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tv   Washington Journal  CSPAN  December 4, 2015 6:00pm-7:01pm EST

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obama and jimmy carter are uncanny. the same failed economic policies, the same misery, stagnation, and malaise, the same feckless and naive foreign policies. in fact, the exact same countries, russia and iran. openly laughing at and mocking the president of the united states. i believe this next election, 2016, is going to be an election like 1980, that we are going to win by painting in bold colors and not pale pastels. [applause] senator cruz: the manifest failures of the carter administration set the stage for the reagan revolution, which came from millions of americans across this country. it was a grassroots movement. it didn't come from washington. washington despised reagan.
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it came from the american people and it transformed this country and the word of optimism i will give you is the same thing is happening all over this country. people are waking up incredibly and when it comes to foreign policy, the difference a strong president can make is underscored by the simple fact that this very same nation, the nation of iran, released our hostages the day ronald reagan was sworn into office. [applause] senator cruz: and with that, i'm happy to answer or dodge any question you like. matt: on behalf of the republican jewish coalition -- [applause]
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matt: this is great, i've never gotten a standing ovation before. i have a couple of questions, we've been collecting questions over the last few weeks, but one thing that comes up, and my apologies in advance for this comparison, but a number of people have asked, much has been made of barack obama coming into office as a first-term senator with no foreign policy experience. how do you respond to those who raise the same concerns about you? senator cruz: i'll say two things, when the media asks, gosh, aren't you like barack obama, my reaction to reporters is, i thought you thought that was a good thing?
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last i checked, he won two presidential elections. and listen, barack obama is not a bad president because he was a senator. barack obama is a bad president because he's an unmitigated socialist who won't stand up and defend the united states of america. [applause] senator cruz: but there's a broader point in this. if you look at the last 50 years and at the two moments that had the greatest impacts on human liberty, i would suggest it was in 1980, the election of ronald reagan, and in 2008, the election of barack obama, the first in a positive way, the second in a very negative way. they shared something in common. both reagan and obama believed profoundly in their principles, they had the courage to fight for them. when barack obama said he wanted
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to fundamentally transform this country, he meant it. and the damage that has been done in the last seven years is enormous, and i believe the only way to undo the damage is if as republicans we need to nominate a candidate for president as committed to conservative principles as barack obama is to liberal principles. matt: this dovetails into the next question, which is, how would you convince staunchly pro-choice voters who love your views on security and israel, that they can still be pro-choice and vote for you? senator cruz: that's a question that comes up a lot. the simple reality is to win. every one of us wants to win. at this point, desperately, it's not just a question of our team winning, it's a question of saving this country. i believe the stakes have never been higher than they are right now, that we are at the edge of a precipice, we're bankrupting
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our kids and grandkids, the safety and security of this country is hanging in the balance. and if we continue another four or eight more years down this road, we will lose this country. so we should all look with a stone-cold seriousness at how we win. now, in washington, there are political consultants who tell us over and over and over again, the way you win is you run to the middle. and this is no longer an abstract theory. we have now beta-tested this theory. and every time we follow that advice, we get clobbered. it doesn't work. and the reason it doesn't work is very simple. if you compare 2004, the last race we won nationally, to 2008 and 2012, the biggest difference is the millions upon millions of conservative voters who showed up in 2004, who stayed home in 2008, and stayed home in bigger numbers in 2012. and i believe if we're going to
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win, the central question in this general election is how do you motivate and inspire and bring back to the polls the 54 million evangelical christians who stayed home in 2012? how do you motivate and bring back to the polls the reagan democrats, the blue-collar catholics across the midwest and up into new england who stayed home in the polls? and the one thing that is abundantly clear is if we nominate another candidate, in the mold of a bob dole or a john mccain, or a mitt romney, all of whom are good, honorable, decent men, who love this country, but what they did didn't work. and if we do it again, the same millions of voters who stayed home in 2008 and 2012 will stay home in 2016 and hillary becomes the next president. so how do we win?
