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tv   Key Capitol Hill Hearings  CSPAN  November 30, 2015 10:00am-12:01pm EST

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,oday to consider nine bills including one that i kaplan --nts out in the street craig kaplan points out in this tweet. we will have that debate here on c-span again after the house gathers at 2:00 p.m. eastern. the senate is also back today. they start at 3:00 eastern. the debate to nominate the usaid. you can see that vote at 5:00 eastern on c-span 2. a look now at the big issues coming up in congress. >> congress is back this week after the thanksgiving break. here to tell us what is expected as far as activity on the hill, . staff writer bill was th . >> good morning. >> what are the things that have to be accomplished this week.
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guest: the things that don't necessarily need to be accomplished, on the house side, they will be addressing a couple of disapproval issues regarding the epa to have been put out by the obama administration. that is a special legislative process that allows for these resolutions of disapproval that have already passed through the senate to get to president obama's desk. obamagh, when it is the administration epa that came up with the regulations regarding powerplant emissions, they are certain to face the veto pen. we aresenate side, looking at the budget reconciliation process coming up
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assuming all goes well monday evening. sometime the second half of the week could be the extended voting that goes along with moving the bill through budget reconciliation. that would be a measure that would repeal as much of the affordable care act or obamacare as they can, but that is before the actual business of the day and a deadline in december. the thanksgiving break, we heard a lot on the house side about the topic of syrian refugees. is that on the agenda at all? the discussion about syrian refugees as well as the question of what to do about the visa waiver program and the ability of european citizens and others to enter the united states without needing to obtain or foras a tourist
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search or business meetings or the like, that will certainly be on the agenda, but there is nothing that has sort of been bubbling up yet in terms of how the senate will address that. why would say is this is where we get into a discussion about issue has tot that be tied into the government .theing measure appropriations bill will be needed to arrive by the second week of the month. that is where the big test will a, whether or not it will be stand up over the syrian refugees as part of the proposal. host: part of the discussion about the funding is whether they would be a potential for another government shutdown. what is the outlook now of that happening? guest: since there has been a
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budget agreement on the top line numbers, there has been a less likelihood that there would be a shutdown showdown approaching december 11 or actually going into a shutdown past december 11, but that is not to say there are not lots of negotiations still to be done, including over things like policy writers that pertain from everything from epa to labor department regulations to all sorts of things. even is also i would add before we get to that point, there is a more immediate deadline facing lawmakers to once again extended or finish -- extend or finish the report on surface. there is no shortage of things that have to be done over the next two weeks. they have to be careful they
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don't accidentally take too long doing anything and have a shutdown without really planning for it. host: you hinted at this. how many working days between now and the end of the year? guest: that is a really good question. probably.10 december 11 is one probably everyone would like to be out of here. they might work through december 18. certainly, nobody wants to get closer to christmas. christmas falls on a friday this year, so ideally, they would like to take the entire week off. host: niels lesniqewski is a staff writer updating us on what is expected on capitol hill this week. thanks a lot. guest: thank you. all for the honorable supreme court of the united states
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admonished to give their attention. >> coming up on c-span's landmark cases. >> show a piece of paper. this is demanded to see the paper and read it. once they refused to do so, she grabbed it out of their hands. a scuffle started. she put this piece of paper into and very readily, the police officer put his hands into her bosom and removed the paper. her while handcuffed the police officers started to search. >> in 1957, the cleveland police went to a home of one who they believed was harboring a bomber. she refused them access without a warrant.
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later returning with a guy with a claimed to be a warrant, the force themselves into the home and searched. police instead confiscated a trunk obtaining of seeing pictures in the basement. she was arrested and sentenced seven years. she suited her case made it to supreme court. we will explore the matter of evidence obtained through illegal searches and seizures and how this and other rulings transformed to police practices nationwide. that is coming up in the neck landmark cases tonight at 9:00 is on c-span, c-span3, and c-span radio. for background on each case while you watch, order your copy of the landmark cases companion book. $8.95 -- it isor available for a dollars $.95 plus shipping and handling. >> c-span takes you on the road to the white house. best access to the candidates at
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town hall meetings, speeches, rallies, and meet and greets. taking your comments on twitter, facebook, and by phone. every camping recover is available on our website >> hillary clinton delivered remarks at the 2015 jefferson jackson dinner presented by the democratic party. she discussed gun-control and her experiences as first lady. this is about 40 minutes. [cheering] all.ry clinton: thank you thank you all so much. thank you. thank you, new hampshire.
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thank you. thank you all so much. wow. thank you. thank you. wow. it is wonderful to be here. "hillary!"] thank you all very much. that i am all that stands between you and the kickoff of the patriots game. but it is wonderful to be here, and i want to thank everyone who has worked so hard to build this party and the campaign from the bottom up all over this state. e am so honored to have th support of your terrific senator jeanne shaheen.
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and your amazing governor and your next senator maggie hassan. they inspire me every day with their leadership, and i also want to thank congressman custer and carol shea-porter for your leadersand those of come aggressor organizers, volunteers who are doing so much across the state. with your help, we are going to elect democrats up and down the ballot next year. [applause] hampshireu know new has always been a special place for me and my family. foughtve bought for me -- for me, now i am pining for you. -- now i amart fighting are yofor you.
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the stress you feel when the bills pile up walking to the mailbox can seem like an act of courage. are also the right of finally getting that better job, feeling secure enough to put a little more away for your retirement. you have shared with me the feelings that you have when you are caring for an aging parent or a child suffering from substance abuse or a loved one with a mental illness. i listen to your stories and am humbled by the courage and resilience. it can take all the strength you , especially few are already under pressure at work and there is no one to lean on at home. i know we can do better. a way to you found
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make it work in the worst of the recession, taking a second job, working at the shift, putting away a little extra money when you. we're going to make this recovery work for you. we are going to make the economy and country work for everyone, not just those at the top. [applause] we are not going to do it by making promises we cannot keep. we will do it the way we have always done it before, rolling up our sleeves and getting the job done together. let's start with where we are. thanks to the hard work and determination of the american people, we have come back from the worst financial crisis since the great depression. i want to ask you to remember the mess president obama inherited. i want you to remember the fact
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s. our economy does better when we have a democrat in the white house. [applause] this is evidence that our republican friends would prefer we forget. they will do everything they can to impose a state of collective amnesia on us. i am not going to let them forget. the last 30 years, we have had five residents. three republicans and two democrats. i happen to know both of those democrats. [laughter] each of them inherited economic problems from their republican predecessor. in my husband's case, it was a recession. the fact that the debt of the united states had been quadrupled in the previous 12 years.
