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tv   Key Capitol Hill Hearings  CSPAN  December 6, 2015 1:46am-3:16am EST

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the idea this could be happening in our country and we continue to act like it is ok or normal i think is something we have to dialogue opposition to. there are safe, smart ways to roll back mass incarceration. this has become -- i want to be ther -- this has become signature, defining issue for the african-american community, period. ad you are talking about population, if you are a democrat, in order for any presidential candidate to win as a democrat, african americans have to support that candidate 60%. no, i'm sorry, 70%. no, i'm sorry, 80%. no, i'm sorry, 90%. 4%. i'm sorry, 92 to 9 a political party, the
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democratic party, that needs near new unanimous support from our community, and we have to climb over obstacle after obstacle to vote. african-americans are standing in long lines in the rain to vote. and we elect a party that until recently would not even break its breath to talk about the issue. in fact, was on the wrong side of the issue for way too long. clearly, for very the latino community, immigration is number one. for women, choices number one. the african-american humidity has a thousand problems, but for us mass incarceration, where you stand on locking up an entire generation of african-americans for something we know kids are doing right now, is the number one issue. anybody -- i don't care who you are, i don't care what you did in 1963 or 2009 or yesterday -- if you grab a microphone and you
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say you are a progressive and you don't speak about this issue with some passion and some heart as ifme concern and care, it were your children under this level of threat, you cannot and should not count on the quiet support of african-americans. the obama era of black silence is over. it's over. [applause] [cheers] mr. jones: look, i feel horrible , personally horrible. i started my career working on years and for
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decades, and we have failed over and over again to challenge the democrats to do better. to force the democrats to stop chasing after fear mongering and racism and support the political points off of our community's backs. that is why you are going to see more -- not less -- more african-americans asking these questions, more african murk and scholars asking these questions, and i big everybody in this room if you hear somebody saying when your thread or anything else, what are these people doing, they are ungrateful, they are uppity, never again, we are not going quietly. this is getting worse, not better. we have been there. the african-american community has been their own immigrant rights. it was very easy for black folks to come out and say these immigrants are stealing our jobs. you have not heard that. the obama coalition includes latino community and black leadership.
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they defend immigrants. the black community could have easily been moved against the lgbt movement. thechurches are not on right place on this, but you're not seeing any prominent african-american leadership attacking lesbian and gay's 10 years because the black , we say, shut up, these people are part of the coalition. latinos, and the in farm bill issue. -- and the environmental issue. the entire congressional black caucus footed for cap in trade. have been there for every contingency down the line. and we insist that people leave their -- people either for us this time. thank you very much. judge cordell: thank you, president jones. [cheers and applause]
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ms. heuvel: very briefly, our priorities are skewed. essould say we must end endl engagementrica's with the world. [applause] america's policing of the world has to track it from the real security needs, tackling inequality, redefining security at home. and one thing the president could do in the first two hours is understanding the transition and close the 800 bases ringing this world. they are not going to modernize nuclear weapons. they are not going to begin to take them down to a level. but just understand what endless war has done to damage the principles that could be deployed to end inequality in
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this country. [applause] judge cordell: before we close out, i just want to take a katrina, recognize van. thank you so much. ai-jen.el: thank you, judge cordell: thank you to professor reich. [applause] ai-jenordell: thanks to poo, director of the national domestic workers alliance. [applause] you to vanll: thank jones, special white house advisor to green jobs. [applause] and thank you to
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katrina vanden heuvel. [applause] judge cordell: we also thank everyone in attendance tonight. this has been co-presented by the nation magazine. the conscious of our country for 150 years and counting. is ♪ announcer: next, from the republican jewish coalition, speeches by presidential candidates. kasich, andam, john carly fiorina. on the next "washington journal," lauren french examines the role of speaker paul ryan in the upcoming election and this week's agenda for congress.
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the fry, former director of home and security the soap waiver program talks about that program and potential security risks. and bill gage discusses his work as security consultant to's -- who specializes in helping activeces prepare for shooter incidents. we will take your calls and you can join the conversation on facebook and twitter. quotengton journal those live -- "washington journal" live at 7:00 a.m. on c-span. >> i always thought there was more to the story of lady bird. , i think, the first modern first lady. she had a big staff. she had a very important project . she wrote a book as soon as she left the white house. she really invented the modern first lady.
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announcer: betty boyd caroli discusses her book lady bird and london. i inside look at the marriage and partnership of lady bird and lyndon johnson. >> lady bird johnson is a perfect example of the conclusion i came through, which was those women saw something in those men, the ambition, the really climb and make a mark in the world, and they married them in spite of parental objections. so she is a good example of that. that is why i decided i had to find out more about her. announcer: sunday night at 8:00 eastern and pacific on c-span's q1 day -- q and a. >> up next, we will show you the speeches by lindsey graham, john fiorina.nd carly
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this is about an hour and 20 minutes. ♪ senator graham: the rjc is 30 years old. you do not look a day over 20. don't you feel like you are more relevant than ever? don't you feel like that what you have been trying to tell people is coming true? i want to thank you all for helping me all these many years. i am from south carolina, as you might can tell, and in the last election for senate i had six primary opponents, from mildly
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disturbed to completely insane. it is the insane guy i was worried most about. you rallied to my side. the pro-israel community on both sides of the aisle invested in lindsey graham's campaign with a ferocity that made me feel like family. [applause] senator graham: we are a family. [applause] senator graham: if elected president, i may have the first all-jewish cabinet in america. [laughter] [applause] ken, thank you for introducing me. thank you for being my friend for so long. this journey we start together with lindsey graham was well over 20 years ago.