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if you look since world war ii, the only republicans who have ever won have won -- have run on all three legs of the conservative stool. they have run as fiscal conservatives, social conservatives, and national security conservatives. if you chop off one of those legs, we don't get to 51%. and so the trick is to speak in a way that energizes. so for example you asked about the question of life. i'll tell you the context in which i most like to discuss life, and that is the little sisters of the poor. the little sisters of the poor are a catholic charity of nuns who have taken vows of poverty. they spend their lives taking care of the poor and elderly. right now the obama administration is litigating against the little sisters of the poor, trying to force the nuns to pay for abortion inducing drugs in others. i've joked before a really good
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rule of thumb, if you're litigating against nuns, you've probably done something wrong. if we focus on values that unify us, that bring us together, bringing back jobs and growth and opportunity, defending our constitutional rights, and restoring america's leadership in the world, that in 1980 is how the reagan revolution rose up. it's what brought millions of people to the polls who had never voted again, and it's what we're seeing happening now. there is a reason why in six months we've had over 500,000 contributions at our average contribution is $63. there is a reason why when we do rallies -- a couple of weeks ago we were in kalamazoo, michigan, 9:00 a.m. on a monday morning,
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in a hockey rink. 800 people came out, almost all reagan democrats. irish catholic union members, working men and women, the people getting hammered by the obama economy. if we're going to win, we run a populist campaign of hardworking men and women who want to believe again in the promise of america, and we run it against the bipartisan corruption of washington that hillary clinton embodies. and let me say one final thing, matt, which is, i cannot wait to stand on a debate stage with hillary clinton. [applause] senator cruz: reagan understood that you win elections by making choices that are meaningful choices. you don't blur the difference. there's a reason there's only one republican in the last 50 years who has a group of
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democrats named after him -- reagan democrats. we need to nominate a candidate who has the clarity to stand up and say, if you vote for hillary clinton, you are voting for the ayatollah khamenei to have nuclear weapons. and if you vote for me, iran will never have nuclear weapons. if you vote for hillary clinton, you're voting for 12 million people who are here illegally to be granted amnesty. if you vote for me, we'll secure the border and stop illegal immigration. if you vote for hillary, you are voting for obamacare to be a permanent feature of our economy in perpetuity. if you vote for me, we will repeal every word of obamacare. that i believe is how we win with a cheerful, clear, meaningful distinction that makes a difference to working
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men and women across this country. matt: thank you, senator. [applause] [captions copyright national cable satellite corp. 2015] [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit] we will have more on this forum later. >> good afternoon. all of this will be the director 's briefing. the news from san bernardino continues to evolve, and we have seen the names and faces of the fallen and injured, and our
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hearts go out to them, and let's thosehem in our prayers who were injured in this, including law enforcement officials. as we have told you about this matter, it is an evolving investigation. we will keep you informed. there was a press operates in the local area with the assistant director in charge of the los angeles office providing more detail. the director will give you a briefing as well. the fbi has taken the lead in this investigation. they continue to work with our local partners who are outstanding partners, also along with the atf and u.s. marshals as well to continue to investigate this. there has been a lot of new information that has come to light. our heartsmey: continue to ache for the people
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lost and wounded in san bernardino and their families. i want to say a word of gratitude and say how impressed we were with the response of local law enforcement in san bernardino. they were amazing. we are lucky that could people become police officers in this country. i want to say thanks to the the folks we do not talk about a lot, that people who render care and eight, people who are the angels of our business and do not get the thanks a desert. thank you to them. sure youo make understand this is now a federal terrorism investigation led by the fbi. the reason is the investigation so far has developed indications of radicalization by the killers and the potential inspiration foreign terrorist organizations. and we are spending a tremendous amount of time over the last 48
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hours trying to understand motives of these killers and trying to understand every detail of their lives. we are going through a large volume of electronic evidence. this is electronic evidence these killers tried to destroy and tried to conceal from us that we now have. we are keeping our minds but as we are trying to do. i know there are a lot of good questions that folks want to answers for quickly. there are inspired to do things well and carefully. there is a lot of evidence that does not make sense, so we are trying to be thoughtful to understand it, so we understand the full extent of what we have here. let me offer you a couple of specifics. first, our investigation to date, only two days old, we have no indication these killers are part of an organized larger