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i remember bill telling me shortly after the election, it is so much worse than they told us. he was asked at the time, what did you bring to the white house from arkansas? saidused and thought and arithmetic, i guess. he got to work. eight years later, we had 23 million new jobs and income rose , and incomes rose for everybody, not just those at the top, but people in the middle, working people, and poor people all saw their incomes go up. [applause] and we ended up with a balanced budget and a surplus. but you would think that might have given the republicans an idea about how to run the economy. but instead, they went right act back to trickle down economics. cutting taxes for the wealthy, getting out of the way of corporations. and we know what happened. shortly after the 2008 election,
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president obama called me and asked me if i would see him in chicago. i did not know why. it turned out he wanted me to be secretary of state. before we got to talking about me it is sot to much worse than they told us. i have heard that before. but it was. we were on the brink of a great depression. we were losing 800,000 jobs a month. before the president turned it around, nine million americans have lost their jobs, 5 million homes lost to foreclosure, $13 trillion in family wealth disappeared. now, i do not think that president obama gets the credit he deserves for saving the economy from the republican mess that he inherited.
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[applause] but we're still not running the way america should. paychecks for most people have barely budged. but corporate profits and ceo pay are at near record highs. something is wrong with the top when the top 25 hedge fund managers make more in a year than all of the kindergarten teachers in america combined. [applause] i know, there are big changes in the economy that did not start with the great recession and they will not end with the great recovery. many americans are finding it harder and harder to get ahead. there is too much talent that many barriers to opportunity, too much talent that sits on the sidelines. costs that hit hard-working families like prescription drugs , childcare, and college tuition
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and are all rising faster than income. that is why in this campaign i , i am fighting for an economy where nothing holds you back and everyone who works hard can get ahead again. opportunities should be as universal as talent. because america can only live up to our potential when every person can live up to his or hers. let me tell you about the america we are fighting for together. it is an america that creates the good paying jobs of the future where wages rise faster , than cost. today, i laid out a plan to help put americans to work. repairing our roads and bridges and tunnels and all of the airports and the ports and the rail systems. building that economy for the future. [applause] i was very proud to be endorsed
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by maher walsh and have so many of the construction trade unions that have endorsed me. they know that i am going to put them back to work. [applause] we will establish a national infrastructure bank to get more public and private investment flowing. not just bricks and mortars. as important as those are by , 2020, i want 100% of american households to have access to affordable high-speed internet no matter where they live. [applause] we also have to set some big goals for clean energy and for scientific research. i have said, let's install half a billion solar panels in four years and enough renewable
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energy to power each home in the -- every home in the next 10 years. to get paychecks growing, we must raise the minimum wage so that it no longer is a poverty wage. [applause] now, you know the republicans do not favor that. you've heard them. they've been crisscrossing new hampshire day in and day out. so far as i can tell not one of , them believes in raising the minimum wage. here is what i don't understand about this. i think it is really unfair when people work full-time and particularly because two thirds of minimum-wage workers are women, work full time and cannot get themselves out of poverty. it is also shortsighted. we are a 70% consumption economy. you raise the minimum wage and
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. we know that puts upward pressure on additional wages. that means more customers for new hampshire businesses. it means more financial security for new hampshire families. it actually helps to spur the recovery. as the republicans the next time you see them go into town, what is it you do not like about raising the minimum wage to help people get ahead and help our economy do better? [applause] and you know, i'm almost embarrassed saying this, it is november of 2015, after all. but it is time to finally guarantee equal pay for women. [applause]
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now again, this is another one of those issues that the republicans just do not believe they should be for. i don't get this either. when you shortchange women, you shortchange families, you shortchange the economy. the next time they come through one of the towns of new hampshire, you see them on the street stop them and ask them, , why don't they believe in equal pay for equal work for women? [applause] and we have to make it easier for small businesses get the loans they need to grow and hire not just the corporations that , can afford to hire the lobbyists to get the loans they want to grow even bigger than they are. and we have to close the loopholes that let corporations ship jobs overseas.
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instead, reward businesses that invest right here in america, training new workers, sharing profits with employees instead of bigger bonuses for ceo's. if it works here in new england, it can work for america. [applause] now, so far as i know, i'm the only candidate in this race that youras pledged to raise wages, not your taxes. those at the top should pay more and you should pay less. i have proposed tax cuts to help middle-class families pay for college, pay for welfare, and help to pay for an elderly parent. orill oppose any plan proposal that takes any money out of your paychecks. we are fighting for an america
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where everyone who works hard has a ladder of opportunity and and that starts with , high-quality preschool available for every family in this country. [applause] all of our kids deserve the best start in life. it also means getting back what to what works in k-12 education and supporting our teachers, not scapegoating them. [applause] it means making college affordable for everyone. you should not have to borrow a dime to pay tuition and at a public college or university. everybody should be able to refinance their student that,
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like they can refinance a mortgage or a car loan. but when it comes to affordable college, i will not spend your tax dollars paying for arnold donald trump's kids or any other millionaires kids -- millionaire's kids to go to college. that is not a good investment. that is not smart. i want to help working-class, middle-class, and poor kids go to college. instead of being priced out. [applause] and i believe a true ladder of opportunity has to include lifelong learning, job training, and apprenticeship. today in boston i talked about , apprenticeships because i think it is one of the best ways to prepare young people and people returning to the workforce for the jobs that we
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are going to have. i also believe that middle-class jobs should lead to a secure retirement that you can count on. [applause] i will fight to protect social security and expand it for those who need it most, especially elderly women, widows, and people who have spent years caring for others without getting paid. [applause] the caregivers of america deserve security just like everyone else. we are also fighting for an america that leads the world in strength and smarts. keeping our people safe and defeating the terrorist networks threaten us. -- that threaten us. we need every pillar of american power to get more allies off the sideline to go after isis in the
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air, on the ground, and in cyberspace. but we cannot give in to the fear mongers that say we are at war with islam or we should put every muslim in america in a government database. that is not who we are. besides that is not smart techniques toent find out the information we need to keep us safe in the first place. [applause] look, the fact is that no other country on earth is in better position to thrive in the 21st century. i happen to think that america america is already great. we just have to make it greater by working together and solving our problems again. [applause] in this election, you aren't just choosing a president, you are choosing a commander-in-chief.
