu once gave that admonition, know thy enemy. the enemy must be identified to defeat him. my thoughts and prayers are with the victims of the recent terror attacks and i hope the united states will stand by them and the people of israel as well as france during these time and to e people of france, i say, [speaking breverage]. thank you, mr. speaker, i yield back. mr. costello: i thank the gentleman from texas and recognize the gentleman from new york, mr. collins. mr. collins: i rise in sol carity with the people of france
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-- mr. zeldin: i rise in solidarity with the people of france and i commend the france in decisively and powerfully taking immediate action. they were delivering justice to those responsible for the cowardly attack on their innocent people. this latest attack wasn't just on france. no, this was an attack on all free nations targeted and threatened by the brutal and stavepblg tactics of islamic terrorists who oppose the basic freedoms and liberty of the free world. this is not an isolated incident or a final stand. far from it. it could be france today and the united states tomorrow. i should point out that there is but one mandatory function tugally of the federal government. that is to provide for our
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national defense. this is a constitutional duty and a moral imperative that trumps any day of the week the charity of opening our doors to a syrian who will blow himself or herself up on our streets in the name of allah. i say that if an isis member wants to meet allah, we give them every opportunity to do so, ith a bomb from the air or firing from a navy seal rifle. the good news is this. it doesn't require an occupation. or an enduring ground operation. i don't want that. no one wants that. but it does mean that our entire strategy must evolve quickly and effectively. we may have help from very motivated and twers capability of french, british, german and now even russians. we must understand that losing
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is not an option. what we can do is put 50 special operations forces on the ground in syria in the middle of a war zone and tell them they're not there on a combat operation. you can't tell that to them. their family, the entire free world. it's just divorced from the retail of what they'll face every day on the ground. if you aren't going to send our service members to win, do not send them at all. i'd be happy to support a strategy to win if i actually believed the president had one. first and foremost, i.d. the threat. you cannot defeat a threat that you cannot or will not identify. next, execute a strategy to win. not just tread water. it's not about getting them jobs. it's about wiping them off the face of the earth.
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you annihilate the enemy. you don't contain it. especially not this enemy. you eliminate the threat. you don't literally, as a matter of policy, escort that threat across our borders. here at home, we must not move forward with the president's plan to bring in several tens of thousands of refugees, especially, and so importantly, because we cannot identify who the bad ones are. not one syrian refugee should be brought into america without knowing with confidence that they do not pose a threat. we must not bury our heads in the sand or try to click our heels together to an alternate reality. last week was veterans day. we were again reminded of the sacrifices that have been made through generations to protect our way of life. let's honor their memory. treasure american greatness. stand up for freedom.
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and make sure what happened in paris on friday does not happen on our own home turf tomorrow. thank you and i yield back. mr. costello: thank you, mr. zeldin. at this time i'm pleased to recognize the gentlelady from ohio, ms. kaptur, for four minutes. ms. kaptur: i thank the gentleman from pennsylvania for yielding and mr. speaker, i rise tonight to offer my deepest sympathies and condolences to the sit len -- from the citizens of ohio's ninth congressional district to the people of france. our long standing brothers and sisters in liberty. to all whose loved ones were killed or hurt in the barbaric attacks in pars relast weekend, we offer our prayers of comfort and consolation and our sincerest thanks are extended to law enforcement officials who bravely brought order and to top officials who ministered
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those who lost their lives. around the world, freedom loving people are repeating the words of the national anthem of france. this powerful song of inler -- liberty against tyranny roused that nation when it was written at the start of the french revolution, just a few years after america's own fight for liberty. one verse seems especially appropriate to recite tonight. translated into english, it says sacred love of the fatherland, liberty, cherished liberty, fight with thy defenders, fight with thy defenders. this is a message for the world today. america is fighting along those -- alongside those who defend liberty. surely, france. [speaking french] we stand with those who fight for liberty. the american people have long cherished and defended the
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spirit of liberty alongside the people of france and there's no fwretter -- greater symbol of that in our harbor new york new york harbor, than the statue of liberty, which reminds us always of the fry um of of freedom over sub jew gated people. in modern times, france has been a founding member of nato and permanent member of the united nations security council. and we will work together to defeat this enemy as we have together defeated nazism, communism, and now as well, new threat, and we will have the finest intelligent asset that our nations have placed on the ground in countries around the world, we have used our intelligence assets here at home to keep out and prevent those who would harm our people from coming inside our borders. we always worry and keep trying to make the security even better but we have come a long way since 9/11. each american can play an important role by reporting suspect behavior they observe
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and you can help our law enforcement officials ferret out dangerous elements that could prey upon our own people. on the home front, every citizen can help by paying attention to what you see and if suspicious, report it to your local law enforcement officials and in an emergency, to 99 -- to 911. also important, strengthening the bonds of community at home, at work, and at school. build bridges in your own community, including religious confessions. let's build bridges across religious confessions in this country, let no denomination feel isolated or abandoned at this tense time. we stand with the people of france, we feel their loss. we stand with you as partners in liberty and forever keep in our earts the enduring call, liberte, egalite, fraternite. i yield back.