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group or formed part of a cell. there is no indication they are part of a network. i quickly add it is early. we are working hard to understand, but i wanted to know so far we do not see such indications. second, there is nothing in our holdings about these two killers. i have seen reporting were folks have focused on reports that they were in contact, at least one was in contact with people who had been the subject of fbi investigations, investigations that were close or open. i urge you not to make too much of that. it were no contacts between the killers and the subject of our investigations. that was such a significance to raise those to our radar screens. i would not want you to overindex on that it. it is 48 hours old. there's much about this that does not make sense even those
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of us who do this for a living. that is the reason we have hundreds of people running down leads over the world and spending tremendous amount of time as we sit here trying to understand electronic record around these two killers. let me close by saying something the attorney general and i have said before, that is we know this is very unsettling he will of united states. what we hope you will do is not let fear become disabling. but to instead channel into an awareness of your strength to get you to it that is where you're living your life, but if you see something that does not make sense, you say something to somebody. when we look over our cases over the last 15 years, in almost every case we find that somebody saw something, whether a family member or friend or coworker, and didn't say something, will went over fact that made their hair stand up on the backs of
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their necks. do not do that. we have worked hard to get ourselves to a place where if you tell a police officer or call the fbi and say i thought something next door that seems off the online and off, it will get to the right people, and we will investigate it quickly and responsibily. we investigate in secret. if there's nothing there, no harm done. if there was something there, great harm may be avoided. we would ask you channel that sense of fear into something healthy, an awareness of your surroundings, and let us do the work you pay us to do, which is to investigate and fight terrorism, while you live your lives in this great country of ours. announcer: for now with presidential candidates at the republican jewish coalition. first, south carolina senator lindsey graham.
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graham: thank you. i am from the federal government here to help you. [laughter] jc is 30graham: the r years old. you do not look a day over 20. don't you feel like you are more relevant than ever? what you feel like that you have been trying to tell people is coming true? i want to thank you all for helping me all these many years. i am from south carolina, as you might can tell, and in the last election for senate i had six mildly opponents, from
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disturbed to completely insane. wass the insane guy i worried most about. you rally to my side. the pro-israel community on both sides of the aisle invested in lindsey graham's campaign with a ferocity that made me feel like family. [applause] we are araham: family. [applause] if electedham: president, i may have the first all-jewish cabinet in america. ken, thank you for introducing me. thank you for being my friend for so long. this journey we start together with lindsey graham was well over 20 years ago. i had a guy showed up at my
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office when i was running for congress, the first republican to win the third congressional district since 1877 in south carolina. strom thurmond knew the guy, saying he was a nice fellow. [laughter] we changeaham: senators every 50 years in south carolina whether we need to or not. there is a guy who showed up in my office who said i am from apac. great, what is apac? i adhere to help you. to help you. the bottom line is the pro-israeli community has been very helpful to making sure those of us in congress who understand the commonality to israel and the united states are elected -- shared values, shared
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enemies. [applause] i am the first in my family to go to college and anybody in that boat? neither one of my parents finished high school. my dad owned a liquor store, a bar, and a cool room. [indiscernible] i grew up in the back of a bar until i was in high school. we lived in one room. sister, who and my was nine years younger than i am. life was pretty good. if you own your own is this, you go to work every day. you cannot get sick. i ran the pool room as a kid. this is why i would be good regarding the iranians -- i know a liar when i see one. is that is myline worldview, from the back of a liquor store, living in a
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small town in south carolina, being raised by wonderful parents who cared a lot, but not well educated. but they gave me the one thing that is essential -- unconditional love. a loved me and they loved my sister unconditionally, and they did not leave us a lot of money, but they left us the one thing that every kid should get from their parents -- love, encouragement, and respect. [applause] so when i am 21, i met the university of south got beat where we just by the citadel couple weeks ago. i got myself to college. my mother got diagnosed with hutchings disease. 15 months later she passes.