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i promise you this. i will get up every single day and do what it takes to keep our sure our country is safe and strong. i take this very personally. i was a senator from new york on 9/11. i spent years working with the victims of that horrific attack. working with the few survivors who were so grievously injured. working with the first responders and the construction workers who ran towards the pile and stayed there for months, ending up sick themselves. i take a back seat to no one when i tell you i will do what whatever is necessary to protect us, but i will also do it in a way that further promotes our values and makes it absolutely clear that this country of ours will continue to lead the world,
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not only in the dangerous spots, but in pursuit of the opportunities that will make us even greater in the future. [applause] we are also fighting for an america where we lift each other up and we have each other's backs. we supportrica were neighbors, families, and communities because when families are strong, our country is strong. where more young people seize the opportunity and responsibility of national service, and when they do, we make sure that they can go to college absolutely debt-free. where immigrant families can stay together and have a real path to citizenship, not get ripped apart by deportation. [applause]
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where we end discrimination against lgbt americans once and for all. [applause] wrong.ust it is wrong that in many places of our country you can be married on saturday but fired on monday for who you are and who you love. that has to change. the kind of america that i am working toward will be one where people struggling with her when, prescription drugs -- heroine, prescription drugs, and others and up and recovery, not in up in recovery, not in prison. [applause] america where we rebuild trust and respect between law enforcement and the communities they serve and work hopefully in
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a bipartisan way from of justice reform, and to end the era of mass incarceration. an america where we finally together stand up to the gun lobby. [applause] as you know, on friday, there was another mass shooting. this time in colorado. our condolences and prayers are with the families and victims. we think particularly of the brave young police officer who rushed toward danger to protect others. how many more americans need to die before we take action? common sense steps like comprehensive background checks, closing the loopholes to not let
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guns fall into the wrong hands, even people on the terrorist watch list. this is truly unbelievable that after what we have seen in paris and other places, the republicans will not bring up a anyoneat will prohibit on the no-fly list from buying a gun in america. if you are too dangerous to fly in america, you are too dangerous to buy a gun in america. [applause] we must get rid of the special immunity in the gun industry. plain and simple. we need to reverse it.
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at,shooting on friday was as you know, a planned parenthood clinic, a place where lots of women get health care they need. breast exams, std testing contraception, and yes, legal abortions. we should be supporting planned parenthood, attacking it. it.ot attacking [applause] it way past time for us to protect women's health and respect women's rights, not use them as political footballs. here in new hampshire, republicans on your executive council cut off funding to planned parenthood.
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in congress and on the campaign trail, republicans who claim they just hate big government are only happy to have government step in when it comes to women's bodies and ha ealth. [applause] it is wrong, and we are not going to stand for it. i know when i talk like this, some people, especially of the republican persuasion, say i am playing the gender card. if talking about women's health, equal pay, paid family leave, and affordable childcare, is playing the gender card, deal me in. [applause] now, my fellow democrats, for
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too long, republicans have stacked the deck for those at the top, pushing an out of touch, out of date agenda that failed us and will rip away all the progress we have made. you know what they will do. they are telling you what they will do. it is my experience hanging around politics for a few years. when people tell you what they intend to do, take them at their word. don't act surprised when they try to do it. you know what they will do. they will give more tax cuts to the super wealthy. they will let powerful interests writeheir own rules -- their own rules. that is who they are fighting for. republicans have voted nearly 60 times to repeal or we can the affordable care act -- we aken the affordable care act. i met a lady named amy.
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four weeks ago she was diagnosed with cancer. she has gone through 16 rounds of chemo, radiation, surgery. thankfully, she had good health insurance. if the affordable care act is scrapped, with a republican president and a republican congress will do, insurance companies will be able to go back to disseminating against pre-existing conditions -- discriminating against pre-existing conditions, and people like amy could be left to fend for themselves. she thought me how scared she is about losing her insurance. do, we had a lot of work to to bring down costs and improve quality health care in our country, but we are not going back. we can't go back to where women were charged more than men. we will improve quality of health care.
