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tv   A Conversation with Freshman Representative Mark De Saulnier D-CA  CSPAN  November 27, 2015 7:30pm-8:01pm EST

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announcer: you are watching france 24's tribute of the victims of the recent paris terror attacks. we heard all 130 names of those who lost their lives. we also had a minute of silence. you can see that francois hollande is approaching the podium.
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we will hear from the french leader. let's listen in. friday, november the 13th, on that day which we'll never forget, france was by an act of war organized from a remote distance and executed by a board of assassins who killed 130 of our fellow citizens and injured
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hundreds of them in the name of a crazy cause and betrayed god. the nation, the whole of is nation, is trying -- crying, and the forces are mourning the victims. 130 names, 130 lives snatched away, 100 30 destinies brought to an end. 130 laps we will no longer here -- laughs we will no longer here. 130 voices we will no longer here. those women, those men embodied the joy of living. they were life itself. that is why they were killed. it was because they were france that they were shot down. it was because they embodied liberty that they were massacred.
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in this very serious, painful moment where the nation comes together, i would like to express our compassion, our infection -- affection, and our condolences to the family and their loved ones who have come together and are all suffering from the same unhappiness. parents who will no longer see their children, children who will grow with other parents -- without their parents. couples who have been separated by the loss of their loved ones. brothers and sisters forever separated. 130 dead and so many injured who ,ill bear the scars forever their bodies traumatized very deeply. so i would like to say a few simple words -- france will be at your side.
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towill gather all our forces appease our pain. after burying our dad, we will have to repair those who have survived. to all of you, i promise very solemnly that france will do everything she can to destroy the army of fanatics who created these crimes. france will act to protect its children. i also promise that france will remain itself, as those who have , and asred loved her they would like her to remain. and if necessary, if we needed a reason to stay standing today, a reason to fight for our principles, a reason to defend this republic which is our common good, our common asset,
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we would find it in the memory of these women, of these men. they came from over 50 different france, fromies of the suburbs, from villages. they also came from beyond france. 17 countries are in mourning .ith us as well today these women, these men, on friday, november the 13th were , a city which sheds light on ideas. shines during the night. the cafes, places where we are open to meetings and ideas. a were sharing meals with different tastes from all over the world.
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on that evening, automat not arrived yet -- autumn had not arrived yet. were singing at the bataclan concert hall. an american group was performing in the theater, which for two's injuries has embodied the spirit of paris. has embodiedies the spirit of paris. these men and women were of different ages, most were under 35. -- they were children when the berlin wall fell. they hadn't had time to believe in the end of history. this,ad been caught up by when on september 11, 2001, they world isd that the facing new perils. the attacks at the beginning of the year in paris also were very upsetting. i know that many demonstrated on the 11th of january along with
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millions of other french people, they said that they refused to give into to the terrorist threat. they knew that france is the enemy of no other people. french soldiers go where they are called by duty to protect the weak, not to dominate. were theen and men youth of france, the youth of a free people who cherish culture, their culture, that is to say all cultures. theg the victims of bataclan, many have become professional musicians. this is the music that the terrorists couldn't stand. it was that harmony which they wanted to break. it was that joy which they wanted to kill with their bombs.
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they will not stop all that. is, wet way to respond will sing even more, we will hold even more concerts and shows, we will continue to go to we stadiums, and notably will participate in all major sports events. and the most modest events as well. we will share the same emotions differences, skin color, beliefs, and religions, because we assemble one single nation based on the same values and was supported by the same values. what do the terrorists want? divide us,t to oppose us against each other? they will fail. they cultivate death, but we
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have love, love for life. those who fell on 13 november were france, the whole of france. they were students, journalists, teachers, restauranteurs, drivers, engineers, architects, and also carpenters, photographers, civil servants, advertisers, salesman, artists, they covered all the professions in france, all the talents of the world. they all wanted to succeed, for themselves, for their families , for their country. it's by remembering their faces, their names, but also their hopes and joys, which have been destroyed. we know the enemy -- it's
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hatred, hatred which killed in o, copenhagen,ak and paris. the enemy is the fanaticism that wants to subject humanity to an inhuman census -- in human system, perverted islam that goes against the holy book. we will assemble the strengths of the republic with our weapons, those of democracy, and with our institutions, and with the rule of law. onthis fight, we can count our soldiers, who are committed to operations in difficult conditions, in syria, in iraq. we can count on our police officers and our justice system, who behaves admirably in order
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to neutralize the terrorists. polymeric --n our parliament to adopt all the measures we are required to defend, the interests of the country, in a spirit of concorde and respect for basic freedoms. and above all, we can count on each french man and woman to , andvigilance, resolution dignity. we will fight to the very and and we will win -- end, and we will win by being loyal to our very idea of france. will be together, to live together, attachment to secularism belonging to the .ation, a central belonging confidence in our collective destiny. i assert here today, we will not
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change. united on theted, basis of our essential values. tributelike to pay , theu here, the families gestures made by anonymous french citizens who visited the places of tragedy to light a candle or lay a wreath, or bring drawings. if we are looking for a word to describe this land of wordarity, it is the "fraternity," brotherhood, which is part of our republic's motto. what about globalization of all to say thatervices supports our victims, to support the survivors, those who have
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suffered. admirable action shows what we are, a country which shows solidarity. everything that has happened since november the 13th shows the awareness of the challenges facing our country. those who fell on november the 13th embodied our values, and be duty is more than ever to alive in these values. we will not give in to fear, we will not give in to hatred will stop and if we feel anger, we will use that energy to fuel our determination to defend liberty on a daily basis. the will to turn france and make france into a great country, proud of its history, proud of its way of life, of its culture,
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and of its reputation, it's and the respect and further -- fervor that our country inspires around the world. imagesnot forget the around the world of people playing tributes -- paying tributes to the sacrifice of those who fell in paris, as if the whole world was suffering from this. the patriotism that is being flags,oday, with the which are proudly displayed, the that hasging, all of nothing to do with revenge or the rejection of others. this patriotism symbolizes our , resistance against the
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negative acts, the accidents france. it remains intact in spite of its tragedy, in spite of the blood that has been shed. it sticks to principles of hope and tolerance. we have all been deeply hurt by this ordeal. the families begin with all french citizens, whatever social condition. this ordeal has made us suffer very deeply, but it will make us stronger. let me say that i am very confident in the next generation. before this generation, other generations, when they were ordeals which forged their identity. the attack of november 13 will remain in the memories of youth
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today as a terrible initiation to the harshness of the world, but also as an invitation to face up to the world by inventing new forms of commitment. i know that this generation will heritage,ss on our and it will have the courage of taking charge of the future of our nation. unhappiness from the tragedy will give this youth a great task. liberty does not fall for revenge, it falls for being served. i salute this new generation. they have instructed, -- been struck, but they are not afraid. -- they arerising
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as enterprising as those we are mourning today. they will know how to live up to these high challenges. in the nameve fully of the dead we are mourning today. despite the tears, this generation today has become the face of france. long live the republic, along with france -- long live france. announcer: french president francois hollande speaking there. ♪
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[singing in french]
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