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get wiped out. 15 months later, my dad died. we move in with an aunt and uncle who works in the textile plant and ever made over $25,000 in their lives. if it was not for social security survivor benefits coming to my sister as a minor from my parents'contribution, we would not have made it. i do not need a lecture from the democrat about social security. if it were not for college loans, my sister would not have gone to school. i do not need a lecture about how hard it is to send your kids to college. bills paid the medical until i got out of the air force . i do not need a lecture about what happens if you get sick and you lose everything because you
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are underinsured. has theblican party best chance to win the white house in a very long time. do you agree with that? [applause] senator graham: i heard senator cruz mention a couple of things, that i am going to take issue with. why we lose. how many of you believe we are losing elections because we are ssed end up on immigration -- enough on immigration? [applause] senator graham: i do not believe you. i believe we are losing the hispanic vote because they think we do not like them. [applause] graham: i believe it is not about turning out
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evangelical christians. it is about repairing the damage done by incredibly hateful rhetoric driving a wall between us and the fastest growing democratic in america. they should be republicans. i believe donald trump is destroying the republican party's chance. to win an election. let me tell you about life in america as it really is. 25 years ago, young men and women came over from mexico to seek a better life. he had to borders, one with mexico and one with candidate. i have yet to eat and illegal canadian. i am looking for them all over new hampshire. isn't it odd we are not run over by illegal canadians?
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soundf law country, economy, not a bad place to live. the canadians come to myrtle beach in march and goes with me, and we are glad to have it. too damn cold for us to swim in march, so we have canadian w eek. they leave on sunday. the people who come here illegally come from foreign corrupt countries,. . 25 years ago a couple came here with one child. you want to revisit that, count me in, but we are not to retroactively change it. the bottom line is, those two children have no place to call home other than america. this is where they had been raised. they have gone to school. one was in the marine corps. highest percentage of minorities
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in the marine corps arson hispanics. iraq, andr of duty in he comes home and here's, where is mom? you have not heard? is walking back to mexico. and self-deportation. mitt romney is one of the finest men i have ever met. a wonderful man. [applause] graham: when he embraced self-deportation he made a mistake because he exposed our party to a concept that most americans do not buy and very few hispanic at all. in 2016 got to go further. now it is not self-deportation, it is forced deportation. we are literally going to round them up. sound familiar to you? every one of them, including their american citizen children. that is the leader of the republican party. you think you are going to win an election with that garbage?
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undercut everything you have worked for? if you think it is about turning out more people and stay on this ettingthat you are sayin this party out for oblivion. it is about getting more people .nvolved in our cause you it is about looking a hispanic-american in the eye and say you are get it, you are pro-life, entrepreneurial, patriotic -- be a part of our call. if a marine corps legal citizen will vote for a party that wants to support his mother -- i do not think so. and if you do, i am your worst choice. you really want to win this election?
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do you really want to win this election? start taking everything that we say seriously and push back when the make absolutely knows that when we make absolutely no sense. i want to talk about foreign policy. my 36 trips to iraq to tell you how bad things are, but i will get there in a minute, but after mr. cruz, i will talk about winning elections. of you believe we have problems with young women as republicans? what do you think the problem is? any idea? what? it is a variety of problems. how about abortion. that that doesk create a problem for the republican party? i think you can be pro-life as you want to be as long as you are sincere and as long as you have a reasonable approach to
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prove-like issues. -- two pro-life issues. we will not lose this election because you are pro-life. hispanics as a group are pro-life. african-americans are more supportive of traditional values than any demographic in the country. how many of you believe that there should be an exception for a woman who has been a victim of a rape and has become pregnant? [applause] i don't believe -- you can be pro-life and win an election, but if you're going to tell a woman who's been raped she has to carry the child of a rapist, you're losing most americans and you have to question a ted cruz.
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how do you get a pro-choice person to vote for you? i am pro-life, you're pro-choice. isil is neither. [applause] the tax code is a montross city for all of -- monstrosity for all of us. but if you don't turns following then we're making a big mistake and there's following -- if a noom knee of the republican party will not allow for an exception for rape and increst, they will not win. -- incest, they will not win. [applause] ted cruz doesn't have than exception for rape or inset. -- incest. he says the debate is going to be about the little sisters of the -- he's going to take the fight to the democrats about their wanting to impose social policy on charitable organizations. it will be about rape.