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i want to bring down out-of-pocket expenses. i want to tackle the rising cost of prescription drugs, but i will not give in to those who thek we should rip up affordable care act and throw our country back into a contentious debate, where the insurance companies and the drug companies are likely to call the shots again. this is not going to be easy, but when it comes to research and drugs -- when it comes to prescription drugs, know a few things because they are already saying i will prevent them from doing research that will save lives. ask them why they spend more money advertising drugs than doing research. ask them why the american taxpayer pays for the nih to help them with the research, pays for the of the a to test whether a drug is safe and effective, and then we pay the
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highest prices in the world for the very same drug. we are going to make sure medicare can negotiate for lower prices just like what happens in canada and europe and everywhere else in the advanced economy. [applause] i don't want to tell you that any of this will be easy. i know it will not be. fromll have the scars health-care reform back in the early 1990's, but i did not quit. i got up, and we got the chair insurances health act passed. [applause] we have to work together. you should expect all of us who are running for president to explain how we are absolutely going to accomplish what we say we will do. some candidates may be running to make a point. i am running to make a difference, a real difference for you and your families
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across our country. [applause] do tois a lot we can break the gridlock and dysfunction. we can fight back against the war on voting in this country instead of making a harder to doing, republicans are we should be making it easier with early voting everywhere and automatic universal registration for everyone who turns 18, unless they opt out. [applause] we can't let republicans and their donors keep rigging our elections with secret unaccountable money. when he to amplify the voices of everyday americans with robust public financing. we need a supreme court that protects the right of every citizen to vote, not right of every corporation to buy elections. [applause]
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i will tell you this, even if it takes a constitutional amendment, we will overturn citizens united. [applause] you know, from my very andt job going door-to-door waited 30 years of fighting for kids, women, families, and our country, i have learned how to make progress. start with our values, our faith in our country.that has to be our guide . that sit down and listen to people. trying to understand the problems -- try to understand the problems at the things that back.ld him bathem work like crazy to get results. we need to know when to stand
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our ground and went to find common ground. we reformed our foster care and adoption system and extend benefits to the national guard and reserve, provide 911 first responders with the health care they needed, create the children's health insurance program. i helped round up votes in a divided senate to pass a landmark treaty with russia that reduced the number of nuclear weapons that could threaten our country.most of all, we are only going to make progress if we remember that everybody has a role to play in lifting of our country. there is nothing wrong with america that cannot be cured by what is right with america. i know it is unusual. it is unusual for a candidate for president, especially in these divisive times to stay love andeed more kindness, but that is exactly what we need in america right now. [applause]
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so please, as we go through this election, let's think about ways we can look out for one another. try to walk in each other's shoes. make sure nobody feels left out or behind in america. i running for president for all americans, for the struggling, the striping, and the successful because everybody can can contribute to make our country better. 100-yearily giving a family business going, for the students who dream of starting your business is one day. i are running for the veterans who served our country with honor and courage. and whoh, the library cannot afford a full-time caretaker so he brings her to
10:42 am
mother -- his mother to work with him. i working for the present who got their first job at 17 where his mother worked. when he brought home his first paycheck, he saw his mother's face fall. he asked her what is wrong. she said you are making more per hour just having started and what i have made over years. i am running for everyone who knockedeen downright gone back up. that is the lesson i plan to teach my daughter and granddaughter. you deserve a president who will listen to you, by our you, -- fight for you, and deliver for you. we will build that america that
10:43 am
we all desperately want to see again, where our success is measured by how many people worked their way into the middle class, not how many ceos get bonuses. i am the granddaughter of a factory worker from scranton, pennsylvania, and i am now the grandmother of a wonderful little girl that we had the pleasure of being with over thanksgiving. bill and i will do everything we can to ensure she has every opportunity to succeed, but i don't think you should have to be the granddaughter of a former president to share in the promise of america. the granddaughters and grandsons apparently workers and teachers and firefighters and truck thatrs should happeve chance, too. let's get together, let's run a campaign, let us build an america where there are no ceilings or anyone -- for anyone. let's make it happen. thank you all very much. [applause]
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♪ >> how are you? >> wonderful. >> doing great. >> how are you? this is great. >> wonderful. that was so nice. >> thank you so much. congratulations.
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thank you. thank you. thank you. thank you. how are you? award.ulations on your how are you doing?, that is great. that is great.
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i am so glad. thank you. look at that. that is great. why don't we get a photo? yay. we will make it happen. thank you. i am glad to see you. how are you doing?
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hi. >> the event took place yesterday. the vacant post today is reporting hillary clinton argued for the obama administration to close the guantanamo bay prison. e-mail. detained an in it, she urges president obama
10:49 am
to transfers of detainees to american courts and talk with congressional opposition about the plan. that is from the huffington post today. senator bernie sanders also delivered remarks at the jefferson jackson dinner. he talked about economic inequality, is plans for making public colleges and universities tuition free, and national security. [applause] >> ladies and gentlemen, the senator from vermont, bernie sanders. [applause] senator bernie sanders: thank you. thank you.
10:50 am
let me begin by thanking ray buckley and the new hampshire democratic party for all of the .reat work that they are doing [applause] let me thank all of you who are here tonight for what you do. every person in this room regardless of who will they are supporting for the democratic nomination is doing what is patriotic for our country. you are standing up and being involved in the political process. [applause] thank you all. as many of you know in the last number of months, i have had the privilege of traveling throughout our great country and meeting many thousands of americans. this is what i have learned.
10:51 am
coast learned that from to coast, the american people are crying out for change, for real change. [applause] they are tired of the same old ,stablishment politics establishment economics, and establishment foreign policy. they want this country to move in a new direction. [applause] election 63% of the american people did not vote when 80% of young people at low income people did not vote, when millions of people have given up on the political process.
10:52 am
when there is a profound gust with the campaign finance system that allows companies to buy elections. [applause] .hrough their super pac's now is not the time for establishment politics. now is the time for a political revolution. [applause] what most people in our country understand is that we are living where almostconomy all of the new income and wealth generated is going to the top 1%, where wall street continues to dominate our economic and political life, where corporate
10:53 am
profits are soaring at the same time as we have more people living in poverty than in almost any time in the modern history of america. when all of that is happening, now is not the time for establishment politics. time for a political revolution. [applause] when our foreign policy for the last many decades has failed the american people, led to wars like the war in iraq, which we never should have gone into. [applause] time for more establishment foreign policy. we began this campaign seven months ago.
10:54 am
we had an organization, no money, very little national name recognition, and were at 3% in the polls. today, we have hundreds of thousands of volunteers in every state in this country, including 5600 here in new hampshire. [applause] pac, weithout a super have more than 800,000 individual contributors. [applause] today, with your help, we can pull off one of the great political upsets in the history of our country. [applause] we have come a long way in seven months. the people of this country want
10:55 am
real change, and that is what this campaign is about. [applause] i am running for president because we live in the wealthiest nation in the history of the world, but that reality means very little to most americans because in a rigged economy, the rich get much richer, while most everyone else gets poorer. econom is the greatand moral issue of our time. is a great economic issue of our time. is the great -- it is the great economic issue of our time. it is the great political issue of our time. together, it is an issue we will resolve. [applause] . am running for president
10:56 am
i am running for president because the great middle class of this country, once the envy of the world, has been disappearing. today, husbands and wives, single moms, and even grandparents are working longer hours for lower wages, and we have the highest rate of childhood poverty of almost any major country on earth. i am running for president because we need an economy that works for working families, not just millionaires and billionaires. [applause] i am running for president because we need to raise the minimum wage to $15 an hour over the next few years. [applause] need pay equity for women
10:57 am
workers. [applause] pass the paid family and medical leave act now and congress -- in congress. [applause] $1.38 a week more is a good investment from families forughout this country -- families throughout this country who will receive 12 weeks of guaranteed paid family and medical leave. [applause] i am running for president because we need to rebuild our ,rumbling infrastructure investment $1 trillion in our roads and bridges and rail systems, and create up to 13 million good paying jobs. [applause]
10:58 am
i am running for president because when youth unemployment and underemployment is at the percent, 40%, 50% for we needamerican kids, to invest in jobs and education, not more jails and incarceration. [applause] we must not continue having more people in jail than any other country on earth. in a veryjor reforms broken criminal justice system. [applause] we need to stop the killing of unarmed african americans by the police. [applause] we need to rethink the so-called
10:59 am
war on drugs and take marijuana out of the federal control. [applause] abused to treat substance as a serious health issue, not a criminal issue. [applause] understand that in new hampshire and vermont and across this country, we have a major crisis, an over your addiction, and we need a revolution in mental health treatment so the all people, regardless of income, can get the help they need. [applause] presidentng for because -- i am running for president because 11 million undocumented people cannot continue living in the shadows. we need a comprehensive immigration reform program and a
11:00 am
path toward citizenship. [applause] i am running for president because we must loudly and we will expand those benefits by lifting the cap on taxable income. [applause] and, by developing a new formulation to determine cost of living adjustments for social security. [applause] i am running for president that wall is time street, corporate america, and
11:01 am
the billionaire class understand all,they cannot have it they are going to start paying their fair share of taxes. [applause] it makes no sense to me that every year we'd lose about $100 billion in tax revenue because large and profitable stashed their money in the cayman islands, and other tax havens. it makes no sense to me that corporations like pfizer think they can leave this country and come a foreign country, to avoid paying their fai share of taxes.
