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tv   Washington Journal  CSPAN  December 4, 2015 3:00pm-4:01pm EST

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canadians, and also, syrian refugees, who just came to canada, where part of those folks, effectively, a receiving line as the official delegation arrives on parliament hill. met by political leaders and others used all there. in the next couple moments, that delegation will make its way to the senate chamber and we have the speaker of the senate who will effectively order the usher of the black rod to make its way to the senate -- to the house of commons to summon members active the senate for the reading.
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we will let you absorb these images and stand by for the next part of this formal protest. steeped in centuries of tradition and it will begin to unfold here again on parliament hill.
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>> please be seated. [speaking french] we will proceed to the house of commons and acquaint that house
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with the pleasure of his excellency that they attend them immediately.
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>> mr. speaker, and message from the excellency, the governor general.
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[speaking french]
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>> mr. speaker, if the pleasure of the governor general that this honorable house attend him immediately in the chamber senate. [speaking french]
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[indiscernible] conversations]
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>> the house of commons has elected me their speaker. i am little able to fulfill the important duties assigned to me. if i should at any time fall into error, i pray the fault is imputed to me and not the comments whose servant i am and through me to better enable them to do their duty to their queen and country, humbly claim all their rights and privileges, especially that they may have
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freedom of speech in their debates, access to excellency's person at all seasonable times, and that their proceedings they proceed from your excellency the most favorable construction. may it please your excellency. the house of commons has elected me their speaker though i am but little able to fulfill the important duties thus assigned to me. in the performance of those duties i should at any time fall into error, i pray the fault may be imputed to me and not to the commons whose servant i am and who through me the better to
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enable them to give their duty to their queen and country humbly claim all of their undoubted rights and privileges, especially that they may have freedom of speech in their , access to your excellency's person at all that theirtimes, and proceedings may receive from your excellency the most favorable construction. >> [speaking french] mr. speaker, i am commanded by his excellency to declare to you that he freely confides in the duty and detachment of the house of commons to her majesty's
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person and government and not doubting their proceedings will be conducted with wisdom, temper, and prudence. and will recognize and allow their constitutional privileges. i am commanded also to assure you that the comments should have ready access to his seasonaly upon all occasions and that their proceedings as well as your words and actions are constantly received from him the most favorable construction. mr. speaker, i'm commanded by his excellency the governor general to declare to you that he freely confides in the duty and notouse of commons
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doubting that their proceedings will be conducted with wisdom, temper, and prudence, he will recognize and allow their constitutional privileges. i'm commanded also to assure you that the comments -- comments will have ready access to his excellency upon all seasonable locations occasion -- occasions and will constantly received from him the most favorable construction. >> honorable senators, members
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, here house of commons majesty the queen, i am pleased to be here to deliver the speech from the throne. a warm welcome to those of you returning to your duties, including those returning after an absence. know that your experience is valued. 197 members to the newly elected. your enthusiasm and fresh ideas will serve your country well. [speaking french] i call in all parliamentarians to work together with a new sense of openness and collaboration. as governor general, i have seen firsthand what a great country canada is from coast to coast to
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coast and i also know this -- we can be even better. how? caring on art and scale as never before. the times we live in demand is nothing less. canada succeeds in large part because here, diverse perspectives and different opinions are celebrated, not silenced. parliament should be no exception. all members will be honored, respected, and heard wherever they sit for here in these chambers, the voices of all canadians matter. [speaking french] let us not forget however that canadians have been clear and unambiguous in their desire for real change. canadians want their government to do different things and to do things differently.
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they want to be able to trust their governments. leadership that is focused on the things that matter most to them. economy,ke growing the creating jobs, strengthening the middle class, and helping those working hard to join it. considerationl and respectful conduct, the government can meet these challenges and all others brought before it. in theing together service of all canadians, the government can make real change happen. it will do so in the following ways --
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government believes all canadians should have a fair chance to succeed central to that success is a strong and growing middle class. the government will deliver a tax cut for the middle class. this is the fair thing to do and the smart thing to do for canada's economy. the government is also committed to provide more direct help to those who needed by giving less to those who do not. the new canada child benefit will do just that. in recognizing public investment is needed to create and support economic growth, job creation, and economic prosperity, the government will make significant new investments in public transit, green infrastructure, and social infrastructure. to give canadians a more secure retirement, the government will work with the provinces and territories to enhance the
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pension plan. the employment insurance system will be strengthened to make in theat investors canadian economy and all canadians who need it. to create more opportunities for young canadians, especially those from low and middle income families, the government will work with the territories to make postsecondary education more affordable. andto support the health well-being of all canadians, the government will begin to work with provinces and territories to develop a new health accord. the government will undertake these and other initiatives while pursuing a fiscal plan that is responsible, transparent , and suited to challenging economic times. [speaking french] second, the government is committed to open and transparent government.