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i had a guy showed up at my office when i was running for congress, the first republican to win the third congressional district since 1877 in south carolina. strom thurmond knew the guy, saying he was a nice fellow. [laughter] senator graham: we change senators every 50 years in south carolina whether we need to or not. there is a guy who showed up in my office who said i am from aipac. great. what is aipac? i am here to help you. the bottom line is the pro-israeli community has been very helpful to making sure those of us in congress who understand the commonality to israel and the united states are elected -- shared values, shared enemies.
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[applause] senator graham: i am the first in my family to go to college, and anybody in that boat? neither one of my parents finished high school. my dad owned a liquor store, a bar, and a pool room. [indiscernible] i grew up in the back of a bar until i was in high school. we lived in one room -- my mom, dad, and my sister, who was nine years younger than i am. life was pretty good. you go to work every day. you cannot get sick. i ran the pool room as a kid. this is why i would be good regarding the iranians -- i know a liar when i see one. so the bottom line is that is my
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world view, from the back of a liquor store, living in a small town in south carolina, being raised by wonderful parents who cared a lot, but not well educated. but they gave me the one thing that is essential -- unconditional love. they loved me and they loved my sister unconditionally, and they did not leave us a lot of money, but they left us the one thing that every kid should get from their parents -- love, encouragement, and respect. [applause] senator graham: so when i am 21, i went to the university of south carolina, where we just got beat by the citadel a couple weeks ago. i got myself through college. my mother got diagnosed with hodgkin's disease.
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15 months later she passes. we get wiped out. 15 months later, my dad died. we move in with an aunt and uncle who works in the textile plant and never made over $25,000 in their lives. if it was not for social security survivor benefits coming to my sister as a minor from my parents' contribution, we would not have made it. i do not need a lecture from the democrats about social security. if it were not for college loans, my sister would not have gone to school. i do not need a lecture about how hard it is to send your kids to college. i have paid the medical bills until i got out of the air force. i do not need a lecture about what happens if you get sick and
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you lose everything because you are underinsured. the republican party has the best chance to win the white house in a very long time. do you agree with that? [applause] senator graham: i heard senator cruz mention a couple of things that i am going to take issue with. why we lose. how many of you believe we are losing elections because we are not hard-assed enough on immigration? [applause] senator graham: i do not believe you. i believe we are losing the hispanic vote because they think we do not like them. [applause]
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senator graham: i believe it is not about turning out evangelical christians. it is about repairing the damage done by incredibly hateful rhetoric driving a wall between us and the fastest-growing demographic in america. they should be republicans. i believe donald trump is destroying the republican party's chance to win an election. let me tell you about life in america as it really is. 25 years ago, young men and women came over from mexico to seek a better life. we have two borders, one with mexico and one with canada. i have yet to see an illegal canadian. i am looking for them all over new hampshire. isn't it odd we are not run over
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by illegal canadians? rule of law country, sound economy, not a bad place to live. the canadians come to myrtle beach in march and go swimming, and we are glad to have them. too damn cold for us to swim in march, so we have canadian week. they leave on sunday. the people who come here illegally come from foreign corrupt countries. 25 years ago a couple came here with one child. you want to revisit that, count me in, but we are not to retroactively going to change it. the bottom line is, those two children have no place to call home other than america. this is where they had been raised. they have gone to school. one was in the marine corps.
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the highest percentage of minorities in the marine corps is hispanics. done a tour of duty in iraq, and he comes home and says, where is mom? you have not heard? she's walking back to mexico. and self-deportation. mitt romney is one of the finest men i have ever met. a wonderful man. [applause] senator graham: when he embraced self-deportation, he made a mistake because he exposed our party to a concept that most americans do not buy and very few hispanics at all. in 2016, we got to go further. now it is not self-deportation, it is forced deportation.
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we are literally going to round them up. sound familiar to you? every one of them, including their american citizen children. that is the leader of the republican party. you think you are going to win an election with that garbage? undercut everything you have worked for? if you think it is about turning out more people and stay on this path, then you are setting this party out for oblivion. it is about getting more people involved in our cause. it is about looking a hispanic-american in the eye and say you get it -- you are pro-life, entrepreneurial, patriotic -- be a part of our call. if a marine corps legal citizen will vote for a party that wants to support his mother -- i do not think so. and if you do, i am your worst choice.
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you really want to win this election? do you really want to win this election? start taking everything that we say seriously and push back when someone makes absolutely no sense. i want to talk about foreign policy. my 36 trips to iraq to tell you how bad things are, but i will get there in a minute, but after mr. cruz, i will talk about winning elections. how many of you believe we have problems with young women as republicans? what do you think the problem is? any idea? what? it is a variety of problems. how about abortion? any of you think that that does create a problem for the republican party? i think you can be pro-life as you want to be as long as you
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are sincere and as long as you have a reasonable approach to pro-life issues. we will not lose this election because you are pro-life. hispanics as a group are pro-life. african-americans are more supportive of traditional marriage than any demographic. it is not because of social issues we will lose. it is positions we take regarding social issues that can disconnect us from america at large. how many of you believe that there should be an exception for a woman who has been a victim of a rape and has become pregnant? [applause] i don't believe -- you can be pro-life and win an election, but if you're going to tell a woman who's been raped she has to carry the child of a rapist, you're losing most americans and you have to question a ted cruz.