11:02 am
time, pay thesame highest prices for drugs. i'm running for president competitivea highly global economy, we need to make certain that all of our young people will who have the ability and the qualifications are able ,o get a college degree regardless of the income of their families. [applause] that is why we are going to make public colleges and universitiys tuition free. we make this tuition free, we will also substantially lower the interest rate on student debt. [applause]
11:03 am
you know how we are going to pay for it? a tax fory for it on wall street speculation. [applause] i am running for president because, as a result of the disastrous supreme court decision in the citizens united case, the american political system has become totally corrupted, and the foundations of american democracy are being undermined. in our great country, millionaires and billionaires should not be able to buy elections. [applause] as president, i will fight to overturn citizens united, and move towards public funding of elections.
11:04 am
[applause] and, together, we are going to and the voter suppression imposed by republican governors all over this country. america, we should have one of the highest voter turnout in any country on earth, not one of the lowest. i am running for president in the difficult battle against vitriolic republican rhetoric, we must protect a woman's right to choose. [applause] and, we must defend planned parenthood. [applause]
11:05 am
i know that i speak to every person in this room when i send my condolences to the family of those killed in friday's attack at planned parenthood. we must make certain that are gay brothers and sisters continue to have the right to marry. [no audio] [applause] i am running for president i have three grandchildren --
11:06 am
despite what my republican candidates think, climate change causing and is already devastating consequences in this country and throughout this earth. the united states must lead the world in combating climate change, and transforming our energy system away from fossil sustainable energy. [applause] must start worrying about the planet that they will leave to their kids and grandchildren, and worry less about the campaign contributions
11:07 am
they may lose from the koch brothers and the fossil fuel industry. climate change is the greatest challenge of our time. i have opposed a piece of pipeline from day one. that is why, right here in new hampshire, i believe the pipeline energy direct that would carry natural gas 400 miles is about idea and should be opposed. [applause] as everyone knows, we live in a difficult and dangerous world. there are people out there who want to do us harm.
11:08 am
as president, i will defend this country, but i will do it responsibly. unquotet need a quote tough foreign policy. we need a smart foreign policy. [applause] as a member of congress, i voted against the war in iraq. when you are dealing with votes that send young men and women i listeneds way -- very quickly to what president bush and others in the bush
11:09 am
administration were saying. i did not believe a word of it. that much ofo joy what i feared would happen, in terms of the these daily show of that region, did happen. oday, we are confronted with a barbaric organization called isis, which, in my view, much be must be the. i hope we have learned painful lessons of the past. that is we cannot, and should not attempt to do it alone. [applause] you cannot and should not be
11:10 am
trapped in perpetual warfare in the middle east, year after year after year. we need, in my view, to put together a broad coalition, including the strong participation of the muslim countries in the region. while the u.s. and other western nations have the strength of our militaries and political systems, the fight against isis is a struggle with the salt of islam, encountering violent extremis must be done primaril muslim countries with strong support from their global partners.
11:11 am
interestingly, the same sentiments have been echoed by many in the gulf region. said in a recent speech that terrorism is quote threat tost our region, and muslims must lead the fight against it. he noted that confronting extremism is both a regional and international responsibility, and it is incumbent on muslim nations and communities to confront those who seek to withk those societies intolerant ideologies. ,et me congratulate the king not only for his wise remarks, but also for the role that his country is playing in trying to address a horrific refugee
11:12 am
crisis in the region. [applause] what does all of this mean? it means that, in many cases, we more of those in the region. while jordan, egypt, and lebanon have accepted the responsibility for taking in refugees, other countries in the region have done little or nothing. important, and this is a point that must be made, and is a contentious point, but in my ,iew, countries in the region of an enormous wealth and resources have contributed far
11:13 am
too little in the fight against isis. [applause] that must change. king abdullah is absolutely right when he says the muslim nations must lead the fight against isis. that includes some of the most wealthy and powerful nations in the region, who, up to this point, have done far too little. saudi arabia has the third largest defense budget in the world, and instead of fighting isis, they are focused more on a campaign to oust houthi rebels in yemen. kuwait, a country whose ruling family was restored to power by united states troops after the first gulf war, has been a well-known source of financing
11:14 am
for isis, and other violent extremists. it has been reported that c $200 will spend some billion on the 2022 world cup, including construction of a number of facilities to host that event. $200 billion to host the soccer event, but yet, very little to fight against isis. change.t [applause] wealthy and powerful muslim nations in the region can no longer sit on the sidelines and expect the united states to do .ll of their work for them
11:15 am
as we develop a strongly coordinated effort, we need commitment from these countries that the fight against isis pr es president -- ecedent over the differences that hamper the cooperation that we desperately need. let me conclude my remarks by saying this. first, again, thank you to every person in this room. [applause] fewdoing what to o americans are doing which is protecting our democracy, and getting involved in the political process. thank you all. let me also say this. let me give you a political reality that i think all of you
11:16 am
understand. that is republicans win elections when voter turnout is low. that is a fact. voter turnoutwhen is high. our job, and what we try to do in public all see and politics is encourage more more people to participate. republicans, sadly, try to suppress the vote. thatg said that, i believe if we are to retain the white house, and continue to build on thatxcellent work president obama and vice done, it biden have believe that from the bottom of my heart, if we are going to succeed in doing that, and succeed in regaining the senate,