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and if you don't think that then you just don't understand what they will do. it will be about the nominee of the republican party telling a woman who's been raped you got to carry the child of a rapist. good luck with that. [applause] not the speech you thought you were going to hear, right? not the speech i thought i was going to give. but he didn't answer the question. he did not answer the question. [applause] i'm going to answer the question. we will lose if that's the position the nominee of the republican party. we will lose young women in droves. and if we continue this garbage about illegal imgraduation and severing amnesty, we're going to go from 27% to single digits, and if you want to ask hispanics
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why they've gone from 44% of the republican party to 27%, they'll tell you we don't think you like us. and give -- given what i've heard, i would be in their camp too. so a little bit about me. i come from the reddest of red states. i was called lindsey gomez, lindsey branesty. my whole primary was around me working with democrats three different times to find a comprehensive solution to a broken immigration system. i've become to understand that controlling the borders requires -- but you're not going to deport ill -- 11 million illegals. we can't do it, we shouldn't want to do it. speak our language.
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i don't speak it well but look how far i've come. pay a fine because you did break the law. don't cut in front of those who've been doing it right. wait 10 years before you can even think about applying for a green card. that will fail. my goal is not to have a third wave. i've taken a beating over this issue. let me tell you why i can beat hillary clinton. her defense of flat broke and mine are a bit different. [applause] if you think after being in the white house eight years, you're flat broke, maybe you've lost your way of what flat broke looks like. maybe that's why they stole the china. if you want to change barack obama's foreign policy, why would you pick his secretary of state? [applause] you want to be commander in
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chief where were you when people in benghazi needed your help? [applause] how could you have a disaster in libya and not talk to him in a year when the whole place is falling apart. how could you not know that 600 requests for security came from the headquarters and none of them were honored. how could you tell your own daughter, this wasn't a protest, it was a terror attack and two days later tell the families of the fallen we're going to get the guy that made that video? put me in the ring with her. give me a chance. i'll win. then i'll govern this country in a way this should be governed. i will bring this together. i will work with democrats to fix a broken immigration system. i will work with democrats to get us out of dealt before -- i
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am running as a republican and proud of it but i am here to tell you the next president needs to be a better american than a republican or a democrat. [applause] how are you going to bring this together if your whole career has been about dividing us? i got one general rule of thumb. if a law is named after the president who's still in offers, you're probably not going to repeal it. so this idea of shutting the government down to get obama to repeal obamacare never made a whole lot of sense to me. i am tired of that crap. i want to put an agenda forward that actually makes sense to the average american. i embrace working with the other side because the next president has to. i embrace what ronald reagan did with tip o'neill, start drinking
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together. [applause] and find a way to save social security. here's what i would do. i'd ask everybody in this room to give up some of your benefits because most of you can afford to do it. i would ask younger people in this room to work a little longer because you have to. i would do revenue because the republicans have to give some too. i'd eliminate dedid you gos and credits and pay down debt to get the democrats in a room to have a discussion by getting us offtrack. 80 million baby boomers are going to retire in the next 25 years and we better have a plan to deal with it. if we don't, we lose our way of life. we can't defend ourselves because all the money goes to medicare and social security and interest on the debt. that is a ticking -- ticking time bomb. have you heard of
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simpson-bowles? i'm ready to do something like that. i'm ready to challenge you and i'm ready to challenge the republican party. are the democrats ready to be challenged? i hope so. because if i get to be president, they're going to be challenged. i'm at 1%. the election is still a long way away. help me stay in this race. [applause] you want to talk a little bit about foreign policy? do you think i even need to talk to you about my support for israel? no. i'm the first guy to go to the r.j.c. event and never mention israel in 15 minutes. you know why? because i don't have to. [applause]