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how do you get a pro-choice person to vote for you? i am pro-life, you're pro-choice. isil is neither. [applause] the tax code is a monstrosity for all of us. but if you don't turns following then we're making a big mistake and there's following -- if a nomomee of the republican party will not allow for an exception for rape and incest, they will not win. [applause] ted cruz doesn't have than exception for rape or incest. he says the debate is going to be about the little sisters of the -- he's going to take the fight to the democrats about their wanting to impose social policy on charitable organizations.
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it will be about rape. and if you don't think that then you just don't understand what they will do. it will be about the nominee of the republican party telling a woman who's been raped you got to carry the child of a rapist. good luck with that. [applause] not the speech you thought you were going to hear, right? not the speech i thought i was going to give. but he didn't answer the question. he did not answer the question. [applause] i'm going to answer the question. we will lose if that's the position the nominee of the republican party. we will lose young women in droves. and if we continue this garbage about illegal immigration and severing amnesty, we're going to go from 27% to single digits,
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and if you want to ask hispanics why they've gone from 44% of the republican party to 27%, they'll tell you we don't think you like us. and given what i've heard, i would be in their camp too. so a little bit about me. i come from the reddest of red states. i was called lindsey gomez, lindsey grahamnesty. my whole primary was around me working with democrats three different times to find a comprehensive solution to a broken immigration system. i've become to understand that controlling the borders requires -- but you're not going to deport 11 million illegals. we can't do it, we shouldn't want to do it. speak our language. i don't speak it well but look how far i've come.
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pay a fine because you did break the law. don't cut in front of those who've been doing it right. wait 10 years before you can even think about applying for a green card. that will fail. my goal is not to have a third wave. i've taken a beating over this issue. let me tell you why i can beat hillary clinton. her defense of flat broke and mine are a bit different. [applause] if you think after being in the white house eight years, you're flat broke, maybe you've lost your way of what flat broke looks like. maybe that's why they stole the china. if you want to change barack obama's foreign policy, why would you pick his secretary of state?
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[applause] you want to be commander in chief where were you when people in benghazi needed your help? [applause] how could you have a disaster in libya and not talk to him in a year when the whole place is falling apart. how could you not know that 600 requests for security came from the headquarters and none of them were honored. how could you tell your own daughter, this wasn't a protest, it was a terror attack and two days later tell the families of the fallen we're going to get the guy that made that video? put me in the ring with her. give me a chance. i'll win. then i'll govern this country in a way this should be governed. i will bring this together. i will work with democrats to fix a broken immigration system.
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i will work with democrats to get us out of dealt before -- i am running as a republican and proud of it but i am here to tell you the next president needs to be a better american than a republican or a democrat. [applause] how are you going to bring this together if your whole career has been about dividing us? i got one general rule of thumb. if a law is named after the president who's still in offers, you're probably not going to repeal it. so this idea of shutting the government down to get obama to repeal obamacare never made a whole lot of sense to me. i am tired of that crap. i want to put an agenda forward that actually makes sense to the average american. i embrace working with the other side because the next president has to.
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i embrace what ronald reagan did with tip o'neill, start drinking together. [applause] and find a way to save social security. here's what i would do. i'd ask everybody in this room to give up some of your benefits because most of you can afford to do it. i would ask younger people in this room to work a little longer because you have to. i would do revenue because the republicans have to give some too. i'd eliminate deductions and credits and pay down debt to get the democrats in a room to have a discussion by getting us offtrack. 80 million baby boomers are going to retire in the next 25 years and we better have a plan to deal with it. if we don't, we lose our way of life. we can't defend ourselves because all the money goes to medicare and social security and interest on the debt.
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that is a ticking time bomb. have you heard of simpson-bowles? i'm ready to do something like that. i'm ready to challenge you and i'm ready to challenge the republican party. are the democrats ready to be challenged? i hope so. because if i get to be president, they're going to be challenged. i'm at 1%. the election is still a long way away. help me stay in this race. [applause] you want to talk a little bit about foreign policy? do you think i even need to talk to you about my support for israel? no. i'm the first guy to go to the r.j.c. event and never mention israel in 15 minutes. you know why? because i don't have to. [applause] because you know where i'm at.
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don't you really want me to be president of the united states? [applause] in your heart of hearts, don't you want me to be -- [indiscernible] don't you want me across the table from the ayatollah? don't you want me to be commander in chief because i've walked in their shoes? [applause] how many of you believe that i would go on offense on day one? [applause] how many of you believe that by telling the iranians i'm going to tell this deal up they would believe it? if somebody run for president on our side says i wouldn't tear the deal up then you don't understand the deal.