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have int canadians public institutions, including parliament, has at times been compromised. by working with greater openness and transparency, parliament can restore it. to make sure that every vote counts, the government will undertake consultations on reform and will take action to ensure that 2015 will be the last federal election conducted under the first past the post voting system. to restore public trust and to bring an end to partisanship, the government will follow through on its commitment to reform the senate by creating a new, nonpartisan, merit-based process to advise the prime
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minister on senate appointments. canadians a stronger voice in the house of commons, the government will promote more and debate and free votes reform and strengthen committees. things thee are the government will not do. it will not use government ads for partisan purposes, it will not interfere with the work of parliamentary officers, and it will not resort to devices like segregation to avoid scrutiny. third, the government will prove to canadians and the world that a clean environment and a strong
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economy go hand in hand. we cannot have one without the other. protecting the environment and growing the economy are not incompatible and our future success depends and demands that we do both. last week, first ministers met ahead of the international climate change talks, a first step in an important and ongoing process. the government will continue to provide leadership as canada works toward putting a price on carbon and reducing carbon pollution. to encourage economic growth, the government will make strategic investments in clean technology, provide more support for companies seeking to export those technologies come and lead by example. restoreof efforts to public trust, the government will introduce new environmental assessment processes.
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public input will be sod and considered. environmental impacts will be minimized. decisions will be informed by scientific evidence and indigenous people will be more fully engaged in reviewing and monitoring major resource development projects. [speaking french] agenda the government reflects that candidus strength is its diversity. canadians elected a government to bring us together, not to set us against one another. strong because of our differences, not in spite of them. as a country, we are strengthened in many ways by our shared experiences, by the diversity that inspires and at a and the world, and by the way we treat each other.
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because it is both the right thing to do and a certain path to economic growth, the government will undertake to renew nation to nation the relationship tween canada and , one based onple recognition of rights, cooperation, and partnership. among other measures, the government will work cooperatively to implement recommendations of the truth and reconciliation commission, will launch an inquiry into missing and murdered indigenous women and girls, and will work with first nations so that every first nations child receives a quality education. the government will make it build for immigrants to
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successful lives in canada, reunited their families, and contribute to the economic success of all canadians. response to a pressing international need and underscored by canadians desire to help, the governments will welcome 25,000 new canadians from syria to arrive in canada by the end of february 2016. services of for the canada's veterans, the government will do more to support them and their families. cbc,overnment will support encourage and promote the use of canada's official languages, and
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invest in canada's cultural and creative industries. faith, the government is committed to providing greater security and opportunity for canadians. canadians are open, accepting, generous people. we know helping those in need strengthens our communities and makes them safer, or prosperous places to live. the government will strengthen its relationship with allies, especially with our closest friend and partner, the united states. internationally, the government will focus its development assistance on helping the world's poorest and most vulnerable. to contribute to greater peace throughout the world, the government will renew canada's commitment to united nations peacekeeping operations and will continue to work with its allies in the fight against terrorism, to keep canadians safe and be ready to respond when needed. the government will launch an
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open and transparent process to review existing defense capabilities and will invest in building a leader better equipped military. and to expand economic opportunities for all canadians, the government will negotiate beneficial trade agreements and pursue other opportunities with emerging markets. recognizing that canada is fundamentally a safe and peaceful country, the government will continue to work to tape keepanadians safe -- to all canadians safe all at the same time protecting our cherished rights and freedoms. the government will introduce legislation that will provide greater support for survivors of domestic violence and sexual assault. weapons offassault our streets and it will legalize and restrict access to marijuana. the program --
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[speaking french] the agenda outlined today is an ambitious one but not one forged in isolation. rather, it's a result of conversations with canadians who told the government plainly and honestly what they need to be successful. canadians are confident people. and we knowwe are what kind of country we want to live in. we know the greatness canada is capable of and we know our success is not only about doing well for ourselves, but also about leading and even better, more peaceful and prosperous world for our children. as you consider the important work that lies ahead, remember have placed their
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trust in you. it's your responsibility to build that a better world by focusing on growing our middle class and delivering open and transparent government, ensuring a clean environment and strong economy and building a stronger canada and providing greater security and opportunity. the government will make real change happen. it will prove that better is not only possible, it is the inevitable result when canadians work together. [speaking french] members of the house of commons, you will be asked to appropriate the funds required to carry services and expenditures authorized by parliament. honorable members of the senate and members of the house of providencede divine guide you in your deliberations and make you faithful custodians of the trust the stowed upon you. wed upon you.