11:17 am
doing well in the house, winning governor seats all over america, we need to have a campaign which is striking a nerve with working , and manyung people of our citizens who have turned their backs on the political process. [applause] is theve that that 2016 is that bernie creating. [applause] when i go to events all over the country, and i see 5000 people-20,000 people, many of them have never gone to a political meeting in their life, i see a future not just for my candidacy, but for the democratic party. [applause]
11:18 am
when i see hundreds of thousands of people, again, many of whom have never been to a political upting in their life, sign and want to get involved in the campaign, i see hope for the future of this country. i believe that the campaign we are running, a campaign that is generating and norma's energy and excitement all across this nottry, is a campaign that only retains the white house, but takes the democratic party a huge step into the future. we are running a campaign that change ina real
11:19 am
america. tonight, i ask you to join the revolution. thank you very much. [applause] , here is a look at what some of the other presence of candidates are doing today. in iowa.ed cruz paul,a tweet on rand signing copies of his book
11:20 am
announcing that later he is filing for both kentucky caucus and reelection to the senate. also, donald trump says he will be meeting with a large amount african-american pastors, many i know, wonderful people, not a press event. wouldany of the leaders address them. martin o'malley also spoke at the jefferson jackson dinner. he talked about his experience as mayor of baltimore, along with his campaign platform. [applause]
11:21 am
governor o'malley: how is new hampshire doing tonight? it is wonderful to be here with all of you. my name is martin o'malley. i am the former mayor of , former governor of maryland. i'm not a former socialist, not a former republican. im a lifetime democrat, and am running for president of the united states. i need your help. f the best parts of the experience of running for president of the united states is the ability to look over the horizon, and see where our country is heading.
11:22 am
by that, i mean talking to so many young people across our country. young people who share the idealism and belief in all things possible. i know, and looking at our national politics, it is easy to become discouraged about the gridlock, polarization. i urge you to do what i do. g where ourwonderin youngy is headed, talk to americans under 30. you will rarely find among them ones that believe climate change is not real. you will rarely find people under 30 who want to slam the door on syrian refugees or deny rights to gay couples and their children. [applause] that we aretells me actually moving to a much more
11:23 am
connected, a much more generous, and a much more compassionate place as a country. last month, when vice president biden announced he would not be a candidate for our parties nomination, he shared some important wisdom for all of us. he reminded us all of the values we share. he spoke of our belief in the dignity of every person. our belief in the, good that we share. respect for one another, truth about ourselves here he called upon all of us, not just as democrats, but as americans, not to run away from the progress of buildama-biden years to another america. [applause] in other words, he challenged all of us to be fearless about our progressive values, our ability to solve this problem of income inequality, and the
11:24 am
ability to make our economy and country work again for all of us . all of us here tonight can agree on one important thing, and it is this. we cannot allow donald trump or any of the trump one of these -- wannabees to take over our white house. [applause] every election is a choice. in the true not only general election, that is true in our own democratic party. you have a choice. the three of us running for the nomination differ on who is best prepared to lead america forward, especially in these new times. who gives us the best chance as november?win in in just 71 days, the people of the polls,re -- not
11:25 am
not the pundits, but the people of new hampshire will make that critical decision. won't you? [applause] it's not about yesterday. it's not just about today. our country. it is about the future our country will share. it is about tomorrow. eight years ago, america voted for a new leader in barack obama. now, we need to keep moving forward with new leadership to build upon his record. here tonight on the stage share progressive values, not all of us have a record of actually bringing people together, to get things done, to turn those values into actions. i do. with 15 years of executive experience as a mayor and the governor, i have learned how to be an effective leader.
11:26 am
i have learned how to get things done. i am clear about my principles. freezing living wage, college tuition for years in a row. these are actions, not words. as governor, i made it easy for people and workers to actually join unions and bargain collectively for better wages. actions, not words. [applause] instead of cutting public education, we invested more in public education, and made our public schools the best in america for five years and a row. actions, not words. i brought people together to pass the dream act, to pass marriage equality, and to pass the most comprehensive gun safety legislation in the nation
11:27 am
with background checks and a ban on combat assault weapons. actions, not words. you know, my wife and i have four great kids -- grace, sarah, william, and jack. in fact, william is here with me tonight. my oldest daughter grace is a teacher in the halt of baltimore -- heart of baltimore city. [applause] a few short months ago, after announced he would run for president, she went back to class, and the class was all abuzz. a little girl talked on her sleeves and said, ms. o'malley,
11:28 am
i'm not sure about this idea of your father running for president because quite frankly, i kind of like barack obama. [applause] a lot of us like barack obama. republican presidential candidates would like us to have the convenience of the venetian, but you remember eight years ago. we have come a long way from thanks to of 2008 president obama's leadership, our nation is creating jobs again. 68 months in a row of positive job growth in the united states. [applause]
11:29 am
there is no progress without jobs. our country is clearly doing better. get this. we elected a president. we did not elect a magician. there is urgent work that still needs to be done to two 30 years, for the most part, of failed trickle down that keeps wages low. it must be said that there is, in our country today, a growing economic injustice. our middle class is s shrinking. 70% of us today are earning the same, or less, that we did 12 years ago. that is not how our economy is supposed to work. that is not how our country is supposed to work.