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if it's fully implemented it's a death sentence for israel. they don't even have to cheat. who in their right mind would give the ayatollah $100 million to do anything he wants with it without changing his behavior? john kerry. never let someone negotiate with the iranians who's never bought a car. [applause] i would tear the deal up because it's unworkable. and i would do the following -- i'd call the congress and say give me one piece of legislation has leverage. if you do business with iran, you're not going to use american banks. [applause] the phone would ring. then i'd get you a better deal. i'd tell the ayatollah if you want a nuclear power plant you
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can have it but you're not going to enrich uranium because we don't trust you. mexico and canada have nuclear power plant but they don't enrich. we're going to enrich uranium if i'm president. you're not going to get a penney of money or another weapon until you stop sponsoring terrorism. if you try to break out, i'll stop you. if you want a war, you'll lose it. my goal is to take off the table the nightmare of all nightmares, a weapon of mass destruction in the hands of iraq islamists who would use it. that's the number one threat to man kind. that's the way the second holocaust becomes reality. if you don't stop this deal and replace it with something else, every arab in the region is going to want their own nuke and our friends in israel are in an
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untenable position. i understand why this is a bad deal but i have the credibility in the region to get you a better deal. i've been there 40 times in the last 10 years. i know everybody worth knowing. i am intent on stopping this deal. and stopping this regime before it's too late. ted cruz said he'd keep assad in power. i sure will not. i am not going to give damascus to the iranians, baghdad to the iranians. there's a corridor between damascus, deep in the heart of lebanon where hezbollah can transport weapons that are going to be used between our friends in israel. as long as assad is around, hezbollah has a partner. if i'm president, assad is going
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standing up or laying down but he is going. isil will be destroyed. i'm the one guy who can go to every i arab leader in turkey and say we're going to use your armies and go in and pull the -- by the roots and find every one of these bastards that we can find and we're not leaving until the job is done. they will follow me. they trust me. then we'll turn to assad, russia, and iran and say the following -- we're going to let syrians pick the next leader of syria, not the ayatollah, not putin, and if russia and iran wants to fight the entire arab world, turkey, and western powers, they're welcome to do so. if you want to fight for the butcher of damascus, be my guest, putin. you got 18 planes and six of them can't fly.
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he's got a pair of twos and we've got a full house and he's kicking our ass, because we have somebody that doesn't know how to play cards. if i am president of the united states, isil will be destroyed. iran will be defanged and the u.n. will be put on notice, that if you can't continue to come after our friends in israel, you won't get a dime of money from the american -- [indiscernible] [applause] there are three threats to the state of israel and the united states. two common, one unique to israel. iran with a nuclear weapon is the nightmare of all nightmares for the world but particularly the one and only jewish state. isil and other forms of radical islam are about to take the king of jordan and all of our friends
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down in the middle east. they would attack our homeland if they could. i'm going to stop them. isil in the go land heights is not a good deal. the third is the marginalization of the jewish state by international bodies like the united nations. to the united nations, if you take the security council resolution and try to pass it taking over the peace process, i will defund the u.n. if i'm the president of the united states. to the international criminal court, if you bring one -- as a member of that court i will shut you down. to the palestinians, pick and choose who you want to be. if you want to be hamas' friend you're not my friend. if you reject hamas and live in peace with israel, maybe we can do some business. all i can tell you, folks, that
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we better not lose this election. i've given you a way forward. almost anybody can beat hillary clinton as long as they're right on two good issues -- immigration and having a sensible position on social issues. if we don't have those two positions right, we're going to get creamed. we have a demographic problem with his span i said that can get repaired because they've been left behind more than anybody else in the economy. young women will look to us because their children are at risk under obama's policies and hillary clinton is more of the same. we can win this election. you know how you win this election? you don't lose it. thank you very much. [applause] thank you. >> big round of applause for senator graham. [applause]
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♪ i will try to be a short as i can to take your questions. relationshipsmy with the members of the jewish community. they are my friends. back to something my mother once told me. my mother was a pretty smart woman. barely speakuld english. she was married to a man whose father was a coal miner. their's share of
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struggles. my mother told me when i was in young man, if you want to look for a good friend, get someone who is jewish. do you know why she said that? no matter what happens to you. friend, your jewish friend will stick by your side in fight and stand by i never forgot that from my mother. my mother was right. in ainside of my soul has community,e jewish the jewish people. what theink about jewish family represents, and what the culture represents, it could be the most important set of values in america.
2:27 am
i will tell you why. that as a jew, you are supposed to live a life greater than yourself. the life is not just about you. it is about the people around you, about the community. don't you think that is what our country needs, not just our country but in the west, that life is not just about ourselves. that it is about something bigger than ourselves. this is a message that needs to be communicated to give people meaning. my great friend talked about my trip to israel with gordon zacks, one of the great jewish leaders. i agreed to go to israel soon after i was elected.