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mr. costello: the gentleman from new york mentioned our constitutional obligation and the moral imperative we have to -- to defend our homeland and national defense. i couldn't agree with him more. in that spirit, i want to start to conclude my comments by saying something i think most agree with, and that is we need to enhance our intelligence and vetting process of those who come to our country, including potential syrian refugee, reflect the seriousness of threats posed by isis. i want to go into a little bit of information that is easy to come by if you paid attention to this issue, as i have, and the reality of the situation on the ground in syria. as a result of over four years of syrian civil war, we are seing the worst humanitarian crisis since world war ii. we can and we will as america continue to be a leader in the
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provision of aid and relief. but we can't afford to put the cart before the horse when it comes to admission policies here. this year alone over half a million syrian people are seeking refuge in europe and our european allies are looking to us for assistance. however, it's gravely concerning, i think, when your f.b.i. director, in this case james comby, who said earlier this year -- comey, who said earlier this year our government is unable to conduct thorough background checks on the thousands of syrian refugees the administration will allow in the united states. his quote, we have no record of them and you can only query what you have collected. mr. speaker, the concerns and objections that i'm raising aren't just mine. they are the multitude of phone calls and emails that my office
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has received today and i suspect all members have received today. it's not isolationist, it's not anti-humanitarian. it's commonsense. and it's in the name of making sure that we are protecting our people and securing our homeland from threats. it's not unreasonable to conduct due diligence on who is coming into our country and we can't move forward with a policy of admit first, and ask later. we have to close the gaps in our screening process of refugees entering into our country. the homeland security chairman, mr. mccaul, recently introduced legislation, the refugee resettlement oversight and security act. it would make substantial improvements to our refugee program and enhance congressional oversight of the administration's refugee
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proposals. many don't know that congress right now does not have much, if any, say over our refugee admission policy. this bill is intended to change that. it would require, amongst other thing, g.a.o. to review the security gaps in the screening process. the president as i mentioned has proposed resettling at least 10,000 syrian rev gees residing outside the syria conflict zone and refugee camps to the u.s. this fiscal year and i quote, from correspondence i had the opportunity to review today that chairman mccaul wrote to the president, quote, we remain concerned that these resettlements are taking place without appropriate regard for the safety of the american people. nothing is more fundamental, nothing gets at the core of what our constitution is intended to protect, as that statement.
9:45 pm
and in his correspondence, he cites to a couple pieces of testimony that he received this past summer from various officials. leaders from the f.b.i., the national counterterrorism center, the department of homeland security, have all said to our homeland security ommittee that they lack the on the ground intelligence necessary to thoroughly vet syrian refugees who seek re-- who seek to resettle here. national counterterrorism center director nicholas rasmussen testified on october 21 that you have to rely on -- when you vet -- in vetting an applicant's information, his opinion is this. quote, it isn't what we would like it to be.