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because you know where i'm at. don't you really want me to be president of the united states? [applause] in your heart of hearts, don't u want me to be -- [indiscernible] don't you want me across the table from the ayatollah? don't you want me to be commander in chief because i've walked in their shoes? [applause] how many of you believe that i would go on offense on day one? [applause] how many of you believe that by i'm going iranians to tell this deal up they would believe it? if somebody run for president on our side says i wouldn't tear the deal up then you don't understand the deal. if it's fully implemented it's a
6:40 pm
death sentence for israel. they don't even have to cheat. who in their right mind would give the ayatollah $100 million to do anything we -- he wants with it without changing his behavior? john kerry. never let someone negotiate with the iranians who's never bought a car. [applause] i would tear the deal up because it's unworkable. and i would do the following -- i'd call the congress and say give me one piece of legislation has leverage. if you do business with iran, you're not going to use american banks. [applause] the phone window -- would ring. then i'd get you a better deal. i'd tell the ayatollah if you want a nuclear power plant you
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can have it but you're not going to enrich uranium because we don't trust you. mexico and canada have nuclear power plant but they don't enrich. we're going to enrich uranium if i'm president. you're not going to get a penney of money or another weapon until you stop responsoring tim terrorism. if you try to break out, i'll stop you. if you want a war, you'll lose it. my goal is to take off the table the nightmare of all nightmares, a weapon of mass destruction in islamists who aq would use it. that's the number one threat to man kind. that's the way the second holocaust becomes reality. if you don't stop this deal and replace it with something else, every arab in the region is going to want their own nuke and our friends in israel are in an
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untenable position. i understand why this is a bad deal but i have the credibility in the region to get you a better deal. i've been there 40 times in the last 10 years. i know everybody worth knowing. i am intent on stopping this deal. and stopping this regime before it's too late. ted cruz said he'd keep assad in power. i sure will not. i am not going to give damascus to the iranians, baghdad to the iranians. there's a corridor between damascus, deep in the heart of lebanon where hezbollah can transport weapons that are going to be used between -- between our friends in israel. as long as is -- as assad is around, hezbollah has a partner. if i'm president, assad is going
6:43 pm
standing up or laying down but he is going. isil will be destroyed. i'm the one guy who can go to every i arab leader in turkey and say we're going to use your the --and go in and pull by the roots and find every one of these bastards that we can find and we're not leaving until the job is done. they will follow me. they trust me. then we'll turn to assad, russia, and iran and say the following -- we're going to let syrians pick the next leader of syria, not the ayatollah, not putin, and if russia and iran wants to fight the entire arab world, turkey, and western powers, they're welcome to do so. if you want to fight for the butcher of damascus, be my guest, putin. you got 18 planes and six of them can't fly. he's got a pair of twos and we've got a full house and he's
6:44 pm
kicking our ass, because we have somebody that doesn't know how to play cards. if i am president of the united states, isil will be destroyed. the will be defanged and u.n. will be put on notice, that if you can't continue to come after our friends in israel, you won't get a dime of money from the american -- [indiscernible] [applause] there are three threats to the state of israel and the united states. two common, one unique to israel. iran with a nuclear weapon is the nightmare of all nightmares for the world but particularly the one and only jewish state. isil and other forms of radical islam are about to take the king of jordan and all of our friends down in the middle east.
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they would attack our homeland if they could. i'm going to stop them. il in the go land heights is not a good deal. the third is the margelation of the jewish state by international bodies like the united nations. to the united nations, if you take the security council resolution and try to pass it taking over the peace protess -- process, i will defund the u.n. if i'm the president of the united states. to the international criminal court, if you bring one -- as a member of that court i will shut you down. to the palestinians, pick and choose who you want to be. if you want to be a -- friend you're not my friend. if you reject happenas and live in peace with israel, maybe we can do some business. all i can tell you, folks, that we better not lose this election. i've given you a way forward.