2:28 am
i was the age of 30 years old. he went on and on about how great it was going to be. i said i'd agreed to go on this trip can we knock it off already on the travel conversation we're having. then we landed in we got in the car. we drove to jerusalem. have you ever seen a more magnificent city? wait for the day for me to take my young 15-year-old daughters to jerusalem because it is a shining city. it represents so much of human history, and what a great trip i had. on that trip, after we moved through large parts of israel, we were at the king david hotel
2:29 am
and i came down and there was a woman sitting at the table with gordon. i said who are you? avi aid my name is abatell. i'm on my way to washington to plead for the release of my husband who has been locked in a soviet prison because he dared [inaudible] issa you are going to go to washington? why don't we have a rally and send a double message to the president and the soviets about your husband? and we did. i had never met her in person until i read one of the most
2:30 am
remarkable books i've ever read in my lifetime, fear of evil. but isky i had never met wanted so much to meet him. i got the opportunity to talk to him in a phone conversation. i expressed my adverb -- admiration. sharanskys told repent. after all, take back what you said, galileo did it. writes that if they used galileo against me they will not use sharansky against another prisoner of conscience. i wanted to meet this man. died. there was a funeral service. there were three speakers scheduled. , john kasich, the
2:31 am
, and i calledio one of my friends and said i cannot make this talk. how can i stand on a podium with a guy like sharansky and richard allen. what do i do. well, he is short. he was delayed. i got to meet him, shake his hand and give him a hug. site. burials that is what life is all about, a meeting and purpose. i think i know that you know this, but when we think about 9/11, when we think about chattanooga and fort hood, when ,e think about charlie hebdo
2:32 am
when we think about the slaughter at the jewish delicatessen, and we look at paris, there can be no doubt that this is an effort to destroy our way of life. civilization, to destroy a respect for women, the sense of education and civilization, and the concept that we should lived a life greater than ourselves. the president went to paris and said we were going to fight terrorism by taking on climate change. if i were president, i would be at that meeting and i would be talking to all of our allies in seeking outwould be our friends, people who have the
2:33 am
same purposes in the middle east. when the remember ambassador from egypt to the knighted state stood in the rose garden and announced a coalition of people to push saddam hussein out of kuwait. that was a serious matter. but it pales in comparison to what we face today. the president of the united states needs to lead, and needs to lead a coalition to stop the politics, top the put people in the air and on the ground, and once and for all destroy isis where they exist. [applause] this,me to an event like you expect political talk. this is not politics. i have those young daughters.
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i know what is at stake. since last february i have been arguing for an effort to destroy these people. you mark my words. someday we will have boots on the ground. someday we will have a coalition. the longer we wait, the longer we wait a higher price we will pay. this is a fight about our existence. this is existential. at the same time, i know the president has said we need to lead from behind. you know what happens when we leave from behind? we have a situation where we didn't support the rebels in syria. andee the russians building s 400 air defense system that frankly limits the flexibility, and strategic needs not just of
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the united states but turkey and israel, an article today about the impact on israel with the s 400. because there was a void. we have not creating sensual. we have not armed the kurds to the degree that we should so we can work with them to do more effective work against isis. the only group that is working void means itthe is still by forces that are not in our interest. our interests are in opportunity, the free world, not repression, not dictatorship. america and the west was founded on principles. of respect for life. the believe that we can change the world that sits on the holocaust memorial.
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these are serious matters. ukraine the people just ask for support from the united andes to defend themselves we are absent. the russian bear bears down on the baltics. matter we look at china and their ability to hack in to launch cyberattacks against us. we can't seem to deal with that. we have to lead. when america leads people follow. that doesn't mean it is easy. you need to sit and listen and negotiate and ultimately convince people of the need to take collect of action, to continue to support the ideals of the west.
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that is not inconsistent with the moderate arabs. they know in jordan and in saudi, and the gulf states, they know in egypt it is a matter of time until this evil is effective in taking them down. we can unite and get this done and we have to rebuild our military. we can rebuild our military. .e need to reform that building that pentagon so that we are not spending money on overhead or duplication or waste and depriving met in women and the military of the resources they need. aside from that, does in the trouble you america cannot seem to solve problems. we can't seem to get our spending in line. we can't seem to balance a budget. we can't seem to clean up a tax code. thisn't seem to deal with
2:38 am
morass that is shutting down the efforts of small business people to strengthen our families. the world looks set's and they wonder what has happened to america. this is republican gathering. our friends of the democratic party are not our enemies. we can disagree on a number of issues. we don't need to hate them. i served in congress when it was possible for republicans and democrats to disagree 80 or 90% of the time but then we came together because we put america first. i was there when we balance the budget. i spent 10 years to get that done because i didn't think we should put a burden on our children. i knew that by putting ourselves on a path to cutting taxes and balancing budgets we would have jobs.
2:39 am
jobs are the most important thing for all of us because that strengthens families and gives children opportunity. ladies and gentlemen, we need to fix it. we need to come together. . became governor of ohio it was a mess. credit going down the train. today we are up 400,000. the running surpluses. growth, todayur we leave no one in the shadows. the drug addicted, the working or all have a place in our society. i don't tell you that to brag. i tell you that record because we need to be in a position to have somebody who estimates traded their ability to achieve significant things. brad caston mentioned i flew in
2:40 am
here for the netanyahu speech. it was the first time i have set on the house floor since i've left congress in 2000. somebody said why did it take you so long to come back for a session. when you graduate from high school you shouldn't drive around in the parking lot. do you know why i came in? netanyahu, israel. a primeu imagine that minister of one of the greatest allies we have comes into town to make a talk and the president decides not to meet with him? that comes toster america, if i happen to be states,t of the united will have a significant meeting with me if i am president and we will hold them up.
2:41 am
sometimes we are tougher on our family and we are on people we don't know. sometimes we are tougher on our friends then we are on our enemies. that has to stop. could have nine minutes left, i could launch into a log of good rhetoric but i want you to understand something from me. you tell me where we have a better ally that has more guts, more courage, more strength, more values than the state of israel? the state of israel is also great because it is underpinned by you. the asking before i came in here, what about the republican jewish coalition.