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>> we will remind you that if you missed any of the speech from the throne that we did air live, we both have it again for you tonight on c-span two at 8:00 eastern. and some news about the shooting this week in san bernardino. today investigating the mass shooting as an act of terrorism. the assistant director sealed -- said the fbi has uncovered evidence that led them learn to extensive planning. both shooters were killed.
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coming up this weekend, saturday night at 9:00 eastern, the nation magazine hold a discussion on an equality in america. speakers include the nation editor, a former labor secretary, and former white house advisor. >> you have a third like in the justice movement which has no home and candidate and you are talking about the dreamers and the black lives matter movement, americans, a racial justice third wing of the party with no candidate or voice or not even a pretense of a black candidate to mask all of that and they exploded into public view. >> coming up sunday evening, the republican jewish coalition presidential forum featuring republican presidential candidates. for the full weekend lineup, go
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to our website, congress is back in session monday for two weeks to wrap up year-end business. the houseplants take up legislation that would allow visitors from 38 countries to come to the u.s. for up to 90 days without a visa. said thosership has visitors should be screened more closely and government funding expires on december 11 so congress has to pass the spending legislation to prevent a shutdown. next week, the senate will take up the education bill that would replace the no child left behind law. the white house has said president obama would sign it. all persons having business before the honorable supreme court of the united states give their attention. >> monday on c-span's landmark
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cases, we look at the case of the rulings carr, that said federal courts could intervene in the drawing of election districts. here's is a portion of the oral arguments. >> these 11 tennessee voters live in five of the largest cities in tennessee. they are the intended and actual victims of a statutory scheme which devalues, reduces their thet to vote to about 1/20 value of the vote given to certain persons. in statesion shifts like tennessee had a majority of voters from rural areas move into the city yet those districts with now smaller populations health voting power equal to the larger voting districts so a group of voters
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challenged the disparity and took their case all the way to the supreme court. majorse became a milestone in supreme court activism and has continuing relevance today. joining us in the discussion, theodore olson, former u.s. solicitor general, and douglas smith. that's life monday night at 9:00 eastern on c-span, c-span3, and c-span radio. case asground on each you watch, order your copy of the landmark cases book available at ndmarkcases. attorney general loretta lynch spoke last night to the civil rights group muslim advocates and she spoke about hate crimes against muslims in light of the recent terror attacks.
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before she speaks, we hear from andre carson and the executive director of muslim advocates. from arlington, virginia, this is about an hour and 15 in its session 15 minutes -- 15 minutes. >> i am truly frightened. that was a text message i recently received from an american muslim mother. --lso received this message another mother at two young children. " we are counting on muslim advocates to help us in this very scary and difficult time. it is why we do what we do. evening. thank you all so much for joining us. this is a very special evening. this is actually the 10 year anniversary of muslim advocates. it all started 10 years ago
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washington, d.c. on a snowy january weekend in a conference room downtown. group of american muslim lawyers and policy experts from the government, private practice, civil rights worlds. we came together with an urgent task at hand to defend the founding values of our country. that weekend launched muslim advocates, a national, legal organization dedicated to promoting freedom, justice, equality for all. have come a long way and have made progress in these last 10 years because of many people in this room and others like you. some of you have given generously financially. others have contributed their time and talents. some have been important and crucial allies in our work.
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several law firms have donated thousands of hours of their legal time pro bono. i want to take a moment to recognize someone very special with us this evening. umber is one of our founding board members and at the end of this year, entered service. she has provided crucial leadership and guidance, strategic communication to governance issues. we are to miss her but i know she will not be far away. on behalf of everyone, our deep thanks for her leadership. [applause] >> together, we are protecting the right of americans of all faiths in the court and in the highest levels of government.