9:46 pm
f.b.i. director comey explained during that same hearing, quote if someone has not made a ripple in the pond in syria, in a way that would get their identity or their interests reflected in our database, we can query our database until the cows come home but nothing will show up because we have no record of that person, you can only query what you have collected. . it gets to the point that, as we're concerned about our security and we're trusting the administration to properly vet those who seek to come here, we have to rely on our intelligence. and our intelligence leaders are offering something less than full confidence that their intelligence on those syrian refugees is something that we
9:47 pm
need to look a lot further at. and that's what i think we need to do. finally, department of homeland security secretary johnson said, quote, it is true that we are not going to know a whole lot about the syrians that come forth in this process. now, i know tomorrow at 5:30, i believe, we will have a confidential briefing from the f.b.i. director in our direct -- and our director on homeland security. my point here this evening was just to raise some issues that frankly were on the front of my mind and many others in my district and many other members of congress even before the tragedy that happened in paris on friday. but what happened on friday only reinforces in me and many others that isis isn't contained and in fact a strategy of containment is actually a dangerous one. and that further, as we're looking at the syrian
9:48 pm
readmission policy, it cannot be allowed to remain as it presently is. and be it through legislation, be it through this administration providing us more detail and allowing congress and the american people to get a better understanding of what is and isn't happening, i think would go a long way toward making us feel a lot safer and in fact if reforms need to be made, if the program needs to be halted, at the present time, then that's what should be done. i want to thank my colleagues for participating in this special order this evening. i yield back the balance of my time. the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman yields back the balance of his time.
9:49 pm
the gentleman from pennsylvania is recognized. mr. costello: i move that the house do now adjourn. spoth the speaker pro tempore: the question is on the motion to adjourn. those in favor say aye. those opposed, no. the ayes have. it the motion is adopted. accordingly, the house stands adjourned until 10:00 a.m. tomorrow for morning hour debate.
9:50 pm
he house will come to order. the house will please come to order. the chair would ask all present to rise for the purpose of a moment of silence. the chair asks that the house
9:51 pm
now observe a moment of silence in memory of the victims of the terrorist attacks in france.
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. .
9:56 pm
>> mr. speaker of the congress, mr. president of the senate, prime minister, members of the --ernment, roman carry-ons parliamentarians, france is at war. the act from friday evening in paris were asked of war. killedt 129 people were and many people were injured. they represent an attack of aggression against our country,
9:57 pm
against its values, against its youth, and against its way of life. acts were created by an army of jihadists who are fighting france because it is a country of freedom, because we are the country of the rights of man. time, ivery serious took the decision to speak to congress, both houses of parliament, to mark our national unity in the face of this abominable act. as we respond with cold determination to the noble -- the horrible asked which targeted our country last friday. overcome evenhas worse adversaries than these
9:58 pm
cowardly people. our republic is -- cannot be brought down by such people. my determination is to put the power of this date at the service of the protection of our fellow citizens. count we can account -- on the service and loyalty of the law enforcement organizations and you. sacrificesense of necessary. the terrorists believe that free intimidated by the horror of their ask, and it is not the case. the french republic has overcome many other ordeals and it is still there, alive and those who intend to defy their public have always lost out in historical
9:59 pm
terms and it will be the same this time. the french people are our didn't, valley and people, courageous people, they do not give up. they do not resign themselves. they stand up and resist whenever a child of the country has been attacked. deliberately by attacking and a sense, they have shown how cowardly they are, shooting at people who were unarmed. in a wart committed between civilizations, these assassins do not represent a civilization. we are at war against jihadist terrorism which threatens the whole of the world and not only france. began severalhich years ago -- we are fully aware of the fact that it will take time and it
10:00 pm
will require patience and because of the top challenge ahead of us, the enemy uses the most vile methods to kill, but they cannot get away with it, and i will be more specific, they are not out of our reach. time, forry difficult our fellow citizens who have felt the horror, they must stay calm. all of our i call on fellow countrymen, all of our compatriots to show the virtues that we are proud of. perseverance, unity, lucidity, and dignity. country is in mourning.
10:01 pm
we are thinking of those in a sense people who died in the streets of paris and in the suburbs. we are thinking of their families who are suffering the most uncontrollable pain. we are thinking of the hundreds of young people and young boys and girls and young men and andn who were injured traumatized by this terrible attack. some of them, at this very moment, are still fighting for survival. they are still fighting for their lives. i would like to pay tribute to the emergency services who have mobilized all of their resources since friday. our health system was up to this challenge. once again, our health system shows that a can fulfill its mission. i would also like to pay tribute to the law enforcement
10:02 pm
organizations who are fully committed to ensuring the security of french citizens. once again, they have shown courage. these police officers who when they had to attack the theater to free the hostages, they faced -- the hostages would have died if the police had not intervened. they showed once again their determination and that they were capable of surpassing themselves. france-- the whole of was the target of terrorists. france loves life, sport, culture -- france and all of its diversity and religious diversity, the france that the assassins wanted to kill or the young people of france in all of their diversity. most of those who died were under 30.