2:42 am
can you say something good? do you know what it is? smart, educated, you are you are passionate and you believe in things. you believe in things that matter here in the 21st century. i.ant you to know, so do i will stand with you as long as i am a public official. when i am not i will continue to stand with you anyway i can because standing with you mean standing for the future, standing for humanity, it means all the right things about how we exist in the world on the globe. and assuring future generations peace and prosperity and faith. thank you. [applause]
2:43 am
>> thank you, governor. we have eight minutes. , i of the questions came in will leave the more wonky questions for the end. it of the main questions, has to go back to one of the previous debates. there was an exchange about iran. you question some of the opponents, some candidates who said they were going to rip up the iran deal. there was back and forth on that. can you share? >> first of all, it is ridiculous deal because they were in search of an agreement regardless of what it was. i don't know why i would try to
2:44 am
telecast, 18 months ahead of what i might do in regard to that agreement. here is the other thing. i believe that we can act stronger when we can be a collective group. i want the brits in the french and the germans and belgians in spanish to be part of who we are because in a group collectively we are stronger than when we go along. i am prepared to go along. if the iranians violate this agreement, which it looks like maybe perhaps the already have, or that they probably will. then we withdraw. we slap on sanctions. sanctions,slaps on is it as effective as when we
2:45 am
slap on sanctions and everyone in the west does? i believe it means more? i will do it unilaterally but collectively we are much stronger. i believe at this point the president ought to be talking to folks about if the deal is violated, we are going to move and move quickly. the other thing i would tell you is that if i had information or intelligence they were building wouldn't beapon, we in favor in any way shape or form of them having that. if you are inexperienced you say am going to blow the place up. but when you are an executive and commander in chief your words are clear. somebody said when you put a no-fly zone in syria and they fly and what would you do. the secondflew in
2:46 am
time they wouldn't be flying out. i do have to use that kind of rhetoric. executives have to be calm, .ough and decisive if you notice, the leaders of this world who are the most effective, that is how they operate. when you are an executive, i used to be a congressman for 18 years. that big ance is not difference, only the difference between day and night. state,xecutive in a big state,xecutive in a big over the course of the years i have been in, i have dealt with one crisis after another. each time you deal with one you learn. .ou get better and stronger you call him are around you.
2:47 am
that is what is important about being an executive. as president of the united states, every day, it is another thing to fly at you. you don't learn on the job. you have to have dealt with these things to be the most effective you can be. to your past 10 year as chair of the budget committee. people want to know how you're going to deal with entitlements. >> i can do that short. first of all you have an economic plan. i've done this twice in ohio and washington. the formula is simple. reduce taxes to a point where it is going to provide economic growth. people say they have a 10% flat tax. one candidate said it would increase the debt by $12 billion
2:48 am
per you can't grow your way out of everything. you reduce those taxes. . would cut capital gains we would kill taxes on small business in ohio. taxes, down to 25%. bring the money home from europe's of people invest in america and not investing in europe. given the ability to write off the investment. that is why our economy is not growing. invested inave not plant equipment and it has to happen. you get the personal rates down, which are achievable because they are not out of the ordinary. and you restrain spending. take medicaid from 5-3. you get your medicare from a growth rate of 7-5 with a series
2:49 am
of things we were able to do and medicaid to provide services but at a lower price. you shift some programs out of washington like education, like transportation, like job training. you booster spending in defense. freeze regulations for a year and put some rhyme and reason in the way we regulate. that would contribute a 3.9% economic growth. we would have a balanced budget. --re saying in eight years give me a break. we could do it may be in seven or six. i don't make phony promises to people. i want you to know we will have a plan in the first hundred days to rebuild the military, to fix the taxes, to balance the budget, control spending in a
2:50 am
reasonable way that i believe people can sign on to. and maybe at the same time we also could work to secure our borders, create a guest worker program and people who broke the law to get here, we can put them on the path to legalization by forcing them to pay a penalty and that could settle the issue once and for all. that would control the border. all those things can be presented in the first hundred days. you have 3-4 months for a leader to put an agenda on the table that can unite both wings of the party and perhaps even bring in my friends in the democratic party, to lift america. and beingeep fighting unable to solve our problems. by the way, maybe some of you will be skeptical but if there is one thing we need, we need a constitutional amendment to require a balanced budget so
2:51 am
politicians will do their job in washington. [applause] are out of time. thank you very much. [applause] carly fiorina: you have heard from many presidential candidates. perhaps you haven't made up your mind who to support yet or maybe you have. ,ut one thing i know for sure in your heart of hearts, you cannot wait to see me debate hillary clinton. that is because you know what will happen. i will win. win. important to the only way you're going to see that debate is if i am our party's nominee.