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i am excited to share with you the progress we are making. deed just told you about one of our very exciting legal victories. we had another exciting legal victory. in january, muslim advocates and our cocounsel were set to present oral arguments before the u.s. court of appeals for the third circuit. firsts going to be the time that a federal appeals court would be hearing and deciding on the legality of the new york police department discriminatory surveillance program, a program that was run to basically collect information , spy on american muslims not based on evidence of wrongdoing but simply based on their faith in new york, new jersey, pennsylvania, and connecticut. as that day in january was
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approaching, i was starting to get a knot in my stomach. a jew days before the hearing, the terrible attacks in paris against the offices of the charlie hebdo magazine took place. i was sure that world events were going to doom our case. it was the second question from the judges. n light of paris, should the police have the authority to surveillance american muslims? " it's an argument we continue to hear today. but as the hearing began, my anxiety and worries eased. there were so many community members who packed the courtroom who came from new york, philadelphia. in fact, there were so many members who showed up, the courthouse had to open an
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overflow room. the people who came included some of our plaintiffs. iraq war vets. these plaintiffs had shown amazing courage to take on the discriminatory policing practices of the largest police department in the country if not the world. they were now getting their chance to have their grievances heard by a court of law. as the hearing began, i happened to glance up at the ceiling in the courtroom and these words were etched in the ceiling -- ."ustice, guardians of liberty on october 13, justice was served.
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,he court issued its decision aid in a mess decision against the city of new york and in favor of our plaintiffs. [applause] >> in fact, the court's opinion was so decisive, it contains some of the most powerful language we have seen from a federal court standing up for the rights of american muslim since 9/11. one of those passages was this. we have been down similar roads before. jewish americans during the red scare, african-americans during the civil rights movement, japanese-americans during world war ii are examples that readily spring to mind. there was also ample media attention. one analyst said this lesson
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about discrimination is one the nation needs to learn over and over. back to the goes trial court's. we are preparing for trial and end your support, we will racial and religious profiling by law enforcement once and for all. [applause] >> every american has the right to feel safe in their home, their houses of worship, and in their community. earlier this year, we were all horror struck when we heard the devastating news of the brutal murders of three muslim students in chapel hill, north carolina.
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rison.sor, this has been the deadliest year to be a muslim in america. ,ot long after those attacks the muslim community in upstate horrifyingceived a network of antigovernment militia folks were basically plotting an attack to come up to their community, attack their school, attack their community, and kill their children. that was the intent expressed. perpetrators were arrested, thankfully. but the threats still remain. in the face of this hate
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, thence and even death family's, the communities have shown amazing courage, determination, and grace. we are honored to have with us brother, hisdia's former roommate, and members of community.rg moment to thank them for their commitment to pursuing freedom and justice. butjust for their families their commitment to pursuing freedom and justice for all of our families. for that, we thank them. [applause]
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>> we also know that the federal government has an important, crucial role to play to ensure the public safety. since the beginning of this year, we have been in a series of intensive communication with senior officials at the department of justice. i have been in regular contact with the acting assistant attorney general for civil rights. i just want to take a moment to thank her and her team for their responsiveness. been available literally at almost any time to speak about these issues. thank you. [applause]
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later this evening, you are going to hear directly from the attorney general herself on these and other issues. thes our hope that with attorney general's leadership, the federal government will send a powerful message that hate, violence, intimidation based on anti-muslim hate will meet the full force of the law. at this time of great challenge and pain for our community, we have also been very fortunate to have with us the support of our allies and partners. as muslim advocates have called for federal hate crimes investigations, called our public officials for engaging in divisive, anti-muslim rhetoric, a number of faith groups, civil rights groups, civic organizations from across racial and ethnic lines have stood with
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us in support of our community. we are very honored to have with us representatives of several of these allies, the anti-defamation league, the interface alliance, the southern poverty law center, the human rights campaign. religious campaign against torture. they have stood up for american values. they have stood with muslim advocates and the muslim american community. now i think it is our turn to stand up and express our appreciation for their support and friendship. i ask you to join me in standing up and expressing our support to our allies in this difficult time. [applause]


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