11:30 am
injustice does not solve itself. must all that.r in our actions that actually square our shoulders to the challenges of our times, whether climate change or the threat of global terror, and makes these challenges are opportunities. we still make our future. a betterto make
11:31 am
future, we must return to our true selves and remember that money, it iss not people. it is all of our people. [applause] middle class is because of economic growth. no family that works hard and plays by the rules should have raise their children in poverty. therefore, we should raise hourum wage to $15 per and howevere can, we can. we must pay overtime pay for paidime work and expand
11:32 am
leave so women can participate fully in the workforce. when women succeed, americans succeed. [applause] these are the things we do. this is our american su equation for success. when we include every generation i putully, that is why together 15 goals to rebuild the american dream that we share, making college it debt-free reality within the next five years. cutting qubes unemployment in half i making national service a universal option for every kid
11:33 am
in america. eradicate a childhood hunger in the united states of america within the next five years. [applause] of cutting social security, like all of the republican candidates want to do, i say we must expand social security, and improve benefits. and, i am the first candidate -- but let us hope not the last, to put forward a plan to move byrica to a 100% clean grid 2050, and create new jobs along the way. we are americans. let me give you another action we can take. our parents and grandparents used to do it. if we want wages to go up, and
11:34 am
not down, let's bring 11 million of our neighbors out of the shadow economy by passing comprehensive immigration reform with a pathway to citizenship. sing it with me on this one. to that immigrant bashing, carnival barker, donald trump, let us stand up to say the symbol of our nation is not the barbed wire fence, it is the statue of liberty. [applause] we are eight good people, .ompassionate people
11:35 am
to win this general election, we must speak to the goodness within. nothing we care about can be accomplished by words alone. we must take action. as democrats, we have to cast aside the worn out politics of the past. we have to find our backbone again to stand up for what is best for our country and best for all americans. as democrats, that means we also must break with a couple of bad habits. first, we must stop giving a free pass to the bullies of wall street who wrecked our economy to begin with. [applause] i have never represented wall street, and i sure as hell will not take orders from wall street as your president. president, i will have
11:36 am
the independence and backbone to fight for you. if the bank is too big to fail, too big to jail, and too big to big, andt is too damn needs to be broken up before it breaks us all. you tell me how it is that not a single wall street ceo was ever convicted of a single crime related to the 2008 economic meltdown. not a single one. what did we come to as a country when you can get pulled over for a broken tail light, but if you correct the nation's economy, you are somehow untouchable. president who will stand up for us. [applause] second bad habit, trade for the
11:37 am
sake of trade, regardless whether or not that trade helps our national interest. i say we must stop sending in badn jobs overseas deals like the transpacific partnership. remember nafta. however well-intentioned it might have been, we were given a lot of promises, and in turn, we got back empty pockets and emptied rhombus is. i'm fundamentally and adamantly opposed to secret trade deals that congress is forced to vote on, before the rest of us are even allowed to read them. [applause] it is not what the other countries are doing to us. it is what we are not doing for ourselves. we need to invest in our own and build an economy
11:38 am
that works for all of us. as we gather here this evening, in new hampshire, we cannot help but think of, to remember, and i should the victims -- say, the latest victims of another mass shooting, this time in colorado springs, who lost hurt, ines, or were the latest act of what we might call domestic terrorism. this act took place at the planned parenthood office. others have taken place in classrooms, schools, church basements. we cannot treat these acts of terrible violence as isolated incidents. we have to call them out for what they are. cts motivated by
11:39 am
intolerance, racism, and hate. murdere in fact acts of and terror. happens, it is an assault on all of us. [applause] what do we do about it? we cannot allow ourselves to become indifferent to it. part of the solution, part of comprehensiveis gun safety legislation in the united states. [applause] we have to have the courage to put our children safety and public safety ahead of the craven interest in the morally
11:40 am
bankrupt interest of the national rifle association. [applause] look, it is a free country. , and oneas one goal goal only. that is selling as many guns possible no matter the cost and lives fear that may be their interest, but it is not what is best for america. we need to stand up and say no to the nra. [applause] years, they have bullied, threatened, and pushed their legislation through congress, telling our own members of congress what we can pass and not passed for the people. i say it is time that we stand up together and say no to the nra.
11:41 am
what am i talking about? i'm talking about universal background checks. to save lives, we must ban all assault weapons. [applause] must use the, we buying power of our own federal government -- the biggest customer, by the way, that the companies have, and refuse to buy guns from any company that does not use the latest and best safety technology. [applause] and, to save lives, we must stop giving immunity to gun whofacturers and dealers sell their weapons to criminals and psychopaths. no immunity.
11:42 am
since every election is an opportunity to forge a new consensus, i call on senator sanders to join me now, secretary clinton, join me now, and together we can forge a new consensus for common sense gun legislation. [applause] the truth here is on our side. the most and support and -- important responsibility of the president of the united states is to safeguard the lives of the citizens of the united states. that truth has been driven home over the course of these last few weeks. a russian airliner downed in egypt, suicide bombings in paris -- terror
11:43 am
in paris, two dozen dead in mali . extremism known as isil must be confronted and destroyed. solution.s a global the un security council issued a call to take all necessary measures in the fight. lead a concerted, international effort to destroy organizational capacity of isis. toabilityerm overcome this evil depends on
11:44 am
our values in the actions we refuse to take your home. i'm talking about this. democracies are very vulnerable on turning on themselves in the aftermath of a terror attack. depends on the courage and resolve, and yes, intelligence of the american people. individual citizens must resist fear-based appeals of their own politicians. opportunismlitical are a toxic mix. mix that can often precede fascism. [applause] in the last two weeks, from
11:45 am
campaign ads, front pages, fox news, fear german politics is everywhere on display for like-minded people around the world to see, when actually, what they are looking fo to us for is leadership. trump blames everything on new american immigrants and muslim americans. trump says that we should be monitoring everyone of the muslim faith, keeping some kind of registry, maybe even issuing special id cards. [booing] let me ask you this. who is next? catholics? trade unionists? artists? .e have seen this before
11:46 am
it does not lead to a good place. you startmp, when your registry of americans who oppose your backward, un-american ideas, you can start with me. [applause] if you want to make a list of americans who reject your politics of fear and division, you can start with me. [applause] trump -- when you make your enemies list of all those who would put the interests of working people ahead of the special interests of billionaires, you can start with me. [applause] either way, as long as you are
11:47 am
compiling a list, if you want to know who will stand up to the nra and will fight for common sense gun legislation, you can start with me. [applause] and, when you send your new security police out to track down all of us who believe the earth is actually round, and climate change is real, you can start with me. [applause] what are times call for -- our times call for his new leadership, new actions. we are not going to make our economy work again for all of us by trying to strap capitalism and replace it with socialism.