10:03 pm
what's with the crime that they had committed? their crime was simply being alive. at aerrorists were aiming france that is open to the world. friends ofen fallen 19 different nationalities were among the victims. since friday evening, i have received messages of solidarity from heads of states and governments from all over the world and in many parts of the world, in particular, the three colors of the french flag are displayed which reminds us that france remained a begin for humanity. when france is attacked, it is the world which feels attacked. war -- the acts of work permitted on friday were decided on and plans in syria.
10:04 pm
they were organized in belgium. and they were perpetrated on our territory with french accomplices. these attacks had one specific objective: to make people -- to instill fear in people and to divide us and to put pressure on us to prevent us in the middle east from fighting against terrorism. organization an base.has territorial it has financial resources and military capabilities. since the beginning of the year, this organization has notably, already, attacked paris, denmark, tunisia, egypt, lebanon, kuwait, saudi arabia, turkey, and libya.
10:05 pm
every day, they are massacring people and oppressing the populations. that is the reason why it is -- is aeed to destroy them challenge for the whole of the international community. i have asked the security council of the u.s. -- the u.n. to convene as early as possible to adopt a resolution which will express our resolution to fight against terrorism. in the meantime, france will intensify its military operations in syria. yesterday evening, i ordered 10 french fighter-bombers to bomb the headquarters of them in ra destroy a command post and a training camp and i would like to congratulate the french this mission was a success. i would also like to thank our american allies who supported us in this operation.
10:06 pm
i would like to make it known, we will continue these airstrikes in the weeks to come. carrier, charles de gaulle, believing france on thursday and will go through the middle east. this will triple our resources and our capabilities. there will be no respite. we will not stop our efforts. those who ordered the attacks in paris must know that their crimes, instead of reducing our resolution, has reinforced our determination. to destroy them. -- we fight against it everywhere where states are threatened. whether survival is under threat. this justifies my decision to intervene and today our military are also present in the desert
10:07 pm
where boko haram is massacring, kidnapping, and raping people. terrorism, we are fighting against terrorism and iraq to enable the authorities in iraq to restore their sovereignty over the whole of the country. and in syria, we are seeking resolutely at a political solution in which a sod cannot be a part. sch. nemy in syria is dae we are not aiming to contain them, we aim to destroy them, both to save the people of syria, iraq, i could add the people of lebanon. and also to protect more order to prevent
10:08 pm
.ttacks in our country to prevent foreign fighters to do terrorist acts in our country. we need to do more. the biggestcome manufacturing center of terrorism and the world and the international community and i have often observed this. the international community is divided and has an incoherent policy. france has said from the very beginning that the international community should act in a more unified way. today, we need to more airstrikes. support who are fighting against them. france will give support to those were fighting. we must bring together all of those who can really fight against this terrorist army. within the framework of a large,
10:09 pm
single coalition. we will be working in that direction. it is in this spirit that i will be meeting president obama and president clinton and the next few days to join forces with them and achieve a result which for the moment is still in the distant future. france is speaking -- speaks to everybody. lebanese and to the gulf states, turkey. the paris attacks took place at the very moment when we were meeting -- when the meeting was being held in vienna to find a political solution to the situation in syria. today, everybody has to face his response bodies. neighboring countries, the big powers, but also europe. i have asked the minister of tomorrow, to
10:10 pm
invoke article -- an article of the european union which lays down that when a state is attacked all of the member states must provide -- must show solidarity with the country attacked. the enemy is not an enemy of france. it is an enemy of europe. europe cannot continue living with the idea that the crises around and have no impact on it. refugees is of the directly linked with the war in syria and in iraq. the inhabitants of those countries, notably those who come from the areas under the h havel of daesc
10:11 pm
experienced martyrdom and are fleeing. they are the same victims of the terrorist systems. that is why it is of vital importance that we should welcome those who have a right to asylum and send back to their home countries those who have no right to asylum. we must provide effective protection of our external borders. we are working on this. we were the first to warn europe about this. germany and france are making sure that countries that are facing major flows of migrants will be supported. the are the countries in region itself, turkey, lebanon, -- if it doesrope not seek control over external orders, there will be a return to national borders and to barbed wire and fences on our borders.