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almost anybody can beat hillary clinton as long as they're right on two good issues -- immigration and having a sensible position on social issues. if we don't have those two positions right, we're going to get creamed. we have a demographic problem with his span i said that can get repaired because they've been left behind more than anybody else in the economy. young women will look to us because their children are at risk under obama's policies and hillary clinton is more of the same. we can win this election. you know how you win this election? you don't lose it. thank you very much. [applause] thank you. >> big round of applause for enator graham. thank you, ambassador, for that great introduction. thank you all. the r.j.c. played such a
6:47 pm
constructive role in electing republicans and they will play reconstructive role in electing the next presidents of the united states. it is an honor to be here. i thought it would be 3r0er79 to pause for a moment in reflection and prayer for the families that loved lost ones in san bernardino, if you don't mind. thank you. his sunday is the start of the holiday of light. in a world of deep, disturbing darkness, starting on sunday, there will be a light shining for hope and possibilities and opportunity. first and foremost, i want to wish you all a happy hanukkah. [applause] we are living in really serious dangerous times and i think it requires serious leadership, proven leadership to be able to deal with the challenges that we face and the opportunities that we face as a nation in recent times, unless you're just not
6:48 pm
watching what's going on, we see tragedy after tragedy take place. in paris, in tunisia, in lebanon, a u.s. american student was murdered in the west bank. ezra schwartz, the brutal savagery of islamic terrorism exists. and this president and his former secretary of state cannot call it for what it is. it is islamic terrorism that wants to destroy our way of life, wants to attack our freedom. they have declared war on us and we need to declare war on them. [applause] in foreign policy, the differences can't be any more stark than the mainstream views of our party and those of the democrats. the obama-clinton-kerry team has gotten it wrong from day one. first, let me say that i don't think a president should speak with gran osty without backing
6:49 pm
it up. should i be president of the united states, there won't be any red lines unless it's backed up. we're not going to call isis the j.v. team unless we're serious about taking them out. no more grand owes reset buttons and never following it up while allowing putin to go guard while we pull back. terror and nation states that no longer think the united states is willing to expend the capital necessary to be a serious leader and whether it's libya, where hillary clinton literally said -- this is the aversion of smart power at its finest and then we saw the tragedy of benghazi take place and now we have three or four different militias, including an i sighs related terrorist group that is trying to destabilize tunisia. across the spectrum of the middle east, because we have pulled back, we're now at a far
6:50 pm
worse place. three months ago i went to the reagan library to lay out a plan to destroy isis, not to contain. that's exactly what we need to do and only american leadership will make that happen. what i said then is what i believe today, that we need a no-fly zone. for those worried about what russia will think, russia should be a little more worried about what we do. we should create safe zones. i know people are deeply concerned about the refugee problems that exist with four million syrians that are uprooted from their families, the tragedy of untold hardship for so many people, but the sitchle fact is the way to deal with the refugee people is to create safe zones there while we build an army with our leadership that will take on isis that will build a political leadership where assad goes some
6:51 pm
place out of syria. we need to arm the kurds and reengage with the sunni tribal leaders that were our partners when we built a fragile but secure iraq the day that barack obama was elected and he and his secretary of state abandoned that. that created the void. they both admit now that al qaeda in iraq was wiped out. in its place now we have a caliphate the size of indiana. 30,000 battle-tested terrorists that are organizing each and every day to create hardship for europe, for the united states and for the middle east. we could have a plan but it's going to require american leadership. the only way the arab world will join forces if they believe that the united states is serious in providing the leadership that will happen. this administration is not serious. when they put restrictions on the war fighters by having, for sororities of the
6:52 pm
that are going out from our air bases, 57% go back with the emissions not lauverage launched. it's because you have to get approval from a lawyer of defense before you do there. we don't have the capabilities or it will and we're getting into a bigger mess. the next president of the united states is going to have to be a commander in chief that asks for military for options not to contain but to destroy isis. [applause] only american leadership could make that happen and frankly, only american leadership can improve the chances of dealing with the other force of instability in the region, which is an aggressive iran, now possibly emboldened with billions and billions of dollars that this horrible agreement is going to give them. the radical regime in tea ran
6:53 pm
has to be confronted as well. i believe we're going to have to end up building the sanctions regime again because they will continue to provide support as the largest supporter of terrorism in the world. the united states, when we pulled back, creates so much uncertainty that it will come to our shore. we have to be engaged in this in a meaningful way and our friends need to know that we have their back. the simple fact is today our al ies no longer believe the united states is serious, that we'll be there, have their back. our treaty obligations are meaningful anymore. the first place, that relationship is to restore the ruptured relationship with israel. that has to be the first step. [applause] and the best way to do that is on day one to announce the next president and should i be president i will do this, that will move the united states embassy to o --
