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tv   NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg Statement  CSPAN  November 24, 2015 9:52pm-10:02pm EST

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>> after the russian jet was shot down by nato member turkey, nato called an emergency meeting. ater the meeting, spokesperson briefly addressed reporters. >> the council has just held an extraordinary meeting, and we by the turkished ambassadors on recent events. i have also spoken to the prime minister. turkey and formed allies about the downing of a russian air while in turkish
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airspace. i have previously expressed my concerns about the applications of thetary actions russian federation close to nato borders. the importance of having and respecting arrangements to avoid such incidents in the future is highlighted. as we have repeatedly made clear, we stand in solidarity with turkey and support the territorial integrity of our nato ally, turkey. we will continue to follow developments on the southeastern borders of nato very closely. i call for calm and de-escalation. diplomacy and de-escalation are important to resolve these situations.
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i am ready to take your questions. >> sir, the russians are saying down ines were shot turkish airspace. do you believe turkish airspace was violated? cracks we have heard from it iss allies and consistent with the information provided from turkey. the information we have from other allies is consistent with what we got from turkey. >> aim from the kurdish media. -- i am from the turkish media.
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how can it be this situation with the tension between turkey and russia raised that you say you will continue looking at developments? how could it be your position? >> i think i have expressed very clearly that what we are calling for now is calm and de-escalation. thatis a serious situation calls on all of us to be prudent in d escalating the situation. that is also the reason i welcome further contact between moscow and ankara. we would welcome even more contact to resolve this concrete incident. but also to continue to work on the developments and the
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toengthening of mechanisms avoid this kind of situation in the future. inside the alliance, we are discussing how we can develop and better improve measures for predictability, and risk reduction, because we have to avoid these kind of incidents. to avoid a situation where an accident spirals out of control. this is a serious situation. in the new security environment we are facing a long nato borders, it underlines the focusing onf predictability, transparency, and different measures to reduce risks.
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>> what does this say about the ability for allies to work together with russia in syria? are the tactics just two different? are the targets just two different? >> the common enemy should be isis and i reckon -- i welcome all efforts to fight isis. that should be the overarching goal. seen is that most of the attacks by russia so far have been targeted toward targets in parts of syria where
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isis is not present. , we will continue all efforts to fight isis. that is our common enemy, and , i welcome all efforts to strengthen the fight against isis. theit wonder if you have quack i wonder if you have actually had any contact with the russians or plan any contact --h >> i wonder if you have actually had any contact with the russians or plan to have any contact with the russians. >> we have been in contact with nato ally, which has been in contact with russian authorities. >> do you have any more clarity as to how the plane was actually
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shot down, because that has been disputed, whether it was surface ?o air or ground to air >> what i can confirm is that the assessments we have from allies are consistent with what turkey briefed us about earlier today. >> thank you very much, good evening. >> thank you. >> here is what we are bringing you tomorrow night on the c-span networks. the head of the smithsonian, david scored 10, is into -- orton is interviewed at 8:00 p.m. eastern. on c-span2, government and the american diet.
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press. "landmark cases" is available for $8.95. get yours on >> republican presidential candidate chris christie outlined his security objectives before a council on foreign relations. the new jersey governor said he had opposed the settlement of refugees in his state. this is just over an hour.


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