10:12 pm
which amounts to the deconstruction of the european union. essential that the request that france has request for a long time find their translation quickly in europe to fight against -- the implementation of systematic controls at the borders. the implication of what we call the european pnr by the end of this year to ensure the traceability of the hottest. these are the requirements and demands. they will be expressing them again via the minister of the interior affairs. that will beng taking place at our request on friday. faced with the act of war which has taken place on our territory, and which happened following the attacks of the
10:13 pm
seventh and eighth of january this year and so many other crimes committed during the past years and the name of this same jihadist doctrine. we must be merciless. it iscruel to say that french citizens who, friday, have killed other french citizens. territory, there are individuals who, from ordinary on to to -- has moved radicalization and terrorism. sometimes, they have fought in syria or iraq, sometimes they set up networks. which train, depending on circumstances or help each other out at a moment chosen by the person who gives them instructions to commit terror
10:14 pm
acts. we have seen that during the past month. seen, unfortunately, what this preparation leads to. react in an emergency situation and also over a long. friday, whenght on we encounter the day after the shootings, i convened the council of ministers and i ordered the reestablishment of controls at the borders. i declared the state of emergency. it is now on the whole of our territories. i have extended the possibility
10:15 pm
of carrying out searches on the orders of the administration and the whole of the territory. over 104 persons were placed 168r house arrest, and searches have taken place. there will be more. gone a steps further. we have the ability to react. the declaration of human rights saystizens in article ii that security and resistance to oppression are fundamental rights. we must exercise these rights. we will be providing the means of guaranteeing the security of our citizens. i decided that the parliaments would be examining a draft bill on wednesday, extending the
10:16 pm
state of emergency for three months and will adapt to the evolution of technology and threats. 3, 1955,f april governs the state of emergency is no longer in conformity with the state of technology. it contains two exceptional measures. measure tot, and the searches. these means provide useful means to prevent the perpetration of new terror acts. fully to emphasize and extend their scope. the prime minister will propose to parliaments that a full measure be adopted for each of these provisions and ladies and gentlemen, members of the parliament, i encourage you to vote this before the end of this week. we must go eons the state of
10:17 pm
emergency. i thought about this a great deal. believe thatnce, i we need to change our constitution to enable public authorities to act in conformity with the role of law against an act of war by terrorists. regimesur text has two which are not suited to this equation that we have today. the first is resorting to article vii of the constitution. it implies that the regular operation of public administration be interrupted. the president of the republic takes a special measure. to the powers given in the constitution. and there's article 36, concerning the state of siege which is also not student --
10:18 pm
seated. it is a great in the case of immediate danger. following armed insurrection and evasion by foreign troops. a number of competencies are transferred from the civilian authority to the military authority. everyone will agree here that neither of these regimes has adapted to the situation which we see today. the functioning of public administration is not interrupted and it is not conceivable to transfer to military authority special powers. however, we are at war. this is a war of a different type, given that we are faced with a new enemy. to noticeenable us the state of crisis and in 2007, the committee had thought about a possible evolution of our constitution. it suggested that article 36 of
10:19 pm
our basic constitution be amended to include the state of siege and state of emergency. beorganic law would determining circumstances in which this would be applied. i believe that we should return to this project and we need to have an appropriate tool. to be able to take exceptional measures for specific durations without resorting to the state of emergency and without compromising public liberties. this decision of our constitution must be accompanied by other measures. the loss of nationality, the loss of nationality should not make someone stateless. enable should be able to
10:20 pm
attacked theas fundamental interests of our nation or committing an act of terrorism -- the person must be deprived of french nationality on the condition that the person has another nationality. we must also be able to provide them with dual citizenship from returning to our territories if the person constitutes a risk of terrorism. unless, the person strictto undergo a very surveillance regime as is the case for our british friends. they are faced with extreme consequences, this is something that we must do. there are possibilities of
10:21 pm
increasing surveillance of people who have been the object of intelligence reports. opinionbe requiring the of the council of state to verify the conformity of these .roposals with our interests this opinion will be made public and we will drop the consequences of this. let us think seriously about this decision. our constitution is our collective compact. it unites all of our citizens. it is the common rule. it carries principles. it is preceded by a preamble, which states that france is a state where law rules. the constitution is our common treasure. it is the pact which unites all of the citizens of the country.