6:54 pm
jerusalem. and on day one, hr. we will extend the memorandum of understanding to provide u.s. security assistance over the long haul for israel. it is important to make sure that israel has the qualitative military edge in the neighborhood to make sure that there's an environment of peace through strength and we can do that in short orlando. on day one we would make pa it clear that there will be no pressure from the united states on israel as it relates to negotiating with the palestinians until the palestinian authority and other entities inside of the -- in the political realm inside of the palestinian authority recognize the right of israel to exist as a jewish state with secure boarders. [applause] there has to be a recognition by the next president of the united states that there's no moral
6:55 pm
equivalents between acts of terrorism against innocent people in israel and israel's efforts to create an environment of self-defense. [applause] on day one, i will work with the next attorney general to stop the b.d.s. movement in the united states, to moo moore use whatever resource that is exist. [applause] a bush administration will forcefully restore america's leadership in the world in other ways as well. our national security should be the first imperative of a foreign policy for sure but we also have, i believe, a durrett to provide support for people that are oppressed. that religious freedom continues to be a value in this country that we need to protect here and protect overseas. whether it's the usidis or the characterizations in iraq or syria or jews that are being
6:56 pm
discriminated against in europe or the united states. the next president of the united states needs to recognize that religious freedom is one of the first freedoms of this country and whether it's here inside our boarders or outside, but for us who? who but the united states will stand for the discriminated, the oppressed? and sadly, that discrimination now is taking place across united states college campuses as well. the political correctness of our country needs to be shattered. universities should be a place of free expression. [applause] these growing cases of anti-semitic behavior by a few, supported by professors and administrators in some cases by their not taking action has to stop, and the president of the united states has the authority in many ways to convene, have the bully pull pit to make sure that people know that at least
6:57 pm
one person, the leader of the free world, will be on the side of people who only want to act on their religious beliefs. it is a first freedom that i believe should be protected. my relationship with israel goes way back. i've been to israel five times and every time i go i'm inspired by the people, by the sense of purpose of the place, by the energy that exists, by the creativity, by the fact that -- everybody talks about the republican party being kind of a wild and crazy place. go see thousand israeli politics work. we have 65 stat candidates. they have 65 spreat parties. i'm inspired by israel and from the minute i moved to miami when i had to chance to meet my friends ron and took my first trip for israeli bonds and took my other trims for other reasons, i see israel as an
6:58 pm
important alley in so many ways and i've been engaged in the fight long before being a candidate for president. whether it was the purchase of israel bonds through the florida pension funds or assistance of the people that brought to my dad's attention, the plight of ethiopian jews, an effort that didn't get much publicity but thousands and thousands of people were saved because of g.h. -- george h.w. bush. my involvement has been consistent and clear and here's my pledge to you -- as president of the united states, i will restore america's leadership in the world. we're living in perilous times with you they're also times of extraordinary opportunity. this is a time where, if we fakes few, big complex things, we will be living in times of abundance but in order to get to that point where we grow the economy at far faster rate, where people get out of poverty,
6:59 pm
we have to accept the fact that only america can lead the free world. only america can create the conditions in partnership with createt of our alleys to peace and and you are the then we can get on with the business of mechanicing -- becoming an economic superpower again. i know we can do this i have a question for you and a question for all voters. who has the right stuff? who has the experience that you can look back in the past and know that going forward they have the ideas and the leadership skills to be able to solve kneels big, complex problems and lead? who has a heart for people? this is not about the big personalities on the stage, as much as a couple of the candidates would like it to be that way. this is about the people that are really struggling, people that are really scared about what the future looks like. this is about the american people and the next president of the united states better have a
7:00 pm
servant's heart, rather than trying to push people down to make himself look better. we need i think you are looking at the next republican nominee. applause]d and here is what i promise to you. should i win this nomination, i will take it to hillary clinton and i will with her -- will whoop her. [applause] i will campaign with a hopeful optimistic message. with my arms wide open. campaigning hidden places where replicants haven't been in a long while and challenging the notion that somehow the left has a monopoly on compassion when, in fact, we have now seen what the last seven years look like when it relates to policies holding people back.


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