2:52 am
night i hosted a live town , on twitter,cope on facebook, on our website and we answered questions live for an hour from tens of thousands of voters across the country. i must tell you i considered canceling that event as news of the -- what seems clearly to be terrorist attacks trickled in from san bernardino, california. i decided it was more important to go ahead with that town hall meeting. periloushese are times. leadership, which is indeed the subject of this election is more important than ever. one of the things that is crystal-clear is we are missing leadership from the white house
2:53 am
and hillary clinton has not exhibited leadership on any of these important issues. we are missing a sense of urgency. hillary clinton was treating about gun control while we learned islamic terrorists have been building pipe bombs. it is clear one of our priorities must be as i have said in my blueprint to take , to defeat isis prenup to contain them, not to degrade them. to defeat isis and be back in the leadership business. and mr. president, they are not contain. they are at our shores in our community centers. their measure of victory is the body count. i am angry. maybe you are angry as well. i am angry. i am angry because this
2:54 am
president and the soon-to-be democratic nominee do not understand this threat and refuse to call it by its name, radical islamic terrorism. while they turn their back on israel, to negotiate a catastrophic deal with iran, they send a signal throughout the world that the friendship with the united states of america doesn't mean very much. i am angry at the moral equivalence they used to talk about the palestinian and israeli role in the peace process. there is no moral equivalent between israel and the palestinians. you cannot make peace with people who will not acknowledge your existence. i am angry that hillary clinton dares to ask what difference
2:55 am
does it make when she asks how for americans died in benghazi, and then she tells us that we must empathize with their enemy. when the united states does not answer a purposeful terrorist attack on a united states embassy with a purposeful and focused response, but instead talks about a video that does not respect our values you are inviting more terrorism and bloodshed around the world. i am a degree that president obama and hillary clinton declared victory in iraq in 2011, sacrificing our gains for purely political expediency, contrary to the advice of every military expert leaving territory and too much weaponry to be coupled up by isis.
2:56 am
,sis gains their legitimacy their power from their territory, which they call their caliphate. we must deny them territory. i'm angry president obama says we must accept thousands of as hisrefugees, even administration acknowledges we cannot possibly determine their ties to terrorism, and i'm outraged because the murder and mayhem that we see unfolding in isis, beirut, san bernardino the consequence of this administration's policies, you cannot lead from behind. the world is a very dangerous and tragic place when the united states of america does not lead. we cannot be the world's policeman but we must be the world's leader.
2:57 am
it is worth contemplating only why this nation can lead. our nation was followed -- founded on the premise that we judge an individual as an individual by the content of their character, not by the group to which they belong. our nation was founded on the idea that each of us has the right to fulfill our potential and use our god-given gifts, life, liberty and pursuit of happiness. what they meant was the right to fifth fill our potential and that this right comes from god and cannot be taken away by man or government. i'm running for the presidency of the united states because we have settled for too long for a government that has grown so big and powerful, so complicated, and so corrupt. actually doesn't really change anything.
2:58 am
point where it a is time, citizens, to take our country back and remember ours was intended to be a citizen government. our constitution was written to curb the abuse of power and protect individual rights. we are not a perfect nation and we have had to work to make sure that rights apply to everyone. we are nevertheless despite our imperfections and exceptional nation. that nevertheless true more things have been more possible for more people than anywhere else on the face of the earth. and we are an exceptional nation because of this the only nation that possesses military superiority and yet has never used that military superiority
2:59 am
to conquer territory or subjugate people, but has used our power to liberate people and lift people up. this is why we are an exceptional nation, and when you are exceptional you must lead, and so we must. aristotle once said that courage is the most important virtue. without courage, none of the other virtues can be practiced. we must have the courage to lead. when i have traveled to israel there are two things that have struck me about that beautiful country and its people. courage and optimism. that is an incredibly important combination. alwaysaelis are entrepreneurial and innovative but the combination of courage and optimism is what is required
3:00 am
to change the world and to lead. we must have the strongest economy and strong us military on the face of the planet and everyone has to know it. i have the courage and the experience to lead once again in the world. [applause] as commander in chief i will not only invest in our military, but i will honor our military, listen to them and their advice not only do we have to build some much of our military capability, but we have to care for those who have served. [applause] years of talk from both parties, after decades, we must reform the v.a.
3:01 am
from top to bottom. it is a stain on our nation's honor when we cannot care for those who have served. this is not the leadership we have now, and is not the leadership we will have from mr.'s -- mrs. clinton. president clinton -- president obama. a freudian slip. president obama and, she hopes, climatet clinton, that change is our most pressing national security crisis. is, followed closely by a run -- iran. i can rub or traveling to israel, -- i can remember traveling to israel several years ago, sitting with vb netanyahu in his office, i
3:02 am
remember him talking as he does in eloquent terms about the dangers of radical islamic terrorism and the dangers of iran. i remove her because i have held the highest clearances available to a civilian, walking down the hall and speaking to the head of mossad about both of these two risks as well. isis is at war with us and all that we represent and so we must wage this war and win. this does not mean that we repeat all of the nationbuilding and naivete, but does mean that we must deny isis territory. we cannot remit them to rape, crucify,, terrorize, to sell into slavery their enemies. prepare toet them impose jihad around the world.
3:03 am
all are threatened as is every nation in europe. the kurds, all are fighting isis to some extent and all have asked for support, .eapons, material, intelligence mostly this administration has said no, but i will say yes. represent real threats. we mustto confront stand with our allies now. our we fail to stand with allies they lose courage and our adversaries move forward. on day one, i will make two phone calls. the first will be to my friend bibi netanyahu.