10:22 pm
constitution is the compact which is essential for us to all live together, it is essential that it should have answers to fight against those who attack this way. just as we will be dissolving associations or de facto associations which express hatred or encourage the perpetration of acts of terrorism. , i ask yougentlemen to think about the decision i have taken and i ask the prime minister to prepare this position with you so it can be adopted as early as possible. you will be extending the state of emergency beyond the 12 day. thehree months, but beyond three-month time, we must be in a state of law to fight terrorism.
10:23 pm
and, since the threat will be weighing on us durably, and the fight against them will be mobilizing as for some time to come, on the external friends as well as inside of our country, i have decided to substantially strengthen the means available of the judiciary systems and enforcement services. the investigation services and magistrates should be able to call on the full range of wholligence and technology, 's use is authorized by the new law of intelligence. the criminal proceedings should also take into consideration as close as possible the specificity of the terrorist threat. magistrates, should have better access to means of investigation
10:24 pm
or sophisticated means of investigation to fight, in particular, against the trafficking of arms because it criminalse weapons of that these attacks are perpetrated. be sentences will considerably increased. and the way in which police officers are authorized to use their weapons that will have to be examined. all of these different topics will be part of the major legislative efforts that i am asking all of the ministers concerned to examine so that we can waste no time in the action in which we are engaging. these different schemes will
10:25 pm
compete -- complete all of the different measures that have been adopted since 2012. the antiterrorist law, the law of intelligence, a considerable strengthening of means and also aware of the fact that we must further increase our means. if we are at war. not, we risk what we have a few years ago. with the military program law or other text which had been imagined to ensure the security of our citizens. additional posts will be created for police officers within the next two years so as to increase the total number of new jobs in the security areas to 10,000 for the five-year time
10:26 pm
frame of your mandate. it is a considerable effort given the present budgetary contest. that will simply enable us to level of forces to what it was in 2007. that will benefit the fighting against terrorism, border police, and the overall security of the country. accompanied with equipment to carry out these missions. the ministry of justice will be provided with 2500 additional posts for the administration of prisons and the judiciary services. i am not forgetting the customs. the customs staff. 1000 additional posts will be created. -- which arey
10:27 pm
called upon more and more for our external operations that we will be continuing and called upon for the security of our population. will notcided that we reduce the defense forces until 2019. the reorganization of the army unitsavor the operational , cyber security, and our intelligence services. without delay, we will be presenting a new plan for managing the human resources of our army by 2019. we also need to capitalize more on the use of our reserve forces. we have reserve forces which we can call on. they are also a link between the
10:28 pm
armies and the people. reserves,esources, that conformity national guard which could be very effective. all of these budgetary decisions financetaken under the will, which is being discussed for 2016. it will necessarily result, and i assume responsible before this, it will result by more expenditures, but in the current circumstances, i believe that our security pact requires this investment in order to ensure the stability of our country. those who died and who were injured last friday -- the basis. the faces of the families who are mourning hans my mind and the memories -- these memories are reinforcing my resolution
10:29 pm
and yours, i know. in our determination to fight against terrorism, i want france to remain wet she is, -- what she is. to barbarians who want attack france must not be allowed to do so. they will not allow -- we will not allow them to change the face of france. we do not want them to damage france's soul, and we will prevent them from -- they will not prevent us from living fully the life which we -- the way of life that -- our freedom. we must show this in a calm way. i am thinking of our youth. attacked,who feel hurt by all of these victims and you are wondering if they will be able to continue living under the rule of law. we must continue to work.
10:30 pm
and, we must continue to go out and to live, to enjoy life. that is why it will be at moment of hope and solidarity because we will be talking about the future of our planet and solidarity because heads of government will be here in paris to negotiate a sustainable, binding agreement to allow us to live the aunt to allow our children and grandchildren to enjoy the planet they have inherited, but they will also come and tell friends, a country of freedom, how much the world


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