11:48 am
nor are we going to make our economy work for all of us again by turning a blind eye to criminal behavior on wall street, or taking orders from the big banks, submitting to some type of lesser american capitalism where 70% of us earn less than what we do a decade ago. the few, fory the the few is not worthy of our grandchildren's future. there is a way, and it is the way forward. it is the way that says we are all in this together. common sense policies that allow people to get ahead and earn more. tackling the great challenges of our times. these are the ambitions that are truly worthy of the great people. with fresh approaches, new thinking, and it understanding
11:49 am
that no one candidate has all the answers, and no one party has all the answers. we can together make her way forward -- make our way forward. gle flies best when both its left-wing's and red wings are flapping. [applause] make no mistake about it. people in both parties right now are scanning the horizon, looking for a leader who can leave the divisions of our past behind us, and bring people together again. it is critically important for our country's future that they find that leadership in the party of franklin roosevelt, the party of john kennedy, and the party of barack obama. [applause] i leave you with this final thought. ieople sometimes say to me --
11:50 am
know it is shocking, here in new hampshire that people can walk up to presidential candidates and tell them exactly what is on their mind, but that is what you do, is in it? sometimes people come up to me and say, you know, governor o'malley, you have a tough fight , these are some tough odds. you know what? i kind of like a tough fight. i have always been drawn to tough fights. i did not run for mayor of baltimore in 1999 because things were going well in baltimore. asid not take on the job governor of one of these great states in a time when things were easy. leaving my state went this nation was going through a recession was not easy, but i fought to save every house i
11:51 am
could, and to save every job i could. for those who say to me that i am facing a tough fight, there are lots of people that would look you in the eye and say to you, you have a tough fight, giving your children a future with more opportunity that you have enjoyed. i think the toughness of the fight is a way of telling us the things we are fighting for our worth saving, our country is worth saving, the american dream is worth saving, and this planet is worth saving. that is why i am running for president. i intend to win, and i need your help. god bless america on this journey forward. thank you very much. [applause]
11:52 am
>> democratic presidential candidate martin o'malley remained in new hampshire overnight. today, he toured the velcro manchester. congress is back today after it's thanksgiving break. the housemates at 2:00 to deal , one dealingls with cybercrime, and also a billd dealing with the --
11:53 am
dealing with the water system. of the out some of the issues coming up this week. >> c-span takes you on the road to the white house. the best access to the candidates, at town hall meetings, speeches, meet and greets. we are taking your comments on facebook, twitter, and by phone. as always, any of that we cover is available on our website, >> congress is back today from the thanksgiving daybreak. there will be nine bills on the schedule for today, including a measure dealing with cybercrime, as people are shopping on the cyber monday. you can see the house live here on c-span. the senate meets at 3:00 eastern. they will consider the ofinations for the head international development. watch that on our companion network, c-span 2. now, a look at the big issues coming up later this week on capitol hill. host: congress is back this
11:54 am
week. here to tell us what to expect is a staff writer for roll call. good morning. give us a sense of what is the breakdown between the house and senate of activity. what are the big things that scare accomplished this week? -- that have to get accomplished this week chuc? guest: the first item of business are things that do not need to be accomplished, but on the house side, they will be addressing some disapproval resolutions that have been put out by the obama administration. that is a special legislative allow for these resolutions of disapproval to effectively get to president obama's desk.
11:55 am
however, when it is the epa that came up with the regulations, they are certain to face the veto pen. over on the budget site, we are looking at the budget resolution process. sometime in the second half of the week could the the extended voting that goes along with moving the bill through budget reconciliation. that bill would repeal as much of the affordable care act or obamacare, as they can. that is before the actual business of the day and the december.arriving in before thanksgiving break, we heard a lot about the topic of syrian refugees. is that on the agenda at all. the discussion of the
11:56 am
syrian refugees and what to do with the visa waiver program, and the ability of european citizens, and others to enter the united states, without needing to obtain a visa as a , on short-term business meetings, or the like, that will certainly be on the agenda, but there is nothing bubbling up yet, in terms of how the senate will address that. what i will say is this is where we will get into the discussion about whether or not that will be tied into the government funding measure. the omnibus appropriation bill will need to arrive by the second week of the month. that is where the big test will be, whether or not there needs to be a standoff of syrian refugees.
11:57 am
as part of the government funding proposal. host: part of the discussion is whether or not there will be another government shutdown. we heard some talk leading up to it. what is the outlook of that happening? guest: since there has been a budget agreement, there has been less likelihood that there will be a shutdown showdown 11, orhing, december going into a shutdown past it is december 11. not to say there are not lots of negotiations still to be done, including things like policy writers. they include everything from epa to all sorts of things. there is also, i would add, even before we get to that point, a more immediate deadline facing lawmakers to once again, either
11:58 am
extend, or finish, the controversial report on surface -- conference report on surface transportation. there is no shortage of things that have to be done within the next two weeks. the thing they have to be careful about is make sure they do not accidentally take too long doing anything, and then have a shutdown. host: you hinted at this, how many working days between now and the end of the year? guest: that is a really good question. as few as 10, probably. really, december 11 is when everyone would probably like to be out of here. there is a possibility that they work through september 18. -- december 18. that might be likely. certainly, no one wants to get closer to christmas. christmas falls on a friday this year, so ideally they would like to take the entire week off.
11:59 am
ust: a staff writer, joining on what to expect in the week ahead on congress. thanks a lot. guest: thank you. >> all persons having business before the audible supreme court of the united states are admonished to draw near and give their attention. >> coming up on "landmark cases." >> mrs. mapp demanded to see the paper. they refused to do so, she grabbed it out of their hands. a scuffle started. she put this piece of paper into her bosom. very readily, the police officer bosom, hands into her and removed the paper. thereafter, handcuffed her,
12:00 pm
while the police officers started to search the house. >> in 1957, the cleveland police went to a home where they andeved to be a bomber demanded entry. she refused them access, demanding a war later, returning with a document that they claimed was a warrant, they theed their way into premises. she sued and her case made it all the way to the supreme court. we'll explore the matter of evidence obtained through illegal searches and seizures and how this and other landmark cases and that's coming up on the next "landmark cases" live on c-span, c-span3 and c-span radio and for background, order your copy of the landmark


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