3:04 am
to reassure him that we will stand with the state of israel always. i have been saying this publicly month after month after month. because i know that even our allies who do not always agree with israel watch how we are treating this exceptional nation and our exceptional allied israel. they conclude if we are treating them in the way we have been then their friendship does not mean much either. second phone call that i will make will be to the supreme leader of iran. unlike other leaders i have not met him and he probably will not take my phone call but he will get my message. the message will be very clear. a new deal with a new president. until and unless you open every military facility to everywhere,
3:05 am
anytime inspections by our people, we will make it as difficult as possible for you to move money. we must stop the money flow. the united states of american can do that without permission or collaboration. the hundreds of billions of dollars of money flowing into iran are the result of this terrible deal being used to fuel and fund military capabilities, nuclear capabilities, and terrorist groups around the middle east and the world. , theyhese two phone calls send allowed and clear signal to every ally we have in this world and every adversary, the united states of america is back in the leadership business. [applause]
3:06 am
israel is the canary in the coal mine. they are also an island of democracy and diversity in a rough neighborhood. i understand the world and who isn't it, and that matters. because having been in the world for decades is different than reading something in a briefing book. i have operated around the world for decades in business, charity and policy. highest security clearances available to a civilian. i have advised the nsa , the secretary defense, secretary of state, and the secretary of homeland security. i have met more world leaders with anyone today with the exception of hillary clinton, although i did not do photo ops. it makes a difference having
3:07 am
been in these regions of the world and i will pause and tell you a brief story. i remember being in an automobile in jordan. thesome reason, i asked driver if i could see a map. in the space on the map where israel should be was nothing but white. i asked him, what is this white space? he said that doesn't exist. when people in the supreme iran say, their mission is to wipe israel off the map i know it is political ideology. we need a president who will see, speak, and act on the truth. understand how truly exceptional our nation is, she must have the courage to call evil by its name. i will have the courage to lead.
3:08 am
we must nominate and elect a president who will proudly wear that atle of leadership weary world is eager for us to where. i know what such leadership requires. i have been tested and i will also embrace with arms open wide the marvelous opportunities of the century. with your prayers, support and votes i will lead the resurgence of this great nation here at home and around the world. hours was intended to be a citizen government. our nation is exceptional and intended to lead. it is time to take our country back. gentlemen.adies and thank you so much. [applause]
3:09 am
>> we will take some questions. ms. fiorina: i would love to. >> as a business executive you have negotiated many deals. maybe even more than mr. trump. do you believe it is possible to negotiate peace between israel and the palestinians? what role do you see your administration having in that effort? ms. fiorina: that answer depends on the palestinians. you cannot negotiate a deal with people who do not recognize your right to exist. until the leaders growth so war weary that they are prepared to accept the is really right -- the israeli right to exist i do not believe these is possible.
3:10 am
leaderbelieve that if a in the oval office makes that condition clear, instead of the moral equivalence we have seen too often from this administration, and frankly sometimes from the previous clinton administration as well, i think if that demand is clear canunequivocal, perhaps we bring the palestinians to the table with that condition in mind. putting on your technology had, how would you deter and prevent cyber attacks and industrial espionage from countries such as china, russia, and it ran -- and iran? do you consider these attacks acts of war? >> in some cases they are and in some cases they are commercial espionage. they are a problem and we are losing the war in cyberspace.
3:11 am
thebecause we lack capability but because of government ineptitude. as someone who has held the highest clearances available to a civilian, i know that we have known about the threat from the chinese who hacked into our most sensitive government databases for over a decade. the office of personnel management was warned explicitly and specifically about security holes and yet they did nothing about them. can lead in cyberspace, but we are not today. i would do several things specifically. i would centralize cyber command in the federal government and hold it accountable. i would pass a law required to of collaboration and coordination between the private sector and public sector, which is not going on today in order to protect and
3:12 am
repel. in thehaving a debate republican party about whether we should go back to the patriot act or go back to what we have. it is the wrong debate. it is coming from politicians who do not understand technology. technology has moved light years since the patriot act was passed. there were -- there are technologies available today we did not even envision. we have encryption technologies that serve the american people very well in protecting their own commercial transactions. isnow what we need to do bring together the best minds in the private sector and the public sector and say, how is it with these new and marvelous technologies that we protect our stilltizen privacies ed give our lawn -- and still give
3:13 am
our personnel the tools to fight terrorism. the fourth thing i would do is hackiate, when the chinese into our systems and databases we must fight back. [applause] mainw vulnerable is our infrastructure to cyber attack? >> very. we have the capability to solve this problem. most of that capability exists in the private sector. it is why we must bring a private sector into a real collaboration with the public-sector. you might be asking yourself white isn't that built required to allow collaboration -- why hasn't that built been passed? politicians lost the courage to have the conversation with the
3:14 am
american people about why it was necessary in the wake of edward snowden. he is without a doubt a traitor and should be tried for treason, but it is also clear that so many of our politicians either do not have the courage, or the understanding, to talk with the american people about how we ought to be winning this fight. sophisticatedt technological nation on the planet. we are losing because of ineptitude. it is another reason why we must take our government back. >> i will see one for you to hit out of the park. the democrats repeatedly try to make the claim that the gop has a war on women. how do you respond? >> you will have to wait for the debate between me and hillary clinton to hear it. fearlesshy we need a
3:15 am
fighter to face hillary clinton, who will force her to fight on ground we can win on. she does not want to run on her track record as secretary of state. she got every single foreign-policy challenge wrong. every single one. [applause] i have met vladimir putin. anyone who has met with him for any given time knows you do not change his heavier with a gimmicky red reset button. you might change it by rebuilding a missile defense program or conducting military exercises. she called bashar al-assad a positive reformer. she advocated for the removal of moammar gadhafi and then left libya as a failed state where we know isis has new territory.


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